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Postby Kepiros » Mon May 20, 2019 8:40 pm

Television, movies, and video games sold in Kepiros follow the rating system created by the Athens Board of Culture & Recreation. Regions and stores set their own laws/policies on restricting sale of content to certain consumers. Ratings are printed on the containers and packaging of the physical items as well as displayed in advertising. Packaging and containers include details for the assigned rating on the back.

GA (General Audiences): Contains minimal or no objectionable content. Most educational material and documentaries get this rating, as does entertainment for very young children.

MLD (Mild Content): Entertainment for grade-school children would generally go here. Details to highlight would include comic mischief, cartoon violence, mild suggestive themes/humor, mild language, and mild horror.

MTR (Mature Content): Entertainment for teenagers and adults would generally go here. Details to highlight would include violence, blood, gore, sexual content, nudity, crude humor, consistent profanity, and substance use.

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Postby Khataiy » Mon May 20, 2019 11:17 pm

We use European and Turkish ratings, some Asian ones are used as well by some vendors depending on what they purchase, we have no standardized or enforced rating system.

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Postby Vespertia » Tue May 21, 2019 7:50 am

TV Shows and Movies

3 - Everyone
2 - Parental Guidance [2-13 is PG-13]
1 - Mature Content [1-13 is R-13, 1-16 is R-16 and 1-20 is R-20]
0 - Banned (this is extremely rare)

Video Games:

We just use the ESRB system. After all, we get them straight from America via our exclave in Florida.
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Postby Kuriyama » Tue May 21, 2019 12:19 pm

AA--All Audiences.

10+--Suitable for those ten and up.

16+--Suitable for those 16 and up.

21+--Suitable for adults only.

EX--Extreme content. Generally, this means porn.

CNR--Consumption Not Recommended. Generally, this means far-right and fascist propaganda, and such materials are only meant to be used in educational settings where their ideas are deconstructed and studied to better learn how to combat them.
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Postby Conservative Christian American States » Tue May 21, 2019 1:28 pm

Movie and Video Game Ratings
Our movie rating system was created in 1971, the system was adopted for video games in 1998
U - Unrestricted
7 - Suitable for ages 7 and older
13 - Suitable for ages 13 and older
17 - Suitable for ages 17 and older
RC - Refused classification, films and video games 'rated' RC are banned from release

TV Ratings
Our TV rating system was created in 2000
GA - General Audiences, all audiences can wath
PGS - Parental Guidance Suggested, may contain content unsuitable for children under 8
PG12 - Parental Guidance 12, may contain content unsuitable for children under 12
M15 - Mature 15, may contain content unsuitable for children under 15
MA - Mature, contains content unsuitable for children under 17
MA+ Mature+, contains content unsuitable for people under 18
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Postby An Islamic World » Tue May 21, 2019 10:21 pm

We don't have any content ratings in our nation, content is either allowed or it is banned.
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Postby Antarctica 3 » Thu May 23, 2019 11:09 am

Antarctica 3 uses the Antarctica 3 Media Ratings System to rate movies, video games, television shows, and books.

Content DescriptorsRating
4 to 8 and older, recommended for children. Literally nothing bad in it.6-8C
8 to 12 and older, recommended for older children. May contain mild fantasy violence, or minimal suggestive themes.9-11OC
12 to 16 and older, recommended for adolescents. May contain semi-realistic violence, mild suggestive themes, and mild to moderate suggestive language.12-16A
16 to 18 and older, recommended for older adolescents. May contain realistic violence, moderate suggestive themes, and moderate suggestive language. For video games, this rating is the point where you are allowed to add micro-transactions.16-18OA
18 to 21 and older, recommended for adults. May contain frequent and realistic violence, explicit suggestive themes, and explicit suggestive language. Media with this rating is only available online, as Antarctica 3 retail stores are, by law, not allowed to stock them.18-21AD

Media deemed publicly offensive, such as propaganda or stuff from the dark web, are not rated and only available online.
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Postby Free Kho Emcothock » Thu May 23, 2019 11:16 am

E - everyone
GS - Guidance suggested
GRS - Guidance Really Suggested
A- Adult
I- illegal. Things like Child pornography.

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Postby Yannia » Fri May 24, 2019 11:33 am

In Yannia, there's no age-based rating system, but there is a content rating system.

In 1932, audiences objected to the lack of warning when movies with content that was considered objectionable by almost all viewers were shown. This led to the establishment of the ᛏᚫᚲᚷᚱᚢᛈ ᚠᛟᚱ ᚡᛁᛚᛗᛒᛡᛟᚱᛞᛖᛚᛁᛜ (Tákgrup vór Filmbëórdéliñ - Movie Rating Committee) in 1934, with the sole task to rate movies on their objectionable potential. Since then, movie theaters are required to list all possibly objectionable content of the movies they show. Originally this was done with abbreviations, but as those turned out to be confusing, they were soon replaced by pictograms. Moviegoers are expected to make their own decision of whether or not to see the movie.

For video games, the ratings are:
ᚱᚢᛋᛗᛁᛞᛡᛚᚷᛡᛒᚱᛎᚲrusmidëlgëbrücdrugs usesyringe
ᚱᛖᚷᛏᛋᛏᚱᛖᚲᛋregtstrécsonline gameTV camera
ᚷᛟᚲᛡᚾgocëngamblingdice and cards
ᚷᛡᚹᛖᛚᛞgëweldviolencefist and impact
ᚷᛡᛚᛟᚠgëlófreligioncross and stars
ᛋᚷᛖᛚᛞᛡᚾsceldënoffensive languagetext balloon with ᛯᛤᛝ

In the mid-60s, with the introduction of television, the committee was renamed to ᛏᚫᚲᚷᚱᚢᛈ ᚠᛟᚱ ᚠᛡᚱᛗᚫᚲᛋᚾᛇᚠᛡᚱᚺᛇᛞ (Tákgrup vór Vërmáksneyvërheyd - Entertainment Industry Committee) and rated theater and TV shows as well. In the late-80s, as video games with video quality graphics were introduced, the system was expanded to rate video games as well.

Since 2004, distributors are expected to rate their own products, and the committee only acts on complaints.
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