Freedom of Religion in YN?

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Freedom of Religion in YN?

Postby Aressna » Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:13 am

I couldn't find a thread about freedom of religion in my brief searches, so here it is. The title is self explanatory.

For example, in my nation, the Government pursues a policy of state atheism, however subdivisions in our country allow local religious worship. All synagogues, churches, mosques, temples or large colanders (we have a few nutters here in Aressna) are state-owned and run, and protection is provided for followers. So in a way, we have moderate religious freedom.
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Postby Subhurbia » Sat Apr 28, 2018 12:27 am

Subhurbia has freedom of religion. The government doesn’t restrict any faith so people can practice any faith they choose. Trying to convert others to a religion wouldn’t work too well though.
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Postby Aikoland » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:05 am

Freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed and protected.
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Postby Kenmoria » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:18 am

There is full freedom of religion in Kenmoria, and it is constitutionally guaranteed and protected.
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Free American Empire-
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Postby Free American Empire- » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:19 am

It was repealed by the new council, and now there is absolutely none.
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Constitutional Technocracy of Minecraft
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Postby Constitutional Technocracy of Minecraft » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:21 am

Freedom of religion is constitutionally guaranteed and protected

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Eastern Iran
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Postby Eastern Iran » Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:25 am

The military junta has allowed people to practice whatever religion they want to.
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Postby Daeseoguk » Fri May 25, 2018 6:29 am

Freedom of religion is protected under the Constitution of Empire, as everyone is allowed to practice their faith freely without being prosecuted. However, they were prohibited from performing human sacrifice, honor killings, and other practice that contradicting the human's universal rights.
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Postby Exosar » Fri May 25, 2018 7:50 am

While we technically have freedom of religion, Our Goverment highly “encourages” atheism by not allowing people to practice their religion in public. This law is not heavily enforced, but it is still there, and many people are highly discriminatory towards people of faith.
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Azadistan-land of the free
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Postby Azadistan-land of the free » Fri May 25, 2018 8:14 am

Freedom of religion is granted by the constitution and is allowed to the point of deference.
This causes little problems for us save for people exploiting to do things nothing to do with religion. However religions can protect their name and the unity of their voluntary community by enforcing their laws in some cases.
Is freedom of religion in constitution: yes
Laws about religious garments in public:allowed. The state allows garments of any religion and encourages the wearing of hijabs for married women. Wives of tribal regiment leaders tend to wear face veils. The Sikh regiment gets free turbans.
Rules about religious garments in government buildings:allowed in the same way.
Is it ever a crime to insult the majority religion:only if it is hate speech(IE "bigoted dislike towards a religious group expressed outside someone's home""-Supreme Court)
Is it a crime to insult minority religions:if it is hate speech.
Is it illegal to discriminate on religious grounds? Yes except in religious jobs defined as a job where "part of the role is advancing the cause of a religion"such as prime minister, King, imam,priest, ayatollah,rabbi,bishop etc.
Is there an inquisition or similar?no

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Postby Shurtur » Fri May 25, 2018 8:32 am

Most Shurians are faithful adherents of Îrmykhûkyr. There are many foreign traders and emissaries in Shurtur, and they are treated with decorum and respect (when due) despite religious difference. Infidels (îrêgyonuway in Shurian, literally "unconsecrated") are distrusted, but otherwise tolerated. They may not perform the more flamboyant rituals in public but are allowed to erect houses of worship.
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Postby Philippinae » Fri May 25, 2018 8:35 am

Religions of the culturally and politically impure are banned.
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Postby Kyneland » Fri May 25, 2018 8:44 am

Kyneland does maintain religious freedom with some restrictions.

Any religious act that would result in harm upon another is a crime.
Public prayer can be considered a disturbance of the public. Public preaching often results in fines and forced removal.
It is illegal to don religious garments within most higher government institutions, but mainly the legislative building.
Teachers, tutors, etc., are forbidden from evangelical activities - even off-duty. Serving in the Salvation Army counts as evangelicalism.

It is highly frowned upon to mentally abuse a child with the concepts of “Hell”, eternal damnation and monstrous suffering.

If you have questions on specific things, like “is X a crime?”, feel free to ask.
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The Northern Free Land
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Postby The Northern Free Land » Fri May 25, 2018 8:50 am

"Freedom of religion" in the Confederacy exists insofar as you are allowed to observe/practice whatever you please on your own property. Beyond that, what you can do in public is largely dependent on the rules and social norms of the community.Larger cities have explicitly enshrined freedom of religion in their laws, and celebrate the diversity of such. In the Liberty Guard's territory, public displays of religion (dress, gatherings, etc) are tolerated so long as adherents are peaceful and do not act with dissident intent. The Silver Wolves' territory is an ethnically and culturally uniform society, which places higher value on social cohesion and unity. Here, the dominant religions are Christianity and Paganism. Those with other beliefs are generally kept out of these communities due to free association laws, save for a few homegrown atheists, who are tolerated as long as they don't disrupt social cohesion.

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Tondo Federation
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Postby Tondo Federation » Fri May 25, 2018 8:57 am

Freedom of religion is a protected right here, but we keep an eye out on any religion which performs inhumane sacrifices that damage the environment.
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Postby Vyzhva » Fri May 25, 2018 9:05 am

A de jure State Atheism has been enforced upon the Vyzhvan people, but a cult of personality revolves around Vazyl Ruban and the rest of the members of the Collective People's Maslihat. This cult of personality is thought to have arisen as Ruban took power, wishing to deify his predecessor as well as himself.
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Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic
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Postby Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic » Fri May 25, 2018 9:13 am

Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic grant freedom ti profess freely the his/her religious beliefe, everywhere without breakingh the law by costitution. It forbidden to claim the "freedom of religion" to discriminate other people witho ither beliefs, political poinion, personal condition, sexual orientation, gender identity etc... because this is condidered a brench of the right of person to dignity and the right to be yourself without be discriminated by that

Art. A6 (6)

Confederation and religious istitution are completely separated.

Every Religious istitution have the right to organize as they see fit, as long as they don't break this Constitution and the law.

Art. B8 (21)

The right to profess the own religious faith or not to profess any religion is granted by Confederation, as long as does not brench the other's right and liberties

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Postby Zhouran » Fri May 25, 2018 9:35 am

The People's Republic of Zhouran is a secular nation, any religion is given the right to exist and adherents the right to practice their faith. Currently around 34% of the population are adherents to the indigenous religion called the Spiritual Mandate, 31% are members of the Zhouranese Orthodox Church, 28% are non-religious, and 7% are adherents to other religions.

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Postby Charellia » Fri May 25, 2018 9:44 am

Freedom of religion is a constitutionally protected right, however it only applies to individuals. Religious organizations do not have rights beyond that which is extended to their individual members and cannot compel others, including members of the congregation, to obey their dictates.

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Postby Xeloncaresia » Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:53 am

Freedom of religion is a right here. Even though the nation is secular, there is great religious diversity and religious temples of all kinds.

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Postby Gandoor » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:01 pm

Freedom of religion in Gandoor is constitutionally protected, however one cannot use their religious beliefs to infringe on the rights of other citizens.
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Postby Diarcesia » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:04 pm

Diarcesia wrote:Does YN have a state religion? No
If so, does your government's laws and legislature rely mostly or entirely on that religion's ideas?
What is the biggest religion in YN (not including atheism)? Christianity
Is your populace religious? Varies
What is the state of religious freedom in YN? Acknowledged
If your majority religion tolerates the concept or idea, answer with O. If not, answer with X. Note that this doesn't apply to the populace as a whole; this only refers to the followers of the biggest religion in YN. Comments welcome.
Atheism: [O]
People not in your religion: [O]
Polygamy: [X]
Pornography: [O]
Homosexuality: [O]
The rest of the LGBT community: [O]
Sodomy: [O]
Insobriety: [X]
Fornication: [X]
Stem cell research: [O] Non-embryonic stem-cells only
Science in general: [O]
Abortion: [O]
Contraception: [O]
Women leading in your religion: [X]
Men leading in your religion: [O]
Is there any other information needed to be aware? None

Diarcesia wrote:Does your nation consider itself a land of freedom, liberty, or human rights? Yes
Is there freedom of religion in your nation? Yes
Does freedom of religion extend to unpopular or minority religions, which might be found ridiculous or ever terrifying by the majority? Yes
Are your people free to worship Jar Jar Binks, savior of the universe, and join his church? Yes
Are people free to preach the good news of Jar Jar Binks, savior of the universe, in your nation? Yes
Is the church of Jar Jar Binks granted tax exemption? Yes
Is the church of Jar Jar Binks allowed to enforce orthodoxy by suing in a court of law those who slader, libel, attribute heretical beliefs to, or otherwise blaspheme our supreme saviour Jar Jar Binks? To official members of the Church of Jar Jar Binks only
Is the church of Jar Jar Binks allowed to enforce orthodoxy by deploying armed members of our paramilitary "Sons and Daughters of the Binks" movement in their Inquisitorial role against heretics and apostates? No
Are followers of Jar Jar Binks allowed to travel to the Community of Jar Jar Binks Cultic Compound in a free and unmolested fashion? Yes
Are followers and the church of Jar Jar Binks allowed to transfer all kinds of wealth and material assets between your nation and Jar Jar Binks Cultic Compound in a free and unmolested fashion? No
Are the medical treatments offered by the church of Jar Jar Binks, such as LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, auditing of engrams, laying on of hands, etc. recognized as legitimate treatments and given full coverage by the system of medical insurance in your nation? Depends

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New Merakh
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Postby New Merakh » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:09 pm

Does YN have a state religion? No
If so, does your government's laws and legislature rely mostly or entirely on that religion's ideas?
What is the biggest religion in YN (not including atheism)? Judaism and folk religions falling under it's category
Is your populace religious? Very.
What is the state of religious freedom in YN? Constitutionally protected.
If your majority religion tolerates the concept or idea, answer with O. If not, answer with X. Note that this doesn't apply to the populace as a whole; this only refers to the followers of the biggest religion in YN. Comments welcome.
Atheism: [O]
People not in your religion: [O]
Polygamy: [X]
Pornography: [X]
Homosexuality: [O]
The rest of the LGBT community: [O]
Sodomy: [O]
Insobriety: [X]
Fornication: [X]
Stem cell research: [O]
Science in general: [O]
Abortion: [O]
Contraception: [O]
Women leading in your religion: [O]
Men leading in your religion: [O]
Is there any other information needed to be aware? Freedom of religion is a constitutional right in Merakh, however it cannot be used as an excuse when committing an offense. Most schools and workplaces easily have accommodations like specific religious holidays or dietary restrictions in mind as well. Merakh is very religiously diverse, so it is a necessary right.
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Postby Shurtur » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:05 am

Shurtur tolerates the pagans of its land, but many are subject to harsher taxes and other limitations; such decrees are decided by the region's suffete.

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Great Nortend
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Postby Great Nortend » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:14 am

There is limited freedom of religion in Great Nortend, constrained by the Statute of Limmes, the Conformity Act, the Acts against Recusancy, the Relief Act, the Prohibitions Act and the Religious Tolerence Act.

There is established, under the Statute of Limmes, the Church of Nortend, to be the sacred authority in this Realm, and installed the Sovereign King Alexander the First, his heirs and successours, as the Supreme Governour of the Church Mundane, and forbade the accession of any Papist to the throne, or any marriage with a Papist by a member of the Royal family without leave.

The Conformity Act further restricted the religious activity of the King's subjects, requiring the implementation of uniform liturgy across the dioceses, with the promulgation of the Great Bible of St Edmund in 1616, which drew heavily on the then newly published Authorised King James's Version as well as the traditional Latin Vulgate, and the Book of Offices and Book of Homilies. It also required attendance weekly of subjects on Sundays and certain other days, on pain of a fine of sixpence, then a large sum of money, however only attendance on certain days nowadays is required with the passage of the Relief Act. The Jews living in specified Jewries were excused from this requirement, however they were still forbidden from establishing synagogues until 1699.

The Acts against Recusancy were enacted during the height of the Popish Riots, in an attempt at quelling the discontent of a number of avowed Catholics. It prescribed harsh penalties for those recusants refusing to attend services of the Church of Nortend, and forbade the establishment of any non-Cardican church in the King's dominions. It also created a number of requirements for any person wishing to hold public office including the following requirements still extant to-day: receiving of the sacrament of communion within a year of taking office, taking the Oath of Supremacy, Oath of Allegiance, Oath of Doctrine and swearing against transubstantiation. Even to-day, Jews are not permitted to hold public office.

The passage of the Relief Acts in 1922 repealed a number of previous regulations, including the requirement of attendance at church on Sundays. It also repealed the penal prohibitions against non-Cardicans, excluding specifically Popish recusants, with progress towards ecumenism, though the requirements of public office remained. The Act provided indemnity to those of the Lutheran, Anglican and Calvinism faiths, and permitted them to hold public office, provided the requirements were met. In addition, the Act finally permitted the practice of non-Christian faiths other than Judaism in Great Nortend, leading to the establishment of Hindu and other Oriental communities, especially in Lendert.

The Prohibitions Act of 1977 however, forbade the adherence to any proscribed religion or spiritual group by any subject or citizen or alien of the King in section 4. Section 5 forbids the promotion of any proscribed religion or spiritual group by any subject or citizen of the King or alien, including the sale of any supposed holy text without lawful excuse and the habiting of oneself in the garments or habit of any proscribed religion or spiritual group. Schedule I of the Act provides that the 'heretical cult of Muhammed' is a proscribed religion for the purposes of the Act.

The Religious Tolerence Act of 1978 however, permitted non-subjects, being citizens and aliens, to adhere to a proscribed religion provided they did not otherwise contravene the Prohibitions Act. It also finally ended penal provisions against Catholics, allowing them to practise Roman Catholicism in Great Nortend. Therefore, nowadays whilst it is legal to practise most religions, a number are banned under the Prohibitions Act for subjects of the King. Furthermore, holders of public office are required to be in communion with the Church of Nortend, which includes Anglicans, Lutherans and some Calvinists. Tithes of 10 per cent of agricultural output and income is also payable to the Church by all people in Great Nortend, however this can be commuted to charitable service or waived for the poor.
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