Directorate for Emerging Technologies and Industries (OOC)

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Directorate for Emerging Technologies and Industries (OOC)

Postby Rezmaeristan » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:42 am ... id=1152073

Calling all Scientists and Engineers!

Do you have a scientific or engineering talent? Would you like to work with Rezmaeristan's best to develop the technologies and industries of the future?

Come to Rezmaeristan and work with the Directorate for Emerging Technologies and Industries! You will develop new technology for our great nation in a state-of-the-art facility in Jakitagboce, in which you will be making the future happen. Salaries are generous.

We have constructed a 17 square mile compound for you to live in. It has schools, parks, sports fields, stores, community clubhouses, and rec centers. There are three neighborhoods: Rider Plains, Gate of the Gods, and Desert View. Housing options:


1 Story Single-family

2 Story Single-family


*Engineering or scientific master's degree or above

*No criminal record

*No links to terrorist or extremist groups

Character name:
Country of Citizenship:
Background details:

So don't kill anybody, generally be civil, but feel free to break some Rezmaeri laws, and see one of our infamous "re-culturing facilities". I will control various Rezmaeri main characters.
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