Limeriov Locomotive Works (OPEN, MT)

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Limeriov Locomotive Works (OPEN, MT)

Postby Fatiman Federation » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:37 am

Welcome to Limeriov Locomotive Works!

A Company that Built/Rebuilt, Manufacture and Sell for the Better Trains. Since 1947

In 1947, Limeriov Locomotive Works was been Opened by the Fatiman Government during Communism Ages until 1996, The Company got Stronger by Making Local Made Locomotives by Electric or Diesel Use. in 1957, They Start to Built Multiple Units. Today, the Company keep Stronger.


Limeriov DIW-249
An Multiple Unit that Based on Amfleet, Metroliner and SPV-2000 to be Used for Higher-Speed Intercity and Higher-Speed Commuter Services
Top Speed: 123 Mph
Built: 1996-Present
Designs: 4 High Long End Doors, Cars Based on the Design without the Driving Cab and To be Pulled by 1 Locomotive and 1 Drivers Cab (Inter-City | DIW-249IC)
4 High Long End Doors, 2 Center Doors, Cars are Basically Designed without the Driving Cab, To be Pulled by 1 Locomotive and 1 Drivers Cab (Commuter | DIW-249-2C)
Price: 23 Million NationStates Dolllars

Limeriov-Shacman DIW-489
An Locomotive that Operates on Diesel Locomotive
Top Speed: 70 Mph
Built: 1968-Present
Design: Upside Down U Ventilation Design, Economy Efficient and Comfortable Driver Seat
Price: 14 Million NationStates Dollars

Limeriov Metromover AIS-249
An Metro Multiple Unit and a Variant of DIW-249 Railcar for Subway
Top Speed: 90 Mph
Built: 1988-Present
Design: Similar to the DIW-249 but No Raised Driving Cab, Commuter Version of the Multiple Unit and Changed Design of the Multiple Unit
Price: 26 Million NationStates Dollars

Limeriov DIW-247
An Single Car Regional Diesel multiple unit that Reach Short Distance Routes
Top Speed: 40 Mph
Built: 1955-Present
Design: Similar to Budd RDC but Modified Engine, Sliding Windows, Comfortable Seats and Complied with Restroom
Price: 17 Million NationStates Dollars

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