List of Schools/Universities [REGION INDIA ONLY] [WIP]

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List of Schools/Universities [REGION INDIA ONLY] [WIP]

Postby Tanwirid » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:20 am

School/ Uni :
City or Town:
No of Undergrads:
No of Grads and Post-Grads
No of Students

Please fill the forms
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Bengali Provinces
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Postby Bengali Provinces » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:43 am

School/ Uni : University of Kolkata
City or Town: Kolkata
Country: Bengal
Founded: 1857
No of Undergrads: 3,715
No of Grads and Post-Grads: 15,750
No of Students: 22,520
Notes: Urban University

School/ Uni : University of Dhaka
City or Town: Dhaka
Country: Bengal
Founded: 1921
No of Undergrads: 23,620
No of Grads and Post-Grads: 5,362
No of Students: 30,015
Notes: Public University

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Neo Kerala
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Postby Neo Kerala » Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:35 am

Universities:New Kochi university,Tiras University

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Postby Tanwirid » Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:55 am

Neo Kerala wrote:Universities:New Kochi university,Tiras University

pease fill
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Awell Islands
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Postby Awell Islands » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:52 am

University: University of Awell Islands
City: Gandhinagar
Country: Awell Islands
Founded: 1753
No. of undergrads: 5,698
No. of Grads and Post-grads: 20,053
No. of students: 35,875
Government owned

University: University of Kaveli
City: Kaveli
Country: Awell Islands
Founded: 1952
No. of Undergrads: 13,076
No. of Grads and Post-grads: 7,098
No. of students: 21,051
One of the best universities in the world.

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Postby Pratapgadh » Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:34 pm

School/Uni: Kumbha University of Architecture and Planning
City or Town: Kumbhalgarh
Country: Pratapgadh
Founded: 1601
No of Undergrads: 13,250
No of Grads and Post-Grads: 41,750
No of Students: 55,000
Notes: Kumbha University of Architecture and Planning is a place where all future architectures study. Kumbha University helps students develop many skills, such as: imaginative and creative thinking skills, ability to analyse and critically assess problems, ability to see the big picture as well as giving attention to the smallest detail, ability to communicate effectively, practical and technical understanding of building materials and elements, structures, construction and services, coordination and interpersonal skills to manage a complex project team of consultants, negotiation skills to resolve complex building issues, lateral thinking skills to solve complex problems, and ability to mediate and administer a building contract fairly. The Kumbha University of Architecture and Planning is one of the best universities for a future architect to study in.
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Hamramstan universities

Postby Hamramstan » Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:17 am

The University of Avadi
Founded: 1825
Graduate Students: 27600
Undergraduate Students: 27700
Total: 55300

The University of Bangalore
Founded: 1994
Graduate Students: 29400
Undergraduate Students: 36800
Total: 66200

The University of Chennai
Founded: 1913
Graduate Students: 36600
Undergraduate Students: 43400
Total: 80000

The University of Chittagong
Founded: 1973
Graduate Students: 6500
Undergraduate Students: 22500
Total: 29000

The University of Colombo
Founded: 1833
Graduate Students: 12500
Undergraduate Students: 13700
Total: 26200

The University of Delhi
Founded: 1994
Graduate Students: 14700
Undergraduate Students: 33500
Total: 48200

The University of Dhaka
Founded: 1700
Graduate Students: 7200
Undergraduate Students: 15500
Total: 22700

The University of Hyderabad
Founded: 1927
Graduate Students: 5500
Undergraduate Students: 16600
Total: 22100

The University of Kabul
Founded: 1952
Graduate Students: 29200
Undergraduate Students: 57300
Total: 86500

The University of Kajabad (One of the top commerce schools in the world)
Founded: 1693
Graduate Students: 52100
Undergraduate Students: 47200
Total: 98300

The University of Karachi
Founded: 1987
Graduate Students: 24000
Undergraduate Students: 52100
Total: 76100

The University of Kolkota
Founded: 1828
Graduate Students: 14000
Undergraduate Students: 25300
Total: 39300

The University of Lahore
Founded: 1823
Graduate Students: 13800
Undergraduate Students: 16200
Total: 30000

The University of Laventille
Founded: 1780
Graduate Students: 9900
Undergraduate Students: 12500
Total: 22400

The University of Male
Founded: 1955
Graduate Students: 4200
Undergraduate Students: 15800
Total: 20000

The University of Mumbai
Founded: 1860
Graduate Students: 18300
Undergraduate Students: 55900
Total: 74200

The University of Paramaribo
Founded: 1879
Graduate Students: 19600
Undergraduate Students: 62900
Total: 82500

The University of Peshawar
Founded: 1989
Graduate Students: 42300
Undergraduate Students: 47300
Total: 89600

Ramabad University of technology (One of the top STEM schools in the world)
Founded: 1696
Graduate Students: 50300
Undergraduate Students: 47100
Total: 97400

The University of Ramabad (One of the top Law Schools in the world, Close to the top in other fields)
Founded: 1627
Graduate Students: 59100
Undergraduate Students: 44600
Total: 103700

The University of Suva
Founded: 1999
Graduate Students: 27000
Undergraduate Students: 30200
Total: 57200


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