LGBT Protestors Attacked by Government Forces (MT)

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LGBT Protestors Attacked by Government Forces (MT)

Postby New Edom » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:05 am

NO new entries. Please write good posts in response to this. No FT, no magic, no superheros. Diplomacy, espionage, political responses, journalists, tourists and gradual moves towards military response with proper stages of development are acceptable. This thread may also contain mature subject matter.

I would also greatly appreciate it if people would read the OP in the OOC thread before post. It includes a protocl I would like people to use for conflict or incursions into my region.

This image may have additional descriptions but this is the overall look I'm going for, as well as the area of government district and embassy row. Image

Fineberg was a green city in some respects. Near the government district, which included embassy row, and the banking district which also contained a number of foreign businesses, there were wide boulevards lined with trees. This was also true along the Silver River estuary which included a bird sanctuary and the Fineberg Zoo. The Majestic Hotel, Terrace Hotel, Vandeviere Hotel and Maconnais Hotel were among the fancy foreign owned hotels that had franchises in Fineberg.

The architectural style of the government buildings, churches, and the fancy town houses of the rich was in what was called the Neo-Cornellian style for the most part--inclining to fancy stonework with pillars, wide steps, villa style homes and palatial arrangements for the government buildings often with towering domes and with plazas surrounding them.

The corporate businesses included hospitality such as MotoPizza, Taste of the East Restaurant, Serenely Barbecued Chicken, and services such as at the Forum Idumeum Mall, a four block long mall complex built by a Roman entrepreneur which included clothing stores, a pharmacy, a movie complex, a food court, electronics, novelties, game stores, sporting goods and an outlet for Mike’s Monkey House.

The main transport in the city of Fineberg was urban trains, buses, and taxis. A typical taxi was a small open vehicle that barely fit two passengers, with the driver sitting up front. Instead of four wheels, it only had three.

In the urban residential districts, most of the buildings were made from cinder blocks and had laminated roofs. Mixed in with the houses were small stores and an occasional school, and round domed churches. For most of these ordinary people, a trip to the Forum Idumeum or banking district was likely to be a once a year trip to something exciting. For the most part, a shopping center was a large warehouse-style building that contained dozens of small shops selling just about everything imaginable: clothing, shoes, leather goods, kitchen supplies, umbrellas, toys.This would often be mixed with religious icons. Popular in Fineberg were icons showing the Three Wise Men and the infant Christ, often with bright colours and also very popular were ones that lit up with electric lights.

The average woman did chores on their back porches. In much of New Edom, the back porch of a house was actually a work area for both laundry and cooking. Ovens and stoves were almost always kept outdoors to prevent them from heating the inside of the house. Washing machines were not yet common on the island, so most clothing had to be washed in a large specially designed sink. Therefore, between cooking and laundry, women spent their days on their porches instead of inside their houses.

By contrast, the average man in Fineberg either worked in a shop, did service work as mechanics, labourers, factory workers and when not doing such things tended to tinker with home projects, sit around listening to football or basketball matches on the radio or watching it on a grainy TV, or loafed around at cafes playing chess and arguing about sports, politics and religion with neighbors. While there were challenges to these gender roles, they were mostly among the Middle Classes, particularly among the younger generation.

The majority of the people running around were dressed in loose-fitting white shirts and cargo shorts. Many of the younger women were wearing short dresses made of very light fabric. It was apparent that the only concern of the people on the street was comfort. There was not much worry about modesty, even for the warm southern Acheron. One would see, however, that close to home most of the women working on their porches were topless, wearing nothing but an apron, or completely naked. The Edenist movement had revived the tendency for ordinary folk to only wear clothing when necessary, and the theological notion that with the ascension of Christ that Adam and Eve’s sins had been forgiven meant that nudity was not, per se, sinful.

There was a sharp dichotomy though for university students and others who wanted to appear modern and international.These folk wore suits, T shirts with logs at times and other statements of modern foreign fashion. It was a symbol of class as well as affiliation with ‘modern ideas’ to dress so.

Outside the city were a collection of small towns and villages interspersed with farm country and which included some barracks here and there for military units attached to the Military District of Fineberg. The farming plantations included groves of fruit trees (lemons, melons, mangoes, oranges, grapes) and vegetables such as olives, chickpeas and lettuces. Not far off was the gated town of Quality Bay, which contained some expensive hotels, a casino, a marina and shops that served them.

OOC Thread

Fineberg, New Edom

In the years long fight for LGBT+ rights in New Edom, controversy had bloomed once again. In the light of agreements with foreign nations to permit emigration, the government had, controversially, permitted people to declare their orientation in a few different ways. For instance, people could report themselves for reeducation, or could admit their orientation in order to emigrate to nations accepting their orientation. Because of these loopholes, discussion was once again possible. In spite of a violent attempted set of purges two years ago under the government of General Nicanor, it was hoped that the more liberal acting presidency of Count Lalery might make it possible to agitate for rights.

Cloris had never participated in a demonstration before in her life. There'd never been anything in the twenty five years of her life that had stirred her up enough to do more than make the most passive protest. Normally, Iris wasn't very sure what she really believed in, especially when the object of protest was somehow remote from her daily life like climate change, education, health provision, trades union rights, and so on. And she'd always been scared off by the threat of public disorder. She didn't want to be in a peaceful demonstration that then became a full-fledged riot. That was bad not only because innocent people got killed and lynched, but also because it was a dangerous place to be.

A big protest was brewing in her city. It was to protest the human rights abuses going on in New Edom against LGBT people. New trade agreements involving normally more tolerant nations such as the Shrailleeni Empire, Adiron, Shalum, McNernia and others had been in the news, and outrage on the part of human rights activists that nothing was being done on their front had reached a boiling point. The various organizations such as the Organization for Free Expression, Church Human Rights Interests Syndicate of the Tabernacle, The Edomite Freedom Coalition were gearing up to make a lot of noise and try to get world leaders to discuss the abuses while in the very country doing the abusing. People were going to be on both sides of the debate and there was bound to be some anger, and perhaps even some violence.

Cloris lived in a commune building with other counter cultural people, including her Dengali friend and lover Ayesha who was a relief doctor but worked below the radar as she did not have an official job. Her friends Mark and Jorin worked at the Rosa Crucis Relief center as well, largely doing administrative work, while she, Cloris, was a Latin teacher. Normally the groups they associated generally kept their heads low, and in the confusion of shifting urban life, hordes of people still moving to cities for work, moving in from different parts of the Empire, the LGBT movement, the counter-culturalists, even the socialists were often not really noticed as long as they were not too much in people’s faces. But tensions and fears had begun to explode, and it was hoped that world opinion might, this time, make a difference. Cloris hoped so but feared not.

Cloris and her friends were among the protestors who were nude. They were painted with slogans such as LOVE IS LOVE and FREEDOM IS BEAUTIFUL to distinguish themselves from blue and white End Times Church protestors. There was variety though. There were a lot of men dressed in camouflage, and heavier, thicker clothes than this time of year would necessitate, and there were a plethora of backpacks with Peace signs, rainbow flags and biblical protest signs from the friendly ecumenical church groups urging pacifism and peaceful conflict resolution. What they wanted, all of them, was to raise the question for the national legislature to consider at least making it legal to declare oneself a non-heterosexual, even if same sex marriage, adoption and office holding were in the far distant future. At least let the government protest the right to be who you were.

Her friends and acquaintances was completely swamped in a vast crowd that had congregated in open defiance of the punitive penalties imposed by the Council of Ministers with the general support of the Chamber of Deputies. friends and acquaintances was completely swamped in a vast crowd that had congregated in open defiance of the punitive penalties imposed by the government. It took awhile for the march to actually begin, though the first demonstrators had shuffled off several hours earlier. There was a palpable sense of conspiratorial partying in the whole event that Iris and her friends felt as they browsed stalls selling pro LGBT and revolutionary literature. There was an illicit thrill in doing something illegal. And, unlike taking drugs or importing goods cheaply from outside the Empire, it was illegal activity in the full glare of publicity and where there was a very real chance of being found out. All around the marshals in orange reflective were there to remind protestors that this was a peaceful demonstration and that any violence or civil disorder would be pounced on instantly

The main goal was to march into the areas where foreigners would not be able to ignore what was going on. Everyone with acquaintances or friends who might be sympathetic among well off foreigners who might film and stream the protest on their phones, and in particular around the buildings on the cruciform area of ‘embassy row’ would be shown this protest. Thus far the organizing had worked, as it had largely been done through social media, which the government was uneven about monitoring. It was a cheerful good-natured march where children were lifted up on their parents' shoulders and where Social Democrats in their rubber boots and organically woven clothes were singing rousing songs

There were, however, some signs of alarm. ETC counter protestors, by mid morning, had begun showing up in trucks in groups dozens strong, vastly outnumbered but more aggressive, painted blue and white and naked, without firearms but armed with their own signs, with clubs and sticks, banging them on the vehicle sides and shouting, “NEW EDOM NEVER SODOMITE! STAND FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS, BLASPHEMERS! REPENT, REPENT!”

City Militia had also shown up but for whatever reason appeared alarmed and fled back to their barracks.

Delphino Marcus, a journalist for NENN news asked a militia officer why his units were falling back, and the nervous officer, sweating, said, “We have reports that there are going to be epidemics of sodomy throughout the city. It’s all a guise for a homofront attack. We are not armed enough for this; we have been ordered back. Beware, Christ help us, mass sodomy will fall upon us!”

As the crowds gathered around embassy row and the handsome corporate buildings in the foreign district, suddenly it began to come to a halt as people pressed in from another direction. Cloris and her friends clustered together, trying not to lose sight of one another; she gripped Ayesha’s hand almost painfully tight. The press of the crowd became ever more panicked as a growing number of people worried more about getting away from the crush than they were of continuing the demonstration. Clouds were billowing from the Palace of Justice.that Cloris later learnt had come from tear gas canisters. The flow of public text messages she was receiving on her mobile phone were becoming increasingly hysterical.

"They're firing on protestors near Betharan Palace," said Ayesha, her voice tight. "That's what it says here."

"It's not bullets, though," said Mark, checking his own phone. "They're using water cannon."

"That's not right," said Jorin. "That's not right. There are politicians, pop stars, comedians and camera crews there."

"It's bad enough here as it is!" said Cloris as she held her mobile phone up in front of her face as she couldn't straighten out her arms to hold it anywhere else.

When the pressure from the crowd relaxed, it was as the demonstration was beginning to fall apart. It didn't happen all at once. The crowd just became progressively less organised. Then it fragmented sufficiently to allow Iris to see what was actually going on. It all broke like a wave. Soldiers and police were waving batons at fleeing protestors. One protestor was battered on the head and chest by a baton as he lay in a foetal crouch on the ground. Smoke was still billowing out of the area around the Palace of Justice and nothing could be seen through the engulfing whiteness other than the faint shadows of memorials and protestors. Escaping along with the smoke were protestors who held scarves, handkerchiefs and other types of cloth up against their mouths. Horses were trotting backwards and forwards with mounted police on their backs as they attempted to disperse the crowd. Horses and men alike wore gas masks, giving them a sinister insect appearance. Some of the protestors had turned to rioting. The rioters were throwing stones, bricks and railings at the police and soldiers and aggravated an already dangerous situation. Smoke continued to float over the crowd. Cars were overturned. Projectiles were thrown at the statues of David the Lawgiver and Adah the Liberator.

“Brothers, brothers, we are brothers in Christ!” cried a group of the ecumenicals, waving their signs and holding up their crosses.

“Oh Christ, not again,” said Mark, and involuntarily sprayed urine down his leg, unnoticed in his fear. The friends clutched at one another. An orange-vest backed up nearby and was crying out, “Link arms, everyone, link arms!”

"Let's get the fuck out of here!" shouted Gloria, one of their other friends, her eyes wide with alarm.

"Was that the sound of gunfire?" asked Mark who stood paralysed in indecision.

“It was. Where's it coming from? Wherever it is, that's where we're not going." Cloris stammered. They were being shoved this way and that--by people trying to join the defensive line, by others rushing up to throw bricks and rocks, by people running.

"We can't go forward," said Ayesha. "We can't go backward. We can't go over the bridge. So, I guess that's the only way we can go."

"This is a fucking nightmare!" said Cloris.

"Can we trust the police?" asked Jorin. "Are they going to arrest us and put us in cells and interrogate us? Are we going to be tortured?"

There were more sounds of gunfire and a sudden rush of mounted police: this time supported by soldiers wearing riot gear normally worn by police. Three or four helicopters were swooping over embassy rowand one dropped a huge metal net catching a group of twenty or thirty protesters. And then, behind them, a line of armoured vehicles with thick huge wheels rumbled forward.

"Quick!" screamed Mark. "Get moving. Run!"

Those who ran were permitted to flee, though here and there militia and soldiers would grab some, either beating them brutally to the pavement or grabbing them and hauling them into vans. Many others were permitted to flee. Those who stood and tried to pacifictically protest were all beaten or arrested; those who tried to fight were all shot. Those who tried to use vehicles or buildings as shelters were fired on with autocannon, grenade launchers and even a few missiles, though someone heard an officer yelling,

“Idiots! Do you know how much anti-tank missiles cost? Use grenades, you damned fools!”

Protesters ran to the nearest embassies or foreign businesses. Profile Incorporated, United Mailing Services, the Civic Bank of Avantine, as well as the Adiran, Shrailleeni, Garzan, McNernian, Shalumite, Ghantish, Nakad, Kylarnatian, Netorarian and other embassies had their doors approached by groups of panicked people, who if not prevented from doing so would desperately pound on the doors begging for help and asylum.
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Postby Khataiy » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:58 am

The Arab State of Khataiy
Foreign Ministry
Encryption: None

We find the action's taken by New Edom's government to be reasonable and we condemn the blatant undeclared war on our societies by elitists that are encouraging the advancement of degeneracy. Our nation is sympathetic in this regard and we wish your state well.

Signed sincerely,
President Omar Khairallah
Foreign Minister Uthman al-Ghamadi
Foreign Ministry of the Arab State of Khataiy

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Postby Cossack Khanate » Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:46 pm

The government of the Cossack Khanate supports the actions taken by the government of New Edom in order to secure their nation against the persistent aggression of globalist degeneracy. Any support requested by the New Edom government will be granted by the Khanate government. We wish your nation well.

Until next time,

Office of the Imperator
The Holy Decreeist Empire of Cossack Khanate
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Postby The Black Party » Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:47 pm

tag, looking forward to a condemnation for this action.
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Postby Estonland » Sat Jan 19, 2019 1:53 pm

Press Statement From the Estonische Embassy in New Edom
Her Majesty's Foreign Service finds the actions of the government of New Edom to be deplorable. The Kingdom of Estonland considers LGBT+ rights to be human rights, and attacking a peaceful demonstration with explosives and lethal force is acceptable in no situation. As such, the grounds of the Estonische diplomatic mission in New Edom are open for any and all protesters or LGBT refugees who fear for their safety in New Edom. Any attempt to infringe upon Estonische sovereignty over our embassy by the police will result in immediate reaction from the detachment of Royal Estonische Marines.
Ambassador Ivan Molitsky-Gradenbad
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Postby Thermodolia » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:17 pm

Thermodolian National News


Thermodolian Government Condemns New Edom

Today the federal government issued a condemnation against New Edom. The Federal Parliament also issued their own condemnation in a near unanimous vote.

President Jacob Zarman stated that under no circumstances should a government attack its own citizens. Especially when they are protesting and marching for freedom. The president also urged for peace saying “although a great loss was suffered today we must not retaliate but be peaceful in our actions.” He went to say that the Embassy of Thermodolia to New Edom was open for an dialogue between all involved parties, officially or unofficially.

The Thermodolian ambassador to New Edom stated that the embassy will be open to those who need shelter and that Thermodolia will help those who want to leave New Edom.

The government said that they haven’t ruled out economic sanctions or other financial weapons but stated that these are last resort options. “We wish to bring this incident to a peaceful resolution” a government spokesman said at a press conference.

Living as a Thermodolian abroad had its ups and downs though he was offered a few more liberties than the average Edomite Jack Elsêth found life to still be a shock. While he wasn’t LGBT himself, he was nonetheless extremely supportive of the cause. As such he regularly attended meetings, protests, and sometimes engaged in illegal activities against the state all in the name of LGBT rights.

This was the largest LGBT rights protest Jack had ever seen in New Edom and yet it was dispatched as if someone turned on a light on a bunch of cockroaches. He had never seen such brutality against a group of peaceful people marching for their lives. He tried to get people to link arms together and form a human wall but the shots of gunfire dissuaded most. In the end Jack barely escaped capture as he fled into the nearby Shrailleeni Embassy
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Postby New Aeyariss » Sat Jan 19, 2019 2:40 pm


Maki Kojiro (@makikojiro)
Just now from Ishikawa, Nifon

I would like to express my deepest respect for the honorable members of Edomite police and military who took part in pacifying the assembly of paid protesters and aka provocateurs, assembled by shady non-government organizations and communist intelligence services that someone called "March for Equality".

It is not unknown to myself, as former cheif and commander of the Nifonese Military Intelligence, who organizes, supports and trains those so called protesters. While the minpon do everything to portray them as grassroots actions of concerned citizens, truth is that each such march is a carefully planned, organized and financed enterprise, carried out not by individuals, but by professional provocateurs; with clear strategic goals in mind. This strategic goal is cultural warfare against the conservative nations of the world, like the Empire of Greater Nifon or our honorable allies in New Edom. Their goal is erosion of our societies, subversion of morality that keeps us together, destruction and abolishment of our religions and weakening of Nifonese men through demoralization, so that they won't be able to withstand the coming conquest that the international communist - globalist network is preparing to unleash.

The use of force is regrettable, but one can't forget the so called "equality march" was nothing else than a military attack on New Edom carried out via non-military means. As such, due to aka-minpon being clearly noticeable, the government of New Edom has clear right to use force. I personally call upon it to adopt a flexible defense doctrine in cultural warfare, and penalize via non-kinetic means any attempts to support foreign sodomist activity in New Edom.

Namu Iesu Krishtou, Tenno Heika Banzai!


Aka - lit. red, a perjorative term for a communist
Okama - perjorative term for a homosexual
Minpon - perjorative term for a liberal
Nifonese flexible response doctrine.
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Postby Khataiy » Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:13 pm



Khataiyi Foreign Ministry reacts to New Edom's Homosexuality crisis

Homosexual protestors


New Edom's government has come under fire recently for the government's secuirty aparatus responding to violent protests on behalf of the country's homosexual population which an investigation on behalf of the National Front has concluded is linked to many clandestine globalist movements seeking to infiltrate various nations to corrupt their societies. Foreign Minister al-Ghamadi and President Khairallah have both expressed support for New Edom's government in taking swift measures against the developing crisis.

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Postby Japan and Pacific States » Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:20 pm

A few hours before the LGBT protest in Fineberg, New Edom...
The Imperial Palace, Kyoto, Mainland Japan, The Empire of Japanese Pacific States

The international ties between the Japanese Empire and New Edom were relatively new, with an embassy ran by a former head of one of Japan's biggest arms manufacturing companies, the Kokura Arms Manufacturing Company. The Shogunate subtly slipped offers to not only New Edom's way for arms contracts but the embassy also gave Japan a front by which to gather intel from the civilian populace in secret where one might not elsewhere on Japan's rivals in the global picture. However, now an issue of concern came up which gained the attention of Japan's foreign minister, Regent Kyoko Takatsukasa. An LGBT protest was to take place a few hours from now in New Edom. Japan itself was no friend of any LGBT organisation as the military in it's ever continuing propaganda campaign which drilled into the hearts and minds of Japan's subjects that LGBT practices were an anti-Japanese ideal by which it would erode the soul of Japan and ultimately sway the population into a slow decline with perversion. Something the Military wasn't keen to allow happen to retain Japan's own large standing army. The propaganda campaign spread as well into the member states of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere that Japan had formed early into the Asia-Pacific War of 1941-45.

In essence Japan had the largest propaganda campaign in the world which denounced all things "western" save for technological advancements which brought Japan into the limelight time and time again on the international stage. The LGBT protest was viewed by most members of Japan's regency council as an area of concern, namely for the security of the embassy in New Edom. It had been made clear in the past in various international inquiries that Japan didn't accept anyone affiliated with the LGBT organisation or it's world wide branches with information about such organisations heavily restricted to the average citizen of the Japanese Empire and the member states of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. Though of course with Japan's embassy in Fineberg acting not only as the embassy for the Japanese Empire but as one for the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere as a whole, civilians from Japan and the member states of the Co-Prosperity Sphere were allowed to travel freely to New Edom however reminded constantly that they were to keep forbidden knowledge or taboo expressions to themselves. Lest they face legal trouble back home. This protest was likely to garner their attention, which was something that couldn't be allowed. Therefore a meeting was called by the Shogun for the regency to discuss the issue by which to address the possibility of dealing with citizens who might be exposed to the quote un-quote. "Anti-Japanese ideals". Regent Takatsukasa would be the last to arrive at the meeting.

Regent Takatsukasa entered the Regency council chamber and took her seat with a folder, sat before her, opening it up, she noted that it seemed as if the Shogun herself had already a plan encase the worst comes to pass. "And now that Regent Takatsukasa is here, we may begin. Gentlemen and lady, if you will note I have already with the help of General Ayaka and Marshal Minami of the Imperial Army come up with a base outline by which the Kempeitai and the Imperial Royal Guard will operate on should citizens be exposed to the western ideals and be dealt with. As you will note on the first page there is a transportation plan. For rail lines going into Siberia. As many of you are indeed aware, the Imperial Army and the Kempeitai operate re-education camps in Siberia, Manchuria, in Western China, Nepal, the Australian Outback, and in our Western North American territories. We shall be making use of the camps in Siberia as they are the furthest ones away from prying eyes to re-educate citizens who refuse to comply with orders to keep quiet on the information they may be exposed to during the coming protest." Shogun Yuuhi Koubuin said as the regents began looking over the folders before them.

"Of course we'll have to in the meantime keep such relocations quiet." Regent Ikaruga Takatsugu said as he looked through his folder. "Indeed, we have plans for that and the Imperial Royal Guard will be handling it with look a likes to take the places of citizens that are to be re-educated." Shogun Koubuin said before Regent Takatsukasa spoke up. "And what of the Ambassador and his family?" Regent Takatsukasa asked as she looked down the table to Shogun Koubuin. "Mister Renta is from a high class family, he wouldn't dare dishonour his family by allowing his children, or his wife to spout the nonsensical ideals of these backwards western LGBT fools." Regent Ikaruga said with Shogun Koubuin nodding in agreement. "Agreed. Allowing it would mean dishonouring his family and thus loss of class stance in the empire, he would be reduced to nothing more than a beggar in the streets of Nagasaki if he were to allow it." Shogun Koubuin said before she closed her folder, the regents following suit after they had finished reading the indepth plans to deal with the coming possibility.

"In the meantime, the Kempeitai and Imperial Royal Guard security at the embassy will be on high alert. The protests are likely to take a turn for the worst. For whom it's difficult to say, however should it be for the LGBT protestors, they will seek asylum in many embassies that allow their ideals. They shall find no such welcome at ours. The gates are to be shut and the guards armed with defensive weaponry should they try to force the gates open." Shogun Koubuin said before standing up, the regents following suit. "This meeting is adjourned, you all know your parts." The Shogun said then the Regents bowed their heads as she left, the Regents following out a couple minutes after her.

Fineberg, New Edom, During the protest, hours after the meeting between the Shogun and the Regency council.
The Empire of Japan and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Embassy.

Sergeant Youji Karibuchi of the Kempeitai stood with a gas mask on while the tear gas filled the streets, two Imperial Royal Guard Tozamas dressed in their creamy white and bronze trimmed uniforms stood guard at each side of the gate with gas masks on and their Type 64 Battle Rifles with Bayonets fixed as the protesters fled down the streets to the embassies that were spread around the area. A number of the protesters reached through the gates at the Tozamas begging to be let in only to be met with the silent stares of the Imperial Royal Guard with their gas masks on. Ambassador Tsuji Renta sighed and adjusted his glasses. "Dear Amaterasu, I didn't expect there to be so many." He said to himself while the radio in his office played the Battotai and the Aikouku Koshin-Kyoku which off set the mood a slight tad, before he received a call. Going to his desk, answering the phone he realised it was just his wife. "Tsuji, there's a lot of gunfire, I pulled Alice and Saigo from school for today." Tsuji's wife, Marai said. Tsuji shook his head. "So it's really that bad? I thought it was just on my side of town with these protesters swarming embassies." Tsuji said and his wife sighed.

"They aren't trying to get in the embassy are they?" Marai asked, Tsuji reassured her of course. "Don't worry, they won't get in. The Shogunate was apparently aware this would likely happen and the IJRG are outside with the Kempeis keeping them out. They won't be an issue for long, however I suspect getting home on time may be an issue. Regardless I shall call the school later and apologise for Alice and Saigo's absence. Please keep the house locked up and the children away from the windows." Tsuji said, Marai of course replied with "Yes, I will. Please be safe, Tsuji." Tsuji smiled and switched the phone over to his left hand. "Don't worry. everything shall be fine, I love you." Tsuji said and Marai quickly replied with "I love you, too." Before she hung up and Tsuji set his phone down on the receiver letting out a loud sigh. "Of all days a protest could happen it had to be on the fifth anniversary of my marriage." Tsuji rolled his eyes and returned back to the window observing while the protesters continued to flee down the streets taking to various embassies.
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Postby McNernia » Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:28 pm

Mcnernian Embassy,
Fineberg, New Edom

“Goddamn it.” The Man who was sitting in the booth was a Diplomatic Security Command uniformed officer, one of two who handled the front door of one of Mcnernias extra Regional Embassies. On his first assignment overseas he had not exactly expected this in training. Maybe Anemos Major or something. But when New Edom had come down he had been content to accept the assignment. Wearing his black trimmed uniform and ballcap and looking at the people outside the gate. The other man a private to his sergeant seemed to want to go for his sidearm.
He rang the Chancery which was in the upper floors.

“Well, Ambassador…are you there? This is Sargent Gabhan at the front door…we have a lot of people.”

Some of the other MRC officers were coming, “Shall I let them in, they are requesting Asylum….”

The line was silent for a few moments as the Ambassador considered the issue. He would have to answer potentially to the foreign Ministry in Cathcride for this. So now Hullar gave the order over the phone.
“Let them in.” The Ambassador would note that in the record as the people streamed into the Embassy. No doubt there would be some arrested by the Guards on Embassy row. Hullar came downstairs nearly at a run. Looking at the people.

“Welcome to the Mcnernian Embassy, we will hear your claims of asylum, please wait here.” The Embassy Security would close the doors to the large townhouse. It was beautiful on the inside, the Latin architecture supplemented by the Mcnernian Flag. Hullar would stand on the stairs and look down at the people. A portrait of the King stood in the main room looking at the people. Smiling somewhat in his full court uniform.
Soon Embassy aides would ask people to form a line before a table that was erected, the Embassy had some food and no doubt there would be hungry people. As of the current moment Cathcride had been informed. People were asked why they had partaken in the protest and if there were members of families who should also be brought to the Embassy. Hullar would retreat to his office. Grim as this would be something that would stain the relationship of the two Empires.

Cathcride, Mcnernia
Prince Thomas’s Residence

The Prince looked at the news, he was suitable impressed as the protestors were mowed down along Embassy Row. The Prime Minister had completed a press conference. His cousin the King was silent, moody. Privately in fear of Elijah, one could see resemblance between the late Emilion III and the current Emperor of New Edom. A towering and inspiring presence. Emilion IV did not inspire much confidence. The King of Mcnernia was expected to lead by example. Then again as history showed that was not always the case.

The Foreign Ministry it was announced would be providing asylum to the ones that had been lucky enough to enter into the Embassy as the protest had degenerated. The relationship with new Edom had a fresh trade agreement the provision of supplies, either in the works or it was signed. (OOC: Please respond to my post about the supply line, but take your time.) Thomas did not care, there would be some protests, perhaps more if the left had not been purged from the country. The one good thing that had come from the chaos of 2014, the purgation of people who would threaten the Order. Russel wanted New Edom dead among others. And Thomas knew many in Mcnernia despised the subordinate role it seemed that was taken to New Edom. Egotistical officers governed by a desire for Glory.

He wrote to the Prime Minister.
[i]Dear Prime Minister,
I am writing today to state that the policy of accepting Asylees from New Edom is a good thing to some. Certain persons connected to the World Assembly I suppose. I wonder how this would be perceived by much of SACTO.
I will be willing to meet refugee flights on behalf of the Royal Family.

The Prime Minister knew that he would have to justify this to the House of Lords. Many were into business with New Edom and the fact was they had contacts in New Edom. People who spoke of the fact that the Edomites did not want Mcnernia supporting the rights of Homosexuals in their country. Maybe it was time to meet with that man. Russel had been connected to the Redshields. Who had diverted from the path of their vaunted ancestor Caleb. Now one had to wonder. What would Thomas do with knowledge of the refugees.

He wrote back his consent, he would have to talk to the foreign Minister though.

Best to have Russel on our radar. The man is dangerous. He was rumored to be behind all manner of terrorism and other things. A man who backed cults and such could be an ally if New Edom got too demanding…but best to await the results of the talks over asylum. Also best to alert Special Branch and MD-5 they would have some others to keep an eye on.
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Postby Greater Carloso » Sat Jan 19, 2019 8:08 pm


By Jair Foruga from, Madrigal, Carloso, RTC NEWS
Published 19 January 2019, 20:55 (GMT)


Tobón defends Edomite response to LGBT demonstrations but urges 'restraint'

Following widespread international condemnation of the response of Edomite authorities to so-called LGBT demonstrations in the city of Fineberg; which have left dozens dead and many seriously injured, President Tobón has come out in defence of the actions of the City Militia and local police forces, while simultaneously calling for future 'restraint'. Domestic media outlets reported that the various law enforcement units used metal nets dropped from helicopters to immobilise protesters, while anti-tank missiles, autocannon fire and grenade launchers were apparently used to dislodge demonstrators who sought shelter in nearby buildings, with hundreds more claiming asylum in nearby embassies. Earlier, authorities had used water cannons on an event near the Betharan Palace in Fineberg, which had been attended by numerous well known pop stars, comedians and politicians. It is understood that numerous countries concerned with the situation have granted access to their diplomatic missions in New Edom, including Mcnernia and Thermodolia, to fleeing protesters.

In a press release that was later relayed to Setsuzoku, President Tobón stated that "while violence must always be used as a last resort in such situations, and the right to free and open expression and protest in public constitutionally enshrined", he went on to say that "we must always remain vigilant and tackle the anti-nationalist, communistic sentiment that is being fermented around the globe in the guise of progressivism and social justice". He went on to describe the demonstrations as "well coordinated paramilitary efforts by internationalist forces". When asked to clarify if the Carlosian embassy in Fineberg would be open to those seeking asylum, a spokesperson clarified that the Carlosian embassy was not located near enough to the site of the demonstrations and that no individuals had so-far requested entry. The spokesperson went to say further that the Carlosian embassy would not be admitting any individuals and that they would turn over any persons of interest to the Edomite authorities immediately.

Many have drawn similarities between this incident and the incident which occurred in Oceanica in 2017, where far-left rioters unsuccessfully attacked the Nifonese community of Little Kiyosu in response to the election of President Stanley Bowden. The Nifonese residents responded by assaulting the demonstrator's camp at night with armoured bulldozers and flamethrowers, killing dozens of people and sparking condemnation from many. The violence ultimately resulted in an armed intervention by SACTO-aligned private military corporations. Last year, the National Intelligence Service Foreign Office released a report warning that the "perceived 'oppression' felt as a result of measured responses to LGBT extremism" were being used as a recruiting tool by cells aligned with Homofront and similar terrorist organisations.

The Department of External Affairs is expected to shortly issue a cautionary travel warning to Carlosians currently in New Edom or planning to go there in the near future.

Top Stories
  • Dozens reported dead in Edomite demonstrations
  • Fighter pilot experiences near miss with commerical drone
  • Department of External Affairs renews Kesslerstaadt travel warning

Cárlos Tobón (@_carlosmtobon)
Just now from Madrigal, Carloso

The Executive Council of the Federal Republic of Carloso wishes to clarify its position regarding the response of Edomite authorities against the LGBTQ+ demonstrations in the city of Fineberg. While violence must always be used as a last resort in such situations, and the right to free and open expression and protest in public constitutionally enshrined, we must always remain vigilant and tackle the anti-nationalist, communistic sentiment that is being fermented around the globe in the guise of progressivism and social justice. Such 'protests' are not legitimate, but well coordinated paramilitary efforts by internationalist forces to undermine the independent, free and proudly Christian republic we have fought and worked for. They will not advance one inch in New Edom, nor will they even dare to push their agenda in Carloso.

That said, regardless of a person's political views or their agenda, the death of young people in particular is always a tragic event. I ask that people pray for the souls of those that have been killed, as well as their families. and those that have been injured that they may make a full recovery. I hope this incident comes to a peaceful resolution and the Edomite authorities exercise more restraint in future.

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Postby White Bluff » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:43 pm

White Bluffian Embassy
Fineberg, New Edom

The White Bluffian ambassador, Duchess Celine Elizabeth Victoria Beckham, watched in horror as she looked out the window of her office and saw the events unfold. "Sacre bleu," she watched many protesters rattle the gates of the Embassy requesting entry, she ran for the phone and quickly rang the security booth, "let them in, now!" She set the phone down as she watched the guard open the gate and as people streamed in. She walked out on the balcony, "people please enter the Embassy so more can come onto the grounds! If you are within the gates of this Embassy you are officially under protection of the Her Imperial Majesty, Czarina Nora Alexandria Rose d'Este." She closed the doors and went b asck to the phone, "patch me though to the Czarina," she quickly explained the situation to the other person who deemed it worthy of the Czarina's time, who then was filled in on the situation herself.

Hours after the incident
Alexandrie Palace, Imperial Empire of White Bluff

On Radio, TV, and social media the voice of Her Imperial Majesty, Czarina Nora Alexandria Rose d'Este could be heard and on some she is seen. "I would like to start off by condemning the cowardly response of the Government and military of New Edom, using such force against a people, not to mention your own people, who are in peaceful protest is a outrageous, horrible atrocity that has shaken me and my government to it's very core, and we would like to raise our sympathies to those who have lost loved ones in the atrocity that has occurred. We would also like to welcome all those who wish to seek asylum with open arms and open hearts. And we can only hope that the future hold brighter things for us all. Thank you, and Good night." With that her voice and image fades to the sound of the White Bluffian national anthem, God Save the Tsar.
The Czarina turns from the camera and presses a button on her desk to summon her advisers and privy Council, "I want all financial ties cut with New Edom, as soon as possible." They bow, "Yes, Your Majesty."

Duchess Celine Elizabeth Victoria Beckham:

Her Imperial Majesty, Czarina Nora Alexandria Rose d'Este:

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Postby Ru- » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:47 pm

RBC World News

Ru Condemns New Edom
Official condemnation of Edomite government response to LGBT demonstration, joining Estonland and Thermodolia. Ruvian delegation recalled, Imperial Senate considering sanctions.

Today, His Majesty and the Imperial Chancellor joined a bipartisan effort from the Imperial Senate to officially condemn the royal government of New Edom over the violent attacks committed by members of New Edom's military and police forces against a large group of seemingly peaceful and unarmed demonstrators marching for LGBT rights and to raise the awareness of New Edom's human rights abuses to foreign nations that had decided to discuss new diplomatic and trade agreements with the staunchly fundamentalist christian kingdom, including Ru.

His Majesty, King Yoshio spoke out against the violence calling the situation "a travesty" and the New Edomite response "disgusting" and alleging that the protesters were "unarmed and acting peaceably" when they were suddenly attacked by police forces "unprovoked" and that there was "no evidence whatsoever that Homofront or any other terrorist or paramilitary organization was in any way involved with these demonstrations." He went on to say that the use of force was "shockingly, incomprehensibly, excessive" apparently disgusted at the rapid escalation and use of very heavy military ordinance against civilians that has been reported. There was an uncharacteristically angry mood to his words as he relayed the events in his statement and concluded with "The young people who were killed, their goal that day was to expose what was going on in their country to the foreign nations who were visiting. In this, they have succeeded. This tragedy has shown the true nature of New Edom's government to Ru and to the world at large. In the face of these heinous actions, we cannot ignore the human rights abuses in New Edom any longer. In order for New Edom to continue to profit from the cooperation of Ru and it's allies, things have got to change. This can no longer be a nation where people cannot peacefully walk down the street, hoping for a better life, without wondering if today is the day they will be beaten, lynched, or shot and killed. No one should have to live thier lives like this. Not in New Edom. Not anywhere. No more."

Ru is not the first nation in the global community to condemn New Edom, but appears to be the first one who had sent an ambassador to join the foreign delegation that was meeting with the nation's leaders on the day of the incident to do so. Common speculation is that other members of the delegation may follow suit. Ru has joined with the Estonische Embassy in offering it's foreign embassy office as a refuge for fleeing demonstrators and other refugees and has joined it's threat of retaliation from embassy security, should Edomite forces interfere. Ru has also sent a request to the New Edomite government for it's ambassadors in the delegation to be recalled. It would seem as though His Majesty's government intends to end the Ruvian trade negotiations with New Edom over this incident, a very discouraging setback as relations were on pace to warm significantly between the two kingdoms up until now.

A possible resolution to enact sanctions against New Edom is currently being discussed in the chambers of the Imperial Senate and is believed to have wide bipartisan support. Which is surprising as the Ruvian Conservative Party and Ruvian Labor Party have as of late seemed unable to agree on much of anything. However this is also the most blatant and violent crackdown on peaceful civilian demonstrators by a nation with significant ties to Ru in a very long time. The sanction bill in the senate is stalled currently, in spite of it's support, reportedly due to Thermodolian efforts to resolve the situation with the ruling government of New Edom more peacefully. Key members of the senate from the Conservative Party seem to wish to wait and see if Thermodolia can find an acceptable resolution before harsh action is taken against a nation who was seen as a lucrative new trade partner a mere few days ago. Word from the senate is that they are demanding that New Edom launch an investigation into the incident to determine who in their police and military forces was responsible for the escalation and that those individuals be brought to justice for their actions. It is speculated that without this, not even the Conservatives can justify voting against sanction measures, should they reach the senate floor.

It's been reported that several members of SACTO, prompted by statements made by the nation of Greater Nifon, have come out in support of New Edom and it's response to the demonstrations, though they tempered their statements with hopes for restraint and a peaceful resolution. When asked about the statements made by the Nifonese and Carlosan leaders, The Imperial Chancellor responded simply by saying their response was " disappointing, but unsurprising."
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Postby Estonland » Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:18 am

Fineberg, New Edom
Ambassador Ivan Molitsky-Gradenbad sighed as he looked out of his office window. The gates of the embassy were flooding with fleeing protesters and the Royal Marine Captain Auzinsch had just informed him that they had no room left. Ambassador Molitsky-Gradenbad turned his back and reached for his office phone. He dialed the Estonische Foreign Ministry and someone soon picked up.
"Guten Tag, Ambassador. What can we do for you?"
"Guten Tag, Herr Faust. The embassy is being swarmed by refugees here in Fineberg. I'd like to request deployment of an entire Royal Marines company to embassy grounds and a Royal Air Force transport plane to transfer refugees to Estonland. I...I don't think they will respect our sovereignty, looking as how violent the reaction to the protest was."
"Okay Herr Molitsky. We shall respond quickly. God Save The Queen."
"God Save The Queen, Herr Faust."
Ambassador Molitsky-Gradenbad put the phone down and started filling in some ordinary paperwork.
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Postby The Shrailleeni Empire » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:26 am

Fineberg, the Empire of New Edom
Shrailleeni Embassy

The embassy of the Enlightened Matriarchy was one of the largest and oldest in Embassy Row. There were larger buildings to be sure, but the distinct early-20th century facade which predated the Great War was almost iconic. It had been expanded in places over the years, but the Shrailleeni liked to maintain the original look of the building. It was a reminder of their long friendship with New Edom, a friendship so often tested that a strong reminder was wise indeed.

There were many Shrailleeni citizens in Fineberg, more than anywhere else in the country. The Enlightened Matriarchy had business with many New Edomite industries including Arcanum Armaments, Paladin Cinemas, and several construction and mining companies. They also represented Shrailleeni business in the country, mostly coffee, cocoa, and other cash crop exporters as well as manufacturing interests. As members of FODE and partners in Dengali and other places, there were always a large number of lower-ranking Shrailleeni diplomats in the city at any given time as well. Although less prevalent than during the aftermath of the last civil war, humanitarians affiliated with Mother Goddess Worship still operated out of Fineberg to the rest of the country. Finally, Fineberg's cultural legacy remained a destination for Shrailleeni tourism.

So when the protests began, the Shrailleeni embassy took notice quickly.

Ambassador Katara Telta fe Vangarra was a veteran of New Edomite diplomacy and a longtime resident of the capital. In that time she had seen successive New Edomite governments come and go, and weathered several challenges to the New Edomite-Shrailleeni dynamic. But now she faced a challenge that she had never prepared for: changing politics at home. After decades of the status quo, the Enlightened Matriarchy was changing, and Katara felt ill-prepared to deal with it. By Her Enlightened Majesty's own word, Katara now represented the wishes of a new National Legislature. She did not trust democracy.

The Shrailleeni people were becoming more and more mobilized around the issue of LGBTQ rights, with the Temple of the Mother Goddess leading the charge. For centuries the Shrailleeni had been quietly gender non-conforming, tolerating and even canonizing same-sex marriage and gender fluidity as an aspect of its culture. As a culture that exalted the feminine, its gender dynamics were drastically different from the rest of the world. The idea of politicizing the issue had been completely outside the realm of Shrailleeni understanding. But in this age of the internet and international news, the intolerance shown to LGBTQ people in the rest of the world had become more visible to the Shrailleeni population. When that intolerance came from longtime Shrailleeni allies such as New Edom, it exacerbated the growing discomfort that people felt. The call was growing at home for the Enlightened Matriarchy to do something about it. And since the Temple permitted same-sex marriage and gender fluidity, it was now becoming a religious issue as well.

Katara was well aware of this, and when it became clear what the nature of the protests was she had issued an advisory to all Shrailleeni citizens in the country: the Shrailleeni government strongly discouraged all citizens from involving themselves in local protests. Then she had placed the Imperial Guard at the embassy on alert, and prepared for the inevitable. The official stance of the Shrailleeni government was non-interference, but the embassy was to remain open for anyone who needed it.

As the day went on, Katara began to regret that decision. The protestors descended on Embassy Row in a massive crowd, and sure enough Shrailleeni islanders could be seen here and there among them. The Shrailleeni ambassador watched from a street-facing window as the New Edomites began to respond. She imagined that she could feel the sting of the gas clouds even through the glass, and watched as the protest began to fall apart in panic. The phones in the embassy began to ring with greater frequency, as if to musically accompany the chaotic atmosphere outside.

On the embassy grounds, Imperial Guards in crisp black and white dress uniforms watched the proceedings darkly. They wore their rifles on the backs, despite the strong temptation to adopt a combat stance. They held their ground as the protestors began to panic, and then began to flock to the Shrailleeni embassy like moths to a beacon. When they did the guards moved forward and waved people toward the embassy entrance.

"Please move calm and have order," the Guard Commander said over a megaphone in broken Latin. "All welcome. All enter. Be calm, be slow. Please move calm and have order..."

The doors opened, and inside the embassy staff ushered people into various waiting rooms to wait out the New Edomite response. But they did not anticipate the number of fleeing protestors. Although other embassies were apparently opening their doors as well, the Shrailleeni were particularly well-known for compassion. It would be difficult to continue keeping them all.

The situation grew worse over time. The sound of heavy gunfire began to be heard in the city. There were reports on social media that the New Edomites were using cannon and even missiles against cowering protesters. Shrailleeni citizens were almost certainly being caught in the crossfire. And as the news began to break in the Enlightened Matriarchy's largest cities the Matriarchy of Foreign Affairs contacted the embassy to let them know that the National Imperial Shrailleeni Assembly was working on a response, and that it could be quite severe. The Mother Empress would be issuing a statement shortly.

Among the people taking refuge in the Shrailleeni embassy were a few odd cases, including at least one man who claimed to be a Thermodolian citizen who was housed with others in the lower embassy break room.
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Postby Kowani » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:32 am

The Allied States of Kowani condemn the horrific actions taken by the State of New Edom, believing them to have no place in the modern world, based upon prejudices held by goat herders thousands of years ago and completely against basic human decency. Furthermore, their actions are condemned as hypocritical and against their own religion, as their own god preached love and acceptance. As such, the Allied States hereby denounce New Edom.
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Postby Japan and Pacific States » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:41 am

Fineberg, New Edom.
The Empire of Japan and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Embassy.

Sergeant Youji Karibuchi of the Kempeitai checked his watch under his brown leather glove. Afterwards he removed his gas mask and stored it away in a carrier bag which hung on his brown leather belt next to his Type 14 pistol. The embassy's security staff were mustered at the gate with weapons at the ready should the protesters attempting to flee from government forces were to breach the gate. Sergeant Karibuchi stood in front of the firing line formed by the Kempeis and the IJRG with the Kempeis at a knee in front and the IJRG in the back standing with rifles at the ready. Sergeant Karibuchi walked back and forth in front of the firing line, his hands held behind his back as the protesters didn't seem to want to give up. The thought crossed the mind of Youji as to why would these protesters ever wish to come to Japan if they are these LGBT westerners that the government had a constant propaganda campaign against, this was well know to the whole world as a whole. Japan was a traditionalist society however it did favour scientific advancement namely for military applications of technology but still. Japan was far from a "welcoming" society in regards to these LGBT people.

The gate continued to shake violently as people demanded entry, finally Sergeant Karibuchi had decided enough was enough and stood off to the left side of the firing line, where upon he blew once on his whistle which signalled for the men under his command to make ready their weapons. This seemed to deter a number of people, causing them to stop shaking the gate and instead run away while still a large portion remained. Sergeant Karibuchi then blew on his whistle twice signalling for the men to take aim. The final three blows was likely the order to fire, this seemed to get the hint through that Japan wanted no part in accepting any as the shogunate would call "refugees". This now became apparent as the crowd before the gate quickly diminished and the would be refugees fled in lieu of risking Japanese bullets. Whether they were rubber bullets or real they'd not risk and so they fled to the other embassies in embassy row. Letting out one final long blow on his whistle, Sergeant Karibuchi signalled for the men to lower their weapons and return to the "at the ready" position.

Ambassador Renta himself let out a sigh thanking the sun goddess, Amaterasu and the god of war, Hachiman that the protesters were apparently smarter than original credit was given for as he looked down on the street below which was still a mess. The embassy wouldn't be breached thanks to the Kempeis and the IJRG. As well as in part to Japan's firm heavy hand in dealing with protesters should they attempt to breach said gate. In the Japanese Empire, Ambassador Renta reminded himself, such a protest would never reach the scale it had Kyoto or anywhere else in the Japanese Empire, and would be swiftly crushed by the Kempeis, the IJRG, and the Imperial Army. But regardless, he was more concerned with how this would continue to play out over the next few foreseeable hours. It was indeed time for a cup of tea.

Tsuji walked over to his desk, leaving the view of the window. He pressed down on the fifth black button in a set of ten buttons with their own use and designation from a personal line to the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to another line to the Shogun herself. The fifth however was but a button to the kitchen. "Please bring up a cup of green tea." Tsuji said before letting go of the button and returning to his place at the window observing as the protesters made their way to the Shrilleeni Embassy further down the way. It didn't take long for one of the service staff, a young man likely from the Japanese territories in Western North America to bring up a cup of tea with a vassal retainer of the Imperial Royal Guard who taste tested the cup of tea before allowing it to be given to the Ambassador. "Thank you, kindly." Tsuji said as he took the cup of tea off the hands of the young man, taking a sip himself he watched the situation with apathy. However he was just thankful for the Kempeis and the IJRG lest the embassy likely be overrun by the protesters.
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Postby All are Equal » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:48 am

PM Barbara Flaherty and her government of All are Equal are horrified by this assault on freedom of assembly and peaceful protest! We stand in solidarity with New Edom's LGBTQI population.
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Postby God Fearing Devoted » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:55 am

Dear Leader Copeland heartily endorses this show of force against the godless sodomites! We only regret that it was merely water hoses used on protesters. They deserve nothing less than death for their sinning ways.

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Postby New Edom » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:11 am

Fineberg, New Edom

Thus far, the Embassies of McNernia, Estonland, Thermodolia, White Bluff, Ru, The Shrailleeni Empire, had received in some cases dozens, scores or even hundreds of people panicking and crowding in. Some of them were LGBT protesters, but many of them were social democrats, Christian humanitarians and civil rights activists. Some came in with orange vests, waving their hands about and shouting anxiously. Others were huddled and naked with writing still on bare skins, shuddering and looking around with wild eyes. There were men in camouflage jackets; a priest, trying to be calm, along with 3 nuns, ushered in some teenagers in school uniforms who were sobbing with terror. People wept from tear gas and some were streaming with blood and livid with bruises. Worst of all were the actual battle casualties, men and women with bullet wounds and wounds from fragments of pavement and stone, with crushed limbs or broken heads.

Cloris and her friends managed to tumble into the Estonland embassy’s doors, sobbing and staring around them. “Help us, you have to help us, they’re killing people out there!” “Oh God, it’s the end of the world!” wept Gloria. Mark was unable to speak, falling to his knees and coughing, his shock and fear overwhelming him.

The streets around embassy row were quieting down though, because the 14th Hussars had achieved what Colonel Cosmo Weber, their commander, called a great victory.

Speaking on NENN news, Weber said, “I’m quite satisfied that we have defeated the Homofront threat. There was a very credible threat of of mass buggery and sodomozation of our capital. Our militia was, naturally, not ready for such a massive threat by thousands of sodomites and their allies. Our troopers were cool headed and disciplined in response. Order is being restored, and with a minimal number of committed units. Right now, martial law is in effect for the time being.”

The Ministers of Justice, Police and Defense could not be reached for comment, but the press secretary for the President of the Council stated that a press conference would be issuing a public statement soon. Foreign Minister Hosidius Geta advised embassies to close their doors, leave the embattled citizens to return peacefully to their homes, and avoid entanglements.

“Naturally,” the Foreign Minister said to journalists from his sunny estate in Quality Bay,”I am on my way back to the capital. This really doesn’t concern any foreign governments. Our government is engaged in a number of talks with a number of nations for a continuation of the gay diaspora. They can peacefully leave if they want to, so my thought is that this emergency, which appears to have been ably dealt with by the Military District of Fineberg, was provoked by Homofront to once again attack our country, no doubt provoked by International Communism. We will address this later.”

King Elijah Iv and Queen Mara I were unavailable for comment, and were believed to be at Shiloam Palace in Padan-Aran, hundreds of miles away. Count Thomas Lalery, the acting President of the Council, was mostly losing his mind over hearing that the serving President, General Adam Nicanor, had gotten out of his sick bed to urinate.
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Postby New Aeyariss » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:15 am

New Edom welcomes a visit of Nifonese Strategic Bombers!
Kojiro-sama: "The Empire of Greater Nifon stands prepared to defend it's interests!"

G17M Ginga flies to New Edom

Finberg, New Edom - two G-17M Ginga strategic bombers have touched down the airstrip in New Edom this Sunday among expected increase of international tensions following the righteous pacification of a group of sodomite vandals that attempted to disrupt the social harmony in New Edom.

Nifonese ministry of defense had confirmed that the two G-17M that touched down in Finberg were part of the air fleet that previously carried out airstrikes in Iraq in support of Iraqi awakening front. They will be the only deployment that the Empire of Greater Nifon will carry out at this point.

Nifonese ambassador Amakusa Sanchiro said that the bombers constitute a "friendly visit in show of SACTO military partnership" and "a perfect example of diplomatic deterrence".

"While not intended as provocation" says the Nifonese ambassador "We have seen multiple instances in the past when Edomite government was attacked by globalist-socialist-imperialist nations that dreamt of taking it's natural resources and enslaving it's people. Those very nations used the issue of sexual minority rights as a pretext to justify their acts of armed aggression. The Empire of Greater Nifon is willing to show that as long as it is around, there shall be no permission for repeat to such an act, and thus, it took initiative to go forward with this step among the SACTO partnership both Nifon and New Edom enjoy".

G-17M Ginga is a massive strategic bomber utilized by the Empire of Greater Nifon as one of three strategic aircraft in it's service. It can deliver a strike (with normal payload) as far as 14 000 kilometers away, and carry ordnance of 24 cruise missiles to deliver the strike with. Various Kaigun's analyst called it "Doom of the Carrier". It's also nuclear capable.

Kojiro-sama, in his today's interview, had this to say:

"While I urge all sides to continue peaceful developments - after all, getting okama out of New Edom works in interests of all" he says "I, on behalf of Her Augustness, wish to stress Nifon's full desire and willingness to fulfil our duty as a member of Santiago Anti-Communist Treaty Organization, and defend New Edom from any harm that the communist, the globalist and the liberal may plot against them. In the past, Damoclean henchmen have murdered the entire government of New Edom. The Empire of Greater Nifon will NOT permit a repeat of that act.

I do, however, urge the Edomite government to respect diplomatic law and safety of diplomatic facilities. According to the law, diplomatic facilities constitute a territory of a different state, and as such can't be violated. However, the states that will shelter dangerous vandals should ask themselves weather what they are doing is right.

His majesty also stressed that any attempt to interfere with New Edom's ability to directly enforce it's laws will be seen as a direct attack on the Empire of Greater Nifon's strategic interests:

"I will say it bluntly; the minpon are telling us that there is one true ideology that has to be shoved down everyone's throat, by force of necessary. The very existence of the Empire of Greater Nifon disproves that thesis. Should there be an organized attempt to deny the people of New Edom the right to set -and enforce - their laws, the Empire of Greater Nifon will respond in kind. Meanwhile, the government of Greater Nifon will continue supporting New Edom, no matter how many sanctions and slanders shall be poured down on it."

Shiba Rei, on behalf of Iroha Daily.
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Postby Hansdeltania » Sun Jan 20, 2019 3:46 am

We are considering the deployment of certain special operations personnel to assist the government in the defense of its heterosexual citizens.
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Postby Kylarnatia » Sun Jan 20, 2019 4:23 am

Embassy of the Imperium Antiquum, Fineberg
The Holy Empire of New Edom

Lucilia Crassa was one of the youngest Legatus representing the Caesar and the Imperium Antiquum abroad. At just twenty-five years of age she had found herself being given her first full assignment, having only had to spend two years first as a military auxiliatrix in the Imperium's Embassy to Aldarminia. Her peers had to spend at least a good decade in similar roles before receiving a full assignment, and they let her know it, whether it was out of commendation for her brilliance or out of jealousy for her good fortune. She still hadn't gotten over the adrenaline rush of having been issued her letter of credence by the Caesar herself, who encouraged her with predictions of becoming a great stateswoman just like her father, Senator Crassa, was before her. If Caesar said it would be so, then by the Mother's divine grace, it would be.

Her posting to the Holy Empire of New Edom was meant to be a quiet one. The Ministry for Foreign and Imperial Affairs had been tasked with greatly expanding the Imperium Antiquum's diplomatic outreach beyond the scope of Gholgoth, particularly to nations where it was felt the Imperium Antiquum had a vested interest in having some sort of active role. The Holy Empire's disdain for the LGBT+ community was well known throughout the world, and the Imperium's intelligence community was well aware of the activities of the so-called Homofront which the Holy Empire continually used as justification for its deeply homophobic attitudes, though their activities were nowhere close to the Imperium's heartland. Establishing relations with the Edomites had required it. Crassa herself couldn't quite understand the Ministry's decision, and she had been briefed many times. LGBT+ rights were universally guaranteed in Kylarnatia, and due to both cultural and religious attitudes in regards to gender and sexuality, it was never something that was questioned or treated as alien to the Kylarnatian way of life. Indeed, anti-LGBT+ sentiments were quite alien to them. Yet Lucilia recognised there was a deeper issue: the Edomites saw the LGBT+ community as one in the same with socialists and communists, it seemed, and negative sentiment towards the far left wasn't so uncommon in conservative circles of the Imperium either.

Despite all of this, she could never have expected something like this would happen so early on in her posting.

The Embassy of the Imperium Antiquum in Fineberg was of a very modest size. With only a small body of staff, the Embassy was the size of a manor-house situated within a walled compound along with a small guard post at the entrance which was manned on a rotating basis at all times. The embassy grounds mostly consisted of green space - reflecting the Imperium's fondness for nature and environmentalism - though there was also a small outdoor shrine to the Grand Mother, which was tended to by a daily ritual conducted by the Ambassador and her senior staff. The manor-house had three levels in total, with one being the basement level and then a ground and first-floor level, each with up to ten rooms. On an average day it was estimated that the Embassy would likely only deal with a handful of people - maybe close to a hundred on a busy day - so for all intents and purposes what they had was more than adequate for their job. Unfortunately however, it would become completely inadequate for the situation that was unfolding.

Hundreds of LGBT+ demonstrators had been allowed into the Embassy grounds before the security team determined that any more would be considered a significant security risk and, in the worst case, precipitate a need to evacuate. Lucilia had been quick to react when the first round of gunshots and explosions were heard, the instincts instilled in her from her time in the Caesar's Imperial Air Force kicking in instantly. She made the executive decision to take in as many of the fleeing protesters as they could, before reluctantly agreeing to allow the gate to be closed. People were put wherever there was space, quite a few having to sit out in the open air of the Embassy's green space. The many who were requesting asylum were having to be processed at a snails pace, though so far both the security team and Lucilia's staff were controlling the nerves of the crowd.

In her private office on the first-floor, the young Ambassador was able to see the huddled masses both within the compound, and the quickly dispersing crowd on the streets beyond as the Edomite security forces amassed in even greater numbers. On the television she listened to the Holy Empires Foreign Minister speaking very candidly on the situation. "I am on my way back to the capital. This really doesn’t concern any foreign governments. Our government is engaged in a number of talks with a number of nations for a continuation of the gay diaspora. They can peacefully leave if they want to, so my thought is that this emergency, which appears to have been ably dealt with by the Military District of Fineberg, was provoked by Homofront to once again attack our country, no doubt provoked by International Communism. We will address this later."

She shook her head. When the chaos began she had ordered her staff to stay away from the phones; the Embassy was on lockdown until things had cooled off. Yet, in that moment, she was struck by some sort of inspiration. Thinking on it for just a moment, she then took confident strides over to her desk and picked up the phone. It rang for a few moments before someone on the other end picked up.

"It's Legatus Crassa at the Imperium Embassy in Fineberg...We're fine, thank you, doing as best as we can. Listen, I need to talk with the Domina Alta. I need her to make a call to the Edomite Foreign Minister and get him to meet with me."
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Postby Guadalupador » Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:47 am

Guadalupadorian Embassy, Fineberg, New Edom

Open up the Gates! Ambassador’s orders. a Guadalupadorian Diplomatic Service staffer rushed out to the small security checkpoint near the outer gate to the Embassy. ”We’ Got asylum seekers headed this way.”

The cadre of Diplomatic Security forces jolted up and obliged the staffer, opening the Embassy Gate. The Ambassador watched the gate open from their office. ”Keep an eye on the gate out there, would you?” The Ambassador told their secretary as they left the office to go down to the gate and meet with his security troops.
As they rushed down the stairs a staffer popped out of a cubicle urging them to take a call with the Grand Premier. The Ambassador was redirected into a small conference room and took the call.

”What’s the situation on the ground there?” Grand Premier Marcos’ voice was strained after speaking at a public engagement earlier. He was to the point.

”An LGBT rights protest here’s been attacked by local authorities. I’ve directed Diplomatic Security to open the gates and shelter asylum seekers”

”Are you the only embassy to do so?”

”No. We’re just the latest.”

The Grand Premier could be heard sighing over the phone. ”Alright. Keep me posted. I’ll make a statement shortly.”
The call abruptly ended and the Ambassador continued on down to the gate.

As soon as the Ambassador arrived Security Forces were preparing to open up another checkpoint further inside the embassy grounds and set up a medical tent for any injured asylum seekers.

”Ambassador! Sir, do we have any RoE?” The Commander of the Diplomatic Security force rushed up to the Ambassador and walked alongside them.

”Getting in as many asylum seekers into this compound is our main focus here, alright? If any armed forces arrive in the area do not fire on them. If they get within a proximity of the Embassy grounds that is considered threatening, Do. Not. Fire. If any armed force, paramilitary or state force attempts to get inside the embassy, you’re permitted to fire off warning shots to help drive them off. If they start firing on you after not being driven away by our shots, then follow your Escalation of Force procedures: If fired on, return fire until they’re driven away.”

”How likely will it be if they actually try that?”

”Highly, highly unlikely. I don’t believe it’ll happen at all, being honest. Though you asked for RoE, so pray for the best and expect the worst. Pass the Rules on to your troops and expect these asylum seekers.”
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Postby Bluelight-R006 » Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:52 am

The nation of Bluelight condemns the actions of New Edom, as quoted:
”The decisions of all citizens to be whatever they want to should be respected in all ways and not be restricted by the opinions of the people or the government. They represent the nation, and if are restricted to their own well-being, shows the corruption of the government and ruins their reputation.”

We have decided to wait for further events before continuing to act upon New Edom’s actions rejecting their own population.



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