[Appeal] Merry Christmas to Natives and Defenders Everywhere

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[Appeal] Merry Christmas to Natives and Defenders Everywhere

Postby Santas Elf » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:01 pm


Reppy locked this thread saying "Funny, this doesn't look like the Getting Help page where such accusations belong.

Otherwise, we're stopping this tempest in a teacup here. You wanna insinuate, imply, or outright claim "So-and-so did $really_bad_thing!", this is not the place for it."

That was not the purpose of this thread but it got derailed and off topic by multiple TBH council members as well as Arks with posts of how players act and behave. That was not the intention of the thread. As you can see it was continued and extended through Koth and Souls on the thread as well. In addition I did respond to it instead of saying to get the post back on topic and reporting derailment and off topic posting. I would appreciate for that reason if you could unlock the thread once people have gotten time to cool off as well as moderate the thread going forward and enforcing the rules for the forums.

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Postby Katganistan » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:27 pm

Appeal denied.

Clearly, it was meant to gloat, and clearly, when you kicked the anthill, you got a reaction. And the reaction included flinging accusations everyone KNOWS should be made via GHR rather than posted in the open.

It can stay closed. And no, while we DO enforce forum rules, it is NOT our job to babysit a thread 'going forward'.
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