Famous guns from YN?

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Famous guns from YN?

Postby Hatterleigh » Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:33 pm

Russia has the AK-47, Israel has the Uzi, and America has the M16. These are only a few examples, there are lots of guns out there. Assuming your nation is modern, developed, and still uses guns, what is a gun or two that is iconic of your nation?

The Koros M58, often called the M58 or Koros for short, is an assault rifle developed by Hatterleigh in 1958. It was loosely based off of a submachine gun design from the 40s that was never used, and it quickly became essential in the Hatterlese Military, as the need for an advanced assault rifle was a must have for every modern military during the time, and it was overdue for Hatterleigh. The gun is a gas-operated and uses a 5.56mm bullet. It is designed for mid-range engagements, and is customizable to an extent. In 1964 a citizen-use Koros M58 was introduced into the market and became a major hit in Hatterleigh, and made it's way into some other western nations. In the Olive War (1965-1969) the Koros M58 saw it's first major action and proved to be very effective, from which point on it became a sort of national symbol. It isn't used by Hatterleigh in military conflict anymore however it remains prominent with citizens, regional guards, and the Hatterlese National Guard.
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Las Palmeras
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Postby Las Palmeras » Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:46 pm

Our biggest pride is the Estrella Heavy Industries Modelo 43 Compacto/M43-C, a compact 9x19mm submachine gun ahead off it's time. It was ergonomically designed having us in mind -the neko- as we're smaller than humans. It was basically meant for concealment use by Special Forces in close quarters or indoors use and became infamous for its use in drive-by assassinations...and for becoming the favorite of crime rings.The M43-C submachine gun has a bad reputation among WW2-era collectors not because of its (good) performance but because of its style. Commentators and keyboard warriors say it lacks the ruggedness of the Thompson or the PPsH and the style of the MP-40: its a small stamped-steel "machine pistol" with a telescoping bolt and the stick-magazine is fed in the pistol grip.

The Imperial Japanese Army -usual victims of the weapon- referred to the M43-C as the "Killer Baby" and liked it better than captured Thompsons or M3s though because of its light weight of just 2.3 kilograms, and just 280mm of length with it's stock folded. It also became a very common prop in the Post-War but only reached its aesthetic popularity in 80s cop shows.

Totally not a Peruvian MGP 84 in RL.
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Postby Gutulia » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:20 am

AKM and AWM are favourite here
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:08 am

Actual guns (small ballistic arms) are very much obsolete here, and none are famous.

Our ubiquitous weapon is the Decepticon Standard Blaster, which fires energy. Just what kind of "energy" is used is officially a state secret, but some speculate that it is the output of a fusion reaction, just like Megatron's fusion cannon, but at a lower power level than his weapon. The Standard Blaster is sized to be bolted to a Decepticon's arm using a mounting bracket, and is generally considered to be a permanent part of the user's body. One is worn on each arm.

Notably, while these weapons are sized perfectly for this sort of installation, they - like ourselves - are very much bigger than tiny humans. Therefore, a human would likely think of a Standard Blaster as being sized more like artillery - it's about as long as a howitzer barrel. Some are enlarged enough for a human to actually crawl up into them, though this is not the purpose of the size (and would be a good way for the human to get an instant demonstration of the weapons' functionality!).

Another option in this family of weapons is the Double Blaster, which is actually double-strength rather than double-barreled. It is normally of visibly larger girth and has a thicker barrel in order to withstand the upgraded energy output.

The fusion cannon, while famous, is actually quite rare. It is a very powerful weapon, but it's also extremely heavy and expensive. Leader Megatron's is one of the largest, and is actually just the visible part of an extensive internal system of supporting parts.

Megatron's gun mode is a Walther P-38 U.N.C.L.E. Variation , but while we sell plenty of copies of that to tourists (which are working guns, so be sure not to give one to your kid as a toy), we don't actually use this (or any) true gun in practice. Even Leader Megatron himself rarely uses his gun mode - mainly bothering to transform just to make sure the relevant parts don't seize up from disuse - but he doesn't re-engineer his alt mode because that would destroy his current robot-mode appearance and his instant recognizability.
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Postby Crookfur » Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:22 am

At one time the Crookfur Arms SX23 was the NS world's best selling caseless assault rifle.

It is now largely a footnote in NS history today having been eclipsed by the sheer volume of stuff shifted by Lyran Arms.

The more conventional S/E1 and E7 rifles series have between them won more directly competitive selection processes then just about any other rifle on NS but these tend not to be huge orders.
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Postby Fostoria » Fri Feb 01, 2019 10:28 pm

Currently, the most famous gun in Fostoria is the AR-12 (visually similar to the AK-12), which is the standard rifle of the Grand Imperial Army. It fires a powerful 7.7mm bullet capable of body armor penetration and long-range fire.
This weapon took the spot from the "ZK" rifles (ZK-2/4, ZK-88, ZK-62, ZK-55M, ZV-47) which previously were the primary military weapon.

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Earth Circa 2050
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Postby Earth Circa 2050 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:00 am

Glad you asked! We have an entire factbook on it (well, dispatch, but regardless).

The H&K XM900 semi-automatic grenade launcher, in use by every NATO country because it was handed out to every NATO country. It pioneered the standardization of the 20mm grenade.

The H&K M25 platform, including assault rifle, carbine, battle rifle, and machine gun. It is in use by several NATO countries, and replaced the aging M16/M4/AR-15 platform in the US. Pictured is the M25 Kurz, or M25K, a shortened barrel carbine.

The Beretta M1080 is Beretta's successor to the M92 line. Pictured is the M1080FS, in use by various militaries and police forces around the world.

The Northrop Grumman Inferno series of pulsed Nd:YAG laser rifles is not only in use by most of NATO as the standard laser rifle, but also used as a popular rifle for laser hunting in countries that allow it. Pictured is the Inferno-2, the rifle that started the series.

The TeyoTek Predator is the pulsed laser handgun with perhaps the most feared reputation, due to its very high wattage. It is in use by several NATO countries.

The Vakali V1 is not a military weapon, but a famous police and riot control weapon used by most NATO countries. It is a less-lethal DEW, using a rapid-fire 5 pulse burst of very strong EMP... strong enough to induce a current the nervous system, to induce pain and uncontrolled muscle spasms, among other things.

The Avtomat Kalashnikov or "AK" 100 series is the assault rifle platform in use by Russia, and several terrorist organizations and crime syndicates, with variants in use by the PRC and DPRK. Pictures is the AK-105.

The Replica Arms Archer is a low caliber compact handgun chambered in a wide variety of cartridges, manufactured for dirt cheap, and sold everywhere. Because of its low cost and ubiquity, it has found its way into the hands of several terrorists and crime syndicates, including Hezbollah and Islamic State, among many others.

The Replica Arms Razor is a low caliber submachine gun built using the design of the Mauser C96 as a base. Production on this weapon stopped when it was discovered that over 70% of all Razors found their way into unlawful hands, causing a PR nightmare. Unlicensed copies continue to be made, however.

The Replica Arms Saboteur is perhaps Replica Arms' best selling weapon world wide. Though the outward design resembles a Thompson, the internal components are more derivative of the PPSh-41. It is a low caliber submachine gun, but makes up for this with a very high ammo capacity, high rate of fire, and being decently accurate. Being sold in high numbers all over the world, it is not unusual that a number find their hands into criminal or terrorist hands. What is unusual is that a bizarrely large number found their way into Africa and the Middle East.

These are just a few of our famous guns. I highly recommend the full dispatch.
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Five Nations
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Postby Five Nations » Sat Feb 02, 2019 6:48 am

Current date: 3rd of July 2981.
News: Bulgarians became the second biggest ethnic group in the People's Commonwealth of The Five Nations and overtook the Koreans.
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Postby Summerfield » Sat Feb 02, 2019 8:27 am

The only famous guns here in Summerfield are home-made improvised guns called "Summerfield Copies", which are firearms manufactured by street gunsmiths illegally for criminal purposes. These unlicensed, homemade copies of firearms use whatever materials are available – more often than not, railway rails, scrap motor vehicles, and other scrap metal. The quality of such firearms varies widely, ranging from as good as a factory-produced example to dangerously poor. Other than that, Summerfield does not produces its own firearms, mainly because the country has no military but instead a large heavily-armed police-force that imports weapons abroad.

Copy of a Webley Pocket Pistol in .38 S&W, purchased from an illegal dealer in Downtown District

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Postby Fatatatutti » Sat Feb 02, 2019 10:22 am

The ETA sub-machinegun was designed for guerrilla warfare. It is advertised as having only three moving parts but there are actually four, not including springs and magazine. The "pure" model fires only in full-automatic mode and has no safety but some refined models do have fire-selector and safety. It is chambered in 9x19 Parabellum and all parts except the barrel can be made without sophisticated machine tools. Reputedly there are tens of thousands of barrels cached around the island in case we are over-run by invaders.

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Postby Zhouran » Sat Feb 02, 2019 12:48 pm

There is no such thing as A Famous Zhouranese Gun since there are too many Zhouranese-made firearms to name.

An example of a famous and classical Zhouranese gun is the beloved Ningjing Type 69-100 assault rifle, chambered in 7.62×39mm. Built to Zhouranese standards like any other Zhouranese firearm, the rifle utilizes a specialized long-stroke gas-operated rotating bolt design, and like with other Zhouranese automatic rifles that utilize this reliability-oriented accuracy-friendly long-stroke operating system, the Type 69-100 is fully-capable of operating in the harshest environmental conditions while being maintenance-friendly for troops especially in the battlefield. The rifle uses the 7.62×39mm, the same round used in the famous AK-47 as well as other rifles such as the Chinese Type 81 assault rifle. However, like with all other firearm cartridge rounds made in Zhouran, Zhouranese 7.62×39mm rounds use brass casing instead of steel casing as used with 7.62×39mm rounds made in other nations, and the main reason why all Zhouranese firearm rounds use brass casing is due to their higher quality than the cheaper steel casing. While the Type 69-100 assault rifle is no longer in standard service within the ZPA, the rifle still remains popular among gun owners in the country along with other classical Zhouranese firearms, thanks to Zhouran's very-liberal gun laws and deep-rooted warrior culture. Many of the ZPA veterans who served tours of duty abroad and fought in the front-lines using the esteemed Type 69-100 have very-fond memories of their time with the rifle, many of them even call their rifle the "Swiss-Cheese Maker" due to its ability to riddle enemies with multiple 7.62×39mm rounds. Because the hinge of the rifle's under-barrel folding bipod features a wire cutter, soldiers would often use the wire cutter as a bottle-opener.

Another example of a famous and well-beloved Zhouranese gun would be the Ningjing Type 66-200 battle rifle, chambered in 7.62×54mm. Like the Type 69-100, the Type 66-200 uses the Zhouranese-style specialized long-stroke gas-operated rotating bolt design for high-reliability and efficient accuracy. Unlike with battle rifles from other countries such as the FN FAL or HK G3, both of which are chambered in the NATO-standard 7.62×51mm, the Type 66-200 and other Zhouranese battle rifles are chambered in 7.62×54mm. The rifle was dearly loved by troops during its time, and even today it is still loved by Zhouranese gun owners. Many ZPA veterans who used the Type 66-200 praise the weapon for its firepower and range, not only that but for the Zhouranese veterans who fought in jungle environments abroad, the weapon is endearingly-nicknamed "Bush Trimmer". Because the rifle's flash suppressor features sharp edges along its longitudinal cuts, soldiers would often use the muzzle as a bottle-opener.
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The Isle of Beithe
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Postby The Isle of Beithe » Sun Feb 03, 2019 5:28 am

R. Klein Associates, Inc.'s AR-33 Phoenix Mark III assault rifle

The AR-33 "Phoenix" Mark III assault rifle is a semi-automatic assault rifle used by many military and law enforcement agencies in the Allied States of the Isle of Beithe. Designed in 2016 by R. Klein Associates, the Phoenix had been loosely modeled after the SIG Sauer SIGM400. There are six available sub-models: the standard model (employed as the service rifle of the general infantry of the Beithe National Guard and Beithe Marine Corps), four advanced models (used by various special warfare and police SWAT units), and a civilian model.


Type: Semi-automatic AR-15 style assault rifle
Country of Origin: Allied States of the Isle of Beithe
Manufacturer: R. Klein Associates, Inc.
Designed: 2016
Produced: 2017 – Present
Used by: Beithe National Guard, Beithe Marine Corps, Beithe Navy EELS, Beithe Coast Guard Special Warfare Service, Beithe Central Security Service, Beithe Federal Bureau of Investigation, Beithe Federal Marshals, Beithe National Forestry Police Service, Moorfield State Police SWAT, Sussex State Police SWAT, Cambridge State Police SWAT, Kent State Police SWAT, Sydney Police SWAT, Dover Police SWAT
Weight: 2.54 - 3.04 kg (5.6 - 6.7 lbs.)
Barrel Length: 482.8 - 533.6 mm (19 - 21 inches)
Cartridge Type: 5.56×45mm NATO (standard and advanced models) or 7.62×35mm (advanced models only)
Action: Direct gas impingement system, rotating bolt
Feed System: Standard AR-compatible magazine
Primary Materials of Construction: Titanium-steel alloys, carbon-fiber/steel alloys, 304 stainless steel, 302 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel (marine-grade advanced model only), enhanced rubber polymers, hard-coat anodized finish
Standard Scope:
Variable magnification settings: 2X –50X
Theoretical Maximum Sighting Distance: 231.34 meters (253 yards)
Advanced Scope:
Infrared thermal setting
Variable magnification settings: 20X –60X
Theoretical Maximum Sighting Distance: 724.48 meters (792 yards)
Special Features:
Low recoil compared to assault rifles of similar barrel size and ammunition caliber
Superior ergonomically-designed barrel, grips, and trigger
Quick-release scope replacement
Stunning hard-coat anodized finish
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Postby Hanska » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:18 am

VSS Vintorez very famous here

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Silver Commonwealth
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Postby Silver Commonwealth » Sun Feb 03, 2019 6:47 am

Some of them are already shown in military factbook:

''However, SC's laser rifles are one of its icons, as they symbolize a transition period from the bullet using guns to laser guns.''
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Postby Radiatia » Sun Feb 03, 2019 8:28 pm

The two most famous are the Bluevaier Class VII Rifle and the Skody 7 Pistol.

I used to have pictures of both, but these have long since been lost over the years.

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Postby A m e n r i a » Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:56 pm

For mundane weapons, Amenria has several new guns, if you could even call them that, that instantly blew everyone's minds because one is the first laser rifle produced by the Imperial Government and the other is the first energy-based shotgun.

The former is the DVA-5TTR. Since it's an energy weapon, it lacks the conventional need to reload, although it has to be recharged by waiting several seconds after firing a full "clip".


The latter is the BMS-27, a shotgun recently issued, just like its aforementioned brother. Due to being expensive, both this weapon and the DVA-5TTR are given only to several divisions of the Imperial Guard.


As for legendary weapons, we have the Black Widow, made by the South Korean government for Yoo Junghwa in WWIII, before Amenria was founded.

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Postby Valkiir » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:33 am

PTRD pattern Anti-tank rifle 1930s-Currently In limited use by Self Defense Forces
all images by wbyrd@deviant art...thats me by the way :)
Halford Semi Auto Rifle: 1930-1950s

R-2 Battle Rife 1950s-1990s
R-78 rife 1980s-2010
M-23 Assault rifle 2010-current issue

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Postby Aldina » Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:33 am

The M.98/08 short rifle is the Empire's current standard service rifle. It was adopted in 1908 in an effort to create an all-services rifle, with the relative handiness of a carbine, without losing too much of the accuracy of a traditional rifle. In addition to being shortened, a number of improvements have been made over the M.98 long rifle from which it was developed, such as a turned-down bolt handle and less obstructive sights.


Yes, it's just a Kar98AZ
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Republica Federal de Catalunya
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Postby Republica Federal de Catalunya » Fri Feb 15, 2019 3:15 pm

In 1918 It was considered that the license made Mauser 98 used by the army in 7.7x57mm needed a reempalcement by a new model.
M24 bolt action rifle. It was issued as universal carabine. Impressed by SMLE performance. Considering that the bulky 98 were in the trenches, that most combats were at short distance and their weight while moving in the nomansland. Also the government wanted something less german. Casals a major rifle maker made a design based on the Mauser 98 with better ergonomics. The Arsenal de Manresa worked in a short carabine version from 1921 it used also the mauser style bolt action. It entered in service in 1924 with an inicial order for 40000 rifles it received the number M24 or Manresa rifle and was used first in the Rift colonial war. It was offered for export in spanish 7mm mauser and 7.65 argentinian and 7.7 british to attain more successes in the export market. The army ordered in several batches 195000 rifles. And, the rifle obtained a considerable export success due it's reliability, precission and price 330000 were built before 1939. The main order for 70000 was made by the spanish republic and delivered in 7mm spanish.

Caliber. 7.7mmx57
Mass 4.32 kg
Length: 1,110 mm
Barrel length 590 mm (23.23 in)
used 10 rounds magazine.
Used Iron sights.

Also It was quite similar to the k98k both in it's firing mechanism and aperance the main diference was that the M24 had a semipistol grip and the bolt was straight.
The rifle received the name G24(k) by germans. Which ordered the production of M43 in 7.92 mauser for: the wehrmacht, the spanish state and the Colaborationist Serrano-sunyer regime.
The Free Catalan forces used both The SMLE Mk4 and the M24. After the war it was used by all the sides in the Civil war. After the war it remained in service although it was expected to be reemplaced by the M1. It was in still in service with the colonial troops (rechambered in 7,62 NATO) in the Ifni war while the reinforcements send to Ifni were already armed with license made FN-FAL in 7.62 NATO.
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Postby Osanna » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:25 pm

The most iconic gun of Osanna is the AK-74.
It's been in use for 30 years and it is still a common site with the military and any law enforcement agency.
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Postby Jasonvillee » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:36 pm

M1 garand or Modified AK47
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Postby Hatterleigh » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:46 pm

Jasonvillee wrote:M1 garand or Modified AK47

I mean guns that ur nation invented
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Postby Nogodia » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:51 pm

Our finest is the following;
The MAR-18 Assault Rifle. Made with innovative tech to destroy your enemies from afar.
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Postby Newne Carriebean7 » Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:17 pm

The Failure of the colt company to make a successfully marketable revolving carbine for the united states in the mid 1850s saw many of them sold to Carriebeanian arms dealers across our boarder with the united states. By the same year, with models shown to the imperial court, Emperor Alex IV, seeing a chance to enforce the "Three Evils" policy which outlawed the practice and teachings of Christianity, Protestantism and Methodism, bought huge stockpiles of the Colt 1855 Revolving Carbine, with the official records recording over 500,000 guns by the year 1860. The Licence to construct these weapons would quickly be signed off by Colt for a quick profit.

These guns would be the main firearm of the Carriebean military until 1878, when it was withdrawn from normal service. By this time of withdrawal, the number of these weapons within the armed forces had reached 3,750,000 total carbines. While the phasing out of the weapon had meant to be permanent, loopholes in political legislation of the era enabled large stockpiles of the weapons to be handed out to large portions of the armed forces and private citizens, who admired the weapon. It has seen active military combat throughout many conflicts, from the second, third, fourth and fifth civil wars throughout our history to international conflicts such as our involvement throughout both world wars.

The weapons would see use in the hands of the communists which overthrew the government and established the CRA and fell into the hands of large warlords and local governors throughout the decentralized chaos which became of Carriebean in the 1920s,30s ,40s and 50s. Many of these local governors and warlords would alter the caliber of the weapon for more modern 1911 Colt handgun ammunition, which was the second most popular firearm after the 1855 repeating carbine. These would be the guns which would fire at family members during the fifth civil war after the collapse of the CRA and the weapons which would maim various Vietnamese forces during our involvement in Indochinese affairs. They would also see the wear and tear of the deserts of Africa, and the abuse of the jungles and mud of Cuba during our fighting in Namibia, Peru, Syria and Cuba throughout the later half of the 20th century.

It would also blossom throughout the other period of decentralized hell which became Carriebean during the 5th Civil War. Large cliques of warlords during that period, such as the Housing Clique and the Mormon forces would hoard large tons of the armaments and weapons, being the most popular gun throughout the bloody fighting. Even in Carriebean's more recent interventions such as in Namibia, Syria and Peru, these firearms would still hold a soft spot alongside the Carriebeanian AK-45s, (knockoff of AK-47) and machine guns. While these guns have sort of attempted to be replaced with huge orders to foreign arms dealers for their weaponry, these efforts remain uninspired and relatively poorly managed because of the admiration for the Revolving Carbine and the large stockpiles of said weapon, which now number inbetween 48 to 50 million within circulation.
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Vidor only really has two native guns 'invented'

The first is the WR-80 which is basically an ar-15 with a different lower receiver.

The next is the Redd 9mm which is a basic short recoil pistol
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