Beyond Infinity [Closed/FT]

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Beyond Infinity [Closed/FT]

Postby Oostfalea » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:35 pm


Five Galactic Cycles had passed since the end of the Galactic Conflict that had lasted 2,800 years. Entire systems were decimated, and scientific progress pushed back tens of thousands of years. What remained in the ashes of the conflict began rebuilding; primitive beings who barely knew how to light fires, surrounded by the wrecks of hundreds of warships and the bodies of millions of unknown species. Some worshipped these items, while others wanted to unlock the potential of these technologies that had been long-forgotten. Derelict space-faring vessels floated in space, forming artificial asteroid fields around planets. Many ancient historians looked up into the skies and documented floating chunks of metal "above the clouds", occasionally raining down on the people below who still didn't have a clue what they were or why they were there in the first place.

Thousands of years passed, and what civilisations had grown and prospered in the wake of the Galactic Conflict began to scavenge the orbiting spacecraft. It took hundreds of more years for these technologies to be implemented into their own designs, but the result was a jump-start of almost a thousand years of science and medicine. What was found in these ships proved invaluable, and as these new civilisations probed the stars, they found ancient ruins. Again, many worshipped these ruins, treating them as shrines to their overlords. Others harvested what was found and sold them for a fortune. But what was common among all these ruins was a single light that blinked once every minute. No one knew what it meant, and no one could find a way to stop it. Every light on every ruin blinked in synchrony.

Now the first kindlings of space travel had been set, and hundreds of civilisations built numerous starships and off-world colonies. Faster-than-light travel, although still in its infancy, had been instrumental in allowing ships to traverse great distances in small spans of time. It would only be a matter of time before these civilisations would come across one another.


  • The Unitary Galactic Republic
  • The Confederation of Shield Systems
  • The Galactic Kami Empire

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Postby Oostfalea » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:27 am

Surface of Sincere-4424, DWX-366-C1
22nd Saggitarius, 4633 GS
1106 Hours (Local)
Gunnery Sergeant Julian-0313

Sincere-4424 was the Unitary Galactic Federation's first colony, established in 3991 GS. It is used as a training facility and manufacturing planet for the UGF, and hence was bristling with near-orbit and surface defence stations. For any new grunt enlisting into the UGSDF, Sincere-4424 would be their home for the next 2 years before being dispatched to different units across Federation-controlled space. Julian-0313 (born Julian McCoy) was born on the homeworld of Haven-1. Besides a few days on leave or medical emergencies, Julian hasn't set foot on Haven-1 for the last 33 years of his life. He had enlisted after Compulsory Education, at the age of 13, despite the protests of his parents.

Julian-0313 was a Generation-2 trooper, Legionnaires as they are known, put in command of Alfa Team, 88th Galactic Troopers. Alpha Company had been stationed on Sincere-4424 for the past 5 years, the Galaxy's Finest having little use in times of peace. Julian's years had been spent mostly roughing up the Citizen Army's new recruits, as well as the daily 60-kilometre route march. Julian and his team traversed the hills surrounding basecamp. Overhead, transport vessels carried cargo, sailors and soldiers to the ships docked at the Naval Dockyard in orbit around Sincere-4424. Alfa team consisted of two Gen-2 troopers, Julian himself and Zhang-2203. Generation-2 troopers donned the Chainmail-1 Augmented Combat Protection armour. Encased in titanium-carbide and kevlar-ceramic plates, and a Steeltex body glove, it made the user nearly impervious to kinetic weaponry and explosives. Legionnaires also wear the Mk3 TAS helmet.

Besides Julian and Zhang, the team also consists of four Gen-1 troopers, Benjamin-1444, Wes-7000, C'Rhil-9103 and Sandra-0004. As the team trekked through the marshes, a Frog transporter landed in a clearing to their one-o'clock. The rotor wash sent shrubs, water and rocks flying into the air before the four engines were powered down. A man exited the Frog and approached Julian,

"Sergeant, Admiral Homeini would like a word with you back at camp. It is of the utmost importance that you and your team return to base ASAP. Come this way, troopers."

Alfa team boarded the transport aircraft, its engines spooling up once more. Flying above the trees, Julian saw the green forest pockmarked with openings where industries were being developed. In the distance, dense smog carpeted the innumerable smokestacks of armaments factories. Small arms, ammunition, torpedoes and tactical nukes were all being produced on Sincere-4424's surface. Parts for Starfleet vessels were being towed into space to be assembled, highways burning paths across the landscape. The sprawling industrial zone was known as the Forge, its robot workers slaving tirelessly to maintain the Galactic armed forces. The Frog descended into an opening where the Admiral's transport had landed. The troopers jumped out the side of the transport before it could even hover above the clearing, the impact of their fall absorbed.

"Inertial negators engaged."

The admiral approached Julian, dossier in hand, "Fine morning, Gunny. Federation research vessel Sapphire Hunter is reported Missing-in-Action in the Paragon-16C supernova remnant at 0400 Hours this morning. 64 lightyears, Gunny. You and your team will be boarding the newest addition to the Federation Starfleet at 1700 hours, the Advanced Reconcilliation. High Command wants you to find the Sapphire Hunter and report back to me."

Admiral Nasheed Homeini was a grizzled veteran of numerous insurrections and rebellions. He had greying hair, tucked neatly under his jockey hat, and a deep scar running across the side of his neck. Julian knew Homeini on a first name basis, and Homeini used Julian as his fingers in the Galactic Trooper Corps. The Admiral handed Julian the dossier, filled with the ship's crew, registered cargo and return date. The ship was due to return four months ago, but only now it was being brought up.

"Sure thing, Admiral."

Orbit of Sincere-4424, DWX-366-C1
22nd Saggitarius, 4633 GS
2715 Hours (Local)
Commodore N'dima-0954

The Advanced Reconcilliation was Starfleet's newest Avenger-class light cruiser. State-of-the-Art warp drives, Phase-2 Artificial Intelligence and a bristling array of Mass Drivers and Nuclear Missile bays. She and her sister vessel, the Herald of Peace, would be dispatched to Paragon-16C to investigate the loss of contact with the Sapphire Hunter.

"Spacedock this is Advanced Reconciliation, commencing support-arm-jettison procedure, over."

"Affirmative... Good luck, Commodore. Approach Warp Gate Installation Oh-One for Drive, out."

The Advanced Reconcilliation aligned itself parallel with the Herald of Peace as they moved closer to the warp gate installation. A warp gate essentially acted as an instantaneous portal to another part of the galaxy. The only catch was it needed to be built first. The warp gate glowed a menacing deep blue as the installation powered-up. The 1.4 kilometre long cruisers looked minuscule to the size of the warp gate. The ships moved forwards, slowly entering the warp portal.

"This is the Herald of Peace, arriving in XV Sigma-22. Ceasing radio communication with Sincere spacedock."

N'dima stared out of the bridge's windows as the ship was engulfed in pitch darkness for a split-second. Immediately afterwards, the light of stars and sun of XV Sigma-22 were blinding. XV Sigma-22 was 6 lightyears closer to the target destination, which would save about 4 months on the journey. Both ships aligned towards the dark void of space, the Advanced Reconcilliation listing to port.

"Coxswain Robert, calculate warp jump trajectory and arrival time. Broadcast to all aboard: ready cryogenic pods for interstellar travel."

"Aye, aye, Sir."

The distinctly digital voice of the ship's AI rang through the intercom, "All hands aboard the Advanced Reconciliation, proceed to cryo-pods. Estimated time to arrival: 6.4 years. Coxswain Robert, you may relieve control of the vessel. Have a safe sleep, Commodore."

As the ship leapt forward into warp speed, N'dima and the rest of the crew aboard were frozen in their cryo-pods. The last thing N'dima remembered was the shutting of the door and subsequent pumping of sedatives into the pod.

"Warp drives active. Hazard assessment protocol loaded. Crew cryogenic procedure complete. Have a safe sleep, Advanced Reconciliation."

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Postby Terudel » Sat Sep 15, 2018 2:34 am

Akimoto Palace, Manget, CHUBA-K20-L9
23rd Saggitarius, 4633 GS
0945 Hours (Local)
Empress Akimoto Hitomi

"Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!" The people of Reddoreik, the capital city of the Manget, greeted their new Empress. Hitomi waved at the people, trying to hold back her tears. Her father, the late Emperor Akimoto Taki, had died 2 days earlier, at an old age of 570. She was a young Kobito, only 16. She has no idea of how to rule an empire the size of 2 star systems. As she climbed the stairs to the Akimoto Palace, she was greeted by Premier Yamada Asahi, who bowed and showed her the way to her throne.
Akimoto Palace

"My Empress, I am very sorry for your loss. Emperor Taki was a great ruler, respected by his servants. I believe you will be too." Hitomi had lost her mother, Empress Sachi, when she was an infant. She sat on her throne and asked Yamada, "What was the last thing that my father did before he died?"

Yamada hesitated. He was not sure how to say it to Hitomi. "My Empress, your father was in the midst of creating a superweapon, with enough firepower to destroy countless of systems. He wanted to protect our Empire from those who wish to bring it down."

Hitomi took some time to process the information. "Very well, continue the construction. If it is meant to protect our Empire, then we shall not halt its development. Is our army protecting it?"

"Yes, my Empress. The EM have been deployed to protect it. We have sent 9 Omega Destroyers and 82 Racemic Speed Fighters." Yamada assured Hitomi that it will bring peace to her Empire. Hitomi, out of respect, simply agreed to it.

8254-Redrich, Taiva, CHUBA-K20-L9
23rd Saggitarius, 4633 GS
1456 Hours (Local)
General Watase Mareo

General Watase surveyed the Dreadnaught Manufactory in the technological city, 8254-Redrich. The first dreadnaught was already finished and is ready for operation. The engineer, Teshima Subaru, bowed and greeted Watase. "General, the IV-class Dreadnought is complete. Please inform the Empress. It is called Sakura."
IV-Class Dreadnought, Sakura

"It is wonderful! Great job engineer. The Empress will be pleased with the design. I will take the ship to Manget," The General contacted Sergeant Tsuji Tsukasa to prepare. The pilots were already in their stations, waiting for the command to fly the dreadnaught. The General met with Admiral Kibe Kosho. "Admiral, are we ready?" The Admiral nodded.

"Prepare for take-off. Once we are out of the atmosphere, we will jump to Chokukan (hyperspace)," The Admiral commanded. General Watase contacted Empress Hitomi and informed her, "We're coming."
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Postby Terudel » Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:35 am

Aboard the IV-Class Dreadnought Sakura, CHUBA-K20-L9
23rd Saggitarius, 4633 GS
2145 Hours (Local)
Admiral Kibe Kosho

"Admiral, there is a distress signal coming from our base in Destron," one of the pilots said. Admiral Kibe walked over to the pilot's station and tried to make contact with the base. They were approaching Manget soon when the distress signal came in.

The base commander, Kimura Kenji, answered, "Admiral, the rebels from QP-957 have launched an all-out attack on the planet. We are ill-equipped and all our tanks have been destroyed. We need reinforcements." Before the Admiral could speak a word, the signal was cut off.

"Coming off hyperspace. Approaching space dock 234. Prepare landing crafts," The pilot announced. Admiral Kibe had a word with General Watase. "General, we would need to inform the Empress about the attack in Destron. The rebels in CHUBA-K7-L1 have become more daring after Emperor Taki had passed away. The Empress must show them that we are not to be messed with."

The General nodded and both made their way to board the landing craft. They were greeted by a female pilot, Amari Juri. "Welcome aboard. Make yourselves comfortable." The landing craft was launched from the capital ship and made its way towards the atmosphere of Manget. "Landing base 3, this is LC-185. Requesting permission to land. Over."

"LC-185, please verify your landing code. Over." Juri inputted the landing code on the main computer and waited for the response.

"Landing clearance granted. Dock 45 open." Juri slowed the craft down and made a quick turn towards Dock 45. "Welcome to Manget," Juri whispered. The two were greeted by Premier Yamada, who immediately told them that the Empress is worried about the situation in Destron. "The Empress is not happy about the rebels. The superweapon construction could be halted if the rebels take control of Destron. We must crush the rebellion with one swift attack. The Empress has authorised the invasion of the rebel base in Putch. Most of their fleet is stationed there. We must be quick if we want to end this once and for all."

General Watase and Admiral Kibe agreed.

Aboard Omega Destroyer Arufa, CHUBA-K20-L9
24th Saggitarius, 4633 GS
1534 Hours (Local)
Admiral Kibe Kosho

"Prepare to jump to chokukan. Once we reach our destination, I want Racemic Fighters deployed. Destroyers will be full speed ahead. Near the planet of Putch, transporters will make their way towards the atmosphere." The Admiral walked down the bridge and watched as the destroyer jumped to chokukan. He decided to make contact with Commander Kimura Kenji.
Racemic Fighter

"Commander, reinforcements are on their way to Destron. The Empress has authorised me to lead an invasion of Putch. Majority of the rebel fleet is stationed there. Once the reinforcements arrive in Destron, General Watase will take over. We will simultaneously wipe out the rebels."

"Understood, Admiral. I shall wait for the reinforcements. I wish you good luck for the invasion."

Admiral Kibe gave one last order, "The Vaporisers will vaporise the rebels into ashes once we have captured their base. The TX-225 tanks will also be deployed to blow up the entire star fleet as well as their land units. The destroyers in space will ensure that no starship leaves the planet."
TX-225 Tank
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Postby Nestiland » Sat Sep 15, 2018 8:16 am

Inner Surface of Ascension's Dawn, Sector of Truth Lane 343,
Wings of Authority Building interrogation room 16
4th Jool (22nd Saggitarius), 2991 A.C.P. (4633 GS)
0930 Hours (Local)
Dr. Thel Va Montgomery

Ascension's Dawn Shield World

"Tell me about the children.........."

"You pretty much know everything."

"You kidnapped them."

"Children's minds are more susceptible to indoctrination. Thus,... making their bodies more adaptable to augmentation. The result? The limits of the Sentinel capabilities are being pushed far. Thus, producing the ultimate soldier." Dr. Thel Va Montgomery was one of the few lead scientists that headed the Zealot program a few years before the Sentinel-Hive war on 2870 A.C.P (4515 GS). Subjects are taken away when they are of young age. During augmentation, subjects undergo advanced material grafting into the skeletal structure during Carbide Ceramic Ossification which makes the bones virtually indestructible, an injection of protein complex to increase muscle and tissue density and to dampen the production of lactic acid in muscles, occipital capillary reversal to increase visual perception and superconducting fibrification of neural dendrites to increase reflexes and intelligence. The Zealots where initially used to combat insurrectionists in the systems where The Octavium Confederacy now known as The Confederation of Shield Systems used to control. The Zealots saw a lot of action during the Sentinel-Hive war which lasted for about 120 galactic standard years. Although the Sentinels were defeated and most of the Sentinel population was decimated by the parasite, the Zealots were able overcome suicidal missions for the rest of the population to retreat into shield installations.

"Because of our great efforts and successes,..when the Hive invaded, we were ready." said the scientist.

"Doctor,. You are bending history and playing god for your own favor and you should know that."
"You developed the Zealots as a temporary solution to destroy insurrectionists and Sentinel rebellion and not fight the Hive..You agreed to dissolve the program after the rebellion program was settled as it received little approval."

"When was the last time you read the terms and conditions? When my Zealots stood in between Sentinel kind and extinction, no one was concerned why they were originally "built". They were even seen as heroes, beacons of light that provided hope."

"So in the end you felt that your choices were justified? the Unwaivering Knights, which showed more productivity in the battlefield, were purposely made to replace your 'beacon of light' and to combat the Hive."

"My work..saved the Sentinel race..If we were to wait for that petty Unwaivering program,which digitized unwilling citizens at times of desperation towards the end of the war,.. I don't think there's much left of the Sentinel race.

"Do you think the Zealots' lack of basic Sentinelity helped? Records show that subjects exhibits mild sociopathic tendencies and difficulty with socialization as one of the countless side-effects of augmentation."

"The records show efficient behaviour operating during hazardous situations..and the program provides the correct tools to maintain that efficiency. Many mistake Zealots as mere military Zealots are Sentinelity's next step to our a species. So do not underestimate them."
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Postby Terudel » Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:20 pm

218-Yield, Putch, CHUBA-K7-L1
24th Saggitarius, 4633 GS
1956 Hours (Local)
Sergeant Tsuji Tsukasa

"Good luck, Sergeant. Your Empress will not be pleased if you do not return in one piece," Admiral Kibe chuckled.

"She sure won't, Admiral. Don't worry. I'll blast these rebel scums before dawn breaks." Sergeant Tsuji put on his magnesium silicon carbide helmet and took his DC-15A blaster rifle with him. He did a last head count before signaling to his team to make their way to the docking hangar.

Sergeant Tsuji walked up to the front of his squad, "All right, Gold Squad, I want to make this clear. Once we reach 218-Yield, be ready. The rebel base is just a walk away. Do not hesitate to shoot. Minimal casualties on our side. Understood?" The men saluted and Tsuji told them to get in the transporter. The transporter launched from the docking hangar and made its way towards Putch. They were surrounded by Racemic Fighters to protect them from rebel ships.

"Deflector shields are up. Just be prepared. This will be a rough one," said one of the pilots. The transporter made a beeline towards the planet. They were met with lots of resistance from the rebel fleet but the deflector shields were enough to protect their descent. The speed fighters were able to obliterate the small fighters from the rebel fleet.

"Good thing they didn't knock off our shields or we would have been fried once we reach the atmosphere," the pilot said. The men got ready and once the transporter had landed, they charged out and started firing. They were able to wipe out the rebel guards easily with little resistance. There were a total of 15 squads deployed in the city. There were also tanks deployed. The tanks started to fire at the rebel starships parked at the hangar.

"Seal the entrances!" screamed one of the rebel personnel before he was shot in the face by Sergeant Tsuji. The tanks continued to fire, preventing the rebels from closing the blast doors. Instantly, a quarter of the rebel fleet had been destroyed. In the command center, the rebel leader, John Reezer, was giving a speech to his people.

"The Empire has promised the people of CHUBA-K7-L1 freedom from a doomed existence, but the people will not find any salvation as they will perish sooner or later. That is why we exist. The rebellion will bring an end to..." The tank directed at the command center and fired.

"Run! Run! Run! Get in the ships and leave!" Reezer commanded. He was wounded, but he had no time to think of the pain. Sergeant Tsuji was watching silently from a distance, aiming at Reezer.

"Admiral, tell the fighters to prepare. The rebels are trying to evacuate. Some might find their way out of the planet. We might not be able to obliterate all of them."

"I hope the situation is well under control there, Sergeant. I do not expect a huge number of rebel ships making their way out of the atmosphere."

"I assure you that will not happen, Admiral." As Reezer ran for the transport ship, Tsuji fired a plasma bolt directly at his head. Reezer's head blew up instantly.

"Bullseye!" Sergeant Tsuji pointed at the two transport ships taking off. The tanks fired multiple plasma bolts, destroying the ships.

"Slaughter the rest. Good job everyone." Tsuji made his way back to the transporter, patting himself on the back.

Aboard Omega Destroyer Arufa, CHUBA-K20-L9
25th Saggitarius, 4633 GS
0326 Hours (Local)
Sergeant Tsuji Tsukasa

"Well, Sergeant, you did a great job out there. Promotion might be near for you," The Admiral said.
(Left to Right) Sergeant Tsuji, Admiral Kibe, Sergeant Watanabe

Sergeant Tsuji jokingly said, "Promoted to Emperor when I get married to Hitomi." The two other men frowned.

The Admiral spoke, "Sergeant, do not make such remarks. The title of Emperor is only given to members of the royal family. Besides, only a man from a noble family can get formally married to the Empress. For you, at most, you will be one of the Empress' men. But for someone like you, it would be a waste to do so. You have a bright future in the military ahead of you. Why would you throw that away just to become one of her men?"

Tsuji was silent for a moment. He replied, "Hitomi is the Empress. I am sure she can do anything she wants. And I know that she wants me to be her Emperor."

"Do not be too ambitious, Sergeant. Empress Hitomi is the ruler of this empire and no one else. Even so, she will not do such a reckless thing like proclaim you as Emperor. She knows very well that that will result in instantaneous rebellion from her people. Besides, love is blind. You need to see the bigger picture. If for example she really does proclaim you as Emperor, in the end she will have to suffer. You know very well that if she suffers, you will be blamed for it. The people will see you as the one who seduced the Empress to gain power. You would be killed as well as your entire family. Think twice before doing anything, Tsuji."

Tsuji laughed and said, "You know I was joking, right? Of course I know that I can never be Emperor. I don't even want to be the Emperor. I am happy as a soldier. A soldier that does anything to protect the Empress and her Empire." The Admiral slowly nodded, still not convinced by what Tsuji has said.

"Just don't do anything stupid, Tsuji." The destroyer finally got out of chokukan. The planet of Manget was visible from the window of the bridge.

"Approaching space dock 234. Prepare landing crafts," the main pilot said.

"Home sweet home," Tsuji whispered.
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Postby Nestiland » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:51 am

The abandoned Octavium-class dreadnought, Mantle's Creation,
5th Jool (24th Saggitarius), 2991 A.C.P. (4633 GS)
2000 Hours (Local)
Hive mind- The One Who Oversees

"Do not go gentle into the silent night,

With age, nothing was never meant to please,

Not far from the deep glow of the dying celestial body,

In the remains of the abandoned war machine lies the one who oversees,

Intentions of conquest and annihilation was never meant to be,

But to uphold a balance and vanish the wretched was of cogency,

With time, It comes as a realization that the precursors were at the wrong,

Do not go gentle into the silent night,

Rage against the ascension of the dying light,

Products of evolution, though ambitious and persistent,

The material plane was gifted upon them from creation's might,

Power and greed is always what gets them twisted,

Eating away all of darkness' bright,

Seedlings, bombarded by worthless indoctrination is what always get them parted,

Rage against the ascension of the light,

With old age, the being does not need to be demented,

But the heart is what that gets conflicted,

Reaping the seeds the precursors sow,

The entity has to take what has been bestowed,

The prophets speak of a journey and salvation,

A promise of the birth of a new creation,

Brainwashed through the teachings of a divine incarnation,

Misunderstanding is the genocide of their civilization,

Do not go gentle into the silent night,

Rage against the ascension of the dying light,

Some are of machine and nerve,

And have their mind concluded,

Some are of but flesh and faith,

And are the more deluded,

Cursed with knowledge yet immune from emotion,

From the pillars of autumn, I uphold the disciplines,

Cleansing was my manifestation,

I am the monument to all your sins.

Do not go gentle into the silent night.

Rage against the ascension of the dying light."
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Postby Terudel » Wed Oct 03, 2018 4:28 am

Akimoto Palace, Manget, CHUBA-K20-L9
25th Saggitarius, 4633 GS
1031 Hours (Local)
Empress Akimoto Hitomi

"My Empress, the Premier is here to see you!" One of her servants said. Hitomi gestured for her servants to let the Premier in.

"Greetings, my Empress," Premier Yamada said. "Admiral Kibe has returned together with Sergeant Tsuji."

The Empress smiled. "Tell them to come and visit me. I would like to hear some good news."

"Yes, my Empress. According to them, the rebel base has been destroyed, and the different planets in CHUBA-K7-L1 are aligning, pledging their loyalty to the Galactic Kami Empire."

"That is soothing to my ears. Finally, their insignificant rebellion has been crushed. Peace has been restored."

The Premier stepped out of the throne room and told one of the guards to call Admiral Kibe and Sergeant Tsuji in. "The Empress is very pleased with the work that you guys did," The Premier said. "I have a good feeling that promotion is near for you, Sergeant Tsuji."

"Promotion or no promotion, I'm only doing my job as a citizen of this great Empire," Tsuji replied. The Premier told the two to enter the throne room and speak with the Empress.

"Welcome, heroes," Hitomi said. "You have brought peace to our Empire and because of that, you shall be rewarded for your bravery."

Admiral Kibe bowed and replied, "There is no need for any rewards, my Empress. I am only a lowly servant of yours, not deserving of your divine blessing."

Hitomi chuckled. "I do not hand out divine blessings, Admiral. Only the gods have the power to do so. The gods have already given you their blessings by providing you with the strength needed to wipe out the rebels. Rejoice in what is given to you, Admiral. You truly deserve it."

Sergeant Tsuji kept his eyes locked at the Empress, waiting eagerly for her word. Hitomi noticed it and said, "And Sergeant Tsuji, you too have done a wonderful job in the frontline. Indeed, like what Premier Yamada has told me before, promotion is near for you. Soon enough, you will be promoted to Staff Sergeant."

Tsuji faked a smile at the Empress. He felt that he deserved more than just a promotion. He wanted to marry Hitomi to become Emperor.

"Thank you, my Empress. I feel that I am not worthy of the promotion but if that is what you will offer, then I will gladly accept it."
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Postby Terudel » Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:43 pm

Akimoto Palace, Manget, CHUBA-K20-L9
25th Saggitarius, 4633 GS
1126 Hours (Local)
Empress Akimoto Hitomi

"I said don't touch me, Tsuji!" Hitomi cried as Tsuji attempted to caress the Empress for the sixth time. Tsuji had known Hitomi since they were very young and had initially developed feelings for her, only to be blinded by his greed for the throne later on. Hitomi also had feelings for him before but she knew that such a relationship with a lowly man like Tsuji would never work out, especially since she was the daughter of the Emperor. Even so, she had always seen Tsuji as a close friend of hers. Tsuji, however, resented his lowly status and wanted to be the ruler of the Galactic Kami Empire. He had a strong belief that a woman can never lead a great empire through times of adversities and that only a man has the capability to do so.

"Hitomi, I know that you want me. I feel it," Tsuji said, attempting to sway the Empress. Hitomi tried to run away but Tsuji held to her arms tightly.

"Goddamn, Tsuji! You try to seduce me and now you dare to call me by my first name! Have some respect for your ruler!" Hitomi growled as she kicked Tsuji in the gut. Tsuji groaned and couldn't control himself. He threw an arm at Hitomi, sending her to the ground.

"What happened to the friend I knew? You changed ever since you took the throne. I thought we were supposed to be meant for each other?"

Hitomi stayed at the ground. Her eyes searched for something that she could use to knock Tsuji unconscious. Instead of finding something, she ended up screaming. "Guards!"

That made Tsuji even angrier than he already was, and ended up kicking the Empress in the head. Hitomi's forehead started bleeding. "If you won't surrender yourself to me, then I will forcefully take your throne!" Tsuji took out a blaster pistol and pointed at Hitomi.

"Now, you will die," Tsuji whispered. Hitomi was shaky after the kick and had difficulty standing up. Just when Tsuji was about to shoot, the royal guards stormed in and fired their sonic rifle, stunning Tsuji. They helped the Empress up and shouted for a doctor. Tsuji was shaking at the ground, not able to feel a single part of his body. The royal guards picked his body up and shoved it inside a body bag.

Akimoto Palace, Manget, CHUBA-K20-L9
25th Saggitarius, 4633 GS
1534 Hours (Local)
Premier Yamada Asahi

Yamada stood at the entrance of the Palace, where many people were gathered in front to listen to what the Premier was about to announce. "Earlier today, the Empress was harassed by a mere army personnel. His name is Sergeant Tsuji. He will be executed here today. Right now!"

The guards dragged Tsuji, who was tied up, to the front of the palace. Yamada took out his samurai sword and positioned it next to Tsuji's neck. "You will pay for your sins, Sergeant."

Just when Yamada was about to behead Tsuji, he was shot by a plasma bolt on his left shoulder, sending him falling to the ground. A group of men, suspected to be backing Tsuji, had emerged from the crowd, armed with DC-15A blaster rifles. The guards immediately attended to the Premier, oblivious of what Tsuji was doing. Tsuji attempted to move away, realising that the guards were busy.

His men managed to get him before the guards saw them and they escaped. Yamada whispered to one of the guards, "Inform the Empress that there is a high chance that there will be a revolt against her. Prepare the troops for war."

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Akimoto Palace, Manget, CHUBA-K20-L9
25th Saggitarius, 4633 GS
1610 Hours (Local)
Empress Akimoto Hitomi

The royal physician looked at Hitomi and checked for her vital signs. He said, "You look fine, my Empress. Your vital signs are stable and your injury is minor." Hitomi was delighted and thanked her physician.

Hitomi asked one of the guards, "How is Premier Yamada? Has Sergeant Tsuji been executed?"

"No, my Empress. A group of armed men shot Premier Yamada and rescued Tsuji."

"Is Premier Yamada's wound serious?"

"No, my Empress. Just a shot in the shoulder. He has asked us to deliver a message once your physician has cleared you. There is a high chance that there will be a revolt against you. Tsuji's lust for power is unimaginable. He would do anything he can in his power to claim the throne. Premier Yamada has ordered for the army to be mobilised. We are at war, my Empress."

Hitomi placed her palm on her forehead and looked anxious. "I don't think a full-scale war should break out because of a few retards."

"I'm afraid that is not the case, my Empress. Many people have already pledged their loyalty to Tsuji. They want change. The late Emperor's atrocities have sparked a rebellion within the planet. It would be too difficult for us to get them back on our side without risking an all-out war."

"Then I guess we have no choice. We should get going then. Ensure that the palace is impregnable. Also, prepare my ship. I'll leave the planet to ensure my safety."

"But my Empress, Tsuji has control of half of our Racemic Fleet. The pilots, too, have pledged their loyalty to Tsuji."

"Why are we going to rely on the Racemic Fleet? Deploy the ARC-170 fleet."

"Those have not been used for close to 10 years. The Racemic Fighters are faster."

"The ARC-170 has more firepower. I know what I'm doing. No more objections! Go and prepare the bloody ship!"

The guards scrambled to get her ship prepared. Making the Empress furious was the last thing on their minds. They ran to the Palace Command Center to inform Space Dock 234 to prepare. They called Amari Juri, the Empress' most trusted pilot, to prepare Hitomi's Lambda-Class T-4a shuttle. Hitomi went to the Palace hangar shortly afterwards where Juri was waiting.

"Greetings, my Empress," Juri said. "Your shuttle is ready. We shall make our way to Space Dock 234. Admiral Kibe is waiting inside the Sakura." Hitomi got in the shuttle and sat comfortably. Juri was inside the pilot cockpit preparing for the shuttle to fly.

Juri spoke into the intercom, "Space Dock 234, this is Lambda 9. We are going to make our approach soon. Over."

"Lambda 9, this is Space Dock 234. Please clear your entrance code. Over"

"Entrance code TRWD-98242-TYS-HITOMI. Over."

"Entrance code cleared. Entrance 43 will be open for Lambda 9. Over and out." The shuttle was nearly out of the atmosphere of Manget when 4 Racemic Fighters intercepted and fired plasma bolts at it. The deflector shields were up but it would not be able to sustain continuous fire.

Juri contacted the Palace Command Center. "We need reinforcements. We are under attack by 4 Racemic Fighters."

"2 ARC-170 will be deployed from Space Dock 234. As for now, use the retractable rear-mounted double laser cannon."

Juri cursed as the Racemic fighters persistently opened fire at the shuttle. "My Empress, are you alright back there."

"What is going on, Juri?"

"Fighters are on the attack. Our shield will not be able to hold on much longer. Hold tight, my Empress. This is going to be a rough one." Juri attempted to shake off the fighters by doing a 360-degree rotation straight through the atmosphere. Hitomi closed her eyes and held tight to her seat.

The Racemic fighter behind fired at the rear cannon, blasting it into bits and pieces. "Fuck! Goddamnit. Where are the fucking reinforcements?" Juri cursed. Just as she said that, 2 ARC-170 emerged, firing at the fighters behind the shuttle. In a few moments, the fighters were destroyed and Lambda 9 was escorted by the ARC-170 to Space Dock 234.

"We made it, my Empress."

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Anchor 17, Orbit around Europa, Terrarium Star System
10th Siren (2nd Aquarius), 2991 A.C.P. (4634 GS)
0514 Hours (Local)
Commander L' Mardum Shefield

A Beautiful Void Part I

A beep was heard in the intercom of the station following the voice of the station's AI ringing throughout the installation.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. The time and date now is 0514 hours, 14th Jool 2991 A.C.P. Today marks the one hundred and sixty-fifth anniversary of the installation, bringing a hundred of sixty-five years of ensuring the continuity of Sentinelity. There will be anniversary bags given to each personnel during the mass gathering tonight. For today's weather forecast, we will be expecting a category three solar storm due to a coronal mass ejection of Terrarium the previous week. So we will be expecting some power outages and our communications scrambled in a few moments in approximately T minus eleven hours and thirty minutes. We thank you for your understanding and most importantly your valiant service."

As the light of Terrarium breaks over the horizon of the nearby gas giant and slowly bathes the entire length of the installation in the star's light, Commander Shefield has already donned on his uniform and has yet to pin his field rank and accolades. While he is washing his face, the semi-sentient station AI, Nikolai, greeted Commander Shefield as a hologram of Nikolai's avatar wearing a sports jacket and track pants appears on the hologram port beside the briefing table.

"Good morning Nikolai"

"Good morning Commander"

"What's the heads up? Anything new from the Mantle's Creation?" said Shefield as he pins his naval insignia and straightens his officer ribbon bars.

"There were no activities observed from the Mantle's Creation since she moved to the Lancaster asteroid belt from the former Sentinel-controlled planet of Harvest in the Iwo sytem thirty-four hours ago. However, we have lost visual of the Beacon of Infinity from its position in the Jima System just two hours ago at exactly 03 10 Hours. The rest or should I say the remaining two of the Octavium class dreadnoughts along with the rest of the fleet of High Perpetuality are still stationary in their current position in the Augustus System and nothing extraordinary was recorded."

Commander Shefield paused for a moment, looking slightly alarmed. "A forty kilometer tall ship and we lost it? It seems like the hive would surpass Sentinel intelligence in the next two decades. Given if our species survives by then. You got any more information on the Beacon of Infinity?"

"No sir."

Commander Shefield unplugs the matrix card, bringing Nikolai with him, from the briefing table and inserts it in the augmented cerebral interface at the back of Commander Shefield's head. Commander Shefield leaves his suite to a general hearing and a situational meeting in the great hall inside the installation. He then proceeds to take the rapid installation transit to travel to the conference room which is seven kilometers away from his suite.

"Permission to be slightly informal Commander?" asked Nikolai as the both of them descends from an elevator from Shefield's suite.

"Permission granted."

"Hey commander, I have calculated that we would arrive at the great hall forty minutes early. How about we stop by in the next station to get a drink or something in that in that new sap bar."

"Listen man, I feel like it will be a busy day ahead and plus all these new worries, I don't think I have time for some sap."

"See? that's why you a need a little break from all these and have some sap. Right?"

"And what? You are going to buy one for yourself too? Very funny Nikolai...oh wait....oh..ohhh. This ain't about a sap, you just want to see that cute barista chick do ya? Hahaha! I have figured you out. Are you going to make a move? Looks like Doctor Montgomery made you a little too sentient. I bet you for that gold necklace that you will miss your shot. In other words, screw up pretty bad.

"Oh shut up. At least I am trying. You miss a hundred percent of the shots you never take. Besides you can't even get one for yourself. Remember that one night back at High Clarity?"

"I don't know what you are taking about. It never happened..........That was obviously not my fault ok? I didn't know-"

"Wait. shush. I'm receiving a memo. It's sounds pretty important."

"Don't shush me."

"Shushh. It's from the Office of Central Intelligence..We might have to stop by that sap shop another time."

"You mean hitting that cute barista? Shefield smirked while Nikolai ignored what Shefield said. "...What did the guys at OCI say?"

"Something about the Beacon of Infinity." said Nikolai.

"That doesn't sound good." said Commander Shefield.

With uncertainty painted on their faces, both Commander Shefield and Nikolai looks out of the window of the rapid transit to see Sentinels going about their daily lives. Small artificial ponds, forests and parks clustered with towering structures containing numerous habitat modules can be seen as the rapid installation transit passes by the living quarters sector. Up ahead in the distance, is the repair, maintenance and overhaul sector. Corvette parts, cruiser regenerative hull modules, molecular disruptor modules, experimental subspace drives, heavy duty container crates containing several fusion bombs and a new anti-matter bomb were being towed and inspected by robots and Sentinels tirelessly. All these, make up one of the last line defense of the species from extinction. In an instant, the new sap shop that they were supposed to stop by zoom passed them and the only thing that can be heard was the low hum of the rapid installation transit.


Anchor 17, Orbiting around Europa(Gas Giant), Terrarium
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Aboard the IV-Class Dreadnought Sakura, CHUBA-K20-L9
10th Aquarius, 4633 GS
1030 Hours (Local)
Empress Akimoto Hitomi

"My Empress, we are approaching the planet Kall. We will be staying at the old temple of the God Hikari. I have an old friend there waiting," Admiral Kibe said.

"But how about Premier Yamada? Will he be alright back in Manget?"

"According to him, the situation is well under control. Tsuji's rebellion has not penetrated close to the palace. The civilian casualties, however, is high. Close to about 200,000. Premier Yamada said that Tsuji had killed and raped close to 200 women in the time that we were gone. The Premier is currently waiting for your approval to deploy the EM."

"As I have said before, I will not authorise that. Deploying the EM will result in more casualties. What I want is a diplomatic end to this madness but all of you insist on dealing with the situation militarily!"

"My apologies, Empress Hitomi. Tsusi is not somebody who would agree to end this diplomatically. He only has one goal. He wants to be Emperor. We cannot allow that to happen. Everything that your father had worked for will vanish if Tsuji takes over. We must destroy him."

"Go ahead and do what you guys wish then. Even if I argue further, none of you will listen to me anyways. Why? Because I'm only 16."

"Please do not take it the wrong way, my Empress. We, as adults, make difficult decisions in order to protect your empire. Sometimes, sacrifices have to be made. In this case, it is the civilians." Hitomi was disgruntled as nobody respected her authority.

"Your landing craft is ready, my Empress," the main pilot said. "Please make your way to the docking hangar."

Hikari Temple, Kall, CHUBA-K20-L9
10th Aquarius, 4633 GS
1145 Hours (Local)
Empress Akimoto Hitomi

Hitomi kept a small blaster inside her robe, in case of emergency. She had informed her royal guards about her suspicions. The guards stationed themselves around the temple and 6 of them followed her. "My Empress, former General Umon Taki will be meeting us now," Admiral Kibe said.

Hitomi nodded, preparing to pull out her blaster. They greeted Taki, who gave the Empress a small gift. "This is a statue of the God Hikari. It would bring you good luck." Hitomi smiled and immediately pulled out the blaster and instead of shooting Taki, she turned and shot Kibe in the head.

Admiral Kibe's body collapsed on the ground and was quickly dragged out by the royal guards. Hitomi turned to Taki and said, "Thank you for the prior warning, General Taki. Now, Tsuji will not be able to get any more information about what we are going to bring to him. How is the superweapon looking?"

"My Empress, the superweapon is fully operational. We call it the Liberator."

"What's with the cheesy name?" Hitomi sniggered. "The reason that I have not authorised the deployment of the EM is that I too am not sure of Premier Yamada's allegiance. From now on, only trust me. We will have to kill Yamada too to ensure that no enemy is left alive. This superweapon that we have will instil fear in the star systems, forcing them to abide by our laws. No one will question my authority again."

"As you wish, my Empress. My allegiance is only to you."
The Liberator's Megalaser
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Aboard the IV-Class Dreadnought Sakura, Orbit of Kall, CHUBA-K20-L9
12th Aquarius, 4633 GS
1657 Hours (Local)
Empress Akimoto Hitomi

Hitomi looked to Taki and asked, "Are you so proud of your super weapon, General?"

"Yes. With this, people would fear your empire. This would prevent an all-out rebellion against you."

"Our larger plans cannot be based around any individual asset. Not a superweapon, and definitely not you."

"But you do not see the larger picture, my Empress. You see, this weapon is remarkable. It's firepower unmatched. Peace to your empire, it will bring. You must trust me on this one."

"Be careful what you wish for, General. My patience is not without its limits. I will repeat this only once. The Galactic Kami Empire will not revolve around a petty weapon of yours. I very much trust an entire star fleet as compared to a single weapon with enough firepower to destroy large destroyers. Now, if you would excuse me, I'll be making my way to Destron." Hitomi turned to Juri, "Prepare my private ship. I want fighters surrounding it."

General Taki interrupted, "My Empress, I have assigned you an adjutant. Meet Lieutenant Kobayashi. He'll be reporting personally to me, on all matters. Will this be a problem?"

"We'll see." Kobayashi followed Hitomi to her shuttle, which was parked at the hangar of the dreadnaught. He requested from the Empress, "My Empress, I will require access to all your communications to provide the data necessary to the General."

Hitomi scowled, "I do not require a clerk's meddling fingers. You seem particularly interested in the minutiae of my work. I suggest you be very careful, Lieutenant. At the end of the day, General Taki is still under my orders. He may have assigned you to report to him about my whereabouts, but I have the final say on all of this. So, if you would very much like to keep your job, or should I say your life, then spend your time more wisely by preparing for my mission rather than meddling with my business."

"As you wish my Empress."

"By the way, Lieutenant, you have worked very closely with General Taki on the construction of the superweapon, am I right?"

"Yes. Is there anything you would like to know more about?"

Hitomi nodded and said, "Give me a rather detailed overview of the weapon. If I am going to authorise its usage, I should know at least a thing or two about it."

"Very well, my Empress. The weapon is called the Liberator. It is a superweapon consisting of a rapidly recharging megalaser that could be mounted on a capital ship. We currently have only 1 that is fully operational. We built it upon the frame of a Harrower-class Battle Cruiser. The middle trough down the center of the ship, usually used as the main corridor for entry and exit of ships on the dual hangar bays, was retrofitted to make way for the Megalaser mechanism. Both hangars installations were removed, and the Megalaser apparatus was installed in the middle of the ship. The sides of the gap upon which the Megalaser fired were modified to withstand it and direct it's path. Upon firing of the Megalaser burst, the trough had a residual electrical field visible down its length for a short time. The Megalaser has both the power and speed of fire to destroy several capital ships in rapid succession. What our engineers have done was to separate Desdenium atoms from the respective molecules and isolate them. It was then mixed with Renedium ions, only found in the molten lava of the Kall Mountain. Such a mixture would be seen as harmless in the beginning but upon ignition, the ions would cause the electrons of the Desdenium atoms to be attracted towards the positively charged Renedium ions, neutralising it. A neutral Renedium atom, in the presence of Desdenium ions, would split in half, releasing a huge amount of energy. The energy is then used within the megalaser to convert it to laser beams. Of course, it is not that simple to convert such energy. Our engineers have created an energy converter, which could contain this high energy with the help of Renedium Tetrachloride. This chemical is unique. It has the ability to store energy within the nucleus of highly reactive Renedium and is able to keep it there because of the stabilising effect that the chloride ions have on Renedium. Once enough energy is stored, the megalaser would split the nucleus, de-stabilising the entire molecule. This would create a domino effect on the other molecules and its combined effect is a laser beam that could destroy capital ships. What makes it so fast to recharge is that Renedium's nucleus has the affinity for the energy that was released. Because of that, it is not very difficult to store the energy quickly. Hence, this weapon is fast and strong."

Hitomi then asked, "Is this sustainable, Lieutenant? If these Renedium ions are only found in Kall Mountain, then what if we use all of it?"

"It's unlikely to happen, my Empress. Renedium is found everywhere in Kall. We would still be able to produce its ions without harvesting it from the molten lava. We just harvest it from there because it would save us time and energy. It is still highly sustainable in the long run."

"Ok, then. I am not someone who is very familiar with all these. I put my trust in those who have created this weapon. Oh, and before I forget, tell General Taki to prepare his fleet. Reports from Manget suggest that Tsuji's army is on its way to Kall. This would be a good chance for us to test this weapon."
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Postby Nestiland » Sat Oct 27, 2018 3:21 am

Anchor 17, Orbit around Europa, Terrarium Star System
10th Siren (2nd Aquarius), 2991 A.C.P. (4633 GS)
0620 Hours (Local)
Commander L' Mardum Shefield

A Beautiful Void Part II


Anchor 17, Orbiting around Europa(Gas Giant), Terrarium

The construction of Anchor 17 was completed 165 years ago on the 10th of Siren 2826 A.C.P. (2nd Aquarius 4465 GS). Anchor 17 was one of the first and largest star installation in its generation with a length of over 19,200 km, before the Sentinel-Hive war. Commander Mardum Shefield succeeded former Commander Rom Baker as the 3rd commander of Anchor 17 after the previous commander died at the ripe age of 149, five years ago. The construction of Anchor 17 has always remained classified in the last 165 years. Its existence was only known by the higher ranks of the previous and current Sentinel administration. Not to mention, the 11,230 lives and countless of semi-sentient artificial intelligence serving and protecting onboard the installation. The rapid installation transit, carrying Commander Shefield and Nikolai, traveled through the upper arc, towards the Great Hall which is located towards the back of Anchor 17. The rapid installation transit moved at speeds exceeding Mach 3 through the vacuum tube that cuts through the habitat sectors, maintenance and overhaul sectors and production sectors in the upper arc of Anchor 17. The only that can be heard was the low frequency hum of the rapid installation transit. The skylight layed throughout the roof of the upper arc, provides natural lighting and ambience to the sectors in the upper arc. The Great Hall, which is enclosed in the centre by the upper and lower arc, can also be seen through the skylight above Commander Shefield and Nikolai. Just like a command and control center, the Great Hall operates as a nerve center that oversees all matters in the installation such as regulating space traffic within a 200 km radius of the installation, officers from other divisions can coordinate troop movements and most importantly building and maintenance of both authorised civilian vessels and ships from the navy.

Commander Shefield was greeted by personnel from the Sentinel Naval Command as he and Nikolai stepped out of the mass rapid transit. After clearing through security and identity checks, Commander Shefield was escorted to another rapid transit that is exclusively used by personnel with 1st and special class clearance to get to the Great Hall.

"Commander, I just got word that the Revered Didact will be joining us in the conference along with a Lieutenant from the Sentinel Air Command. Looks like this guy is one of those recon daredevils tasked to silently trail and gather intel from each of the Octavium class dreadnoughts."

"Copy that Nikolai. I have this gut feeling that things will turn to shit in the coming weeks."

"Lighten up Commander, its just your fifth year. If you keep that attitude up, all the moss on your shroud would have fallen in just days." said Nikolai jokingly.

"If you keep that humor up, you will gain so much sentience that you would delete yourself." replied Commander Shefield.

"Ouch, Didn't your mom told you that words can hurt?" replied Nikolai sarcastically.

"Not as much as you being inside my head. Ha!"

The two continued throwing banters at each other as they entered the Great Hall. Just like Commander Shefield, Nikolai replaced the old station A.I. around the same time a new Commander was appointed. Beyond their duties, the two have forged a strong friendship and brotherhood.

As Commander Shefield entered the conference room, a Lieutenant belowed in a loud voice; "Commander in the room". Everyone in the conference room stood at an attention facing Commander Shefield.

"Permission to carry on Commander." continued the Lieutenant.

"Carry on." replied Commander Shefield.

Commander Shefield unplugged the matrix card from his augmented cerebral interface and plugged it into the side of the long conference and briefing table. A hologram of Nikolai's avatar wearing branded track pants and a sports jacket appeared on the conference table.

"You might need to change those clothes soon." whispered Commander Shefield.

"You might need to change your taste." replied Nikolai.

"Yeah sure."

"Commander, the meeting will start in about thirty seconds." said the same Lieutenant.

"Copy that Lieutenant."

Before the meeting started the seats surrounding the conference table is filled by swarms of Hiker's particles. Each of the pellets, that are about a micrometer in diameter, is controlled by a nano-computer that coordinates with each other to form the exact shape of the personnel that are attending the meeting that are unable to attend physically. The particles are also able to respond to movements of the subject that they are mimicking. After a few seconds of the pellets forming into shapes and each pellet adjusted its colour spectrum, the meeting commenced with all the necessary personnel in attendance as the Hiker's particles have accurately reproduced each personnel. At the very front of the long conference table, the shape of Revered Didact Jul V'Dam on his mobility device took form.

"Good Morning Gentlemen" said Revered Didact Jul V'Dam.
"Good morning Revered Didact." the conference greeted the leader of the Confederacy.

One by one, the members of the meeting gave the Revered Didact detailed reports about the situation in each division and necessary installations. A variety of issues were brought up such as the increasing demand of resources needed for maintenance of infrastructures and assets, the increasing demand of crude garanthiumbwhich used for mass 3d printing, the health issues of citizens in the remaining shield worlds, mandates that are yet to be fulfilled and many more. Most of the issues concerned the military and the Hive. After one and a half hour of discussing issues and solutions, Lieutenant Maxwell Hayley, of the 65th recon squadron of the Sentinel Air Command, reported the intel and the current situation of the Hive-controlled Octavium class dreadnought; Beacon of Infinity.

"Revered Didact. We have lost visuals of the Beacon of Infinty on all our sensors. There are no readings whatsoever on the massive ships's Slipspace wake fluctuation on the Warp Bubble sensor. However, there were traces of Subspace echoes moving further away from our current location at exactly cube grid: 2245 6532 4482 in the Jima system. Traces of the echoes seemed to continue towards the Nightosphere shield world ruins just 10 lightyears from Terrarrium. The fact that the Hive are now able to utilize Subspace travel is of great concern and with intel telling the echos heading near Terrarrium, it is highly suggested that Anchor 17 must be at high alert at these times."

"Thank you Lieutenant", said Revered Didact Jul V'dam
"We might need to have an mass counter-offensive that has never been done for a long time and that is to strike the Hive at its heart."

"With all due respect, Revered Didact, massive operations last time were awe-inspiring, bold and carries high risk. These mass counter-offensive is the reason why we lost our advantage in the first place." said Admiral Paarthunax Eisen.

"I believe that was not the reason why they gained the upperhand....The United Star Federation and us...did not take the threat seriously. All of us were too busy with our own wars... our own domestic affairs..our different idealogies was what took us apart not the Hive!.." retorted the Revered Didact in his mobility chair. The entire conference room went silent for a brief moment.
"Gentlemen, In these darkest hour of our species, I don't see a reason why we should lose hope on our destiny as a species. Most of you did not know me when I had the use of my legs...I always stood strong,..proud and arrogant..and now I every hour of my life why the One Above All put me on this chair. But when I see defeat in the eyes of my your eyes right now, I start to think that maybe he brought me down for times like these....when we need to be reminded who we truly are." Revered Didact Jul V'Dam continued.

"Revered Didact, with all due respect, what your asking for..can't be done." said another Admiral.

Upon hearing the statement, Jul V'Dam straightened both of his damaged and unusable legs and struggled for a moment to stand up above everyone in the conference room. It was the Revered Didact's choice not have prosthetic legs although a new pair of synthetic legs can be printed accurately for him in mere seconds.

"We've been trained to think that we are invincible and now most of our proudest ships, mega-installations and worlds have been destroyed by an enemy we have always considered inferior......we're on the ropes gentlemen. Do not tell me it can't be done."

Moments after the conference was dismissed, the Hiker's particles that used to take the shape of the personnel in attendance collapsed and decolourised before retreating underneath the conference table in mere seconds. Commander Shefield sits in his chair looking blankly into empty space. His phased-out moment was interrupted when Nikolai alerted the conference room and the command center of an incoming threat.

"Commander I'm detecting slipspace ruptures directly off our battle cluster at the Eastern horizon of Europa at cube grid: 1144 2233 8916" shouted Nikolai.

"The Beacon of Infinity?" replied Commander Shefield.

"Negative Commander, The Beacon of Infinity was reported to have emtered into the Subspace plane. I'm detecting multiple slipspace ruptures in the aforementioned cube grid. Displaying the fleet's formation of our Hive-controlled Headhunter battlecruiser holding position just outside the kill zone." said Nikolai.

"This is fleet Admiral Coruscant Harper, requesting to engage the enemy." said the fleet admiral via the comms.

"Negative Admiral. Form a defensive perimeter around the cluster and hold your fire." replied Commander Shefield.
"Captain Hemphrise get to your ship and link up with the fleet."

"Yes Commander." Captain Hemphrise saluted Commander Shefield as he speeds his way out of the command center.

"Lieutenant Bartum, contact the Naval Command that we need reinforcements from the navy." continued Shefield.

"Aye Commander." replied Lieutenant Bartum.

"Nikolai, you got the installation's Mass Drivers and rail guns. When they come in range, do not hesitate to pull the trigger."

"Sure thing Commander." replied Nikolai.

"Commander Shefield looks into the blankness of space towards the direction of the hostile fleet. "Something is not right...the fleet that destroyed Anchor 9 was thirty times this size."

"Sir additional contacts..Boarding crafts and lots of them." said a 2nd Lieutenant in the command center.

"Solid Copy 2nd Lieutenant. They seem to be trying to take out our big guns and board the installation. Contact Brigadier General Exum in the residential sector. We may need his team of Zealots."

"You do know its his off day today Commander?" asked Nikolai.

"I know." replied Commander Shefield while letting out a faint smile.


Subspace is an experimental faster-than-light travel that is faster than the FTL method the most commonly used by Sentinel ships which is slipspace. The Sentinel race has used a total of three FTL travel methods the first being hyperspace which makes use of existing hyperlane networks connecting star systems. Hyperlane networks are only accessible through the entry points which is are located at the edge of all star systems. The discovery of the hyperlane network and hyperspace travel allows the stars to be within the grasp of the Sentinel race over two millenniums ago. The introduction of the slipspace travel revolutionized interstellar travel for the Sentinel species. More appropriately known as Slipstream Space, the technology allows Sentinel ships to transition from one place to another via a compressed hyper-dimensional space which is separate from the material plane. Just like Slipstream Space, Subspace does not require an existing network or jump from one system to the other to reach a certain location and travelling to the edge of a system to access the hyperlane is not necessary. Unlike Slipstream Space, Subspace is considerably faster than the fastest Slipstream Space drives used by the Sentinels with speeds of about 600 light-years per day although the technology is still in its infancy. The only experimental Subspace drive, Montgomerey Subspace Drive, are fitted to a handful of Sentinel science and research vessels and the all the ships in the now Hive-controlled fleet of High Perpetuality which includes the four 40 km tall Octavium class dreadnoughts.
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Anchor 17, Orbit around Europa, Terrarium Star System
10th Siren (2nd Aquarius), 2991 A.C.P. (4633 GS)
0915 Hours (Local)
Commander L' Mardum Shefield

A Beautiful Void Part III

"I've counted exactly four thousand four hundred and seventy-two boarding crafts approaching the installation. They'll reach us in T-minus seventy-two seconds." shouted Nikolai.

"Affirmative Nikolai, know what to do." said Commander Shefield.

"Aye, Commander. Barrier point-defence batteries are online and standing by." replied Lieutenant Bartum.

The swarm of Hive-controlled boarding crafts darted their way towards the small fleet of the Sentinel Naval Command that has formed a defensive perimeter around the installation. The small fleet consisted of only 5 gunboats, 11 corvettes, 5 frigates and 2 destroyers. As soon as the swarm of boarding crafts came within the maximum range for engagement, the defending Sentinels started their tirade of fire, with having little success in hitting the small boarding crafts. Mass driver, rail guns, fusion missiles, concentrated X-ray laser, barrier point-defence turrets and many more open fired with all their might. One by one, the boarding crafts were shot down while they maneuvering their way through the increasing volume of fire from the defenders and incoming squadrons of XFA-43 fighters. At a distance, traces of kinetic rounds fired from Anchor 17's Mass Drivers can be seen heading towards the formation of hostile battlecruisers, moments before one of the kinetic round pierced through a battlecruiser's force shields and hull, causing its hull and its 7 km superstructure to collapse inwards. Commander Shefield and Nikolai watched the silent light show through the window while performing their duties. Who knew the silence and serenity of space can be complemented by destruction and violence. Moments later, some of the Hive-controlled boarding crafts crashed intentionally into Anchor 17's force shields, hoping to weaken the force shield's integrity. This caused a huge pile-up of debris at the south-western air space of Anchor 17. The rest of the boarding crafts started to swarm the installation, searching for weak spots in Anchor 17's force shields. The corvette, Evening's Dawn, was departing from one of the docks around the front of the installation. The installation's force fields will have to be lowered or reduced in certain parts when the defence systems such as the mass drivers and rail guns needed to fire or when ships needed to dock or depart from the installation. Meanwhile, one of the boarding crafts carried an electronic countermeasure emitter to jam the Sentinels' comms, guidance and tracking systems. The frequency of the waves generated by the electronic countermeasure emitter was high enough to penetrate through the installation's force shields. This would be the best opportunity to penetrate through the installation's defences.

"Nice shot Nikolai" said Commander Shefield as he complemented him after taking down another battlecruiser using the Mass Drivers and rail guns

"I can do this all day." replied Nikolai boastfully.

"Anchor main actual to Evening's Dawn, abort departure from dock port one-four-B.Do you copy, over?"
"Anchor main actual to Evening's Dawn, I repeat abort departure from dock port one-four-B.The swarm will get pass the installation's force shields when it will automatically lower for your departure. I said abort departure, Over."
"Evening's Dawn, do you copy?" said Lieutenant Bartum through the comms, looking worried.

"Commander, looks like all our comms are being jammed. I can't get through any navy vessels nor contact the Navy for reinforcements. A handful of emitters are probably on some of the boarding crafts and they will get pass the shields when it lowers for Evening's Dawn." said Lieutenant Bartum.

"Copy that, Lieutenant. Shit. Just as both the closed channel and the relay array is on maintenance, a jammer is used against us. Use the Light Signalling Array so that we can establish contact with Evening's Dawn and stop their departure." said Commander Shefield.

"Yes Commander" replied Lieutenant Bartum.

"2nd Lieutenant, can you override the dynamic force shield protocol? We need to keep the Hive away from this installation." said Commander Shefield.

"On it Commander." replied 2nd Lieutenant Odum.

"Nikolai, put the barrier point defences near dock port one-four-B on stand-by and ready to fire once a single boarding craft slips pass if we can't contact Evening's Dawn on time." ordered Commander Shefield.

"Will do Commander." replied Nikolai.

After several, desperate attempts to establish contact with Evening's Dawn using the Light Signalling Array, the corvette steamed its way to exit the force shield's barrier of Anchor 17 and it was too late to stop her. Furthermore, 2nd Lieutenant was unable to override the dynamic force shield protocol to stop the force shield from lowering to create an exit point for the corvette and an entrance for the Hive. Just as the section of the force shield lowered for Evening's Dawn, the breach point was swarmed by Hive-controlled boarding crafts, making Anchor 17 vulnerable. In an instant, the barrier point-defence turrets sprang into life and fired relentlessly at the swarm that was rushing in. Meanwhile Evenings's Dawn was taking significant damage from the boarding ships that were intentionally crashing into the corvette, trying to get rid of its force shield first. A brutal skirmish erupted close to Anchor 17 as the boarding ships slammed into Evening's Dawn while the corvette's and the installation's defences fired back. As Commander Shefield watched the battle nearby unfolding, Brigadier General Exum entered the command and control bridge. He walked up to Commander Shefield and said "Sir" before saluting the Commander. Commander Shefield turned around to Brigadier General Exum and saluted him back.

"Reporting for duty, Commander" said Brigadier General Exum while looking rather confident.

"Sorry to cut your leave short Brigadier General but we are at critical times right now. I would need you have Infantry Divisions stationed at the strategic points on the previously identified sectors in both the upper and lower arc. Don't forget the dock ports. All breaches will need to contained as fast as possible and ensure Hive sterilization protocols are in place...We might also need your team of Zealots on standby in case of any breach in the installation. We can't afford to lose Anchor 17." said Commander Shefield.

"Yes Commander. I will be assigning the Infantry Divisions available in Anchor 17 to each respective points and coordinate their movements...and as of now, Fireteam Zulu is on stand-by." replied the Brigadier General.

As Commander Shefield saluted Brigadier General Exum, 2nd Lieutenant Odum informed Commander Shefield that the Evening's Dawn is lost. When Shefield turned around, all he can see is the lifeless remains of Evening's Dawn. The corvette was almost splitted into two with just a thin, narrow section keeping them together. Parts, huge chunks of metal and bodies were seen floating from the bridge. When the corvette was lost, the area that the force shield was reduced was reinforced back to its original strength, preventing more hostile crafts from entering. As more of the swarm entered the force shield before it closed, some of the boarding crafts made it way to the Mass Drivers and heavy rail guns while some smashed into the installation's hull, around the area in the dock ports, in order to breach into it. In a mass installation transit that is heading towards the bow end of the installation, Fireteam Zulu was performing last checks on their weapons. They were sent to contain a possible breach in the dock port areas.
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Postby Oostfalea » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:50 am

The Naval Cadet School of Haven 1 (pictured) on a calm morning in the Capital, 31G District.

The Grand Assembly Building, Haven-1, DWX-366-C1
29th Aquarius, 4634 GS
2554 Hours (Local)
Grand Marshal Maximilian Younghusband Jr.

Footsteps and equipment echoed through the hallway as a posse of more than 40 armed men made their way to the Grand Assembly Hall. They were allowed entry into the Grand Hall by the security guards, who were in on the plan. The men barged into the hall, firing their guns into the air, bringing the arguing and shouting of the senate to an abrupt halt. As the smell of gunpowder spread across the room and the firing subsided, one senator shouted from the back row,

"What's happening? Arrest these men at once! Don't you know this is the Grand Assembly of the United Gala..."

Grand Marshall Younghusband interrupted her, "That won't be necessary, Senator Khan. I declare the Galactic Senate to be permanently... suspended,"

Senator Khan stood up from her seat and threw a glass of water at Younghusband. Instinctively, one of the armed men shot her in the shoulder, shouts and threats followed the sound her body thumping on the floor. Several other people began hurling items at the armed group, while some attempted to exit the hall. Younghusband took to the podium at the front of the expansive hall, conjuring jeers from the senators present. Several more shots rang out before the hall settled down.

"Now, Senators," Younghusband began, clearing his throat and downing a glass of water, "today begins a new age of the United Galactic Federation. For too long we've had bumbling politicians who do not care about our glorious empire, but instead about your measly wages and businesses. No more! I declare myself dictator of our noble empire,"

"Dumb move, kid," Senator Migilili protested, "wait till the outer colonies hear of this treachery! You won't step out of this senate alive! The judges will stop you!"

Younghusband smirked, "Better watch where you run your mouth, old man."

Several men trained their rifles on the senator. They let a few hundred rounds fly at Senator Migilili, his corpse set alight by the incendiary rounds. The other senators got the note and bowed down to Younghusband.

"We pledge our allegiance to you, Grand Marshal."

"I am as merciful as I am loyal to the Republic. Inform your people that I will bring peace and prosperity to the Empire. Glory and Honour to the Republic!"

The Palace of Virtue, Haven-1, DWX-366-C1
1st Pisces, 4634 GS
0823 Hours (Local)
Grand Marshal Maximilian Younghusband Jr.

"Your Majesty, the Grand Marshal, Maximilian Younghusband Jr. enters!" shouted a courtier.

Younghusband's eyes darted around the throne room. To his flanks were the royal guard, clad in purple and silver garb, at attention. He didn't look forward at the king, as a sign of respect. He could, however, deduce that the King's advisors were busy with something behind the king. The Grand Marshal stopped at where the steps to the throne started and prostrated himself on the carpets.

"Venerable King, I am not worthy of breathing the same air as you," Younghusband paused," I come here to beg of you to legitimise the government, my government. For too long the oligarchs and kleptocrats have abused the common folk for their own personal wealth. Our forebears have sacrificed so much to grow our domain, and these people have destroyed their hard work. My liege, your grandfather fought for the rights of the common man, as do I. I just want..."

The frail King Ailfryd stood up from his throne, as several courtiers rushed to help. He waved them away, before slowly descending the stairs to where Younghusband was laying, "I've occupied the position of High King for the last 98 years of my life. I am at the end of my life, but you are young and energetic, Grand Marshal. Although I do not agree with how you took over the government, I do agree with you, that the greedy have destroyed the Republic,"

"Thus forth, you, Grand Marshal Maximilian Younghusband Jr., son of Younghusband Sr., shall become the perpetual ruler of the Republic. On one condition, that you mentor my young son Alexander until he is of age. Is that agreeable, Grand Marshal? You may look at me now."

Younghusband looked up at the High King's wrinkled face, "Yes, my King. I shall ensure the safety of your son, and of the Republic."

"Then so be it."

The royal guards and courtiers cheered in unison, "Glory and Honour to the Republic!"

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Postby Terudel » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:58 am

Hoshi Space Station, Orbit of Kall, CHUBA-K20-L9
25th Pisces, 4633 GS
1945 Hours (Local)
Empress Akimoto Hitomi

"Look!" Hitomi pointed at the destroyers coming out from hyperspace, "Tsuji's fleet has arrived." For more than a month, Hitomi waited for enemies to arrive.

33 stolen modified Nebula-Class Destroyers and 10 Interdictor-Class Destroyers appeared one by one. Tsuji's command ship, the Omega Destroyer Arufa was the last to appear Tsuji stood on the bridge, overseeing the oncoming battle. The destroyers carried countless Racemic Fighters in the dock, all prepared to launch.

The position of Grand Admiral had recently been assimilated to that of the Empress. Hitomi proclaimed herself as Grand Empress and decided to lead her forces against Tsuji's rebellion. She sat in her armchair, facing the monitor. "General Taki, do you copy?" Hitomi said through the intercom.

"Yes, Grand Empress. From my view on the bridge of the Sakura, Racemic Fighters are being deployed from 6 of the destroyers. I have about 80 Racemic Fighters on the dock but it is definitely not enough to stop the enemy. Requesting for ARC-170s to be deployed from Hoshi Space Station. Over."

"Copy that, General. Admiral Miyawaki confirmed that the Liberator will be fully charged in 3 hours. From now till then, we will have to stall the enemy. Godspeed, General. Over and out."

Hitomi accessed the main database of the space station and opened the recent report from Manget.

レポートの日付:18日 Pisces, 4633 GS






Galactic Kami Empire

Date of Report:18th Pisces, 4633 GS
Report by:Yamada Asahi

Number of Casualties:2.3 million
Number of Destroyers Damaged:14

The palace is still under our control. Tsuji's fleet is on their way to Kall after obtaining the report from Admiral Kibe. Thousands of rebels are gathering near the palace and are preparing to kill those who leave. Space dock 234 was seriously damaged after Tsuji's fleet attacked it. All 210 ARC-170s parked in the dock were destroyed. Prepare the rest of the fleet stationed at the Hoshi Space Station.

Many female villagers were raped and killed by the rebels. Their houses have also been destroyed. Our soldiers cannot do anything. We are very helpless. Tsuji must die. After Tsuji is defeated, a mass cleansing session will be held. The Empress will provide a list of people who should be killed by General Umon Taki.

Finally, when the Empress becomes 17 years old in 2 months, she needs to choose her husband to marry as part of the palace tradition.

End Of Report.

Hitomi read through the report before cursing Yamada in her head. "This retard will be part of that list," muttered Hitomi. She typed a few things and sent it to all ships through the system. The information she sent is to urge everyone to continue firing at incoming enemy ships.

Hitomi spoke through the station intercom, which could be heard throughout the space station. "Attention all fighter pilots, prepare your ARC-170s and provide reinforcement for Sakura. This is an order. All squadron leaders, input your clearance code on the system when all fighters are ready to launch. Once given the signal, the shields will be lowered for the fighters to leave the dock. You are given 7 minutes to leave the dock. All turrets on stand-by and wait for my command. This station cannot fall into the hands of the enemy."
Hoshi Space Station Orbiting Kall

Aboard ARC-170 8265, Orbit of Kall, CHUBA-K20-L9
25th Pisces, 4633 GS
2035 Hours (Local)
Genesis Leader Takeuchi Nako

Nako inputted the clearance code on the system and waited for Grand Empress Hitomi's signal. She radioed her squadron, "All right, everyone. When we are all out of the station, get into your attack formation and follow my lead. Full speed ahead. The Sakura is taking immense damage from the enemy blast. Those manning the turrets, steady your aim and fire at the incoming Racemic Fighters. Two fighters would need to get a landing clearance from the Sakura in order to land on the dock. Once you do so, you have up to 40 minutes to repair the damaged shield generator. There are a total of 3 generators inside. The middle one is damaged. That is responsible for the shield on the lower half of the dreadnought. It would only be a matter of time before the enemy fully destroys the ship."

"Clearance granted. Prepare to launch." Genesis squad made their way out of the dock steadily, following Genesis Leader Takeuchi Nako. Their attack formation is in the shape of an X, which Nako refers to as the Grill.

"Hold your fire till we are near the dreadnought," Nako said.

"Copy that Genesis Leader." The fighters made a beeline towards the Sakura at a fast speed. The dreadnought was burning on the lower half and many small little fighters could be seen trying to put it out with their water hoses.

"Incoming Racemic Fighters 45 degrees from where I am," Nako shouted. "We can't go down against these rebel scums. Our firepower is better than theirs. Don't be reckless!"

Nako's fighter barrel rolled in order to dodge the plasma bolts coming from the Racemic Fighters. Takeuchi Nako was one of the best pilots in the Galactic Kami Empire. She joined flight school at the young age of 8 and joined the air force when she was 11. She was promoted to squadron leader a few years later when she was 15. She is a good friend of the Empress, who was her playmate when she was a toddler. Nako too was only 16 years old and is only younger than Hitomi by a few days.

3 ARC-170s were destroyed in the process of getting past the Racemic Fighters. The good thing was that Nako's squadron was able to eliminate all of their targets and was now in close proximity to the Sakura.

"ARC-170 8215 and ARC-170 8321, clear your landing code quick and work on the shield generators. The rest, continue to follow my lead and ensure that no enemy ship gets on the dock."
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Postby Nestiland » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:26 am

Archive, 2891 A.C.P.
>>Point Defence blueprint
>>Quartz Stockpile
>> Report on newly discovered space-faring civilisations
>>Report: Darwin 16, 2891 (Marked)<<


Darwin 16, 2891 A.C.P.

Information on Inferi Genus

Subject: Information on the newly discovered parasite AND effective sterilization methods (E)

I. Subject Profile

Scientific name of subject: Inferi Genus
Type: Category 2A pathogen >>1B pathogen<<
Commonly referred to as: Hive / Locust / Shaan Shyum / The Great Salvation / H5-62 parasite / Walkers / Clickers
Mode of Transmission: - Tier VI Atmosphere AND Tier V Water transmission through the spores that varies from 0.52 µm(smallest discovered) -
1.9 µm (largest discovered)
- Neural High-jacking of infector forms
- Scratches from post-infector forms
- Bites from post-infector forms
Origin: Unknown
First Contact: With researchers from a joint research expedition headed by the United Republic in Danube, Marston Binary System, Jool 28, 2889
Infected Areas: Danube, Marston Binary System, five lightyears from the influence of the Commonwealth of Man
Patient 0: Dr. Alex Von Martin (Scientist from the Commonwealth of Man)
Average Height: May vary, depends on host (see part II)
Average Weight: May vary, depends on host (see part II)
Skin Colour: May vary, depends on host. Most hosts mutate to green or brown skin colour (see part II)
Treatment: None
Vaccines: None
Approximate time to eradication: None
Remarks:- Extremely Hostile / Lethal
- Use of Protocol 11 sterilization is highly recommended
- Displays affinity to all known organisms
- Some of the infected biomass in Danube bonded together to form a central consciousness / intelligence
- Pathogen displayed basic communication capacity and problem solving skills

II. Subject Profile (cont'd)

Number of Variants / Forms: 10 >>Three hundred and forty-five thousand, eight hundred and ninety-one(345, 891)<<

Form Classifcations (Major Categories):

1) Base Infector (without host)

Figure 1. Sample from Danube, Endeavor Research vessel, circa 2891

Average Height: 0.55 m
Average Length: 0.58 m
Average Weight: 1.1 kg
Skin Colour: Brown(common)
Average Speed: 4.2 m/s OR 15.2 km/h
Mode of Transmission: Neural Highjacking(Neural Invasion Facilitators punctures and attacks the nervous system, eventually controlling the host / Release of spores
Population: ~160,000,000,000 (one hundred and sixty billion) >>at least 600,000,000,000,000 (six hundred trillion)
Remarks: - Commonly found and attacks in large swarms
- Extremely dangerous / Lethal
- Use of Protocol 11 sterilization is highly recommended
Sub Categories: - Stalker Variant(able to climb walls and ceilings, more agile, less armoured)
- Spiker Variant(able to shoot projectiles to kill or infect, less armoured, least mobile)

The following below are forms with hosts / bonded biomass

2) Incubators

Figure 2. Sketch of how a Incubator would look like based on eye-witness accounts

Average Height: 3.32 m
Average Length: 4.70 m
Average Weight: 853.1 kg
Skin Colour: Pale brown / Dark green
Average Speed: 3.3 m/s OR 11.9 km/h
Mode of Transmission: - Able to reproduce infector forms in its abdomen
- Release of spores
Population: ~120, 000 (one hundred and twenty thousand) >>~5,000,251 (five million and two hundred and fifty-one)
Remarks: - Rate at which Infector forms are produced are dependent on how much biomass the Incubator consumed in a period of time
- Abdomen is shielded by a layer of reanimated exoskeleton of about 2 cm in thickness
- The only form that produces Infector despite being rare
- Incubators would pick up any available biomass using its tendrils and consumed for internal recycling, whether it is an already
assimilated Hive entity or an organism
- When enough biomass is consumed and processed, growth pods would begin to form within its exoskeleton, containing and Infector
- Has Tier 2 regenerative properties (consumes biomass to regenerate)
- Extremely dangerous / Lethal
- Use of Protocol 11 sterilization is highly recommended

Page 1 of 2

3) Host Form

Figure 2. Deceased Human host sample, Commonwealth of Man, circa 2891 A.C.P.

Average Height: May Vary (depends on host)
Average Length: May Vary (depends on host)
Average Weight: May Vary (depends on host)
Skin Colour: Pale brown / Dark green, secondary hue depends on host
Average Speed: May Vary (depends on host)
Mode of Transmission: - Scratches / Bites
- Release of spores
Population: ~ 9,000,000,000 (nine million) 2,000,002,013 (two billion and two thousand thirteen
Remarks: - Has Tier 2 regenerative properties (consumes biomass to regenerate)
- Highly aggressive
- Some forms may have different mutated abilities due to host
- Able to wield weapons
- Extremely dangerous / Lethal
- Use of Protocol 11 sterilization is highly recommended
Sub categories: Tank, Human Form, Sentinel Form, Otheti Variant, Estwani Form, Floral Variants >>refer to report #12320, Archive 2990 for updated information on other variants / forms<<

4)Hive mind

-No image available-

Average Height: ~ 90 m
Average Length: Unknown
Average Weight: ~ 80,000 kg
Skin Colour: Unknown
Average Speed: Immobile >>A new Hive mind can be created anywhere as long as there is biomass available<<
Mode of Transmission: NIL
Population: 1 >>A new Hive mind can be created anywhere as long as there is biomass available<<
Remarks: - Existence of a centralised intelligence / command center is suggested when the infected forms showed decision making and tactics
during a skirmish in Danube, unconsumed biomass were also reported to be carried to a certain location in Danube with was
infested by the parasite.
- Intercepted data log transmissions received from the infested Mantle's Creation dreadnought confirmed the Hive mind's existence
- The penultimate stage of the life-cycle of the Hive, a next stage, a world mind, is in speculation
- Created by merging the bodies and biomass of numerous sentient and non-sentient life-forms, infected forms will continue to
it with biomass to regenerate if damaged, accumulate mass, increase in size and gain the memories, experience and intelligence of
consumed hosts
- Near-omniscient creature, made up of thousands of organisms, with complete control over all Hive forms
- Able to speak over 1,470 languages >>May have changed<<
- May have regenerative properties (at least Tier X)
-This section is yet to be completed-

III. Effective sterilization methods(extracts from Protocol 11)

Conventional weapons which uses kinetic rounds are not very effective in neutralizing the Hive forms.

Effective weapons used: - Incendiary rounds
- Concentrated plasma weapons (Tier XI and above)
- Thermite rounds
- Flamethrower
- Explosive weapons
Note: Some variants may have mutated to secrete a fire-resistant coating on their skin

Information stated are true as of Darwin 16, 2891 A.C.P.
Updated on Jun 8, 2990 A.C.P., report is classified and is marked for priority

Page 2 of 2

>>Subspace Plane (journal article)


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