LGBT Protestors Attacked by Government Forces (MT)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Solisian Union
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Corrupt Dictatorship

Postby Solisian Union » Wed Aug 21, 2019 5:00 am

Salome watched her friends leave her home. Era the baker took care of closing the gate after them, and Omi was kind enough to wait for her and to wave goodbye to Salome; she waved back and finally looked on after them, seeing them walk down the street, returning to their homes in order to attend to their families. It was going to be cold tonight, especially with the changing climate. Salome didn’t want them to go, especially as she was going to be alone in the house. She didn’t want to be alone, to feel lonely, not after experiencing the most dreadful pain in her life as a quiet housewife, not after losing almost everything in the South, all thanks to that stupid string of gas attacks by the more radical socialist factions —— especially the one she fought for before as a young woman studying in an university.

She stepped away from the window, back turned to it as she felt her hands shiver, but she forced them to her breast, turning them into gentle fists, shielding her spirit as the warm light of the sun became distant, the brother of the moon finally coming down from his place upon the sky, much to the hated irony surrounding her; it was so humiliating to feel miserable on such a good day as the sun set.

She made her way up the stairs, eyes searching, not in a focused manner, but in a manner lost to space and time, as if she was following after a ghost. And she hoped to find either a ghost or a living person, at least one, another human being to be with her, here, in this empty house.
Her feet brought her to the front of a door; the door was not for her room, it was for her son.

But was her son there? Waiting for her? Salome knew the truth, but the truth was too painful to think about, even for a moment, but she could feel it anyway. And she stood there, before the wooden barrier, the very door that her husband, now behind bars for life, once crafted for her son when they moved here. While she did, Salome tried to hope that he was still alive, that he was just in his room, that he wasn’t one of those killed in the demonstration which the government crushed.

The government —— Salome blamed them; she blamed their masters, the ones who ordered those Azen dogs, those bastardos negros from Azenia. They were the enemy, the ones she fought as a creyente, a revolucionario! ¡Los monarquistas!

She almost never felt the rising of the rate of her heartbeat; the drumming of her pulse; the gradual drifting of her breath towards a series of heavier, deeper ones. She leaned against the door, one arm on the wooden barrier, the obstacle that stopped her from coming into his room —— no longer, he was dead —— dead at the hands of black pagans! Of the negros paganos! And worst of all, the monarquistas! The damned Roblistas!

And thus, Salome slammed her free hand, a fist now, against the barrier, a mighty thud flowing throughout the air within the empty house.
He was only seventeen —— seventeen! —— and they did not even return his body —— not yet! They were probably desecrating him! Treating him like the perro rojo they thought he was.

While she personally disliked the desviados —— the homosexuals and the rest of their twisted sexual community —— she set that aside because her son —— her only son, the only offspring she gave to the world and to her husband, whom she loved so much, despite her own unwillingness to forgive him —— wanted to help his friends —— comrades! Just as she would have done for her friends, especially the now-extinct Ohi peoples…
And he was dead. They had shot him —— a dirty Azen Legionnaire, a soldier from an army of whores and barbarians. And they would pay.


They would all pay.
Buenos dias, amigos!

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Late Roman Empire
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War Council Chambers, Constantinople, LRE

Postby Late Roman Empire » Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:20 am

"Hot air. Nothing more than hot air, just as I suspected about Thouthen. They're a paper tiger. Wake me up when there's a real threat to our allies and ourselves. Near as I can tell, no such threat exists. Now, about United Valik, what's the latest there?" the Roman Emperor Titus demanded of his Master of Soldiers, Aulus Metellus.

"Well, first, I should inform you that I'm still worried that Thouthen could bounce back with the aid of Brytene and Ardoki. If both of them get added to the mix, they're not so weak and might be emboldened yet. What would Your Eternity propose to deal with that, Augustus?" Servius Ahenobarbus, the Caesar, interjected.

"Ah, yes, Ardoki, the proverbial fly in the ointment. A pseudo-heathen pseudo-empire, using pomp and circumstance to appear something other than a glorified Communist police state. They're ones to criticize New Edom for persecution, given what they do to Christians in their own country. Human sacrifice! Barbaric! I nearly forgot about them, because their leader is a bombastic coward who won't dare to act on his supposed convictions. Thouthen at least put up some pretense of a fight before it tucked tail and ran. Our enemies are vermin, rats, the lowest dregs of the nations. We haven't heard any requests or call-ups for more than exercises yet, but keep our fleet on standby off the course of Sterry. High alert for now, maximum alert the moment that any action is taken. This whole business had begun to bore me, given the lack of anything but a little naval skirmish that send Thouthen swimming away like terrified fish ahead of sharks. Thouthen is all talk, nothing more than that. Ardoki and Brytene are even less interesting. Now, Deadora, they're a crumbling state, but they still have some steel in their spines, I suspect. They might actually do something. Still, keep me posted about this.

"Now, about the Red Menace in Valik and the Federalist-Government truce? That was quite the surprise, wasn't it? Kielbasa's clearly a wiser leader of the Federalists than Magyari, though not as bold. I suspect that he's purging many of the crooks from the party and militia command with the aid of the Magi Church and federal prosecutors. So, it's now more of a local threat, the Communists, but they'll be harder to tame. The Federalists had to answer to the Curia. The Reds answer to none but their own comrades. They must be stopped. United Valik cannot be permitted to go Communist again. Is that clear? Have the Malacanosian Legion move southward ASAP. Don't let them wait for a request from the Valikan high command. They might be under temporary Valikan command, but they ultimately still answer to me, due to their sworn oaths to their Emperor before God. Their main mission right now is to keep Reds in the south from establishing any kind of link with the rest of the Communists and workers' militias elsewhere in Valik.

"As for Edom, it's really a surprise that King-Emperor Elijah IV didn't ask for our fleet at least to help against Thouthen, but perhaps he's holding us in reserve. Keep them busy with exercises for now. I want them ready to move the moment they are called upon, if that ever happens. It's almost disappointing that it hasn't yet, due to Thouthen's cowardice.....almost," the Emperor closed the war council session for now, "anyway, that's sufficient for now, men. Let us pray and have a working lunch before resuming our other duties. I am in a mood for some cheese, good Roman bread, and red wine myself. An old-fashioned Roman meal."
"I swear by Almighty God that I will faithfully serve and obey the Divine Augustus, as our Lord and Master, and hold him alone as my true, dread sovereign and prince. I swear that I will serve him loyally until the hour of my death, on pain of damnation to my eternal soul." - the Imperial Oath of Allegiance (administered to the civil service and armed forces)

Woe to they who demand things of the Lord of the World, for he is neither so obliged nor amused.


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