World Baseball Classic 44- Everything Thread (IC)

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Baseball Classic 44- Everything Thread (IC)

Postby Newmanistan » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:11 am


It's time for World Baseball Classic 44. Signups have concluded and there will be 54 competing nations. They are as follows:

1) Cassadaigua
2) Free Republics
3) Scootalove City
4) Equestrian States
5) Ko-oren
6) Shayla
7) The Royal Kingdom of Quebec
8) Lisander
9) Newmanistan
10) Super-Llamaland
11) Hicaña
12) Fungsland
13) Abanhfleft
14) The Sherpa Empire
15) People Who Have Issues
16) Alpine Union
17) West Phoenicia
18) Northwest Kalactin
19) Suryak
20) Schiltzberg
21) Knessniet
22) Filindostan
23) Lycrabon
24) Tjorl
25) Loshos
26) Saint Agnesia
27) Liventia
28) Hampton Island
29) Beepee
30) Maklohi Vai
31) Drawkland
32) Oscioru
33) The Greater Nordics
34) Nova Anglicana
35) Dharoka
36) Cosumar
37) St Saratoga
38) South Covello
39) Gor Kebab
40) Titaniumland
41) Notoria
42) Aureumterra
43) Banija
44) Vangaziland
45) Tierra de Castro
46) Ethane
47) Eraman
48) Wuriya
49) Anthor
50) Melbergia
51) Ranoria
52) Saintland
53) Tenburg
54) New Sportland

Format- Nine Groups of Six, 3 home games and 3 road games against each group mate.
Playoffs- Top two teams per group advance to playoffs. All first place teams, and the five best second place teams will have a bye in the first round. The next four second place teams play in the first round series (15 seed vs 18 seed), (16 seed vs 17 seed). First place teams will be seed 1-9 regardless of record.

Group Draw conducted: Wednesday, September 26 at approximately 9pm EDT
First Scorination Day: Saturday, September 29.
Full schedule will be posted with the group draw.

Begin posting rosters now. Please submit one, while the more detail is better, anything is appreciated. Naturally, the more detailed rosters get a higher roster bonus, but don't let that detract you from posting a basic roster if that is all you have time for. Example rosters are as follows:
Highly Detailed Roster
Detailed Roster
Decent Roster
Basic Roster

Notice that the roster have the RP Permissions Box. This is a summary of what that is all about:
You are pretty much able to do as you please if you are the first one roleplaying a game, but be aware that each nation has a set of rules, called RP Permissions, and they look like this:
Choose my runscorers: Yes/No (Can they choose who scored your runs?)
Choose my lineup: Yes/No (Can they pick a starting lineup at will for you, or must they stick to what you have created?)
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes/No (Can they opponent choose any pitcher, or are they supposed to follow your rotation to a tee? It can be good to check their prior game RP to see if they mentioned their starting pitcher for the next game as well).
Godmod scoring events: Yes/No (This allows the opponent to be very detailed and specific when describing how scoring events transpired).
RP injuries to my players: Yes/No (Is the opponent allowed to say your player got hurt? Some nations will say yes with a disclaimer of only saying they are hurt, and not saying what was hurt or how badly someone was hurt.)
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes/No (Can the opponent completely do whatever they please in regards to injuries)
Eject my players: Yes/No (Is the opponent allowed to eject your players?)
Godmod other events: Yes/No (Other events refer to unusual or crazy things, such as, perhaps, the outfielder's arm was suddenly able to extend 50 feet and they took away your potential HR. Some nations that may be open to crazy things but do not want to be caught off guard may add a disclaimer to TG them any ideas first)).
Use DH at home: Yes/No (Every baseball fan's favorite argument. Is the DH used at your home stadium?)
Other: (Are there nation specific tendencies that you want your opponent to abide by? List it here). An example is: Newmanistan is very aggressive on the basepaths and speedy baserunners are commonly looking to steal both second and third. This is the place to put that information.

Note: If your opponent has roleplayed the game before you, you are expected to roleplay it the same way, although you still can have some flexibility: For example, did your opponent RP a three run double, in one inning.... that really should have been called foul? Did the umpire blow a called strike three on the opponents big slugger before they hit the big homer? Those are things you can still have flexibility with.

The importance of roleplay:
Now, begin roleplaying! Every matchday is a new opportunity to obtain RP bonus. The more RP bonus you get, the better. While a nation's beginning rank is very important to start, RP bonus becomes just as important. It is possible to do well in this tournament in your first try. I made the finals in my first Classic. Schiltzberg won the whole thing in his first. It can happen, but at the same time, it happened because we roleplayed to a high level as often as we were able. It did not just fall in our laps.
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Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4 & 5; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, & 14; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, & 5; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, & 38; CoH 33, 35, & 39; WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Horse Racing

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Postby Newmanistan » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:12 am

Group 1:
Drawkland (16)
Notoria (UR)
Scootalove City (5)
The Greater Nordics (64)
Hicaña (27)
Knessniet (UR)

Group 2:
Gor Kebab (UR)
Vangaziland (31)
Equestrian States (15)
Suryak (UR)
Cassadaigua (4)
Melbergia (42)

Group 3:
The Sherpa Empire (22)
Eraman (UR)
West Phoenicia (9)
Tenburg (50)
Shayla (UR)
South Covello (18)

Group 4:
Ethane (11)
Northwest Kalactin (25)
Newmanistan (1)
Dharoka (UR)
Lisander (54)
Tjorl (UR)

Group 5:
Loshos (UR)
Alpine Union (10)
Beepee (41)
Nova Anglicana (6)
Tierra de Castro (UR)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (29)

Group 6:
Maklohi Vai (19)
Fungsland (71)
Free Republics (7)
Liventia (35)
Saint Agnesia (UR)
Titaniumland (UR)

Group 7:
New Sportland (99)
Hampton Island (20)
Oscioru (51)
Super-Llamaland (2)
Lycrabon (14)
Wuriya (UR)

Group 8:
Ko-oren (13)
Anthor (38)
Ranoria (UR)
Schiltzberg (3)
St Saratoga (33)
People Who Have Issues (UR)

Group 9:
Banija (17)
Abanhfleft (8)
Filindostan (78)
Aureumterra (UR)
Saintland (44)
Cosumar (21)

Schedule: (Home Team on left)

DAY 1- Saturday, Sept. 29th
MD1- 6 v 1, 5 v 2, 4 v 3
MD2- 4 v 6, 3 v 5, 2 v 1
MD3- 6 v 2, 1 v 3, 5 v 4

DAY 2- Sunday, Sept. 30th
MD4- 5 v 6, 4 v 1, 3 v 2
MD5- 6 v 3, 2 v 4, 1 v 5
MD6- 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4

DAY 3- Monday, Oct. 1st
MD7- 6 v 4, 5 v 3, 1 v 2
MD8- 2 v 6, 3 v 1, 4 v 5
MD9- 6 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3

DAY 4- Tuesday, Oct 2nd
MD10-3 v 6, 4 v 2, 5 v 1
MD11- 6 v 1, 5 v 2, 4 v 3
MD12- 4 v 6, 3 v 5, 2 v 1

DAY 5- Wednesday, Oct 3rd
MD13- 6 v 2, 1 v 3, 5 v 4
MD14- 5 v 6, 4 v 1, 3 v 2
MD15- 6 v 3, 2 v 4, 1 v 5

Off Day- October 4th.

DAY 6- Friday, Oct 5th
MD16- 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD17- 6 v 4, 5 v 3, 1 v 2
MD18- 2 v 6, 3 v 1, 4 v 5

DAY 7- Saturday, Oct 6th
MD19- 6 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD20-3 v 6, 4 v 2, 5 v 1
MD21- 6 v 1, 5 v 2, 4 v 3

DAY 8- Sunday, Oct. 7th
MD22- 4 v 6, 3 v 5, 2 v 1
MD23- 6 v 2, 1 v 3, 5 v 4
MD24- 5 v 6, 4 v 1, 3 v 2

DAY 9- Monday, Oct 8th
MD25- 6 v 3, 2 v 4, 1 v 5
MD26- 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4
MD27- 6 v 4, 5 v 3, 1 v 2

DAY 10- Tuesday, Oct 9th
MD28- 2 v 6, 3 v 1, 4 v 5
MD29- 6 v 5, 1 v 4, 2 v 3
MD30-3 v 6, 4 v 2, 5 v 1

Rest- Oct 10

Oct 11th- 1st Round, Games 1 & 2
Oct 12th- 1st Round, Games 3 & 4
Oct 14th- 1st Round, Game 5

Oct 15th- 2nd Round, Games 1 & 2
Oct 16th- 2nd Round, Games 3 & 4*
Oct 17th- 2nd Round, Game 5*

Oct 18th- Quarterfinals, Games 1 & 2
Oct 19th- Quarterfinals, Games 3 & 4*
Oct 20th- Quarterfinals, Game 5*

Oct 21st- Semifinals, Games 1 & 2
Oct 22nd- Semifinals, Games 3 & 4*
Oct 23rd- Semifinals, Game 5*

Oct 24th- Finals Game 1, 3rd Place Game 1
Oct 25th- Finals Game 2, 3rd Place Game 2
Oct 26th- Finals Game 3, 3rd Place Game 3
Oct 27th- Finals Game 4, 3rd Place Game 4*
Oct 28th- Finals Game 5*, 3rd Place Game 5*
Oct 29th- Finals Game 6*
Oct 30th- Finals Game 7*

*- If/where necessary

Cutoff times: 9pm-10pm daily, Eastern USA time
(anticipate it at 9)
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Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4 & 5; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, & 14; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, & 5; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, & 38; CoH 33, 35, & 39; WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Horse Racing

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Postby Newmanistan » Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:12 am

Hosting Cities:
So let’s move on now to the cities hosting the games.

1) Tundra Falls (Tundra Falls Proving Grounds)
What is the Proving Grounds? It is simply a marvel of the world. A football, soccer and baseball stadium, and indoor arena (to host hockey/basketball or other sports) are lined up in a row, each in itself being a state of the art facility in its offerings. These stadiums, however, make up the infield of a 3.5-mile auto racing super speedway. So it is many facilities, within one facility. Additionally, there is a horse racing track that surrounds the indoor arena, and a racing road course throughout the parking lot.

Each stadium has there own individual capacities, but in reality, if for example, the baseball stadium is sold out, fans can then sit in the grandstands of the auto racing facility and watch the game on giant “diamond visions”. As the grandstands of the auto racing facility completely surround the stadiums, it is possible for over half a million people to be in attendance.

All domestic Newmanistanian championship events, from high school level on up, are played at the Proving Grounds, and it is possible for all venues to be hosting events simultaneously. It is Newmanistanian legend (which is RP’d to be fact), that Spirits look over the Proving Grounds, and if Newmanistan gets a “lucky bounce” once in a while, that there was superhuman reasoning for it.

It has hosted many interregional championship games, including the Classic, and will again this year. Tundra Falls is in the south east of the empire, about 100 miles northwest of Pocono City.

Field Dimensions: LF: 383, LCF: 399, CF: 415, RCF: 402, RF: 377. Wall height: 9 feet.
Capacity: 61,000 (Baseball Stadium only, overflow seating possible).
Real Life USA City Equivalent: Think Green Bay and the passion for Lambeau Field.
Real life city is provided as a cultural comparison

2) Pocono City (Emperor Michael IV Stadium)

Welcome to the Capital of Newmanistan. It is located in the south east, and has something for everyone. You can get a sense for a lot of the history of the Empire here with museums galore that feature the Royal Family, but also other cultural features.

Any stadium named after Emperor Michael IV is going to be a visually stunning facility, and it delivers exactly that. While the Proving Grounds attracts people and fame due to its history and lore, this is truly the most modern stadium in the Empire. Every now and then, members of the Royal Family will be in attendance.

Field Dimensions: LF: 359, LCF: 390, CF: 408, RCF: 390, RF: 359, Wall height: 8.5 feet.
Capacity: 66,000
Real Life USA City Equivalent: New York City with the Washington, DC political vide thrown in.

3) Loudon (The Jungle)

The city of Loudon is the third largest city in the empire, and is located in the northeast. It is generally considered the anti-Pocono City because it is a place where people can go to be completely away from the government. Therefore, Loudon is a bit more liberal, overall. The stadium is home to the Loudon Leopards, and “The Jungle” used to just be a nickname before becoming its official name since everyone referred to it as such. It gets LOUD. Though that should not surprise.

Field Dimensions: LF: 362, LCF: 371, CF: 385, RCF: 375, RF: 349. Wall height: 8 feet, LF-CF, 10 feet, CF to RF.
Capacity: 54,000
Real Life USA City Equivalent: Chicago

4) Jessicaville (Empress Jessica I Stadium)

Back in the day, the nation of Secristan was Newmanistan’s neighbor to the east. When Secristan ceased, Newmanistan took over 2/3rds of the land (with Cassadaigua, who was on the other side of Secristan, getting the other 1/3rd). Jessicaville was formerly Amherst, Secristan, what had been Secristan’s capital. When it was taken over to become part of Newmanistan, the Emperor re-named it Jessicaville in honor of Empress Jessica I, one of the greatest rulers in our history. The stadium is formerly Amherst Stadium (Secristan had a name for it which I forget), which it means it did host the WBC 12 championship games. Since it has been a long time, this is now like any other city in Newmanistan and no longer has the Secristani influence.

Field Dimensions (modern day): LF- 390, LCF- 392, CF- 415, RCF- 393, RF- 372. Wall height: 8 feet.
Capacity: 68,000
Real Life USA City Equivalent: Los Angeles

5) Putnam Lake (Jeremy McAllister Stadium)

Named for Newmanistan’s greatest soccer player, this southwestern city is the smallest of the eight hosting events and may not offer a ton other then its great beaches.

Field Dimensions: LF- 340, LCF- 359, CF- 392, RCF- 370, RF- 338 Wall Height: 11 feet.
Capacity- 55,000
Real Life USA City Equivalent: Miami

6) Southport (Keisler Stadium)

Named after the great Stacey Keisler, the greatest pitcher of all time (in our opinion of course, though she’d have a very good case for the title), this South Central city lives and breathes baseball. There are monuments throughout the city for Keisler and other Rockets players. Tickets for the games will sell out within hours, even if the Rockets are not playing.

Field Dimensions: LF- 385, LCF- 401, CF- 423, RCF- 390, RF- 377 Wall height: 9 feet.
Capacity: 60,000
Real Life USA City Equivalent: Dallas

7) Olympia (Olympia Stadium)
A typical large city, and the biggest city in the northwest of the Empire. This is not typically a tourist destination for people, and is generally just awarded these events so our citizens in the Northwest can have a convenient location to travel to.

Field Dimensions: LF- 350, LCF- 360, CF- 380, RCF- 360, RF- 350. Wall Height- 7.5 feet.
Capacity: 51,000
Real Life USA City Equivalent: Seattle

8) Centralia (Centralia Stadium)
Located, wait for it, in the center of the Empire, Centralia is the industrial capital of the Empire. It’s not the biggest city, but these blue-color fans are very supportive.

Field Dimensions: LF- 342, LCF- 369, CF- 388, RCF- 355, RF- 344
Real Life USA City Equivalent: Pittsburgh
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Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4 & 5; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, & 14; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, & 5; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, & 38; CoH 33, 35, & 39; WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Horse Racing

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Postby People Who Have Issues » Sun Sep 23, 2018 2:34 pm

National Information:

ICly, my nation is called the @@TYPE@@ of @@NAME@@, or just @@NAME@@ for short. The dominant ethnic group is @@DEMONYM@@, but there are also many ethnic minorities like Bigtopians and Marche Noirians. The whole population including all ethnic groups are called the People Who Have Issues.

The adjective to describe things from @@NAME@@ is @@DEMONYM@@.

The national currency is @@CURRENCY@@, but NS dollars are also accepted at most businesses.

The capital city is @@CAPITAL@@. Other major cities are @@ANIMAL@@ City and Greenville. If you have some time for sight-seeing, the beach resorts Cape @@NAME@@ and @@ANIMAL@@ville-on-Sea are lovely places to visit on a day trip.

The national baseball league of @@NAME@@ is Batter Up! Baseball League.

The national team are officially called the @@ANIMALPLURAL@@, but commonly nicknamed the Mangrove Monitors.

Their home stadium is @@CAPITAL@@ Stadium, capacity 50,000.

There will be some additional information about the nation at the bottom of this post, after the RP permissions.

Starting Line-up Without DH:

2B - Spruce Tree
LF - Henry Taiden
SS - Five-Oh-Three McGoohan
CF - Norma Roe
RF - Dances-With-@@ANIMALPLURAL@@
3B -Yon-Zhauryg v'Klot
1B - Michelle Mires
C - Cyril Duckworth

Starting Line-up With DH:

2B - Spruce Tree
LF - Henry Taiden
SS - Five-Oh-Three McGoohan
CF - Norma Roe
DH - &%*\@# Smith
RF - Dances-With-@@ANIMALPLURAL@@
3B -Yon-Zhauryg v'Klot
1B - Michelle Mires
C - Cyril Duckworth

Pitching Rotation:

Hamish McGraw
Robin McGuffin
Insert Name Here
Sunflower Earthchild Starbeam
Taupebeard de Gauche


Elvis Gandhi
Jacob Kantelberg
&%*\@# Smith
Emmeline de Gouges
Ida B. A. Goodwon


Otto Schopenhauer
Kasie Wilk
Rubeus Gubbins
Bertina Chaswick
Cornelius Prodnose
Patrick Griswold
Inga Matthews


Catherine Gratwick


Woody Cane
Emmanuel Syme
Follicle Rainbow Gooseknob
Orel Roze (team chaplain)
SAL9000 (an AI)

Team Mascot:

The Dogman

Corporate Sponsors

Hispaniola Shipping Insurance, LLC
De Luigi Bros. Pizza
UltraCorp-SmithMax Chemicals Inc
Loggers & Lumberjacks

RP Permissions

Choose my runscorers: Yes

Choose my lineup: Yes. You may choose any of the People Who Have Issues that are mentioned in my RPs, regardless of whether they are officially a player or not. You may also use any character from NS issues canon that has a hardcoded name. Please do not use names from the list of random names that can appear in issues.

Follow my pitching rotation: Same rules as my line-up.

Godmod scoring events: Yes

RP injuries to my players: Yes

Godmod injuries to my players: Yes

Eject my players: Yes

Godmod other events: Nothing supernatural unless the magic comes from your nation, or it is RPed within the framework that I will explain at the bottom of these RP permissions. Bizarre events that obey the laws of nature are fine.

Use DH at home: This is an undecided issue in my nation. You may choose to use a DH or not until the issue is settled.

Other Info:

The lives of the People Who Have Issues are recorded on scrolls in the golden halls of the goddess Violet. If someone edits the text of the scrolls, it changes the history of their world. The archive of the Historic Scrolls is guarded and maintained by angels. The leader of this team of angels is the Angel of Joy, but considering she works for the goddess Violet... Well, "Angel of Joy" is a bit of a euphemism. The People praise her for her infinite mercy, but she doesn't always play nice with them.

The scrolls do not only describe the past, but also the future and the things that could have been -- missed opportunities, alternate timelines, and such.

Time in @@NAME@@ is not linear. The People sometimes experience events out of chronological order or revisit the same moment more than once, allowing them to choose a different path and go down a different timeline. However, the People do not necessarily get the chance to revisit every decision they have made.

Over the years, some of the Historic Scrolls have been stolen by demons or human adventurers. The ones that were stolen by demons were taken to the underworld, where their magic seeped into the soil, and the tree that grows above them acquired vast amounts of knowledge and power from the scrolls. If you water the tree with blood and fertilize it with living flesh, it will answer questions and do favors, including editing the history of @@NAME@@.

The scrolls that were stolen by humans are scattered around the multiverse.

If you want to godmod anything really out-there, please explain it in the context of editing my nation's history to make strange things happen. Please explain who is editing our history and how they got hold of one of our Historic Scrolls.

It is rumored that some of the scrolls may have been smuggled to other nations, and it's even possible that you might find one in your own nation!

The largest collections in @@NAME@@ belong to the Kerzenflüster Public Library and a farmer in an isolated area of Labelle Province. The Kerzenflüster Pulbic Library is open to the public like the name implies, but the Historic Scrolls are not available to be checked out. They can only be read under the supervision of the librarian, and if you tamper with them, he will try to stop you. The librarian is a heavily-armed cybernetic creature with wings and claws. The farmer in Labelle Province will call his gun-toting neighbors for help if you try to tamper with his collection, and it's not easy to outrun them on the confusing back country roads.

You are allowed to godmod, but my nation's history is editable, and it is possible for my characters to edit it too. It works both ways. Obviously, when the dust settles, @@NAME@@ has to end up in a timeline where the results of the game match what the scorinator says.

TG for further info if needed.

Also, I plan to have some interactive elements in my RPs. If one of my RPs includes something that looks like an NS issue, you can answer it like an issue and it will influence future RPs. To answer, send me a TG saying which option you choose. Anyone can answer, but only the first response will be counted. If nobody answers, the People Who Have Issues will just make their own decisions.
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If you write issues, you may borrow anything you like from this nation's RPs.

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Postby Vangaziland » Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:36 pm

Vannish National Baseball - Royals
Style Mod: +3


63 Del Bjornberg SP R R 29 6-4 225 Fastball
51 Rich Kendrix SP L L 30 6-1 215 Curveball
52 Orlando Encarnación SP L L 19 6-0 200 Slider
30 Nate Henli SP R R 27 6-2 225 Fastball
25 Jamaal Edlund SP R 22 5'11 185 Curveball
44 Juan Secada RP R R 25 5-10 175 Change-up
33 Khris Olaf RP R R 23 5-10 178 Fastball
23 Daniel Cortez RP R R 25 5-11 192 Slider
65 Manny Mathissen RP R R 23 5-10 190 Fastball

15 Braden Okogan C L R 33 6-0 205
29 Dave Trancer C R R 28 6-1 210

14 Pete Kelderssen 2B R R 27 6-3 220
23 Tom Davison 1B L L 30 5-9 208
18 Chuck Endo SS L R 27 6-0 205
12 Pat Evenson 3B B R 33 6-2 215
38 Robin Heathersen 1B R R 26 6-0 200
17 Kyle Garon 3B R R 24 5-10 175

36 Carlos Hernandez RF B R 40 6-1 213
22 Jacob Sren CF L L 33 5-10 192
11 Mack Akoye LF L L 33 5-11 199
31 Aaron Hicks RF B R 27 6-0 202

DH - Alex Modsen L L 22 5'8 169

Pitching Rotation
1. 63 Del Bjornberg
2. 51 Rich Kendrix
3. 54 Orlando Encarnación
4. 30 Nate Henli
5. 25 Jamaal Edlund

Batting Rotation
1. 14 Pete Kelderssen 2B
2. 23 Tom Davison 1B
3. 22 Jacob Sren CF
4. 18 Chuck Endo SS
5. Pitcher/DH
6. 36 Carlos Hernandez RF
7. 12 Pat Evenson 3B
8. 15 Braden Okogan C
9. 11 Mack Akoye LF

Head Coach: Don Haverly
Pitching Coach: Juan Manuel Sanchez
Batting Coach: Ivarr Farnson

VannBank FieldHutt
City: North Emeros, Vangaziland
Capacity: 50,500
Built: 1995


The conversation about Vannish hitting has to start with the lead off batters. Pete Kelderssen starts things up for the Royals. Pete carries the blood of a knight named Kelder who traveled to the Middle East in the 15th century. Some say the reason he keeps such a cool head at plate is because of this ancestry. Pete is no stranger to doubles and even homeruns when the conditions are right. He hit the late 3 run homer which won Vangaziland bronze (demonstration) at Olympiad XII. The second baseman is also quick on the bases.

Chuck Endo is another hitter one wants to start a lineup. The shortstop is very consistent, putting up some of the highest batting averages in domestic Vannish baseball. His record internationally is not bad either. He's made some big hits for Vannish baseball in their early WBC seasons. Chuck is less likely to steal than Kelderssen, but he is just as fast running after a hit.

If one wants to talk Vannish sluggers, there are two or three names. Competing for the spot of Vannish Home Run King are Jacob Sren and Carlos Hernandez. Carlos is considered to be the best baseball player from Vangaziland's Esportivan territory of Barnicea. He is a serious threat to take a ball deep when given the right (wrong) pitch. Sren is even more of a power hitter, since he is younger. Batting 3rd, Vangaziland expects a lot from Jacob.


The infield is all about chemistry. SS Endo and 2B Kelderssen work really well together. 1B Davison and 3B Evenson also get along really well. The team has got them working together, often pairing them up for different events in training. It's important for these players in particular to gel. Endo and Kelderssen have the agility to make some electric plays. The same speed they use on the bases comes in handy on defense. Davison and Evenson are comfortable throwing across the field.

The outfield also comes together as a unit. Vangaziland's issue may be that their outfield is aging. Soon they may be without sluggers like Hernandez and Sren. The Vannish outfield's game plan is all about communication. They have the experience to keep errors down. They aren't the fastest outfield. Some hits may get away from them. This is something they are aware of. Expect the manager to keep a close eye on how close or far the field plays.

Throwing pitches may be the strong suit of the Vangaziland Royals. They have been a decent defensive team in international play. A lot of this comes down to aggressive pitching. If there has to be one ace, that would be 29 year old Del Bromberg. Del has the fastest pitch on the team. He's the most intimidating, standing at 6'4 on the mound. His performance has also held up in international play. It's not uncommon for Del to have the best record of all Vannish starting pitchers in a WBC season.

Orlando Encarnación is the youngest player on the team. He has the talent to find himself in the starting rotation. His slider is seen as one of the best in Vangaziland. Orlando has excellent timing and control with his pitches. His inexperience can often get him into tricky situations. It still remains to be seen whether he can pitch himself out of trouble.

Nate Henli is a veteran pitcher who hasn't always had the best seasons. He has the experience to do better. Many think this season could be his breakout year. He's worked extra hard all off-season to develop his pitching arsenal. Nate has stated that he no longer wants to be considered the 'weakest link' on the pitching staff.

The Vannish bullpen believes in the role of a closer. Manny Mathissen holds that spot for the Vangazi. He is quite reliable and can definitely keep a close game away from an opponent. He's far from invincible however. The world's top teams will be able to deal with Vannish pitching in general. The Vangazi are still capable of delivering on any given night.

RP Permissions
Choose my runscorers: No
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: No
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Postby West Phoenicia » Sun Sep 23, 2018 4:51 pm

Team name: Name: The Confederates

Governing Body: West Phoenician Baseball Association
Team Colours: Light Purple, Grey and Orange strip

World Baseball Classic Titles: None
Currently Ranked:6th
Highest placing in WBC: 4th place


* Manager: Trevor Rushworth
** Head Coach: Jacob Prosper.

* Assistant Coach: Normie Broad
* Assistant Coach: Eddie Meadows

* Team Physician: Mark English
* Team Dietitian: Dr Melody Cross


* C Jacob Texas
* 1B Glen Melbourne
* 2B Emanuel Army
* 3B Jack Navy
* SS Kevin Dances
* LF Lukas Towers
* CF Heniel Hewett
* RF Jimmy Geelong
* DH Carson Van Buren


* C Ryan Lunger
* IF Scottie Blues
* IF Anton Narre
* IF Wayne Sorbent
* IF Calvin Dragg
* IF Thomas Zeal
* OF Ricky Sharma
* OF Gavin Tong
* OF Arron Queens


* RRHP Jordan Thomas
* LHP Cliff Samuels
* RHP Hieu Phan
* RHP Ashwyn Sid
* LHP Mandeep Singh
* RP David Zealish
* RP Ross Mendez
* RP Barry Parry
* CP Roberto Debney
* CP Pedro Timms


* Ryan Lunger
* Jacob Texas
* Conrad Greecì

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Postby Cosumar » Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:33 pm

Cosumar National Baseball Team
WBC 44 - Newmanistan

Team Information

Nation - The Fiefdom of Cosumar
Demonym - Cosumarite
Region - Atlantian Oceania
Official Colors - Royal Blue, White, Navy, Silver
Domestic League - Professional Baseball League of Cosumar ("PBL")

History - This will be Cosumar's 29th World Baseball Classic. Though the Dragons have a long history in this competition, they have never been particularly successful aside from one 2nd-place finish. Our WBC 36 ranking of 6th was our peak, but has decreased following some lackluster showings (currently 20th). WBC 42 & 43 were something of a rebound after having our playoff streak snapped in a terrible WBC 41, but we still suffered disappointing sweeps in the first round.

Style Modifier - -2.5


Primary Stadium - Orangi Field (Indoor, Capacity 55.000)

Sponsored by Cosumar's most popular carbonated beverage "Orangi Flavored Sodas", Orangi Field is an enormous indoor baseball complex in southwestern port city Crawford. In pleasant weather, the dome's roof will open, welcoming that beloved sunny-day baseball game feel. However, in the event of heat or precipitation, the roof can be closed as seen below. Orangi Field was constructed prior to Cosumar's WBC 18 campaign. It has been selected to once again serve as the Dragons' primary home field for the 44th World Baseball Classic. It is next-door to the similarly-named Orangi Stadium, a soccer stadium that houses Crawford City FC.

Secondary Stadium - Royal Park (Outdoor, Capacity 41.000)

Royal Park is a beautiful old-fashioned field that serves as the home field for our most famous domestic team, the Ramusok Royals. Although not as high-tech as Orangi Field, Royal Park is legendary because of its rich history. It is known as Royal Park not just because of the name of its tennant, but also because it is just right down the road from the King's Royal Palace in the capital's historic Omrade av Storslagenhet (OAS) district. King James II himself is often sighted here for games. From the natural green grass to the cheap food, 62-year-old Royal Park offers the classic ballgame experience. Decades of tradition and amazing moments of Cosumarite baseball. It will serve as an alternate to Orangi Field in case of emergency, and our FIRST home game is always played here out of tradition.


First Starter (Ace) - Kim Chaucer - (L/R, 5"8, 145, 29F)
Second Starter - Luka Kalvovic - (R/R, 6"2, 180, 26M)
Third Starter - Ezra McElgland - (L/L, 6"1, 185, 33M)
Fourth Starter - Ingo Bischopps - (R/R, 6"4, 210, 30M)
Reliever (Long) - Nestor De La Montaña - (R/R, 5"11, 195, 28M)
Reliever (Long) - Creg Kirkevold - (L/L, 6"1, 230, 27M)
Reliever (Middle) - Antigone Haxx - (R/R, 5"9, 160, 22F)
Reliever (Middle) - Pär Svendsen - (L/L, 6"2, 200, 28M)
Reliever (Set-Up) - Skihera Vu'Faka - (R/R, 6"4, 170, 32F)
Reliever (Anytime/Utility) - Austen Rising - (S/R, 5"9, 160, 29F)
Closer - Journey Rittenhouse - (R/R, 5"9, 167, 23F)
Closer - Voyde Kvanderveldt - (L/L, 6"3, 170, 24M)


Starters at each position listed first

Catcher - Romeo Scarnecchia - (R/R, 5"11, 220, 25M)
Catcher - Rosita Cantu - (R/L, 5"9, 145, 31F)
First Base - Claudia Allais - (L/R, 5"10, 180, 23F)
First Base - Rorik Grønning - (R/R, 5"10, 175, 23M)
Second Base - Jansen Kiskke - (R/R, 6"0, 170, 29F)
Second Base - Andrus Mullanathan - (S/R, 6"1, 195, 22M)
Third Base - Du Va'Beke - (S/S, 6"7, 272, 28M)
Third Base - Erak Karppinen - (R/R, 6"3, 195, 23M)
Short Stop - Kaely Lykorian - (L/L, 5"4, 120, 30F)
Short Stop - Fabiola Graybeal - (R/R, 5"6, 110, 27F)


Left Field - Saeed Mirza - (L/L, 6"1, 190, 30M)
Left Field - Sinéad Bazeden - (L/R, 5"10, 155, 24F)
Center Field - Cesar Slovik - (L/R, 6"5, 220, 31M)
Center Field - Aerin Aldrich - (R/R, 5"4, 145, 28F)
Right Field - Joan Kettler - (R/R, 5"11, 170, 23F)
Right Field - Sigurdar Skald - (S/R, 6"5, 235, 27M)

Batting Order / Starting Line-up

1 - C. SLOVIK - (CF, L)
2 - J. KISKKE - (2B, R)
3 - S. MIRZA - (LF, L)
4 - S. SKALD - (DH, S)
5 - C. ALLAIS - (1B, L)
6 - K. LYKORIAN - (SS, L)
8 - D. VA'BEKE - (3B, S)
9 - J. KETTLER - (RF, R)

We prefer to use a Designated Hitter. If DHs are not in use, remove him from the batting order. Slide everyone else up one spot and place the pitcher last.



The uniform of Cosumar Baseball, as is tradition, consists of a navy shirt with silver sleeves and pants. The hat is also navy, with a silver C in the center. The socks are silver with a blue stripe. The number will go in the top right corner of the front of the shirt and in the center on the back. The player's last name will be placed on the back, arched over the number.

Coaching Staff

Manager - Saturn Odain

It's no surprise that longtime Cosumar Baseball figurehead Louis Copenhaver was been let go after the disappointments of WBCs 41/42. Filling the void, in his second tournament leading the stallions, is Saturn Odain. The former Ruminov Robbers managers has cut an iconic figure in the bullpen in the PBL for years with his 6"6 frame, potbelly and red beard. Though his Robbers teams have never won a title, he has been universally praised for coaching the small-market band of misfits into moneyball perennial contenders. He's known for being a "hard" manager because he demands the most out of his players, which could be a much-needed change, shattering the complacent & comfortable culture that had set in deep under Copenhaver and previous regimes. Odain, now 52, has shook up the roster in turn. Many perennial PBL all-star veterans who thought their place in the national team was still assured despite underachieving on the international stage have been cut in favor of younger and less-proven rising players for Odain to mold.

First Base Coach - Johnar Sunhold

Sunhold was a collegiate star at the University of Ankortroth and a former #1 draft pick. After a long and successful career as a slugger in the PBL (retiring at #4 all-time in home runs), he transitioned seamlessly into coaching. He started out as a batting coach for a few minor league teams but eventually worked his way up to a PBL managerial position five years ago. His success at the Goldstaff Golden Eagles landed him the honor of being the First Base Coach for the National Team starting in WBC 42. He's the energetic, youthful face of the coaching staff that relates best to the players and sorts out any locker room issues. 41 years old.

Third Base Coach - Joanie Sansom

Joanie Sansom was the first female coach in the history of Cosumar Baseball when she took up this post for WBC 39. Sansom, now 60, is a veteran of the PBL as both a player and coach. She has managed three PBL clubs in her career, winning one title, but is currently serving as the President and GM of her hometown team, the Crawford Cocodragons. She has taken this side appointment with the National Team as a way to reconnect with her coaching roots and get back on the field. She is known for her warm, people-person demeanor and slow, colorful drawl. But also for a sharp intellect hiding behind this charming facade.

OOC Permissions

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes, within reason
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but allow me to determine severity
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
DH used at home: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but shoot me a TG
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Champions: DBC 35 & 44, AOCAF 54, Eagle Cup VII, WCoH 33, CoH 64, IBC 18, NSCF 10/11/15/16, WLC 20/21/26, Arena Bowl I & III
2nd Place: AOCAF 57, NSCF 13, WBC 34, WLC 12/19/23, AOHC VI, Arena Bowl V
3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

Host: WC 78 & 82, CoH 69 & 74, BoF 62, World Bowl 27, WLC 20, Beach Cup II & V
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Postby Beepee » Sun Sep 23, 2018 10:51 pm

It was that time of the year again when the World Baseball Classic rolls around.

Last time, Beepee surprised themselves by getting past the group stage. Since that high, Beepee has turned inwards and played only internal competitions, attempting to improve their competencies.

Baseball Beepee Manager Homer Unn sat at his desk. His thoughts drifted back to Beepee's last WBC. The surprise win over, world number 1, Super Llamaland and the first round match against West Phoenicia were highlights.

It was time to choose his squad for the forthcoming World Baseball Classic in Newmanistan.

Homer sat with the squads for each of the Beepeean clubs, examining the batting averages and other key determinants. A stickler for consistency, Homer Unn jotted down the  25 man roster...



Preferred starting line up indicated

Manager - Homer Unn

Homer Unn is Beepee's loveable yet incredibly stupid manager. He is incredibly well versed and knowledgeable on Baseball strategy, but oft puts suffers from foot-in-mouth-itis.

* 01 Bowie Baysocks, 26, GWB Pelicans, LH
62 Roger Mulla, 33, Isring Forest Bears, RH
   21 Ali Mohammed, 28, CSU Tigers, RH
   17 Dhiraj Jevtar, 24, Catenham WS, RH

Bowie Baysocks is Beepee's most consistent Catcher and has a decent understanding the pressures on pitchers.

In the recent Beepeean Baseball League season, Roger Mulla performed well pushing Baysocks for player of the year. This competition is likely to be Mulla's last international tournament,and he is keen to go out on a high".

1B 04 Casey Thorlibin, 27, GWB Pelicans RH
2B 09 Sean Balwearie, 29, CSU Tigers RH
3B 12 Christian Mitchell, 34, GWB Pelicans RH
SS 07 Bruce Labare, 30, CSU Tigers RH
      35 Sung Jun-Ho, 23, Phafjord Pack RH

short stop Bruce Labare is also the captain of the Beepeean side and their best player.

Christian Mitchell has become a must stronger hitter over the past year and recently won a home run competition at the Sub

LF 05 Tua Keeti, 25, GWB Pelicans RH
CF 03 Kody Pombo, 28, CSU Tigers LH
RF 02 Chris Maino, 29, CSU Tigers RH
      25 John Maier, 27, Phafjord Pack LH
      18 Alexander Abraham, 18, Sepe Soldiers RH

Chris Maino is hitting his peak and has had an excellent pre-tournament training session.

John Maier is expected to push Tua Keeti for a starting position in the coming tournament, given Keeti's poor run of form.

Alexander Abraham is a new addition the squad this year. He performed well and outplayed other more established players in the recent Beepeean league.

Designated hitter 
99 Denis Derriux, 31, GWB Pelicans, LH

SP1 76 Josef Artemovich, 30, GWB Pelicans RH
SP2 72 Taylor Keith, 28, GWB Pelicans RH
SP3 81 Dan McManus, 33, CSU Tigers RH
SP4 73 Leslie Wheeler, 26, CSU Tigers LH
SP5 74 Martin Clemens, 29, Phafjord Pack LH
CP 75 Allan Hampton, 28, Catenham WS RH
RP 80 Jeremy Miller, 22, Sepe Soldiers RH
RP 78 Keith McConnell, 26, CSU Tigers RH
RP 77 Darius Duffy, 34, Isring Forest Bears LH
RP 79 Justin Holman, 31, Isring Forest Bears RH

Josef Artemovich will be the opening pitcher in the first match, and the above running order 1-5. Artemovich has the quickest fastball of all the Beepeean players. Whereas Dan McManus has the widest range of accurate throws.






The Sub
A12,000 seater stadium known locally as 'the sub' is the National stadium for baseball in Beepee. It is located in adjacent to Catenham State University.

Equipped with modern facilities including corporate and hospitality boxes, food court, shops and souvenirs.

The home run fence is situated at 320ft.


Baseball Pedigree

Baseball Beepee finished third in the inaugural Prarie Classic hosted in North Prarie.

As an unranked side in WBC 43, Beepee qualified second in their for the first round proper, losing 2 -1 To West Phoenicia.

Baseball Beepee has an overall win:loss record of 19-14 in international matches.

Manager Homer Unn also won the manager of the tournament award at the Prarie Classic.

In domestic baseball, Beepee has a small 6 team competition.


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Not if you don't want to
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes
Use DH at home: Yes
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Postby Titaniumland » Mon Sep 24, 2018 7:04 am

Roster at the 44th World Baseball Classic

Pitching Rotation
01. Joanna Cohen / 26 yrs.
02. Katarina Carey / 20 yrs.
03. Demetrius Wade / 24 yrs.
04. Baskara Harel / 19 yrs.
05. Rudolph Sams / 22 yrs.

Starting Lineup
Catcher - Sidney Troy / 20 yrs.
First base - Justin Sheffield / 18 yrs.
Second base - Georgia Scott / 23 yrs.
Third base - Bjorn Leon / 25 yrs.
Left field - Alexander O'Shea / 28 yrs.
Center field - Dwayne O'Shea / 28 yrs.
Right field - Brett O'Shea / 28 yrs.
Shortstop - Michael Kravitz / 21 yrs.


Rowland Oval
Rowland Oval is the biggest baseball field in Titaniumland. It holds up to 40,000 spectators and has already served as the main venue for Titaniumland Baseball Tiger Cup for three years and the Titaniumland National Games.

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, follow the one posted above unless otherwise stated.
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: Yes, as long as there is no death or destruction.

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Postby Eraman » Mon Sep 24, 2018 8:47 am

Name: Eraman
Colors: Prussian Blue
Denonym: Eramanian
Stadium: Daulapura Stadium, Daulapura
Capacity: 35,000
Head Coach: Hali Bajajar

Baseball is not a popular sport in Eraman. In fact, baseball is not played at all in Eraman before. The team will be under the tutelage of Hali Bajajar who learn the rules of baseball from video games and has no experience of an actual match. The players representing Eraman is selected from a series of trial conducted across the country few months prior to the 44th Edition of World Baseball Classic. Even then, the turnout was very poor and those who attended the trial have little to no clue how the game is played.

Because of the sport lacks of popularity in Eraman, there are no baseball stadium in the country. The team will play its home game in Daulapura Stadium, a football stadium located in the royal capital of Eraman. It is home to Royal Daulapura, the champion of Eraman football league which is owned by the royalties of Eraman. It is a 35,000 all-seater stadium making it the biggest stadium in the country.

1. Marwi Basar | Right-handed
2. Polo Mindana | Left-handed
3. Cerdas Wira | Right-handed
4. Rana Surya | Left-handed
5. Ula Bandini | Right-handed

1. Bari Kencana | Left field | R/S
2. Widya Sapura | Third base | L/L
3. Wikra Khazanah | Shortstop | R/R
4. Andi Perwira | First base | L/S
5. Waja Sentosa | Catcher | R/S
6. Kali Perdana | Center field | R/S
7. Indira Putra | Second base | R/S
8. Pitcher
9. Sawi Serawi | Right field | R/S

Sudi Biara | Long relief | L/L
Budi Kesuma | Medium relief | R/R
Rimau Cengkerang | Short relief | L/L
Yula Kondi | Setup | R/S
Bintang Surya | Setup | L/L
Putih Sentari | Closer | L/L

Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: Yes
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: Yes
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Postby The Derpy Democratic Republic Of Herp » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:26 am

The Scootalove City Unicorns Line up

SP: #24 Sam Lam, #48 Trevor Murphy , #43 Bastion Rogers, #49 Steve 'The bat' Gat , #17 Stan Gagnon
RP: #64 Roger Brown, #1 Alex Tremblay , #62 Paul Mins, #61 John Johnson, #68 Amalthea 'The Last Unicorn' Beagle

IF: #4 Stuart 'Super' Nova, #11 Muffinus Cute, #18 Zoey Derpus, #10 Dave Candy , #44 Dave 'The King' Haggard
OF: # 6 Zeek Donald , #7 Alex Hammer, #8 Pat Zater, #15 Dan Herpus
UTIL/DH: #25 Alex Ponches
C: #20 Rick 'The House/God of Thunder' King , #27 John Avidan

Scootalove City Unicorns statum is unsurprisingly a stadium in Scootalove city. Originally designed for other sports like snowball fights, it is now the home of the Scootalove City Unicorns.

Scootalove city being 30 KM away from Muffin City and named for Former Leader Rainbow Dash's sister relationship with her 'little goofball' Scootaloo.

Seats 50,143, retractable roof, Cannonball transport system set up right next to the building, food court with a "meat" section and a not "meat" section, window boxes and, a bar.

Currently has one banner raised:
World Baseball Classic 38 Playoff team

Has also a gift shop with convenient currency exchange to Awesomes.

There mascot is the Doofy Unicorn, a unicorn with a tongue sticking out with a donut and a lampshade on her horn.

RP Permissions:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Yes
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Postby Tenburg » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:09 pm

After Tragedies and Triumphs, It's Time for More Baseball

The last year-plus has seen the passing of a terrifying time in the history of Tenburg, starting with the assassination of Prime Minister James O'Sullivan, as well as the following insurrection and civil war. Now, however, after a few months of tentative peace under the new nationalist government, Chancellor Mara Byrne has taken a major step in reestablishing some sort of cultural normalcy: authorizing the Tennish National Baseball team to participate int the 44th World Baseball Classic.

Tenburg's history in the Classic is short but dramatic. Their first year saw a fireball of a team make a run that shocked the world, finishing second in their group, and smashing former champion Frenline Delpha in the first round of the playoffs before being swept by the vastly superior Newmanistan, with whom a friendly rivalry was seemingly established.

WBC 41 saw the return of the team with the additions of 2b Diane Fiore and pitcher Leo Kaiser, riding on another solid prelim round before being knocked out in five games in the first round of the playoffs.

WBC 42 was, by all counts, a train wreck, as the team finished near the bottom of their group and missed the playoffs altogether. That said, this was around the time of the beginnings of political unrest back home--their minds were likely more focused on the welfare of their loved ones.

For the Metros, however, the insurrection hit all too close to home; relief pitcher Vivian Lynch, wife of RF Jack Lynch, was killed by an artillery shell during a bombardment by government forces in downtown Tallow. She had been slated as the team's top reliever by that point in her career, with some projections even suggesting a starting role for her.

The loss has hit everyone hard.

"She was just a kind soul," former player and current batting coach Michael McGuire says. "She lit up the room and made everyone feel as thought they were her first priority."

Affected more than anyone, of course, is the club's star right fielder.

"He's just not himself," pitcher Rory Quinlan says of his countryman and former RiverSharks teammate. "He still plays well, but I feel like the fire's out. He's not the barn-burning fella he was. He's heartbroken."

Manager KC O'Brien won't change his strategy, despite this. "Jack is the heart and soul of this team, and always has been. As he goes, we go. He's still the best player in the country and I won't be benching him. We'll get it together."

Should they manage another big run for the playoffs, the Metros will find themselves walking into Newmanistan, which, of course, opens a whole new can of worms. Lynch is still playing for the South Charlotte Condors, and the two nations' fans still argue over the series the clubs played in WBC40. If they were to meet again in the playoffs, in Newmanistan, one can only suspect the drama will be first-rate.

Regardless of what has happened, the people of Tenburg are only excited to see their Mets in action again.

Baseball is back.
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Postby Newmanistan » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:37 am


“Home of the Six-Time Champions!”

Let’s start with the technicalities:
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, my lineup is listed here. Use that!
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes. I will normally include upcoming pitchers in my prior RP.
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but only say they are hurt. I will determine the severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes, on a basis of no more then one more then you eject from your own team.
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: Another “Hell no!” here

Additional Information that is very important to me: Newmanistan does not prescribe to the modern day concept of pitch counts determining how long a starting pitcher is kept in for. In fact, pitch counts are not even kept track of outside of curiosity sake. Such count is not displayed on the scoreboard, so if you want to track it for your pitcher, you must do it manually.

– If Newmanistan has given up 2 runs or less and WON, then the starting pitcher has gone all nine innings. No ifs, ands, or buts. This is true even if it would have been a save situation.

– Another Newmanistan trait is aggressive base stealing. Think back to the days of Vince Coleman and Ricky Henderson in their primes.

Home Game Schedule Info:
(to be filled in eventually)

Head Coach: Ashley Stevens 65, Loudon Leopards
– Daughter of former Newmanistanian superstar pitcher Jessica Brasfield. Ashley went on to have a fantastic career in her own right, and will do her best to make sure that the Rockets live up to their legendary pitching performances of the past. The Leopards are the dominant pitching team at home. She is honored to be only the second coach ever in Newmanistan baseball history, and like her predecessor, won the title in her 4th try and her second title in her 6th try.

Hitting Coach: Chelsea Benjamin, 62, Pocono City Capitals
– Hit for decent power in her playing career, but she had an uncanny knack for being able to make contact. She is studious in observing a player’s mechanics, and can usually pick up on problems quickly to make sure hitting slumps are temporary.

Pitching Coach: Tracianne Conti, 61, Loudon Leopards
– Works with Murphy in Loudon to make sure that everything is perfect with the pitching. Conti is astute on being able to decipher when a pitcher is getting tired, and does not only use a pitch count number to do that. Intelligent on bullpen usage as well.

1A) Hannah Lee, 27, LHP, South Charlotte Condors (#25)
– In WBC 40 at 19, she was added to the roster to get the WBC experience, and was not used a ton. Made a spot start in qualifying for WBC 41, and tossed a shutout. Tossed another key shutout in the playoffs. Had a great WBC 42, and cannot be blamed for the Rockets premature exit in there. Moved to the top of the rotation of WBC 43, and was the starting pitcher for the Game 6 finale against Free Republics.

1B) Jennifer Hughes, 33, RHP, Jessicaville Millionaires (#42)
– In the last two years, Hughes has developed into a top starting pitcher in the Empire, and was second to Duvall in Keisler Award voting lat year. Hughes has been a part of the World Baseball Classic roster the last two classics, but as a long reliever. With her career absolutely taking off right now, she’s being given much more responsibility. In the shadows of Courtney Duvall, Jennifer actually had an outstanding WBC 41 herself. Has remained consistent, and won her second title in WBC 43. Her pitching style is conducive to being able to continue to excel despite getting older.

1C) Shannon Kelly, 30, RHP, Putnam Lake Eagles (#33)
– In another stunning move in the rotation, Ashley Stevens has included Shannon Kelly, thanks to an incredible season in the ENBL that saw her go 20-4, with a league leading 1.54 ERA with Putnam Lake. She was voted the top pitcher in the Western League (the above three are Eastern League pitchers). It is not her WBC debut, as she was on the WBC 42 roster last Classic, but as a utility reliever. Moved to the starting rotation in WBC 43 in the 1D role, and after adapting well, she moves up one more spot.

1D) Cassie Burke, 22, RHP, Seminole Bay Gators (#37)
– At just 19 years of age, Cassie made quite an impression with the small market Seminole Bay Gators, the coach Stevens continues with the theme of going with the hot hands from the most recent ENBL season. She’s a bit young to be given this role, not even Hannah Lee was handed a starting spot this young, but her 1.86 ERA and 246 K’s were very impression. Due to playing with Seminole Bay, the win-loss record is not as impressive, but she’ll be happy to get more run support now. This is her second Classic.

1E) Courtney Duvall, 37, LHP, Loudon Leopards (#22)
– Duvall is a dominant pitcher at home that puts up some amazing numbers. She is tall, and while she can and will beat you with a fastball, it is her curveball and slider that make her so dominant. A splitter is also part of repertoire. Tossed a perfect game against Musterfield during WBC 39 qualifying. Margaret loves her, as evidenced by us (almost) always getting a favorable scoreline that is conducive for a good start. (May not always be a win, but its starting pitcher friendly a lot). Had a dominant WBC 40 campaign, but then was simply amazing in WBC 41, tossing a gem in Game 7 of the finals on pretty much, one leg. WBC 42 was not her best, but recovered nicely in WBC 43 after a midyear injury in the ENBL had her miss half the season. Now, she returns yet again in what will an end of an era. This will be her final WBC.


Closer) Meghan Girardi, 38, LHP, Loudon Leopards (#43)
– Shannon Spencer, the scapegoat (and deservedly in most cases) for the games that we lost is no longer part of the team. The ball is now handed to Girardi for the ninth, but she’s got plenty of experience in the Classic having served as the set-up reliever a few times. In Game 7 of the WBC 41 finals, it was Girardi, and not Spencer who pitched the ninth for the save, so this was inevitable move, and she became the regular closer after that. Not surprisingly, the fastball is her out pitch. This will also be her last WBC.

Set-Up) Katrina Payne, 29, RHP, Dover City Mountaineers (#44)
– As the closer in Dover City, Katrina made her debut in the 42nd Classic. It will be in the set-up role, which is the same role Girardi had last year. The righty has a good fastball, and will throw it often, but her curveball is what will leave batters shaking their heads on the way back to the dugout.

Michelle Tremont, 30, LHP, Centralia Cougars (#51)
– Tremont’s out pitch is a fastball, and it is only that way because of how she excels in setting it up with a wicked cutter and split-finger. She’s a mid-inning reliever, more then anything else.

Madison Sullivan, 23, LHP, South Tier Seagulls (#40) (WBC Rookie)
– The hard throwing middle reliever makes her debut in WBC 44 after steadily showing progress over the last couple years. She is a starter at home, so it does not matter how long she is kept in for. Likely being groomed for rotation duty as some of the older veterans move on.

Alyssa Wolcott, 25, RHP, Tundra Falls Mariners (#48) (WBC Rookie)
– A middle reliever for the team that is a bit unusual for the roster because typically Stevens just uses transformed starters in these spots. Wolcott, however, is a middle reliever at home as well, and through an incredible work ethic, has been impressive to the point of inclusion on the roster.

Andrea Courville, 28, RHP, Jessicaville Millionaires (#49)
– Andrea is not flashy, and sometimes people will wonder how she does it. Her secret is pinpoint location, and the ability to be a step ahead of the batter in keeping them guessing. Her curveball and slider are nasty, plus she even mixes in the screwball from time to time. Her fastball isn’t really super fast, but it just seems that way after facing the breaking stuff. This is her first time on the team, and will likely be used in mid-inning situations. Debuted in WBC 41 as a part of the bullpen, and after showing great progress the last two years, got a chance to start in WBC 42, though now returns to the pen, where she remains.

Jessica Gray, 31, LHP, Putnam Lake Eagles (#28)
– The southpaw loves to throw her curveball and slider, which is similar to how Courtney Duvall wants to get you out, as well. Jessica does not have quite as a good a fastball as Duvall, but relies on the wicked 12-6 break of her breaking pitches. Made her debut in WBC 41 in the rotation, and was hit and miss over the course of the campaign, and the same was true in WBC 42. When she’s on, she’s great! Had another strong year in the ENBL, but her inconsistency at this level as seen her taken out of the rotation. Seemed fine in this spot last Classic, so gets to return again for WBC 44.

1) Kelsey Brandis- CF (R/S) (#7), 30, Nashua Broncos (1st time Starter)
- The era of Bates and Alcorn leading off the roster has come to an end with WBC 43. They are now 36 and 37 respectively, and as such have slowed down. However, this is way many Newmanistanian lineups are set up, so there will be new people ready to fill the void. Brandis has been a part of this roster for a while, but as a bench player. She has speed and can turn a walk into a three base walk, but also has enough power to hit 15 or so in a 162-game season. Does not hesitate to steal third as well, common for the most aggressive Newmanistanian runner.

2) Ashley Sorenson- LF (L/L) (#2), 21, Brighton Bulls (WBC Rookie)
– As was the case before, we don’t just have one super speedster at the top of the lineup, we have two. Everything Brandis can do, Sorenson can do as well. While Brandis is still a veteran of the team, just starting for the first time, Sorenson is the aggressive newcomer looking to make a name for herself at this level.

3) Stephanie Reynolds- RF (R/S), 29, Pocono City Capitals (#14)
– Reynolds has impressed everyone at home with her power. As a rookie with Pocono City, she pounded out 49 long balls, while maintaining a BA of .318. She also has a great eye, and drew over 100 walks last season. Moved up from 6th to 3rd in the lineup last Classic, and adapted really well.

4) Mallory Harris- 1B (L/S), 36, Southport Tigers (#27)
– The most dominant offensive player in Newmanistan today. Mallory can get it done in all aspects, hitting for power and average while also providing gold glove caliber defense. Oh, and she’s not afraid to steal a base or two, either. She also knows she’s good, and enjoys showboating. The type of player you love if they are on your team, and hate otherwise. Everything is clicking right now, and some wonder if she is actually getting better with age.

5) Kayla Carey- SS (R/R), 35, Vargas City Lions (Super-Llamaland) (#5)
– Provides amazing defense in the middle of the infield, but also has a career batting average of .353, ranking tops in Newmanistan among active players. Sneaky power, and averages around 30 HR’s in a 162 game season. Speedy on the bases and a huge trash talker. Surprised Newmanistanians by signing with the Lions out of Super-Llamaland, but will be excited to represent the Empire once again.

6) Michelle Covington- 2B (R/S), 35, Jessicaville Millionaires (#4)
– Known for a high level of swagger and flair, she loves to talk up with the best of them. She can hit too, and is more of an extra base hit threat then a power threat, and is an RBI machine. May show more power then expected. Great spot for her in the lineup as you can’t just pitch around the others to get to her.

7) Joanne Collins- 3B (L/S), 25, Putnam Lake Eagles (#16) (WBC Rookie)
– A complete newcomer to the roster, as the regular starter in this spot, Rachel Landry, has had a couple down years. Therefore, coach Stevens is giving Collins the chance to show her skills. The first thing many will notice is how well she fields her position. Hits for a solid average, with enough pop in the bat to make pitchers respect it.

8) Brittany McDonald- C (R/R), 26, Loudon Leopards (#26) (WBC Rookie)
– With Heather Kent’s 39-year old knees getting too sore to add the World Baseball Classic to her regimen, coach Stevens looks for a fresh weapon behind the plate and goes for her own catcher, McDonald. Her experience with some of the pitchers on this roster will help, but that is not the only reason she is here. She is a steady hitter around .280, and has a great arm.

9) Pitcher

DH When Necessary- Kenzie Magee- MI, 34, (#21)
The regular DH, when we have to use it. If so, Magee hits SEVENTH, ahead of both Collins and McDonald.

Kaylee Vickers- C, 26 (#39) (WBC Rookie)
Christine Hansen- CI, 34 (#19)
Lori Brewster- CI, 25 (#23)
Sierra Davis- CI, 26 (#13)
Sydney Hassler- MI, 27 (#3)
Kenzie Magee- MI, 34 (#21)
Stephanie Callahan- OF, 24 (#10) (WBC Rookie)
Ashley McCabe- OF, 30 (#12)
Katie McCreary OF, 22 (#17) (WBC Rookie)
Jessica Novotny, 29- Utility (#9)

(OOC) Why The Rockets are All-Female: From time to time, I get asked this. When we signed up for our first Classic, WBC 7, we anticipated that we would not be good right away. Therefore, for that Classic, I used a team of all women to provide an IC reason for why we might not have been as good. Then, we made it all the way to the championship series. Based on that, I just figured I would stick with it. As it continued to work, why mess with it?
Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4 & 5; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, & 14; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, & 5; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, & 38; CoH 33, 35, & 39; WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Horse Racing

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Postby Tenburg » Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:34 am

Tennish National Baseball Team
Nickname: Metros (or simply Mets)

Baseball was almost reduced to cult status in Tenburg until their appearance in WBC 40. The riotous atmosphere, coupled with Tenburg’s surprise run to the quarterfinals, and another playoff appearance in WBC41, made baseball incredibly popular, and despite a poor performance in WBC42, and missing the next Classic due to national turmoil, the return of WBC baseball has ignited a new fire in the hearts of the people of Tenburg.

As the turmoil of the recent conflicts in Tenburg has for everyone, it has taken its toll on the club. Reliever Vivian Lynch was killed in an artillery strike. Some players joined the fighting on one side or the other and were injured. The core, however, remains intact.

Home Uniform

Away Uniform

Manager: K.C. O’Brien

Starting Pitchers. Rotation will be determined by schedule.
#25 Rory Quinlan RHP
#43 Leo Kaiser LHP
#34 Peter “Bat” Masterson RHP
#31 James Cullen RHP
#47 Finbar Fallon LHP

#41 Eamon Mahoney LHP
#56 Sean Flanagan LHP
#33 Enda Shannon RHP
#39 Aidan Rogers RHP
#38 Kieran O’Casey LHP
#44 Brian Kelly RHP

#54 Braiden Locke RHP

#29 Conor Curren R/R
#10 Patrick Vincent L/L

#4 Dylan Maloney R/R
#12 Fergus McDonnell R/R

#32 Diane Fiore R/R
#22 Roy O’Sullivan L/R

#28 Dermot Canavan S/R
#91 Gabriel Pierce L/L

#5 Kyle Shanahan L/L
#02 Thomas Branagh R/R

#88 Shane Brannigan R/R
#95 Tommy McBride L/L

#13 Ossian Gallagher L/L
#94 Timothy Perkins R/R

#66 Jack Lynch R/R
#19 Peter Joyce L/R

1. D. Canavan
2. D. Fiore
3. D. Maloney
4. J. Lynch
5. K. Shanahan
6. O. Gallagher
7. C. Curren
8. S. Brannigan
9. T. Perkins/Pitcher

RP info:
Choose my run-scorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: nothing that keeps them out for more than a game without a tg first please. no fatalities.
Godmod injuries to my players: no
Eject my players: yes, but tg me please
DH used at home: yes
Godmod other events: Yes
I offer only slanderous mockeries!

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Hampton Island
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Postby Hampton Island » Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:54 am

Hampton Island Golden Bears

The lineup remains the same with the exception of the newcomer, Midnight, who is an actual black bear. He is ok with being referenced as a Golden Bear for the competition. No one knows how he became so good at baseball. Will get along with teammates and opponents as long as he is well fed before the game. The team was looking to liven things up after making the playoffs for the first time in World Baseball Classic 43, before losing in the first round.

Manager: John Morton, 64 (2nd year)

1) Adam Voorman, 28- CF (Speedy, likes to run and great with glove)
2) Patrick Seguin, 31- SS (Contact hitter with great range)
3) Larry Huckston, 30- 1B (Contact hitter, great with runners in scoring position)
4) Midnight, age unknown- LF (Actual black bear. Explosive power when he makes contact)
5) Brad Thomas, 31- RF (Home run or strike out most of the time)
6) Kalvin Nellis, 32- 3B (Better all-around hitter then Thomas, just not quite as much power)
7) Danny Hackerbee, 23- C (Great overall contact hitter, works long pitch counts)
8) Bryce Mueller, 28- 2B (Deceptive power, very intelligent player)
9) Michael Patterson, 35- DH (Infielder otherwise, contact hitter)

1) David Carson, 28- C
2) Robert Orville, 29, 1B, 3B
3) Phil Haggarty, 26, 1B, 3B, OF
4) Anthony Cianci, 30, OF (Person who lost his starting job in favor of Midnight)
5) Jerome Jurdeen- 23, 2B, SS
6) Scott Van Allen- 25, 2B, SS

1) Chris Tyson, 30 (RHP)- Hard thrower, not afraid to throw at batters
2) Dean Douglas, 27 (RHP)- Good fastball but nasty breaking pitches
3) Cory Clover, 24 (LHP)- Up and coming phenom, nasty curveball. Doesn’t get along with Sanfredi
4) Jake Williams, 30 (LHP)- Splitter is his speciality
5) Curtis Sanfredi, 23 (RHP)- Young, very arrogant, and a wicked curveball. Doesn’t get along with Clover.

1) Garrett Grogan, 33 (RHP)- Middle/Long Relief
2) Bill Begley, 32 (LHP)- Middle/Long relief
3) Byron Shannon, 20 (LHP)- Middle relief
4) Bryan Prater, 25 (RHP)- Short relief
5) Aaron Mayfield, 28 (LHP)- Short relief
6) Chad Whitlock, 27 (LHP)- Set-up
7) Martin Reynolds, 29 (RHP)- Closer

Stadium- National Stadium (Capacity- 68,217) in Stafford City

Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Only if centered around Midnight, our actual outfield playing bear, but no killing or injuring him.
Use DH at home: Yes

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Postby Ko-oren » Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:35 pm

Ko-orenite National Baseball Team
野球コ・オレン代表 - Jakyuu Ko-oren Daijhou - Seleçon Co-orenensa de Beisbol

Starting (by batting order):
Placido Taboada (23) Ferrovente Whales - 3B
Dodo Ritsushima (28) Giants Katashi - SS
Kiro Ogasawara (26) Giants Katashi - RF
Tasu Shiro (32) Nitoya Silvers - LF
Mototsune Umemura (35) Nitoya Silvers - CF
Tevi Kagulazaka (27) Echizen Dragons - C
Oscar Viera (22) Ferrovente Whales - 2B
Vianol Sivurila (25) Aviansola Admirals - 1B

Shunko Joshida (30) Teragaseki Dynamo - 2B
Katatake Gotou (27) Generals Katashi - SS
Masatoki Enomoto (32) Giants Katashi - 1B
Roibén Peredo (29) Santa Teresa Stars - LF
Xacinto Leyton (24) Santa Teresa Stars - CF
Ruu Deguchi (25) Echizen Dragons - RF
Juan Berganza (26) Santa Teresa Stars - C

Kasper Brands (33) Western Wanderers - Often used in important games
Tsunehisa Kumagaya (33) Giants Katashi - Often used in important games
Brandán Melle (34) Santa Teresa Stars
Suke Wakuni (24) Generals Katashi
Kannon Kitabajashi (36) Suvira Quarry

Masu Hamasaki (36) Aonishi Challengers - Middle relief
Habi Hoga (25) Generals Katashi - Set-up man
Kotaro Higashi (34) Echizen Dragons - Closer
Tacaro Cevocalu (25) Aviansola Admirals - Middle relief
Moises Carballar (29) Ferrovente Whales - Middle relief
Varunobu Ozawa (25) Arakura Knights - Set-up man/Closer

Biggest stars on the team
- Juan Berganza and Tevi Kagulazaka, both catchers. This team features two great catchers that, despite their young age, are incredibly important to their teams. Championship-winning Kagulazaka more so than Berganza, hence the choice for starting pitcher.
- Kasper Brands, starting pitcher. Brands is the biggest name in Ko-orenite baseball, and it's just the biggest kick to the gut that he is not from the baseball heartland and plays for the one team (out of 12 teams) with their home outside of baseball heartland.
- Masu Hamasaki, relief pitcher. Hamasaki has a poor starting rotation ahead of him at his club, and still he tends to get his team back into it every now and again. The same is expected of him in national team play, especially if Wakuni or Kitabajashi are starting.
- Dodo Ritsushima, short stop. Dodo (Doi according to his passport) has a great defensive record (as do all Ko-orenite NT players) but manages to get on base ridiculously often too, and sometimes manages to hit doubles as well. Basically, he can do it all.

RP Permissions
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: Yes
Follow my pitching rotation: No(t per se)
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: No
Use DH at home: No
Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096
Domestic Sports Newswires - Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map - Loro Language Schools (Storefront)
Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 1x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 2x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 2x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC - 1x RUWC

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Postby Cassadaigua » Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:51 pm

Team Cassadaigua
Official Roster for World Baseball Classic 44

Home Stadium is the 70,000+ seat Concord Heights Stadium in Concord Heights

DH: No
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: It is posted here.
Follow my Pitching Rotation: It is posted here.
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes only if you make it exciting!
Godmod other events: Yes as long as no one dies or is seriously hurt.

Coach- Maddie Polanco- 4th Classic with Cassadaigua, Bench Coach of Super-Llamaland's WBC 40 Championship squad among other accolades with Super-Llamaland, and led Cassadaigua to the semis in each of WBC 41 and 42.

Starting Rotation (Stats in the last Cassadagan season included)
SP- #46- Kelsey Bowen, 27, RHP (24-4, 1.86 ERA, 287 K’s)
SP- #20- Mikayla Warren, 28, RHP (22-7, 2.31 ERA, 251 K’s)
SP- #38- Katia Tavarez, 24, LHP (18-8, 2.40 ERA, 201 K's)
SP- #52- Lauren Sutter, 24, LHP (21-9, 2.32 ERA, 185 K’s)
SP- #32- Samantha Owens, 22, RHP (22-5, 2.17 ERA, 231 K’s)*

RP- #39- Meghan Townsend, 23, RHP, Anytime Relief
RP- #26- Amanda Freeman, 29, LHP, Anytime Relief
RP- #37- Sandra Quinones, 23, LHP, Long Relief
RP- #35- Claudia Van Larsen, 27, RHP, Long Relief
RP- #34- Reagan Foster, 32, LHP, Short Relief
RP- #36- Elizabeth Chapman, 28, RHP, Short Relief
RP- #41- Kelsie Kaplan, 34, LHP, Set-up Reliever
CP- #45- Rachel Sauter, 29, RHP, Closer

Here is our lineup with the players stats from the most recently completed season in Cassadaigua. All players are switch hitters, you don’t get to this level in Cassadaigua without having that ability.

1) #13- Jenna Bailey- CF, 28 (.337, 10 HR, 69 RBI, 104 SB)
2) #28- Taylor Bryant- LF, 25 (.318, 22 HR, 86 RBI, 37 SB)*
3) #17- Cassie Daniels- 2B, 24 (.332, 30 HR, 108 RBI, 40 SB)
4) #4- Cortnie Nicholson- RF, 34 (.341, 51 HR, 132 RBI, 25 SB)
5) #10- Alyssa Harrington- SS, 31 (.328, 30 HR, 102 RBI, 15 SB)
6) #25- Kiersten Riley- 3B, 30 (.291, 35 HR, 107 RBI, 27 SB)
7) #22- Lexi Carpenter- 1B, 29 (.296, 32 HR, 111 RBI, 7 SB)
8) #24- Danielle Trufant- C, 24 (.288, 20 HR, 91 RBI, 2 SB)*
9) Pitcher

#31- Eliza McReynolds- C, 22*
#21- Jordyn Prosser- 1B/3B, 23*
#11- Julie Sherman- 2B/SS, 27 (DH when used)
#7- Nicole Sherwood- OF, 32
#14- Rachel Adams- OF, 25
#16- Chelsea Barrett- Any but C, 24

* = WBC Rookie
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, & 19; WB 8 & 22; WCOH 11; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13 & 15, DBC 21
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77).
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54 & 67; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 43 & 45, Conferences within NSCAA 4, 5 & NSCH 1; WLC 7 & 30.

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The Greater Nordics
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Postby The Greater Nordics » Tue Sep 25, 2018 8:23 pm

The Greater Nordics Sports Council is proud to announce that the Greater Nordics baseball team is competing in the World Baseball Classic for a second time. The roster is filled wit some of the most talented players in the country. These players play in the national league and in leagues in other nations. The roster is mostly the same as last time with a few new players coming in. The coaching staff is the same, as these are the most experienced coaches in the nation. We hope to have a better tournament than last time as we finished last in the group.

Starting Lineup
Position Name Age Bats/Throws

LF Soren Vang 26 L/L
1B Ludde Knutsen 29 Switch/R
CF Tom Partanen 30 R/R
2B Oscar Christiansen 27 L/L
SS Ester Isaksson 26 Switch/L
RF Kristine Pekkanen 30 R/R
3B Mats Patriksson 25 L/L
C Alex Blom 29 R/R
Pitcher's Spot


SP Tuva Lindholm 31 R/R
SP Jon Isaksson 29 L/L
SP Alf Kuiper 27 R/R*
SP Erna Wolff 22 L/L
SP Bjorn Karlsson 26 R/R
RP Amanda Engberg 25 L/L
RP Katharina Dahl 20 R/R
RP Sari Albinsson 21 R/R
Closer Lise Olson 29 L/L
IF Josefine Kron 24 Switch/R
IF Alf Mathiasen 30 R/R
IF Johanna Forsberg 21 L/L
C Sam Nilsson 26 R/R
C Loke Irving 20 Switch/L*
OF Gina Kaspersen 32 R/R
OF Caroline MacWilliam 19 Switch/L*
OF Torsten Eriksson 22 L/L*

*- World Baseball Classic rookie
Manager:Ernst Roy
Pitching Coach: Anca Ahlberg
Hitting Coach: Mats McNabb
1B Coach: Morten Lowe
3B Coach: Adrian Craig
Bench Coach: Ulrika Munro
Team Doctor: Dr. Elisabet Bager
Other information
The home stadium of the Greater Nordics is King Lauritz II stadium. It is a classic style ballpark outside of Copenhagen. It seats 38,000.

My players are aggressive at the plate and on the basepaths. They may be caught stealing because of it but they also steal a lot of bases. They like to swing for the fences on every pitch so they strike out more than most teams but they can also score a lot of runs off of homers.
DH: No
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No, follow the lineup listed
Follow my Pitching Rotation: I dont have a pitching rotation
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes but TG me if it is a big one
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Abanhfleft » Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:34 pm

Abanhfleft men's national baseball team

No one even cares about baseball in Abanhfleft anymore. (No, not really. It's just everyone's gotten used to the Revolution underperforming so everyone's just set their bars very, very low.)

Name of nation: Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Demonym: Fleftic
Team name: Abanhfleft Revolution
Nickname: Revolutionaries (common), Revolters (derogatory)
Official history: This will be Abanhfleft's ninth time participating in the World Baseball Classic. It's also probably the ninth time that they'll disappoint.
Team colors: Blue, orange, and green
Style modifier: 1. Abanhfleft is experimenting with new styles to try and finally get a win in the WBC.

Key: (Shirt number, pitches/bats, age)

1 - Justin Yardley (#58, R/R, 34)
2 - Guillermo Rodriguez (#54, S/R, 28)
3 - Burtegha "Burt" Hokabo (#37, S/L, 33)
4 - Yakub Petrenko (#13, R/R, 27)
5 - Joffrey Yedlin (#24, S/R, 27)
Long Reliever - Kenton Regner (#44, R/R, 24)
Long Reliever -
Middle Reliever - Collin Olea (#43, L/L, 26)
Middle Reliever - Patrick Fulver (#46, R/R, 32)
Middle Reliever - Gevorg Kardashian (#99, L/R, 33)
Setup Receiver - Olivier Savanier (#39, L/L, 27)
Closer - Peter Langford (#90, R/R, 26)

Catcher - James Hester (#10, S/R, 29, Starter)
Catcher - Doyle Rotz (#51, R/L, 26)
First Base - Marshall Householder (#88, R/L, 27, Starter)
First Base - Elroy Combs (#5, L/L, 22)
Second Base - Yorge Freyas (#29, R/R, 24, Starter)
Second Base - Jorge Day (#30, L/S, 25)
Third Base - Farris Baoteng (#20, L/L, 34, Starter)
Third Base - Timothy Branson, (#63, R/R, 33)
Short Stop - Desmond Bo (#00, R/R, 32, Starter)
Short Stop - Ulrika Zimmermann (#49, R/R, 28, female)

Left Fielder - Dmitri Aksyonov (#4, L/R, 33, Starter)
Left Fielder - Hashim Khateb Bansamun (#66, R/R, 22)
Center Fielder - Peter Offutt (#94, R/R, 29, Starter)
Center Fielder - Arturo Cox (#95, L/L, 30)
Right Fielder - Massimo Verde (#18, L/L, 30, Starter)
Right Fielder - Aedan Soto (#7, L/R, 20)

1 - P. OFFUTT (CF, R)
2 - Y, FREYAS (2B, R)
3 - F. BAOTENG (3B, L)
4 - D. BO (SS, R)
5 - M. VERDE (RF, L)
8 - H. K. BANSAMUN (LF, R)

In the event that a DH is not allowed, keep the pitcher in the DH's place.

Reheboam Zimmermann was killed in the same terrorist attack that changed forever the lives of those on the national baseball team. Who knows in which direction the new management will take this team?







The Abanhfleft Baseball Federation has announced that it will be using two baseball stadia as venues for the Abanhfleft Revolution's home matches.

Official name: Stadion Memoriam de December 27
Capacity: est. 26,500
Record attendance: 37,084 (Verbergerkinnh Cubs vs. Copper Cuprum Miners; October 5, 2022)
Operators: Verbergerkinnh Cubs

Official name: National Baseball Stadium
Capacity: est. 60,000
Record attendance: 65,233 (Effelenendro Islanders vs. Pilken Blue Sox, 19 October 2022)
Operators: Abanhfleft Baseball Federation, Effelenendro Islanders (for games against big teams)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes, within reason
Choose my lineup: No, please stick to the starters as much as possible
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes, you must follow it to the letter
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but TG me first
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Eject my players: No
Godmod other events: Yes, except killing my players or coaching staff, and please TG me before doing this
Use DH at home: Yes
The Democratic Republic of Abanhfleft
Leader: President Rako Novoire

Territories and dependencies:
Trans-Dniesters (Client state)
Oontaz Dert Li Ng
Copper Cuprum
Economic Left/Right: -1.72
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.88
Second place winner in the International Baseball Slam VI
Third place winner in the World Lacrosse Championship XIX
Winner of the Baptism of Iron XVI!
Third place winner in the 33rd Di Bradini Cup!

Third place winner of the International Baseball Slam VIII
Winner of World Lacrosse Championships 22!

I also write stories. Would you like to read my works?

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Postby Gor Kebab » Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:15 am

Choose my run-scorers: No
Choose my lineup: No
Follow my Pitching Rotation: No
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes
Eject my players: No
DH used at home: No
Godmod other events: Yes


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Stephen Trick

Kilm Joe
Al Chip
Abu Gjuju
Smithy Home
Amire Mine
Dante Sore
Jeremy Spencer
Leroy Joseph
Joe Jenkins

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Postby Equestrian States » Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:51 am


The Pony Principality of Equestrian States
National Baseball Team - World Baseball Classic 44

Quick Facts
Nickname: The Phoenix
All-Time Record: 177-131 (0-0 at WBC 44)
Achievements: Semifinals (WBC 25); Quarterfinals (WBC 41); Round of 16 (WBC 23, WBC 26, WBC 29, WBC 30, WBC 34); Round of 24 (WBC 31); Round of 32 (WBC 43)

Group TBD
#0 - Image Equestrian States (0.00 pts.)

Tournament Schedule

Group Stage - Group TBD
Schedule TBD


#15 - C - Starcloud (R/R) - 25 - Male Pegasus - Image Trottingham Titans
#2 - C - Ripple (L/L) - 32 - Female Pegasus - Image Cloudsdale Homers

#9 - 1B - Hazel Walker (S/R) - 25 - Female Human - Image Appleoosa Cider-Brewers
#19 - 2B - Apple Daisy (R/R) - 27 - Female Earth Pony - Image Appleoosa Cider-Brewers
#14 - SS - Celina (S/R) - 29 - Female Unicorn - Image Ponyville Stars
#4 - 3B - Irontooth (L/L) - 35 - Male Dragon - Image Baltimare Colts
#10 - 2B/SS - Kendra Peters (R/R) - 31 - Female Human - Image Baltimare Colts
#21 - 3B/2B - Stormcrow (R/R) - 32 - Male Pegasus - Image Cloudsdale Homers

#1 - LF - Trevor Amistad (R/R) - 28 - Male Human - Image Everfree Dragons
#5 - CF - Pablo Sanchez (R/R) - 20 - Male Human - Image Ponyville Stars
#34 - RF - Bright Harp (L/R) - 29 - Female Unicorn - Image Canterlot Royalty
#17 - LF/3B - Star Shield (R/R) - 25 - Male Earth Pony - Image Manehattan Supernovas
#25 - CF/RF - Seaswirl (S/L) - 24 - Female Thestral - Image Stalliongrad Miners

Starting Rotation
#19 - SP - Indigo Lightning (R/R) - 28 - Female Pegasus - Image Ponyville Stars
#3 - SP - Sandra O'Neil (L/L) - 30 - Female Human - Image Everfree Dragons
#66 - SP - Christopher Robin (R/R) - 21 - Male Human - Image Whitetail Foragers
#20 - SP - Célestine Belrose (L/L) - 23 - Female Nekojin - Image Manehattan Supernovas

#16 - LR - Angela Delvecchio (R/R) - 24 - Female Human - Image Manehattan Supernovas
#49 - LR - Light Trainer (R/R) - 30 - Male Unicorn - Image Canterlot Royalty
#22 - RP - Iron Will (R/R) - 28 - Male Manticore - Image Manehattan Supernovas
#31 - RP - Heart Tips (L/L) - 29 - Male Pegasus - Image Cloudsdale Homers
#8 - RP - Fireball (R/R) - 42 - Male Earth Pony - Image Appleoosa Cider-Brewers
#27 - SU - Peach Pallette (L/L) - 27 - Female Unicorn - Image Trottingham Titans
#24 - SU - Whuckrall (R/R) - 25 - Male Dragon - Image Ponyville Stars
#88 - CL - Hot Stuff (L/L) - 28 - Female Griffon - Image Stalliongrad Miners


#1 - LF - Trevor Amistad (R/R) - 28 - Male Human - Image Everfree Dragons
#19 - 2B - Apple Daisy (R/R) - 27 - Female Earth Pony - Image Appleoosa Cider-Brewers
#5 - CF - Pablo Sanchez (R/R) - 20 - Male Human - Image Ponyville Stars
#15 - C - Starcloud (R/R) - 25 - Male Pegasus - Image Trottingham Titans
#4 - 3B - Irontooth (L/L) - 35 - Male Dragon - Image Baltimare Colts
#14 - SS - Celina (S/R) - 29 - Female Unicorn - Image Ponyville Stars
#9 - 1B - Hazel Walker (S/R) - 25 - Female Human - Image Appleoosa Cider-Brewers
#34 - RF - Bright Harp (L/R) - 29 - Female Unicorn - Image Canterlot Royalty
## - P - Starting Pitcher

#1 - LF - Trevor Amistad (R/R) - 28 - Male Human - Image Everfree Dragons
#19 - 2B - Apple Daisy (R/R) - 27 - Female Earth Pony - Image Appleoosa Cider-Brewers
#5 - CF - Pablo Sanchez (R/R) - 20 - Male Human - Image Ponyville Stars
#15 - C - Starcloud (R/R) - 25 - Male Pegasus - Image Trottingham Titans
#4 - 3B - Irontooth (L/L) - 35 - Male Dragon - Image Baltimare Colts
#10 - DH - Kendra Peters (R/R) - 31 - Female Human - Image Baltimare Colts
#14 - SS - Celina (S/R) - 29 - Female Unicorn - Image Ponyville Stars
#9 - 1B - Hazel Walker (S/R) - 25 - Female Human - Image Appleoosa Cider-Brewers
#34 - RF - Bright Harp (L/R) - 29 - Female Unicorn - Image Canterlot Royalty

Manager - #76 - Image Jolt - 51 - Male Earth Pony (Played C in WBCs 22-25, Bench Coach in WBCs 26-28)
Hitting Coach - #45 - Image Winter Eclipse - 57 - Male Bat Pony
Pitching Coach - #50 - Image Sunstar - 59 - Female Pegasus
1st Base Coach - #60 - Image Trevor Portsmuth - 52 - Male Human
3rd Base Coach - #29 - Image Grizzle - 62 - Male Dragon
Bench Coach - #13 - Image Elana Libman - 47 - Female Human
Bullpen Coach - #55 - Image Flutterfire - 40 - Female Unicorn (Closer in WBCs 22-28)

Links lead to individual city visitors’ guides for the 25th World Baseball Classic, in which info can be found on the cities and stadiums used for the playoff stage of that WBC

Royal Canterlot Stadium - Capacity: 55,000 - Canterlot, Equestrian States
Ponyville Park - Capacity: 32,000 - Ponyville, Equestrian States
Forest Stadium - Capacity: 22,000 - Everfree, Equestrian States
West Orchard Field - Capacity: 18,500 - Appleoosa, Equestrian States

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Runscorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
Choose my Lineup: No - Follow the posted lineup
Choose my Pitching Rotation: No - Follow the posted rotation, TG me if you’re not sure who will face you
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes - Limited to minor injuries only
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes - See the above restrictions
Eject my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes - Nothing too extreme, please TG me prior to using poor weather
Designated Hitter at Home: No
Other Notes: For information on the Equestrian States, please refer to the WBC 25 Visitors’ Guide first, then TG me if you have any further questions. Additionally, if you wish to do something that is either not listed as allowed in my RP permissions or really out of the ordinary, I require that you ask me (via TG) at least two hours prior to RP cutoff so my own post can account for the unusual event. Failure to send a TG in time will likely result in your request being turned down as I will probably have already begun work on my own RP.
President of the NS World Cup Committee
27th Di Bradini Cup Champions
4x World Cup, 2x Cup of Harmony, 1x Baptism of Fire, 2x World Cup of Hockey, 3x World Baseball Classic, 1x World Bowl Host

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Postby Newmanistan » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:16 pm

The Group Draw has been finalized. Here are the results!

Pot 1: Newmanistan (1), Super-Llamaland (2), Schiltzberg (3), Cassadaigua (4), Scootalove City (5), Nova Anglicana (6), Free Republics (7), Abanhfleft (8), West Phoenicia (9)

Pot 2: Alpine Union (10), Ethane (11), Ko-oren (13), Lycrabon (14), Equestrian States (15), Drawkland (16), Banija (17), South Covello (18), Maklohi Vai (19)

Pot 3: Hampton Island (20), Cosumar (21), The Sherpa Empire (22), Northwest Kalactin (25), Hicaña (27), Royal Kingdom of Quebec (29), Vangaziland (31), St Saratoga (33), Liventia (35)

Pot 4: Anthor (38), Beepee (41), Melbergia (42), Saintland (44), Tenburg (50), Oscioru (51), Lisander (54), The Greater Nordics (64), Fungsland (71)

Pot 5: Filindostan (78), New Sportland (99), Shayla (UR), People Who Have Issues (UR), Suryak (UR), Knessniet (UR), Tjorl (UR), Loshos (UR), Saint Agnesia (UR)

Pot 6: Dharoka (UR), Gor Kebab (UR), Titaniumland (UR), Notoria (UR), Aureumterra (UR), Tierra de Castro (UR), Eraman (UR), Wuriya (UR), Ranoria (UR)

Group 1:
Drawkland (16)
Notoria (UR)
Scootalove City (5)
The Greater Nordics (64)
Hicaña (27)
Knessniet (UR)

Group 2:
Gor Kebab (UR)
Vangaziland (31)
Equestrian States (15)
Suryak (UR)
Cassadaigua (4)
Melbergia (42)

Group 3:
The Sherpa Empire (22)
Eraman (UR)
West Phoenicia (9)
Tenburg (50)
Shayla (UR)
South Covello (18)

Group 4:
Ethane (11)
Northwest Kalactin (25)
Newmanistan (1)
Dharoka (UR)
Lisander (54)
Tjorl (UR)

Group 5:
Loshos (UR)
Alpine Union (10)
Beepee (41)
Nova Anglicana (6)
Tierra de Castro (UR)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (29)

Group 6:
Maklohi Vai (19)
Fungsland (71)
Free Republics (7)
Liventia (35)
Saint Agnesia (UR)
Titaniumland (UR)

Group 7:
New Sportland (99)
Hampton Island (20)
Oscioru (51)
Super-Llamaland (2)
Lycrabon (14)
Wuriya (UR)

Group 8:
Ko-oren (13)
Anthor (38)
Ranoria (UR)
Schiltzberg (3)
St Saratoga (33)
People Who Have Issues (UR)

Group 9:
Banija (17)
Abanhfleft (8)
Filindostan (78)
Aureumterra (UR)
Saintland (44)
Cosumar (21)

(Group Draw and full schedule edited into second post of thread)
Six-time World Baseball Classic Champions
CHAMPIONSHIPS: DBC 4; 27th BoF; CoH 34, 36, & 37; Oxen Cup 12; WBC 10, 12, 15, 17, 41, & 43; IBC 4 & 5; WLC 1
Runner Up: DBC 5 & 6; Oxen Cup 6; WBC 7,9 11, & 14; IBC 1; WB 4, 6 & 34; WLC 2 & 3
World Cups qualified for: 46, 48 (R of 16), 49, 50, 54
Hosted: WORLD CUP 49, WB 1, 2, & 5; WBC 8, 11, 14, 19, & 38; CoH 33, 35, & 39; WLC 2, 4 & 5; WCoH 10, IBC 24, NSSCRA, Horse Racing

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Postby Tierra de Castro » Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:45 pm

Federación Castrollana de Béisbol
World Baseball Classic 44 Roster

HEAD COACH: ‘El Profesor’ Edgar Abasto, 52, debut appearance
A spectacular second baseman and leadoff hitter for the Marineros in his playing days, ‘El Profesor’ has since coached his boyhood ball club to multiple national titles which has led to them being discussed as a true Castrollano baseball dynasty. Abasto is a deep thinker and can often be found poring through statistics in an attempt to find the perfect formula to win a game. Away from baseball, Abasto has a doctorate in psychology and this is where his nickname primarily comes from.

#01: Yoel ‘Snoopy’ Martinez, 25, RHP, Los Cubanos, debut appearance
‘Snoopy’ Martinez has made a career domestically out of pure speed. He doesn't have too much variation in his locker, but he will put batters under pressure and try to give them something to think about. Has immense stamina and is likely to be a regular favourite of ‘El Profesor’ in the national team's debut Classic.

#02: ‘El Zorro’ Hector Chicote, 35, LHP, Marineros, debut appearance
Somewhat of a living legend within Castrollano baseball, still playing despite multiple injuries during his career and still plaguing hitters with problems. Chicote is a favourite of Abasto's from when ‘El Profesor’ coached the Marineros, where Chicote still plies his trade. Renowned for his crafty and cunning pitching (his nickname translates as 'the fox'), Chicote has a full arsenal and isn't afraid to use underhand tactics to gain an advantage. In domestic games he is known for chatting to batters between pitches and attempting to play mind-games with them. Whether such tactics prove fruitful against higher class opposition in the World Baseball Classic remains to be seen.

#03: Alfredo Tejedor, 22, LHP, 26 de Julio, debut appearance
The big hope for perennial domestic strugglers 26 de Julio is Alfredo Tejedor, the youngster possesses a dizzying knuckleball among an ever diversifying pitching variety and is being talked up as the next big thing out of Castrollano baseball. A few good performances in the Classic and it would not be a surprise to see him earn a lucrative move abroad. 26 de Julio will naturally hope that Tejedor decides to stay loyal to his local team for a little longer, of course.

#04: Gustavo Quesada, 28, RHP, Tortugas, debut appearance
Quesada goes rather unappreciated domestically, his pitching always has the Tortugas in contention but whilst they dominate on defence they have a desperate lack of hitters and this has consistently hamstrung them in recent seasons. Known for being able to switch extremely naturally between a fierce fastball and a devious changeup.

#05: ‘El Ariete’ Gonzalo Tamayo, 30, RHP, Marineros, debut appearance
Tamayo's approach can be summed-up very nicely just by translating his nickname ('the battering ram'). He will find any way he can to get a batter out, often blurring the line between clever and dangerous pitching. Marineros' fans love him for his jovial personality, at home he is often the man that takes over from Chicote as a middle reliever or a closer, he will likely act more as the former with the national team.

#06: Juan Zoido, 26, RHP, Hormigas de Fuego, debut appearance
A starter at home and perhaps a little unfortunate not to be named in the starting rotation with the national team, Zoido is an intelligent pitcher who works in tandem with his catcher to devise plans on every single hitter they face and it is this in-depth approach which has likely endeared him to the similarly conscientious Abasto. Zoido will likely be used as a long reliever if necessitated here and will look to establish himself with some good performances in the hope of a place in the starting rotation next time.

#07: Benjamin ‘Benji’ Arboleda, 22, LHP, Tocororos, debut appearance
Benji Arboleda is a closer with immense potential, it is likely he will be used as a setup pitcher for the more experienced Jorge Santangel this time around but youth is on his side and he will play a big role in future editions. Tocororos fans took a while to warm to Arboleda as he grew up a fan of their hated rivals from across town the Urracas, but his performances have started to endear him to them slowly but surely.

#08: Jorge Santangel, 31, LHP, Industriales, debut appearance
Santangel was previously the starting pitcher for Castrollano baseball's most successful club, but he has garnered a reputation as a pressure pitcher, able to pull out his best work when others would falter and this has earned him a role as a closer with both his club and the national team. Has a well-stocked arsenal, including a particularly nasty curveball that he usually introduces following a series of very straight fastballs or change-ups.

STARTING LINE-UP (bats/throws):
#09: Facundo Mina, 28, LF (L/L), Industriales, debut appearance
An excellent example of a contact hitter, Mina enjoys the task of getting on-base and is consistently a leader domestically in at-bats per strikeout. A speedy baserunner, he will also patiently attempt to steal bases. Plays in a strong Industriales side domestically and it is hoped he will be a good influence in the dressing room with his exceedingly professional approach.

#10: ‘Cool Hand’ Lucas Leguizamo, 25, 2B (L/R), Avispones, debut appearance
Leguizamo is a patient hitter and is often able to walk due to his ability to read pitches well and leave those that are outside the strike zone. He is another contact hitter who is adept at moving the leadoff man into scoring position. Abasto prefers a lefty hitting second due to the potential advantage for them if a runner is on first (i.e. first baseman holding on the runner and second baseman playing double play depth), and Leguizamo is skilled in finding the 3-4 gap in the infield.

#11: Adan Carita, 22, C (R/R), Marineros, debut appearance
Carita is a slugger, there is no other way of saying it. Abasto will be hoping that Mina and Leguizamo can do their job and get on base and that Carita can do what he is well-known for and hit a big one to bat them in. He is only small in stature (5'6), but he is a hefty man and packs some power into his hitting. He is catcher for the Marineros domestically and this means he has experience working with Chicote (and Tamayo from the bullpen), something which could prove invaluable. Generally quiet off the field, preferring to help out at his family's restaurant than involve himself in any of the partying many other baseball stars take part in, on the diamond he is a different proposition altogether and a notoriously fiery character.

#12: Eustacio Lain, 34, SS (R/R), Agricultores, debut appearance
Lain is another big hitter and his experience is invaluable to Abasto with this relatively young roster. A career shortstop for Agricultores domestically and a skilled defensive player, he also packs serious power and is a prolific home run hitter. Could prove to be an outstanding clean-up man for the Castrollano squad in their debut Classic. Lain is likely to be substituted for a pinch runner as he was never blessed with any great amount of speed and any he did have has seemingly disappeared with age.

#13: Christopher Big Chris’ Gonzalez, 32, CF (R/R), Estibadores, debut appearance
‘Big Chris’ is a good descriptor, he stands at 6'5 and he utilises his long levers to hit with plenty of venom. A useful hitter in the heart of the order and could be the exclamation point to the duo that come before him. Also a useful defensive player with an exceptional arm, Gonzalez is one of Abasto's generals out on the field and an excellent motivator.

#14: ‘Pint Size’ Emilio Pinto, 23, 1B (L/L), Lobos, debut appearance
Pinto is short and skinny but has a knack for contact hitting and that makes him useful at #6 in the batting order. He is a true speedster, though and that is more perhaps the reasoning by having him here. A decent hit can lead to him gaining a little more ground than expected, due to his pace and his daredevil nature. Probably the most likely player to steal bases in the starting line-up.

#15: Aaron Munoz, 28, 3B (R/R), Macacos, debut appearance
His hitting is rather hit-and-miss, if you would pardon the pun. Not always the best at reading a pitcher and can often pay for this, but if he does hit the ball it will go a long way as he is a powerful guy and this is where the danger lies for opposing pitchers - underestimate Munoz at your peril. A solid defensive player and baserunner.

#16: Diego Secada, 31, RF (R/R), Delfines, debut appearance
Secada is a good right fielder and adept at baserunning and stealing bases. He's a reasonable contact hitter and often gives himself a decent chance at getting on base, he's unlikely to hit it for power, but getting on base is the key thing and Secada's experience often allows him to do that.

Pitcher or Designated Hitter, if DH: Juan Esteban Capmany

BENCH (bats/throws):
#17: Jesus Carballo, 30, 1B (L/R), Urracas, debut appearance
Carballo is an experienced first baseman with Urracas, a reasonable power hitter who would likely start somewhere around 4th or 5th if it wasn't for the presence of the big hitters already there and starting first baseman Pinto's exceptional baserunning ability.

#18: Lorenzo Marti, 24, 2B (R/R), Hormigas de Fuego, debut appearance
A team mate of long reliever Juan Zoido domestically, Marti is a skilled second baseman, defence is coached relentlessly in Tierra de Castro until it is like clockwork and Marti is an example of this. Abasto's preference for a lefty batting second perhaps means he doesn't start ahead of Leguizamo as Marti is also a reasonable contact hitter.

#19: Juan Esteban Capmany, 21, 3B (S/R), Marineros, debut appearance
Capmany is a true power hitter and the national team's designated hitter when it is used. He will likely fill the clean-up hitter spot at #4 in the order once Eustacio Lain retires. Another from the Marineros, Capmany was the leading home run scorer in domestic baseball last season.

#20: Isaias Tejeda, 23, SS, (S/L), Los Cubanos, debut appearance
Tejeda is a spectacular athlete, blessed with speed and exceptional fitness. He will often be employed as a pinch runner for Eustacio Lain. An aggressive baserunner who led the domestic league in stolen bases last season. A reasonable hitter, it is expected Abasto will be delighted to work on that area of his game with him to make him a truly rounded player as the potential is there for Tejeda to be a really fine player, his ability in the field already demonstrating this.

#21: Mateo Lopez, 25, LF (R/R), Los Cubanos, debut appearance
A solid leadoff hitter, Lopez will often substitute in like-for-like with Facundo Mina. A strong arm and outstanding 'baseball intelligence' (something Coach Abasto loves), complete the picture with Lopez.

#22: ‘JPP’ Juan Pablo Pareja, 25, CF, (L/L), Industriales, debut appearance
Pareja is a good contact hitter and baserunner. A lover of stealing bases, he may be employed occasionally as a pinch runner if Abasto is feeling particularly speculative, his speed is evident but he can often risk a little too much when attempting to steal.

#23: Diego Espina, 24, RF (S/L), Marineros, debut appearance
A switch hitter who has plenty of power in his locker, Espina is one for the future, right fielder for Marineros with a rocket arm and plenty of ability when at-bat he is evidence of why they are one of the dominant forces in Castrollano baseball right now and why they will be dominant for years to come - he's only 24!

#24: ‘Saint’ Valentin Aparicio, 26, C (R/R), Industriales, debut appearance
Abasto must be thankful that in Carita the national team have a catcher that can hit - and very, very well at that. Aparicio, whilst an excellent catcher, is not blessed with any particular ability when batting and that is why the younger man starts ahead of him. Aparicio is a slow baserunner too and is regularly substituted for a pinch runner domestically with Industriales. This means that Aparicio will only really be employed as a starter if Carita suffers an unfortunate injury or suspension.

HOME STADIUM: Centro Nacional de Béisbol (capacity: 38,000)
Both the ancestral home of Castrollano baseball and the future, the national stadium is a modern construction paid for by the government as a centrepiece of the country's sports programme (alongside a modern athletics stadium, football stadium and boxing arena), all shiny steel and glass it is an exceptional modern facility and one that will be used for years to come. The ethics of it being built are of course not in question at all and although the money spent on its construction could perhaps have been better spent in other ways, Castrollanos love their baseball and therefore this stadium is the jewel in the FCB's (and the government's) proverbial crown. Alongside the stadium are training facilities for the national team and all the age-group teams down to the little-league squads, with government funding of the FCB youth training programme increasing almost tenfold with the decision to finally send a team to the World Baseball Classic as they hope to prove the superiority of socialist sporting prowess above all else on the global stage.

Tierra de Castro is a communist state with a Caribbean climate and the government are determined to demonstrate the superiority of their chosen political system through sport, thus large swathes of government funds are funnelled towards baseball along with a few other sports (athletics and boxing mainly, with the proficiency of the Castrollano boxing being particularly worthy of praise).

The quality of life for citizens in Tierra de Castro is relatively good, but the majority of society will have very little in the way of disposable cash and some places will look a little rundown, although they will always be spotlessly clean at least. Public services are very good, healthcare and transport particularly. Tourism is the biggest industry for Tierra de Castro, with rich tourists from comparatively more prosperous nations spending their money vacationing on the sandy beaches that can be accessed straight from the government-run hotels right next to them. Castrollano cigars are exceptional and are regularly sold to tourists for an extremely high mark-up.

Sociolismo is rife, with friends often providing each other with certain black market goods that can be difficult to find, swapping one for another and saying little else about it. Anyone caught doing this will be imprisoned, something which is definitely a bad thing in Tierra de Castro. In short, citizens have a reasonable quality of life, with little to no political rights and a great love for baseball. Palm trees, communism and baseball - what's not to like?


Choose my runscorers: ¡Sí!
Choose my lineup: ¡No!
Follow my pitching rotation:
Pick whichever you find the most interesting from the starting rotation.
Godmod scoring events: ¡Sí!
RP injuries to my players: ¡Sí!
But I shall determine severity.
Godmod injuries to my players: ¡No!
Eject my players: ¡Sí!
Godmod other events: ¡Sí!
No deaths though please.
Use DH at home: ¡Sí!
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Postby Beepee » Thu Sep 27, 2018 3:47 am

The secret diary of Homer Unn, aged 50 and three quarters

27th Sepmember 2018.
World Tourism Day.

This World Baseball Classic is going to be a ripper! We get to play against lots of wonderful highly ranked teams, like Nova Anglicana, Alpine Union and Royal Kingdom of Quebec. There are a couple of names I've not seen before, Tierra de Castro and Loshos, but these UR sides are usually really good and fun.

I have decided for the new WBC to make resolutions. Here are my WBC resolutions:

1. I will always iron my clothes before a match as being smart and well dressed is important,
2. I will give generously to the needy,
3. I will not drink gatorade as it makes me hyper,
4. I will be nice to all my opponents,
5. I will lose graciously and win humbly,
6. I will be chivalrous,
7. I will get a pet and love it with all my heart,
8. I will smile on team photo day,
9. I will not fear godmodding, and
10. I will not start smoking no matter how stressful the WBC gets.

As it's world tourism day, I got my mum a ticket to the first match we have, which is against Nova Anglicana. I have to call her back tomorrow and see if she wants to go, as she had one of her 'headaches' when I spoke with her earlier.

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Postby Banija » Thu Sep 27, 2018 11:39 am

Banija National Baseball Team


Coaching Staff
This is the same coaching staff for the 4th straight edition of the World Baseball Classic. After World Baseball Classic 43, their contracts expired, but they were renewed for one more tournament by the Olympic Committee of Banija.
Manager- Raymond Cloutier. 63 years old.The veteran from Ethane will be leading Banija to his fourth World Baseball Classic.
Bench Coach- Nolan Ayotte. 77 years old. Very calm, cool, and collected. Takes over if Rezende is ejected.
Hitting Coach- Elliot Isabelle. 65 years old.
Pitching Coach- Yakuba Borussa. 59 years old. Likes big, tall, hard throwing pitchers. Only Banijan and non-Ethanian on the coaching staff.
1st base Coach-Cyrus Marshall. 63 years old.
3rd base Coach- Troy Galloway. 71 years old. Very aggressive, always looking for base runners to take that extra base. This has come back to bite him on more than a few occasions.

Istria City Baseball Diamond, in Istria, Moravica, Banija. Capacity of 41,000

With the war no longer going on, the Banijan baseball team will play home games on home soil for the first time since WBC 42. IN WBC 43, of course, they played their home games in Demot, because of the ongoing Banijan-Equestrian War. Home games will be played in Istria, Banija's largest city.

They used the same roster in WBC 41, WBC 42, and WBC 43. This is the first time since their return to the World Baseball Classic, in WBC 41, where they are changing their roster. New players are italicized.

Batting Order
1 SS Assan Mansaré. #30. 21 years old. Right-handed. Twin brother of Jibril Mansaré. PLays at Northern Moravica..
2 CF Duwa Sohna. #31. 20 years old. Switch-hitter(right-handed). Currently plays at Kizza I College. Has great defensive range.
3 RF Kamara Singateh. #30. 29 years old. Left-handed. Easily the best hitter on the team. Can hit for power and average. He is, however, the team's worst outfielder/ Graduated from University of Ankole.
4 3B Alanso Jallow. #5. 28 years old. Right-handed. Hits for power. Runs the base-paths poorly. Graduated from Kizza I College.
5 LF Kabiru Diene. #19. 24 years old. Right-handed. He can throw baserunners out like nobody's business. Graduated from Golden Valley University.
6 DH Jebel Sowe. #12. 33 years old. Captain. Left-handed. The team leader and veteran, known to be an extremely clutch hitter. Plays first base if there is no DH. Alumnus of the Islamic University of Busoga.
7 1B Kairaba Savaneh. #3. 31 years old. Left-handed. Alumnus of the University of Ankole.
8 2B Jibril Mansaré. #4. 21 years old. Right-handed. Twin brother of Assan Mansaré. Plays at Northern Moravica.
9 C Makang Jawara. #9. 21 years old. Right-handed. Plays at the University of Ankole.

If there is no DH, then Jebel Stowe will play first base, and the #9 slot in the batting order will be taken by the pitcher. Other than that, the lineup/batting order will not change.


OF Wassa Kinteh. #22. 30 years old. Right-handed. Often used as a defensive subsitute for Kamara Singateh. Best outfield thrower on the team. Almnus of Northern Moravica.
1B/C Fabba Marenah. #25. 28 years old. Switch-hitter(right-handed). Almumnus of Northern Moravica.
2B/SS Bunama Danso #2. 22 years old. Right-handed. Plays at the Islamic University of Busoga.
OF Jabril Saidykhan. #14. 19 years old. Right-handed. Plays at Loyola-Istria.
IF Lalo Kuyateh. #15. 21 years old. Right-handed. Very aggressive on the base-paths, can bunt for hits and steal bases. Plays at the Islamic University of Busoga.

Starting Pitcher Rotation
1 Musa Sidibeh. #35. 31 years old. Right-handed. Easily the ace of this baseball team. Can hit 96 mph. Alumnus of Northern Moravica.
2 Lallo Ndiaye. #24. 30 years old. Left-handed. Brother of Lallo Ndiaye. Alumnus of Loyola-Istria.
3 Assan Condé. #6. 21 years old. Left-handed. Plays at the University of Ankole.
4 Banta Jawara. #23. 20 years old. Right-handed. Plays at the University of Loyola-Istria. Brother of Loyola quarterback Isaka Jawara.
5 Junkung Corr. #33. 33 years old. Right-handed. Alumnus of Kizza I College.

LRP Buwa Kabba #44. 29 years old. Left-handed. Alumnus of Golden Valley University.
MRP Sarjo Touré. #41. 20 years old. Right-handed. Plays at Kizza I College. Fastball can hit 102 mph, but is easily rattled and is known to hang his breaking ball.
MRP Foday Kandeh. #45. 22 years old. Left-handed. The main lefty in the pen. Plays at University of Ankole.
MRP Demba Baturu. #13. 24 years old. Right-handed. Alumnus of the Islamic University of Busoga.
SU Demba Branco. #17. 32 years old. Right-handed. Alumnus of Northern Moravica.
CL Abu Kayode. #48. 32 years old. Right-handed. Only pitcher on the team who can regularly hit 100 mph. Alumnus of Loyola-Istria.

3rd place at XI Olympiad in Aeropag, Commerce Heights.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my runscorers: Yes
Choose my lineup: No (please use the lineup I posted; however make whatever substitutions you deem necessary if you RP injuries to any of my players).
Follow my pitching rotation: Yes - it is an ever so slight deviation from the 1-5 list, to take into account pitching matchups and strength of opponent, so my match schedule in the spoiler below has the starting pitcher for every single group stage game.
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes to all of my outfield players and bullpen. No to my starting rotation.
Largely, this is fine, as injuries are always a part of the sport- just please mention the injury and how many games they will miss, if any. A range is fine. i.e. if you want to injure, Isaiah Essa, for example, you'd need to say that he broke his ankle and will miss 10 games because of it. It's the only, I feel, to make sure we are on the same page about what, and how severe, an injury is.
Godmod injuries to my players: Yes - Same rules apply as above.
Eject my players/manager: Yes (What fun is baseball without an occasional ejection?) In terms of resulting suspensions, please say how many games the players will be suspended for.
Godmod other events: Yes - if you want to kill anybody, just TG me first. Other than that, do whatever you need.
Use DH at home: Yes
Style Modifier: -3
Other: This is a very defensive minded team. This team isn't going to hit five home runs in a game. They like to play small ball- going first to third on a base hit, stealing a base, etc... But more importantly, they like to put the ball into play and put pressure on the defense. So they won't strike out often, but that also means extra base hits are at a premium, and home runs are especially rare.

On the flip side, when they are pitching, they induce a lot of ground balls. The strike out rates aren't terribly high for Banijan pitchers, but they play solid, fundamental defense, and they have strong arms all over the diamond. However, while Banija's rotation is one of the strongest in the multiverse, the bullpen leaves much to be desired, especially the middle relievers, who are well known to be the team's weakest link.

Matchday 1: Banija @ Cosumar. Starting Pitcher- Musa Sidibeh.
Matchday 2: Banija @ Abanhfleft. Starting Pitcher- Lallo Ndiaye.
Matchday 3: Banija vs. Filindostan. Starting Pitcher- Assan Condé.
Matchday 4: Banija @ Aureumterra. Starting Pitcher- Banta Jawara.
Matchday 5: Banija vs. Saintland. Starting Pitcher- Junkung Corr.
Matchday 6: Banija vs. Cosumar. Starting Pitcher- Lallo Ndiaye.
Matchday 7: Banija vs. Abanhfleft. Starting Pitcher- Musa Sidibeh.
Matchday 8: Banija @ Filindostan. Starting Pitcher- Assan Condé.
Matchday 9: Banija vs. Aureumterra. Starting Pitcher- Banta Jawara.
Matchday 10: Banija @ Saintland. Starting Pitcher- Junkung Corr.
Matchday 11: Banija @ Cosumar. Starting Pitcher- Musa Sidibeh.
Matchday 12: Banija @ Abanhfleft. Starting Pitcher- Lallo Ndiaye.
Matchday 13: Banija vs. Filindostan. Starting Pitcher- Assan Condé.
Matchday 14: Banija @ Aureumterra. Starting Pitcher- Banta Jawara.
Matchday 15: Banija vs. Saintland. Starting Pitcher- Junkung Corr.
Matchday 16: Banija vs. Cosumar. Starting Pitcher- Lallo Ndiaye.
Matchday 17: Banija vs. Abanhfleft. Starting Pitcher- Musa Sidibeh.
Matchday 18: Banija @ Filindostan. Starting Pitcher- Assan Condé.
Matchday 19: Banija vs. Aureumterra. Starting Pitcher- Banta Jawara.
Matchday 20: Banija @ Saintland. Starting Pitcher- Junkung Corr.
Matchday 21: Banija @ Cosumar. Starting Pitcher- Musa Sidibeh.
Matchday 22: Banija @ Abanhfleft. Starting Pitcher- Lallo Ndiaye.
Matchday 23: Banija vs. Filindostan. Starting Pitcher- Assan Condé.
Matchday 24: Banija @ Aureumterra. Starting Pitcher- Banta Jawara.
Matchday 25: Banija vs. Saintland. Starting Pitcher- Junkung Corr.
Matchday 26: Banija vs. Cosumar. Starting Pitcher- Lallo Ndiaye.
Matchday 27: Banija vs. Abanhfleft. Starting Pitcher- Musa Sidibeh.
Matchday 28: Banija @ Filindostan. Starting Pitcher- Assan Condé.
Matchday 29: Banija vs. Aureumterra. Starting Pitcher- Banta Jawara.
Matchday 30: Banija @ Saintland. Starting Pitcher- Junkung Corr.
Kingdom of Banija(3rd world nation). RP Population: 87 million
Kabaka = King
Lubuga = Queen Consort
Isebantu = Crown Prince
Waziri = Foreign Minister
Katikkiro = Prime Minister
Omugabe/Omugaba= Prince/Princess
Banija Domestic Sports
NSCF 14 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 17 CHAMPIONS(Loyola-Istria), NSCF 19 CHAMPIONS(Northern Moravica)
Sporting World Cup 8
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