Protests in small Arab nation violently crushed (IC/MT)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Solovie » Fri Nov 23, 2018 12:05 am

En route to Basran
Agent Afonso Eminof

I looked up at my watch to distract myself if ever momentarily from the files in front of me. Another hour in the hold of an An-26 flying the personal effects of some corporate bigwigs living in Basran. I looked back down at the files in front of me, giving me detail about the journalists.

Solvo-Esplora Forto
Sekureco. Honoro. Justeco.

Encryption: Classified

Name: O'Kallan, Jamal
Age: 27
DOB: 25.06.1991
POB: Meharan, Gij, UoS
Religion: Catholic
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 187 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown, Curly
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Foreign Correspondent, Erae Post-Dispatch (2015-Present)
Education: B.A. - Journalism, Ostego College (2014)
Languages: Solovien Esperanto, Latin, Arabic
Political Affiliation: No active affiliation; consistently votes Republican
Military Experience: Petty Officer 3rd Class, Solovien Navy (2009-2013)
-Stationed with 4th BW Fleet
-MOS: Naval Infantry
-Good Conduct Medal
-Distinguished Marksmanship Ribbon
-Operation: Big Man Campaign Ribbon

Name: Dallard, Aleksej
Age: 43
DOB: 12.08.1975
POB: Mace, Tuzla, UoS
Religion: Apostolic
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 203 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, Curly, Thinning
Relationship: Married
Occupation: Cameraman, Erae Post-Dispatch (2007-Present)
Education: N/A
Languages: Solovien Esperanto, Arabic
Political Affiliation: Communist
Military Experience: Technical Sergeant, Solovien Popular Army (1993-2002)
-SPA 8th Army
-MOS: Combat Cameraman
-Wound Medal (2x)
-Commissariat Medal
-Vigil Medal (3x)
-Survival Medal
-Stowe's Pass Campaign Ribbon
-Del's Plantation Campaign Ribbon
-Ostego Campaign Ribbon

Name: Abadi, Ilhan
Age: 24
DOB: 08.04.1994
POB: Erae, Respubliko Provinco, KoS
Religion: Muslim
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 158 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red, Curly, Wears headscarf
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Photographer, Erae Post-Dispatch (2016-Present)
Education: B.A. - Liberal Arts, Erae State University (2015)
Languages: Solovien Esperanto, Arabic
Political Affiliation: Green
Military Experience: Airman, Solovien Air Force (2012-2016)
-Stationed at De Keflan AFB
-MOS: Photographer
-Good Conduct Medal
-Vigil Medal

Journalist Team arrived in Basran approx. 2 weeks before first incident in Pearl Roundabout. SEF asset in Basran established visual contact with team upon arrival into country. No physical contact made.
Orders to establish contact with deep cover agent in country and find EP-D team
. Report back upon contact.

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Pan-Asiatic States
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Democratic Socialists

Postby Pan-Asiatic States » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:35 am

Pan-Asiatic Federal News Agency and Official State-Media


Press Release | Pahayag | 新闻稿
Pan-Asiatic States
Estados Pan-Asyatiko


Subject: Basarani Display of Aggression

In the protective spirit of the Grand Federation, this alliance of Pan-Asiatic States, with the democratic supplementation of the superficial authority of the Congress of Soviets through a seminal meeting held November 11, in the People's Year, 2018, victorious 439 - 62; and the consequent, unanimous approval of the Sixth Administration, the firmly just and unified People of Asia hereby condemns the treacherous, oppressive, and imposing government of Basaran for their continuous violations of international agendas to promulgate peace, and Natural Law itself. The charges made are as follows:

  • For enforcing a state-sanctioned armada of armed personnel upon an extrajudicial crowd of protestors, therefore suppressing the free market of ideas.
  • For withholding Machiavellianist leaders, of which caused the counter-instigation against defenseless innocents.
  • For contradiction of the Juche standards and ideals held dearly by Asia, notably, use of local police as puppets to enforce the Status Quo.
  • For allowing the imperialistic forces of unregulated Capitalism triumph in the wake of the People's wellbeing.
  • For disarming the spirit of justice and openly taking authoritarian expropriation of free information and popular interest.

Counter provocations with an immediate counteroffensive, and an aggressive war with a war of justice for the world maintenance of the people's democratic stability– this is our principled stand and unshakable will. We will never remain onlookers to the enemy’s desperate moves for aggression; we will do all we can to defend the destiny of the people and the people's peace-loving nations.

The Basarani Government will face a full-fledged sanction of a high order until the crimes above have been duly met with swift internal justice; all trading shall halt immediately, with State-Companies making contracts null and void upon proper promulgation and communication having been transmitted from respective regulatory Government agencies through the appropriate channels.

The Pan-Asiatic States will continue to uphold the ideals abandoned by the interred people of Basaran by supporting factions which aim the immediate deliberation of Democratic rule, through discrete channels expropriated by the Asian Communist Party, through the approval of the State Development and Planning Commission.

It is a truth confirmed by history that nobody in the world can check the advance of a people who have turned out for their cause of justice. If another undesirable war breaks out on this land as a consequence of the unpardonable actions of the Basarani Government, they will sustain an ignominious defeat in that war and our great nation will greet a bright dawn of their state-and-people reunification.


Garrick Abramovich Mensenares Jr.
Chairman of the Asian Communist Party
Secretary-General of the Pan-Asiatic States


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