Tides of Blood IC [Castion Only]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Tides of Blood IC [Castion Only]

Postby Thallanos » Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:46 am

The Republic of Thallanos, a single, monumental city sprawled over the Isles of Thallanos, ruled by a disjointed council of autonomous aristocratic nobles, prominent businessmen, and military commanders. A large degree of decentralization, pioneered by Archmagister Vaseilios Megalos, has made him a very popular ruler with the other houses, but is a policy without much support within his own family.

While relatively politically stable as the Archmagister lives, a worrying religious cult too has reared it's ugly head, the "Order of Nyctelios", has long been a minor cult mostly ignored by Thallan society as a whole. The Cult has inexplicably become emboldened in recent years, with more followers than ever before. This Order worships the unspeakable horrors known as the Old Ones, or the Chaodis Pantheon, specifically, the "Prince of the Outer" known as Nyctelios, a colossal winged beast with tentacled appendages and a horned head, with dozens and dozens of pitch black, slimy eyeballs. The Prince of the Outer is widely considered the prime evil of the Thallan Pantheon.

In popular folklore he was driven to the sea by the gods of Thallanos, assisted by a band of heroes known as the "Myrmidons," the legacy of which lives on with the Elite Guard of the Archmagister of Thallanos, who share the same title of Myrmidon. While mainstream religious orders claim that Nyctelios was defeated permanently, the cult sees differently, believing he merely slumbers below the waves

Thallanos, Palatial District

Archmagister Vaseilios was accompanied by three Myrmidons, in resplendent gilded steel armour consisting of a scale hauberk underneath a heavy cuirass and shoulderpads, wielding their iconic flame-bladed Claymores, the troops were not just for show, they were impeccably trained and respected across the world. Just previously, the Archmagister's escort had just been ambushed by unknown assailants, hooded and cloaked, their faces covered by terrifying masks, armed with an assortment of maces, axes, swords and daggers. They overpowered the small escort which had mostly consisted of city watch. The Myrmidons managed to cut through the assassins with relative ease, and bundled the Archmagister into an alleyway.

They dropped into the sewers. It was Dark and Dank, one of the myrmidons sheathed his Claymore, "It's okay, sir, we're going to get you out of here, we'll follow the sewers north for about half a league, that should bring us right under the Palace, the guards will be able to take us from there to your chambers," he said as he lit a torch for his free hand and drew his ornate arming sword. "Stay between us and keep your head down, and we'll be fine."

They made their way through the dark and rotting sewer system, the only light coming from the occasional gratings far above, and the flickering glow of the Myrmidons torch. They made their way to a large cistern, which was approximately 150 metres across on either side. The large grate above sent piercing rays of sunlight into a circular pattern on the centre, but otherwise, the pitiful light offered by the torch proved laughably pointless, and the cistern was shrouded mostly in complete blackness. The Archmagister clambered over large brickwork blocks, his ornate golden robes being covered in dirt, dust and refuse. They reached the far end of the cistern. Where a steel gate was closed and barred.

"Shit, its barred from the other side. Alkibiades, see if you can find another way around," the lead Myrmidon said.

The man with the torch nodded and started walking, and stopped almost immediately. "More Assassins!" he said.

"Fuck, it's a trap!" another shouted anxiously. They were cornered on a brickwork walkway, with no way out but the barred gate. "We need to get that gate open,"

The Cultists closed around them and one of the Myrmidons desperately tried to unbar the door, the two others stood forwards, flamberges in hand. Vaseilios had no idea how the cultists could see in this godforsaken sewer, but they seemed to navigate the pitch darkness with astounding dexterity and swiftness. The first few charged them recklessly, and were easily cleaved in twain by heavy two handed claymores. The rest stood back, just on the edges of the flickering light of the flame.

With a clang and a metallic crash, the gate behind them opened "I got it!" the Archmagister heard behind him.

"You two go, the Palace is just ahead, We will hold them off," the lead of the Myrmidons said.

The Archmagister simply nodded and followed the last remaining Myrmidon through the sewers as the wave of cultists crashed upon the doomed Myrmidons. Vaseilios didn't know how long they could hold the cultists off, but he prayed it would be long enough for them to reach the palace. The narrow and low-ceiling sewer tunnel was flanked by a river of stinking sewerage. As they pushed forwards, they heard the shouts and screams of the battle behind them. In the darkness they heard shuffling feet ahead in the long, dark tunnel.

"Shit, take cover in that enclave, I'll check ahead," the Myrmidon said, "If there is any trouble, flee to me, I'll be just ahead."

The Archmagister nodded and ducked into a dark side passage, a dead end, keeping his ears open in case he heard the sound of approaching footsteps. After a moment the sound of clashing of steel stopped, and he heard the sound of a heavily armoured soldier approaching. He sighed with relief and began to step forwards, but before he could move he heard the sound of stone on stone grating. A secret door in the corridor behind him opened, and out rushed a single assassin.

"The Prince Rises..." he said as he plunged the dagger into the Archmagisters throat.

Thallanos, Academy District

"Tell the Heir-Patriarch what you told me,"

Periklis Megalos was seated in the throne of House Megalos, which he ruled in his father's stead while the Archmagister ruled in the Palatial District. Before him was his personal household guard, and a single ragged-looking Myrmidon, covered in blood and... other unpleasant substances.

"You know what happened to my father?" asked Periklis. Ever since his father's disappearance following the attack on his royal escort, the worst was feared, but nobody had ever found the body, and until the death of the Archmagister was confirmed, it would be unprudent to host a royal election.

"He is dead, the Order of Nyctelios killed him, I... They may have moved the body, but the Archmagister is definitely dead..." the Myrmidon said.

It was alot to take in at once, Periklis was filled with emotions, his father may have been too weak on the other houses, but he was a good man, and did not deserve to die in some godsforsaken sewer by fanatic lunatics. At this point it would typically be time for the election of a new Archmagister from the noble families. But this assassination wasn't an isolated event, and it had the possibility to blow up into a full blown crisis. "Have the noble families meet in the Palatial District, I will announce our situation to them then."

The families would convene at the Palace, believing they would be electing a new Archmagister from amongst the Patriarchs, but Periklis had something else planned.
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