World Bowl 36/XXXVI Everything Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Bowl 36/XXXVI Everything Thread

Postby Ko-oren » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:11 am

World Bowl 36/XXXVI @ Ko-oren

Welcome to Ko-oren, a lovely group of islands in northwestern Atlantian Oceania. We are honoured to host the World Bowl, to crown the champion in a sport we call gridiron. Thank you for your confidence in us, and we hope we can all make this into the tournament of a lifetime!

The Group Stage will consist of seven groups of six nations each, which means there will be 10 matchdays (as you will play your group mates twice). Every single game will take place in Ko-oren.

Useful Links
Bid | Signup thread | Rank

Schedule (with groups of 6 teams)
Group Draw - 10th
MD1 - 13th - 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD2 - 14th - 6 v 4, 5 v 3, 1 v 2
MD3 - 15th - 2 v 6, 3 v 1, 4 v 5
MD4 - 16th - 6 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD5 - 17th - 3 v 6, 4 v 2, 5 v 1
Break - 18th
MD6 - 19th - day 1 reversed
MD7 - 20th - day 2 reversed
MD8 - 21st - day 3 reversed
MD9 - 22nd - day 4 reversed
MD10 - 23rd - day 5 reversed

Round of 16 - 27th
Quarterfinals - 29th
Semifinals - 2nd
Final and Third Place Playoff - 4th

Useful Info
- Cutoff will be at or just after 21:00 CET (15:00 Eastern).
- Given the holidays, the schedule may become a bit fluid. I intend to finish the group stage before Christmas, but you all know what these weeks can be like so there might be some delays here and there.
- Tiebreakers: Wins / H2H / Point differential
- Group winners, runners-up, and the two best third placed teams advance to the Round of 16.


Group A
Main Nation Ministry
Equestrian States
Kytler Peninsulae
Group B
Northwest Kalactin
Saint Dennis
North Quadana
Group C
Group E
Royal Kingdom of Quebec
South Covello
Holy Marsh

Pot 1
Ko-oren (host)
Allamunnic States
Free Republics
Pot 2
Alpine Union
Royal Kingdom of Quebec
Main Nation Ministry
Pot 3
South Covello
Northwest Kalactin
Velestria (Razenthuria rank)
Equestrian States
Pot 4
The Greater Nordics
Transmodian Commonwealth of New England
Holy Marsh
Saint Dennis
Pot 5
Monarch Republic
North Quadana
Frenline Delpha
Pot 6
A Rosa
Kytler Peninsulae
One Jamaica

Rosters and RPs
The thread is ready for you to post your rosters, which will give you a bonus for when the results are calculated. Every day, there is an additional RP bonus to be earned, so participation (and quality RPs) will be rewarded (that said, randomness is always a large factor in NS Sports, so participation and good RPs contribute to a higher likelihood of good results, but they won't guarantee good results). To get an idea as to what a roster might look like, you can scroll through the posts in the thread for the 35th World Bowl here. You can give out a list of starting players, or all starters and those on the bench, or even add the entire staff as well. It's up to you!

Do not forget to include the RP permissions, which tells your opponents what is permitted in games against you.
Code: Select all
[u]RP Permissions[/u]
[b]Choose my scorers:[/b]
[b]Godmod scoring events:[/b]
[b]RP injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod Injuries to my players:[/b]
[b]Suspend my players:[/b]
[b]Godmod suspension events[/b]:
[b]Godmod other events:[/b]

Lastly, pick a Style modifier between -5 and +5. Higher style modifiers will place a larger focus on offence, which means higher scores scored and conceded. Lower style modifiers will place a larger focus on defence, which means lower scores for you and your opponents. The point differential will never change based on style modifiers. A high style modifier turns a base 21-14 victory into a 38-31 shootout, while a low style modifier turns the same base 21-14 win into a defensive, closely contested 10-3, for instance.
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Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:11 am

Host city information
The exact locations of these cities can be found here.
More information on your host clubs can be found here and the most recent season can be found here

Group A - Orange Bowl, Schemerdrecht: home to the Schemerdrecht Admirals & 65ers Arena, Schemerdrecht: home to the Schemerdrecht 65ers.
Group B - Northern Arena, Aevanna: home to the Aerellen Explosions
Group C - Hertfield, Llandy: home to the Mawryshire Centaurs & The Palace, Eaglebury: home to the Eaglebury Emperors
Group D - Surbourneshire Square, Greencaster: home to the Greencaster Godspeed
Group E - Willowbowl, Willowbourne: home to the Willowbourne Saints
Group F - Stade sur la Baie, Aminey: home to the Aminey Caspians
Group G - Exhibition Centre, Mayara: home to the Mayara Destroyers & Wolves' Lair Stadium, Mayara: home to the Mayara Wolves

Round of 16 in the home stadium (or one of the home stadiums) of the higher seeded team.
Quarterfinals in the Willowbowl, Exhibition Centre, Orange Bowl, and 65ers Arena
Semifinals in Surbourneshire Square and Stade sur la Baie
3PPO in Surbourneshire Square
Final in Stade sur la Baie

Things to visit - distance in km to Schemerdrecht CBD
Schemerdrecht Gardens - 1
Academic National History Museum, Schemerdrecht - 2
Naminaka Baseball Park (11.500) - 2
Schemerdrecht Harbour - 3
Schemerdrecht Steam Terminal - 3
Orange Bowl (54.000) - 4
65ers Arena (48.000) - 5
Sterrenwolde Gardens - 55
Maritime Museum, Sterrenwolde - 60
Sterrenwolde Harbour - 60
The Planetarium (46.000) - 60
Angelwoud (town) - 68
Laringen Harbour Ruins - 100
The Frontier - 150
Rozenvoorde Gardens - 220
Palaces of Straudum - 225
Schemerdrecht & Sterrenwolde

Schemerdrecht and Sterrenwolde are located on the north shore of the Bay of Ko-oren, around which the centre of the Ko-orenite state was established. Even though the cities are counted as 'northern' (and thus dark, cold, and occasionally miserable), they actually lie south of Aminey, which is seen as a 'southern' city (and thus happy, warm, and bright). Schemerdrecht has been the centre of Ko-orenite commerce for a very, very long time and its harbour is still of strategic importance. Sterrenwolde is a smaller city renowned for its harbour, as well as its gardens and schools. While the cities are not very different culturally, it is often said that the work is done in Schemerdrecht while people are just looking at work being done in Sterrenwolde. Nowadays, the cities are even more similar: great universities, parks, gardens, city life, and sports are available in both.

Things to visit - distance in km to Aevanna CBD
Museum of the Environment, Altiora - 1
Northern Arena (32.000) - 2
Aerellen Fisheries - 4
Ko-orenite Space Agency in Arboren - 100
Glaciers - 170
Serevne National Park - 200
Serevne Observatory - 200
Serevne (town) - 200

Aevanna is the largest city on the islands of Aerellen, in Ko-oren's far northeast. While most of the country's climate is friendly and hospitable, Aerellen is a frigid place, with the possibility of year-round near-freezing temperatures. The city's centre is located in a somewhat sheltered area, but the sprawl dictates that some suburbs lie in the less sheltered areas beyond. The people are experts at surviving these conditions, needing something to do in the long winter nights, and have taken to music, ice hockey, arts, and so on. Despite the temperature, the weather is quite stable and the national space agency is not far away from here either.

Things to visit - distance in km to Eaglebury CBD
The Great Northwestern Trail - 0
Eaglebury-Idyllwild - 0
Museum of Music and Storytelling - 1
The Palace (34.000) - 2
Lake Idyllwild - 100
Tarrashall Fjords - 100
Woomera Ground (7.500), Tarrashall - 118
Tarrashall (town) - 120
Tarrashall National Park - 125
Radius of Myaranowra - 300

Eaglebury is the capital of West Strand Riding, probably Ko-oren's oddest subdivision. The subdivision is one long, thin strip of land between the northwestern mountain range and the coast, where the cold and windy climate runs free. Eaglebury itself is remote, though accessible from the north, the south, and now even the east, across the mountains, from Idyllwild. Historically, it may not always have been easy to live in the city, but it sure is captivating, gorgeous, and liberating. Hikes are never far away, but don't forget that Eaglebury itself also has plenty to offer, from culture, to sports, to education.

Things to visit - distance in km to Llandy CBD
Llandy-Mawrystwyth-Ocean (Llandy-coast) - 0
Traditional Arts and Culture Festival - 0
yBherafon Hills Cricket Stadium - 3
Hertfield Stadium (33.000) - 90
Penstead - 275
yDremdun - 400
Llandy & Mawrystwyth
Llandy and Mawrystwyth are located on the far southwestern peninsula of Ko-oren's mainland. Llandy is the shire's capital, while Mawrystwyth is the slightly larger and more touristic town. Even if you add the towns' populations together, they are still considered a small provincial town. Still, they are the largest settlement on Ko-oren's west coast. Many of the nation's most scenic places are within a few hours from Llandy and Mawrystwyth, and on top of that, visiting these towns is a treat during any season. While the population is largely multilingual, as with most Ko-orenites, the one hurdle is that the predominant language is a 'native' language, named Ko-Gaelic, showing features of languages such as Welsh and Irish.

Things to visit - distance in km to Maethoru CBD

Maethoru - Gehrenna: 30 km NW
Maethoru - Mayara: 30 km SE
Maethoru - Senoren: 25 km SSW

Maethoru-Mayara Trail - 0 to 50
Floral Path (Maethoru-Senoren-Mayara) - 0 to 95
Maethoru City Centre - 0
Parliaments of Ko-oren - 1
Grand National General Gallery (Maethoru) - 4
Mayara-Maethoru Bridge - 6 to 20
Rikalathen Arena (Maethoru) - 7
Gehrenna Instrument Museum - 25
Parliaments of Gehrenna - 27
Ko-oren City Ruins (Gehrenna) - 28
South Bay Cities Trail (Gehrenna-Amillon) - 30 to starting point
Radius of Myaranowra (Myaranowra-Gehrenna) - 30 to 90
Exhibition Centre (41.000) - 32
Wolves' Lair Stadium (37.000) - 35
National History Museum (Gehrenna) - 32
State Library of Mayara - 34
Old Parliament of Gehrenna - 36
Kirgithen, Mayara - 65
Mayara-oren Mountain Retreat - 100
Myaranowra Geysers - 115
Nyashawill Geocentre - 240
The four capital cities of Mayara, Gehrenna, Maethoru and Senoren have been at the centre of the Ko-orenite state and administration since the dawn of the nation. That is why there is so much there: we are looking at nearly four dozen centuries of settlements. Well hidden at the base of the Bay of Ko-oren, it is close to the Western Range, close to April river and the towns beyond it, but also close to Aminey and Willowbourne. Classical Ko-orenite, also known as Gehrennan, is still spoken here and the traditional long Ko-orenite names are still given to newborns as well. This area harbours the political centre of Ko-oren, and those from the province will have you know that it's the economical and cultural centre too - and more.

Things to visit - distance in km to Willowbourne CBD
National Hall of Fame of Sports - 1
Linguistic Museum - 2
The Willowbowl (55.000) - 3
Activity Garden - 6
Royal Oval Cricket Ground - 7
Willowbourne Airport - 19
Willowbourne Airport and Museum - 22
Strongfair (town) - 96
Merchant Cities - 90-120
Willowbourne is right in the middle of western Ko-oren. For centuries, the city was a small provincial town used to administrate all of southwestern Ko-oren, before that started developing. Now, Willowbourne is in the middle of the large plains in central Ko-oren with great connections to Greencaster, Aminey and the four capitals. The city's climate is a bit different from most of its surroundings, experiencing both cold winters and hot summers. In the last century, Willowbourne has developed into somewhat of a sporting capital, between the Hall of Fame, the Willowbowl, and having teams in four of Ko-oren's seven major sports.

Things to visit - distance in km to Greencaster CBD
Grand Hall of Greencaster - 1
Grand Park - 2
Greencaster Oval (Cricket Ground) - 4
The Double Bridge - 4
Centre of Experiments - 7
Surbourneshire Square Stadium (65.000) - 9
Open Air Ancient History Museum (Marinwood) - 28
Steam Powered City: Ansonville - 100
Surbourneshire's Merchant cities - 200
Western Amandine National Park - 300

Greencaster lies in in the centre of the southern gulf. Where most of Ko-oren has often looked inward, Greencaster looks outward, and its location reflects that. It's right on the one side of Ko-oren that looks out over the rest of Atlantian Oceania, and Greencaster is right there to welcome every and all visitors. Greencaster contains Ko-oren's largest port. The employment opportunites, the nearby breadbasket, and the temperate climate have made the city into Ko-oren's largest in the last 100 years. Before that, it was a small town, often ignored, on the outer periphery of Ko-oren. Greencaster is Ko-oren's version of a modern, planned city, containing many cultures and subcultures, and the closest you'll come to big city life within Ko-oren.

Things to visit - distance in km to Aminey CBD
The City of Aminey - 0
Audiovisual Museum, Aminey - 1
Tiered Boulevard - 2
Stade sur la Baie (70.000) - 4
Aminey City Museum - 5
Stade Héninçon (Stadium) - 9
Villenave (Stadium) - 12
Open Air Modern History Museum (Amillon) - 36
Amillon Pavilions - 42
Amillon Marine Park - 45
South Bay Cities Trail - 200 to start - 45 to finish
Cévilliers (town) - 85
Aminey & Amillon

Aminey is one of Ko-oren's largest cities at a population of 1.136.254, its majority language is French, and falls just north of the cutoff line for a mediterranean vs a temperate climate. As a result, Aminey has a friendly climate, though rain may fall during any season. The city lies about 2/3rds of the way up the southern coast of the Bay of Ko-oren, close to all of Ko-oren's metropolises. Historically, Aminey was a contrarian city, close to, but shielded from the legalese and politics of the Mayara/Gehrenna group of capital cities. From here, Aminey developed into a rich city of free thinkers, artists, and the occasional rebel. Amillon lies just to the south, starting out as a far smaller town. As Aminey grew, Amillon flourished along with it.
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Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Jebslund » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:14 am

    Flora Kerman
    Reiner Kerman
    Helibert Kerman
    Adalwin Kerman

    Kirsten Kerman
    Nick Kerman
    Renate Kerman
    Kim Kerman

    Tilman Kerman
    Lucas Kerman

    Till Kerman
    Melissa Kerman

    Michelle Kerman
    Vinzenz Kerman
    Detlef Kerman
    Richard Kerman

    Hilda Kerman
    Pascal Kerman
    Rose Kerman
    Waldtraud Kerman

    Ella Kerman
    Magda Kerman
    Michael Kerman
    Richard Kerman

    Elise Kerman
    Kaleb Kerman
    Albuin Kerman
    Eugenie Kerman

    Albuin Kerman
    Valerie Kerman
    Jasmin Kerman
    Josef Kerman

    Lena Kerman
    Sissi Kerman
    Abraham Kerman
    Harald Kerman

    Michael Kerman
    Kuno Kerman
    Annelie Kerman
    Christian Kerman

    Lucas Kerman
    Rolanda Kerman
    Minna Kerman

    Nick Kerman
    Speck Kerman
    Erdbeere Kerman
    Flinte Kerman

    Abraham Kerman
    Marlene Kerman

    Josef Kerman
    Merit Kerman

    Erna Kerman
    Leonie Kerman

    Judith Kerman
    Dietmar Kerman

    Adalwin Kerman
    Noemi Kerman
    Pascal Kerman
    Auguste Kerman

    Reiner Kerman
    Gertrudis Kerman
    Margarete Kerman
    Susanna Kerman

    Erdbeere Kerman
    Harald Kerman
    Christian Kerman
    Tilman Kerman
    Helibert Kerman
    Vinzenz Kerman
    Dietmar Kerman
    Detlef Kerman
    Kuno Kerman
    Till Kerman
    Kaleb Kerman
    Abraham Kerman
    Reiner Kerman
    Adalwin Kerman
    Nick Kerman
    Albuin Kerman
    Lucas Kerman
    Richard Kerman
    Pascal Kerman
    Josef Kerman
    Michael Kerman
    Abraham Kerman
    Reiner Kerman
    Adalwin Kerman
    Nick Kerman
    Albuin Kerman
    Lucas Kerman
    Richard Kerman
    Pascal Kerman
    Josef Kerman
    Michael Kerman

    Speck Kerman
    Flinte Kerman
    Susanna Kerman
    Melissa Kerman
    Marlene Kerman
    Erna Kerman
    Hilda Kerman
    Eugenie Kerman
    Valerie Kerman
    Auguste Kerman
    Minna Kerman
    Rolanda Kerman
    Sissi Kerman
    Gertrudis Kerman
    Waldtraud Kerman
    Michelle Kerman
    Lena Kerman
    Flora Kerman
    Magda Kerman
    Merit Kerman
    Leonie Kerman
    Judith Kerman
    Jasmin Kerman
    Margarete Kerman
    Ella Kerman
    Annelie Kerman
    Renate Kerman
    Noemi Kerman
    Elise Kerman
    Kirsten Kerman
    Kim Kerman
    Rose Kerman

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Sure.
Godmod scoring events: Go for it!
RP injuries to my players: Yep!
Godmod Injuries to my players: TG first to hash out details
Suspend my players: Yep.
Godmod suspension events: No.
Godmod other events: Minor ones? Go for it. Major ones? TG first. If you have to ask, TG first.

Yes, I'm using the same players as last season. They really are the best Jebslund has to offer at the moment. Style Modifier +3.
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Shockingly, we *do* use NS stats, with the exception of lifespan.
Singular sapient: Jebslunder
Plural Sapient: Jebslunden
Singular/Plural nonsapient: Kermanic
Note: When a verb can logically only be done by the sapient using/piloting/holding the object in question, then the appropriate demonym for the number of sapients is used.

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Postby Monsa » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:19 am

Coach: Stanley Kidd

Johnny Stafford
Matt Matell
Kevin Blanks


John Stamro
Trevor Stamro
Nathan Daniels
Lee Limbo


Addison Dexter
Andie Sexton
Johnny Quick
Kaden Boltz


Elvis Carleton
Chester Woodholm
Evo Lenscene
Marill Turner


Meritt Giffard
Jed Michealson
Forrest Steed


Walter Stark
Harry Forest
Bill Holland
Rowan Easton


Elise Rose
Camden Roads
Albdullah Al-Zubai
Eugenie Cork


Julian Whitney
Nick Knight
Fernado Vasquez
Deryeck Johnson


Jordan Micheal
Bishop Clemtens
Abraham Long
Bobby Ilbert


Michael Christ
Christan Light
Milton Sainthope


Lucas Nash
Roland Asher
Nigel Duke
Nick Ayton
Spencer Moore
Archer Ernest
Rick Flint


Halan Rose
Benson Henry
Henry Spellman
Tyrell Wescott


Cam Welmsy
Henry Paul
Paul Witaker
Jimmy Cardinal


Drew Knight
Cameron Foster
Patt Theroy
Ed Kemp


Madison Rose
Gertrud Munter
Margaret Lullim
Danny Daviodo

Note: With the Exception of the entire punter core and Center Elise Rose, the entire team is male. The Aformentioned players are female.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers:Sure
Godmod scoring events:Sure
RP injuries to my players:Yep
Godmod Injuries to my players: TG me for injures that go past 1-3 Games
Suspend my players:Yes
Godmod suspension events:No
Godmod other events:Minor Ones:Sure, Major:TG

Style Bonus- +3.5
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Postby Seraxinbourgh » Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:22 pm

*Johnny Davies
Matthew Shae
Dan Banks

*John Nitro
Barney Smith
Nathan Damiens
Lewis Wycombe

*Barry Brown
*Andrew Lucas
*Jonathan James
Kaiden Crooks

*Chester Woodham
*Eli Watt
Martin Turner
Ezekial Coombe

*Mervyn Gerard
Joe Jackson
Joe Jones

*Walter Raleigh
Henry Seaview
Billy Buck
Randy Hogan

*Eliot Campden
Damien Dinero
Alexander Washigton
Rio Aire

*Jude Howart
Derrick Howard
Fred Cruze
Carl Carlson

*Joseph Jordan
Elvis Priestlet
Abe Crawford
Isaac Swinney

*Dave Cross
*Mick Longley
Milton Maude

*Kevin Kedington
*Ash North
*Joshua Crowther
Thomas Baker
Spencer Ayrton
Jake Archduke
Archie Small

*Benson Brown
*James Smith
Bill Rye
Samuel Santander

*Alex Richnond
*Harry Forest
*Cam Whitaker
Jimmy Johns

*Edward King
Alexis Murray
Megan Fox*
Patrick Longjoy

*Madaline Lucia*
Gerard Munster
Lee Banks
Baudouin Brown

Note: Players with a star before their name are starters and players with a star after their name are female.

RP Permissions:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Within Reason
Style Bonus: 2
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:18 pm


Ladies and Gentlemen, The World Bowl XXXVI Ministry of Sports Team!


"To Show Valor To Serve"

Head Coach: Minister of Sports Josiah Baudelaire
Assistant Coach: Lieutenant Emmanuel Jones
Head Trainer: Drill Sergeant Ugo Apostol
SportsLife Producer: Xavier Sorrento

LG: Asbjørn Toon
RG: Mukesh Hilaire
LT: Sandeep Zhihao
RT: Shelah Yarognev
C: Rod Ásmundur
QB: Arkadiusz Eardwulf
HB: Michele Gilberto
FB: Romilius Miles
H-Back and TE: Miroslav Frano
Slot Receiver: Chandra Ieuan
Slot Receiver: Murdo Huey

DT: Éliás Birgir
DT: Flavien Marjan
DE: Knox Ghenadie
DE: Metushelach Timofey
Outside Line-breaker: Sanjiv Bernhard
Outside Line-breaker: Georg Cyneric
Middle Line-breaker: Wullem Chike
CB: Hari Euthymius
CB: Hartwig Sunil
S: Guo Walt
S: Arnfinn Garnett

Special Team
K: Kagiso Zlatko
P: Aghil Anraí
KOS: Sholto Mies
Long Snapper: Ruben Miron
Punt Returner: Octavius Nagendra
Kick Returner: Farid Detlev

Uniforms: To stay true with patriotic pride from the previous World Bowls, the uniforms will be the trademark black and white uniforms with signature red V's on sleeves. As always, the uniforms was designed to act as modified riot gear to show the nation's power.

A note to Emmanuel Jones
"Jones, I know you're going Assistant Coach this time, but what's wrong with not being at the center of the spotlight? I hope you reconsider this for the next World Bowl." - Xavier

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes, TG first is recommended, please.
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Minor: Yes, Major: TG First or it's a No.

Style: +2.5
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Postby The Transmondian Commonwealth » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:38 pm


(All players and coaches are male. The 2nd last name in parentheses indicates which of several parallel worlds they are from. It is not used in everyday conversation, except when there are two people with the same name. For example, the head coach would normally just be called "John Tyng," not "John Tyng Carolingian." When writing someone's full name with the world name, the parentheses are optional -- so "Carl Blanchard (Reich)" and "Carl Blanchard Reich" are both acceptable.)

Head Coach: John Tyng (Carolingian)
Other Coaches: Louis Champernou (Acadie), William Lowe, Jeffrey Granger (Black)

Starting Players:

QB: Herman Jones (Reich)
HB: Preserved by the Lord Fulbright (Puritan)
HB: Gabriel Langley (Dark)
FB: Jeremy Woolworth (Rickshaw)
WR: Samuel Hudson (Coal)
WR: George Leroy (Roche)
TE: Joshua Merrimack (Rubble)
LT: Joe Johnson (Wilderness)
LG: Jacques Aroostook (Rubble)
C: Thomas Collins (Marx)
RG: Adrian Devereaux (Coal)
RT: Michael Brown (Rickshaw)
RE: Claudius Hughes (Noble)
LE: Claudius Hughes (Slaver)
NT: Albert Cadwallader (Reich)
SLB: Luke Wong (Wilderness)
ILB: Saul Howard (Dark)
ILB: Salvation Addison (Puritan)
WLB: Christopher Whitney (Roche)
LCB: Cary Adams (Noble)
RCB: Paul Christ (Dark)
FS: Mark Griswold (Coal)
S: Louis Goodwin (Rubble)

Back-up Players:

QB: Ichabod Briley (Dark)
HB: William Woodman (Marx)
WR: Adolf Ormond (Reich)
WR: Julius Ormond (Slaver) -- the Ormonds are two versions of the same guy that have different first names because they are from worlds that had different naming fads.
WR: Marius Hixson (Noble)
TE: Perseverance Morrison (Puritan)
T: James Swanson (Noble)
T: Alexander Harrison (Roche)
G: Fred Sanchez (Wilderness)
C: John Runningwater (Rickshaw)
DE: Xavier Freedman (Noble)
DE: Metacomet Radford (Rickshaw)
DT: Heinrich Hinckley (Reich)
OLB: Carl Blanchard (Reich)
OLB: Carl Blanchard (Coal)
ILB: Anaximander Gates (Slaver)
CB: William Burke (Roche)
CB: Windy Gray (Marx)
S: Richard Nugent -- this guy was born in the Home States, but his family moved to the Reich to help with denazification, and he was recruited there
S: James Hawley (Rickshaw)
K: Robert Metzger (Coal)
P: Philip Nantucket (Rubble)
LS: Peter Hill (Puritan)

RP Permissions

Choose my scorers: yes
Godmod scoring events: yes as long as it makes sense within the context of our nations (i.e. you can say what my players did, but should generally obey the laws of physics)
RP injuries to my players: yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: no
Suspend my players: if you suspend a similar number of your own
Godmod suspension events: no
Godmod other events: TG for permission

Style mod: +2

History of New England and National Information:

In 1789, representatives of the American states met to draft a new constitution, but talks broke down due to irreconcilable differences on the issue of slavery, and the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island declared themselves independent from the United States. They formed a new union called the Commonwealth of New England, which also included Vermont. In 1933, Newfoundland was peacefully annexed and became the 6th state of the Commonwealth.

New England was a bastion of freedom in a world plagued by slavery and despotism, and it was a formiddable naval power, but America's hostility and Europe's dependence on American grain exports put the Commonwealth in a precarious position politically and economically. This was exacerbated by the rise of fascism in the 20th century.

By the 1970s, New England was suffering severe food shortages due to trade embargoes and overpopulation, and many people emigrated to Canada or America.

This state of affairs continued until 1988, when a team of researchers at MIT made a discovery that would completely upend the balance of power: they discovered a way to travel between parallel worlds. In other worlds, they found technologies that were unheard of in their own timeline. New England became the world's only nuclear power in a world where the concept of nuclear fission had never been conceived. The great slaveholding powers laughed when New England demanded that they free their slaves or face annihilation. A week later, with Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Baltimore reduced to smoldering craters, the United States surrendered and countries across Europe emancipated their slaves to avoid war.

It did not take long for Yankee leaders to realize that their new technology opened up more possibilities than just the opportunity to steal nuclear warheads from other worlds. They began reaching out to their counterparts in other versions of New England, attempting to unite all the Yankee people as a single nation spanning multiple worlds. In worlds that were technologically backward, they shared their knowledge to improve the people's lives and encourage them to join the Commonwealth. In worlds that were more technologically advanced, they learned everything they could and brought the new technologies home to their own world for study.

But there was one technology they were careful never to share: the ability to open portals between worlds. That was a closely-guarded secret because they knew it would be disastrous if it fell into the hands of a rival power like the Americans or the Germans.

In worlds where New England was not inhabited by English-speaking white people, they left the locals to govern themselves. Although what it means to be a Yankee can vary greatly from one world to the next, they understood that French people and Indians were separate peoples with separate histories. Where the French and Indians were friendly, trade was established, but their land was not annexed and their people were not allowed citizenship. In worlds where New England was inhabited by English-speaking white people -- regardless of whether they called themselves Yankee, American, Canadian, or British, and regardless of whether they had minority populations of other ethnic groups living in their midst -- emissaries attempted to persuade the people to join the Transmondian Commonwealth.

They never attempted to annex anything outside the traditional borders of New England. In worlds where North America had no human population, they would plunder it for natural resources, with no regard for borders -- but where there were people, they wanted only the alternate versions of their own country. In worlds where New England was an independent country with different borders, or where it controlled colonies, they respected the local borders and they kept the colonies. In some worlds, they found themselves governing Namibia, Australia, or the moon. In worlds where New England belonged to the United States, Canada, or some European power, they attempted to persuade the people to secede from the local government and join the Commonwealth instead.

Within a few decades, the Commonwealth expanded across dozens of worlds and established trade with hundreds more. The population ballooned from 30 million to several billion, and technology advanced at a breakneck pace that was difficult to comprehend. The Home States became a hub for trade between worlds, and the infrastructure struggled to keep up with all the people coming and going, leading to atrocious traffic congestion and overcrowded cities.

The government became unwieldy as the nation grew far faster than the bureaucratic systems were designed to handle. Juggling diplomatic relations across hundreds of worlds was an overwhelming challenge. But even as people were reeling from all the rapid changes, most people were better off. Anyone that wanted to make a new life for themselves could go to one of the uninhabited worlds and help plunder them for natural resources.

The worlds are named according to what the first Yankee visitors found notable about them. For example, the Australian Countries are a world where New England colonized Australia. The Obama Countries are a world where Barack Obama was president of the United States when the first emissaries arrived. The Dark Countries had no electric power when they were first discovered.

Delivering mail, managing trademarks, and discussing geography can be a challenge, as many names are repeated across different worlds. There are hundreds of versions of Boston, Portland, Providence, etc. and each version of Boston may have a street called Beacon Street or Commonwealth Avenue. Sports teams, colleges, and companies often have the same names from one world to the next. To clear up confusion, the name of the world is specified: The Patriots of the Home States, the Red Sox of the English Countries, the University of Vermont in Rainbow Burlington, and so on. This also applies to the names of politicians, athletes, authors, or entertainers who may be famous in multiple worlds -- though people from the Home Countries do not use a world name. The president of the Commonwealth, who is from the Home Countries, is Darren Rollins. The governor of Newfoundland in the Neon Countries is Darren Rollins Neon.

Because most worlds have their own international sporting events, the Commonwealth often fields several "national" teams in the same sport. Some recruit only from their own world; others recruit from across multiple worlds. It's very common for talented athletes from less developed worlds where there are not many international competitions to travel to more developed worlds where they have better career opportunities. The football team which is representing New England in the World Bowl is recruited from a group of less developed worlds -- the Dark States, the Liberated Reich (a.k.a. Hitler States), the Wilderness, the Marxist States, the Noble States, the Rubble, the Coal States, the Slave States, the Roche States, the Rickshaw States, and the Puritan States -- with coaching staff, logistics, and equipment provided by sponsors from the Home States, the Carolingian States, the Black States, the Cricket States, and Acadie. The Commonwealth hopes that, in addition to being an opportunity to play some great football, this will also be a chance for players to broaden their horizons and experience a more modern way of life, not to mention bringing home some money for their families.

Social and cultural norms can vary greatly from one world to the next. Although New England is a beacon of freedom and equality in the Home Countries, it can still seem socially backward to people from more liberal timelines. There is a lot of variation within the Commonwealth as different versions of New England are annexed, and each one comes with its own internal politics and social norms. The Transmondian government has provided all players and staff with travel guides, advising them to be mindful of cultural differences and be especially careful of their language when discussing highly charged topics like religion, race relations, or gender roles. Some ideas that are perfectly normal in one world are extremely offensive in another, and some words have very different connotations from one world to the next. Players and staff have been advised to be mindful of their own language and to be patient with anything in Ko-oren that offends their sensibilities, but with people coming from a huge variety of backgrounds, particularly with people from extremely dogmatic societies like the Slave States and the Puritan States, misunderstandings can still arise.
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Federation of Allamunnic States
National Gridiron Team - The Regulars

Roleplay Information

Style Modifier: -3
Going for Two: Logical
Roleplay Permissions
- Choose Scorers: Please TG first.
- Injure Players: Nothing beyond game-ending without TGing for approval.
- Penalize Players: Keep it reasonable, or TG for approval. The Regulars tend to be fairly disciplined.
- Godmod Injuries: Same as regular injuries. Please keep it reasonable or make it hilarious.
- Godmod Other Events: Keep previous permissions in mind. Have fun with it.
- Photographs: Please do not use photographs with any players intended to depict players on my team.

Retired Number(s): #58 Honorius Waalturs
Ring of Honor Members: S#1 Isabelle Margussunn, QB#5 Markus Daalhulm, S#10 Elias Mourner, HB#34 Haanryk Staalburg, FB#44 Ole Nurdsunn, DE#58 Honorius Waalturs, DT#95 Theo Laansur

(Regulars Uniforms (Home on Left, Road on Right))

Team Captains (Coin-Toss Purposes):
Offense: Torren Tormundsunn (FB)
Defense: Claetus U'Daanyl (SS/LB)
Special Teams: Wyatt Skode (P)

Home Field: National Stadium, Roan-Ottonia Federal District (Capacity: 96,000) - The national municipal stadium, which plays host to all of the Federation's national teams across multiple sports, as well as Ottonia's AGL team. The stadium was first built in the 1950's, and has been refurbished, upgraded, expanded, and renovated twice since then. Still, it is, at bottom, an old-school stadium where the home team's accommodations are much nicer than the visiting ones, and fans will be comfortable, but probably not pampered. The stadium has a retractable roof, but the Regulars will usually play with it open, to take advantage of their comfort in the Allamunnic States' often-inclement weather.

General Information


While many other nations field teams drawn from the cream of their domestic leagues, the Allamunnic States has, since World Bowl IX, fielded a permanent team, composed of dedicated players who train year round for the national squad. This approach has yielded six championships in seven finals berths (between World Bowl XVI and World Bowl XXVII) for the Regulars, and the team is (ahem) regularly considered one of the top national team programs in the world.

The team’s general approach has changed little over the nearly three decades that the Regulars’ system has been in place, first under head coach Stevan Vaalburger, then Ryan Smart, and now Baeryk Vaalburger. The Regulars win on depth, discipline, and excellent strength and conditioning training; other teams may be bigger and faster one-on-one, but few can match the Regulars for endurance, pound-for-pound strength, and team cohesion and discipline.

The Regulars have new looks on both offense and defense, both made in reaction to recruiting difficulties caused by competition for players with the domestic Allamunnic Gridiron League (AGL). Both systems are built to utilize the players the Regulars can recruit on a reliable basis, and to play to the team’s strengths (see above: depth, strength & endurance conditioning, team cohesion, and discipline). This has also resulted in mass departures of veteran players, leading to an inadvertent youth movement: very few players over the age of thirty remain.

Offensively, the Regulars have shifted even further into an extremely run-heavy power option attack, while on defense the team employs an unorthodox 4-2-5/4-3 system, built around the athletic prowess of safety/middle linebacker Claetus U’Daanyl and focused around an aggressive attack to pin rushers back and pressure passers while trusting a deep secondary to limit big plays. The results are that the Regulars count on dominating time of possession on offense, while disrupting more athletically-gifted units on defense with a simultaneously disciplined and aggressive charge.

Front Office & General Staff

Commissioner: Benjamin Jamesunn (Age: 73) - Following the brief, tumultuous, and, to a lesser extent, disastrous tenure of Gaarutt Kolvyn as Allamunnic Sporting Commissioner for the duration of World Bowl XXXI, long-time Allamunnic National Gridiron Team executive and administrator Benjamin Jamesunn was selected by the Board as the next Commissioner. Jamesunn has a strong grasp of the practices that have long enabled the National Gridiron Team to be successful, and has pledged a return to the patient approach that has yielded six championships since World Bowl XVI.

General Manager: Erik Warnur (Age: 56)
Director of Player Personnel: Anna Torrensunn (Age: 48)

Team Doctors:
Graagur Maarkussunn (Age: 68), Rynna Eriksunn (Age: 61), Daanyl Waalturs (Age: 48), Grenna Wyllur (Age: 38), Joanna Kaarbrynn (Age: 38)

Athletic Trainers:
Maarda Lindersunn (Age: 51), Bryndyn Nyurdlunn (Age: 50), Torren Udunsunn (Age: 46), Kaarl Mendelsunn (Age: 47), Inna Wyllur (Age: 44), Olaf Knutsunn (Age: 45), Maura Kaarlsunn (Age: 43), Kyl Maatysunn (Age: 41), Lyna Henriksunn (Age: 39), Shae Eriklunn (Age: 35)

Strength & Conditioning Staff:
Harald Vynnsunn (Age: 49), Junna Riktur (Age: 44), Aelus Morden (Age: 46)

Coaching Staff

Head Coach & Coordinators
Head Coach: Baeryk Vaalburger (Age: 60) - Despite speculation that he might retire, Baeryk Vaalburger returns for his fourteenth World Bowl as the Regulars’ head coach, making him the longest-tenured national team head coach. Vaalburger’s overall philosophy is an outgrowth of his father, Stevan Vaalburger’s, oriented towards player discipline, winning in the trenches, and winning via both power- and man-advantages at the point of attack.

Offensive Coordinator: Maarkus Daalhulm (Age: 52) - Long-time Regulars’ quarterback Maarkus Daalhulm takes over the offensive coordinator position with the departure of Rik Olafsunn. Daalhulm worked extensively with Vaalburger to get the offense back to basics, implementing a power-option-oriented attack aimed to maximize the Regulars’ personnel strengths and mask the deficiencies in speed and athleticism that recruiting crunches have brought on.

Defensive Coordinator: Theodur Laansur (Age: 51) - With Ryan Smart’s departure, former Regulars’ nosetackle “Titan” Theo Laansur takes over as defensive coordinator. Laansur worked extensively with Smart and Vaalburger in creating the Regulars’ somewhat unorthodox 4-3/4-2-5 hybrid defense. Laansur promises to continue the Regulars’ tradition of aggressive defense, dialing up frequent blitzes, stunts, and changing looks to disguise his next move.

Special Teams Coordinator: Phillipa Demirici (Age: 58) - Phillipa Demirici returns as special teams coordinator, although she is now also the senior-most assistant coach on the roster, meaning she has also taken over as assistant head coach. Demirici has a good feel for special teams and should keep the Regulars’ unit effective.

Quarterbacks Coach: Izaak Kleiner (Age: 44)
Running Backs Coach: Haanryk Staalburg (Age: 51)
Tight Ends Coach: Zak Hall (Age: 44)
Wide Receivers Coach: Mikel Dunn (Age: 53)
Offensive Line Coach: Hanrik Wurfytur (Age: 49)
Offensive Line Assistant Coach: Vaalhulm Rikken (Age: 43)
Defensive Line Coach: Archie Wagner (Age: 48)
Linebackers Coach: Miles Ryan (Age: 50)
Linebackers Assistant: Jason Ridley (Age: 50)
Defensive Backs Coach: Andrik Ierunmungur (Age: 50)
Defensive Backs Assistant: Leif Coelmunn (Age: 43)
Kicking Coach: Phillipa Demirici (Age: 58)
Returners Coach: Gretchen Vaalhulmsunn (Age: 44)

The Team



The Regulars saw the departure of much of their top-level coaching staff, including offensive coordinator Rik Olafsunn, and, a decade after the Regulars’ most-recent championship, head coach Baeryk Vaalburger and new offensive coordinator Maarkus Daalhulm went to the drawing board to renew the team’s offensive identity.

The new offense is extremely run-heavy, although observers might note that the Regulars over the last several years were not passing much more than 15-20 times per game anyway. However, with athletic QB Rowan Daanyls, leaving the quarterback out of the running game no longer made sense. Moreover, with the Regulars’ difficulties in recruiting offensive personnel, a system was needed that could play to their advantages in team cohesion and practice time. A system based on discipline, conditioning, and strength training made more sense than one relying on the exploitation of athletic mismatches.

The team's new base formation is something of a throwback, dug out of the depths of Baeryk Vaalburger's coaching family's old stalwarts: the Vaalburger V-formation, featuring simplified nomenclature (the line players simply being designated End, Tackle, Guard, and Center) and two blocking backs (Halfbacks for their position, or Hammers to designate their function) and a single primary ball-carrier in the Fullback/Tailback. The formation is designed to provide maximum pass protection, maximum blocking on inside runs, and to give the team an effective bootleg/reverse game, as well as an effective short play-action system.

The Regulars' throwing will mostly come on play action or run-pass options, and the rest of the time they can be expected to run the ball, particularly between the tackles (or ends, if the team is lined up tight). The offense aims to play the game in close quarters, where they can play up their strength and numerical advantage at the point of attack while negating the athleticism of opposing defenses. It's not flashy, and it's not going to generate eye-popping stats, but it should allow the Regulars to generally dominate the time of possession, keep their defense rested, and enrage opposing defenses with their inexorable advance.

Starting Line-Up (V-Formation Personnel)

Players By Position

Quarterbacks (Q):
#11 - Rowan Daanyls - Age: 26; H: 6'0"; W: 194lbs
#15 - Junn Moerr - Age: 29; H: 6'2"; W: 215lbs
#12 - Edwyrd Kaarlsunn - Age: 20; H: 6’1”; W: 220lbs

All three of the Regulars’ quarterbacks are mobile types: with the transition to a power-option offense, quarterbacks who can run the ball and absorb hits have become more crucial to the team’s success. Rowan Daanyls is the smallest, but is also the fastest and shiftiest of the three. She is a stronger passer, forcing defenses to respect the play-action and regular passing game more. Junn Moerr is a veteran back-up, who has slightly-better arm strength than Daanyls but with less-impressive accuracy, while being slower but sturdier. Ed Kaarlsunn is a young talent who is a sturdy and bruising rusher, with a good arm but with some work to do on his accuracy, particularly down-field.

Halfback (H):
#45 - Torren Tormundsunn - Age: 32; H: 6'3"; W: 246lbs - CAPTAIN
#38 - Grenn Jordsunn - Age: 25; H: 6’2”; W: 240lbs
#36 - Bryndyn Hendriks - Age: 20; H: 6’0”; W: 237lbs
#25 - Wyllum Ulryk - Age: 20; H: 5’11”; W: 234lbs

The Regulars’ “halfback” would be considered a fullback in standard nomenclature, a bruising, between-the-tackles rusher who is also called to block on more conventional runs. The Regulars in their base “V”-formation utilize two H’s. In the V, Grenn Jordsunn and Bryndyn Hendriks will see most of the snaps, as both are versatile players who can contribute as blockers, rushers, and pass-catchers. Veteran hammer Torren Tormundsunn has been battling injuries and seen his playing time drop, despite keeping the “starter” and team captain designations; his veteran leadership is still crucial and, especially in I-formations or the Wishbone, Tormundsunn will still get a lot of playing time. However, given the amount of rushing the H’s are called on to do, he will see less time in the V to reduce the beating he will take. Wyllum Ulryk is a rotating F in the same mold as Hendriks who will see rotational playing time, spelling either Jordsunn or Hendriks. However, his slightly smaller size and his recent conversion from tailback mean his blocking isn’t quite up to Regulars’ snuff, yet.

Fullback/Tailback (F):
#22 - Fredrik Eriksunn - Age: 20; H: 5’11”; W: 224lbs
#84 - Andya Haartly - Age: 26; H: 6’0”; W: 183lbs
#03 - Ryanna Mueller - Age: 22; H: 5’10”; W: 178lbs
#28 - Elisa Junnsunn - Age: 20; H: 5’9”; W: 180lbs

The team plays with one tailback/fullback (F) in the V, and two in the Wishbone. This player would be called a halfback in most other nomenclature systems. The F is the primary ball-carrier on designed runs and acts as the “pitch man” when running the option. In more power-oriented situations, rookie Fred Eriksunn will see the most snaps; what he lacks in shiftiness he makes up for in vision and quick acceleration, the ability to move a pile with hard, downhill runs. Converted wideout Andya Haartly and tailback Ryanna Mueller will get most of their looks out of the wishbone or in situations where the team needs to get into space in a hurry; the two backs, while not easy to tackle, don’t have the mass that Eriksunn has, and have to rely on doing their damage in space or behind their blocks. Still, they are home run threats on the run or as receivers, and are dangerous pitch backs on the option. Elisa Junnsunn is built in Mueller’s mold, but she’s still learning the Regulars’ system and is likely to get only a little playing time, mostly out of the Wishbone or as a slot receiver.

Offensive End (E):
#81 - Theoden Jaans - Age: 21; H: 6’3”; W: 232lbs
#87 - Waldr Hoerst - Age: 32; H: 6'5"; W: 228lbs
#82 - Udun Jaarlsunn - Age: 30; H: 6'6"; W: 250lbs
#86 - Lorne Kleiner - Age: 21; H: 6’3”; W: 248lbs
#83 - Harlyn Wyrnur - Age: 27; H: 6’2”; W: 220lbs
#80 - Piotr Shraedur - Age: 20; H: 6’2”; W: 221lbs
#89 - Torren Rikards - Age: 20; H: 6’4”; W: 232lbs

The Offensive End in this system is typically a larger tight-end/split-end hybrid player, and the Regulars will move their Ends between Tight and Split configurations to keep opponents off-balance and give different looks. The first pair is veteran wideout/tight-end Waldr Hoerst and pass-catching tight-end Theoden Jaans, who together provide a strong mix of quickness, sure-handedness, and blocking ability. The more run-oriented set is former tight-end Udun Jaarlsunn and newcomer Lorne Kleiner, both very capable blockers, with sure-handedness on their side but not much ability to stretch the field in the passing game. Torren Rikards and Piotr Shraedur are essentially a pair of pass-catching tight-ends who, while raw, should provide a similar skill-set to the first pairing.

Offensive Tackle (T):
#50 - Baeryk Astyr - Age: 29; H: 6'4"; W: 305lbs
#70 - Jormund Haagtynd - Age: 25; H: 6'4"; W: 315lbs
#72 - Josyf Brandt - Age: 24; H: 6’3”; W: 310lbs
#56 - Aldryk Mjorr - Age: 21; H: 6’4”; W: 301lbs
#75 - Theodur Izaaks - Age: 22; H: 6’3”; W: 304lbs
#78 - Faeryk Wynturs - Age: 21; H: 6’4”; W: 302lbs

The Regulars return four out of five starters along the offensive line. The one not returning, Bryndyn Kaarlsunn, has been replaced manning the left-side tackle position by former back-up left guard Jormund Haagtynd, who joins the well-established Baeryk Astyr as the book-end lineman. Josyf Brandt is an AGL washout who specializes in run blocking, making him a good fit with the Regulars. Aldryk Mjorr returns after joining the Regulars as a back-up last year. Theodur Izaaks and Faeryk Wynturs are slightly undersized additions to the tackle position who will rotate heavily to keep the line fresh.

Offensive Guard (G):
#65 - Snaari Knutsunn - Age: 32; H: 6'4"; W: 317lbs
#68 - Jorvik Staaghyrt - Age: 30; H: 6'3"; W: 314lbs
#60 - Bryndyn Ulfsunn - Age: 27; H: 6’3”; W: 314lbs
#52 - Erik Tyrrsunn - Age: 21; H: 6’2”; W: 301lbs
#61 - Ole Faalkenhorst - Age: 21; H: 6’1”; W: 300lbs
#73 - Graegyr Warden - Age: 20; H: 6’2”; W: 302lbs

Snaari Knutsunn returns as the Regulars’ most powerful, aggressive blocker. He’s complemented by fellow veteran Jorvik Staaghyrt, who, while not quite having Knutsunn’s “it” factor, is for the most part equally capable and a powerful engine for the Regular’s rushing attack. Bryndyn Ulfsunn and Erik Tyrrsunn are both holdovers who will rotate in frequently. While Ulfsunn is a capable veteran guard, Tyrrsunn, along with newcomers Ole Faalkenhorst and Graegyr Warden is considered a centerpiece of the Regulars’ next generation of great interior linemen.

Offensive Center (C):
#55 - Tyrrus Ungur - Age: 30; H: 6'4"; W: 302lbs
#67 - Margus Brynnur - Age: 26; H: 6’3”; W: 306lbs
#64 - Henrik Skarrsunn - Age: 20; H: 6’2”; W: 303lbs

The Regulars’ long-time center, Tyrrus Ungur returns to anchor the veteran interior line of Staaghyrt, Ungur, and Knutsunn. He meshes well with all three, combining to form a formidable interior blocking trio that can run-block aggressively and disciplined, but can also pass-protect effectively. Margus Brynnur is competent and capable, but is not as excellent of a center as Ungur is, while Henrik Skarrsunn has the same kind of flash and potential that Ungur once teased, but will take some work to get up to starting caliber. Expect all three to see playing time, as with other positions on offense.



The Regulars have changed their base front and personnel package once again to play to their personnel strengths. The defense has changed to a hybrid nickel/Tampa 2 style front, utilizing four down linemen, two conventional linebackers, a middle safety/deep linebacker, and four true defensive backs. To match the change in offensive nomenclature, the Regulars have also altered their defensive nomenclature: defensive linemen are now classified as Guards and Ends, linebackers are listed as Tackles, with the Middle Linebacker/Strong Safety listed as the Center. Corners are listed as Flankers/Flankbacks, while Safeties are still listed as Safeties.

The Regulars’ defense can in some regards be considered organized chaos. The Regulars have started having trouble finding linebackers and defensive linemen at the sizes they are accustomed to, and have worked to compensate for it by scheming up blitzes, stunts, and quick personnel changes to keep players fresh and offenses off-balance. Being aware of the frequent mismatches they are likely to encounter in regards to size and athleticism, the Regulars opt for an active defense that proactively mucks up an offense’s functioning, rather than reacting to the offense.

The secondary is the most experienced part of the unit, and is trusted to limit big plays and keep passing attacks in check, while capitalizing on the disruption the front-seven is designed to create. The front seven will frequently be blitzing, stunting, and generally attacking offenses proactively to keep them off-balance and prevent them from finding a rhythm.

The unit, despite its youth and relative dearth of top-end athletic talents, should still be effective due to the team’s ability to freely rotate personnel without much drop-off, keeping players fresh, and the discipline drilled into the team, mostly preventing egregious penalties, ensuring large numbers of defenders flowing to the ball-carrier, and making it unlikely for players to be caught out-of-position; opponents might win one-on-one match-ups, or be able to scheme players open, or even beat the defense overall, but it’s highly unlikely to be due to lapses in discipline.

Starting Line-Up (4-3 Base Front)
T#44 VOEGYL - - - - - T#54 LUKAS
F#07 WITT - - S#05 BAENTY - - S#09 JUNNSUNN - - F#26 JUNNSUNN

Players By Position

Defensive Guard (G):
#99 - Baeryk Moergyn - Age: 22; H: 6’4”; W: 315lbs
#66 - Odyn Grahulm - Age: 26; H: 6'4"; W: 309lbs
#74 - Joran Haargrave - Age: 26; H: 6'3"; W: 312lbs
#94 - Izaak Vikkurs - Age: 24; H: 6’1”; W: 316lbs
#77 - Aldryk Harren - Age: 22; H: 6’2”; W: 310lbs
#62 - Ryan Merrik - Age: 20; H: 6’2”; W: 307lbs

The defensive guard position is equivalent to other teams’ defensive tackle. The interior of the line is typically anchored by the young, rising Baeryk Moergyn and defensive stalwart Odyn Grahulm, who make a formidable interior duo. They are capably spelled by fellow Regulars veteran Joran Haargrave and AGL castoff Izaak Vikkurs, while talented young players in Aldryk Harren and Ryan Merrik provide depth. All of these players are capable of playing the run and pass, although all of them might be on the borderline of being “undersized” for professional interior defensive linemen.

Defensive End (E):
#98 - Corryk Roenyr - Age: 22; H: 6’5”; W: 281lbs
#95 - Piotr Farrangur - Age: 34; H: 6'6"; W: 298lbs
#57 - Faeryk Joergsunn - Age: 25; H: 6’4”; W: 276lbs
#76 - Olesunn Kriegur - Age: 23; H: 6’3”; W: 284lbs
#91 - Jordyn Haensley - Age: 20; H: 6’2”; W: 283lbs
#79 - Wyllem Kristiansunn - Age: 25; H: 6’1”; W: 279lbs

The Regulars’ defensive end position is dominated by converted defensive tackles (Piotr Farrangur, Ole Kriegur) and SAM linebackers (Corryk Roenyr, Faeryk Joergsunn), all of whom are capable of playing the run in space or as back-side pursuit, or of rushing the passer. Once again, balance is the name of the game, and the top four defensive ends should all see a lot of playing time, with some modest snap counts for newcomers Jordyn Haensley and Wyllem Kristiansunn, both college defensive tackles.

Defensive Center (C):
#23 - Claetus U'Daanyl - Age: 27; H: 6'1"; W: 235lbs - CAPTAIN
#53 - Rebeka Kaarlsunn - Age: 23; H: 6’2”; W: 222lbs
#39 - Rikard Helig - Age: 20; H: 6’1”; W: 230lbs

In the Regulars’ reimagined defense, the Center occupies an unusual, but vital position. Acting as a hybrid box safety/middle linebacker, the Center frequently plays as a deep man in the middle, who is also tasked with coming up to play the run and even situationally rushing the passer in blitz packages. The position was created with athletic linebacker/safety hybrid Claetus U’Daanyl in mind, utilizing the mix of punishing power, uncanny gridiron IQ, and sideline-to-sideline speed that he brings to the field. Somewhat unusually for this defense, U’Daanyl takes a wide majority of snaps, although he might be situationally spelled by his back-ups. The first is converted Rush/Joker linebacker Rebeka Kaarlsunn, an aggressive, rangy defender who does not excel quite as much in man coverage but makes up for it by being a devastating open-field tackler. The second is converted strong-safety Rikard Helig, who, while raw, seems to have a very similar skill-set to U’Daanyl, which is quite a promising development.

Defensive Tackle (T):
#44 - Kaarl Voegyl - Age: 26; H: 6'4"; W: 254lbs
#54 - Graegyr Lukas - Age: 22; H: 6’3”; W: 250lbs
#47 - Margus Corwynn - Age: 26; H: 6'3"; W: 247lbs
#48 - Aeryn Warryk - Age: 26; H: 6’3”; W: 244lbs
#40 - Harald Flack - Age: 21; H: 6’1”; W: 241lbs
#51 - Erik Olsunn - Age: 20; H: 6’2”; W: 242lbs

In the Regulars’ new nomenclature, the defensive “tackles” are actually the team’s linebackers. The new defensive system only utilizes two true linebackers, led by Kaarl Voegyl and Graegyr Lukas. Voegyl and Lukas are both rangy, instinctive, hard-hitting linebackers who are capable in coverage against tight-ends and fullbacks, are physical, down-hill tacklers who can lay a hit on hapless ball-carriers, and who are slippery enough to slip through the line and contribute to the pass rush situationally. Margus Corwynn and Aeryn Warryk are a little better suited to pass coverage than to pass rush, and so will get more looks in obvious passing situations, but they are both veteran Regulars defenders who can capably execute all that they will be asked to do. Harald Flack and Erik Olsunn are scrappy linebackers who are undersized by Allamunnic standards, but play bigger than their frames might indicate. They have all the necessary skill-sets to run the Allamunnic defense, but they’re still being coached up to avoid the mistakes and correct form issues that linger in their young game.

Defensive Flankback (F):
#07 - Bryndyn Witt - Age: 27; H: 6'1"; W: 209lbs
#26 - Fredrik Junnsunn - Age: 22; H: 6’1”; W: 212lbs
#18 - Shonn Viktur - Age: 23; H: 6’1”; W: 204lbs
#14 - Alayna Kepler - Age: 21; H: 5’10”; W: 172lbs
#19 - Piotr Skellig - Age: 22; H: 5’11”; W: 196lbs
#10 - Rona Therrian - Age: 20; H: 5’9”; W: 168lbs

The Regulars’ cornerbacks (or flankbacks) are led by shutdown corner Bryndyn Witt and fellow holdovers Fred Junnsunn and Shonn Viktur. All three of them have large frames and the necessary speed and strength to cover almost any receiver they’re likely to run up against. Of the three younger corners, Piotr Skellig is the only one with a similar build; Rona Therrian is a smaller, speedier corner while Alayna Kepler makes up a middle ground. All three are capable, but are more prone to mental mistakes or to having deficiencies in their technique.

Defensive Safety (S):
#05 - Anke Baenty - Age: 27; H: 5'10"; W: 177lbs
#09 - Rikard Junnsunn - Age: 33; H: 6'1"; W: 210lbs
#32 - Junn Wyllur - Age: 22; H: 6’0”; W: 207lbs
#21 - Anessa Robyrts - Age: 21; H: 5’10”; W: 170lbs
#37 - Derrik Alder - Age: 20; H: 5’11”; W: 198lbs
#12 - Teresa Shumaker - Age: 20; H: 5’9”; W: 173lbs

The back end of the Regulars’ defense is anchored by veteran defensive back Anke Baenty, a roving ball-hawk who is a constant hazard to errant passers. She is complemented by long-time Regular Rikard Junnsunn. Who works in equal parts as a deep defensive back and as a box safety when called for, although the former is more common than the latter in the Regulars’ Cover-2 shell. He’s lost a step as he’s aged, but he more than makes up for it by his canny play. Junn Wyllur is built in a similar mould to Junnsunn, a big, physical defensive back who can act as a cover-man and a backfield enforcer. The rest of the Regulars’ new additions to the safety corps, Anessa Robyrts, Derrik Alder, and Teresa Shumaker, are smaller players better-suited to contributing to pass coverage and ball-hawking than to hard-hitting, although all three should acquit themselves competently in that part of their duties.

Special Teams


Once upon a time, special teams (specifically kick and punt coverage) were huge liabilities for the Regulars. Over the years this has ceased to be the case; although they do concede the odd big special teams play here and there, on the whole the Regulars are well-equipped to win the battle of field position. This is in no small part due to the effectiveness of veteran place-kicker Kaarl Hunt and expert punter Wyatt Skode. Skode in particular is a huge part of the Regulars' defensive strategy, and while kick-offs still sometimes go awry, punt coverage has actually been a strength for the Regulars of late.

Players By Position

#46 - Kaarl Hunt - Age: 32; H: 6'2"; W: 225lbs

Kaarl Hunt has been with the team for years. He's a reliable place-kicker who rarely misses inside of 50 yards. He's a little dicey beyond that, although he makes field goals out to 55 yards a little more often than not. Outside of the 55 yard mark, it's a little more of a crapshoot.

#04 – Wyatt Skode – Age: 41; H: 6'0"; W: 215lbs – CAPTAIN

The Regulars' defense counts a lot on Wyatt Skode's ability to flip the field at the drop of a hat; the almost-40-year-old punter still has an excellent leg and has only gotten better, technique-wise, as his career has wound on; he's an expert on rugby-style punts and is good at dropping punts into corners where they can't be returned.

Long Snapper:
#71 - Vaargus Kynt - Age: 31; H: 6'2"; W: 285lbs

Vaargus Kynt is a little smaller than the Regulars like their linemen to be, which is why, while he is, theoretically, the third-string center, he's not likely to do anything beyond long-snapping unless things have gone dreadfully wrong. Still, his snaps are reliable and near-perfect, so that's not exactly a problem for anyone.

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Tecumseh Panthers Gridiron Football

Postby One Jamaica » Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:45 am


Team Name:Tecumseh Panthers
Team Colors: Blue, Green, White
Stadium: One Universal Bank Stadium
Capacity: 95,000
Seasons: Inaugural
Style of Play: -3

Andromeda Park, Tecumseh, One Jamaica



Owner: Dianna Daley
Founded: December 3, 2182
CEO/Chairman: Aaron Edwards
President: Benito Harold
General Manager: Kelvin Moody

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Mo Dixion
Offensive Coordinator: Richard Howard
Quarterbacks Coach: Gannon Bowls
Running Backs Coach: Carl Levy
Wide Recievers Coach: Lane English
Tight Ends Coach: William Taft
Offensive Line Coach: Jakob Shell
Defensive Coordinator: Corey Nelson
Defensive Line Coach: Benzima Carrol
Linebackers Coach: Robert Tucker
Defensive Backs Coach: Julian Alberga
Special Teams Coach: Patrick Hill

Football Operations

Assistant to the Head Coach - Porter Ellett
Football Operations Counsel and Personnel Executive - Chris Shea
Assistant Directors of Player Personnel - Mike Bradway, Ryan Poles
Director of Football Operations - Mike Borgonzi
Director of Football Administration - Brandt Tilis
Director of Pro Personnel - Tim Terry
Director of College Scouting - Ryne Nutt
College Scouting Coordinator - Greg Castillo
Player Personnel Assistant - Daniel Ricci
National Scout - Trey Koziol, Cassidy Kaminski
Pro College Scout - Jason Lamb
Pro Scouting Assistant - Randy Ball
Personnel Executive - Michael Davis
Area Scouts - Willie Davis, Terry Delp, Pat Sperduto, David Hinson
Scouting Assistant - Ricky Seale
Football Operations Manager - Mitchell Reynolds
Football Operations Coordinator - Spencer Williams
Vice President of Sports Medicine and Performance - Rick Burkholder
Assistant Trainers - Evan Craft, David Glover, Tiffany Morton, Julie Frymyer
Equipment Director - Allen Wright
Assistant Equipment Managers - Chris Shropshire, Kyle Crumbaugh, Cale Kirby, Jay White
Director of Video Operations - Pat Brazil
Assistant Director of Video Operations - Ken Radino
Video Assistant - Holt McKenney, Josh Schmidt


Executive Assistant to the President - Beth Costante
Vice President of Administration - Kirsten Krug
Human Resources Generalist - Carolyn Messick
Human Resources Coordinator - Samantha Angel
Team Historian - Michael Davidson

Player Engagement

Player Engagement Director - BJ Stabler
Player Engagement Coordinator - Ramzee Robinson
Football Support Liaison - Kunal Tanna

Business Operations & Marketing

Executive Vice President of Business Operations - Tyler Epp
Director of Foundation and Civic Affairs - Anne Scharf
Project Coordinator - Chad Carson
Cheerleader Director - Stephanie Judah
Mascot Coordinator - Dan Meers
Director of Brand Marketing - Joe Sargent
Creative Services and Brand Manager - Jordan Giesler
Marketing Manager - Dana Witt Fulks
Marketing Coordinator - Jackson DeLay

Media and Production

Vice President of Content and Digital Operations - Mike Cukyne
Director of Production - Kevin Brebner
Voice - Mitch Holthus
Manager of Production - Brad Young
Manager of Game and Event Entertainment - Kristen Pugh
Lead Producer – Evan Miller, Seth Tanner
Producers - Anna Tobkin, Luke Benna, Billy Quach

Media and Digital Strategy

Chiefs Reporter - BJ Kissel, Matt McMullen
Digital Media Manager - Nathan Brunzie
Social Media Manager - Grace Hoy
Social Media Coordinator - Fernando Juncadella
Team Photographer - Steve Sanders

Community Outreach

Director of Community Outreach - Chuck Castellano
Director of Community Engagement - Gary Spani
Manager of Community Outreach and Alumni Relations - Amanda Carlo
Manager of Youth Outreach - Andrew Smitka
Community Outreach Assistant and Project Coordinator - Tim McMaster
Community Outreach Administrative Assistant - Alex Martin


Vice President of Communications - Ted Crews
Director of Football Communications - Brad Gee
Corporate Communications Manager - Luke Shanno
Manager of Football Communications and Administration - Cydney Ricker
Communications Assistant - Jordan Trgovac


Chief Financial Officer - Dan Crumb
Controller - Brian Dunn
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis - Michael Ragsdale
Financial Analyst - Jeff White
Accounting Manager - Sherri Lathrop
Accounts Payable Assistant - Kim Rutter
Staff Accountant - Alissa Thomason
Payroll Manager - Kristin Conlon
Payroll/Accounting Coordinator - Lisa Mehrer

Information Systems

Technology Director - Kevin Higgins
Systems Manager - Justin Johnson
Manager of Development - Mark Williams
Software Developer II - Sy Kim
Lead Application Developer - Brent Barnes
Manager of Infrastructure - Scott Fletcher
Systems Administrator - Jason Forester
Network Administrator - Jeremy Armstrong
IT Service Desk Technicians - Austin Hord, Branden Frasier
Desktop Support Analyst - Patrick Martin
Special Projects - Dave Felsen

Corporate Partnership/Suites/Sales

Vice President of Corporate Partnership & Premium Sales - Kim Hobbs
Partnerships and Premium Sales Director - Anthony Matthies
Partnerships and Premium Sales Manager - Derek Schlesinger
Director of Service & Activation - Kellen Begnoche
Partnership Activation Coordinators - Chris Stathos, Brandon Ramos, Bobby Adamson
Manager of Suite Services - RyAnne Ridge
Suite Services Coordinators - Morgan Dannewitz, Shelby Blankenbaker
Client Services Coordinator - McKenzie Benoit
Manager of Partnership Sales - Ganesh Nair
Manager of Business Analytics - Armaan Ahluwalia
Business Development Coordinators - Dallas Godfrey, Greg Morrissey
Vice President of Ticket Sales - Tyler Kirby
Director of Ticket Operations - Justin Sauser
Ticket Operations Manager - Mark Nacpil
Ticket Operations Coordinator - Lori Young, Tristin Kuhn
Ticket Sales Manager - Darren Adams
Business Development Coordinator - Claire Prather
Sr. Account Executives - Matt Montgomery, Sam Gehling
Account Executive - David Bronson, Jake Cuevas, John Meissner, Eric Short
Group Sales Manager – Kurt Whitlow
Group Sales Senior Account Executive - Ray Jordan
Group Sales Account Executive - David Bronson
Group Sales Representative - Dalton Blackwell
Ticket Sales Account Executive - Sam Cruse
Ticket Sales Representative - Brendan Chalk, Jeffrey Garrison, Trevor Martin, Sam Minnick, Chris Oldenburg, Tyler Sauntry

Stadium Operations

Vice President of Stadium Operations - Brandon Hamilton
Executive Administrative Assistant - Carrie Kite
Project Cost Coordinator - Tonya Idel
Head Turf Manager - Travis Hogan
Skilled Landscape & Field Maintenance - Benjamin Kraemer, Terry Lee, Doug Schallenberg, Alec Wickey
Stadium Services Manager - Rocco Mazzella
Conversion and Cleaning Supervisor - Brian Paterson
Stadium Services Supervisor - Garrett Wittmaier
Stadium Services Coordinators - Caleb Montgomery, Isaiah Peel
Skilled Maintenance - John Bishop, Kevin Hutsell, Don Edmondson, Danny Thoman, Gary Cooper, Steve Pierce, Doug Morgan, Jack Bagby
Utility Maintenance - Peter Davis, AJ Shelton, Stacy Heard, Brian Sloan, Jon Bird, Alan Johnson, Sean Glassburn, Shane Vittengl, Dontae Jones, Steve Wilson, Brian Hoover, David Finkemeier, Maddie O’Brien
Stadium Systems Manager - Chris Bryans
Skilled Maintenance - Stephen Rowe, Marc Sparks, John Franiuk, Scott Smith, Joseph Defrees, Jim Heard
Vice President of Stadium Services and Events - Matt Kenny
Director of Events - Jeremy Slavens
Event Sales Managers - Kim Kruse, Daniel Pete
Events Manager - Samantha Sandelli
Event Coordinator -Jackie LaBarge, Alexis Emert
Director of Event Operations - Nick Capo
Event Operations Coordinator - Monica Vogan
Event Services Administrator - Jessica Boesche
Director of Fan Experience - Jayne Martin
Fan Experience Manager - Xochitl Glaser
Fan Experience Representative - Chris Fieger, Natalie Sherer, Erica Schuelke
Fan Communications and Loyalty Coordinator - Ty Fowler
Receptionist - Cyndi Sloan
Vice President of Security - Jeff Miller
Director of Team Security - Brian Shafar
Team Security Supervisor - Ryan Gilbreth
Manager of Safety and Event Security - Jeff Vogel
Assistant Manager of Safety and Event Security - Colby Harrison
Security Site Supervisor – Dan Swarts
Security Officer - Marty Brashear, Richard Cox Jr., Mark Robertson, Randy Spearman, Steve Weissman, Jaime Diaz, Blake Jordan, Andrew Boyd, Kyle Brewster, Bryan Van Fleet


QB1- #7 Raheem Barkley 6'3 210lbs

QB2- #5 Arnold Harkland 6’5 205 lbs.

QB3- #17 Tony Bertz 6’6 220 lbs.

RB1- #20 Jacob Frazier 6’2 215 lbs.

RB2- #27 Lamar Hunt 6’1 190 lbs.

RB3- #33 Gerry Andrews 6’2 212 lbs.

RB4- #24 Jonathan Hemmingway 5’11 204 lbs.

WR1- #88 Dontay Hilton 6’5 220 lbs.

WR2- #89 Vince Brown 5’11 180 lbs.

WR3- #11 Sam Ware 5’10 196 lbs.

WR4- #18 Nolan Patterson 6’1 187 lbs.

WR5- #80 Winston Collins 5’9 184 lbs.

WR6- #14 Reggie Thomas 6’2 180 lbs.

TE1- #82 Terrell Jenkins 6’4 235 lbs.

TE2- #85 Teddy Holt 6’4 220 lbs.

TE3- #86 Danny Viola 6’6 230 lbs.

LT1- #70 Lance Grimberg 6’4 322 lbs.

LT2- #79 Allen Kolten 6’3 290 lbs.

LG1- #60 Ja'Marcus Grier 6’4 280 lbs.

LG2- #71 Carson Cooper 6’2 290 lbs.

C1- #78 Damion Douglas 6’4 310 lbs.

C2- #61 Clark Peters 6’3 290 lbs.

RG1- #72 Tony Adams 6’4 270 lbs.

RG2- #74 Randy Johnston 6’2 295 lbs.

RT1- #65 Dion Lawson 6’4 300 lbs.

RT2- #62 Henry Wilks 6’3 280 lbs.


DE1- #90 Denver Hoover 6’4 282 lbs.

DE2- #92 Antonio Brian 6’5 250 lbs.

DE3- #98 Landon Bowman 6’4 290 lbs.

DE4- #94 Brandon Elliot 6’3 265 lbs.

DT1- #99 Jordan Martin 6’8 255 lbs.

DT2- #93 Ron Smith 6’2 380 lbs.

DT3- #97 Jerome Baker 6’8 255 lbs.

LOLB1- #50 Galvin Garret 6’2 235 lbs.

LOLB2- #59 Benjamin Brock 6’4 235 lbs.

MLB1- #52 Ryan Cox 6’4 230 lbs.

MLB2- #54 Josh Looney 6’1 235 lbs.

ROLB1- #55 Damien Hardy 6’5 245 lbs.

ROLB2- #57 Sam Williams 6’0 225 lbs.

CB1- #22 Victor Woodson 5’10 198 lbs.

CB2- #29 Rasheem Golding 6’2 183 lbs.

CB3- #25 Frank Moon 5’10 180 lbs.

CB4- #30 Gerron Nolte 5’11 198 lbs.

SS1- #21 Tony Harrison 6’1 187 lbs.

SS2- #23 Terry Tate 5’10 180 lbs.

FS1- #34 Will Bradshaw 6’2 205 lbs.

FS2- #42 Ethan Jackson 6’0 170 lbs.

Special Teams

K1- #4 Peter Graham 6’0 180 lbs.

K2- #1 Scott Muny 6’1 185 lbs.

P1- #9 Roger Singletree 6’1 180 lbs.

KR1- #24 (RB) Jonathan Hemmingway 5’11 204 lbs.

KR2- #11 (WR) Sam Ware 5’10 185 lbs.

PR1- #11 (WR) Sam Ware 5’10 185 lbs.

LS- #78 (C) Damion Douglas 6’4 310 lbs.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes (non career ending)
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events:No
Keep it realistic please.
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Postby Ranoria » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:50 am

World Bowl Roster
Bios listed under each position group
*: Was chosen for the RFL All-Star Game following the 2020 season
**: Was selected as a first team all pro following the 2020 season
[: Was cut from an RFL roster following or during the 2020 season
{: Was not on an RFL roster during the 2020 season

Style Modifier: -2
All Players are male
Feel free to hate on my punter and kicker when RPing, Ranorian punters and kickers are generally poor, but don’t injur them.

Johnny Farmer, TE
Henry Johnson, RB

Justin Kearse, DE
John Hiram, FS

#7 Terry Grayson, 6’2”, 227 lb, 35 yr
#11 Baker Owens, 5’11”, 225 lb, 29 yr
{#12 Jeremiah Quill, 6’1”, 208 lb, 22 yr
Terry Grayson:
Grayson is one of the best quarterbacks in RFL history, statistically. He is 8th in terms of career passing yards with 31,991 and tied for 9th in career passing touchdowns with 250, while also being one of a few to have a positive TD to INT ratio. Unfortunately, he is playing in an era where the game is changing faster than him, and has been unable to produce like the new, younger passers can. Grayson is here to refine his skill set and get a shot at a few more productive seasons of improved play.

Baker Owens: At only 29 years old, Owens is hoping to get his career back on track. He has only 901 career passing yards and a 4:9 TD:INT ratio as a perennial backup. He likely will not see much playing time, however.

Jeremiah Quill: Quill is an impressive athlete, but not an elite one. He went undrafted and did not make the team in training camp with the Memphis Steamers. He is a poor passer, and likely will not be able to see any playing time.

**#25 Henry Johnson, 6’3”, 240 lb, 29 yr**
#21 Carlson Katterfield, 5’11”, 205 lb, 23 yr
[#44 Campbell Bell(FB), 6’1”, 245 lb, 32 yr
Henry Johnson: Johnson is one of the better backs in RFL history, with 14,000 yards and 143 total touchdowns to his name. At 29 years old, he just wants to play as much football as his body will allow.

Carlson Katterfield: Katterfield is hoping to take a larger role on his pro team next year after a rookie campaign that saw him run for 287 yards on 67 carries and haul in 340 yards on 50 catches. He has come to build on his skills as a football player.

Campbell Bell: Bell was cut following the 2020 season as he was no longer deemed necessary to the team’s success. He is hoping to draw some positive attention in free agency in a league that’s rapidly shifting away from smash mouth football.

#19 Ricardo Jackson, 6’1” ,210 lb, 32 yr
[#80 Mario Terrin, 6’2”, 220 lb, 26 yr
[#84 Jarell Goodwin, 5’11”, 190 lb, 27 yr
[#85 Tyrell Elam, 6’1”, 215 lb, 30 yr
[#10 Spencer Wilson, 5’7”, 185 lb, 24 yr
Ricardo Jackson: Jackson is an 11 year RFL veteran, 5 time all star, and two time all pro. He is hoping to get a few more seasons out of his body to pad his career stats with one of the newer, more pass-happy offenses and wants to show he is worth a big contract in free agency after a few down years.

Mario Terrin: Terrin was, and is, an athletic prospect coming out of college. But he ran out of chances, catching 201 balls for 3,050 yards and eleven touchdowns in seven seasons. 60 of those catches, along with six touchdowns and 811 yards, came in his rookie campaign.

Jarell Goodwin: Goodwin has played in 3 of 4 seasons since coming out of college, missing his third year with a torn knee. He wants to put up some numbers and improve his game to become a reliable #1 target with whatever team he signs with, while also building himself, if nothing else, into a guy worthy of a roster spot year in and year out.

**#82 Johnny Farmer, 6’5”, 255 lb, 24 yr
#88 Joey Giordano, 6’5”, 255 lb, 25 yr
{#87 Tyrone Black, 6’7”, 265 lb, 33 yr
[#86 Shawn Jackson, 6’6”, 260 lb, 31 yr
[#44 Campbell Bell(FB), 6’1”, 245, 32 yr

Johnny Farmer: Farmer is one of the best players in football. Period. After dominating the collegiate field as both a defensive lineman and a tight end, he has done the same as a professional, hauling in a league-high 20 touchdowns last season, 20 of the 24 the team threw all year long. He has a few sacks, as well, coming off the edge every once in awhile on the defensive side of the ball. Here, he is hoping to help his quarterback, Terry Grayson, improve, while enjoying playing some more football and giving this passing game some pop.

Joey Giordano: Giordano was a solid prospect coming out of Richardson University, but he was overshadowed by the presence of Johnny Farmer in his final two seasons. He is a strong run blocker, and has soft hands, but wants to prove himself as a reliable option in the passing game after catching just 33 passes over his first two season.

Tyrone Black: Black was a staple for his squad, which made the playoffs just once, over the course of his 12 year career, but, in an evolving game, he has become nothing more than a glorified, undersized tackle, having caught only 135 balls on 210 targets over the course of his career. He wants one more shot at a playoff game in Ranoria after not playing in the 2020 season.

Shawn Jackson: Much in the same boat as Black, Jackson was cut at the end of the season, and wants to earn a roster spot for a few more years while improving as a receiver.

*#64 Tanner Steele, 6’4”, 290 lb, 35 yr
[#65 Tyler Williams, 6’6”, 320 lb, 26 yr
Tanner Steele: Steele has been a solid player over the course of his career, a 6 time all star and one time all pro. Despite that, at 35 years old, he is out to prove to a free agency market that he can still play.

Tyler Williams: Williams was seen as a powerful mauler in the run game, drafted in the first round to protect newly signed QB Terry Grayson. Unfortunately, he allowed 14 sacks on his own, and while he was solid in the run game, he wasn’t stellar. The Madison Gladiators, who had their worst record and first time missing the playoffs in seven years at 5-11.

[#78 Dudley Igneous , 6’5”, 305 lb, 25 yr
#66 Zane Wilhelm, 6’2”, 295 lb, 30 yr
Dudley Igneous: Igneous, like Williams at LT, is a powerful, strong mauler, but he struggled for three straight seasons, and has finally fallen out of favor with his coaching staff. He wants another shot.

Zane Wilhelm: Wilhelm is a 10 year veteran, and 2 time all star, who is receiving very little attention in free agency. He is in tight contention for the starting spot at guard, and yet has been mentoring Igneous, helping his protégée improve.

#67 Tyler Friedman, 6’1”, 290 lb, 31 yr
|#68 Braxton Morrow, 6’2”, 285 lb, 22 yr
Tyler Friedman: Friedman has had an up and down career marred by injuries, but he had been good enough to stay in the league as long as he has. He simply wants to show that he can stay healthy, to earn himself a long term contract to end his career on.

Braxton Morrow: Morrow was cut halfway through the season, despite only getting playing time when the starter went down. He was seen as quality depth, but his play was atrocious, and he sees this as his last chance.

#|71 Stone Silver, 6’3’, 295 lb, 26yr
Stone Silver: Silver never saw much playing time, but was cut when he broke his femur. He wants to show that he’s back, and not just at 100%, but better than ever.

# 77 Trent Sedimite, 6’7”, 320 lb, 36 yr*
Sedimite is a longtime veteran who has seen off and on playing time, earning 99 starts over the course of 15 seasons. He’s no hall of famer, but he may just be enough to hold the right side down.

[#99 Justin Kearse, 6’5”, 295 lb, 32 yr
Justin Kearse: This isn’t the kind of player you normally see on this squad. Kearse is, statistically, the best pass rusher in the history of the Ranorian football league with 138.5 career sacks. In 11 professional seasons, he has led the league in sacks 7 times, tackles for a loss a half dozen times, and is a 9 time all star. He’s been on the all pro squad 7 times as a first teamed and twice as a second team, and he missed an entire season with a torn ACL in 2014. He is the only player in RFL history to record 19 or more sacks in a single season, and then he tacked on 20 more the following year.

So why was he cut, you may ask? After struggling with injuries in 2020, and recording 7.5 sacks in 14 games, he was cut, as the Steamers believed he was no longer a viable pass rusher or playmaker at his age.

Obviously, with a chip on his shoulder and plenty of steam in the tank, ‘The Freak” is out to prove them wrong.

#98 Kevin Gerhart, 6’5”, 325 lb, 24 yr
#79 John Bronson, 6’4”, 340 lb, 32 yr
[#90 Emit Willis, 6’2”, 305 lb, 29 yr
Kevin Gerhart: Gerhart is a physical specimen, but after underperforming as a first round pick in his first two seasons, he’s here to improve his fundamentals. If he can do that, this defensive line will be ferocious.

John Bronson: Bronson is an RFL veteran of 9 years, and he still hasn’t been able to win a playoff game. He didn’t have a team willing to sign him last season, and he wants one more run.

Emit Willis: Willis was a 2nd round draft pick who has underperformed throughout his career of 8 seasons. He has totaled 31 tackles for a loss and one hundred and ten tackles. In those eight seasons.

#94 Malik Carrion, 6’6”, 290 lb, 31 yr
|#96 William Teller, 6’3”, 280 lb, 23 yr
Malik Carrion: Carrion was a first round pick all of 11 years ago, hailed as a guy who you just couldn’t run at. He’s lived up to that reputation, but once the league became more pass happy, he has become less and less effective, with only 58 career sacks to his name. He simply wants to spend time with a defensive line coach who can teach him to use his frame and talent and put that into practice, despite being under contract for another two years.

William Teller: Teller has 23 sacks in two seasons in college, but after only playing in twelve games in three years, he was cut. He is here to prove that he can stay healthy, and to show what he can do when he is.

{#55 Johnson Ellis, 6’2”, 220 lb, 21 yr
#54, Armin Frost, 6’, 230 lb, 27 yr
{#51 Antonio Mormon, 6’3”, 235 lb
Johnson Ellis: Ellis is a young, new style coverage linebacker. He’s decent against the run, but his lack of tackling tendency and the RFL’s slow to shift defensive mindset towards linebackers meant that he went undrafted. Ellis, however, is a blanket in coverage, and will undoubtably be a huge asset in a room of linebackers who know one thing: Hit, and hit hard.

[#58 Isaac Thomas, 6’1”, 255 lb, 33 yr,*
{#57 Terry Clement, 6’2”, 245 lb, 23 yr

#23 Deen Grove, 5’10”, 204 lb, 24 yr
[#25 Darnell Sleight, 6’0”, 210 lb, 22 yr
{#20 Donnie Mandarin, 5’9”, 200 lb, 30 yr

*#22 John Hiram, 6’1”, 215 lb, 27 yr
Hiram is a solid player and a two time all star in his six year career. With 21 interceptions in that span, he has always been a ball hawk, but with free agency approaching, he wants to take a chance playing in this tournament to earn a top-dollar contract

[#40 Cliff Henson, 6’0”, 210 lb, 31 yr
[#43 Harry Bean, 6’2”, 215 lb, 21 yr

K: {#5 Trevor Wheeler, 6’3”, 23 yr

P: {#6 Ozzie Tanman, 6’1”, 22 yr

Team Stats

QB Terry Grayson: 47/81, 534 yards, 4 INT, 6 rush, 19 yards
HB Henry Johnson: 79 carries, 326 yards, 2 TD
HB Kaleb Katterfield: 12 carries, 46 yards, 1 reception, 20 yards
TE Johnny Farmer: 21 receptions, 269 yards
TE Joey Giordano: 2 catches, 12 yards
WR Ricardo Jackson: 12 reception, 115 yards
WR Mario Terrin: 4 receptions, 48 yards, Fumble
WR Jarell Goodwin: 7 receptions, 70 yards

LE Justin Kearse: 11 tackles, 2 TFL, 4 sacks, 1 FF, 1 FR
DT Kevin Gerhart: 6 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack
RE Malik Carrion: 9 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 sack
RE William Teller: 3 tackles, 1 sack
FS John Hiram: 9 tackles, 2 INT, 2 Pass deflections
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Postby Ranoria » Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:06 am

Terry Grayson, 35 years old. 12 years into an RFL career that many deemed over. And one of many ‘washed up’ veterans whom were participating in the World Bowl in the hopes of getting one more year.

Grayson wasn’t in he same situation as most of them, however. He had been a starter last season, just like he was in every season of that sure-fire hall of fame career, and had thrown for a career-high 3,604 Yards to go along with...22 touchdowns against 24 interceptions.

Now, it’s important to note that the Ranoria Football League plays an 16 game regular season, so he was averaging just over 200 yards a game, but at the same time, the pros in Ranoria aren’t quite up to speed. With the exception of the career passing yards and passing touchdowns holders, Luca Warren and Art Torrent, respectively, RFL quarterbacks were considered good if they were approaching a 1:1 ratio in terms of touchdowns to interceptions. In other words, an 18 touchdown, 20 interception season was pretty damn good.

And then, in 2012, the league shifted. Paul Verona arrived. No one knew who this kid was, some small-school quarterback with a big arm and good accuracy, but would he be able to keep up with professional speed?

Oh, you bet your ass.

Paul Verona didn’t shatter any records when he first took the field, but he was immediately the a top three quarterback in the RFL, throwing for 2,904 yards, 26 touchdowns, and only twelve picks, his arrival signaled the dawn of a new era.

The passing era.

Meanwhile, our buddy Terry Grayson? He was having an incredible year, throwing for 2,401 yards, 19 touchdowns and 13 picks, but he couldn’t quite stack up. And even when he managed to outdo Verona by a hair in 2013, tossing up a then career-high 3,150 yards and 22 touchdowns against only 8 picks, the second of the new wave of quarterbacks arrived in 2014.

Bo Callahan. Known as a very rich man’s Paul Verona, Callahan threw for a league high 3,622 yards, with Grayson’s number being the second highest, to go along with 20 scores and ten interceptions. Terry Grayson won league MVP that year, but he never came close to those two after that year, and soon enough, two more quarterbacks of their ilk came along, both out of Richardson University. Derek McNair and John Garrett. McNair wasn’t the same mold as the other three. Hell, he wasn’t the same mold as anyone, ever. A runner, and a great one, and he made his name off of it, while John Garrett was a deadly accurate passer with a huge arm and plus mobility to go along with a genius-level football intellect.

Grayson became an afterthought, failing to adapt. When his Pittsburgh Ironmen tried to change the offense to match what teams like the Dreadnaughts with Callahan and the Farmers with Verona were doing, he threw for 25 interceptions against 23 scores in 2015, the first time he’d grown more interceptions than touchdowns in his career. When they tried again in 2018, he threw for a career-high 3,401 yards and 24 touchdowns, but also turned the ball over 26 times, and in a fast-evolving league, that wasn’t good enough.

So instead, in 2019, they gave Grayson more command of the offense, a relatively new concept, but ran what he’d been successful with. It worked well, with Grayson, at age 33, heaving an even 3,000 passing yards, again hitting a career high in touchdowns with twenty five, and only 15 interceptions. It didn’t match the ratios of what the new breed was doing, but as hard as he’d worked that offseason, and in the season, it was the most satisfying improvement he’d ever made, even if he failed to win the championship that year.

The Ironmen disagreed with his notions.

In the 2020 draft, they traded multiple picks along with their 34 year old franchise quarterback to the struggling Knoxville Pioneers, who gave them the second overall pick in return.

The result? Most expected them to try and trade up to get John Garrett, who went in last year’s draft at first overall, but they did no such thing. No, they took Angelo Gordon, a pass rusher, second overall.

There had been other passers on the board. None of Garrett’s ilk, but the Ironmen were virtually without a quarterback now. How could they expect to win?

That question was quickly answered. Along with edge rusher Jarrett Hauptmann, the Ironmen answered the new wave of passers with a new breed of pass rusher, the two combining for startling 36.5 sacks off the edge, and when they faced John Garrett’s Indianapolis Hogs in the playoffs, they laid waste to him and his offensive line. They were a decade ahead of even the most modern RFL squads.

Oh? You’re wondering about Terry Grayson? Well, he was traded to the struggling Knoxville Pioneers, who had the best tight end in the league in Johnny Farmer. He threw for a career high in passing yards, which we mentioned above. 3,604 yards, 22 touchdowns, 24 interceptions. Not good enough in today’s league, especially with Farmer catching 20 of those touchdowns.

So, if you’re wondering why he’s here, that’s why. Grayson’s contract expired after that season, and he was not even considered for an extension. With very little interest in the free agency market, Grayson knows that this is his last chance to find a willing suitor, and he wants to face opponents who’s leagues have advanced past the RFL’s smash mouth style of play, and play with coaches who have the same mentality. And with him comes Johnny Farmer, the only bona-fide star on this team, who plays offense and a bit of defense. Farmer has made it very clear that, while he knows his quarterback will not be with him next season, he will do everything he can to help a fast friend improve.

Many expected John Garrett to sign up, after all, his best friend in Farmer is participating, and he himself played three seasons in the NSCF, where he won two conference championships, threw for more than 10,000 yards and 82 touchdowns against only ten interceptions. But he suffered multiple injuries in the RFL’s Iron Bowl Championship, suffering 12 sacks at the hands of the Ironmen. And when asked if he would have participated had he been healthy, his response was negative.

[box]”This isn’t the NSCF. It’s not like that at all. It’s a bunch of different guys from across the country, not a single team. This isn’t my Governors marching out there, these aren’t my brothers. I’ve got a couple former teammates out there, but most of the guys on the World Bowl squad are players that are struggling to hang on to a roster spot. Johnny? He wants to develop chemistry with his quarterback and help Grayson improve, and I’m all for that. Grayson was one of my favorite guys to watch when when I was younger, even in college. I want him to have success in his later years, push for the 40,000 yard club. Hell, maybe even fifty. And this is going to help him. Maybe, at some point, I’ll suit up for the Ranorian National Team. But right now? No. Not a chance. Besides that, I’ve had problems staying healthy since my senior year of high school. I don’t want to expose myself to more unnecessary hits than I have to.[box]

Well, I think that just about settles the matter, even if it would be exciting to see the young, brilliant passer on the field for more time than usual. Garrett, in the regular season, passed for 4,850 yards, 40 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions as a rookie, earning MVP honors.

It’s strange to think that, at just 35 years old, Ranoria’s 10th best man in terms of career passing touchdowns (250) and 8th in yards (31,991) is fighting for his job, much less a starting spot, but that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what is going on.

He isn’t the only legend fighting for a spot, however.

At 32 years old, pass rusher Justin Kearse is was cut from the Memphis Steamers, whom he’s played with his entire career. Kearse was very widely thought of as he best pass rusher in football since he came into the league in 2010, having led the league in sacks in 7 of his 10 seasons, and he has a career total of 138.5, the most ever recorded by a single player. When he started, Kearse was racking up around ten sacks per season, back when teams probably threw the ball about two hundred times per year. It was a sterling showing by him, and once the passes started really flying, he only got better. From 2013-2019, he was held to under 13 sacks only once, when he tore his ACL in week two of 2014. However, in 2020, his production finally slipped, the defensive lineman, who has transitioned from a speed to a power based rusher in his years, as his speed is slowly leaving him with age and, of course, his knee injury, mustering only 7.5 sacks in 16 games. He also hit only ten tackles for a loss, the lowest mark of his career outside his rookie season and the year he was injured.

So for Kearse, the best pass rusher in RFL history, this is a last stand, a chance to show the world that he still has what it takes to be a productive playmaker st the professional level. And from the sounds of it, he’s open to playing in another country if it means he can still play meaningful snaps.

Alongside him on the defensive line comes Kevin Gerhart, a monstrous defensive tackle who played at Richardson two seasons ago, now doing his work in the RFL, by Gerhart has struggled, mustering only 9 sacks and 15tackles for a loss in two seasons, and is hoping to gain some skill and technique out of this venture. He knows what he is capable when he is playing at his best, and surely world-class coaches should be able to refine his technique, right? At any rate, he will be a dominating force on the interior of this defensive front should he figure out how to up his game.

He certainly has all of he tools for it. Gerhart is a natural, and vocal leader, and makes it his mission to outwork everyone around him. The bear of a man stands at an intimidating 6’5”, 335 pounds, and pushed a whopping 42 reps of 225 pounds at the RFL combine. Even more freakishly, he ran a 4.98 40, somehow going under 5 seconds in that massive body, and has flashed the ability to occasionally come off the edge. It’s absurd. If the coaching staff can help him improve his game at all, Gerhart will be a wrecking ball on the interior of this defensive line.

And finally, the sixth and final player that we will spotlight, comes Henry Johnson. Johnson has been a mainstay in the top 5 rushing men in Ranoria for years, and the 6’3”, 240 pound running back is nothing less than a beast. He is also the only player who has signed up for the squad specifically because of his patriotism, the bruiser, at 29 years old, not worrying about aging legs after running wild in the RFL for 1,702 yards and 18 touchdowns last season.

So that’s it. Those six are the core of this Ranorian squad, or, at least, look to be.

Aging, washed up quarterback Terry Grayson; star tight end/ defensive end Johnny Farmer; aging, savvy pass rusher Justin Kearse; underperforming interior wrecking ball Kevin Gerhart; and monstrous, all-pro running back Henry Johnson. What they’ll be able to achieve? Who knows at this point, but we’re all, obviously, hoping for some fireworks from this group on the international stage.
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Postby Newmanistan » Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:59 pm



"Proudly underachieving since World Bowl I"

Starters (Offense) (Standard Formation, Multiple Formations will actually be used)
QB- #6- Alex Nelligan, 31, Tundra Falls Mariners
HB- #22- Cameron Hall, 30, Putnam Lake Eagles (Averages 60% of carries)
FB- #48- Jimmie Gordon, 35, Daytopia Racers
WR- #83- Kevin Ambroziak, 30, Putnam Lake Eagles
WR- #87- Drew Oliveras, 26, Pocono City Capitals (First Time Starter)
TE- #86- Clyde Sanders, 25, South Charlotte Condors
LT- #77- Ricky Longhurst, 39, Pocono City Capitals (Offensive Captain)
LG- #66- Kevin Shields, 33, Putnam Lake Eagles
C- #69- Peter Dorsey, 35, North Charlotte Wildcats
RG- #62- Darius Chansler, 33, Eastport Falcons
RT- #63- Michael Janssen, 27, Southport Tigers

About the offense:
Despite many people criticizing him, especially Brianne Henry with The Rocket Report, Alex Nelligan led the Rockets to an improbable run to the World Bowl 34 title game. It was the first time that the pocket passer had been declared the starter, and while some thought he was only named that because he plays for Marvin Dineen (head coach) in Tundra Falls, proved people wrong. Now, he just needs to prove it wasn't a fluke. In World Bowl 34, there were many new additions to the starting lineup, so given their success, turnover is limited to a retirement replacement. As the team continued to play well into World Bowl 35, the roster consistency again holds true.

The offensive line is mainly in tact from last time. Ricky Longhurst returns again, and this man is simply not going to be outsmarted. He is a mastermind of the game, and a true warrior. He will not be beaten tactically. You may beat him physically, but not tactically, and he is almost never called for penalties. More then likely, it’s the other side of the line guilty when that key holding call is made against us.

Starters (Defense) (The Rockets Generally Use a 4-3 Base)
DE- #95- Lavion Santiago, 29, Putnam Lake Eagles
DE- #91- Keith Koening, 30, Tundra Falls Mariners
DT- #98- Pedro Cardenas, 34, Putnam Lake Eagles
DT- #97- Anthony Holliday, 29, Jessicaville Millionaires
ILB- #55- Jorge Santana, 30, Pocono City Capitals
MLB- #50- Paul Helmer, 35, Concord Broncos (Defensive Captain)
OLB- #53- Harvey Bishop, 28, Tundra Falls Mariners
FS: #27- Brian Headley, 27, Springfield Thoroughbreds
SS: #28- Tyler Baynes, 31, Putnam Lake Eagles
CB: #21- Taeshawn Gilles, 33, Southport Tigers (Shutdown Corner assigned to your #1 WR)
CB: #31- Marques Cordova, 32, Centralia Cougars

About The Defense:
The defense had five first-time starters on the roster during World Bowl 34, and many thought it would be a weakness of the team. However, the would gel as the season went on and had a great playoff run, in that World Bowl, with performance remaining consistent in World Bowl 35. Not surprisingly, this unit has been kept in tact. Gilles has had two consecutive monster World Bowls.

Bench (Offense)
QB: #7- Evan Desorbo, 29, Daytopia Racers
QB: #15- Donovan Williams, 26, North Charlotte Wildcats
HB: #33- Rudolph Hicks, 32, Loudon Leopards (Averages 35% of carries)
HB: #30- Anthony Padula, 27, Southport Tigers (Averages 5% of carries)
HB: #32- Kevin Bellemore, 24, Nashua Broncos
FB: #49- Randy Harriman, 33, Putnam Lake Eagles (occasional usage)
FB: #44- Jerry Jamieson, 23, Springfield Thoroughbreds (Minimal usage, if at all) TE: #89- Greg Hoffman, 28, Brighton Bulls (Blocking Specialist)
TE: #82- Nick Freeman, 33, Southport Tigers (Occasionally used)
WR: #85- Chris Culver, 30, Eastport Falcons (Primary KR/PR, 3rd WR)
WR: #80- Saquon Chapman, 21, Nashua Broncos (First time on team)
WR: #19- Patrick Hofstetter, 29, Pocono City Capitals (secondary KR/PR)
WR: #18- Oscar Desjardins, 29, Loudon Leopards
WR: #88- Kyle Scandella, 25, Olympia Gladiators
G: #65- Byron Vanetti, 22, Centralia Cougars (First time on team)
G: #64- Hans Fredrikssen, 29, Olympia Gladiators
G: #60- Marquis Pavlak, 30, South Tier Stallions
G: #76- Brett Nardellis, 27, Centralia Cougars
C: #61- Steve DeWitt, 31, South Charlotte Condors
C: #70- Ezekial Robinson, 29, Springfield Thoroughbreds
T: #68- Mark Jones, 30, Silver Lake Seagulls
T: #73- Kenny Schira, 31, Brighton Bulls
T: #78- Kevin Johnson, 27, Dover City Mountaineers
T: #79- Davis Alfonso, 24, Seminole Bay Gators

Bench (Defense)
DL: #94- Jason Young, 26, Putnam Lake Eagles
DL: #93- Eddie Suarez, 30, Dover City Mountaineers
DL: #90- Myron Billiard, 30, Jessicaville Millionaires
DL: #96- Stanley Harris, 29, Centralia Cougars
DL: #92- Parnell Washington, 28, Hampton Knights
DL: #72- Darien Francona, 23, South Tier Seagulls
LB: #56- Lawrence Miller, 29, Loudon Leopards
LB: #52- Sven Holstrom, 29, Centralia Cougars
LB: #54- Robert Stevens, 33, Loudon Leopards
LB: #59- Antonio Chavez, 29, Jessicaville Millionaires
LB: #57- Kurt Reilly, 32, South Charlotte Condors
LB: #75- Steven Rheingold, 28, Southport Tigers
DB: #36- Prince Corbitt, 35, Jessicaville Millionaires
DB: #37- Darius Blanchard, 22, South Tier Seagulls (First time on team)
DB: #43- Perry Hughson, 31, North Charlotte Wildcats
DB: #24- Jason Mackey, 29, Centralia Cougars
DB: #23- Justin McSporrin, 22, Springfield Thoroughbreds (First time on team)
DB: #25- Peter Benninger, 24, Tundra Falls Mariners

Special Teams
K: #5- Michael Krizman, 32, Centralia Cougars
P: #8- Matty Gray, 35, Loudon Leopards
Backup K: #14- Daniel Levy, 33, Putnam Lake Eagles
Backup P: #9- Matt Shapiro, 45, Olympia Gladiators
Preferred KR/PR: #85- Chris Culver
Secondary KR/PR: #19- Patrick Hofstetter
Occasional KR/PR: #37- Darius Blanchard
Special Teams Gunner: #36- Prince Corbitt
Long Snapper:#61- Steve DeWitt

Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Marvin Dineen, 54, Tundra Falls Mariners
Offensive Coordinator: Brad Beyer, 56, Springfield Thoroughbreds
Defensive Coordinator: Marion Yampolsky, 59, Olympia Gladiators
Special Teams Coach: Brandon Aldridge, 53, Springfield Thoroughbreds

Misc Important Stuff:
Modifier: +2
Home Uniform: Sky Blue with White Trim
Away Uniform: White with Sky Blue Trim
Helmet: Sky Blue with a white center stripe. The rocket in our flag is on both sides of the helmet.

RP Permissions:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, but only say they are hurt and I will determine the severity.
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Unlikely. But if you think it could fit what I am RP’ing, send me a TG first and I may allow. If not pre-approved, then the answer is no!
Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4 & 5; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, & 14; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, & 5; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, & 38; CoH 33, 35, & 39; WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Horse Racing

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Postby A Rosa » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:28 pm

The Kingdom of A Rosa

Annattle Royal Golden Wolves

QB: #96-Seamus Maguire
HB: #74-Patrick Fitzmaurice
FB: #10-Cu Collin
WR: #12-Ronan Maguire
WR: #20-Johnny Moore
TE: #43-Gerard Malooly
LT: #81-Andy Weller
LG: #61-Kenny Walsh
C: #33-Colm Kelly
RG: #29-Lyon O’Neil
RT: #60-Christy Malty

DE: #11-Wilson Rhode
DE: #47-James Penny
DT: #52-Conor O’Brien
DT: #6-Tim Scot-Celt
ILB: #90-Walter Mide
MLB: #68-Tom Desmond
OLB: #32-Michael O’Connor
FS: #2-Jamie Burke
SS: #26-Christy Ryan
CB: #1-Aidan Ui Neill
CB: #98-Sam Walsh

K: #8-Jack Baily
P: #64-Jack Vander
KR/PR- #82-Eoin McClain

QB: #27-Daniel Bentley
WR: #89-Pete Cox
WR: #95-Sean O’Reily
FB: #53-Shane Noles
TE: #76-Noel Cousins
C: #91-Kenny Hanley
CB: #20-Ben Sin
SS: #28-Russel Ranger
MLB: #37-Kent Celt
DT: #67-Tate Monahan

Head Manager: Seamus O’Connor
Offensive Coordinator: Oscar Hyde
Defensive Coordinator: Patrick Reynolds

O Captain: #96-Seamus Maguire
D Captain: #1-Adian Ui Neill

Information on Team
RG Wolves play best in Cold conditions, Snow or just a bit of frost, but can play well in a temperate climate. The Heart of the Offence is our QB Seamus, who has a great arm and good accuracy.
The Defense is aggressive and is notable for its ability to sack QBs.
The Defense uses a 5-2-2-1 formation.

Style Modifier= +3

Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes but not too crazy
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Maybe, if its neccesary yes, put details.

HOME: White and Sky Blue with dark green trim.
AWAY: Dark green with White and Gold trim.
3rd Kit: Gold with white and dark green trim

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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:02 pm

World Bowl 36 - Ko-orenite National Team

Starting QB De Croon is a good runner and an allround dual threat himself. Sylvestre is a QB who has an amazing arm and good accuracy, perfect for situations in the late game where Ko-oren trails, or if the opposing DBs aren't very good. You may call him everything between a gunslinger and a pocket passer, but lacks mobility. Hedgecock is a 'West Coast' QB who's well versed in reading defences, athletic enough to evade sacks if the pocket collapses, but rarely finds receivers for huge gains. De Croon and Hedgecock will share starting QB duties, and Sylvestre will be used regularly if his talents are needed.

The running backs are old, but have proven their worth. Mannussen and Zanonthen are 30 years old vertical runners, Thorebourne is 22 years old, and is capable of stretching defences horizontally. Svenszoon is a good fullback from a team used to lots of running, and is a good blocker, but can run the ball very well too.

This World Bowl, the offence will use TEs less. Only three were selected. Cazal and Tharadhen are primarily blockers, Pwlh is primarily a receiver. Meanwhile, the team is up from three WRs to seven. It's not a surprise so many TEs and WRs are from Aminey, they normally play with Sylvestre after all. Schoolhendrik, Whitlock and Patrasthen are tall deep threats with good hands, route running and finding gaps in zone coverages. ySarrwdd, Lokaguthen and Varafin are 'underneath guys', meaning that they can catch in traffic and can find some yards after the catch. Crozier is the best of both worlds. There are a variety of sweeps run with ySarrwdd and Lokaguthen, but other receivers occasionally as well.

On the line, the starting tackles are very good players. The guards are athletic enough to pull and perform trap runs. The rest of the OL is average at best. It shouldn't hold back the team's performance too much, but the running game isn't always going to get help from the blockers, and De Croon, Sylvestre and Hedgecock won't necessarily always finish the game with a clean jersey or without having to scramble a few times.

Offence - Skill Players
#11 Robbe de Croon (SCA)
#12 Mati Sylvestre (AMI)
#13 Ambrose Hedgecock (WIL)
#21 Mees Mannussen (SCA)
#22 Alastair Thorebourne (GRE)
#24 Terthend Zanonthen (MYW)
#23 Thor Svenszoon (NOO)
#41 Christopher Cazal (AMI)
#42 Gwerud Pwlh (MAW)
#43 Gurethen Tharadhen (MYD)
#31 Jochem Schoolhendrik (STE)
#32 Lomeoch ySarrwdd (MAW)
#33 El Crozier (AMI)
#34 Kaharen Patrasthen (MYD)
#35 Liriaf Varafin (AER)
#36 Lloyd Whitlock (MAD)
#37 Tasathen Lokaguthen (AMI)

Offence - Offensive Line
#51 Sibren Schooten (SCA)
#56 Elisha Witvos (SCS)
#51 Nathan Schildwacht (WIL)
#52 Dillard McLelland (WIL)
#57 Tjibbe ter Brinke (SCA)
#53 Ben Geerts (SCS)
#58 Taran Tarabel (AER)
#54 Alamer Lunorin (MYW)
#59 Robin Verninac (AMI)
#55 Burur Zorowen (GRE)
#60 Humphrey Drayton (EAG)

The defence is the pride of the team. They'll be extremely well prepared for any team they meet, and the coaching staff is a weapon of its own. They are able to confuse the opposing QB, and have the technique to run stunts, force fumbles, and hide coverages. Normally the team features a 3-4, but 4-3 is used as well and nickelbacks are common too.

The defensive line is where it all begins. The interior line consists of great run stoppers. During run plays, the ends aren't always great at coming off of blocks, though. A gaps shouldn't result in a lot of yards, but B and C gaps can yield some results if the linebackers are too late (which doesn't happen often, but it's definitely possible).

The linebackers are a multi-talented bunch, and are asked to do a lot of things at the same time. This is also how they're used in Ko-oren. Expect the MLBs to be better at covering and tackling and the OLBs to be better at beating blocks and getting to the QB or RB quickly. As with the rest of the defence, they'll come tactically prepared: they should know if they have to keep an eye on the QB if that's the type to scramble, what kind of RBs are on the opposing team, etc.

The secondary is the best unit of this team. This is where the team looks best: disguising coverages, mixing zone and man defence, forcing turnovers and otherwise keeping the offence out of the endzone. The coaching staff does an excellent job keeping them up to date with whatever the other offence is likely to do.

Defence - Line
#64 Karentak Karentathen (MYW)
#65 Simon Binnenpoorte (SCA)
#68 Hugh Aldridge (EAG)
#69 Stefan Mulders (MAW)
#62 Hubbe Braakjans (SCS)
#63 Vavil Verian (AER)
#67 Paul Dijk (WIL)

Defence - Linebackers
#74 Ugathen Piralasthen (MYD)
#75 Monrisun Gunmothinden (MYD)
#76 Erman Merivan (AER)
#77 Edward Darknoll (EAG)
#78 Garret Guildeforde (WIL)
#71 Stanley Emerson (NOO)
#72 Faemhach yDaemchaed (MAW)
#73 Jon Mulders (SCA)

Defence - Secondary
#93 Peter Dollen (STE)
#94 Timon Lansink (MYD)
#91 Lilgaunin Mesjathaunthen (MYD)
#92 Torsten Eisenman (NOO)
#81 Aerio Aemino (AER)
#82 Lucas van de Streek (MYW)
#83 Camille Dutertre (AMI)
#84 Arvid Knight (GRE)
#85 Clinton Dwyer (WIL)
#95 Martijn Ensink (SCS)

Special Teams
Special teams are another hidden treasure in the Ko-orenite team. The players show discipline on kickoffs and punts, covering them well and aware that a kickoff is live whereas a punt just needs to get as close to the endzone as possible without ending up inside it. The retuner(s) use the trick of stepping out of bounds to receive a kickoff to start the drive on the 40 as well.

#2 Llanwll yPenmheos (MAW)
#3 Peril Garsasunthen (MYW)
#6 Zeb Drogace (EAG)
#4 Molrak Kinportinden (MYW)
#1 Pascal Delannoy (AMI)
#5 Niels Oordveld (SCS)

Mayara Destroyers - MYD
Eaglebury Emperors - EAG
Mayara Wolves - MYW
Mawryshire Centaurs - MAW
Greencaster Godspeed - GRE
Willowbourne Saints - WIL
Noordrug Astronauts - NOO
Aerellen Explosions - AER
Sterrenwolde Dragonflies - STE
Aminey Caspians - AMI
Schemerdrecht 65ers - SCS
Schemerdrecht Admirals - SCA

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Style mod: -5
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Domestic Sports Newswires - Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map - Loro Language Schools (Storefront)
Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 1x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 2x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Taeshan » Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:28 pm

Taeshan Fitin' Falcons

Head Coach - Andrew Crew
Offensive Assistant - Kyle Park
Defensive Assistant - Jeremy Drew
Special Teams Assistant - Everett Clark

Defense - 4-2-5
Offense - Spread

#14 Sam Clentimack QB 30
#28 Parson Newberry HB 31
#88 Angel Herrera WR 30
#85 Kyle Trout WR 35
#84 Patrick Wantanabe WR 26
#44 Dallas Andrew TE 31
#51 Kevin Connors LT 31
#52 Jacob Walker LG 32
#53 Ken Crewe C 32
#54 Everett Ford RG 33
#55 Jordan Grosh RT 32
#69 Emmit Karlson LE 31
#68 Evander Kyle DT 32
#94 Jones Peverell DT 32
#91 Liam Chiswick RE 30
#57 Hector Flint LB 29
#59 Nick Porter LB 28
#24 Declan Stewart CB 32
#23 Oliver Hahn CB 26
#44 Fabian Chester N 26
#8 Gideon Chester FS 26
#41 Peter Fisher SS 33
#2 Martin Xavier K 32
#5 Adam Kline P 32

#4 Ryan Jones QB 35
#5 Tyler Comet QB 31
#32 Wilfred Parker HB 31
#33 Alan Fields HB 31
#87 Drew Lantern WR 22
#17 Elain Martack WR 27
#15 Benny Stewart TE 26
#60 Kyler Jenson G 31
#61 Fred Clopas G 30
#62 Gene Ira T 31
#63 Amos Clark T 32
#64 Ned Dragon C 31
#74 Shinji Vrabel DT 24
#75 Jim Cope DT 27
#77 Lester Qwarany E 27
#66 Emmit Kline LB 27
#67 Drew Fasnacht LB 27
#58 Kevin Prewitt LB 35
#41 Karl Muller CB 21
#37 Gehret Vandenbosch CB 22
#34 Mark Malphasar CB 28
#28 Maxwell Karcurn S 24
Champions - Copa Rushmori 22, Di Bradini Cup 19, World Baseball Classic 13, Cup of Harmony 35, World Lacrosse Championship 2, Gridiron World Championships (World Bowl 0), World Bowl 34

World Cup Qualifications-41, 44, 46, 59, 61(RoS), 62(Quarterfinals), 63 (RoS), 64 (Quarterfinals)

Hosts-Cup of Harmony 55, Copa Rushmori 14

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The Greater Nordics
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Postby The Greater Nordics » Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:18 pm

The Nordic Football Association is proud to announce the team for World Bowl 36. The team is the same as last time so they are familiar with each other and they have great chemistry with each other on and off the field.The offensive strategy is the same as last time. It is a fun and gun offense but we will run it a little bit more than last time. On defense we are aggressive. We like to blitz and bring pressure. We will get burned deep but we can get to the quarterback or the ball carrier most of the time.

Head Coach:Matthias Holst
Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach: Klemens Lund
Defensive Coordinator: Bjorn Pallesen
Line Coach:Philip Abel
WR Coach: Tor Vang
RB Coach:Soren Mikkelsen
DB Coach: Mathias Dahl
Special Teams Coach: Ola Mattsson
Team Doctor:Tim Klasson

Leif Beck
Herman Lang
Hugo Hummel

Lisbet Henriksson
Catrine Abel
Aimo Ranta

Georg Andres
Rain Alvar
Jaan Kalju
Caja Oster
Aina Poulsen

Vera Hansen

Albert Wolff
Monika Henriksen

Dan Lange
Peer Jensen

Kris Jacobsen
Lauritz Olsen

Glennis Morgan
Duncan McDaniel

Alisa Glenn
Alan Frazier

Stig Berg
Merit Sorensen
Milla Carr
Jonatan Lorenzen

Greta Wallis
Lissi Carson
Dougal Lang
Saana Mcnabb
Victoria McLean

Cai Nieminen
Ulla McPhee
David Sorensen
Janna Alfredsson
Otto Johansen

Jenni Adolfsson
Laura Patterson
Tomas Glen
Pelle Lesley
Kaja Neil

Anders Carlson

Douglas Hunter

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers:Yes
Godmod scoring events:Yes
RP injuries to my players:Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players:Yes
Godmod suspension events:Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
TG me if its anything major but otherwise you can have fun doing whatever you want
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Postby Free Republics » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:17 pm

Free Republics National Football Team
Brought to you by the Nicholls Enterprises Football League (NEFL)


Base Formation: Flexbone (Offense), 46 (Defense)
Style Modifier: +2
Colors: Blue and White
Head Coach - Katakin Maier (F)
Offensive Coordinator - Agrican Langelier (M)
Defensive Coordinator - Eddie Soderstrom (M)
Special Teams Coordinator - Sulimbek Arsanukayev (M)
QB Coach - Matthew Atkins (M)
RB Coach - Kevin Jakab (M)
WR Coach - Bart Wozniak (M)
TE Coach - Americo Terrazas (M)
OL Coach - Tokito Sanwa (M)
DL Coach - Areb Farias (M)
LB Coach - Izaak Marshall (M)
DB Coach - Emilie Hoff (F)
Conditioning Coach - Eve Gale (F)

Roster (age & gender in parentheses)

Starting Offense

QB - #1 Dania Sandberg (19, F)
FB - #44 Makharbi Barsukov (27, M)
SB - #37 Park Han (24, M)
SB - #31 Jonas Hetland (22, M)
WR - #88 Marianna Szep (23, F)
WR - #80 Wang Pan (27, M)
LT - #62 Nicolay Vollan (29, M)
LG - #66 Tenyuu Bouzuki (30, M)
C - #65 Tao Tu (25, M)
RG - #61 Sying Lei (21, M)
RT - #68 Sherip Dratchev (32, M)

Other Frequently Used Offensive Players

FB - #48 Yuan Chien (23, M)
FB - #40 Argun Korgay (28, M)
SB/WB - #34 Rita Alaja (22, F)
WR - #83 Zack Parkes (34, M)
TE - #89 Alauddin Panova (23, M)

Starting Defense

LE - #92 Spaso Pozarnik (27, M)
DT - #94 Mateo Nyberg (31, M)
DT - #97 David Kvamme (24, M)
RE - #95 Ganix Lerma (22, M)
"Jack" LB - #57 Dagman Bisliev (24, F)
"Charley" LB - #52 Alex Dale (33, M)
MLB - #56 Charles McAdam (20, M)
SS - #46 Pasi Pappila (24 , M)
CB - #29 Hanna Ostrowska (22, F)
FS - #27 Masuo Nakashima (31, M)
CB - #22 Hilma Andreasson (24, F)

Other Frequently Used Defensive Players

DE - #78 Demeter Kartal (24, M)
DT - #73 Erik Beckenbauer (25, M)
DE - #99 Svjetlana Maric (22, F)
LB - #50 Sandra Purvis (29, F)
LB - #59 Razmus Nyman (24, M)
Nickel - #20 Tranquillo Romani (21, M)
Dime - #25 Argus Valdez (28, M)
Extra Safety - #23 Al Christiansen (23, M)

Special Teams

K - #3 Takehiko Susui (32, M)
P - #19 Jeppe Bak (22, M)
KR/PR - #13 Marta Remer (19, F)
KR - #82 Ines Fallaci (18, F)
LS - #70 Luke Bryant (23, M)

Backups and Reserves

QB - #5 Selam Hamer (24, M)
QB - #14 Marcus Lind (28, M)
QB - #7 Murray Taylor (21, M)
FB - #28 Emori Kuhabara (20, M)
FB - #49 Leroy Barnard (27, M)
SB - #35 Velma Camp (23, F)
SB - #30 Mark Bieber (27, M)
SB - #32 Thekla Isayeva (20, F)
WR - #85 Nedeljko Jovic (23, M)
TE - #81 Rasmus Mathiasen (22, M)
OT - #67 Kajetan Symanski (24, M)
OT - #72 Alicia Goransson (22, F)
OG - #60 Navila Garcia (24, F)
OG - #63 James Fain (27, M)
C - #64 Alex Lund (20, M)
DE - #98 Marshall Bisson (24, M)
DE - #91 Mick Hands (27, M)
DT - #93 Jadzia Nowakowska (23, F)
DT - #90 Giona Moretti (25, M)
LB - #58 Miko Aoyama (21, F)
LB - #55 Margherita Costa (23, F)
CB - #21 Monique Lamoureux (22, F)
CB - #24 Andreas Petretic (26, M)
SS - #41 Samantha Perkins (20, F)
SS - #47 Tara Kelly (27, F)
FS - #26 Jens Jepsen (28, M)

Notes on Style of Play

The Flexbone is an offense that is built around athletic quarterbacks who can run and pass. If a quarterback is injured, a new one will step in and will run a similar style of offense. Triple options are a significant part of the offense but the slotbacks are very capable pass receivers and the fullback is a capable inside runner. There is also a variant of the Flexbone that utilizes a tight end. In this variant, one of the slotbacks moves out to the wing to become a wingback. While they will run the ball around two thirds of the time, passing plays can be extremely effective in this offense and they will go after the opposing defense with pass plays if they focus too heavily on stopping the run.

The Republican version of the 46 defense relies heavily on pressure and pre-snap movement. The strong safety in this defense is more comparable to a linebacker. The aim of this defense is to shut down the run and force the opposing QB to throw quickly. Against spread formations, they will drop extra men into coverage. While the linebackers will have trouble covering fast wide receivers man-to-man, they are fast enough to hang with a possession receiver. To play for the Republican National Team, defenders have to be fast regardless of position and they have to be looking to force turnovers at every opportunity.


MD1 vs Seraxinbourgh

Stadium: Dixon Light Stadium
Stadium Location: Petrograd, Plymouth
Stadium Capacity: 76,804

MD2 vs Newmanistan

Stadium: Gem of the Oceans Stadium
Stadium Location: Republica, Republica District
Stadium Capacity: 101,208

MD4 vs The Greater Nordics

Stadium: RayDome
Stadium Location: Doranto, Contoria
Stadium Capacity: 72,469

MD8 vs Jebslund

Stadium: Olympic Stadium
Stadium Location: Baseton, Amolotopia
Stadium Capacity: 107,432

MD10 vs Qingland

Stadium: Podvez Field
Stadium Location: Yellow Bay, Vorita
Stadium Capacity: 65,397

More info on these stadiums

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Read the notes on my team's style of play: Strongly Encouraged
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1st: DBC 28, X Winter Olympics, Independents Cup 4, CoH 66
2nd: World Cup 68, DBC 27, U15WC 8, UWCFA Gold Cup I, BoI 15, 2nd Imperial Chap Olympiad, NSCF 11
3rd: World Cups 71 & 81, DBC 29, UWCFC Gold Cup III, GCoS 1
Qualified: World Cups 68, 69, 71, 72, 73, 79
Host: World Cups 68 & 81, CoH 58, X Winter Olympics, World Bowls XXII & XXXI, WBC 42, RUWC 25, Beach Cup XI, World Korfball Classic III, Runner Cup 7
Current Senior Consul: Kyle Bolton (Liberty)
Current Junior Consul: Scarlett Nicholls (Liberty)
Demonym: Republican
Trigram: FFR
Official Nation Name: Federation of Free Republics
List of Scorinators and other related programs

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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:44 pm

OOC: Since the Everything Thread is up, I'm going to start posting IC posts for Main Nation Ministry. Even though, I plan to do it possibly tomorrow, I had so much time I felt it's best to post it now.

Prologue: Somewhere in the Future..

Dorbi Truman was having a bad day. I guess he could consider that everyone was having a bad day, also. Because they couldn't do anything, but watch what was happening. Dorbi met up with the reporting squad captain, as they were several hallways away from what was happening inside of the complex. "Where's Jones?! Harrington has gone rampant and the Leader is brainwashed by that creature!" Truman yelled, as the rest of the soldiers nearby were doing their best to make sure no civilians were in the building. "Mr. Truman, Emmanuel Jones is within the building. Due to the situation, it's possible he is already exposed to the memetic effects within." the captain explained. "Did you, at least, get the cameras back running? If we're lucky, we can confirm whenever we should fill the place with poisonous gas." Truman said.

At the security room, several technicians were busy trying to get the cameras back online. "Mr. Truman-"
"Don't just call me Mr. Truman! Just fall out say the answer to my question!"
"As you can see, it might take us several hours. The current predicated fatality rate is around 10 people, so far."
"We can't risk Jones being one of them!"

"Sir!" A technician yelled to the captain, as he managed to get the security camera for the B1 Lounge operational. The camera was portable, as it was possible to have the location of it being changed. The monitor was currently static, but some adjusting with the signal caused the feed to slowly come up. Everyone gathered around the monitor, not knowing what to expect, until something horrible appeared on the screen. It was Jones. And.. "Oh god.." Truman couldn't help, but let his jaw drop from the bloody sight on the monitor. The camera must have been knocked on the door, but the quality was still in good condition. Jones was covered in blood and had the look of an enraged animal who was backed in a corner. He was gripping a fire ax in his hands, which was stained with the same substance. The monitor went back to static seconds later.

"What did I just saw? Tell me! Jones has gone mad! We need to send an assault team immediately, if we want-" Truman was demanding orders, until a scream from outside the room caught everyone off guard. Several soldiers went outside the room, where they immediately screamed alongside with the sounds of bullets. Truman immediately went under a desk, wondering if it was who he thought it was. One of the soldiers in the same room as him inched towards the door with a grenade in their hands. Pulling the pin, the soldier tossed it through the door, until it suddenly came back into the room. The grenade was luckily for crowd-control, as it only released a flash that was enough to temporarily blind eyes and several pellets with some of them hitting Truman's body. The soldier who threw it was unconscious, as the door busted open. Harrington stood at the doorway, raising a combat knife that seemed to be already stained with blood from those who tried to kill them. Harrington walked over to the soldier, where they kicked away their gun, where slid next to Truman.

Truman immediately grabbed it, where Harrington took notice. Truman attempted to fire at them, but the safety pin was preventing it from firing. Harrington calmly walked over and grabbed Truman by the leg, pulling him from his hiding spot to raise their knife to his neck. Truman dropped the gun and being afraid to the point of getting a heart attack said, "Harrington! You need to stop this! Please! I don't care if the Leader wants you alive, but I agree with him once!"

"My name isn't Harrington, anymore." The answer that Truman heard proceeded to haunt him, as he saw himself in a dilemma.

Present Day

The Truth News

4 Killed in Fishburger Explosion, Terrorist Attack Plausible!

"In a series of unfortunate events, the recently popular Fishburger fast-food restaurant has been the location of an on-site explosion at Sector 74. Fishburger was made as a take on the popular "capitalistic" fast-food corporations as a satire. Despite this, the Fishburger "fish burger" proved to be a hit. It was a moment of surprise, when early this morning, the Fishburger drive-thru restaurant has exploded, decimating the area around it. Rescue officials and soldiers arrived to assist in the situation, where even though the restaurant was closed for maintenance, several bodies were found in the debris. The bodies have been identified, however the Ministry of Homeland Security has not released details, yet. According to the certain known information, the cause of the explosion was not a homemade bomb, but was described to be a tampering with several gas mains that showed the implication of four play. This story is currently trending, as more details will be released shortly."

"To see information on World Bowl 36, turn to Pg. 10."

The Leader woke up from a nightmare at his desk, where the half of his face was coated in a puddle of drool. It was strange, because the Leader can't seem to remember what the dream was. However, it didn't affect him physically. It's still strange, shouldn't he be in his-
"Leader? I'm here to send news of...the girl's arrival back to Main Nation Ministry." the soldier said, entering the room and careful to not say Keller Harrington's name. "Ah! I see that Kuronami was enough to take things to something reasonable. I must know, also. How is the experimental "chipcard" going at the Ministry of Science?"
"The "chipcard" has been decommissioned, since the subjects were compulsorily spending and draining the resources from the card."

"Well, at least that's good news." The Leader wondering what else was of importance. "By the way, Emmanuel Jones is being Assistant Coach this year?" The Leader asks. "Positive, sir. Jones is planning taking a break, but will be assistant coach if things need to be notched up." the soldier explained. "Very well, I guess for this World Bowl, things will be typical as always?" The Leader said, as the soldier left. Now, all the Leader needed to do was go back to his usual work. Getting the issues that were regularly presented in a simple multiple choice format, the Leader tends to mark the answer that seems to appear to make Main Nation Ministry the typical dictatorship. As he was doing his work, he began to question some things. Why exactly is he getting these issues? They just appear on a "File In" slot in his office. No one knows to drop them off or pick them off. Maybe he-

No. It was nothing. The Leader started to smell something in his office. It smelled like some sort of berry. And coconut? Just his imagination. The Leader sighed and proceeded to continue his work.

"There is that vandal. Making a fool of himself in front of everyone."
"Why are you people worshiping this man!? Have you all lost empathy!? Why are people ignoring me!?"
"Sir, freeze! Drop that bottle down and step away from the screen with the Leader!"

"Keller? I come that you saw me and Mother upstairs, talking. But you can't just eavesdrop on people like that. Do you understand?"

"Here you go, Mr. Jones. A snapshot to cherish your memories. You're planning on getting this put on the same table with the medals when you come back from the war?"

The Familiar Stranger: The Portal

Somewhere in Forest Sector 6, Danny was taking his dog off for a walk in the middle of the woods. It was still daylight and the sun wasn't going to set until another couple hours. Danny didn't need to have his dog on a leash, since the dog didn't nibble at any of the security cameras that were put up in the woods. A simple walk was all he usually gets. However, on this day, Danny's dog suddenly stopped in the woods. Danny saw the worried expression on the dog's face, as it seemed to be not wanting to proceed further. "Come on, boy! We're been walking here for years? What's the matter?" Danny asks, where the dog seems to not want to proceed at a certain direction. Danny let the dog stay and went deeper in the woods.

In the middle of the woods, there was something visibly different that Danny knew didn't appear at all during his walks in the woods. It was some sort of sidewalk or walkway made from some old planks. The wood didn't appear to from any tree that Danny knew. The walkway was narrow where near the end was a wooden arch which hanged some bones from some animal. Danny stepped on the walkway, wondering where it led. He can see through the arch, knowing he was going to be on the other side of the woods. However, when Danny stepped through the arch, the setting changed. In a flash, he heard the sound of an alarm and felt the flames that went near him. He immediately stepped down and found himself in front of the arch again. On the other end was the woods. But when he went through the arch, he encounter flames? Why?

Danny got his hand and slowly put it through the arch. Just like that, his hand vanished from view. He can feel his hand being warm from being on the other side. He put his hand back out, where he looked at the arch. Then, he took off running out of the woods back to his dog.
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Postby Xanneria » Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:12 pm

Xannerian Maroons

Base Formation: 1980s Pro Style (Offense), 4-3-4 (Deffense)
Style Modifier: +4
Colors: Maroon and Gold
Head Coach - Myron Bluff
Offensive Coordinator - Tim Dockerty
Defensive Coordinator - Norman Lewain


Starting Offense

QB - #2 Vic Reese
FB - #40 Jamie Lords
HB - #20 Romeo Reynolds
TE - #80 Brian Decker
WR - #12 Shaun Gomez
WR - #81 Vyshawn Johnson
LT - #70 Trevor Gottleib
LG - #63 Marc Brennamen
C - #62 Carlos Borne
RG - #56 ulster Van Hook
RT - #61 Lendon Green

Other Frequently Used Offensive Players

TE - #84 Brian Hakk
WR - #9 Jamarcus Jamiller
HB - #35 Breveon Vasquez
WR - #11 Mitch Phillips
TE - #88 David Hall

Starting Defense

LE - #95 Craig Earl
DT - #99 Wade Backus
DT - #59 Norman Brent
RE - #72 Corey Dau
LOLB - #54 Bradley Higgins
ROLB - #94 Karl Schleiban
MLB - #57 Mack Vance
SS - #22 Oreo Jacobs
CB - #19 Calvin Hoddiger
FS - #39 Bruce Moore
CB - #8 Van Vander Blue

Other Frequently Used Defensive Players

Nickle DB - #28 Jim Cox
Dime DB - #13 Lucky Lyman
LOLB - #91 Doren Colt
DE - #68 Gio Mantis
DE - #94 Cole Grazianni
DT - #92 Bran Hanson
DT - #77 Morgan Lonbardi

Special Teams

K - #0 Drew Putzer
P - #00 Marv Kickman
KR/PR - #13 Lucky Lyman
KR - #8 Van Vander Blue
LS - #90 Trafmond Shoreland

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Y
Choose scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: (Minor Injuries)
Godmod scoring events: Y
Godmod injuries: N
Godmod other events: N
Read the notes on my team's style of play: Strongly Encouraged
Xanneria: My main nation
NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM: Maroons - Record 15-5-18 (W-D-L) (This may not be accurate)
FIRST CONTEST: Copa Esportiva 23
FIRST GAME: Vangazaland 3-1 Xanneria
FIRST WIN: 5-3 vs Qingland
LARGEST MOV: 5-0 vs Pineapple Porcupines
CHAMPIONSHIPS:Baptism of Fire 69 (Nice!) winner
Non Association Football Stats
NSCF TEAMS: Dominic Anneria University and Xannerian Polytechnic
NSSCRA: Cars #10,12,16

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Postby Union of Socialist Alpine Republics » Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:26 pm

Union of Socialist Alpine Republics National American Football Team

Reprezentacja Alpejski w Fútbol Amerykanski

Unija Socijalističke Alpske Republike Nacionalna Americki Nogomet Momcad

Selección de Fútbol Americano de Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Alpinas

Équipe d'Union des Républiques Socialistes Alpines de Football Américain

Alpischen Amerikanischer Fußball Nationalgemischtschaft

Sgioba Nàiseanta Ball-coise Ameireaganach na Aonadh Sòisealach Ailpeach Poblachdan

Nation info:
Full Nation Name: Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Short Nation name: Alpine Union, U.S.A.R.
Demonym: Alpines
Nicknames: Alpines, Bisons, Reprezentacja Alpejski, Green & white
Trigramme: UAR
Team colors: Green, White, Blue and Red
Style mod: -3

Offensive formations: (in order of frequency)
Standard Shotgun: 3 WR and 2 HB
Pro formation: 2 WR, 1 TE and 2 HB
Shotgun 3: 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 HB
Single back: 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 HB
Wildcat: 1 WR, 2 TE and 2 HB (with a HB and a QB lining as WRs and another HB getting the snap)
Shotgun 4: 4 WR and 1 HB
T formation (short yardage): 2 TE, 2 HB and 1 FB
Goal line: 3 TE, 1 HB and 1 FB (sometimes a DT can be used as FB in this formation)

Defensive formations
Standard: 3-4-4
nickel 3-3-5
dime 2-3-6
goal line: 5-4-2 (2 DE, 3 DT/NT, 2 OLB, 2 MLB and 2 CB)
heavy: 6-5-0 (2 DE, 4 DT/NT, 2 OLB and 3 MLB)

When RPing you need to be logic. I won't use a dime formation against the Allamunic States and I won't use a goal line or heavy formation against a team who use 3 or 4 WRs.

WORLD BOWL XXXIII: 9-1-4; loss in quarter finals vs Taeshan
WORLD BOWL XXXIV: 8-4; loss in quarter finals vs Taeshan
WORLD BOWL XXXV: 8-3; loss in eighth finals vs Abanhfleft

ALL TIME RECORD (excl. BoI): 55-1-37





The coaching Staff:
Head coach: Kurt McAdams
Offensive Coordinator: Fred Spencer
Defensive Coordinator: Kevin Foote
Special Teams Coach: Marvin Cunningham

Depth Chart

Starters in bold

Pos     Num     Name                    Age     SFL Team                Birthplace                      College                         Draft
QB 16 Clifford Jenkins 34 Muscogee Raiders Parkersburg, WA
QB 6 Haylie Woo 24 Miltonsburg Rams Stoneham, SO USLO Bruins 2018 1.1
QB 10 Tyler Kruger 30 Charlevoix Bears Lake Koshkonong, WA
QB 1 Wyatt Schulze-Lichtenberg 22 Oglethorpe Celts Morse Bluff, OK Central Okanogan Grizzlies 2020 1.1

HB 32 Montavious McBryde 24 Clarkston Steelers Talking Rock, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2018 1.2
HB 23 Coconut Riddick 30 Beardstown Maroons Beans Ferry, CH

HB 22 Barkevious Hawkins 28 Oglethorpe Chargers Kitty Hawk, CH
HB 26 Jhavon Diggs 26 Golden Beach Packers Floyd Springs, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2016
HB 31 Devaughn Flannigan-Morris 23 San Carlos Colts Port Royal, CH West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2019 1.6

FB 45 LaDarius McElwain 24 Golden Beach Packers Colonial Beach, CH West Chattahoochee Wildcats 2018
FB 44 Hunter McGraw 23 Ozorkow Buffaloes Dogwood Heights, CH Vander Wal Cavaliers 2019 3.88

WR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 25 Palm Beach Cardinals Manitou Beach, WA West Wabash Badgers 2017 1.2
WR 13 Jarius Floyd 32 Floysburg Redskins Kewanna, WA
WR 17 Demetrius Thomas-Jackson 24 Rockingham Dolphins Coconut Creek, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2018

WR 19 Sheldrick Ferguson-McCloud 22 Ueckermünde Eagles Possum Town, CH South Chattahoochee Bears 2020 1.3
WR 15 Demarcus Woods 35 Miltonsburg Rams Holly Creek, CH
WR 12 Aphonso McCormack 23 Braddock Oilers Kimballton, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves 2019 1.18
WR 81 Jamal Duckett 26 Waddington Seahawks Bucksport, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2016
WR 85 Marquis Hatwood 34 Beardstown Maroons Bear Creek Springs, CH

TE 82 John McRae 35 Muscogee Raiders Dakota Heights, WA
TE 89 Nick Donald-McIntyre 24 Twyford Titans Squawfield Corners, WA Central Wabash Chippewas
TE 87 Shayne Zimmerman 32 Miltonsburg Rams Seaside, CH
TE 83 Hayden Schultz 25 Rockingham Dolphins Indian River Estates, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2017

LT 79 Connor Zagzebski 26 Potosi Bengals Happys Inn, OK Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2016 1.1
RT 76 Emilio Sanchez 23 Oglethorpe Celts La Paz, SO Sonoma Longhorns 2019 1.1

T 62 Tyson Konz 31 Los Osos Eskimos Four Bears Village, OK
RT 65 Dalton O'Halloran 23 Miedzyzdroje Bulldogs York Beach, SG West Wabash Badgers 2019 1.7
T 71 Ernesto Herrera 34 Muscogee Raiders Plumas, SO
T 72 Slawomir Janikowski 26 Palm Beach Cardinals Pruszkow, WP Lowlanders Szczebrzeszyn 2016

LG 68 Hunter Mahoney 24 Charlevoix Bears Cherokee Hills, CH Vander Wal Cavaliers
RG 66 Wesley Ostaszewski 22 Miedzyzdroje Bulldogs Sackets Harbor, WA West Wabash Badgers 2020 1.5

G 67 Randall Bush 35 Golden Beach Packers Rosenberg, SO
G 74 Jake Sanchez 26 Braddock Oilers La Junta, SO USLO Bruins 2016
LG 69 Mieczyslaw Laszczak-Janowicz 21 Harwich Yellow Jackets Kluczbork nad Odra, WP Ozorkow Niedzwiedzie 2022 1.2

C 78 Karter Szczyrbak 25 Los Osos Eskimos Floyds Knobs, WA Floydsburg Huskies 2017
C 64 Colton Ballard 26 Twyford Titans Greensburg, WA
C 60 Jordan Sawyer 31 San Joaquin Cow Boys McKnightstown, WA

RE 91 Kane VanderHeiden 25 Twyford Titans Hungry Horse, OK Okanogan Ducks 2017
LE 92 D.J. Floyd 34 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Rogersville, CH

LE 61 Eldrick McLeod 23 Ueckermünde Eagles Yazoo City, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2019 1.4
RE 94 Ryan Ferguson 32 Charlevoix Bears Elk Run Junction, CH
RE 93 Donavaughn Fournette 24 Floydsburg Redskins Pointe-au-Chien, CH East Chattahoochee Red Wolves
DE 63 Brandon Mazgajewski 31 Bloomingburg Ravens Bannack, OK

NT 96 Shayne Kilgore 30 Palm Beach Cardinals Chance, OK
NT 99 Nick Wrzuszczak 22 Harwich Yellow Jackets Whiskey Run, WA Wabash Huskies 2020 1.2
NT 95 Karolina Rozwandowicz 24 Bloomingburg Ravens Trzeszczyn, WP Niedzwiedzie Ozorkow
DT 70 Blake Steinhaus 23 Ozorkow Panthers Buckinghorse River, OK Okanogan State Jackrabbits 2019 1.9
NT 97 Rodrick Nash 35 Ozorkow Buffaloes Bear Creek Corners, WA

SLB 51 Nick Knox 30 Clarkston Steelers Bear Rocks, WA
WLB 98 Nehemiah Charles 25 Golden Beach Packers Port O'Connor, SO Sonoma State Golden Bears 2017 1.1

OLB 57 Jimmy Orr 30 Santa Fe 49ers Sandwich, SG
WLB 53 Demetrius Robinson 34 Muscogee Raiders Dogwood Heights, CH
OLB 56 Kwashaun McFadden 29 Pointe-au-Chien Browns Beach City, SO
SLB 50 Ryan Pietruszewski 23 Mendota Steam Roller Carcajou, WA Wabash Huskies 2019 1.5
SLB 90 Jaxton McFolley 21 Neoga Jeffersons Charlevoix, WA South Wabash Golden Gophers 2022 1.1

MLB 59 Konrad Juszczyk 32 Braddock Oilers Lake Lindsey, CH
MLB 77 Stanislaw Strzelczyk 23 Harwich Yellow Jackets Kuznica Zdzieszowicka, WP Ozorkow Niedzwiedzie 2019 1.2

MLB 55 Hayden Ferguson 26 Bloomingburg Ravens Holiday Beach, SO Sonoma Longhorns 2016
MLB 52 Wolfgang Wellenhofer 23 Floydsburg Redskins Deer Grove, WA East Wabash Spartans 2019 1.10
MLB 54 Jarrod Houston 35 Beardstown Maroons Willacoochee, CH

LCB 34 DeShawn Lewis-Harris 28 Braddock Oilers Elizabethtown, CH
RCB 25 Kevin McGinnis 24 Golden Beach Packers Lake Minnewana, WA North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2018

LCB 43 Kennisha Hawkins-Henderson 23 Beach City Lions Hollywood, CH Central Chattahoochee Razorbacks 2019 1.8
CB 21 Ja'Whaun Ezechukwu 23 Oglethorpe Chargers Redington Beach, CH Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2019 1.12
CB 36 Ja'Kevious O'Reilly 22 Neoga Jeffersons Maringouin, WA North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide 2020 1.6
RCB 33 Kyle Celek 29 San Joaquin Cow Boys Kittaning, WA
CB 29 Jarvis Roberts 34 Potosi Bengals Cloutierville, CH

FS 42 Kareem Johnson 29 Waddington Seahawks Coxburg, CH
SS 24 Roderick McShepard 23 Zagrad Chiefs North Wilkesboro, CH Chattahoochee Tigers 2019 1.3

S 28 Dawson Floyd 25 Miltonsburg Rams Los Fresnos, SO Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2017
S 27 J.J. Brown 31 San Joaquin Cow Boys Netawaka, SO
FS 20 Kendrick Floyd Jr. 24 Waddington Seahawks Dutchtown, CH North Chattahoochee Crimson Tide

K 8 Crockett Burkhead 33 Los Osos Eskimos Skunk Hill, SG
K 18 Nick DeLuca 24 Rockingham Dolphins West Nottingham, SG Floydsburg Huskies 2018

P 9 Hayden Logan 24 Oglethorpe Chargers Des Pères, WA Chattahoochee Tigers 2018
P 4 Nick Larsen 37 Braddock Oilers Indian Harbour Beach, CH

KR 81 Jamal Duckett 26 Waddington Seahawks Bucksport, CH
KR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 24 Palm Beach Cardinals Manitou Beach, WA
KR 33 Kyle Celek 29 San Joaquin Cow Boys Kittaning, WA

PR 81 Jamal Duckett 26 Waddington Seahawks Bucksport, CH
PR 11 Jennifer Killebrew 24 Palm Beach Cardinals Manitou Beach, WA

LS 47 Keifer Landwehr 25 Floydsburg Redskins Evansdale, WA Chattahoochee State Seminoles 2016
LS 39 Marcus Jefferson 24 Neoga Jeffersons Rockwood, CH Ocean City Warhawks

H 6 Haylie Woo 23 Miltonsburg Rams Stoneham, SO USLO Bruins 2018 1.1
H 10 Tyler Kruger 30 Charlevoix Bears Lake Koshkonong, WA

CH: Chattahoochee
OK: Okanogan
SG: Saguenay
SO: Sonoma
WA: Wabash
WP: Wschodnioprusy (Prussia East)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes (I'll choose the severity)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: Yes
Godmod Other Events: Yes
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Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
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3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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Holy Marsh
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Postby Holy Marsh » Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:42 pm

#1 Asdul Sarake
#8 Samara Fali

#47 Joak Cala

#20 Donal Char
#29 Drag'p Karsona
#26 Gopal Kapudi
#21 Aarwa Falls

#11 Yamon Figuriz
#80 Sach'inald U'ulfa
#81 Indu Bhave
#84 Randy Charleston
#86 Toni Asperito

#89 Chamunda Banahatti
#49 Nagini Misra

#51 Jeet Thakore
#67 Shitala Malhotra
#70 Rishu Thacker
#57 David Velasco

#54 Samarj Thakur
#60 Kevin Amano

#52 Yad Adwani
#72 Jeff Durand
#74 Jake Stingily

#93 Ruldu Ganapuli
#99 Yogarasa Mallaya
#97 Zach Jones
#92 Sendrick Hayes

#71 Salani Bhate
#73 Chander Marwah
#75 Pannel Hayes
#77 William Eghboh
#95 Marcus Klug

#50 Akeem Curran
#55 Chambeli Bakshi
#90 Will Malast

#56 Indira Heravdakar
#58 Simron Bajpai
#60 Stephen Allred

#22 Tsaka Undu
#23 Cheeno Misra
#25 Kamala Dheer
#27 Jason Mouton
#28 Alterraun Hood

#38 Vincent Griffin
#30 Sadhana Dhebar
#34 Chris Johnson

#36 Nupur Pandey
#35 Myron Hope

#2 Madri Srivastav

#3 Sooraj Sabani

Drag'p Karsona
Yamon Figurs
Indu Bhave

Drag'p Karsona
Indu Bhave
Kamala Dheer

Kevin Amano

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes.
Godmod Injuries to my players: Yes.
Suspend my players: No.
Godmod suspension events: No.
Godmod other events: Yes.

Style Modifier: +5
Holy Marsh is ranked 1st in Nova (Greysteel) and 571st (477th) in the world for Largest Defense Forces.
Holy Marsh is ranked 2,723rd in the world and 1st in Greater Dienstad for Most Inclusive.
The Shift: An Update on Holy Marsh
" exercise in sadomasochistic futility," - Engaging in warfare against the Union

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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Dec 13, 2018 1:06 pm

World Bowl 36/XXXVI @ Ko-oren
MD1 Scores

Group A
Ko-oren 9–0 Kytler Peninsula
Main Nation Ministry 19–16 Skundi
Equestrian States 22–10 Xanneria

Group A                     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Equestrian States 1 1 0 22 10 +12
2 Ko-oren 1 1 0 9 0 +9
3 Main Nation Ministry 1 1 0 19 16 +3
4 Skundi 1 0 1 16 19 −3
5 Kytler Peninsula 1 0 1 0 9 −9
6 Xanneria 1 0 1 10 22 −12

Group B
Velstrania 41–10 Castleon
Cosumar 30–0 North Quadana
Northwest Kalactin 3–7 Saint Dennis

Group B                     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Velstrania 1 1 0 41 10 +31
2 Cosumar 1 1 0 30 0 +30
3 Saint Dennis 1 1 0 7 3 +4
4 Northwest Kalactin 1 0 1 3 7 −4
5 North Quadana 1 0 1 0 30 −30
6 Castleon 1 0 1 10 41 −31

Group C
Drawkland 17–0 Micronistan
Abanhfleft 33–0 Krytenia
Lisander 21–3 Ranoria

Group C                     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Abanhfleft 1 1 0 33 0 +33
2 Lisander 1 1 0 21 3 +18
3 Drawkland 1 1 0 17 0 +17
4 Micronistan 1 0 1 0 17 −17
5 Ranoria 1 0 1 3 21 −18
6 Krytenia 1 0 1 0 33 −33

Group D
Allamunnic States 40–10 A Rosa
Alpine Union 3–0 Monarch Republic
Velestria 23–48 New England

Group D                     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Allamunnic States 1 1 0 40 10 +30
2 New England 1 1 0 48 23 +25
3 Alpine Union 1 1 0 3 0 +3
4 Monarch Republic 1 0 1 0 3 −3
5 Velestria 1 0 1 23 48 −25
6 A Rosa 1 0 1 10 40 −30

Group E
Trans-Dniesters 35–27 Bendicion
Royal Kingdom of Quebec 24–6 Pambudia
South Covello 40–3 Holy Marsh

Group E                     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 South Covello 1 1 0 40 3 +37
2 Royal Kingdom of Quebec 1 1 0 24 6 +18
3 Trans-Dniesters 1 1 0 35 27 +8
4 Bendicion 1 0 1 27 35 −8
5 Pambudia 1 0 1 6 24 −18
6 Holy Marsh 1 0 1 3 40 −37

Group F
Taeshan 20–0 One Jamaica
Vangaziland 33–6 Frenline Delpha
Banija 40–0 Monsa

Group F                     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Banija 1 1 0 40 0 +40
2 Vangaziland 1 1 0 33 6 +27
3 Taeshan 1 1 0 20 0 +20
4 One Jamaica 1 0 1 0 20 −20
5 Frenline Delpha 1 0 1 6 33 −27
6 Monsa 1 0 1 0 40 −40

Group G
Free Republics 47–3 Seraxinbourgh
Newmanistan 18–3 Qingland
Jebslund 13–13 The Greater Nordics (13–20 OT)

Group G                     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Free Republics 1 1 0 47 3 +44
2 Newmanistan 1 1 0 18 3 +15
3 The Greater Nordics 1 1 0 20 13 +7
4 Jebslund 1 0 1 13 20 −7
5 Qingland 1 0 1 3 18 −15
6 Seraxinbourgh 1 0 1 3 47 −44
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Postby The Kytler Peninsulae » Thu Dec 13, 2018 3:07 pm

The Kytlerian Gridiron National Team
RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes, so long as it fits the team's playstyle
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: No

Style modifier: -4

The Kytlerian Gridiron National Team (historically nicknamed the Conquerors, though this nickname is not being reused for now) are appearing in their first World Bowl since XXIV, having missed the last eleven cycles (and thirteen of the last fourteen). In their previous era as regulars, they were typically competent - 3-4 at XXIV, above .500 in six previous attempts - but never really contenders. Their strongest era was early on, making the playoffs in their debut at World Bowl XV and also stunning The Babbage Islands en route to an eventual octo-final defeat to hosts and eventual champions Delaclava; they would add another octo-final defeat to the eventual champions at XVI before reaching the quarter-finals of XVII off the back of a 9-1 group record. They've not had a playoff game since, their closest approach coming in XIX when there were two group phases and the Conquerors stormed through the first 8-2 before falling with a 2-2 record in the second phase.

Gridiron is more of a minority pursuit at this point; concerns over safety decades ago led to schools heavily promoting Babbage rules football, which rapidly became one of the most popular team sports in the country after soccer and lacrosse, and a sport in which Kytlerians led the way in strategic innovation. It is now most popular in Varn, the would-be breakaway conservative region known for its mining industry. As a minority sport in a not-huge country, the gridiron team has a significant player pool issue, and it is the combination of this restriction and the Varnian love of a smashmouth style that has forged the triple-option offensive identity of this new team.

This is the first Kytlerian sporting appearance since the national isolation that followed the Games of the IX Olympiad, which were marred by terrorism and went significantly over budget. This has been an issue for many Varnians, who see this as the federal republic co-opting a "Varnian sport."

The offense uses a number of wishbone variations, tweaking around and adding their own nomenclature much as the Allamunnic States have.

The base of all of them is the QB behind a five-man line (LT, LG, C, RG, RT) and a FB behind him. Flanking these two are "SBs" - this could be interpreted as "slot back," "speed back," "side back," and "space back." And, indeed, head coach Tyler Delaney, devisor of this terminology, has explicitly said as much. The SBs can line up behind the FB as in the traditional wishbone, immediately behind and outside the tackles as in the flexbone, or level with the QB as in the full house/T. These SBs tend to make use of speed and agility - and often catch play-action passes - while the larger FB gets tasked with bludgeoning and blocking. Receivers are known as "flankers," and may interchangeably play TE or WR-type positions; either way, their first job is to block and their second job is to run vertical routes.

The Kytlerian base defense is a two-gap 3-4. This is used in large part because the player pool is mostly undersized but with a decent supply of really big men; the OLBs are more coverage players than sack artists, and the team will regularly rush an inside linebacker or safety whilst the other seven stand-up defenders drop into zone coverage, effectively running a Tampa 2 out of a 3-4. Against the run, the three defensive linemen are expected to hold off five offensive linemen while the OLBs cut off outside runs and the ILBs and safeties clean up anything inside that gets through the line.

Duplicate players in different positions are multi-position reserves and not errors

QB: #3 Turpres Izorigor, #8 John Murphy, #19 Alan Warrington
FB: #32 Graham Vernon, #34 José Sepulveda, #38 Dings Whaariny
SB: #24 Peter Hoogenboom, #28 Frederick Hart, #22 Wesley van Bree, #29 Edward Hogan, #20 Alan Coates
F: #83 Jacques Deschamps, #89 Alex Benschop, #82 Jamie Warrington, #88 Clive Foster
LT: #70 Páll Tómasson, #78 Xavier Lévy, #74 Robert Aldridge
LG: #75 Thorvald Troelsen, #79 Warrick Wilson, #71 Clive Partridge
C: #72 George Morrison, #62 Paul Robertson, #71 Clive Partridge
RG: #69 Mario Cremonesi, #64 Karsten Rasmussen, #66 Paul Potter
RT: #73 Thomas Murphy, #78 Xavier Lévy, #66 Paul Potter

NT: #98 Hjörtur Þórirsson, #95 Tane Bimbadeen, #91 Guðmundur Ármannsson
DE: #90 Roar Næss, #95 Timoti Oola, #93 Mocks Izorigor, #97 Jonathan Quark, #95 Tane Bimbadeen
OLB: #55 Frederick Aalderink, #50 Marino Grajeda, #58 Evander Buchanan, #53 Casper Sorenson
ILB: #59 Peter Watkins, #51 Murphy Whyte, #54 Jayden Oswald, #57 Vincent Aldridge, #52 Martijn de Bruijne
CB: #42 Adam Douglas, #46 Fabio Barriga, #49 Oliver Bryant, #40 Whootung Whaariny
FS: #44 Jack Marshall, #49 Oliver Bryant, #43 Henry Dragon
SS: #46 Lit Freprisis, #43 Henry Dragon, #41 Tim Edwards

K: #1 Choi Kyung-Hee
P: #4 Lachlan James
LS: #61 Pazyheas Mocks
KR: #29 Edward Hogan, #40 Whootung Whaariny, #20 Alan Coates
PR: #40 Whootung Whaariny, #20 Alan Coates
Out of international isolation at last

Host of World Lacrosse Championship 13, Baptism of Iron X, the 7th World Championships of Babbage Rules Football, and the Games of the IX Olympiad.

Champions of World Lacrosse Championship 13 and the first Memorial Cup in Babbageball; top of the medals table at the Games of the IX Olympiad (24 gold, 63 total medals).
World Lacrosse Championship 12 quarter-finalists, World Bowl XV and World Baseball Classic 20 octo-finalists
28 medals, 10 gold, at Games of the VI Olympiad (13th in medal table)
7 medals, 5 gold, at VII Olympic Winter Games (7th in medal table)
26 medals, 10 gold, at Games of the VIII Olympiad (9th in medal table)

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Postby Ko-oren » Thu Dec 13, 2018 3:37 pm

Kytler Peninsula @ Orange Bowl
Main Nation Ministry @ 65ers Arena
Equestrian States @ Orange Bowl
Xanneria @ 65ers Arena
Skundi @ Orange Bowl

Kytler Peninsula @ 65ers Arena
Main Nation Ministry @ Orange Bowl
Equestrian States @ 65ers Arena
Xanneria @ Orange Bowl
Skundi @ 65ers Arena

In the Group stage, we have five different opponents, whom we all play once in the Orange Bowl and once in the 65ers Arena, both in the northern metropolis of Schemerdrecht. The Dragonflies are fielding another no-fly zone of a team, with a defence that is smart and unforgiving, alongside a capable offence and tricky special teams. Never making mistakes is the core belief behind this team, and organising the team so mistakes are as unlikely as possible is the biggest job of the coaching staff.

We face the Main Nation Ministry, a team with a great talent for running the ball from all kinds of different formations. That is pretty much the only way to challenge our defence, but even then a stunting secondary should be able to lay siege to their backfield. With a 4-3 defence, the Ministry doesn't play a particularly odd defence, but it's a tested concept that won't hold them back much.

Another opponent is Xanneria, who play a fiercely attacking style with a good decision maker as a signalcaller (Vic Reese), aided by a variety of running plays (Jamie Lords and Romeo Reynolds) and a lot of short and mid-to-deep passing concepts ran by their wide receivers and tight end, with the occasional screen or dump-off to either back. We wish them a lot of good luck with this, as this is generally the kind of offence our secondary feasts on - but the amount of misdirection Xanneria can pull off may very well trouble our defence quite a bit too. Xanneria also play a standard 4-3 defence, so adapting between the two largest opponents of this group shouldn't be too difficult.

Then there are the Equestrian States, a pretty well-known rival to us. Not much is known about them yet other than the video of their first game against Xanneria, so we know they brought a very talented squad.

A revamped Kytlerian squad is in the group as well, back in the World Bowl after a lengthy absence. They focus heavily on defence, like us, with a fairly comparative defensive scheme. 3-4 as a base, with linebackers who are decent in coverage, somewhat vulnerable against good running teams. The offence can get a bit creative with lots of running and play-action, but with a far greater focus on blocking than our own offence. That, and the colours, means there will be two very similar teams on the field twice this World Bowl.

Skundi is an unknown factor for us, but more on them as the group goes on.
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Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Monsa » Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:43 pm

Monsan Football kicked off in the 36th edition of the World Bowl against Banijia. The Banijian's were ranked 21st and the Monsans Total Newcomers. Nothing much was expected for the Monsan Newcomers, but fans still walked away disappointed. A 40-0 blowout by the experienced side.

After the game, Monsan Coach Stanley Kidd said that he was extremely disappointed in his team and that some changes needed to be made to the lineup. Those changes came later that evening Matt Mattel to Starting QB, Trevor Stamro overtaking his brother, and Gertrud Munter to move up to react . 3 big changes and 3 big positions to keep count. As Monsan's react to the game with sadness and fury, time will only tell if Monsan's can ever pull off a good result in the great game of Football.



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