NSSCRA 7- Everything Thread (IC)

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NSSCRA 7- Everything Thread (IC)

Postby Newmanistan » Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:08 pm

This is the official NSSCRA 7 Everything Thread.

For information about how the series works, check out the signup thread

To discuss NSSCRA 7 OOCly, use the discussion thread

Driver List:

1) #1 Hauptmann Wilhelm "Nicht-Bill" Kerman (Jebslund)***
2) #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori)***
3) #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye)***
4) #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua)***
5) #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan)***
6) #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) *NC*
7) #7 Lourdina Westgrens (Lisander) *NC*
8) #8 Jennifer Jane (One Jamaica) *NC*
9) #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) *NC*
10) #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) *NC*
11) #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua)***
12) #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) *NC*
13) #13 Oberst Eva "Schnellezeichnung" Kerman (Jebslund)***
14) #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori)***
15) #16 Tom Bombelli (Xanneria) *Q*
16) #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)***
17) #20 Shane Wray (Central Shanesville) *NC*
18) #21 Omar Brady (One Jamaica) *NC*
19) #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) *NC*
20) #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) *Q*
21) #24 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan)***
22) #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland)***
23) #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)***
24) #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) *NC*
25) #29 Jeff Shreeves (Central Shanesville) *Q*
26) #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) *Q*
27) #34 Warren Pawstone (The Ferret Lands) *Q*
28) #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori)***
29) #32 Euroli Islander (Tropicorp) *Q*
30) #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire)***
31) #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)***
32) #48 Shawn Curtis (Newmanistan)***
33) #49 Melvin Andrew (One Jamaica) *Q*
34) #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland)***
35) #55 Francis Furheart Sr. (The Ferret Lands) *NC*
36) #56 Francis Furheart Jr. (The Ferret Lands) *NC*
37) #69 Oberfeldwebel Sofia "Boomer-Zoom" Kerman (Jebslund)***
38) #70 Larry Toothworth (Greythorne) *NC*
39) #71 Mael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) *NC*
40) #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland)***
41) #76 Kevin von Pressman (Greythorne) *NC*
42) #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) *NC*
43) #88 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire)***
44) #90 Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire)***
45) #91 David Land (Central Shanesville) *NC*
46) #94 Yael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) *Q*
47) #98 Adam Poboski (Greythorne) *Q*
48) #99 Gael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) (Assigned this number as 90 was taken, another can be requested prior to season start) *NC*

Also Note: (Developmental open charter drivers)
#01 Jessica Franssen (Vangaziland)
#17 Tyler Abbott (Cassadaigua)
#19 Philip West (Saint Kanye)
#26 Mor Holstein (Lisander)
#60 Rockii Ezis (Vilita & Turori)
#63 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan)

***- Driver has charter and is guaranteed a spot in every race. (21 drivers)
*NC*- Driver is from a first time competitor and has one of their two guaranteed sports (18 drivers). Home nation can change who they want to have these at any time.
*Q*- Driver must qualify into the field. (3 spots for 9 drivers)
The 43rd spot is for usage of the open charter

Requests for the open charter for each race may be made in RP (preferred) or by TG’ing me directly. Requesting does not guarantee you will be awarded it. Preference is always given to the host nation of the race. Afterwards, it is based on the amount of times the nation has already used the open charter.

Schedule by Race: (The first date is the date of qualifying for the race. The second date is the race date)

Exhibition (Oct 13/14)- Tundra Falls Proving Grounds (150 laps)
Race 1 (Oct 17/18)- Tundra Falls 500, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway)
Race 2 (Oct 20/21)- Grande Mountain Speedway, Grande Mountain, Cassadaigua (Oval)
Race 3 (Oct 24/25)- Lonngeylin Ring, Lonngeylin, Vilita (Short Track)
Race 4- (Oct 27/28)- Kermania Fortress Run, Jebslund (Road Course)
Race 5- (Oct 31/Nov 1)- Blue Coast 400, Sonrise Motorway, Vangaziland (Oval)
Race 6- (Nov 6/7)- Ferret National Autodrome, Aavak City, The Ferret Lands (Oval)
Race 7- (Nov 10/11)- Dealmaker Valley Battleground, Greythone (Road Course)
Race 8- (Nov 14/15)- Tropicoast Beach Course, Tropicorp (Oval- Unique)
Race 9- (Nov 17/18)- Nantes International Speedway, Brittany Normandy Aquitaine (Superspeedway)
Race 10- (Nov 20/21)- Lantis Sirenia 300, Sirenia Speedway, Lisander (Oval- Triangular)
Race 11- (Nov 24/25)- Plum Lake Circuit, The Sherpa Empire (Road Course)
Race 12- (Nov 28/29)- Golden Bear 400, Stafford City Speedway, Hampton Island (Short Track)
Race 13- (Dec 1/2)- Pencurve Electronics 500, Jalton Superspeedway, Jalton, Saint Kanye (Superspeedway)

(All drivers continue to participate- Only 16 Advance to Chase. All race winners advance, and then the next best amount of non winners that take us to 16)

Race 14- (Dec 5/6)- Central Shanesville 300, Central Shanesville Speedway (D Shaped Oval)
Race 15- (Dec 8/9)- Vilitan Mountain Challenge Course, Rockii Coast, Vilita (Road Course)
Race 16- (Dec 12/13)- Five Star Mobile 500, Concord Heights Motor Speedway, Cassadaigua (Short Track)


Race 17- (Dec 15/16)- Andromeda Universal Speedway, Tecumseh, One Jamaica (Superspeedway)
Race 18- (Dec 19/20)- Emerald Energy Night Race, Bompton Raceway, Bompton, Saint Kanye (Oval)
Race 19- (Dec 22/23)- Grand Prix of Brycelin Harbor, Xanneria (Road Course)


Race 20- (Dec 29/30)- Li River Speedway, The Sherpa Empire (Oval)
Race 21- (Jan 2/3)- Die Landschaftlich Schöne Strecke, Jebslund (Road Course)
Race 22- (Jan 5/6)- Gryphon Supermarket 250, Imperial Speedway, Vangaziland (Short Track)

(All drivers race in championship- Only Top 4 are eligible for title)

Race 23- (Jan 11/12)- Proving Grounds 500, Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, Newmanistan (Superspeedway)

Cutoff Times: 10PM Eastern US time while the World Baseball Classic is still active (last day for that is 10/29 at the present time).
9PM Eastern US time after the World Baseball Classic is over.
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Postby Tropicorp » Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:34 pm


Tropicorp Headquarters, Tropicoast, Tropicorp :: Eagle eyed spotters on the twice-daily ferry from Turoki Island in Vilita to Tropicoast in Tropicorp have spotted stock cars driving up and down the beachfront adjacent to Tropicorp's headquarters facility in Tropicoast.

Cocoabo #78 Testing a Stock Car at the Tropicoast Beach Course

Now, it seems that there is a reason for the unorthodox activity on the Calanian Coast: Team Tropicorp. Tropicorp Engineering and the Cocoabo Enrichment and Enhancement Project have teamed up to procure excess equipment from the Vilita and Turori Motorsports NSSCRA team in order to start up their own Stock Car team which will contest the upcoming NSSCRA season. Tropicorp and Vilita and Turori Motorsports have a long history of cooperation even though the two often have separate goals, with Vilita and Turori Motorsports interested in winning and competing for championships while Tropicorp's goals are typically more focused on learning in the name of scientific experimentation and technological advancement. It is believe that the equipment from Vilita and Turori Motorsports has been offered on good faith to the newly formed Team Tropicorp in return for considerations to be negotiated at a later date.

Tropicorp's interest in joining the NSSCRA circuit stems from the pressure to succeed in the growing World Grand Prix 2 circuit where they had looked to develop a Cocoabo from the Cocoabo Enrichment and Enhancement Project and demonstrated their ability to compete with the best drivers in the world. Having done that, however, with Cocoabo #23 in the mix for a championship, Engineers and Scientists on the program felt that the risk tolerance for experimental modifications had been greatly reduced in lieu of consistency and a solid run at the World Grand Prix 2 championship. Since they had done it once, they figured they could do it again and they got the team together to take on a new challenge, Cocoabo driving Stock Cars. Of course, Tropicorp Engineers wanted to see if Cocoabo #23 was uniquely talented in the art of driving or if other Cocoabo could also demonstrate speed behind the wheel. A testing plan was developed with Tropicorp Engineering in a stock car with a view to potentially competing in select races during the seventh NSSCRA season. Additionally, to take the Cocoabo out of their comfort zone they created a new track right in front of the Tropicorp Headquarters in Tropicoast utilizing the main road leading up to the edge of the forest where Tropicorp's main campus is located and then circling back around on the beach where the sand has been compacted for relatively smooth driveability but still demonstrating a different level of car control than the asphalt road outside the main campus. Cocoabo #78 was selected as the initial driver for the test with Cocoabo #28 standing by as a backup ready to step in as needed. In addition to the two Cocoabo, a Tropicorp Engineer by the name of Euroli Islander who had never driven a stock car before, but was supposedly really good at racing video games, was also fitted for a seat to serve as a baseline to compare the Cocoabo against during the test sessions.

All three drivers piloted the same vehicle for their initial laps around the Tropicoast track though the majority of the laps were taken by Cocoabo #78, the temas primary focus as they looked to develop a second Fast Cocoabo. With Tropicorp itself already having agreed to sponsor the #41 Vilita & Turori Motorsports machine of Yraaga Gilli'i for the upcoming NSSCRA 7 season, the team had a little fun painting Cocoabo #78's machine with the logos of Cocoabo Park, the Cocoabo Preservation Society influenced educational resort that is largely funded by Tropicorp as a playground for all things scientific and experimental.


:: Cocoabo Park

Cocoabo Park is the publically accessible portion of the Cocoabo Forest, itself a joint venture between the Cocoabo Preservation Society, Tropicorp and the Island Emirate of Turori to Preserve, Study, Highlight and in some cases improve the existence and appreciation of Turori's Native Cocoabo.

While the Cocoabo Forest itself is a vast land where Cocoabo flocks are allowed to roam free, at Cocoabo Park visitors from around the multiverse are treated to intimate tours, close encounters and educational experiences all with the Cocoabo at the center. With limited on site lodging and a fully equipped village at the entrance area to the Park, visitors could spend days at Cocoabo Park without even venturing on one of the Park's tours into its different Cocoabo training enclosures or even further into the Cocoabo Forest.

In addition to the commercially driven aspect of the Park, and as a critical part of the relationship with the Cocoabo Preservation Society, the Park also serves as a hub for the team of Scientists and Researchers from both the Cocoabo Preservation Society and Tropicorp many of whom reside full time at the park. While the Cocoabo Preservation Society led efforts are more focused on passive studying and preservation, the Tropicorp team lead the CEEP - the Cocoabo Enrichment & Enhancement Project out of the Park. Beyond just researching and understanding the Cocoabo Genome, the CEEP team are tasked with focused training and enrichment activities to hyper-focus Cocoabo to hone their talents and skills and bring them to the forefront. One of the most popular enclosures on a tour of Cocoabo Park is the CEEP's sporting enclosure where Cocoabo can be found participating in activities such as Footsport and even on a lucky day, Motorsport.

In painting up the #78 machine the Tropicorp Engineers used some newly developed resistant paints particularly designed for abrasive environments such as construction zones, space and... driving 200km/h down the beach kicking up a wake of sand making it a perfect opportunity to experiment and test - exactly what the scientists and engineers at Tropicorp were looking to do once again after having the reigns tugged tighter and tighter with each passing week on the World Grand Prix circuit. While no official announcements have been made, it seems clear now that Team Tropicorp will play some role in the upcoming NSSCRA 7 season and its very possible that Cocoabo could be piloting a Stock Car on the track against other non-Cocoabo drivers as early as the first race of the season.
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Postby Saint Kanye » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:23 pm


Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines

by the Kibitzer Research Department

Race fans around the world are looking forward to the beginning of another Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association (NSSCRA) season this month. It will be the seventh running of the racing series which has invited many different drivers, teams and nations. St. Kanye will once again be represented by Glorious Free Republic Motorsports, which saw a successful debut in the NSSCRA's sixth season in which one of its drivers claimed the regular season championship and two others reached the final round of the playoffs. Several teams from other countries also return, some with the same drivers and others recruiting new ones. There are also completely new teams in the mix. Here's a field guide to the NSSCRA, well, field, starting with the returning countries and moving on to the newcomers.

ST. KANYE (Glorious Free Republic Motorsports)

#3 Skip Stiller
#18 Jeremiah Brooke
#19 Philip West (part-time)
#46 Thea Alvarez

The success of GFR has led local companies to take notice and invest in the team. They will now be racing the Chadwick C-1000, a Kanyean-made car, with sponsorship from various Kanyean companies.

The team's core remains intact from last season. Stiller, the 35-year-old former KURT (Kanyean United Racing Tournament, the country's top stock car series) driver, provides veteran experience to this young squad. He's a fearless driver who can hold his own on any track, especially plate tracks and road courses. The reigning regular season champion will sport the logo and colors of QED (Quick, Easy, Dependable) Car Rentals on his #3 machine. Brooke is a calm, level-headed driver who believes that limiting mistakes is the key to winning. The 26-year-old looks to improve on his third runner-up finish in the championship standings, taking the time to practice on different types of tracks in the offseason and even participating and winning in local races. Hyde Medical Group, in addition to becoming GFR's official healthcare provider, will be the primary sponsor of Brooke's #18. Alvarez's popularity grew after she captured the second runner-up spot last season. The young driver, who turned 19 just last month, says that her confidence grew as well, and she also gained both skills and friends. Multiversal Automotive Coatings will sponsor Alvarez's #46, and will also be the official paint of the GFR cars. West, 31, was initially slated to go full-time, but the team sold the charter for the #19 back to the Sherpa Empire. Regardless, West will appear in the two Kanyean races in Jalton and Bompton, and will also attempt at least one race in a road course, his specialty. The car will have backing from Blood Moon Beer.

VILITA AND TURORI (Vilita & Turori Motorsports)

#2 Centur Tiones
#14 River Suzgar
#41 Yraaga Gilli'i
#60 Rockii Ezis (part-time)

Vilita & Turori Motorsports, the defending cup champion's stable, brings back four drivers that had raced for them in the sixth NSSCRA season. Tiones remains as the driver of the #2. He has one win to his name, at South Stead, which many thought had a big impact on the Championship Four. Suzgar, otherwise known as "Shark", will be behind the wheel of the #14 as he tries to protect his crown. Like the rest of the team, he had a poor start to the season, but eventually heated up. #41 driver Gilli'i and #60 driver Ezis, one of VTM's three part-timers last season, complete the cast.

CASSADAIGUA (Team Cassadaigua)

#4 Meghan Sharpe
#11 Jenna Logan
#17 Tyler Abbott (part-time)
#27 Stacie Houston

The 'Dagans had a great NSSCRA campaign, and were rewarded with two Chase drivers, one ultimately finishing runner-up to the champion. There is only a minor change in the team's seventh season lineup.

Sharpe, who made it to the playoffs on points, was kept as the #4's driver. She'll be looking to win for the first time and hopefully get further than the first round of the Chase. Logan took over the #11 ride late last season and will remain there for this season. The former driver of that car, Abbott, is relegated to a limited schedule in the #17. Houston, who drives the #27, became known for her tendency to finish second, in several races as well as the final standings. Will she defy the trend and grab all those wins that should have been hers?

THE SHERPA EMPIRE (Guilin Racing Club)

#44 Kai Qiang
#88 Liangmei Li
#90 Tsering Chu

The Sherpas are what some NSSCRA followers would be calling the underdogs of the sport. Stock car racing in the Empire is still at an early stage of development, with safety, money and quality of equipment being major issues. Regardless, Qiang managed to run well and nab a Chase spot for the underfunded team. He and his familiar red and gold #44 car (the "Flying Fish") will return for this season, but with two new teammates in tow: Li, a local racer-slash-fashion model who will drive the new #88 car, and Chu, a deaf student and part of a Sherpa initiative to give disabled people more representation in sports, in the #90 machine. It is for this noble cause that GFR was inclined to sell back the charter that they bought from the team last season. Unlike many of the returning teams, the Guilin Racing Club will not field a part-time driver.


#25 Kev Schorebrook
#50 Ellie Lindskog
#75 Floyd Hackerbee
#01 Jessica Franssen (part-time)

Like the Kanyeans, the Vannish like the pass, both of the last lap and alley-oop variety. That is, they follow both racing and basketball. Vannish fans hope that the confidence of their NSSCRA entry would be boosted by the Royals' recent triumph in IBC 26. Schorebrook is back, and he's as big of a threat as ever. The #25 driver won twice in the regular season, qualified for the Chase, and came a point shy of contending for the cup at Tundra Falls. Lindskog, who pilots the #50, is one of many young drivers in the league, and is expected to improve and make a bigger splash this season. Hackerbee is also strong, showing he could compete for the win when it matters. He's back at the seat of the #75 and will aim for another Chase appearance. The addition of Franssen as a part-time driver presents a big surprise and a big question: Could the WGP star's talent in open-wheel racing translate well to stock cars?

Stay tuned next issue for the continuation!
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Postby Lisander » Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:48 am

Welcome to Dunneot GT Racing Team!

The Team
Dunneot Grand Tourers Racing team is the Lisanderian team to NSSCRA, and Draft of a Grand Tourers/Stock Car Team to a future Lisander GT Series. Backed by Lisanderian/Vassiyan automobile company Dunneot. The company is interested in expanding its operations in the principality, and the best way is supporting motorsport.

The Car
Dunneot Anera GT, is an evolution of Dunneot Anera, the top-seller of the brand.
Chassis: Dunneot Anera XXI
Engine: 5.6L Dunneot V8, 865hp (unrestricted)
Gearbox: 5-speed, manual or paddle shift
Weight: 1506 Kg
Tyres: Stellenbosch Superia GTR

Template courtesy of Erick Kacino, International Motorsport Graphics.

#7 - Lourdina Westgrens, (18/F/Dunneot GT Bitten Heroes): Lourdina Westgrens is already an internationally experienced driver, but god knows what she already has passed in this job. A veteran of WGP2 Season 1 and WGPC Season 16, she decided to enter GT to acquire more experience, and take a break from Formulae. She is a Bitten Heroes core contract Driver, in the new phase of the team, under the strict financial policies of the new CEO, Sabine Valerian, so she dons the same colours of WGP2 Bitten Heroes livery in her NSSCRA car.
Experience - 1x WGPC, 1x WGP2, 1x WGP3 Alpha League.

#9 - Licio Granado (27/M/Dunneot GT Castleford): Licio Granado is another experienced driver, his main speciality being touring cars (he's using manual shift instead of paddle-shift). Being a late entry himself to the universe of motorsports, he keeps a humble person, always here and there securing more money. Granado keeps his long-time sponsor, Castleford, a car seller on his hometown of Roux. For this season, he's also sponsored by Petrovas, a petroleum company from Vassiya, where Dunneot cars are built. Licio's "economic" style earned him a second-place in Lisander F3.
Experience: 6x Lisander GT (1x Champion). 3x WGP3 Alpha League (1x runner-up)

#26 - Mor Holstein, development driver (16/F/Dunneot GT Stellenbosch): Missmore, as she is called, is the new Westgrens. Aged 16, she's karting since age 9 and her balanced style already earned her a contract from Stellenbosch Tyre company, the new big spender in lisanderian motorsport. By the time of NSSCRA preseason, she was in her first season in WGP3, with six points scored. She was signed up to NSSCRA as a development driver. It is most likely that she will not even be allowed to drive in races, only being there to earn some experience.
Experience - 1x WGP3 Alpha League.

#32 - Andrew Holden (41/M/Dunneot GT Haines Racing): Andrew Holden is a man whose money outweighs the skills. He is a rich man who lives motorsports to the bone, already having a big collection of racing cars from his exploits and other competition vehicles. Counter-signed by his longtime friend, the former sports broadcaster John Haines, who joins as primary sponsor, he's entering NSSCRA for his last year of competitive driving. Or is that what he says. I highly doubt it.
Experience - 14x Lisander GT (1x champion, 1x runner-up), 1x WGP3 Alpha League.

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Dunneot: another high bet

Postby Lisander » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:19 am

Car brands and autosports have an intimate bond. Camden Automobiles, Cygnus Motors, SGA Autoparts, SEIGEN DYNAMICS, KB Motorworks, all of these brands have ties in motorsport, being them legal (sponsoring and selling parts and vehicles to professional racing teams, working on racecars with LAB seal of approval) or illegal (offering tuned cars, parts and money to street racers, in exchange for free advertising). The contact between drivers, teams and automobile-related companies opened possibilities to some street racers, who reached legal racing, like Seigen Mikado, Quintino Gloria, Melanie Aldini, Bastian Alcaraz and more recently, Alyn Terfel. The opposite way is also made, since Juliano Lemos, Lourdina Westgrens and many other formulae and GT drivers were already seen in street racing, as competitors or spectators.


The next one is Dunneot. A trans-national enterprise, established by Franco Duneot, a Lisanderian living in Vassiya (and enjoying less tax building cars there). After twelve years of building “family cars”, the company contracted new designers to develop a new generation of sports cars to the new “individual families”, a growing concept in lisanderian society. “The confort and the reliability of a good old Dunneot Anera, with the power of a sports car”, he said once, referring to the most sold car of the brand.

Franco also have searched Lisanderian Autosports Board, offering Dunneot as sole manufacturer and sponsor of a Touring Cars championship, but since ties between LAB and Camden are very strong, the entity refused to start a new event. Its focus is currently the open-wheel circuit, with WGP3 Alpha League. The only Touring Cars Event of Lisander is the Sirenia GT Cup. Feeling blocked by the big three in the open-wheel, Franco decided to support ventures involving stock car racing. First stage of its plan: reach NSSCRA, a category usually ignored by the LAB. “If they’re not interested on participate, I expect at least them to not prevent me to participate.” Damian Ader, avoiding any stress after his abrupt quitting from WGP2, approved without a question.

With the approval of LAB and the cars in process of preparation, it was time to choose the drivers. Four names were selected. Three main drivers, out of Formula for the season. To be the solid pillar of the team, the experienced Lício Granado, 2 times champion of Lisander GT (in fact, Sirenia GT 300 is the only race of this competition). Supplying that extra money, the veteran Andrew Holden, age 41. The Stellenbosch signed marvel teenager, the next one in the line of great lisanderian female drivers, Mor Holstein, comfortably placed in the reserve list to gather experience. And last but not least, the flagship of the team, the furious #7 of Lourdina Westgrens, returning to motorsport after a season in WGPC, determined to prove that the problems of Bitten Heroes had not “burned” her.
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Postby Vangaziland » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:50 pm

Every car company will be looking to make a splash throughout NSSCRA 7. For most, the season will be about wins and losses. It's all about tactics and results. A few car companies focus heavily on NSSCRA, not competing in WGPO sanctioned events, competitions in Hodori or other major international events. For one company, only four things matter.

Style. Speed. Passion. Soul.

That was a cute marketing slogan, but what did it mean? Every car company wanted to sound like it was one of the most dynamic in the multiverse. Less than a handful of all the world's auto brands actually stood out. The driver of the #25 REDUP car found out what the four words of the new company motto meant to Vannish Motors. Kev Schorebrook is the only NSSCRA driver to wear the indigo and red of the Vannish flag. A red flame singes across black markings along his bright race suit.

"Vannish Motors is not just a car company", said Kev. "It's a lifestyle. It's a way of being. We don't just make cars and we don't just race. Our goal is to pursue excellence. Only recently have we set out to make a name for ourselves in international motorsports. And just like that, we've done it. But what happens after you accomplish success? Do you hang back and celebrate? Or do you continue to push the envelope?"

Kev recently gave a speech at the South Stead Auto Show. It's considered the biggest car show in the Vannish Empire. If car companies want to make a splash, they release new models here. The curtains slid back to reveal Vannish Motors' new V12 supercar.

The NSSCRA driver was an interesting choice. Many would have expected one of the WGPC drivers to reveal the car. The name that would immediately spring to mind would be WGPC Champion Jessica Franssen. She was in the process of managing a WGP2 team at the time. Franssen did test drive the new vehicle at VMR's test track in South Stead.

Kev Schorebrook also test drove the new car for the cover story in a magazine called Imperial Exotics.

Kev 'showed off his guns' in a black tank top as he posed with a bright yellow 2019 Apparition. "There are a very select few car companies that put this much heart into a car", Kev told the magazine. People from many nations might be shocked to see a NSSCRA driver alongside a brand new supercar. Some may think of stock car racing as an everyman's sport.

This is definitely true in Vangaziland. There is still a lot of big money in Vangaziland. It's the reason why Vannish Motors can make so many supercars and sustain their business model. VMR executives want to turn more of the company's wealthy clientele into NSSCRA supporters. The 'everyman' NSSCRA fan will also enjoy seeing one of their favorite stock car drivers alongside Vangaziland's new top sportscar.

"The Ghost, with her V10, is a great car", said Kev. "As soon as a company pulls out a V12, it's a statement piece. This is the Vannish car of this generation." Kev got his start for VMR driving a race-spec version of the Ghost.

"It will take a lot to replace the Ghost GT2", said a company executive named Edgar Halvorsen. "History will decide if the Apparition can actually replace it. What I do know is that Vannish Motors put a lot of heart into this car. This machine is tied to our racing heritage, which spans several series."

More well versed Vannish race fans know Schorebrook as a Hodori Grand Touring Championships GT2 driver. Kev drove as the third driver for the #25 Ghost GT10. He drove two seasons worth of endurance races for the team. In his second season, he competed against current WGP2 drivers Karli Schmitt and Ade Imoju who co-drove the #50.

This means Kev has legitimate ties to the supercar scene. "As many people know, Vannish Motors is expecting to move on from GT2 competition. A lot of GT1 cars run V8s nowadays. While the Apparition may be a V12, VMR is working on a V8 derived from this engine. That means this car doesn't just represent our past, but also our future."

Official stats for the car haven't been fully released. There are numbers every car aficionado needs to know for news of a car to even be relevant though. In that spirit, the following information has been released.

2019 Vannish Motors Apparition
Engine: 6.0L Astro V12
Transmission: 6-speed semi-auto 'GP' paddle shift
Horsepower: 656hp @ 7800 rpm
Curb Weight: 3,120 lbs
Torque: 487 lb-ft @ 5600 rpm
0-60: 3.05 seconds
0-100: 6.5 seconds
Quarter Mile: 11.08 seconds @ 134 mph
Top Speed: 222 mph


"It drives a lot like the race tuned GT10 did in Hodori", Kev told the magazine. "This is the closest you can come to owning a Vannish race car. If you can't get signed by Vannish Motors Racing, buy an Apparition and you'll feel like a part of the team."

Kev mentioned NSSCRA 7 in the interview. "The company puts out the product. It's science. Engineering. Us drivers have to go out there and accomplish the magic. That's my day job. To fight throughout the entire season. The REDUP car has high hopes. We'll have to take the first half of the season as a qualification and then step things up after the Chase."

Schorebrook seems to have his mind in the right place as the latest season of the world's best oval racing (& more) starts to take place.
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Postby Vangaziland » Tue Oct 09, 2018 12:57 pm


Vannish Motors Racing - Track Heritage

NSSCRA 7 - Current

Headquarters: South Stead, VNG
Team Principal/Owner: Harlan Sterrett
Crew Chief: #25 Charles Ray Nesseth, #50 Peg Barton, #75 Ricky Grimsrud


Headquarters: South Stead, VNG
Team Principal: Vanessa Hattieson
Chief Engineer: Danny Port


Final Driver Standings
Jang Xiaopeng: 1st of 25, 2 wins
Jenna Vandersen: 4th of 25, 1 win

Final Team Standings: 1st of 12


Final Driver Standings
Ade Imoju/Karli Schmitt/J. Henlissen: 2nd of 28
James Lark/Jon Stansen/Kev Schorebrook: >10th of 28

Final Team Standings: 3rd of 23

Gemini Games II - Cross Rally Championships

Final Standings: 1st, 2 Stage Wins
Piloted by J. Franssen


-Typical Vannish Magazine Cover, colors no longer available

-WGP2 Championship Collectible Set, 1 of 4
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Postby Saint Kanye » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:01 pm

(OOC: I'm going off the information in the signups and other posts here, please tell me if I have mistakes in portraying your drivers)


The field guide to the field, continued

by the Kibitzer Research Department

Yesterday, we gave the lowdown on five of the teams that will be competing for the NSSCRA (Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association) seventh season title. Today, five more teams will be in the spotlight, some old and some new. Here goes:


#5 Bryan Harrison
#24 Ashley Matthews
#48 Shawn Curtis
#63 Kevin Daniels (part-time)

Despite most of the races last time around taking place on Newmanistani asphalt, this group combined for zero Chase drivers and only a single win, and the season finale at that. Harrison, Matthews, Curtis and new recruit Daniels all need to step up and show how much better they are than what they showed last season, considering they hail from a country that understands the need for speed.


#1 Wilhelm Kerman
#13 Eva Kerman
#69 Sofia Kerman

The Jebslunden team didn't make much noise in the sixth season, except maybe when they suspended operations to allow their drivers to undergo their compulsory military service. They're back now though, with some hoping it's for good. S. Kerman is the only holdover, though she switches to the #69 from the #13, which now belongs to E. Kerman. The third member of the team is W. Kerman in the #1.

LISANDER (Dunneot GT Racing Team)

#7 Lourdina Westgrens
#9 Licio Granado
#26 Mor Holstein (part-time)
#32 Andrew Holden

We now arrive at the first of many teams debuting this season. Lisander, being yet another motorsports-crazy nation, dug into the ranks of other series to supply the factory team of local carmaker Dunneot with drivers. WGP veteran Westgrens will drive the #7, but unlike the Vannish Franssen, she'll be going full-time. The #9 and #32 drivers will be two-time Lisander GT champ Granado and 41-year-old veteran Holden, respectively. Holstein, the part-timer, is considered a racing wonder child in her home country. She will drive the #26.

CENTRAL SHANEVILLE (ShaneEyoho Motorsport)

#20 Shane Wray
#29 Jeff Shreeves
#91 David Land

This is another team that's also competing in NSSCRA for the first time. 18-year-old hotshot Wray is like a young Skip Stiller in that he's unafraid to push himself past other drivers to gain positions. Shreeves, who'll pilot the #29, is a stock car veteran back home, and has been in many different tracks and cars. The open-wheel invasion continues with Land, the #91 driver. His interest in other forms of racing than his own is what led him to this series.

TROPICORP (Team Tropicorp)

#28 Cocoabo #28
#42 Euroli Islander
#78 Cocoabo #78

Technically not its own country, but this mega corporation is big enough to be considered as such. It will feature two genetically engineered Cocoabos, #28 and #78, driving their number-sake cars, and human engineer Islander in the #42, whose racing knowledge, interestingly and surprisingly, is composed solely of video games. How this ragtag team will do on the track remains to be seen.

Other participating nations are Brittany Normandy Aquitaine, Greythrone, Hampton Island, One Jamaica, The Ferret Lands and Xanneria. For a full NSSCRA roster, visit nsscra.skynet.stk.


Glorious Free Republic Motorsports, the Kanyean team in the NSSCRA, have revealed yesterday the primary paint scheme for two of the team's four drivers. Images of Thea Alvarez's #46 Multiversal Automotive Coatings Chadwick and Jeremiah Brooke's #18 Hyde Medical Group Chadwick were put up on their website at gfr-motorsports.stk, with the schemes for Skip Stiller's #3 QED Car Rentals Chadwick and part-timer Philip West's #19 Blood Moon Beer Chadwick expected to be revealed today. The leaks also confirmed that GFR will be using Tropicorp brand tires, as well as fuel from Argo, the Kanyean oil company.


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Glorious Free Republic Motorsports Cars #00, #3, #18, #19, #46 (NSSCRA)

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Postby Vilita and Turori » Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:18 am


The Vilita & Turori Motorsports team returns for the seventh edition of the NSSCRA with a smaller team than they had at the end of the NSSCRA 6 campaign as the team from Jebslund has taken back the charters that they had sold off in the middle of the NSSCRA 6 season. One of Vilita & Turori's full time drivers utilizing the extra charter from NSSCRA 6, Jama'obo Pegasii, has left the team and continued their journeyman style by joining up with the Savojarna-based SVJ Racing team in the World Grand Prix 2 championship. That leaves four drivers and three charters for Vilita & Turori, not an ideal situation as Rockii Ezis and the CoCoCo sponsorship dollars remain without a charter.

Vilita & Turori are working behind the scenes to secure an additional charter for Ezis, one of the only chartered drivers from NSSCRA 6 who has been unable to secure a charter for NSSCRA 7. Vilita & Turori Motorsports have reportedly offered a number of teams technical support and even a supply of chassis and engines in return for a charter.

If they are unable to secure a charter for Ezis then the driver will have to compete for the open charter and Vilita & Turori will be applying on a weekly basis for the CoCoCo driver to take he last spot in the field. If a charter can be obtained for Ezis then veteran driver iBen Toralmintii may return for select races in the #77.

After a slow start to their 6th NSSCRA season, Vilita & Turori Motorsports gained momentum down the stretch and ultimately won the series championship through River "Shark" Suzgar who advanced to the Championship 4 for the finale at Tundra Falls and placed 3rd in the Championship race, with contenders Stacie Houston, Thea Alvarez and Jeremiah Brooke close behind in 4th, 5th and 6th. By finishing ahead of the other three title contenders, Suzgar became the first Vilita & Turori driver to win the NSSCRA championship.

Primary Chartered Drivers ::


Centur Tiones :: #2 Tiones Lumber Dart
:: WINS: [ 1 ] :: TOP 5: [ 4 ] :: TOP 10: [ 7 ] -:- POLES: [ 1 ]

Centur Tiones started the NSSCRA 6 season with high hopes after being the best performing Vilita and Turori Motorsports Drivers in the pre-season test event in Newmanistan. Things quickly started falling the wrong direction after a DNF in the second race of the season at the Isnas Raceway. After a few rounds, the entire team started performing better and after back-to-back Top 10's in Kermania and Southport, it seemed like everyones luck had changed and all three Vilita and Turori drivers would compete for a spot in the Chase. Tiones was derailed with a poor finish in Jessicaville and then a second DNF of the season at the Quazarton International Speedway. He recovered with a Top 5 finish at the Pencurve Electronics 500 but it was too late as the regular season was over and there was no spot in the chase for Tiones.

After a rough patch from Race 11-13 where Tiones averaged just a 16th place finish, the driver of the #2 Tiones Lumber Dart lit on fire for the second round of the chase posting an average finish of 4.33 including a clean sweep at the Imperial Speedway in South Stead, Vangaziland winning the pole position and the race to fully signal his arrival on the internationstatal stock car stage. Despite not being in the Chase, Tiones led the team in Top 5 and Top 10 finishes through the first 16 races.

For NSSCRA 7, the Tiones team will certainly be focused on qualifying for the playoffs and anything less would be considered a disappointment for the #2.

BEST FINISH: [ 1st (1) ] :: REG. SEASON AVG FIN.: [ 19.5 ] :: RD.1 AVG FIN.: [ 16.33 ] :: RD.2 AVG FIN.: [ 4.33 ]


River "Shark" Suzgar :: #14 Vilitan Tourism / Vilaye Energy Drink / Toys '4' All Dart
:: WINS: [ 2 ] :: TOP 5: [ 2 ] :: TOP 10: [ 6 ] -:- POLES: [ 1 ]

River "Shark" Suzgar had the support of a nation behind them - sponsored by the Vilitan Tourism Council and having the flag of the Tropics of Vilita as their primary paint livery. Additional funding came from Vilita's own Vilaye Energy Drink. The struggles for Suzgar started faster and lasted longer than they did for Tiones, but once they were over they were over quick and Suzgar never looked back. After four straight finishes of 19th or worse then a DNF and a 38th place finish at the Rocket Automotive 400, it seemed more likely that Suzgar would be out of a job at seasons end then fighting for the series championship. Instead, everything turned around with a simple Top 10 finish at the Gold Coast International Circuit. Suzgar would finish in the Top 15 every regular season race from that point on including a runner-up finish in the Southport 400 after sitting on the pole and a dramatic last lap victory in the Pencurve Electronics 500 in Saint Kanye in order to qualify for the Chase.

Once they qualified for the Chase, however, Suzgar had just one good race in each round - the first race. Opening the first round with a 6th place run at the Li River Speedway, Suzgar backed themselves narrowly into Round 2 of the chase with an 18th place run at the Conocord Heights Motorspeedway and an 11th place in the throwback car in Kohlington. Suzgar made the most of their advancement, however, winning the opening race of Round 2 of the Chase in Aji No Moto and advancing directly to the Championship race. It was a good thing Suzgar had that win because without it, finishes of 16th at home in Vilita and 19th in Vangaziland would not have been enough points wise to put the #14 Dart in the Championship race. The 19th place finish in the penultimate race of the season was Suzgar's worst performance since the DNF in Pocono City, Newmanistan during Race #4 on the schedule. It wasn't the type of momentum building experience the #14 driver was looking for going back to Tundra Falls for the championship deciding race but after winning Segment 1 and putting together a strong, consistent race - a third place finish ended up being just enough to clinch the NSSCRA 6 title.

With the added exposure associated with sponsoring the championship car, Vilita & Turori have added additional sponsors to the #14 for the season and are expected to have rotating hood sponsors throughout the season with Lopinka-based Toys '4' All signing on for at least 6 races. Vilaye energy drink is also expected to increase its role after the departure of Jama'obo Pegasii from the teams lineup.

BEST FINISH: [ 1st (2) ] :: REG. SEASON AVG FIN.: [ 16.0 ] :: RD.1 AVG FIN.: [ 11.67 ] :: RD.2 AVG FIN.: [ 12.0 ]


Yraaga Gilli'i :: #41 Tropicorp Racing Supply Dart
:: WINS: [ 0 ] :: TOP 5: [ 2 ] :: TOP 10: [ 5 ] -:- POLES: [ 0 ]

While Gilli'i might not have produced the spark and energy that sponsor Tropicorp Racing Supply might have hoped they were getting when they signed on for a full season sponsorship after Gilli'i impressive breakout performance at the Kermania Fortress Run - finishing as the runner up, Gilli'i did quietly have a very consistent season during NSSCRA 6.

Gilli'i was the only Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver who competed in all of the first 16 events that didn not record a DNF. After two early finishes outside the top 30, Gilli'i finished in the Top 15 every single round since that runner-up at the Kermania Fortress Run and is averaging a Top 10 finish in both rounds of the Chase despite not being one of the Final 12. While Gilli'i didn't challenge for race victories in the closing laps the way it seemed they might have coming out of Kermania, the #41 machine was regularly mixing it up at the front of the pack and earned plenty of respect and exposure for primary sponsor Tropicorp Racing Supply.

Gilli'i had already signed on to return as driver of the #41 for Vilita & Turori Motorsports in NSSCRA 7 before their native Tropicorp set up their own Team Tropicorp entry for the season.

BEST FINISH: [ 2nd (1) ] :: REG. SEASON AVG FIN.: [ 18.0 ] :: RD.1 AVG FIN.: [ 10.67 ] :: RD.2 AVG FIN.: [ 8.0 ]

Development / Open Drivers ::


Rockii Ezis :: #60 CoCoCo / Coco-Mart Dart
:: WINS: [ 0 ] :: TOP 5: [ 1 ] :: TOP 10: [ 1 ] -:- POLES: [ 0 ]

Rockii Ezis is likely the Vilita and Turori Motorsports driver most disappointed with their performance in NSSCRA 6 - not solely because the Turori-backed driver didn't get to compete during any of the first 10 races. After having initially been backed to be one of the teams full-season drivers, the team size was trimmed from four to three and Vilitan and Turori Motorsports went with the three more experienced drivers instead of the upstart Ezis who brought the corporate sponsorship of CoCoCo with. However, once the Jebslund team charters went up for sale, the deep CoCoCo pockets were there to foot the bill and the very first Charter off the line was sold to Vilita and Turori Motorsports for the CoCoCo #60 of Rockii Ezis.

It took a while for Ezis to make an impact - and the development driver was unable to score a finish higher than 15th outside the home track event at the Vilitan Mountain Challenge course, but in that race Ezis showed the potential for more to come in the future leading laps for the first time in their career and coming home with a solid fourth place finish - the best of any Vilita and Turori driver at the Vilaye Energy Drink 314.

Ezis is once again on the outside looking in as the NSSCRA 7 season approaches with Vilita & Turori Motorsports being unable to renew the two charters procured from Jebslund during the 6th NSSCRA season. Now, Ezis stands by to see which race will be their first of the campaign. While the #60 car is sure to be present when the circuit rolls into Lonngeylin for Race #3, Vilita & Turori officials are working behind the scenes to secure an additional charter to ensure Ezis can compete in the Tundra Falls 500.

BEST FINISH: [ 4th (1) ] :: REG. SEASON AVG FIN.: [ N/A ] :: RD.1 AVG FIN.: [ 20.0 ] :: RD.2 AVG FIN.: [ 13.0 ]

iBen Toralmintii :: #77 Turori Tourism / Cocoabo Preservation Society Dart
:: WINS: [ 0 ] :: TOP 5: [ 0 ] :: TOP 10: [ 0 ] -:- POLES: [ 0 ]

iBen Toralmintii only competed in one event for Vilita and Turori Motorsports during NSSCRA 6 taking over a temporary charter to run at the Vilaye Energy Drink 314 in Rockii Coast, Vilita giving Vilita and Turori Motorsports one extra car on the track at their home race.

While Toralmintii and the #77 Cocoabo Preservation Society machine didn't finish in the Top 10... or even the Top 20, it will still be remembered by the fans who were watching Toralmintii come from the back to the front multiple times during the race. Some estimate that Toralmintii likely passed twice as many cars during the course of the event than any other driver. With nothing to lose and only a victory on the mind, Toralmintii pressed more and more the closer he got to the front and was snake bit perhaps by trying too hard to make passes on drivers whose tendencies he was unfamiliar with, spinning out and making pit road mistakes having not been accustomed to the NSSCRA tempo throughout the season and ultimately ending up in 24th place.

Toralmintii is always a crowd favorite in Vilita & Turori and is a likely candidate to be invited back for additional races if a permanent charter can be secured for the teams #60 car for Rockii Ezis. Toralmintii helped ensure the Lonngeylin Ring was ready for the NSSCRA by conducting multiple closed test sessions at the Lonngeylin Track and is also well known for their design input to the Vilitan Mountain Challenge course in Rockii Coast.


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Postby Vangaziland » Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:13 am

Some of the most popular NSSCRA memorabilia in Vangaziland is a set of three trading cards. They were released in exclusively marked boxes of VannOat cereal. A first run of cards ran before the individual liveries were determined. This meant each driver posed in the same indigo, red and black race suit that Hackerbee drove in the #25 REDUP car. Later editions favored their team livery suits. It is becoming popular for those who do have the cards to bring them to races and have them signed.

In the future, graded-autographed copies might sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. It's not bad for a set of cards that were released in cereal boxes. The cardstock was fairly flimsy, meaning mint condition examples can be hard to find. Newer sets quickly replaced the originals, slightly adding to value. There are still enough of them in circulation to keep them from being super rare and valuable at the moment.

Kev Schorebrook
Hometown: Southline, Wrexwic
Sponsor: REDUP #25
Wins: Empress Jessica 500 @ Jessicaville Speedway | NSSCRA @ Gold Coast International Circuit
Final Chase Standings: 7th
Final Regular Season Standings: 11th

Schorebrook was born on the island 500 miles east of the Vannish Mainland in the North Atlantic. This makes him technically a citizen of WLC 29 Champion, Wrexwic. He cut his teeth as an endurance driver in the Hodori Grand Touring Car Championships GT2 series. He was consistently one of the fastest drivers from the 3rd seat. VMR thought he deserved a better opportunity.

Kev would have to settle for being a top 10 driver. His season showed a lot of promise as he was one of the year's most exciting drivers. Schorebrook was the only driver to win two races. "I think NSSCRA is the future of racing in the multiverse", Kev said. "This may become the biggest racing league after a few seasons. Hopefully by then, us Vannish drivers can really make a name for ourselves."

Vangaziland's GT2 team is considered to be shelved. Kev had the offer to run in the WGP2. Two drivers who drove a different VMR GT2 car took those positions. It appears Kev made the smarter move, as his NSSCRA role places him in a first tier league.

Ellie Lindskog
Hometown: New Wade, Vangaziland
Sponsor: Royal Imperial Brewery #50
Wins: None
Final Chase Standings: N/A
Final Regular Season Standings: 13th

Ellie is the youngest driver of the three Vannish teams. She's from a small town which is barely on the map. That makes her a role model for many rural Vangazi. She's the driver a ton of people will root for with big wishes. If Ellie were to have a breakout season, she would get a lot of attention. The media markets her, and is trying to make her a star. All she needs to do is perform.

NSSCRA 6 turned out to be a learning experience for Lindskog. She finished the regular season 13th with no wins. The blonde Vangazi led more than a few laps and had a few decent results. It's a performance which leaves much room for improvement. "All I need to do is find a groove", Ellie said before the preseason race. "Last season was in the past. The only way to really go is up."

Ellie's main experience before NSSCRA dealt with karting leagues and amateur stock car racing. "International stock cars brought a steep learning curve", she said. "Every race, I felt myself becomming more comfortable. I look forward to seeing where this season takes us."

Floyd Hackerbee
Hometown: Old Prairie, Vangaziland
Sponsor: Humboltson Hotels #75
Wins: Free Republics 400 @ Kohlington Raceway
Final Chase Standings: 5th
Final Regular Season Standings: 2nd

Floyd Hackerbee had one heck of a season in NSSCRA 6. He was easily one of the most efficient drivers of the year. The driver from Northwest Vangaziland finished in the top 3 overall when combining regular season and Chase points. He showed lots of promise in the season proper, but fell off slightly during the chase.

Floyd did well in NSSCRA and became a Vannish favorite. Many have high hopes for him, since he appears to have new motivation. Many know him for his big hair, which he restyles after most races. Hackerbee got his start in small town oval racing before moving to a tier two open-wheeled chassis.

"My goals for the season are high", Hackerbee told reporters. "Competitors shouldn't expect me to take it easy and help them succeed in this post season." Floyd says he has "found his fire again", when it comes to racing.

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Although the race ahead was merely an exhibition race, to a Kerbal, every one of the Jebslunden who made up the three Jebslund teams, Wasserarmee, Luft-Raum Armeekorps, and Die Leute mit den Waffen, were feeling the pressure to win. The last season of NSSCRA had been a highly disappointing one, and, for the Wasserarmee team in particular, "Derpol" Kerman's runaway victory in the NASJAR series put even more pressure on their driver, Hauptman Wilhelm "Nicht-Bill" Kerman, to perform respectably.

To be fair, that only made "Nicht-Bill" knuckle down and study all the harder for victory. Courses, previous winners, the Jebslund team's abysmal performance in the previous season, even test laps on the Tundra Falls Proving Grounds course. His pit crew were practicing as much as proper rest would allow to speed up their pit stops, and the media had been asked to kindly interview someone else the entire time leading up to race day. There was no way in the multiverse they were going to let this season be a repeat of last season, and the other racers and teams saw the situation no differently, making sure to put in their due diligence.
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:17 pm


‭The Guilin Racing Club got authorization to represent the Sherpa Empire in NSSCRA Season 6 as a result of a bureaucratic screw-up. The Ministry of Culture would have liked to sweep the whole thing under the rug and forget it ever happened, but that was easier said than done. It had been too successful. The Guilin drivers did better than anyone had expected and Beihua's TV coverage got good ratings.

‭The Ministry was still not enthusiastic about coming back for NSSCRA 7, for a variety of reasons -- some rooted in cultural prejudices against the working-class Chinese people that stock car racing attracted, some related to money, and some grounded in legitimate concerns about safety. The racing clubs that existed throughout the Chinese Territories were notoriously sloppy about safety, for both drivers and spectators. Some were much worse than others, but all of them had problems. Cars and tracks alike were substandard. Hosting NSSCRA races meant either using an F1 track in the South, on the opposite side of the Himalayas from everyone that actually cared about NSSCRA, or sending government inspectors to oversee the renovation of a Chinese track to get it up to NSSCRA standards. Even the Li River Speedway, which had hosted a race during NSSCRA 6, would most likely need some work before it hosted another because the Guilin Racing Club could not be trusted to keep up with maintenance.

‭Crowd control was another safety concern, since international races would attract larger crowds than any of the racing clubs were accustomed to.

‭And then there was the culture of lawlessness... Many of the drivers who competed in legal stock car races also competed in illegal street racing. Sometimes the illegal races were even organized by the same clubs. The Ministry of Culture was kind of ambivalent toward the NSSCRA itself, but they didn't like the racing culture of the Chinese Territories, and they didn't want to promote it unless the racing clubs cleaned up their act.

‭They also didn't like the idea of the Guilin Racing Club, which was a local organization, competing on behalf of the whole Empire. There were other racing clubs in other cities, and if the Sherpa Empire was going to compete in NSSCRA, they should be sending the best drivers from around the Empire, not just Guilin.

‭The Guilin Racing Club wanted to bring NSSCRA back to Guilin. It had brought in a lot of money and excitement, and they wanted more. But they knew they had work to do if they wanted to win over the Ministry of Culture. So, in the time between seasons, they had taken steps to address some of the Ministry's concerns. They had banded together with some of the other racing clubs in other cities to create a new organization called the Independent Racing Association of the Chinese Territories, which would manage the qualifying races to choose drivers for NSSCRA. Although IRACT was now a national organization with local chapters and tracks in multiple cities, its headquarters were still in Guilin and it was led by the former president of the Guilin Racing Club.

‭In other cities, some clubs were eager to join IRACT so that they could benefit from its TV deal with Beihua, and so that their drivers could have a shot at competing in NSSCRA. The Suzhou Racing Club was especially eager to get a piece of Beihua's TV coverage, since Beihua was a local company in their area and they expected to get lots of airtime; and the Chengdu Racing Club was especially interested in the chance of their drivers making it to NSSCRA. The Chengdu drivers were absolutely convinced that they were the best in the Empire and they would be able to beat out the Guilin people once they had the chance to compete. A rivalry developed between the two clubs during the qualifying races. In the end, Kai Qiang of Guilin came out at the top of IRACT's rankings, but Liangmei Li of Chengdu was a close second.

‭Other clubs had misgivings about IRACT because they resented Guilin's disproportionate influence, or they didn't want to get out of street racing. IRACT had to disown the Guiyang Racing Club because they had some of the worst safety standards in the Empire, and they continued sponsoring illegal street races on the back roads of Guizhou Territory.

‭Some individual drivers got expelled as well. Jia Huang, who had competed in NSSCRA Season 6, was among those expelled for street racing. She had been high in IRACT's rankings before she got the boot, and her friends in Guilin were sorry to see her disqualified from further competition, but they knew it had to be done for the greater good to protect IRACT's reputation.

‭As NSSCRA 7 drew near, IRACT and the leading drivers sought out corporate sponsors that could help out with logistical costs and safety upgrades, so as to minimize the financial commitment needed from the Ministry of Culture. Beihua wanted the TV rights if there was a new season of NSSCRA. Guangxi Telecom was interested in sponsoring an NSSCRA race in Guilin. Highland Tire was offering to supply tires if IRACT and the drivers would make sure everyone knew they were using Highland tires. Their marketing people had sketched out some designs for advertising materials that they would use if the deal went through. Kai Qiang had the support of a fish cake manufacturer, Tibet Motor Works, and the Guilin Tourism Board; and was part owner of Flying Fish Taxi. Liangmei Li had a magazine aimed at teenage girls, a sportswear company, a deodorant company, and a company that made hot sauce. She was rather offended that TMW had signed a deal with Kai Qiang and not her. They said they that in her other sponsorships, she was doing more to promote herself than to promote the sponsors' brands. In NSSCRA 6, TMW had chosen Liuyong Xu as a spokesperson, but when they realized he was not likely to qualify for NSSCRA 7 due to the influx of new competition within IRACT, they made a deal with Qiang.

‭Third place in IRACT's rankings had belonged to Jia Huang, before she was disqualified and expelled.

‭After she was expelled, the next-best ranked driver was Dinggu Wang, a middle-aged man from Nanchang who had been racing for many years and was hungry to finally get some recognition beyond the small group of racing enthusiasts in Nanchang. Nanchang was one of the smallest clubs in IRACT. They didn't have the resources to maintain a private track, so they could only host a few races a year, when they managed to get permits to close a few roads and race there. The prizes were small and the competition wasn't that great. Dinggu wanted more. He had more or less bankrupted himself with the expense of traveling to other cities to compete for an NSSCRA charter. He had pushed himself hard, knowing that failure was not an option after how he had stretched his finances to the breaking point.

‭Prospective sponsors were a little standoffish with Wang because even if the Ministry of Culture agreed to have another season of NSSCRA, they might not buy back the charter that they had sold to Saint Kanye's Glorious Free Motor Sports. And the races in Nanchang didn't generate much publicity.

‭The Ministry of Culture still sort of wanted the whole thing to go away, but it was too big to sweep under the rug effectively. They grudgingly agreed that Kai Qiang and Liangmei Li could represent the Empire in NSSCRA 7, but they refused to buy back the 3rd charter for Dinggu Wang. Wang was heartbroken, but he didn't have the means to do much about it, other than drowning his sorrows with baijiu.

‭However, Tsering Chu, a college student who had finished 5th in IRACT's rankings, had her own ideas. And she knew people that could pull strings. Chu was a student at the Yulha Sherpa College for the Deaf, the nation's top school for Deaf students. She was from a fairly ordinary family -- working class, but not impoverished -- but she had earned a scholarship to YSCD, and attending such a prestigious school meant that she had classmates from rich and powerful families. Chu had recruited some of these well-connected (read: ethnically Sherpa) classmates for her pit crew. YSCD, the Deaf Cultural Association of the Sherpa Empire, a company called Pandey Prosthetics that made hearing aids (among other things), a company called Khamdo Electronics that had helped develop the system that Chu used to communicate with the pit, and a domineering baronness whose son had a crush on Chu all lobbied the Ministry of Culture to let them buy the 3rd charter back from GFR for Chu's use. A representative from the Deaf Cultural Association even took the step of contacting GFR directly. Eventually, with some financial backing from the other parties, the Deaf Cultural Association negotiated a deal and got the charter signed over to them. In return for their support, Pandey and Khamdo got sponsorship deals and the baroness got to see her son go to Tundra Falls as a mechanic on Tsering Chu's pit crew. The baroness was sure the team would do well, and then everyone would be impressed when she told them her son was part of it. If she was really lucky, her son would work up the nerve to tell Chu how he felt, they'd fall in love, and later on, when the NSSCRA season was over, they'd give her some grandkids -- but that was still a ways down the road. (She wasn't too concerned about the fact that Chu wasn't nobility. You couldn't be too choosy about who married into your family when you were trying to marry off a kid with a disability.)

‭Dinggu Wang protested, arguing that if the Sherpa Empire had a 3rd charter it should be his to use, but the Ministry of Culture dismissed his complaints. They didn't control the charter; the Deaf Cultural Association did. Wang could take it up with them if he wanted. He complained to the Deaf Culture Association, but he could see that it was no use, so he gave it up and went back to his baijiu. He was very bitter about the whole thing. He felt that he had been cheated out of an opportunity that was rightfully his.

‭Meanwhile, Liangmei Li was trying to gloss over the fact that she was ranked 2nd behind Kai Qiang, and Qiang was day-dreaming about Thea Alvarez, the pretty driver from Saint Kanye that he liked. He was looking forward to seeing her again.


(Note: The Sherpa Empire's IC chronology has gotten out of sync with RL time. In other threads, I've written about the Empire having a conflict with the Taliban, with WBC 44 taking place during the later stages of the conflict and World Cup 81 taking place after it is resolved. NSSCRA 7 starts near the beginning of the conflict, around the time of the first Taliban kidnappings.)
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Postby Saint Kanye » Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:05 am


Full-timers ready for exhibition race, opener; West to skip both

by Yennefer Spencer

TUNDRA FALLS - Four haulers bearing the numbers 3, 18, 46 and 19 arrived at the Tundra Falls Proving Grounds, about 3:30 pm Newmanistani time yesterday. Inside each hauler is a stock car belonging to Kanyean race team, Glorious Free Republic Motorsports, which will be competing for the Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association championship. The seventh season of the NSSCRA will kick off in a few days with a 150-lap exhibition race at this track, followed by the points-paying Tundra Falls 500 a week later. The Kibitzer caught up with the GFR Motorsports drivers during their practice session at the track, and were able to get some words with them.


Skip Stiller, #3 QED Car Rentals Chadwick C-1000

"If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: I do not hate Kai Qiang." The veteran driver was quick to comment on what race fans around the world are calling a rivalry between himself and the driver of the #44 Guilin Racing Club machine. "You all know me, I fight for the win, whether against him, or others. It's worked well, I've had wins. The competition's getting tougher this time around, and so i should get tougher too."


Jeremiah Brooke, #18 Hyde Medical Group Chadwick C-1000

"Reduce mistakes. Understand the car. Work together with the crew. And practice, of course. That's my plan." The new NSSCRA schedule saw a big increase in the amount of road races, and Brooke, whose poor showing in tracks with right turns has seemed to become a thing of the past, is ready for it. "Bring it on, I want to see if all my efforts are paying off", said the 26-year-old, who spent the majority of his offseason testing out different tracks, both actual and in the simulator. "By the way, if you're gonna ask about me and Stacie [Houston, driver of the #27 car for Team Cassadaigua, who was seen at a Loudon restaurant with Brooke shortly after the NSSCRA season finale], we're just friends."


Thea Alvarez, #46 Multiversal Automotive Coatings Chadwick C-1000

"Sometimes I still can't believe how far I've gotten. But when I do, I think, I'm hoping I've become an inspiration, to show that age and gender both don't matter when it comes to achieving your dreams", said the 19-year-old driver. She points out that despite her fame, she still wants to be known as the humble and friendly girl that she is. She added, "Aside from the races themselves, I'm looking forward to meeting the familiar faces, and all the new drivers that I'll hopefully be friends with too."


Philip West, #19 Blood Moon Beer Chadwick C-1000

"To be honest, I would have wanted a full-time ride this season. But with what I have now, just gotta make the most of it, and by that I mean by stealing a win." The #19 driver has the two Kanyean races locked into his limited schedule, with the possibility of more races. "I'm looking at the other road races on the schedule. That would be my best chances, I think. But even if I don't run all races, I'm still on the track for practice purposes."

All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.


GFR uploaded yesterday more images of the team's cars that will compete in the seventh season of the NSSCRA. On their website (gfr-motorsports.stk) are more shots of Thea Alvarez's #46 and Jeremiah Brooke's #18, as well as of Skip Stiller's #3 and part-timer Philip West's #19. The team also announced that 1:24 and 1:64 models of the cars will be available for sale on the day of qualifying for the exhibition race at Tundra Falls.



Stock Cars
Glorious Free Republic Motorsports Cars #00, #3, #18, #19, #46 (NSSCRA)

4x Champion (IBC 20, 22, 23, 24)
1x Bronze (IBC 19)

1x Champion (IC7 II)

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Postby Vangaziland » Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:31 pm

Franssen On NSSCRA

Centuries' Magazine sat down with WGPC World Champion Jessica Franssen for a thorough glance on her perspective into the most exciting stock car racing series in the multiverse. Jess also holds a rally championship. "The fact that I always raced in different styles is a part of why I want to race stock cars, but not the only reason."

Jessica showed up in her sponsor's sunglasses, known as Van-Bands. The company has been with her since her WGPC 14 debut. Jessica ran only the last six races then, but won half of them and outscored every driver in that stretch. The dark haired Vangazi has a confidence about her as she talks with our interviewer.

She was asked about her goals for the season. Why was she racing? Did she have an endgame?

"My story starts with my father", Jess said. Fred Franssen raced in the Vannish Stock Car League (VASCAL). He won 4 titles between a career that spanned from 1979-1988. Fred passed away young from natural causes. "His dream was always for me to race stock cars", Jess said as she began to look emotional. "Sometimes the things I do behind the wheel are for him."

"He never raced outside of Vangaziland", Jessica continued. "If I can compete against foreign drivers, I know it would mean a lot to him."

She was asked if she expects to advance from a developmental spot. "This isn't about a grab for another shot at the Cup", Jessica said. "As a WGPC driver, I can't be bothered with the Chase. I just want to run a few races. 2 or 3.... Try the car out. Maybe pick up a win if I can."

We were curious about her confidence in driving stock cars. "It's very different for me"', she admitted. "There will be a sharp learning curve."

This brought us to the topic of Vannish drivers. "Hackerbee really stands out to me for what he did last year", Jess said. "For a guy that used to drive trucks, he's really good at racing. He won a 400 mile race, so that's a decent test of sorts. I think he'll be my toughest competition on the track."

Jess was asked about former GT2 endurance driver Kev Schorebrook. "Kev has a lot of potential.. A really strong upside. He's the only driver to have won two races in the regular season. Maybe all year. If he tightens up his consistency between wins, he might make a run for the Cup."

Ellie Lindskog was the next driver to come up. "She is the youngest member of the team", Jess said with a slight smile. "Ellie is still figuring things out. She's still learning her strategy. Once she figures that out, she'll be in a better way."

Ellie had such high hopes, that she was once called the blonde Franssen. "I think that moniker put extra pressure on her", said Jessica. "She'll do better if she's focused on being the best driver she can be, as opposed to driving in somebody else's shadow. I never thought that was fair to her."

The interviewing journalist wondered which Vannish driver she thought would do best. "Hackerbee is fast and consistent. I like Schorebrook though. Two wins last year. I think his consistency will improve. Schorebook is the one I can see having the best postseason."

Of course, we wanted to know what Jessica thought of international teams as well. "Drivers from Saint Kanye will likely do well. They've got a lot of heart and like to push the tempo. They're used to trying to set the tone though. That makes it more fun to set the pressure on them."

Continuing on the topic of basketball, Jess continued. "The Yeezies do well internationally in basketball. Racing is different because you have more time between events. Their bakstetball team practices hard and puts in effort gameday after gameday. Now other teams will have more time to spread their effort over time. Their drivers will have an even harder time at success this time. But so will all teams. Vangazi included."

Jessica was asked about VTM. "They sure seem to be taking a lot of attempts at advancing. As far as I know, they're hoping to get their developmental drivers into the Chase. It seems like they just want a ton of chances. Most teams have 3 names in a hat. It feels like they're the only one with 9.

The Vannish brunette laughed a little as she added, "I wish all of the Tropicorp and VTM cars could win a race. That would call the league's bluff. That would make for a snorefest of a Chase. It'll never happen, but it's something the league could watch out for."

Jessica was asked about outliers and underdogs. "I like Kai Qiang and the 'Flying Fish'",she continued. "That's a marketable name. You'll pick up fans with a persona like that. Drivers from the Sherpa Empire really do a great job representing their peope. They have a lot of heart and spirit because of that."

The Vangazi is currently managing Vannish Motors Racng in the WGP2, a developmental league of the WGPO. She spoke of how things will be managing two series. "I don't plan to be in NSSCRA every week, or even often. I'm just on the roster. My team is well trained. I've put a lot of time into mentoring them. If I have to miss a race, we have others who can step up for me."

"My heart is with my squad in the WGP2 though", she told us. "It would also be foolish to think both leagues race every weekend. There are domestic series which can't even pull off a race every weekend. The truth is that travel time needs to be considered. Both leagues will have off weeks. There will be at least a few races on alternating weeks. That'll be my best bet for entering an event."

It's clear that Jessica will have her hand in NSSCRA 7. "My overall goal will be to win a race. I'm not interested in running the Chase. If I can win one for my father, it will mean a lot. This is all for him and what he did behind the wheel."

There was one more question for Jessica. Could she see herself racing in any other disciplines? "GT1. Endurance Driver's third seat", she hinted coyly.
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Postby Hampton Island » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:19 pm

Hampton Island Sports Brief

Drivers Not Sure What To Expect

The NSSCRA season will be kicking off in Tundra Falls, Newmanistan and Hampton Island is sending three drivers to participate. This is the first major sport that the nation has attempted other then regular participation in the World Baseball Classic. That, too, is being held in Newmanistan, so our traveling baseball supporters may have something else they can do in order to root us on. We have tried other tournaments before, so we will see how this goes. As one of the nations participating for the first time, we have been allowed two spots in the field, also known as a charter. Our third driver will have to qualify in.

Driving the #6, Alex Knight will look to make us proud. Driving a primarily black car with dark green stripes, and his national sponsor of Charged Up Transmissions, the 34-year old, three-time national champion is our best hope for success. Knight looks forward to racing on the tracks of the world and seems to realize that he has a learning curve others don’t. “We don’t know the circuits as well as others, but we have a championship caliber team, and give us enough practice laps, we’ll figure it out.” Knight, a generally respectful driver of opponents at home, hopes he is not seen as a pushover by NSSCRA rivals. “It’s not in my nature to be aggressive with contact, so I hope that is reciprocated.”

Kevin Cosgrove, the 32-year old, two-time national champion, will drive the #22. His car will be primarily green, and with black stripes. His national sponsor at home, Shellshock Batteries, will sponsor him in NSSCRA. Cosgrove is a more aggressive driver, and looks forward to competing against Knight, and the rest of the world. “We want to beat Alex, first and foremost. Then, let’s see if we can get some wins.”

Finally, 23-year old James McCurty, also a champion, will drive a car whose number matches his age. He must qualify in. Of that, he told us, “They say we need to qualify in, so we plan on doing exactly that each and every week. I don’t plan on going home early on any race weekend.” McCurty will drive a green and gold car, that is presently unsponsored due to uncertainty about the amount of races it might be in.

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Postby Lisander » Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:21 pm

Sun Terrace Building, Basses de Kasandora. Penthouse apartment, 17th floor.

A modest house party was underway in Juliano Lemos apartment, to some people related to motorsports. People from all sectors of motorsport were present, like Ludwika Wiel, Andrea Lanza, Lourdina Westgrens, Sabine Valerian, Darius Castellammare, the Holstein family, Licio Granado, Franco Duneot and Meliné Agrakian. Pleasing music, appetizers, some people talking, others checking MyFace. They were celebrating Superia Juniors midseason and the entry of the young girls at NSSCRA.

“So, I’d like to congratulate the present and the future of lisanderian motorsport that’s here on my apartment now. We are, with maybe one or two absences, the heavy core of Lisanderian international motorsport. We’re celebrating Lourdina Westgrens and Mor Holstein licensed to NSSCRA, and I would like to raise a toast. To the future!”

Lemos was happy to receive those people in his home. The goblets touched and tinkled. Some of them had wine, others had apple cider, a favourite in Lisanderian late summer.

Soon, the people were back to their usual little talk, but Lemos called Lourdina Westgrens and Mor Holstein to a private talk.

“Mademoiselles, is a great honour for me to have part of the future of Lisander motorsport in my house. As you may know, I bought Bitten Heroes from Natassia Maud, and put the racing team under the control of Andrea Lanza, four-time Lisanderian Formula 3 champion, one of my idols and of my best friends. He brought Sabine Valerian, a woman of his trust, and she’s making a revolution. We’re an entire new team. I’m not sure if Holstein will remember, maybe she was too young, but Lourdina will clearly remember when Gregory Camden took the control of Camden Motorsports, 9 years ago.” - Lemos was trying his best as a team owner.

“I remember. Meliné was a girl like Mor is today, and I was a child in Karts.” - Lourdina was completely recovered from the last season.

“The team hadn’t won a race in the year before. He dismissed the entire crew and rebuilt the team from scratch, and you know the result. Since then, only me and Licio Granado had some chance against the Blue Pegasus… Meliné Agrakian is the main driver of the nation. I even have a Camden Driver by my side in Superia Juniors. But we are not that Juniors. My plan for the next season is to have one of you or both of you running in Bitten Heroes teams around the world. I only bring people I trust. If Lourdina trusts you, Mor, as she said to me, I believe you can grow and bring us great results.”

“Nevermind, Boss. You’re making too much mistery. We already knew you’ll offer Mor a contract to next WGP3. What is the big news?”

“I want both of you in Lisander GT PRO-AM when NSSCRA is over. I was talking with Franco early tonight and he offered me a free slot. He probably will offer to Stellenbosch too, so that’s why I want to secure a contract with you, Mor, before they try to keep you for one more year. I hate to say this, but Peter just bought that team to have his son racing.”

“From me, you know that's a yes. I'll accept the contract. I imagined that. That guy Duneot is buying his space in Lisanderian Motorsport with the voracity of a cannibal. Will it be a one-make series?” - Lourdina took the word before the younger could accept.

“Probably. He is unlikely to accept Cygnus, Harlean or Camden engines. What about you, Mor?”

“So… I’m joining NSSCRA still as a Stellenbosch-contracted driver. They bought my entry there because I bought my entry in WGP3.”

“Look, I do not want to make it look like I'm trying to steal you from there, because Stellenbosch has been our tire supplier since the beginning, since the WGP2 tests and everything. We’re in good terms. But we need to build a strong academy, to compete on all levels, from karting, international WGP3, NSSCRA, Hodoran Leagues, and even WGPC. I want to have a bigger picture in some year. Can I count on you? Can you at least have a think? I can explain everything to your parents, to make sure they’re not losing money in your entries.”

“I’ll think about it. For now, I’ll focus myself in WGP3 and in learning a lot about NSSCRA. You can update me about everything, Lourdina.”

“Right. You can go now, I still have some matters to deal with Lemos.”

“Thanks for coming, Mor. We’ll keep an eye on your development.”

The young girl left the room, letting the WGPO veterans behind.

“So, boss, what’s your plan to NSSCRA?”

“I’m not that eager about it. Sorry. WGP2 are not being that good. I’m always finishing behind younger drivers and stronger cars. That’s obvious, but I feel the same you feel. That fear of being burned. I keep trying to balance my style, but I already have 26 years…”

“I never thought I’d be the one to say this to you, but man, keep calm. We know that last season was chaos. We all were burned. We all know it wouldn’t be easy. You’re going nicely, and I hope I can do the same in NSSCRA. Thanks for buying that seat for me. You said it was Lanza, but I know it wasn’t him. That accountant would never allow him to buy it.”

“You’re completely wrong. Buy that seat to you was my idea, in fact. But it was made possible by Ms Valerian. He does the magic with the money. Make sure you thank her.”
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Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:51 pm

Houston Confident Entering Second NSSCRA Season,
by Kelsey Lewis, Concord Heights Times Beat Writer

Stacie Houston knows what it’s like to finish second. She had many finishes in that position during the NSSCRA season, which ultimately led to her finishing in that exact spot in the overall standings. Fitting, many called it. She also knows what its like to win the first race of the season, as she was the winner of the Tundra Falls 500, here at Newmanistan’s Proving Grounds. The superspeedway has become a good track for her, and now the entire NSSCRA series will make their third start at this track. Newmanistan hosts two races at this facility, both at the beginning and the end of the season. That is an element of familiarity that not only Houston will have, but so will River Suzgar, Skip Stiller, and every other dominant driver during the NSSCRA season. Houston says that makes this pretty interesting. “Everyone has had an off-season to study, and learn this race track, and go over the notes they had when they raced here. That will go for every race track that we return too. Even though home town drivers generally did not win races last season, this will be another example of the playing field becoming more competitive. These tracks are not unknown.”

There are unknown tracks, however.
Every nation that is participating in NSSCRA 7 has the honor of hosting at least one race, so this means that we will go to venues in those countries that we have not seen before. Before the drivers from those nations think they will have an advantage, all one has to do is look at how infrequently hometown drivers won last year. Moral of the story is that the best drivers in the world learn quickly. “The road courses, by nature, are tougher to learn,” Houston said, “but we’re all racers. We’re all champions from the countries that we come from, and have championship crews working with us. Therefore, all it takes is a few practice laps before you start getting comfortable, and learning what you need to do to the race car.”

It is a longer season this year, and the races will be more spread out, to pretty much everyone’s liking. Fellow Team Cassadaigua driver Meghan Sharpe, who also made the chase last year in the #4 Spacebook machine, told us, “I don’t think anyone minds the longer schedule. It will be fun and challenging. I am just glad the race days will be more spread out. There is a lot of needed travel, and this will allow teams from all competing nations to not have to panic and stress about the schedule.” Houston agrees, and thinks the longer schedule, which adds a chase round, will add to the excitement, “As the year went on last year, we learned quickly how hard it is to make the chase. We got our win early, but you look at how Suzgar made it in. It’s not easy to do. The longer schedule will help in ways as to make a bad race or two not sting so much.”

One final thing Houston says is important is to just have fun.
“I enjoyed not only racing against these guys and ladies, but being able to talk with them, and learn about racing in their homeland. There are a lot of unique stories that we can share about racing, and as racers, we can all relate to them, even if we weren’t there.”
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Postby Newmanistan » Sun Oct 14, 2018 7:02 pm

Race: Exhibition at Tundra Falls
Track Record: 56.342

Qualifying Results: (Drivers in red were among those who needed to qualify in, and were not able too)
1 #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori)           56.621
2 #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 56.659
3 #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 56.692
4 #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 56.734
5 #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.775
6 #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 56.777
7 #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 56.835
8 #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) 56.836
9 #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) 56.937
10 #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) 57.021
11 #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.091
12 #7 Lourdina Westgrens (Lisander) 57.103
13 #88 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire) 57.106
14 #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 57.119
15 #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 57.177
16 #1 Hauptmann Wilhelm Kerman (Jebslund) 57.217
17 #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 57.222
18 #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.432
19 #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 57.487
20 #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) *Q* 57.502
21 #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 57.534
22 #63 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 57.594
23 #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) *Q* 57.686
24 #90 Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 57.707
25 #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 57.859
26 #48 Shawn Curtis (Newmanistan) 57.960
27 #42 Euroli Islander (Tropicorp) *Q* 58.459
28 #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 58.861
29 #21 Omar Brady (One Jamaica) 58.872
30 #16 Tom Bombelli (Xanneria) *Q* 58.908
31 #34 Warren Pawstone (The Ferret Lands) *Q* 58.912

32 #71 Mael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) 58.919
33 #55 Francis Furheart Sr. (The Ferret Lands) 58.927
34 #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 58.930
35 #94 Yael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) *Q* 59.035
36 #49 Melvin Andrew (One Jamaica) *Q* 59.049

37 #91 David Land (Central Shanesville) 59.056
38 #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) 59.090
39 #24 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 59.140
40 #70 Larry Toothworth (Greythorne) 59.158
41 #29 Jeff Shreeves (Central Shanesville) *Q* 59.163
42 #56 Francis Furheart Jr. (The Ferret Lands) 59.186
43 #8 Jennifer Jane (One Jamaica) 59.213
44 #20 Shane Wray (Central Shanesville) 59.244
45 #98 Adam Poboski (Greythorne) *Q* 59.297
46 #99 Gael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) 59.440
47 #69 Oberfeldwebel Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 59.670
48 #76 Kevin von Pressman (Greythorne) 59.682
49 #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 1:00.033
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Postby Saint Kanye » Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:06 am


Brooke fastest among Yeezies; Stiller stuck in middle

by Ray Wright

TUNDRA FALLS - Reigning Nationstates Stock Car Racing Association title holder River Suzgar of Vilita and Turori has just recorded the best qualifying time for the Exhibition at Tundra Falls, the 150-lap race here which will serve as a non-points-paying introduction to the seventh NSSCRA season. Joining "Shark" and the #14 car in the front row, with the second best time, is Sherpa Kai Qiang in the #44. Behind the two are Vannish driver Floyd Hackerbee in the #75 and Kanyean bet Jeremiah Brooke in the #18. Another Yeezie driver for Glorious Free Republic Motorsports, Thea Alvarez, sits fifth in the grid in the #46 machine, alongside fellow female driver Ellie Lindskog, of Vangaziland, in the #50. Meanwhile, GFR's third driver, Skip Stiller of the #3, had a mediocre qualifying run, settling for the 21st spot beside open charter user Kevin Daniels (#63) of Newmanistan. At the tail end of the field is Cocoabo #28 of Tropicorp, who is the only driver to exceed one minute in average lap time. There were 49 drivers in total attempting to make the 43 spots in the field; the six who were sent home are, from fastest to slowest: Tom Bombelli (#16, Xanneria), Warren Pawstone (#34, The Ferret Lands), Yael Erwann (#94, Brittany Normandy Aquitaine), Melvin Andrew (#49, One Jamaica), Jeff Shreeves (#29, Central Shaneville) and Adam Poboski (#98, Greythrone).

Brooke and Alvarez are both expected to take advantage of their good position, while Stiller would have to use his skill in moving up the field. The GFR drivers have said that like last season, they won't be taking the exhibition lightly as this is where they will have the chance to prove their worth to those watching or competing for the first time. They added that Vilita & Turori Motorsports and VMR Corsair are likely to be the biggest threats in this race, as they put all their participating drivers in the top ten. "I expect them to help each other out in staying up front", said Stiller.

All qualifying sessions and races will be broadcast live on SKYNET (Saint KanYe NETwork) Sports Channel 12, and online at nsscra.skynet.stk.
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1x Champion (IC7 II)

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The Sherpa Empire
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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:03 am


‭Kai Qiang was surprised when he found that the Kardashia Kibitzer had gone out of their way to ask Skip Stiller about him.

‭Since last year, he had gained a lot more confidence in his ability to make a career out of racing, and to keep up with the top professionals from other countries. He felt much less out-of-place in Tundra Falls than he had the year before. But sometimes his own fame still caught him by surprise. Stock car racing fans back home in the Sherpa Empire idolized him as a national hero, and sometimes he was still taken aback by the intensity of their admiration. Comedians parodied him in their skits, and he didn't know whether to be flattered that he was famous enough to get their attention, or embarrassed by the way they portrayed him. It was like having a mirror held up and seeing a face he didn't recognize staring back. More than one skit had depicted him as some kind of supernatural horror hiding behind a mask of grace and civility. Others depicted him as a limp-wristed effeminate stereotype, as Lakpa Fang's sychophantic gay lover, or as Jia Huang's human punching bag. Sometimes he could appreciate the humor in these parodies -- in fact sometimes they had him laughing his ass off -- but other times the mean-spirited elements got under his skin, and he was upset by his powerlessness to control the way he was portrayed.

‭Now he was reminded that he had made an impression overseas as well, and the reminder was jarring. He thought of the Taoist admonitions against being overly competitive. He didn't want to be internationally famous as "that guy that has a beef with Skip Stiller." He really needed to keep his cool this year.

‭Then Jessica Franssen said she liked him... That was really cool, but if he let himself get too excited about things like that, the emotional whiplash was going to send him off his rocker.

‭He sometimes wondered if other people who appeared outwardly stable really felt that way, or if they secretly had all the same insecurities and wild mood swings that he did, and they just did a good job of hiding it. And he wondered what people really saw when they looked at him.


‭Liangmei Li had also noticed the attention Kai Qiang got from the international press and other drivers, and she was jealous. She had tried to crank up the charm and pour on the sex appeal when she posed for the cameras and talked to the press since arriving in Tundra Falls, but that only went so far. She needed to do well on the track if she wanted to really make a name for herself.

‭And she wasn't off to a great start. For the season-opening exhibition race she qualified 13th and Qiang was 2nd. She knew they still had the whole season ahead of them, but she was still annoyed.

༄༅། །འགྲོ་བ་མི་རིགས་ག་ར་དབང་ཆ་འདྲ་མཉམ་འབད་སྒྱེཝ་ལས་ག་ར་གིས་གཅིག་གིས་གཅིག་ལུ་སྤུན་ཆའི་དམ་ཚིག་བསྟན་དགོས།
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FTL Post Exhibition Qualifying News Stream

Postby The Ferret Lands » Mon Oct 15, 2018 4:00 pm

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Warren Pawstone posted a time of 58.912, .01 and .27 seconds faster than his two teammates, despite Warren being the third driver on the team. Francis Furheart Sr. is considered by many to be by far the best driver on the team, with his son somewhat comparable. However, this qualifying, although rather preliminary, has stirred up some discontent among Ferrets about their country's racing future. However, despite his strong showing, Pawstone will not be racing, as he failed to qualifying (being the third driver), despite being the fastest on the team. Some Ferrets, notably the President of the Ferret Olympic Committee, have stated that Pawstone should get the qualification, and the youngster Furheart Jr. should be booted. No comments from the Ferret Racing Commission yet.

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Postby Vangaziland » Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:06 pm

Vannish Fans Speak Baseball And NSSCRA

Newmanistan finds itself hosting the playoffs of the World Baseball Classic and the first NSSCRA exhibition race very close to each other. This lines the nation up for a financially lucrative payoff on conclusion of the events. There is one nation where visiting tourists are at an all time low.

Vannish tourism to Newmanistan has virtually dried up after the events of the International Basketball Classic. With the Championship set between the Vangazi and underdogs Newmanistan, fans of the sky blue conducted a cyber spam attack in what has become known as the 'War of the Vannish Hashtags'. It was a harmless rivalry, but the actions have had consequences.

As a result, ticket sales for the Tundra Falls 500 have lagged. "We hope we can get ticket sales up for the Proving Grounds 500 at the end of the season", said tourism manager Cheryl David. "Right now, Vangazi just don't want to go to Newmanistan."

Sales records show only about 75 Vangazi are in town for NSSCRA. Less than 250 traveled to watch at least 1 game of the baseball playoff series. These numbers can often reach the thousands. Over 5,000 Vangazi traveled to the Equestrian States for the Final alone, not to mention the postseason leading up to that. Ticket sales for the WGP2 are also soaring.

The report follows news leaked from Newmanistan sources that planning boards intentionally scheduled the playoff game further away from Tundra Falls just to spite Vannish fans.

"This doesn't speak well for business in Newmanistan", said Edgar Halvorsen, an international business consultant. "They had the perfect chance to create a marketable weekend, but blew it to spite less than 80 people." Many think the decision and the news of its leak may affect future business and tourism between the two countries.

"Some people are just looking for a rival or villain", said NSSCRA driver Floyd Hackerbee. "If that's the case, enjoy."

After hearing what Hackerbee said, driver Ellie Lindskog jokingly added her best Scarface impression. "Ju need people like me... Ju need people like me so you can point your finger.... And say dat's da bad guy." Ellie leaned back in her chair and smoked an imaginary cigar.

"My job as a driver is not to get caught up in some petty school yard beef", said Kev Schorebrook. "If there are only a handful of our fans in the stands, that's okay. Millions will see on TV."

Jessica Franssen was one of the few Vannish tourists. "I didn't even think about going to the baseball game", she said. "If it were right down the road, I might have gone and so would many others in town for this race. Internationals from lots of countries, that is. They'll probably still sell out domestically, but hey. If they don't want international fans, so be it."

The Vannish cars seem to be in similar form to last year, qualifying well. Hackerbee is starting 3rd. Lindskog and Schorebrook are starting 6th and 7th respectively.

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Postby Lisander » Mon Oct 15, 2018 6:23 pm


Dunneot GT Post-Qualifying Words

The meeting room in the hotel received the three NSSCRA lisanderian drivers, for a promotional post-qualifier video, as no media channel is following the team yet. For their first race of the season, all the three drivers qualified. The best result was made by Licio Granado, starting in the fourth row, eighth place.

"I'm happy to be here. It's something really new to me since I'm still getting used to the lighter car, to the inclination of the banks and the different powertrain. Is completely different from Touring Cars, but I can get used to it. I'm too much happy with the current result, and I want to improve it even more."

Lourdina Westgrens starts from the twelfth position, and she also seems optimist:

"It's a new start, you know. I'm here to learn, and I want to do my best to evolve my driving style. I'm training to be more reliable. After the WGPC last season, I felt I needed that. NSSCRA is for resilient and consistent drivers. I definitely want to become one of them, then I'll be worthy of every seat, by my own merit."

Andrew Holden, the veteran of the team, with 14 titles of Sirenia GT, finished the qualifying as the twentieth.

"Yeah, I feel good by qualifying. I don't have the pace of Licio or the vigour of Lourdina, but this old chap still can drive for real. That's my first and last international season, so I want to do my best. Drive a NSSCRA car is a great opportunity, and I'll enjoy every second of it."

The scenario is optimistic, they are all very confident and everyone believes they can bring good results. What comes next may be seen in MyFace. Team Dunneot will broadcast the Tundra Falls race with exclusivity to Lisander, later today!
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Postby Newmanistan » Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:02 pm

This is the cutoff for the running of the exhibition.
Reminder that the scorinating, tabulating averages, and then formatting takes about an hour. This won't quite be as long because there are three, as opposed to five scorination segments and there are no points to calculate.

Race: Exhibition at Tundra Falls
Track Record: 56.342
Minimum Time Needed to Avoid DNF: 59.550

Segment 1:
1 #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua)                    56.647
2 #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) 56.654
3 #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 56.657
4 #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) 56.730
5 #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 56.764
6 #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.789
7 #7 Lourdina Westgrens (Lisander) 56.841
8 #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.852
9 #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) 56.853
10 #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) 57.036
11 #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.044
12 #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 57.090
13 #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 57.097
14 #63 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 57.131
15 #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 57.140
16 #48 Shawn Curtis (Newmanistan) 57.161
17 #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 57.238
18 #24 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 57.325
19 #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) *Q* 57.344
20 #88 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire) 57.584
21 #90 Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 57.595
22 #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) *Q* 57.675
23 #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 57.786
24 #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.869
25 #69 Oberfeldwebel Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 57.878
26 #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 58.237
27 #55 Francis Furheart Sr. (The Ferret Lands) 58.355
28 #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 58.493
29 #42 Euroli Islander (Tropicorp) *Q* 58.792
30 #1 Hauptmann Wilhelm Kerman (Jebslund) 58.807
31 #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 58.853
32 #70 Larry Toothworth (Greythorne) 58.858
33 #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 58.950
34 #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) 58.956
35 #8 Jennifer Jane (One Jamaica) 58.964
36 #76 Kevin von Pressman (Greythorne) 58.983
37 #21 Omar Brady (One Jamaica) 59.000
38 #91 David Land (Central Shanesville) 59.001
39 #99 Gael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) 59.008
40 #71 Mael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) 59.040
41 #56 Francis Furheart Jr. (The Ferret Lands) 59.389
42 #20 Shane Wray (Central Shanesville) 59.439
43 #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) 1:00.424 DNF

Segment 2:
1 #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland)                   56.640
2 #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 56.687
3 #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 56.719
4 #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) 56.740
5 #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.758
6 #7 Lourdina Westgrens (Lisander) 56.768
7 #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 56.773
8 #88 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire) 56.798
9 #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 56.812
10 #48 Shawn Curtis (Newmanistan) 56.881
11 #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 56.916
12 #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 56.959
13 #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 56.960
14 #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) *Q* 56.971
15 #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 56.977
16 #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.977
17 #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) 57.058
18 #24 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 57.071
19 #69 Oberfeldwebel Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 57.216
20 #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 57.316
21 #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.385
22 #63 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 57.435
23 #55 Francis Furheart Sr. (The Ferret Lands) 57.699
24 #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) *Q* 57.795
25 #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 57.837
26 #56 Francis Furheart Jr. (The Ferret Lands) 58.151
27 #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) 58.371
28 #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 58.709
29 #70 Larry Toothworth (Greythorne) 58.885
30 #21 Omar Brady (One Jamaica) 58.926
31 #91 David Land (Central Shanesville) 58.962
32 #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) 58.990
33 #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 59.043
34 #1 Hauptmann Wilhelm Kerman (Jebslund) 59.083
35 #8 Jennifer Jane (One Jamaica) 59.125
36 #42 Euroli Islander (Tropicorp) *Q* 59.257
37 #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) 59.269
38 #76 Kevin von Pressman (Greythorne) 59.365
39 #99 Gael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) 59.535
40 #90 Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) 59.571 DNF
41 #20 Shane Wray (Central Shanesville) 59.606 DNF
42 #71 Mael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) 59.634 DNF

Segment 3:
1 #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye)                   56.649
2 #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye) 56.679
3 #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 56.842
4 #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 56.850
5 #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.852
6 #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 56.877
7 #88 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire) 57.000
8 #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 57.016
9 #7 Lourdina Westgrens (Lisander) 57.029
10 #24 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 57.073
11 #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 57.098
12 #1 Hauptmann Wilhelm Kerman (Jebslund) 57.116
13 #48 Shawn Curtis (Newmanistan) 57.152
14 #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) 57.153
15 #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) 57.216
16 #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 57.332
17 #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) 57.353
18 #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) 57.403
19 #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.414
20 #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) *Q* 57.453
21 #69 Oberfeldwebel Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 57.456
22 #63 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 57.612
23 #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 58.090
24 #42 Euroli Islander (Tropicorp) *Q* 58.104
25 #55 Francis Furheart Sr. (The Ferret Lands) 58.642
26 #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 58.662
27 #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 58.716
28 #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 58.723
29 #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) *Q* 58.750
30 #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 58.859
31 #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) 58.886
32 #76 Kevin von Pressman (Greythorne) 58.981
33 #21 Omar Brady (One Jamaica) 59.091
34 #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 59.160
35 #8 Jennifer Jane (One Jamaica) 59.172
36 #99 Gael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) 59.219
37 #70 Larry Toothworth (Greythorne) 59.588 DNF
38 #91 David Land (Central Shanesville) 59.669 DNF
39 #56 Francis Furheart Jr. (The Ferret Lands) 1:00.306 DNF

Race Results (Average Segments 1-3)
1 #46 Thea Alvarez (Saint Kanye)                      56.742 WINNER
2 #18 Jeremiah Brooke (Saint Kanye) 56.761
3 #27 Stacie Houston (Cassadaigua) 56.783
4 #5 Bryan Harrison (Newmanistan) 56.806
5 #7 Lourdina Westgrens (Lisander) 56.879
6 #4 Meghan Sharpe (Cassadaigua) 56.889
7 #13 Oberst Eva Kerman (Jebslund) 56.894
8 #41 Yraaga Gilli'i (Vilita & Turori) 56.915
9 #25 Kev Schorebrook (Vangaziland) 56.954
10 #2 Centur Tiones (Vilita & Turori) 57.064
11 #48 Shawn Curtis (Newmanistan) 57.065
12 #88 Liangmei Li (The Sherpa Empire) 57.127
13 #24 Ashley Matthews (Newmanistan) 57.156
14 #50 Ellie Lindskog (Vangaziland) 57.185
15 #63 Kevin Daniels (Newmanistan) 57.393
16 #75 Floyd Hackerbee (Vangaziland) 57.403
17 #69 Oberfeldwebel Sofia Kerman (Jebslund) 57.517
18 #6 Alex Knight (Hampton Island) 57.556
19 #3 Skip Stiller (Saint Kanye) 57.578
20 #9 Lício Granado (Lisander) 57.587
21 #44 Kai Qiang (The Sherpa Empire) 57.621
22 #23 James McCurty (Hampton Island) *Q* 57.641
23 #32 Andrew Holden (Lisander) *Q* 57.688
24 #14 River 'Shark' Suzgar II (Vilita & Turori) 57.713
25 #28 Cocoabo #28 (Tropicorp) 57.904
26 #11 Jenna Logan (Cassadaigua) 58.056
27 #55 Francis Furheart Sr. (The Ferret Lands) 58.232
28 #1 Hauptmann Wilhelm Kerman (Jebslund) 58.335
29 #42 Euroli Islander (Tropicorp) *Q* 58.718
30 #78 Cocoabo #78 (Tropicorp) 58.774
31 #10 Eddie Walters Jr (Xanneria) 58.944
32 #21 Omar Brady (One Jamaica) 59.006
33 #12 Roman Gwinnett (Xanneria) 59.019
34 #8 Jennifer Jane (One Jamaica) 59.087
35 #76 Kevin von Pressman (Greythorne) 59.110
36 #99 Gael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) 59.254
37 #70 Larry Toothworth (Greythorne) DNF
38 #91 David Land (Central Shanesville) DNF
39 #56 Francis Furheart Jr. (The Ferret Lands) DNF
40 #90 Tsering Chu (The Sherpa Empire) DNF
41 #20 Shane Wray (Central Shanesville) DNF
42 #71 Mael Erwann (Brittany Normandy Aquitaine) DNF
43 #22 Kevin Cosgrove (Hampton Island) DNF
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Die Sportler [Online English Edition]

Postby Jebslund » Mon Oct 15, 2018 8:15 pm

Sodding hell... Missed the bloody cutoff...

Jebslund wrote:
Army Leads in Exhibition Match, No Jebslunden Top Alvarez
Nicht-Bill and Schnellezeichnung qualify respectable, though disappointing, 16th and 17th, leaving the rocket in the dust, or so it seemed

In a disappointing qualifier for the exhibition race of the NSSCRA 7 series, our navy and army teams qualified 16th and 17 places, respectively, while Oberfeldwebel Sofia Kerman, who competed in the previous event, landed a dismal second-to-last. This journalist is willing to admit she didn't think Rakete had a good showing in her, and boy am I glad to be wrong. Climbing from second-to-last up to 17th in the exhibition took guts and skill, sister, and you keep going strong!

Meanwhile, Oberst Eva Kerman, fair play to you, snagging a spot in the top ten! From 17th to 8th! Not quite as impressive as 41st to 17th, but still, quite a jump and quite a show of skill! You had me on the edge of my seat out there, and I'm looking forward to you putting on a similar show of drive in the first actual race. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a word from the Oberst, seeing as she's reviewing footage and going over strategy with her pit at the time of writing, but perhaps in the future, I'll get an interview. Little not-so-secret: I'm Team Die Leute mit den Waffen all the way here, and not just because the driver and I share a base name. The Navy got the NASJAR glory, and the Luft-Raum Armeecorps are cool, but I'm more of a tanker girl myself.

Speaking of tanking, what in the name of the Krakken was that, Nicht-Bill? You forget which pedal was the gas or something? Slipping from 16th to 28th is something you're supposed to avoid, you know. Granted, the blame's not all yours. Some of those guys in your pit crew need to go recertify as mechanics if they can't figure out which end of the wrench turns the bolts. No comment from the sailor in this issue, as well, for obvious reasons, but come on, Kerman, give us a show! The Kermanen want a race, not a theatrical production! Get it in gear.

Talking about showbusiness, though, get a load of that winner, Thea Alvarez. Now, word on the street is she and a certain Sherpa racer may or may not have a thing going on, and, if you take a look at them, you can't possibly fail to see why. Honestly, that Ms. Alvarez is one of the cutest humans I've ever seen (yeah, yeah, I know), and Qiang isn't such a bad-looking guy, either. Those of you who love stock car racing probably already know this lovely lady made a strong showing in NSSCRA 6, and today shows she has definitely not lost her touch. Ms. Alvarez, may the momentum from today's win propel you to heights surpassed only by my girl Oberst Eva Kerman.

And on the subject of yummy and fiery, today's featured Imbissmeister is Pfeffer Bauernhöfe, makers of the ever-popular Geist Beißt line of snacks! Those crunchy, white cheddary, sneakily-spicy ghost-shaped crackers we snackers just can't get enough of. StuGville Stadium will be selling all their flavors this weekend at the Gewehrhasen-Landhaie football game, including their newly famous line of sour cream and onion crackers, and Pfeffer Bauernhöfe has several of their most popular snack lines already lined up to be served in Kermania and Friedlichesheim for the NSSCRA series. When you've got a spooky case of the munchies, grab a bag of Geist Beißt!

Writing for the Sportler, this has been Eva Kerman wishing you a lucky season!
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