Our Darkest Fears (WWII/Etharia/IC/Closed)

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Our Darkest Fears (WWII/Etharia/IC/Closed)

Postby Kanadorika » Fri Apr 13, 2018 12:19 pm

Keijo Sillanpää
First Lord of the Admiralty
Conservative Party

May 10, 1940

"The Radhkivkan Navy is on our doorstep! How much longer will we wait while they continue building up their forces? Tufavai has already fallen, and I suspect that St. Sabina is the next target."

Prime Minister Baldvin Guðmannsson sat In his seat, visibly unmoved by Silanpää's frustration over the administration's supposed lack of initiative against Radhkivkan expansionism. He was not alone; the vast majority of Parliament, both the ruling Conservative Party and the opposition, fought any attempts to interfere in the Nimbifer Ocean. The fact that he had to yet again call a private meeting with his ministers to deal with Silanpää was at this point commonplace. 

Lord Silanpää continued. "Our entire western fleet is bottled up in port, unable to weigh anchor in fear of startling the Radhkivians!"

It was then that Guðmannsson finally spoke. "The Nimbifer Fleet is currently berthed to avoid any potential confrontation with the Imperial Radhkivkan Navy. As Prime Minister my duty is to the safety of the Kanadorikan people, and I will do whatever it takes to keep our nation out of war."

"I am the First Lord of the Admiralty! Of an ocean going deep-water maritime force! I don't oversee a series of indefinitely docked floating hotels, but warships! We are squandering our greatest asset in the Nimbifer Ocean; our Navy. We need to display our naval strength to those Radhkivians and get those ships out of port before they come to believe that we aren't a threat."

Prime Minister Guðmannsson spoke against Silanpää, this time with a stern voice. "You are my most senior advisor on Naval matters Keijo, however you are still my deputy, and it is my choice, and my orders that the ships stay in port."

Lord Silanpää took another puff of his cigar and leaned back in his seat. It was well known that he and Guðmannsson disliked eachother. After all, nearly the entire Parliament disliked Silanpää, finding him to be an agressive war mongerer and a threat to the peace. To Silanpää however, the nation was losing its spine; flirting with the dangerous calls to isolationism made by the growing fascist movement within the nation.  The Kanadorikan Union of Fascists, who already occupied several seats in the House of Commons, was a small but loud minority in the Parliament, having been able to draw the other parties to support their doctrine of non interventionism in international affairs.

With all this, the Republican Parliament was a far cry from the Imperial Parliament of 1914, in which war was seen as the only answer to the nation's problems. After the abolition of both the monarchy and the system of peerage in 1918, the Kanadorikan Senate was dissolved, leaving the inherently more volatile House of Commons as the only chamber of Parliament left in operation. The Conservative Party majority, once the bastion of Kanadorikan expansionism, was now an advocate for the peace. The Liberal Party, which was versed in the principles of free market capitalism and classical liberalism, saw itself as dominant party of the opposition, with the Labour Party seeing its lowest number of Parliament seats in decades.

Traditionally, a discussion of the Kanadorikan Parliament would revolve around those three major parties. Smaller parties would briefly arise, such as the Kanadorikan Communist Party, however they would not stand the test of time and would fade away from public view. The Fascists were different. Not only were they capable of subtly influencing the other parties, they held a large amount of sway over the people as well, despite their small numbers in the House. Nevertheless, the established parties feared the Kanadorikan Union of Fascists. They were the wildcard political faction whose ranks were growing.

Silanpää took a sip from his drink, still not pleased with the skittishness of the Prime Minister. Times had changed since his first tenure as First Lord of the Admiralty during the Great War, and he struggled to recognize the country which he once again had a great deal of power over.
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Postby Radhkivka » Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:37 pm

Jou Funai
Petty Officer Third Class
Aboard IRN Hokori

May 11, 1940 Time: 1300

It's only been a few months since were able to successfully take the Island of Tufavai. I wonder where we will go next, our expansion has been relatively easy without much resistance. Many of the other soldiers think that we should stop here, as it will probably upset the Kanadorikans if we expand any further east. Maybe thats why High Admiral Konoye went to talk to the Emperor. He had expressed the fact that he was he did not want to have conflict with the Kanadorikans, as that would probably be a disaster for the Empire.

"The Emperor is a wise man, and the High Admiral is even wiser, I'm sure the Emperor will listen to him." Funai mutters to himself, as he walked through the halls of the Hokori to get up to the flight deck to check the deck for anything that could cause issues for the planes during takeoff. "Those pilots are so lucky, getting time off on the land while I have to do their jobs! What could Captain Takao possibly want with all of the pilots even, it's not like we even have orders to go anywhere, we're sitting here waiting for the time being!"

The Hokori was one of the four prized aircraft carriers assigned to the Eastern Fleet, a combination of the First and Second fleet created to expedite the expansion of the Radhkivkan Empire eastward. Her sister ship, Yorokobi, and the two Mizuryu class carriers Mizuryu and Soraryu composed the other three carriers. All pilots from these carriers were on shore for some reason, this only happens when the next operation has been announced but even then greenest of soldiers are briefed on the happenings in preparation.

After cleaning all the hazards off of the flight deck, Funai looks out eastward across the ocean. "The Kanadorikan Nimbilfer Fleet isn't too far out of reach, I wonder what they are thinking. There would surely be conflict if we were to head that way. The Kanadorikans own the islands and have a fleet of comparable size to ours, but not only that, they have more manpower to draw from, it would be a frightening opponent." Funai turns around and starts to head below deck, but is interrupted when Lieutenant Ryuki, the captain's personal messenger, interrupts him, "The captain want us all to meet in the hangar in an hour, don't be late, do you know where Petty Officer Yusa is?" He asked, with a stern and minorly concerned voice. Funai points down the hall "He was last in the kitchen, on his break." Funai salutes as the Lieutenant Ryuki departs, Ryuki returns in kind.

This could only mean one thing, the Fleet has received the orders on whats happening next. Funai grabs his guts, the suspense of learning about the mission is always difficult as the Hokori is almost always part of aggressive operations. Where were they going? North? South? West? Or possibly east? "I guess I'll let some others know." Funai murmurs as he descends deeper into the Hokori.

Tsuru Yoshiro
Aboard IRN Hokori

May 11, 1940 Time: 1430

Captain Yoshiro stands in front of many of the NCO's and officers of the Hokori, preparing to give a briefing. He flips the board behind him, clearly plans for their next movement. He doesn't need to say anything, and in fact it is visible he would rather not say anything. The atmosphere in the hangar dropped and concern filled the air.

"I'm sure you all can see now," he begins to speak, "the plan is to move further eastward. We got the orders from the High Admiral this morning, although everything is not set in stone yet we must prepare to for conflict with the Kanadorikans. This will be the awakening of a giant, however they themselves seem to be in disarray, they seem to fear conflict just as much as we do. We will be conducting training operations in preparation for the forthcoming conflict, I expect everyone to be in top shape when the time comes."

Silence fills hangar, eerie, usually the hangar is bustling with sounds of men working, talking, joking and yelling, but it was silent, you could hear the waves from the soon to be war zone. One hand raises up, the Captain points at the hand, acknowledging the question, Petty Officer Funai stands, "Sir, do you know when the time frame of when we will depart?" The rest of the men turn their head, awaiting the answer, this was clearly on all of their minds as well, and he was the unlucky one to ask it.

"As I said before not all the details are worked out but from what we can tell it will be sometime within the next month or two." He replies, knowing that this probably wouldn't satisfy them until the Admiral gives the final orders. "I can tell you however, the Third Fleet is already underway northward, in preparation." The men chatter amongst themselves at this thought, the Third Fleet is the most advanced fleet the Imperial Radhkivkan Navy have, being host to most of the newer ships, if they were going north maybe they were coming to back up the Eastern Fleet, which would make the Eastern Fleet the greatest fleet ever created by the Radhkivkans. This seemed to boost the morale of most of the men.

The captain continued "If that's all the questions, then I'll let you get to your duties. Take care of yourselves in these upcoming weeks, I need each and every one of you on board." The rest of the men stand up, and salute the captain as he departs the hangar, followed by his cohort. "Now, to wait for the Admiral" He exclaims to himself.

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Postby Kanadorika » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:20 am

Haukur Friðgeirsson
Gunner's Mate Third Class - KNS Intrepid
St. Sabina Island

"Goddamn I love these orders!" Haukur shouted, gulping down alcohol straight from the bottle. "Drinkin' with these lovely ladies? This is paradise right here!"

He sat at the bar table, the local girls surrounding him and giggling every time he spoke. His buddy, another petty officer third class by the name of Jón Ólafursson sat beside him, equally intoxicated by the copious amounts of liquor they were both consuming.

"Aye Jón! I ever tell ya about what I wanted to do after I get out of the Navy?"

"Yeah you drunken fool! About a dozen times now!"

Haukur paid no attention to his friend's words and continued, burping periodically.  "When I get out of the Navy, I want to move to this place right 'ere! St. Sabina Island baby! I want to teach people how to surf here. Open up my own school or some shit."

Jón chuckled. This was Haukur's favorite thing to talk about when drunk, which was, frankly, quite often.

"Maybe I can have one of these fine ladies with me too!" He pointed to an attractive girl that was sitting down by herself at a table, ignoring the spectacle. "Hey baby, what's your name? Whew-eee you gotta nice pair on you hot damn!"

She did her best not to laugh but ultimately couldn't hold it in. "Leilani".

Haukur confindently walked over to her table and took a seat. Jón meanwhile continued watching his intoxicated friend talk to the new girl, assuming the two would hook up as was usual with Haukur and his lady friends.

Some time later...

Night had fallen on the island and the two were walking on the streets of downtown Faleapuna. Bright neon signs reflected colorfully upon the puddles of water which had accumulated on the streets after a recent drizzle.

"Haha I got her address!"

Jón looked at Haukur In an unsuprised manner. "Who?"


"You gonna go fuck her and call it good?"

"Nah man. She's different. I... I think I'm in love."

Now Jón was surprised. Haukur was never a man who became attached to women. "Ah shit, you sure that isn't the liquor talking, Hauk?"

He shook his head, looking down at his feet for a brief moment. "Not at all."

The horn of a steamer sounded in the distance, followed by the welp of a destroyer. Faleapuna was one of the largest Naval bases in the world, being the home port for the Kanadorikan Nimbifer Fleet. The island itself had become a popular tourist attraction to Kanadorikan citizens, who were drawn to the tropical climate and pristine beaches of the island.

They came across a dimly lit building whose sign identified it as a tattoo parlor. Haukur was the first time to speak out; "Isn't this the place where Marius had his piece done?"

Jón nodded. "Yeah, I think..."

"Well, we got money right? Let's go in and get something that can make him jealous"

"Ah hell why not." Jón had never gotten a tattoo before, and frankly, he was so drunk he probably wouldn't have gotten it otherwise, yet he entered the shop with full enthusiasm.

"Whores, alcohol, and now tattoos? This assignment is amazing."
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We just wanted to live on our islands in peace, but you took away our waifus
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Postby Dominatus Leviathan » Mon Apr 16, 2018 1:58 am

(Redoing this post, conflicts hugely with Current canon of Zhi.
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Postby Offer Erapia » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:19 pm

"Sir, what are we even doing! It's not our place to fight this upcoming war it has nothing to do with us. It's completely ludicrous!"

The women shouted obviously irritated, Jason, the minister of war, suggested that the anger derived from the folder that was clentched in the girls hand. As if proving his point the secretary threw down the folder on the already crampt paper covered table. The minister opened the folder, already knowing what it was, he quickly skimmed through the packet and, when finished, sat back in his leather chair and removed his glasses.

"Let's face it war is inevitable and the higher-ups words are final. Furthermore you are only a secretary the government doesn't care what you think. Anyway I'm more interested in project x and it's progress"

The girl, Veronica, clentched her teeth in anger. She watched as the man carelessly read the file that contained the information on who they would side with and what they would do. She was further angered by the mans complete lack of comprehension on how big this was. Veronica balled a fist but held her tongue in fear of being fired she didn't want war the "war to end all wars" was supposed to be the last.

"Project x is. . . . Is nearly complete probably a few more days possibly a week or so if there are problems that arise, but, this is a bigger problem we need to think about the people"

Standing up the minister waved a hand. Disregarding her last remark he walked over and headed towards the large double doors that led to the enlongated hallway. He opened them and gazed around then down to the black and white checkered floor. He knew of the sarifices that would occur but the government and he himself had made up thier minds.

"Veronica contact the embasador for me i would like to speak with him. The higher-ups have something he needs to do I want this done ASAP got it"

The minister left and walked down the hall, his hands folded behind his back. He didn't want war but the benefits out weighed the losses and that was all to it. Plus, the president stated that "it was time that offer Erapia had made a name for itself". Jason smirked to himself as he and his footsteps went down the hallway and towards the exit doors to his car.

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Postby Treko » Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:49 pm

Taavo Vesik
2nd Mate-TSS Kolmikhark
Alku Province, Coast pool

May 11, 1940

The loading docks were rife with workers moving to and fro. Cranes groaned under stress as they moved cargo continuously to their proper destination. As a 2nd mate, I saw this often when returning back from the sea and I never got tired of it. The hustle and bustle was awe-inspiring to me. However, the ship I was working on was quite a stark difference to the loading docks. It was busy, but nothing compared to the life of the loading docks. That being said, I had numerous stories about things happening aboard the ship. Personally, I felt the best stories were always the paranormal. When I told the stories I would finagle some of the sailors into helping me pull off a particular story. I always got a kick out of seeing the new fish jump out of their seats. A grin grew on my face as I thought back on some memories, however, it quickly subsided as one of the sailors handed me the manifest of the ship. I looked over the paperwork twice before doing a third and final look over.

"Is everything being strapped down?" I inquired as I put the paperwork at my side before facing the sailor.

"We're in the process of finishing up, Sir." replied the sailor, a worried look slowly coming across his face.

"What's wrong, Orav?" I asked as I grasped his shoulder with my free hand.

"Sir, this cargo feels off," stated Orav, "I know the manifest is right but there is something definitely not right about the cargo."

I had to concur with Orav on this matter. The usual manifest listed everything and the weight off said items. However, this manifest failed to specify many things, yet the approval stamp from the Trekkish Commerce Committee was on it. It smelled of secrecy and that made me partially nervous.

I looked back at Orav and gave a partial smile, "Don't worry, we'll be fine but I plan to talk to the captain about it."

Orav gave a slight nod before walking off to finish his duties. As for me, I took the manifest to the bridge and gave it to the captain. He gratefully accepted it before looking at it like I did before. A sigh escaped the captain which led me to believe he immediately found the problem too. As he finished the final look over he placed it on a work desk that sat adjacent of a table which had a map placed on it. I took note that a course had already been set for the Empire of Radhkivka.

Only a few minutes passed before the intercom came to life, "Captain, the cargo has been tied down. We're ready to set off." The captain gave a quick glance to me which I knew that it was time to give the order to set off. I walked over to the intercom system that sat next to the steering mechanism and activated it, "This is 2nd Mate Vesik. We are casting off. I repeat we are casting off."

I turned off the intercom system before watching the crew throw off the mooring lines before making their way into the ship, only a few staying up top to do their duties. A low rumble was felt in the ship as the engines came to life and began to propel the freighter forward. I watched the loading docks hustle and bustle before turning my attention to the open sea.

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Postby Kanadorika » Tue Apr 17, 2018 6:31 pm

Parliament of the Republic of Kanadorika
May 11, 1940

"The Right Honorable Prime Minister, Baldvin Guðmannsson has the floor."

Guðmannsson acknowledged the speaker with a nod of his head. "Ladies and gentlemen of this most ancient House of Commons, I speak to you with the unfortunate news that the island of Tufavai has fallen to the Imperial Radhkivian military."

The MPs were completely attentive, the room so devoid of noise that Guðmannsson could almost speak at a normal tone and still be heard throughout the House.

"It appears that they see no end in sight, as island after island falls into their hands and becomes incorporated into their empire. Thus," The Prime Minister raised his voice as the passion within his speech began to fuel his dialogue. "In order to prevent the most horrible of tragedies from occuring, the Republican government is considering the arrangement of a series of negotiations with Radhkivkan ambassador Shichiro Satou.

Let it be known that I wish to avoid war at all cost! The Kanadorikan people have suffered enough already. An entire generation of young men had been wiped out in the Great War, and I refuse to see the same hellscape wreck the boys of today!

I place my upmost faith in the willingness of the Imperial Radhkivian government to negotiate a set of terms that will gurantee we stay out of the violence and havoc plaguing the Nimbifer Ocean, so that we can continue on with our daily lives here at home. To ensure additional friction is not encountered between the Radhkivkan forces, our own Nimbifer Fleet has been ordered to remain in port. Our sailors are providing their services to the citizens of Faleapuna, assisting the city in keeping the streets clean and maintaining the public parks.

Now, I would like to end my speech with but one tirade. Let it be known that the Kanadorikan people do not want war, and that we, as their lawful representatives are bound by oath to carry out their will in this House of Commons. As such, I have a question. Are those members of Parliament who reject the peace truly representing the electorate who put them into office? I think not. Thank you."

The Prime Minister sat down to the roaring appaluse of MPs, who too shared his enthusiasm in keeping the peace. It would not be long, however, until another figure stood up and the cheering degenerated into hushed whispers. The Speaker of the House finally broke the silence.

"The First Lord of the Admiralty, Keijo Sillanpää has the floor."

"Thank you mister speaker. I must say I am deeply disappointed in the rhetoric I am hearing in the House this morning. Are we, as a nation, so opposed to war that we would allow risking the security of our nation in a desperate attempt to prevent it?

I know first-hand what the horrors of war look like. During my tenure as First Lord of the Admiralty during the Great War, I visited the trenches when nobody else in our government would. I saw the mangled decomposing corpses with my own eyes. Let us not forget I served in the Army myself during the waning years of the last century, where I engaged in combat in defense of our empire.

I know what war can do my fellow esteemed members of Parliament, and it is because of such  that I so adamantly believe we must do everything we can to prepare for a war that is inevitable. We cannot avoid conflict with Radhkivka. That is a simple truth that appeasement will not solve. No, one of these days they will strike, and when they do, will the Republic be capable of responding in full force? I advise all those who sit in this House to think fully of this situation. We cannot afford to sit idly by while our neighbors in the Nimbifer Ocean are swallowed by the beast. Thank you."
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We just wanted to live on our islands in peace, but you took away our waifus
Welcome to Kanadorika; a collection of 7 distinct nations united into a Catholic Fascist Empire that somehow manages to be both far right and far left.
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Postby Radhkivka » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:24 am

Kai Kyota
Rear Admiral
Aboard IRN Hokori

May 17, 1940 Time: 1000

Rear Admiral Kyota watched as a flight of Hyo dive bombers flew above him, lower than their combat cruising altitude, but this was to be expected as they were only conducting training. He kept close eyes on this group as this would be one of the groups in the first wave, although they don’t know it yet. As he watched the squadron go into a steep dive, one by one right after another, he noticed the number two plane had difficulties following.

“Number two is having difficulties following, I want this flight to try again,” Kyota demands, turning to the radioman next to him. “Make sure they go up to combat altitude, maybe it was just the difference, I hope it was the difference. Which flight is next?”

To his right, Captain Yoshiro checked the clipboard detailing the training schedule, “537th Kokutai, sir.” He responded, marking that they were indeed on their way. He turned around to see that they were in perfect formation, again in lower altitude than they normally would be, the roundel of the Imperial Radhkivkan Navy clearly visible. As they approached the target they changed formation, signaling they were about to start their bombing run. One by one they went into a dive, one by one they let their fake bombs go and each one of them hit their target directly.

The Rear Admiral clapped his hands, acknowledging that it was a job well done. “Captain Yoshiro, I want that flight to lead the mission, they have what it takes.” The Captain nods in agreement, marking down a further note on his clipboard which was already full of notes. The Captain was still unaware of what the mission even consisted of. It was still kept to the officers ranking higher than him, but seeing that Third Fleet was present, he knew it was going to be a significant undertaking.

“Of course, sir, here comes the 521st Kokutai again, making the changes you requested.” He points to the sky, the three planes had indeed circled around and climbed to combat altitude, this time all planes did exactly what they were supposed to, the number two plane included. The Rear Admiral looks at Captain Yoshiro, “This will do for now, do you know which carrier is next to conduct their exercises?”

Flipping through the pages the Captain is finally able to find the itinerary for the day and replies “That would be the Furaito, sir.” Kyota chuckled, “You mean that fancy shmancy ship from the Third Fleet? Those fools need new technology to make themselves look good. I have faith in the Hokori and Yorokobi to show those pansies of the Third Fleet how veterans fly.” The Captain smirked at this, knowing how proud the Rear Admiral was of the First Fleet made Yoshiro feel honored to be a part of it. “Aye, sir” he replied.

Kaene Funai
Elementary School Teacher
Katsuya Harbor Elementary Schoool

May 17, 1940 Time: 1:00pm

Kaene Funai looks out the window of her classroom, her students playing in the playground. Grabbing a photo off her desk she lets out a deep sigh. The photo was of her and her husband on their wedding day, both looking happy as can be. She was in an elegant white wedding dress and he in his service white dress uniform. They were married the day after he graduated from his technical schooling in the Katsuya Naval Base.
“Kaene, have you heard from Jou recently?” asked a colleague, Rikka Nakamura, noticing the blank look on Kaene’s face.

“Oh, yeah, he replied to my letter from a few days ago. He’s currently stationed on the Island of Tufavai that lucky man, gets to see the world. It was our promise that we’d see the world together! When he comes back I’ll make sure to wage war on him myself!” Kaene’s mellow voice turns into optimism, as she turns her hand into a fist and punches the air, simulating his body.

Ritsu lets out an audible giggle, “You really love him don’t you, jeeze Kaene I remember when you were too scared to talk to him, and now you’re threatening war huh? Well he’ll have quite the opponent that’s for sure, knowing you!”

Kaene laughs, “Well we’ve known each other since school, where were you all those years!?” Kaene, Ritsu have been friends since they could remember, basically inseparable sisters. “I always thought he didn’t even know about me, like a ghost and you knew that!”

Ritsu lets out a chuckle, drawing attention from the other teachers. Her face changes from joyful to blank “So, are you worried about him?”

“Of course, I am he’s so far away from home, I miss him. I miss him so much. He’s at the Island of Tufavai! You know how close that is to the Kanadorikan Navy, THE KANADORIKAN NAVY! Who knows what will happen if the Emperor wants to continue going Eastward and quite frankly I don’t want to think about it. Going to war is my biggest fear for us, I want him back home, back in my sight, and back in arms!” Getting worked up, Kaene tries to keep the tears back building up.

“Mrs. Funai, do you need to take a breather outside?” asks the headmaster of the school.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to,” she replies, as the head master offers to open the door for her, making her feel safe.

Leaving the teachers room and going outside the back door, she takes a seat at the bench on the right side of the bench. Looking out in the distance Kaene found her first love, the Nimbifer Ocean.
“You look as beautiful as ever, love.” She starts, “Your waves are calm, are you having a great day? Hey, so I have a request. Please keep Jou safe, like you’ve kept Katsuya safe.” Tears start running down her face as the bell rings to signal the children to come back from recess. She jumps up startled, wiping the tears from her face. She returns to her classroom, ready to teach mathematics.
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Postby Treko » Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:59 pm

Taavo Vesik
2nd Mate-TSS Kolmikhark
Waters of Radhkivka-Kitsuya Port

May 25, 1940

We had been blessed with good waters for most of the journey and I was thankful for that. I think God at least heard my many prayers for our safe passage to Radhkivka. We only had a few occasions when the sea was being rather rough, but we made it out fine. I was happier that we didn't lose anybody on the job of ours, however, the crew I was with was fairly experienced. If we were to lose anyone I think the crew would write it off as some random act of fate. Of course, it was evident that was a coping mechanism of some kind. I would be lying if I didn't agree with that idea as well. I knew these men well and to lose anybody would be an upset with me and to the entire crew. So I thank God once again for answering my prayers. Hopefully, he won't be to annoyed with my prayers on the way back to Treko. Whilst I thought back on the journey my eyes got a glimpse of the foreign land we had been sailing to.

The water was crystal clear as if I was only peering through a window. I could see to the bottom and all the sea creatures that inhabited the beautiful coast. A rich beige sandy beach met the clear crystal water as if embracing an old friend. The sand looked warm and inviting. I could already see myself sprawled out on the beach getting kissed by the warm sun. However, that was not the end. More inland light green grass covered the hills and was peppered with trees of which I had never seen before. The flower blossoms were like nothing I had ever seen in Treko. This foreign land was truly a beautiful place. Even as our freighter neared the port city of Kitsuya it was evident that they took the effort to mold nature into the city. It was a truly stunning sight.

"Truly stunning isn't it?" Inquired the captain as he took his place beside me on the main deck.

"Y-yes, I never saw anything like it before," I replied as I continued to look out at the coast of Radhkivka.

"We'll be here for a few days to unload all of the cargo so I'm sure you'll be able to take in the sights," said the captain as he handed me papers for a short shore leave.

"T-thank you, Captain!" I replied my excitement clearly in my voice. As I peered down at the shore leave forms I could feel our freighter maneuvering into the port for docking. However, the oddest thing was that there were Government officials awaiting us at the docks. I knew we had been carrying secret cargo, but I didn't know it was the kind that foreign officials would see on delivery. As our freighter pulled in and the mooring lines tied on they quickly made their way aboard our ship to meet with the captain. I made sure not to get in their way as I headed below deck to gather my duffle bag before disappearing into the city of Kitsuya.

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Postby Offer Erapia » Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:13 pm

Christian, offer erapians ambassador, sat in the white hotel bed It was early in the morning. the pink Rays the sun gave of pierced the white certains which blew in the morning damp wind. Standing and walking in the bathroom he began his day. After splashing his face with water to rid himself of the tiredness that lingered he took a shower and got dressed. While fixing his tie in a mirror he noticed the brief case he was given to by the minister of war back in offer Erapia. Although the terms he would be presenting to the rahdvikan ambassador wasn't nothing major he was still very nervous about the whole ordeal. Finishing up and grabbing the breif case he headed out the hotel door and to the elevator.

"I sincerely hope all goes well and I hope I don't mess anything up. The higher ups would have my head"

He whispered to himself while pushing a button to the lobby of the rahdvikan hotel. He waited and tapped his foot with anxiety, something he did often, upon the doors opening to reveal the stunning white lobby that was lined with gold trimming he stepped out and calmly walked over to the counter and painted a smile on his face.

"Excuse me ma'am I would like to check out please"

He exclaimed anxiously the last thing he wanted to do was be late for the meeting. Gazing down he glanced at his watch and inhaled sharply as noticed he was behind schedule.

"Oh! Why yes certainly sir"

She said and checked a list of names she crossed off Christian's, putting down the board she handed out her hand and asked for the keys, which, Christian gave. Smiling, she waved as he left

" Bye sir! Do come again"

Once in the limo he began to think about how he would present his proposals to the rahdvikan. As they drove on he glanced out the window and watched as buildings went by. It was a pretty sight seeing civilians go about thier daily lives not a care in the world. He basked in the sights of the stupendous nation before getting back to the task at hand. It wasn't soon before he pulled up to a large building that was undoubtedly where he would conduct his business.

"Here we go, this is it"

He said to himself as his driver opened his door. He stepped out and walked up the stairs and opened the door. He wiped sweat from his brow with his slightly shaking hand. His nerves were wrecked and his heart pounded in his chest. With each step he took he came closer to an international talk that could make or break him. He stopped in front of a set of double doors and ordered his guards to wait outside. Fixing his tie and hair he took a deep breath and turned the knob, stepping inside.

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Kaene Funai
Kitsuya Port Shops

May 25, 1940 11:00am

“What a beautiful Saturday morning, isn’t it Kaene?” Ritsu asks browsing through a store’s items. Today was the first day of summer break for the elementary children. Ritsu and Kaene both used this day as a time to unwind and relax. They were to attend a special dinner tonight for the teachers of their school to congratulate the teachers on a year well done. Ritsu was looking for a dish to bring to the dinner, she was tasked with a dish comprised of seafood, and what better place to look than the harbor of Kitsuya, the most prolific fishing industry city in Radhkivka. Picking out a large Radhkivkan Snapper, Ritsu felt like this would satisfy the need of the main course.

Kaene, looking at out at the ocean obviously lost in thought, nodded at Ritsu in agreement, but something else was on her mind. Jou has not replied to her last letter she sent, this was concerning because normally he was always punctual with returning her letters, knowing that she worries so much about him.

“It really is, she must be having another relaxing day, the waves are so nice. Maybe we should stop by the harbor and see what’s going on?” Kaene replies, Saturday was always one of the busiest days for the harbor. Jou, with his love of ships, used to bring Kaene to the harbor to watch the ships on their dates. He would point out the differences of each ship that passed through, where they were from, and what they were used for. He got particularly excited when the Radhkivkan Navy would pass through, it was no surprise to Kaene when Jou joined the Navy. She has started to go to the harbor herself at night, and watch the ships enter and leave the harbor and has even learned where each of the flags flown by these ships are from.

“If that will help take your mind off of things sure!” Ritsu says with a smile on her face, already knowing the answer. Ritsu and Kaene often take walks down the harbor and talk about their lives, so she is no stranger to the hustle and bustle of the port.

As they walked down the port, nothing really took them by surprise. Ships from all over Radhkivka were docked, unloading their shipments. Rice from the southernlands, livestock from the east, and everything in between. Fish was Kitsuya’s main export, so as expected hundreds of fishing vessels littered the area, lines forming to deliver their haul and others are leaving the port to return to the ocean for fishing. Radhkivka was a largely self-sufficient nation, trading with only a few select nations. One of which was Kanadorika, so a few Kanadorikan shipping liners were present, but nothing else to note.

“Hey, Kaene,” Ritsu stopped, pointing at a large shipping freighter towards the furthers part of the northern dock, “where’s that ship from, and why are there government officials over there?” Kaene looks at the freighter, she’s only seen this once or twice before, and nothing of this size.

“That’s… that’s a ship from Treko! What is such a large ship from Treko doing here?!” Kaene responds, almost not believing what she’s seeing. “Jou told me that they rarely show up because Treko is so far away, if something that big shows up it must be important. Not to mention the fact that the government has that entire pier shut off and there are armed guards lining the harbor.”

As she observes it doesn’t look like any hostile actions are taking, in fact it looks like the officials are warmly welcoming the Trekkish. This isn’t something that normally happens. Just what on Earth is going on!?

Lady Touka Asashi
High Lady of Diplomatic Relations
Foreign Affairs Building, Yuiika

May 25th 1940 2:00pm

Lady Asashi readies herself and her cohort for the incoming discussions, the Emperor gave her a very important job in landing a defensive alliance with a foreign power. And she had a meeting with one of the powers today, Offer Erapia. Other than minor talks, this was the first major discussion between the two nations. Offer Erapia is a country located on the continent of Anphilos, making it a strong land based ally, as Radhkivka is an island nation.

“Remember, we’re not familiar with their customs quite yet but make sure you do everything to not offend him.” Lady Asashi reminds her cohort. Radhkivkans had hundreds of customs while meeting with each other, but their foreign relations is still lacking. They often are taken as over the top, bowing, bringing gifts, and insisting on serving tea. “If he doesn’t want the tea then don’t give him the tea, ask if he would like anything else!”

Going back through her notes, she readies her own mind. The major points the Emperor wants brought up is defense and trade, with major points on how it will better both of the nations to a great extent. She chews on the tip of her pen, her worst habit. Why would the Emperor want us to rely on another nation, we Radhkivkans have always been self sufficient and quiet. Why, now, are we expanding? Are we trying to protect the people? Are we looking for resources? She wracks her brain trying to find answers based off of questions that the foreign ambassador could bring up.

A knock at the door and one of her subordinates walks in, a young girl who the group calls Aki.

“Lady Asashi,” she says bowing, the assistants to the throne were always greeted by this behavior, “The ambassador from Offer Erapia has just arrived, it looks like he’s preparing himself as well.” Raising her head.

“Thank you, Aki, please remain in the room while the negotiations are discussed. You are one of my brightest members and I would like you to head this office someday.” replies Lady Asashi with a warm smile.

“Of course, my Lady.” She replies, taking a spot next to Lady Asashi, still standing. Her cheeks turn rosy at the sound of praise from the High Lady.

The sound of the door fidgeting prompts Lady Asashi to stand, “Welcome, Christian,” she says giving a bow, prompting Aki to do the same, “Let us both work together to create a better future for our nations.”

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Christian was slightly taken aback by the bowing lady. Not wanting to cause a problem he bowed back and seated himself. He was nervous his tapping foot made this obvious. Startled, he jumped at the site of a hand coming into view. Looking over he quickly calmed when it was just a lady a rather cute one too she had placed a teacup in front of him and she gestured to him with the kettle. Chris smiled and nodded the dark drown liquid filled the cup and stopped just before the rim. He cautiously lifted the cup and gave a quick sniff, the tea, had a pungent smell and he took a healthy sip. It was sweet and smooth it went down nice and the hint of lemon lingered in his pallet.

"Thanks, I must say this is rather delicious"

He complimented the lady who had served him. Setting down the cup he pulled up his brown breif case and set it on the table. He clicked the locks open and retrieved the yellow foulder which contained the files he came here to discuss about.

"Now, onto business, you see, there is a war coming. Tensions are high between Nations and its only a "short" matter of time before something or someone snaps. Offer erapia feels the need to get involved i have, here, papers on trade routes we could open up to you. And we would insure that as allies we would help in every way shape or form."

He spoke as calmly as he could as he stood and gave the papers to the female ambassador. He took a seat and tugged slightly on his collar. He took another sip of tea and continued to talk.

"Offer erapia wants to expand its territory further than it already is. We are also joining the war to see if our newer technology is useful. To put is simply we want to expand and test out military power. And to make this more interesting I have a paper that is signed by or president, stating, that anything that you order is, too you, half of it original cost and if you use our freighters you don't have to pay for any traveling expenses, we will"

Chris smiled and watched the ambassador read the papers. On the outside he was calm or trying to be but on the inside he was on the edge. What this ambassador would say next would decide offer Erapias fate. He adjusted himself in his chair and wiped his brow. He took another sip of his tea and let the flavor wash over his tongue. He anxiously awaiting the ambassadors answer she wasn't showing any emotion that he could go off of which only made him more nervous. The girl lifted her head and after a second of hesitation she spoke.

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Sten Opik
Velståendevekst-Alki Province, Palace of Velståendevekst

May 25, 1940 12:00pm

The capital was in a state of peace and the citizens of Treko were content with the world. They were more worried about making it to the metro on time, getting groceries, and living in the moment. However, this wouldn't last forever. There was an electricity in the air as if foreshadowing coming events. I knew it and so did my advisors. War was coming and it was only a matter of time before it broke out. The Empire of Radhkivka had seen fit to expand its territorial gains, however, there was an evident problem with this plan. The Parliamentary Republic of Kanadorika held territory that was in the path of the Radhkivkan expansion. I didn't doubt for a second that the Prime Minister and his advisors were having the same discussion, albeit more heated and important. Treko was in a state of neutrality and I intended it to keep it that way. After the Great War, I doubted that the citizens wanted to relive such horrors. Of course, I was no fool and to ignore the upcoming conflict would be a clear danger to my citizens. While I continued to ponder at the future and ways to avoid it a loud knock echoed from the large wooden doors. I nodded to the two guards on either side of the doors to open it up to the visitor. The guards grabbed both handles and swiftly opened the wooden doors to reveal my advisor or at least the most important ones.

Kristjan Valk was my General of the Army and was a rather reliable man. He was of short stature, at least for most men, however, this didn't hold back his tenacity for doing his job. His face was weathered which reflected his time in the trenches during the Great War and his voice was rather gruff. Simply, when It came down to it Treko always came first. I'm sure if it came down to it and Treko was on its last line of defense he would surely be there. The second person that entered was Urjo Kalda and he was General of the Trekkish Air Force. In some ways, he was the complete opposite of Valk in every way. Kalda was of tall stature, but not in a lanky way. His voice was almost calming in a way but could easily be noticed in a conversation. Kalda's face was almost unscarred, yet he knew combat for he participated in the Great War as a pilot. However, Kalda held the same tenacity as Valk did. The last man to enter was Vaiko Vaher the Minister of Foreign Affairs. I found him rather uninteresting and bland, to be honest. He didn't have the gumption for most things, nonetheless, he was a rather great diplomat. God had blessed that man with a silver tongue. Of course, if you had been around him enough you could see through his bullshit. The fourth person would not be able to join us as Fleet Admiral Endel Kukk was out maneuvers with the Glacialis Fleet.

"We're here. Now let's get down to business!" Valk stated rather bluntly as he took a seat at my desk. The other two silently followed suit and looked at me to continue the subject matter.

"As you are well aware there is tension growing between Kanadorika and Radhkivka," I looked over the three before continuing, "I'm not going to lie, but it is evident that war is on everyone's doorstep. I would also be ignorant to think Treko could avoid this conflict as well. If we do find ourselves in a mess I want to make sure we aren't stepping into a massive pile of shit."

"The state of the Army has thankfully not diminished." Stated Valk as fidgeted with cufflinks, "Active personnel is around 2,680,000 to 3,000,000. We have more in reserve, however, more military equipment is going to be needed if this drags out."

I merely nodded and jotted down a few notes, "How well could they hold off an invasion from the sea or say mountains?"

Valk stared off for a second or two before answering, "Well...invasion from the sea would difficult for the invader due to the upkeep of Glacialis wall, but yes, the army could hold. As for the mountain range, it would difficult to take for us and the enemy. I suggest the build of bunkers and accompanying flak towers. Again, we would need to build up equipment."

"Thank you, General Valk," I said as nodded to him before looking over at Kalda who was picking at his officer's cap, "Kalda, what about your personnel? Give me a rough estimate and the condition of equipment."

Kalda quickly craned his neck back up to me and without hesitating answered, "Currently we have 373,000 personnel and more aircraft to spare would be nice."

I gave a slight chuckle at Kalda's joke, "I'll be sure to remember that. Vaher, can this conflict be avoided?"

Vaher looked up at me and thought it over. His face making all sorts movements before stopping and answering, "I see myself as a rather decent diplomat, however, I doubt even I could stop this conflict."

"I see..." I replied as I jotted down some more notes. I continued to jot down a few more notes before looking up the men who were staring at me awaiting an answer. As I finished with my notes I sat back in my chair and sighed, "Valk, begin the immediate mobilization of the army. You are also free to build upon the mountain range. Begin mobilization of the air force as well Kalda. Vaher, indulge me and look into any possible actions to avoid war. Effectively immediately the government will begin the conversion of factories into producing war goods."

The meeting fell deathly silent before Valk stood up and gave a salute before leaving. Kalda quickly followed suit as well and Vaher was the last to slither out of the room. I continued to sit in my chair for some time as if contemplating my decision. A part of me didn't want to accept what had to be done but I couldn't go back on my word now. The decision was made and I had to protect the citizens of Treko.

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Reino Lämpsä
Quartermaster 2nd Class
BB-71 KNS Steadfast
May 25, 1940


KNS Steadfast
Steadfast Class battleship:

Launched: 1939
Commissioned: 1940

Displacement: 37,484 short tons (34,005 t) (standard)
- 44,377 short tons (40,258 t) (loaded)
Complement: about 2,339 (144 officers and 2,195 enlisted)
Speed: 28 knots
Range: 17,450 nmi
Armament: 9 × 16 in (406 mm)/45 caliber Mark 6 guns
- 20 × 5 in (127 mm)/38 caliber dual-purpose guns
- 16 × 1.1 in (28 mm)/75 caliber anti-aircraft guns—replaced by 15 × quad Bofors 40 mm guns (15×4)
- 48 × single Oerlikon 20 mm cannons (48×1)


Tyr Class Destroyer

Commissioned: 1940

Displacement: 1,630 tons standard
- 2395 tons full load
Complement: 16 officers and 260 enlisted
Speed: 37.4 knots
Range: 6,500 nmi
Armament: 4 × 5 in (127 mm) DP guns,
- 4 × 40 mm Bofors guns (2 × 2),
- 7 × 20 mm Oerlikon guns,
- 5 × 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes (1 × 5),
- 4-6 × K-gun depth charge throwers,
- 2 × Depth charge tracks

"You were on a destroyer prior to your assignment here, correct?" Chief Petty Officer Rögnvaldsson asked, looking upon me with interest.

"Yes sir! DD-361, KNS Nike!"

"Nike eh? Well, you're playing with the big boys now. Life on a battleship is a helluva lot different from being on a tin can." Rögnvaldsson curled his lips into a smile. A scar was prominent across his cheek, leading me to wonder what adventures this grizzled sailor had seen in his career.

"Chief Petty Officer, if I may ask, what ship did you used to be assigned to?

"KNS Doubtless, BB-50"

"How did she compare to this ship?"

Rögnvaldsson's eyes lit up as he recalled upon the memories of his former home. "Well, this ship is much better looking than Doubtless is, that's for damn sure. She's faster, better armed, and more advanced than the old girl. But I still loved her. I called Doubtless home for years; she took care of me and I took care of her.  I'm sure the same will come with this vessel in time."

I had only recently met Rögnvaldsson, however in the brief amount of time I had known the man, he had managed to impress me with his closeness to the sea. Both of us had been recently assigned to the KNS Steadfast, which was not only the Kanadorikan Navy's newest battleship, but the first battleship built by the Navy in nine years. This was her maiden voyage as a commissioned vessel, en route eastwards to make port in Northurnland. Guðmannsson had ordered that all capital ships of the Nimbifer Fleet stay in port to prevent tensions with the Imperial Radhkivkan Navy. The Western Glacialis Fleet, which was to be our home fleet, was an exception to the Prime Minister's orders, as it was believed to be far enough away to prevent friction between our navies.

Chief Petty Officer Rögnvaldsson put his arm on my shoulder and gazed at the cold waters of the Glacialis Ocean that lay before us. We stood outside the bridge on an open deck, the fresh wind blowing though my hair.

"Look at that son. The sea is freedom. Whatever may happen on land does may not affect us. We are free men."

The ship's two fore turrets stood proud on her deck, their guns pointing defiantly at the horizon as if they were challenging God himself with their might. The bow rolled across a swell, lifting up several meters in the air before slamming back down on the water's surface, spraying us with a fine mist. We were being escorted by several destroyers of the new Tyr Class, who too would be calling the Western Glacialis Fleet home.

"What made you join the Navy, Lämpsä?"

Rögnvaldsson almost caught me off guard with his question. I had to collect my thoughts for several seconds before I could answer. "Well, I guess you could say it's in my blood. My father served in the Great War, my Grandfather before that. We've all been destroyer men though. I'm the first one to serve on a battleship."

"Ah. It's a great thing really; to continue a family legacy and perhaps even pass it on to the next generation." He chuckled. "I'm an old fucker. The salty breeze has kissed my face more than my dear wife. I guess you can say I have two marriages, one to a woman the other to the sea. Both seem to constantly fight for my attention and oftentimes I struggle to find time to balance them.

I'm not a good husband Reino. I don't see my wife nearly as much as a man should. She accepts this as inevitable, however a woman needs the touch of a man to keep her in good spirits. I may not be the ideal husband, but I make sure I am a damn good sailor."

The man's honesty was surprising. We had only known each other for several weeks and he was already opening up to me about his personal issues.

A thunderclap rumbled in the distance. Dark storm clouds were rolling in from the east, promising to give a healthy dose of rain to the ocean below it. The sun slowly became obscured behind the clouds and its light gradually dimmed, softening the shadow our ship cast on the water's surface.

"You're a good kid Reino. Now let's go back inside before we get wet."
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Jou Funai
Petty Officer Third Class
Aboard IRN Hokori

May 28th Time: 1000

“In ten days time the combined forces of the First, Second and Third Fleets will undertake a mission issued by the Emperor and High Command.” Rear Admiral Kyota started the briefing bluntly. “We are to conduct a surprise attack on the Kanadorikan Fleet currently harbored at St. Sabina Island, in attempt to crush their morale to allow us to take the rest of the islands located in the Nimbifer Ocean. Knowing the power of the Kanadorikan Navy, the assured destruction of the ships and assets located in Faleapuna harbor is key to the further operations of the Radhkivkan Navy. Let me stress the importance of destroying as many assets as we can, if we allow the Kanadorikans to successfully mobilize in the Nimbifer Ocean, we are looking at a long war ahead of us, surely which the Kanadorikans will win. We wish to abuse the peace-wishing government they currently posses and batter their hopes of being able to retaliate in such a way and give way to let us take the island without much resistance and end the conflict quickly.”

My heart stops. War, war with the Kanadorikans? Has the Emperor gone insane!? Surely he has a death wish for the Empire he’s been working so hard to build. This is absolutely ridiculous, there’s no way we’ll be able to survive that.

“Now let’s get down to the details shall we,” Kyota continues, completely changing his attitude“on June 7th at 0430, an initial wave comprised of Hyo dive bombers, Ame torpedo bombers, and our newest Rei’s will fly towards St. Sabina Island from the Hokori, Yorokobi and Furaito. Within 50 km, the operation leader, Lieutenant Raitoshi will contact the Furaito noting that they will go radio silent to avoid Kanadorikan radar. The first wave’s top priority are the aircraft carriers and battleships located in the harbor. Cruisers and destroyers are the second priority. When the attack begins you may break radio silence, but make sure you look for your designated ship. Next, to follow, a second wave comprised of our dive bombers and Rei’s will attack the airstrip located on St. Sabina Island, in order to cripple the chances of an aerial counter attack. The focus of this wave is to destroy as much supplies and aircraft as possible, with a focus on their bombers. Our Fleets will be in range of a counter attack, so it is imperative to put the airstrip out of commission. These will be comprised of planes from the Mizuryu and the Soraryu from the Second Fleet.”

The air is still, everyone is silent. All the other ships were getting their briefings around this time too. Funai looks around, all the men on the ship have a grave look on their face. They were warned about what was to come, but nothing of this scale. Some of them were just kids, merely 18 years old fresh out of high school. Even the Rear Admiral looked pale, in the thought of what was about to occur. No warning, no declaration of war beforehand. This felt dishonorable, like the image Radhkivka was trying to create itself would soon be destroyed in one surprise attack. Do they really think the Kanadorikans will sit idly after this? It is insane, absolutely insane.
“In an attempt to draw some Kanadorikan forces away from the Nimbifer ocean, the fourth fleet accompanied by the 6th Army and the 9th Army will invade Ezhara.” Kyota continued, sighing at the idea.

We’re still not done? Two fronts? What’s going on here!? Did we obtain allies? Is there something they’re not telling us, there’s no way that Radhkivka can hold a fight of this scale for so long. This would become a war of attrition, one that the Kanadorikans would surely win.

“Now, that’s the bad news out of the way, here’s some good news from our “great” Emperor,” this was the first time Funai heard anyone from command insult the Emperor, a shock but at least he knew Kyota was on his side, “the nation of Offer Erapia has agreed to form an alliance with us, they are a nation looking to expand as we are as well. With this as a common goal we have come together in order to make our goals realized. We should be expecting their Navy to join us in the fight not too long after the initial fighting has taken place. Their assistance in the Ezhara campaign is still to be determined, but this is a great boost to our fighting power.”

Offer… Erapia? I’ve never heard of this nation, their boats must not have visited Kitsuya that often, but this is a relief. We won’t be fighting the battle ourselves, for once the Emperor has noted the importance of being allies with another nation. I’m not quite sure how reliable they’ll be, one can only hope they’re as honorable and courageous as Radhkivkan men are, otherwise they’ll be useless to us.

“Each of you will be getting a specific briefing within your designated area of operation, so make sure to pay attention. Remember, each and every one of you is needed to solidify this operation as a success. The Emperor is counting on all of you, and if you’re not happy with him, I am counting on each and every one of you. You are like children to me, and I want to see each and every one of you safe and sound, in the arms of your loved ones when you get home.” Kyota ends, with a smile on his face, saluting the men, something that Rear Admirals never do.

The men stand up, saluting the admiral which they all admire so much. Rear Admiral Kyota knew what had to be done but put his men first. They all respected him and some have earned the right to call him Grandpa Kyota. There’s no other man I’d rather follow, for him I’d go to hell and back and back to hell and back.
Captain Yoshiro takes to the front to deliver brief instructions “Alright men, make sure to write your letters to loved ones, you won’t be able to for a long time. That is all.”

As I walk out the door there was one thing that I had in my mind, Kaene. This may be the last time I’ll be able to send her a letter until the end of the war, or worse. I should write her a letter, attempting to make sure she wont worry about me.

I start reciting in my head as I walk down the halls to my bunk “My dearest Kaene….”
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Postby Offer Erapia » Fri Apr 20, 2018 5:49 pm

the sailor walked along the mighty ship she was enormous and a power to be reckoned with. His favorite part was the guns the silent seventeen inch batteries didn't dare move instead they stared straight ahead as if waiting for something. Walking over he stared down the side of the ship her waterline was kissed by the choppy waves it was as if they greeted her with open arms. Gazing up, the young sailor saw the clear skies that seemed to stretch for eternity. He closed his eyes and let his senses bask in the gentle breeze of the erapian coast. The boats rocking soothed him like a lullabies his mother would sing when he was a young lad. His peace was rudely interrupted by the intercoms that we're bring to life.

"Target!, Two o'clock, port side! Battle stations battle station!"

This would be his first drill he watched as hundreds of men in white poured out from the ship. He frantically looked around, wondering, where his station was. While in his search he was caught by a magnificent sight, the guns, the ones that gleamed with power, the ones that were silent a mere moment ago began to move. They turned with a steady pace and we're soon adjacent with the ship. The young boy looked to where the guns we're pointing and there, on the open ocean, was a ship. She appeared to be a freighter of sorts. He looked back with a smile on his face and watched the guns with excitement. Time seemed to slow and seconds felt like hours ,then, the guns were suddenly brought to life. The thunderous clap they made rung his ears and he was nearly brought to the ground from the shakes that plagued the ship. He watched as large plumes of thick, black smoke filled the air. Flashes of light stained his vision as the guns were sent into rapid fire. Overcome with excitement and joy he shouted


His remark was drowned out by the blasts of the cannons. He looked around and found a binocular stand up on the superstructure. Running, he scaled the ladder, nearly being thrown off from the vibrations. Once at the top he ushered a fellow seamen out of the way. He gazed into the binoculars and saw the target. She was a freighter alright and an erapian one at that. The tattered striped flag flapped in the wind he zoomed in on the name.

"GEN Capulet huh, I know about you"

He spoke to himself his vision was temporarily blinded by a flash of light as a shell struck the already listing vessel. He blinked and zoomed out not wanting to go through that again. Three more flashes occurred in rapid session and a extremely large red explosion over took the sky above the ship. The sailors mouth dropped and he stared in awe it was around several seconds later that he heard the sound that went with an explosion. It was so loud it was too loud it was louder than the giant guns it hurt his ears and his hands flew to them as they ringed in agony. He shook his head and eventually sound returned. He looked in the binos again and was surprised to see the ship was vertical her ass was raised like a flag and giant holes ran alongside her hull. A large gapping hole, that the young boy estimated to be around twenty feet, had been ripped into the freighters side. He stepped back a minute later as the last of the wreckage slipped beneath the waves. He clambered down the latter and walked to the front of the ship, turning, he stared at the guns, the superstructure all of it. He smirked and looked at the sea that laid ahead. He was certain that with a ship like this that there was certainly nothing to fear.

"Come on world, bring it on"

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Postby Treko » Fri Apr 20, 2018 9:06 pm

Eino Vosu
Private First Class
1st Mountain Division
Outokumpo Province

May 28th, 1940

I stared out the window of the train car in a state of daydreaming. What I was daydreaming about I really had no clue, but I believe it had to do with something with a girl. Of course, I'd rather prefer the real deal than some daydream, however, I doubt that was going to happen anytime soon. The mountain division I was apart of had been called up due to the recent mobilization and we were being sent to the Vana mountain range. This long mountain range was the border between Treko and the Empire of Dominatus Leviathan. It has managed to keep our two nations at bay from each other despite some occasions of a military flare-up. However, over the decades the mountain defenses have gone unkempt and god only knows how bad they are not. It doesn't really matter though. High-Chancellor Opik has called for the build-up of mountain defenses once again and with General Valk overseeing construction, I don't doubt that the bunkers will be placed strategically. I know building up defenses all over the mountain would be costly, and any fool could realize that. Nonetheless, a bunker with a good field of view could pin down any advance in the mountains. My thoughts on the defense of the mountain range were easily disrupted as the train came to a stop. The gear-bag I had next to me lurched forward and hit the floor of the train car. I gave a sigh as I bent down from the seat and picked it up before placing it back on the seat. As I turned back to look out the window I took note of an officer stepping onto the train car.

"Disembark and take formation out in front of the train station!" Shouted the officer as he stepped off and moved onto the next train car.

A grand response of, "Sir, yes, sir!" was shouted throughout the train car, even I responded without really taking notice of it. The entirety or a good portion of the division began to disembark from the train, myself included. I knew that our entire division wouldn't fit on one train, however, the Trekkish military already was on top of that situation. General Valk had implemented a 24/7 train policy to get the required forces to the Vana mountain range. So far we were the second train to arrive with more troops and supplies. As of now, we had 2/3rds of our division strength ready to move out immediately. Though I'm sure command would wait for the rest to arrive first. After all, there was no rush for the front.

I and a few other soldiers from the same train car as me moved out to the front of the train station and were amazed by the view. The front area of the train station had been turned into massive logistics compound. Supplies were piled up and paper forms were stamped on them with locations of where to go. Trucks were being loaded up with troops, crates, and anything of use. It was truly a sight to see the many cogs of the machine working together. As I walked into formation with my gear and rifle strapped to my back I heard the train whistle blow as it took off for another round of troops.

"Vosu? Is that you Vosu!?" said an excited voice that came from behind me. I turned and saw Erki Mitt, a long time friend of mine who had joined up with me a while back. His cheerful face made me grin like a child once again despite the occasion.

"Mitt, I thought you were on the train behind ours?" I stated as I heard another train whistle off in the distance.

"Of course not! You think I'd let you be here by yourself?" Replied Mitt as he playfully punched my shoulder before looking at the Vana mountains, "So this is where we're going to be?"

"Yeah, they already have 3 other divisions spread out across the mountain range in the Outokumpo Province," I replied as I turned away from Mitt and looked up at the mountains, "I think our division and other one are the last ones."

"Damn, I don't think the Alku or Riihimäki provinces have nearly that many divisions," Said Mitt as he refocused his gaze back to me, "Of course, Alku nor Riihimäki are as big as Outokumpo."

"They also aren't bordering Dominatus Leviathan," I replied as I turned back to Mitt and met his gaze before taking notice of truck taking off with supplies, "The final part of our division better hurry the hell up. I don't want to stand here all day."

"Stop complaining," Mitt replied as he nudged me back a bit, "Their train shouldn't be that far behind anyway."

As if on cue a train whistle broke the hustle and bustle of the logistics compound. Soldiers who were assigned to the logistics compound hustled over to the train platform and immediately began unloading supplies when it came to a stop. Of course, I was happier when the rest of our division finally showed up.

"It's about time!" shouted someone within the formation.

"Shut the fuck up!" responded one of the incoming soldiers, "The train almost shit on us!"

The chattering around us was quickly interrupted by an officer with a megaphone, "1st Mountain Division! Welcome to the Vana mountains of Outokumpo. We will be moving out momentarily. Be grateful you're here and not on the Puolitiessä Islands"

There were some pockets of laughter but it died down fairly quickly as the division was rather anxious to get on the mountains. I don't know why there were really nervous. Only a few thousand of us would actually be on the damn mountain. The rest would be near the foot or on the slope with the rest of basecamp. However, I had a feeling I would be up on the summit or in the bunker system within the mountain. I only prayed for the bunker system. I knew it was warm in there and if we did get into a firefight it was the safest. As I thought about my place on the mountain the officer came back and gave us the order to move out.

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Kalman Þorvaldsson
Lieutenant Commander
CV-3 KNS Queen Viktoria
June 3, 1940


KNS Queen Viktoria (CV-3)
Queen Sōfia Class Aircraft Carrier:

Statistics (as of 1940)

Launched: 1925
Commissioned: 1927

Displacement: 36,000 long tons (37,000 t) (standard)
-43,055 long tons (43,746 t) (deep load)
Complement: 2,791 (including aviation personnel)
Speed: 33.25 knots
Range: 10,000 nmi
Armament: 4 × twin 8-inch (203 mm)/55 cal guns
-12 × single 5-inch (127 mm)/25 cal guns anti-aircraft
Aircraft Carried: 78

"And to think I was about to go all the way in that wonderful pussy! But what happens? An earthquake hits some tiny island in the middle of the damn Nimbifer and they send the entire 2nd Carrier Squadron! Just my luck man."

The men laughed, their faces deep in their chow as they both spoke and ate at the same time.

"You think that's rough? I found out that the gal I was fucking is the Admiral's daughter! You bet I got my sweet ass out of there!"

The table then exploded into laughter, the men's faces so red it looked as if they were struggling to breathe. I cut off a piece of my steak and shoved it in my mouth before telling my side of the story.

"You know," I began, still chewing my food, "The amount of times I see some of you try picking up the ladies by telling them that you are pilots and still fail makes me wonder how you can fuck it up. I mean, its practically free pussy but you manage to be so terrible when it comes to flirting that you could scare even the whores away." I looked at my buddy next to me, Lieutenant Hinrik. "Watch and learn fellas."

With an exaggerated fake yawn, I reached my arm over and wrapped it around his shoulder in an embrace. "Hey sweetheart, do you like Jazz?"

Hinrik began choking on his food as he too erupted into laughter.

"Ah shit, good job Kalman! You killed the poor bastard." said a Lieutenant Junior Grade by the name of Tomas.

Our fighter squadron was a close one. The inevitable war that we all knew was on the horizon with the Rads only made our tightly knit group even more dependent on one another. We knew when we signed up that our job description involved putting our lives on the line in combat, but nobody at the time saw war as something likely. We have yet to earn our baptism by fire, and the thought that someday, soon, we could be shooting down Rad planes was exhilarating. Flying was fun and all, but dogfighting with live rounds? It's the stuff every aviator in the Navy had been waiting on for years.

Our current assignment was one that seemed to drain that potential excitement. It was replaced with the prospects of monotonous duty delivering medical supplies, food, and water to those affected by a recent earthquake which rocked the eastern Polynesian islands.

"So what exactly are we going to do on this island anyways? Can't we just throw the shit off the boat and leave? I really don't feel like staying on some godforsaken rock for more than a day." Tomas said in frustration.

"And St. Sabina isn't a godforsaken rock?" I asked him, still eating.

"Nah. St. Sabina has this wonderful thing called civilization on it. If I feel like illegally gambling my hard earned cash I can always find the right crowd of people to do it with. This place... I bet they gamble rocks and sea shells. Besides, I hear that war is coming anyways. I just want to shoot shit down."

"Ah don't we all," Hinrik spoke up after his coughing fit finally subsided. "Don't we all?"
We just wanted to live on our islands in peace, but you took away our waifus
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Jou Funai
Petty Officer Third Class
Aboard IRN Hokori

Friday, June 7th, 1940 Time: 0300

Sailors grumbled, the ship grumbled, the sea grumbled, it was a day the entire world wished to never have come. By the grace of our Emperor we were tasked to start a war which would end in a few days, a month at max. That’s what he thought, that’s what he promised. The high command had no say in the matter, they were forced to go along. As the two scout planes from the Takoya and the Kitsuya landed on the water next to the Horoki, the crackling noise of thunder filled the air as everyone was preparing, the date had been set and could not change now. The storm was considered a blessing by the higher ups, those fools. The storm was considered a bad omen by the pilots, those poor souls. As for me, I’m one of the lucky ones. The worst I get is finish up the work on Lieutenant Raitoshi’s Rei. She was a mustang for sure, trusty, but if she didn’t like something, boy, she let the pilot, ground crew, and the ship know.

A familiar voice makes itself known behind me, “How’s she looking, Funai?” Raitoshi and I had a very close relationship, he was my best man at the wedding, and has been my best friend since boot camp. He was one of the lucky ones to be hand selected as a pilot, and now has the unlucky job of being the leader of Operation New Dawn.

“She’s not happy with the storm, I can tell you that much right now,” I joked, I’ve been working on the same issue for the past half hour making sure he has a safe flight. “Until you absolutely need to, go easy on the throttle, she’s got a few screws loose but nothing dire. And watch yourself on those dives, please.” Bringing attention to marks on both the wings.

“You know me so well, you know her so well. I trust your judgements, Jou.” He says, as a grim look spreads across his face. “I trust you enough to put my life in your hands, thank you.” He says.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for this poor soul. It’s really weighing on him. Tayo is normally an upbeat guy, even on the battlefield. He wasn’t taking this well at all, and I feel no words would ever help him feel otherwise. The most I could do was make sure his flight was as safe and efficient as possible. Another crack of thunder fills the air, both of us look towards the sky, it was almost as if Etharia herself was crying. The rain her tears, the lightning her protests, and the thunder her yelling.

Things were going to go from bad to worse and she knew it.

As I walk to my position to watch the pilots take off, I hear a distant “thank you for being there, Jou” come from Tayo’s position. I nod in acknowledgement. The loudspeaker shoots to life, the pilots approach their planes. Rear Admiral Kyota’s voice comes through.

“Men of the Hokori, today the Emperor has asked you to undertake something, no man should endure. He has asked you to start a war with a nation we currently have no qualms with. He has asked you to put your life on the line for the desires of the nation. You may not ever get to see your loved ones face again, you may not be able to hear their voice, or touch them. For that reason, I hope that each and every one of you do your best, to make this decisive strike the only strike we need to conduct.”

Thunder strikes, a pause is observed, as is customary before operations. Some men think of their families, some men pray to the gods, some men hype themselves up and become bloodthirsty. Whatever their preferred method of preparing, they’re all doing it right now.

“I have faith in each and every one of you. Good luck gentlemen.” The loudspeaker shuts off, signaling the members of the ship that the mission was starting.

A loud roar comes from the flight deck, from inside the halls, from the other ships, if the Kanadorikans didn’t know we were coming you would think they would have heard that roar from across the world.

The engines of the planes come to life, a roar in themselves. One by one the planes took off, I watched as Raitoshi’s plane took the front of the of the formation, then the number two, three, four, five and six planes followed suit. Behind the Hokori, the Yorokobi had also start to let her planes go. They looked like angels, flying through a flickering early morning sky.

Tayo Raitoshi
Lieutenant, Pilot of a M2A1 Rei
Nimbifer Ocean 55km from St. Sabina Island

Friday June 7th 1940 Time: 0400

The rain made for terrible visible distance, I could hardly keep track of where I was or if we were still going the right way. At this point I was just following my gut.

Crackling over the radio, “Sir, I see it in the distance” my number two plane told me. That was faster than we had anticipated, but he was right, the Island of St Sabina was in viewing distance on our 2 o’clock. We were just out of radar range, according to our intelligence.

Opening the communications, I broadcast to the entire operational group “Alright men, we’re just outside of their radar range, complete radio silence from here on,” the group leaders all acknowledge, and the Kanadorikan music we chimed into was turned off. All that was left was the rumbling of the planes and cackling of the thunderous skies. Briefly switching channels, I report to the Furaito “Furaito, this is Lieutenant Raitoshi, we’re going silent.”

“Good luck, and may the gods watch over you.” The radio operator of the Furaito replied. What a joke, if the gods were watching over us we wouldn’t be in this position. But here we are so they better watch over us now.

I change course, slightly to the right. This storm is absolutely crazy, its hard to even keep control of my plane, the girl isn’t very happy. Still, she’s getting the job done. We approach ever closer and now we are above land, you can see the houses of some of the Kanadorikan civilians, they look so different from ours. I notice a few of the early risers looking at us in awe, almost paralyzed in the rain by the fact we were here. Unknowing of what is to come within the next few hours. Just a little longer, I think to myself.

The ships are now in view, what lovely ships, the Kanadorikans sure know how to build them, but they’re nothing compared to the Radhkivkan Navy. I can feel the adrenaline coming, getting myself hyped up. I am NOT to die here, I cannot let that happen.
5… 4… 3… 2… 1… I watch as the first group of Hyo dive bombers dive on their intended target, waiting for the incoming explosion I say my last prayer, “Amatarasu, look over my family and I”. The sound of explosions fill the air, and the radio explodes into chatter that no human being could understand. The first target had been hit, a poor battleship was the first to suffer, I watched as smoke from the bow started to spew out, the Kanadorikans came running, obviously dazed at what was happening.

“Two, three on me five, six, follow four, strafe those men quickly!” I direct my flight, we were only in fighters the most we could do was pepper shots into their men. “Don’t let those machine guns fire!” I bring my plane around, and make a strafing run on the battleship, singling out the anti-aircraft guns. The four machine guns spewing out rounds, like dancing lights on this dark day. “Sir one anti-aircraft gun is firing!” My number 5 plane yells at me. “Well silence it!” I yell, almost losing my head at him. “Yessir!” he quickly replies. I watch as the three other planes circle around and put a quick end to the aircraft guns song of defense.

Gaining altitude after my run, I survey the scene, or what of it that I can. The entire harbor is up in smoke, ships are screaming out in pain, very little return fire can be seen, we caught them completely by surprise. Not too far, I see an Ame on fire, his torpedo was missing, so he was able to get his ordinance away. What was he doing… He should’ve already pulled out by now why did he put himself in a position to get hit. Pull up damnit, pull up. I continue to watch in disbelief, he was heading straight for a destroyer, there was no stopping him. At that point I notice a ton of small arms fire was heading his way, he was dancing with angels at this point. And then it happened, an anti-aircraft round hit him, and ripped his entire right wing off sending him into a spiral, right into the water.

I pull on the joystick as hard as I could, turning the Rei around and in a fit of rage strafed the cruiser guilty of shooting down that plane. My flight followed, silencing the gun. A crackling voice comes over the radio, “All ordinance dropped, time to get out of here.” I wasn’t done yet, I hadn’t gotten my revenge, for every one plane lost I had to take out a hundred men. “Lieutenant, we need to go, we’ll get them later, they still have another wave to go through. Those poor souls.” I pull up on the controls and set my course for home. I’ll get them next time, I’ll make sure they know who they’re dealing with. Leaving the harbor, the sound of damaged ships, anti-aircraft guns, and the raid sirens filled the air. I had completely forgotten about the storm, the rain and thunder greeted me again. As I depart, taking a survey of my men, I notice I had lost only a few planes, it was a miracle. Many were smoking but some didn’t show up, hopefully they’ll return later.

Leaving land, I see the second wave off of my 10 o’clock, opening communication to the second waves commander I say “Give them hell boys, we surely did”.
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Jón Ólafursson
Gunner's Mate Third Class
KNS Intrepid
June 7, 1940


KNS Intrepid
Intrepid Class battleship:

Launched: 1915
Commissioned: 1916

Displacement: 29,158 long tons (29,626 t) (standard)
-31,917 long tons (32,429 t) (deep load)
Complement: 2,290
Speed: 21 knots
Range: 8,000 nmi
Armament: 4 × triple 14 in (356 mm) guns
-22 × single 5 in (127 mm) guns
-4 × dual 20mm AA guns
-8 x single 20mm AA guns
-2 × 21 in (533 mm) torpedo tubes


KNS Forthright
Imperial Class battleship:
Statistics (as of 1940)

Launched: 1922
Commissioned: 1923

Displacement: 43,200 long tons (43,900 t) (standard)
-47,000 long tons (47,800 t) (deep load)

Complement: 137 officers, 1404 enlisted, 75 marines
Speed: 23 knots
Range: 8,000 nmi
Armament: 12 × 16"/50 caliber Mark 2 guns (4×3)
-16 × 6"/53 caliber Mark 13 guns
-4 × 3"/50 caliber guns (dual purpose)
-4 × 6-pounder Hotchkiss (saluting guns)
-2 × 21 inch (533 mm) submerged torpedo tubes


KNS Depredator
Depredator Class battleship:

Launched: 1914
Commissioned: 1916

Displacement: 27,500 long tons (standard)

Complement: 1,398
Speed: 20.5 knots
Range: 8,000 nmi
Armament:10 × 14 inch/45 caliber guns (356 mm) (2×3, 2×2)
-12 × 5 inch/51 caliber guns (127 mm) (12x1)
-8 × 5 inch/25 caliber guns (127 mm) (8x1)
-8 × 1.1 inch (28 mm) AA guns (2x4) added 1935

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever been blessed with laying my eyes upon. Her angelic hair flowed effortlessly behind her head, her lips pursed into a slight smile as she motioned for me to come closer. I did, approaching her and reaching out to grab her hand, but the woman turned around and signaled for me to follow.

Was she an angel? Surely no earthly being could attain such a perfect complexion...

The woman glided forwards, her long gown billowing behind the feminine curves of her body. I proceeded behind her, utterly hypnotized by how she moved. Her skin looked as if it were soft as silk, I wanted nothing more than to reach my hand and stroke her delicate cheek.

I tried to speak, to ask her where she was leading me to, but the words simply wouldn't come out.

No. She certainly isn't an angel. This is a goddess...

She stopped moving, and I came up right behind her and placed my arms around her body. Her scent was indescribable; I hadn't experienced anything like it before. Suddenly, she began turning her head around, until it was looking straight behind at me. But it wasn't the immaculate face of a woman anymore. It was a horrific skull. Her cold eye sockets burned deep into my soul, her mandible almost giving off a sinister smile. I couldn't turn away. The enchantress had complete control of my body. She gently wiped her palm across my face, removing my skin and revealing the flesh that lay beneath. She brought her head closer to mine, to where I should have felt the warmth of her breath. But there was none. She was death.

The woman was just inches away from my face, her skull forever emotionless. She brought herself even closer and planted the cold bones of her mouth on my lips in a passionate kiss. My entire body went numb, all feeling within me had ceased as my senses slowly faded to black and my consciousness was lost to the ages.


I flung my eyes open to an indistinguishable din that exploded in my eardrums. After several seconds of attempting to cipher what I was hearing, a voice boomed through the halls.

"General quarters! General quarters! All hands man your battlestations! This is not a drill! I repeat this is not a drill! All hands man your battlestations!"

Battlestations? What?

My mind was only partially awake. What was happening? What was I hearing? The realization hit with the force of a freight train.

That noise... Those.... Those are sirens! Air raid sirens! Are we being attacked?

I rapidly sat up, hitting my head on the bunk above me. As I rolled out of my own bunk and planted my feet on the floor, I noticed Haukur was still lying down above.

"Wake up you fool!"

He moaned something, moving around in his bunk with his eyes closed.

"Get the hell up"

I slapped him in the face, his eyes now wide open in a confused daze.

"What the hell is that horrible noise?" He asked, looking as if he were completely lost.

"Those are air raid sirens you stupid fuck! Get out of bed!"

With that I turned to my locker to get dressed, but halfway after opening it realized I couldn't waste time getting my clothes on and had to report to my station now. Thus I ran out of my sleeping quarters; barefoot and in nothing more than boxers and a white t-shirt.

I knew the maze of the Intrepid's inner bowels by heart, and wound through them as I made my way to the main deck. Sailors ran past me, as equally confused as I was. It seemed none of us below deck had any clue what was going on.

It was the sound which hit first. As I neared the staircase that opened out to the deck, a monotonous droning became apparent in louder and louder intervals. It was only after I grasped my first glimpse of the outside world that I realized what it was. I was not aware of the time, but it seemed to be early morning. The sun had yet to rise, though it cast its warmth and radiance beyond the horizon, lighting the very eastern portion of the sky. Rain fell from the heavens, slicking the battleship's deck. The most overpowering stimulant was the combined moan of dozens of aircraft engines flying in unison.

Planes! Our boys are already up in the air!

To confirm my thoughts I followed the searchlight that was mounted on the ship's mast as it streaked across the sky. It brought an aircraft into view and my heart sank upon the discovery that it wasn't ours. It was Radhkivkan.

But I didn't have anytime to deeply ponder the situation. All I knew was that we were being attacked, and it was my duty to kill all who threatened this ship. I ran to my station, a dual mounted 20mm anti aircraft gun, and placed the pads on my shoulder. The magazine was already inserted in the gun and I searched for a suitable target to begin firing upon. I noticed the searchlight was still tracking the Radhkivkan plane and was joined by another searchlight mounted on our ship.

The surrounding world faded to nothingness as I brought my full focus onto the enemy airplane. It was moving fast and low, a torpedo slung under its fuselage. A blast emitted from the two barrels as I opened fire. Tracer ammunition danced across the sky, falling short of their target and disappearing into the black abyss. A third searchlight joined ours, originating from the direction the Rad bomber flew towards. He dived down right above the water's surface and released his payload before pointing his nose back into the sky. The torpedo sank quietly beneath the waves and traveled some distance before it exploded into the bow of the battleship KNS Forthright. She began rapidly taking on water, another gash visible in her stern, and started listing starboard side.

The sound of another dual 20mm gun to my right caught my attention. It was Haukur, his face twisted into one of absolute hate. He clenched his teeth as the shell casings landed by his bare feet.

"I'm going to kill every single one of you motherfuckers. I'll make you pay for what you did to the Depredator you sneaky coward bastards!"

The Depredator? What was wrong with her? Was she sunk too?

Haukur was in a fit of rage. While I awaited for another target to become illuminated he fired blindly into the atmosphere. I noticed his eyes were tearing up, raw emotion powering his body.

"I'll kill you all! I'll write the names of each of the boys you slaughtered on every bullet I use and put them into your skulls!"

The searchlights illuminated another target, this one coming right at us. It was a dive bomber, a 1000 pound bomb underneath it. Haukur and I shredded the airplane with 20mm rounds, however it continued diving.

Time crawled to a near standstill. The bomb detached from the fuselage of the aircraft and began very slowly falling towards our ship. An eternity passed, and it was still in the air, making its way to rain death upon those unfortunate sailors below deck. The bomb finally fell just aft of the funnel, a perfect hit that would strike the engine compartment and magazine. It crashed through the deck and I braced myself for the inevitable explosion that would end my life.

But nothing happened. Through sheer luck, the bomb failed to detonate. It was a dud. The plane limped away, coughing thick black smoke, its pilot surely dismayed over his failure to deliver a fatal blow on such a fantastic delivery.

This would only be the first of a series of encounters I would make with my old friend death.
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We just wanted to live on our islands in peace, but you took away our waifus
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Riho Vaino
Private First Class
Glacialis Wall
Ylivieska Province

June 7, 1940

The concrete fortification continued along the cliff walls as it always had. Waves crashed against the cliffs but the water was never able to reach the fortifications high above. It was truly Trekkish ingenuity and determination that this wall was able to be built. Our ancestors had worked for years to get this wall built. We had the kanadorikans to thank for this wall after all. Through centuries of animosity towards them, we created something that their fleet nor army could break unless they were willing to risk it all. It kept them out during the Great War and they had to resort to invading neighboring countries to get to us. Even then their failure was already upon them. It was thanks to the Kanadorikans again that this wall proved its usefulness to the Trekkish homeland. After the Great War, the upkeep continued and still continues to this day. I have had the pleasure of being able to see the Glacialis Wall and to work on it. It was only recently due to the High-Chancellors demands that more forces be mobilized on Glacialis Wall. Of course, Army High Command had no problem with that considering manpower is plentiful. However, General Valk also saw fit to addon to the wall. So work has been abundant for most men stationed here but I don't really mind. I don't like being idle so this was a blessing in disguise despite my soreness. The soreness is due in part to another pillbox that was added to the wall. Of course, it was a simple machine gun position to combat landing craft if they were stupid enough to climb the cliff. However, the entirety of the Glacialis Wall was not comprised of simple pillbox positions. It was an intricate system, a reinforced concrete wall lined the majority of the cliff but areas deemed too dangerous to climb had no wall built over them. Pillboxes were on the wall but were 100 yards apart and gave a broad view range to enable kill zones. Naval guns were also on the wall but their positions were 20 yards inland from the cliff wall and housed within cupola bunkers. Anti-aircraft was vital to the protection of the wall so it was scattered only a few yards behind the naval guns. The anti-aircraft guns sat in recessed concrete positions in the ground with sandbags lining the circular position. The true beauty of all of this was that it was all connected through an underground tunnel system that led to bunkers that were barracks, ammo depots, kitchens, etc. It was a truly marvelous creation. However, the beach portion of the wall was nearly the same but they had additional artillery pillboxes facing each other to cover the lengths of the beach. Though I would rather be on the cliff than on the beach. You would have to suicidal to climb the cliff but I wouldn't be against the opportunity to shoot a kanadorikan soldier off the cliff.

As I continued to regale in the beauty that was the Glacialis Wall I could the hear the strain of a crawler-mounted crane. I turned away from the wall and watched as they put up a radar mast or a part of it. It was truly an awkward piece of equipment. Three had already been built and the fourth one was nearing completion. Command didn't tell us much in regards to what radar did but a few of the tech savvy maintenance guys easily filled us in. Despite how awkward they looked it was amazing to see how far technology had come and how it could be used again, future enemies.

"PFC. Vaino, it's time for you watch!" Shouted an officer who came walking out of underground tunnel via a steep staircase.

"Right away, Sir! I was just admiring the wall that's all!"

"You can admire it later. It's time for you watch on the wall"

"Yes, Sir!" I replied as I gave a final salute before following the officer below the ground. However, our paths split as I walked over to the armory to retrieve my TRPV-39 before heading to the wall. Thanks to the various signs on the wall I was able to reach the concrete wall via the underground tunnels. I was immediately greeted by a cool sea breeze that refreshed my body. A sigh of relief left my body as I continued on my way across the stretch of the wall before reaching my designated watch post. Of course, it was just a pillbox that housed a KD-34 and two other soldiers.

"You finally made it," said one soldier who was partially looking out the right machinegun port, "Don't worry, nothing happened as usual."

"It never does," Replied the other as he sat on the crates of ammo that was next to the metal door.

"You never know," I replied as I took the pair of binoculars that sat between the machine gun ports and scanned the sea, "With the tension between Kanadorika and Radhkivka anything is bound to happen."

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Postby Sjovenia » Mon Apr 23, 2018 10:00 pm

June 7, 1940

Sjovene High Command,
Bitburg, Eifelstern District


The air was thick with anticipation, the leaders stood encircling the table waiting and watching. Intently the Tito's eyes shifted as he read paragraphs of reports. He soaked in the information as his entourage stood idly by waiting. After a few more minutes he nodded with the knowledge of the situation. Looking up he spoke

"I see what is going on around the world. I honestly do not see why we should interfere. Waste Sjovene lives and put a strain on our economic stability and way of reason. That however, doesn't mean we shouldn't be prepared. Gentlemen...make sure we are ready for anything. I want Naval patrols and make sure they maintain vigilance. Though we may not be directly in the conflict we are still an ally of Treko. Any credible information should be reported immediately. I also want aerial patrols as well, for the time being we are in a state of isolated readiness. No one should be entering our waters or air space...NO ONE. Understood"

The room resounded with a "Ja, Gospod". The Tito shooed every one away before clearing the papers on the desk. He looked up and noticed his Minister of State Affairs leaving the room. "Konrad Zikmund..." he said as the man stopped in his tracks and turned around. "Yes Sir, how can I help?" The Tito closed the large heavy blast door behind him.

"I need to we have any handlers in Kanadorika?"

"Only a few Sir, shall I get them ready?"

"Yes, I want qualified agents spread out. Whatever you can do...."

"I believe there is an Admiral's Secretary position open. I will see what we can do."


The Tito smirked as he shook Konrad's hand and escorted him out of the office. With things going on around the world he wanted to make sure nobody had plans to strike Sjovene soil. He didn't think so but he wasn't going to leave any chances. Besides, this might be the perfect opportunity for him to gain information and assist the Trekkish defenses indirectly. The Tito reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigar. It was only a matter of time before the patrols would start and Konrad would be able to inform him on the situation with State Intelligence Operatives. Along with Naval and Aerial Patrols, the nations sprawled out Flak Towers which were previously critically manned were coming back into full operation.
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Postby Kanadorika » Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:50 am

Mattiesko Haapoja
Member of Parliament
House of Commons
June 8, 1940

"In light of the recent circumstances regarding the attack at Faleapuna, I view that it is in the best interest of this Parliament that I resign from the office of Prime Minister effective immediately. I henceforth declare that Mr. Keijo Sillanpää take my place as leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of the Republic. Thank you."

It seemed so unreal. Several thousand men were dead on the other side of the world, yet Guðmannsson doesn't give them more than thirty seconds of his time? The last day was one of the most fluid days in all of Kanadorikan history. The House's opinion of Guðmannsson had plummeted to the point where his removal from office was imminent; after all the attack was his responsibility after essentially entrapping the Navy in port. We all knew he was going to resign, but in only two sentences? It was absolutely obscene.

Another man stood up. He was the man we once feared, the warmongerer who we were told would drag our nation into a bloody conflict and kill millions of young men. He was still quite frankly a very intimidating figure, however we no longer recognized him as wrong. No, we were wrong.

The speaker gestured to him. "The Right Honorable Keijo Sillanpää has the floor."

Sillanpää cleared his throat, glancing at the ancient hall of Parliament in what would be his first speech as Prime Minister. "Ladies and Gentleman of this most distinguished Parliament. We are witnessing the opening stages of what will be the most horrific armed conflict known to man. We were not prepared for these events, and as a consequence the Nimbifer Fleet has lost many great men to the Radhkivkan menace.

We will not falter! We will strike back with the upmost fury and tenacity that the world is well aware lies in the heart of every red blooded patriotic Kanadorikan! Yes we we lost some storied combat vessels in that dastardly attack on Faleapuna, however we shall bring them right back to the water's surface and sail them into the fight against the Radhkivkans. Our Navy, our Army, our Air Corps, and our Marines all stand ready in the defense of their homeland against all who wish to see us wiped from the face of this planet!

Let me be the first to tell you that these next few years shall test our nation more than ever before. We will be plagued with uncertainty and fear, but God is my witness we shall smite our enemies and prevail until the Republican flag flies over the Emperor's palace and his hands are bound in chains awaiting justice!"

The new Prime Minister paused, a single tear dripping from his eye. "Many good men lost their lives yesterday morning. They were our sons and brothers, friends and fathers. We collectively weep as a whole today in remembrance of their legacy, and hope their sacrifice shall never be forgotten. But let us not leave their demise in vain. No, we must act swiftly and mobilize the most powerful fighting force known to the history of our troubled species, fueled by the raw industrial might of the Kanadorikan economy! These are harrowing times; the window for action is closing and if we delay we will see more senseless attacks on our values and very way of life. It is as such that I would like to call for the declaration of war against the Radhkivkan Empire so that we may defend our democracy for our children and for our children's children! We will not cease until we lie in victory. If we must fight within the streets and corners of our own hometowns than do so we must! Mr. Speaker, may I have a vote?"

The speaker rose from his seat. "The Question is that the Republic of Kanadorika shall hereby declare war on the Radhkivkan Empire. As many as are of that opinion say Aye."

The House erupted in unison, declaring their support for a declaration that several days ago would have been shunned. I myself stood up. "Aye!"

The speaker looked around the room, then continued. "of the contrary, No,"

The noise instantaneously collapsed into absolute silence. Not a soul dared make a noise, until three MPs, whom I recognized as belonging to the Union of Fascists stood up from their seats. "No."

Once again the House exploded into an auditory free for all as hundreds of enraged MPs made their anger known to those several individuals who stood.

"You goddamn dirty traitors! If I catch you alone I'm going to-"

"I bet you are Rad sympathizers!"

"Your party is an absolute disgrace to this nation!"

"Order in the House! Order in the House!" The speaker shouted out over the verbal abuse being flung at the opposition. "Let it be known that those in favor of the proposition are in the majority."

And thus the war became official. An official declaration of war was drafted and telegramed to the Radhkivkan ambassador, plunging the world into a struggle that I could only imagine would make hell seem tame in comparison.

Official Declaration of War

JOINT RESOLUTION Declaring that a state of war exists between the Imperial Government of Radhkivka and the Government and the people of Kanadorika and making provisions to prosecute the same.
Whereas the Imperial Government of Radhkivka has committed unprovoked acts of war against the Government and the people of Kanadorika:

Therefore be it Resolved by the House of Commons in Parliament assembled, That the state of war between the Kanadorikan Republic and the Imperial Government of Radhkivka which has thus been thrust upon Kanadorika is hereby formally declared; and the Prime Minister is hereby authorized and directed to employ the entire naval and military forces of the Republic and the resources of the Government to carry on war against the Imperial Government of Radhkivka; and, to bring the conflict to a successful termination, all the resources of the country are hereby pledged by the Parliament of the Kanadorikan Republic.
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Postby Radhkivka » Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:32 am

Kaene Funai
Her House in Kitsuya

June 8, 1940 Time: 2:00pm

The rain continued through Saturday for Radhkivka and hit the port city of Kitsuya the worst. Many of the inhabitants of Kitsuya stayed indoors for fear of a Typhoon. Kaene found herself reading a book on her front porch. To her left a radio played music, a beautiful tune was playing when suddenly it was stopped, and a grave pause started. After a few seconds the radio played a voice unknown to Kaene.

“Yesterday… at four thirty in the morning, the Imperial Radhkivkan Navy conducted a surprise attack on the Kanadorikan Navy located in Faleapuna Harbor.”

As Kaene was starting to sip on her tea, the words of this man made her stop dead in her tracks. “Attack… Navy… Kanadorika…. Faleapuna!?” She mutters to herself, almost scared to imagine what was coming next.

“According to sources, the operation was considered a success. Many resources and assets of the Kanadorikan military has been destroyed or damaged. Our great Emperor,” the announcer said with a sigh, “has declared this a victory and claims that this is one step closer in securing the Radhkivkan future in the Nimbifer Ocean. With continued efforts from our brave men in the military, we will secure a bright future for our children, and their children, and generations going onwards.”

Physically trembling, Kaene is barely able to put her tea cup on the table properly. Rattling it around, she finally finds the table and safely puts it on the plate. Her trembling hands works to her face and as she is able to cover it, she feels liquid running down her face.

“T-tears?” She mutters as she, looking at her fingers. She had started to cry without even noticing, it was automatic. Nothing had quite registered in her mind yet. Our men had attacked Kanadorika? What in all the gods name was the Emperor thinking!?

“The Emperor asks that each one of the citizens continues to support our brave men fighting against these tyrannical beasts. Factory owners are asked to open their positions to all abled women, all abled men to join the military and all families to start rationing their resources to allow forces to continue their fight.” A brief pause occurs, “We apologize for the inconvenience, and return you to your regular program.”

At this point Kaene was on her knees, absolutely sobbing.

“Tyrannical? The Kanadorikans? Tyranical?! The only tyrannical bastard in this world is you, curse you, curse you to the hell in which you wish those poor Kanadorikan boys go to. I hope your happy, taking our husbands, sons, brothers and fathers away!” Kaene could barely see, all that she saw turned white and then red, her head filled with rage, sorrow, and fright. Rage towards the Emperor, who is taking her beloved Jou away, and throwing the nation of Radhkivka into a war with the Kanadorikans. Sorrow, because of the loss of life that occurred yesterday morning, she weeps for the Kanadorikan children, who will never see their father again, and the Kanadorikan mothers and wives who will never hold their lovers again. And fright, because the war will mean that Jou may not come back, ever. Kaene curls up, sobbing, letting out uncontrollable tears.

“Kaene! Kaene calm down!” Ritsu’s voice comes out of nowhere, and she is covered by Ritsu, knowing exactly how Kaene would react after hearing the news. “Kaene, calm down, lets get you inside, we need to settle you down.” The two ladies enter the house, both of them with tear filled eyes.

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Postby Offer Erapia » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:24 pm

Faint red seeped through the darkness of the overgrown trees that was the erapian forest. A soldier, who's face hasn't been plagued by war, twitched and the young man's eyes opened slowly. He reached up and wiped the crust from his tired, heavy eyelids.

"Well shit will!, looks like Joe is up!"

A familiar voice sounded from his Right. The soldier yawned, his mouth dry from the previous cold night that he could very well still feel in his bones.

"How long was I out?"

Joe asked turning his head to the other soldier that made the previous remark. The other kid, with short blonde hair gave a smile. He sat straight and laid his rifle across his lap.

"Shit, I'd say about an hour maybe two at most, anyway how is your ass?."

He asked with a cheeky grin. Joe, looked at Jake and gave an equally cheeky grin as he thought of something funny to say.

"Don't know I'll tell you when I can feel it again"

Barks of laughter filled the truck they were riding in. Joe tried his best to stretch but in such close proximity to the others it was rather difficult. A sigh escaped his lungs and he leaned back against the metal plate that encased the men.

"Why the hell do we do this shit, honestly, why do we do patrol duty it's not like we are at war."

He protested he didn't understand why his country was sending more forces out. And, he was seeing more amored infantry around too. To be honest it worried him. The thought of going to war, he looked at his brothers in arms to see similar worried or pondering faces. The quietness that filled the truck was only disturbed by the gurgle of the engine which powered the five ton beast.

"With tensions this high we have to be on guard constantly. But I do agree with you I don't patrol duty it not like we are gonna get invaded anytime soon."

Will said with a shrug of his shoulders. Joe glanced in his direction, will, was a typical kid who grew up in a small City. He was plane with black hair and brown eyes but Joe hated how he was good with te ladies. The same voice spoke up again, this time, with more enthusiasm.

"But it would be nice to shoot shit or even toss a grenade or two!"

Joe and Jake chuckled at the thought of watching enemies getting blasted in the air. Ever since they all enlisted the three of them talked about shooting or getting shot. The soldier next to Joe who looked be more aged spoke up in a gravily voice. His voice sounded like boots against gravel as he spoke.

"Can y'all imagine if the five ton got hit"

Joe could imagine a mortar slamming into the truck. He imagined flames and smoke filling the air and the scent of oil and gas swamping thier noses. Joe relished in the thought a moment longer before a voice boomed in over the engine.

"We're here boys! Have fun doing nothing for the next six hours."

The driver yelled then laughed as he watched us unload. The horn blared and the truck took off up the same path from which it came. Joe and his buddies gathered and walked along the fence that separated thier borders. As he walked he pulled out a picture from a pouch that resided on his chest. He looked at the picture and rubbed the girls face with a gentle touch. His eyes drifted from the woman to the baby that laid in her arms. With a Kiss Joe put the picture back and unslung his rifle from his back.

"I'll be home soon baby, I promise"



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