New Edom and the Age of Glory (MT, please TG for entry)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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New Edom and the Age of Glory (MT, please TG for entry)

Postby New Edom » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:27 pm

OOC: May possibly contain mature content. Reader discretion is advised

Fineberg, New Edom
Into the great palace of Betharan moved crowds of citizens and courtiers, soldiers, naval officers, clergy, officials. Gleaming medals vied for colour with flowers and uniforms. From the dazzling light of a stained glass arrangement on the dome, showing the four panels depicting Eden, the battles of the patriarchs, the life and death of Christ and his triumphal return on a white horse all blazed down upon the gathering crowd. Below, on a mosaic surrounding the crowd, New Edom’s own saints and spiritual guides, heroes of old triumphantly coursed over the walls.

People spoke excitedly as they moved to places guided by under-chamberlains and aides. Here and there were grim faces and sour tones though.

“All the flummery and foolishness of monarchy growing stronger,” murmured Sarah Carmel, the leader of the Free Congress, to John Koath, a bank director and her former political colleague.

It keeps us at peace with the other parties, with the King at the center,” reminded Kohath. “Would you have the policies entirely directed by one dominating party like in Adiron, Novitera or
Chaco? Or with a corrupt weak head of state like Chaco or Quiemada? “

Similar thoughts were occurring to Simon Silvanus, a newer leader in the Intellectual Party. He watched quietly, a polite expression on his face. The Free Congress were all but beaten. Their desire to return to an old way of life, of naked religious zeal and inward looking fanaticism, was surely over. His own party, not pretending to modernity while masking protectionism and tradition like the National Wisdom Party, wanted to scale back the role of the Monarchs and encourage a more symbolic role for them. Religiosity more as an appeasement to the mob rather than a genuine guidance of law, a nation more in tune with other nations building on great economic success. An elected head of government, a council of ministers approved by the monarch but not directly appointed by. Why not? And him, as that first elected head of government. Why not?

In his way stood the Peace and Harmony and National Wisdom Parties. Peace and Harmony was a coalition of politicians--lawyers, doctors, scholars, veterans, clergy--who wanted an end to civil wars. They were the largest party, and growing unwieldy with each passing day of internal peace. Accused of corruption for turning a blind eye to the plight of workers and marginalized peoples, accused of complacency and nepotism, they had served their purpose. They were deeply internally divided, some being Christian socialists, some being religious intellectuals, some being devoted monarchists, some being decentralists, and more and more they ground to a halt. Divide and rule for them.

He looked at Marius Campion, long time leader of the National Wisdom Party, which was conservative, fiscally and trade ambitious, protectionist, zealously Apostolic Church dominated, definitely monarchist. He shared the ambition to be head of government, but Silvanus suspected that the popular and bold Campion would gladly accept the role from the King’s hand. A tougher nut to crack…

There was a blast of trumpets, a fanfare that broke his thoughts. Archbishop Zecharias, the highest prelate and judge in the land, spoke in his rich, booming, ringing voice, raising white gloved hands, jewels sparkling on his vestements, his crown aimed at the sky.

“Highnesses, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen! Pray attendance to Elijah, Fourth of that name, King of the Allied States of New Edom, Protector of Damoclea, New Hydrenia, Lyscania, North Dengali, The Union of South Ceti, the Free Diols, and the Kingdom of Gavinium Magnus.

“This our noble Prince, who has served our nation as admiral, as diplomat, as governor and minister, the leader who helped establish our constitutional government,this godly man who has led in charity and in war, is begged to receive our acclaim, that he should accept the homage of these nations under protection, and over many peoples to accept the title of King-Emperor, our very first, and that over these peoples he will accept the local rule of their current, faithful and loyal governments.”

As then the tall figure of the King-Emperor walked to stand upon the dias, to be newly annointed and affirmed by the crowds, the choir assembled burst into song Vivat! Vivat in aeternum! They sang as Elijah IV received the benedictions and then the cheers of the crowd.

He turned and gravely spoke to those assembled. He stood in a gleaming white naval uniform bedecked with medals, ribbons and braid. Dark solemn eyes, long nose and grimly set mouth faced the assembly. “My beloved people: there is much that lies before us in the world. We have become the guardians of many peoples, but the work has only begun. Our command lies upon us as a heavy charge. It is not my responsibility alone, but yours that is required, for our moral, our economic, our military guidance. And to encourage you, I have had our poet laureate compose this poem. Let these verses hang in every school and church to guide you in the duty that lies ahead. In every effort to bring this, our new Empire, let this be one of our anthems. You have earned the fruits of victory. But as with the heroes of old, this comes with a price. With, indeed, a burden…”

TAKE up the Edomite burden -
Send forth the best ye breed -
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait in heavy harness
On fluttered folk and wild -
Your new-caught sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.

Take up the Edomite burden -
In patience to abide
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain,
To seek another's profit,
And work another's gain.

Take up the Edomite burden -
The savage wars of peace -
Fill full the mouth of famine
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
The end for others sought,
Watch Sloth and heathen Folly
Bring all your hopes to nought.

Take up the Edomite burden -
No just the rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper -
The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter,
The roads ye shall not tread,
Go make them with your living,
And mark them with your dead !

Take up the Edomite burden -
And reap his old reward,
The blame of those ye better,
The hate of those ye guard -
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah slowly !) towards the light:-
"Why brought ye us from bondage,
"Our loved Cornellian night ?"

Take up the Edomite burden -
Ye dare not stoop to less -
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloak your weariness;
By all ye cry or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent sullen peoples
Shall weigh your God and you.

Take up the Edomite burden -
Have done with childish days -
The lightly proffered laurel,
The easy, ungrudged praise.
Comes now, to search your manhood
Through all the thankless years,
Cold-edged with dear-bought wisdom,
The judgement of your peers.

“My beloved people, a great future looms before us, but we must be humble. What the LORD gives, the LORD may take away. I am humbled in His trust that I perceive. Let us embrace it together, and give thanks to the King of all Kings. Let us pray….”
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OOC; And I am officially back from my break!


To all honored friends in New Edom,

This is a glorious moment to witness, especially when you - as I have - been friends of such honorable group of people for so long. Let the aka* shudder, let the yariman** cry, okama fear and minpon despair, for New Edom has finally attained the status it deserved to have.

The Lord of Heaven had promised to his son that he will put his enemies under his feet. The Empire of New Edom is fulfilling, alongside the Empire of Greater Nifon, one of most important systems on global katehonic - that is restraining evil - system that the Lord of Heaven had set up to present the fallen orochi from freely operating in the world's political sphere, which he does today via his proxies such as communism, liberalism, feminism, sodomism in addition to other vile ideologies that are disrupting the Heavenly Harmony on this world. To those ideologies, the state of New Edom has been one of largest, alongside Nifon, thorns in their side. It is impossible to measure the sheer number of invasion attempts, political blackmail or hatred that the nation of New Edom received from the minpon and the oni that guide them. Yet among each hour of trial, New Edom stood victorious, to finally ascend to status of the Empire and trample it's enemies under their feet!

I wish to announce on Her Augustness's behalf that Her Augustness the Empress of our blessed by the Lord of Heaven realm and the one who had bestown me to irrevocably execute the Mandate of Heavenly Father on her behalf, upon listening to my considerations, had chosen to recognize the shikken***** of New Edom as equal in status and glory to her. I would also like to, on Her Augustness's behalf, implore the newly proclaimed tenno heika of New Edom to follow the path of humane authority as set by greatest Sage-Rulers of Israeli Antiquity, such as Daiei and Soramon^ as they have been described in the Holy Sutras the lord of Heaven gave us.

The Empire of New Edom will stand as one of primary economical and political partners of the Empire of Greater Nifon, that is vital to the continued preservance of the Nifonese state. Let all those who defy New Edom have that fact in mind.

Honor be with you, Namu Iesu Krishtou!

* Communist
** Slut, which turned into a degradatory word Nifonese propaganda uses for feminism
*** Gay
**** Liberal, Democrat
***** Magistrate
^ Nifonese names for Biblical King David and King Solomon
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Yanque, Chaco

Simón Alvarado, the Minister of Foreign Affairs was pleased. He had given the treaty to the prime minister who was not putting it to a vote in parliament for ratification. For Alvarado it was his achievement to get the deal done when his predecessor could not. It was a good achievement that hopefully would help give him a legacy as an effective Foreign Minister. It was true that the Republican government in Ashab had not been a signatory, but in the end what did that matter? Ashab had always been a sticking point, backwards and arrogant. Frankly the best thing that Chaco could have done with Ashab had been done, and that was the complete withdrawal from the country.

Queimada’s president, Jose Dolores, had signed, apparently during a drunken rant about how the mayor of Porto Real was holding back the country from greatness. Who knows if he even understood, what he was signing, but it had been done. The slob of a mayor had been so pleased by the Carnival last year in Yanque that word was he hadn’t thrown up any protest either.

San Carlo had signed on in an apparent effort to aggravate the Ashabis by joining an alliance with all the surrounding nations. This was mildly annoying, as the point was not to alienate Ashab, but to have more security for the trade and defense of Ayaca. As well as to put Chaco at the head of the alliance. The new Organization of Ayacan States, would help to control the trade and manufacturing of the island. It would also have the side benefit of putting the member nations in a stronger position to compete with the Shrailleeni Empire when it came to tropical products, and created a free trade network within Ayaca.

With trade, Chaco had begun the process of branching out, recently signing agreements with Adiron, and New Edom. The Edomites had also signed an agreement with the Carlanos recently that would be folded in to the new organization. This would all lead up to the eventual withdrawal from the CTO, as well as the choice to not renew the Noviteran lease on the naval air station in San Pedro. Alvarado was just waiting for the word from the Prime Minister for his announcement of these action, but the plans had been put into place for some time now.

The other aspect of it was a military alliance between the member states that also unified a list of terror organizations and members. The intervention of the Edomites recently had helped to convince the continent that it needed a better deterrence against outside powers trying to influence Ayaca. The OAS would put Chaco into a better position at home and it would allow the nation to better extend itself abroad. This, along with agreements from backdoor channels with New Edom about the division of Arcologia had put Chaco in a nice position to reach our and extend its borders. First on the list were the islands surrounding Valcarlos. The end of the deployments to Ashab and Gavinium had freed up Marines, and the Chaco Light Infantry to be sent to Valcarlos in preparation for landings to begin seizing and colonizing the relatively unused islands, only controlled by pirates and barbarians.

Alvarado’s phone rang. He picked it up, and an assistant was on the line, “Sir, the vote passed, the OAS is official.”

Alvarado hung up the phone and smiled to himself.

To: Elijah IV King and Emperor of the Empire of New Edom
From: Luis Fernando Trujillo Suyco, Prime Minister of the Republic of Gran Chaco
Subject: Congratulations
Security: Public with copies sent to Chacano and Edomite press

To the King and Emperor,

I wish to congratulate you on the recent proclamation of your new position. I cannot think of a man more wholly qualified for the daunting position that you are now in. May you rule in peace, and bring prosperity and God to all of your subjects. I pray for a long and wise reign of your people.

Sincerely yours,
Luis Fernando Trujillo Suyco
Prime Minister, Gran Chaco
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....The Empire of New Edom is fulfilling, alongside the Empire of Greater Nifon, one of most important systems on global katehonic - that is restraining evil - system that the Lord of Heaven had set up to present the fallen orochi from freely operating in the world's political sphere, which he does today via his proxies such as communism, liberalism, feminism, sodomism in addition to other vile ideologies that are disrupting the Heavenly Harmony on this world. To those ideologies, the state of New Edom has been one of largest, alongside Nifon, thorns in their side. It is impossible to measure the sheer number of invasion attempts, political blackmail or hatred that the nation of New Edom received from the minpon and the oni that guide them. Yet among each hour of trial, New Edom stood victorious, to finally ascend to status of the Empire and trample it's enemies under their feet!... was being read aloud, with cheers rising like a tide as the Ethnarch of Fineberg, his voice occasionally breaking with emotion, read the message of Shogun Maki Kojiro aloud. Not only the people assembled in Benediction Square heard it, but it was televised across the nation. The first to congratulate had been Nifon and Chaco, no doubt others would follow.

Prince Enoch Tubal-Cain switched off the sound on the big screen television set in the boardroom. To he and the men in the room, it was largely a show. Many of the negotiations and appointments they had been concerned with had been worked on for months, in some cases years, as the authority of the nation and his leaders grew. This included quiet negotiations with Chaco about the building of a security and economic sphere known as the OAS, which would soothe the concerns of the Ayacans, form a protective cyst around the mad cancerous Ashab yet enable New Edom to withdraw with face from Ayaca, which would be guided more and more by the stabilizing policies of Chaco. Nifon also played a vital role as one of the most dynamic nations in SACTO, helping New Edom rearm and retrain. To these partners, New Edom sent courteous messages not only thanking Kojiro and Suyco for their kind and wise words, but also asserting continued support for those working partnerships.

“I think we can fairly say,” said Foreign Minister Geta to Prince Enoch, “That not only communism and its evil children, but the weak principles of liberal democracy are on the outs in our Region. What we are seeing is what some in our universities and law societies are calling ‘moral constitutionalism’. That is to say, constitutions which like ours and this new constitution for the Shrailleeni, are built on moral principles which may be interpreted but not departed from.”

“Yes. In light of this though, we still have other problems,” said General Jonathan Unwerth, the Minister of Defense. “I see two threats, other than the natural rivalries that will occur between the new blocs that are forming over resources and influence. One weakness is the remaining absolute monarchies, or those that are constitutional monarchies only in name. Gavinium Magnus was a stern warning against permitting these corrupt and moribund nations to continue. They are not any different than tribes in the jungles of Arcologia or the arid forests and hills of southern Acheron. They will need to be contained. They have webs of marriages that pass for alliances that draw in bad influence like flies to a carcass.” Unwerth cleared his throat and then glanced down again at some notes. “The other concern we have is the natural enemy of empires: disunity. Clearly, one of the great strengths is the belief that opportunhities exist and that all peoples are our peoples. The President of the Council had told us to prepare you our responses.”

Prince Enoch glanced at the silent screen. The Monarch was speaking on screen, addressing, as Prince Enoch knew, the messages and expressing his public gratitude. He knew the words well, for he had overseen their composition.”Yes. Their Majesties would be grateful.”

“There’s another enemy of course: the liberal democracies have not gasped their last. But they’ve made no effort at all to engage with the Intellectual Party or even National Wisdom. They clearly prefer to deal with the most obvious and strongest authority,” Geta pointed out.

Prince Enoch looked to a balding man with a neat moustache smoking at one end of the table. “Johnny?”

General John Ashdod, the Minister of Police, shook his head. “Virtually no contacts. There’s been no further effort even from the gentlest of pro sodomite foreign governments or organizations. No religious freedom or interfaith, no capitalist efforts since Novitera’s to undermine our national economy. Every knee has bowed. Of course...the very lack of activity itself may be suspicious. I can make sure that we root anything we’ve missed out with the usual.” Ashdod of course referred to a program he had devised (or rather subordinates he had seized credit from had devised) to have agents provocateur try to draw out subversive elements. Part of his success was an organization that had a variety of names abroad focused on foreign support for Edomite human rights. This organization pretended that it was focused on rights for LGBT people, non-Christians, ethnic minorities and women in New Edom, but was in fact simply a means of controlling opposition. Foreign nations with wealth, many allies and effective social programs could have defeated it, but it had been successful largely due to their lack of real determination, patience, and courage.

“Not a real threat so far then,” said Prince Enoch. “What about the weak links in our protectorates?”

“Lyscania, Damoclea, Gavinium, Delvian States, Dengali, the Union of South Ceti, Peregrino, our zone in Hostillia, and of course the Lesser Diols all have such chinks,” replied Geta. “They all have such issues as insurgency, left leaning oposition, disunity, pirates, other problems. They all have to be dealt with on a case by case basis. The Emperor is quite right about the need to roll up our sleeves.”

“Count Lalery has told me he agrees with my advice, that we should recommend to His Majesty that we need to appoint strong regional authorities capable of dealing with such matters. One for Arcologia, one for Belisaria, one for Southern Acheron, one for Northern Acheron.” Prince Enoch said. “It is recommend that these officials should have guiding authority over the nations in the Sub-Regions and should be given a simple title..Imperial Envoy or some such thing...and command the Sub-Regional military commands, which will unify them and make them an advanced set of strike forces to keep any enemies well at bay. Consolidation is the key. Finish putting down local insurgencies. Wipe out the rebels or tribes that refusal to negotiate surrender. The Arvo. Rebel holdouts in Delvian States.”

“Deadora and Dengali,” growled Unwerth.

“The Regent Jacqueline Thrall is very preoccupied,” said Geta. “And Kehrahn? She is ripe within our hands, so tender and new, and yet I think resilient. More than we can handle? No. I think just enough to handle. They need our support, I think.”

“You make them sound like a pair of big tits,” observed Prince Enoch with a grin.

“Ha ha ha!” Geta exclaimed. “Farthest thing from my thoughts, I assure you.”

Unwerth seemed annoyed by these interruptions. “I would like, anyway, to recommend in the strongest manner I can that we should not begin any new military ventures at this time. Instead my plan proposes that we should further build up our navy in order to enable us to be able to add to defenses or at least one or two expeditions more quickly, and that’s going to take time. We need to further train our protectorate forces in nearly all these nations, and we are going to finally, really, be putting our staff and war colleges to the test. I would like to invite foreign allies to contribute to that and get it seriously started.”

“That leaves us finally and far from least with economic concerns. Count Lalery has recommended that the trans-Acheronian rail project and joined air transport be done through Edomite controlled territory. That’s simplest. The Jedorians did not want to contribute to finishing it, so then ours will be the primary conduit, the safest, and the most reliable.

“The same will apply with our allies and our controlled territories in Belisaria for sea lanes and rail and road there too. Along with agreements ona bilateral basis in Ayaca and Ceti, our means of maintaining safe means for trade is ultimately goign t dominate the Region, with the other blocs following our lead. But we’ve effectively shut out the Noviteran trade pacts, and Adiron has failed to establish a genuine rivalry. The vision of a free national economy--one which supports one’s own people while encouraging a blend of national interest and capitalism--will prevail. With Magism collapsing, paganism revealed to be corrupt and ineffective, the dominant voice will clearly be a blend of Christian faith and economics. And our vision will move towards completion. A triumphant Christian civilization that stands as a fortress against the corruption of foreign anarchy.” Prince Enoch paused, as the other men thumped the table loudly.

He looked around the table at his colleagues in the Council of Ministers. “It’s been a long road, my friends. Vivat in aeternum indeed.”
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Official Message of the Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire


To His Majesty King-Emperor Elijah IV, King of the Allied States of New Edom, Protector of Damoclea, New Hydrenia, Lyscania, North Dengali, the Union of South Ceti, the Free Diols, and the Kingdom of Gavinium Magnus,

And to all of the noble and honorable people of the land of New Edom,

On behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress and on behalf of the Shrailleeni people everywhere, the Enlightened Matriarchy sends its warmest and most heartfelt congratulations to His Majesty for the honor which has been bestowed upon him. Truly few have worked with such dedication to bring peace and prosperity to our beloved region, to oppose the forces of corruption and terror with the wisdom and strength needed to fight such insurmountable foes.

For over a century Shrailleen and New Edom have stood united behind a singular vision, a dream of a future in which honor and morality stand at the fore of every thought and in which every soul may live in safety and upon the path that their Creator intended for them. The Shrailleeni Empire is greatly pleased to stand with New Edom on this most Enlightened Path. We wish to continue to stand with New Edom, and to walk our two great nations ever forward into that future so long ago envisioned which now nears reality.

May the Light of the Mother smile down upon the people of New Edom,

Foreign Minister Zattem Resbruck,
On behalf of Her Enlightened Majesty the Mother Empress Chella Resyanna fe Shrailleen

City Center, Imperial City
The Enlightened Matriarchy of the Shrailleeni Empire

"There is a snake coiling around the region Sisters and Brothers!"

It was just past noon in the Shrailleeni Empire, on the second day of the national elections. The sky was thick with gray clouds, and moisture was in the air. The government had declared a three-day holiday for the elections, to ensure that every Shrailleeni had the opportunity to cast their vote. Because of this, the markets and malls of the city center were crowded with Shrailleeni taking advantage of their newfound free time to shop and socialize. Throngs of people filled the sidewalks and pathways of the Old Market, which was filled with venders selling their wares. The smells of spiced meat mixed with those of exhaust, the animal smell of kalko, and the scent of humanity.

People were here from all over the city, indeed all over the empire and even the region. And with the elections ongoing, it was the perfect battleground for various campaigners to make their voices heard.

On one corner of the Old Market a few crates had been pulled together, and several women were passing out literature to the passers-by. They were dressed oddly enough like the war queens of the first empire, knee-length grass skirts and bare breasts painted with red designs, long green feather capes draped down their backs from silver clasps around their necks, and headdresses sporting nine black-tipped eagle feathers. One of them stood high above her companions, and was addressing the crowd in a loud, strong voice.

"Yes a snake, long and healthy, who has been devouring all around it with impunity! It comes for the young and the defenseless, its fangs venomous and dripping. And what is this snake Sisters and Brothers? What is this evil that circles us even now?"

Most people were ignoring the spectacle and going about their business. But a few had stopped to watch, some warily, others with an obvious interest. As the woman on the crate posed her question, a man near the front said something that was all but lost amid the noise of the marketplace.

"That's right," she said, gesturing to him, "it is New Edom! Yes New Edom Sisters and Brothers, the snake which disguises itself as friend!"

Other people turned their heads or stopped when she said this. There were some started noises, some grumbling. A few more people stopped to listen.

"Oh yes! Our great ally, the Mother Empress says. And yet we must face the facts Sisters and Brothers! What forces have done more to attack the principles of our culture in recent years? What nation abhors our matriarchy, and our feminine values? What nation champions the religion of the Christ-worshippers, which demands the destruction of our people? It is New Edom!"

A woman wearing the jacket of an army veteran laughed loudly at this. A few others made reassuring gestures alongside sir. Others though, cast strange looks in the direction of the derisive woman. A few were nodding to themselves.

"Mark my words Sisters and Brothers, a reckoning is coming. They grow every day, coiling and hissing. And one day they will strike, and then all of you who defend them will feel the boot of this New Edomite Empire on your necks! And as the life is squeezed from you, you will wonder how the Goddess let this happen! And she will weep, for all the warning signs were there in front of your foolish eyes!"

Many people rolled their eyes and continued past, doing their best to ignore the speakers. A few more people, though, approached the women and took literature, asking questions and starting conversations.

Life continued.

Southern District, Imperial City

The Keresstavit was the oldest theater in the city, and well-kept through Imperial matronage. The southern district of the city, located on the eastern bank of the river and just south of the palace walls, was the home of many of the empire's wealthiest individuals. It was a hilly quarter of majestic houses, stately campuses, and museums and theaters dating to the 18th century. The Keresstavit was near the north end of the quarter, near the palace, and had the distinction of hosting some of the most impressive performances of music and dance for several centuries.

It was constructed as a grand semicircular amphitheater built in the later classical style of Shrailleen, its outward appearance was of mighty stone trees whose branches wove around each other to form the walls. Those entering did so between the trunks, and then climbed elegant carved stairs to the seating. The center stage was large and made of hardwood, the backstage separated from the viewing audience by grand tapestries. It was an open air stage, but a large tent could be erected during the rainy season. On this particular night it was cloudy, but not yet raining, and the theater was lit by torchlight.

On the stage an opera was being performed. It was a courtly tale from the days of the Imperial Matriarchy, of a rivalry between two great families each of whom laid claim to the throne. The scene played out was one of the Imperial Court, dozens of colorful actors in robes of blue and red danced slowly around each other in complex concentric circles while singing in two part harmony. Drums and strings played nearby, offset with the light tones of the woodwinds.

A man of valor, who can find?
Far beyond pearls is his value.
His wife's heart trusts in him
and she shall lack no fortune

He repays her good,
all the days of his life.
He seeks out strap and linen,
and his hands work willingly

He is like a merchant's ships;
from afar he brings his sustenance
He rises while it is still nighttime,
and gives food to her household
and a ration to her maids

Watching from a private viewing area at the top of the theater, a young woman sat rigidly. The light from the torches played softly upon a high cheekbones and angular features, her dark satin skin gently warmed by its light. Hard green eyes watched the spinning figures without emotion, but her lips were pressed with thought. She was alone.

Her solitude was soon interrupted as a guard in a sharp uniform pulled back the curtain at the back of the box. Another woman, at least twenty years her senior, entered quietly and sat next to her. She was not as rigid as the young woman, looking around grumpily before taking her seat. Her bushy hair and tanned skin, lined with years of sun, distinguished her appearance.

"Thank you for agreeing to meet with me," the young woman said quietly as her companion took her seat. The older woman simply made the hand sign for being thanked in return.

"It seemed important," the older woman said. "Why else meet here, right?" her High Railti was much less refined than the young woman's, but her then was one of someone who held authority.

"Quite correct," the younger woman agreed. "And why else would you be here, if you did not agree?"

The other woman did not respond to that.

"Very well," the younger continued, her eyes still on the spinning figures below. "We need to talk about Deadora."

"Ah, so, is that all?" the older said. "The Crown Princess wants to talk about Deadora."

Aryni did not look over, but said sharply, "why did you say it this way?"

"Well," the older woman purred, "soon we will have a new Matriarch of State, isn't that so? That is your only title left."

"Yes, only Crown Princess and Heir to the Imperial Throne, Matriarch" the young woman responded, somehow even more dryly than usual.

The Matriarch of War chuckled. "Listen Crown Princess, I do not mean to offend. But you called me here because you want my help. And if you want my help, you're going to have to be a little less, well, uptight."

The younger woman seemed to bristle momentarily, but then her shoulders relaxed.

"Very well. Tress." She said.

"Well alright then," the Matriarch said with a smile. "So, Deadora. You think it's time."

"It has to be," Aryni said. "My mother's timidity in dealing with New Edom has all but doomed us. We cannot simply stand by any longer and watch their territory and power expand unchecked. And now the Ayacans are organizing against us, threatening our exports just when we need them the most. The time for weakness is over. Something has to be done."

"I agree," the Matriarch said simply. Now, finally, Aryni glanced at her, her eyes searching.

"I thought you were one of Zattem's group?"

The Matriarch smiled, but she didn't meet Aryni's gaze.

"You know, if you didn't hate him so much you might like him," she said. Aryni didn't look away. "He might agree with us more than you think. I spoke with him today, and he is convinced that he has sway over many of the candidates in this election. He is also certain that his contacts in Gloria Regis and Dengali will vote to join the empire as soon as the NISA convenes."

Aryni frowned, and then turned back to the show. The dancers had assembled themselves on either side of the stage, and now the actress playing the Mother Empress was walking out. She looked regal in her robes, but in this play she was little more than a puppet of larger forces. A figurehead. The true forces would act around her, but never through her.

"And my mother?"

"Will not take much convincing. I would not dare defy her and start a war. But perhaps, with your backing, something could be done."

Aryni contemplated this a moment. Again he dancers began to twirl, the music reaching a high pitch and the two warring queens came to the fore. She knew that she would go through with this plan. But here on the edge of her future, she paused. Just to give thought. An age of glory lay behind her, following her ancestors back to Resyanna Shrailleen herself. It was up to her to carry it forward once again.

"If you do this correctly, you will have it," she said quietly. "But here is how it must go..."
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New Edom wrote:Elizabeth Salt remarked, "It's amazing, isn't it, you rarely see modern troops that wear their 19th century uniforms and gear so well--they must drill all the time. Is this a guards outfit?"

Sif said to her, "This is a modern Shrailleeni Empire military parade. Like as in this is what they wear, this is what they use. This is it."

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As throngs of citizens and civilians entered the foray . Foreigners stood amongst them, members of the diplomatic corps. Representing the Greater Island Kingdom of New Hayesalia, Ambassador Luke Hedner stood alongside Captain Oliver Parakeese. Behind stood his main political advisor, Johan Bannerman. All dressed in their finest suit and Class A uniforms, as was the small plain clothes National Police security detail accompanying, they somehow managed to radiate from the crowd and fit into it. Foreign uniforms and faces often had a curious charm about them.

Little could, however, seem exhaustive in this grand palace. These religious overtones were barely seen in modern states palaces, and the artwork was clearly the magnum opus or opuses of exceptionally talented individuals. It is the case, diplomats know, that in places like New Edom, which maintained a peaceful but complex balance with New Hayesalia, political change needed to be carefully watched and cautiously accepted. The words of the Archbishop rang hollow to the New Hayesalians, hailing from a nation where religion seemed to be on an ever-steeper decline.

What was not hollow was the strong alliance between the New Edomites - a country where New Hayesalia leased a small military training base and seaport - with SACTO, a group of fairly hardcore anti-communists that had the potential to spillover into targeting other leftist or left-leaning regimes, not unlike New Hayesalia itself. This ceremony seemed to culminate a period of grand political proccedings behind the scenes - some known to New Hayesalia's intelligence apparatus, a lot not - but this was to be reflected in ongoing reports.



To Daniel Hayes,
Prime Minister
4th of October, 2018

Prime Minister,

Reports from Ambassador Hedner and the NH Diplomatic Mission in Fineberg, New Edom, have been compiled providing an overview of the ascension of King-Emperor ELIJAH IV. It is believed that this ascension is likely to herald a new period of ideological intensification within New Edom.

New Edom's continuing allegiance to the SACTO alliance is a matter of major concern for the New Hayesalian Government. It is noteworthy that the Shogun of Greater Nihon MAKI KOJIRO was the first global leader to publicly congratulate the new King-Emperor. Ongoing relations between the two states implies that a developing political and ideological connection is also likely to intensify with improved ties at the highest executive levels.

Continuing issues in New Edom include concerns over human rights abuses, access for New Hayesalian maritime industries, and preventing a decline in relations with New Edom as a result of their cooperation with SACTO. It is recommended that a slight increase in material and financial support to intelligence activities in this region in order to support New Hayesalian objectives. An uptick in asylum claims in New Hayesalia from New Edomite nationals is evidential of a continuing culture of human rights abuse and declining civil and political rights.

Human and other intelligence sources within New Edom are suggesting that further developments in New Edom's military capacity, particularly that of the Navy, are on the agenda. This would be a further concern to the Merchant Marine & Registry.

Key also to countering developing ties between New Edom and Greater Nihon will be the forming of strategic partnerships in creative fashions. Such nations may include current partners, but also states not currently targeted such as the Shrailleeni Empire, where allied intelligence has suggested growing dissatisfaction with their traditional ally. A more complete plan of targetable states can be delivered if requested.

As a fellow royal, HRH Queen Olivia I's household office has sent a letter extending cooperation and good faith to the King-Emperor. This is standard protocol, and Ambassador Hender continues to support New Hayesalian interests in New Edom.

Matthias Belthas
Foreign Minister

The Greater Island Kingdom of New Hayesalia
Amalgamated July 21, 2009

This is an official message of the New Hayesalian Government. This message
may be disseminated in accordance with the security classification noted above.


In the subtropics, 6pm heralded the red sky peeking over the horizon in only the slightest way. Clouds turned pink on an otherwise sunny Thursday afternoon in the New Hayesalian capital, and the red reflection gleamed in the windows of the white-washed Parliament Complex. The greater government area was, however, quickly drifting away for a suited man. No different in appearance to all the other suited men that dispersed the Parliament area at this sort of time, nor the other hundreds finding their seats on the intercity high speed commuter rail bound for Rakgar, the capital's more suburbanite expanse.

Tunnels and rail corridors, themselves busy with high speed trains that linked the cities of the car-hating, criss-crossed the Revanan island with immense complexity. Only seating was provided, as the rapid acceleration from the main commuter stations transferring to local lines had a tendency to knock over the less stable of riders - speed was much preferred. These regular stops ensured foot traffic at those stations, not unlike the tracks themselves, was a fluid and apparently complex sight.

A capital city of as much political intrigue as the others, this combination of experiences offered a level of cover. Someone correctly informed to step onto the Shylund Coast line at Che'cheo Station, at exactly 6:16pm - the first train, not the second - and into seat G32 could probably be trusted to do a lot of complex things right.

The suited man left, and another suited man took his place. Except this one carried himself with a poised neutrality concealing a religious fervour, one funnelled into service to his nation and it's new leadership. A New Edomite agent, properly informed by the suited man from the Parliament Complex. A roll of small paper, held in place under the seat by a piece of blu tack, quickly removed and stowed in his pocket with the appearance of simply dropping one's phone - and New Edom would soon be reading the same letter that had only just been opened and read in the office of the New Hayesalian Prime Minister.

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On the celebration of Constitution Day, which among other things celebrated the first elections of commoner representatives to the Chamber of Deputies, there were celebrations throughout the day and leading up to it during the week. Central Plaza. group received prominent billing, performing in front of an audience of 112,000 people. Queen Mara, representative members of the Council of Ministers, and many deputies from the Chamber sat on the building's main balcony, enjoying the show of talent and attractive figure as much as the crowds in the plaza below. One particular group was only one out of six that performed that afternoon, but it clearly was the crowd's favorite.

Among those present were diplomatic envoys, including Princess Aurelia, acting as a special envoy for Queen Jada of Kehrahn. She resembled her mother far more, at about five foot six, but her figure was much more of an hourglass, with breasts the same size and a bigger rear on a much smaller frame. Her hair was jet black and cropped short in a pageboy cut. While her outfit was considered rather scandalous--a high cut leotard with long sleeves, knee high leather boots, and a veil like cloak that concealed nothing. It was better, in New Edom, to be naked or clothed in concealing cloth. But what could one expect of a Nadirii whore?

“But she’s our Nadirii whore now,” had chortled Hosidius Geta, the Foreign Minister, rubbing his hands together before the Council. There had been photographs of the Kehrahni delegation with Edomite ministers with smiles of triumph.

In the meantime an election was announced, annoyingly coinciding with the Shrailleeni one. A recent article from The Eagle’s Cry which had read as follows:
But is this cultural comfort making us blind to the plight of others in the world? Certainly no Shrailleeni organization is making the effort to reach out to other countries regarding the issue, let along our government. "Our ways are not their ways" is the mantra. And yet we do not hesitate to advocate for the rights of the poor, or of women, or of fellow matriarchal cultures abroad. Why does this not extend to the LGBT, who after all are only as the Goddess made them and only attempting to live their lives as they were created to live them? Perhaps it would be embarrassing for our New Edomite allies, but it would hardly be the first ideological issue upon which our cultures have clashed.
. Silvanus genuinely was embarrassed, as were the Peace and Harmony Party, who had to deal with a tumultuous internal debate on whether the discussions on civil rights for the homosexually oriented should be considered. It had already been going on for days.

Simon Silvanus and his Intellectual Party further faced a huge obstacle countering the barrage of advertising on television. The TV ads were aimed at unsophisticated voters who were unaccustomed to seeing a well-organized television advertising campaign. As long as the ads stayed on track, it looked like the National Wisdom Party would still win, although perhaps not by as large a margin as they would have liked. Marius Campion’s personal courage facing an angry mob of ETC was among the clips shown. To many working class Edomites, it was an evidence of a godly man showing physical courage, last to retreat from a furious mob of filthy naked heretics with machetes and other tools and hand weapons.

Clearly he had much work to do…thus far his party made promises to cut taxes by half. A claim scoffed at by the Peace and Harmony. Well, they couldn't be more wrong! The first thing he proposed was, that in six months, the government would stop all unemployment claims, all social security payments, medical benefits, everything. If you were able to find work then you would get no handouts from the government! In fact there would be precious few handouts available; one would have to be a stretcher case to get a copper. At the same time, his party would keep from really addressing the religious issues...which was not going to work. He was troubled. In his stomach, as the watched the bands and groups of dancers, was a ball of acid. The hardliners wanted religious freedom. The moderates wanted to move cautiously. The ones joining from Peace and Harmony wanted things to stay the same.

“Human rights abuses...not this filthy talk again…” Count Lalery, the acting President of the Council, was saying as he stood on the balcony. “It’s just a guise. To seize opportunities to weaken our economy and our ties to allies.”

“Guise indeed,” murmured General Ashdod to him as he turned as though to comment favourably on the folk dance they were watching. “Their concern is over the strength of SACTO.”

“What are you two muttering about?” demanded General Unwerth, trying to lean in.

“Can we perhaps not actually look like a bunch of conspirators?” Lalery growled.

“The Shrailleeni and New Hayesalian issues...we’ll keep an eye on them. Sneaky bitches and sneaky liberals. Our friends,” said Ashdod. “Leave that to me.”

They all turned and bowed as the King-Emperor and Queen-Empress arrived on the balcony, adn the crowd below cheered thunderously. The Monarchs warmly greeted the Kehrahni Princess and envoys present.

Privately, his thoughts were racing. How would he adjust uses of resources; how would he prepare for actionable intelligence? He had much to think of, and itched to be off to work.
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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Dominic J. Kang, MBA
Palace of Betharan, Fineberg, New Edom

Representing the Confederation of the New Visayan Islands, Ambassador Dominic Kang stood with his wife and daughters. Behind him were Donald Torres, the security attaché, and Major Thomas Lee, the military attaché. All clad in morning dress and full dress uniform, the Visayan delegation managed to stand out yet be inconspicuous--no mean feat for Asians in New Edom.

While the religious overtones were heavy, it didn't faze the staunchly Catholic ambassador; ceremony was ceremony the world over, after all. "King-Emperor" had a wondrous ring to it, if Kang had to be fair, and...

Dominic's mind was wandering while plainclothes Diplomatic Security Officers made their rounds; he had a report to send to the DFA, and with New Edom's deepening ties to SACTO, sooner proved to be the better option.

TO: The Empire of New Edom
FROM: The Confederation of the New Visayan Islands
RE: King-Emperor Elijah IV

To rise as Emperor is by no means a small thing; that your character has been found worthy of such a position spells wonder to the world. You deserve no less than the congratulations heaped upon you.

May your reign be one of peace and prosperity.


Dr. Jack Castro, PhD (International Relations)
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Confederation of the New Visayan Islands

TO: The Department of Foreign Affairs
FROM: The Visayan Embassy to New Edom
CLASSIFICATION: Restricted but Unclassified

The ascension of the monarch of New Edom to King-Emperor can be presumed to herald a new ideological era. The nation's deepening allegiance to SACTO, an organization of interest, is something to watch for; while SACTO was established with an anti-communist ethos, the right-wing authoritarianism that permeates it runs antithetical to the Confederation's policy of armed neutrality, and with issues regarding New Edom's LGBT community being prominent enough to warrant concern from more liberal states, we can anticipate a rise in asylum-seekers within the coming months.

As always, I remain here in the Embassy to represent Visayan interests in New Edom.


Dominic Kang, MBA
Visayan Embassy to New Edom

Unclassified missives were sent electronically. While it made for quick responses, it also meant signals risked interception, which was rationalized as the contents would make news in a few hours anyway. As it stood, what would make news in a few hours made its way to media men the world over; the general transparency of the Confederation kept it honest, after all.

Forgot you have an embassy with us, correcting now.
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Embassy program of the NVI
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The following post openly quotes from posts from Hostillia, who granted permission before CTE’ing. I am both trying to make use of his work as well as to provide inspiration. I honour his work in our region; he was a fine writer and so please accept these references to his work as a part of his legacy

Fineberg: The Way Forward

The inner circle consisted of the Foreign Ministry, Finance Ministry, Defense Ministry, Oil and Resources Ministry, Police Ministry and Transport Ministry when it came to planning how to deal with the ‘move forward’ policy approach.

One anticipated concern was that of friendly trading partners such as the New Visayan Islands, New Hayesalia, Adiron and the Republic of Gran Chaco and its OAS, which were not allies but which wanted friendly trade and respect for agreed upon territorial boundaries. Following respectful responses to the congratulations on the new status of the Monarchs, invitations were in particular extended to these nations’ envoys to meet with the Foreign Ministry to address any concerns. While of course allies were always welcome, there was a different focus for them. After discussion of some of the reports from General Ashdod, the decision was to reduce concerns and fears, anticipate them, and soothe them.

For allies in SACTO, from the Imperium of Arbites, the meetings were far more strategic.

As for the weaker parts of the Region, the King-Emperor had issued a directive. The weaker parts were conduits for dangerous elements: criminal organizations, communists, international homosexuality, atheist vampirisim upon the state. One of the weakest in the Region was Hostillia. For the Ministers and the interests they represented, there were a number of concerns there. First of all, it lent itself towards regional conflict by having no clear policy in the modern sense as to who controlled what elements of trade. Count Lalery had argued that, like the other ancient kingdoms in the Region, it had a corrupting effect on neighboring nations and would not permit modern trade of its vast resources. Hosidius Geta sniffed at this.

“Hostillia is an issue, and there are a lot of resources, including human. But the main issue is that it is full of dirty heathens who can see their way of life crumbling and are ripe for recruitment. We need to get there first. But we need a moral justification.”

“There are two things that stand in the way,” General John Ashdod had pointed out. “First is the vigor and determination of the Viceroy, Tu Bei. Here’s a quote from him that sums up his policies regarding us and every other nation in the Region. “The Devine Empire is rightfully the most powerful nation in the world, we have a mighty population, an unbroken history of victory, a tradition of supremacy, and yet we do not even go so far as to demand tribute from the foreign barbarians? How then, my Emperor, can we claim the legitimacy of this Dynasty? Since the foundations of the Empire it has been Confucian principle that a legitimate Dynasty collect tribute from the lesser states, since the morning of time this has been the nature of things. Wise Emperor, Son of Heaven, Eyes and Hands of the Jade Emperor, I believe it is time we once again moved towards a tributary system and acknowledge that there are peoples, uncultured and uncivil as they may be, beyond the great mountains that isolate us from the rest of the region, we have an obligation to the foreign barbarians, to our Dynasty, and to our honor to consider the potential of relations with the region, and in time the world.” The man is the most vigorous member of the government. He has to be undermined. The easiest way to do that is ultimately to destroy the tombs of the ancestors of the Imperial Family, demonstrating their weakness. But properly speaking, other nations, which would hypocritically deny us the right demonstrated by our courage and faithfulness, would balk and protest because they’d want the lion’s share for ourselves.”

“Then we need something that gives us an excuse to act,” Lalery had agreed. “And then we need the resources to be moved there quickly.”

General Jonathan Unwerth assured the Council that the King-Emperor could be informed that such movements of resources would not be difficult. There were considerable forces in Gavinum Magnus that were going to be moved out anyway, as well as those in Delvian States. Furthermore, Hydrenian forces could also be moved with relative swiftness.

All they needed was justification. The heads had glanced at Ashdod.

“I’m sure something will happen.” Ashdod remarked blandly. “It is Hostillia, after all.”

To Lung Ba,
Bordering the International Zone,
Empire of Hostillia

Qi was a quiet man, really, he thought life would be great if he could just earn enough money to live on and a little extra on the side to support his flirting association with opium. It wasn’t as though he lived for the drug, or even that he was especially addicted to it- though that was more because he seldom had the spare cash after he paid all of his bills every week, the Consortium was always happy to loan money but that wasn’t something he was bold enough to do. So instead, he kept up appearances; attending feasts with the local gentry, paying to keep up the local shrine, ensuring that the community was winning the “war against foreign ideas and bad-thought.” A war brought to their borders by the arrival of barbarian to the town, fortunately, the icy and snow drenched town was not exactly prepared to accommodate the outsiders and so it seemed that for the most part the barbarians stayed in their buildings and the locals avoided passing them whenever possible. Really, the only thing that seemed to change significantly since they began this “war against foreign ideas and bad-thought,” was that suddenly people began to hear the phrase “war against foreign ideas and bad-thought” thrown around as a justification for stronger police suppression of the people. There was also a new tax. A cultural defense tax, Qi couldn’t really be sure what Mr. Bo was spending the tax on, because it certainly didn’t seem there was any more defense of culture than there had been earlier. Maybe the expansion of Mr. Bo’s private, traditionally styled, compound was going to keep the barbarians at bay.

For the most part though, Qi was content to live his life as quietly and with as little incident as possible… but tonight that didn’t seem to be an option. As head of Bo’s private militia, he was always at the head of these raids- normally it wasn’t a matter of terrible consequence, collecting Mr. Bo’s loans in the form of property from those who had been unable to pay for example. But tonight they were doing something far more dangerous, they were raiding the local opium den- a whorehouse, a casino, a pub, all in one convenient location. Mr. Bo had done absolutely nothing to drive the Consortium out of the area in the past, and personally he suspected they had discussed and agreed to some sort of gentlemen’s agreement to prevent such nasty business as what he was about to embark on. The Consortium was really more often than not, a good thing for the community Qi believed, gave the people a place to escape to whenever they felt trapped under the weight of a very strict and formal culture. A place of liberty, they said, kept dissidence at a minimum and that was certainly good for everyone. But it wasn’t his decision, it was Bo’s, and if he was told to go in and destroy the small brothel that’s precisely what he was going to do, even if it was one of his favorite luxuries of the community. Because while fighting the Consortium was scary, fighting Bo was just as treacherous and, what’s worse, Mr. Bo was a more a snake in the house rather than a snake in the field.

“Everyone is under arrest!” He shouted as he and a force of fifty men plowed their way into the little den of sin, at first, it seemed Lo thought he was joking, after all, the militia were not precisely uncommon customers, but the number of them and the rapidness of their movement made clear that this was not a jest, Lo moved for his firearm but found a bayonet forcing its way between his ribs before he could grip the weapon, courtesy of one of the younger, more eager men. “Everyone is under arrest, resistance and we will strike you down.” He shouted again, most of the people were not so bold as to run, but a handful of men were so foolish and they were met with the bolt of a crossbow.

For the vast majority of the group, the opium had ironically saved their lives. It kept them calm in the face of very real men who were very prepared to use lethal force, there was no reason to show restraint. The vast majority of these people would be sentenced to death or a similar sentence within days of this night, why prolong their life when its remainder would be spent in a dreary cell? There were twenty and some who were finally prepared to surrender themselves to the militia, though they had killed over half a score in during the raid, and the thick scent of sex and sin permeated the room in a familiar way, it was a pity they had selected now to enforce the law, Qi thought to himself. He had nearly saved up enough for a night of debauchery, if he was not leading the raid and it had come a week later, he may have well been among the group captured. Unlucky bastards.

“Sir Qi,” one of the lower officers called to him, “would you look at this?” Qi made his way cautiously over, it was never a good thing when one of his officers was that excited and it was apparent that the man had found something especially humorous, when he finally made his way over he saw nothing out of the ordinary, some high middle aged man laying atop some whore, he seemed asleep, though Qi couldn’t say if it was because he had finished or because he had too much to drink. But as the junior officer rolled the stupid man off of the woman he was greeted by the bare chested, sun kissed light olive tan of an outsider.

“Fuck me.” Qi whispered looking at her… she was a barbarian. He had heard from the local rumor mill that there was some outsider making their way occasionally into the underbelly of Hostillian culture, but why had she selected this night to be here. Frankly he wasn’t even sure how to go about handling this, granted she was in clear violation of the law, but… she wasn’t one of them. His thoughts were interrupted as she unleashed a frighteningly fluent string of curses directed at him, his mother, and their private actions involving a canine, he allowed her to go on for a moment as she attempted to stand primarily out of his shock she could speak the language of the Han, or at least curse in it. But that was all the time he showed her, who did she think she was? A barbarian launching a verbal attack against a member of the Han policing militias? He delivered a single, vicious slap to her mouth, resolving he would treat her as he would any other prisoner, “shut up!” He spat at her, his junior officer offered him a small piece of cloth to wipe the blood of his hand. The woman sobbed, holding her bruised and bleeding face. She mumbled something about being the wife of a high ranking barbarian official. The Yi-Dong. The Luo folk, the naked ones. The savages who had been permitted, as part of their tribute to the Court of Heaven to squat on parts of the great river. Officials indeed. Did savage uneducated warlords have officials?

“What would you have us do with her?” The man asked, now openly laughing at the ignorant outsider. “Throw her out and book the others?” He guessed, it was normally what would happen to a member of the gentry’s family under these circumstances and he understood no reason why she would be treated any better than the child of a gentleman.

“No, bind her. Bind them all, they’ll stand trial for their sins.” Qi declared loudly enough to inspire some of the men to beg for release, they knew the price for their crimes, but their pleas fell on deaf ears, the junior officer looked to ensure he wanted the outsider bound in the same rough rope to be dragged to the same rough place as the others and received only a small nod.

It was time to teach this filth that in the Middle Kingdom, no one was above the law.

Sidon Province,
Empire of Hostillia

The sheltered part of the garden of the Palace of the Governor-General looked out into a garden that was mostly southern Acheronian plants and blooms in the geometric iconography symbolization Edomites were fond of. In spite of this beauty, Lieutenant-General Simon Uzal looked with displeasure through the bars of the cage at the curious black and white bear. “Are you sure this is a bear?”

The animal dealer, a half-breed with slanted eyes but olive skin and dark brown hair, bowed. “A bear, yes, Excellency.”

The Governor-General shook his head. “It’s off its food. It’s not eating the goat or the yams.”

The animal dealer shrugged with palms out, Edomite fashion. “The transportation of exotic animals, Your Excellency…can lead to digestive issues and such...”

“I’m thinking of demanding my money back,” said General Uzal. “This is supposed to be a gift for the King-Emperor. I can’t send him a sick bear.”

“But Excellency…” protested the dealer.

“Get out, Gemnon. Come back when you actually have information or a gift that’s not going to starve itself to death. The stupid thing isn’t even interesting to look at other than that unusual coloration.” Uzal turned away, and when he looked back the dealer was gone.

“It might be just as well,” offered his secretary, Mr. Lukaz-Dan, an officious weathered wrinkle faced bald man. “The King may prefer a domestic animal anyway. What about some of those hen-hares?” The hen-hairs were chickens that appeared to have long silky fur. They tasted good though their yolks were rather unsettlingly dark.

“Yes..he might prefer that. What do the Han do with these things anyway?” the bear annoyingly moaned, which it was prone to do, and the two men walked out into the garden. In the distance the harsh gonging and wailing noises and shouts and fireworks of some heathen ceremony--he could not remember which--going on in the city. He had signed off on it but he frankly didn’t care which it was as long as security was adequate.

“I believe they use them for making medicines or something, sir,” said Mr. Lukaz-Dan. An aide-de-camp in a field dress uniform (kepi, dress jacket, trousers and boots) approached and spoke to him. The secretary said, “Sir, I know it’s late, but apparently Colonel Kether has an urgent message.”

“So urgent he couldn’t use the phone?” Uzal sighed. “Let’s see him.”

Kether walked up with a look on his face that nearly passed for excitement. “Your Excellency…”

“Ah, Kether. How are things going in the city?” asked the Governor-General with a hearty show of welcome.

“The Tongs tried to use the celebration as a guise for a gang war. We rounded up two hundred of them. They’ll be singing like desert finches when we’re done with them,” said Kether. “But I did not come here to talk about Tongs, sir. I came to report that one of our people was arrested in To Long Ba. Mrs. Lasha.”

The Governor-General frowned and turned to Mr. Lukaz-Dan.

“That is the lady, the wife of the Transportation Advisor, sir…” murmured Mr. Lukaz-Dan. “If you recall sir, I had advised that she be among our folk sent back home, doing damage to our representation here. She…” he coughed, “Is under investigation for drug addiction and numerous adulteries, which her husband inexplicably does not wish to investigate.”

“What husband wants it known he wears horns and has a foolish wife?” sighed the Governor-General. “To be sure, it does cast a shadow over his own reputation. Can a man lead well who cannot govern his own house?”

Kether, who had been waiting impatiently, said politely, “Sir, I think you will find that the lady was very philanthropic, after our investigation, and it was malicious rumours by natives who hate Christianity who were attacking her reputation. She went into the city, bravely, to distribute goods and religious articles to the poor, who are downtrodden and treated as chattel, to try to save their bodies and souls. Of course native officials have lied and said they caught her in an opium den, but we are positive that is nonsense.”

Both the other two men looked skeptical.

General Uzal sighed. “Well, that’s as may be, but if she has gone onto foreign land...what can I do but lodge a protest?”

“Yes, he can only really lodge a protest and begin negotiation...and it may take care of a problem,” observed Mr. Lukaz-Dan.

Kether turned to him. “I don’t think so. I’m afraid that we cannot tolerate the arrest of an Edomite citizen, regardless of the circumstances. Any negotiations must insist on her release.”

General Uzal shook his head. “I”m afraid not, Colonel. It’s my call, really, and so I….”

“Oh. Oh!” said Kether, looking surprised.

“What?” said Uzal, sounding openly annoyed at last.

“I’m afraid, sir, that I had already included this information in my report to General Ashdod. I’m sure that he will communicate this to the Council. The Minister thanked me and informed me that this was just the sort of thing that the Council is particularly concerned with: the protection of all citizens, as per the King-Emperor’s policy.” He looked from one man to the other. “Did I do wrong?”

General Uzal was bleakly aware of his dinner with his family he had intended to go to; he was dismally aware of how much work he had to do to regulate trade, expatriate factories and officials and now this. His appetite vanished. He could easily imagine Lalery’s voice over the phone. What is going on. Why don’t you know? How can you not know? Damn Kether.

He turned to Mr. Lukaz-Dan. “Summon the advisory council. Make sure there is opportunity for a private word with Advisor Lasha…”
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Julian Tomas had been frocked Major General for several weeks, but his promotion had just come through officially the afternoon before. Tomas had been given the command of any combat operations around the Valcarlos region. Along with his promotion to Major General, Jaime Ramirez received one to Lieutenant Colonel. Tomas had kept him around for some of the planning of the operations that would take place, and then richly rewarded him with command of his own battalion in the landing brigade. Tomas had settled into command of 1st Battalion and was thrust into immediate preparation in preparation for the move to take and secure the barbarous and lawless islands

The naval base at Valcarlos was packed. Many of the ships were anchored in the middle of the harbor with little launches moving back and forth to the shore. Most leaves for the sailors had been canceled with work details being the priority for those going on land. The two amphibious landing docks were being loaded with men and gear as well as a cruise ship that had been pressed into service by the government to carry men. LCUs were being attached to the side of the cruise ship and a makeshift helicopter landing pad was being build over the pool area. Jaime had over seen the loading of his 1st battalion onto one of the Foudre Class amphibious landing ships.

The other battalions of the Marine Landing Brigade, and the CLI were all being sent to claim and initially pacify the islands around Valcarlos that were claimed under the banner of the so called “Southern Alliance”. Wasted land inhabited by an unindustrious people. Most of the landings would be dropped off by platoon, or company strength units, that would take and hold the land until and OAS peacekeeping force could be mobilized to provide security. Jaime’s target was a bit juicier. He was being charged with the seizure of Tempestatis, the island that was currently under the rule of Tericio.

This was going to be a battalion sized operation for several factors. The first being that it was a modern territory that had a proper infrastructure and security apparatus in place. The second was that no one really knew just how the local government would respond. Would they accept defeat or suddenly choose to rally and try to defend their home? Also, what would the Tericians do themselves and who would listen to their protests? These were all things to be considered, but it was decided at home that the Tericians could not handle the responsibility for providing stability in the area. With such a weak and indecisive government in power who was to say that another nation like New Edom or the Arbites would not try to take it?

The orders were strait forward. Land on the Tempestatis and inform then that they now reported to the regional governor in Valcarlos, rather than the government in Tericio. Local bureaucracy would remain in place, but the overall power would now be in Yanque.

Jaime looked at the ship from the dock and turned to his sergeant major, “Everyone loaded?”

“Yessir, everyone is on board along with all of our equipment and the field artillery battery that is coming with us.” The Sergeant Major replied.”

“Very good, lets board ourselves then. We are sailing at 22:15 and scheduled to land tomorrow at 06:00.” Jaime boarded headed to the small cabin that had been assigned to him. He sat at the little desk and leaned back in his chair. He was excited and proud of his new command and quick promotion. He wanted to write and tell Camilla about it, but he knew there was no way he could get away with it yet due to mission security. The last contact he had with her was after he had watched her tournament on television. He had sent her a congratulatory email and informed her of how exciting it had been to see her play.

He checked his watch. It was nearly dinner time. Jaime got up and stripped off his camouflage and began putting a service uniform on, so he could eat at the officer’s mess. Who knew how things would go tomorrow morning, but for tonight the ship still had its regulations.

OAS Headquarters
Porto Real, Queimada

Mario Chicote stood behind the podium in front of the small assembly that was arrayed in a circle in the large conference room. Every table had a plate naming the nation with small flags arrayed over it. Name plates were arrayed in all the seats to let each other know who was speaking. Behind the main seats sat staff who were constantly whispering in the ears of their bosses filling them in on information. Chicote loved his new position. Chicote had officially resigned his position at the Foreign Ministry of Chaco to accept his new post as secretary general of the OAS. It was an easy job so far, and he loved the beach villa and the nice Queimadan girl that had become his mistress here. The ass was fat. It was his job to now formally welcome Ashab into the organization.

Chicote smiled and nodded to everyone when the room grew silent,“I would like to first welcome our Ashabi brothers to the OAS. May their membership help bring forth a new era of prosperity and security to the region. With their membership the Intaki Liberation Front and the Eternal Crusade have been added to the unified terror list. Ashab has gone through its share of turmoil and has come out of it stronger, as a nation, and as a regional partner. We are truly honored to know that the neighbor to all of us has taken its place in the partnership that will make Ayaca safe.”

Chicote droned on for about ten more minutes along these lines promoting the new role of the OAS and praising Ashab, the whole while imagining his new lover gyrating that giant ass in front of his face. When he finished his speech, everyone clapped politely and the Ashabis were invited to say a few words. Chicote tuned them out and waited for the session to end. The Republicans were on board, now they could look to purge the Theology Council and stack it with government puppets as well as fully integrate Khessemar back into the fold of Ashab. New Edom would still be in a better position trade wise with all four nations then if they had annexed the province themselves, and this would be cheaper and less messy.

To: Hosidius Geta
From: Sofia Muñoca
Subject: Meeting regarding the OAS and Trade
Security: High

Dear Minister,

I would like to schedule a meeting with you to discuss some of the details of the trade deal and how the addition of Ashab into the OAS will be a mutual benefit to our nations.

Sofia Muñoca
Ambassador, Republic of Gran Chaco
كان التيز سمين

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Coast of New Edom

The boat rocked back and forth gently from the waves as it approached the beach. Natanael Paiva struggled to see in the mist and the darkness. He squinted hard knowing better than to turn on a light. The fog was thick and he was just feeling his way forward. A large wave knocked the boat forward and a low growl emanated from the large crate that sat behind him. Natanael winced, he was too old for this job and had tried to retire two months previously, but one of his contacts had offered him a job to smuggle something into New Edom, and the pay was too good.

He regretted it now, fearing that at any moment the beast that was in the wooden box would burst through end his life. This would be the last job, he promised himself, even if the money is good, it is not worth it anymore. Natanael would take his money and open up a small beach bar and live in peace away from the dangers of foreign coast guards and customs officials. As well as the new apparent danger of his own cargo.

A soft crunching sound was heard as his boat ran aground. He hopped off of the bow and pulled a rope forward looking for something to secure it too. A large piece of driftwood did the job as his men struggled to lay down a ramp to move the crate off of the boat and on to the beach.

A terrible roar came from the box as it was moved and its sound send a shiver down the spine of Natanael. He was afraid of the beast, he was afraid of the Edomites, and he was afraid of the people that were coming to accept the package. People whose identity was unknown to Natanael. He waited in horrible silence for several minutes, unable to see more than a meter in any direction due to the fog. Suddenly he thought he smelled something. The faint scent of cherry vodka and astro glide wafted through the air. It was a horrifying smell and Natanael closed his eyes and hoped that it wasn’t coming from who he now feared it was it was.

Soft footsteps on sand could be heard approaching and out of the mist came the sight of the devil himself. A skinny blond man with a fauxhawk and a pencil thin mustache emerged from the mist. He was wearing a mesh half shirt with the words “HUSTLER” printed on the front, hot pink short shorts and combat boots. He carried a gilded AKM with rhinestones covering the stock. As he approached he spoke, “OOOOH are you my kitty man? Jeee-sus, I want to see my fearsome beast.”

He approached the crate and poked it with the barrel of his rifle. A low grown was the response, “Oh my, my kitty has arrived! We will finally show that pillow biter, Elijah who is boss! Bruce, Octavio, go and get the truck!”

Unseen men moved and soon headlights were seen though the fog. A 4x4 truck approached and two men in short shorts and camouflage belly tank tops hopped out, “Uh gross, boss this sand is getting everywhere! I should not have worn my good shoes!”

“Oh I’m sorry, we can clean them together back at camp, but we need to get this Jaguar loaded!” the leader in the HUSTLER shirt replied.

Natanael had his boys help them load the crate in the truck. When the crate was secured in the bed, the leader skipped over, “Oh thank you so so so so much, you have been an absolute darling! If you ever come to New Edom again look me up and I’ll show you a good time.”

Natanael received a hug and then the men all jumped into the truck and drove off. Natanael shook his head and got the men loaded. The smugglers shoved off and moved back towards their ship. As the boat moved, rocking gently, Natanael sat alone in the bow contemplating what he had done. Tears streamed down his face. Natanel had lived a rough life and had never been a religious man, but tonight he had realized the seriousness of his sins. He had faced evil incarnate and had assisted it in some wicked plan. He pulled out a small .25 caliber pistol he carried in his pocket and raised it to his temple. He no longer deserved to live, he had become a slave to the devil, a slave to Homo Front.

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Jewel Coast,
Coastal Bara Province,
New Edom

New Edom’s coast was well protected. 2 years before, new SAM batteries and anti-ship missile batteries had been installed after purchase from Murakami, a Nifonese company. The same armaments company had also provided No. 27 Tora Guchi Ground based CIWS as a backup to any air or missile attacks. Units of artillery--rockets and howitzers--were placed a bit farther back. There were shore patrols, and some shoreline areas off limits and in some cases mined. But a nation could not stay on a war footing forever, and so properties had been leased to foreign companies from trading partner nations, wealthy citizens turned properties into private preserves or beaches. Large hovercraft, warships, helicopter borne insertions would quickly be detected, but small fishing boats were tougher. Like invasive insects, they could flatten their profile and sneak in. It was an acknowledged problem that could only really be dealt with through patrols. But the Quiemadan ship had managed to slip past the patrol boat moving through that sector, and the sheer amount of surface chatter of returning fishing boats, passing freight and passenger craft made it hard to pick out one infiltrating civilian vessel for the small diesel-electric submarine trying to cover the general area.

Near this area of coastline a private beach existed which allowed rich Edomites and foreigners to scandalously frolic on beaches wearing skimpy foreign clothing. It was owned by a consortium of wealthy citizens backed by foreign partners. Silvanus had highly approved, and quietly so did other politicians, believing that it would attract foreign investment if people could walk along a boardwalk and retire to a fancy nearby hotel or rented houses for the evening and lounge in a drunken stupor there. It was an area that was considered a huge scandal by the Free Congress Party and the more conservative members of the Government.

Princess Jocasta believed that the area should be shut down, the properties seized and those responsible for the local decadence. She was backed by the Prophet Under, General Unwerth, but King-Emperor Elijah had been reluctantly persuaded by Lalery and others that it was a good investment, all private, and to the good of the nation’s economy. Minister of Police Ashdod had agreed that the area was a security risk, but had pointed out that if you locked everything up you also had to turn the whole nation into a damned turnkey. He added that it was a good way to run an intelligence operation of blackmail and extortion that would take advantage of the vices brewing there.

An amusement park, a regatta, an aquarium featuring common attractions as well as New Edomite local curious wildlife (such as pygmy walruses and marine sloths), fine dining and beaches were featured. Luxury homes, a golf course and other fancy amenities began to sprout up like mushrooms. A lot of the security was private. Retired military personnel were common among the ranks.
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Sidon Province,
Empire of Hostillia

That afternoon, Abram Lasha, a distinguished man with gold rimmed glasses, elegant in a three piece charcoal suit, a former logistics officer in the Air Force, scholar and the Trade Advisor to the Governor-General, had been in his house in the Edomite Quarter of the city, sitting on his bed as Daniella walked past him, dripping wet from the shower. Her normally light brown hair was dark and hung in wet trails down supple shoulders and neck. Her face, fine boned and noble befitting her ancestry, looked distractedly past him as though he were a servant. He watched as she grabbed a fluffy towel and rubbed herself down. She bent over, her firm bosom hanging in front of him like melons bouncing on a farm cart as she moved the towel up her long toned legs, naturally light olive tanned. Finished drying, she took out a bottle of expensive body lotion and began to smother herself in the exotic balm. The rich scent filled the room, driving him crazier as she massaged it over her flesh, covering every inch with the heavenly scent. Finally, she looked over at him.

"I'll need the sexiest pantyhose you can find in my drawers, darling. Stockings, I think, with a suspender belt. A nice matching bra too – I won't be needing any panties, will I?" Lasha shook his head no, the colliding emotions and urges rendering him speechless.

"That's right, not tonight!" she laughed, perhaps a little unkindly.

His hands shook as he delved through the silky, lacy mass of her underwear drawer, trying to find appropriate garments while watching her walk to her wardrobe. Daniella selected a dark red leaf patterned cheongsam, one that had the most daring split down the side, as well as a clinging front that showed the shape of her ample bosom. Bending over in front of him to pick up shoes, his heart raced, his groin tight as he caught a quick glimpse of depilated enchanting womanhood, clearly roused in anticipation of the wicked evening she had planned.

When she stood up, she looked round at Abram Lasha knowingly, and walked towards him with her dress in one hand, and a pair of black, strappy sandals in the other. She tapped him on the head lightly with the shoes.

"These are your favourite, aren't they, my darling little husband?"

Still speechless, Lasha could only nod glumly.

"Hmmm. And did you happen to sneak a look at my hidden delights just now, you naughty man?" she demanded, a stricter tone in her voice now. Again, Lasha nodded. She reached out a long leg and shoved him, hard, with the bottom of her foot. In his crouched position, he could do nothing to stop himself falling over. He lay there as she towered over him, glaring down at him with an imperious look on her face.

"O behold!" she exclaimed. "My little man is getting all excited! Why don't you stand up, mighty bull?" Laughing softly, she sat back on the bed, resting with her weight on her arms as she surveyed Lasha, who slowly climbed to his feet, her underwear held out like a presented award in his hands.

"Just give all that to me, honey sweet husband. Oh yes, darling, those are just perfect!" she thrilled as she examined the sheer black stockings with the dark seam running through them, fingering the material thoughtfully. "I think he will just love them, won't he, dear?"

“He is a great poet, a man of real culture...and a woman is an instrument in his hands...he is dedicating a chapter in his book to me, did you know?” she enthused as she began to dress with his assistance.

“I am sure you will tell me all about it tomorrow morning…” he said with a glum tone, but his heart racing nevertheless.

“You do not wish to hear of it? You want us to stop our...arrangement?” she said in a cooing soft tone that belied the cruelty of her words.

“…” he gasped.

She stopped speaking as she applied some fire-engine red lipstick to match her bright red fingernails painted hours before. Makeup finished, she selected a delicate necklace from her jewellery box, attaching it behind her neck. As she reached her arms back, her front stretched up, magnificent and untouchable.

She reached back into her jewellery box and slipped her rings. She smiled an innocently happy looking smile at the expression on his face. Silently, he watched as she began to dress. As she rolled the stockings up her legs, she spoke to Lasha again.

"Now dear, I am going to have to tell your punishment. I can't let you away with that little indiscretion, you know!" She carefully clipped her suspender belt onto the tops of the stockings. "I know you think you are going to be following me the whole night, then coming back here to spy on me from the wardrobe, but I don't think you deserve that treat now. You can follow us to the club, but after that, I forbid you to enter the same building as me until 6 a.m." Lasha looked down, licking dry lips, and managed a nod.

Daniella pulled on a half-cup, lacey bra, jet black to match her suspenders. It pushed her firm flash to form a ravine of cleavage. She stood in her underwear on one foot, then on the other, slipping on her sandals. She walked a few steps towards the bed, and Lasha admired the taut muscles in her legs, as the high heels pushed up and accented her calves, and the sheer black stocking material clung to every shapely curve. Lifting the Hostillian dress, she slipped it down over her head and swivelled to examine the result in the huge wall mirror beside the bed. With the shocking Terricio style makeup and expensive dress and shoes, she was fit for the high fashion cultures of Belisaria. Smiling at herself, she walked into the hall, picked up her bag and headed out the door, without as much as a word to her husband. Her complete lack of regard for me caught Lasha by surprise at first, than drove his arousal even higher. He hurried out with as much dignity as he could muster. For these nights the servants were nearly all dismissed except for his favourite valet.

After the Club, however, she had vanished. He was disappointed but in a sense admiring of her resourcefulness in slipping the traces. He could not decide whether to fulfill his desire to take the edge off or wait for morning.

When he eventually heard a knock at the door, he had eagerly gone to open it, but instead of Daniella, two young Edomite men were standing there wearing uniforms with the badge of the Ministry of Police.

“Mr. Lasha? I apologize for troubling Your Honour,” said one politely, “But you will no doubt be relieved that we have found your wife. Unfortunately, she is in the hands of Hostillian officials. If you need to take a moment, sir, to take this in, we understand, but your wife’s life is in peril. Colonel Kether will wish to speak with you about her circumstances…”

To Lung Ba,
Bordering the International Zone,
Empire of Hostillia

There was no honor in how the police forces of the Divine Empire treated their captured criminals, due to the ancient legal precedent of placing the burden of proof upon the accused rather than on the state, had effectively created a system in which ‘guilty until proven innocent’ could be applied with accuracy. Naturally, this was considered especially true in situations such as this where guilt was obvious and undeniable; after all, they had captured these people during a raid of an illegal facility. There was no reason to treat them any differently than they would the condemned, because essentially, that’s what these men and women were, condemned to death- they just hadn’t gotten around to handing down the sentence and picking the execution date.

“Unlucky bastards,” Qi said to himself as he watched the progression, all of them were bound together by the neck, so that a single man could pull the leash for a long reaching chain of men and women, then to ensure they did not offer too much resistance, their ankles were bound together with just enough slack to allow them to walk, but not nearly enough to permit them to suddenly sprint off. Their hands were bound securely from the elbow down to the finger and that rope was then also connected to their necks to ensure too great a struggle would accomplish little more than extreme discomfort on their part and considerable amusement on the part of the police. Well not on Qi’s behalf, he still felt a little sorry for these people, they weren’t really all that different than the average man. Weren’t guilty of any crimes he himself hadn’t committed, and certainly not guilty of anything Mr. Bo hadn’t committed on multiple occasions, but that was the price to pay for being unlucky. At least he had the brains to watch his own ass, he could get away with these things- these people couldn’t. Well, he thought not as apathetically as he would have liked, there was the Roman woman she was probably some big important figure back in whatever country she hailed from, he hadn’t been keen to listen to her, but what could be done?

“You must have thought you were something special barbarian,” Timen was chiding the Edomite woman, “you thought you could come here to our Middle Kingdom, corrupt our people’s souls, and then you believed you would simply walk away without facing punishment? With no retribution on the part of the Emperor?” He gave a tug on the robe binding her neck to the man in front of her, leaving them only a meter between them. She winced and flinched visibly. The ropes were coarse, no effort having been made to smooth them, and the police could entertain themselves by watching the line nearly tumble over every time they hit one of the prisoners. He could see she was coming down from the back of the dragon, her eyes going more normal looking, and her breathing was shallow. She muttered words, names, but she seemed terrified. She stammered pleas but was interrupted.

“Stop that!” Qi shouted back to his men, they may have been enjoying the show the whimpering prisoners were making as they swayed from the chain reaction, but he would be obligated to look over getting them back up and in marching order if they did finally give in to the pushes and fell over. “Just keep them marching, you’ll get your chance at humor when we’re breaking them.” He said simply, but not with the same anger he had spoken to them originally. Really, there was nothing he could do to prevent their mistreatment, not anymore. They had brought this upon themselves and they would suffer the prices for their actions, or at the very least they had angered Heaven who had made them so unfortunate as to be captured.

With the command from their superior unappreciated but very clear they ceased their tormenting of the prisoners, besides, Qi was correct, they would be able to behave more actively whenever they started to break them. It was undeniable, there were certainly some less than desirable people acting for the police forces, some were sadist who enjoyed the ability to inflict pain on others, but these people were fairly few- the largest segment of undesirables were those men who lusted for power. Most of them came from poor families where they were often subject to the will of their fathers or the gentry around them or even the Consortium many of their families were indebted to. These were the dangerous people, those who felt they had never had control of anything in their lives, they got some kind of unnerving satisfaction out of controlling the lives of the people around them, they often found themselves drunk on power and high with authority and they abused it. Qi had seen them do it many times before, but he had never said anything. Probably better they take out their frustrations here than elsewhere outside the law. Worse still, there were many men who had joined with the desire to act properly and conduct themselves in honorable and merciful faction, and slowly their hearts had been corrupted and now they were often some of the most abusive offenders.

As the group continued to march on, some barefoot but not used to it, flinching as the rough road abraded tender feet, others like the barbarian woman in expensive sandals or shoes not made for a serious march, Bo’s private residence came into view. As a gentleman and a member of the gentry he had styled his home in the same fashion as the Forbidden Palace, a large wall outside to keep prying eyes away from his affairs and then within the wall was a small compound, twelve different buildings within it, each featuring courtyards separating two residences. Some of the buildings were residences for Bo and his family and guests and servants to stay, others were used for recreation with artwork and calligraphy scattered about, one was a dining hall where the family would gather for meals, and then there was also one set aside for the government business and yet another set aside to act as the civil and criminal court. Coming in, there was a single red lantern hanging from the court house, indicating that it was occupied by the master of the house, Mr. Bo. However, the group was not led there, rather, they were taken into a large cellar beneath the main structure of the facility which was a general living quarters. Many gentry kept a large cellar such as this in their homes, some because they needed to keep prisoners somewhere, others because they had extensive collections of expensive wines they wished to keep isolated, some others refused to disclose their reasons for having such facilities, but they were not uncommon. Mr. Bo’s had been converted to accommodate fifty prisoners, mostly of them would be tied securely to the poles supporting the cellar’s roof, which acted as the main structure’s floor.

“Alright,” Qi said looking around at the prisoners who were illuminated by a few torches on the walls, other than those the place was grim, filthy, water dripped in from unknown sources, and the buckets from past prisoners were only changed when the stench drifted up to the main building, which wasn’t overly common. Worse still, it was not entirely secure, allowing moles and rats and the occasional snake, along with hordes of insects to crawl about down in this place not fit for man. Qi walked over and grabbed one of the small wooden batons from their resting place on the wall which also featured a few blades and an ominously bloodied sledge hammer. “This is where you’ll be held prior to your execution,” he paused for a moment catching his mistake, “prior to your trial and subsequent punishment… in the event the charges against you are deemed truthful.” He motioned for the guards to prepare to release the first of the prisoners, “these,” he said giving one of the wooden beams a savage smack with the small wooden baton, “are only to be employed in the event that you resist. I ask you not do that, you should all know that any resistance is considered an instant admission of guilt and we will not be required to contain ours frustration.” That seemed to get their attention for the most part, it normally did, though not always. “See that hammer over there?” He asked gesturing with his baton, “if you try to flee, we will take that and smash your kneecaps and your ankles- now because it is impossible for anyone to escape by themselves, we will hobble the entire party if a single person tried to flee. So if someone is attempting to escape it is in your best effort to not assist them and inform one of us immediately.”

The first man was released, from the rest of the group those his ankles and hands were still bound, the man gave no clear signs of resistance, however, the guard still delivered a painful backhand that knocked the criminal to the ground, where the others began to deliver unforgiving kicks against his abdomen and back, this merciless attack continued until the man was bloodied and bruised and was eager to surrender, and when they could be sure he would put up no resistance, they dragged him away and over to one of the beams where they secured first his already bound arms, and then also secured a tight rope around his neck to the beam. With a strategically placed smack, one of the guards sent his head forward mere centimeters before the rope caught his neck violently, spurring an initial gasp and then coughing, the red line of irritated skin could already be seen. Turning to the next man, who after seeing that scene was fervently vocalizing his lack of desire to resist, but this did little to protect him, attacking him with the same viciousness before dragging him, retying them and ensuring the rope around their neck was secure. They repeated this for every person in the line, which stayed mostly in place out of shock and also dread of that ominous hammer awaiting anyone who was so bold. Eventually, they reached the barbarian woman, one of the guards, the same one who had been mocking her earlier looked at her with a fire in his eyes- he was one of the men who had been so good when he joined, but now he had become cruel, drunk and happy with power.

“How do you like the look of justice?” He asked her, his left hand fondling her still exposed breasts roughly, he couldn’t fully explain his attraction to her, it wasn’t that she was especially beautiful or powerfully seductive, and there were girls in the line who were her aesthetic superior. Perhaps she was a thing of beauty where she came from, but here she was mostly exotic with her light brown hair, curious skin tone and light brown eyes, maybe he was attracted to how strange she was. How foreign, or maybe it was the fact that she seemed like one who had come from a fine background, he’d be back for her, in one of those nights before her execution. Certainly she had a fine body, soft yet firm, the bosom promising that the hidden glories would be both well toned yet soft as a woman should be. She was not used to hardship, he could tell, by her trembling and a few bruises already around her neck and formed where his hands were groping. “Come on now,” he shouted at her, giving her breast a stern squeeze and pulling her forward, slamming his knee fiercely into her stomach. As she fell to the ground his companions delivered a few kicks, hitting her face and her back and her stomach, one man stepping on her knee to make sure she couldn’t run too quickly from them if she desired to. As it was, Daniella was barely able to think; she was sure they were going to beat her to death and the dread of the prolonged pain and terror and humiliation drove her almost out of her mind. These hard handed men seemed to delight in what they were doing, and she felt weak as water by comparison. She prayed but had lost the habit, she had only done it for show since the ladies’ academy she had gone to. Hell had no relief...

Eventually each and every prisoner had been beaten sufficiently and restrained; only two guards remained in the room both of whom were sitting over by the weapons, playing cards at the little wooden table, over in the corner. There could be some muffled sobs heard coming from some of the prisoners, they were soon to be up for trail, probably in the morning as currently it was far too late in the evening to actually wake the gentlemen from his sleep. The guards had only resorted to using the prisoners as punching bags or sex toys a couple of times and for the most part the men had stayed away from her with everything but their harsh words. ‘Stupid bitch, coming to our country and violating our rules,’ they had chided several times over the course of a number of hours, anytime she had made even an effort to voice a retort were met with slaps and crude remarks and laughter.

“Officers,” Qi called as he came into the room, obviously he was tired, he’d been up half the night and he’d have to stay up in order to handle all the trials in the morning. Clearly a man of his station was a expected to make certain sacrifices but in general he was not often expected to put up with hours mirroring tonight. He was tired. But he still had an obligation to serve the state, and so he would serve the state, even if it meant that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy sleeping in in the morning, but once this matter was dealt with he would be able to take some much needed time off. Head over to the next town over, sleep with some new girls, smoke some opium. A nice weekend. “Please, control yourselves, I only need a few minutes with the barbarian and then you can go back to your games.” As long as they didn’t prevent his doing his job he could care less how they treated the prisoners, it was a fight that he wouldn’t win anyways, why waste the effort? “Now, I’m going to need you to tell me about yourself; name, husband, father, country, anything else of interest. We know most of these prisoners, it’s not that large of a town, but we need to verify your information in order to present it to the magistrate in the morning so you can be tried and sentenced.” He looked at her with weary black eyes, “if you don’t want to surrender this information willingly you will be kept here without food, water, or the privilege of relieving yourself in a civilized manner until such times as you change your mind on the subject. I’d rather we not have to go through that.”

Daniella felt she was in a nightmare. Wei was not even looking at her, and she was afraid to look at him. He had said he came from a good family, he was an excellent and dominating lover, he was a poet, an educated man. The fact that he stared at the ground, quivering, his eyes unseeing, blood drying on his face and one eye horribly swollen, was shocking and horrible. She had come out of her high and now she was trapped in this filthy place like something out of a childhood tale of hell. She had to appear dignified yet not too challenging to these awful men. The memory of driving in a convertible, wind in her hair, of the steaming room and the delicious feelings washing over her were of the past now. But maybe...her loving adoring husband…

“I am Daniella Lasha, the wife of Abram Lasha. The trade advisor, he is, to the Governor-General of Sidon Province--that is the Edomite protectorate on the River. I was...I was just visiting a friend.” she managed to say, her voice hoarse from a lack of moisture and gut sickening fear of these brutal men. She did not realize that they looked at her with contempt for not trying to hunch over to hide her bared upper body. She felt vulnerable, but only physically. It did not occur to her in that moment to feel shame. Fear for herself, grief for her lover, desperate hope her husband would save her all warred in her. “I am the daughter of a princely family. My cousin is Count Matthias Beroth, a man of important rank in the Royal Court.”

“Daniella Lasha,” Qi mumbled, recording the name in black ink in flowing characters which seemed far too graceful for a place such as this, “Abram Lasha, Ancestors if you haven’t the strangest names beyond the Middle Kingdom,” he added as he recorder her husband’s name and title, she truly was claiming to be the wife of a personal advisor of the barbarian general of the Edomites on the river, if she was lying there would be stiff consequences. ‘You can verify this,” He asked looking up, he waited for her to confirm the statement before adding it to the report. She seemed proud of her station, then again he supposed he understood that, she had been the concubine of her savage king and was married to an important man, “I see. Well I appreciate your cooperation in this matter.”

“Did you hear that Qi?” Officer Second Rank Timen called out to him, Timen being the same man who had seemed to decide it his obligation to beat her and touch her and mock her, the man with the fire in his eyes, “she means to intimidate us because she was her cousin’s whore,” he laughed openly at that notion, “I’d be more impressed if you could keep your legs closed, but by your own confession you have cuckolded your husband, if I may ask, excellency,” he said mockingly, “is your cunt yet dry from the man who was fucking you earlier?” He laughed again, nearly doubling over at his own joke which Qi found to be far more vulgar than he did funny, “Whore of your husband, Whore of ayour family, and of High Birth,” he continued laughing, tears nearly coming to his eyes now as he gripped his stomach for the pain of mirth, “I’d imagine,” he said his laughter suddenly ending and the flame returning to his eye, “that means something where you come from. But here, you are another gutter rat- here, you are nothing but a filthy whore. If you think we give a fuck about your ancestors, you’re more wrong than you know. And if you think your many fuck buddies can protect you from justice, you’re going to have a very fun next few days.” He walked over to her, grabbing her face and forcing it this way and that, as if she was some kind of ass recently bought, he roughly yanked her head up, tracing his baton over her neck, reminding her how easily he could crush the windpipe, standing close to her, he brought her head back down, less than a few inches away from away from his crotch.

“That’s enough,” Qi called to him, placing a hand on the man’s shoulder and roughly pushing him away from the woman, “not while I’m here, you understand me?” The man quietly quipped something along the lines of ‘you won’t be around forever’ before backing away, though Qi elected not to respond to the remark, “now, I’m going to tell you right now what you’re being charged with to avoid any confusion. The charges against you are; partaking of smuggling narcotics, financially supporting criminal narcotics syndicates, financially supporting criminal arms syndicates, financially supporting criminal prostitution syndicates, having sexual intercourse in public, participating in a criminal sex ring, participating in a criminal narcotic ring, failure to report the activities of known criminal syndicates, acting as a prostitute, using opium to excess, resisting arrest by association,” he paused for a moment, circling the name of her husband, “and shortly you will also be charged with infidelity,” looking up at her he scanned her strange foreign face, so ignorant of the customs it seemed she didn’t begin to comprehend the importance of the charges brought against her, “I will stop there for fear of dragging on, you are charged with additional crimes but those are the twelve charges for which people are commonly executed.”

“Ancestors, twelve?” The other guard whispered to himself, “she’s going to hang.”

“Now,” Qi continued, electing not to say anything to the guard for his, more than likely, accurate assumption, “at first light you’re going to be taken up to see the Magistrte, and there you will be put on trial. Now in accordance with law, you are afforded the right to speak to you magistrate before he passes verdict and assigns punishment, but with this many charges the penalty is near a forgone conclusion. So in such cases we would typically request you waive your right to trial; it makes the process altogether more efficient. Is that something you’d be interested in?”

“I do not know, sir,” Daniella said in a hoarse voice. She was trying to be very cautious. Qi at least seemed rational. “I beg permission to speak with my government, and for you to speak with them. I must have their advice.” To her dismay, though, his face went ugly and she realized she had said the wrong thing. Her bladder clenched, her body twitched in fear of further blows.

Must?” Qi could felt as though he could choke at her words and for a moment he was completely in shock, and then his coldness was replaced with the hot fires of rage and wrath. Had she truly just said that, and did she mean her words, did she believe that she was being diplomatic? That she was innocent? He had never seen such arrogance, and to think he wanted to let this woman go, he wanted her to be free? He had been on the verge of helping this woman, he was helping her even now. He fought off advances on her behalf, he kept order to ensure that she did not suffer any more than she had to and now she repaid him with cruel words that cut deep against him, deeper than flesh, she had insulted his honor and that was a crime near unforgivable. He could see from the corner of his eye that the other guards were moving for their blades, they intended to kill her, for she had insulted them as much as she had himself. Damned, he felt no warmth for this woman, any kindness he would have paid her vanished at her cold remarks, but he would not see her dead. Even if she did deserve to. Without a single moment of hesitation he pulled back his hand and released the full strength of his arm against her cheek with powerful ferocity. He hit her so hard the back of his hand stung fiercely, he hit her so hard he could feel the back of his hand beginning to bruise, Ancestors, he wondered how her face would react. Fortunately, she still seemed conscious, which was a surprise in and of itself.

“There is no must from you to I, you foolish barbarian!” He spat at her, messaging his hand, his face was contorted with rage but that, “how do you, the accused and the guilty, dare to question my honour? The honour of my compatriots? The honor of my Magistrate? You question if this is justice? You are a scoundrel and you talk of justice? You question the legitimacy of this court, you think you are above the law because in your land you are respected. But look around you foolish viper,” he gestured, “are not all these other people of Han decent? Are not these our own people. You are receiving nothing special, but to you, any justice is strange and foreign.”

He went to strike her again, raising his hand high and preparing to bring it down hard. The woman fell to her knees and was babbling pleas, first in her own ugly coughing sounding language, but then in Han, her words more properly feminine, confessing her ignorance. But then he saw her, her frail and restrained frame, her already wet eyes, she was stupid and rude yes, but she was not beyond forgiveness. Forgiveness was something that should be extended to all people, if he was to be a moral man- at least in his mind. He should address the other things she had said, it really was an obligation he felt, even though doing so would not make him any more comfortable and the fires of anger still burned within him towards her, but she was a barbarian, and he was a Han- even if she never saw his mercy he would know that he had extended it. That would help him sleep at night.

“The State will not permit you any counsel. It is for the state--ours and your own--to discuss your fate..” He said sternly, He had listened to her claims that she was innocent and not of any guilt against her God because she was married to both the Emperor and the Legate and that this recognition from the law somehow guarded her against sin. A foolish thought, not worthy of a response, but he would still give it to her, if only as a sign of mercy, "Your trial and sentencing is merely a matter for your obedience or disobedience. A wife who has been a whore and has ridden the dragon in our land without permission has no counsel. You will let your betters decide. This is your only hope: that the magistrate and, indeed, the viceroy decide that your case is worthy of their notice and that they agree to show more mercy than you deserve. I would not be surprised if your husband disavowed you to protect himself from shame.” He could hear the sounds of songs being played from above him, the Magistrate must have been waking, excellent, perhaps soon this entire regrettable experience could be behind them. “I must attend to the Magistrate and prepare for trials, yours will be soon enough.”

Daniella wept as she was hauled off. Her face felt in some areas numb and swollen, in others it burned with pain. Aches throbbed in her body where she had been slapped and punched. She had never been treated so roughly in her life. Once, watching communist traitors captured in Gloria Regis, she had shivered in disgust and wished that their filthy selves would be flung away. Now she was being treated that way and terrible fear seemed to chill her from head to toe. Why had she left the protection of the Edomite zone? Why had she trusted Wei to protect her? Why had she been so daring? It had happened before, of course, and she had, she now realized it, merely gotten away with it. As she was taken down into the basement the hope seemed to be eclipsed like the light. The basement swallowed her up like a pit amid moans and sobs and desperate mutterings in the dark.

Sidon Province,

Lasha had told Kether everything. He insisted that it was a game between himself and his wife. He realized it was a dirty and sinful one, but remarked that his wife would play this game and then after their intimate life would be wonderful. Kether had offered him a cigarette and said he understood, and thatit must remain between them. They would uphold Mrs. Lasha's honorable reputation.

Lasha was genuinely shocked to find out that she was an addict. He was so busy, and he had just thought that her boredom and loneliness in the foreign province had ended. Kether agreed that this should be a secret. Lasha stood, in his three piece suit and glasses, dignified and sad in expression, but inwardly he was wrecked, stunned.

Addressed To: Transport Advisor Abram Lasha
Subject: Notice of Impending Trial
Delivered: 02:41, Signed For Chief Magistrate, Tu Lung Ba

Trade Advisor Abram Lasha, this is a common dispatch designed to alert you to the fact that a woman who claims the name Daniella Lashahas been arrested by police forces within the past twenty-four hours. You are hereby informed that she has been charged with twelve crimes which are frequently rectified by financial contributions to the community on the part of the offender’s family as well as the execution of the offender. We ask that would confirm this woman’s identity as soon as possible, she will stand trial today following the break of dawn. The presumed verdict as currently stands is guilty on all charges, and the presumed punishment for these charges is death, though this has not yet been officially declared, this is historically the most likely end scenario.

If you confirm that this woman is in fact Daniella Lasha, your wife, she will be charged with an additional crime for having participated in extramarital coitus which is against the moral law of the Middle Kingdom. Also, by confirming that her claimed identity is accurate, you will surrender to the proper authorities the right to investigate your current living quarters as well as the right to seize and secure any assets which you own, failure to comply with this order or any effort to hide any evidence or personal possessions, will see you and your associates charged with further crimes against the tranquility of the Middle Kingdom.

This is a standard letter customized and issued to any immediate relations claimed by current individuals suspected of having committed crimes against criminal, civil, or moral law within the Middle Kingdom. This letter and letters like it are delivered free of charge in such circumstances and demonstrate that your tax money is being put to good use.

May Justice Prevail,
Secretary of Magistrate Bo, Tu Lung Ba

When Kether and Lasha had joined the Governor-General and his council, the Governor-General had placed a hand on his shoulder and then embraced him. “I have heard of your wife’s modest charitable activities, and grieve with you that this was done.” Uzal shook his head.

Mr. Lukaz-Dan nodded solemnly. “But we may take this letter to mean that it is possible to negotiate. This speaks of common practice, but…”

“I beg your pardon,” said Kether sharply, “But this is hardly correct. She will be tried and sentenced immediately, in the morning.”

“Nevertheless,” observed Dr. Lotan, the senior foreign ministry official present, the most wise in matters Hostillian, “We cannot ignore that ti is an official missive. If a shockingly arrogant one.”

“And they send demands directly to our officials?” said Kether.

“We must respond,” said Lotan. “I think Mr. Lukaz-Dan is correct. But I would like to offer a suggestion: send the response with a force of troops who will make the strong impression that we will be willing to pay compensation if we get Mrs. Lasha back. We cannot permit the Hostillian government to abduct our citizens.”

Kether, who had previously talked to Lotan and suggested he come up wtih this on his own, exhaled and said, “thank you, Doctor. A bold suggestion.”

Uzal eyed both of them with grim eyes. “And you both believe this is the best idea?”

“I do as well,” chimed in Lasha at their nods, tears in his eyes. “I beg Your Excellency to help save my wife!”

The Military Secretary looked up and said, “It is interesting, sir, how things coincide. Not long after the orders that we conduct military drills in the province, we happen to have a company of Marine Infantry not from the border, perhaps 50 kilometers from Tu Lung Ba. But a single company of light marine infantry could be strung out a little far inland…”

Uzal tapped his fingers on his desk. “Let’s get to work on preparing both our diplomatic response as well as moving the company forward. But let’s have the rest of the 7th start planning to help them pull back if things go wrong. Kether, keep your ear to the ground. Lasha, you can help by organizing fuel and transport reserves. My office will be the coordinating unit here. Let’s move, gentlemen!”

The Panda watched sadly from its cage as the humans moved to and fro. It was very hungry, and was confused by being taunted with so many not-foods. It moaned to get their attention. They ignored it. The panda sadly went and lay in a corner, moaning softly. Well, it had had hard times before in bad seasons. Perhaps the strange shrubs of hard cold stone would open up later? It had given up on scratching them, but from time to time it would stand up and move around, hoping there was some way out it could not see. Eventually it slept fitfully, sighing and whimpering in its sleep.
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Sidon Province
New Edomite Hostillia

It was still quite dark. A vehicle was stopped on the docks, a 2½-ton truck with a load of fruits and desserts--halvah, trays of basbousa, hard-to-get fruit like watermelons and cantaloupes, a whole collection of goodies. Men, mostly Hostillian Han, were unloading it and carrying the stuff toward a ship moored at the wharf. It was a Landing Craft, Utility vessel purchased quite a while ago from the Imperium, called the Adriel, since the landing craft type was called the Angel Class in New Edom. It had a small crew and certainly didn't warrant the amount of food being taken aboard--or the exotic selection. On the other hand, swiping Navy supplies, stashing them on the ship, then escaping as the ship sailed out of port to its next assignment was not unheard of. The Han squeezed the ship for providing the service, a practice particularly common on smaller vessels with fewer personnel.

Junior Lieutenant Kinra Josephim scowled but said nothing as she got out of her car. Little she could do about it without a court martial proceeding, her friend at the naval port had warned her. “You’re lucky,” her friend Gabriella had said while they were relaxing in their shared room, “That you have the position. Look at us, woman! We have to share a room but it’s big as a house! We have a servant each, we have great positions, me on admin and you actually commanding a ship! A small ship, but nevertheless...don’t rock that boat, sister. Over a little fruit and halvah now and then?”

She had a motley little crew. LCUs on the river were often crewed by colonials, and she had a damned Han for her Chief Petty Officer, Chief Boatswain’s Mate Lu. He was conscientious, she had to give him that. Always neat and tidy, quiet, calm and yet capable of yelling across the deck. The others were a pair of Elwe who were tattooed like a holiday street and too fond of playing with knives for her liking, a sly Haranese who beneath his piety was the main instigator of the appropriating, a Dengali boy who seemed to always be reading in his off time and spoke with a genuine piety, and 2 Damocleans (one a woman) who were always being beaten for infractions or being treated for sexual diseases. Disgusting. Josephim was a Baran from Teman and was boyish in build with short black hair. She knew she was lucky to get a command like this. Ever since the Gloria Regian mutiny there had been a caution about female commanding officers. Certainly it might be years before anyone with a womb got an ocean going vessel or a heavily armed one again.

She approached the long rectangular ugly vessel. In spite of her gripes, she always felt a surge of pride (so far) and hoped to do well. To their credit, her two psychotic Elwe tribesmen were lovingly cleaning the machine guns with ritual purpose, while Lu put his clipboard to his side and saluted her neatly since they both had caps on.

“Welcome aboard, Captain,” he said in a faintly Han Latin.

“Thank you, Chief.” she deliberately ignored the extra boxes being stowed. “I’ve received orders: we are to head downriver bringing a unit of MARine Infantry which will land ashore and move overland to Tu Long Ba. I will brief you all on the details once...everything is stowed and we have refueled.”

His slanted eyes widened a bit but he showed no other expression.” Aye aye, Captain.”

C Company,
1st Battalion, 7th Marine Infantry Regiment

On his back, lying on the weight bench doing his last set of reps, First Sergeant Adam Meschach exhaled as he lifted the heavily weighted bar and inhaled as he lowered the bar into the brackets. Perfect form leads to a perfect outcome. No matter who comes in contact with this man, whether the most straight-laced sex denier or roué or cad, nobody was able to control an instinctual gut response of male superiority and male sexuality when they lay eyes on this Cornellian god. Male or female, it did not matter. He knew the women instinctively wanted to be bred by him, the men wanted to submit to perhaps receive a little of his manliness. If they were unfit to try to strive to imitate him, they wanted to submit Damoclean style. But he was selective, for the natural juices, given out freely, sapped a man’s strength. Better to be frustrated and focus intensely on duty and building and maintaining strength and power. Once a month he would allow himself a debauch that would leave whoever he had chosen for a couple of days wrecked, drained, ruined for anyone but him.

The First Sergeant slid forward on the bench and sat up. His spotter was still standing behind him. Meschach strolled to the mirror, muscles flexing easily, to the mirror and flexed his pecs, now full of blood, with the sweet burning inside that he lives for. He stands there looking at himself, proud of what he saw.

Meschach had come to find his happiness within himself, the belief that God had formed him for a purpose and put him in this regiment. His private goal was to build more muscle, increase his size and his presence. He was sure his captain, his immediate commander, had to suppress an erection when the First Sergeant walked into his office to take care of business. Mescach was always the first Marine Infantryman there in the morning for physical training - calisthenics followed by a two mile run, sometimes with gear, sometimes without, whenever they were on base and not in the field. No man in the unit came close to the physical perfection and dedication Mescach possessed. He led by example with gear maintenance, mission focus, training, equipment readiness, so that at a moment’s notice the captain could tell him that the company needed to be ready, and it would be.

Showering to clean the workout sweat from his body, he soaped himself up well and has a feeling of profound attainment as he rubbed the bar of soap over his bulging muscles. He repeated this twice to get that squeaky clean feeling and took his time about rinsing off.

As he stepped out he saw the company’s radio operator standing there, fuly dressed in barracks dress uniform, kepi under his arm. “Begging the First Sergeant’s pardon,” the boy said, “But the Captain would like to see you immediately and advises we are all to be in battle dress.”

Mescach immediately forgot his leave. “Were all leaves canceled?”

“Yes, First Sergeant,” replied the RTO.

“Inform the Captain I’m on my way.” Meschach felt even better than completing a workout. He didn’t even need to know what was on; his instincts told him!

Most of the 7th were struggling. They had occasional spats with river pirates and smugglers, provided security backup for Native police during riots, but they were missing out. The 9th and the 3rd were getting all the glory over the last few years. There were gripes. Why the hell couldn’t the 7th get stuck in and give the other boys a rest? The officers would bilge about how they were all doing necessary duty, but in private they griped too. What opportunities for promotion and for glorious service did they have stuck out on the river?

“Listen,” said First Sergeant Meschach, as the unit were finishing prepping their helmets and combat webbing, his hawk’s eye keenly glancing over them, “This is a very simple mission. We are going to back up this official, Mr. Lasha, in demanding the return of his wife as the captain said. Do your duty no differently.”

One of the Privates wondered aloud if this was war.

“You heard the captain,” said Meschach. “It’s not a war. It’s a punitive expedition. Alright, let’s get moving to the trucks, then we disembark for the LCU.”

The plan involved taking a larger part of the company, about 60 men, to the city, no more than 50 klicks from the shore. They should be there within about an hour of the dawn, support their officials in demanding the negotiation and paying any fines but withdrawing Mr. Lasha’s wife, and then they would withdraw. No problem. Everyone knew Hostillians could not fight a real war.

Fineberg, New Edom

The Council of Ministers was focused on many things: keeping an eye on the Chamber elections, the finer points of the trade and territorial agreements being worked out with the OAS, administration in Gavinium under the watchful eye of the Regent Desiree, who was advised by her devoted royal cousin and friend Princess Jocasta. They were concerned about their gamble in supporting the independence of Kehrahn while trying to fend off the hateful concerns of Jacqueline Thrall. The road and highway projects to cross all of Acheron. Ongoing negotiations with Novitera and Chaco concerning economic development. Keeping the tricky diplomatic balance with Ghant to keep the oil flowing.

Thus it was that the only one who really was focused on Hostillia to any extent was General Ashdod, the Minister of Police. He was cautiously appreciative that if things really went wrong, it would be possible to save the situation, but, no matter what happened, he kept one of his many ears to the ground. One of these ears, Colonel Kether down in Beth-El, had informed him that an expedition had been sent along with a small group of officials to insist that Mrs. Daniella Lasha be returned to the colonail authorities immediately. Ashdod lit a cigarette, took note of the report, sent his appreciation to Kether, and put on a CD playing one of his favourite bands performing classic hymns before turning back to a general report on Homofront activity in Damoclea. He was grimly amused to read that a cell had accidentally been captured after a group of drunk policemen took a fancy to them and decided to have their asses for an evening snack, then discovered the radio equipment and explosives among their stuff.
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"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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Fineberg, New Edom

"She's a sly one, this Chacanoan Ambassador," advised Count Beroth, whose ample bottom was overflowing the chair he had sat in. His big flappy hands somehow almost delicately had a glass of iced mint tea balanced in them, from which he sipped occasionally.

"Is she? You seemed to want that," said Hosidius Geta, watching the drink vanish. He had seen her. Pretty enough, but very girlish. She gave herself very dignified airs, very proper, but beneath it, Geta was advised by Elizabeth Corbulo lay great ambition and capability. She would doubtless not swagger like the Kehrahni or Deadorans, nor would it be easy and pleasant as with Mr. Redstone nor with Lord Aldapa. It would be lest awkward than dealing witht he Noviterans, yet it would not be obvious like dealing witht the Romans. In spite of his briefings and previous meetings he only knew one thing to expect: seeking advantage for the OAS. There would not be a formal meeting however without some extra sweetener, he was sure.

"Hot as soup out there today," Beroth said. "And air conditioning failed halfway through the trip. Wouldn't have come unless I had to. Er, yes, anyway...the ambassador was very flirtaious but in a ladylike way. Clearly eager for me, no doubt heard of my experience with the ladies but refrained." He grinned, but then that faded. "Naturally, though, Hosidius, it is my cousin that concerns me most..."

"Of course. Yes I had heard as well, but I think for the time being we had better let Uzal handle it. He is an experienced officer. He commanded a division during the invasion of Damoclea, he has worked with small and large operations effectively, but is also a good administrator. Unwerth assures me he will keep a cool head.." Geta sniffed at a crocus in the lapel of his jacket.

"Ah. Um. Yes." Beroth heaved out like a barrel rattling down into a hold. "Well, thank you Hosidois..."

"My dear fellow, think nothing of it." Geta rose and showed Count Beroth out, and then returned and sat to await the arrival of the Chacano Ambassador.
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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The Prime Minister's officewas it's own labyrinth. As the facility serving New Hayesalia's chief legislator and executive, it was crucially interlinked with the full suite of communications and security tools - nothing special there. It was an appealing place to meet with visitors and VIPs, with grand views over the shining silver city and it's shimmering blue Lake Neike. Small sailboats and ferries darted across it all day, colouring what was a relatively monochrome space with lines and rosettes of colour and life.

Colour and life was reflected in the root vegetable melody sitting in the Prime Minister's bowl. Sweet potatoes, onion, capsicum, and goats cheese stared back at a Prime Minister on a meat-free day, courtesy of his ever more health-conscious wife. Anya had a good track record of getting the Prime Minister involved in varying health efforts that flashed across her (very secret) social media feeds; her suggestion to install a pink salt lamp in this same office had not been quite so readily accepted.

"It's the Overton window," said Prime Minister Hayes, spearing a cube of beetroot. "I don't think she believes in half of this shit. But she's been to enough seafood state dinners to see what it can do to a man. Or woman."

Þórarinn Baier chuckled, knowing of the reference to a mutual political foe.

"Push the political debate far enough one way and the crazy shit seems normal. Same with these health kicks I think."

"Yeah, well you won't go the whole hog anyway." replied Baier, taking a bite into a BLT, sarcasm dripping.

The Prime Minister's office made a nice place for lunches with associates. It was no formal dinner space, but good enough to escape the political leering of the Member's Cafeteria. This weekly lunch between the Prime Minister and his Defence Minister was merely a good forum to discuss complex issues without judging ears. The stewards had left the room as the two men continued small talk with meals, moving into greater topics, Baier consulting his notes.

"New Edom," he began. "An old classic. Featuring a new King-Emperor. Apparently one word wasn't enough."

"Ironic to say that to a Prime Minister." Hayes retorted, sarcastically. Baier shrugged.

"We remain in a situation where we see a growing connection between them and SACTO. We remained well enough aligned, but the value of trade between us is the real kicker. Billions of Quats in direct trade, hundreds of billions more in transshipments, New Edomite fleet owners, the list goes on and on. Edom is a massive place and it's a well connected place. They're the drug and we're addicted. You've made it your own plan, to launch re-engagement with SACTO and try to get special treatment. It's a plan we're working on but Dan, it gets harder and harder to do slowly and diplomatically."

"Between SACTO and the Nacquarda Ocean Conference, we've got an opening to essentially sandbag our entire economy until someone invents teleportation. The value of the trade in that spiderweb is immeasurable. Besides, since Bolt fucked that navigation exercise the public has had very very little interest in anymore of the same. Edomites have outfitted with the same gear they had on San Meresque and Dejima. The best solution is to work out a deal instead."

"Sure. Until they decide their own merchant marine needs subisidising. We can't stop NH flagged ships going places, we'd lose billions overnight. Our strength is our weakness."

"Weaknesses are restrictions. Restrictions are a key to creativity, Þórarinn. The painter without a full palate. A sculptor without his metal. You get the idea. Our goals are simple enough. Prevent the international maritime environment from becoming a sectioned off anarchy of nationalism. We already have enough problems between crazy authoritarians and all that nonsense. The Ambassador in Fineberg is working towards a bilateral maritime access agreement behind closed doors for now. It'll need tuning with the political changes but it will be part of a raft of agreements to be signed. We rush, we get burnt."

The Prime Minister pierced another cube of beetroot.

"Who's next?"

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Postby Queimada » Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:21 pm

New Edom

“What do you mean it just got loose?” Commander Sparkle asked. He had been filing his nails when his men had brought him news that the Jaguar had escaped, “Did it figure out how to open its cage with his little paws? That would be sooo cute!”

The messenger sighed, “No master, Lance opened to cage to get some selfies with it while he was wearing his cheetah print shirt and it just ran off. Lance was so upset, but he’s willing to take his punishment.”

“Very well, call the lieutenants and bring Lance before me.” Commander Sparkle demanded.

A group of very well groomed and fit men wearing sleeveless and open fatigue blouses with no shirt underneath and red leather pants filed in. Behind them, Lance, crawling on all fours and being led on a dog leash was brought before Commander Sparkle. The leashed man began a cry, “I am ready for my punishment master!”

Sparkle stood up from his bean bag chair and scowled down at the offender, “You have sinned greatly, letting my poor kitty go! I don’t care how cute those photos would have been! You should have brought a partner to make sure the kitty wouldn’t escape from its box!”

Sparkle reached out to the side with his right hand. A man kneeling behind him in a gimp mask rose and silently began pouring a generous amount of baby powder on Sparkle’s open palm. When the proper amount had been applied he returned to his spot and kneeled again silently.”

Sparkle looked at his hand approvingly and then reached back and launched a haymaker open hand slap across the face of the guilty, “There bitch! Take it! TAKE IT!”

The offender was led out again on all fours with a large white handprint over his red cheek.

Sparkle sank again into his beanbag chair and crossed his legs, “Well gentlemen, we need to come up with a plan b.”

Outside the palace just on the other side of where the Emperor’s capibaras were housed lay a mess of trash littered all over the ground. Empty bread bags and empty bottles of antifreeze were spread all over the ground. On the wall was spray painted a message addressed to “Elijah IV emperor of puritanical hate” it read, “Your ugly pig rats are payback for oppression!”

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Fineberg, New Edom

Sofia stepped into the room and bowed low for Minister Geta. When she saw Count Beroth she was irked, but did not show it on her face. If the Edomites wanted that fool privy to sensitive backdoor dealings that was there business. She was beginning to resent how that pig seemed to be around constantly even though no one respected him, “Minister Geta, thank you for meeting with me. Count Beroth what a wonderful surprise to see you, no doubt we can use your wisdom.”

She sat down and spoke about so many nothings for the first few minutes, asking about family and such. Finally, when the time came she began, “Sirs, as you are no doubt aware, the Republic of Ashab has signed on to the OAS. In doing so, they have by extent signed on with the favorable trade deals that were arranged between us, and between your government and San Carlo. The Ashabi government has quietly informed us that this is fine with them. No loud announcement about giving up ground, no loss of face, but you get more than if the TC had outright control of the country.”

Sofia paused and moved forward more cautiously, “In fact with regard to the recent military withdrawal and the new trade status, we would wonder your current opinion if say, the Republicans exercised more direct authority over Khessemar.”


It was a beautiful sunny morning and the initial landings had been going smoothly for the battalion. At least there had been no resistance. Reports were that a crowd of locals and tourists had began flooding the beach where the landing was taking place and were filming and taking photos with their cell phones. When flash bangs were thrown the crowd only cheered, clearly unaware that this was an enemy military seizing their home. Jaime climbed aboard a helicopter to make the short hop to the beach to see just what was happening for himself.

As he flew over the beautiful turquois water he could see the gaggle of people out watching the landings as if it were a show. He groaned and waited for the chopper to touch down on the beach. When he got out a pair of police officers shoved their way past some of his men and walked strait up to him.

“What the hell is this helicopter doing here? We have a city ordinance that nothing this loud can be operated before 8AM. Are you in charge here?” the policeman screamed as the chopper took off and headed back to the ship.

“I am.” Jaime answered.

“I’m taking you down to the station, you have a lot of shit to answer for, but first, you need to get all of this off the beach. You are not allowed to have wargames on my damn beach!” Screamed the police officer.

Jaime smiled, “I don’t think you understand what’s going on. Have you noticed the flags?”

The police officer scowled, “Yeah you are one hell of a lost asshole.”

Jaime ignored him and walked past to find out the situation of his company commanders. The two cops followed screaming at him, one pulled out a taser and immediately the pair was jumped by marines and disarmed. Jaime turned to them and grabbed their radio, “Tempestatis is now a territory of the Republic of Gran Chaco. Inform the mayor and the chief of police that we are on the way to city hall to raise the flag and enforce our jurisdiction.”

The eyes of the two police officers widened as they realized what the landing was, “I…uh…don’t kill me.”

Jaime informed them that if they did as they were told then no harm would come to them and they would be released in a couple hours to continue their beat. The men radioed and Jaime found a land rover that had been brought to the shore and jumped in with his sergeant major and an aide. He was escorted by a pair of VBCIs and some infantry as they drove to city hall. Around them Chacano Marines were patrolling and ordering people into their homes. It was the strangest thing to watch just how clueless the Tericians were. A bunch of big tanned oafs. It was a good thing that the Imperium hadn’t landed here ever, who knows what the hell would happen to these simple idiots.

The vehicles rolled up and Jaime jumped out and walked into the building. It was empty and locked. One of the marines shot the lock and kicked open the doors. They all walked in as the alarm screamed. Jaime looked at the platoon around him, “Someone take care of that noise.”

“On it sir!” a couple men shouted and ran off to try and silence the security alarm.

As the group walked to the mayor’s office the alarm stopped. Jaime sat behind the mayors desk as the marines could be heard outside laughing about how they had just yanked wires until the alarm stopped. They waited for about a half an hour before a very irritated looking older man and some police officers appeared.

“What the hell is the meaning of this?” the older man demanded to know, “The office is closed today and I am being ordered to show up to my own city hall this early in the morning? I demand an explanation or I will have all of you arrested!”

Jaime stood up, “I presume that you are the mayor? Good, then sit down, and I will explain this to you. You are no longer under the jurisdiction of Tericio. Tempestatis is now an overseas territory of Gran Chaco and reports directly to the governor in Valcarlos. We are securing the region from its lawlessness and bringing all the islands in the area under one rule to prevent piracy and hostile foreigners.”

The mayor looked around at all of the soldiers grinning at him and speaking to each other in a foreign tongue. He sat down and invited the police chief to sit next to him, “I do not wish for any harm to my citizens.”

“No harm will come of them as long as there is a smooth transition. We do not want to remove you from power or even change your governing structure on the island. The only change is that you are now under Chacano protection and you report to us. Very soon diplomats and bureaucrats will arrive and ensure that this is a smooth transition. As long as you remain calm and the police do their job and refrain from doing anything hostile against us, then I will keep my men out of the city.” Jaime explained.

The men looked at each other and nodded, and the details of the immediate future were discussed.

That evening Jaime returned to the ship where his cabin was. The marines on land were doing light patrols through the city, but for the most part were being housed in hotels on the outskirts that the government was paying for. Jaime penned a letter to Camilla.

Dear Countess,

I know that this will reach you later than I want, but I am unable to email at this time. I have received a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and command of my own battalion. I am very proud of this, and of the fact that my men performed in an outstanding manner in our recent operations. I am sure that you will see things on the news for the Valcarlos area and know that I am safe and sound.

I was able to watch you in the tournament as was cheering at your victory. Wishing you the best in nationals!


كان التيز سمين

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Fineberg, New Edom

Sofia stepped into the room and bowed low for Minister Geta. When she saw Count Beroth she was irked, but did not show it on her face. If the Edomites wanted that fool privy to sensitive backdoor dealings that was there business. She was beginning to resent how that pig seemed to be around constantly even though no one respected him, “Minister Geta, thank you for meeting with me. Count Beroth what a wonderful surprise to see you, no doubt we can use your wisdom.”

"Ambassador! Do sit down, please take some iced mint tea or fizzy water..." said Hosidius Geta.

"Ah, Ambassador, how nice to see you again," said Beroth in a suety voice. He bowed with grace in spite ofhis awkward body and excused him. "I am afraid I have many duties, since the King-Emperor's ascension, there are many things I must advise, yes yes..." and he ambled out, large backside waggling.

She sat down and spoke about so many nothings for the first few minutes, asking about family and such. Finally, when the time came she began, “Sirs, as you are no doubt aware, the Republic of Ashab has signed on to the OAS. In doing so, they have by extent signed on with the favorable trade deals that were arranged between us, and between your government and San Carlo. The Ashabi government has quietly informed us that this is fine with them. No loud announcement about giving up ground, no loss of face, but you get more than if the TC had outright control of the country.”

"I believe that the King-Emperor is pleased by the OAS and a determination to have cooperative governments working together on trade and security in that part of the Region. We will generally feel more confident about trade and transport as a result. This would enormously improve our business community's concerns. As I am sure you are aware there is a lot of interest in refined resources from down your way." Geta smiled.

Sofia paused and moved forward more cautiously, “In fact with regard to the recent military withdrawal and the new trade status, we would wonder your current opinion if say, the Republicans exercised more direct authority over Khessemar.”

"Oho," said Geta quietly. "Well that's interesting. But not unforseen. What did you have in mind? After all I think that it would go far better if we supported these actions. But I share Their Majesties' worries that this would result in fierce vengeance by Anjideen's government."
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Dominic Kang
Visayan Embassy to New Edom

Having read the invitation to visit the Ministry, Dominic let out a good-natured sigh. Time to get back to work, he thought as he left the Visayan Embassy. Naturally, he was driving the SUV bound for the Ministry as fast as speed limits permitted, his bodyguard riding shotgun and the designated driver at the back wielding the bodyguard's shotgun, mindful of where his trigger finger was located.

Stopping at the entrance of the Ministry, Dominic and his bodyguard alighted, the latter taking his shotgun back from the driver. While Kang was issued a sidearm--DFA policy was specific in that regard--he left it in the SUV; there was little need for him to hassle himself. His guard on the other hand...

Carlos S.S. Kang, MBA
Crown Regency Residences, Cebu, DH

While Kang Associates was not the largest privately held company in the Confederation, being second only to Aegis Insurance in that respect, it was the most well-known company. Carlos and his twin brother Daniel were the men behind The Face of the Visayan business world, and for the former, arranging an invitation to lunch with the Edomite commercial attaché was just another day at the office. While some might question the propriety behind the uncle of the Visayan Ambassador to New Edom arranging to meet the commercial attaché from the New Edomite Embassy, it didn't matter; as far as he was concerned, he was acting on behalf of the Visayan business community. Let his nephew deal with the political nitty-gritty, he often said behind closed doors. The business universe waits for no one, after all.

Need info on timezone differences, BTW; for reference, the Confederation is UTC+8. Thanks!
Embassy program of the NVI
Time zone: GMT+8
For details on the man behind NVI, click here.

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I am initiating a new rp custom: people all visiting the same person will be presumed to be visiting at different times or at different days. The order in which they visited will be maintained however. So, for instance, the Chacano Ambassador wil be visiting before the Visayan Islands ambassador

A youngish man in a light grey suit with a pale blue tie that nicely set off his olive tanned skin with dark bowed as the Visayan ambassador stepped out of his car near the Foreign Minister. It was a neo-Cornellian building which had been built in the late 19th Century. General, other than for important ceremonies or the general public the broad stairs leading up to a pillared portico was not used. Instead an elegant side street where traffic could be more efficiently directed was used which had a street level entrance leading directly to a security controlled elevator and fire safety stareway was used.

The Ambassador would recognize Tobias Urban, the Minister's assistant private secretary, who was elegant and polite and came from a noble family, working his way up the path of honour to a higher post in the bureaucracy. Indeed, any meetin with an ambassador would result in a greeting by staff and being led up to the minister's office.

There, there would be a sense of quiet grandeur, the colours orange, green and blue blending charmingly in that spacious way that Edomites loved. Hosidius Geta was fond of simple settings that suggested something like his country home in Peregrino Province, an island that ws mostly inhabited by farmers, fishermen and shepherds.

Geta himself often gave an impression of activity. Another meeting would be ending, either with his staff, another leading member of government or with his own staff. He would offer hospitality in the form of food and drink, usually iced mint tea, coffee or fizzy water along with dainties, usually in the form of fruit or small pastries. He would courteously ask after the ambassador's family, health and concerns. The office did feature a large desk and chair, but also a charming sitting area with embroidered cushions on chairs and couches whose nearby window had a view of a courtyard garden.

Often he would have a woman with him: a woman with raven Dutch Boy hair cut, with a pear like figure wearing a simple dress like a tunic. This was Elizabeth Corbulo, the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs. She was quiet as a cat, pleasantly watchful and offering occasional nuggets of advice or reminders to the Minister.
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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To: King-Emperor Elijah IV and People of New Edom.
From: HI&RM Emperor JC, The Empire of Common Territories.
Subject: Congratulations!
Encryption: None.

To King-Emperor Elijah IV, his government, and the New Edomite people,

On behalf of my great Empire, and the Imperion Coalition (to which both of our nations respectively associate with), I personally wish to express our collective sense of joyfulness in congratulating New Edom's admirable ascendance to a state of truer imperialism. I wish to personally congratulate newly titled King Elijah IV, the New Edomite government serving him, and especially the proud Edomite people who can now roar with praise for their newfound glory to the world. Both of our great nations may have once been bitter enemies, then rivals, but those times are behind us! A new age of prosperity between our empires - a golden age - is upon us finally! Together, with the Imperion Coalition, there is no goal we can't reach, no enemy we can't defeat, and no end in sight for our people's prosperity! We in the Empire eagerly look forward to the future New Edom holds in store. As an ally, Coalition member, and fellow imperial nation, The Empire of Common Territories congratulates the Empire of New Edom for this historic event. We pray this event draws us closer as allies and that the future becomes even brighter between our two empires!

Emperor JC
Emperor of The Empire of Common Territories

Sorry for the delay, and event the lackluster post I hoped to bring originally. But between my recent slump on NS and losing internet for about a week, im seriously lacking a lot of motivation recently. I promised to at least post so I did, but I regret not being able to take part more in-depth like everyone else. Between the motivation and free time, I can't see myself writing much. But hopefully your thread continues to be lively and entertaining, as I hope to catch-up from where I left off a while ago eventually.

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To Lung Ba,
Bordering the International Zone,
Empire of Hostillia

The villages around the river often had bamboo rafts on them. These little clusters looked almost like odd little houses sitting on the water clustered near the larger villages. It was still approaching dawn, and so the villages and raft formations were mere shadows. Lights were on here and there.

Captain Erez Zerah peered with binoculars. “First Sergeant.”

The two men stood tall in one of the APCs.

“Your Honour?” asked the NCO.

“What are those lights?”

“Night watchmen? Guiding lights? No idea, Your Honour.” said the NCO.

The LCU rocked back and forth as it moved along the river. They were moving at a slow pace because they had little idea of any of the hazards of the river. Junior Lieutenant Kinra Josephim’s boat had navigational radar but no sonar, so she was nervous about hitting large debris or a wreck. The only thing they could do was keep a watch. She had to look calm though. Be Baran, austere and distant and proud. Chief Lu was piloting. Quartermaster’s Mate 2/C Abedayo was forward watch. He had very sharp eyes. Cedfer commanded the forward gun, Credylad the aft.

There was a loud splash starboard forward. “What was that?” she snapped.

“Big fish or dolphin, Your Honour,” replied Abedayo.

Dolphin?” said Josephim. “This far inland?”

“Yes Your Honour,” said Lu, not changing his expression save for a faint smile. “They are freshwater. Some say it is good luck to see them. Others say it is bad luck.”

“Which do you think?” asked Josephim.

“I am a follower of the Christ, Your Honour. I disdain such superstitions. I thank God every day for salvation and the Edomites who brought it to us.” he crossed himself with one hand.

“Yes. Superstitious nonsense it is too,” she agreed.

In the main holding area, junior officers, NCOs and soldiers were trying to relax, but they had their weapons held and were all geared up. They snoozed as best they could, chewed lemon rinds, licorice sticks or mint leaves and prayed or chatted quietly. In one squad, they argued over the proper classification of farts. Lasha, Lotan and the other group of officials were in protective gear. Lasha was tormented within. He had never actually been in action; his brief military service had given him some familiarity with the equipment and language, but he felt most unsoldierly at the moment. He wondered how many people Kether had told of his shame. He felt ashamed that he had let things go so far--for his honour and for his wife’s safety; he wondered if she had been treated with any respect and dignity.

Lieutenant Josephim checked the map and went down the companionway to speak with Captain Zerah. Zerah was a bit older than her but not by much. He had a neat dark moustache and had the typical confident manner of an infantry officer.

“Captain,” it was always odd to address landsmen thus, “We are approaching the LZ and will be arriving in fifteen minutes.”

“Thank you,” he said politely. “Alright, First Sergeant, inform the men and my compliments to adjutant and send him to me please.”

“Yes Your Honour!” First Sergeant Meschach felt pity for botht he female ship officer and his company commander. How they lusted after him and needed him. How he would deny them. He hoped God would be merciful and spare them their doubtless sinful thoughts about submitting to him.

There was a fishing village before them. Josephim and Zerah conferred along with Zerah’s adjutant. Best would be to land near what appeared to be an array of fish drying racks and landed fish traps. The officials were to remain on the LCU until the landing had taken place. The rules of engagement--only commissioned officers to give the order to fire--were reminded. The Marine Infantry breathed heavily the fuel lazced air. Chugging mightily, the LCU swung towards the shore.

“Make ready!” snapped Zerah. The company was formed into its platoons and squads. The first platoon would move out on foot and set up cover for the APCs to be rolled down, and then they would head out.

“Wait a moment,” said Josephim. There was still little light, but as they were approaching she ordered slow and then right flank.

“What are you doing?” Zerah demanded, hurrying to the comapnionway, glaring up at her. He just knew it--the woman had lost her nerve. Typical.

“Look,” she said, beckoning him up and showing him her field glasses.

He looked and frowned. “What is it?”

Infantry blockhead, she thought. “There’s no city. This is the wrong LZ.”

“Dear God in Heaven,” he said, breathing hard. “ brought us to the…”

“Check the navigation,” she said, though she was terrified he was right. “The map is wrong.”

“How can the map be wrong?” he kept his voice low though he wanted to scream at her.

“How do I know?” she snapped back.

Zerah glanced down. A few faces, hard to distinguish in the dim light, peered up at him. He looked back at her. “We’ll have to land anyway,” he decided, though he felt a creeping feeling down his spine. What if he was wrong? He squashed it. A Marine Infantry officer acted, did not hesitate to follow even the most brutal orders.

“What for?” said Josephim.

He looked at her. Just a stupid girl, a skinny girl in a man’s uniform. “Listen to me, Junior Lieutenant: this may be your boat, but it is my mission and I am senior officer. We have to recon the ara and see if the directions are wrong, find out where this To Lung Ba really is.”

“We should radio headquarters and report it,” she insisted.

He looked at her evenly. “Without real information We’ll sound like a pair of idiots. Use your head. I will do a quick recce of the village and the area surrounding, then we’ll be off if we must.”

She stared at him. “I will state, for the record, that we should radio in.”

Zerah waited. She said over her shoulder, “Left rudder to designated LZ.”

“Left rudder to designated LZ aye,” replied Chief Lu.

The LCU bore down on the village and the ramp came down. Zerah had ordered Second Platoon, led by Second Lieutenant Bashan, to go in first. Bashan was young but came from a good family, was a good soldier thus far, his troops experienced men who had grown up around Teman’s coast. They moved out by squads spread out in skirmish order, Bashan’s NCOs moving them in staggered lines, encountering flapping and squawking ducks and chickens, pigs and a nasty walking catfish that waddled back into the river.

“We should kill some of them fish, eat ‘em later,” offered one of the Lance-

“Quiet, it’s a lady needing rescuing we want to catch,” growled the platoon sergeant, motioning the squad along.

Villagers were approaching in sleeping robes or half dressed, looking surpried more than anything, though when they saw armed troops in the faintly arriving dawn they looked alarmed as well.

“What’s this jibber jabber?” demanded Bashan. “What’s this greyhead talking about?”

“Er, he wants to know what’s going on, Your Honour,” said the RTO, who understood about one word in four.

“Tell him we come here in the name of the King-Emperor to bring Mrs. Lasha back to Beth-El!” said Bashan.

The RTO looked as though he was thinking hard and spoke to the elders whow ere politely but nervously trying to figure out what was happening. Then he said, “Er, he doesn’t know anything about that, Your Honour.”

“Of course not…” Bashan said.

The RTO answered a radio call and said, “Your Honour, It’s Captain Zerah. He wants to know if these people know where To Lung Ba is.”

Up on the LCU, Zerah breathed out. “They what? Really? No...alright let’s make sure.”

“Well?” snapped Josephim “What is it?”

“We missed the landing an hour ago.” Zerah said to her coldly. “This will go in my report, Lieutenant…”

She felt worried sick that he was right. But she stuck to her guns. “Look at the map, look at the coordinates,” she insisted.

“We’ll see,” he said with the same coldness. He spoke into the radio. “Lieutenant Bashan: withdraw to the LCU immediately.” he looked at her. “Now you can radio headquarters.”
"The three articles of Civil Service faith: it takes longer to do things quickly, it's far more expensive to do things cheaply, and it's more democratic to do things in secret." - Jim Hacker "Yes Minister"

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Magistrate's House
To Lung Ba

Bo was a man prone to living outside his means, and his bedroom demonstrated it, featuring a large bed stuffed with what he would claim to any who would listen were peacock feathers, though in reality they were more akin to pigeon than peacock but that was a fact that could be left out of conversation. The rest of his room was decorated with fine calligraphy that he was willing to proudly claim as his own extensive works, though that would be equally false. He awoke beside his wife of many years, he claimed that he loved her so true that he would never consider a concubine, though the truth of the matter was that he simply couldn’t afford another women with all his other expenditures. Fortunately, he was wealthy enough to maintain this lifestyle at only a small loss every month which his considerable inheritance could easily cover, and though his wife was never comfortable relying indefinitely on the reserves when they were so capable of living within their means, Bo would never hear a word of it. This morning he found himself stirred by two children who sufficed as her servants, one waking him gently while the other held a large bowl of water for him to wash his hands and face in to help waken him, they were timid creatures- he had bought them both when they were much smaller and had beaten even their voices out of them it seemed many a time.

“Magistrate,” the young boy said maintaining his low bow and holding the water out at an elevated angle to allow the gentlemen easier access to its contents. “The police brought in twenty-seven individuals on crimes last night as part of a Consortium raid… one of them is unique,” the boy began however Bo held up his hand, half to halt him and half to threaten him with a strike if he did not immediately cease his words.

“I do not care, I will sentence them after I am dressed and have had my breakfast. Send word to the cooks that I would eat, after the trials I will address all other matters before me for the day, and then I want to relax. Maybe read a book,” he mumbled to himself more than to the servant, “either way, have the prisoners brought up at once, I’ll let them wait while I ready myself. It’s good to await punishment. Softens the heart.” The boy bowed and maintained it as he exited the room, the other boy exited as soon as he was finished with the bowl, and then they took word to Qi to ready the prisoners for trial.

Bo went on to order in the other servants he kept at his home to help dress him, fine gold and blue robes fit for a Magistrate. The prisoners, in their grimy clothes from the night before, or in the Roman’s case, half clothes, were marched out of the lower chambers into the large room where they were to wait chained. After dressing, Bo went to sit down for a light breakfast, little more than steam rice with a cup of tea to balance his chi properly before facing the day. The prisoners were placed in special order, rather than be roped together they were roped separately to special hooks in the floor that would keep them from running but allow the guards to bring them individually before the Magistrate. Bo decided in a spur of the moment to postpone the trial for another hour and went in and made love to his wife who had been up for hours preparing the meal for him with their cooks. The prisoners were told to stand on one foot for the enjoyment of the guards who pushed and shoved them to imbalance them, beating anyone who put their foot on the ground for amusement.

Eventually, Bo made his entry flanked by Qi in his armor and another young man in blue and white robes, there was one major desk and a large sitting pillow and on the two sides there were smaller tables and smaller less impressive pillows for the Magistrate’s associates. The three men took their seats without any great ceremony and Bo stifled a yawn as he looked over the pathetic bunch… was that one a… barbarian? What in bloody hell was a barbarian doing before him? Strange, though he’d know soon enough.

“I hereby proclaim this court of law opened in the name of the Son of Heaven, His Divine Majesty, Upholder of the Mandate of Heaven, and Supreme Lord of Creation. I ask His guidance in sentencing each of you found guilty to proper punishment, and I ask the wisdom of the Jade Emperor in deciding the guilt or innocence of each person brought before me. Now, let us begin.” The first man was unchained and brought forward by two guards, one of whom delivered a blow with his baton to the back of the man’s knees forcing him onto the ground in a proper genuflection before the Magistrate. “His paperwork,” the Magistrate said entirely unaware of the casual brutality with which the man had been forced to kneel.

“His name is Ren Renmai, his stands accused of being a member of the Consortium among other lesser crimes. He is the son of Ren Raiten and claims seventeen children by as many women. He is believed to have been a junior officer within the Consortium and has chosen not to admit guilt to the charges put for him and insists his right to trial.” Qi said professionally and without a trace of emotion, it was all matter of fact to him, he couldn’t afford to cause the Magistrate insult by being emotional over these criminals, not during sentencing.

“I see,” the Magistrate responded while glancing over the records that had been written over the night about the man, “I’m rejecting his right to a trial,” he said slashing out something on the scroll before him, there was even less emotion in his voice, as if ‘rejecting his right’ was not a great or even especially significant matter. “I will also, at this time, reject your right to any appeals that may be afford to you,” he added with the same disinterest, “I find you guilty of being a member of the Consortium and,” he glanced at the other charges that had been laid against him, making small checks as he went through it, “all other charges against you.” He removed his seal and pressed it into the how wax near him and then against the document to indicate its authenticity before looking to the young man in fine robes, “what is the Scholar’s suggestion for punishment?”

“Death,” the young man responded immediately without ceremony.

“In what manner?”


“Very well, are there any other men charged with the same crimes?” He asked to Qi who glanced into his records for a moment before motioning to the guards who brought forward two other men who had had small parts in running the brothel and drinking portions of the establishment. “I find the two of you guilty on all counts as well, wait,” the Magistrate said crossing out a marking and adding another one, “I find you,” he pointed to one man, “innocent on the count of exploiting children as I see it a double count of abuse under aged peoples, for which I do find you guilty,” he made the small correction and then continued, “I’m assuming the recommended punishment is the same Scholar?” The young man chose not to even speak this time and merely gave a bored nod, “very well, then in three days’ time you all will be flogged to the point of death in the public square. Good bye gentlemen, take them from my presence.” He said handing the three scrolls to the Scholar who placed them in a small chest he carried with him. One man was so bold as to open his mouth to retort but was merely met with a savage blow of the baton blooding the back of his head and causing him to collapse, the guards dragged him away back into the basement below, leaving a streak of blood behind him which servants were quick to clean.

And so it continued, with marvelous speed, it took no more than three minutes for any person to have their so called trial, rapid and efficient seemed to be the motto of the Hostillian justice system. A person would be brought before the Magistrate, their crimes would be read off, normally only the most significant crimes and any lesser crimes would be omitted except in cases where they could add to the sentence, and then the Magistrate would request advice from the Scholar, and then he would go along with said advice and convict them. In all but a handful of cases he would convict them of all charges and in some cases he would also reject their rights to any appeals, though in cases where he did not there was not a single person issued more than a single appeal. Most chose to use their appeal, which was in truth simply a chance to speak in your own defense, immediately and then had their sentences upheld. Any who protested were beaten to the point of submission and then dragged away and as they were servants would come and re clean the floor, when the last of the blood was gone the next trial would begin. This continued twelve more times.

“Your father has agreed to pay a sum totaling to two thousand three hundred and fifty-four,” the Magistrate said to one young woman, she had not even been in the place to use the opium or to drink, she had been sent to fetch her uncle who had already been sentenced to death for his crimes against the state, “that leaves a remainder of two hundred and thirty in fines which your father claims he is unable to pay at this time. Scholar?”

“The suggested punishment is to assign her work as a comfort woman in the imperial armed forces until such a time as her fines are paid for assuming the state receives the entirety of her salary,” he said doing some quick mental math, “a total of seven years is recommended.”

“Rejected,” the Magistrate responded, “if given a year’s time will you be able to cover the remainder of the fines against your person?” He asked, receiving a vigorous nod. “Excellent, you are given three hundred and sixty-five cycles of the sun to completely pay off these fines, failure to do so will result in three hundred percent fines on your currently standing fines and I will not be so merciful next meeting. Next.” Daniella found herself grasped by two strong hands and half escorted half dragged forward, before the man to the right gave a sharp and painful blow to the back of her knees forcing her down with a groaning guttural gasp upon them before the Magistrate.By contrast with the clean well dressed men who stared at her with barely suppressed disgust, she was like a squashed insect. Her once well coiffed hair was in tangles and snarls messed with dust and sweat. Her makeup was in ugly streaks on her face, which twitched and worked. Her dress was tattered; she had been permitted to cover herself but this still revealed filthy arms, calves and feet in sandals that were awry and stained with blood and filth. she huddled there, bound with wrists held in supplication. She stank of urine, sweat and fear.

“This Yi Dong barbarian woman is Daniella Lasha, she is charged with partaking of smuggling narcotics, financially supporting criminal narcotics syndicates, financially supporting criminal arms syndicates, financially supporting criminal prostitution syndicates, having sexual intercourse in public, participating in a criminal sex ring, participating in a criminal narcotic ring, failure to report the activities of known criminal syndicates, acting as a prostitute, using opium to excess, resisting arrest by association, and also infidelity.” Qi said taken a moment and catching his breath after the long list of charges, “her cousin is the a state councillor to the King of the Yi Dong barbarians, and her husband serves the court of the envoy to the Middle Kingdom. She has not admitted her guilt in all charges put against her but has insisted on her right to a trial. She also has requested the advice and support of her husband and also requests a Jīdūjiào priest."

"The first request....was her husband summoned?" demanded Bo.

"He was, Honoured Magistrate, but has not arrived." Qi reported.

"Very well." Bo pondered briefly. "The second request is rejected. Jīdūjiào have no authority in the Middle Kingdom. As for the first request, I am not an unmerciful man. I will grant that Yi Dong are ignorant and therefore if he has not arrived in a properly deferential manner by the time the woman has confessed to her crimes, then I will simply pass judgement. Qi: make sure she confesses to her crimes. Make sure she understands their nature." Bo had never pronounced sentence over the ignorant: it was uncivilized to do so.

Daniella once again saw how this was no different from the trials the ETC had imposed in her won country, and that made it very frightening for her. She felt as though cold water had been poured into her dress and coursed down her bare skin as she saw the others before her brutally beaten if they complained about their sentencing, and saw how quick and well ordered it was. She had made a terrible mistake, believing these people because of their smiling and friendly ways and strange customs, were just quaint and exotic. They didnt' even see her beauty as important; Wei's flattery vanished like dew compared to Qi's righteous anger and Timen's contempt. She was just a foreign interloper, nothing more, and she desperately wished she could wake. But it was all too real, the smells, the sounds. The sight of Wei's blood being mopped off the floor and then being gone was horrifying. The body she had clung to was brown, boots driven into his groin so that whaever she had pleasured was crushed. As she was taken, she had a sick feeling she was not just about to be beaten, but genuinely given pain so she would confess. She could barely do anything other than shake with fear as she was taken away.
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GCS Panay

The gunboat chugged slowly on its patrol heading down river. The sun was already hot today and most of the sailors on duty just leaned casually along the rails trying to catch a breeze. The men watched trees and hills glide slowly past as they moved on to their next port of call to visit. Hostillia wasn’t the worst posting in the world. It was remarkably easy most of the time, and it also offered a chance for more action and adventure than the surface fleet usually dealt with. There was the occasional riot or warlord that had to be dealt with. Most of the work, however was just the steady sailing up and down the river showing the flag.

There were other gunboats as well, from both Chaco and some of the other nations of the treaty powers. The Noviterans would do plenty of business in the river ports, but never seemed to want to fund sailors to patrol the river, so they relied on the other nations for protection, which to most of the men of the Chacano navy was aggravating. No one was about to let one of the slope heads kill a civilized man, but sometimes it was nice to let the Noviterans get roughed up a bit.

The Edomites were a different story all together. They took the river patrol very seriously, and were remarkably reliable if a gunboat got into trouble and they were able to help. Chacanos all respected them. There were rumors among the sailors that the Edomites would kick the slacker nations out of the treaty zone for refusing to pull their own weight. Of course, no one knew where the rumors originated, but the Edomites had seemed to wrap their fingers around most of Acheron in the last few years. Why should Hostillia be different? The sailors knew that Chaco wasn’t at risk though. After all, hadn’t the Edomites backed down twice when confronted by Chaco in Ashab? The world no doubt knew of the power of a Chacano in a fight.

Gunners Mate First Class Emanuel Jimenez walked slowly and steadily up and down the rail on watch. The Panay has passed some smaller local vessels cruising up stream. Some tried to sell their goods to the gunboad, but Jimenez waived them off. They did not want to stop now that they had a good clip going, and they would be able to take on more provisions once they reached port that evening. Jimenez walked forward to were the 5-inch gun sat, covered in canvas. He checked for the millionth time, making sure that the cover was secure and then leaned forward and scanned ahead with his binoculars.

He noticed craft that were definitely not Hostillian and waited for the command from the bridge. Sure, enough over the pa system came the cry, “All hear this! All hands to salute positions!”

Jimenez walked back to the gun and began removing the canvas covering. The rest of the gun crew joined him, and they loaded it with a shell that carried only a small amount of powder to make noise for ceremonial occasions. The rest of the available crew lined up along the railing and stood at parade rest.

As the other boats approached it could be seen that they were flying the Edomite ensign, but this was a very unusual convoy. Troops and LCU’s with supplies were among the small fleet. Jimenez looked at the gun crew, “Must be on their way to teach the slopes a lesson.”

Lieutenant Juan Esteban Alcabú stood on the bridge and watched the Edomite formation approach. He gave the word for the gun salute then ordered the sailor manning the comms to hail them, “This is Lieutenant Alcabú, Captain of the GCS Panay. You gents look like you are out for some sport. Would you like a hand?”


The landings had been going well. Around half a dozen small islands in addition to Tempenstatis has been seized and secured. Two larger islands that still had resistance had battalions from the CLI going through them at the moment, but most of the heavier resistance had collapsed when cluster bombs had been dropped on the villages that had opposed the ground forces by F/A-18s based out of Valcarlos.

Major General Tomas was pleased with the work. He had been reporting his progress to the Admiral of the Navy who had in turn been working with the defense minister and foreign minister to put together follow up teams. Bureaucrats were being prepared to come in and set up administration of the islands for the poor wretches that lived there. The call had gone out and the church and others had gathered volunteers to set up missionary schools and clinics.

The islands would be safe and happily transformed to a civilized state. Too long had the Adirans played around in the area ineffectually trying to fight piracy. The Edomites had the right idea. It would take work. A long-term goal to settle the area and to bring its people into the modern era was the only true way to fight piracy. If you didn’t kill it at the root, all you were doing was reacting to their attacks. Tomas was happy to be the one at the help to start the fight against this savage land of terror. Tomas had also been informed that an OAS peacekeeping force was being assembled to help secure the areas to free up the Chacano Expeditionary Force to continue to secure the area. This was truly turning out to be international cooperation at its best.

Fineberg, New Edom

"I believe that the King-Emperor is pleased by the OAS and a determination to have cooperative governments working together on trade and security in that part of the Region. We will generally feel more confident about trade and transport as a result. This would enormously improve our business community's concerns. As I am sure you are aware there is a lot of interest in refined resources from down your way." Geta smiled.

“Of course, Minister, our goal is in lock step with that of New Edom, to bring peace and prosperity to Cornellia.” Sofia smiled, “Many nations preach of working within the international community, but none of them have had the stones to actually make it happen. Greater wealth is the natural reward for such leadership.”

"Oho," said Geta quietly. "Well that's interesting. But not unforseen. What did you have in mind? After all I think that it would go far better if we supported these actions. But I share Their Majesties' worries that this would result in fierce vengeance by Anjideen's government."

Sofia paused a moment then continued, “I know that I am in trustworthy company and I may speak plainly, still this is sensitive, and I must say that I am speaking as Sofia Muñoca and not as an official mouthpiece for the government of Chaco as we have not supported such policy in Ashab.”

“I personally believe…” Sofia began speaking carefully and gave Geta a funny look, “That the Ashabi government will do away with the TC military, and assume direct control over Khessemar once again. I also have the feeling that some of the members of the council are getting on in their age and will retire and be replaced. The manner in which all of these things happens is a mystery to me. Though I feel that it will be the natural way for the country to settle after such strife.”
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