The Darkness Within [Closed/IC]

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The Darkness Within [Closed/IC]

Postby Terudel » Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:12 am


In a galaxy millions of light years away from Earth, humans, droids and other lifeforms co-exist. After the Great War, which lasted for over 4,500 years, 3 star systems agreed on a treaty, forming the Crescentian Republic and ending the war. The three leaders of the respective star systems agreed that the centre of political power would be located on the planet of Dieusia. The population centre of Dieusia, Worf City, became the Federal District and houses the Senate Building and the different government districts.

1,500 years later, the Crescentian Republic controlled several of the galaxy's trade routes and the respective 3 star systems prospered. Peace was established within the Republic and the newly-elected Supreme Chancellor Claudine Ghen, a human, introduced the Expansion Plan, which aimed to assimilate other star systems into the Crescentian Republic. This resulted in a huge uproar in the different star systems that were outside of the Republic's control. Leaders of those systems refused to give up their power, leaving Chancellor Ghen with no other choice but to use force.

The first system that the Republic targeted was the Herranium System, governed by Duke Henry Revern IV. Hundreds of battlecruisers, carrying countless small fighters and troop transporters, made their way to Herranium. The first planet, Veres, was subdued quickly. From there, the Republic forces established a base and within 3 years, the entire Herranium System was colonised by the Republic and Duke Henry IV was brought to Dieusia and was executed in front of a huge crowd.

Now, it seems that the peace within the Republic may be compromised and a potential war may break out in the near future. The colonisation of Herranium only made the Chancellor bolder. Even some of the senators in the Crescentian Senate have secret plans. The darkness within will soon reveal itself and no one knows when.

Crescentian Republic
  • Relesent System
  • Bavern System
  • Jenesia System
  • Herranium System
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Postby Terudel » Sat Nov 10, 2018 10:01 pm

Relesent System

Number of Planets: 5
Largest Planet: Dieusia (Diameter=12,260 km)
Number of Seats in the Senate: 4
Number of Moons: 14


The Relesent Star System is a planetary system consisting of 5 planets. The 5 planets are Dieusia, Xenatia, Roulande, Idylle and Jek. Jek is a planet home to primitive species and its extreme climate makes it uninhabitable for humans. Dieusia is the centre of control and is home to the Supreme Chancellor of the Crescentian Republic.

The planets orbit around a big star, Uquan. The system is well-known as the birthplace of the Republic. The former leader of Dieusia, King Fadain II, was the first Supreme Chancellor of the Crescentian Republic.



Dieusia has a mountainous terrain. The sky is purple in colour due to the large abundance of Kulf, a gas. The population centre of Dieusia is Worf City, a bustling metropolis with large skyscrapers towering the entire city. Worf City is the home of the Federal District. Dieusia has 3 moons orbiting the planet, Dieusia 1, Dieusia 2 and Dieusia 3.

The Senate Building is situated in the heart of the city, surrounded by the respective government buildings. The Supreme Chancellor's office is located on the top floor of the Senate Building, overlooking the city skyline. Dieusia underwent extensive rebuilding after the Great War. The biggest battle of the war happened in Dieusia and several old, damaged fighters could still be seen wedged on the mountains.

The highest peak is Mount Yundar, which is 11 kilometres tall. The mountain has copious resources that are used to build capital ships. Many factories are built near the mountain, all of it manufacturing ships.



Xenatia is completely overgrown with red plants with a swampy terrain. The clouds in the sky are also red in colour, due to the presence of Quenin Gas, only found on the planet itself. Humans colonised the planet 800 years before the Great War and built a city in the sky was built as it was too difficult to clear the swamps. Many different species could be found lurking in the swamps and some are hunted down for food. The humans have adapted to its unusually cold climate, with the lowest temperature being recorded as -56°C. Xenatia only has 1 moon, Krebs 234.

Xenatia is represented in the Senate by Senator Jene Herald, a young woman with few words. Despite her tranquillity, she is able to convince the other senators to listen to her during senate meetings. Xenetia is over-reliant on food imports from other planets as it is impossible to grow any crops on the planet.

Xenatia is currently under the rule of King Fredrick but his power is only limited domestically, similar to other planets within the Republic, and the word of the Supreme Chancellor is still final.



Roulande's terrain is very much similar to that of Earth. About 80% of Roulande's surface is covered with water, mostly by oceans. Its size, however, is smaller compared to Earth. Its diameter is only 8,300 kilometres. Roulande is mainly inhabited by humans, although the planet is known to house more than 82,342 different species. Roulande has 5 moons orbiting it.

The humid jungles in the planet are punctuated with many small farming villages, where the majority of the people live in. The capital is Vere Island, a city built on an island. The royal palace, where the planet's ruler, Queen Jemma, lives in, is situated on the island.

Senator Amelia Varatin is the planet's representative on the Senate and is known for her subtle approach to politics.



Idylle is a temperate swamp planet with massive rocky plateaus. The long stretches of swampy vegetation are pierced by towering plateaus of striated rock. Despite that, the inhabitants, humanoids, were able to build a metropolitan city, Lurod. Lurod became the planet's capital and the first ruler of Idylle built his office building in the middle of the city. Now, Idylle is run by Viceroy Glenn Scheinred, who also represents Idylle in the Senate as a senator. Idylle has 2 moons orbiting it.

The King of Idylle, King John IV, is 94 years of age and is currently ill. He became the last of his bloodline when his only son died at a young age of 31. It is expected that monarchy will be put to an end once King John IV passes away and that the Viceroy would assume the position of Supreme Ruler.

The Viceroy has a good relationship with his fellow senators in the Senate. He is seen as a mediator when conflicts and tensions arise during meetings.



Jek is a desert planet and its extremely harsh climate makes it uninhabitable for humans. Primitive lifeforms can be found on the surface of the planet. One of them is the Wehbvex, an amphibian. It is 3 metres in length and 2 metres in height. It has 6 venomous fangs that would kill its prey instantly with a single bite. Jek has 3 moons orbiting it.

Surface water is absent on the planet and the different lifeforms draw moisture through the dry air. It is a relatively small planet, with a diameter of only 4,670 kilometres.
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Postby Terudel » Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:30 am

Jenesia System

Number of Planets: 8
Largest Planet: Canardin (Diameter= 14,568 km)
Number of Seats in the Senate: 6
Number of Moons: 6


The Jenesia Star System is a binary star system consisting of 8 planets. 6 of the planets are inhabited, Ceris, Chantania, Canardin, Fimin, Cordelia and Luciole. The remaining 2 planets are gas giants, Bergot and Mespa. Bergot and Mespa are uninhabitable but their moons respectively have lifeforms but humans chose not to inhabit the 2 moons.

The planets orbit around 2 giant stars, Jenesia 1 and Jenesia 2. Canardin is home to Genesis Starship Manufacturing (GSM), the main producer of ships for the Republic. GSM also has many production facilities in Ceris and Cordelia. Its main export is the Acclamator-class Transgalactic Military Assault Ship. The Crescentian Republic considers this system as the crown jewel as the ships are mainly developed here.



Ceris has rocky terrain, covered by Nevered Rocks on the surface, giving the planet its pale pink colour. The humans that colonised this planet thousands of years ago managed to clear the rocks and create a metropolitan city, Westfield. Westfield became the capital of Ceris and the tallest skyscraper, CentreEye, became the home of the Prime Minister of Ceris.

The current Prime Minister of Ceris is Denzel Collier, a 36-year-old cameloid. Ceris is represented by Senator Peter Flock in the Senate, one of the most influential senators in the Republic. Ceris has a huge mining colony far from Westfield, where a unique crystal called Quentin is mined for. This crystal is composed of both organic and inorganic matter, impervious to fire and resistant to hammering. In the rural areas of the planet, the GSM has set up many production facilities, providing many villagers with jobs.


Chantania has a breathable atmosphere, but an arid climate. Harsh deserts covered the surface of the planet and both the rocks and the sky were tinted in shades of orange. Surface water was scarce, only amounting to 10% of the entire total planetary surface. Chantania had awe-inspiring rocky rings. Chantania is the second largest planet in the Jenesia System, with a diameter of 12,456 km.

Cities in Chantania are covered by shields, protecting it from the wild carnivores outside. The shield is also there to protect the city from the harsh climate. Inside the city, the temperature is well-regulated and the air is purified despite the planet already having a breathable atmosphere. This is to ensure that the air that the people breathe in is clean.

Chantania is under the rule of Queen Marlander Bumin, a 19-year-old human and is the 62nd ruler of the planet. Chantania is represented by Senator Fanger Yek in the Senate.



Canardin was initially uninhabited due to the large abundance of toxic hydrogen sulfide gas in the planet's atmosphere. The planet is primarily composed of silicate rock surrounding an iron sulfide core. The surface of the planet is composed of extensive plains coated with sulfur and sulfur-dioxide frost and is dotted by hundreds of mountains that have been uplifted by extensive compression at the base of Canardin's silicate crust.

Humans, however, wanted to inhabit the planet despite its toxicity. In order to do so, humans first wore protective suits equipped with oxygen tanks. They then built cities that were slightly elevated from the ground and covered the city with a protective shield. From the inside, the planet's actual look is not visible. Instead, the shield reflects an idyllic view, making it more pleasing to the eye.

The environment inside the shielded cities is regulated and suited for a human being. Canardin's cities are known for their immaculate beauty and its sophisticated culture. The capital, Drovis, is considered to be the finest city in the entire galaxy. Canardin is governed by Premier Gideon Spencer. His brother, Doctor Michael Spencer, is in charge of scientific research in Canardin. Canardin is represented by Senator Cherilyn Tania in the Senate.



Fimin is an icy planet. Fimin looks like a pale blue orb due to its dense snow and ice covering. Its surface is covered with glaciers and frozen ice plains. The temperature is always frigid. The inhabitants, humanoids, are able to withstand the freezing temperatures.

The buildings in the capital, FM-221, are made out of modified ice, which is almost unbreakable. Fimin is under the control of Senator Gusfen Xert, who also represents the planet in the Senate.

There are several underground facilities on the planet, used for manufacturing weapons.



Cordelia is rich with resources like copper, silver, aluminium and coal. The planet's surface is peach in colour and many caves can be found. The temperature in the planet ranges between 10°C to 35°C, making it very suitable for humans to live in. The planet also has a breathable atmosphere.

Cordelia is ruled by Duchess Vuff Quer and it is represented by Senator Layson Derelia in the Senate. Cordelians are known to be very friendly and accommodating. Many live a simple life in villages. The capital, Vespin, is a city with beautiful infrastructures.



Luciole is known for its lush forests and natural beauty. Waterfalls, grassy hills and rolling plains is a common sight. Many people live in tribes located in the forests. There are only 8 cities on the planet, all of it are urbanised. The capital, Freq, is home to the Queen.

Queen Mary Webster had been the planet's ruler for over 40 years. Luciole is represented by Senator Sarah Zuris in the Senate. Senator Zuris was born on the planet of Roulande but lost her parents when she was 4. She was later adopted by the Queen, who saw her during a visit to Roulande.

Senator Zuris always emphasised the maintenance of peace across the Crescentian Republic during Senate meetings.

Bergot and Mespa


These two planets are gas giants and are the furthest away from the Jenesia 1 and Jenesia 2. They are uninhabited but their moons have lifeforms.

The planets are abundant in toxic gases and hence, humans have yet to do much research on the two planets.
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Postby Terudel » Wed Nov 14, 2018 7:56 am

Herranium System

Number of Planets: 5
Largest Planet: Jeunea (Diameter= 13,214 km)
Number of Seats in the Senate: 4
Number of Moons: 10


The Herranium System is a planetary system consisting of 5 planets. The 5 planets are Veres, Jeunea, Vilea, Cal-1 and Zaver. Zaver is a gas giant. 4 of the planets have moons orbiting around them; Veres has 1 moon, Jeunea has 4, Cal-1 has 3 and Zaver has 2.

The Herranium System was recently assimilated into the Crescentian Republic, following the execution of the former ruler, Duke Henry Revern IV.

After the assimilation, the Senate had agreed to appoint a senator for each of the 4 inhabited planets. The planets orbit around a big star called Regent-2178. Many people in the system are still trying to adapt to their new respective leaders. These people are, however, delighted that the tyrannical rule of Duke Henry IV had come to an end.



Veres is a tropical planet inhabited by dwarfs. Veres is a beautiful and relatively small world, only measuring up to 7,658 kilometres in diameter. Veres comprises of tropical, volcanic island chains rising from clear, shallow oceans. Rocky archipelagos surround deeper oceans in the planet. The beaches are tranquil and idyllic.

Veres was the first planet in the Herranium system to be under the Republic's hands. The army of the Republic built army bases near the beaches. The loss of Veres marked the beginning of the end to Duke Henry IV's rule. The location of the base was strategic, allowing the Republic to easily transport their troops to other planets in Herranium.

Currently, Veres is under the control of Senator Andy Campbell, a former admiral turned politician. The Supreme Chancellor has given Senator Campbell the authority to control the Republic Army stationed in Veres. A quarter of the Republic's naval fleet is stationed in Veres: 68 Acclamator-class Transgalactic Military Assault Ships, 34 Venator-class Star Destroyers and 21 Harrower-class Battle Cruisers.



Jeunea is a pleasant world of pink grasslands, rivers and lakes. Jeunea is the homeworld of the Centaurs, a half-human, a half-horse species. Jeunea was the site of one of the fiercest battles in Crescentian Republic history, with the Republic claiming victory in the end. A normal day on Jeunea lasts 26 hours, and a local year lasted 278 days.

Jeunea is currently under the control of Senator Tersel Gan, the youngest in the Senate, who is currently 15 years of age. Jeunea has several continents. To the East, dense forests are an often sight and generally, a warmer temperature is experienced. To the West, bustling metropolises is seen and people live a luxurious life. The North and South, however, are covered by thick, pink snow and glaciers are spread across. Humans have colonised the planet over 8000 years ago and have enslaved the native Centaurs.



Vilea is occupied by several mining colonies set up over 3000 years ago. Vilea is mostly covered in water, with numerous rocky islands blanketed with blue trees. Giant ants would congregate in these islands but recently, their species is endangered, thanks to the humanoids that took over the once peaceful planet.

Humanoids imprisoned a huge number of ants, slaughtering and harvesting their dead bodies for meat that would be consumed later on. The humanoids made use of the rocky islands to build hidden cities. From afar, the rocky islands would look quiet and unoccupied, but do not be deceived by its mere looks. The humanoids are merciless killers and would behead those who try and step foot on the islands without permission.

The planet is currently under the control of Senator Jifi Wegner, a bubbly young girl who got into politics at a young age of 12. Her good decision making was taken note by the Supreme Chancellor, leading to her appointment as senator.



Cal-1 is a mechanical planet inhabited by droids. Cal-1 was a planet artificially built by humans 6000 years ago. They then installed droids to maintain the planet and ensure that its destruction is prevented. When the Republic took over the Herranium System, the Supreme Chancellor ordered for the droids to be reprogrammed in order to ensure that their allegiance is to the Republic.

Now, Cal-1 is being redesigned so that one day, huge manufacturing facilities can be built. The damage dealt to the planet during the war was severe and it is estimated that it would take hundreds of years to rebuild it to its former glory. Currently, an artificial intelligence is the Senate representative of the planet.



As of now, not much is known about the gas giant, Zaver. It was said that the planet was named after an ancient god that took on the form of a purple gas, which manifested into the gas giant. Scientists are eager to begin their research on this mysterious planet.

The Supreme Chancellor gave scientists from Canardin complete control of the planet and publicly announced that she had no use for the planet, angering many in the Herranium System. Despite the backlash, the Supreme Chancellor still believes that she will be able to win the hearts of the Herranium inhabitants.
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Moralistic Democracy

Postby Zirion Grande » Wed Nov 14, 2018 10:34 am


Number of Planets:7
Largest Planet:Ophelia ZX8 (Diameter= 2,300,000,000, km)
Number of Seats in the Senate:4
Number of Moons: 11


The Bavern Star System comprises of 7 planets orbiting a blindingly bright star, known commonly by space vessels as the Crimson Polaris. The planets are Zirion Grande, Alak'Hul, Ire, El-carim , Ophelia ZX8, Sunder and Leugim. Of the 7 planets, Ophelia ZX8 and Sunder are uninhabitable to any living organisms and the planet Leugim was made artificially. Bavern hosts 11 moons and the most notable of them is Torappis, the forest-moon of El-carim containing crystal clear oceans. The system is known for being a bustling starscape filled with moving Space Vessels from planet to planet as well as its remarkable neoteric technology, utilised by the Republic to produce weapons and defence systems.

Zirion Grande


Zirion Grande is home to over 7 billion Grandeans and is ruled under one world Government, the Premier being Melissa Aleucard. The planet has a tri-reinforced ozone layer which makes it seem reddish-brown in colour form space but due to the Rayleigh Scattering effect, the atmosphere within consists of a bright blue sky. The planet also seems to have an asteroid belt encircling its equator but it is actually an illusory defence system artisanally conjured by the scientists to be impregnable by any outer threats. The planet has 5 main populated land masses: Grande Cosmodrome, Grande Heliopause, Grande Pyxis and the twin land masses, Grand Nile and Grande Stygma. The Grand Cosmodrome has the largest land mass spanning over 17,200 km and accomodates over 3 billion citizens.

The right hand man of the Supreme Chancellor as well as the one having overall command of the entire Crescentian Republic army in the Bavern system, Marshall Ainz P. Mythos, lives in the lofts of one of the the many monolithic buildings in Grande Cosmodrome. His half-sister, Tara W. Mythos, is the senator of Zirion Grande and provides strong political support to the Supreme Chancellor in expanding the Republic's domain to the outer systems such as Herranium. This attitude a side effect of the compulsory militarisation act launched throughout her homeworld which forces citizens to spend a minimum of 7 years in the planet's Armed Forces from the age of 7 to 15.

The planet is also well-known for it great technological advancements in warfare and transportation which is made possible by discovery of an abundant source of self-replenishing living ore known as Nadium in the past millennia. The crystal is found deep in the inner core of the planet and can be only be mined when exposed to the light of the Crimson Polaris which causes the supercovalent bonds in the Nadium to photochemically break. Despite the tedious process, the crystal is a catalyst as well as a huge energy reservoir that can be expended to power high-intensity ion infused tech. This allowed to commercial manufacture of the ZG Series VII Ion Repulsor which now most of the Crescentian Republic's Forces use. The crystal also allowed to planet to construct its fortied planetary defence system and helped elevate the planet's political standing in the republic senate.



Alak'Hul, when translated in the native tongue of the Kalee, means Gravemind which is a bleak connotation of the planet's grim history. The planet has a colossal gash from its surface to its suoerheated core, this was a result of what the natives called "The First Crackening". It is prophecised since teraannums ago, that in a time not long from now, the Second Crackening shall commence and the Angels of the Great Deity Alfonse shall sound the horns of the Apocalypse, collapsing the planet and its inhabitants into a timeless abyss.

Regardless of the ill-fated cruise by which the people of Alak'Hul embark on, they are still able to live their lives in perceived peace. The Kalee are a race of people in Alak'Hul that possess innate esper-like abilities to be able to communicate via telepathy and have some control over telekinesis. This allowed them to create huge stone temples to pray to their Deity and eventually build many ostentatious cities made of natural materials. Since the arrival of spacecrafts, the Kalee were even able to connect to the mainframes of the technology and replicate its construction. This allowed to planet to flourish even more. The planet is governed by several Duchesses, each with strong psychic prowess and have a battalion of Kalee soldiers under them. The Duchesses place huge emphasis on keeping the planet as untainted as possible from deforestation and pollution as they believe that by preserving nature, they preserve their innate capabilities. Though the planet may be small, the Supreme Chancellor has recognized it as a potential ally of the Republic and have thus given them a seat in the senate, taken up by the Duchess Enatia Yanu'kai.

Alak'Hul has one moon called Mirana.



Ire is a semi-gaseous planet with chunks of habitable land floating over dense storms of helium and acetylene gas oceans. Large flying leviathans and other carnivorous predators lurk beneath the thick haze of gas, feeding on each other while the humanoids above land stay alive because of their ability to photosynthesize from both the light of the Crimson Polaris as well as reflections of that light from the three moons orbiting the planet; Arthrus , Aleks and Joelim.

The planet is inhabited by a nomad race of half-reptile, half-avian humanoids that stand notches in the medical faculty due to their immense research put in into extracting and obtaining antidotes and cures from the 8 trillion species of medicinal plants situated in the planet. They are not reigned over or represented by anyone and live simple lives, however for the sake of order and judiciary measures, the planet has been assigned a senator by the Republic- Senator Jixu, a humble aristocrat from the planet Canardin which is in the Jenesia Star System.



El-carim is a vibrant green planet with lush flora and is teeming with organisms, predominantly consisting of large herbivores and insects. The planet remains untouched by civilisation of any kind and its preservation is kept under strict laws by order of the Supreme Chancellor herself so as to retain its natural planetary bioluminescence which she adores .

The viridescent planet also has 4 moons orbiting it: an icy rock called Fulcrum, an exuberantly breathtaking moon known as Torappis, a barren land of ash and dust referred to as The Shutter and finally, a large mining depot established on the ocean moon of Brynhilder to obtain fossil fuels and astatine, an extremely rare element.

Ophelia ZX8


Almost 200,000 times bigger than Zirion Grande, Ophelia ZX8 is a planet of godly proportions such that being colossally big just won't cut it.

The planet is nothing more than a gas giant comprising of gases like methane, hydrogen and tungsten hexafluoride. Its toxic atmosphere is uninhabitable by any species and that on certain winters on the planet, solid pellets of hydrogen rain from the sky.

The gas giant was once believed to be formed when the Lunatic Titan, Demos, made himself a cocoon after destroying the universe so that he may be reborn into the world when it forms again, only for him to destroy it once more. Currently, as the Republic is trying to extract the gases from Ophelia ZX8 used as a large fuel reservoir for an upcoming superweapon, rumbles can be heard from within the gas giant.

Ophelia ZX8 has one moon called Minoris Omega



Sunder is a bipolar planet close to the Crimson Polaris, this causes the side facing the sun to erupt in mountains of flames that can reach up to 11,000 km in height.

While the first half is burning. the second has no stratospheric ozone layer which leaves the planet surface exposed to the cold abyssal space and thus freezing the planet to in icy tundra.

As such, there are no inhabitants on the planet as no one organism would able to survive from the rapid changes in climate from extreme cold to extreme heat except a prokaryotic race of amoeba on the planet that have stuck there for over a millennia.

The Republic plans to seize this location as a possible death ground for prisoners and enemies of the Republic as after their bodies freeze to death, they will then be incinerated accordingly - surely and easy disposal mechanism.



Leugim is contrived from technology built by an ancient civilization long disappeared from the Bavern System and what remains is a solid chunk of metal and debris with its own gravitational pull. Despite being abandoned, the planet does have inhabitants, the Conservators, who are intellectual and independently thinking mechanised robots with the ability to procreate and sustain their machine world. The Republic wishes to study the marvel which are these robots that can replenish their lifeforce and have thus provided them a seat in the senate with the representative being Senator G9JK-XV1002 or Knoxx for short. It seems that the people are all connected by some invisible connection that they themselves are unaware of its origin. Leugim has two natural moons, Valence and Constellata.
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Senate Building, Dieusia, Relesent System
14th Zeus (14th January), 1305 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

Chancellor Claudine Ghen sat in her brown swivel chair, back straightened and arms resting on the desk of her office. In front of her was senators Sarah Zuris and Andy Campbell. The two travelled all the way to the Republic's capital, seeking approval for their respective requests. Luciole and Veres are both under internal security threat following the recent fall of Cal-1 into rebel hands.

"I am fully aware of the dire situation in both planets and I must say that the Republic truly regrets the loss of Cal-1. The rebels have struck a huge victory against us and this will only rally more people to their cause. If you would ask me, both of your requests to mobilise the army would be approved instantly. The only thing standing in your way is the Senate," Claudine paused to get a breather. "The Senate will decide on the actions to be taken."

"Thank you, Supreme Chancellor," Sarah said. "However, Queen Webster is displeased with the apparent lack of care by the Senate. Many innocent people are dying because of this rebellion. If we continue to wait for the Senate's approval, I fear that it would be far too late. Is there anything in your power that you can do to help?"

"At most, I can only authorise the deployment of a few battalions."

Senator Campbell interrupted, "Supreme Chancellor, 6 destroyers in Veres have been damaged after a bomb detonated in one of the bases. I suggest we evacuate the planet. We can't afford to lose more destroyers."

"I appreciate your input, Senator. However, such a measure would be seen as cowardly. Even if I gave you the authority to command the fleet, I cannot allow you to leave the planet. This is an order, Senator."

"With all due respect, Chancellor..." Andy was cut off by Claudine.

"No more objections! An order is an order, Andy. If you can't even put an end to a small uprising in your planet, then maybe someone else will." Andy kept quiet and simply nodded. He knew that arguing further with the Supreme Chancellor would only compromise his position. He had already damaged his reputation by suggesting an evacuation. Now, all he could think about was getting back on Claudine's good side. The Chancellor is one with little patience.

As the two senators exited the room, the Chancellor was contacted by Doctor Michael Spencer from Canardin. Doctor Spencer had been in charge of the Chancellor's superweapon project from the very beginning. Claudine kept this in secrecy as publicly announcing it would only arouse suspicions.

"Greetings, Supreme Chancellor," Spencer said. "The superweapon orbiting Canardin has seen tremendous progress since the last time you checked on it. However, we have decided to halt its construction for now. Luciole, as I have heard, is facing internal rebellion. Is that true?"

"I am afraid that is the case, Doctor. I do agree with you that we should halt the construction. We can't risk the rebels knowing about our secret plans. It is far too dangerous. The entire Republic could go down if the rebels find out about what we are working on."

"Agree, Chancellor. By the way, Senator Cherilyn is on her way to Dieusia. I hope to see you soon, Chancellor."

"Hope to see you too, old friend," Claudine turned off her communication device just as her secretary came in.

Claudine asked her secretary to send the message to all senators that a senate meeting will be held in 2 weeks. As her secretary left her office to deliver the message, she opened the hologram file that she inserted to her monitor. The plans of the superweapon appeared and she examined it closely.

"With this, no one will dare to challenge my authority again," she whispered.
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Postby Terudel » Sun Nov 18, 2018 6:49 am

Delta Research Facility 2, Drovis, Canardin, Jenesia System
15th Zeus (15th January), 0803 Hours (Canardin Time), 1503 AGW

Doctor Michael Spencer had been working in the Delta Research Facility for close to 10 years. As a young boy, he had shown interest in scientific research. His older brother, who is 12 years older than him, saw remarkable potential in Michael, describing his talent as 'one of a kind'.

When Michael was just 12, he managed to come up with an attachment for a rifle, which made use of pyrite (Iron (ii) sulfide) to generate a small laser beam that could disintegrate metal. Seeing this, his brother immediately put him under the care of the late doctor, Jeffrey Richards. Richards mentored Michael till his death when Michael was 18 years old. A year later, Michael was given a permanent job at the Delta Research Facility.

Now, at the age of 29, Doctor Michael Spencer is the head of advanced scientific research in Canardin. He had a relationship with the current Chancellor of the Republic, Claudine Ghen when both were teenagers. Claudine too was born in Canardin. Michael and she met during one of the science competitions held in the capital 20 years ago.

Both became good friends and started dating when they were 16. Eventually, Claudine got into politics when she was 20 and both mutually ended their relationship on good terms. When Claudine was 26, she was elected as Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, making her the youngest ever to hold the position.

Shortly afterwards, Michael met Senator Cherilyn Tania at a café and the two has since been dating. As Michael walked through the long, brightly-lit corridor of the research facility, he was approached by his brother and Premier of Canardin, Gideon.

"You look awfully tired, brother," Gideon said, grinning at Michael.

Michael gave a faint smile and sighed. "What do you expect? Science Research. Never stops. What's with your unusual good mood today?"

"Well, I have waited for this day. I am already 41 and finally, I can say that I am officially getting married!" Gideon replied ecstatically.

Michael raised an eyebrow at his brother, not fully convinced by what Gideon has just said. "Is this for real? You said that you were going to get married for over 12 times in the past few years but in the end, you called it off."

"This time, it is real!" Gideon danced around the corridor, attracting the attention of the workers around.

"Ok, ok. I think we can celebrate this joyous occasion later. I suggest you leave the facility before rumours about the Premier behaving hysterically starts spreading. I'll see you later, alright?"

"Sure thing," Gideon smiled as he skipped towards the exit, clearly feeling like he was on cloud nine. Michael continued to walk towards his office, wondering about what he would do next. He and the Chancellor have agreed to temporarily halt the development of the superweapon upon hearing the news of rebels causing chaos in other planets.

As he reached the entrance to his office, he keyed in his passcode on the pad, unlocking the door. He dragged himself to his seat and collapsed on it. Fatigue was getting to him, working tirelessly for weeks.

"At least the superweapon development is halted," he thought to himself. The deadline that the Chancellor had initially set for the completion of the weapon would be seen by other scientists as 'virtually impossible', but not to Michael. Known as the 'best scientist' in the whole galaxy, he knew that completing this weapon within the timeframe would cement his legacy.

As a result, he sacrificed his sleep and leisure time. There was one thing, however, that he could not give up and that was the time spent with Cherilyn. He made sure that there was time allocated specifically for her. The Chancellor, too, was supportive of their relationship and constantly encouraged Michael to marry her.

Michael would reply that he has to wait for the perfect time. As he adjusted his seating position to a comfortable one, he opened his monitor and commenced his work for the day. He needed to prepare a few documents before making a trip to Zirion Grande. He promised Marshall Ainz P. Mythos that he would provide intel for the manufacturers of the ZG Series VII Ion Repulsor in order to improve their design.

As his fingers moved effortlessly on the keyboard, a call came in. Michael was startled for a moment before stopping what he was doing and picking it up. On the hologram appeared Senator Tania, who was aboard a Bellator-Class Dreadnought, The Conqueror, the ship that Michael made for her.

Cherilyn looked distressed and Michael immediately noticed it. "Cherilyn, what is the matter?"

"Rebels. They have intercepted the ship and we are on the receiving end of their immense firepower. 20 starfighters have been destroyed in the process and more rebel ships are coming out of hyperspace. We are greatly outnumbered. Send reinforcements immediately."

"Hang in there! Help will come," Michael said before the signal was cut off. He stuffed his things inside his suitcase and quickly left his office, making his way to the hangar.
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Grande Cosmodrome, Zirion Grande, Bavern System
15th Hera (15th February), 2300 Hours (ZG Time), 1503 AGW

"What a bloody mess."

As the quantum ionospheres generate power for the planet, breaking the deafening silence with its low murmuring buzz, Marshall Ainz stares into the midnight sky, blank face, cigarette in hand and booze in the other, but eyes glistening a bright yellow. As he lay swaying on his hammock at the balcony of his penthouse, he contemplates back on his days as an adopted child of the late senator, Kellogg Iris, who was shot dead in the head by a rebel assassin just several months ago. He remembered the times he and his sister, Tara, would run around the mansion backyard playing catch as they revel their childhood's pinnacle. Alas, that was close to 15 years ago...when all was still peaceful.

Since Kellogg's passing, Tara made the decision to bear the responsibility as the new Senator, she thought herself as the most fit for the role as she followed Kellogg in his exact footsteps. In addition, the Republic Senate had already noticed the great feats achieved by Tara for past few years. Tara not only became the first female valedictorian of the International University of Grandis Opus, the most prestigious school in the whole planet, but she was also Sergeant Major of the Grandean Armed Forces (GAF), a rank under her younger brother. She is attractive, responsible and well-versed in over twenty outer-planetary languages,and did not waver one bit when Grandeans came barging into her office to demand parley with her so that a male candidate would represent the planet. Her resolve was absolute and her charisma unparalleled.

Ainz on the other hand, was not as well-perceived as his half-sister. He was a stowaway with nowhere else to go other than to sign on after the Public Militarisation Act (PMA) due to his inexplicable delinquency. Later on, the army realised that Ainz was especially skilled in hand-to-hand combat and could fire a pistol from over three kilometres and still hit its target. This made Ainz an untradeable asset to the army as their finest marksman. They then taught him how to give orders and lead a small platoon and somehow he became known as the most brilliant strategist of the GAF after the success of his arduous mission to retake Fort Jaxuan in Grande Nile which was overrun with Rebels. As Ainz rose the to the rank of Marshall, he met Doctor Michael Spencer who taught him the ways to woo women as well knowledge of several other things and together, the two came up with the idea of ion-utilising weapons powered by Nadium. He has since then become a good companion to Doctor Spencer and his achievements were acknowledge by the Supreme Chancellor herself, promoting him to Overall Commander of the Crescentian Republic Army in Bavern.

Despite that, Ainz recently became more depressed over the death of his foster parent and his only sister's divergence from him. The thought of suicide allures him to pull the trigger frequently so that he can end the pressure he faces as a man of his stature. The only thing easing his soul is to spend time with Tara or to rein bullets on the rebels who have persisted their insurgence for over 5 years now.

Ainz then extinguishes his cigarette on the floor with his bare feet and picks up the prototype ion pistol and cocks it into his mouth's gaping orifice.

"One more time and this time, its for real." whispers Ainz as the slowly pushes his index finger on the trigger. At that moment of fate, the Directory Home Voice System activates and a voice message starts to play.

"Ainz, its your dearest Sister. Help me! i've been ca-" the recording dies and what follows is the static reverberating the room. At the instant the message ended, a vociferous blast of fire engulfs the horizon and the screams of those damned innocents were like a banshee's in the withing hour. Night had become an abrupt morning, the corona of the sun could no longer be seen and the fire was only spreading.

Ainz stood from his hammock and slid the gun into his waist holster. He snicked the knob on the balcony door and the sound of jet engine started to rumble in the loft. He got his coat then took a quick shot of Depresso Coffee and boarded his ship, The Mark X Commando Class Prowler "Obelisk Tempo" and breathed the words no man should hear from the Marshall,
"Time to kill."
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Aboard Mandator IV-Class Siege Dreadnought The Revenant, Somewhere in the Relesent System
26th Zeus (26th January), 0450 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

"I understand the situation," Mythos said, communicating with Spencer through a hologram. "There is no need to rush, doctor. When everything is settled there, then we will talk about the terms that we have discussed."

"Thank you, Marshall Mythos for your kind consideration. I'll be in Zirion Grande once my fleet finish taking care of the rebels." Spencer switched off the hologram and stood up from his seat. The Dreadnought was designed to have an office for Spencer just outside the command bridge.

The Revenant was Michael's command ship while The Conqueror was a gift for Senator Cherilyn's 25th birthday. She always told Michael that it was her dream to have her very own Dreadnought. Michael got out of his office and walked down the aisle of the command bridge. Standing at the very end was Admiral Kubrick.

"Doctor Spencer, we are coming out of hyperspace in any minute now. We also managed to contact The Conqueror. They are still holding their ground but their shields won't be able to hold if reinforcements do not arrive any sooner. And...we are here."

The dreadnought came out of hyperspace together with the rest of the fleet. In addition to The Revenant, there were 22 more star destroyers carrying countless starfighters. As each destroyer came out of hyperspace simultaneously, they were greeted by a rebel fleet with a size unimaginable. The rebellion had secretly been developing their own weapons in hiding, oblivious to the Supreme Chancellor, who was more interested in pandering with her politician 'friends' and going on a wild goose chase.

Indeed, the fleet appeared transcendent to the eyes of Michael. As the crew of The Revenant scurried around, fearing the surprising might of the rebellion, Michael stood to face the window of the bridge, working the magic in his head. He certainly knew which way the wind was blowing, even if it was only the slightest indication.

"Admiral, hold your fire! It's a trap!" Everyone froze for a brief moment. As the crew looked out towards the rebellion fleet, a blinding light was seen, followed by the sight of The Conqueror splitting in half.

"No!" Michael yowled. The whole bridge was silent, shaken by the destructive power of the rebel's new toy. Admiral Kubrick was the first to act, pushing everyone to go for maximum firepower. Hundreds of Republic starfighters swarmed from the destroyer hangars, making a beeline towards the rebel fleet.

When all hope seemed lost, a transmission was received, coming from a small vessel. "This is Admiral Kubrick. Identify yourself."

"Admiral, Senator Cherilyn speaking." Michael ran towards Kubrick and pushed him aside.

"Cherilyn, where are you? We saw your ship destroyed."

"In safe hands, Michael. I always find a way to get myself out of sticky situations. There was a small armed ship in the hangar that was unregistered. The rebels were not able to see us on their radar. We escaped hours ago. The ship is currently in the orbit of Roulande. We have already gotten clearance to land from Senator Amelia Varatin."

"Why do you always do this to me? You scared me there!" Michael cried out, heart aching.

"The important thing is that I am alive and safe. Now, get your ass out of there before a full-scale war breaks out! The Chancellor would not be pleased if you continue to engage the rebels when your initial mission to rescue me is already complete." Cherilyn cut the transmission, prompting Michael to give the order to retreat.

Grande Cosmodrome, Zirion Grande, Bavern System
16th Hera (16th February), 1030 Hours (ZG Time), 1503 AGW

The Revenant arrived in Zirion Grande just a few hours ago, narrowly escaping the standoff with the rebels in the Relesent System. Doctor Spencer took a rest in one of the guest rooms in the Cosmodrome, feeling the ache in his arms and legs. As he stood up from the bed, he wore his black boots, put on his coat and made his way to the gathering point.

He was greeted by a number of Zirion Grande Representatives. "Greetings. I suppose Marshall Mythos isn't here with us today?"

"He had to leave in a hurry just yesterday. An unfortunate situation has arisen. Senator Tara sent a voice recording late last night, appearing to be in serious trouble," said Representative Sojan.

"I guess we can carry on with today's agenda without the two. The Supreme Chancellor has given me full authority to use the moon, Arthrus, orbiting the semi-gaseous planet of Ire, for my research. If my curious mind may ask, is the moon governed by anyone?"

"Governor Jaygini. As you know, she is, well, complicated. But we are sure that she would cooperate if your operation is under the authorisation of the Supreme Chancellor."

"Oh, Jaygini. I am quite experienced in dealing with complicated figures, especially her."

"I'm sure you are Doctor," Sojan chuckled. From the left corridor where Michael came from, a rather diminutive figure appeared. Despite her size, she caught the attention of the room almost instantly. She was wearing a spaghetti strap with flower designs printed on it. Her heels shined, reflecting the light in the room. Her hair was laid down, curled subtly, giving a natural vibe. Her necklace was made of gold, dazzling the eyes of those that gaze upon it.

"Good morning, gentlemen," the woman spoke. "I apologise for the delay. I got caught up with a bunch of birds flying around, chirping."

Michael frowned at her, disturbed by her rather sizeable presence in contrast to her homuncular frame. The two seemed to acknowledge each other's presence but decided to not speak a word.
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Aboard Colonial Ion Shuttle Cruiser, The Maw, Space of Bavern System
20th Zeus (20th January), 0548 Hours (ZG Time), 1503 AGW

The air was dense with the smell of rustic coffee in the twilight hours. Exiyu was awoken by its all-too-familiar tang and stood up from his berth. He draped an unblemished white coat over his shoulder loosely from off the wall and started walking towards the sweet fragrance of caffeine and whiskey. Before he could reach out for the mug, a hologram appeared in front of him - a tall, slim body but with a fierce face. It was a scheduled private message from the the Supreme Chancellor, Claudine Ghen. Dazed, Exiyu stared blankly at the stark blue figure.

"Exiyu... I don't like you to be very honest, but you are the only man i can rely on now since Dr Spencer's departure. I have since asked you to shuttle a consortium of important personnel from Zirion Grande to Dieusia. With the nature of this mission being highly confidential and only under my surveillance, I wish to know of your current progress and whether you have or may encounter dangers while travelling between systems. If so, i will send my personal unit of Royal Starfighters to aid you." Her voice mellowed down to an increasingly serious tone. " I need them ALIVE Exiyu. If you so but fail me again, this will be the last i call upon you for help. Get back to me ASAP. Ghen, out."

Exiyu felt as though a bullet just shot through his brain, his mind was a static and everything around was a bumfuzzle. He swayed for the mug, latched on to it and chugged down his oesophagus. His eyes then gleamed with a bright orange and his shoulders arched back to reveal his Ramboesque chest and pulsating muscles. He put on the polished cap on the table and headed towards the bridge. As the auto-door slid open, a petite female attendant greeted Exiyu with a big smile on her face.

"Morning Captain Aul, everything is in check, the prisoners are secured and the rest of the crew are on deck awaiting your orders." said the miniscule girl, jumping in her tight navy blue romper.

"Well done, Marie Lyn. Now, go report back to the chef and tell him to make me a sandwich." snarled Captain Aul Exiyu, an ex-corporal for the ZG army who defected to live a life of freedom and adventure... and piracy.
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Grande Cosmodrome, Zirion Grande, Bavern System
16th Hera (16th February), 1145 Hours (ZG Time), 1503 AGW

"Playboy, that is what they call you now, isn't it?" Jaygini asked, though sounding assertive. Michael glared at her, offended by her choice of words.

"Madam, if I may clear your misconceptions, I am no playboy," Michael paused for a moment. "I am not denying the fact that I have dated a number of girls in the span of 14 years, no. Let's just say, I don't chase them, they flock to me."

"Impressive, Doctor. As for me, boys are boys. They make it seem like girls come to them when in fact, we don't. But enough of this talking. We need to get on with our agenda for today."

The rest of the politicians agreed, boredom written on their long faces from the seemingly short conversation that Jaygini and Michael were having. Sojan held a teacup on his left hand, sipping away as everyone's chatter began to die down. "The Supreme Chancellor has given Doctor Spencer full authority over the activities in the moons of Arthrus, Aleks and Joelim. Doctor Spencer has expressed his interest in Arthrus and that is why we have Governor Jaygini with us today."

Jaygini cleared her throat, sounding a tad sarcastic while keeping her ferocious eyes locked on Michael. "I very much disagree, Representative Sojan. Arthrus is a peaceful moon, with people making a living off farming. I do not want some playboy scientist doing whatever he pleases on my moon. Period."

Michael frowned. "With all due respect, Governor, I am not asking for your permission. This meeting is merely to inform you about what is going to happen."

"Excuse me?" Jaygini stood. "Who do you think you are? I am a Governor for a reason. I decide whether you are allowed to carry on with your mini-experiments."

"It is the Supreme Chancellor's bidding," Michael mumbled.

"All right, that's enough!" Sojan shouted. "We are not here to argue. We are here to have a diplomatic meeting. I expect some basic manners from the two of you!"

"My apologies, Representative. I got carried away thanks to Doctor Spencer's...indecency," Jaygini rolled her eyes in disgust. Before the meeting could continue on, a man came into the room, appearing to be in a frenzy.

"Everyone, get off the Cosmodrome now! Rebels have arrived."

"Well, well, they have found us. Everyone, follow me to my ship," Michael said.
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Grande Cosmodrome, Zirion Grande, Bavern System
16th Hera (16th February), 1300 Hours (ZG Time), 1503 AGW

Spencer and the politicians that he was with made their way to The Revenant, which was parked in the main hangar of the Grande Cosmodrome. People scrambled frantically all over the place, alarmed by the onset of a rebel attack. From the Cosmodrome windows, rebel transport ships were visible from afar, landing simultaneously.

"You sounded like you weren't surprised with the rebel's arrival, Doctor," Jaygini remarked. Spencer ignored her, focusing on getting to the dreadnought as quickly as possible. Jaygini noticed Spencer's lack of interest in answering her question, prompting her to grab the sleeve of Spencer's suit.

"Can you see that we are in a hurry?" Spencer clamoured. "Yes, I am not surprised that they found us. I knew it would only be a matter of time. I have already informed the Chancellor beforehand."

"Didn't you come from the Relesent System? That means that the rebels have tracked you down through hyperspace..."

"Yes. Sounds impossible but nope, it is not. Now hurry. My ship is armed so we can definitely get out of here quickly. And don't worry, we have already removed the tracking device so the rebels won't know where we're heading."

Jaygini raised an eyebrow, "And exactly where are we heading?"

"The capital. Chancellor Ghen is expecting us. The rebels are in for a treat. Republic cruisers are almost here. We caught those scums in the middle of our trap."

"You know, you actually get on my nerves at times," Jaygini commented.

"I don't really care, Jaygini."
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Postby Terudel » Tue Apr 09, 2019 6:09 am

Senate Building, Dieusia, Relesent System
3rd Poseidon (3rd March), 1920 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

Doctor Spencer sat in the Chancellor's office together with his partner, Senator Cherilyn, and Arthrus Governor Jaygini. The room was brightly lit, with ornamental decorations found on each of the 4 corners, and behind the Chancellor's table was a large, curved, rectangular glass window, overlooking the metropolis. The office was scented with a somewhat rosy aroma, which Spencer liked. As Spencer was reviewing some scientific files on his pad, Cherilyn and Jaygini were trying to avoid eye contact. Cherilyn was a little envious of Jaygini's aura.

Jaygini, despite being highly diminutive in size, had the charm to attract attention. She had extravagant jewellery that were eye-popping.

Spencer looked fairly normal. He was slightly tall, a little scrawny but was very intelligent. His brother is the Leader of Canardin and although he was offered leadership before, he so kindly refused, wanting to be more involved in the scientific sector rather than the political side of things. He used to be in a romantic relationship with Claudine, the current Chancellor, but ambitions got in the way and eventually, both parted ways.

Spencer was too engrossed in his pad to even notice the uneasiness Cherilyn was feeling being in the same room and such close proximity with Jaygini. The silence was broken when Claudine entered the room, screaming at her secretary. "When I assign you tasks to do, I expect it to be completed properly! This is my last warning to you. Another mistake and you'd be going back home to wherever you came from!"

Claudine collapsed on her armchair and sighed. It was clear that she had been stressed out the past few days and Spencer somehow was quick to notice despite being so tranquillized for the past few minutes. "Supreme Chancellor, it is good to see you. Are you in optimum condition to carry on with this meeting or shall we give you time to rest?"

Claudine frowned at Spencer and retorted, "Rest? I don't have time for that! We are on the brink of civil war! The separatists are gaining more and more support and soon enough our systems would defect! We have to carry on with this meeting!"

"My apologies, Supreme Chancellor," Spencer apologised. "I have recently completed the final developments on our superweapon. Ever since the victory of our forces in Zirion Grande, the construction of the superweapon resumed in full swing. Very soon, it should be operational."

Before the Chancellor could speak, Jaygini commented, "Impressive, Doctor. I suppose you'd like to inform the Chancellor about another recent development in the moon of Arthrus?"

Spencer's eyes widened and Cherilyn gave him a puzzled look. "Very well, Governor," Spencer said. "Canardin has established a secret underground base in Arthrus. Arthrus is a rather secluded moon in the Bavern System and is out of reach from the separatists. In the base, we have thousands of starfighters, hundreds of battlecruisers and a state-of-the-art facility for our soldiers to train and rest."

Claudine seemed to be pleased with what she just heard. "That is music to my ears, Doctor. We have also received intelligence on former Zirion Grande corporal Aul Exiyu. Well, he has been giving us a bit of...headache. A ruthless pirate, he is. I entrusted him with a secret mission about a month ago. I asked him to shuttle a consortium of important personnel from Zirion Grande to here. Instead, he decided to kill all of them and somehow managed to escape. He went rogue for weeks but we managed to track down his last location. He was spotted in Luciole. Not sure why, but it seems to me that Senator Sarah might have an explanation for this."

Cherilyn broke out of silence and spoke, "Aul Exiyu is a dangerous man. With all due respect, Chancellor, I suggest you send special forces to eliminate him at once while we still can."

Claudine shook her head. "No. We can't do that. He knows too much information and is too valuable to lose. His knowledge may be our only hope. He is a smart man, Cherilyn, just on the wrong side of things. If we can somehow convince him to align with our plans, he may prove to be an invaluable asset."

"I certainly agree with the Chancellor, Cherilyn," Spencer said. "We do have the necessary equipment to extract information from the minds of almost every known living being in this universe. If in the case Aul Exiyu does not cooperate, we will extract what he knows and dispose of him right after. Simple as that."

Jaygini, too, agreed with what Spencer said. "He is right. Aul Exiyu can't certainly threaten us to compromise with him. He is just a defected soldier trying to meet ends around the universe. Pretty insignificant, if you ask me."

Claudine smiled and said, "Alright, I think we have come to a consensus about the situation. Doctor Spencer, you will go to Luciole together with Governor Jaygini to capture Aul Exiyu and bring him to your facility in Canardin."

Cherilyn objected, "Why does Jaygini have to be with him?"

Claudine was surprised that Cherilyn did not address Jaygini as 'Governor'. "I'm sorry that I have not informed you earlier. Governor Jaygini has been appointed by me to be Doctor Spencer's personal advisor. She will be reporting directly to me about all matters. Strictly professional, nothing else. Please put your personal feelings aside, Cherilyn."

Doctor Spencer went to Cherilyn and gave her a hug to assure her. He turned to Jaygini and said, "All right, we better get going if we want to catch that scumbag."
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Alduin Forest,Outskirts of the Capital of Freq, Luciole, Jenesia System
29th Hera (29th February), 0530 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

"Seize imposter! By order of the Queen, hand yourself in to the Her Majesty's Royal Brigade. Do not force us to engage!" vociferated the albino-skinned Captain.

Captain Fang Hook signaled his fingers - instantly his party surrounded the shoddy-looking wooden hut. The air was dense and silent as the foot soldiers treaded through the dead grass like predators to a cornered prey. Before being given the order to breach, the footsteps stopped - a peculiar sound halted.

"Beep... Beep... Beep" the high-pitched mechanical audio emissions begin to resonate ever so quicker. A current jolted through the captain's nerves-

"Get away you fools! Find cover!"

Captain Fang jumped for the shruberry bush and a gigantic blast of helffire exploded from within the hut. Alduin Forest was set ablaze, surely Queen Mary Webster can't avert her eyes from this spectacle. Captain Fang dipped his head out of the bush with to observe the destruction around him, he wipes the lighted tinder off his shoulder.

"Shit. Mary's gonna kill me" exhaled the captain.

Several yards away, the lone survivor of the mysterious dissappearance of a star cruiser codenamed 'The Maw', Aul Exiyu stared gleefully at the thermal detonation. His eyes procured a static buzz, a blurness which his soul could not overcome, the trance was too overwhelming. Exiyu is rendered immobile but to only listen to the murmurs in his head like a dog listening to its malevolent master.
Up above, the fighter ship 'Obelisk Tempo' glided through the loft of the clouds. Ainz was still looking for his captured sister and the scourge he felt led him to Luciole. His target was closer than he had anticipated...
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Postby Terudel » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:33 pm

Castle Of Immaculate, Freq, Luciole, Jenesia System
7th Poseidon (7th March), 0912 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

The travel time from Dieusia to certain planets in the Republic are faster thanks to express routes established. Within 4 days, Doctor Michael Spencer arrived together with Governor Jaygini and their band of soldiers. The Castle of Immaculate was astonishing, its decorations shining as bright as the binary stars. Queen Mary Webster greeted the two in her throne room, where an albino-skinned man was standing right next to her.

"I see that the both of you arrived safely," the Queen said. "The Chancellor has already informed me of your mission. He is here. We were unable to capture him, though. Several men were killed when they attempted to seize him. Aul Exiyu is a dangerous man."

Michael chuckled and replied, "It is an honour meeting you, Queen of Luciole. No man on this Republic is too dangerous for us to handle. My men will get that scumbag before you could say daddy."

The albino-skinned man interrupted the conversation, "Please have some respect for Her Majesty. We do not tolerate such behaviour on our planet!”

"Relax, Fang, I was just trying to brighten up the mood," Michael said casually, before turning to the Queen, "We'll take it from here, Your Majesty. Once we get hold of our target, we will leave your planet peacefully."

Alduin Forest, Outskirts of the Capital of Freq, Luciole, Jenesia System
7th Poseidon (7th March) 1530 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

"Hold your fire!" shouted Michael. "I think I can see him from my binoculars."

The soldiers abided as Michael continues to observe Aul Exiyu's activity. A man, General Unara, approached Michael and whispered some words. “Doctor, now is the chance. Clearly Exiyu is alone. We have enough men to sei-"

Exiyu disappeared from Michael’s sight almost immediately. He heard a loud beam shot and beside him was the body of General Unara, sprawled on the ground, lifeless. “Everyone, disperse! Target has spotted us!”

Michael stood up and attempted to run back to the nearest military post but was shot on his leg. He fell to the ground, clutching his calf, blood stained on his hand. Exiyu was moving quickly, eliminating each soldier simultaneously, firing bolts of beams accurately through their heads. Michael was quite sure that he has not seen a man moved so quickly and stealthily in his life. It was as if Exiyu was not human.

As he sat on the muddy ground, he held his pistol, surveying his surroundings for any sign of Exiyu. He had no idea where Jaygini was and was starting to worry. The smell of burnt flesh diffused into the air, much to Michael’s disgust.

He tried to stand but before doing so, a man behind him spoke, “Don’t move. I do not wish to kill you, Doctor Spencer.”

It was Aul Exiyu. He was pointing his blaster at Michael, who sat there, hiding his fear with a calm look. To Exiyu’s left stood a miniscule girl, grabbing Jaygini by her hair, gun pointed at her temple. “What brings you here, Doctor Spencer? Did Claudine send you here to kill me?”

Spencer replied, “I am not here to kill you, Exiyu. The Chancellor has requested for your presence. A war is inevitable. We need your help.”

“Nonsense!” Exiyu exclaimed. “She wants me because I killed her precious personnel that I was tasked to deliver to Dieusia. You are blinded by her! I can see through the lies! The Chancellor is not to be trusted!”

“Have it your way, then. I do not wish to waste my precious breath on some imbecile like you.”

Exiyu kicked Michael on the head, sending him lying on the ground. Michael’s forehead was grazed, soil mixing with a bit of blood. Jaygini, however, was waiting for an opportunity to get free of Marie Lyn, Exiyu’s personal attendant. She watched as Michael groaned in pain as Exiyu continued to physically hurt him.

Marie Lyn was slightly distracted by the sight and Jaygini was quick to notice. She elbowed Marie Lyn on her gut, breaking free. Marie Lyn was stunned for a brief moment, giving Jaygini enough time to snatch the gun from her and shoot her on both legs. Marie Lyn screamed in pain as she fell to her knees.

Jaygini shot Exiyu in his right arm, forcing him to drop his blaster on the ground, which Michael grabbed. “Your hands up, now!” Jaygini shouted at Exiyu. “We’ll see whether the law will forgive you for your atrocities.”

Exiyu had nothing else to do. If he moved an inch, he’d be shot. He knows he won’t be killed but definitely, pain will be inflicted. In the end, he surrendered and was taken into custody together with his personal attendant, Marie Lyn.
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Resmaronda Central Market District, Freq, Luciole, Jenesia System
9th Poseidon (9th March), 1215 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW


The marketplace was bustling with alien races that Ainz had never seen before, making all manners of trade yet unsurprisingly they were made in the same universal tongue of the Dieusia - this much is expected from the crown jewel system of the Crescentain Republic especially after Chancellor Ghen had forcibly imposed the Sovereign Declaration of Monolingualism to all galaxies under republic rule. As Ainz treaded along the narrow spaces between market-goers, he caught a glimpse of an ashen-haired woman wearing a silk-woven gown. Her smooth complexion and prim rose cheeks reminded Ainz of Tara. Moments later, as the woman veered away from her post, Ainz had noticed a silver pendant strapped on her left shoulder. It bore the mark of Iris, his foster father's emblem.

" Hey you! Stop right there" shouted Ainz in the cacophony of alien chatter. The diaphanous women took notice of Ainz's voice and started sprinting out of the bazaar while Ainz had no other choice but to run after the wraith-like damsel. He passed through several walkways and ended up in a narrow corridor isolated deep within the Market Districts many twists and turns. Ainz was just about to give up his hunt and start again when he re-enters the main road but as he took his first step back, a soft, burd-curdling voice whispers into his ear,

" What do you want from me? I'll give you 5 seconds before i slit your throat". Ainz swallowed his saliva as he felt the razor-edged knife caressing against his Adam's apple, Ainz was shook and hesitant to answer.

"Five! Four! Thre-" the woman clamoured in the echoing corridor.

"All right, all right i'll talk" replied Ainz in an unsteady hum.

"Where did you get that pendant on your shoulder? It belongs to someone of great importance to me. I must have the reason for why you have it." The woman sniggered softly under her breath and then lowered her weapon from the Marshall's neck, releasing from his hostage. Ainz turned around and had a good long look at the woman's face. Previously, her skin was as pale as milk but while encroached in the shadows, her skin was a luminescent cream with glowing green streaks from her eyes to her cheeks. Her eyes were vanta black with no sign of a soul to acknowledge within them. She was a Kalee, same as Duchess Yanu'kai from Alak'Hul but corrupted, and Ainz remembered her face from somewhere.

"It's been a long time Ainz Dear. So you've been looking for your dear sister ey? Well too bad Golden Boy, because you won't get to find her ever again. Haha. At least, not in the way she used to be. Soon enough, she'll be joining Kellogg and the rest of your friends like Spencer and the Supreme Chancellor herself...WHEN THEY DIE!" chuckled the conniving witch as she hops onto a ledge two stories above with ease.

"'re that witch who killed dad. What did you do to Tara! Answer me!" A fit of rage swelled across Ainz as he pulled out his ion revolver form its holster to point it at the Dark Kalee.

"There, there little one. Don't be hasty. You'll know soon enough. For now, i'll be keeping this crude pendant as a keepsake to remind myself of you. Ta-ta" said the witch before she activated her cloaking device and disappeared from thin air as though phasing and blending into the surroundings at the moment Ainz had fired three precise shots from his revolver.

"Come back you coward...come back!" Ainz dropped to his knees with his head down and singular drops of water started to trickle to the floor.

"Please...give he back, she's the only one I have left."

Ten minutes passed and a door cocked in between the corridor opened up. Following the sound of the sliding doors opening were heavy footsteps, those of a man, a brawny one at that. Next time he knew. there was a man standing in front of Ainz, still kneeling. Ainz bobbed his head upwards to see the man's face. To his stupefaction, the man was colossal - standing at a towering three meters at least - with a heavy beard and an elephantine upper torso. The giant of a Luciolan opened his mouth and murmured,

"Me help you find sister if you help me kill Brain Worm in head". Only silence followed after.


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Aboard Mandator IV Class Siege Dreadnought The Revenant, Somewhere in the Relesent System
10th Poseidon (10th March), 1823 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW


"Arghhhh!" screamed Exiyu, clearly in immense pain. Spencer continued to deliver shock waves through Exiyu's body, torturing him bit by bit. Exiyu refused to speak ever since he was captured, giving Spencer no other choice but to resort to physical torture. However, it only seemed to strengthen Exiyu's resolve.

"Why don't you just cooperate, Exiyu?" asked Spencer.

"What do I gain from cooperating with you? Nothing!" Exiyu said as he spat blood at Spencer. "You can torture me all you want. You won't get anything out of me."

Spencer wiped the fluids off his face and slapped Exiyu. "Well, that gives me no other choice. The initial plan was to bring you to Canardin and interrogate you. Change of plans. Looks like I may have to deliver your dead body to the Chancellor personally."

Spencer keyed in a code into the computer system, activating 'extraction mode'. He clipped a few wires onto the metal chair where Exiyu was tied to and pasted more wires on Exiyu's forehead. "This is going to hurt more than you could ever imagine. You forced my hand on this one, Exiyu. No one can resist this. All your memories will be copied into the system and I shall dispose of you afterwards."

Those words sent Exiyu into a frenzy. “Ok, ok, I’ll tell you everything I know. However, I will only do so in the presence of the Chancellor.”

“I’ll let you off on this one. She will be waiting for us in the TXYC Research Facility in the orbit of Dieusia. Cooperate and I promise you won’t be harmed.”

TXYC Research Facility, Orbit of Dieusia, Relesent System
12th Poseidon (12th March), 1634 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW


The TXYC Research Facility was the largest research facility outside of Canardin. The laboratories were fully equipped and the defense system was close to impenetrable. Doctor Michael Spencer scanned his iris to gain access to the restricted area, located in the heart of the facility.

Inside was the main control center among other things. The Chancellor sat in the corner, legs crossed, looking pleased with the capture of Exiyu. With her was a tall, slim woman in a white labcoat. She had circular glasses, curly brown hair and a pleasant smile.

The woman spoke, “Good to see you, Doctor Spencer. It’s been a long time since you’ve stepped foot here. The interrogation room has already been prepared for you.”

“Thank you, Mandy,” Michael said before introducing Jaygini to her. “Governor Jaygini, meet Doctor Mandy Xignus, a colleague of mine.”

The two shook hands and exchanged some friendly words. In comparison, Mandy towered over Jaygini and was about a few centimetres taller than Michael. Mandy walked over to the control monitor and pressed a few buttons, which opened the interrogation room. The guards dragged an unconscious Exiyu into the room and secured him onto the black, metallic chair. His personal attendant, Marie Lyn, was sent to the detention centre in the 7th storey, 21 storeys below the restricted zone.

“Alright, prepare to inject 0.3 ml of Deretizininine and 1.2 ml of Xerofenebiol. That should wake him up and ensure he is in a calm state,” ordered Michael. The assistant scientists inside proceeded to do what was asked of them and in matter of seconds, Exiyu was fully awake, ready for interrogation.

Spencer whispered something into the Chancellor’s ear, who nodded afterwards. “Prepare for extraction. We can’t waste any more time waiting for him to utter a word,” Michael said, firmly. The scientists connected a bunch of wires on Exiyu’s body, alarming him, but the drugs administered prevented him from doing anything.

Spencer watched the monitor as information stored in Exiyu’s mind began to copy into the system. Just as when about 97% of the information had been copied, the system began to malfunction. The lights went off and only light emitted from the monitor could be seen. The screen went static for a moment before rebooting.

Large, capital letters appeared on the screen, puzzling everyone as it was completely unheard of. “Welcome to the Y.I.F.E.I System, artificial intelligence. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to you for giving us access to your prized system. This facility would be self-destructing in 8 minutes. Goodbye.”

The screen went blank and the lights came back. Exiyu was nowhere in sight. Michael tried to get into the system but to no avail. “Alright, we have to get out of here!” Michael exclaimed. “This place is going to blow up. Follow me. My ship is at the hangar.”

Jaygini replied, “What if Exiyu steals the ship?”

“He won’t be able to. The ship requires my iris to function. Exiyu won’t even be able to access the ship. Now hurry up before we all die!”

Michael, Mandy, Claudine and Jaygini ran quickly and in about 3 minutes, they reached hangar 34, which is located in the 18th storey. Michael scanned his iris and the entrance to the ship opened. The 4 of them got in and were greeted by Michael’s ship personnel.

One of the officers said, “Doctor Spencer, we shall head to Canardin. We will be safe there.”

Michael gave the go-ahead signal and the ship escaped seconds before the entire facility blew up.
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Aboard Mandator IV Class Siege Dreadnought The Revenant, Somewhere in the Jenesia System
18th Poseidon (18th March), 0830 Hours (Canardin Time), 1503 AGW

It has been a few days since the attack by the Y.I.F.E.I System on the TXYC Research Facility near the orbit of Dieusia. The Artificial Intelligence hacked and took control of the government cyber system, wreaking havoc across the Crescentian Republic. Only a few planets remain unaffected by it. One of them was Canardin.

Canardin was the planet of Doctor Michael Spencer and because of him, Canardin remains as the most protected planet in the Republic. Canardin ran on a different cyber system, the ACSX-19 system, an artificial intelligence developed by Doctor Spencer together with Doctor Mandy Xignus. Spencer believed that in case the government system, Naragonam 710, was breached, the government would still be able to function secretly through the ACSX-19. The ACSX-19 took the form of a female voice, provided by Doctor Mandy, and has been programmed to act on its own in desperate times.

Most of the unaffected planets ran on the ACSX-19, protecting them from the demise of what the Chancellor refers to as 'a parasite'. These planets are Idylle, Luciole, Ire, Alak'Hul and Zirion Grande. Doctor Spencer sent a distress signal to these planets about the breach and re-programmed the ACSX-19 to deflect any incoming transmissions from other systems. Spencer also sent a secret message to Ainz P. Mythos, urging him to call on old allies to come to Canardin.
To: Marshall Ainz P. Mythos
From: Doctor Michael Spencer

The Naragonam 710 has been breached. Emergency. Use ACSX-19 and call on the Grand 11. Exiyu has been taken over by a foreign artificial intelligence, which will explain his previous actions. His whereabouts are, as of now, unknown. Get back to us when you manage to contact Duchess Yanu'Kai, Captain Fang Hook, Viceroy Glenn Scheinred and Representative Sojan. Governor Jaygini is with me and I will contact Governor Tesex, Governor Riflona and Senator Jixu. We will be sending military reinforcements once you confirm your coordinates.

The Grand 11 was a former special ops team created 9 years ago. It consisted of young males and females brought together by the former Chancellor. Together, they took on dangerous missions and succeeded in every single one of it. Eventually, after 4 years in operation, the Chancellor ended the programme. Now, with the Republic facing immense threat and a potential war, Spencer had no other choice. He had to bring the team together.

Spencer continued to type vigorously on the monitor, as the Chancellor sat next to him, observing. Jaygini was having a long chat with Doctor Mandy, and the two seemed to enjoy each other's company. "Alright, done. The notice has been sent to other planets. Canardin and Zirion Grande are preparing to mobilise the military. I have just received intelligence that the Y.I.F.E.I System has control of over 5 star systems. It has a formidable army on its back."

One of the key features that Spencer included in the ACSX-19 was that files from the Naragonam 710 will be automatically copied without leaving any trace. The hacker would not know that information from the government system has a copy in the ACSX-19. What Spencer managed to extract was a bunch of vital information from Exiyu's mind. From there, it was revealed that the incident over a month ago was not done on Exiyu's will. Moments after his last contact with the Chancellor, the foreign system hijacked his ship and took over the minds of both his and Marie Lyn's. Now, when the Grand 11 is assembled back, the first mission is to rescue fellow member Aul Exiyu.
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Castle of Immaculate, Luciole, Jenesia System
9th Poseidon (9th March), 1745 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

"Bloody Mary! What in Webster is that monstrosity?" uttered Captain Fang Hook as though his bleached-skin could get any more pale than it already was from gazing upon the three-meter Giant, Raa'un, as he walked through the castle doors with Marshall Ainz walking alongside him.

"Halt visitor, what is your purpose here?" squeaked the captain.

"I am Marshall Ainz P. Mythos of the Grandean Army. I am here to gather up with Doctor Michael Spencer and Governer Jaygini. I heard they would be here."

"Ainz,is that you? Ainz the Beheader? By the gods, it's me Fang Hook! You blockhead i thought you died." said Captain Fang with a spring in his step as he approached Ainz.

"Oh , didn't expect to see you here Fang. Didn't know you'd fall so head over heels for Webster that you became her personal dog." cracked the young marshall while Raa'un stared idly at the two buffoons in front of him.

"Its a long story, i'll tell you some other time. What's your business here?"

"As I said earlier, I'm here to meet Doc and Jaygini, I heard those two lovebirds were here on official business. I need Spencer to help me analyse this guy." said Ainz while pointing at the behemoth of a man.

"Well, sorry to disappoint you Ainz but Her Highness finished business with those two two days ago and they're making their way now to Dieusia to interrogate an old comrade of ours...", suddenly Captain Fang's voice became a murmur almost to a whisper.

"It's Exiyu. He's gone rogue. More rogue than before. He's going around killing people- Hell, he nearly blew me to smithereens. Something wasn't right with him, I could tell. Spencer caught him here just the other day. After they cuffed him, they just up and went off. If you want to catch them, you better run off now Ainz."

Ainz had a long grin on his face. He wasn't too keen on having his plans changed but it didn't take him long to switch gears. Ainz signaled the giant as they made their way to his ship in the depot. Ainz turned at his old comrade, smirking his face,

" Thanks for the fill-in Fang. Crap's going to hit the fan and i'll contact you when i need help. Till then, goodbye."

Aboard Commando Class Prowler Obelisk Tempo, Dieusian Orbit, Relesent System
12th Poseidon (12th March), 1635 Hours (Dieusia Time), 1503 AGW

It's been three days since Ainz departed from Luciole and the giant, Raa'un has since become more restless. Not sure whether it was the space exploration or maybe it could be the eldritch sussurations in his subconscious that only grew ever more loudly. Raa'un would, from time to time, sway his arms and bob his head in maniacal fits aboard the ship that Ainz had to tranquilize the 3-meter tall mountain man.

Deep in the temple of his mind, Ainz kept recalling the words of the Kalee Assassin he encountered. He didn't know what she meant by Tara never going back to the same way she was and how she would join Kellogg, their foster father. Ains knew that his father was killed by that witch, but killing Tara was out of the question. Tara was simply too good of a resource to be thrown away. Ainz held it deep in his grit that Tara was still out there. He then stared into the vast emptiness of space which lay in front of him like a black tarp. Then, a mollifying voice broke the deafening silence,

"Detecting large energy spike from coordinates (334,257,1024), TXYC Dieusian Orbital Research Facility. Preparing energy stabilisers and ion shields"

Ainz magnified his windshield view to the dark side of Dieusia. In a thrice, a large explosion erupted with the planet covering part of the spectacle. The blast radius was at least the size of an average moon. Raa'un woke up from the sedation and roared. Ainz went into fourth gear and activated the overdrive sequence of the ship to the explosion.

"Spencer! I'm coming-"

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House of Spencer, Drovis, Canardin, Jenesia System
25th Poseidon (25th March), 1310 Hours (Canardin Time), 1503 AGW


The House of Spencer was the home of the Spencer family, situated in the capital, Drovis. It is beautiful from both the inside and outside. Michael built an underground facility beneath the compound where he kept some of the most valuable weapons and other sorts of things that he deemed dangerous to be on someone else's hands.

In the living room, Michael sat on his favourite green armchair, with a cup of tea on his hand. The Grand 11, excluding Exiyu, sat in the long, navy blue couch, feeling a tad awkward with each other. It has been years since they all have gathered as one group. Tensions have arisen between some of the members due to politics and other things. However, with the onset of war, they have seemingly no other choice but to put their personal feelings aside and cooperate.

Michael placed the cup of tea on the table and spoke, "It's good to see all of you again. As you may already know, the government system has been hijacked by an unknown artificial intelligence. The source of this intelligence is as of now a mystery. Our old friend Exiyu had been controlled by the AI and has lost his conscience. Now, I have gathered all of you in the hope that you will fight this war together."

Yanu'Kai stood up and replied, "I appreciate the invite, Michael. It is really good to see you. However, I don't understand why Ainz is here. We all know he can be at times, well...unreliable. Do you remember the mission in Cal-1? He basically got our ship blown up by the robots and almost got us killed by attempting to compromise with those scums. I suggest you escort him out of here."

Ainz glared at Yanu'Kai but chose to remain silent. Fang Hook retorted, "Yanu'Kai, Ainz may have made mistakes in the past but he is a changed man. The Chancellor herself gave him a high rank in the Republic Army. He is capable."

"Got the position because of his sister," Yanu'Kai mumbled. "She is a senator in the Republic and is a close friend of the Chancellor. Obviously, Ainz would be given some privileges. Heck, I'd shoot him right now if I had a gun."

Michael slammed his fist on the table and shouted, "Enough! Time is ticking and the longer we take to cooperate, the further this enemy of ours will advance across the Republic. Personal feelings aside, Yanu'Kai. There is no need to fight or worry about Ainz' capability. Your fate will not lie in his hands, I can assure you that. Now, we shall get on with the meeting."

Michael signalled for Glenn to begin. "Alright, from what we know, the Naragonam 710 is no longer in our control. People in Dieusia and other planets in the Republic had been used as hosts by this parasitic artificial intelligence. It has hijacked their minds and now it seems like it is trying to build an army. Weapons in those planets have been seized by the AI and it would only be a matter of time before it would find us. I have secretly been working with Doctor Spencer on a super weapon he has been designing for years. It has the capability of destroying stars, planets, ships, namely anything that exists in this universe. We had been using the planet Ophelia ZX8 to fuel the entire weapon and very soon it will be fully operational. The weapon uses the ACSX-19 system, which is safe from the parasite. No one knows about its existence either except for the scientists in Canardin, Ainz, the Chancellor and myself. However, it is merely a destructive weapon. An AI would require brains to defeat. And that is why we need Exiyu. Therefore, our first mission is to rescue him. Michael has inserted a cloaked tracking device into Exiyu's bloodstream and the AI will not be able to find out. Doctor Mandy has a tool to remove the AI from a host but only one by one. Therefore, rescue Exiyu and leave immediately. We are not going to engage the enemy directly. Not yet. Is that understood?"

Tesex, Riflona, Jixu and Jaygini agreed. Yanu'Kai was doubting the plan but pretended to agree. Fang Hook, Sojan and Ainz had already been briefed beforehand and were busy catching up. Michael called the end of the meeting and everyone made their way up to the guest rooms.
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House of Spencer, Canardin, Jenesia System
26th Poseidon (25th March), 0200 (Canardin Time), 1503 AGW

Spencer threw the empty mug he held, previously containing coffee, onto the birch counter as he sighed with jaded relief. Spencer had stayed up all night, despite being the one who told everyone else to rest before the mission, to check up on the superweapon schematics and its stabilising capacity. As he calculated his eyes through the many numbers displayed on the holo-screen, he let out a ponderous yawn while he remained stooping on his chair with the strewn, crumpled labcoat he adorned since the visit to Luciole. Spencer was analysing the error reports of the previous attempts in charging up the superweapon and a recurring error in bold red kept pinning his mind to decode the reason for it being.

"What's wrong with this bloody thing? I can't figure this goddamned oxo-anion differential...if only she was here." sighed the exhausted doctor as he took a desperate last sip from his empty mug. Then a voice from the shadows emerged,

"If only who was here, Spencer?" Ainz popped his head out from behind the door with the whiff of smoke wafting in the still night air.

"Why are you still awake Mythos? I thought I asked you to rest up, especially after all that mess with the giant , i'm pretty sure you're dying for a good long nap."

"Same reason you're awake...thinking of a girl. I've known all the women you've and even personally met with some of them, and i'm positive that not a single one from them would know how to solve that nerd shit you just talked about."

"I was talking about your sister you numbskull. She's one of the most intricately complex and intelligent beings that i've encountered in my many years of 'nerd' conventions and experiments. Tara introduced this concept of using a whole planet of gas to power our god-killer of a weapon...yet she's nowhere to be found. I promise you Mythos, after we find Exiyu, we're getting your sister back." Ainz smiled under his gloomy facade and left for the guest room.

The next morning, the ten had woken by the break of dawn and gathered around the conference room for Glenn to dispatch the mission locations. Ainz, Yanu'Kai and Glenn were tasked with investigating a reported sighting of an excessively masculine man isolating himself in the Carthus Watchtower on the nearby planet, Ceris, as team Gamma. Representative Sojan, Governor Riflona, Senator Jixu and Governor Jaygini will be transporting themselves to the planets Idylle and Roulande in the Relesent System as remains of Exiyu's ship, 'The Maw', were found across continents in both planets so that they may track the ship's blackbox and showing its last whereabouts as team Sigma. Lastly, Doctor Michael Spencer, Governor Tesex and Captain Fang Hook will be heading to the hostile planet, Jek, to find and hunt down Exiyu as the last transmission of the tracking device was set from there, as team Mew. The 10 had agreed upon returning back to Ire in the Bavern System after Exiyu had been found so that the nomads there may be able to find a remedy to his condition.

In their three teams, they set off for space. Team Gamma went aboard Ainz' ship,The Obelisk Tempo while Team Sigma took Sojan's Standard Aviator Transport Cruiser. As for Team Mew, Spencer insisted that they take his dreadnaught and take a seperate ship when they are in orbit of their designated planet. Before parting ways, Spencer called on Ainz,

"Mythos. Thanks for delivering that Giant. Apparently, I got an update from my researchers here that after extracting the parasite from him, he provided facts on the AI that hijacked us. However, after this is all over, we've got to send him back to Luciole where you found him."Ainz shook Spencer's hand as a sign of assurance and higher trust from their previous encounter. "Copy that Boss." replied Ainz.

The giant hums of burning engines could be heard from miles away as the huge ships ascend to orbit. It was time to save an old friend.
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Carthus Watchtower, Ceris, Jenesia System
28th Poseidon (28th March), 2046 hours (Ceris Time), 1503 AGW

Its been close to two days of trekking since the arrival of Team Gamma on Ceris, from the capital of Westfield to the nearby Quentin mining colony. No ship depots were located near the mines due to risk of Quentin aerosol droplets combusting from the heat produced from aircraft thrusters despite the Quentin crystal itself being heat resistant in solid form. Prime Minister Denzel Collier suggested for the three of them to walk to the watchtower so that Exiyu won't suspect anything unusual especially if a ship was able to land in the mining site. Push came to shove and the team had to go on a 500 kilometer trek with Yanu'Kai found particularly irritable being that she had to walk alongside a "muscleheaded imbecile" and Glenn who she wasn't all too close with either.

As soon as the trio had made a lodging in one of the cottages, their legs gave way and all of them passed out on their beds. In the wee hours of the night, Yanu'Kai was awoken by something strange. She felt a nearby presence. A dark one which bore no soul. She shifted her gaze slowly from the ceiling, down to the left side of the dimly lit room unto the window partially covered by the translucent curtains. As she focused her vision on the ominous object, she saw two red eyes gleaming straight at her. Yanu'Kai immediately let out chilling push of kinetic force from within her hands and pushed the creature aback. She hurled herself through the window, shattering it to tiny fragments. The creature ran a distance away and Yanu'Kai took chase for the unholy thing. The pursuit led her to a small orifice in the ground leading to a darker tunnel. The creature was holed up her. Yanu'Kai wasn't so much of a delinquent that she would go in knowing it was a trap orchestrated by the feisty ghoul. Using her psychic-abilities, she shook the ground around the hole and caved it in. "Let's see if that abomination can scuttle its way out of this" laughed the menacing Duchess. Catching her off guard, two pale hands grabbed her legs from underneath the eroded soil and pulled her into the ground. Yanu'Kai glanced ahead and saw another one of those monstrosities dashing towards her in a stark raving mad fit. It was too close, her abilities wouldn't activate that quick. The ghoul pounced, intending to kill. In a flash, the beast suddenly plopped onto the floor like a forgotten ragdoll. A smoke of green luminescence glowed in the eldritch sky and the smell of corroding acid pierced Yanu'Kai's sensitive nose. 'Boom!' another shot went off.
'Boom!' a third fire was made. Two heavy thuds, of what sounded like bodies, hit the floor. A tall dark figure approached the dazed Yanu'kai but before she could confirm the identity, her eyes rolled back and she fainted.

The next morning, the Duchess awoke on her bed. The window was barred barbarically with wood planks,and rusted nails. She tilted her head and saw a brooding Ainz sleeping on a wooden stool next to her bed with a glowing revolver in his right palm. Yanu'Kai tried to raise her body to an upright position but felt a sharp pain in her calves. "Gah...shit." squealed the elegant Kalee. A deep, gruff voice followed afterwards,

"Don't move you idiot! Can't you tell you're hurt?" Ainz had woken up and stared into Yanu'Kai's deep harlequin pupils with his sage-green eyes. Yanu'Kai's face dilated a pinkish-red hue and lowered her eyes. Ainz removed her blanket and revealed that Yanu'Kai's legs had poison scars on them from last night's attack.

"The village was raided last night by mummified versions of the villagers themselves. I killed off most of them but the ones that got away ran up to the watchtower. Glenn and I are heading there at noon to investigate. You rest up and heal first. We'll be back before sun-down. Don't move around too much or the antidote I administered wouldn't have much effect." Ainz calmed his voice to an endearing one. Yanu'Kai's pale cheeks flustered even more and her head went even lower than Ainz ever imagined a person could. Ainz stood up and made his way out. Just as he took a step from her room, Yanu'Kai whispered under her breath,it was faint but Ainz could hear it nonetheless.

"thanks...for...saving me last night."

Ainz let out a subtle smile and headed out. Yanu'Kai clenched her fists and shattered the glass lamp beside as her blood boiled, shaking the contents of the room. "Gahhhh! ALL MEN ARE TRASH!" Her face was now as crimson as an apple and steam fumed from her ears. Yanu'Kai simply went back to sleep again afterwards.


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Aboard Mandator IV Class Siege Dreadnought The Revenant, Orbit of Jek, Relesent System
29th Poseidon (29th March), 1230 Hours (Ceris Time), 1503 AGW


"I have a bad feeling about this," Tesex said as she gazed upon the planet of Jek. Team Mew, consisting of Doctor Michael Spencer, Governor Tesex and Captain Fang Hook, was assigned to the desert planet of Jek. Unlike other planets, they had to wear a special suit while roaming around due to its extremely harsh climate.

Michael turned to her and assured her, "Don't worry. If anything happens down there, reinforcements will come immediately. I have over 600 troops here on this ship alone. All we have to do is send a distress signal and they will come."

"He's right," Fang Hook added. "Besides, the last time Team Mew was together, we succeeded. We were kids back then. I'm sure we can handle this. It's all of us against 1 Exiyu."

Michael walked over to Doctor Mandy Xignus, who was discussing with Senator Cherilyn Tania in front of the main control panel at the end of the bridge. "How much longer do we have to wait before we can be dispatched?" Michael asked.

Mandy looked at the holo-screen and analysed the numbers and other complicated information. "About 3 more hours. It's too dangerous now. The pH of the air is about 1.3 and is only expected to rise up to 6.7 at around 1530 hours. The tracker shows that Exiyu is on the planet. We will deploy fighters to surround the atmosphere and make sure no ship escapes."

Michael simply nodded and placed his arm over Cherilyn's shoulders. "3 hours. I guess we can use some alone time, don't you agree?"

Cherilyn smiled and kissed Michael on the cheek before dragging him to his bedroom. Fang Hook cringed and made his way to the lounge and Tesex soon followed after. "How was Exiyu like after he turned into, you know, evil?" asked Tesex.

Fang Hook shooked his head, wearing a facial expression of disbelief. "You won't even recognise him. He was like a totally different person. I could tell something was wrong with him and I refused to believe that he could turn rogue. It was implausible."

Tesex sighed. "We have to get him this time, without fail. Michael has the necessary tools to get Exiyu's mind on the right track. It may even give us a clue on how to defeat this parasitic artificial intelligence or whatever it is."

"Yeah. I have some suspicions, however. When I was working for Queen Mary Webster in Luciole, my eyes were opened to many different things," Fang Hook said. "There was a time late last year when a woman came to visit the Queen. I was kind of sure that it was Ainz' sister but I was not a hundred per cent sure. The aura that she gave was chilling to the bone. It just didn't feel right. I was thinking, what if she has something to do with all this?"

Tesex retorted, "I doubt it! If Ainz hears you, he'd kill you. You are making blind accusations, Fang."

"I'm not. Ask Michael and Yanu'Kai. Both of them suspects it too. Her disappearance marked the beginning of all this. Isn't it fishy to you?"

"As long as we do not have concrete proof, we will keep quiet about this. I'd certainly not want to believe it's true. I know Tara. Besides, Michael and Yanu'Kai are biased. We both know they secretly have a vendetta against Tara without Ainz knowing," Tesex replied before whispering, "Who knows? Michael and Yanu'Kai might have kidnapped Tara and killed her or imprison her. We honestly don't know. Right now, it's hard to trust everyone."

Fang Hook's eyes widened, coming to a realisation. The conspiracy theories sounded absurd but the chances of it actually being the truth were not low. Michael and Yanu'Kai had teamed up before and caused the death of a senator in the past after that senator criticised the two for being 'incompetent'. Of course, the Grand 11 hid the evidence and made it seem like the senator committed suicide.

Tesex stood up and stretched. "I'm gonna get some rest before we embark on our mission. See you later, pal."
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Aboard Mandator IV Class Dreadnought The Revenant, Orbit of Jek, Relesent System
29th Poseidon, (29th March), 1330 Hours (Ceris Time), 1503 AGW

Cherilyn was lying on the left side of the bed, fast asleep, wrapped around with a navy blue blanket. Michael sat on the right side, with a pad in hand. His fingers moved rapidly but effortlessly, typing a very specific code. As he pressed enter, a hologram popped up, and the figure of Duchess Yanu'kai appeared.

"You look awfully dead, Yanu'kai," Michael chuckled. "Ainz and Glenn left already?"

"Yes. I'm all alone. Is that Cherilyn I see next to you?"

"Asleep, yes. Tesex and Fang Hook are getting ready for the mission which will commence in about 2 hours. Are you able to steal a ship?"

Yanu'kai paused for a while before replying, "I might be able to. Definitely not the Obelisk Tempo. That's a piece of junk. Besides, I don't need a large one. Where do you want to meet?"

"In the superweapon orbiting Ophelia ZX8. I have asked my personnel to use a cloaking device to hide it. Only Cherilyn, Doctor Xignus and I are aware of this. The coordinates are 985.790.234.126. Upon reaching the place, your ship will be prompted to input a passcode. Type in 20011191. That will give you access to the weapon."

"I'm on it." The hologram disappeared and Michael placed his pad on the side desk. He lied down and closed his eyes.

CentreEye Skyscraper, Ceris, Jenesia System
29th Poseidon (29th March), 1415 Hours (Ceris Time), 1503 AGW

The CentreEye Ship Hangar was the finest one in all of Ceris. Located in the underground of the home of Denzel Collier, the Prime Minister, it houses some of the finest starships in the Republic. Yanu'Kai used her abilities to shape-shift to resemble a local in order to gain access into the building.

The lobby was bustling with cameloids, which Yanu'kai presumed as employees. Yanu'kai made her way into the ladies' restroom and shot the lone cameloid inside. She stole her pass and clothes and dragged the body into one of the cubicles. Yanu'kai headed for the elevator and went all the way to level -12, which could only be accessed by employees.

There, she was escorted to a ship owned by the cameloid that she killed. The ship was rather small in size, painted with a crimson red pockmarked with star designs coloured yellow. "I hate flying but I have no other choice," mumbled Yanu'Kai.

Yanu'kai punched in the coordinates and activated auto-pilot. In a few minutes, the ship was given the green light and took off. Yanu'Kai left her communications device in the hut in order to remain rogue. She didn't want Ainz and Glenn to be tracking her down and she was sure that Michael would not approve of that either.

She navigated the control system panel of the ship to figure out how to contact Michael but was unsuccessful. Eventually, she gave up and let out a sigh. "Trash, Trash, TRASH!" she ejaculated.

She sat back as the ship entered hyperspace, thinking about the plan that Michael and her fabricated, which was to extract what was left in Senator Tara's mind. Only Michael, Cherilyn and her knew of Tara's condition. After the discovery of the Y.I.F.E.I System, Michael dispatched the Canardin Special Forces team to hunt down Tara and ultimately found her in Chantania.

It was only an hour ago when Michael revealed to her that Tara was held in the detention centre of the superweapon. Yanu'Kai knew something was odd about Tara, scrutinising her every action during Senate meetings. Michael had also revealed that Tara knew something about the Y.I.F.E.I system but appeared to not be under its control. However, she refused to speak despite several tortures and the personnel were unable to extract any useful information with the extraction machine. This gave Michael no other choice but to personally supervise the process together with Cherilyn and Yanu'Kai. Michael and Yanu'kai never truly liked Tara, finding her a potential threat to their respective plans. Tara was intelligent as well as assertive and Yanu'Kai hated the fact that the Chancellor favoured Tara over her. Michael, being the best scientist in the Republic, felt threatened when Tara was able to solve problems that he found impossible to do so. Tara, too, was rather arrogant, emphasising how she was able to move up the ranks solely due to her natural abilities.

Now, the plan was to extract everything they needed to know before killing her and incinerating her body in the fires of the planet Sunder, and Yanu'Kai couldn't wait to admire that pleasurable sight.
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Thotanus City, Alak'Hul, Bavern System
20th Helios (20th April), 1130 Hours (Alak'Hul Time), 1496 AGW

Thotanus City was the capital of the planet Alak'Hul. The streets were teeming with Kalees, a race that resembled a normal human in terms of its physical features but possessed esper-like abilities to be able to communicate via telepathy and have some control over telekinesis. The more powerful ones even possessed destructive powers as well as the ability to shape-shift. The buildings were rather traditional, at least from the outside but were regarded as ostentatious. What many do not know is that the Kalees are actually technologically advanced but chose to keep most of it in secrecy. Ruled by many Duchesses, the power was distributed evenly, keeping the political climate stable for over a thousand years.

One of the duchesses was named Enatia Yanu'Kai. Many tend to mistake her first name as Enatia but it is actually Yanu'Kai. The surname in Kalee is always written before the first name. Yanu'Kai was the youngest ever duchess to be invited to the higher ranks of the government. She was intelligent and at times, fierce. The elders admired her and saw potential. They trained her in combat and showered her with knowledge.

When Yanu'Kai was 16, the Supreme Chancellor, Resmania Lagruz, informed her that she had been chosen to join the Grand 11, a special ops team tasked to carry out dangerous missions for the Republic. There, Yanu'Kai met Michael Spencer, Ainz Mythos, Glenn Scheinred, Jaygini Megdit, Sojan Allerew, Fang Hook, Aul Exiyu, Riflona Jupiter, Jixu Serene and Tesex Wingate.

The team was regarded as the secret peacekeepers of the Republic, eliminating every possible threat. The 6 years they were together was a huge success but eventually, Chancellor Lagruz dissolved the unit. It was actually inevitable as the team would have collapsed anyway, even without the Chancellor's decision.

Tensions between the members grew over time, especially between Yanu'Kai and Ainz. Exiyu wanted to be more independent and chose to leave before the team was dissolved. Jaygini clashed with Michael several times, leading to Michael's departure shortly after Exiyu left. The two departures marked the beginning of rogue missions carried out by the members.

One of which was a collaboration between Yanu'Kai and Michael. Michael, under the influence of his brother, Gideon, worked with Yanu'Kai to eliminate the Head Duchess of Alak'Hul. Yanu'Kai was next in line and killing the Head Duchess would mean that she will be the most powerful Kalee on the planet. Gideon also wanted the Head Duchess dead due to economic sanctions placed by Alak'Hul on Canardin due to Canardin's violations on their planet.

Michael and Yanu'Kai met secretly 3 blocks away from the government building. "We've done this before when we killed Senator Lejimo of Zirion Grande. That didn't really turn out as planned since Kellogg Iris is now the new Senator. Killing him now would be too obvious. Gideon told me that he will wait for a few years before hiring an assassin to kill Iris. For now, follow my lead and we'll be able to eliminate Duchess Rowena swiftly."

Yanu'Kai didn't really like the idea of 'following Michael's lead', but chose not to object in order to get things done quickly. She was aware that Michael was a cold-blooded killer and he had the ability to wipe out every piece of evidence that could be used against him.

As they entered the building, Michael instructed Yanu'Kai to use her power to manipulate the Kalees inside the master control room. This was to ensure that all surveillance cameras were turned off. Michael used a cloaking device to make him invisible, easily entering the restricted area by following an authorised personnel.

Yanu'Kai used her power to teleport to the Duchess' room, where she found her asleep. Michael joined shortly afterwards. Michael and Yanu'Kai both pulled out an ion blaster and after a count of 3, fired several shots at the Duchess, incinerating her to ashes. Yanu'Kai had taken the extra step to manipulate the system, announcing that Rowena had committed suicide by blowing herself up.

"Thank you for your help, Michael. Now, I am Duchess and I look forward to seeing you become the best scientist in the Republic. When the time comes, we will come after Tara Mythos. I will finally get my revenge on Ainz and you can also complete the mission your father started. Both were adopted by Iris but they have no idea who their mother was. Natalie Mythos was a powerful woman and really exerted her dominance on Canardin. Your father died trying to liberate Canardin from the control of Zirion Grande and now you can avenge him by killing her precious daughter and afterwards, her son."

"We'll have to wait, for now. I'm not sure how long but when the right time comes, it will happen."
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