Advent of the New World (1500 CE RP IC THREAD OPEN TO ALL)

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Advent of the New World (1500 CE RP IC THREAD OPEN TO ALL)

Postby Nieblham » Fri May 11, 2018 11:01 am


Blank Canon Map

Character Map
Maps with names
Sweden (NPC)
Britain (NPC)
Ireland (NPC)
Belgium (NPC)
Netherlands (NPC)
Francia (NPC)
Normandy (NPC)
Brandenburg (NPC)
Serbia (NPC)
Hungary (NPC)
Venice (NPC)
Crimean Khanate (NPC)

Morocco (NPC)
Vandal Empire (NPC)
Vandal Kingdom (NPC)
Tunis (NPC)
Fez (NPC)
Tripoli (NPC)
Mamluk (NPC)
Mali (NPC)
John (NPC)

Karaman (NPC)
Lebanon (NPC)
Aq Qoyunlu (NPC)
Georgia (NPC)
Circassia (NPC)
Crimean Khanate (NPC)
Norgai Horde (NPC)
Mughals (NPC)
Oman (NPC)
Yemen (NPC)
Cadoan (NPC)
Daravati (Siam)
Insomnia (NPC)
Amur (NPC)
Goland (Sri Lanka NPC)
Yuan (NPC)

Iroquois (NPC)

There may be more nations out there, the only way is to explore!
Any land unclaimed (i.e. White) is treated as barbarians unless specified.

Story: The year is 1500 and the world is at a turning point. What will explores fine in this New World? How will the people of the New World handle this change? That is up to you.

No god moding, No meta gaming, and Mods rules are law with Nieblham having final ruling
1 IC year = 2 IRL weeks
You must make one post every 3 weeks or be declared in active
A nation that is 3 weeks inactive will erupt in a revolution
Technology advances along IRL timelines, yet players can invest in tech to get it a bit earlier than they might have otherwise.
NPCs will be played/controlled by the mods. If you want any information from the NPCs please ask on the OOC thread.
Read the OP (this post).
Vahn and Grand Adruvain and Cassinopia are mods

Claim Rules:
Black areas are unclaimable.
Must link an image of your claims in your post
No encirclement claims
Claims must be adjacent to each other.
Each IRL week players can post either IC or OOC 4 claims on white spaces (8 claims an IC year) that their nations could access (i.e. by coast line or by land.)
Weekly claims will begin on Friday May 18th IRL
NPCs can make claims as well.
Claims take a while to fully control, take too much too quickly and the empire could collapse.
For claims first come first serve
Claims can overlap (IC disputed border) but no more than 1 province deep.
Each nation is granted a starting bonus depending on their size.
If inactivity is high, the active players can vote to have the time skip forward a bit. This is to let time pass so the world will be different and new. The specifics of how this happen will be determined if it occurs.


Bonus (These are permanent even if you grow bigger your starting bonus will remain the same):
10-19 Claims: Trade Empire: your nation has increased trade with nearby nations
20-29 Claims: National Identity: Your people have a stronger sense of national pride and unity
30-39 Claims: Military Bonus: One branch of your military can be fitted with extra troops
40-50 Claims: It’s good to be King: Your government collects more tax revenue

As events happen the document will be updated

the date is
August 1500
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Postby Nieblham » Fri May 11, 2018 11:58 am

Baadal Savrg walked around the gardens outside the Palace. Built by his great Grandfather, and carefully placed, grew exotic plants and flowers. Some were red, others green, a few purple, and even one yellow. A sweet smell hung around the garden and lifted Baadal's spirits. He smiled, he had only been ruling for a short time, but he ruled over a time of peace. His father, Noktees Savrg VI had led a war against his cousin Bar Savrg to the north. He had gotten the port city of Midgar and ever since had worked to manage the Hindu people and the Ifirti aristocrats.

A decade later the Cetri people were at peace, trade was thriving, and discussions on spreading the Empire further were being discussed. Though for Baadal there was not much he could do besides offer a small army. His domain laid away from any borders. It would be up to the Cadoanians or Insomnians to expand the empire.

looking down Baadal found a small purple flower, perhaps he would bring this one to the Emperor in his next pilgrimage.
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Postby Cainesland » Fri May 11, 2018 1:04 pm

Jan 1, 1500 AD. The year of Gaius and Brachus.

Gaius, having won more votes than Brachus, had Fasces first. There was no one nations borders north of them within the former lands of Cisalpine Gaul, and the Republic had not territorially expanded for nearly 850 years. Although, with many trade routes and its currency almost universally accepted in the Mediterranean it was doing well economically. He would like to get Roman settlers up north to colonize the rest of Cisalpine Gaul by the end of the year. Gaius set to work. He would need his bill to be passed within the first few days of the Month if he was to get the people’s approval before Brachus took over in February.
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Postby Yottabota » Sat May 12, 2018 11:15 am

Castelo da Coroa;Lisbon, Portugal

Her eyes were ice, piercing into the heart of the man who sat before her throne, freezing him to his core and leaving him a shattered husk of his former self. He sat there accused of violating the crown, attempting to trade secrets to the Moroccans in order to gain uproot her reign and gain it for his family. The former prince Andres Olivera, an old disheveled man, sat before the Queen Noelle Del Toro, who was having a relatively bad day. Two guards stood beside the man who was on his knees begging for forgiveness, while a single knight stood at the queen's right side. Behind the old man were his eldest daughter and son, Guilherme and Maria, who stood with stone faces by their father.

"Now... Tell me again." The queen spoke, with pure of rage and fury restrained behind her teeth. "What were you planning on forfeiting to the enem-"

"NOTHING!" He interrupted her, causing the queen to close her eyes and take a shallow breath. "I-I did not say a word to the Moroccans! I swear on the lor-" Before he was able to speak the lord's name he was swiftly struck across the face with a bludgeoning strike to the face and then another to the back of his head.

"Do not sully the lord's name with your tongue you heretic." Noelle stood up, her robe and garb gently dragging behind her as she approached the beaten elder. She stood a few feet from him and looked at his children. "Do you stand by this man. Your father, in his crimes against Portugal and her people." She her eye wondered at Guilherme for a moment before straightening them on the two; she had a brief fondness for the prince of the Olivera family. He was a cunning soldier, and had his way with the women of the land; A lot of talk with actions to back them up, a rarity in these places. Andres looked up from the ground, a slight whimper escaping his bleeding mouth before it was forced down, his body forced into a praying position on the ground.

"We... I..." Maria stuttered slightly, and Noelle couldn't blame her. No matter the circumstance, blood is thicker than nation. To say Noelle wouldn't lay her life down for her fellow family members would be... highly exaggerated, but she was good at putting up ares.

"We do not stand by this traitor to Portugal. We stand by you, Queen Noelle." To that the queen grinned an awful grin, her knight shifting uncomfortably as she gestured towards them.

"See. Such loyalty. My if I weren't ruler of these lands I would be head over heels for such a loyal man as yourself." Guilherme bowed in gratitude, producing his saber for the queen. She removed the red velvet glove over her right hand, gripping onto the handle of the cavalry sword and examined it. She turned her back toward the group of people and held the saber up into the light. "Stand him for me." The guards stood him up by his arms and restrained him. She held the saber up to her eyes and examined it thoroughly. "This is a beautiful blade... The craftsmanship, is surly deserving of high praise... Don't you think Andres?" A cold chill swept through the room.

"Y-yes your majesty."

"Then wouldn't you think it would be a shame..." She poised the blade with a sturdy hand. "That I sully such a masterful blade, with your pathetic blood?" She asked the question, and to the silent response of the room, she continued. Andres Olivera, for the crime of conspiracy to commit treason against the royal crown. I hereby sentence you to death." Noelle's voice echoed loudly within the throne room. Andres fell deathly silent, whether out of shock or out of acceptance for his crimes. Noelle gave the guards a nod and forced him to his knees, as she walked to stand directly over him. Guilherme swallowed harshly as he continued to watch, but his sister lacked his stomach and bowed her head as to not watch. She brought the saber above her head, both hands gripping the handle, and she took a short shallow breath before speaking a last time. "Andres."

"... Yes, Noelle." He looked up at her, defiance in his eyes. She didn't flinch at the improper use of her name, in fact the look of her face was one of sheer boredom.

"You disappoint me." With those words the blade fell, impaling itself into the back of his neck and sliding out the other end. There was a spastic twitch but then he fell limp, dead by the queen's hands. She held the blade in for a minute, making sure that blood had begun to drip down the blade and onto the floor before unsheathing it from his body and swiped it to her side. "Remove the body and bring someone to clean up this mess, I don't want my throne room to be sullied by a dead man's blood." The two guards nodded and dragged the body by it's arms out of the room, leaving the two siblings, the queen and her knight.

"If I may, your majesty..." Guilherme held out his hand for his saber. Noelle nodded briefly, wiping the blade with a cloth produced by her knight before handing it off to the prince.

"It's a fine blade. Keep it well maintained, it'll serve you well in the future."

"As I would hope, your majesty." He crossed his heart with his right arm and bowed.

"You are dismissed, the both of you." The siblings both thanked her, bowed and turned to leave. As they approached the door to the antechamber, Noelle's grin reappeared as a sly smirk. "I hope this event does not engender any hostilities between our two houses?" They both stopped, but it was not the prince who spoke, but the princess Maria. She turned, with a certain hollowness to her eyes.

"This was for the good of the empire. We assure you that this does not engender any hostilities between the Del Toro and Olivera houses. I swear on my life." She bowed once again, and to the queen's pleasure she couldn't help but smile a little.

"Very well, may our lord shine brightly upon your house."

"And also to yours." With those parting words, the two left the room and castle.

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Postby Cainesland » Sat May 12, 2018 11:48 am

Rome, Italy
Jan 1st 1500 AD, 2pm.

Light shone through the windows of the Courthouse. A Preator, Hadrian Ahenobarbus, presiding. Today’s case. One of corruption allegations. The case of Senator Laurentinus Junius vs. Senator Nerva Pentronius. A Jury sat to the left of the Preator and a crowd was gathered near the back of the court room, standing and sitting on wooden benches. This was a public show of the Republics legal proceedings, and all were welcome to attend so long as their was room. “All rise” Hadrian called out. The room arose with a thunder. “You May sit” the room crashed down. “Let us begin”. Hadrian announced. The defense, led by Nervas lawyer Pompeius Silvanus, and the prosecution led by Laurentius Lawyer Pontius Severus, shuffles in their seats preparing for the next little bit. The crowd shuffled as well.
Milan, Cisalpine Gaul
Imperial Palace
Jan 1st 1500 AD, 10am

Tullius Marcus, the Governor of Cisalpine Gaul sat in his office. He was Consul last year, and had overseen the previous years election. He knew what the incoming Consuls wanted to do, and wanted to make sure he could do it. A take over of the remains of former Cisalpine Gaul within 1 year would be no easy feat. Plus, he only had 2 legions. He would need more if he wanted to move forward, and a senate order. The good news was that years taxes should be coming in within the next few months and they would have the financial resources to do it if the senate desired.
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Postby The V O I D » Sun May 13, 2018 5:32 am


The Imperial Palace
Island of Japan
The Japanese Empire

“And now, we are visited by His Majesty, Fusahito, the Emperor of Japan.” All rose and bowed their heads in respect to the Emperor as he entered, walking to his slightly elevated seat at the head of the table. Of those present were numerous military leaders, including the Shogun of the Samurai - often considered to be the Emperor's personal commander and voice in the elite military forces, as well as having battlefield command over the military. But there were also a few feudal lords and colonial governors.

The entire Imperial Council was present for this meeting. As the Emperor sat, and rose his hand, he lowered it. Everyone was seated after that. The Emperor looked briefly around the room, before turning his attention towards the Shogun.

“Shogun Masato, I hear you bring me news of the War for Joseon with the Yuan?” Fusahito asked. The Shogun bowed his head at being addressed, and then Masato answered the Emperor's question with all due honesty and haste.

“Yes, Emperor. The Samurai and the Imperial Armies are soon to reach beyond the Hanseong Border; once Joseon's people see that their capital is under Japanese rule, I suspect they will be much less cooperative with the Yuan. After we claim the peninsula, they will fall in line - those who aren't loyal or appreciative to the rule of the Yuan, of course.” Masato stated, but then continued. “I believe we can force the Yuan to pull some of their armies away from the fighting. The State of the Wei is vying for dominance over their neighbors; while some have been looked at for potential clientele states, I believe I have an alternative solution that will satisfy all of our needs.”

Fusahito looked thoughtful at this. Some of the Lords and the Governors were muttering among themselves, but in the end, it was the Emperor's decision. Fusahito nodded at once, raising a hand to Masato.

“Speak your mind, Shogun.” The Emperor gave permission. “State your intent with the Wei, and I shall see if I approve. If this Council should approve, then I may acquiesce to their collective decision.”

“Thank you, my Emperor, for this opportunity to prove myself.” Masato stated deeply, as he slowly waved one of his Samurai over. The Samurai brought over a map of the world, but it was dated for fifty or one hundred years into the future. The Shogun looked seriously around the table.

“This map shows the future of the Asian sphere, but more importantly, of the Japanese Empire. I believe that, if we align ourselves with the Wei and offer them naval support in return for assistance in destroying the Yuan, as well as for a guarantee that they will receive China for themselves - they will agree. If they do so, the Yuan will be distracted by a land force much larger than ours and be forced to pull away from Joseon. It will fall under our grasp, and once they have realized what has happened, their armies will be spread to thin to fight.” Masato paused, briefly, before expanding. “And without the Yuan threat to our Joseon Colony along with our alliance with the Wei, if we allow them dominance over China, we will be able to dominate the Pacific. While the Wei will not be a client state, they may as well be so once we have secured our Empire's mighty power.”

This sent the entire Council into various mutterings. Fusahito himself seemed to be deep in thought. He raised his left hand, and all quieted within moments. He slowly lowered it, and then spoke, his voice loud and clear.

“Who of this Council supports the Shogun's plan and intent?” The Emperor asked, a smile spreading across his lips. “I will be honest in saying that I find it most pleasing.”

One of the Council's members, an esteemed man who used to serve under the Samurai until he suffered an injury in battle, spoke up. “This Council finds themselves in agreement with the Honorable Shogun. The Wei may have China; but only we will have the Pacific.”

“Then it is so. Shogun, send forth an ambassador to the Wei. Inform them of this proposition.” Fusahito commanded.

“As you wish, my Emperor.” Masato obeyed. Within moments, word was sent to the Wei to expect an ambassador soon - with hopes of forging an alliance.

To the Emperor and Government of the State of the Wei
From Ambassador Yuta Nakamura on behalf of His Majesty, Fusahito, the Emperor of Japan

Your Great Majesty,

It has come to the attention of the Empire of Japan that the Wei are vying for dominance over all of China. It is within our Emperor's great wisdom, then, that he should offer support to your endeavors; he would like to send me, Ambassador Yuta Nakamura, into your great State in hopes of finding an alliance and agreement that would suit both the desires of the Wei people and your own Great Majesty, as well as those of His Majesty and the Japanese People.

I have high hopes for the futures of Your Majesty's State as well as that of the Japanese Empire.

With Highest Regards,
Yuta Nakamura, the Ambassador of the Chrysanthemum Throne
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Postby Nieblham » Mon May 14, 2018 2:00 pm

"So, you believe in one god, yet that god can take on three forms?" Badaal asked the monk, eyeing him with utmost curiosity.

"Yes, well no, they are all one yet three different beings at once," the monk explained, "like a reflection in the water. That reflection is not you yet cannot exist without you."

Badaal nodded, "and your gods -excuse me- god, commands you to follow ten specific commandments? That is remarkably small."

"the commandments yes, but the teachings of the Son as well," the monk added, "we all aim to be like him."

"Would you say, this man Jesus, does he follow Dhama?" Badaal asked.

"Well, if as you say, Dhama is truth, then yes for Jesus is truth," the monk explained.

"Pardon me Oracle!" a voice called out.

Badaal looked over to see his advisers and generals walking over to him, "We shall continue this discussion some other time," Badaal said a bit annoyed.

"Oracle, sir" began Ananda Kamath his religious adviser, "you have been neglecting your studies for your Pilgrimage to Goland!"

"That's the least of his worries," began general Benegal Bajpeyi, "our military is way behind the Cadoans, they might strike to take back Midgar."

"The military is taking up the bulk of the Oracle's treasury," Harsh Dhebar complained, "the bureaucracy is struggling."

The three continued to picker for some time as Badaal watched them growing more annoyed. Letting out a cough, Badaal was able to regain their attention. The Oracle stepped down from his throne and walked towards the balcony the overhung his temple. "I shall go to Goland and see if I can gain favor with the Emperor," Badaal began leaving his advisers gasping, "Then we shall begin reformation of the Shiva Temple and strengthen her protectors."

The advisers tried to argue with Badaal, "We'll lose prestige among the other Oracles!"

"That is all for today, please bring to me the monk and also bring the muslim as well," Badaal said as he walked back to his throne.

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Postby Nieblham » Wed May 16, 2018 2:02 pm

Normandy lays claim to Roman Gaul!

The king of Normandy claims that Roman Gaul is Frankish land, in particular, land bestowed upon him by birth right originally bequeathed to his ancestor Charles the Bald. Norman troops have been sighted moving towards the Roman border. Their likely target is Nimes.
The Carolingian Emperor has remained silent on the issue.

Morocco invades the Vandal Kingdom

The Sultan of Morocco hopes to restore the Islamic Sultanate in North Africa that has crumpled since the end of Islamic Iberia. Their forces, armed with rifles and cannons, have begun to attack the city of Oran.

Francia sails to Mali.

The Carolingian Empire has begun opening up trade relations with Mali. Though at first the language barrier and being mistaken for Portuguese were roadblocks the French has succeeded at purchasing gold, slaves, and salt after selling guns and armor to the Mali.

The Nogia Horde attacks the Crimean Khanate

Following a disagreement on hunting lands the two nomadic nations has begun raids and counter raids against each other. Each one becoming more deadly than the last.
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Postby Cainesland » Wed May 16, 2018 3:14 pm

Nieblham wrote:Normandy lays claim to Roman Gaul!

The king of Normandy claims that Roman Gaul is Frankish land, in particular, land bestowed upon him by birth right originally bequeathed to his ancestor Charles the Bald. Norman troops have been sighted moving towards the Roman border. Their likely target is Nimes.
The Carolingian Emperor has remained silent on the issue.

The governor of Roman Gaul mobilizes the 2 legions to march to protect the border. One legion is sent to Nimes. One legion goes to Narbonne. Hispania Ulterior, Cisalpine Gaul, and the senate are notified of this.

The Governors of North Africa mobilize their soldiers to defend against possible Vandal or Moroccan invasion.

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Postby Nieblham » Thu May 17, 2018 10:04 pm

Army B has arrived at the border town of Valence and has splint into two groups
Group B1
situated themselves near the Rhone river to the north of Valence ~4.5km away from the city. From there the Norman forces have begun to attack the city with Bombards and other artillery of range (200 pieces). The artillery is protected on the east flank by 800 archers and the west flank (closer to the Rhone river) by 1200 riflemen. 3000 infantry are preparing themselves to attack the city. Another 150 pieces of artillery are over shorter range and are being used to support the archers and riflemen.

Group B2 (~3km away from B1)
Just to the northeast of the city about ~4km away 300 artillery pieces also bombard the city. To their east are 1300 riflemen, to their west 700 archers. B2 hosts the remaining 2500 infantry soldiers. 100 artillery pieces are being used to support archers and riflemen.

250 Calvary soldiers are being split into parties of 25 (10 total parties) with 5 crossbowmen per party. These parties are being used as scouts to watch the eastern flank and harass small teams of Romans
the remaining 500 Calvary soldiers are being situated between B1 and B2.

Army A has crossed the border and are currently headed towards Bedarieux. Just as with Group B 250 Calvary soldiers are being used to scout ahead of the main army (again split into ten groups of 25 with 5 crossbowmen per party). They are ~2km away from the main army in any given direction.

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Postby Sobeiska » Sat May 19, 2018 1:45 pm

The Kingdom of Joshua had taken a much more militaristic slant, with its Judaism, g-d intended conquest after all. It is how he spoke to Joshua, in victory. Kofi hoped to lead his people to the Promised Land one day, to retake the land stolen from the Israelites by Nebuchadnezzar and company. The Jew would take his rightful place as g-d's chosen people. Favored in all things. King Kofi marched out in the scorching (for a European) sun surrounded by a body of 15 Kohein, all of which led a lamb at their side. As he strode up the great path to the Aksumite temple, eagles screeched overhead. Surely a sign of G-d's approval! This temple was the greatest Jewish temple still standing, in fact the great temple's body rivaled the Acropolis in Greece. A Kohein pinning a lamb to the altar awaited King Kofi. He climbed the stairs slowly as the great crowd about him roared, his step slow, and certain. He walked up to a gap in the line of Chazzan before him, dead center, the sea of people filled to the horizon.

He raised his hand, quieting the crowd, and looked to either side of him and begun to chant. "Sh’ma Yisrael!, Sh’ma Yisrael!, Sh’ma Yisrael". The cantors joined in with him. He quieted the crowd again. He stood for minutes in silence then begun to speak. "It has been centuries since the Temple of Solomon had fallen, and here we stand. We console ourselves prayer is enough to gain the favor of g-d! That we can sit quietly, and do nothing, be humble and shy. G-d did not ask that of Joshua! G-d did not ask us to sit complacent, like the Christian, the decadent, weak, cheek-turning, Christian! We have been wronged, and whenever we have been wronged g-d as stood by us! Some priests dare argue that g-d will only accept sacrifices in the old Temple, but I tell you my brothers, I tell you g-d is everywhere, he is omnipotent, and would he lie to us? No! So today, we make an offering, of 16 lamb to our L-rd, and we will ask him the question! Will we see victory? A Kohein handed him a knife which he then thrusted into the sky dramatically. He walked up the stairs to the altar and behind it. The lamb restrained it looked up in fear, and with one last cry of "SH'MA YISRAEL!" the dagger plunged into the neck of the creature. It dropped to the altar bleeding, and dying. He cried once more! "SH'MA YISRAEL!". The Kohein proceeded to march up one by one, and sacrifice the animals. Quietly, the King walked to the side and told a Gabbai to get a torch quickly! Suddenly there was a massive flashing explosion, and flames begun to consume the lambs to the sky.

He ran to the forefront, the ledge of the temple's platform and rose his dagger to the sky! "G-d is with us! G-d is with us, oh brothers!. You will approach battle on your enemies. Let you hearts not whither and do not fear, tremble, or be broken before them. For Hashem who will go with you, fight with you, and save you. The heathens shall be brought g-dly, or perish!”


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Age of colonization for Daravati

Postby Mes » Sun May 20, 2018 3:16 pm

The Empire of Daravati claims the straits of Malacca (Latnaivo) and the Island of Java

The Emperor of Daravati has issued a decree that the nation must colonize various lands in the world in order to establish trade, commerce, and cultural exchange. Following such a decree the imperial cabinet has decided to adhere to the calls of the emperor and has sent various colonial explorers and colonists to these planned colonies.


The Kingdom of Joshua has also established trade relations with the Empire of Sarawati. The two sides have decided mutually to accept bilateral currencies as a method of transaction. They have both agreed to not bilaterally tax imported goods that are coming from the opposing partner. Ships that are coming from each side can also use respective ports for maintenance and storage.


As a sign of friendship, this charm was given to the ruler of the Kingdom of Joshua.
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Postby Ismeil » Sun May 20, 2018 5:42 pm

For the Ancestors!

Far in the north, beyond the North Sea, laid upon the Lyngen Alps, the glacial temperatures that could scare anyone away. Snow coated fields and sprouting ice flowers as far as the eye could see. Here laid Norway, a Kingdom whose heritage owed to Harald Fairhair, it's first King. The People of Norway were accostumed to the freezing climate of Scandinavia and it's snows storms, their ancestors were feared for their brutish and relentless might, staving off invader and conquering lands beyond the great blue sea. It's Kingdom was a lasting representation of the stubborn norse, the pride of their lands. The King that lay upon the norwegian throne commanded fearless troops whose lasting impression marked the old world with magnificent and fantastical tales, tales that would spread from England to India, stories and rumours of horned heathens. The waning legacy of the Vikings does not however make a land, for, even after adopting christian practices and customs, the Aesir and Vanir were still in the memory of it's peoples. Warriors would still be celebrated in the eternal battle to come at the halls of Valhalla and Priests were still found with Priestesses in olden wooden temples.

In 1066, Harald Hadrada, King of Norway, lead his troops on English shores. Far from his homeland, the old king claimed the throne that the treacherous Harold Godwinson laid. The two rival kings would meet face-to-face on the fateful Battle of Stamford Bridge, Harold Godwinson, King of the Anglo-Saxons, approached the Norwegian King, boldly exclamating that the Norwegians would be spared if they returned. Harald, in spite of his new found respect for his opponent, defied the Anglo-saxon king and fought the English thegns. In the Aftermath of the Battle Harald would survive despite severely wounded by one lucky arrow from an english bow. With their Leader Incapacitated, Olaf, son of Harald, signed a truce with the Anglo-Saxon King. The Norwegians were allowed to retreat undeterred and their incapacitated leader would return to Norway alive.

Eric the Red, a man exiled from his land, adorning his blood red hair and an daring attitude, gathered some 300 men on to wooden vessels and set sail westward. Across the Misty sea they called Útsjór. The deep blue divide that cut across was not unfamiliar to Eric's crew, but it's distant unsavoury nature made them restless. It was a gamble, a hope, it mirrored their own ancestors who they respected and praised the most. Not long, one after another gulls appeared, the deep blue turned lighter, the salty air became fresh. It had caught them in one gasp. Land was found. The sparkling clear water and rocky incline, crowned in a rainbow. The bearded and rough men were in paradise, "Was this our famed afterlife? Is this Valhalla?". No. They were still alive, yet, the beauty compelled them to believe that soon they'd hear Gjallar in the distance. They called it Vínland. Land of the Winds, Land of Meadows.


The Great Iron Crown

Akershus, a Stone fortress surrounded on every side by a great city of red tile roofs and white walls. Overlooking the Skagerrak, the great oceanic passage to the North Sea. Here, behind great Iron doors, in the grey castle that lay upon a hill, the royal throne of the king of Norway was found. He who sat upon it would be King of the alpine realm. Hjalmar Magnusson, great descendent of Harald Hadrada, ruled this land. A land of great tundra wastes and colossal white capped mountains. Magnusson was discontent, great as he might be, the world did not recognize him for what he was. Norway has lived through a gratuitous epoch of unprecendented peace. A peace that Hjalmar could not wait to break. His castle's bleak, silent, empty halls echoed his thoughts. As a child, Hjalmar was fascinated by stories of old, he relished the fact he had recorded many of the legendary sagas. His Father was a blunt and rational man, nurturing him to be able to sail his own ship and fight with his own arms. Hjalmar was not without his faults though, enjoying luxury far too much than he should and often undermining his servants. He was, however, a capable ruler and one of many ambitions and dreams.

Hjalmar dined in a long wooden table, wines, meats and desserts were of plenty. Seated together with His Majesty were many courtiers, relatives and nobles. Everyone was enjoying the spoils of their work, cherishing the everlasting peace. His Majesty drank his last drip of white champagne before breaking the silence: "Subjects, Friends and Relatives. I request your attention please." All turned to His Majesty, as he stood above his seat. "Thank you All for coming today. Today is a momentous day, a day to remember forever, I, King of Norway, Iceland and Súðreyjar, have a proposition for you all to consider." The many guests dropped their cutlery to give their King full attention. Hjalmar called in two guards to his side, both grasped a muddy stone capped with bright green moss. On the stone many noticed runes and symbols engraved. Immediatley Hjalmar began to speak "Here, before you, I present a stone. This stone has engraved in it details and descriptions of the legendary Eric the Red, former exile and explorer." People gasped and stared. "Could this really be the stories of Eric the Red?" Immediatley Haakon Haakonsson, Duke and Chief of Jämtland stood. "What is the meaning of this Hjalmar, you bring a stone here and then claim it's the saga of Eric the red?! You can't expect us to belie-" Hjalmar interrupted his childhood friend for a moment. "You see Haakon, this is no ordinary ordeal, this no forgery of any kind. This is the engravings of the Eric the Red's Saga, the long lost legends from Iceland." The king cleared his throat for a moment. "This my friends is my proposition, we shall use this knowledge to once again find our old territories. This shall be the year the world remembers Norway!" Haakon hit the table before speaking, throwing off some cutlery. "Damn it man, this isn't the time to be chasing fairy tales! We live in an era of peace. Chasing down legends will only serve to destroy the prosperity we have fostered."
Hjalmar III Magnusson
Hjalmar wanted to avoid an argument at all costs, but alas he was too foolish to have thought all would agree. "Haakon, you out of all people should understand why I ask for this. Why do you so oppose an expedition that will honour our ancestors? Will this also not bring us Prosperity? Haakon did not want to say it anything explicitly, despite caring very much for his friend, he could not allow Hjalmar to humiliate himself with dissapointment, he had to say it. "Hjalmar, we all do respect, chasing your childhood dreams does not a king make!" Everyone look astonished. Humiliating the King infront of his subjects was the only time Haakon had crossed the line. When Haakon finally relaxed he realized what he had done. "Your Majesty! Oh please do not punish me for this! My Hundred of apologies!" Haakon humbled himself before Hjalmar, laying on his knees the hotheaded noble has never been seen so desperate to apologise. Hjalmar went around the table to Haakon, his slow steps sent shivers down Haakon's spine. When Hjalmar's feet was in view, Haakon looked up to see his friend reach for his shoulder. It was a sign of mercy, Hjalmar stood his friend up and whispered. "Do not humiliate me again, I'll excuse your mishap, but you need to leave respectively as my other subjects do, friend." Haakon nodded and left the dining room. In the corner was the Chief of Narvik, Sigmar Olafsson, a detestable man, Hjalmar tolerated his presence because of the request of the nobles. Sigmar put down his crystal glass to speak. "Excuse me sire, but how can you tolerate this humiliation? He has offended you has he not? You should behead him, you have the moral right to do so." Hjalmar ignored Sigmar to conclude his proposition. "I propose a fleet of 30 ships prepare to leave Trondheim by Dawn Tomorrow, from there they will stop in Reykjavik and make way west towards our ancient lands." It was agreed unanimously, Norway would send ships west.

Thirty ships were organized, 10 Carracks and 20 Skeid Longships, the expedition had a total of 5,000 involved, 3,500 sailors, 1,000 soldiers and 500 civilians and specialists. The Expedition was to be lead by prestigious and renown Explorer Bjorn Fabelaktige. At the breaking of Dawn the lead ship Tyr set sail. Tyr was a Skeid Longship, the biggest of it's kind, adorned with one symbol of the old god it's named after, a steel medallion to his honour, this ship was known to break the ice as it sailed it legendarily acquired the nickname Ísbrotsjór because of this. Crossing the North Sea was second knowledge to any experienced norwegian sailor, travels to and from Iceland and the Hebrides were common enough that sailors would learn from their seniors the best routes to and from the Kingdom's realms beyond the sea. As the Fleet approached Reykjavik an anxious feeling increased in every sailor and soldier, this was the last stop before going to the unknown. Rumours spread among the crew that there was nothing beyond Iceland, a few lucky opportunists managed to desert the expedition, others were not so lucky, being interned into the ships' brigs or Reykjavik's constables. When the next day arrived, twilight set on the sea, the orange waves woke the expedtionaries to the momentous day. The masts were released, striped red and white, blue and yellow, yellow and red. The colours painted on the masts presented each ships' allegiance, the standard Yellow-Red became the king's standard. The Sailors began a hard trek across the deep blue ocean that crossed their path, the treacherous open ocean was a terrifying precedent to cross, no other had done it except the legendary Eric the Red, these men would prove themselves sons of Eric at it's crossing. In the dim and dark night, in the realm of Hodr, a shift in the wind could be felt, a strong wind from a single direction overpowered the others, it didn't make sense, how could the wind have changed so suddenly with such strength. Soon it was uncovered below the mist, rocky shores, green prairies and clear skies. The expedition hit land, a land unlike any other, the moon shined it's white rays on to the shore. "Was this Vinland?" "Could it be possible we made it?".

The Long Ships were beached on the shingle beach, the carracks maintained position outside the coast as to avoid the stacks and skerries that plague the coast. A clearing was discovered not too far from where the Longships landed, here the carracks would approach the bay. The beachhead was secured, from here Bjorn would setup camp, Tyr landed on the rock filled beach, the stones barely leaving a mark on the massive Skeid. The day seemed to be cloudy, the sea was calm and the prairies quiet, this place reminded the norwegians of their home they left a few weeks ago. As midday had been reached, the camp had been setup from the longships and the remaining supplies from the carracks offshore, scouts were sent out to scour the land nearby. The green meadows and forests were certainly more hospitable than Iceland's frigid soil, a few wild animals could be spotted, even more curiously was the existence of human, the scouts upon spotting the man hurried back to camp to warn the rest of the party. By Noon's end the Scouts had arrived with the news, men lived here. Bjorn was nothing more than astounded, but before he turned around to face the scouts, Bjorn opened a small brown wooden chest, in it old parchment, he laid it on the makeshift table. The scouts curiously looked at the scroll, it had inscriptions and runes of old, only so much could be understood of it. In the saga, it is described that Eric's party had landed and settled Vínland, the villages existing for over 200 years. It couldn't be, were these men their long lost brothers?

"Deadmen tend to tell more tales than the Living"

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Postby Nieblham » Mon May 21, 2018 1:18 pm

Army B has taken the city of Valence after 3 months of fighting. Causalities were small only 200 men for Normandy.
Yet causalities for Rome were also small as there were few defenders losing only 150 men.
Civilian causalities were high with estimates between 500-2000.

Army B was last seen heading south towards Montelimar. 50 Calvary soldiers are being used to scout ahead of the main army (again split into ten groups of 25 with 5 crossbowmen per party). They are ~2km away from the main army in any given direction. Food is being scavenged from the local country side.

Army A has arrived at Bedarieux. Using similar strategy as Army B they have begun bombarding the city.

~4km away from the city. From there the Norman forces have begun to attack the city with Bombards and other artillery of range (150 pieces). The artillery is protected on the North flank by 1200 archers and the South flank by 1000 riflemen. 4000 infantry that will make raids against the city. Another 100 pieces of artillery are over shorter range and are being used to support the archers and riflemen.

Just to the southwest of the city about ~4.5 km away 100 artillery pieces also bombard the city. To their north are 500 riflemen, to their south 800 archers. A2 hosts the remaining 5,000 infantry soldiers who will also make raids against the city. 150 artillery pieces are being used to support archers and riflemen.

250 Calvary soldiers are being split into parties of 25 (10 total parties) with 5 crossbowmen per party. These parties are being used as scouts to watch the Northern and Southern flanks and harass small teams of Romans
the remaining 500 Calvary soldiers are being situated between B1 and B2 they will also join in the raids

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Postby Czestomierz » Wed May 23, 2018 7:05 am

Jews in the Kingdom Of Austria

One of the prides of the Kingdom Of Austria is its attitude towards judaism and jews. Never in Austrian Legislation were made laws that discriminated specific groups of people.
In fact Austrians are very tollerant towards every religious and ethnic groups besides Arabs and islamic people.
Austrians never accused the jewish people of killing Jesus. All around Europe during the crusaders period persecution against the jewish people was very common, but in Austria the king and the people actually helped them by welcoming them and integrating them into society. Almost one in every 1000 citizens of Austria is of jewish descent and they are an important part of society that contributes to the wellfare of the nation.

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Postby Nieblham » Wed May 23, 2018 2:42 pm

Baadal Savrg bowed before the Emperor of the Cetra. His journey through Amur and finally across the ocean to Goland to pilgrimage to the city of the cetra had been easy and enjoyable. Yet now, bowing his with fellow Oracles -many of whom were his distant family- he felt a tremendous pressure. As if every action he did was being scrutinized, as if the eunuchs were keeping score, and as if his future would be decided here.

"What have you brought for tribute to the Emperor?" The Emperor asked the 4 oracles.

The first to speak was the eldest, the Oracle of Leviathian from Insomnia, "We have brought the most beautiful robes for the Emperor. Not only that but a rug depicting the reign of Noktees Svarg."
Next was the 2nd eldest, the Oracle of Jenova from Amur, "We have brought some of the most advanced weapons to protect the Emperor. Brought all the way from the other side of the world by distant travelers."
After Jenova the 2nd youngest, the Oracle of Ifrit from Cadoan, "we have brought 4 bulls for the Emperor."
This offer caused some of the eunuchs to gasp and the other Oracles to look away. 4 bulls was an expensive gift, and in Ifriti culture even more so.
Finally it came upon Baadal to make his offer. The Oracle of Shiva stood up and spoke, "We have brought these flowers and their seeds from the Garden of Balamb. So that you too may grow the wonders of Ozma."

The Emperor smiled at Baadal, the gift was accepted. Relief flew throughout Baadal's body.
"Now we feast!" The Emperor stated, "Stand and relax my Oracles, Ozma appreciates your offers to her temple."

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