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Postby Third Asopia » Wed Apr 17, 2019 6:27 am

British Hifax wrote:
Third Asopia wrote:I always procrastinate and don't start on a storefront.
Anyways, any advice on an airport storefront? I want something that captures the reader without being too sophisticated. I want to design in such a way that it is well-organised so the reader will not have to look for what food they serve and find out it's stuck smack dab in the middle. Since my airport is going to be a small one but expanding, I would like to have a storefront fit for such an airport. You may give me examples also! Thanks in advance! :)


Reading your specifications I would advise you first to give a look at the pages I'll leave below, those are good examples of airport websites that seem well organized and aesthetically to take some inspiration from, some of them may be from big airports but I don't think the ''quality'' or ''sophistication'' of the storefront should vary with the size of the airport, that's given with the climate you create through the images and logo.

When trying that organisation on the forum I would tell you to think of each ''page'' and its contents first (e.g.: About us > Brief history / Introduction to the city and country / Brief description of the amenities, you could expand that in another page) and then write each ''page'' in a different thread reply so they look separated and you could then add a contents bar at the beginning.

If you need any help making some of the visual content don't hesitate in asking for some help.

Hmm... Thanks for helping! I am inspired.
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