XIII Winter Olympics — Roleplay thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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XIII Winter Olympics — Roleplay thread

Postby Electrum » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:18 am


Results and schedule thread
Roster and information thread
OOC thread
Host bid

List of delegations
Alinghi Federal-Democratic Republic (ALH)
Amuaplye (AME)
Anollasia (ANL)
The Archregimancy (ARC)
Asraelia (ASR) [Asraelia B]
Austenesia (AST)
Banija (BNJ)
Barisea (BAR)
Benjamin Mark (BNM)
Big Bad Badger (BBB)
Bran Astor (BAS)
Britonisea (BRI)
Cassadaigua (CDG)
Central Shaneville (CSH)
Chromatika (CMT)
Cosumar (COS)
Darmen (DAR)
Darkmania (DMN)
Dunnes (DUN)
Eastfield Lodge (EFL)
Electrum (ETM)
Electrum Diplomatic Offices (EDO)
- Coconut Isle (CIS)
Elejamie (EJM)
Esparmuran (ESP)
Ethane (ETN)
Free Republics (FFR)
Free Swiss States (FSS)
The Holy Principality of Saint Mark (SMK)
Gryphonian Alliance (GRA)
Imperan Olympic Athletes (IOA) (2) [Imperan Olympic Association]
- Aristian Republic (ARS)
- Lisander (LIS)
- Lorenthia (LOR)
Ioudaia (IOU)
Kalosia (KLS)
Kannap (KAN)
Kebec (KBC)
Kelssek (KSK)
Kosovakia (KSV)
Kriegiersien (KGS)
Laeral (LRL)
Laiatanese Federation (LAI) [Southern Yugoslavia]
Liventia (LEN)
Main Nation Ministry (MNM)
Mattijana (MTJ)
Melbergia (MEL)
Mercedini (MRC)
Milwalkiee (MWK)
Nacaltora (NAC)
Natanians and Nosts (NTN)
New Cla (CLA)
New Doltania (NDO)
Nieubasria (NIU)
North New South Wales (NNW)
North Prarie (NPN)
Northwest Kalactin (NKO)
Nuovo Juvencus (NJE)
Oisinistan (OIS)
Paripana Sporting Council (PSC)
People's Republic of Xabia (PRX)
Riysa (RIY)
Royal Kingdom of Quebec (QUE)
Savojarna (SVJ)
South Covello (SCV)
Taeshan (TAE)
Taracy (TAR)
Teremaran Unified Team (TRM) [Teremara Olympics Delegation]
- Austrakia (ATK)
- Falkasia (FLK)
- Glisandia (GLS)
- Gragastavia (GRG)
- Neu Engollon (NEG)
- Terre Des Gaules (GUL)
- Yellow Star Republic (YSR)
Tobiasia (TOB)
Togonistan (TGN)
Turori (TUR)
Unified Beretania (UBT)
Union of Socialist Alpine Republics (UAR)
United Islamic Khanates (UIK)
Usniya (USN)
Vakolicci Haven and Celeria (VKL)
Valanora (VAL)
Vangaziland (VNG)
Vekaiyu (VEK) [Todd McCloud]
Vilita (VIL)
West Phoenicia (KWP)
Willania Imperium (WAI)
Yanjin (YNJ)

Tentative Schedule
All times are listed in UTC, cutoffs at 2300 UTC
February 16 (0800 UTC): Sign-ups close and schedule released
February 17: Day 0 cutoff and Opening Ceremony
February 18: Day 1
March 6: Day 17 and Closing Ceremony
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Postby Electrum » Fri Feb 09, 2018 3:19 am

Prescott, Electrum Information


Founded by settlers who braved the wintry and cold weather of the foothills of the Wilderness Mountain Ranges, Prescott is a cosmopolitan city nestled in the mountains, to Electrum's north-west. It is the closest city to Electrum’s highest peak, the Jarangal - Mt. Nixon mountain (The mountain is dual named in recognition of the local name for the mountain). There are four million Prescottians who are ready and will welcome the entire multiverse with open arms to join them for the third and final Olympic Games. The town's namesake is Jess Prescott, the first female settler to form her own town out in the Electrum north. Prescott chose the location for its proximity to the redwood forests which surround the city, making for an excellent source of building material (shelter) and heat.

Modern Prescott has a very large and active night scene, with bars and taverns being the most popular in the Blue District, with alcohol being produced in the vineyards to the south of Prescott, taking advantage of the high altitudes and fertile soil. The large mountains are where the tourists go and spend their time at Prescott, with the main ski towns actually a further 80-90km north/north-west of the main city, close to the Great Lake. This is where most of the action will be happening, with the city itself only hosting the ice events save for luge, bobsleigh and skeleton.

Prescott is also Electrum’s cultural capital, boasting a rich coffee culture, a nightlife scene on Redline Street and many museums and galleries as well as casinos and five-star hotels. Perhaps it is the charming tram network, or the shopping at the Power Street Mall, but there’s something innate about the city that keeps drawing visitors and tourists in. Though most of the time, athletes will be spending their time partying hard in the dormitories and eating at the free cafeteria on the scattered athlete's villages across the different clusters.

The main form of transportation between these towns and Prescott are through buses (Olympic athletes travel free) or private automobiles, as the weather is not conducive to other kinds of public transportation (it is only in the City Centre were the tram network is more prevalent). The road network is fairly good, however 'shortcuts' to the ski towns are unsealed and rocky. Many tourists have gotten stuck near valleys on these roads, so caution is advised, and tourists are also advised to have ice chains on their tyres for additional traction. The facilities are mostly the same as the Olympic Winter Games will be held in the same place as previous editions. Each of the ski towns has their own athlete's village, as well as in the City Centre.

Note: Some of the photos below are taken in the Summer.

See iiwiki article

The currency is the Synergy, a card based currency which is entirely digitalised. For those seeking to use the normal paper money, Universal Standard Dollars could be used instead, but it is recommended to get these cards which is very easily stolen but also very convenient to use. The central computing system that handles the Synergy is managed by the Reserve Bank of Electrum, the national bank of Electrum.

In general, the laws of Electrum are generally relaxed, with restrictions on the most serious of crimes as well as bans on smoking in certain areas and banning of 'hard' drugs only. Electrum is also an anti-gun nation so all guns will need to be given up at the border -- lest they face criminal imprisonment in Electrum, but special exemptions apply for these Olympics only for biathlon athletes. Nations will fly into Electrum to Prescott Airport, where there will be a shuttle service to their respective athlete's village.

Accommodation will be provided free of charge at the Athletes' Village with buses and high security staff shuttling people to and from their venues. All of the facilities are new and are in close proximity to the village. Staff will be on call 24 hours a day to cater to whatever your delegation wants. Dignitaries, official staff, umpires, etc. can choose will stay at the Orion Prescott, a five star hotel booked for the exclusive use of the Olympics for the duration of these Games.

  • Mount Buckley
    - Mount Buckley Sliding Centre - luge, skeleton, bobsleigh
    - Mount Buckley National Park - biathlon, cross-country skiing, nordic combined (skiing component)
    - Etienne Jumping Centre - ski jumping, nordic combined (jump component)
  • Timberline
    - XPark - snowboarding, freestyle skiing
    - Alfred Marley's Park - alpine skiing
    - Timberline Lodge - athletes village for Timberline and Mt. Buckley
  • Central Prescott
    - Northcote Oval - ceremonies
    - Aether Gardens - bandy, snowball fighting
    - Ice Sheets at Whitecliff - curling
    - Landry's Arena - ice hockey
    - National Electrum University, Prescott campus - ice hockey (preliminaries)
    - The Ice Palace - Short track speed skating, figure skating, synchronised skating
    - Prescott SkateDome - Speed skating
    - Athletes Village and Media Centres
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Postby West Phoenicia » Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:54 am


It's that wonderful time again when nations from around the world come together to compete in the Winter Olympics.
This is the XIII Winter Olympics; the city of Prescott in Electrum will be hosting the multi-sport event.

This will West Phoenicia’s third appearance at a Winter Olympics, they debuted at the XI with a small delegation, returning home medal free. They came back with strong focus and determination at the XII; pulling in 4 gold, 9 silver, 4 bronze and awarded 5 medals in the demonstration events.
For the XIII West Phoenicia would love to outdo its previous best, but there will be a lot of competition standing in the way of West Phoenicia achieving its goal.
Many sport fans are wondering can West Phoenicia outdo their last performance?

House of Hathor won the winning bid to design the West Phoenician Winter delegation outfit. Its multi colour, eye popping attire was the talk of the fashion runway in Melbourne-Haven where media, sports stars and fashionistas attended to take part in the unveiling.
House of Hathor head designer Felix Noir cited the inspiration for the attire came from the wonderful colours throughout West Phoenicia and it's celebration of diversity.


The West Phoenician Winter Olympic Council has voted on Princess Nephthys Dallas-Bush; a winter athlete who won gold at the XII Winter Olympics in Snowboarding has been selected as the official flag bearer. The selection has caused some controversy with the royal being selected over Trey Berri, the gold medal winning 5000m speed skater and Candy Kwong who won gold in the Ski Cross. Many feel she was simply selected due to her being related to the current royal family.

West Phoenicia Sports Channel 1 will air the XIII Winter Olympic Games devoting 24/7 to bringing you the opening and closing ceremony and every event that has fielded a West Phoenician athlete.
West Phoenicia Sports Channel 1 has already filled up their advertisement. As it is an election year where 500 new senators will join the 1000 senator Congress numerous political parties have taken out ads to reach the viewers.
The West Phoenician First Party which is currently the opposition government has taken out over $2 million in advertising attempting to woe back their supporters after the epic landslide victory The Conservative Party and its allies achieved when millions turned away from the West Phoenician First Party reducing their seats.
The Feminist Party, The Republic Party and the Democratic Monarchist Party all which currently hold no seats have also spent big to woe supporters to their party.
Other big sponsors of the West Phoenician Winter Olympics Team are Phoenician Beer Gold, New Tudor Rolls Royce Ltd and Velvelettes Chocolat.

Along with live footage of the events, a special panel of sport stars, media personalities and reality tv stars have been selected to host a panel talk show during the games. On location in Prescott;Electrum will be popular News correspondents Susana Hasselbeck and Former Ice Hockey player turned Sports Journalist Michael Chatterman. Both are ready to give the good, the bad and the ugly of this Winter Olympics.

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Postby Tobiasia » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:28 am

34 brave Tobiasian athletes have attended this years Winter Olympic Games, hoping to have a repeat of last Olympic success which brought 2 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronzes home. The flag bearer this year will be Micheal Ur-fan, winner of the last olympic gold medal in the skeleton.

Micheal Ur-fan
Winner of last times skeleton with a few ferocious runs on the track, he has spent the last 4 years training and is now even more excited to be competing this year.

Martin Pollson
Joint winner of the gold medal in the 1500m speed skating in one of the most famous medals in history, and the current world record holder, he is hoping to keep hold of his title this year and grab a strong victory over his Mattijanan rival who won gold along with him.

Sandi Rel-wan
Won bronze in the 500m skating last time and has returned with a desire to win gold and 4 years of careful training.

Yvette Terra
Bronze in the aerials wasn’t good enough for her to feel satisfied, she told TTV Sport, and her return to the sport has left her competition feeling uneasy for good reason.

Tyrone Wer-an
This youngster shocked the crowds with a last minute silver medal in the parallel giant slalom, and he has overcome injury to be here this year, hoping for gold.

Sam Yun
She was a contender for the gold in the alpine slalom skiing, but just one mistake can be so risky, and she crashed out in 5th. After overcoming a lot of anger she had in the years between these games, she went back into training and now her fans say she is ready to win a medal this year.
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Britannual News: Saturday 10th February 2018

Postby Britonisea » Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:03 am

Britannual News

Location: Prescott, Electrum

It has been confirmed on Santiago Carillion's twitter page that he, alongside "the wonderful Evangeline Hope", will go to Prescott, Electrum to perform at the Opening Ceremony with their song "No Doubting Yourself"

The Electrumite Officials took a huge leap of faith towards the Britonish, who missed out on the last time they hosted the Winter Olympics, and asked us to be apart of the grand events of one of the largest televised events in the world. The ask from Electrum does not come at a surprise as this is not the first time that a Briton will have performed at an opening ceremony before with Mya Richardson doing the honours during the Games of the X Olympiad in Electrum with the questionable song, "Resplendency" which was criticised for sounding as though the song was written 'in a rush' and was also criticised for it's banal use of English in the song. Nevertheless, most of the comments Mya received were good, being described by the Vodiznad Chronical in Izmedu as "heart-pounding" and "infectious" which was comments many could agree to. But almost three years on, we turn again to Electrum introducing Britonisea and it's vibrant music industry to the forefront of the world.

Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2018 Hosts: Santiago Carillion and Evangeline Hope will be "representing Britonisea" during the Opening Ceremony...

Santiago Carillion, 22, and Evangeline Hope, 25 are both very successful singer-songwriters in Britonisea, with Evangeline Hope being known internally for her talents - having represented Britonisea in the 45th WorldVision Song Contest when The Sarian hosted in Lavington, and hosting the 35th World Hit Festival in Junterapten. Santiago has kept his successes in Britonisea and Estogium, conquering the charts of those countries having gained 9 #1 singles in the past five years, and a further 10 songs in the Top 10 which sees him break records at the tender age of 22. It was announced on the 7th of February 2018 that the pair will be hosting Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2018, which is Britonisea's largest television show, which gains around 11 million views during the Semi Finals and 19 million during the finals - which means lots of exposure for these two in Britonisea over the March month. They have stated that the song that they will be singing is called, "No Doubting Yourself" which is a song about an athlete, who's part is sung by Santiago Carillion, and the support that he has from his friends and family, who is collectively being played by Evangeline Hope. It was also announced that this song will be sung during the first emission of Vha Mehlodhivestoile on the 3rd of May, 20:00 Britonish Time on BVC, as the Opening Act before the rest of the eight take to the stage.

>Who will participate in Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2018?
> The Opening Ceremony from Prescott, Electrum will be replayed on BITC on February 18th at 19:00 for those who didn't stay up to watch it.

The pair announced that they knew that they were going to work together hosting Vha Mehlodhivestoile 2018 last November, and that they were approached to write a song for the Olympic Games weeks after they found out that they were working together on the television show. Of course, both of them had nerves about performing a song that they had to write in a matter of weeks, and then performing it in front of so many people, but that did not stop them from saying "yes" to the opportunity. They knew that Mya Richardson also had this opportunity and it boosted her career in many different ways - you hardly hear about her in the same capacity you do everyday pop acts such as Rigas Jengiz or even Santiago and Evangeline themselves.

So, they took to the writing camps with the very popular songwriter Jamie Banks and popular composer T:Rodden to make sure that they have an awesome song for the Olympic Games, and from the four they came up with the song, "No Doubting Yourself" which has been released in Britonisea on the 7th February 2018, which has lead to lots of Britonish people speculating what the purpose of the song is for. Now that the purpose is known, the song has risen high in the online charts (which includes Nyx and Spotify streams) with the song projected to be in the Top 5 of the Britonish Charts come Friday. "We were writing with Olympics in mind," explains Evangeline Hope, "But we did give our own personal touch to the song, so it didn't seem too manufactured, because what is worse than a textbook song?" Her other half, Santiago agreed, "I didn't want a manufactured song, and it was easy to avoid that because I have been working with Evangeline for quite some time now, and so we have a strong enough song to definitely wow the audience during the Opening Ceremony. I just can't wait."

For the first time ever, Britonisea will be sending a full delegation to the Winter Games - a large amount of people will be going, 200 entries in total and that is excluding those who are participating in the demonstration events. In the past, Britonisea has focused all of it's attention on the Summer Games, which last year saw us gain 21 medals in total. Britonisea is setting hopes high for the Winter Games, and hopes for at least 10 medals, here in Prescott, as "an achievable goal". The country has only gained one medal before, and it was an Ice Hockey bronze medal, and while the Ice Hockey team are hoping to improve on their success years ago, the 199 other entries will be hoping for a shot at a medal too. None of the athletes have made their way to the Olympics yet, but it is expected that the Britonish Airways stripped in gold will be setting off for the Winter Games on Monday the 12th of February, but it is unclear what time. Santiago and Evangeline, meanwhile, will be heading off to Electrum tomorrow (again, since they were there earlier in the year and even the month) for the final preparations in the Opening Ceremony.

The Olympic Games will be broadcast on the BITC Channel, with extra sports being broadcast on their red-button services and sports channels designated for certain sports. Due to the time-shift from Prescott and Doportedas, most of the events will be broadcast during the night and morning - but during our evening, there will be highlight shows to make sure the right sports gets to you. This does include the Opening Ceremony - catch it on BITC 1 on Sunday, at 7pm for the full thing, and I am sure you would not want to miss Santiago's and Evangeline's song.
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Postby Liventia » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:14 pm

Prescott: How they got there
Liventia is back at the Winter Olympics! With that news, here's a recap of how the Liventian representatives in curling secured their spots in Prescott at the National Curling Federation Olympic trials.

Ten teams were involved in the women's trials, held at the Capital Ice Rink in Orean. A single round-robin was played, with the top four teams progressing to the Page playoffs.

The rink led by 23-year-old Sammie Trevor went into the event as favourites, and proved their mettle in the round robin phase by completing a 9–0 sweep against their opponents. They were joined by Team Keira Tucker (8–1), Team Eirwen Stevens (6–3) and Team Alison Ryder (5–4) in the last four.

...Round robin          Pld   W  L 
1 Team Trevor 9 9 0
2 Team Tucker 9 8 1
3 Team Stevens 9 6 3
4 Team Ryder 9 5 4
5 Team Bérenger 9 4 5
6 Team Wilde 9 4 5
7 Team Lièvremont 9 3 6
8 Team Allison 9 3 6
9 Team Duffy 9 2 7
10 Team Lefrançois 9 1 8

Alison Ryder's rink were eliminated at the first hurdle with a 6–3 defeat to the Stevens rink, but the surprise was in the 1v2 game where previously-undefeated Team Trevor were downed 10–5 by Keira Tucker. Sammie Trevor then played a nigh-on-miraculous double take-out shot with her hammer in an extra-end to beat Eirwen Stevens and set up a re-match with Tucker in the trials final.

END                     1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  T
Sammie Trevor (LSFE) 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 X 3
Keira Tucker 0 0 0 2 0 2 1 1 0 X 6

Once again, the experience of Keira Tucker's rink prevailed, 6–3, to knock out the favourites and clinch their berth at the Olympics. The women's team representing Liventia is therefore: Paige Ramsey (lead), Jos Owen (second), Fran Brennan (third), Keira Tucker (skip), and Danielle Richardson (alternate).

Just five teams were involved in the men's trials, held concurrently with the mixed doubles trials at the Neverend Olympic Curling Centre. A straight round-robin was held, with the top team qualifying for a best-of-three final and the second- and third-placed teams playing a single playoff match to determine their opponents.

Denis Ménard and his City Centre Curling Club rink were heavily backed to win the event, and they lived up to their billing with a 5–0 record in round robin. Lawrence Stone (3–1) and Brendan Flynn (2–2) led their rinks into the wildcard playoff, while William Brennan and Tommy Millington's teams were eliminated.

..Round robin          Pld   W  L 
1 Team Ménard 4 4 0
2 Team Stone 4 3 1
3 Team Flynn 4 2 2
4 Team Brennan 4 1 3
5 Team Millington 4 0 4

Raithwick Park Schimpol Curling Club's Team Flynn took out their opponents with an extra-end 7–6 victory, ensuring a 1v3 matchup in the final series. CCCC took the first match of the final 10–6, including a steal of four in the eighth end which proved to be the deciding score. The second game was closer, but Ménard's men once again held on for a 9–8 win to secure their appearance at the XIII Olympic Winter Games. Liventia's men's team is therefore: Clément du Toit (lead), Rob Kennedy (second), Denis Ménard (third/skip), Michel Cochet (fourth), and Jean-Noël Rochefort (alternate).

Mixed doubles
National champions James Barrett and Abigail Weekes were given a bye past the challenge round of the mixed doubles trials. 16 other teams were entered into the trials, which were held as a straight single-elimination tournament. The winner of the challenge round faced Barrett and Weekes in a best-of-five final for the Olympic berth.

Round of 16
Foster/Pryce 4–6 Watson/Fuller
O'Donnell/Cattell 10–7 Johnston/Sharpe
Powell/Bessette 7–2 Herbert/O'Keefe
Anderson/Stuart-Lane 5–4 Osborne/Lennon
Finch/Howard 5–4 Pratchett/Murray
Howells/Day 6–7 Dujardin/Sutton
Girault/Burton 5–11 Ball/King
Christensen/Willis 4–3 King/Kelly

Watson/Fuller 10–4 O'Donnell/Cattell
Powell/Bessette 9–8 Anderson/Stuart-Lane (extra end)
Finch/Howard 4–7 Dujardin/Sutton
Ball/King 5–7 Christensen/Willis

Watson/Fuller 7–5 Powell/Bessette
Dujardin/Sutton 5–6 Christensen/Willis

Challenge final
Watson/Fuller 6–5 Christensen/Willis

Geraint Watson and Julia Fuller of Dover West Curling Club were the last team standing following the four-round straight knockout challenge tournament, winning the right to face Barrett and Weekes — who represent the rival Dover Central Curling Club. Game one went to the national champs, 6–5 in an extra ninth end after Watson missed a straightforward takeout with the hammer in the additional frame. Game two resulted in an 8–5 score to Barrett and Weekes, and game three a 9–4 win — ensuring Barrett and Weekes will wear the national shirt in Prescott.

The National Curling Federation wishes all curlers good luck and good curling in Electrum!
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Postby Main Nation Ministry » Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:54 pm

Meanwhile.. On a cargo plane to the Winter Olympics

"It's crowded in here."
"Don't squirm too much, if you're stretching, you can stretch when we land."
"Where's the Leader? Isn't he at third-class seating?" an athlete said, as he was cramped in with two burly men. At first class, the Leader was enjoying some fancy snakefish cocktail, while looking at The Truth News. "So, let's see. Been trying to work on my ice skating for the Olympics. Bodyguard, what do you say?" The Leader asked the focused bodyguard with the assault rifle, guarding the cabin. "What? You mean me?"

"Yes, you. What do you think of my ice skating."
"Well. Don't be shy. I'm all ears."
"Clearly, you're a natural!" the bodyguard said, scared.
"He-he. Well, ain't that the 60th time someone said that to me. Get back to work." The Leader said, as the bodyguard returned to his shift.

Several Truth News reporters were taking smaller planes to reach Electrum, camping out for coverage of the opening ceremony days away. The Leader switched on a television looking at international news, before taking another bite of snakefish from his cocktail. "Oh, winter is truly nice."
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Postby Willania Imperium » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:17 pm

Imperial News Network: From Around the World to Home

To the 2018 Winter Olympics!

IMPERIALOPOLIS: It has been confirmed by the Imperial Government that after much deliberation, the government has agreed to make its debut appearance at the 2018 Winter Olympics along with many other fellow nations in this international display of athletic skill. The delegation will consist of 24 athletes, each chosen to maximize the chance of winning the coveted golden Olympic medal. As for now, the only sport entered is the Biathlon, a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

After passing through relatively lax debates in the Imperial Congress, whose members themselves were relatively in support on such an endeavor, the decision to send the Olympic delegation received approval by the President and the Imperial Council. Emperor Augustus himself applauded the decision, stating, "Now we show the world that our Imperial Republic is more than brains." The government will send the athletes by plane on the 10th of February from the capital city itself.

The Olympic games will commence on Sunday, February 18th, at exactly midnight. The INN will broadcast the opening ceremony, as well as the rest of the events, live on INN as well as on our website and mobile apps.

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Postby Northwest Kalactin » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:40 pm

About a athlete: Javier Pratt’s legacy
The song “Pratt” is about Javier Pratt’s dad
The song Pratt is a very important part in kalactanian culture people ask why is it so important well here’s why kalactanian soldiers were pinned down in the kalactanian revolution of 1985 in the Wellington heights the northwest kalactanians were very close to losing the war to the Australian troops that they were fighting against this war then there was a hero that saved the war for the kalactanians- Jonathan Pratt he was a very nice man and very amazing the while northwest kalactanians were pinned down by artillary fire from the opposing Australians Jonathan pratt did something heroic he went in to Australian territory solo and with no means of communication because his radio had been lost in one of the trenches that the kalactanian troops had dug so the Jonathan under the impression that the kalactanians were losing the battle Jonathan started to go across Australian territory and scout troop postitons he had his little note pad to write down the coordinates of the oppositions troops but then Jonathan got captured and then something happened he noticed when he had to go to the prison many kalactanian troops were there he knew he had to help them but it Could possibly cost him his life as Jonathan was walked to the prison cell he took a key card and unlocked the cell then he exploded the gernade killing the Australian troops and himself this was a very hard decision because Jonathan had a a family back home and his wife was expecting a baby boy but this isn’t the only reason why the baby being born wasn’t just anyone it was Downhill skiing star Javier Pratt so these Olympics will be very personal for the downhill skier and northwest kalactanian flag bearer Javier Pratt.

About the song
Pratt is a very slow song although it is played by many bands the reason for its slowness is that is that it celebrates that amazing soldier although he died the main part of the song is about 25 seconds long which is the part we will use his Walk in to the Olympic stadiem although the main part of the song the part played by bands can be 3 minutes long
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Central Shaneville Look foward to Winter Olympics

Postby Central Shaneville » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:02 pm

There has been talks among the people of Central Shaneville this evening about whether or not there leader has put a team forward for the XIII Winter Olympics. Many people took to social media to discuss the matter until it was revealed a few hours ago by the leader that a team of around 30 members will be making the long trip from Central Shaneville in the West Pacific to the hosts at Electrum, Shaneville themselves are making their debut at the games and hope to ''at least get a few medals'' said Shane Wray who will be competing in the Speed Skating. However hype died down shortly as Central Shaneville and Shaneville (the capital) respectively wait and see if their team are to be accepted into the games. ''Its a waiting game, but I think we have a chance...Be it very small because of the amount of nations, but I think the Olympics is a great time for nations to bond together and just have fun - lets hope we see our flag of Central Shaneville waved at the games'' the leader of Central Shaneville commented in a press conference. Also in the press conference it was hinted that either the capital city of Central Shaneville (Shaneville) or even its second largest city Bayside maybe interested in hosting the next Olympics, though no comment was made on whether it would be the summer or winter Olympics they would bid for. But for now it would seem the competition is their main focus.

SHV Sports will broadcast the opening ceremony, as well as the rest of the events live from the 17th February all the way to the 6th March when the games end.

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Postby Unified Beretania » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:12 pm

Albavona Capitol Sentinel

#JaguarMania sweeps nation once again

Albavona, Unified Beretania -- It's hard to believe that it has been four years since Jaguar Rodriguez won gold in women's 1500m short track speed skating at the Winter Universiade I in Wrycrev, Kosovakia. There, she scorched the competition, finishing eleven seconds in front of the silver medal winner, Lara Thompson of Emerstari. Just fifteen on that magical night in Kosovakia, Rodriguez has added four more years of experience to her resume since.

The Albavona teen has the most fitting of names. A fierce competitor, her thousand yard stare has been known to strike fear in her opponents, and she is an apex predator on the ice. Yet, outside of sport, Jaguar Rodriguez is a class act, with maturity and humility in abudance.

"I remeber that night in Kosovakia like it just happened. I was so focused and I was in a zone. Nothing could disract me from winning gold," Rodriguez recalls. "Everybody talks about the eleven seconds. Yeah, eleven seconds. It's not about that. I don't gloat...but I still have so much respect for Lara [Thompson] and she really earned that silver."

"I wanted to give my daughter a strong name that none of the other girls in her school would have. I wanted to inspire courage and a fighting spirit in my daughter. That's why I named her Jaguar," said Jaguar's mother Maria.

Maria Rodriguez beamed with pride as she eyed the gold medal her daughter brought home from Wrycrev, neatly framed and hung upon the wall of the Rodriguez family home.

Last week, Jaguar returned to the high school she graduated last year, Salvador Alvarez High School for Science and Technology. There, she signed autographs for students and fans. More that three thousand came to see Rodriguez. Rodriguez quietly reflected at a mural painted on a wall in her old high school, created by local Albavona artist Rick Sanchez. It was comissioned for Jaguar Rodriguez's appearance in the Winter Universiade I, and depicts an angry jaguar giving chase to Jaguar Rodriguez across a frozen lake of ice but failing to keep pace.

Jaguar can't walk a block through her old Los Palmas neighborhood without getting stopped for an autograph or a photo. Everybody it seems has a story to share about the girl named Jaguar.

Neighbor Pablo Sandoval recalled the time a ten year old Jaguar knocked on his door asking for a ride to practice. "She didn't miss a day. She practices every single day. She told me her mum was ill in bed and she needed so badly to get to practice. This kid never gives up. She is there in the moment every single day. There is not a kid in this entire world that works harder than Jaguar," Sandoval said. "I gave her a ride because I saw this burning passion that I have never seen in anyone else. It's almost like a supernatural- she is just amazing."

Rodriguez takes great pains to strike a perfect balance in her life. She's also a microbiology major at the University of Albavona, works part time at a local animal shelter and is quite the social butterfly. "It's funny. Everyone asks me how i do it, because I only get four hours of sleep a night. It's all i need. I'm so occupied with practice and school and work, and I have tons of friends I make sure to make time for," Rodriguez said.

Among those friends are some of the international competition she's met along the road to these Olympics. "I keep in touch with a lot of friends from other countries I've met. They are more than just mere competition to me. I call them friends too, and they motivate me to push harder, to be stronger, to be better, and to be faster."

She's also dealing quite nicely with being a multi-millionaire at just nineteen. She quickly inked her first million with a marketing deal for Crosscom Global Telecommunications of Fujisawa, Inc. and has since help market other brands, too. She's inking new deals left and right in the run up to these Olympic Games. Jaguar Fever has once again swept the nation.

The nation needed a sports hero four years ago. Beretania needed its next Sarasvati Channarayapatra or Sheena Jacqueline Baker or Stephan Chang. That hero this new generation of Beretanians is looking for is Jaguar Rodriguez. Unified Beretania fell in love with the short track speed skating phenom four years ago, and now that she's Olympic ready, she's here to stay.

Jaguar was recently tapped for the honors of being flag bearer in the Opening Ceremony. The raw symbology is stunning. The entire nation holds its collective breath in awe and inticipation and pins its hope and dreams on the shoulders of an incredible teenager named Jaguar, just as it did four years ago in Wrycrev, Kosovakia.

"I've been doing this since I was a little girl. Mum always said I can do anything I want if I fight hard enough. Quiters never win and winners never quit," Rodriguez said.
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Postby Amuaplye » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:23 pm

Amuaplyean athletes enter Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2016.

The Amuaplye National Olympic Committee has announced the delegation, which will be listed in a later article due to its length.

The flagbearer is going to be Leonard Perry, who is representing Amuaplye in the Men's 1500m in Speed Skating.

Last night, when the delegation was announced at Stadium Amuaplye in Sydney, there was much fanfare

The athletes all marched into the stadium, with Leonard Perry at the front, carrying the Amuaplyean flag, and Sergei Chuikov, the Prime Minister, carrying the flag of Electrum.

After they left the stadium, a 21-gun salute was fired, and then a fireworks display.

Approximately 50,000 people attended, with an extra 1,000,000 watching at home.
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Postby Mattijana » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:09 pm

Mattijana Aim For Record Games In Prescott


Mattijana will aim for a record Winter medal haul at the thirteenth Winter Olympics in Prescott Electrum, which are scheduled to get underway next weekend. Their total of 9 medals last year was a Mattijanan Olympic record in either Summer or Winter games. That has since been overhauled by the total at the 12th Summer Olympics, but Mattijana will still be aiming to record a new Winter record and have what is considered to be their best squad yet at their disposal.

Here are the Sports and athletes it's worth keeping an eye on during the games:


Target: 2 medals incl. 1 gold.
Entries: 3

Mattijana won their first ever Curling medal at the 12 Winter Games as the men beat Natanians and Nosts to seal a bronze. Both the men's and women's teams are unchanged from those games and will be hungry to replicate and improve upon their success.
Curling has always been a popular sport in Mattijana. The mix of tactics, skill and strength means there is something for everyone whilst the game can be played on refrigerated ice, even when the temperature is close to or even beyond 20° outside. As a result, the sport is one of the most accessible winter sports and can be played almost all year-round.

Matej Donilović's medal-winning rink return, featuring lead Stefan Radjeskov, Dominik Jariliov and Sami Grosicki. On the women's side, Skip Marika Sava is joined by Lara Amarika, Jasmin Karotič and Katarina Julanova.

Curling benefitted greatly from the medal at the last games and more success this time round could stimulate and explosion of popularity all over the nation.

Sliding Sports:

Entries: 27
Target: 6 medals incl. 2 golds

Mattijana's happiest venue is once again expected to be the sliding centre and after success in the Sliding World Cup and World Championships, they will be hopeful of picking up medals, including golds.
Bobsled is the most tried and tested method of obtaining those medals. Matej Dimitrov and Dan Ljusan won bronze at the last games and have looked in good form during the World Cup, finishing 4th in the World Championships and overall standings. In the 2-woman bobsled, other Olympians Katarina Malekova and Kara Velezia won World Championship Gold at the Hollesbirjke and will be keen to improve on their 7th place from last time in Prescott. The 4-man team have also kicked on from their bronze at the last games with 3rd in the world cup standings, the 4-woman team finishing a place behind in 4th.

Skeleton is arguably the country's strongest sport traditionally. Mattias Burgisijo represents the biggest medal hope in that sport after a string of results in the World Cup. The 27 year old has a smooth and still style that will suit the Prescott course and suffered disappointment last time, only managing 8th place.
Julia Loelling is the best hope in the women's skeleton. She missed out on participation on the World Cup tour due to a calf injury, but is excited to go again in Prescott and will be out to avenge a fourth place finish.

Luge also presents unexpectedly high medal prospects. Izara Alina returns for her third games after crashing out at her last two Olympics. She has shown what she's capable of on the World Cup circuit though, winning one event and finishing fifth in the overall standings. Jasmin Tallinski may also spring a surprise. The 23 year old is still in the early days of her career, but won a surprise World Championship gold, undoubtedly a major source of confidence going into the games.
Halzo Razmov has struggled on the men's side, failing to even make the cut for the World Championships, but will hope to rediscover some good form.

Alpine Skiing:

Entries: 35
Target: 6 medals incl. 2 gold

The other sport in Mattijana have been involved in internationally in the lead up to the games is Alpine Skiing. The World Tour has featured a variety of Mattijana male and female athletes in all the Alpine Ski events across the world, including at the PuljanaBirjke.

Kameran Albermauler has been a sensation in downhill skiing since his introduction mid-way into the season. The 19 year old claimed second in his first event in PuljanaBirjke and won his first race at the season finale in Ciavno.
A strong glider, Albermauler has the smoothness needed for downhill racing and has already won the admiration of many world skiers. A gold would be a big expectation of the young Mattijanan, but it is not out of the question.

Mattias Burges started his tour campaign strongly, but results began to slip away towards the end of the season. Having said that, Super-G emerged as his strongest discipline and the downhill silver medallist from Mattijana's first ever winter games may well have added a technical edge for the shorter speed event. Matej Lavrancic and Dominik Hiršer have also provided good results in the longer events.
Ilka Savranič has emerged as the main women's hope in the downhill. The 29 year old is a little older than many of those around her, but had performed well on tour, winning the final event in Ciavno. Julia Maže has some good early results to replicate, but fell away a little towards the end of the season whilst Sophia Tadič, Mattijana's best-placed downhiller last Olympiad has also enjoyed good form.

Slalom skiing is held in even higher regard going into the games. Marcel Sabitzer won Mattijana's second gold of the last Prescott games and will be Mattijana's flagbearer this time round. He has an unorthodox technique compared to the majority of the world's field, but it proved effective last time and Sabitzer is definitely in title-defending form according to his tour results. Kevin Handler also has a world cup victory in Jarrbergen to his name.

Daniella Viedenfele is the main medal hope in the women's technical events. She has two world tour victories and more podiums and is one of the consistently strong performers in the build up to the games.

Short-Track Speed Skating

Entries: 15
Target: 3 medals incl. 1 gold.

Mattijana's short-track programme has progressed hugely since their debut games two olympiads ago and reaped the rewards of their hard work last time out when Dan Kamatz claimed a bronze in the men's 500 metres. He returns after a strong pre-olympic build up alongside Katija Lumana, who will be going in the 500m and 1000m distance disciplines.
Short-track is an often unpredictable affair, but the Mattijanans are stronger than ever before and have a real chance of nicking a couple of medals.
Short-track is a brilliant spectator sport and increased exposure at the most recent games provoked many to get involved in the sport back on ice rinks in Mattijana. It's expected the 'bronze generation', as known due to the inspiration caused by the bronze medals, will filter through at the next games.

Speed Skating:

Entries: 25
Target: 2 medals incl. 1 gold.

Long track skating unearthed a hidden gem of Mattijanan Sport in the form of Sami Jedinak. The Mattijanan won gold in the 1500m in Prescott last games and set Mattijana's only Olympic record in the process. Jedinak will definitely be in the hunt for more metal in the 500, 1000 and 1500 metre events and might just be aiming for an outright record at the same time.
The long-track team is a little bit of a one-man band, but it is hoped that Jedinak's success may lead to more athletes being fed into an ever-strengthening system.

Freestyle Ski and Snowboard:

Ski entries: 21
Target: 3 medals

Mattijana's freestyle team are another expected to improve their performance this games. Bronze Medallist Kevin Most returns in the slopestyle looking for something shinier with his combination of slick rail-work and spiralling air tricks. Sophia Hitz is the newest medal hope in the women's slopestyle and has reportedly been preparing tricks in secret training sessions above the Mattijanan village of Leskovica. If reports are true, it will be interesting to see what the Mattijanan can come up with in Prescott in front of the biggest audience of them all.

Ski-cross is also a strong suit for Mattijana. Luka Sulic is in the hunt for a medal whilst Dominik Kraftswhelk is another strong contender for the men. Daniella Kramaric and Georgia Zamas have looked good in training for the women's event.

Ski and Snowboard cross are regularly chaotic, unpredictable and dramatic. Mattijanan cross coach Klara Cibulkova has focused on strong starts in order to keep her athletes out of trouble and the strong athletes will hope to stay out in front to avoid being taken out. Meanwhile, those not capable of a power start will most probably choose to hang back in order to take advantage of the slipstream and any mishaps between the top athletes.

Mattijana's only moguls hope is Demer Wasilevski. The 28 year old has a solid turn and some new tricks up his sleeve for the mid-course jumps. This will likely be his final game however due to the strain on the knees and back caused by the bumps, so the northerner will want to go out on a high.

Snowboard Entries: 27
Target: 3 medals incl. 1 gold.

One plank is nowhere near as popular as two on the Mattijanan slopes, but snowboarding has a loyal and highly talented following. David Velezi is back following a scrambled bronze last Olympiad, looking for gold. Philip Denisov will also look to nip into a medal position if there is carnage amongst the favourites. In the women's competition, Claudia Klopp and Jasmin Kominov represent the best hopes of a good finish.
Away from the cross course, Mattijana have hopes in one of the Olympics new events as Julena Kamarina gets some big air. Kamarina goes again in the slopestyle looking for Mattijana's first women's freestyle medal. David Hoch has Hoch hopes of a top 10 and maybe an outside medal xhance in the men's big air
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Postby Kriegiersien » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:25 pm

Night Talk

A TV Studio. 4 people sitting at a small table in comfortable seats.

Moderator: Hello. Today with us Panna Cotta, the Head of Mission of the Kriegiersien Olympic Delegation, Dolores Wood, Author of the Book “Do robots have hearts?” and Klaus Hohn, Professor of Literature at the University of Schoenwetter.

Klaus Hohn (chewing on a small pretzel): I don't really know why I am here.

Moderator: Mrs. Panna Cotta, you were a known baker before you got your new Job. How did that happen?

Panna Cotta: Thank you for having me. It is a great honor to be here. Well, I was making a marvelous cake at the birthday of our President. A really nice man. In the conversations with him after it, he offered me this Job after the accident my predecessor had following the average results of the last Olympics.

Moderator: Are you not afraid that you will...cast away like him, who was found floating dead in the sea?

Panna Cotta: No, my work is always excellent. Art and successful. I am positive that we will have great results and show an extraordinary performance.

Moderator: Speaking of Art. Your artificial athletes are cyborgs. Kriegiersien has officially nearly 11 billion inhabitants, even after all this conflicts, but still not enough human athletes than more as a bit over 50 in 8 competitions, but 6 Cyborgs competing in nearly 200 contests. Is sport really in that bad of a situation in Kriegiersien?

Panna Cotta: No, the enthusiasm for sport in Kriegiersien is big, the people are strong and persistent, the health of the average citizen acceptable. But, you see, we are looking for and using our opportunities. These robots are much better in performance and less .. restive, much more manageable than most of their human or other creatures counterparts. We now have a good tradition of mechanical enhanced citizens and the newest generation is really too good to refuse them to take part at the Olympics.

Dolores Wood: When the first Zombies were used as Zombiebots, violated and forced to compete as slaves for the Nation that was a very disputable thing. But now you build new machines. Synthetic mockeries of nature.

Panna Cotta: That's evolution. They have the right to exist, fight and compete like any other being in our glorious nation.

Dolores Wood: We could also compete with cars in races then.

Panna Cotta: Only if they were Autobots. Cars are not intelligent, conscious beings.

DW: You call that humanly shaped obedient puppets conscious? Some of them don't even look like humans.

PC: So? You would kick out people because they are ugly? And just because someone focuses his life fully to one thing he is less of a man or woman for you?

DW: Speaking of woman. Just because you put some extras on the half of them, they are not suddenly female. That is a joke. It's obvious that the competition has clear premises that you elude.

PC: We have beings other than humans compete here, too. The Olympics are open to anyone, not restricted to races, regions, religions, political agendas or franchises like others. That is the great thing. The difference between male and female athletes is the only one that is made and we took that into account.

DW: You really think that these are woman? And if they had sex with their “male” counterparts they get cans as babies? That is really retarded.

PC: I can't argue with you if you just get silly and insulting.

Moderator: A last word from you, Klaus?

Klaus Hohn: We have these discussions sometime before and during every Olympics and no one does something against this travesty. This nation became a pathetic cluster of trolls.

Moderator: We remain in eager anticipation of the Opening ceremony of the XIII Winter Olympics in Prescott, Electrum. Thank you and good night.
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Postby Teremaran Olympics Delegation » Tue Feb 13, 2018 7:16 pm

Roman Kazyenko International Airport
Ekaterine, Falkasia
Days Prior...

As they had thrice before, Falkasia was the primary jumping-off point for the Tavlyrian group of the Unified Teremaran Olympic delegation. An entire wing of the main terminal had been cordoned off, and Silenkov passenger jets had been leased from FalkAir by the regional Olympic organizing committee to transport their contingent of athletes in style. The aircraft themselves sat idle on the tarmac, bellied up to the jetways like gleaming blue and red-liveried stallions at the starting gate. In between, an army of service technicians and heavy equipment weaved like worker ants.

There had been consternation among the local political elite about allowing the athletes of certain nations, namely the distrusted Yellow Star Republic, from staging on Falkasian soil. However, with persuasion from the domestic Falkasian Olympic Committee, notwithstanding direct assurances from Chairman Dimitri Romanov himself, permission had been granted and visas were issued. As expected, there were no issues and things operated business as usual.

Romanov himself stood squarely in the terminal, surrounded by a miniature ad hoc athletes’ village constructed between the rows of seating. Much to his amusement, tents had been pitched and sleeping bags unrolled to allow for some final moments of rest prior to hitting Electrum. A rush of air blasted past as the men’s Falkasian and Gragastavian bobsled teams, using requisitioned luggage carts, practiced competitive launches in the main corridor. Veteran skeleton slider Yildirim Sezen joined them, using a skateboard instead. His twin sister Lelja watched on amused with her ladies’ bobsled team, who were far more content downing duty-free store calories and contemplating strategy than participating in the ill-advised practice runs with their countrymen and southern neighbors. Rumor was the Gragastavians were still the favorites to win Gold in the four-man this Olympics, much the same as last year despite their last minute miss of the medal podium. How they became that good, no one could be sure. There was no ice in Gragastavia, except when entrenched in local commerce.

His pocket vibrated. Dimitri reached in and withdrew his phone, noting the text message from his counterpart, Jean-Marc Koepller, the Neu Engollian Minister of Athletics. Despite frosty relations the nation had with Falkasia following the Hutanjian War, there was no animosity in their relationship. If anything, they were quite amicable, born from countless hours working together in close confines united by a common goal.

“Everyone is accounted for,” the message read. “Waiting for clearance to take off.”

Dimitri smiled briefly. The other Teremaran contingent from Madurin would be flying out of Paritte, Gaul and meeting them on the ground in Prescott. This made more sense than routing everyone through Ekaterine, as funding following the lackluster Summer Olympics was still a bit of a universal issue.
He took a headcount from his central position. Reviewing a padfolio, he quickly ticked names one by one as he went down the list. Upon reaching a satisfying end, he smiled once more. Things were moving like clockwork. What had previously been a nightmare of logistical failures was now a practiced art. Third time’s the charm, as they say.

Hopefully such luck continued to manifest itself during actual competition.

The Yellowsians and Glisandians sat separate from each other. In fact, the Yellowsians sat silently separate from everybody, waiting patiently as their government minders hovered over and weaved between them. The Glisandians had no qualms about mixing with the other Tavlyrians, and in fact, relished it as most of their fellow citizens could never afford to travel beyond the borders. Both nations were recovering from the war they had fought with each other, and Glisandia still was reeling from the subsequent civil war that had been borne out of the aftermath of the Yellowsian invasion.

Officially, the two nations had no diplomatic relations and little economic relations. Over the last couple Olympics though, many of the athletes of the two northern Tavlyrian nations had started to bond, as athletes with no political aspirations or feelings tend to do. They were cousins, after all. Stripping away minor ethnic and cultural differences and a few minor differences between Yelskja and Glisja, the two national languages, they were mostly of the same hearty Nordic Tavlyrian stock. Still, Yellowsian officials didn’t see it that way and anytime a Glisandian athlete approached their shepherded counterparts, they were warned away. The groups of friends exchanged glances, knowing they would get their chances to reconnect in Prescott.

In the meantime, the Glisandians chatted with their Gragastavian and Falkasian counterparts as they waited to board the flight.

Meanwhile, in Paritte, Minister Koepller conferred with his Madurinite counterparts, the Gauls and Austraks, as they got their wards, along with all their gear, aboard two Air Gaul flights to Prescott.
“I will breathe again when we touch down in Electrum and get to the Village.”

Cédric Piaget, the Gaulic Minister of Athletics, laughed.
“I will breathe again when we are done and on planes back to here.”

Kristina Heinz-Dochler, the Austrak official who had taken the place of Liebsgott, the now revealed BND officer detained in Neu Engollon, only smiled distractedly instead of offering a comment of her own. In her head, she contemplated whether she could ever hope to gain their trust, or any of the Teremarans or other athletic delegations competing in Prescott. She knew that when it came to Austrakians, the rest of the world was now certain that every one of them was an agent for the BND, the Austrak intelligence service, or the BMI, the state security service. She had an insurmountable mountain to climb to convince them otherwise.

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Central Shaneville Ready for Prescott

Postby Central Shaneville » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:09 am

A rather excited leader of Central Shaneville, John Poseidon, has released a statement today saying that ''Prescott have accepted our revised delegation, so now its time to prepare for the flight tomorrow'' When asked why he and the athletes were going so early he responded: ''We want to be there early so we can meet some of the nations as well as take in the amazing sights of Prescott and the places around it." Central Shaneville's Olympic team will takeoff from Shaneville International Airport tomorrow afternoon, with an expected 10,000 people there to wave them off in support.

If you want to watch the Olympic Winter Games from Prescott in Central Shaneville: Checkout our Previews as well as the events and even the full opening and closing ceremony on SHTV Sports from the 17th February.

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Postby United Islamic Khanates » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:25 am

For the second time in history, a Khanati delegation can enter the biggest arena of the multiverse: the Olympics. Across languages, races and even species, nations get united for two weeks to compete in an atmosphere of sportsmanship and honour. Last year, the ‘Initiative for the Development of Winter Sports in the Khanates’ or ‘Project Prescott’, as it got quickly monikered, managed to exceed any expectation with a grand total of sixteen medals of whom four gold - nearly unmatched for a delegation their size. Delegation leader Murat Tleubayev did all that’s possible to temper the enthusiasm but cannot hide that - once one gets away from the tabloids and zealots - no one could be satisfied with less than three medals. The 41 men who have to take care of that are carefully presented below.


The biathlon selection flew into Prescott with quite some ambitions last year but as Bormatenkov nor Tugizakov delivered on the day, their results and ambitions got snowed in a little amongst the successes of the cross country skiers. It’s an evolution which persisted in the domestic scene. Where previously it got seen as a step-up from the CC, it turned into an appreciated but underestimated spin-off. Nonetheless the Olympics can welcome a youthful squad of five with various ambitions, a sign that the sport definitely can look confidently to the future.

Key man in the selection is Akbarjon Khvostunov who returns to the place where he competed in two finals last time around. Despite barely leaving an impact on the international scene, one could claim that this triple national champ might break into the first twenty in the sprint event for which he has prepared extensively. ”Now is the time to harvest the results, but a lot will depend on the circumstances on the day. I must say that I prefer tougher conditions out there.”

Also back for more, we see Anvar Karpyk who converted to the shorter events in the last few years. Even more than his compatriot, he has to hope for a good day but hopes to qualify for the purchase event. The remaining trio is made up of younger elements who probably will struggle to rack up major results. Keep an eye out for Tanat Kozhamberdy who is only 20 years old and has a tendency to pip his more senior compatriots with his exceptional shooting - but can he stand the nerves on the big scene?

Anzur Tungyshbayev only won his first senior race three weeks ago and is a bit the surprise packet in the selection. Only state professional since this year, this former package deliverer must be living the dream as an unexpected competitor at this stage. The same could be said about Alisher Taubay who used to be a child prodigy but has not shown the same prowess yet on the highest stage. In theory it will be the former who completes the quartet for the team event although little is expected of them.


It is rare to see a sport getting so utterly dominated by a single man but what Marat Narzikulov managed to do in the last seven years stands out as unique. One who wouldn’t know better would think that Ar Marshuk, the national sliding center, must be located in his backyard as he hasn’t lost a single competition there in nearly seven years - even if the competition grew across the last few years. Building on a top forty spot of the XII Olympics, Narzikulov prepared for an even closer run but saw his usual brakeman Timur Sokhibov drop out one year ahead with consistent back injuries. Salvation was close as his younger brother Maxim Sokhibov will be taking up the responsibilities in Prescott but with a novel man to the project in his sleigh, pilot Narzikulov will not be able to afford the slightest of mistakes.


As outlined above, the sliding centre at Ar Marshuk did wonders for the development of a strong generation and the same can be said for the luge competition where no less than three contestants have been chosen. For long, Zhambyl Kochetkov formed the perfect figurehead to promote the sport to wider audiences: outgoing, friendly and classy. With a bunch of national titles on his scroll of honour, he aims to progress beyond his 42th spot last time around. One could say that small quips such as ”We’re here to grow the picture of the nation,” will definitely aid making him even more admired by the inner circle.

However, when it comes to ambitions to actually aim for more than an admirable mid-table position, all heads are turned to Maxim Mustafaev. Despite his twenty-one springs, he as well slides into his second Olympics. Some of the roughest edges have disappeared off this unguided projectile but he remains a spectacular contestant who will not hesitate to take risks at the border of what’s advised. His colourful attitude is most definitely atypical for your average Khanati but if he matches it up with silverware, no one will really care. To complement them, the Board fielded Baurzhan Muzhikov who might not be the third best luger in the UIK but is one with the growth margin to come back to the biggest stage and sweep others of their feet. A man with a mission to grow.

None of the likes for the Zeytulaev brothers who both are at the wrong side of thirty to hope for a triumphant return to the XIVth Winter Olympics. Eldorbek and Aybek share the sled for over a decade, which ensures that the chemistry will be perfect between both and coming off an incredible and unexpected fifth spot previously, these two make excellent dark horses for a medal. The question remains whether the risks they’re willing to take will turn out for the best this time around in a sport where details determine everything.

Short Track

No one would have guessed that Erzat Bikmaev would return from Prescott with a gold medal - him not the least. A victory in a high-speed, high-risk competition evidently demands a pinch of luck but the heartwarming story of the failed speed skater turning to a marginal discipline in his nation and conquering his compatriots got revered across the multiverse and made him possibly one of the most applauded winners of the previous Olympics. Things have evolved in four years time as he now enters with the whole nation around him - and many wonder what the pressure will do with his performances. Talent is available, but are the steel nerves?

Most interestingly for the sport is that, in the slipstream of Bikmaev, a whole horde of young skaters turned to short track and two of them are knocking on the door to prove themselves. Serikzhan Suyumbayev should be capable to make a dent but his style often gets him involved with the judges and it’s not sure if he can compensate that with his speed on this level. On the other hand there is Bekzat Tashpulatov, a nimble farmer’s boy who has only been on skates for four years and has nothing to lose at nineteen.

Speed Skating

For long, the sport revolved around the shorter distances but with the flare-up of everything involving short track, the enthusiasm for that has died down a little. It’s evidenced by the fact that the experienced Khursid Ermekov will be the only representative in the sprint distances. He’s definitely a capable contestant and might even improve on his previous results - rubbing against the top 30 - but there is very little behind him. The notoriously fickle Ermekov rarely cracks under pressure and wants to chase his personal records.

More attention comes when looking into the 1500m where Abdulloh Tsoy presents himself as a noteworthy candidate for a good classification. He surprised in 16th previously and as no other can focus on the big occasions. Much will depend on the competitor with whom he’s paired up as he thrives on the big duels. Joining him in this distance is his friend and protégé Ilyas Zaynutdinov who hails from the same small village of Ukranad - a skater with an incredibly long sway but not always as technically skilled. With experiences as these, he could learn what’s needed to really crack the big scene.

Once again raising the amount of laps, two well-known figures return to Prescott. Matvey Urinboev might be a former bronze medallist but that gives few assurances for his performances this time around. In the aftermath of his triumph, he collapsed under the pressure and rarely made a finish line in two years - rumours of depression and alcoholism, an uncanningly common problem in the Khanates surrounded his reputation. He seems back on the way up as shown in qualifying for the tournament, but it’s doubted if he can shine. Even less chances are given for Kamoliddin Bakaev who might have the moderation and dedication needed, but has already accepted that there are certain ceilings he’ll never break. Bakaev will not go down as a force and is a respected member of the delegation, but mainly is here to guide his teammates.

Most notably amongst them is debutant Tokhtar Darabayev, a 21-year old sensation who could come out of nowhere and immediately rival for a spot in the top ten. Talented, proud and hardworking, he makes a prime example of the motivated athlete who will do what it takes to reach the top. Although most expect him only to harvest in four years time, Darabayev himself refuses to say such a thing, ”one should never go to the Olympics just for the experience, but to compete for the medals.”

Crass words but on the other hand, Darabayev could make the difference in three events. Being it the 5 or 10 kilometre but also the mass start, a new addition to the competition but one that’s particularly popular amongst the younger skaters. One of those is Shukhrat Beysenov who despite his age showcases the tactical maturity to deservedly make it to the Olympics. Beysenov could well be used as a tactical pawn to place an extra ace up the sleeve of Darabayev.


Not only do the United Islamic Khanates lack the facilities to develop a strong generation of skiers, the sport is rather unpopular amongst the audience as well. With that in mind, it’s quite a surprise that two make it to Prescott although both are outsiders in their way. Didar Nedashkovskiy saw more of the multiverse than most, having travelled a lot to make his dreams come true to live of the sport. He’s not untalented, but untested against the best. On the other hand there is Damit Zyvayutdinov, an eccentric and rich business man who - is rumoured - bought his way into the selection and will struggle to avoid an embarrassment. Then again, Zyvayutdinov is not the man to allow himself getting embarrassed.

Cross Country

While it’s always dangerous to declare one sport the national pride, it goes without saying that the success of the XII Olympics worked inspiring and magnetic for the athletes to further improve their record. Evidently, the cross country delegation might not be overwhelming in size but returns to Prescott ambitious, even if the triple gold medal might be a far stretch. What helps is to see all the familiar faces who grabbed silverware take a second chance, with the oft-forgotten Ayazbayev - member of the winners in the team event - the sole exception.

During the intermediate years, it is Asror Suyunov who developed into the leading man. The tactical prowess shown when edging out Houston and Mullins last time around, only heading into the lead in the final stretch, serves him well but he mainly grew to a dominator on the shorter distances. Eloquent yet modest, he is the spokesperson for the team and seems to carry his reputation as famous sportsman with ease. If one man can travel to Prescott to win a medal, it’s Suyunov.

Two years his veteran is Sergey Shemyakin, a fellow gold medallist who across the last few years lost a bit of his aura as the Luvna Locomotive but could still be considered as a prime ace going into the competition. Hard-nosed and focussed, he excels on the longer distances and will attempt to close up the Olympics in triumph on the 50km Classical. He knows the drill and has steel nerves, a combination which should allow him to compete for glory.

A third returning medallist is Dilyorbek Isroilov but this did not happen without some hassle. Despite being part of the victorious team, he got discarded from the starting four and acts as a back-up. Not completely undeserved as his results have been inconsistent and often even patchy at best lately. Isroilov, a highway engineer, claims to have the motivation to turn the multiverse upside down but it wouldn’t be the first time his words speak louder than his actions.

As such, two new elements will accompany Suyunov and Shemyakin in the chase for gold in the team event. Temirlan Berdymuradov is no ace by far but rarely disappoints and always manages to do his bit. Especially in a team event, he seems capable of a little more. The youngest of the four is starter Yerdos Nurgaliyev but he should not be underestimated. At 23 he has grown into the heir of Suyunov, a cross country skier with a perfect style and excellent race mentality. If he can show on an international platform what he promised domestically, he could put his foot next to those of his more famed teammates.

The selection rounds up with two younger elements, starting with the sprinter Timur Ashurmatov. It’s a discipline which requires good timing and such is his prime strength but one could fear he lacks the pure speed to deal with the very best. Nonetheless, this chemistry student could learn a thing or two for next time around. Similar thoughts are voiced about 20-year old Bakdaulet Amirseitov, who takes on the grueling Classical. Stylewise, Amirseitov is a disaster but he’s got amazing stamina and often manages to win a bunch of spots in the final third of the race.

Nordic Combined

Even if the team returns to Prescott as the holding bronze medallist, one cannot deny that the ambitions are limited as they have a Tleubayev-shaped hole in the heart of the team. Nikita Tleubayev, undoubtedly one of the talented and polyvalent athletes in the nation’s history dragged the team from eighth to the podium with an incredible five kilometres, got Main Nation Ministry on the line and saved his Olympics. But restless as he is, he retired last season to become a full-time mountain climber and left a team behind that is not abysmal, but lost its chances for gold.

Key man now is veteran Botirali Mukhiddinov, 15th in the individual event last time and even if he is not that open to the press, a respected athlete. Mukhiddinov forms an assurance in terms of performances as he rarely disappoints and knows that consistency is the key. It contrast a little with Azizjon Khashimov, a more talented athlete who especially in the ski jumping portion can take on the battle internationally - but only on his day. Anything, ranging from a heavy crash to an impressive result is on the books with him.

They get complemented by the talented Rafkat Molokarayev who only recently made the transition from ski jumping. It will be a matter of holding on when on the skis for him but a race like this one could see him progress in the future. Lastly, there is loyal soldier - both literally and proverbially - Zhasulan Khojikbarov who is well aware of his limitations but should manage to defend whatever position his teammates can conquer.

Ski Jumping

It is remarkable to see for a sport so popular as ski jumping how so little talent is coming through the ranks - as evidenced by the fact that three of the athletes here are over 28 but that their selection was nonetheless uncontested. Need more proof? Reigning national champion Mirjamol Pasechenko is definitely no highflyer - pun intended - but still managed to grab the national title. He is one of those for whom the Olympics is a reward rather than a challenge and there’s little to aspire.

However, there is a single exception to the rule and that little diamond is called Aidos Turysbek. Pocket-sized and fearless, he is the favourite of any housewife with his peaky blond hair - a rarity in the Khanates - and cheeky smile. Turysbek powered through the youth ranks and only a few heavy crashes kept him from reaching more so far. He prefers the - less wind-influenced - normal hill and that is a pity with an eye on the team event, but he could well bring home the best results for the squad.

The selection gets completed by Roman Buleshev who never fully managed to show how on earth he managed a 27th spot in Prescott. Was it a rare lucky day or is the slope in his favour? We could easily find out in the upcoming weeks. Lastly, there is Farkhadbek Masharipov who manages the rare combination of full-time athlete and part-time author of thrillers. He claims that it clears his mind, but we’re not always sure if that’s a perfect preparation for making 100 metre jumps.


There are some nations where the snowboard finds itself on an equal footing with the skis but the United Islamic Khanates form an exception to that rule. No wonder that only two athletes qualified and neither really aims higher than the middle of the pack. Cross specialist Baktiyor Kuat showed his dominance nationally but is untested at this level and in a competition that requires some craft and tactical wit, that might cost him. 17 year old high school student Ulan Zukhorov is the youngest of our participants and takes on the slopestyle. ”It’s gonna be awesome,” he mentioned and that oddly sums it up nicely.

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Griffin National News

Gryphonian Alliance Team Heads to XIII Winter Olympics

February 14, 2112
After the governing body of the West Pacific multiregional alliance announced its decision to provide supplimentary funding to any country within the alliance which participates in the Winter Olympics, UltraPraetor Kashin Octubrenacht pushed the NAA to organize a team. In early February, the Gryphonic delegation flew to Electrum in order to participate, sponsored by QuiltaKolta, Cellstore, and Nectarine.

GNN talked with bobsleigher Granito Heldrei about competing in the Winter Olympics. "I look forward to competing and exuding full effort at the Olympics," Granito told GNN. "I'm quite honored to be able to inspire other Griffins to get out there and do what one can to succeed."
Watch the Games starting on February 17th, 6:00 GST on Gryphonian Sports Channel 1, or watch the livestreams on Webpunch. On location in Prescott will be several news correspondents from the GA.
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Gryphonian Alliance
The West Pacific
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1st place in Women’s Individual Large Hill/10 km Nordic Combined
1st place in Mixed Relay 2×6 km+2×7.5 km Biathlon
2nd place in Two-Man Bobsleigh
3rd place in Two-Woman Bobsleigh

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The National Observer
Kannapians Depart For Olympics in Prescott, Electrum

Last night, Kannapian athletes departed for the nation of Electrum to take part in the 13th Winter Olympics. We interviewed a few of the athletes before their departure and all of them are ready for their chance to win medals for the Kannapian Federation.

We spoke first to Briana Victory, who has been announced as the flag bearer for the Parade of Nations. This will be her fourth Olympic games and she already holds five Olympic medals. She stated, "I am excited for the Olympics, of course, I always am. What better way to represent the nation on the world stage than to compete against some of the best athletes from lots of different nations? These people come from different cultures, have different views and respects towards athleticism, and have different training regimens. They could decimate me or they could be no challenge whatsoever. Only time will tell, I can't tell you whether or not I win any medals this time. I can promise you that I hope for the best for myself, my fellow Kannapians, and competitors from all nations attending the Games."

Ryan Moore stated, "I think it is great that Kannap participates in the Olympics, it is great for us to sent our athletes and display our talent to other nations of the world. It also allows us to engage in a form of relationship with nations that isn't diplomacy or war. Nothing against diplomacy, it is a great form of relationship between nations and I hate war, but athletics and the Olympics are great ways for nations to come together in an amazing shared spirit and passion for a peaceful form of competition."

Ryan Moore has one Olympic medal - from the 10th Winter Olympics, but he is hoping to bring home some medals this time. Diamond Parks also holds one Olympic medal, a gold from the 9th Winter Olympics, and she spoke kindly, "The Olympics are a powerful tool for many people. For us, though, it's not a tool - it's our passion, our livelihood, our lives, our careers, and our hobbies. I love the spirit and the emotion at the Games. This will be my last Olympics. It's been a great run, a great time, but I need to understand when it is time to step back and let others enjoy it. I won Kannap's first winter Olympic medal and I am passionate about representing Kannap athletically, but it is time for me to call it a day. This will be my last time to share in the celebration and joy of the Games. I wish luck upon everybody, Kannapian or otherwise."

As the Olympics carry on, continue reading more from us or tune into KNN - our television partner - to keep up-to-date with the latest news from Prescott.
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West Phoenician Winter Olympics Delegation Team Mascots


A female shrill scream echoed in the halls of the Winter Olympic Villiage in Prescott, Electrum.

The West Phoenician Winter Olympic delegation had officially arrived in Prescott and it appeared an athlete from another nation had stumbled upon West Phoenicia's mascot for these games.

West Phoenician Mascots Beira (named after a Gaelic goddess of winter) and Itztlacoliuhqui (Aztec god of frost) proudly slinked around the Winter Olympic villiage near the area reserved for the West Phoenician delegation.

Beira and Itztlacoliuhqui large and tame West Phoenician Snow Leopards were officially voted by the population as the perfect choice of a team mascot, ahead of a Goliath paper mache Snowman and children dressed as snowflakes.

West Phoenicia loves to embrace its creatively in everything they do. Previous Olympic opening ceremonies included an array of costumes embracing their past and past history, use of fire and a mock sacrifical burning to act as a blessing to the Gods and Goddess and Animal Deities.

The two Snow Leopards are harmless but other nations should avoid running near them, the snow leopards may see it as a game and pounce.

The brother and sister pair will feature in the opening ceremony marching alongside West Phoenician athletes and will be escorted around by Princess Bonita Bush Philopator; second daughter of the King of West Phoenicia usually in long white gold leashes.
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Postby Amuaplye » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:33 pm



(Transcript Key:
R - Reporter
L - Leonard Perry)

R: What is your name?

L: My name is Leonard Perry.

R: What sport do you do?

L: Men's Speed Skating. 1500m.

R: When are you going to compete?

L: February 24th.

R: What do you say, from a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being absolutely sure that you'll win a medal, how confident are you?

L: 10! I'm one of the best in my sport!

R: Why weren't you picked last year?

L: Too obscure, I guess. I don't know why we had such a disaster last year. I heard most of the NOC got fired, and most of the Ministry of Sport also.

R: I remember that. Wasn't that Athletegate?

L: Yes.

R: How is it like at the Olympic Village?

L: Great. I heard through the grapevine that a country's delegation are throwing a party sometime soon. I'll come if I'm invited.

R: Are you excited for the games?

L: I sure am. I'm pretty confident I'll win gold.

R: We hope to see you then. Good luck!
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The Barisean National News Channel

February 14, 2018

audio recording- may not be copied without the consent of the producers of the video
A-Announcer Cassandra Wilson
R-Reporter Carol Jacobs
M-Ashla Morgan
C-skiing coach

A-"Excitement gathers all over Barisea as the beginning of the first Olympics we have attended draws near. This is huge, and in another story, this excitement may spur a new wave of athletes. Anyway, the figure skater Ashla Morgan has been announced as this year's flag-bearer! Carol Jacobs has managed to get an interview with the 18 year old star. We will be joining her shortly, in Electrum!"
R-"Yes, this is quite a moment, Cassandra. I'm here with Ashla Morgan-"
M-"Hi!" *Ashla leans over and waves slightly*
R-" ...and you've been selected as the first Olympic flag bearer!"
M-"I am soo excited!!" *Ashla squeals*
R-"I can imagine, so you recently won the nationals?"
R-"Wel-he-hel I can see someone excited for this!"
R-"So, what do you think about Electrum?"
M-"It feels comfortably familiar to Barisea. The same mountains and snow. Also, I've been looking mostly at the places where I and the other Barisean athletes will be. "
R-"And where will you and the others be?"
M-" Okay-I'll be in Northcote Oval-for the ceremonies, and in the Ice Palace for my events. And the others will be in... the Aether gardens, the Prescott SkateDome, and...yeah. We didn't send everyone we could have this first year."
R-"No, we didn't. Are there any places you liked while touring the city?"
M-"Oh, the hotels, shopping and just walking around. The place is beautiful."
R-"How about the night life?"
M-"Eh, not really my thing."
R-"You mentioned walking?"
M-"Yeah, I've done a little hiking from time to time. Nothing major."
R-"Nice. Well, I'll let you get back to practicing."
M-"Yeah... I have the Olympics ahead!" *She spins on her skates*
R-"As I am leaving, I should introduce this place. This is the Barisea Royal Ice skating facility, where all ice skaters in Barisea training for the Olympics are currently at."
A-"We will get an interview with them later."

A-"Next up on this pre-Olympic special, we have the Male Yukigassen team. Carol Jacobs is on the case again!"
R-"Hi, Cass-" *gets hit by a snowball*
A-"Oh! you ok, Carol?"
R *laughs* -"Yeah, this is the Yukigassen team."
A *keeps laughing* -Oh! Al-*laugh*-right! Oh! I'm tearing up here!"
R-"Should we move onto the next section of our program?"
A-"all right" *laugh*

A-"O-ok! here is our final...*laugh*...section....of our program today..."
A *takes a minute to compose herself*
A-"Finally, we'll be learning why our skiers and bobsledders didn't come."
P-"All right. So what is up with this?"
C-"Our best skiers are out with injuries. As of current, sending people in would not accurately represent our nation."
P-"When will these skiers be ready again?"
C-"The earliest one would be ok in a few weeks-that is, ok enough to compete."
A-"We, I'm sorry to hear that, let's wish them the best of luck." And this concludes this section. Stay tuned for. the. OLYMPICS!!!!"
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The National Observer
Athletic Profiles

Over the course of the next few days, we're going to be publishing athletic profiles for Kannapian Olympic athletes. Kannapian athletes new and veteran have come to these Olympics for the chance to win their first medals or to add to their medal tallies. Let's start looking at them.

Olympic Medals Won
X Winter Olympics020
XI Winter Olympics100
XII Winter Olympics011
Briana Victory
Birthdate: June 12, 1985
Birthplace: Bergsstad, Kannap
Residence: Bergsstad, Kannap
Height/Weight: 5'7" / 146 lbs

Briana made her Olympic debut in the 10th Winter Olympics and has been a Kannapian favorite since then. From a very young age, Briana had an intense passion and love for skating and that's how she got into her athletic career. She won her first medal at her first Olympics and has been returning since then. She has yet to announce whether or not she'll be returning for the 14th Winter Olympics, because she "wants to focus on these Games and do her best." She is a force to watch out for at these Games and we should see her grow her medal count by a few medals at these games. Watch out for her in the speed skating and short track speed skating events.

Olympic Medals Won
X Winter Olympics010
Ryan Moore
Birthdate: January 2, 1987
Birthplace: Malenium, Kannap
Residence: Bergsstad, Kannap
Height/Weight: 6'1" / 230 lbs

Ryan Moore also made his Olympic debut at the 10th Winter Olympics but didn't manage to become a household name like Briana Victory. Though Ryan is not a force to be ignored. We are looking to him to increase his medal collection, in these Olympics that he has named his last alongside Diamond Parks. The next Olympics we will have to find a new Ryan Moore, but for now we have Ryan Moore. We expect him to bring in a few medals with his short track speed skating events. We'll be looking forward to sharing in celebration with Ryan in Prescott.

Gregory Idolic
Birthdate: April 8, 1993
Birthplace: Kannapolis, Kannap
Residence: Royale, Kannap
Height/Weight: 5'10" / 223 lbs

These Games are Gregory's first, as he makes his debut into Olympic events. He has been a rising name in Kannapian speed skating events nationwide and we are hoping to see him make a shining start to his debut in the events at the Olympics this year. When asked how he felt about departing for the Games, he said "I am nervous, very nervous. Though I believe I have the great chance to bring home some medals and make my country proud. I hope that the people back home will be watching me and cheering for me as I compete in my events. The events will be live on KNN, guys, tune in. Support your athletes, be proud of your nation!" He spoke very well about the spirit of a new athlete making his debut at the Olympics and we wish the best for him.

Those are today's Olympic athlete profiles, read tomorrow's issue for information about other Kannapian athletes in Prescott. As the Olympics carry on, continue reading more from us or tune into KNN - our television partner - to keep up-to-date with the latest news from Prescott.
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Postby Togonistan » Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:43 am

Olympics are coming!
By: Martin Kauakowole

Here we are again, eagerly biting our nails off as we are waiting for the Olympics to start. Tension is in the air as months have been spent by our athletes polishing their skills to the max and millions of taxpayer money has been shipped to Britonisea for the right to use their winter sports facilities during training sessions. Now, all 5.2 million Togonistani people are eagerly waiting for the games to start just so they can see our glorious athletes finish in the bottom of the leaderboard. But hey, at least we can feel some kind of proud patriotic feeling as we see Caty-Ari Kapral carrying that flag to the Olympic stadium while parents watching the games at home try to explain their children what is that strange white matter (otherwise known as ''snow'') covering the ground in Electrum.

However, jokes aside, our athletes have actually been working hard during the past few months and no matter the result, I sure hope that people will find that time to sit down and watch at least some of the events on TV, whether it be our bobsleigh teams, skeleton athletes or curling team currently in action. Because, let's be honest about the fact that no matter the results, seeing athletes from Togonistan participating in Winter Olympics is a thing to watch in itself. Coming from a nation where temperature hardly ever falls below +20C, it will be heartwarming to see our bobsled team speeding down that tube, wearing skintight suits in our national colors.

XIII Winter Olympics start on this Friday and last until March 6th. Events will be broadcast on TV by Ultrasports 1 and 2, while will keep you up to date with recent results as well as all the fuss happening behind the scenes.

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The Sports Register


Athletes head to Prescott, Electrum for XIII Winter Games

Three Dunians to Watch for in Prescott

Janis Wallace
-Alpine Skiing-

If you were to ask anyone in Dunnes who to watch out for in Prescott the answer would be Janis Wallace. She currently leads both the Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Super Combined World Tour Standings, in addition to leading the World Tour overall by over 250 points. But if you were to ask the same people a year ago, they most likely would have said, “Janis Wallace who?”

While Wallace is having a breakout year, a year ago the heavy medal favorite was in a much different predicament. In the 22 year olds first training camp with the national team last year, she crashed hard into a snowbank, after a run was improperly set up. In the months that followed she faced enormous setbacks, including a knee surgery that needed additional corrective surgery.

“Not gonna lie, those months sucked. It was like I could do nothing right.” said Wallace. “It was just an extremely rough time.”

Wallace, through physical therapy and extensive rehab, finally made it back onto the mountain last summer, and almost seemed to gain an edge after all she had gone through.

“Yeah, I think before the crash I was just skiing on pure talent. I didn’t have the fundamentals down, but after doing all of that rehab, I think as an athlete I’m just stronger. I’m more dynamic than I ever was as a skier.”

And she has been dynamic.

At the season opener in Halsrath, she took the silver, returning to the sport in her own stylish fashion. And at the next stop on the tour she made it clear she was no fluke, taking a bronze at the Slalom in Bhola. Later that month after a rough turn of form she bounced back yet again, taking yet another silver, this time in the Super Combined on a treachourus track in Thandaye. However it wasn’t until the slalom in Kallora when Wallace came from behind to win on the second run, that she knew she was fully back.

“When I finally won a stop on the world tour, I kinda knew I was fully back. I was like this is it, all the hard work was for something.”

But she’s made clear since that she won’t be content with just a World Tour title. She wants more, and an Olympic medal is at the top of her list.

Nate Hill
-XC Skiing-

Unlike most winter olympians Nate Hill did not grow up wanting to go to the olympics in the sport their now in. Nate Hill is different. He wanted to run. However knee injuries and osgood slaughter postponed that career, and on a winter vacation Hill discovered a new one: cross-country skiing. A bronze medalist at the National Junior Track Championships in the 5000m, Hill was on winter vacation, and got bored of jogging in the pool. He asked his coach if he could go out and cross country ski, and the rest is history.

“I think after a certain amount of time on the skis, I realized that I wasn’t going back to running. Something just clicked.” remarked Hill.

And it clicked at the right time, as Hill came from relatively nowhere at the start of the season, to the Dunian trials champion in the Men’s 50 km Classical, and Men’s 30 km Skiathlon, skiing away from much more experienced competitors. As for his goals in Prescott, Hill, at only 20 says that he’s more there to learn from the worlds best, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try and challenge for a medal.

“I’m not afraid to stick my head out there. I want to do my country proud.”

Rachel Oda
-Figure Skating-

Let’s be honest. Figure Skating is not big in Dunnes. The organization that runs figure skating in Dunnes only has 8 staff members, and there are only four “elite” clubs in the entire country. So how did Rachel Oda emerge as one of the best figure skaters in the world. One word: persistence.

After flooding the Valencia area two years ago, Oda found herself without home ice, and no real venue to train at within a commutable distance from her home. She eventually tried to resume training in Deschutes, a four and a half hour drive from Valencia, but had to leave after a few days because the rink was owned by an ex-coach who wasn’t pleased the she was training there. After some time abroad, Oda  finally made the move across country to train with her current coach, John Fosbury at a rink outside Mirola.

“There was a time when I was wondering if I could recover completely. But I can skate now and that is the most important thing. In the past many negative thoughts came to my mind. But now I want to show that this is my dream and to give my dream performance.” said Oda before the games.

And while she’ll be competing in one of the games marquee events, she knows that it will most likely be the first time most Dunians tune into a figure skating competition.

“Not only do I want to win a medal, I want the sport to grow in Dunnes.” she’s made clear.

If she wants to grow the sport, she just might have to win a medal to thrust her sport, and her onto the spotlight.

An Olympic Primer


Athletes from Dunnes will compete against the world in 14 sports each of which have multiple events. In addition to athletes over 100 staff and support members will head to Electrum for the games.


Prescott is Electrum's second largest city, at the foot of the Wilderness Mountain Ranges, and has been the host of the past two Winter Olympiads. The fellow Rushmori nation is about a six and a half hour flight from Mirola or Dodgetown.

What (are we good in)?

Dunnes leads the country standings of the Alpine Skiing World Tour, so look for Dunians to do well at the Timberlin Ski Resort the alpine skiing venue. However Dunnes should be one of the top nations in Biathlon and Cross Country Skiing, as they are the natural fit for the Dunian obsession with endurance sports. In recent years Dunnes has also been prevalent on the world stage in the sliding events, Luge, Skeleton, and Bobsled.


The games will take place over the next two weeks. If you're not one of the lucky Dunians who will be traveling to Prescott, DBC and DBCSport will have extensive coverage of the games both on their family of networks and on their online platforms. Coverage begins with a primetime showing of the Opening Ceremonies Saturday.
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