Ghosts of the Great Woods (Closed, Horror-RP)

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Ghosts of the Great Woods (Closed, Horror-RP)

Postby The Selkie » Fri Aug 10, 2018 3:21 am

Hello and welcome to Ghosts of the Great Woods!
This RP is closed to the region The Strategic and Economic Alliance and its members, but you are all welcome to read along - but be aware: Here there be ghosts, monsters, fauna and other things, that do not react too kindly to foreign intruders.

    The Great Woods were truly massive: Thousands of square kilometres of primeval woods, most of them absolutely uninhabited, with only a few outskirts settled by a few hermits and a group of Selkie known as the Children of the Great Woods. They had been place of many battles over the many centuries of Selkie-History.
    One of them had been the Rape of Milleadh, a little village, that had become the target of a Captain of Silverport's Militia during the War of the Great Woods.
    His men had pillaged and plundered and killed and did unspeakable things to the villagers - one of which cursed them and their kin, according to legend: The Ghosts of the men, who attacked the peaceful village, would move out of their camp once every full moon in summer, to rape the village, but they would not find it, for its smouldering ruins would soon be forgotten, the husks of houses reuniting with the earth blessed by Rhiannon.
    Enraged by the sacrileges commited by the raiders, Carman Fea Herself took the matter into Her own hands, the Goddess of War and Science punishing these men with the curse laid out by the villager.
    And soon, the story became legend in the deep woods.
    Fast forward roundabout a thousand years...

It was the newest craze from abroad: WhoTubers would go out and challenge the wilderness of the Free Lands of the Selkie, in particular of the Great Woods, by camping out there. Quite a few had uploaded videos of fun trips already, many of which had been rather undangerous (with the exception of one, who had confused the Selkie-Waitress in an inn on their trip there with a waitress from his homecountry, his friends filming, how he had stroked her rear as she had bent over the table to distribute the food, end result being said WhoTuber's arm being stapled to the table with a dagger by his sleeve) and quite amusing. Most of them even had Selkie-WhoTuber or two with them, who of course knew, what to do and not to do in their homecountry.
This group did not have a Selkie with them.
Walking down the dusty street towards their camping spot, the only thing in their way was an old man in green robes, a brown padded tunic underneath it. He sat on the path, a quiver full of arrows on his back, sitting in the bright summer sun, temperatures of nearly thrity degrees. A bow rested on his one side, his legs folded under him, his eyes closed.
He knew, what WhoTube was, but he had no interest in that - he was a Child of the Great Woods (for a given definition of the term 'child', as the case was).
When the group passed him, he mumbled out loud: "The animals are restless.", he spoke, his accent in English thick, rolling Rs and dropped vowels, sounding a lot as if he had a shoe in his mouth. "A storm will come this full-moon night."
I play PT, MT and a bit FT. I am into character-RPs.
And I have a rather detailed factbook (forever WiP).
My people are called the Selkie, the nation is usually called the Free Lands in MT-settings. Thanks.

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Postby Avisronia » Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:09 pm

Twenty-one year old Jeffrey Dawson was content. Content for several reasons, ranging from the house he had just purchased in the center of Richmond, to the new relationship he had finally cemented with 18 year old Robyn (a skinny blonde model from Avisronia’s eastern coast,) but on this night his contentness was chemically enhanced with the weapons grade dose of suboxone that pulsed through his body. Suboxone, formulated to help recovering opiate addicts fight their addiction, had powerful sedative effects of its own, and when legally prescribed (as in Dawson’s case,) a single pill usually fought off the cravings for harder drugs for a whole day.

It also didn’t hurt that he had just crossed over the 5 million subscriber mark on both WhoTube and Avisronia’s own BlueTV platform. This number meant little to casual observers, but to Dawson it meant independence. Passing that threshold was a special club, granting him access to BlueTV’s preferred advertising apparatus. He was fast on his way to his first million dollars.

Most of his content consisted of 10-15 minute, stream of consciousness streams of his daily life. As the newness of that had worn off on his audience, he has transitioned to content with a more... conspiratorial, slant. This meant that, oftentimes, rather than toting around a $4,000 camera, he could record content on his Bluebird X2 smartphone, and then let his editing splice in the rest. It made life easier, on top of freeing him to go out into the world.

That’s why he was here, in the Free Lands. On the flight over, he and “the girl” had recorded various shots, but the majority of his subscribers were tired of seeing the inside of airports. What they were really after was where he currently was... this dense, immense, ancient forest.

He disconnected his phone from his rucksacks internal mobile battery, turned it on himself, and recorded simply “Hey guys, Jeffery here... where is here? Well, none other than the Great Woods! There’s so much history here, I can’t wait to see which haunting theories we uncover...”

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Postby Lillorainen » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:27 am

Somewhere in the Great Woods, the Free Lands of the Selkie
Three WhoTubers. Two lassies and one guy. Three cameras. Three knives. Six daggers. One goal.
Challenging the Great Woods, which were said to be haunted. And letting the world know.
Jana Lindholm was 20 years old, blonde and blue-eyed. Her nickname on WhoTube was Janolainen, which translated as 'the little Jana' - ironic enough, as her 177 centimeters of size, definitely appropriate for a decent Nordic girl, didn't exactly make her 'little' by any definition. She was from Longenager, the capital of the State of Visholm, and, coincidentally, also the city President Silas Flemming had been born in. Her career had started five years ago, performing a dancing video on the Caramelldansen (the Swedish original, of course!) - one might consider this embarrassing, but it had brought this video four million clicks by now and was still bringing more, so why not just stand by one's own deeds and go on. She had focussed on testing video games after that - another embarrassing thing, but okay. One and a half year ago, a more serious live documentary on the January 2017 Visholm Snow Disaster had brought her even more fame and respect by watchers within and outside the Federation of Lillorainen. She was also quite a decent horse rider, which she had made a couple of videos about.
Ivar Hiltrup, within the community known by his nick IrrerIvar ('crazy Ivar'), living in Preetz, Rigesöer, was the hardcore gamer within the trio. He was 24 years old, brown-haired and blue-eyed, and about Jana's size, but far away from anything fitting her figure - as he carried about 90 kilograms around (thus, he wasn't really fat, but well-nourished). The one and only point of his channel were Let's Plays, which he had started with about five years ago. He played a number of different games, recorded and commented them online, in German, which sounded funny, Werner-esque to other German-speakers due to his dialect. His main goal was to beat Gronkh's record of making the longest German-language Minecraft LP in the universe (14 days, 21 hours and 53 minutes in 1278 parts), but this would take its time. He, at least, could call three million subscribers his own.
Leonie Pütz, known as Leo-chan ('little Leo' - why on earth did so many girls describe themselves as little, even if they weren't?), residing in Sandscheid, a middle-sized city in the southern Rathland, was 22 years old, black-haired, brown-eyed and about a head shorter than Jana. Having started six years ago making videos of herself doing a number of different sports - which she quite had the figure for -, she had gone over live-commenting sports events (like the legendary victory of the FC Rathenia Laerdonk, a football team that switched between 1st and 2nd League every year, on the FC Pontrath, the Eternal Champion, in 2014) to making videos of events in general - be it sports events, festivals, conventions, whatever. While she, in former days, had done all this in German language, she had switched to using English at some point, to reach a bigger, international audience - which definitely paid off, considering her number of subscribers, no less than ten million.
Those three had already known each other online for a couple of years - eventually, they had met a year ago at the WhoobeeCon, an annual WhoTubers' convention taking place in Lysköping, Lillorainen's former capital and number-one hub for any stuff related to Lillorainen's digital world - seeing each other for the first time in real life. That had been the place where they had been close friends who started to closely cooperate as much as possible; resulting in them making an extremely funny two hours Let's Play of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic together (combining some of their main topics - gaming, sports, and horses).
Now, they were finally reunited again, thousands of kilometers away from home, to follow the newest craze - camping in the Great Woods, a tremendous piece of forest in the Free Lands of the Selkie, to challenge nature, especially those parts of it that rumors claimed to be haunted. Each of them was armed with nothing more than two daggers and a knife - firstly, to comply with the Free Lands' law prohibiting private gun ownership, and secondly, to make it more exciting (where's the real danger, if you can just shoot anything getting into your way, after all?). Considering that all three of them were children of quite large cities, where the most spooky natural phenomena were drunken old men in city parks, this trip was given an additional special note.
Each of them carried a backpack around, with all their equipment including mobile batteries to recharge their devices. Ivar had also brought a small, adjustable tripod, so they could record an introduction video with all three of them on the screen.
They were everything else than badly prepared.
The Ghosts shalt come!
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