The Siege of Skilea: The War of the Mountains(MT,OOC/Signup)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The Siege of Skilea: The War of the Mountains(MT,OOC/Signup)

Postby Third Asopia » Fri Oct 12, 2018 1:19 am

Just a little history before we begin...

26 September 2018, Dhigho Qkimb, HSETA

President Eric Longman sits in his office, waiting for Sir Francis de Arleg to come.
There is a knock on the door.
"Come in!" Mr Longman shouts.
Sir De Arleg walks in with a tuxedo.
"Sorry for postponing your wedding," Sir Longman says.
"It's okay," Sir De Arleg says.
"Now we would like to discuss a very important matter. So how's it going on in Maryloupe?"
"All is well, sir. The citizens decided that they would not want such a horrendous and rebellious state in their homeland. What's more, is that Skilea would happily join The Empire.
"Very well then. Thanks for your time sir!"
"You're welcome." The two leaders shake their hands. As Mr Longman leads Sir De Arleg out to the foyer where his chauffeur is waiting, he jokingly says, "Don't forget to send me a wedding invitation card!" They both laughed heartily.

5 October 2018, Skilea, HSETA

The TUTY rebels pass through immigration without being seen. They come from The United Temples of Yugoslavia, a country where HSETA has broken ties with.
"Thank God these dumbnuts didn't see us." one of the rebels says.
"Psst! Quiet, or else the Third Asopins will hear us." his brother says. His name was Carl Nukemall. He will become a prominent figure in weeks to come.
They sneak along the expressway. There were no cars, so it was safe to run along the road. When they were about to reach the city of Gredanile, they thought they saw a stream of light coming their way.
"Quick! Into the bushes!" Carl says. Just in time, they all hid in a gigantic bush. A car whizzed by.
"Phew!" Carl said as they emerged from the bush, covered in leaves and dirt. They went on their way.

Gredanile, HSETA

"Civilians! Run for your lives. TUTY rebels!" Someone shouted as loads of people fled the city.
"In just one day we will capture this pathetic city! Amazin'!" the lead rebel said. Other rebels went to ambush Third Asopin soldiers who were on their way.
"Fire the cannon at that tall building!" Carl told his brother. The cannonball was shot. It hit the building, which was where the mayor of Skilea was.
"You most probably killed the mayor! Good aim!" Carl congratulates his brother. A few minutes later the TUTY flag was planted at the field outside the City Hall.
"Pobeda!" Carl shouts (that's victory in Bulgarian). The rebels shouted.
As the rebels headed towards another city, they knew their chance of victory was high.

17 October 2018, Dhigho Qkimb, HSETA

Mr Longman receives a message from the president of TUTY. And guess who it was. Carl Nukemall. It read:
To none other than dumbass Eric Longman
Encryption: High

We have capture Skilea without mercy. Surrender or die. Don’t obey orders and I shall nuke you.
The Most Highly Respected Nukemall

Mr Longman tore the letter. He shouted some Greek swear words.
"We have lost Skilea. Amazin’. Also, how did Nukemall become president?”
"I heard in the news that the former government was overthrown by a coup led by Nukemall. Well Dad I guess presidency is hard." Mr Longman's 16-year-old child Gregory said.
"Of course, my precious darling," he said. Gregory the gulped. Mr Longman thought that if he did not give up he would be, ahem, 'nuked'. However, the Skileans did not respect Mr Nukemall. Even so, Mr Nukemall had to give them freedom. Mr Longman scribbled a letter to Mr Nukemall:
To Mr Nukemall

We have surrendered Skilea to you. It is now yours. However, they were an import of Maryloupe, your ex-ally. Don't you dare oppress its citizens.

Persident Eric Longman of HSETA

He put his stamp on it and mailed it.

25 October 2018, Dhigho Qkimb, HSETA

"Sir, we have received new that TUTY is enslaving the Skileans!" the Defence Minister rushes through the door while Mr Longman was having a nap.
"Erm, don't you have paperwork to sign sir?" he says.
Mr Longman jerks awake, saying, "Oh yes! What do you want to tell me?"
"Sir, we have received new that TUTY is enslaving the Skileans!" the Defence Minister reiterates.
"Those daft people. It's time to do somthing." Mr Longman booms, enraged.
"War?" The DM askes. Mr Longman nods.
“Send troops, including the air force and navy. It will be the war of the mountains.

That’s the tragic end to the story that causes what is going to happen, to happen. Skilea is a mountainous area. Hence, it will be hard for foreign armies to navigate through it. As you can see, it was taken by TUTY. In case you do not know TUTY stands for The United Temples of Yugoslavia. Now Third Asopia wants it back. Will they majestically march through the ‘Himalayas’ or will they crumble to death?

We need these following:
Cartographer- a map of TUTY, Third Asopia and Skilea please
Players- obviously

The IC will be up if at least 10 nations sign up.
Player list:

If you are interested copy and paste the code:
Code: Select all
NS name:
YN’s full name:
Faction YN is supporting:
Size of army:
Army General:
Head of State:
Army order:
Economy size:

Code: Select all
NS name:
YN’s full name:
Are you participating:
Why do you want to take up this role:
Examples of artwork(maps, preferably):

Co-op most probably coming soon.

This thread is also open to discussions and queries about this, ahem, 'siege'. By the way, the story was made by me in a few days. Even so, it will not look perfect. Feel free to express your opinions.
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Postby The United Temples of Yugoslavia » Fri Dec 07, 2018 4:57 am

3 November 2018, 7.23 a.m., Skilea, TUTY (The United Temples of Yugoslavia)

Carl Nukemall wakes up in his office to the sounds of machine guns.
He looks out of the window and sees a horrendous sight.
Thousands of his people. Killed.
"What the... "he looked at the attackers and immediately recognised the Maryloupin and Third Asopin flags on their uniforms. "ARGH! THIRD ASOPIA! MARYLOUPE!" Carl shouts, before muttering swear words.
He calls the army general, Jon Rogers.
"John, station troops in Skilea and Copenhagen. It's war against Third Asopia and Maryloupe."

4.37 p.m., Stockholm, EWUETA (Ex-West Ukrainian Empire of Third Asopia)

"Surrender, Third Asopian troops! You are surrounded!" shouts General Brady.
"Fine..." the Third Asopian troops groan.

6.23 p.m., Skilea, TUTY

"Why are we not fighting? The fate of our glorious nation depends on us! Now get back to work! Stop eating snacks! By the way, why are the Yugoslav people wearing gas masks?" shouts the Third Asopin army general, James Davis.
The soldiers drop their snacks and emerge from their hiding spots. They were just abut to load their bullets into their guns when...
"What was that?" asks General James.
"Uh-oh. They're throwing grenades at us!" the soldiers yell.
"Do not surrender! It's just a few grenades!" General James says.
"We're not so sure about that..." the soldiers said, pointing towards the poison gas bombs.
General James's eyes widen.
"AHHH! POISON GAS! COVER YOUR NOSE WITH SOMETHING!" he shouts as he plucks some grass and covers his nose with it.
The yellowish-brown poison gas spreads everywhere. As a result, about a tenth of the Third Asopin soldiers die.
General James feels some slight wiggling in his nose.
"Ugh! There's a worm in my nose. Disgusting!" he shouts as he removes the cold, slimy creature out of his nose.

5 November 2018, 3.43 p.m., Bizanc, S.D.E.Maryloupe (Socialist Democratic Empire of Maryloupe)

"Is the atomic bomb ready? Aimed at Belgrade?" Sir De Arleg asks.
"Yes, sir, it is aimed at 44.761484, 20.427957, which is Belgrade. It should take exactly 4 hours and 27 minutes to strike. Upon reaching Belgrade, it will automatically explode." the Defence Minister says as he types the coordinates into the newly-made Bomb-O-Matic 2000.
"Splendid!" Sir De Arleg says, clapping his hands.
"Let me just launch it now." the DM says, pressing a red button.
BEEP! The bomb propels into the sky.

8.00 p.m., Skellefteå V, Third Asopin Swedish State, EWUETA

"Oh no! Maryloupe is bombing us!" someone shouts as the atomic bomb plummets toward the city.
BOOM! the bomb explodes, killing thousands of people.

6 November 2018, 4.32 p.m., Bizanc, S.D.E.Maryloupe

Sir De Arleg receives a message from Mr Longman. It read:
To Sir Francis De Arleg

I have received news that my Scandinavian lands were bombed by your nation. Why did you do this? I thought we were allies! That's it. I declare war on your nation.

President Eric Longman of EWUETA

Sir De Arleg rushes over to the Bomb-O-Matic 2000 and checks the coordinates. It reads: 64.761484, 20.427957, Skellefteå V, Third Asopia
"What? How could we have pressed the wrong coordinates? Oh dear. Now Third Asopia is gonna kill me."

That's the end. What will happen next?
My name should be the Yugoslav Socialist Empire.

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