WCOH 36 Everything Thread

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WCOH 36 Everything Thread

Postby -Anthor- » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:39 am

World Cup of Hockey 36
Brought to you by the Anthoran Ice Hockey Federation, and its many fans!

A Traveller's Companion to the Kingdom of Anthor:
The Kingdom of Anthor is a constitutional monarchy consisting of some two hundred million souls within the borders of Atlantian Oceania; headed by her King, Samuel III, and her duly elected Prime Minister, Thomas Dalen, the average Anthoran of the better part of two decades has been able to enjoy freedom, peace and comfort; with the levels of all three of those, as well as the standards of living rising at large paces in more recent years, thanks to modern innovations created in Anthoran labs or across the multiverse, and brought into daily life by the Anthoran businessman or entrepreneur.

The Kingdom itself prides itself on it's relative safety and freedoms, though the two are usually carefully balanced. If the WCOH was to return to Anthor for the second time, most travellers would more then likely find themselves in the northern city of Kirkwall, the provincial capital of the Ebele Province and one of the first major cities if you crossed the kingdom's northern border. Home to some 5 million people, and a further one million in the nearby suburbs, towns and fringes of the city, Kirkwall is one of the most modern cities one could visit in Anthor, without losing the scenic countryside views that traditional Anthorans love seeing on postcards and pictures. Freedoms afforded to visitors are parallel to those of our citizenry, though they may not be as wide as some other nations; you are free to express your opinion and yourself, but ownership of firearms and weaponry is regulated, and while the police presence is not overwhelming, it would be unusual to not see one of the protectors of the King's people during the course of a day. Travellers could also find themselves arriving in Tharsius, particularly if they're entering from southern realms, where they would be greeted with the most developed and largest urban metropolis in the Kingdom, home to some seven million souls it has every feature of a stereotypical big city; one of its iconic features is the heavily developed public transportation, which users able to get bus, rail, metro, high-speed rail and other options to any part of the city, or any part of the Kingdom.

Thanks to recent economic success, though slow at first, the Anthoran pound is on pace with most other currencies, or close enough that visitors would get equal or near-equal value in their exchange of their native monetary amounts, and some banks will even cover any money you may have lost, depending on which company it is. Additionally, hotels are usually more styled on offering larger options and packages, at a far cheaper price; the standard package usually includes free room service, access to the hotel's shuttle service and facilities, as well as other similar perks.

Hockey within the Kingdom is governed by the AIHF, or the Anthoran Ice Hockey Federation, which helps guide and lead the largest sport in the kingdom, which generates an total attendance of fifteen million fans each season . Founded approximately thirty years ago in an effort to modernize and reform ice hockey within the Kingdom, the Federation oversees a professional league of 16 teams, and then two lower level leagues which aid in youth development. In the north, hockey is just as much a part of daily life as food or water, and you can find a major league team in any of the northern big cities, and everywhere else will at least have one junior or pro-am team, if not more. Kirkwall itself is home to a CJHL team, the Kirkwall Panthers, and is only a thirty minute ride from the city of Yarmouth, which is home to the professional level Yarmouth Ducks who are the reigning dynasty within the Federation. In the south, Toussard would be your mecca for hockey, their local pro level team the Daemons have made every playoff for the last eight seasons and are one of the most competitive teams in the entire Federation. Other cities such as Furness and Inverness also possess major league teams and offer plenty of hockey for tourists to consume.

Consult with your foreign affairs department now before booking a flight, or the closest Anthoran embassy. A bit in the outskirts of town and not close to either? Contact us at (18)100-541-8171, or visit us at for quick, easy help and advice for your visit to Anthor.

Pots and Groups:
Pot 1
Elejamie (1)
Vilita and Turori (2)
Abanhfleft (3)
Novaya Zemlya (4)
Savojarna (5)
Valanora (6)
Anthor (7)
Mercedini (8)

Pot 2
Cosumar (9)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (11)
Neu Engollon (12)
Cosneolta (13)
Banija (14)
Qasden (15)
South Covello (16)
Alpine Union (17)

Pot 3
Tobiasia (18)
Razenthuria (19)
Siovanija and Teusland (20)
Kita-Hinode (21)
Equestrian States (26)
St. Saratoga (29)
Free Republics (30)
The Sherpa Empire (32)

Pot 4
Northwest Kalactin (34)
North Prarie (35)
United States of Devonta (36)
Ko-oren (41)
Thibaea (46)
Cassadaigua (47)
Gergary (47)
Austrakia (53)

Pot 5
New Jarwel (80)
The South Falls (UR)
Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland (UR)
Halfdansodal (UR)
Benin-Togo (UR)
Mapletish (UR)
Neo-Romanum (UR)
Jebslund (UR)

Pot 6
Maryloupe (UR)
Kilaguni (UR)
Krenorus (UR)
Routcher (UR)
Ranoria (UR)
Lycrabon (UR)
The Authoritan Republic of Lochario (UR)
Detroit-Sud (UR)

Group 1
Mercedini (8)
Neu Engollon (12)
Free Republics (30)
The South Falls (UR)
Detroit-Sud (UR)

Group 2
Elejamie (1)
Alpine Union (17)
Tobiasia (18)
Ko-oren (41)
Neo-Romanum (UR)
Kilaguni (UR)

Group 3
Abanhfleft (3)
South Covello (16)
Kita-Hinode (21)
Cassadaigua (47)
Halfdansodal (UR)
Ranoria (UR)

Group 4
Valanora (6)
Banija (14)
Equestrian States (26)
Thibaea (46)
Jebslund (UR)
Lycrabon (UR)

Group 5
Cosumar (9)
The Sherpa Empire (32)
Gergary (47)
Benin-Togo (UR)
The Authoritan Republic of Lochario (UR)

Group 6
Savojarna (5)
Qasden (15)
Razenthuria (19)
North Prarie (35)
New Jarwel (80)
Krenorus (UR)

Group 7
Vilita and Turori (2)
Cosneolta (13)
St. Saratoga (29)
Northwest Kalactin (34)
Mapletish (UR)
Routcher (UR)

Group 8
Novaya Zemlya (4)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (11)
Siovanija and Teusland (20)
United States of Devonta (36)
Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland (UR)
Maryloupe (UR)

Scorination will be conducted using xkorante, with the Saintland modifiers. RP bonus will be a cumulative and generous, with judging being based on originality, effort, and using information relevant to the Cup, such as opposing rosters, etc. There will also be a roster bonus for those who contribute one. In the event Anthor makes it to the playoff round, third party scorination will be requested.


Cutoffs will be around 1:30 AM - 3 AM EST every Match Day. The odd times are due to my work schedule, and I apologize for the weirdness; users can expect for the cutoff to be on the later end of that window then the earlier end.
Wednesday, August 8 - Championship Game
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Prime Minister: Thomas Dalen
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Postby -Anthor- » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:39 am

Host Stadia of the 36th World Cup of Hockey

This 36th World Cup of Hockey, fans of our favorite form of artwork on ice will be flocking to parts and corners all across our majestic Kingdom here of Anthor, and we here at the Anthoran Ice Hockey Federation recognize that for many of you, this will be your first visit in our bright nation, so we've coordinated with the Ministry of Tourism to gather a host of services and such to be available to you during your sport and food filled stay here. Below, you can find information on the stadiums you will be cheering, booing, and crying in over the coming weeks.

Fey City Arena (Located in Korsvegen City) [Capacity: 34,500) - Group 1
The Fey City Arena is one of the most storied stadiums within Anthor, primarily known as the home of the Korvesgen Templars which were one of the most successful ice hockey clubs within the kingdom in the last century. Although the Templars have fallen on hard times and don't play at the top level of professional hockey in the Kingdom, they still retain a cult following from their fans both within and without the city and although it is older and smaller then some of the newer stadiums, you'll find yourself feeling at home here, be you in the southeast corner on your floorboard seat or grabbing a cup of hot brew from Mik and Brothers stand in the plaza area.

Marshall City Forum (Located in Furness City) [Capacity: 28,000) - Group 1
Despite the fact that the AIHF is in it's offseason currently, tourists to the Hammer Zone will undoubtedly hear the infamous "Hammer Time' chant that Furness fans are so renowned for; be it from one of the merchandise shops in the tight-knit concourse area or from some Anthoran with a mobile speaker. Marshall City was a gamble when it was built nine years ago as it was the Federation's first multi-sport facility, but despite the fact its sole purpose isn't just ice hockey fans will get to feel intimate with the sport here.

Rottery Sports Complex (Located in Avon City) [Capacity: 34,589) - Group 2

Bolli Stadium (Located in Inverness City) [Capacity: 33,455) - Group 2

Digby & Dawn PL Arena (Located in Norton City) [Capacity: 38,560) - Group 3

Everette Trust Field (Located in Town of Stormo) [Capacity: 30,120) - Group 3

Tennsington Arena (Located in Yarmouth City) [Capacity: 32,500) - Group 4

Holme Forum (Located in Osythe City) [Capacity: 26,345) - Group 4

Prince Daniel Stadium (Located in Kerveguen City) [Capacity: 51,000) - Group 5

Barclay Arena (Located in Kirkwall City) [Capacity: 47,320) - Group 5

Glenn Memorial Arena (Located in Rogate City) [Capacity: 25,634) - Group 6

Poole Ring (Located in Kinloch City) [Capacity: 33,400) - Group 6

Norshye Arena (Located in Girvan City) [Capacity: 41,541) - Group 7

Adaline Kip Sporting Complex (Located in Rannoch City) [Capacity: 31,200) - Group 7

Kelac Field (Located in Toussard City) [Capacity: 25,600) - Group 8

Lendos Entertainment Arena (Located in Penshurst City) [Capacity: 37,654) - Group 8
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Kingdom of Anthor
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Monarch: King Samuel III of House Lenova
Prime Minister: Thomas Dalen
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Postby Vilita and Turori » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:59 am


AOHC Champions
World Cup of Hockey XXXIV Champions

Vilita & Turori Ice Cat Things
Coaching Staff:
Head Coach: Avalan Marcraw
Assistant Coach: Colora Boharii
Style Mods: +3.14159

Players shown in Jungle Teal are projected to be in the active lineup during the opening match of competition. Players may be subbed in/out of the active roster in response to performance, injury, quality of opposition or match importance.

[ 80 ] 'Snowman' Avalanski [ - Seraai Icestronauts (VHL) - ]

[ 96 ] Fiko Oreta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 92 ] Tommy Finn [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 42 ] Koyo Apen [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]

[ 37 ] Kevin Diesel [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 06 ] Dolak Vintal-Morta [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 62 ] Hluali Tiik [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]
[ 56 ] Torren Filiao [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 45 ] Cinnami Vellamoi [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 55 ] Bayyre Provichuk [ - Tivali River Sharks (VHL) -]

[ 74 ] Mike Ice [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 50 ] Rikki Budushield [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) -]
[ 57 ] Korus Korney [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]

[ 32 ] Cartai Chiate [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 48 ] Ricky Fike [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 16 ] Vakki Cren [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Ieeko Nareta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]

[ 44 ] Alagre Wilnodstar [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) - ]
[ 26 ] Ippolit Entara [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]
[ 7 ] Fordin Unrangii [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]

[ 4 ] River Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 23 ] Eastern Raciani [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]
[ 41 ] Lance Blaki [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 21 ] Buffky Oktopi [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]

[ 52 ] Malaino Oraziala [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 33 ] Askol Mastley [ - Morata Valley Fog (VHL) - ]
[ 49 ] Ki||to Orreta [ - Turoki Islanders (VHL) - ]

[ 88 ] Ocean Suzgar [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 91 ] Tavren Raparon [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 22 ] Jualiar Fichaud [ - Alikki-Corra Aye-Ayes (VHL) - ]
[ 15 ] Emhaoi Linaozi [ - Vilisorma Yutzies (VHL) - ]

[ 32 ] Akitana Ruta [ - Yeaddin HC (VHL) - ]
[ 17 ] Ataris Filiac [ - Lonngeylin Storm Surge (VHL) - ]
[ 51 ] Denmastre Redfran [ - Lopinka Lynx (VHL) - ]


The Vilita & Turori uniform shirts are dark blue with orange and lighter blue striping. The shoulders are Vilitan Jungle Color while the elbows are highlighted in Eelskin Brown. The numbers match the striping in the lighter shade of blue with orange trim. The two-tone helmets allow the Vilita & Turori players to stand out on the ice.

RP Permissions:
Choose my Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod my Scores: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, Duration of Group / Current Stage only
Godmod injuries to my Players: Sure.
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

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Postby Jebslund » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:07 am

Roster of the Jebslund Weisswasser Gewehrhasen:

Line 1/defensive pair 1
Line 2/defensive pair 2
Line 3/defensive pair 3
Line 4
Goalie 1
Goalie 2
/C Captain
/AC Assistant Captain

Johann "Dussel" Kerman /AC
Nina "Telefon" Kerman
Wulf "Komet" Kerman
Agnes "Nachbild" Kerman

Left Wingers:
Bernie "Flügelmann" Kerman
Sofie "Sicherertreffer" Kerman
"Dumm" Glück Kerman
Speck Kerman

Right Wingers:
Donald "Vorteil" Kerman
Erika "Golem" Kerman Kerman
Wilhelm "Panzerzerstörer" Kerman
Karl "Falscherweg" Kerman

Eva "Donnerbüchse" Kerman/Hanschen "Frühlingserwachen" Kerman
Gunther "Kartebenötigt" Kerman/Olga "Ziegelhaus" Kerman
Suzie "Stichwort" Kerman/Flora "Dirigent" Kerman

Wilhelm "Bill" Kerman/C
Helga "Panzer" Kerman

Playstyle: Aggressive both offensively and defensively. The team is focused more on generating scoring opportunities than anything else when in the other team's end, and more focused on stopping whomever has the puck in their own end, and getting the puck itself out of their own end. The defenders especially are encouraged to throw their (considerable, considering they're all larger than normal Kerbals) weight around. Big hits are favored over poke checks, and the individual team members are told to keep initiating fights to a minimum, but not to back down from any fights other players pick. They are all armed forces (army, all except Bill are in Artillery divisions), and fight like demons with military training.

Considerations: Expect Bill Kerman to have plenty of security on hand. He is the Minister of War, though he is on the team in an unofficial capacity on furlough.

Stadium information will be given the post after groupings are announced. Uniform info will either be added to this post or put in that one tomorrow.

RP Permissions[/color]
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (Minor injuries only. Game/season-ending injuries need to be cleared with me via TG first. ABSOLUTELY NO CAREER-ENGING INJURIES.)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: See above
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No
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Jebslund is a nation of kerbals ruled by Emperor Jebediah Kerman. We reject tyranny, believing that rights should be protected, though we also believe said rights end where the rights of others begin.
Shockingly, we *do* use NS stats, with the exception of lifespan.
Singular sapient: Jebslunder
Plural Sapient: Jebslunden
Singular/Plural nonsapient: Kermanic
Note: When a verb can logically only be done by the sapient using/piloting/holding the object in question, then the appropriate demonym for the number of sapients is used.

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Saratoga "Saints" National Roster

Postby St Saratoga » Thu Jul 12, 2018 6:24 am

Kredit Union Arena, Rogerbei -- STG Hockey President Jon Sampson announced today the dismissal of Patrick Underhill from his duties as head coach of the Saratogan “Saints” National Ice Hockey team. This coming after two poor performances at the World Cup of Hockey 34 and 35 where he posted a 4-8-1 team record. “We are of course disappointed that it came to this, we had high hopes for [Patrick] Underhill but with the recent performance in the last two WCoH’s plus ignoring the advice of his superiors and lower coaching staff we felt that it was time to change the direction the team was heading.”

In the same press conference Sampson announced that Assistant Coach Shawn Bosley was picked to take over the reins of the national team. “Under Coach Underhill we found things worked for this team. We had a high scoring, physically aggressive team that dominated the ice but in return we suffered in defense leaving basically our goaltenders to keep the puck out of the net by themselves. We are going to make some changes shortly that will serve as steps to fix this problem. I want to thank President Sampson for entrusting me with the future of this team, I hope to build on the sturdy foundation Coach Underhill created.”

Soon after press conference was completed the national team sent out a press release stating the hiring of recently retired goaltender Levi Henriksson to the goalie coordinator role as well as multiple roster moves which are listed below:

  • Marc Ekström moved to second line defense
  • Defensemen Lewis Faulkner moved to 2nd line defense to join M. Ekström
  • Defensemen Christopher Harr moved to 3rd line defense
  • Defensemen Seth Ivarsson was benched
  • Storm Ekström moved to the backup role
  • David Crawford taking over starting job

Saratogan National Hockey Team

Nation: St Saratoga
Region: New Coalition of Nations
Trigramme: SGA
Uniforms: 18-19 National Team Sweaters
Goal Horn: Horn: (Only listen to 0.04)
Goal Song: Chelsea Dagger by The Fratellis
Biggest win: St Saratoga 5 - 0 New Doltania
Biggest Lose: Savojarna 6 - 1 St Saratoga
World Cup of Hockey Appearance: 34, 35, 36


Role                     Name               Age
Head Coach Shawn Bosley 31
Assistant Coach Harry Bergland 44
Offensive Coordinator Matteo Jonsson 40
Defensive Coordinator Kalman Eysteinsson 42
Goalie Coordinator Levi Henriksson 32

##  P   Name              Age  
1st Line Offense
5 C Noak Zwack 21
11 LW William Green 28
17 RW Nathaniel Thorson 30

2nd Line Offense
6 C Micheal Warren 31
10 LW Matthew Skov 26
36 RW Joshua Ek 18

3rd Line Offense
19 C Daniel Zuez 31
27 LW Robert Sandberg 25
25 RW Julian Nyström 23

4th Line Offense
33 C Karl Nyman 23
23 LW Mikkel Nygaard 27
42 RW Gary Pittman 26

##  P   Name              Age  
1st Line Defense
12 LD Owen Ekström 22
32 RD Mark Miller 25

2nd Line Defense
49 LD Lewis Faulkner 31
13 RD Marc Ekström 22

3rd Line Defense
21 LD Tristan Dahl 21
18 LD Christopher Harr 30

##  P   Name              Age  
99 GK David Crawford 27
14 GK Storm Ekström 22
01 GK Jan-Erik Liukko 17

34 C Harry Franklin 33
44 W Dennis Jacobsen 25
47 D Daniel McDonald 29
23 D Seth Ivarsson 30
51 D Tosh Larsen 32

Style Mod: +4.5

Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: TG me first
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Best Results:
  • World Baseball Classic: Group Stage
  • World Cup of Hockey: Group Stage
  • World Lacrosse Championship: 3rd Place (28)
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Postby Lycrabon » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:22 am

RP Permissions:
Choose my Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod my Scores: Huh?
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, I will choose the length of time on the injured list.
Godmod injuries to my Players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes, but if it's a fight - be fair in your players' penalties.
Godmod other events: Yes, but TG me if you want to do anything crazy.

The Lycrabon Lake Monsters Roster...

Head Coach: Andy Emery
Assistants: Jacob Thatcher and Toby Bennett

Home Arena: Tenth-Eighth Arena, home of the Youngstown Penguins

STARTERS:				CHL Team last year
C 87 Shane Herbert* Spokane Mallards
LW 71 Shaun Hull Spokane Mallards
RW 11 Michael Ireland Adrienne Aeros
D 28 Frank Webber Westlake Stars
D 48 Oliver Sheppard Westlake Stars
G 29 Tom Marin Youngstown Penguins
C 18 Greg McArthur Coshocton Blue Jackets
C 72 Lewis Olson Massasoit Blackhawks
C 99 Robbie Preston Lakeview Oilers
LW 7 Nathan Fuller** Philipsburg Flyers
LW 10 Devon Fitzgerald Windsor Red Wings
LW 14 Jay Steadman Dravosburg Predators
RW 80 George Griffin Bayview Whalers
RW 24 Stewart Coleman** New Amsterdam Devils
RW 65 Michael Johnston Trois-Rivieres Rapids
D 95 Huey Robertson Charlestown Chiefs
D 77 Andy Melia Tidewater Admirals
D 25 Liam Buxton Charlestown Chiefs
D 19 Devin George Kingsville Kings
D 92 Scott Gilliam Grantsville Lightning
D 20 Jim Cisneros New Amsterdam Islanders
G 30 Brennan Reynolds Saint Catherine Capitals
G 90 Jaime Estes Dravosburg Predators

* Captain
** Alternate
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Saugeais Baseball Tournament I: 3rd Place
WBC 18-19 Quarterfinals

Under former regime:
WB VII-X; BOI quarterfinals; IV Summer Olympics; WC 49/BoF 36
WBC 12 quarterfinals

WBC 17 and 24, NSCF 2 Woodlands Conference

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Postby Mapletish » Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:36 am

Nation Name: The Mapletia Unida of Mapletish
Demonym: Maplish/Mapletian
Team Nickname: The Lions/The Dragons/The Minnows
The Supporters: The Fierykop

Image Image

Rosfield Arena - 25,000
Image Image Image

The Buio'Dzz
Before every match, the team members (including the designated substitutes for the match) will perform a traditional ritual, called the Buio'Dzz on the pitch just before play begins. This is one of the many tribe war dance from the aboriginals of Mapletish, meant to awe their opponents, this is similar to the [RL] New Zealanders' haka before their matches. This would be performed unless the hosts of the match in question object to the ritual.

Manager: Epifanio Kike, 45
Assistant Manager: Anastasio Natanael, 42

Line 1
#1 - GK- Johnson Rasmus - 24 - Golden Phoenix - Vice-Captain
#2 - DF- Tiburcio Fran - 24 - Balmope Betis
#3 - DF- Florentino Jordán - 25 - Club Atletico
#4 - C- Clemente Luciano - 26 - Home United - Captain
#5 - LW- Dudley Buckholz - 24 - Golden Phoenix
#6 - RW- Ángel Gabriel - 23 - Versatio Giants

Line 2
#7 - GK - Ismael Chucho - 26 - SC Porto
#8 - DF- Royce Kaczmarski - 25 - Golden Phoenix
#9 - DF- Kareem Solomon - 26 - Golden Phoenix
#10 - C- Régulo Josepe - 24 - Home United
#11 - LW - Nazario Julio - 23 - Moonchester City
#12 - RW - Gil Toño - 23 - SC Galatasaray

Line 3
#13 - GK- Jafet Hugo - 24 - Home United
#14 - DF- Bonifacio Manu - 23 - Southampton
#15 - DF- Eleuterio Alberto - 22 - Home United
#16 - C- Grimaldo Primitivo - 23 - SC Porto
#17 - LW- Tulio Marcos - 24 - Northampton
#18 - RW- Vern Swindall - 24 - Golden Phoenix

Style Modifier: +3

RP Permissions:
Choose my Goalscorers: Yes
Godmod my Scores: Yes
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, I reserve the right to reduce the injury duration in my follow up RP
Godmod injuries to my Players: No
Hand out penalties to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes, but do TG me if you want to do anything crazy.
The Minuscule Sporting Nation Mapletish
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Postby Union of Socialist Alpine Republics » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:18 am

Union of Socialist Alpine Republics National Hockey Team

Reprezentacja Alpejski w Hokej

Unija Socijalističke Alpske Republike Nacionalna Hokej Momcad

Selección de Hockey de Unión de Repúblicas Socialistas Alpinas

Équipe nationale de Hockey d'Union des Républiques Socialistes Alpines

Alpischen Eishockey Nationalgemischtschaft

Sgioba Nàiseanta Hocaidh na Aonadh Sòisealach Ailpeach Poblachdan

Union av Socialistiska Alpinrepubliker Herrlandslag i Ishockey

Alppi Jääkiekkomaajoukkue

Nation info:
Full Nation Name: Union of Socialist Alpine Republics
Short Nation name: Alpine Union, U.S.A.R.
Demonym: Alpine
Nicknames: Alpines, Green & white, Bisons, Reprezentacja Alpejski
Trigramme: UAR
Team colors: Green, White, Blue and Red
Style mod: +2

Home Jersey (designed by me on paint using one of -Anthor-'s template):


Playing style:

Players from former Prusy Krolewskie relies on puck control, speed, fineness and perfect passes. They prefer to keep the puck than shooting on the net. Their style is comparable to the USSR style in the '70s. The Pruski doesn't like physical play at all.

Players from former Botten plays modern hockey and they're pretty much skilled. They don't keep the puck as much longer as Prussian players but they don't dump the puck either.

Players from former Southern Democratic States plays north american style hockey. They crash the net and are more physical than Prussian and Bothnian players. Hunter McGuire is a power forward and sometimes goes for the big hit. He's not affraid to drop the gloves too.


Head Coach: Otto Klötzer
Assistant Coach: Jörgen Grönborg
Assistant Coach: Nadia Komorowska
Goalkeeper coach: Bob Ranford
Video Coach: Malgorzata Przybylowicz
Equipment manager: Michel Gervais

Num     Pos     Player                  Age     AHL Team           Birthplace                                            Junior/College        Drafted
Line 1
81 C Czeslaw Niemczynowicz 31 Naprzod Ozorkow Szydlowiec, WP
16 LW Emilia Zyskowska 28 Naprzod Ozorkow Wloszczowa, WP
17 RW Melania Zyskowska 28 Naprzod Ozorkow Wloszczowa, WP

Line 2
13 C Peter Sundin 28 Legia Puck Götlunda, BT
15 LW Anton Lundström 27 KHL Medvescak Ähtari, BT
29 RW/LW Fredrika Laine 25 Eisbären Ueckermünde Kuokkastenkoski, BT

Line 3
55 C Sebastian Krug 33 Eisbären Ueckermünde Kleinsteinhausen, AM
88 LW Zofia Stepniewska 30 Braddock Bruins Swietochlowice, WP
82 RW Slawomir Zawistowski 29 Eisbären Ueckermünde Krzeszowice, WP

Line 4
91 C Mikko-Petteri Karjanlahti 26 Skeppsgårdens IF Öllölä, BT
90 LW Arkadiusz Zlomanczuk 31 Legia Puck Wyrzysk, WP
83 RW Hampus Wiktorsson 31 Skeppsgårdens IF Högsby, BT

Defensive Pairing 1
3 LD Szymon Krzysztalowicz 30 Stoczniowiec Szczuczyn Rzgow, WP
5 RD Stanislaw Wojciechowski 29 Harwich Whalers Zdzieszowice, WP

Defensive Pairing 2
89 LD Niko Virtanen 27 Jokerit Kauppilanmäki, BT
23 RD Krzysztof Klepczynski 26 Naprzod Ozorkow Malogoszcz, WP

Defensive Pairing 3
33 LD Czeslaw Szerszenowicz 24 Naprzod Ozorkow Zwierzyniec, WP
44 RD Samuel Schöpf 31 Eisbären Ueckermünde Sankt Margarethen, AM

1 G Jenni Kekäläinen 27 Jokerit Uusikaupunki, BT
25 G Grzegorz Grzegorczyk 31 Legia Puck Puck, WP

17 C Wiebke Wohlfahrt 23 Naprzod Ozorkow Bad Münster am Stein-Ebernburg, AM
26 C Peter Szczesny 24 Orlik Miedzyzdroje Trzcinsko-Zdroj, WP
14 C Zdzislaw Przybylski 30 Saguenay Nordiques Koscierzyna, WP
11 LW/C Max Preuß 30 Eisbären Ueckermünde Titz, AM
9 LW Jennifer McKernan 25 Waddington BlackHawks Haddock, WA
10 RW Frédérique Brassard 27 Saguenay Nordiques Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, SG
61 RW Hunter McGuire 30 Neoga Golden Knights Nottingham, SG
86 LD Kevin Baumgartlinger 20 Ujkerepes TE Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, AM Grizzlys Krausnick 2019 1.1
75 LD Krzysztof Szczoczarz 28 Legia Puck Puck, WP
4 RD Pontus Augustinsson 29 Stoczniowiec Szczuczyn Tröllhattan, BT
2 RD John O'Keefe 29 Waddington BlackHawks Cape Elizabeth, SG
30 G Czeslaw Malarczyk 30 Samsø White Hawks Pruszcz Ozorkowski, WP
35 G Natalia Mroczkowski 23 Naprzod Ozorkow Ozorkow, WP

AM: Alsace-Mecklenburg
BT: Bothnia
SG: Saguenay
WA: Wabash
WP: Wschodnioprusy (Prussia East)

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: Y
Injure Players: Y
Godmod Injury Events: N
Penalise Players: Y
Eject Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: Y
Hockey: 15th | American Football: 8th | Baseball: 10th | Association Football: 65th | Rugby Union: 23rd

Champions: World Bowl XXXII
Runner Up: WCoH 36
3rd Place:
4th Place: WJHC 12, Independents Cup 4, Handball World Cup 21

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Postby Elejamie » Thu Jul 12, 2018 12:01 pm

(logo wonderfully made by the former New Wolfopolis of Kaplewof)
Elejamian national men's ice hockey team
Selección de hockey sobre hielo de Elejamia
Elejam men ishoci tim

Nickname: The Icy Elephants
Style Mod: 0

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Elejamie, followed by football/soccer (both are acceptable in Elejamie) and rugby [union], In fact, the men's national team - nicknamed the Icy Elephants, not to be confused with the ENIHL team Elejamie City Ice Elephants - are one of the best teams in the multiverse, having made the World Cup of Hockey finals four times in four consecutive competitions; winning two (29th edition against Gregoryisgodistan and 31st edition against Valanora) and losing two (30th and 32nd, both times against disliked rivals Valanora), as well as a bronze medal in Valanora back in the 28th edition; although the B-team won a gold medal in the men's ice hockey at the 12th Winter Olympics, they're considered a different team and as a result their achievement is not counted alongside the two WCoH wins. They've also been one of the best teams in the tournament, very nearly making it out of the group stage in their inaugural tournament, making it to the quarter-finals in their second, winning the bronze in their third and staying in the top ten in rankings since the 29th edition (and top 3 since the 30th WCoH).

They got a third win in the last competition over in the Free Republics (with the group stage games being a double round robin with each game being played in the host nation), a team they had faced twice before as they were in the same group; Abanhfleft won the opener 3-2 in OT whereas Elejamie demolished them 8-3 in the rematch. The Icy Elephants finished top of their group, with the overtime loss being the only thing preventing them from a perfect record, before going on to steamroll their next two opponents. First came the 6-2 win over new rivals Anthor, which was then followed by the 9-1 destruction of old rivals Valanora. They met their match with the then-reigning champs Vilita and Turori but would go on to win 3-2 in overtime. And then, in their third and final game against Abanhfleft, Elejamie won 5-3 to lift the trophy for a third time and earn a third star on their jerseys.




Helmet and gloves:

Head coach: Michael Madgwick (56)
Assistant managers: Tim Furst (48); Ron Berg (58)
Goaltending coach: Patrick Schmitz (42)
Physios: Sam Finney (33); Rachel MacIntlock (34)


No. Name Age Position Club
1 Peter Berg 25 G (S) Elejamie City Ice Elephants
18 Pedro Cervantes 24 G (B) Ángeles de la Playa de Rocas


Line 1

No. Name Age Position Club
2 Lupe 30 LD Avon Stars
7 Adam Keane (A) 26 RD Partizan Belushya Guba (NZEL)

Line 2

No. Name Age Position Club
11 George Lincoln 35 LD Mainsborough Icemen
28 Greg Warren 32 RD Coventry Puffins

Line 3

No. Name Age Position Club
15 Neil Cuevas 26 LD Elejamie City Ice Elephants
32 Carlos Sierra 26 RD Ángeles de la Playa de Rocas


Line 1

No. Name Age Position Club
29 Stacy Saunders 21 LW Kingston Knights (QHL)
20 Cerin Meloten 27 C Rosetta Royals
13 Anatoly Kasputin (C) 34 RW Torpedo Belushya Guba (NZEL)

Line 2

No. Name Age Position Club
9 Lucas Madgwick 28 LW Davenport Dockers
6 Paul Morton 33 C Coventry Puffins
14 Bill Harrison 25 RW Rosetta Royals

Line 3

No. Name Age Position Club
8 Ethan Swinburne 29 LW Metallurg Matochkingrad (NZEL)
12 Aaron Andrews 33 C Edgebaston Shamrocks
10 James Han (A) 27 RW Avon Stars

Line 4

No. Name Age Position Club
5 Pael Atenar 32 LW Avon Stars
4 Danilo Barajas 26 C Zoloroni City Icers (MSL)
21 Felipe Barajas 26 RW Zoloroni City Icers (MSL)


No. Name Age Position Club
17 Bill Judge 24 C Edgebaston Shamrocks
22 Alejandro Rubio Orosco 33 LW Barr Bears
23 Rafinho 28 RD Avon Stars
26 Mike Keller 26 RW Mainsborough Icemen
34 Diego Pinto 23 LD Mainsborough Icemen
96 Adrian Lambert 20 G Darlastan Wolves (MSL)

Lupe - “Luis Gomes Pereira”
Rafinho - “Rafael Cardoso de Sousa”

(B) Backup
(S) Starter
(C) Captain
(A) Alternative captain



3-on-3 1:
3-on-3 2:

Declan Madgwick Memorial Stadium, Davenport, WYKN

Home to the Davenport Dockers - the most successful team in the ENIHL (Elejamian National Ice Hockey League) - and the national team. Built in 1992 to replace Dockside Stadium, which was eventually demolished in 1995, Davenport Stadium is the largest ice hockey arena in Elejamie, with a capacity of 18,500. The stadium was originally known as the Davenport Stadium but it also spent a brief spell in the early 2000s as the Rapid Beer Co. Stadium. Eventually, it was renamed the Declan Madgwick Memorial Stadium just in time for the start of the 2015/16 season, in honour of famed politician and diplomat Declan Madgwick (1927-2015).

For the record: In the northwest of Elejamie, the term "stadium" is used for any building which hosts a professional sports team even if they don't play on a pitch.

HomeFiller Arena, Coventry, AVEN

Built in 1989, the HomeFiller Arena is also known as the Coventry Arena, especially in situations where HomeFiller isn't sponsoring the event in question. With a total capacity of 17,000, it is also home to the Coventry Puffins; the backup stadium for the national ice hockey and basketball teams; home to the junior and U-18 ice hockey teams; and home to the Coventry Nets basketball team. It entered a sponsorship deal with furniture store HomeFiller in 2013. The deal, which was initially set to expire last year, has been extended to 2023.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (but nothing too serious; one person at a time and they can't be out for anything longer than two games. Killing is definitely out)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: Yes (same as above)
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (again, one person per game and the longest they can be suspended for is one match)
Godmod Other Events: Depends on what it is. Fighting I'm OK with but it might be a good idea to TG anything else.

  • "Keh-reen Mah-loh-tahn"; "Payl Eh-tah-nahr"; "Ah-lah-YEHM Mahn ees-hoh-kee teem".
  • Stacy Saunders is still a guy, if anyone's wondering. So, if you do mention him in your RP, make sure you say "he", "him" and "his" instead of "she" and "her".
  • In the event that any of my players interest you and you want to sign them, please tell me which one you want, which club wants them and all the details. However, Bill Harrison moved to the Royals from the Dockers at the start of the season so he won't be able to be traded until the start of the new season (in September).
  • Please get back to me with RP info by 10pm BST. Otherwise, I'll go ahead and put my own stuff in.
  • My main enforcers are Francisco Solano, Lupe, George Lincoln, Carlos Sierra, Paul Morton, Ethan Swinburne, Pael Atener, Mike Keller and Bill Judge (who was Elejamie's main enforcer during WJHC8). The only players that don't fight are Pedro Cervantes, Peter Berg, Stacy Saunders, Cerin Meloten and Anatoly Kasputin. Everyone else can fight, just not as often as those first guys I've mentioned.
  • Elejamie will wear their alt kit on MD1, MD7 and, should they make it there, QF.
  • It's "Rubio Orosco". Not just "Rubio" and not just "Orosco". See below for why.
  • Pedro Cervantes is Antonio's nephew. Not his brother or his son. Using the traditional Spanish naming custom (father's surname followed by mother's) it's Antonio Cervantes Nakamura and Pedro Moreno Cervantes; the latter went by his mother's surname because there was already a "P. Moreno" on the team. Even though Antonio's now retired I'm still keeping this up as I might be bringing him up a lot in RPs.
  • Danilo and Felipe Barajas are twin brothers, with Danilo being the oldest by about five minutes. Peter Berg's younger brother George plays in the junior team; however, the two of them aren't related to assistant coach and ice hockey veteran Ron Berg. And usual second forward line left-winger Lucas Madgwick is the son of head coach and Elejamian hockey legend Michael Madgwick.
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Elejamie (English); Elejamia (Spanish); Elejam (Iyilim) - Denonym: Elejamian - Pronounced (English): Eh-leh-jah-meh
World Cup of Hockey 29, 31 and 35 Champions; AVBF Sevens 2 and URSA Sevens 2 Cup Winners; 9th World T20 winners.

OOC: Just some guy who does stuff.

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Postby Neu Engollon » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:19 pm



'The IBEX'

The Ibex and hockey in Neu Engollon
There is one professional hockey league in Neu Engollon, the NEHL, with an associated minor league. There is also a strong collegiate tradition in the sport, run by NECA (Neu Engollian Collegiate Association) and the NEHL pull their players from graduates of these top schools along with minor league players. The Ibex are all pulled from the NEHL, or Neu Engollian nationals playing in equivalent foreign leagues. Andre Manon and Ernst Volkzein recently retired from playing for both the Ibex and the NEHL and are in their third year of having the management helm of the Ibex. With the gold won during the last Junior World Cup, there is a lot of hope for the future of Neu Engollian hockey that they may get back to the glory of previous years and actually be able to compete on the same level as the top 10 multiversal teams.

Head Coach: Andre Manon
Assistant Coach: Ernst Volkzein
Head Trainer: Samuel Deseaux

Line One

G - Calvino Bassati (Ciavno Jackals)
D - Julien LeTranc (Rikijdrottin Rándýrs, Glisandia)
D - Siegfried Kemmelz (Albertville Hedgehogs)
RW - Primo Delmasso (Ekaterine Thunderhawks, Falkasia)
LW - Von Roessler (Sjoedrhavn SHK, Savojarna)
C - Maurice Terfram (Burgunden Strike)

Line Two

G - Pascal Soltis (Torino Tigers)
D - Arno Reimsel (Schwartzgarten Bolts)
D - Karsten Ruggiero (AHC Langtree, Mercedini)
RW - Thierry Sameaux (Ikov Loggers, Falkasia)
LW - Remy Velper (Ciavno Jackals)
C - Bojan Gavnic (Burgunden Strike)

Line Three

G - Vincent Gaspard (Trivotex Hockey, Mercedini)
D - David Mastroni (Torino Tigers)
D - Tiberio Gazzina (Kasandora Blues, Lisander)
RW - Tomas Swenssen (Albertville Hedgehogs)
LW - Alex Weissbaum (Neuhausen Blitz)
C - Nils Telhoffen (Ciavno Jackals)



** Helmets are gold


HOME ARENA: Golden Cross Arena in Albertville (22,870)

Style Modifier: + 1.2

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following...
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes, no career ending or deaths
Godmod Injuries to My Players: TG first
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: TG first
Godmod Other Events: TG first
N&I Mentor - TG me with any RP questions
Please check my Factbook for everything you need to know about my nation, especially Important Links.
Also, if you're looking for a response on a RP, storefront or embassy exchange (national not regional), feel free to remind me via TG.

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Postby Austrakia » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:25 pm


Coaching Staff
Manager: Stephen Scheinkel
Coach: Gregor Riedlburg
Assistant Coach: Jonas Auchtel
Trainer: Anika Prieger

Starting Squad
GK: Jakob Bergweis
GK: Laurenz Renner
GK: Lukas Mittermeier

1st Line
LD: Horst Weingartner
RD: Erik Fuchs

2nd Line
LD: Alexander Bieden
RD: Oskar Straussmann

3rd Line
LD: Mathias Nalder
RD: Sebastian Edelmeier

1st Line
LF: Jordan Hess
C: Julian Rottmann
RF: Otto Heilig

2nd Line
LF: Michael Weber
C: Marco Essmann
RF: Horst Pachmeier

3rd Line
LF: Simon Boltzmann
C: Niklaus Eigner
RF: Johann Schwarzlander

C: Marcus Bemelmann
C: Tomas Frummel
D: Gabriel Meikhardt
D: Linus Schellhaus
W: Viktor Meilhauer
W: Anton Goerschen

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (No career enders)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: No
Godmod Other Events: No

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Postby The Sherpa Empire » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:47 pm

Drokmi Suhrawardy
Usha Wang

Sawai Gupta
Tashi Lou
Khalil Said
Wanying Yi
Dorjee Sena
Sai Li
Rashid Koser

Vidyadhar Chatterjee
Anil Singh
Mahmoud Bhattacharya
Jin Dong

Ilyas Gyalpo
Namri Sherpa
Vijaya Zhuang
Yuan Zhou

Shuang Gao
Jiyon Wu
Sayeed Lepcha
Rita Modi

Trigramme: SHW
Style mod: +1
All players are male, even though that's not always obvious from their names.

Home Arena: Lukla Arena, located in the downtown Lukla neighborhood of our capital city, Lukla-Namche. It's near the People's Court, which is our national legislature.

About the Sherpa Empire: The Sherpa Empire has a mix of democratic, hereditary aristocratic, and theocratic institutions. The aristocracy and theocracy are dominated by Sherpas, but the democratic institutions are reflective of the nation's diverse population. There are many different ethnic groups and languages. The Empire's heartland is in the Himalayas, but it also includes parts of northern India and Pakistan, eastern Afghanistan, and southern China. Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, etc. are provinces, their people are considered respectable, and they have plenty of political and economic power. Outlying areas are territories and tend to have a worse relationship with the Sherpa authorities. Because the Sherpa Empire has no history of European colonialism, almost nobody speaks English or any other European language. It is common to speak multiple languages, but usually people learn languages that are used within the Empire's own borders.

Hockey has never been as popular in the Empire as baseball or football (soccer), but the Imperial Hockey League is a well-established organization that has been around for some time.

RP Permissions:

Anything goes except the following:

No acts of war against the Sherpa Empire
No double-digit body counts. This is total for the whole thread, not per post
No large-scale destruction of property (smashing the front of a convenience store is fine; blowing up a whole city block is too much)
No theft or destruction of important cultural relics
No killing, kidnapping, sexually abusing, or severely injuring important people whose role is unrelated to hockey (e.g. you can't run over the Dalai Lama with your team bus even if it was an accident. Sorry.)
༄༅། །འགྲོ་བ་མི་རིགས་ག་ར་དབང་ཆ་འདྲ་མཉམ་འབད་སྒྱེཝ་ལས་ག་ར་གིས་གཅིག་གིས་གཅིག་ལུ་སྤུན་ཆའི་དམ་ཚིག་བསྟན་དགོས།
Following new legislation in The Sherpa Empire, life is short but human kindness is endless.

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Postby Savojarna » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:56 am

Media Kit for Journalists: Savojar Hockey National Team

Savojarna plays a game that is mostly depending on tactical discipline and puck possession. While the Savojars do value a good deflection or rebound goal, and certainly have many players who can do such things, they usually prefer a pass to a shot from a desperate position hoping for a lucky bounce. Their players think fast rather than move exceptionally fast (but they are not slow either!), with a few exceptions on the attack since the coaching changed and the team is a bit more aggressive. While they don't have to hide from anyone, they are usually not physically superior.

In terms of tactics, they play an aggressive forechecking with one or two men, trying to force puck losses, and drop back to their own blue line once the opponent has reached the neutral zone. They attempt to keep the opponent away from their own side, and defend usually quite solid. On the attack, Savojarna's top lines work with a lot of passing and cycling the puck to find an open lane while the third and fourth line play deeper and with more drive to the net. Especially the fourth line often crowds the slot, while the third is more likely to go deep and play behind the net. Usually, the Savojars play with 13 forwards and 7 defenders. The women's team employs significantly more offensive tactics and relies more on passing the puck around due to the less physical nature of women's hockey.

Style Mod: +1.25

Coach: Fridtjof Ragnarsson (54)
Assistant coaches: Denis Patrishin (43), Alexander Litmanen (38)
Medical and physio staff: Dr. Pyotr Alexandrov (64), Dr. Valtteri Naumanen (47), Lisa Andersson (36), Kari Litmanen (34)
Press representative: Carl Törmänen (35) - please note that apart from mixed zone interviews and WCoH press conferences, only Törmänen is authorised to speak to foreign media.

Savojar National Team
Pos Nr. Name Age Club Style
GK 30 Niklas Hoyman 29 CASK Thorsborg BFY
GK 35 Andrey Strakhov 34 International Pawlograd HYB
GK 70 Ville Kerjanen 23 Savojars Vinge Virkaja HYB
1st LINE
D 22 Erik Kristiansen 28 Dynamo Sjoedrhavn OFD
D 13 Vyacheslav Glukov 31 RHK Savojagrad TWD
LW 40 Ville Stefansson 30 Metallurg Matochkingrad (NZE) SNP
C 18 Mikko Simonen 30 RHK Savojagrad PLM
RW 14 Pavel Rasnikov - C 32 Dynamo St. Andrei PWF
2nd LINE
D 20 Alexey Yarchenko - A 32 RHK Savojagrad TWD
D 21 Soren Falborg 26 Exton Islanders (MRC) OFD
LW 17 Johan Bryzhnev 22 Torpedo Belushya Guba (NZE) SNP
C 52 Anders Hjalmarsson 27 HK Metall Jarnstad PLM
RW 41 Jonas Gulbrandsson 24 Partizan Belushya Guba (NZE) PLM
3rd LINE
D 8 Mikael Ingerman 22 CASK Thorsborg DFD
D 85 Gustaf Jarnström 30 Energie Thorsborg OFD
LW 34 Mikael Söderberg - A 30 CASK Thorsborg SNP
C 47 Eythor Malinsson 20 ESK Storevik PLM
RW 19 Tuomas Jaskinen 28 PT Hovikkära TWA

4th LINE
D 12 Antti Toranen 29 CASK Thorsborg OFD
RW 10 Juha Neronen 28 Savojars Vinge Virkaja TWA
LW 55 Dominik Gränlund 27 CASK Thorsborg GRN
C 33 Jacob Andersson 24 Orga MC (MRC) PWF
RW 53 Yuri Elyagin 23 Dynamo St. Andrei PWF
D 2 Johan Morland 29 Thorsborgs Technik DFD
D 27 Petteri Juranen 23 Savojars Vinge Virkaja TWD
RW 37 Perttu Jovinen 29 Savojars Vinge Virkaja TWA
C 15 Frans Djurberg 26 Dynamo Sjoedrhavn PWF
D 75 Victor Troels 25 Dynamo St. Andrei TWD

Goalkeeper order: Hoyman - Strakhov - Kerjanen, unless indicated otherwise.

Special Teams:
The Savojar team plays a powerplay focused mainly on shooting from the point and the circle. The two defenders play both in the area between the blue line and the top of the circle, but occasionally advance to the circle. The winger on the side of the puck moves to the circle to be open and get a shot off, the other winger moves towards the goal to assist the center in screening and opening shooting lanes. The center remains in front of the goal. In penalty killing, Savojarna lets the opponent play around the boards, but intervenes quickly if the puck moves inside the box. They play a PK with relatively little pressure.

PP1: Kristiansen - Toranen - Stefansson - Andersson - Bryzhnev
PP2: Falborg - Jarnström - Söderberg - Zagulin - Jaskinen
PK1: Asgeirsson - Falborg - Andersson - Jaskinen
PK2: Yarchenko - Glukov - Rasnikov - Neronen

Style codes:
HYB = Hybrid goaltender. Uses a sensible mixture of butterfly and standup styles. Average likelihood of rebounds.
BFY = Butterfly goaltender. Quickly drops into butterfly stance to make saves. Will concede more rebounds, but is harder to beat low.
DFD = Defensive defender. Sticks to the blue line and works a lot in backchecking. Blocks shots, checks and is hard to get past.
TWD = Two-way defender. Dangerous from the point and the top of the circle, but focuses on backchecking. Also good at breakouts.
OFD = Offensive defender. Usually a good shooter and passer, and will more frequently move deep in offensive play. Still is a defender though.
TWA = Two-way attacker. A forward who will be quick to fall back if the team loses the puck, and prevents odd-man rush opportunities.
PWF = Power forward. A forward who plays with strength in everything he does, but also relies on skill. The most allround forwards on the team.
SNP = Sniper. A forward who will score more goals than assists. His job is simply to put the puck in the back of the net from every position.
PLM = Playmaker. A forward who has good overview and passing, and will score more assists than goals. His job is to create chances for the team.
GRN = Grinder. A forward using his body to annoy the opponent, get or keep the puck and push it into the goal. Especially good at forechecking.

Who will...
Score goals? Rasnikov, Bryzhnev, Simonen and Stefansson are top league scorers. From the defenders, all OFD as well as Glukov may score. Glukov is a good shooter, and will use that skill regularly. The OFD may also move forward and shoot from the circle occasionally.

Amaze us all? If skill explosions and wonderful dekes are your thing, have an eye on Bryzhnev and Gulbrandsson. That brilliant cross-crease pass that leaves the teammate with an open net? Hjalmarsson and to a lesser extent Simonen got you covered. Finally, Hoyman guarantees spectacle in net.

Get into a brawl? Savojars are somewhat opposed to one-on-one brawls due to their huge sense of community. While the warrior culture is strong among the team, chances are that you'll get jumped by three at once if you hurt someone. All of the team know how to shove, push and wrestle you down (and also punch, if needed) shall you hurt their linemates. Gränlund is known to be a somewhat aggressive, physical player with a great likelihood to provoke goalkeepers with late slashes, push around opponents after the whistle and knows most dirty tricks in front of the goal.

Knock you out? Heavyweights of the team are Asgeirsson (197 cm/105 kg) and Yarchenko (194 cm/99 kg). Despite his size, Toranen (183 cm/80 kg) is known for his spectacular hip checks that sent many Savojar wingers to the ice face first. In the front, Juha Neronen is known for occasionally grinding people into the boards, and Jacob Andersson has pushed many defenders off balance in front of the net.

Miss curfew? Savojars love a good drink, and while they have stopped doing the tradition of sacrificial mead-drinking before game days, they still practice it two days before (to sleep off the hangover). In this tradition, players are expected to prove their strength before the Gods by drinking large amounts of mead. The best at this discipline tend to be Strakhov, Jaskinen and Rantanen. Gudbrandsson is a very attractive guy who likes going out, and most likely to get to know the female players of other teams a bit better. Similar is said about Stefansson, but he never seems to find anyone meeting his standards... (OOC: Ville Stefansson is secretly gay and you are open to RP on that. However, given the usual issues of discrimination in hockey environments, only his best friends on the team know. I don't know if I'll bring that up in RP, but the possibility exists and if you want to collaborate on that, be it by outrage or endorsement, feel free.)

Transfer abroad? Generally, players from Army teams (CASK, ASK, Torpedo, Aviator) are hard to get away from their team, but sometimes do if the offer is good. Similarly, Dynamo (the police team) is not extremely fond of losing players. But then again, since the 1990s players have enough rights to enable transfer of everyone.




Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes - I decide how long they will be injured
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Penalise my players: Yes, but no more than one major and/or game misconduct per game
Godmod Other Events: TG me first
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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:03 pm

Northwest Kalactin
WCoH record: 1-4
Biggest win: 6-4 over bjornoya islands
Biggest loss: 7-3 against novaya Zemlya
Style mod: -1.40

Proud partnership with: Image

Head Coach: Jerry Patterson 
Asst coach: Joe West
Trainer: Martin grey

Goalies: Clint Bowers 
Joseph Mitchell
Kenneth Tittensor

Defense: Todd Washington
Aaron Johnson
Dayton Ray
Amos Thibault
Richard Scott
Gregory Brown

Forwards: Jason sanders
Joey McCullough
Bobby Bryant
Craig Truitt
Adam King
Jimmy Roberts
Marty Forestier
Joseph Lee

Reserves: Jay Mccormick

If my opponent RPs first, I give him permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: T.G. Me
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out Penalty’s to my players: Yes
Hand out ejections to my players: No
Godmod other events: No
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all India cricket blast 1
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Postby Routcher » Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:40 pm

Reserved for Routcher Info
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Postby Ko-oren » Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:09 am

Ko-oren - WCOH 35

Team Colours: Green, blue, yellow
Demonym: Ko-orenite
Nickname: Dragonflies, Green-and-blue
Style Modifier: -5
Jerseys: Home, Away, Alternate (AO)

Position and shift, Jersey number, Name

C1 #15 Reimar Lipman
C2 #25 Acaltif Avilken
C3 #35 Daniel Oostberg

RW1 #14 Ulem Aovira
RW2 #24 Torsten Groenbloem
RW3 #34 Aonarthef Admir

LW1 #13 Faje Zandquist
LW2 #23 Eckhard Juste
RW3 #33 Uvantas Aemilor

D1 #11 Avanlaf Aeritsa
D1 #12 Elis Linddal
D2 #21 Winand Nedergard
D2 #22 Goran Magnussen
D3 #31 Lothar Vogelzang
D3 #32 Aevartan Aeilari

G1 #10 Hartwig Kersegaard
G2 #20 Tim Bergland

C: Aesom Aenra
RW: Farald Elkjaar
LW: Amathum Aeritsa
D: Esetal Aelinis
D: Aesovim Avilken
G: Aeiniv Aovena

Avilken, Aovira, Juste, Nedergard, Aeilari

Penalty kill:
Lipman, Admir, Aovira, Nedergard, Vogelzang
Domestic Sports Newswires - Factbook - Top attractions in Ko-oren - Map

Trigramme: KOR - Demonym: Ko-orenite - Population: 27.270.096

Loro Language Schools

Champions 1x CoH - 1x WBC - 1x World Bowl - 1x IBC - 1x T20 WC - 2x RUWC - 1x RLWC - 1x HWC - 1x Beach Cup
Runners-up 1x AOCAF - 2x World Bowl - 4x IBC - 1x AOHC - 1x GCF Test Cricket - 1x RUWC - 1x WLC - 1x WCFH
Hosts 1x World Bowl - 1x WCOH - 1x T20 WC

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Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:04 am

TEAM CASSADAIGUA- World Cup of Hockey 36

Coach- Katherine Gardner, 57
Assistant Coach- Rachel Belmont, 51

(Line and defensive pairings listed below are the typical pairings, but things can and will be mixed up from time to time)

Line 1:

LW- #11- Brianna McKee, 26 (5'11", 192)- Sniper
C- #21- Kelsey Cronin, 27 (6'0" 199) (Captain)- Playmaker, more assists then goals.
RW- #14- Maddie McCarthy, (6'5", 228) 25- Power forward; mildly physical

Line 2:

LW- #9- Chelsea Donato, 28 (6'1", 213) (Alternate captain)- Sniper and hard hitter, somewhat willing fighter
C- #15- Sierra Herschel, 26- (5'9", 184)- Playmaker
RW- #16- Cassie Browning, 23 (6'1", 203)- Sniper

Line 3:
LW- #17- Meaghan Albritton, 24 (6'6", 228)- Power forward
C- #19- Sophie Brooks, 29 (6'5", 221)- Defensive forward
RW- #10- Mikayla Conrad, 23 (6'3", 215)- Defensive forward, hard and mean hitter, willing fighter

Line 4:
LW- #20- Abby Dayton, 21 (5'10", 189)- Young sniper
C- #25- Danielle Cunningham, 22 (5'9", 179)- Young playmaker
RW- #22- Jessica Zabinsky, 24 (6'4", 223)- Physical, willing fighter, especially if you take liberties with her smaller linemates

Defensive Pairing 1:
LD- #5- Shannon Fowler, 25 (6'0", 205) (A)- Completely offensive minded, though smart in her own end
RD- #4- Stacie Nolan, 26 (6'1", 218)- Solid in both ends

Defensive Pairing 2:
LD- #7- Courtney Burnett, 23 (5'11", 198)- Moderately offensive defenseman
RD- #2- Lexi Hamlin, 25 (5'11", 206)- Defensive defenseman, fearless hitter

Defensive Pairing 3:
LD- #6- Sarah Perry, 31 (6'5", 236), Defensive defenseman, hard hitter
RD- #8- Kayla Ritchie, 29 (6'4", 230), Two-way player, hard and mean hitter, willing fighter

Starter- #31- Allison Murphy, 28 (6'2", 205)- Stand up style
Backup- #1- Heather Stanford, 24 (6'3", 211)- Hybrid

PP Unit 1: McKee-Cronin-McCarthy; Fowler-Nolan
PP Unit 2: Donato-Herschel-Browning; Burnett-Hamlin
PK Unit 1: Brooks-McKee; Burnett-Hamlin
PK Unit 2: Herschel-McCarthy; Fowler-Ritchie

Also traveling with team (scratched unless otherwise noted)
G- #30- Anna Howell, 26 (6'1", 211)- Butterfly style
D- #24- Cortnie Simmons, 25 (5'10", 197)
D- #27- Mallory Healy, 23 (6'2", 207)
D- #28- Crystal Whitaker, 32 (5'11", 203)
D- #32- Kelsie Haller, 19 (5'10", 181)
F- #12- Meghann Carmello, 18 (5'8", 176)
F- #13- Cassidy Conti, 18 (5'9", 183)
F- #18- Madison Prutton, 23 (5'9", 195)
F- #23- Holly Linnehan, 25 (6'3", 224)
F- #26- Lauren Olmsted, 31 (6'6", 240)
F- #29- Tara Shattuck, 30 (6'2", 219)

Style Mod: +1

Home Arenas:
(On Dates the Copa Rushmori is active in Concord Heights & Brattleboro)- New Lakeland Arena, New Lakeland, Capacity- 19,550
(On Dates the Copa Rushmori is off)- Concord Heights Arena, Concord Heights, Capacity- 22,000
(Any WCOH games held in Cassadaigua scorinated in RL on 7/17, 19, 21, 23, 24, & 25 are in New Lakeland. Any other date in Concord Heights)

RP Permissions:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes, but only say they are hurt. I will determine the severity.
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes, on a basis of no more then one more then you eject from your own
Godmod Other Events: Maybe. TG your idea for approval first.
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(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, & 19; WB 8 & 22; WCOH 11; IBC 13.
Also: CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, WVE (Vball) 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13 & 15, DBC 21
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77).
Games of the XIII Summer Olympiad: Second Most Medals
Hosted: World Cup 54 & 67; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 43 & 45, Conferences within NSCAA 4, 5 & NSCH 1; WLC 7 & 30.

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Postby Valanora » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:14 am

Valanora WCoH 36 Roster

My opponent if the RP first may:
Choose goalscorers: Y
Choose goal scoring events: Y
Godmod goal scoring events: Y
Penalize players/give game misconducts: No, the Calcuttas play a clean and fast paced game, committing few penalties, preferring to use skill over goon tactics.
Godmod other events: N

What is the name of…

…six time World Cup of Hockey and twice Winter Olympic champions?
Valanora (known prior as Elves Security Forces)

...the nickname of the team?

...the other nations involved in Valanora?
Sabine and Caddonia, Vyinta and Dark Templara

…the nation in which this Commonwealth play their domestic league?
Elves Security Forces (sometimes ESF in shortphrase)

…people from the Commonwealth?
Vanorians or Vanors

…the person who created this mess?
Elves Security Forces

Modifier: +2


Manager: Zelda Hellström (F) - age 46
Assistant: Tarik Carlsson - age 47

Scoring Line 1
LW Helmer Dahlberg, age 32, Raynor City Raptors (Captain)
C Leandro Söderström, age 22, Soldarian Royals
RW Hussein Gustavsson, age 22, Therathor Majestics

Scoring Line 2
LW Anes Forsberg, age 32, Therathor Majestics (Vice Captain)
C Emilia Nordström (F), age 30, Raynor City Raptors
RW Nora Åström (F), age 23, Soldarian Royals

Scoring Line 3
LW Julius Hellström, age 33, Therathor Majestics
C Ricky Björk, age 28, Raynor City Raptors
RW Jamie Hansson, age 22, Everlin Hawks

Checking Line
LW Maia Nordström (F), age 23, Ispan Wanderers
C Denniz Danielsson, age 23, Gladerial Panthers
RW Melker Åström, age 29, Raynor City Raptors

Defense Pair 1
LD Sarah Holmberg (F), age 31, Gladerial Panthers (Vice Captain)
RD Zandra Ström (F), age 30, Ispan Wanderers

Defense Pair 2
LD Caspar Öberg age 22, Hondo Guards
RD Najma Engström (F), age 25, Gladerial Panthers

Defense Pair 3
LD Vilmer Sandström, age 27, Ianisle Guardians
RD Charlie Eliasson, age 22, Longview Sabres

Starter - Birk Dahlberg, age 25, Ianisle Guardians
Backup - Freddie Holm, age 28, Hondo Guards

Power Play 1
Helmer Dahlberg - Emilia Nordström - Melker Åström

Power Play 2
Julius Hellström - Leandro Söderström - Nora Åström

Penalty Kill 1
Emilia Nordström - Melker Åström

Penalty Kill 2
Anes Forsberg - Denniz Danielsson

Extra Attacker
Helmer Dahlberg
Julius Hellström
World Cup 40, 42, 43, 52, & 61 Champions
WC 47, 51 (2nd), WC 34, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45, 53, 60, 67 (3rd), WC 49, 58 (Semifinalist), WC 33, 35-37, 46, 48, 54, 55, 62, 63, 65, 72 (Quarterfinalist)
WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, & 53 Champions, AOCAF 39 & 43 Runners Up
Co-Hosted: too many events to count

EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Neu Engollon » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:15 pm

This will be a continuation of a story started in the Alpine Skiing World Tour and continued through the NS Olympics and now here. It will be posted both through my main account here and through posts by my puppet, Austrakia. Thanks.

DATA: 10 Marza 2018
NESADOC 1224E-34582
Dipartilun de Psicologek (12)
Doc de Englischek Versführ >
English format version follows

CASE #: 2371-55

1224E Part D: Initial Assessment Summary Attachment
Location: Undisclosed NESA facility, Geneve, Geneva, NE

Evaluating Clinician:
Dr. Kasper Rehrmann, MD, PsyD,
NESA O-12 Co-Int. Specialist
Subject: Walther Liebsgott (Likely alias given)
Suspected Austrakian intelligence officer with Athletic official cover

Physicality and Appearance: See Part A
Biological Vitals: See Part B
Articles seized: See Part C

Assessment Summary Follows:

Subject apprehended at Alpine Skiing Championships in Ciavno at NEDM facility in restricted area. Listed as one Walther Liebsgott, Austrak athletic official with delegation. Diplomatic incident with minimal international intervention follows with some foreign pressure. Last 2 days subject has been transferred from NEDM Militia Intel custody to Pine Park (Nat. Gendarmerie Counter Intel Div) to final NESA custody. Currently held in NESA secure facility in Geneve. Subject is ‘worse for wear’.

Confusion and frustration manifested, some recognition of counter intelligence procedures in evidence. Desire to sleep is constant. Initial visual, auditory, comprehension and relational assessment scores are all high. Subject is moderately compliant, but in verbal defiance and denial. Claims no affiliation with Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) or other intelligence apparatus of the Bundesrepublik of Austrakia.
Subject is highly intelligent, capable with no mental incapacitations or addiction tendencies or behavior evident. In different circumstances, subject is sure to be personable, in performance of professional duties and social situations.

Further in depth sessions warranted. Verification of length of treatment pending, but with longer term incarceration, subject should be isolated to basic cells for 4-6 weeks: Infrequent meal times, artificial light 24 hr exposure to light deprivation alternating weeks. Frequent moving between cells and sleep cycle disruption. No conversation with NESA personnel allowed but simple commands.
Resumption of sessions upon indications of mental ‘cracking’ or deterioration of emotional shields.

Subject should present professional challenge, but accelerated program should bring results and trust in time. Treatment plan pending approval by superiors. ~ KR
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Postby Austrakia » Sun Jul 15, 2018 9:34 pm

Current Day
Undisclosed NESA Facility in Geneva

"Hello Walther! How are you doing this morning?"

"I want to go home."

"I know you do." He said that every day. It was the first sentence out of his mouth every day for months straight.

"Then send me home."

"You know I can't do that, Walther."

"No, I know that you won't do that. It's not the same thing."

"After all that has happened, do you really think that a lowly psychiatrist on the NESA payroll, such as myself, has any influence on such a decision?" They had had so many variations of this same conversation, but they all eventually petered out as Walther was worn down by logic.

"I know it with every burning fiber in my body, Doctor. You have a say in my fate. I also know that eventually, International law will catch up with your bosses and they will have to release me. It's the humane thing to do. I'm not a criminal."

"Espionage is a crime, Walther, and..."

"How many times do we have to over this? I was not spying! I was set up!"

"First of all, you don't have to confess. They caught you red handed. Secondly, this is old ground, Walther. If we're going down this denial route again, I'm going to have to cut our session short."

"No. Please, no...I don’t...." He needed this. It was the only conversation he could have with anyone here, unless you counted the guards grunting at him. Then it was the only intellectual conversation he was exposed to all day.

"I will stay, but I'm afraid I don't have good news...or maybe you'll consider it mixed news."

"Am I being moved again?" The anxiety was evident in his voice. He'd been moved his first couple weeks from a small studio flat set up inside the prison, to a stark, brick cell, then just a month ago, he’d finally earned his way back to the studio.

" No, Walther, you can still keep your flat. This will actually be our last session together."

Silence and scorn once again. One thought one could be much stronger, with all the best training that the BND could afford. But being subjected to only sporadic shouted epithets and commands for weeks wore down the mental edge. It broke down the walls much quicker than one might imagine. Kasper had become a friend of sorts, or a friendly face anyway, despite probably being key to orchestrating Walther’s torment. It didn't matter why he talked to Walther, only that he did.

"I'm sorry?"

With panic, Walther looked up. Had he said that aloud? "What?"

"You said something about walls?"

"They're very thick in here. Why is this our last session?"

"I'm retiring. It's that time, now that I'm entering my seventh decade." He'd actually been pulled out of retirement in order to profile Liebsgott and prepare him for the coming months, or even years.

"A colleague of mine will be taking over your sessions. Her name is Dr. Celeste."

"Dr. Celeste...?"

Kasper smiled. "You know we can't share our last names, Walt. Nice try, though."
There was a possibility that he could be repatriated back to the BundesRepublik, so they were careful about OPSEC, which included names.
Walther had also never shared his real name in all the months he had been in residence, despite constant prodding to do so. So in a sense, they were even there.

“It will be hard to start over.”

“Well, maybe you can try to think of her as an extension of myself. She will have all my notes, after all. You’re not starting from scratch, Walt.”

Walther took some more moments, eyeing Dr. Kasper.
“Why isn’t she here now? So you could, you know, introduce her?”

“She’s not flying in until tomorrow. My last day is today. A smoother transition would certainly have been helpful, but we have to work with the circumstances at hand.”

“Hmmm. I see.”
It was actually not much of an explanation at all. There was something else at work here, but Walther could only guess. Kasper must be getting forced out, or the new doctor didn’t want to work with him, even to transition.

“I highly regard Dr. Celeste. In fact, she was a protege of mine and has done very well since we have last worked closely together. You will be in good hands.”

“Well, if you say so, Doc. It’s not like I have much choice in the matter.”

“Your cognizance of the situation is firmly in place.”


"I will miss you, Walther."

"I don't know how I feel right now."

"That's fair. It is confusing news. I hope you can look upon some of our sessions with fondness. I think we certainly covered a lot of ground."

"It's an odd time to retire."

"...So it is, I know. It's not ideal. I really am ready for retirement, though. The situation presented itself and I just couldn't say no. I'm sorry it had to be during our time of working together, but like I said..."

"It couldn't be helped."

"That's right."

"So what now?"

"This will be a short session." Kasper pushed the button to let the guard know they were done. "You're going to head back to your flat now. I wanted to tell you the news in person, though."

"That's it then?"

"That's it."

Walther stood up, ready to be shackled for the trip back to his 'apartment'.
"Well...then...Good luck to you. Happy travels and all that shit..."

"Thank you, Walther. That means a lot. I wish you the best of luck, too. I hope that your outlook changes so that your circumstances might, as well."

The guard entered and yanked him forward, slapping the cuffs in place. Others with a joining chain went around his ankles. Once finished, he pushed the Austrak towards the door.

"Whatever. So long, Doc." Walt duck walked out. "Send post cards. I'm running out of reading material in here."

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Postby Razenthuria » Mon Jul 16, 2018 2:29 pm

    [ Reserved for the Razenthuria Snow Leopards ]
| Capital: Tynedale | Trigram: RZN | Elector Primo: R'Verzaka (M) |
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Postby -Anthor- » Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:47 am

Anthoran National Hockey Team
Nickname: Anthoran Ducks
Head Coach: Lucius Horn
Assistant Coach: Gabe Wilmer

Style Modifier: +3

Annual Introduction:

Returning for their eighth consecutive WCOH appearance, the Ducks are seeking to build on their progress and momentum from the last Cup, where they lost bitterly to new rivals Elejamie in the first round of the knockout stages. That early exit despite their strong performance at the group stage (6-1-2) has seen them slide out of the Top 5 in international ice hockey rankings back to our old rank of 7th, however head coach Lucius has made it very clear he doesn't intend to be there very long at all. A number of notable new selections, perhaps the most notable is four time GOY-recipient Lester Brandon who is the goal tender for the Earls will take over Aric Langely's old spot as the backup goalie, with Dickson Moore remaining the starter for the first line though that could change depending on their workout performances and training evaluations. In addition, Rannoch youngster and budding star center Scott Bebbington was also selected to replace Tyler Jubbs as the center on the third line; pundits are stating they believe this selection was a no nonsense decision as last Cup with Horn unveiling a much faster paced, more aggressive set of strategies, that third line was crucial for continually applying the pressure, but also for holding their own and Jubb's defensive skills were incredibly poor compared to his offensive prowess and Bebbington has carefully cultivated a good reputation in his two years in the AIHF for being a potential star two-way center; in addition to that, his speed is also a marked improvement and will be very handy undoubtedly.



No. Name Age Position Club
2 Lester Brandon 30 G Penshurst Earls
1 Dickson Moore 34 G(S) Yarmouth Ducks


Line 1

No. Name Age Position Club
40 Blair Johnson 29 LD Avon Knights
38 Roderick Deschamps 35 RD Yarmouth Ducks

Line 2

No. Name Age Position Club
48 Tony Pearson 32 LD Aviemore Pioneers
13 Erhardt Müller 32 RD Mers Militia

Line 3

No. Name Age Position Club
11 Michael Brice 30 LD Toussard Daemons
57 Kenneth Thorpe 29 RD Aviemore Pioneers


Line 1

No. Name Age Position Club
14 Austin Poindexter(A) 31 LW Avon Knights
20 Graham Robertson(C) 36 C Furness Hammers
68 Albert Kersey 30 RW Kerveguen HC

Line 2

No. Name Age Position Club
23 Harold Jewel 29 LW Shakhter Ulyanovsk Image
16 Adam Bohatec(A) 33 C Yarmouth Ducks
22 Alexander Blackman 30 RW Cheshnut White Knights

Line 3

No. Name Age Position Club
10 Timothy McLeish 28 LW Norton Riders
25 Scott Bebbington 22 C Rannoch Masters
39 Ross Bacon 30 RW Yarmouth Ducks

Line 4

No. Name Age Position Club
26 Mark Juhasz 29 RW Inverness Lions
12 Ondrej Houska 22 C Aviemore Pioneers
31 Bert Tabor 21 LW Furness Hammers

No. Name Age Position Club
18 Simon Morisette 28 LW/C Avon Knights
71 Aiden Trendell 22 C Aviemore Pioneers
74 Johnathan Horsley 25 LD Mers Militia
61 Marcus Murray 29 LW Cheshnut White Knights
21 Glenn Greene 22 RD Aviemore Pioneers
99 Hugo Edlund 28 G Aviemore Pioneers
91 Dylan Haddon 22 LW Inverness Lions

(S) Starter
(C) Captain
(A) Alternative captain

RP Allowances
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (Must clear anything severe, resulting in loss of play time, over TG)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes (Clear over TG first)
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (Clear over TG first)
Godmod Other Events: Yes (TG first)
Kingdom of Anthor
Capital: Vaumort
Monarch: King Samuel III of House Lenova
Prime Minister: Thomas Dalen
Info: Anthoran News Network, Anthoran Sports Broadcasting Network

NSS International Ratings: #83 (WC/Association Football), #4 (WCOH), #41 (WBC), #22 (WB/Gridiron)

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Postby Gergary » Tue Jul 17, 2018 6:06 am

Gergary National Ice Hockey Team
Gergary Nationales Eishockey-Team | Gergary Nemzeti Jegkorong Csapat

National Information
Region: Esportiva
World Ranking: 47
National Colors: Gergarian Green and Gold
Home Arena: Gergary nemzeti arena, Pas, Gergary (capacity: 18,773)

Coaching Staff
Manager: Ann-Katrin Schmidtke | 45 | Female
Assistant Manager: Szilveszter Hajdu | 55 | Male
Coach: Janos Mate | 40 | Male
Assistant Coach: Juergen Staudenmaier | 33 | Male
Doctor: Izabella Dudas | 28 | Female

Playing Squad
Club names of players undisclosed to foreign media
1 | GK | Volkhardt Rosenbluth | 30 | Male
32 | GK | Laura Molnar | 26| Female
67 | GK | Karina Ribbentrop | 21 | Female

1st Line
42 | LD | Antal Voros (captain) | 33 | Male
74 | RD | Henrik Farago | 24 | Male

2nd Line
56 | LD | Aniko Pap | 28 | Female
88 | RD | Jeremias Rosenbaum | 34 | Male

3rd Line
4 | LD | Matthias Honig | 25 | Male
82 | RD | Panna Laszlo | 29 | Female

1st Line
75 | LF | Philipp Schnorr | 32 | Male
45 | C | Szilvia Orosz | 25 | Female
66 | RF | Csaba Kapoles | 27 | Male

2nd Line
81 | LF | Aron Bognar | 30 | Male
90 | C | Helmine Friedrich | 34 | Female
8 | RF | Madlene Wolf | 23 | Female

3rd Line
80 | LF | Bianka Kiss | 21 | Female
99 | C | Woldemar Stein | 26 | Male
9 | RF | Berthold Klopfer | 30 | Male

41 | C | Denise Eisenstadt | 20 | Female
7 | C | Fruzsina Lakatos | 22 | Female
24 | W | Mate Gaspar | 37 | Male
32 | W | Ellen Werich | 21 | Female
49 | W | Eszter Miksa | 24 | Female
95 | D | Csanad Balla | 22 | Male
6 | D | Luisa Springer | 20 | Female
10 | D | Hildebrant Waibel | 31 | Male

Gergary's ice hockey jerseys are supplied by Filindostan's No Nonsense Sportswear.
Primary jersey is Green and White with Green helmets - Secondary jersey is Black and Gold with Gold helmets.
The national symbol of Gergary (white vulture) is placed in the front of the jerseys.

RP Permissions
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose My Scorers: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: No
RP Injuries to My Players: Yes (I'll determine the severity and length; no career ending injuries)
Godmod Injuries to My Players: No
RP Penalties for My Players: Yes
RP Ejections for My Players: Yes (If you eject my players, eject at least one of yours too)
Godmod Other Events: No

Style Modifier: -4
Capital: Ingbert-Borbély | Trigram: FRG | Leader: Domonkos Virág | Sportswire
OOC Puppet of Filindostan

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Siovanija and Teusland
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Postby Siovanija and Teusland » Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:35 am

Siovanija and Teusland National Hockey Team for World Cup of Hockey 36


Nation Name: United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Short Names: Siovanija and Teusland, the United Republics
Demonyms: Siovanijan, Teuslander/Teus
Governing Body:: Hockey Siovanija and Teusland
Colours: Blue, gold, white
Anthem: ‘High Mountain Skies’
Highest Domestic League: Ehrenliga
Nicknames: The Goldhorns
Style Modifier: +4

Coaching Staff

Head Coach: Aaron KUHN (Stelburg Kings)

Aaron Kuhn is back behind the bench as head coach of the Goldhorns. The Stelburg Kings boss signed a three-tournament contract after the great performance at WCoH 35, and is said to be excited to continue in the role. Kuhn is known for his ability to motivate players, and back at WCoH 35, his timeout team talks seemed to bring extra out of his players and inspired more than one comeback. Now ranked 20th in the world, the Goldhorns enter the tournament as a team that has proven it is capable of playing with the best on the world stage, but are also still building and still developing. Kuhn’s style of physical, fast hockey has made this team pretty to watch, and the die-hard fans across the nation are hoping that our luck hasn’t run out yet.


G -- Ruslan IVANOV -- 28y/o -- Admirala Pomorie -- #1 -- 8 starts, 3 shutouts
G -- Ventseslav VALCHEV -- 27y/o -- Kitare Trkev -- #30 -- 0 starts
G -- Volker SEIDEN -- 21y/o -- Eisbaren Stelburg -- #31 -- 0 starts

Ruslan Ivanov is the number one man between the pipes for the Goldhorns, he has played in some of the biggest matches in the national team’s history and been a key part of some major wins. He is described as an excellent shot-stopper, a hybrid goalie who can make unbelievable saves when called upon. Ventseslav Valchev backs him up, and is one of the best players on Kitare (Whalers) in the Ehrenliga. Behind Valchev is new face Volker Seiden. Seiden, who has been a big star for Eisbaren so far in his career, is generally seen as a future number 1 for the team. He might get some game time, but overall he’s along for the ride.

RHD -- Bojidar IVANKOV -- 27y/o -- Admirala Pomorie -- #2 -- 1 goal, 4 assists
RHD -- Fabien AUER -- 26y/o -- Stahlberg Steelers -- #3 -- 1 assist
LHD -- Koloman SCHWARZMANN -- 23y/o -- Teufelsberg Devils -- #4 -- 1 goal, 1 assist
LHD -- Zhelyasko IVANOV -- 25y/o -- Kitare Trkev -- #5 -- 0 points
LHD -- Gregor HERDER -- 24y/o -- Stelburg Kings -- #6 -- 2 assists
RHD -- Lothar SCHERER -- 27y/o -- Stelburg Kings -- #8 -- 2 assists
LHD -- Timo HORN -- 27y/o -- St. Jakob Saints -- #24 -- 1 assist
RHD -- Jorg GOTTSCHALL -- 24y/o -- Seelowe Marlesee -- #25 -- 1 goal, 3 assists

Going into the last WCoH, the biggest question marks revolved around this defence corp. A relatively inexperienced group at the time, the defence turned out to be one of many bright spots on the national team. Fabien Auer and Timo Horn stood out as solid defensive performers, while Bojidar Ivankov’s two-way play earned lots of admiration. 2 years on from that tournament, all the same faces are back for the Goldhorns. However, there has been some change in terms of lineup. Koloman Schwarzmann has had strong development over the past few years, becoming the number 1 man at Teufelsberg and certainly a name high up on the list for Aaron Kuhn as well. Players like Horn, Scherer and Ivankov are all a little more experienced now and it’s clear that Kuhn expects big things of them. Overall, the Goldhorns defence are quite physical, always willing to make big hits, but at the same time quick breaking out of the zone.

Left Wing
LW -- Kosyo VARBANOV -- 25y/o -- Kitare Trkev -- #13 -- 2 goals, 2 assists
LW -- Rupert GANZFIELD -- 28y/o -- Stelburg Kings -- #11 -- 1 goal, 2 assists
LW -- Alexander SCHNYDER -- 25y/o -- Teufelsberg Devils -- #7 -- 9 goals, 5 assists
LW -- Veselin FILIPOV -- 26y/o -- HK Olympia Borograd -- #15 -- 1 goal

Lots of depth at the forward positions for the Goldhorns, and we start on the left wing. Kosyo Varbanov was the top line man at WCoH 35, and two years on he is still very talented and deserving of a place in the team. He’s got a quick wrist shot, and is also a leader on the team, wearing the ‘A’ last time out. However, he’s been replaced on the top line by Alex Schnyder, who had a break-out performance two years ago, scoring 9 goals and assisting 5. The sniper, who has found himself always near the top of the Ehrenliga scoring charts and has a strong one-timer, will be expected to score at this tournament. Rupert Ganzfield returns to the team, he is always good to make something happen on the ice and can create chances out of nothing for himself. Veselin Filipov is a very good two-way forward, and after strong showings at the last World Cup could see more ice time this time around.

Right Wing
RW -- Razvigor TSVETANOV -- 20y/o -- Admirala Pomorie -- #19 -- 7 goals, 4 assists
RW -- Grozdan ADAMOV -- 28y/o -- NSK Zlatorog -- #12 -- 1 goal
RW -- Wolfram SPIEGEL -- 28y/o -- Stelburg Kings -- #17 -- 6 goals, 1 assist
RW -- Mihael GAVRILOV -- 28y/o -- Kapitala Borograd -- #14 -- 2 goals, 1 assist
RW -- Gunther BURCHARDT -- 27y/o -- Teufelsberg Devils -- #21 -- 1 goal

The right wing position is home to some of the national team’s brightest talents. Wolfram Spiegel once topped the Ehrenliga in goals, and usually finds himself within the top 5 in scoring. The Stelburg Kings man is a speedy winger with a great shot on him, and he’ll be looking to build on his 6 goals at the last WCoH. On the top line is the undoubted star of this team, Razvigor Tsvetanov. Known for his toothless grin, poor English/Teus/any language and fun-loving personality, Tsvetanov can also score goals. 7 of them at the WCoH, and he’s topped the Ehrenliga charts twice since then. A power forward, he uses his size to force past defenders, and his speed to break in on goal before unleashing a shot. He has developed into one of the best players in this country, and at 20 years old the future is bright. Grozdan Adamov and Mihael Gavrilov, both solid two-way wingers who can contribute on and off the puck, round out the forward lines while Gunther Burchardt is the 13th forward for most games.

C -- Gunter PFENNING -- 27y/o -- St. Jakob Saints -- #9 -- 7 goals, 8 assists
C -- Wolfram HOLTZ -- 25y/o -- Kaiserhaven Knights -- #10 -- 1 goal
C -- Edgar SECKBACH -- 26y/o -- Avangard Oktyabrgrad (NZEL) -- #20 -- 1 goal, 7 assists
C -- Gero RADULOV -- 24y/o -- HK Olympia Borograd -- #64 -- 1 goal, 4 assists
C -- Enyo NANKOV -- 26y/o -- Raketa Bukovets -- #22 -- 0 points

Captain of the team and its quiet star, Gunter Pfenning will have another opportunity to show his class on the international level as top line centre for the Goldhorns. A great playmaker, you wonder just how much he’ll benefit from having Alex Schnyder and Razvigor Tsvetanov on his wings. He has led the Ehrenliga in points the last 2 seasons, and is always a threat on offence. Behind him is Edgar Seckbach, another quality playmaking centre who plays for Avangard Oktyabrgrad in the Novaya Zemlya Elite League, transferring after the WCoH 35. Wolfram Holtz is back on the third line, he hopes to be more productive in terms of points this time around. Gero Radulov rounds out the fourth line, he is a great shutdown centre who will see plenty of matchups against opposing star centres. Enyo Nankov joins the team again, usually in the press box but there is always a chance he could earn more ice time.

Captain: Gunter Pfenning
Alternate Captains: Fabien Auer, Rupert Ganzfield

RW - C - LW
Tsvetanov - Pfenning - Schnyder
Spiegel - Seckbach - Varbanov
Adamov - Holtz - Ganzfield
Gavrilov - Radulov - Filipov
Extra: Burchardt, Nankov

Auer - Horn
Ivankov - Schwarzmann
Scherer - Herder
Usual 7th D: Gottschall

PP1: Tsvetanov - Pfenning - Schnyder; Ivankov - Schwarzmann
PP2: Spiegel - Seckback - Ganzfield; Auer - Gottschall
PK1: Filipov - Radulov; Scherer - Herder
PK2: Adamov - Pfenning; Horn - Ivankov


The Triple Edelweiss jerseys return for the WCoH, with the light gold and blue being the main colours for these jerseys. Each of these colours represents Siovanija and Teusland, with the national flower featured prominently on the front. Writing below says ‘Siovanija and Teusland’ in both official languages. The team attempts to use each jersey equally, and of course avoids clash with other teams. The gold primary jersey, however, has sold more with fans and is considered the de facto home jersey.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes, wingers on the top two lines will be most likely to score.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes, as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes, I determine length/severity
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game
Godmod Other Events: Yes, as long as it could realistically happen in a hockey game

The group draw for World Cup of Hockey 36, hosted in fellow Atlantian Oceania nation Anthor, has been revealed. Siovanija and Teusland are in Group 8, alongside:

Novaya Zemlya (4)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (11)
Siovanija and Teusland (20)
United States of Devonta (36)
Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland (UR)
Maryloupe (UR)

Novaya Zemlya will be a major challenge for the Goldhorns, being the 4th ranked side in the world and a team that are always in the race for the WCoH championship. They will be tough to beat, and tough to finish above. Behind them are the Royal Kingdom of Quebec, a team familiar to the Goldhorns. The national team’s debut on the WCoH stage was a shock 1-0 victory over Quebec at the Stelburg Eispalast, which was followed by a 3-1 victory away to boost the Goldhorns’ qualification efforts. Quebec, now ranked 11th in the world, are still a powerhouse and certainly will want to defeat the Goldhorns due to this history. The United States of Devonta are another opponent, ranked 36th, while Maryloupe and Schutzenphalia and West Ruhntuhnkuhnland (we’ll call them SWR) round out the group unranked. The Goldhorns would be foolish, however, to overlook any of these teams, considering that last tournament’s Quarterfinal run was done as an unranked side. So, what should we expect from this group? Really, fans of the Goldhorns were spoiled last time around to reach the play-off stage in our first tournament. This cannot be expected to happen again; puck luck doesn’t last forever. Two teams, including a top 5 in the world team, are ranked above us and surely they must be favourites to advance. The main goal for the team in this tournament is to remain consistent, keep up good performance, and perhaps cause some surprises again.


The Goldhorns will play all home games at the 24,500-seater Stelburg Eispalast. The Eispalast, home to several important games from World Cup of Hockey 35, such as the wins over Quebec and Tobiasia, is known for its great atmosphere at Stelburg Kings games. This carried over fully for the national team, and the banners, songs and support from the fans were extremely valuable to the Goldhorns. An older-style arena, the steep seating allows fans to be right on top of the action and amplifies the sound. The Eispalast is located in downtown Stelburg, right near the National Square, and fans have been known to pack the streets around the arena at watch parties late into the night.
The United Republics of Siovanija and Teusland
Capital: Borograd -- Population: 67,245,000 -- Languages: Siovanijan, Teus

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Postby Cosumar » Tue Jul 17, 2018 2:02 pm

Cosumar National Hockey Team - WCoH 36

World Cup of Hockey 33 Champions

NICKNAME: Ice Dragons
COACH: Casper Burres (60)
ASSISTANT COACH: Nikki Messer (39)
ASISTANT COACH: Jaret Chery (46)
TEAM CAPTAIN: Hugh Vargstenen (LF)
VENUE: Jiro Bishop Megarink (cap. 45,000) in Samotath, Cosumar
Modifier: +2

Cosumar's uniforms, designed by Sabre Inc.
22 - Syu SUNDÉN (Age 24, Male - 5"10, 160)
65 - Sur LURORA (Age 28, Male - 6"2, 204)

06 - Ejegefe NA'JEGOFE (Age 27, Male - 6"3, 213)
54 - Alexa GORZYCKI (Age 30, Female - 5"9, 160)

02 - Gökhan DOLMIODE (Age 32, Male - 6"0, 205)
51 - Jerikko AIN (Age 22, Male - 5"11, 205)
24 - Alexis WALDAKK (Age 23, Male - 6"2, 220)
63 - Pramika KAKKARI (Age 18, Female - 5"9, 160)

28 - C - Konan KRIPKOWSKI (Age 28, Male - 6"3, 235)
29 - C - Dylann FIEFMAN (Age 26, Female - 6"0, 183)
29 - C - René SILVERII (Age 34, Male - 6"0, 192)
34 - C - Elane NA'SEDEBEH (Age 25, Female - 5"11, 132)
47 - L - Yulia NA'NANA (Age 28, Female - 5"11, 170)
38 - L - Janos KULOMAINEN (Age 32, Male - 5"11, 202)
19 - L - Jeremy TALLY (Age 27, Male - 5"10, 170)
25 - L - Hugh VARGSTENEN (Age 34, Male - 6"0, 185)
08 - R - Charmaine VIERTOLA (Age 24, Female - 5"8, 154)
56 - R - Mo LEWIKKI (Age 29, Male - 6"2, 195)
54 - R - Analiese FALKENBURG (Age 30, Female - 5"10, 165)
31 - R - Ormr NA'AH'INNO (Age 21, Male - 5"11, 175)

Starters in blue. Subs used frequently throughout the game.
Below the starters, subs are listed in order of likelihood to play.

If my opponent RPs first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Y
Penalise my players: Y
Eject my players: Y
Injure my players: Y, but let me determine severity
Godmod scoring: Y
Godmod injuries: Y
Godmod other events: Y
Qualified: World Cups 54-59, 62, 73-81
President, World Lacrosse Fed.
World Bowl VP

Champions: DBC 35 & 44, AOCAF 54, Eagle Cup VII, WCoH 33, CoH 64, IBC 18, NSCF 10/11/15/16, WLC 20/21/26, Arena Bowl I & III
2nd Place: AOCAF 57, NSCF 13, WBC 34, WLC 12/19/23, AOHC VI, Arena Bowl V
3rd Place: AOCAF 55, CoH 45 & 62, WLC 18 & 24, BoI VI

Host: WC 78 & 82, CoH 69 & 74, BoF 62, World Bowl 27, WLC 20, Beach Cup II & V
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