Yamaichi Opens its Borders (OPEN | MT)

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Yamaichi Opens its Borders (OPEN | MT)

Postby Yamaichi-koku » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:12 am

Yamaichi - thousands of kilometers away from the nearest sizable landmass lay a tiny hermit kingdom in the Philippine Sea. For hundreds of years, its population of roughly ten-thousand or so souls had been living in near-complete isolation from the rest of the world. The tiny island was once a fiefdom of an exiled, disgraced rōnin, who settled there with his family and followers. For many years, the family of Kondō Toshizō had ruled over the islands as their own personal kingdom of sorts, free from the burdens of the outside world. With a lack of valuable resources and protected by fearsome warriors, the world generally left the island alone. A treaty with the Japanese Empire in the 19th century further solidified the island's isolationist policy.

Despite the island having been self-sufficient since the first arrival of the Toshizō family, a crisis had now overcome the islands. A rapidly growing populace had now rendered the production from the rice plantations and the freshwater lagoon insufficient to keep up with the demand. Despite some radical policies such as limiting the amount of children a woman could have and exiling or executing prisoners, these efforts were futile and now the threat of famine was looming over the island. Empress Masako- the incumbent monarch of the hermit kingdom- was rather stressed with the whole incident.

Still grieving over the death of her father by seppuku just a month prior, she found herself in the same position as her father. Unable to handle the crisis at hand, which by this point had been growing ever-larger. She was most definitely surprised when one quiet evening, a trusted aide and Samurai approached her court, claiming to have a solution to the problem- breaking the centuries-long period of isolation. The samurai, Hasekura Anjin, was met with extreme disapproval and accusations of treason from the court. After all, he was a Filipino member of a community of shipwrecked fishermen who numbered an estimated hundred to even a thousand men who were forbidden to leave the country under its isolationist laws.

Still grieving over the death of her father by seppuku just a month prior, she found herself in the same position as her father. Unable to handle the crisis at hand, which by this point had been growing ever-larger. She was most definitely surprised when one quiet evening, a trusted aide and Samurai approached her court, claiming to have a solution to the problem- breaking the centuries-long period of isolation. The samurai, Hasekura Anjin, was met with extreme disapproval and accusations of treason from the court. After all, he was a Filipino member of a community of shipwrecked fishermen who numbered an estimated hundred to even a thousand men who were forbidden to leave the country under its isolationist laws.

Fortunately for Hasekura and much to the dismay of the Empress's court, her decision was clear. Yamaichi would open its borders to foreign trade to save the country and its people. Despite warnings and protest from the court and especially General Ashikaga Masashige, who especially feared that this would only invite foreign powers to exploit the state and its abundant deposits of jade which it had mostly kept secret. Alas, Hasekura left the capital, Yamatai, onboard a traditional atakebune ship bound for Manila. There, a personal letter from Empress Masako would be sent to the authorities and forwarded to hundreds of members of the international community, inviting leaders to Yamaichi to embark on a personal tour of the hermit state, opening up the country to the world and hopefully finally resolve the threat of famine which loomed over the islands.

Hasekura stood at Yamatai's port along with a complement of ten ashigaru armed with Arisaka bolt-action rifles, watching the waves crash against the wooden dock and seagulls soaring above the azure-blue sky. Behind him was a truck with wooden wheels and powered by a wood-gas generator, a Japanese truck which was gifted in the 1930s along with weapons. It was one of five vehicles on the island, and would be the vehicle used to bring the delegations about the tour. A Filipino-born fisherman, he was familiar with technology and spoke fluent English and was shipwrecked on the island roughly seven years ago.

Befriending the Empress and quickly rising to become a Samurai, his ability to communicate with the foreigners meant that he would be extremely important for this mission.

"私の主よ、私はあなたが要求した旗を持ってきました。" (My Lord, I have brought you the flags you requested.)

Said one of the Ashigaru, placing a chest with multicoloured flags within in front of Hasekura. The fisherman-turned-Samurai thanked his assistant, and inspected the flags. They were signal flags, which were going to be important when receiving the foreign guests. Now he scanned the horizon, awaiting the arrival of the vessels from the international community.

OOC: Hi! This is one of my first RPs in a long time and a revived version of one I had with another nation. Anyways, responses from all MT nations are welcome. Please don't just attack the country or bomb it- since that'd be an extremely dick move. Don't hesitate to bring guards or weapons to demonstrate or sell to us. After all, I'm planning to have an interesting event later on that may or may not include some fighting with pro-isolationist members of the government/military :P
Yamaichi - a tiny island hermit kingdom in East Asia that has been isolated from the world for hundreds of years.

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Postby Monahtan » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:53 pm

((OOC: I haven't RP'd in a while either, so this will be a fun way to ease back into it. :) ))

Office of the Minister of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps
12th Floor, Imperial Capitol Complex
Finestra, The Empire of Monahtan

"Minister, Mr. Leonard is here to see you," the voice from the intercom said.

Minister Alik Federov turned his attention from the email he was writing on his computer to the black landline on his desk. Reaching over, he pressed one of the many buttons and spoke back, "Send him in."

An electronic click signaled the microphone and speaker had been silenced. A few moments later, the heavy maple wood door to the minister's office was pulled open by a guard outside Federov's office door and Justin Leonard, the Senior Director of the Ministry's Emerging Territories Division stepped inside. As the door was pushed closed behind him, Leonard continued across the hardwood floor of the large office to where Minister Alik Federov had stood from his chair and was waiting. Leonard came to a stop in front of Federov's desk, extended his hand, and gripped Federov's, performing the standard professional greeting.

"Good to see you again, Justin," Federov said politely. As their handshake ended, Federov unbuttoned his suit jacket and returned to his seat. He pushed his wireless keyboard out of the way and leaned forward on his file-covered desk. Alik Federov had been the Minister of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps since the country reorganized several years ago. Prior to that, he served as the head of international affairs under the previous government. He wore his age well, barely showing any gray hair even at fifty-three years old. He was slim and tall, standing at six-feet, two-inches. As the Empire's top diplomat, he carried enormous weight on his shoulders but acted as if the burden were feather-light.

"You too, Minister," Leonard returned, placing a bound manilla dossier on the minister's desk and flipped open the top cover. He sat down in one of the chairs opposite Federov's desk and leaned back, crossing one leg over the other. "I know this is largely beneath your attention, but I thought you'd want to glance over this file personally." Leonard, contrary to Federov, showed signs of age all over his face. Although slim and relatively fit, the forty-year-old bureaucrat had dark circles under both eyes, a head of black hair sprinkled with gray, and, today, he was wearing a suit that appeared as if he slept in it. The smell of stale cigarettes emanated from his clothes, despite him trying to cover it with cologne just prior to entering the Minister's office. Leonard had always had a reputation for less-than-perfect grooming standards, but he was a brilliant political and economic analyst. He had predicted climactic events from the rise and fall of governments, to which natural resource would be scarce this year. He had risen through the organization quickly to find himself in a senior director's role within only ten years.

"Yes," Federov said. He had slipped his glasses over his eyes and was thumbing through the documents laid in front of him. "This case is indeed interesting."

Leonard barked out a deep cough, no doubt from the four cigarettes he'd huffed down on the way over from the Diplomatic Corps building a couple blocks away. Federov glanced up with an involuntary look of disgust before catching himself and quickly looking back down. "Give me a summary," Federov asked of his employee before removing and tossing his glasses on top of the folder and leaning back in his plush leather chair.

"Every shred of intelligence we have is contained in that dossier," Leonard began. "Which isn't much, really. Much of their history is unknown to us and our allies. We know the kingdom is several hundred years old and while we do have current satellite and UHA recon data, we don't have much else. They're lived with an almost total blackout from the rest of the world."

"Oppressive?" Federov asked.

"Not that we can tell. No signs of large prison complexes or labor camps. No large military parades or dictatorial grandstanding," Leonard answered. "Honestly, Alik, I think they just wanted to be left alone."

"Hmm," Federov grumbled under his breath. He leaned back further in his chair and swiveled back and forth, in thought. "So then why are they suddenly breaking their isolation? Has something happened? Natural disaster?"

"No, nothing. At least, nothing we can observe. If something did happen, it's internal. But that does bring up an interesting point," Leonard continued, switching which legs he had crossed and readjusting in the padded chair. "They sent out a diplomatic communication via the Philippines. Yamaichi doesn't have the capability to communicate with anyone. No freight or shipping connections, no external postal service, and no internet or satellite communication. The ship they sent their envoy to Manila on wasn't even powered. A CSL freighter was docked in Manila when this went down. If it wasn't, we probably never would've gotten wind of this so soon."

Federov squinted his eyes and shifted his head slightly letting Leonard know he was puzzled, but intrigued.

"A picture of the ship is in there," he said, motioning toward the dossier. "We don't even know if they possess the means to construct aircraft or ocean-going vessels. So for them to break radio silence after all this time, we've come up with two possibilities."

"Either they need immediate help, or they're curious," Federov offered, proving he still had the insight to hold the title of Minister. "Which do you think is more likely?"

"I can't say for certain, sir. But they opened their gates to the world. Should we respond?"

"They don't have an airport. We'd have to sail in?" Federov asked. His extreme hatred of water was no secret around the Empire. Leonard simply nodded his head with a pained facial expression.

"Fine," the Minister snorted out; a change in his mood evident. "I'll get the Navy to take us. Thanks, Justin." Federov stood from his chair and buttoned his jacket. The universal political signal for "get out of my office."

Leonard quickly stood up, no doubt surprised that the meeting was ending so soon. He fumbled with his own suit jacket and managed to get it buttoned just in time to reach across the desk and shake his boss's hand. "Thanks, Minister." Leonard offered, before turning and heading for the door.

"Oh, and Justin," Federov called after him. "Pack a bag. You're coming too."

"I fucking hate being onboard these floating coffins," a very irritated Alik Federov said to Justin Leonard.

They were four days out of an Imperial naval base aboard the INS Argonaut, a Ulyanovsk-class aircraft carrier, bound for the shores of Yamaichi. Federov was sweating, despite the temperature of the officer's conference room he and Justin were sitting in being a cool 70-degrees. He had a firm grip on a cold bottle of water with his left hand and tugged at top of his collar and necktie with his right.

"Well," Leonard began. "It only becomes a coffin when it stops floating."

Federov shot Leonard a go-to-hell glare. Originally, the Navy was sending the two diplomats on a destroyer, but the Minister had outright refused to get aboard anything smaller than a carrier. His demands had cost the Empire hundreds of thousands of dollars to change the logistics around, but being one of the Emperor's oldest friends had its advantages. He opened his mouth to fire back at his friend when the steel door of the conference room was unlatched and pulled open. A junior officer stepped inside, briefly came to attention as a sign of respect for the minister and senior director, and spoke. "We're thirty minutes out, sirs."

"Thanks, Ensign," Leonard confirmed, light-heartedly and looking over his shoulder to the officer. He was having a blast. Not only was he getting out of the hum-drum of Finestra for a few days, but he was sailing on one of the Empire's largest warships. The senior director had always wanted to join the Navy, but he was severely colorblind, disqualifying him as a candidate for commission. He found another life in banking and then later with the Diplomatic Corps.

"The Commander asks that you join him on the flight deck at your convenience. You'll be flown over via helicopter once we are on-station," the ensign continued. The Imperial Navy's rank structure was somewhat odd compared to the rest of the modern world. Commanders, typically the highest ranking officer aboard a ship, were what most navies called captains. Naval captains in the Empire were equivalent to what most countries called majors or naval lieutenant commanders. Occasionally, foreign officers would be temporarily stationed aboard Imperial ships for training or exchange programs and the rank structure was always a learning curve for them.

"Flying over? Do we know for certain we can land?" Leonard questioned the ensign. "I thought we were taking a Zubr over."

"We're flying," Federov said before the naval officer could speak. "I'm not getting on a machine that only floats while the power is on. Absolutely not. We fly. The pilot will just have to find somewhere to set down."

"Thanks," Leonard confirmed again, rolling his eyes silently and returning his attention back to Federov. "Ready?"

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Postby Deutschess Kaiserreich » Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:53 am

The Kaiserin felt her bare feet touch the cold marble floor. She yawned and tried to find her slippers with her feet in the dark. She eventually found them tucked under her bed and put them on. She stood up and walked over to the curtains and opened them to reveal a cold city with sleet falling upon the window. The Imperial palace guard stood ever still in the rain in their duty is protect the palace. Victoria decided that later she would shorten the changing of the guard so that they wouldn't have to stay in the rain so long. Victoria took in a moment to admire Berlin as even in the greyest of whether the color and the culture of the city still shone through. The shops still opened, the people walked to work under a sea of umbrellas, and the tourist still posed with the guard. Victoria heard the bed sheets shuffle and said "Sleep in dear. Nothing interesting today"...

Victoria sat down on her leather chair listening to days brief. It was almost over when the foreign minister said: "Oh, Almost forgot this but the small island nation of Yamaichi just ended their isolation.".
"You forgot that Bismark? Really?" The Kaiserin said.
"To be honest the nation has not much importance. We need to focus on ourselves to repair the damage caused by the Weltrkreig."
"Still we need to exploit all opportunities we have to the fullest. I say we mount an expedition to this nation. They could have yet unforeseen strategic importance."
"I agree, Victoria but we cannot spare any of our fleets. We have yet to destroy the Red October Submarine fleet. They may not be armed with nuclear weapons or any torpedos due to their rapid failure in the coup but they could still pose a danger."
"Which is why securing this island will give us a potential airbase to find them. Perhaps a merchant fleet?"
"I suppose that can be done. I could ask my brother whether he could spare any destroyers just in case they are hostile."
The minister of war stood and up said to the Kaiserin: "I know it is not my place in politics but I have seen that often when a nation turns from isolationist to international many in the nation oppose that. Whether it be for tradition or fear that such knowledge could collapse their government. For example on may look to the Former Communist states of Mongolia."[/Tab]
"Your advice is taken, Victor. Bismark, how free are you this month."
"To be honest Victoria I am. I will go to this Island though I will stay on the Genesis as I need to be in contact with my Ministry at all time"Bismark said.
"You will be rewarded for this Bismark. Meeting dismissed. Victor, please stay."
With that everyone but Victor gathering their papers they shuffled out of the door with Bismark being the last one out closing the door with him. The Kaiserin walked to the door and locked it. Victor sat still in his chair awaiting what the Kaiserin to do. The Kaiserin sat in her chair and activated the intercom and spoke into it "Gunter is the anti-bug countermeasures activated?". A grunt came from the intercom and the Kaiserin turned to Victor. "There is a possibility that negotiation breaks down. Military action may be warranted. I want you to give me your opinion on what an Invasion of the island will cost."
"Give me the 5th division and I guarantee utter victory. If they cannot be spared we could be bogged down. The population seems to fanatic and this is very likely to become Nanking again. I will not sacrifice so many men to take that island if that is the case."
"I will try my best to get you the 5th division. What is the best way to take the island?"
"Massive air and paratroop attack to destroy or secure tactical points. Then landing by marines and clear every town in the southern peninsula and gather forces. Then send seek and destroy raids to keep them on their toes until we can gather the necicery forces to take the capital. What I am concerned most of all is the possible population resisting our advance. I recommend a peace deal. I will not have this become another India."
"Thank you, Victor. You may leave now."
"Best luck Victoria. Good luck."...
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Postby The Chuck » Mon Dec 10, 2018 1:26 am

Walter Sobchak started this morning like any other morning. He first got up out of bed and checked to make sure the safety on the TCP-9 pistol beneath his pillow was still engaged. Afterwards he got dressed, holstered his pistol, and shuffled down the empty hallway to his office. If there was one thing he couldn't stand, it was having maids and servants standing over him in the morning. It was fine during the day and in the evening but when he first woke up he tended to want to feel like a "normal" person. Albeit a normal person doesn't sleep with a pistol beneath their pillow and wakes up in the same building that houses the seat of power for their nation. Upon reaching his office he walked to the side of the room and started brewing his morning pot of coffee. As the water started to boil he took a seat and pressed a button on his desk. Immediately a couple servers walked in with his breakfast and a copy of The Chuckian Continental. As he flipped through the pages he noticed a small box in international section that mentioned how the remote island nation of Yamaichi had opened its borders. As he read the article a thought started to form in his mind. Quickly he hit a button on his desk and was greeted with his secretary's voice "Good morning Mr. Sobchak, how may I help you?" "Good morning Rita, please contact Nathaniel Halsey and bring him to my office immediately."

Once Nathaniel Halsey arrived he looked intently at Walter before speaking. "This is about Yamaichi isn't it sir? You want to try and establish trade with them." Smiling at his Commissioner of Commerce and Shipping Walter spoke "You're damn right Nathan, I'm thinking an escorted convoy to their nation is warranted."
"But sir, we're currently dealing with a pirate threat and we have one convoy already heading out with the escorting P.M.C.s."
"Well fuck those pirates, if need be fly a humanitarian flag from the vessels, even though we don't believe they are from a nation, at least they might respect international law in the humanitarian sense. At the very least we can try and send a convoy and establish communications."
With that Nathaniel Halsey started to leave to prepare the convoy.
"Oh, Nathaniel... You're going too as our ambassador of peace."
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Postby Kyrenaia » Mon Dec 10, 2018 4:46 am

Sailing Yacht Aurelia. En route to Yamaichi.
When the message from Yamaichi had arrived, it had raised a few eyebrows, then caused a few searches of the Internet as to where that country was.
The answer: Far, far away.
Nevertheless, eager to spread Kyrenaia's influence in the world, the Sultana approved a proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs to send a delegation to Yamaichi in order to give the small, isolationistic country a good entry into the world... and to spread Kyrenaia's influence - and who would be better to do that then her youngest son and his daughter, Prince Damir ibn-Razia and Princess Aurelia bint-Damir, the Weapon of Mass Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
They had called ahead.
The vessel, which would transport them, was the Aurelia, Damir's favourite yacht, with a freighter coming along - this vessel was laden with food, a present and token of good will of the Sultanate. Escorting both vessels was the Meninx-class Destroyer RKN Motya, more a showing of force then an actual escort because danger was expected.
They could defend themselves, but they would prefer not to.
So, as the Aurelia pulled into the harbour of Yamatai, both the escorting vessel and the freighter staying outside out of respect, a bit behind the horizon and out of sight, the father sought his daughter - finding her at the bow.
Aurelia was a dark-skinned young woman of seventeen years and deep blue eyes. She was, a testament to her mother having been a Selkie-Maiden, also quite well-equipped in the chest area, as they said, and 1.75 metres not short, but not tall either. Actually still a student, she had been exempted from attending lessons but spent the days of the transit doing her extended homework so that she had most of the time of the return trip free. Her long, blonde hair, locks of gold, was bound back by a blue ribbon and she herself was 'dressed for action', as she called it, in a pair of sturdy pants and boots, a white blouse and a light jacket over that, a utility belt around her hips. Damir knew, that the jacket hid the KGS-18 Handgun he had given her, his old service pistol from his days with the police, as well as that she carried at least four daggers and throwing knifes.
He himself was a bit taller then that, 1.83 metres, brown hair and golden eyes, dark skinned and with broad shoulders. His face usually wore a very self-confident smile, which bordered on arrogant many times. When the time came, he would become the next Ilkhan of Utica, inheriting this title and the duties accompanying it from his mother, the Sultana - that title's next holder would be elected by the Five Ilkhans. For now, however, he was the chief-administrator of the Ilkhanate of Utica, bon vivant and Weapon of Mass Diplomacy of the Sultanate. His elder brother and elder sister were the Lord-Commander of the Navy and Lady Commander of the Armies respectively, so they weren't exactly diplomatically inclined. In his youth, he had done his mandatory service with the Utica Metropolitan Police and his Motorcycle Squadrons. He, too, was armed, a handgun similar to his daughter's under his own jacket, a combat knife quite openly at his belt (he would sell it as a tool, they were on a tour, after all).
Finding his daughter, he knew, that she knew, that he was approaching her without turning his head. He wrapped an arm around her waist and kissed her on the head before he spoke: "Finished with your homework?"
"Nearly. Just need to finish that book and write the report.", she replied and looked up, "My teachers gave me extra-many things." She was not complaining, he knew, only remarking - others would have complained. She saw it as a challenge. "I might need your help, though."
"Yep.", she replied and smiled, "I managed it fine, but I don't know, how..."
"Sounds familiar.", he said and trailed off, looking at the harbour in front of them. "Pretty place, isn't it?"
Aurelia hummed in agreement.
"They might be able to make that a source of income: Tourism. I would definately come here.", he added. "Well, even if there is no work to be done, I mean!"
Aurelia nodded, still smiling. "I believe, that I saw some good sailing spots as well.", she agreed and then looked to the side, where she spotted their welcoming comittee. "Seems as if we are expected."
"Armed guards and... well, yes, it indeed seems like that.", Damir agreed and knew, that his yacht's Captain was already hard at work getting permission to dock and everything. "So... on to business."
Aurelia agreed with a firm nod.
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Postby Thermodolia » Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:06 am

Presidential Palace
Thermodolia City, Thermodolia

“Sir the nation of Yamaichi has opened up its borders. However due to the fact of its isolation shipwrecked individuals aren’t allowed to leave.” An aide stated

“What of any other nations?” The President responded

“As of right now four, possibly five, nations are eyeing the island nation.”

“Sir it’s right in our backyard. It’s not far from our South China Sea Territory. It would be foolish to not attempt to exploit this nation”

“Andrea makes some good points sir, but we also should make sure none of our citizens are stuck there” Steven Williams responded.

“Agreed. Send a small task force to the area no more that 6 ships.”

Yanaichi, Philippine Sea
Bridge of TNS Thermodolia

Admiral John Wei looked out from the bridge of the TNS Thermodolia at the tiny island nation. Not long ago the fleet sailed from the Thermodolian South China Sea Territory.

The Thermodolia was a massive ship. At 1,919 meters long and with an armament of 30 50cm main guns and thousands of VLS cells she was one of the largest and most heavily armed ships in the navy.

Surrounding the ship where 5 other ships. 2 Templar-class Destroyers, 1 Mercy Class Hospital ship(TNS Mercy, and 2 Thodésca-class Ocean Tugboat towing two old barges which would be used for a demonstration.

As the fleet drew closer to Yamaichi Admiral Wei ordered a message sent in Morse Code from the massive spot light.

The message read
Greetings. I am Admiral John Wei of the Thermodolian Navy. I would like for you to attend a demonstration of this super dreadnought if it so pleases your majesty.

Unfortunately due to the size of our vessel we will be sitting of port and will send small vessels to you.

In addition we would like to provide medical care for your people.
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Postby Camelone » Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:27 am

Manor of House Krieger
Kingdom of Tuathstra, High Kingdom of Camelone

High King Cyneric II, formerly King Frederick, had been out hunting for most of the day, it had been one of the few days that the industrious king decided to take a break on and the long shadows signaled to him that the day was drawing to a close. As he rode out of his hunting grounds the High King smiled at the peacefulness of the world, a peacefulness that he had fought so hard to protect and something he will continue to fight to preserve. Though his smile began to falter when his horse returned to the main trail back to his manor and he noticed a few figures standing at the entrance waiting for him. To be fair the thought that he could get away from his responsibilities for just a single day was a rather foolish thought but a fool can hope every now and then.

As he approached the small group he began to pick out the men, Loch Mac Giolla his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lord Chancellor Eoghan Mathghamhna, and of course his Houses Senschal Cormac Kendrick his most trusted adviser. Stopping a respectable distance away the young High King dismounted and walked with his horse up to the group who bowed deeply as he approached.

"You may rest friends." Frederick said raising his arm to signal for them to speak. Stepping forward the thin and sickly Minister of Foreign Affairs spoke up after he cleared his throat and readjusted his glasses.

"Your majesty we have news of a new nation that has engaged the world." His whispy voice interrupted by heavy coughing to the concern of the rest of the men in the group. "Apologies my High King." With a wave of Frederick's hand he resumes speaking "They are a rather minuscule nation in the South China Sea with what appears to be a lack of technology from the utilization of a ship that uses sails as its primary means of moving. We have little information on this newcomer but believe that they will pose no threat to the High Kingdom by means of military or economics."

"While it is an interesting anomaly I see no reason for this to be on Camelone's radar nor that it should interrupt my day of rest." Frederick said adjusting his cloak as he tried to push through the group but Cormac grabbed his arm as he pushed past, the other two men startled by the breach of protocol and the intense glare that the old peasant man was giving to his High King.

"My High King they are similar to us. How can we abandon a people who are just now putting their foot into the world, we know of the danger that the teasa pose to all those who hold to the old ways. While it is most definitely a land of heathenry the vows that the knights of Camelone do not distinguish between believer and heathen." A beat passed as Frederick stared at Cormac with a stoic face before nodding his head.

"Dispatch Earl Senan Iomaire and his retinue to establish relations. Now begone I will enjoy the rest of my day without matters concerning the realm. I promised the Queen as much anyways." Frederick answered giving a small grin when he mentioned his wife while the other men bowed.

Yamaichi, Philippine Sea
HMS Loki

Earl Senan Iomaire was not someone you would expect to be a diplomat, he was a barrel chested man with a loud boisterous voice that could shake a room and his battle scarred face displayed the life he has lived most of his life. A rough and tumble man who spent his youth a gallivanting gallowglass and a knight of the realm. Though behind his fierce demeanor was a mind that was sharper than Damascus steel and his eloquence in speech was unmatched among those who were not bards. The Earl stood at the bow of a small landing ship that was dispatched from the battleship they had taken which is sitting off the coast awaiting orders. In the landing ship stood his leftenant, Bedivere Callaghan a rather brilliant one-eyed young man, and a squad of ceremonial knights who wore their dark blue dress uniforms with pride and a sword and pistol proudly displayed on their belts. Each knight in his retinue wore a sash of Senan's House that was bestowed upon them when they swore fealty to him and House Iomaire and their faces were painted like the warriors of old as well as their hair spiked for while Camelone embraced the modern world the deeds of the ancestors would never be forgotten.

As the ship drew closer to the docks the Camelonean flag flew proudly in the air the Earl looked over his shoulder at his men and spoke in his deep and booming voice the Gaelic tongue "Remember lads don't frighten the heathens to much with your looks. We are here for diplomacy and not a fight this time around and no need to frighten our hosts right away. Just remember who we are as Camelonean knights... and strike up a tone for the love of Heaven we seem like puritan pansies at the moment with a bad sense of fashion!" Which elicited a few laughs from the men as a piper and drummer began to play a loud and upbeat song to announce the arrival of the Cameloneans.
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Letter from Jasonville

Postby Jasonvillee » Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:03 pm

Dear Empress Masako,

We are not here to take advantage of you. We would like a peace treaty and friendly relationships between our nations.

Jasonville is a very small and poor country and I thought that we could help each other out.

Thank you for listening!

-Pressient Jason of the Communist Confederacy of Jasonville
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Postby Nawawi » Sun Dec 30, 2018 6:47 pm


Congratulation to Yamaichi!

Emirate of Nawawi sees your nation will more develop after out from isolationist policy. We this letter our nation officially opening diplomatic relation with Yamaichi.


Emir Husein X

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