[PASSED] Prohibit Private Prisons

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Postby Wallenburg » Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:02 pm

Araraukar wrote:
Christian Democrats wrote:An army of gnomes appears and brutally beats your mid-level bureaucrats until they start implementing the resolution.

OOC: Oh come on, you even wrote a 2 year mercy period into your text.

Thus, the bureaucrats are beaten for 2 years.
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Postby Aclion » Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:18 pm

Araraukar wrote:
Christian Democrats wrote:They're not loopholes but features of the proposal.

OOC: So you just have a misleading title and tendency to lie by omission in the proposal text to get "for" votes. Noted for future reference.

Add to your notes the fact that prohibiting private prisons doesn't address the perverse incentives faced by prison operators that get funding according to the number of inmates they hold. Private prisons under different funding systems(Like my nation had back when we had prisons) don't necessarily face these perverse incentives, while publicly operated prisons funded in this manner still do.

BootJack wrote:Hello everyone, I voted to prohibit private prisons and received a telegram this morning from the WA that said. "Laws have been enacted to bring BootJack into compliance with the World Assembly resolution" I'm fairly new hear so not sure about what this message means. How am I not in compliance and how do I get in compliance?

As a serious answer to you question. You could very well be in compliance. That telegram is sent to every world assembly member when a new general assembly resolution(other then a repeal) is passed.
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