The Darkness Within [Closed/IC]

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Postby Zirion Grande » Thu May 02, 2019 9:30 am

Carthus Watchtower, Ceris, Jenesia System
29th Poseidon (29th March), 1400 Hours (Ceris Time) 1503 AGW

The inner walls of the watchtower were sprayed with the blood of zombie-like ghouls who Ainz assumed were previously miners. The feral Cameloids kept charging at him from the top floors as Ainz climbed his way up the tower with Glenn providing some much needed backup from behind. The roaring sounds made by the rounds from his ion gun pierced the echo-filled rooms. The number of shots slowly decreased until a dead silence was heard again when Ainz reached the loft of the tower. There, they pushed aside the half-open door leading to a pitch black room. To the horrors of both of them, what they saw was burned into their minds - an utterly grotesque scene. A two meter tall man regurgitated black pus into the mouths and orifices of captured Cameloids and throwing them aside to die. Seconds later, the deceased Cameloid starts to move its limbs and foam erupts from its mouth... the dead camel was bloody moving again. In an instant, Ainz and Glenn shot those monstrosities with their hand cannons. Thunderous sounds shook the room as the tall man crawled on all fours and slithered across the floor towards the two Grandeans. Once near, the shadowed figure stood up straight with claws up, ready to kill. However, before the claws could reach its flesh, Ainz pulled the trigger and shot the beast straight at its head.

"What-! What the hell is that thing?" cried the horried Glenn. "I don't know myself. It scared the literal shit out of me though. Better shoot it again for good measure." said Ainz as he cocked another bullet in the thing's head.

"Hey, what's that?" Glenn knelt down and unhinged a palm-sized badge from the creatures vest. It was a silver-polished with the engravings 'The Maw' written on it. " This guy's from Exiyu's crew, Exiyu ain't here. Let's get out of this place before whatever it is that turned this guy comes after us." urged Glenn as he walks towards the exit. Ainz took a last glance at the blood-stained room before leaving.

"Let's get back to Yanu'Kai and report what we've seen here back to Ire and meet up with the rest." Ainz still had some part of him feeling uncomfortable from what he just witnessed, no one should ever see what he saw. Upon reaching the cottage, the two men lay their gear on the wooden table, exhausted from the journey back. As they sat, Ainz noticed something was off. He glanced into the room Yanu'Kai was in and she wasn't there. "Glenn, she's gone. She's been captured, we've got to go find her." Ainz panicked as he ran out of the hut, looking for the missing Duchess. "Calm down Ainz, she left us a note." Glenn picked up the wrinkled piece of parchment, it read:

Boys, i'm heading off for Ire in advance. Go meet up with the rest soon.

"Damn, she's a royal pain in the ass giving us unnecessary trouble like that. I guess we'll just have to meet her there" sighed Glenn. The two men packed up immediately and headed off back to Westfield.
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Postby Terudel » Tue May 14, 2019 7:44 am

Somewhere in Jek, Relesent System
1st Helios (1st April), 1030 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

Fang Hook and Tesex strolled slowly across the endless desert, their boots sinking in the coarse sand at every step. It's been 3 days since they were deployed together with Doctor Michael Spencer in Jek to search for the whereabouts of Aul Exiyu. Spencer fell into a pit the night before and the two scavenged the entire place for any sign of him but to no avail. Fang Hook made a distress call to the The Revenant, informing the crew that Spencer was presumably dead. Now, the two continued the search for Exiyu, but they would have to return to the ship soon, with their oxygen levels depleting at a rapid rate.

In actuality, Spencer was alive. Falling to the pit was all part of his plan, where he activated his cloaking device and made his way to a portal hidden deep through one of the several tunnels. This portal was long built by Canardians, directly connecting it to their planet and was used as an escape route during the War of Thorns 200 years ago.

In Canardin, Spencer was greeted by his brother, who immediately sent a coded message to Doctor Mandy Xignus, informing her about Michael's arrival in Canardin. Yanu'Kai had already arrived in the superweapon and was waiting for Michael impatiently. Cherilyn and Mandy, upon receiving the coded message, took a starship with a cloaking device and left The Revenant without anyone noticing.

With Tara Mythos held captive, Michael, Yanu'Kai, Cherilyn and Mandy knew they'd be able to manipulate the impending war into their own favour. The superweapon was designed by Michael and Mandy, and the construction was supervised by General Alister Nubian, leader of the Canardian Special Forces and a childhood friend of Michael. Just hours before Michael had arrived in the superweapon, his team of scientists were able to discover that Tara Mythos indeed had complete control over the Y.I.F.E.I system. The only problem was that the AI had developed independence, able to make its own decisions without Tara's consent.

Such a remarkable feat disturbed the scientists. Eliminating Tara would be useless in defeating the AI. Even Michael had no solution to this. However, there was a possibility that Tara knows exactly how to, which Michael realised quickly. The only way was torture to the brink of death, hoping to force the information out of her tongue.

The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ophelia ZX8, Bavern System
3rd Helios (3rd April), 0230 Hours (Zirion Grande Time), 1503 AGW

Michael sat in the lab, fingers moving rapidly as he typed several codes on the control panel. Mandy, too, was doing the same thing. The two had been trying to figure out a way to develop an artificial intelligence in the ACSX-19. Mandy volunteered to use her likeness for the AI, an idea Michael liked.

"We need to make this work," Michael mumbled. Just as he said it, the screen went blank before the symbol of ACSX-19 appeared.

"Welcome, Doctor Michael Spencer and Doctor Mandy Xignus. I am Amy, artificial intelligence at your service." Michael was stunned by it. Mandy stood up and celebrated.

"I did it, Michael!" Mandy exclaimed as she jumped up and down, oscillating in the air.

"Genius," Michael simply said, still speechless at how Mandy figured it out. Michael stared at her, realising how pretty she was when she smiled. He could not deny the fact that he had some hidden feelings for Mandy ever since they met in the Delta Research Facility 12 years ago. However, it only seemed as though they could not be more than friends and Michael chose to suppress the thought.

"You have Cherilyn already, fool. Stay loyal, for once, Michael," he thought to himself.
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Postby Terudel » Sun Jun 02, 2019 7:07 am


XRD Underground Facility, FM-221, Fimin, Jenesia System
11th Athena (11th May), 2130 Hours (Fimin Time), 1494 AGW

Jaygini, Sojan, Yanu'Kai and Glenn was tasked to rescue Michael and Fang Hook, who were captured by a group called The Big 4. Their faces were covered by steel masks, hiding their identities. Fimin is known for its secret underground facilities, operated by various groups with no affiliation to the Republic. The Big 4 was the most dangerous of them all, responsible for the deaths of thousands of Republic personnel.

A week ago, Michael and Fang Hook were sent on a reconnaissance mission to check on the rebel activities in Fimin. Chancellor Resmania Lagruz was aware that the rebels had been posing a threat to the Fimin government and wanted to exterminate them swiftly. Michael and Fang Hook, however, were spotted by some of the Big 4's minions and tranquilised the two.

Their ship, which was orbiting the planet, noticed that the signal was cut off and immediately sent a distress call to Dieusia. Chancellor Lagruz received a coded message a day later, stating that the two will be returned safely to the Republic on the condition that the Big 4 will be given full control of the planet. Resmania was appalled by the request and decided to send a special ops team to rescue the two.

Glenn walked slowly, rifle in hand, observing the hallway meticulously for any traps. He was closely followed by Sojan, Jaygini and Yanu'Kai. "The coast appears to be clear," Glenn whispered. "We have to split into pairs. Based on the information intercepted by our transmitters, Fang Hook and Michael is located in two different cells."

"Copy that, Blue Leader," Jaygini responded. "I'll go with Sojan. Yanu'Kai would be with you." Towards the end of the hallway, the path diverges into two. Sojan and Jaygini moved towards the left while Glenn and Yanu'Kai moved towards the right. As Glenn and Yanu'kai walked quickly, they heard gunshots.

Yanu'Kai stopped, appearing to be alarmed by the gunshots. Glenn frowned and said, "We got to keep moving. We don't have much time. Jaygini and Sojan will be fine. They are trained to do this."

"That is not my concern," Yanu'Kai retorted. "My gut feeling tells me that we are going on the wrong path."

"Well, there are only two paths. Either both of us or the other two finds them. Now, hurry up and move."

As the two scurried towards the end of the tunnel, on the other side, Sojan and Jaygini were under heavy fire from enemies. They hid behind a small, grey barricade that was able to deflect plasma bolts. Jaygini peered through a small little hole on the barricade, looking for an opportunity to get a shot. From her angle, there were 3 easy shots and there were about 4 more on Sojan's side. She gave him a little nod before standing up to fire. Sojan followed shortly after, eliminating the remaining enemies.

The two ran for the elevator at the end and made their way 8th storeys down. Before they got in the elevator, Jaygini was able to pick up one of the devices held by the enemies. From there, she was able to get the exact location of Michael and Fang Hook. As they waited for the elevator to reach its destination, she sent a coded message to Yanu'Kai and Glenn to make their way back to the entrance.

The door opened to a sight of a long corridor, with several prison cells on both sides. The ground was sprawled with many dead bodies as the two carefully walked pass it. "It says here that the two are locked in cell 5671. Hopefully, those eggheads are still alive," Jaygini said.

Sojan pursed his lips and continued to walk through. When they reached the cell, they could see Fang Hook lying motionlessly on the floor while Michael was sitting on the corner, wearing a blank face. "Guys, we're here," Sojan said. "We came to get you out of here."

There was no response. It was as if Michael could not hear or see anything. "They tortured him," Jaygini said. "We don't have time to wait. I'll drag him while you carry Fang Hook."

As they pulled their way across the corridor back to the elevator, the door opened with two big-sized figures wearing masks on their faces, holding Yanu'kai and Glenn by the collar.

One of them spoke, "You guys aren't going anywhere."

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Postby Terudel » Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:10 am

The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ophelia ZX8, Bavern System
8th Helios (8th April), 1130 Hours (Zirion Grande Time), 1503 AGW

It has been 5 days since Doctor Mandy Xignus cracked the code, successfully implementing the Artificial Intelligence in the ACSX-19.However, the celebration was cut short by a distress signal from Canardin. The Supreme Chancellor, Claudine Ghen, disappeared from her chambers in Canardin without a trace and her whereabouts are still unknown. Some suspected that she had returned to Dieusia, others feared an abduction. A search team comprising of Republic troops was dispatched hours later to track her down. This was usually a task given to the Grand 11 but with a bigger threat facing the Republic, tracking down Aul Exiyu was more important.

Doctor Spencer continued to fine-tune the AI, exploring ways to potentially weaponise it. Yanu'kai worked closely with him, using her supernatural abilities to try and make alterations to the system. Senator Cherilyn intercepted multiple messages to see what the Grand 11 was up to. Word of Spencer's death and Yanu'kai's disappearance has disseminated across the Republic, with several senators expressing their grief. Glenn and Ainz followed Yanu'kai's note the the planet of Ire, but there was no sign of her.

Sojan, Riflona, Jixu and Jaygini were ambushed in Roulande and barely made it out alive, with Jixu suffering from serious injuries. Everyone failed to complete their missions, losing 2 members in the process. Morale was down and at the moment, the enemy has the upper hand. Spencer was not going allow that and compromised his sleep to find a solution. As Spencer moved his fingers endlessly on the keypad, Yanu'Kai shot him with a wicked glare that sent shivers down his spine.

"Is there a problem?" Spencer asked, an eyebrow raised.

"Yes," Yanu'kai responded firmly. "You can't fool me, Michael. Do you actually think encryption codes on your files in the system work on me? No, it does not. Clearly, I saw that the missions to hunt down Aul Exiyu was all part of your plan to get the rest out of your way."

"What are you talking about?"

"Aul Exiyu was never in any of the places you mentioned and you very well knew that. Yet, you sent all of us on a dangerous mission that could've got us killed and then fooled me to come and look for you, saying that all we had to do was torture Tara Mythos to extract information. Now, your so-called death is being mourned by everyone and you sent a coded message late last night to the Senate Building in Dieusia, specifically the Chancellor's office. And guess what? She disappeared too. Now tell me, who exactly do you work for, Michael?"

"Really? You and your cock-and-bull story won't help take down the enemy. Besides, everyone knows that your supernatural abilities are somewhat below average. Who knows whether what you saw was true? As far as I am concerned, there is no record of me sending a coded message to Dieusia yesterday nor do I have a file containing evidence that I plotted to kill the Grand 11 during the mission."

Yanu'kai gave a sour face, appalled by Michael's criticism of her abilities. "You filthy human! Don't you dare insult my abilities! Do you think I can't kill you? I'd split your goddamn eyes and slit your throat if I had the chance!"

Michael pursed his lips and responded calmly, "So be it. I'm sorry I have to do this to you, of all people."

Michael pressed a button on the keypad and scanned his hand. A green bolt of light exploded from the ceiling, striking Yanu'kai with so much force, only one could imagine surviving that. Yanu'kai fell to the ground, her eyes wide open, petrified. Her fingers shaked a little and her nose twitching.

Michael grabbed a communication device on his desk and called for security to drag Yanu'kai's body to the vacuum capsule. Cherilyn emerged from the elevator, with a little shock in her face.

"What happened here? Did you just kill her?"

"No, of course not. I basically stunned her. We'll put her in the vacuum capsule where her abilities will not work. She'll remain alive for as long as we want her to. Don't ask me for the full reason. Just know that she was being a liability to our mission. Now, contact my brother and inform him that Aul Exiyu will be seeing him tomorrow. Also tell him that I will not be making my return any time soon and that he should continue to 'mourn my death'."

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Postby Zirion Grande » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:26 pm

Cytochambria Medical Base Camp, Ire, Bavern System
9th Helios (9th April), 0845 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"Come on Jixu! Stay awake! Hang in there! Don't give up on us now, we're almost there Jixu." Ainz called out as he carried the paralysed and unconscious Senator Jixu down from his ship while Representative Sojan and Governer Riflona straddled behind. Moments later, two Ipughni (a reptilian-avian humanoid) officers in white robes came rushing out with a hovering stretcher to lay Senator Jixu who was in the jaws of death.

"We need immediate medical reconstruction of her parietal lobe and recover her senses fast, if not she'll die from brain trauma faster than the bleeding." Sojan, given his medical background explained to the two feathery lizards who just stared at each other, fuddled, then back at Sojan. Sojan cracked,

"NOW!" The pair of Ipughnis scuttled to the main medical center like crabs on fire. Riflona and Sojan followed on after them while Ainz hurried back to his ship to converge with Glenn and Jaygini who were busy contacting the others.

Several days back, Marshall Ainz and Viceroy Glenn were headed towards the rendezvous point to reunite with Duchess Yanu'Kai as they passed through the Jenesian Inter-Planetary Express Route. As they navigated pass Roulande, they chanced across Jaygini's personal cruiser which had ion cannons blown through it and its paint charred off and the lights turned off. The pair decided to board the cruiser and recover the other four members of their group. Soon as Glenn opened the connecting doors between the ships, he was cocked to the head with the back of a leather-laced ion pistol and fell backwards on some storage units. The mystery gunman then came running towards Ainz with killer intent. Ainz grabbed the perpetrator's forearm and put the masked man into a chokehold in a second, knees on the floor and his gun against his own head. Glenn came to and hurried over to open the attacker's mask, to anyone's surprise, Jaygini was the culprit.

"What in hell's name are you doing trying to kill us, idiot?" Glenn said with a furiously swollen expression. Jaygini adjusted her Liliputian eyes to the men that apprehended her, then her eyes gleamed wide. Jaygini shouted,

"Riflona cancel the atta-" A dark figure leaped from the shadows behind the storage units with a tranquiliser and fired it, impaling Glenn's nape. Ainz changed position and took Jaygini's miniscule hand, putting it behind her back and nudged her against the ship's wall while his other hand shot a bullet between Riflona's legs. The room turned to instant silence.

"What the fu-" Glenn exerted a small incomprehensible phrase before he flopped onto the ship's floor. He was out cold.

"Explain, you have three seconds before I put a piece of charged lead between your eyes. Are you really Jaygini? Why did you attack us? THREE. TWO. ON-"

" Wahhhhh ahhhhh, Ainz don't shoot, it's really me! Please don't kill me or Riflona! We honestly thought you guys were the rebels who attacked us in Roulande, we were just trying to hold our own before our power supply could be replenished. I swear on Tara's name, Ainz." Ainz heard Jaygini's last words and released her and Rfilona from his hostage. Glenn was like a dead fish on the floor, except that it could snore. Ainz picked the man up on his shoulders and laid him next to the monitor.

"Where's the rest, they've been hiding too? Or dead?" asked Ainz as he reconnected the cut wires underneath the cruiser's control panel. A spark jolted and light came back to the shuttle.

"Sojan was at the back protecting Jixu while also trying to heal her. Out of the four of us, she got hit the worst. A Dark Kalee assassin came out from behind one of the debris and nicked Jixu by her leg with a poison-stained dagger. Afterwards, a bearded giant came tumbling down the hill with a bomb strapped to his body. Sojan grabbed Jixu and we started running from the damn lunatic. Riflona managed to turn around and fire a shot at that big, fat, ticking time-bomb. He exploded but we got caught up in it and apparently, Jixu got hit in the head by some broken metal."

"Then what happened to the assassin?"

"Well, if you had to ask, I saw her come out from under the rubble and was about to make a clean shot, but before I could, she noticed and turned on her cloaking device. The rest is history. My damn cruiser was busted when we came back to get it. They're gonna pay, those rebels, for hurting my baby."

From the dark corridor, Sojan appeared with bruises and a scar over his face. He held a pair of scissors and a bottle of pain-suppressants in the other, blood dripping from his fingertips.

"She's stable... for now at least. Come on, we've got to bring her to Ire, they have the tech needed to heal Jixu."

Several hours had passed, an Ipughni doctor exited the Recovery Room and told Sojan who waited outside that Jixu's condition was fine now and had it been a day late of her arrival in Ire, the acute poison in her leg would have completely shut down her nervous system rendering her dead. Sojan and Riflona blurted a sigh of relief. Jixu was saved.

Back at the ship, the team had gotten a communication going with Tesex and Fang Hook who were aboard The Revenant. They were en route to Ire via a chartered emergency Euclidian hyperspace jump from the desert planet of Jek. After hearing of the death of Doctor Michael Spencer, the squad became quiet and were at a loss for words. Then, Glenn stood up and walked towards the other members who were in dismay. He said,

"Spencer would not have wanted us to let his death be in vain. He would want us to finish the mission. We may not have him here with us anymore, but Aul is still out there needing our help. Yanu'Kai is somewhere here so we can find her. The Grande 11 lives on!" Those who sat before him roared with newfound vigour. The skies then suddenly started to crack, the Ipughni were screaming and the hovering island they were on shook like was a tremor. Ainz goggled his vision towards the limpid sky, there was a tear in the fabric of space-time and out came the Mandator IV Class Siege Dreadnought, The Revenant. It was a spectacle like no other.

Interruptedly, out of the daze of the huge 8 kilometer long battleship floating above the loft of clouds, several more rips in the sky were formed.

"Something's wrong," said Ainz with a look of fear in his jade eyes.

"These aren't our ships...these are not our ships! RUN!" At that instant, over thirty medium sized cruisers ejected into the space above Ire. Suddenly, the hope that was regained was lost to the darkness within the dead sky that observed the Grand 11 from above.

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Postby Zirion Grande » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:57 am

Aboard Mandator IV Class Siege Dreadnought, The Revenant, orbit of Ire, Bavern System,
9th Helios (9th April), 1130 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

The Revenant drifted above the semi-gaseous planet, Tesex and Fang Hook were scrambling around the ship's bridge, making sure everyone was safe from the turmoil caused by the hyper-jump earlier. The dreadnought's main systems have been incapacitated due to the high-voltage shock received from the jump's feedback, the secondary engines were busted and the navigation system was going haywire. Descending down to the planet was not an option, the only thing Tesex and Fang Hook could do was to take a space jet down to meet up with the rest. Admiral Kubrick gave the two access the to ship's primary hangar and the entry codes to his finest starfighters.

As Tesex and Fang ran towards the hangar, the ship's alarm went off, signalling enemy presence. An emergency announcement was made, Admiral Kubrick's voice could be heard over the intercom,

"Attention all passengers, this is the Admiral, we have an encounter with enemy vessels. It's the same rebel fleet from 4 months ago. Execute command ACER (Automated Counter Emergency Response) Formation 1: Solitary Fortification. All hands on deck, prepare for combat."

Moments later, The Revenant started to quake and rock, explosions could be heard and the alarms grew ever louder. Green bolts of plasma streamed past the ship, narrowly missing their target. Upon reaching the hangar, after managing to survive the ruckus, Tesex pinnned in an entry code to a Crescentian paladin-Class stealth jet. The backdoor opened and Fang Hook revved the main ignition thrusters. The crimson-coloured craft hovered to the take-off strip and zoomed out of the hangar. A second after the starfighter was out of the dreadnought, the green plasma bolts started to hurtle towards Tesex and Fang Hook.

"Shit! This thing doesn't have enough shields to last even five hits from those plasma bolts. I'm just going to have to evade them for now," Fang Hook scowled as he maneuvered the jet from wanton enemy fire.

"Tesex go up to the hydrode cannons and shoot anything that comes our way!"

"Roger that", the governer climbed up the ladders to the second level and manned two large cannons with the fire power enough to destroy a whole squad of ships at her disposal.

Suddenly, the green beams stopped and the ship was momentarily safe, they were already in thermosphere of Ire and were almost reaching the medical base. Then, to their stupefaction, a barrage of heat seeking torpedos were tailing the Crescentian starfighter. The hydrode cannons started to give off explosive rounds of compressed alloyed gas that detonate upon any solid contact.

"Tesex are you shooting them down?" Fang hook shouted as he spun the ship mid-air like a crashing tornado.

"What does it look like I'm doing! Could you fly like you're actually trying to save us! I can't get a clear shot."

As they descended down nearer to land, the heat missiles were getting warmer with their target. Up until the final stretch, Tesex closed her eyes, accepting her ill fate to the hands of a lovesick captain, two deafening gunshots were heard despite the conundrum inside the ship - the missiles blew up in green-marooning flames behind the ship. Captain Fang lost all control of the craft and prepared for an emergency landing. One side of the plane ignited in brilliant flames as the wing tore off, hurtling down into the miasma of thick gas below. The starfighter was now nosediving straight into an unknown gas pit that Captain Fang would not be able to steer through without seeing. As he checked his rear end camera, a dark monolithic figure tailed behind and its shadow only kept getting bigger.

" Faaaaaaang! What am I even staring at right now! It has tentacles and a big, BIG MOUTH! I can't kill that thing! If i die this is all your fault Fang!" Tesex cried, hugging tightly to her chair.

"OH SHUT UP WOMAN!" Captain Fang stepped on the thrust lever and pulled up the handles, once again regaining control over the jet. The jet, still whirling around, made a concave arc towards the top of the choking haze and finally penetrated its surface. The tentacled beast flew out of the thick fog and burnt up in the sunlight, its albino flesh gored with burnt scars and its tail in flames, not long after, the beast was falling down from whence it came but before it could be swallowed up by the fog, a larger beast, more monstrous, gobbled the pale-fleshed one in a gulp like an afternoon snack. The Crescentian spaceship whirled and landed onto the foot of the Cytochambria Medical Base Camp.

"Hey, Tesex, how did we survive that?" said Captain Fang but only a cold silence followed afterwards.

"Tesex? You okay? Tesex!" yelled the injured captain. He recovered from his position and began climbing up the cannon cockpit that Tesex was in. He climbed only to find his partner thrown out of the cockpit and lying unconscious on the grass. A tall man stood over her holding a radiating ion hand cannon that was recently shot.

"Hah! You're one lucky bastard Fang" snickered Ainz.

"It's over for those poor souls up there." he said with a finger pointing upwards. Fang Hook glanced up and saw Spencer's precious dreadnought blown up to oblivion. The rebels have won. Y.I.F.E.I. has won.
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Postby Terudel » Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:49 am

House Of Spencer, Canardin, Jenesia System
9th Helios (9th April), 0830 Hours (Canardin Time), 1503 AGW

Gideon paced back and forth in the grand hallway of the immaculate palace, lost in his deep thoughts. Feeling rather nervous, he took deep breaths, each feeling a tad heavier on the chest. The idea of him meeting Aul Exiyu sent shivers down his spine, knowing for a fact that he is the most wanted man in the galaxy. However, Gideon needed to trust his brother, Michael. Michael stated that the Exiyu that caused trouble was a shapeshifter from the planet of Alak'Hul and that the real Exiyu was in hiding.

It took a long time for Michael to contact Exiyu but now that he has spoken to him, the tide of war has shifted towards the Grand 11's favour. Exiyu had vital information on how to defeat Y.I.F.E.I. System. During his secret mission for the Chancellor, Exiyu's ship was hijacked by Y.I.F.E.I. and attempted to penetrate Exiyu's mind. Exiyu was a genius, far more than anyone in the galaxy. However, there was one person who Exiyu considered as an equal and she was Doctor Mandy Xignus.

Y.I.F.E.I. knew that Exiyu was capable of destroying it but it failed to penetrate Exiyu's mind fully. As an alternative, the AI chose to hijack the mind of a shapeshifter in order to try and find Mandy Xignus but Xignus knew better. She knew that Exiyu would go after her if his mind was hijacked. When the parasite destroyed the TXYC space station, Xignus decided to move to the Yunix Superweapon, where she won't be found.

Exiyu entered the hallway and shook Gideon's hand. "Greetings, Premier Gideon. I am Aul Exiyu, and with me is my loyal assistant Marie Lyn. I'm sure Michael told you about the mission."

"What mission?" Gideon asked, looking awfully surprised. "He told me that you will come to speak to me."

"Change of plans, Premier. Michael told me to inform you that a war is about to break out near the planet of Ire. You will need to deploy the battle cruisers and destroyers. The Yunix Superweapon has already jumped into hyperspace. We will meet Michael in the rendezvous point, which is in the orbit of Zirion Grande. From there, we will assemble in battle formation en route to Ire. If we don't move now, then I'm afraid that Y.I.F.E.I. would take over the entire Republic."

"Then we have to move now, then. With the assassination of Chancellor Claudine just a few hours ago, we have to protect this Republic by ourselves."

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Postby Zirion Grande » Fri Oct 18, 2019 10:36 am

Cytochambria Medical Base Camp, Ire, Bavern System
9th Helios (9th April), 1143 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

Heavy gunfire rained down upon the evergreen pasture on which the Ipughnian corpses lay straddled and stricken onto the ground. The lush floating islands had become all but molten crumbs of earth falling deep into an endless chasm of gas underneath. The planet was on fire and under siege of The Rebellion fleet. Those who were not blown to scraps by the Thallium Cannons above were shot dead by the rebel scouts who came down in light speeders. Jaygini had been laying down unconscious after being struck on the chest by bomb shrapnel while Riflona got hooked by rebel scout speeder and dragged onto the burning floor before she detached the tow with her phase blade. Jixu was still in a coma from her injury but Tesex was now conscious. Sojan was rescuing the injured Ipughnians while Glenn and Ainz were firing their ion pistols on the incoming enemy forces. They couldn't hold out for long and backup was needed.

"Glenn cover me" said Ainz as he rushed out of the medical shelter and into the bombardment towards his ship. Ainz tucked his head between his arms to avert the crossfire of the rebel troops and the Ipughni soldiers. Around 10 meters away from his ship, a rebel speeder was heading straight for Ainz at sonic speed and he had less than a split second to react. Ainz raised his hands in the hopeless attempt to defend himself from his impending demise but soon as Ainz closed his eyes, the speeder detonated to a bright flame of lilac.

"Damn you Glenn, you always had the better aim, guess I owe you one again ya damn roach" Ainz whispered. Ainz took a step into his ship and heaved a heavy sigh of relief,other than the fact that he almost died his ship ,Obelisk Tempo, was unscathed due to its world-grade ion shields protecting it from the bombardment. The unkempt Marshall walked up to his control panel and pressed on the intercom to request for heavy reinforcements from the adjacent system, but the communications were jammed heavily from the disruption outside. He tried multiple times to reinvigorate the signal with pulse discharges but the attempt was futile. Disgruntled, Ainz pummeled a fist into the mainframe and shouted

"Damn it, I have three half-dead girls here, is it that hard to get some bloody help in here?". As the Grandean man was about to throw in the towel and try to annihilate the fleet by himself, a muffled voice from within the deck called out to Ainz.

"No it isn't that difficult you daft muscle-for-brains.This is Spencer. Yeah, yeah, I know I'll explain later. Just look out your window. Spencer out."

A sudden silence was pervasive, the bombardment had stopped and Ainz rushed out of the ship to see the rebel troops retreating while the rebel ships made a full reversal towards a shattering rift in the voided sky. A blinding flash followed and something from within the cosmos leaped out - it was a lone Dreadnaught from the Crescentian Republic. All the Rebel ships initiated a synchronised fussilade upon the single target. However, the ship was a facade - it was a trap! From behind the other side of the planet, emerged hundreds of Dreadnaughts as gargantuan as The Revenant. Behind the already great battalion were multiple Jumbo-cruisers belonging to the Grandean Armed Forces and Alak'Hul Ashaton Lance Ships which were revered as giant vessels that could strafe an entire moon to dust. Alongside were many other smaller jetfighters from other planet forces. It was a first ever federate Crescentian Republic fleet against a common enemy.

The Second Great War was just about the start and Ainz and the rest of the Grand 11 were already in Obelisk Tempo, making their way up to save the Republic.
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Aboard Dreadnought 9101 "Unity", Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
9th Helios (9th April), 1530 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"The fun is just about to begin!" Spencer said jubilantly as hundreds of dreadnoughts continue to emerge from hyperspace. The rebels were caught in a rather unpleasant surprise when the Republic fleet, presumably destroyed, appeared. Fierce fighting continued on the grounds of Ire, with Grandean troops taking heavy blows from the far superior rebel army. Without Republic support, the Grandeans suffered many losses but continued to press on and hold their ground. Canardin remained silent for an extended period of time, waiting for Michael's command. Now, the Second Great War was in full swing. Thousands of small fighters have descended into Ire's atmosphere to provide aerial support for the land troops while hundreds of troop transporters made their way to provide backup.

"Sir, the Obelisk Tempo is requesting for access into our ship," said one of the personnel on the bridge. "What is our response?"

"Deny their access. That fool just won't listen. Tell Ainz to get his ass back down in the goddamn planet. If he refuses, well then we have no other choice but to blow that piece of junk of a ship that he flies."

"Isn't that far too aggressive, brother?" asked Gideon, who seemed puzzled by his younger brother's firmness.

"Well, my instructions were clear. Besides, the fact that all of a sudden, I have risen from the dead is enough to cause trouble within the Grand 11. They'd question me endlessly and we don't have time for that. However, I want Glenn and Sojan to be on this ship. Those two are experienced with leading warships. The Yunix is about to reach Ire soon. I need to be on that weapon. Tell Cherilyn to contact Doctor Xignus and relay the message that our primary target is Arthrus. Those rebel scums are housing many of their troops on that stupid moon. If we blast that into ashes, the rebels would be forced to regroup. That would buy our troops some time to infiltrate the control centre in Ire. As for you guys, continue the heavy fire on the rebel fleet."

"Alright, Michael. I guess we can call you General instead of Doctor now, huh?" Michael glared at Gideon before walking off.

"Obelisk Tempo, this is Gideon Spencer. Access to this ship is denied. However, we want Glenn and Sojan. The rest of you will make your way back to Ire. That is an order. A breach of that order would result in the annihilation of your ship. Comply or die."

"Seriously, Gideon?" Ainz was not having it. "You don't tell us what to do. Besides, Chancellor Claudine gave me overall command of the Republic Army. I don't take orders from nobody."

"The Chancellor is dead! You either listen to me or you die! We are at war here, you imbecile! Do you think you have the confidence of the Republic Army after your failure down there? Thousands of men are dead under your command. You do not have the loyalty of the army. Now, stop wasting time. Do as I say. Tell Glenn and Sojan to board the transporter that will be sent to your ship. I want the rest of you to supervise the infiltration of the rebel control centre."

"We are infiltrating? Are you mad? You are the imbecile here! That place is heavily guarded. We can't outsmart Y.I.F.E.I. just like that! We need a different plan!"

Suddenly, a familiar female voice spoke into the intercom. "Listen, you fool," said Cherilyn. " This is Senator Cherilyn Tania from Canardin, trusted associate of the late Chancellor. According to her will, Canardin will take interim command of the entire Republic should she die doing her duty. Your refusal to heed our command is treason and is punishable by death. So if I were you, I'd think twice before I do anything reckless. Now go and do as Gideon says!"

"Alright, alright lengthy-ass woman! I'll follow your goddamn command. Happy now?"

"Don't speak to me in that way, degenerate scum," Cherilyn said firmly. "You don't know what I am capable of. Better clean that dirty mouth of yours. It smells like piss."

Cherilyn ended the transmission and ordered for the transport ships to be sent. As she walked off the bridge, the intense battle in space magnified just as a huge planet-sized space station emerged from hyperspace.
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Riviera Forest-Rebel base(Unknown Coordinates), Arthrus, Bavern System
10th Helios (10th April), 1835 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"Goddamit, if it wasn't for bloody long legs I wouldn't be here! See where it got me? I just got shot in the chest by a repulsor cannon!"
Ainz groaned in agony as Tesex applied a cooling salve on the man's charred chest with her milk-white hands. As his skin felt a freezer burn sensation, an awoken Jixu grasped the stalwart man's burly hand in a fit of concern. It was supposed to be a stealth infiltration mission but Fang Hook fortuitously shot a flare into the sky and exclaimed 'wait, what?', thus revealing the position of the reconnaissance team. Fang Hook fired his blaster at the Rebel scouts just across the tree but missing by a mere millimeter. "Fang, keep em' busy for another minute, so that we can carry Ainz back to the ship-" said Tesex to the distressed captain.

"No! It's too far. We- AHHHHHHHH," the frozen wound reopened revealing the blackened flesh within, "-we can't leave now. We're finishing this mission one way or another." Ainz raised his torso from the coarse dirt and gripped his hand cannon from its holster, orienteering it slightly to the edge of his peripheral vision. Ainz pulled the trigger and fired through one of the birch trees and a khaki-clad trooper plopped onto the floor with a hole in his chest.

"How'd you even do that?" asked Fang Hook as he shouldered Ainz to stand up on his feet.

"Lucky guess."

"Where are we headed off to now? We've searched the entire the entire right hemisphere of the planet but there's not one building in sight. This place is barren." cried Jixu.

"What did Spencer even send us here for again?" Tesex asked.

"Our orders were to opsonize this moon for a kill sequence, I haven't the slightest clue what he's talking about, but basically we've got to place this transponder I got inside the Rebel base. And soon as we've activated it, we gotta get the hell out." Ainz explained.

"SHIT. So Spencer sent us on a death wish to blow this place up?" exclaimed Fang.

"Hold on Ainz, I thought Gideon told you to infiltrate the Rebel Base on Ire, then why are we on Arthrus?" Tesex asked.

"We're going back to Ire after we blow this stand!"Jixu and Fang looked at each other uneasily.

"But there's no way in hell I'm risking your lives to try and penetrate that damn fortress. It's an even bigger death wish than what we're doing now if you ask me." Ainz took a deep sigh.

"When we're back in Ire, I'm doing the infiltration alone. You guys have been hurt plenty from this stupid charade that Spencer had us put up with. He knows something about my sister that I don't and I'm getting the feeling that Tara's somehow convoluted in all of this too. I can't help but feel that he had something to do with Yanu'kai's disappearance. There's just so many unanswered questions and I intend to get to the bottom of it without causing harm to anyone of you guys. You guys are the closest thing I have to a family since Tara left, and don't want to lose that again." Tesex and Jixu were taken aback by Ainz' sudden change in expressiveness. Tesex put a hand on his shoulder and said,

"C'mon, man up baby boy. We've all got our questions for Spencer and his cartel of lady friends, but right now, people are dying and we've got to finish this mission quick. As for the infiltration, there's nothing you can say to us that will make us change our minds to tag along. Families stick together." Ainz wiped his teary eyes and the party of four continued their hunt for base.

Aboard Dreadnought 9101 "Unity", Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
10th Helios (10th April), 1835 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"Michelle! Direct the troops of the left flank sqaudron to intercept the rebel fleet on our left. Sonjeff, I need you to dispatch two bombers to aid the Ashaton Lance ships in capturing the Rebel's Commander Cruiser..." Sojan's booming orders reverberated throughout the dreadnought's intercom, morale was high, a true leader was taking charge of the war operation.

"Glenn, how are things on the other side?" said Sojan as his dreadnought was being strafed with hydrode shots.
"Not too good here, I got half my fleet dead already. These damn rebels are persistent. What in world is Spencer up to? One minute his dead, another minute his on a damn metal ball of death. After this is over, remind me to punch him in the gut for making the whole lot of us worried for nothing."
"Agreed. For now, he's our best shot at winning this war. That superweapon better not just be for show."
"Sojan, heads up, the Commander ship's glowing-"

In the heat of the firefight, the central Rebel cruiser glowed a bright gold, it echoed a deep hum that could be heard even amidst the vacuumed explosions. Moments later, an iridescent line of concentrated light cut through the very layer of space, splitting several Grandean warships in its warped path. A cascade of incendiary storms followed, Sojan stood breathless at the destructive beauty and grandeur of the weapon. The tide of the battle has turned.

"What the hell was that?!? We just suffered from twenty percent casualties. Another shot like that and we can kiss our asses goodbye" said the horrified Sojan.

"Sojan...there's only one weapon that can do that" Glenn went all cold for a moment. "That's a Line Rifle Rail Gun...and only one of it was Canardin."
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The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
10th Helios (10th April), 1955 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"What did you just say?" Michael glared at one of his personnel as they reported on the whereabouts of Ainz and the others.

"They are in Arthrus, sir. According to our reconnaissance team, they are attempting to opsonise the moon."

"Fools! That Ainz! He's going to get them all killed before this day ends!" Michael bellowed as he threw his coffee mug on the floor. Unbeknownst to Ainz, the moon of Arthrus is far more heavily guarded than the rebel base in Ire. In fact, Arthrus is the main control centre of the rebels. That was the reason why it is the main target of the Yunix Superweapon.

Michael turned towards Mandy with bloodshot eyes and said, "I want 4 battalions down on that moon immediately. We are going to rescue the rest. As for Ainz, as de facto leader of the Republic, I am issuing a warrant of arrest. From now on, he will not participate in the war. Instead, he will rot in his jail cell here. What he has done is considered as insubordination and even worse, treason."

Mandy appeared stunned at the words that she had just heard from Michael. "Are you sure about this? Ainz is an experienced soldier on the battlefield. He will be valuable."

"My decision is final, Mandy. He has endangered the lives of our most important personnel. That pea-sized brain of his is not needed here. After the war, he will face trial. Furthermore, his sister is behind this war. The creator of Y.I.F.E.I. is none other than Tara Mythos. And now that she has escaped, it is of our best interest that we keep her brother locked up. As of now, we do not know how did she escape her cell. My hunch is that she had some form of contact with Ainz and knowing Ainz, he knows how to escape those typical jail cells. So for him, we will put him in a vacuum capsule."

"As you wish, Michael. Artemis, Athena, Helios and Poseidon Squad will be sent to Arthrus now. Athena will be in charge of extracting them and arresting Ainz. The three other squads will deal with the rebel troops and keep them occupied. Once your friends are safe, the rest of our troops will retreat."

"Sounds good to me, Mandy. Well then, we shall wait."

Riviera Forest-Rebel base(Unknown Coordinates), Arthrus, Bavern System
11th Helios (11th April), 0335 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

Ainz, Tesex, Jixu and Fang Hook stood close to each other, shaking as hundreds of rebel troops surrounded them, with heavy ion blasters pointing at them. "We are going to die..." Fang Hook mumbled as tears fell from his eyes, trembling in utter fear.

One of the commanders shouted, "Do you actually think you imbeciles can penetrate our base? How foolish of you!"

Ainz stared him in the eye and replied, attempting to hide his fear, "You will not kill us. Killing us would only cement your defeat. The Republic forces are coming. You have lost."

"Talk all you want, stupid Grandean. We will make sure your filthy planet will be the first to disintegrate once the rebels overthrow your weak government. All hail our leader, Tara Mythos!"

The last two words struck Ainz so hard that he didn't know whether he heard it right. Tesex shot him with her wild fiery eyes that stung Ainz painfully. "You? You led us here, didn't you? That commander is with you, isn't he?"

"" Ainz did not know what to say. Everything was falling apart for him. The person he searched the whole galaxy for turned out to be the enemy. No, it could not be, he thought.

"We thought you were our friend, Ainz," Fang Hook said shakily. "How could you do this to us? That was the reason you brought us here, am I right? To kill us? Join your sister and rule the galaxy? Oppress the people?"

"That's not true...that is not true!" Ainz lost it. "I didn't know my sister was behind all this, I swear!"

"Save your breath, traitor," Jixu said quietly. "There is no need to justify your crimes. You were probably the one who assassinated the Chancellor. Why don't you end this now and kill the three of us?"

The three closed their eyes and accepted their fate, but that was short-lived. Several gunships flew past, dropping bombs at the rebels, who scattered around, avoiding the heavy gunfire. Moments later, several Republic troops paraglided through the air, making a beeline towards the four of them. Chaos surrounded them, with hundreds of rebels running frantically and one by one, they fell to the ground as bullets rained down. With the coast clear, Ainz attempted to run but was kicked in the gut by a Republic trooper, wearing a blue suit. She had pale skin, slightly long hair and wore a rather intimidating look on her face.

"You are not going anywhere, Ainz Mythos," she said. "Not on my watch."

Ainz groaned as the wound on his chest reopened. "Who are you supposed to be, woman?"

"Ilatha Cellryst, leader of the Poseidon Squad. You wouldn't want to mess with me. I am a Kalee and you damn well know what I can do to you."

Another woman emerged from the forest, holding a large ion rifle and wearing a purple suit. The moment she was spotted, Tesex ran to her and hugged her. "Yanu'Kai! Thank goodness you are alive!"

"Yes, yes I am fine," Yanu'Kai said as she hugged Tesex tightly. "Before I explain to you what happened, I need to do something."

Yanu'Kai walked towards Ainz and aimed her rifle at him. "Ainz Mythos, you are under arrest on charges of insubordination and treason for defying orders and collaborating with the enemy. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You also have the right to a lawyer."

Yanu'Kai fired two shots at Ainz. Green lightning shot right out of the rifle and struck Ainz at the face, sending his body flying at least 500 metres away. Ilatha and Yanu'kai then teleported to Ainz and dragged his lifeless body into the gunship, before Yanu'Kai came back to fetch Jixu, Tesex and Fang Hook.

"Don't worry, the three of you are safe, so as Riflona and Jaygini. It's time for us to make our way to the Yunix. Michael is waiting for us. As for Ainz, he'll remain unconscious and we will lock him in a vacuum capsule and trust me, it is highly unpleasant to be inside one of those."
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XRD Underground Facility, FM-221, Fimin, Jenesia System
11th Athena (11th May), 2130 Hours (Fimin Time), 1494 AGW

"You guys aren't going anywhere," said the morbidly-obese entity, known to many as Third Sister, who stood ahead of a semi-incapacitated Fang Hook and a dispassionate Michael cradled by the petite Jaygini and Sojan respectively. "seems like Chancellor Lagruz sent me more toys to play with, as if 2 wasn't enough fun already. I'm sure Fourth Sister will pleased to cut up more specimens for experimentation."

"Oh crud, Sojan find another exit to the ship and take Fang and Michael with you, I'll beat this fatty's ass save our comrades." said Jaygini as she dropped Michael's unsupported head onto the cold floor, afterward leaping onto the behemoth of a woman with knife in hand. Third Sister released the unconscious Glenn and Yanu'kai from her pernicious grips and plopped them onto the elevator platform she trampled on. Her corpulent meat hook reached for her waist holder and activated a portable energy shield to block Jaygini's tyke assault.

"What did you do to them you tub of lard?" screamed the squeaky Jaygini as she propped back in her fighting stance with elegance despite bashing her ankle on the energy shield. She then pressed onto a button on the terminal hinge of her knife handle, causing the once elfin blade to extend into a full-fledged, Grandean-crafted sword.

"Who you calling fat, you stout hag!" boomed Third sister as she lunged forward after Jaygini. Jaygini was hurled back from the sheer giga-impact of the land whale and her protective shield. To Jaygini's surprsie, the chubby enemy was quite mobile and agile in battle even in the cramped corridors of the underground facility. She had to think a way through that huge shield, and even thinking of slicing it in half was a lost cause. Third Sister was going in for another charge at Jaygini, but before she could take another giant step, Jaygini kicked the walls on each side in succession, boosting herself up in the air, followed by a pounce into the small space between the shield and the ceiling. Jaygini then landed behind the lard-arsed brute and stabbed her sword right through Third Sister's stratified back like a stake through a vampire's heart.

"AHHHHHHHHH-" scowled the great big Fiminian Rebel warlord. Her pompous body shook the ground as it landed with a big thud. Jaygini walked over Third Sister's body that blocked the corridor up to her covered physiognomy. Jaygini then unmasked the visored marauder, what lay underneath would scar Jaygini for eons. Under the glazed mask was not a face of possible description for it was not a face at all - it was a hollow orifice with a mesh in the front and a voice emitter attached. Jaygini retrieved her sword from the machine's torso only to reveal it coated in a black oleaginous liquid and not crimson blood. The real Third Sister was never here.

Jaygini then took a hold of Yanu'kai by her shoulder who was barely conscious from being strangled so horrendously moments ago as she ceaselessly attempts to also trudge along with a past-out Glenn. After about 2 hours of being lost in the tunnels of the facility. Jaygini could barely hold her own knees straight to keep pressing forward to find an exit. Just as she was about to collapse from the fatigue and her eyes slit became ever smaller, she could hear Sojan's all too familiar gruff voice,

"Thank God, Jaygini you're alive. Don't worry, we're getting out of here now. The Big 4 have retreated, Fimin belongs to the Republic again. Ainz and Jixu have got the ship prepared. They're gonna blow this whole facility up now on Resmania's orders. Come on, get back up."

As Sojan carried both Yanu'kai and Glenn on his Herculean shoulders, while Jaygini tagged behind, into the Obelisk Tempo, missiles were being fired down into the Fimin stratosphere from orbit by a Crescentian Imperial Bombardier Squad. As the jet-black ship flew off into the horizon from the icy planet, flames of emerald and tungsten burst forth, colouring the Fimin skies with splendour and leaving whatever unspeakable evils that occurred in those facilities to be ground to dust; or rather...unspeakable truths?


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The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
12th Helios (12th April), 0910 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

The Yunix Superweapon continued to hover around Ire, deflecting any gunfire from the persistent rebellion. Hundreds of starfighters scrambled out of several dreadnoughts, speeding towards the rebel cruisers at a fast pace. Michael raced frantically towards the main control centre of the Yunix, wearing an angry look on his face. Within the past 8 hours, 9 dreadnoughts from the Republic fleet have been annihilated, and only 48 remain. The rebels have regained control of the war, thanks to Ainz Mythos' blunder in Arthrus. If it wasn't for his stubbornness, Michael thought, the rebel base in Ire would have been infiltrated, turning the tide into the Republic's favour.

Michael barged into the control centre and immediately pushed one of the personnel aside. He typed quickly onto the monitor and a holographic display appeared. A detailed map of the Arthrus rebel base presented itself, with all the different vital information covering at least half of the display. "As we can see here, the base on Arthrus, according to our reconnaissance team, have tripled their defences ever since that fool tried to infiltrate it. We can no longer proceed with the original plan of getting into the base and shutting down the system. Even if we manage to get hold of the base in Ire, it would not be possible to fully control the base in Arthrus with the new extensive security put in place. Therefore, we have no other choice but to destroy Arthrus using the weapon."

Ilatha gave Michael a puzzled look and responded, "Destroying the moon will not destroy the system. It will not turn the tide of the war into our favour. So what exactly is the purpose of wasting so much energy to destroy it?"

"I understand your concern but I don't think you know exactly what is the purpose of destroying the moon and you are not authorised to know either. I do not want any more objections. The rest of you, prepare the weapon."

The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
12th Helios (12th April), 1230 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"Michael, are you sure about this?" Yanu'Kai asked.

"I put my full trust in Exiyu to be able to crack the encryptions," Michael said. "He is far by the smartest out of all of us. Not even my expertise can break through the security of that goddamn system. The ACSX-19 was an utter failure. Now, Exiyu is our only chance."

"Not our only chance, Michael. I told you that I can get into the system if you let me."

"No! I will not sacrifice you, of all people. It's too dangerous for you to connect your mind into the system and attempt to infiltrate its highest security. It will destroy you and I will never let that happen! You are like a sister to me. If I lose you, it would be far worse than death itself for me."

Exiyu stood and added, "He is right, Yanu'Kai. Trust me. I can crack the encryptions. All I need is time so you guys would have to hold the rebels. Destroying Arthrus would be a good distraction for them. Also, Sojan and Glenn have done an outstanding job on the battlefield. I suggest using the full might of this weapon and take down that Line Rifle Rail Gun that those scrubs stole from Canardin."

Yanu'Kai pouted and stormed off the meeting room. Michael sighed before turning to Cherilyn, who gave a weak smile. Cherilyn spent the last 4 nights drafting a resolution that will be presented to the Republic once the war has come to an end. With the position of Chancellor still vacant, an election would be held to appoint the new Chancellor of the Crescentian Republic and one man has expressed deep interest in the position: Glenn Scheinred. Glenn knows that becoming Chancellor would mean vacating his position of Viceroy and Senator of Idylle but knowing that a worthy successor was in place, he chose to leave his old post behind. Trixy Zen, the granddaughter of King John IV and heir apparent to the throne, have decided that once her grandfather has passed away, she would combine the powers of Queen and Viceroy and become the Empress of Idylle. Trixy and Glenn were fond of each other and trusted each other completely.

The Jenesia System would separate itself from the Republic and would be ruled under a Monarchy. Michael and Fang Hook agreed that Canardin and Luciole would be the leaders of the Jenesia System. Michael would kill his adopted brother, Gideon, and assume leadership of Canardin. Michael would then become King of Jenesia while Fang Hook would dispatch Queen Mary Webster and become the Grand Prince of Jenesia.

As for Zirion Grande, Premier Melissa Aleucard would be put on trial together with Marshall Ainz Mythos for crimes against the Republic. The planet will be ruled temporarily by Duchess Yanu'Kai of Alak'Hul and any Grandean suspected of being anti-Republic would be killed. New laws will be set in place to ensure the viability of the New Crescentian Republic.

Now, all is left to do is destroy the evil Y.I.F.E.I. System.

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The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
12th Helios (12th April), 2240 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

Michael, Exiyu, Yanu'Kai and Tesex sat in the meeting room, waiting for the weapon to be fully charged. In approximately 6 hours, The Yunix will show its full might and blow Arthrus into nothing more than small particles. Exiyu raised his cup near his nostrils and sniffed the tea. "Such fine aroma," he said. "Tea leaves from El-Carim are the best."

Tesex made a small gesture before going back into a trance. Michael was dozing off, snoring loudly and hiccuping occasionally. Yanu'Kai was twiddling her thumbs and humming a soft lullaby. The door of the meeting room opened and Doctor Xignus entered. "I am sorry to disturb your peace," she said. "We have just received intel from Dreadnought 9101. Sojan and Glenn have already boarded an escape shuttle and are on their way here. 9101 has taken severe damage and is no longer fully operational, forcing them to abandon ship."

"Rebel scums," Tesex mumbled. "We need more fighters to scramble. The Yunix has to be safe."

"No worries," Doctor Xignus smiled. "The weapon is surrounded by 3 layers of shield. There is no way those rebels can take down the Yunix."

Doctor Xignus walked out of the room, prompting the rest to go back to what they were doing. Michael was still fast asleep, now drooling. All of a sudden, gunshots were heard coming from outside, startling Michael. "What was that?"

"I have no idea," Exiyu said. "You and Yanu'Kai stay here. Tesex and I will check."

Exiyu picked up the rifle on the gun stand at the far-right corner of the dimly-lit room and tossed it to Tesex before grabbing another rifle. The two made their way outside and moved quickly.

"Do you think we'll be safe here, Mikey?" Yanu'Kai asked in a worried tone.

"Dunno... I am a little worried. Something tells me those gunshots came from the rebels."

"That is unlikely. It is impossible for them to infiltrate the weapon from the outside."

"From the outside, yes. What if there is someone inside working undercover for those scums?"

"If that is the case, then we can't stay here. We gotta move. Grab those guns."

Michael stood up quickly and snagged the rifles and tossed one to Yanu'Kai. As the door opened, a bright orange light blinded the two temporarily, before an explosion was heard. People moved frantically and one by one they were shot down. "Run!" Michael shouted.

He grabbed Yanu'Kai's right arm and zoomed through the metallic corridors, dodging every obstacle. Michael and Yanu'Kai hid behind a wall and glanced to see the faces of 3 men holding an NNN-234 Sonic Rifle. One of the men said, "We need to report back to Commander Mythos. She will be pleased to know that the Yunix Superweapon is about to go down."

Michael was just about to aim his rifle at them when unexpectedly, Yanu'Kai lunged at them and began to fight. She swiftly eliminated them, snapping their necks so violently to such an awkward position. Just as she was about to stand, Michael saw another man aiming the Sonic Rifle from the other end of the corridor, directly at Yanu'Kai. Michael jumped quickly, taking 3 gunshots to the back, to cover Yanu'Kai.

The two fell on the ground, with Michael's motionless body on top of Yanu'Kai. More gunshots and footsteps were heard, becoming more and more audible. Finally, Yanu'Kai heard a familiar voice.

"Oh no! Is he dead?" Glenn exclaimed, looking startled.

"I don't know!" Yanu'Kai cried. "Get him to the medical chamber now! Don't mind me, I am fine. He took 3 shots to cover me. We all know that the Sonic Rifle can be deadly. If he is to live, we better hurry."

Glenn and Sojan grabbed Michael's body and was about to run when Yanu'Kai grabbed Glenn's arm. "There won't be a need for that. This will knock me out cold but it would definitely increase the chances of his survival. We are going to teleport to the medical chamber and in the process, I'll be transferring a part of me to his body to ensure that its condition does not deteriorate."

"That will not be necessary, Yanu'Kai," Sojan said sternly. "Doing that would cause more havoc. One patient is enough."

"He risked his life to save mine way too many times. This is the least I can do." Yanu'kai grabbed Sojan's arm too, forming a circle and in a split second, they disappeared into thin air.

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CTC Underground Facility, VR-189, Veres, Herranium System
12th Zeus (12th January), 1642 Hours (Veres Time), 1503 AGW

Following the death of Duke Henry IV and ceasing his tyrannical rule over the Herranium system, Veres, the first planet to have been colonised by the Republic after the Chancellor Claudine's Expansion Plan came into action, became the military powerhouse of the Crescentian Republic housing over a quarter of its whole arsenal. It has been 3 months since the Duke's execution and the 4 systems have never been more interconnected. As the Euclidean jumpgate situated above the late Duke's residence, Fort Xiinu-Ah, activated, a Royal Grandean Cruiser pierced the Veresian sky with much resplendance. The lustrous, gold-plated ship sunk down into the clouds and finally onto the launch pad outside the residence. The cargo doors opened and a red carpet rolled out, walking down the aisle with royal guards adjacent was none other than the best candidate for the next senator of Zirion Grande - Tara Mythos.

The adopted child of the current Senator of Zirion Grande, Kellogg Iris, was visiting the luscious,blue planet on official Republic business as an ambassador. She was to attend a conference with the planet's present senator, Andy Campbell and the Heirs of the Veresian Throne, the four daughters of the late Duke Henry IV and other important personnel. The conference would discuss the topics of the future of Veres and the utilisation of Zaver, the neighbouring gas giant, as a possible fuel source for a certain future project. Tara was greeted by Andy upon reaching Fort Xiinu-Ah's massive doors and led to the grand chamberlain within. There, she was introduced to the four sisters of the throne. The sisters were all drop-dead gorgeous and you would not see any other individuals more beddable than them for miles except for Tara who then only rivaled the least stunning of the four princesses.

"Good Evening Ambassador Mythos," a sweet, shrill voice called out to Tara. "May I introduce myself? I am Ariamis the First, oldest of the throne and tis' a pleasure to make your acquaintance." said the princesss as she bowed her head. She then continued,

"These are my three other sisters, Azraafah the Second, Asabrin the Third and Aidahn the Fourth. We are honoured to be in your presence."

"Ah, the pleasure is mine dear princesses. Senator if you would excuse us for a moment, I would like to discuss several matters with the Heirs before the conference starts. A little girl-to-girl time if you would, see you later." said Tara. The five women then headed towards the royal quarters and locked the doors behind them, taking extra precaution for any unwanted presences. The four sisters then undressed themselves from their frilly garments and into tight, intricate, exosuits. Ariamis pressed her hand on the wall beside a picture frame of the late Duke, a female synth voice sounded "Audio Keycode Recognition Required".

"Non Mihi Solum." said Ariamis. A door to an elevator then presented itself behind Duke Henry's portrait. The women then descended to an undocumented underground facility below the castle.

" guys sure have expanded since the last time I came here." Tara asked in shock.

"Of Course babe, it's been three years since you last came. If i'm not mistaken, it was the day after Daddy's funeral." replied Azraafah.

"Speaking of daddies, Tara... I heard that your foster father has become the new senator after some Kalee assassin killed the last one. What's his name? Lejimo was it? Whatever it is, i'm pretty sure Kellogg isn't so safe either." said Asabrin to Tara.

"Coincidentally Third Sister, a good friend of mine, Duchess Rowena, was also taken out not too long after Lejimo by a man identified only to be from Canardin. I do believe that there is a connection between these two events." said Aidahn.

"Mother always hated Canardin...Asabrin, did you manage to implant Doctor Michael Spencer from the mission I gave you all those years ago? I require him for future endeavors." asked Tara.

"Yes, I've left Fourth Sister to do the job, she does love the surgical aspects of the job.Wouldn't you agree Fourth Sister?" Asabrin replied.

"That is true. However our base in Fimin was blown up by those accursed Republic scum. Though we still have over 5 million more of those facilities throughout the universe." Aidahn chuckled.

The five maidens walked towards an elevated podium with a table in the middle that portrayed holograms of several star systems. Tara then inserted a minuscule chip into a port beneath the table and typed in several keys. The holograms shifted to a view of a man's personal data sheet.

"Worry not dear sisters for I have just created our salvation to this flawed universe. As you can see here, this is the brain structure of Aul Exiyu, an Ex-Grandean Army Corporal whom I met during my time in the Force. I found that he had an additional region of cranial tissue that other humans did not seem to possess. This allowed him to develop certain features that no ordinary humanoid would be able to express. It was his ability to voluntarily shut down all of his bodily functions as though he was actually dead! This was the reason he was so apt at his stealth missions, by pretending to be dead, then reviving himself again." Tara had never explained something with such eagerness before in all her times as a scientist.

"How does this help us to enact our goal Sister?" asked Ariamis impatiently.

"Glad you asked...for starters, I have fabricated an ontopathological Artificial Intelligence using Aul's brain as a depository template. It is capable of inducing hypermutagenic changes to anyone's brain so that they develop the same cranial tumour that Aul has."

"Wait a minute...wouldn't that then allow everyone to have Aul's ability?" asked Azraafah.

"Sister please, i'm not as daft as you take me for. The AI I have created only made it such that those with the tumour will die on my command only. In addition, I am able to induce into a coma-like state where I have full control over their bodies and actions. These AI are each stored in a microchip that I have already mass produced. All I need are you four to implant these chips in every single individual's brain in this unkempt galaxy. This way we can finally control every single being in the universe to fashion our perfect universe and if they do not comply, their life is in our hands." Tara laughed with a sinister grin cutting across her face.

"What do you call this unimaginable invention?" Asabrin questioned.

"I call it the Yggdrasil-Induced Future Extinction Intelligence System or...Y.I.F.E.I. System. I, Tara the Fifth sister will show this sorry universe what it means to mess with the royal blood of the Progenitors, creators of this world."

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The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
13th Helios (13th April), 0040 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

Yanu'Kai gasped; she could not help herself. Yanu'Kai analysed the gunshot wounds on Michael's back, feeling every little detail with her long, delicate fingers. It was familiar. She had not only seen it before, she had been here before.

"This is not an easy task," Yanu'Kai said. "Such wounds are not easy to heal. That sonic rifle that they used was modified. Only an electric ray from Alak'Hul can cause these wounds."

"So, you are saying that our medical tools won't suffice?" Sojan asked.

"Indeed," Yanu'Kai replied. Yanu'Kai dropped her gaze to Michael's lifeless, unconscious face. She stared into his emotionless eyes, remembering the way it was before he was shot. She took a deep breath and began to stretch.

"I have to get into his system now," she said. Before she could do so, Jaygini entered, striding serenely across the room wearing long autumn-red robes and a perfectly calm expression. All eyes were now on her as she placed her hand on Michael's face. She traced the wrinkles with her small fingers before giving a rather annoyed look.

"He seems dead to me," Jaygini said, triggering an angry gesture from Sojan.

"He is not dead!" Sojan exclaimed. "Besides, where were you? When the rebels began their attack, I contacted you at least six times and you did not respond. Now, you barge in here, acting perfectly calm as if nothing happened and then you make such a preposterous remark. I suggest you get your ass out of here!"

Jaygini sighed and walked out. Yanu'Kai closed her eyes and in a split second, her body began to levitate, her eyes turning white. Michael's body jerked violently, every hair on his skin standing. After a while, his body, too, levitated and moved right next to Yanu'Kai's. His upper body bent at an awkward angle, causing Glenn to worry.

"What is happening?" Glenn said as he stood up to try and grab Michael.

"Don't touch him, Glenn," Sojan said. "We have to trust Yanu'Kai. According to what I know, when a Kalee tries to transfer a part of their body, their body temporarily becomes one with the other. I think it's pretty normal what we are seeing here."

Yanu'Kai's body began to fuse with Michael's and within half a minute, their bodies became one. A bright, yellow light shined, blinding Sojan and Glenn. They opened their eyes to see Michael standing, stark naked, eyes shining a deep red, his muscles more prominent than ever before. Yanu'Kai was standing near them, stark naked, too, panting.

Glenn tried to keep a straight face, walking over to the corner of the room to grab two pairs of robes. Yanu'Kai walked towards him as he passed the robe with his eyes closed. "That's cute," she said as she grabbed the robe and covered herself. She took the other robe and tossed it to Michael.

"What did you do to him?" Sojan asked as he stared at Michael, mesmerised.

"By transferring a part of me to him, he acquired some of my powers. It won't weaken me so it is perfectly fine for me to keep doing what I just did."

Glenn's eyes widened as those words came out from Yanu'Kai's mouth. "So that's how the Four Sisters acquired their powers. Remember those masked beings a few years ago?"

Sojan, Yanu'Kai and Michael nodded. "I am sure they kept a Kalee hostage," Glenn said. "And I have a feeling they have something to do with the Y.I.F.E.I. System."

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The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
13th Helios (13th April), 0440 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

The supernova within the moon-sized machine was igniting to the temperature of a miniature sun. The obsidian gates of the canon could barely keep shut from the acclimating heat of the destructive fury that was about to be unleashed. The entirety if the space-faring superweapon was reverberating uncontrollably like an earthquake of menacing proportions; it had never been so structurally compromised until now.

"What's going on? Why is everything rumbling? Are we going to be blown up?" A distressed Yanu'Kai asked as she hugs tightly to the still unconscious Michael.

"I guess that's what you get for propping this death ray at the highest setting." Glenn replied calmly.

"Final countdown to blast, starting from 10,9,8,7..." Amy, the Resident Yunix Artificial Intelligence, said on the intercom.

"Oh God, it's really happening, guys hold me!" Tesex gasped as she grabs onto Exiyu's burly arm and placing her pale cheek upon his right nipple and huddles him for an uninvited solace.


A long silence echoed.

"Commence planetary annhilation. Thank you and have a nice day!"

An abysmal ray of crimson-red light seeps through the obsidian gates at light-speed, touching the lush green surface of the Arthrus flora. A speck of molten corrosion on the planet's surface could be seen from both the superweapon and Ire but what seemed like a pinprick on a forest moon was really a vast metastasizing forest fire that would have never occurred in eons.

The obsidian gates begin to open to its full extent, the ray of death became imminently larger and increasingly intense. The Yunix superweapon was shuddering to the point of collapsing in on itself from the sheer feedback of the blast it's erecting. The molten speck on Arthrus now grew to a giant gaping depression of spewing hot magma. Moments later, a final roaring fissure of the superweapon caused the beam of destruction to inflame to full-swing. The beam now bore through the forest moon like a spear through an apple, the beam had penetrated the very core of the moon and the spherical space rock exploded to innumerable bits of asteroid which descended down to the atmosphere of Ire.

The sky of Ire was painted a deep carmine and sanguine as blazing chunks of an old moon trickle down to the planet from the heavens. The rebel base on the Arthrus was no more than a bunch of space ash. The Rebel troops on Ire had already been decimated by the Republic ground force while the Rebel fleet in the skies above were scattered like ants. The larger cruisers were all decimated while some of the smaller fighterships had escaped into hyperspace. The Second Great War is over and the victor of the tides was none other than the Crescentian Republic.


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Jaudia Cafe, Drovis, Canardin, Jenesia System
3rd April (3rd Helios), 1328 Hours (Canardin Time), 1500 AGW

Michael and Exiyu sat in the brightly-lit cafe, the table situated at the quiet little corner. They could see the bustling streets of Drovis from where they were. Lots of people scrambling all over the place, rushing to their destinations. The tall buildings were also very noticeable from their seats.

The waitress came over with a rather sulky look and asked, "What's your order?"

Exiyu looked at her and replied, "We are still waiting for a friend. Come back later."

The waitress sighed deeply and rolled her eyes before dragging herself away. As Exiyu went back to playing with his holographic game, the doors of the cafe opened and Glenn walked in with a tall, slender girl. She had long, straight, black hair and a subtle but bright smile. Her black spectacles were very noticeable as she towered over the much smaller Glenn. She wore a frilly turquoise dress and off-white shoes.

"Hi guys," Glenn said. "I want you to meet Cherilyn Tania, the newly-elected Senator of Canardin and an old friend of mine."

Exiyu basically glanced at Cherilyn, smiled at Glenn and returned to his game. Michael, on the other hand, locked eyes with Cherilyn, mesmerised by her simplicity. Michael just waved at her, unsure about the words he should say. Cherilyn sat gracefully, as Michael noticed her every little move that she makes.

"We have vital information about the Four Sisters," Glenn began. "Cherilyn here has sent special agents to extract certain classified documents from the secret hideout of the Sisters. She has analysed it and it proves to be highly valuable."

"The Four Sisters has plans for a weapon," Cherilyn said. "A superweapon. Something that can destroy entire star systems. And one person is responsible for this. They call her the architect. Tara Mythos."

Michael went stone cold. Exiyu was not paying attention at all, too engrossed in his game. Michael responded slowly, "You are telling me that Tara Mythos, sister of Marshall Ainz Mythos, is behind all these?"

"I am afraid so, Doctor Spencer."

"Michael, call me Michael. Tell me, do you have a plan to counter this?"

Cherilyn nodded. "But we have to play along for a while. The Chancellor is not who you think she is. The Four Sisters work for her. She wants a war to break out. It's all a show. She will win that war, winning the hearts of several star systems in the process. However, if we play along just long enough, we can expose her. She must, however, die before the full-scale war breaks out."

"I will trust you, Cherilyn," Michael said before winking at her. "We shall discuss more of this over dinner tomorrow."

Cherilyn smiled and replied, "Looking forward to it."

Glenn did not notice the subtleness of their dialogue and Exiyu was too oblivious. As Glenn started to continue the conversation, the lazy waitress came by to ask for their order.

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The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
13th Helios (13th April), 1240 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

Tesex scrolled through the files on the monitor frantically, searching carefully for a certain document. It's only been a few hours since Arthrus was blown up into ashes, giving the entire Republic a breather. Despite many who believe that the war is over, the Grand 11 remain cautious. Yes, Arthrus is gone and so is the majority of the rebel forces. However, the Y.I.F.E.I. System is very much alive. Exiyu continues to struggle to penetrate the highly secured system yet he refuses to allow Yanu'Kai to hack into the system using her powers.

"Guys, something is really off about Ainz' arrest," Tesex said. "An order was given to go into Arthrus instead of Ire moments after Senator Tania gave the orders to infiltrate Ire."

Michael looked puzzled. "So, you are saying someone overrode the Senator's command?"

"Definitely," Tesex said. "A traitor within the highest ranks."

Exiyu entered the room a few moments later, wearing a rather disappointed face. "No progress, guys," he said. "The security encryptions are too complicated, even for my extremely intelligent mind."

Yanu'Kai glared at him and retorted, "Obviously, you need me. I have the power to break into that system."

"And how exactly are you gonna do that without killing yourself?" Exiyu asked.

"My entire body can enter the system."

Exiyu raised an eyebrow, unconvinced by what she just said. Michael gestured towards Yanu'Kai to explain in detail, for he knew exactly how to do it, being equipped with similar powers just hours ago.

"Basically, my entire skeletal system has the ability to undergo intramembranous ossification and endochondral ossification very quickly and deliberately. The periosteum around my bones is rather unique in a way that it can remain intact even when my bones drastically change in shape, ensuring my bones' survival. My cells, meanwhile, can de-differentiate and somehow reverse the process of mitosis. In other words, I can transform myself into a single, living cell. However, my skeletal system remains. It is rather unnatural but I am very much alive in the process. I can be a cell and a single bone covered in periosteum at the same time. In less than 30 seconds, I can undo the process and transform into another lifeform. That is how I can get into the system. Tara Mythos created the system using a Kalee. The principles are the same. Tara has a physical form within the system. Only someone who can be in their physical form within the system can destroy her. Simply cracking the encryptions won't do the work."

Exiyu looked awfully shocked and had no words to say. Michael simply smirked and said, "Well then, I suggest we start our preparations. Tell the kitchen to bring us a feast. Yanu'Kai is gonna need a lot of energy, and I mean a lot, to pull this off."

Tesex interrupted, "Sorry to digress but does the information that I found mean Ainz is innocent?"

"Yes, indeed." Michael said. "However, we must keep him in his jail cell until we find out who is the mole."

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The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
13th Helios (13th April), 1400 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

It's been several hours since Yanu'Kai used her immense metamorphosing skill to enter the Y.I.F.E.I. System through the micro-chip embedded into the nape of one of the captured Rebel Commanders garrisoning the already pulverised base on Arthrus. Meanwhile, Exiyu tirelessly wars against the system's more punctilious and mathematical defences. The rest of the Grand 11 trot and prod into any files that could pertain to the chain of order given during the siege of Arthrus, Ainz' fate had not yet been set in stone. There was still a slim chance that his innocence could be proven and that he was merely following orders from a higher command, and Glenn was desperately betting on it. There are only so few people out there who could outrank the title of Marshall in the Crescentian Empire and thus, Glenn already had an idea of who the turncoat culprit was yet he did not sound out for he knew certain members of the Grand 11 would flare upon his unsupported theory.

Glenn was planning on wedding his beloved Trixy Zen after the war and Ainz was to be his best man, but with the situation that befell upon Glenn now, it seems that he won't be having his most cherished comrade celebrate his greatest day. Glenn stood in front of the iatric chamber which was filled with life-sustaining analeptic fluid. In it, was the encapsulated Ainz floating like a pre-birthed child in an amniotic sac. The eviscerating cuts done to him by the curvacious lunatic Poseidon Squad leader, Ilatha Cellryst, and gunshot wounds by the Duchess Yanu'Kai was severe even for a burly man like Ainz that it put him into traumatic comatose.

"Tch, damn Kalees. Their planet should have just completely broken up so those sorry bastards couldn't mutate to superhuman proportions. I'm sorry my dear friend, it's my fault for not being there to defend you when you needed a comrade the most and not some idiots who quickly jump to conclusions out of fear." Glenn sulked and extended his neck towards the floor in agony as he placed a fist on the tempered glass. For a brief moment, Glenn felt a small tap on the other side of the tank. He slowly gazed up to see a scarred palm lightly caressed against the transparent barrier, perfectly aligning with Glenn's fist. Glenn smiled momentarily.

"I'll get you out buddy. Count on it."

The door behind Glenn opened with a loud, disruptive jerk that broke the emotional silence of the room. A pale, glowing(almost transcendent) picturesque woman walks into the room and greets the relatively dwarfed Glenn,

"A beauty, isn't he? What a waste of a man. Were it not for his idiocy to disobey orders, he'd make quite the Kalee matriarch. Too bad that wench Enatia got him wrapped around her finger. Needless to say, Ainz Mythos will be charged for his heinous war crimes against the Republic of Crescentia, wouldn't you agree, oh great Viceroy Scheinred?"

"Get lost Ilatha! You're a temptress with no class, only folly. I'll have you know that Ainz isn't guilty and I will personally dictate his fate. And when I've proven his innocence, which I will, i'll ask our dearest duchess to have a little tete-a-tete with you. Wouldn't you like that now?" Glenn scowled at the Squad leader with such tenacity that she was reminded of her failure to become Grand Duchess.

"Hmph, I'd like to see you try gremlin. All the best to your fruitless endeavor. I'll inform you if he's woken up...or dead. Haha."

"Bloody space witch."

Glenn went back into the primary function room to check for any updates on the operation. Exiyu had managed to breach the initial firewall to the Y.I.F.E.I. System's programming and is starting on its backup anti-perpetrator programs. Yanu'Kai was nowhere to be heard from the rest of the crew. Her microscopic reconnaissance mission was hers to finish and hers alone. Yanu'Kai was in fact already in contact with Tara's astro-physical manifestation in the system, only problem was how to convert herself into a similar fashion if she were to take Tara down. With much concentration and sheer willpower, Yanu'Kai diffused her living cell form into an tetra-psycho projection that matched her actual appearance in real life within that infinitesimal space where Tara was waiting for her.

"Took you long enough Duchess. I was getting a little bored of waiting. How weak can you be to not even be able to do something as simple as transferring your consciousness into a system. All previous ancient races could do it without breaking a sweat. Yet here, an idiot stands before me only by going through the longer, energy-sapping process. The Kalee sure have dropped their standar-"

"DO NOT MOCK ME INFIDEL! Though weak, I'll still be the one to decapitate your existence from this very galaxy. You're a plague to the republic and I'll make sure you receive equal pain and penance for your misdeeds. To arms sister!"

Yanu'Kai stormed straight for Tara in a fit of rage with nothing more than her fists. She goes for a blow to Tara's abdomen but the Grandean reacted in a split-second and moved aside just enough to not get punched and raises her right knee impulsively, knee-kicking the falling Yanu'Kai straight in the sternum. Yanu'Kai fell flat on the floor, as she breathed in, her body tightens and she heard crepitus in her chest region - her ribcage was broken!

"Impossible...not with one kick. Not even the greatest warriors can do this to me. Who are yo-. No. What are you, Tara?" Yanu'Kai cried out while her chest began to crumble in pain.

"Hmph, like I said...weak. Don't cut me next time." Tara proceeds to turn her back against the injured Yanu'Kai, leaving her for dead.
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The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
13th Helios (13th April), 1520 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"Are you sure about this, Fang?" Michael asked as he and Exiyu followed Captain Fang Hook to the main hangar.

"The initial report was that Senator Cherilyn Tania left for Dieusia. However, my men in Dieusia did not detect any Commissioned Republic ships entering the atmosphere. If ever, her ship was intercepted. Knowing you, you would do anything to rescue her from any danger."

"That's true. However, shouldn't we inform the rest?"

"No. This rescue mission will remain a secret. We can't trust anyone. Personally, the only ones I trust are you, Exiyu, Ainz and Riflona. However, Riflona needs to stay to ensure order. Ainz would be hard to break out from his capsule, especially with that Ilatha around."

Towards the entrance of the main hangar, Fang gave Michael and Exiyu a cloaking device. "This would allow us to leave without getting tracked."

"Are you cloaking the ship too?" asked Exiyu.

"Of course. However, there is only 1 ship available for us."

"And that is?"

"The Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter. Fits three men inside. I'll be the pilot. Michael will be the co-pilot and you, Exiyu, shall be the tail gunner. Cloak now!"

Michael, Fang Hook and Exiyu dashed across the hangar, dropping smoke grenades when they reached the ship. They entered the ship quickly and Fang Hook activated the cloaking device for the ship.

"Alright, here we go guys." The Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter zoomed quickly out of the hangar and entered hyperspace.

"Destination will be Roulande. We should reach in approximately 3 hours, assuming we do not get intercepted."

"Why Roulande?" asked Michael, having some doubt about the destination.

"We lost contact with Senator Tania around that area. I have already informed Senator Amelia of Roulande that we are coming. Roulande is known for allowing entry to any ship without checking. Most likely, Senator Tania's ship landed there."

As they sat back, the ship went out of hyperspace abruptly, and several rebel ships were spotted.

"Crap!" Fang exclaimed. "They tracked us!" Fang steered the starfighter towards the far left, avoiding heavy gunfire. Exiyu, a former fighter pilot, was locked in and managed to shoot down 5 rebel ships quickly.

Michael was analysing the different data on the computer system of the starfighter and was shocked. "I must say, this is one sophisticated ship. Never seen anything like it before."

Fang Hook sniggered and replied, "I made modifications. Its firepower is almost as powerful as a destroyer but it is easier to manoeuvre. Hang tight! I am about to do something crazy."

Fang Hook increased the speed of the starfighter, barrel-rolling towards the rebel destroyer's main hangar entrance.

"Fang!" exclaimed Exiyu. "Their shields will fry us. Turn back!"

"No, it won't. Now fire at the shield generators!"

"Right on it, Captain."

Fang Hook continued to increase the speed and gave further commands. "Exiyu, put the barrier point defences near dock port Twenty-Dep-A on standby and ready to fire once those starfighters slip pass. We can't let them get loose."

"Will do, Captain." replied Exiyu.

"Dropping the bombs now!" Fang shouted as he pressed the button. The Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter flew straight for the exit and within seconds, the destroyer was blown into pieces. The Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighter entered hyperspace once again, full steam ahead for Roulande.

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Aboard the Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 Starfighter, Orbit of Roulande, Jenesia System
13th Helios (13th April), 1920 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"Vere-11 Control Tower, this is ARC-170 'Freedom'. Requesting for landing clearance at Bay 23. Over," said Fang Hook over the intercom.

"ARC-170 'Freedom', you may land. Reduce shield resistance to a minimum to prevent any damage to your starfighter. Over and out."

The starfighter zoomed through, entering the atmosphere of Roulande. The beautiful sight of the jungles was visible from the fighter, with many small villages punctuating it. Towards the east, the grand palace shined, much to Exiyu's awe. As Fang Hook reduced the speed, several speeders escorted the starfighter towards the landing bay, where Senator Amelia Varatin was waiting.

"Good to see the 3 of you," said Senator Amelia.

"Any reports on Senator Cherilyn's whereabouts?" asked Exiyu.

"Yes," replied Amelia. "In fact, she is safe and is waiting in the palace. Apparently, her ship was ambushed by the rebels and she barely made it out alive."

Michael smirked. "Not the first time she did that. She never fails to amuse me."

Everyone stared at him for a moment, feeling awkward. Fang Hook broke the silence and said, "Let's get going. We don't have time to waste."

They were greeted by several guards at the palace entrance, where they were escorted to the throne. There were several crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, reflecting the light from the outside. The portraits of the previous leaders were displayed on the side, with the father of Queen Jemma taking the spot nearest to the throne.

"Greetings, your Majesty," said Michael, as everyone bowed before the Queen.

"Doctor Spencer, it is an honour to finally meet you. I have heard many stories about your brilliance, most recently leading the Republic forces against the rebels."

Michael simply nodded and smiled. The door towards the far left opened and Cherilyn walked in. "I see that you guys have found me," said Cherilyn.

"Yes, we did, Senator," said Fang Hook. "Went through lots of trouble but we made it. Next time, please inform us before you set off for any of your expeditions."

"Why are you so concerned, Captain?"

"You are the girl of Michael, who is like a brother to me. Of course, I am concerned. That makes you somewhat a sister to me."

Cherilyn rolled her eyes and made a hand gesture towards Queen Jemma. Within moments, several armed guards entered the throne and pointed their rifles at Michael, Exiyu and Fang Hook.

"What is going on?" asked an alarmed Exiyu.

"Isn't it obvious, nerd?" said Cherilyn.

"Clearly, you are out of your mind, Senator," said Fang Hook before turning to Michael. "You been sleeping with this woman?"

Michael frowned and responded, "Well yea...but I didn't know she would do this."

Senator Amelia joined Cherilyn on the throne and was followed by two other women. They were highly familiar and sent shivers down the spines of the three men.

"Welcome Amelia, Mandy and Ilatha," said Cherilyn. "Today, we witness the executions of Doctor Spencer, Captain Fang Hook and well, Exiyu."

"Why are you doing this, Cherilyn?" asked Michael. "I know you. You wouldn't do such a thing!"

"Quiet!" bellowed Cherilyn. "You are nothing but a fool. Your Republic has lost. I never loved you. I used you to get information. How do you think I knew about Tara? That's because I was the one who hijacked her mind. I am one of the masterminds of the Y.I.F.E.I. System. Mandy, Ilatha and I had the idea but we needed experts to help create it. The Four Sisters were willing to create the weapon for the right price. Glenn believed that I sent spies to extract the information and fell for my trap. By introducing me to you, I gained access to sophisticated labs and I was able to secretly provide the Four Sisters with materials and intelligence to create the system."

"You won't beat us, Senator," Fang Hook retorted. "Yanu'Kai will destroy Tara and the system. I am sure of it."

"That's cute," said Ilatha. "Yanu'Kai would probably be dead by now."

Exiyu scowled and tried to lunge at Ilatha but was stunned by one of the guards. Exiyu fell on the ground, twitching. Michael stepped up and said, "So Mandy was fooling me too? Do you think all of you can outsmart us? I don't think so. You see, the rebels have lost. Only fragments are what is left of your insignificant rebellion."

"Talk all you want, Doctor," said Cherilyn. "I will personally deliver your body to the Republic tomorrow. Guards! Fire!"

Michael and Fang Hook closed their eyes and heard gunshots but they were surprised that none hit them. They looked to see Cherilyn, Mandy and Ilatha scrambling out of the palace. Amelia and the Queen lied flat on the ground, motionless, with gunshot wounds on their foreheads. More armed troops entered the palace, taking down all the guards.

A woman, small in size, approached Fang Hook. "Captain, I am Lieutenant Assonah Igop from the 2nd Luciole Rangers. Queen Mary Webster has sent us to rescue all of you."

"How did you know we were in trouble?"

"The Queen has placed several people around the Republic to keep a lookout, in case anyone from Luciole is in trouble. The 2nd Luciole Rangers are stationed here in Roulande."

"I see. Well, we better get going. Help me inform the Queen that the 1st Luciole Special Forces Battalion needs to be deployed immediately. Their Captain awaits their arrival at the Yunix Superweapon, orbiting the planet of Ire."

"Right on it, Captain. I will follow you to the weapon. Queen's orders. And it is really an honour to finally meet you, Captain Fang Hook."

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Postby Zirion Grande » Mon Mar 23, 2020 10:26 am

The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
13th Helios (13th April), 2215 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

"It's been quite a while since Yanu'Kai has been inside the system. You sure she doesn't need help?" Jaygini asked out of concern.

"Even if she did need our help, It was a bargain she took on herself and we can't really do anything to help her. And where are those three idiots even? Weren't they supposed to stay here and help crack the firewall?" replied Tesex as she furiously flips through the same set of reports for the past six hours.

"I think i'll go check up on Ainz, hope he's woken up. Riflona wanna come with?" Jixu said while donning a jaded expression as she walked out of the conference room. Riflona merely straddled behind.

"Jaygini, do me a favour and check the comms transmission logbook on the top shelf for any clue, will ya?" Tesex pointed to across the room. Jaygini walked past the unconscious Rebel Commander who was dead-knotted onto the chair. His face was charred and deformed from the impact of several ion cannon rounds. Suddenly, the man's face went into spasmodic action as though electrocuted, his eyes beamed with veins distended and his jaw locked. Frightened, the two girls huddled up behind the wide conference table as a pink pus-like ooze started creeping out of the senseless Commander, almost like his body was trying to forcefully reject the substance.

The pink blob solidified into a ghastly, red concretion of flesh while milk-white bits began to calcify indefinitely. Tesex took out her JY-2017 silencer and aimed it at the malignant, tumorous wall of flesh as Jaygini hurriedly tried to contact Jixu from her wrist communicator. Tesex was about to barf at the sight of the grotesque being, it now had visible organs and a beating heart. Tesex was barely able to hold her aim. The fleshy ooze started rolling up into a bolus of sorts, simultaneously reconstructing the structure of human skin.

Suddenly, the automatic doors opened as Jixu and Riflona ran inside the room. The four girls couldn't believe their eyes for what happened next. The ball of skin started growing limbs from its epicenter and the pentadactyl limbs that came with them. A head and face formed, afterwards the beige outline of the skin turned a pale-moon white with a luminescent finish. Yanu'Kai was reborn. But she wasn't moving anymore.

'Oh dear God, she's alive..." Jixu lunged towards the sticky, stark naked Yanu'Kai.

"...wait no. There's no pulse and she isn't breathing. Jay go get the medical team, quickly. We've got to resuscitate her pronto. Tesex help me out here."

Tesex started pressuring her hands down onto Yanu'Kai's chest and began pumping her unconscious friend's heart. Riflona picked up a defibrillator pad and pasted it onto the cold,deoxygenated skin. Jixu prepared a thermal wrap to cover the dying duchess.

Jaygini ran in with Sonjeff and an Ipughnian male, "They're here."

"We'll take over from here." Sonjeff said confidently as he took over the resuscitation process while his hybrid assistant primed an intra-venous shot of adrenaline for Yanu'Kai. After several cycles, several emergency personnel stormed in with a levitating stretcher and conveyed the duchess to the medical isolation chamber. The four girls could only hope their comrade doesn't fall into the hands of death as they waited outside the chamber.

"That rebirthing process must've taken up the last of her energy. You think she encountered Tara while in the system?" Riflona asked with her head resting upon her hands.

"Must've been her. Who else could have pushed Yanu'Kai to the brink like that? Oh if I ever got my hands on her, I'll strangle her till her pretty little eyes pop out." Jaygini grumbled with her teeny fists clutched in the air.

Jixu and Tesex couldn't keep still and walked down the aisles of the emergency centre. Tesex was thinking of who the mole could be while Jixu was just plain anxious for Yanu'Kai. Not long after, the two stopped at their tracks as they heard heavy footsteps getting louder towards them. The four girls directed their attention to the petite man veiled in the dark aisle as he turned the corner.

"Speaking of strangling people, Senator Tania sure was quite responsible commander for sending all of you down to Arthrus to do her dirty work for her."

"Glenn! Idiot, where have you been?" Beamed an enraged Tesex as she stomped towards the viceroy with a malicious intent.

"Now, now, before you hit me, let me explain. Ilatha knocked me out cold a few hours back, a little while after I visited Ainz. Weird thing was that Xignus was there as I got knocked out but she didn't help top stop Ilatha, or even bat an eye for the matter. Soon as I woke up in the storage room with my hands tied, there was a transmitter on the floor. Ilatha must've dropped it by accident. I untied myself and checked the last message on the device. It was from that damn long legs, but oddly enough she wasn't here, but on Roulande."

"Hm, okay. But why'd you say that Cherilyn was the one who sent us to Arthrus? Wasn't that all just Ainz' plan to have the rebels catch us?" Jixu questioned.

"No, I tapped into the private channel shared between Ainz and Tania. Guess what, that blasted senator was all behind this and gave Ilatha an excuse to neutralize Ainz. Probably because Ainz was the most troublesome among us in coming between her and her goals."

"You're right. Now that I remembered, Ainz did mention Cherilyn sending him down there when he got shot in the chest." Jixu said with a sudden clarity in her head.

Everyone was now in deep thought, pondering whether they were deceived by Marshall Ainz or Senator Cherilyn Tania. Breaking the silence were now several stomps echoing throughout the halls. On the opposite end was none other than the three stooges who left for Roulande to search for the traitorous senator.

"It's her. It's her. That double-crossing, back-stabbing, son-of-a b-" Fang shouted as he was about to run out of breath.

"Woah there, where were you three?" Jaygini asked.

"We were from Roulande but as you heard, we found the real culprit. The woman I thought stole my heart actually stole my trust. Now I just wanna fire a phase beam through her skull," an aggravated Michael replied.

"she ambushed us with Queen Jemma and not just that. She's working with Tara. Good thing Tara's gone now huh, right?"

"Well...not really." said Riflona.

"What do you mean?" Exiyu asked after catching his breath.

"See, Yanu'Kai's in the ER right now. That's why we're here. We think she lost to Tara while doing all that mumbo-jumbo inside the system. She wasn't waking up after she left the commander's brain."

"Well, isn't this a shit show." Fang exclaimed.

"But how'd you guys escape? Queen Jemma's palace is rigged with guards."

MIchael took out his holopad and showed Riflona the image on it, "A chick from Luciole saved us right before we got executed. She was eyeballing Fang like he was a billion credits. Girls don't even do that to me."

"Shut your trap, Spencer." Fang grabbed the holopad and threw it into the trash can. "It wasn't like that okay. Anyways how's Yanu'Kai?"

At that moment, the doctor from the ER chamber came out with a slip of paper held in his hand.

"Doc, what's the update?" Jaygini asked.

"I'm sorry to let you hear this but the duchess didn't make it..."



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Postby Terudel » Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:19 am

The Yunix Superweapon, Orbit of Ire, Bavern System
13th Helios (13th April), 2230 Hours (Ire Time), 1503 AGW

A highly agitated Michael glared at the doctor and asked, “Repeat that for me, will you?”

The doctor kept silent and kept his head low, avoiding any eye contact and not wanting to utter out those words again. Michael tilted his head slightly to the left, sharpening his eyes before pulling out his gun. He shot a pulsated ion beam straight through the doctor’s head. His lifeless body was flung across the room, face disfigured.

“Put that damn weapon down this instant!” Tesex shouted angrily, not liking Michael’s unruly behaviour. “Are you going to kill every single one of us here if we can’t answer your damn question? Get a grip, you fool!”

Michael sighed and obeyed, sitting down and staring at the ground, still in disbelief that Yanu’Kai was dead. Glenn stood up, trying to get everyone’s attention despite his diminutive size. “Back when Michael was in critical condition, Yanu’Kai was able to heal him by transferring a part of her to him. You gained some of her abilities, am I right, Michael? What if you just replicate that?”

Exiyu shook his head and interrupted to provide his input, “He won’t be able to do that, unfortunately. Only a blood-born Kalee can bring back the dead. However, there is a way to revive a dead Kalee without using any powers. We need the saliva of a Cordelian native. And I know exactly a person in this superweapon who can help us. Call Sonjeff.”

Fang made a choking noise and replied, slightly giggling, “So, we call him, ask him to spit at Yanu’Kai and we cool?”

Exiyu sniggered and smiled before replying, “The funny thing is, Cordelians can’t spit. Their salivary glands are only stimulated when oxytocin is released by the posterior pituitary. Sonjeff needs to be aroused, and the only way we can transfer the saliva is by getting him to kiss Yanu’Kai. The alternative is to find another Kalee, but by the time we find one, Yanu’Kai’s tissues would have begun to decompose, and it would severely affect the way she functions. Anyone objects to the first option?”

Everyone shook their heads, and Exiyu proceeded to call Sonjeff. A few moments later, Sonjeff entered the room, and Exiyu proceeded to orientate him on the process. Sonjeff appeared to be elated and agreed to what he was about to do.

“Looking at his body language, the oxytocin has already been released,” Fang said to Michael, who elbowed him, trying to hold his laughter. Michael’s mood was getting better, knowing that Yanu’Kai was not entirely gone.

Sojan came into the room, pushing a large metal tray with Yanu’Kai on it. Sonjeff glanced at the body, which had been badly mangled. He closed his eyes and gave her a long kiss. Her body immediately began to twitch and after a while, her eyes shined a deep blue colour, her body levitating and within seconds, Yanu’Kai was once again standing, ready to strike.

“I’m back,” she said.
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Postby Terudel » Tue May 05, 2020 6:32 am

Somewhere in the forest, El-Carim, Bavern System
16th Helios (16th April), 0830 Hours (El-Carim Time), 1503 AGW

The rain on El-Carim dropped in warm sheets from a shining sky. It smelled like burnt flesh, clung to the green leaves and the rugged trunks of the large trees. Its been 40 hours since the rain began, and the temperatures dropped drastically. 4 figures crept along the large bushes, silently moving. The tall, slim woman in the lead was dressed in dark blue armour and held a blaster on her right hand, which was crudely stencilled with the symbol of the Republic. Pale brown hair dripped beneath her helmet, sending crawling trails of rainwater down her face. It was Yanu'Kai.

She gestured for a quicker pace, quietly cursing the sky for such unforgiving weather. As they reached the oddly-shaped tree about a kilometre away from where they began, a swift series of blaster shots resounded, followed by distinct splashes of water, signalling to the group that someone was out there. The figure closest behind Yanu'Kai—a short man with thinning hair and a face that puckered at the sight of danger—immediately went into a prone position, rifle steadily aimed towards the large rocks. The third figure pointed calmly, his broad shoulders relaxed. The fourth figure moved towards Yanu'Kai, providing cover with her large shield.

"I don't see anyone," said Glenn, who was peering through his scope.

Sojan advanced towards the rocks, carefully scanning the surroundings for any lifeforms. Riflona held her shield close to Yanu'Kai while clutching her blaster at her waist. "The weather in this uninhabited planet is really getting on my nerves," complained Yanu'Kai as she heightened her senses to detect the perceived enemy.

"Dead rebels!" shouted Sojan, studying the bodies, checking each for a heartbeat. "Either someone here is with the Republic or it's a trap."

Glenn ran towards the scene, trying to identify the wounds. "Came from a republic weapon," he said. "Who do you think is here?"

"Let me contact Tesex," replied Riflona. "She can help to check if there were Republic troops dispatched to El-Carim."

As the four waited patiently, Yanu'Kai noticed a hooded figure spying on them from the bushes. She fired her gun, alarming Glenn. The hooded figure was on the move and Yanu'Kai trailed it down. Glenn tried to follow but the ground exploded, sending him a few metres back. Fire and metal shards and grease and insulation pelted his spine. He could not hear a thing for a moment and attempted to crawl. Something tacky was stuck to his chin and his helmet's visor was cracked; he had enough presence of mind to feel lucky he was not dead.

Suddenly, Glenn was moving again. He was upright and was being dragged backwards, Sojan's hands clasping him below the shoulders. A green storm of blaster beams flashed among the fire and debris as Glenn snarled several curses. Sojan lifted him and found himself grasping Sojan's shoulders. Sojan ran fast, Riflona firing back at the rebels. Their deathly red armour gleamed in the rain and their eyes could be seen through their helmets, gaping like pits.

The rebel troops followed them, firing continuously. Glenn knew running away would not protect them long enough from the heavy fire. He reached into his left thigh pocket for a grenade. He activated it and tossed it behind, counting to four in his head. A loud blast was heard, as the bodies of the rebel troops sprawled onto the ground, blood plastering the ground. "Great throw!" celebrated Sojan.

Glenn wobbled onto his feet, feeling shaky. "We gotta find Yanu'Kai," said Riflona. "She can't be far."

A hand grabbed RIflona by the shoulder, prompting her to throw an elbow. Yanu'Kai groaned in pain, clutching her abdomen. "That hurts!" screamed Yanu'Kai as Riflona apologised profusely. Behind Yanu'Kai was Ainz. Ainz had been abducted a few days ago by Ilatha and Mandy Xignus and was brought to El-Carim. What they did not know was that Ainz had a tracking device implanted by Michael. The four-man team was dispatched to the vibrant green planet but due to the lack of signal in the atmosphere, they could not track down the exact location of Ainz and had to navigate the forest to search for him.

"Good to see you, guys," Ainz said, a sign of relief on his face. "Those girls tortured me for information."

"We'll talk later," said Sojan. "Hundreds of troops are probably on their way. We gotta make it back to the ship before they catch us."

The group traced back their footsteps quickly, and as expected, another wave of blaster beams fired at them. Sojan and Glenn jumped for cover and fired back. They signalled for the rest to continue running, while they tried to hold back the enemy. Glenn glimpsed the trooper carrying the rocket launcher. The trooper was still loading the launcher, buying the group some time to escape before they met their fate. Glenn took a deep breath and took a steady aim. One shot. The trooper fell to the ground.

The two of them stood up and chased after the rest. "Just like the old days," said Glenn, laughing, as they ran. Towards the end of the forest, they could hear engines revving. Glenn guessed the rest found the ship after all. The two boarded, narrowly escaping the horde of troopers. With Ainz rescued, the Grand 11 was once again complete. Glenn sat back, laughing his weird, hiccuping laugh and spoke. He swallowed his words as he went, half stuttering. "I kept shooting and bodies kept falling," he said. "Stepped on a mine and was blasted and your boy here is still alive."

"You're a sick man, Glenn," Sojan said, and swung an arm roughly around his buddy's shoulders. "I'll miss you when this war is over."

Yanu'Kai grunted and sniffed behind them. It might have been dismay, but Glenn chose to take it as mirth.



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