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Dome Artan
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Postby Dome Artan » Fri Jul 31, 2020 9:27 am

That Kanglia sure can write! Completely unbiased assessment there
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Postby Kanglia » Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:53 am

Dome Artan wrote:That Kanglia sure can write! Completely unbiased assessment there

Well of course Dome, how can I not be unbiased against a region I hold so dearly :p
guess who's back, back again. Kang is back, tell a friend discord is #EdgeCraft#5167
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Postby Qvait » Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:29 pm


A Drop in the Ocean 2, a festival between The North Pacific and the South Pacific has begun. Feel free to join for games, roleplay, competitions, lectures, and AMAs.

On TNP's forum:
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Hey, I'm Jay and I am a legislator and roleplayer in the South Pacific.

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The South Pacific Special Forces
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Postby The South Pacific Special Forces » Sun Aug 02, 2020 7:00 pm

Christmas in July- Minor 2020-07-26 | Islands- Major 2020-08-01 | Other Operations

Christmas in July- Minor 2020-07-26

“We have a code red. Alert, code red. Christmas has been taken over.” The voice sounded urgent, pleading, even.

“Copy.” The person pressed a small button on the desk, speaking into a microphone, then released the button, standing up from the desk and swiftly leaving the dark room.

Above deck was where the rest of the SPSF were, all congregated together, engaged in passionate discussion over glasses of South Pacific Iced Tea, as usual. The past week had been rather eventful, and it did seem that everyone was eager to get some rest.

Everything quieted down once the doors from below deck swung open, and Phoenix emerged.

“If any of you are able to be around, please report to the S.S. Llama Shade.” Was all she said, transforming to the phoenix and taking off to the ship next door.

On the Llama Shade, Generals Roavin and Nakari stood, their expressions serious. Soldier South Asians appeared shortly after.

“We’re going to charge for Christmas,” began Roavin as Nakari made the way to the Defender’s Artificial Solar System.

“Let me call over a few friends.” South Asians grinned, phoning in a few people from FNDA.

At the A.S.S., a great horde of people gathered around, watching the northern seas like a hawk.

Christmas Battle Theme

“We’ll be up in just a few. We’ll move when I call go.” Haku stepped forward in front of the crowd. “The game plan is as follows. Rejected Realms Army, swing into the back. TITO, you guys do what you guys do. South Pacific Special Forces, sail in and break your way as close to the center as you can. Everyone else, follow me. Now, get into position.”

Everyone filed into their respective points, watching the RRA ride off to the opposite coast. Everything was deadly quiet, as Nakari prepared to take the Llama Shade into a gear she had never revved in before. Everyone else was tense, just waiting for Haku’s signal to take Christmas by storm.

All of the sudden, the sound of horses neighing in the distance erupted, and Haku called a loud “GO!!!” and suddenly, defenders from far and wide swarmed in, and the fight was on.

The S.S. Llama Shade suddenly lurched forward, its driver expertly charging through the ice, breaking it up and getting the vessel as close to shore as possible. There were a few defenders already on shore, guarding the rightful ruler of the lands from further attacks by the invading forces, who were busy trying to ward off the RRA cavalry and the sudden mass barrage of defenders.

“Harpoon that group!” Roavin shouted, tossing several candy-cane painted harpoons to Nakari and South Asians.

“What are…” South Asians hesitated for a second in confusion, jumping in surprise when the generals both launched their harpoons simultaneously, ensnaring a few invaders with the candy cane hooks.

“Had to get into the spirit, ya know?” Roavin chuckled, firing yet another candy cane at another straggling invader. South Asians shrugged, assuming the firing position as well, launching a candy cane at the last straggling invader.

Just as quickly as it started, it was over. The defenders gathered up the invaders and kept them trapped there while the rest who were there cleaned up the mess and restored the king to his throne.

“We did it.” Haku blew the smoke off his rifle, suddenly jumping when he noticed it had been painted over in red and white.

“Ha! I was waiting for you to notice!” Roavin laughed. “Had to get us into the Christmas spirit somehow.”

Once the last of the invaders were on their one-way ticket to The Rejected Realms, everyone decided to head home. Aboard the S.S. Llama Shade, Phoenix applauded the generals and the soldier, handing them hearty gallons of S.P.I.T. to the returning fighters.

“Nice one guys!”

“I get the feeling we won’t be seeing the last of them yet.” Roavin shook his head.

“The flurry in activity isn’t too much to worry about. But the trident is still at large, and fragmented.”

“Speaking of…” Phoenix held up her hand, revealing a small shattered metallic fragment. “I found this.”

The S.S. Llama Shade sailed back to Government Island’s harbor, coming to stop at the docks, and everyone went back home, to keep their eye for the next thing.
Defenders of Christmas:

[SPSF/FNDA] Warrior
[SPSF/TGW] Nakari
[SPSF/TGW] Roavin
[SPSF] Phoenixofthesun

[TGW] Altmoras
[TGW] Haku
[TGW] Pyrohy
[TGW] Sir Merlin
[TGW] Tim
[AWP/FRA] Nuca
[FNDA] ASEAN Maharlika
[FNDA] Sargon Reman
[LILY] Frenchy
[RRA] Cat
[RRA] frattastan
[RRA/FRA] Jamie
[RRA/FOM] Neop
[UDSAF] Glaciosia
[AFP] Campanula
[AFP] anti winx

Islands- Major 2020-08-01

“We’ve got reports that some hawks are up. No idea their intention.” The ever-familiar voice of The Grey Wardens’ very own Haku came over the radio.

“On our way.” General Nakari responded, looking around the command room. She grabbed the half-asleep Phoenix and the fully-asleep Roavin, and made her way as quickly as possible to the S.S. Llama Shade, throwing her now-awake companions aboard before sailing off herself to the coordinates set by the Warden commander.

“What’s up?” Phoenix looked over the coast once she regained her footing, seeing the all-too-familiar ships over the horizon. She slowly smiled, reaching for her back for a weapon that wasn’t there. At the realization, she drew out twin flaming katanas instead. “Black Hawks.”

“Yes. We’re joining the Wardens and the Rejected Realms Army on this.”

“Oh, this is gonna be good.”

Nakari nodded, steering the ship to the Artificial Solar System. Everyone watched as the Wardens and the RRA cavalry climbed aboard. As soon as the whole group was aboard, Nakari sailed off towards the distance, keeping the Hawk fleet in plain view.

“They’re live! Over there!” Vinny shouted, pointing in the distance to where hawks were aiming for an island. Nakari quickly redirected the S.S. Llama Shade’s route to the island, quickly overtaking the hawks and beating them to the island. Of course, the hawks merely redirected their course to another island. Which the crew intercepted as well.

Finally, the hawks managed to claim an island. But there wasn’t enough time to even think about cleaning it up, for they were already targeting another island.

The islands the Black Hawks managed to claim were few and far between. Aboard the last one, the defenders managed to storm the Black Hawk’s vessel, rounding them up and sailing them off to The Rejected Realms.

“Trident shard.” Deadeye Jack held up a sliver of shiny Pacifium metal, handing it over to Phoenix.

“Beautiful, thanks!” Phoenix smiled, stuffing the little piece of metal into her pocket. “Three shards found now. Many, many more to go.”

Island Guards:

[SPSF] Phoenixofthesun
[SPSF/TGW] Nakari
[SPSF/TGW] Roavin

[TGW] Deadeye Jack
[TGW] Haku
[TGW] Matthew
[TGW/EU] VIncent Drake
[RRA/FRA] Jamie

Other SPSF operations

[TGW] Haku
[TGW] Team Leo
[TGW] Sir Merlin
[AFP] anti winx
[LILY] Frenchy
[RRA/FRA] Jamie
[RRA] Cat
[RRA] frattastan
[SPSF] SwiftyGamer

Defences: 1

Detags: 3

[TGW] greatsc0tt
[TGW] Haku
[TGW] Tim
[RRA/FRA] Jamie
[SPSF] Phoenixofthesun

Defences: 52 ... diaperland ... of_nations ... ce_of_asia ... federation ... of_america ... ine_empire ... ment_space ... _hawks_dyn ... e_laborers ... he_pacific ... ate_speech ... of_woryand ... dictadores

[SPSF] Phoenixofthesun
[RRA/FRA] Jamie
[TGW] Haku
[TGW] Tim
[TGW/EU] VIncent Drake

Defences: 123 ... diaperland ... yugoslavia ... tionalists ... ity_sphere ... rial_lands ... ll_nations ... _community ... onfederacy ... rry_potter ... mmonwealth ... _and_memes ... s_assembly ... ostly_turk ... _of_ganpor ... can_states ... t_republic ... viet_north ... ld_council ... ole_closet ... of_rowania ... i_centrism ... ean_states ... nion_front ... ommunities ... own_states ... _coalition ... ria_league ... ist_united ... perialists ... mmonwealth ... anindibang ... federation ... mmonwealth ... s_and_elfs ... n_alliance ... f_fersiane ... incipality ... federation ... rn_pacific ... on_of_avox ... _of_satyrn ... ese_doggos ... rial_union ... d_kingdoms ... nist_party ... antarctica ... of_andalus ... of_nations ... ird_empire

Call to Action

If you are interested in helping defend regional sovereignty across NationStates, please sign up here to join the SPSF, and join our Discord server here!
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