Star Wars- Galaxy at War (IC)

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Star Wars- Galaxy at War (IC)

Postby The New Jedi Order and New Republic » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:13 am

~Mid Rim Territories~

Six TIE Fighters flew through a asteroid belt each one of them dodging the asteroids as they got close to their objective. The leading TIE Fighter is Amakae Tongami who is the leader of Alpha Squadron their mission was simple they were to find a remote Mid Rim planet that is said to have a rebel outpost on it. Her Squadron's mission was to scout the planet and let any Imperial fleet nearby be informed so it can do an orbital strike on the planet.

"Keep your eyes open Alpha Squadron the Rebel scum will have a trap waiting for us." Amakae said as she and her squad cleared the asteroid belt that led towards the planet where the rebel base should be at before they entered the atmosphere of the planet a group of X-Wings started firing on her squad.

"Alpha Squadron! Break formation now and deal with those X-Wings!" Amakae ordered as her squad split up to deal with the X-Wings.

One X-Wing was chasing one of her squadmate but she quickly got behind the X-Wings and fired on its engines making it explode.

"Thanks for the help." The TIE Fighter said over comms.

Amakae didn't reply back and instead she focused on dealing with the X-Wings.

Amakae and her Squadron kept on fighting the X-Wings above the planet already she has lost two pilots in the space battle however she ignored the deaths of her own men and kept fighting the Rebel X-Wing Squadron. That was until she saw Rebel transport ships start leaving the planet along with a capital ship.

They must have sent a message down to the planet... Amakae thought as she shot down another X-Wing knowing its the right time she sent a Imperial Transmission to the nearest Star Destroyer fleet in the Mid Rim Systems.

I hope they got my message.

Amakae went back to fighting the X-Wings until a Imperial Fleet can arrive to take care of the Rebel base and their fleeing fleet just then six Star Destroyers arrived in the system and TIE Fighters started leaving the hangers to aid Amakae and her Squadron. Just as soon the second wave of Rebel transports is about to leave the planet they are shot down by the six Star Destroyers after the second wave of rebels was destroyed the Imperial Fleet started an orbital strike on the planet destroying the rebel base there.

Once the X-Wings were defeated and the Rebels were no more Amakae and her Squad landed in one of the Star Destroyer's hangers the Imperial Fleet soon lightspeed out of the system.
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Postby -Svenska Riket- » Sun Apr 15, 2018 11:38 am

Outer Rim System

ISD-1 Wrath, Bridge

Ayajen Gragro sat at her comm station listening for any Rebel transmissions in the system during the past few weeks the New Horizon fleet has been hunting down any local rebel cells. So far there hasn't been any signs of rebels in this star system she sometimes wonder why the Grand Admiral wants to waste his time here hunting down something that isn't even there.

This is just a wild mouse droid chase... Ayajen thought to herself as she kept listening to any transmissions.

"Ma'am scanners have spotted something!" A Deck Officer said.

Finally some real action! Ayajen thought as she tapped a few buttons on the comm station.

"Attention all TIE Fighters man your battle stations we have spotted something I repeat man your battle stations." Ayajen said through the intercoms of the ship.

It wasn't long until the pilots got into their TIE Fighters and flew out of the hangers getting ready for battle after a few minutes passed Ayajen tracked the TIE Fighters on her screen waiting for a group of red dots to appear.

However, there was only one red dot on the screen strange usually when the Rebels are spotted they send in a whole group of X-Wings to fight off the TIE Fighters but that wasn't the case.

Ayajen once again tapped a few buttons on the comm station and contacted the squad leader of the TIE Fighters.

"Come in Omega Leader what is it?" Ayajen asked.

"Just a piece of junk smuggling ship ma'am no rebels are on the ship." Omega Leader said.

Ayajen sighed in annoyance rubbing her forehead before speaking again.

"Return back Omega Squadron its just a false alarm."

"Roger that." Omega Leader said.

The Grand Admiral should just move the entire fleet to the another system there hasn't been any rebel activity in this star system for 12 days I sometimes question the Admiral's orders. Ayajen thought.
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Postby Brusia » Sun Apr 15, 2018 2:41 pm

Jedi General Martius Shan
Bridge of the Victory
19 BBY

Klaxons were sounding throughout the Venator-class cruiser, which served as Martius' flagship, as the Jedi General made his way back to the Victory's Bridge. Blood was running down his face from a head wound sustained when shrapnel from a nearby LAAT, which was destroyed by enemy AA-fire, tore through the side of Martius' gunship, injuring him and several of the clone troopers aboard. When he reached the front of the Bridge, his XO saluted and asked: "General Shan, are you alright sir?"

"I'll be fine." Martius replied "How many men did we lose?"

"174. Eight gunships were destroyed and two were heavily damaged; looks like the enemy AA coverage is more extensive than we previously thought.

"Clearly." Martius stated while shaking his head "Looks like we'll have to land outside the range of those proton cannons after all. You get the time estimates on how long it'll take to reach the port on foot from the closest LZ yet?"

"The estimate was around two weeks sir, but we have another problem."

"At this point I suppose that should come as no surprise. What's the problem?"

"The Sep ships we drove from the system rendezvoused with a fleet, and latest reports suggest they're making their way back here. Our most recent scans of the port city also indicate that the clankers there are preparing to mobilize."

"Meaning we don't have two weeks."

"Not even close sir."

Martius brought his hand to his face as he pondered their situation "You contact the Council to request reinforcements?"

"I did sir, they said there aren't any ships available to send."

Unfortunate but not unexpected. The Republic's forces were overextended as it was, and Martius knew that if the Separatists dug in and blockaded Tinnel IV, the Republic wouldn't likely be able to muster the manpower to mount a successful invasion, and if the CIS was able to convert the Core World of Tinnel IV's industrial facilities to droid factories, it could be disastrous for the Republic. Turning back to his XO, Martius asked: "Any suggestions, Commander?"

"We could try to land our forces and reach the city before the Sep fleet arrives, but our chances of actually managing to do so are virtually non-existent and if we fail we could lose an entire Battalion. We could retreat, make our way to another front until more of our forces become available then return and try to retake the system, but if the clankers have the chance to dig in, build more of those cannons, and get droid factories up and running, our casualties trying to retake the planet would be...extensive. At that point sir, I wouldn't like our odds of retaking the planet at all."

Martius rubbed his eyes. It was a no win situation where a loss might well end up costing the Republic the war. With the usual strategies exhausted, their only hope to win the battle was a plan well outside of the ordinary. With a heavy sigh, Martius asked the Commander: "What about an orbital bombardment?"


"If we target them now, could we eliminate the Separatist forces on the planet with an orbital bombardment?"

After the shock of the suggestion wore off, the Commander replied "Well...yes sir, but the clankers and proton cannons are spread throughout the port city; to destroy the Sep forces now would require destroying the entire city."

"But it would prevent them from conquering the planet. And if we were to retreat and had to return to mount a full planetary invasion, far more lives would be lost than just those currently in the city, would they not?"

"Most likely sir, but I can't imagine the Council will likely see things that way."

"Our first duty is to the Republic, and if this will save lives in the long run I have to believe the Council will understand. Order the fleet to target the Separatists on the planet."

The Commander nodded, and after a few minutes of issuing, confirming, and re-confirming the order, he returned to Martius to report: "The fleet is ready, General."

"Fire when ready."

The loud report of the Victory's turbolasers was soon drowned out by thousands of voices simultaneously screaming out in terror through the Force. The hopes, dreams, and lives of fifty thousand people reduced to the simple mathematical conclusion that the strategic importance and lives of others on the planet outweighed their own. As the screams reached a deafening level, Martius collapsed on the floor of the Bridge; then suddenly, everything was silent.
And then he woke up.

Martius Kellar
The Renascor
Present Day

Martius woke up and rubbed his eyes. Gone were the days when he jumped up out of his sleep in a cold sweat; having the same nightmare nearly every night for the last 20 years served to dull the horror somewhat. As he started to come to terms with his actions at Tinnel IV, Martius also stopped reaching for the nearest bottle of ale the moment he woke up, and instead spent his mornings doing something more constructive. After getting up from the humble mat on the floor of his ship he called a bed, Martius opened up a hidden smuggling compartment on his ship, and punched in a code that unlocked the lockbox contained within. Reaching inside, he pulled out his lightsaber then spent the next few hours practicing his saber forms in the ship's cargo hold. He'd been practicing those forms every morning after waking up for the last few years now, and the routine helped to keep himself calm in the mornings after his nightmares.

After finishing his routine, he returned his lightsaber to its hiding place and made his way up to the cockpit. In a few minutes the Renascor would be dropping out of hyperspace at its destination: the desert world of Tatooine. The desolate planet was a haven for all manner of scum and villainy, and much as Martius disliked having to deal with such sorts of people, there were few other ways to get the supplies he needed without having to interact with the Empire.

After touching down in the Mos Eisley Spaceport, Martius walked around the town for awhile, marking the locations of Imperial checkpoints and patrols and working out the best possible escape route back to the spaceport in the event he'd have to get off the planet in a hurry. When he was finished, the former Jedi made his way to the Cantina and ordered a drink. Taking a seat in a booth with a blaster-sized hole in the wall directly across from him, he watched the cantina's patrons and kept his eyes and ears open for any potential smuggling jobs or paid bounties that would help him pay for his much needed supplies...

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Postby Great Confederacy of Commonwealth States » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:16 am

Landing Zone 23/ADD
Prison Centre ‘Honest Labour’

“Look, miss Adrossk… It’s very simple”

Lieutenant Londor Venn sighed audibly as he tried to explain the situation to the Trandoshian woman for the third, and hopefully final, time. The blank stares from the alien did little to validate that hope, however. Slowly, using clear gesticulation, he tried again.

“You can only export Wookie labour if you have a forced labour export permit from the office of the Grand Moff.”

For a moment it was silent. You could hear the Kashyyyk winds blowing through the distant, kilometre high trees that lined the horizon. Londor looked into the reptilian eyes of the Trandoshan, hoping to see a glimpse of understanding there. The Trandoshan slaver looked over her shoulder to her two crew mates standing next to their ship, apparently exchanging some signals. The ten stormtroopers that surrounded the vessel were also looking at one another, unsure what was happening exactly. Then, the Trandoshan turned around, pointing at a piece of paper she had handed to the lieutenant mere minutes ago.

“Sham mi kahassk Permit!” she said in Dosh, leading to a pained expression on the lieutenant’s face.

“This is a forced labour permit. This allows you to use Wookies as labour. Everyone and their mother can get those. Who did you steal it off, anyway?”

“Sh’Ur kaaskk?” the Trandoshan spit back, clearly insulted. The lieutenant shook his head.

“Alright, alright, never mind. I’m done here. You can’t pick up a cargo here, Adrossk! Go pry a permit from some unlucky sod’s cold dead hands”

With that, Londor gave back the permit and took a few steps back. The Trandoshan growled for a bit, but looking at the ten stormtroopers surrounding her ship quickly backed off. She and her two mates slipped back into the ship from which they had just come, quickly returning to the cockpit. Londor gave a friendly wave at them as they took off, owning him an unkind gesture from the Trandoshan female. After they had clearly gone never to come back, the lieutenant made a simple motion with his hand, allowing the stormtroopers to fall out.

The landing zone was a little fortification on its own, situated outside the main prisoner complex. This was done on purpose. If there ever was a Wookie uprising, which was not uncommon in the Kashyyyk prison facilities, the Wookies needed to be isolated. Their access to ships needed to be severed. That’s why the landing zones were usually separate from the prison complexes, and why they were so fortified. There were two layers to the simple defences of the zone. The first layer was a thin durasteel parameter wall, guarded with search lights and guard towers. This first layer housed civilian craft that came down to pick up Wookie slaves as cargo, or who came as visitors in another capacity. Here, officers would come and go too. As the lieutenant and the squad he had taken with him passed through this area, they were candidly greeted by all the visitors. Most of these people were pro-imperial traders, all of them making a good profit off imperial sanctioned slave trade.

The second level was more fortified. It had a combination of electrified fences and thick outer walls patrolled by stormtroopers. Arriving at the gate to this inner layer, the lieutenant had to show his identification to the stormtrooper standing at the gate. His voice was modulated by the helmet, but the lieutenant could hear the voice of a rookie underneath. He was one of the greenhorns from the other platoon. The site had been guarded by two trained and experienced platoons since Londor had arrived, but the first platoon had been swapped for a green platoon fresh from the academy. It was only a matter of time, Londor thought, before this would happen to them as well. They passed the gates unmolested, and entered the inner area.

This inner zone was a restricted military section. It had four wings of TIE-fighters ready for any eventuality, as well as four hover tanks in hangars in case of an insurrection. For the rest, there were barracks, a little command office, and some storage as well. On the far side, between the barracks, was a pub the soldiers visited regularly when off duty. The lieutenant and the squad actually passed a few on the way, dressed in the off-duty tunics with which the stormtroopers were supplied. Even for a soldier it was hard to remember that there were human faces behind the helmets. Not only the enemy was faced with a lack of humanity the stormtrooper armour provided. Officers and friends felt it too.

“Alright troops, you’re dismissed for the day. Don’t forget, tomorrow we’re doing the 20 click run. Please make sure the other squads know as well” the lieutenant said to the squad. The stormtroopers grumbled underneath their helmets, but quickly dispersed to hit the showers in their barracks. They weren’t too happy with physical exercise, especially since the green platoon never seemed to do any. Londor was, however, quite keen on keeping his soldiers in shape, despite the general lack of effort on the side of the greenhorns. Londor watched for a moment as his men dispersed, and then walked up to the command office, situated on the edge of the drill square. In the middle, a large pole proudly displayed the flag of the empire day and night, clearly visible even from the prison camp. Londor looked up at it, and wondered what the Wookies thought when they did the same.

Entering the office he was greeted by his counterpart, lieutenant Rendar. Rendar himself was quite fresh from the officer’s academy. A young lad, probably five years his junior. He was quite clever and knew a lot, had a lot of trivia stuck inside his head. He had done reading on the history of Kashyyyk before coming there, and often made a few remarks about it when something came up. Londor liked him as a person, but not as an officer. He was too soft on his men, Londor thought. He tried to be friends with them as a means of solidifying his authority. He didn’t see much in this. As he entered the office Rendar waved at him. Londor waved back.

“Good afternoon, Venn” Rendar said. “Me and some of the sergeants are taking a shuttle for a trip around the planet tomorrow. Want to come?”

Londor shook his head.

“I’m sorry, Kalo. I’m doing a 20 click tomorrow”

Now, it was Rendar’s turn to shake his head.

“You’re too hard on your men, Londor. We’re not on Felucia here. The only resemblance is the lack of civilisation” he said.

“Right, Felucia doesn’t have hairy natives that can outrun you and disembowel you at the same time” Londor said with an irritated voice. Kalo Rendar immediately felt the mood of the room and tried to steer clear.

“Alright, alright, I was only joshing. I’m going to hit the shower” he said, quickly leaving the room after announcing his intentions. This left Londor alone in the room, a clock punctuating the silence. On the central table was a hologram of the general area, centred around the landing zone. All was quiet. Londor sighed.

“Only joshing…” he said, as his eyes lingered on the holographic projection of the prison centre. A centre housing some of the most vicious creatures in the galaxy.

“Only joshing…”
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