LGBT Terrorists Murder National Hero (MT)

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LGBT Terrorists Murder National Hero (MT)

Postby New Edom » Sun May 21, 2017 5:06 pm

OOC Note: possible mature themes may take place in this thread. It is connected to this thread. I would prefer people to post at least two paragraphs as responses, and I will ignore out of nowhere declarations of war, spamming, godmodding, etc. Please try to use reasonable MT style espionage, journalism, diplomacy and if a military response is wanted, use a reasonable build up.


After the Third Civil War, New Edom had been enjoying an unusual degree of peace and unity on the surface of things. However the peace was actually an uneasy one. The political parties in the Chamber of Deputies were struggling to get along, but the country was not truly used to democracy, and efforts at finding consensus in the proportional system that had been developed were creating strain. Much of what they had accomplished was simply to affirm already existing government programs such as the National Agriculture Reform Act, National Education Act, Workers' Rights Act and so on. They had generally proposed a budget which the executive branch had agreed to. But beyond this, they were still arguing, a year later, on immigration policy, national health service policy, taxation, administration of provinces and many other issues.

New problems had arisen: a strike of Chrysotile workers in Etruria Majora Province had spilled into other areas of the country as miners and factory workers rose in solidarity (though the word 'socialism' was carefully kept out of the rhetoric) Free Congress leader seemed to be fanning the flames. A stock market crash in Novitera, one of the regional hubs of finance, exacerbated the situation. New Edom's workers relied enormously on producing goods for further production in other countries. Motherboards, cell phone casings, vehicle parts, wiring, plastic sheeting and other such materials were a large sector of New Edom's industrial production. To some of these factories the shock was ramped up even further by some Noviteran companies simply refusing to honour orders or pay. An anti-foreign bitterness swept through the nation.

Normally, the Monarchy, repesented by co-monarchs King Elijah IV and Queen Mara I would have stepped in with soothing words. However Queen Mara had begun a tour of nations friendly to the cause of Edenism, and King Elijah IV was recovering slowly from a stroke. This left the power of executive government in an unprecedented manner in the hands of the President of the Council of Ministers, General Adam Nicanor. He had been appointed over his rival, Count Thomas Lalery, as the King and Queen had feared that making Lalery President would stack the Council and executive with too many Monarchists at a time when the strikes could spill into violence and anarchy. But the two men were deeper rivals than the Monarchs realized. Nicanor represented traditional values, the Morality Act, suspicion of liberalism and cultural puity; Lalery represented liberalism, free markets, and private conscience. More importantly both were proud, tough minded and bold men who hated one another. Each had factions in the Council of Ministers which opposed the other.

Then, in May, President Nicanor announced he was launching an anti-corruption investigation...

Bara Province, New Edom

A fine villa lay within the city, perhaps a kilometer from the Palace, and there General Zadok Hesperinus was sitting on a large white patio under a large shade umbrella. On a table before him was a walnut stocked shotgun. Near him was Count Ephraim, a cavalry commander who was going to retire that year. Nearby a lovely, lithe, pale olive tanned raven haired young woman in a white sundress was petting a Lazodirian Spaniel, a rangy breed with cream and liver coat, silky ears and a good nature. Both the men were wearing camouflage pattern hunting gear.

“Don’t fawn on him, you’ll distract him,” said Hesperinus to his pretty young wife.

“Sorry, Olivier is just so pretty,” cooed Olympia Hesperinus.

“Pretty!” chortled Count Ephraim, a long faced cheerful sort of fellow with a bulky bandy legged build. “Ha! You’ve pretty dogs, Zadok!”

“At least some of us are pretty,” grinned Hesperinus, showing teeth that looked fit to graze a vein of coal. “Well I’m looking forward to this hunt. The security arrangements for moving the King are going to be in place in a couple of days, but there’s no point in breathing down everyone’s necks. I’ll have an aide not far off in case there’s something to be worried about, but everyone—signals, engineers, MPs, special ops, air control, air cover, air defense…”

“A great responsibility, honey” said Olympia, putting a delicate pianist’s hand on his great hairy paw as he was finishing oiling his weapon. “But I’m very proud to be your wife.”

“Thank you,” said Hesperinus.

“You love your weapon well, as well as your wife I hope,” observed Ephraim. Earlier they had gone to Hesperinus’ shop to work together on making shells for his out of date but perfectly preserved sixteen gauge weapon.

Hesperinus paused. “I must do something which my own hands can affect. And something not peaceful,” he glanced at his wife, “So do not speak of lovemaking or walks in gardens, my dear. It must be killing and bloodletting, which I get little of as a commander. For I had a dream last night, a dark dream, that disturbed my very soul.”

“What was the dream?” asked Ephraim.

Hesperinus paused and put down his brush and cloth. “I dreamed that I had set out from Fineberg, with the King. We set out in Enoch’s yacht, the Sea Star, but it was curiously different, because it had great rails and promenades like a cruise ship around it. And the King asked me to walk with him a bit to take in the evening air, and I did. I thought the King was about to fall, and I reached to catch him and fell myself. I fell into the sea, and tried to kick off my dress shoes, remove my sword and other things, for it was clear that I wore my dress uniform and I was very encumbered. But as I flailed and fought the undertow took me and I drowned. And in the dream I felt my breathing choke, and felt the darkness come over me.”

“How awful! Did you wake up then?” asked Olympia, her fair features creasing with concern.

“No,” he said, staring as though he still saw the sea all around him. “I could all all the wrecks. All the old ships, from the time of the Cornellians, to frigates with barnacled cannons, to the rusted hulks of the Great War and the Civil Wars and all the wars and storms and wreckages. And all barnacled below were rimed over skulls and treasure inaccessible as I went down into the deeps. And I was dead and knew I was dead.”

“Did you feel the cold in the dream, the pressure?” asked Olympia.

“I was aware that it existed, but I was mostly trying to fight to return to life,” answered Hesperinus. “I felt my soul trying to escape me, but I felt the judgements of the LORD weighing upon me and I feared to die unshriven, and then I woke up.”

Ephraim had been very quiet, and said, “Forgive me if I sound like an old peasant, but it sounds awfully like you dreamed of what may happen if you bring the King to Padan-Aran.”

“That is my fear as well,” said Hesperinus. “And I have never believed in omens much and yet…” he sighed carefully down the exposed barrel of his weapon. “And yet the dream still seems just around the corner, as though I could open a door in my house and find the watery grave there.”

The other two crossed themselves. Olympia suddenly said, “My husband, do not go. Do not do this thing then. Have you confessed? Be shriven, stay with me, your children need you…”

Hesperinus gave her a dark look. “Foolish girl, don’t get between a man and his duty. Your love is good but like honey it cloys at times.”

And so saying, he kissed her forehead to take a little of the roughness from his words, caressed her with a gentleness that those big hard hands might seem incapable of, and nodded to Ephraim, who was also on his feet.

“Let’s shoot some clay before we go out. I anticipate a whole bag of quail and pheasant before the day is out, so make sure the servants have the kitchen ready!” Hesperinus received his wife’s kiss in turn and headed for the land rover that awaited them. The three dogs, two of Hesperinus’ and Ephraim’s pointer, bounded ahead of them barking happily.

“Your wife may be right,” said Ephraim. “I mean…not about it being some spiritual thing, we are educated men, but perhaps some little thing in your mind is troubling you.”

“When do little things not trouble a commander?” said Hesperinus. “But I’ll consider it. The preparations themselves…that should be done anyway, always good to test our security for possible holes, right?”

Hesperinus also liked to drive his own vehicle on such occasions, though they also had two others with crack troops from his own regiment, the 15th Hussars. The three vehicles moved down the driveway and out towards the country hunting lodge that Hesperinus shared with several other high ranking officers and aristocracy.

Two men in ghillie suits crouched behind a blind in the forest. Not far off, two men in identical suits had been dragged into underbrush. These men were dead. Though they were silent and alert, each thought of a conversation they’d had earlier.

An explosion rippled along the road, and it was followed swiftly by two fifty caliber rifle shots.


<A group of masked, armed men enter the scene.>

Masked Homofront member: This is an official broadcast from commander of the Homofront in Cornellia, Comandante Veritas, directed at all fascists, homophobes, conservatives and other disgusting folks who wish to persecute us because of who we are. Our organization numbers in millions, our members are dispersed in every country, and they are courageous and brave like the ancient Spartans, for they are united by the bonds of homosexual love, which makes them as invincible as the Theban sacred band. The great homosexual revolution is about to enter in the culmination phase, where forces of the bigots and conservatives are equal with ours; thus, we are calling all to begin the campaign of the protracted homosexual liberation war aimed at the cisgendered heterosexual male foe!

All of us are aware that the modern societies are a grand social construct, created by the grand process of oppression. Just as the exploitative XIX century capitalist system alienated the worker from his income, so the exploitative - and far older - patriarcho - religious complex alienated the homosexual, the woman, the member of a racial minority, and other oppressed groups from their true selves! Their real, cultural identity is denied to them as the bigoted ideas achieve cultural hegemony, forcing them underground. We, the homosexual revolutionaries, expect to tear down that complex of outdated social ideas and finally let humanity control it's own progress; that every man would be allowed to be what he wants to be, even if he wants to be a woman!

But no - the fascists would deny us our most fundamental rights! For centuries homophobes reigned supreme, leading their process of cultural exploitation. Today, this process has ended. TODAY WE TAKE VENGEANCE, for we will rise up and destroy both them, their society, their culture and in doing so we will show them what true fear means! The religious bigot, the fascist and the homophobe understand nothing more, so nothing more will we give them! Behold the fate of two military commanders who are strong supporters of the current regime, aristocrats and tyrants who have purged LGBTQI people from the military. Or have they? See the vengeance of those they have violated!

<General Zadok Hesperinus and Count Ephraim’s land rover is shown, pierced by fifty caliber bullets, their bodies strewn and destroyed, faces being wiped of blood by Homofront members. Their faces are not seen because of rainbow balaclavas. They turn their backs and set those on fire and vanish, wearing clearly the battle dress of New Edomite soldiers.>

Masked Homofront member: This will be your fate, homophobes! We are calling all our brothers everywhere to join us in our struggle! Rise together with us and destroy the oppressie homophobe! We are calling you to force them to undergo process of forceful homosexualization, to take their bodies against their will to show them that being gay is nothing evil, especially when they are one! We are calling you to subject them to forced gender change operations in order to break their will! Out fight will continue until the very end, when the fully socially equal society will finally arise, and bigoted concepts like family, cisgender, and repression will be finally abolished!

<The Homofront members begin to leave while the music starts playing>

"In the ancient times people free were,
Homosexuality was a common thing out there,
Now until religion is gone the progress won't start,
Thus it is time to declare the great culture war!

Under the rainbow flag we will march to the gates,
Of their churches with in hands our long and sharp blades,
Homosexual revolution is the progressive vanguard,
Let the final cultural battle start!

<The song still plays while the video portrays men in rainbow - colored balaclavas crawling through the mud under the barbed wire, then jumping over obstacles. In each scene, the men have enormously well built bodies. Song still plays:>

Tyrants and fanatics of the church,
None of them could us in battle crush,
Queen Mara cried when she heard our voice,
Knowing that except progress she has no choice,

Under the rainbow flag we will march to the gates,
Of their churches with in hands our long and sharp blades,
Homosexual revolution is the progressive vanguard,
Let the final cultural battle start!

<The video shows Homofront's fighters training martial arts, performing spinning kicks in the air, and sparing against each other in helmets resembling those of ancient spartans>

New Edomite churches - all of them will fall,
Countless homosexuals are waking up to the revolutionary call,
With the guns and explosions we will force you to fear,
Knowing that our vengeance for discrimination draws near!

Under the rainbow flag we will march to the gates,
Of their churches with in hands our long and sharp blades,
Homosexual revolution is the progressive vanguard,
Let the final cultural battle start!
"s of New Edom behind her. “Good evening,” she said, looking up with a smile. It was clear that above the waist at least she wore nothing but a gold cross on a chain, though her image was pixelated for those nations censoring such an appearance. “I’m Lavinia Tuller, and this is a NENN Evening News." Her f

<the video shows homofront fighters practicing shooting with various weaponry, including assault rifles, RPGs at targets shaped like political leaders of various right-wing nations>

Homosexual brothers, sisters and others, whoever is non hetero,
The revolution is our only victorious way
To shatter the homophobes and end the discrimination,
We will destroy every backwards homophobic nation!

The Rainbow flag will on the wind float,
While we will from our victory gloat,
The sexual liberation draws finally near,
Let our combined voice every nation hear!

<A big screen with rainbow colored words "OUR VENEGANCE WILL COME" appears before the video ends>


New Edomite National News Report

Opening bars of Pictures at an Exhibition play as a globe spins with pins popping up on various points of the world. Split screen images of natural disasters, celebrations, military actions, elections, royal ceremonies, celebrity events are showing, occasionally with New Edomite news anchors talking about them, and then fades to a news desk.

A raven haired woman with olive skin, dark brown eyes with a rosebud mouth, a slim nose and a statuesque figure sat behind a news desk with the New Edomite flag imposed over a silhouette map of the Allied Stateace was pale and distraught, and her eyes wide and wet with tears.

"In national news…” her voice broke. “In national news, General Zadok Hesperinus and a companion and comrade, Count Ephraim, were attacked by…by Homofront terrorists near Padan-Aran. It is said that they used an IED and a high powered rifle…the injuries so grave that there was no possibility of the survival of the two men….” She paused. “Excuse me.” She dabbed at her eyes.

“Investigations by the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Defense thus far are inconclusive, but thus far evidence points to Homofront terrorists who may have moved through New Feminia. The Ministry of Defense intends to lock down all Feminian borders and crack down on possible sympathizers, control all travel and communications in the province.”

“A nation wide investigation has begun requiring cooperation between all ministries and agencies of the national government,” she continued. “The President of the Council of Ministers, General Adam Nicanor, has asked that the nation pray for the souls of the departed and for the success of the investigation to bring these…these vile persons to justice. Excuse me…”
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Postby New Edom » Mon May 22, 2017 2:22 pm

Fineberg, New Edom

In a public statement, Deputy Minister of Justice Peter Misabel, a tall, thin, angular man, said, "We have already arrested three military personnel...I am sorry, I cannot disclose their names at this time...who have, on investigation, been found guilty of being involved in same sex relationships. This is against our laws in New Edom according to the Morality Act. And we will arrest more if need be. We cannot tolerate this terrorist organization which pursues the aim of perverse and sinful transformation of our society. My office will take all measures available under the law to protect our people and our government officials."

Later, it was leaked that the following individuals had been arrested: Captain Nathaniel Zorias, Lieutenant Tomas Igon, and Lieutenant Felix St-Xavier, all belonging to the 27th Signals Regiment, attached to Padan Army Base. The three men had taken part in communications security exercises around the city of Padan-Aran. Ministry of Justice officials were working with the Military Police to investigate the entire unit. According to some witnesses from the 10th Transport Regiment and Air Force ground personnel operating in the area, the 27th Signals Regiment was known as Sodom and Gomorrah to others in the military. The Colonel of the regiment, Abraham Uzzias, this was entirely false. "The men and women of my regiment are patriots. I have no idea of the private lives of the three officers arrested beyond that they paid their mess bills, did their duties more than adequately, and were well liked by the other officers and soldiers. I am outraged and I am sure that there is a logical explanation for all this."

Following the deaths of General Hesperinus and his deputy commander, Brigadier-General Joachim Merari, who had served as Chief of Military Staff Augrim's deputy during their stint in the Hutanjian War, was appointed to command troops in Padan. The short prim exacting martinent was believed to be just the right man to deal with the shocks that the soldiers in the area had suffered, the worry and dread of what was to come next. His duty was to maintain discipline and make sure no one left. He was authorized to bring in the entire 4th Military Police Regiment to help enforce this, and he did.

The President of the Council of Ministers had been ordered by King Elijah to make sure that there was a serious crackdown. He ordered that all relevant ministries of the government should cooperate in this. He ordered the following actions:

First: A crackdown on the Ministry of Health. The question raised by some members of the government was as to whether or not the nation's HIV/AIDS programs abetted and aided homosexuality spreading in the nation? The Minister of Health, Nemone Jarris, ordered that the HIV/AIDS service should be halted for the time being so it could be investigated appropriately.

Second: The Ministries of Police and Justice were authorized to examine online web logs to see if homosexual, lesbian or other illegitimate sexual exchanges were taking place.

Third: The Ministry of Finance was instructed to crack down and cooperate with observation and reporting and if need be closure of accounts of suspected LGBT persons. Count Thomas Lalery expressed a reluctancce to do this. "This," he was overheard saying, "Goes against the principles of liberalization in our country--there is no due process involved."

Fourth: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was ordered to cooperate with the rest of the government in denying travel visas to nations that were pro-homosexual to suspect individuals. A list was being prepared, but 'discretionary powers' were to be granted to tourism and immigration officials.
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Postby Gauliscia » Tue May 23, 2017 4:46 am

Éichholmschloss, Residence of the High Queen, Chlowisbuerg, United Realm of Gauliscia
Never had Gauliscia stood so strong in the world, with the Ummayad peoples under boot at long last and it's regional hegemony secure with the decline of Achesia. The party which represented the traditional values of Gauliscia and upheld its ancient institutions of state held a firm majority in Parliament and patriotic fervour for the nation and crown was hot. Though storm clouds loomed on the horizon. Liberalism, globalism and westernisation bared its fangs. The Gauliscian Boar had trampled this serpent before but each day it grew in strength. At first it was to Christianise Gauliscia, convert it from Wodinism to Christianity but this was warded off, then it was to force it into abandoning its runic alphabet. Now it is to make Gauliscia atheist, to do away with the monarchy and open the door to all manners of social degradation. But the Boar hasn't yielded. Not yet.

“Your Majesty, the daily papers..” announced a servant, bowing as he entered the office of the High Queen Yngehilda who was perched on the edge of a leather sofa, stroking Souxem, her wolfhound, which lay on the ground behind the low oak table before Yngehilda. A servant brought in a polished wooden tray with a sharply creased news paper on it: the Morning Herald. He was followed shortly by a man carrying an identical tray, though this one with an ornate coffee set with the pots of liquid in silver animal casts. The young servant set the china mug before the High Queen before pouring in first the dark coffee from a pot the shape of an elephant then poured in a cream liqueur from one the shape of a gazelle. He took a scoop of fluffy whipped cream and spiralled it on top with much flair before grating nutmeg and cinnamon on top.
“Thank you Guenther.” Thanked the young monarch as she brought the mug on its coster closer to her. The servant bowed and took the tray gently under his arm, and allowed the other servant to present the news.
“The news, Your Majesty. Headlines are the summer floods down in the delta, an FCW Member of Parliament was caught by police in an unlicensed brothel last night and there are obituaries to Roland Thraaïxe, formerly the High King’s Champion Bull Fighter.” Listed the servant as he placed the paper on its tray on the table.
“Thank you Bérnhaard. Allow me ten minutes then I shall see the Realm Chancellor.” Replied the High Queen with a white toothed smile as she opened her glasses box and placed them gently over her nose and over her ears.
She gently sipped as she read through the pages, a heavy heart when looking at the carnage wreaked by the floods, of children in only their undergarments and people fleeing submerged houses, and of the gendarme helicopters and life rafts. Yngehilda scoffed in disdain at the antics of the liberal politician from the opposition party; Houbert Jœss a generally unbecoming man of poor dress sense and poor nature. How foolish when there are licensed brothels? Having read through other minor news stories she finished off her coffee and returned to stroking her dog, almost losing track of time before the doors swung open.
“The Realm Chancellor Your Majesty.”
A tall, somewhat handsome man bowed before striding in, ever the rural patrician in his grey chequered tweed three piece suit.
“Good Morning Ma’am!” He said, coming before her, to kiss her hand. She gestured for him to sit.
“I trust the cabinet has or will be convening today to sort out these floods?” Inquired Yngehilda, pouring the same coffee for her Realm Chancellor.
“Well, I've just come from Glœrhéi House (Realm Chancellor’s city residence) having chaired an emergency meeting to deal with this and the mood is that the losses are generally not catastrophic and the measures in place largely prevented a disaster, and local services are performing well. I shall be heading down there after lunch, and I hope you will join me..” replied the Realm Chancellor, Lord Charlomann Houëcker, Baron of Blœxschwimarck, the head of the Gauliscian government and a former soldier. Yngehilda nodded.
“Of course, we will head down in the royal train, comfort the aggrieved families and hand out beers to the conscripts and emergency services. Gods bless them. I imagine you are pleased about Héhr Jœss?” Joked the High Queen, folding up her glasses now. Charlomann puffed his cheeks out and raised his hands.
“Well, excuse me for being Party political but he is from the FCW… hardly a novel concept. Once again the FCW are proving time and time again why they will not hold a majority in the Réichsraad for decades to come. Oh, that reminds me Your Majesty. The Foreign Office is very keen to stand in solidarity with a nation called New Edom. You see, they have been the most recent victim in a wave of killings executed by this ‘lgbtq and the gods only know what’ movement. As part of our own stance against this creeping degeneracy they want to draft an official statement of condolence and support for New Edom and a general condemnation against the homosexual, transgender communities and all that rum business in general.”
Yngehilda drew a long sip from her coffee, having poured herself some more.
“Of course, though we may expect an attack here..”
Charlomann nodded but gave a sanguine smile.
“No better casus belli.”

ᛟᚠᚠᛁᛉᛁᛂᛚᚽᚴᚽ ᚡᚽᚱᚴᛚᚪᚱᛖ ᛞ’ᚱᚼᛁᚴᛊᚴᚪᚾᛉᛚᚽᚱ
Official Statement of the Realm Chancellor


Children of Wœdin, I address you this morning not to discuss the tragic effects of the flooding in the Fluesszwéige, I shall be making my way down there shortly, nay, I address now both New Edom and the LGBTQ community, especially Homofront. May I first give words of comfort to the people of New Edom in the loss of such a national treasure that was General Hesperinus and his companions. From what I have been made aware, their loss will be felt deeply, especially in their families for whom I pray to the Gods for, for a blissful afterlife in Walhalla and that the family may recover in due time. Let all Edomites be aware that Gauliscia also faces down such savagery and will stand with New Edom, a nation which whom we share little friendship but on reflection one which we hold in high regard. If the liberal globalist west decides to impose anything on New Edom, you can expect our support for your cause. In the meanwhile, I would like to issue a full condemnation of the LGBTQ community for their repeated attempts to muddy the traditional values of nations and break up the essential family unit. Their behaviour when normalised is destructive to society and will lead to its collapse. As for Homofront, Gauliscia will be seeking you out across the globe wherever we may find you and kill you, before you kill our citizens. This was your final error before your demise, a day over which the Sun now dawns in full shine.

Héil Wœdin!

Lord Charlomann Houëcker, Baron Houëcker of Blœxschwimarck and Realm Chancellor of Gauliscia
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ᛒᚰᚾᛞᚽᛊᚱᚼᛁᚴ ᛞᛜᚹᚪᛚᛁᚵᛁᛂ
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Gauliscia is a Wodinist and germanic parliamentary democracy headed by a monarch. The Stalwart Boar Party in power backs a strong military, friendly foreign policy, a pious proud people and government support for the needy. It's a primeval landscape roamed by rich fauna. Gauliscia is lead by its aristocratic elite but fuelled by the working class.
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A Message From The Lord Of The World

Postby Late Roman Empire » Tue May 23, 2017 10:06 am

An open letter to the nations of the region and the world,

We, the Divine Augustus, Emperor of the Romans, Pontifex Maximus, and Lord of the World, do most strongly condemn the assassinations of General Zadok Hesperinus and Count Ephraim, and we most sincerely approve of whatever measures are necessary to quash the Homofront terrorists and their despicable, abominable activities. Accordingly, any practical resources that might be needed by our long-term ally, the Allied States of New Edom, we offer to put at their disposal to help put down this menace to country, family, and Christianity itself. As a fellow Christian nation, we stand with our brothers and sisters in Christ, with our Edomite brethren, in this time of need.

In hoc signo vinces,
Imperator Caesar Titus Augustus
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Postby New Aeyariss » Tue May 23, 2017 3:12 pm


Honorable Nicanors-san, President of the Allied states of New Edom;,

I, Maki Kojiro, Shogun of the Empire of Greater Nihon, am addressing this letter to you, Nicanor-san, and wish you all the blessings of heavenly father. At the beginning I have to write that the Nifonese government is deeply concerned about the events recently unveiling during the miners strike; especially having relation to possible socialist and communist infiltration. For second, the government of the Empire of Greater Nifon recognizes the regional threat posed by New Femina and abomination of desolation their culture was. Considering that New Edom is one of key strategic partners of Dai Nifon Teikoku, it is the will of the bakufu to support the current policy.

On second note, I personally wish to express my deepest condolences upon death of Hesperinus - Taisho and Ephraim-shishaku. I firmly believe that it is a great and painful loss for us all for such distinguished officials to join Ama-Ototosan in heaven. In recognition of their heroic deeds, I am therefore appointing:

- Zadok Hesperinus Taisho to title of Danshaku (Baron) of Hara and "Virtuous General who subdues the Feminist and the Sodomite"

- Ephraim shishaku to the title of kōshaku (Marquess) of Deijima and and Kanrei of Minamitsuri.

May those titles, awarded to those great statesmen post mortem, be a token of my condolences. In addition to that, the government of the Empire of Greater Nifon is ready for any kind of intelligence cooperation should such a need arise, through respective channels of intelligence organizations.

Honor guide you,

- マキ小次郎

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Postby Impireacht » Tue May 23, 2017 8:55 pm

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Tragedy in New Edom
National Hero slaughtered by Homofront Terrorists, Cultural Tensions on the Rise
Alan Sechlann
May 23, 2016 14:50
A LGBT banner flies in a Homofront propaganda video.

Today in Padan-Aran, New Edom, renowned General Zadok Hesperinus was assassinated by suspected Homofront terrorists through the use of a sniper rifle and IED, the origins of which are unknown but are suspected to be under investigation by New Edomite law enforcement.

For those of you who do not yet know the destructive force that is the Cornellian Homofront, I will give a brief rundown of the organization. The Homofront is a pro-communist, far-left terrorist group spanning several centrist and right wing nations in the Cornellian Region, emplying violence and fear as methods of bringing about their so-called "cultural revolution". The organization has had little effect on Pannessos thus far, despite it's strong presence in Cornellia, though many fear that it may attract followers in the region.

As of yet, President Loryn Marchan has not commented on the event, however, it is anticipated that questions about the Homofront's actions, as well as about Imperian relations with New Edom, will come up during Wednesday's press conference.

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Shelia Cavan: Leftist terrorist groups? More like activists, this is just Marchan trying to control the media again. Besides, New Edom brought this upon themselves. If they'd been more caring and accepting, they wouldn't be in this situation today.
|----> John Sweeney: Fuck off, commie.
|----> Mairi Fitzgerald: Conspiracy nuts coming out of the woodwork again. Marchan has no influence on the media, nor has any Imperian President since the monarchy was overthrown. If you'd taken 6th grade political science, you'd have known that. Too bad you dropped out in 3rd.
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Postby New Edom » Wed May 24, 2017 1:26 am

A doleful march played as the coffin, on an artillery caisson, was pulled down the Avenue of the Saints in Fineberg. Lancers and Cavalry Guards in full dress, plumes nodding, buckles gleaming, swords and lance tips flashing in the occasional sun peeping through the clouds. It was a humid day and many faces gleamed with sweat in the parade. Soldiers of General Hesperinus’ honour guard, as well as bare headed generals, admirals and officials of the government moved behind the trotting hooves of the General’s favourite polo pony which was attached to the caisson. Olympia Hesperinus rode in a carriage with her children, ashes in her hair, her clothing torn, her face taut with grief.

People lining the streets were varied in mood.

"Good. May he rot in Hell," said Lemuel Remigius, a leading Miners' Union organizer, a burly man in his sixties, painted white and blue within a scattered sea of other such bodies. "Murdering bastard." A few others with him nodded grimly.

Another Free Congress supporter, Timothy Stanton, a journalist, cautiously referred to Hesperinus past that may have provoked the murder. "Murder is a terrible sin," he said into his microphone, glancing at the camera and back at the funeral cortege, "And it is our hope that this death will not lead to future violence in our nation. This dishonourable death was an assassination done in the cowardly manner of shooting a man in the back. As we see the grieving faces of those around us, we can also see that there will be a reckoning."

Hidden among the crowd were various gay, lesbian, trans and other non-heterosexual persons. They were varied in their attitudes. Minister of Justice Gabrielle Balaam, holding the fort at the Palace of Justice in case of an emergency, watching on television, was secure in the notion that she was a key member of government, and that she appropriately was discreet in her relations with her lifelong 'friend' and therefore secure. Another, Brigadier-General Benjamin Maron of the Airborne Division, stiffly saluting as the coffin went by, hoped he would never be discovered. Yet another, the Dowager Queen Rebecca, riding in a car, dressed in mourning, her expression somber appropriately, did not realize she counted for any concerns. She was surely immune. And there were others, hidden in uniforms, body paint, ordinary street clothes, who had been walking the balance of agitating for new rights and not rocking the boat. The activists, the outspoken, the dangerous were dead, imprisoned or gone. What was left were those who pretended and were either firmly in the closet or ready to retreat to it at a moments notice or hoped power and privilege would protect them from the purge that would come.

Monarchists were out in strength that day, many weeping, holding out their hands, uttering prayers, crossing themselves, bemoaning the loss of their national hero. There was a roster of great military heroes in the country, and a star from the heroic sky had fallen. "He was swifter than an eagle, stronger than a lion!"

Finally they arrived at the steps of the cathedral, and the Archbishop-Primate of New Edom stepped forward.

" Blessed is our Lord God, always; both now and ever, and to the ages of ages." his voice was projected through a loudspeaker system via microphones.

A choir of voices of clergy, black robed, gathered like crows on the steps, intoned, "Ah, the blameless in the way. Alleluia. Blessed are You, O Lord, teach me Your statutes. Alleluia. My soul is worn with endless longing for Your judgments at all times. Alleluia. My soul has slumbered from sorrow; strengthen me with Your words. Alleluia. Incline my heart unto Your testimonies, and not unto covetousness. Alleluia. Despair took hold on me because of sinners that forsake Your Law. Alleluia. I am a partaker with all that fear You, and with them that keep Your commandments. Alleluia. Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen. Alleluia."

Zecharias the Archbishop then said, " Have mercy on us, O God, according to Your great mercy; listen, and have mercy. Again we pray for the repose of the soul of the servant of God, Zadok, departed this life; and for the forgiveness of his, every transgression, voluntary; and involuntary. Let the Lord establish his, soul where the Just repose; the mercies of God, the Kingdom of the Heavens, and the remission of his, sins; let us ask of Christ our immortal King and our God. Let us pray to the Lord."

The crowd murmured like a great sea of voices, "Lord have mercy."

The Archbishop said, "For You are the Resurrection, the Life, and the Repose of Your servant Zadok, O Christ our God; and to You do we send up glory, with Your Eternal Father, and Your All-Holy, Good and Life-creating Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages."

And the crowd whispered " Amen."

Ambassadors were permitted to attend as well as other VIPs on a case by case basis, and these were permitted to go in a long procession to see the body of the General lying in state. He was in a full dress uniform with gold frogging, dark material, his braided kepi like cap upon his head, a sword of gold hilt and gold decorated sheath upon his breast, gloved white hands upon the hilt. Nearby stood his weeping widow and children. His red haired mistress, Countess Clodia Falk, walked with dignity by his body, her eyes raw and red, and looked down, arm in arm with her husband Count Jonas Falk, the Commander of the Royal Guard.

All heads and bodies bowed as King Elijah IV and Queen Mara I walked in slowly, he in full naval dress, her in a dress of golden coins that shimmered like stars as she moved, each wearing their diadem of office. Queen Mara bent and kissed the cold dead lips and murmured a prayer. The King touched those lips and then a single tear rolled down his lean hard cheek.

Count Thomas Lalery, the Minister of Finance, looked down and his jaw clenched, and he bent and fiercely kissed the cheek of his old mentor, his second father, and murmured, "You will be avenged, by Christ I swear it."

Prince Enoch Tubal-Cain, the Royal Master of Offices, looked down with great sorrow upon his face, and then looked up, and happened to see General Nicanor approaching from the other side. They exchanged bows very formally.

General Jonathan Unwerth and his wife moved arm in arm and he bowed low. "Farewell, old friend. I will see you in the next world." Was it a sin, he wondered, that he was so full of joy? His only remaining rival in rank was now Nicanor. Could it be? Would he rise so high?

Princess Jocasta, with her husband Prince Michael, went to pay her respects and spoke in a voice both quiet and carrying, "Farewell, General Hesperinus, you served us well. You were among our formost chevaliers. We have loved you. May God's angels feed you honey in Heaven." She then looked up and embraced her friend Olympia Hesperinus, and they wept together.

The words of foreign leaders such as Lord Charlomann Houëcker, Baron Houëcker of Blœxschwimarck and Realm Chancellor of Gauliscia, the Shogun of Nifon Maki Kojiro, and the Emperor of Rome were read aloud along with other letters of condolence. The new patents of nobility to honour the general and Count Ephraim posthumously were received with gratitude and would be engraved on the plaques of the headstones. The promise to stand alongside the nation in future crisis as well.

"While these messages have been addressed to me, and while I have thanked these leaders for them, they rightfully belong to the nation, and to the General, his family, and his widow," said Nicanor aloud to the congregation when he had a moment to speak.

"Oh how he beats his breast to see his old rival lying in state," murmured Prince Enoch to Count Lalery.

"He must, for then he will try to beat us all," murmured Count Lalery in response.
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Postby Thermodolia » Wed May 24, 2017 9:07 pm

Presidential Palace
Thermodolia City, Thermodolia

Before the president sat five people who had been called to this meeting after the news broke of the attack in New Edom. Secretary of State Steven Williams, Director of the Thermodolian Secret Service Alyssa Braghart, and National Security Advisor Vicky Tasof sat on his left. On his right sat Secretary of Defense Andrea Summers, and Director-General of the Thermodolian Military Intelligence Directorate Jason Dræth.

Steven Williams was the first to speak. "Mr President, what has happened in New Edom is a cowardly attack on a nation, its government and its people. We need to do something to help New Edom in their time of need"

"I agree" the President, Jacob Zarman, responded. "But we cannot go in guns blazing without necessary information. What do we know about these attackers, Homofront is it?"

"Unfortunately not much, sir" Alyssa said in a somber tone. "What we do know is that they are a violent terror group that claims to be fighting for equality. This isn't their first attack either they've carried out several of these attacks before"

"That's a shity way of gaining equality," Andrea interjected.

"Yes most definitely," the president agreed. "What do we know of the situation inside the New Edomite government? What is their response to this?"

"Well sir the news is not good," Director-General Jason Dræth responded. "Unfortunately we have reports that the government is planning major purges in the military, the government, and in the general public. These include shutting down HIV/AIDS services, denying travel visas to those suspected of being homosexual, freezing the accounts of suspected homosexuals, along with intense surveillance of the Internet."

"Sir if I may," Vicky asked. "We need to publicly condemn both Homofront and the government of New Edom! We can't let these injustices continue! We need to crack down on violence and hate in both Homofront and the government of New Edom. I think we should go so far as to..."

"Are you stark raving mad!?", Andrea interrupted. "Do you know how much we rely on New Edom for defense? A damn fucking lot. We can't go running around all heroic like trying to change the world because it won't fucking work!"

Vicky Tasof just stared at the floor. Steven Williams cleared his throat. "Well that was something," he began, "I do agree with the secretary of defense. We cannot condemn New Edom or take action against them. I suggest we publicly condemn Homofront and ask them to turn themselves in; at the same time we should privately send the New Edomite government a message detailing what we can do to help, and letting them know that they do not need to go on a purge just because some assholes killed two people."

"Sounds good to me. Does anyone else have anything to add?" The president asked.

"I do sir," Director-General Dræth spoke up. "I think you should also add to that condemnation that the government of New Edom shouldn't do anything rash and should let cooler heads prevail"

"All right then I guess that settles it." President Zarman sighed. "Steven I want you to write the private message you talked about to New Edom. Alyssa and Jason I want the Thermodolian Secret Service and the Thermodolian Military Intelligence Directorate to find more information on Homofront. I'm going to ask Thermodolian National Service Directorate to do the same in our homeland. I thank everyone for coming."

To: The government of New Edom and her people.
From: Jacob Zarman, President of the National Republic of Thermodolia
Subject: Homofront Terror attack
Encryption Level: Mild

I am shocked and saddened by this violent attack on a national hero of New Edom. May the family have my deepest sympathies and condolences.

As President of Thermodolia and leader of the government, I condemn Homofront for their actions. Equality and equal rights are not obtained through violence, war, and hate but through peaceful protests, legal means, and love. I ask you to turn yourselves in to prevent the bloodshed of innocents. The very people you are trying to gain equal rights for will suffer from your repeated violence. I beg you to stop and turn yourselves in to the law.

To the government I ask that you do not embark on anything rash. I know that revenge is something on everyone's mind in these situations but I ask that you let cooler heads prevail.

And to the people of New Edom we Thermodolians stand with you during this time.

Thank you,
President Jacob Zarman

To: King Elijah IV and relevant officials
From: Steven Williams, Secretary of State of the National Republic of Thermodolia
Subject: Homofront Attack
Encryption Level: Top Secret

First off let me give our and my condolences.

Now let's get down to business. We have reports that your government is planning widespread purges, within your government, your military, and in the public at large. We have on good authority that these purges include shutting down HIV/AIDS services, denying travel visas to those suspected of being homosexual, and freezing the accounts of suspected homosexuals. We ask you to not permit this to happen. Conducting purges will only give Homofront a reason to fight against you and your government. We know that you don't want to give them any reasons.

Especially the freezing of HIV/AIDS treatment and services. We can assure you that prevention and treatment of that disease does not spread homosexuality. It would be very unchristian to not provide for those in need. If you are still uncomfortable with doing so, we volunteer to help provide medical care and treatment to those afflicted with the disease. We will do it offshore if that sits better with your majesty. But I do ask you not not cut medical aid.

We also volunteer our intelligence agencies to assist in any way we can. Our intelligence agencies are trying to gain more information on Homofront and trying to see if they can gain access into the group via deep cover agents.

Do not hesitate to ask us for anything, we are here to help.

Steven Williams, Secretary of State
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Postby Gauliscia » Thu May 25, 2017 7:41 am

Avenue of Saints, Fineberg, New Edom
Wiping her sticky brow with a creased handkerchief, Charlotta Sweÿssi jostled through the grieving and muttering throng. Her camera crew lagged behind, apologising to each and every person they slammed or maimed with all their gear with a polite but hurried Vergnaade-mé. Having learnt of the attacks KWUD, the public broadcaster of Gauliscia and its most popular media outlet had booked Charlotta and her crew on the next flights into New Edom, changing flights of course since there were no direct ones. The public broadcaster, in tandem with the newly declared ‘war on western globalist liberalism’ by the Gauliscian Government, had decided to make a documentary on the so called front lines. Charlotta was indeed a fairly intelligent girl, with a 1st in ‘The Greats’ (Gauliscian Literature, History and Philosophy) from Apfelbrueck College, a prestigious college within the University of Zwéindrecht, highly acclaimed by most. But her academic accolades were not enough to be one of the faces of KWUD alone, especially at her ripe age of 26. Nay, Charlotta was truly a flower in the grove of the Gauliscian Nation, with soft silky brown hair, deep green eyes, a small soft nose and a light tan, not to mention of course plump chest fruit and a smackable rear. She almost had to abandon her job the previous year due to huge conflict of interest after she slept with an intern working in the Parliament. She looked on as the camera crew did a panorama shot of the gathered crowds, some mourning, some in an almost hostile indifference and others had come to spit on the coffin or at least try to. Where she stood there seemed to be a healthy mix of monarchists who had come to weep and of the union folk who had come to jeer, both shuffled away from the other group, the occasional slur thrown in the others direction, all captured by the film crew who now turned their lenses on her as she gathered together a mix of four people, two disgruntled union protestors, whilst also a man and woman of obvious monarchist sympathies.
“Obviously you are all here for different reasons, ye also united by the desire to witness the coffin of such a highly public figure. First of all what did the General mean to you and secondly what do you think are the long term ramifications of his murder?” She asked, presenting the microphone to them each in due turn.

Slyërthlaaïstraasse, Chéimaar, United Realm of Gauliscia
A strike where it would be least expected. Or so was the rationale behind Wiedo Taarssen’s plan. Chéimaar, a large but unremarkable northern port city, dealing with trade from Achesia and Cyrden but also a principal fishing hub and the home of Gauliscian whale hunting. The brackish sea breeze blew in down the narrow roads, bringing the smells of the coastline, salted fish meat, seaweed and ship fumes. Wiedo sat hunched in a tram stop, naught but a mile from the city centre. There was a sizeable gathering at the stop as it was just before lunch time, mostly city traders but a few workers and the like. Wiedo identified as a transgender, inspired by western teachings he was of the opinion that gender was social construct of the patriarchy; to him a very potent force, despite the glaring fact that recently Gauliscia had seen both a female Realm Chancellor and a High Queen. After expressing such sentiments, especially those pertaining to gender fluidity and the need to use force to eradicate such norms, Wiedo was expelled from what was already considered a lowly university and was placed on the government watchlist, meaning all his internet activity was tracked and more than once had he been followed by VOZIBO agents to suspect locations. The VOZIBO was the internal security agency tasked with the investigation, infiltration and destruction of internal threats. Many accusations and rumours of savagery were attested to its name but due to the sensitivity of its tasks few details or accusers lingered in the open long enough. Now Wiedo was without job and although he received state benefits, these came in the form of tokens which could be exchanged for essential foods and other such things, hardly a life a young adult wanted to eke out. Only through the brutal reality of terrorism and self sacrifice could the plight of he and his kind be realised. He heard the tram, route 005, pulling into the stop with hissing and clunking as it slowed to a halt. The driver smiled and greeted all those boarding and the guard engaged in pleasantries with regular commuters as he stamped their green tickets. Wiedo grunted at them and took his seat, scowling ahead, as he felt in his leather jacket pocket for his knife. A kitchen knife, not the bone splintering kind or the feeble fruit cutter, more the kind one might dice a duck breast with or trim the gristle off a joint of pork. Not that Wiedo ate meat of course. As the tram slowed to enter the city square, a large cobbled plaza with a large statue of Duke Ulfhathyr the Seaworthy driving a javelin into the eye of a wretched kraken, and all around the square it was bordered by large gothic structures, the Great Temple, the Mayor’s Residence and many more, others were simply large buildings with restaurants, taverns and bistros behind the cloisters. It was busy, with both blue and white collar workers taking a lunch break, a group of young students sat by a serpent themed water fountain, dangling their legs in the water for it wasn't exactly the coolest of days. A flock of school children were being guided round the square, a teacher explaining all the historical nooks and crannies and sharing historical nuggets, and the constabulary presence was moderate, four pairs, strolling casually but ever watching, whilst a lone pair of armed gendarmes; young conscripts stood at the far end, watching the crowds, hardly expecting to see anything.

Indeed were they in for a shock. Leaping out of his seat as the tram came into the square, Wiedo plunged the knife into the guard, cutting through his neck and drawing it out with dark gore foaming out and the guard gargled his purple soul as it frothed from his lips. With the guard slumping to the floor and the passengers shrieking in horror at the spectacle, Wiedo lodged the blade into the chest of the driver and the tram was jolted from its rails, and it hurtled over the knobbly cobbles like a trolley of produce released by a foolish and butter fingered farmhand. First to be despatched in a blizzard of blood was a jogger, his ears covered by headphones and was thus oblivious until his fatal final seconds. The tram continued to hurtle into the fleeing crowds as the constables gawped in horror, others flapped about, squeaking into their radios. The gendarmes however received their grim directives from the captain and with sights set on the front windows of the tram opened fire with their HAAB bullpup rifles, instantly killing both the driver and Wiedo, and injuring many of the passengers. The cables of the tram snapped as the driverless trolley lurched to the side, skidding into the huddle of school children who thought themselves safe, crushing many of the young bones, spilling their innocent fawn blood. The teacher, spared by a hair’s breadth took to her knees and sobbed.
“My dear sproglets!” She cried out in anguish as she gathered the weeping survivors close to her body. “How could the gods take such pure souls, free of transgression and filth?”
Sirens wailed through the city, as if the city was weeping in grief and the Constable and Gendarme sergeants roared at the approaching columns of running forces, boots clomping over the cobbled streets.
Hijacked Tram ploughs into crowd in central Chéimaar


The Royal Quersian Constabulary have confirmed reports of a hijacked tram ploughing into city-goers in Ulfhathyr Square, Chéimaar, the northern city and capital of the Duchy of Quersia. Casualties are unconfirmed but emergency services have declared numerous fatalities and as yet countless injuries. The Gendarmery have identified the hijacker but will not release further details that may hinder near-future operations.

Eyewitnesses report seeing a scuffle on the tram where the driver would sit, followed by the tram coming of its rails and into the square, hitting about a dozen people before shots were heard, after which the tram subsided and crushed fleeing schoolchildren.

Whilst the motives of this attack are currently unclear nor confirmed many, in light of yesterday's condemnation of the LGBTQ movement and the recent murder of an Edomite general by an actor of this movement many are pointing the finger at the Queer Community.

The KWUD will keep this page updated as events unfold and the story becomes clearer.

Elwechenbuerg, Principality of Elwechenbuerg, United Realm of Gauliscia
It was hardly surprising that the first breadcrumb in the trail would be found in Elwechenbuerg, a southern port city, essential to international trade and one of the Realm’s more cosmopolitan cities. Wiedo was astute enough not to associate himself with any LGBTQ groups on the internet, however, the VOZIBO who had access to his Internet history were able to monitor and discover what and who he had been interacting with. It had indeed been a filthy experience for the poor wretch tasked with shifting through such a file, but it had taken less than an hour from the time Wiedo was identified to locating his primary contact on the internet. A green peace activist from Springstile, a regional nest of degeneracy, now living in Gauliscia, trying to kindle the flames of a queer revolt. It hadn't attracted much attention and had proved highly dangerous considering being a transgender carrier the death sentence, usually burning at the stake.

The VOZIBO had their man: Eric Vertigan, an individual who had been on their watchlist for the best part of a year. In single file, 20 VOZIBO officers crept along the dim alleyway which lead to his ‘house’; an underground hovel in one of Elwechenbuerg’s less glamorous districts; here, in amongst the urban working class he did stick out like a sore thumb but was able to hide easily in its ad hoc nature. He could have all kinds of company here as the law enforcement rarely encroached in this part.
“Gents, Commander Jœllens wants this thing alive, do not engage it unless I say so. And if I say so, shoot to maim not to kill. These creatures are killing our children and I want to string them up and lash them just like you but questions need to be asked so we can uncover this whole cabal. I know you won't let me down.” Explained Captain Chloë Ysswe, over the radio into the headsets of the black clad and fully armed and armoured officers who now braced as the Captain slowed before set of steps leading down to a bolted wooden door. The officers knew what to do, the first with a light siege ram smashed the door off its hinges and the next entered, sights focused ahead, shouting “VOZIBO! ARMED VOZIBO! PRESENT YOURSELF!” Each followed in turn, clearing all the dank pits where piles of unmentionables reeked, until suddenly at the end of the dim lit corridor appeared the man they sought. He had gripped in both hands a sledgehammer. Fat, with grotesquely dyed hair and skin paler than treated ivory, a man clearly in female garments. It was a sight to behold.
“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FUCKING HOUSE YOU PATRIARCHAL SPAWNS!! FUCKKKK OFF!” He screamed in English, a language none of his captors knew, who, weapons trained stared blankly back. The Captain stepped forward cautiously.
“Lower your weapon immediately!” She barked, in Gauliscian.
“Lower your weapon immediately, I can only ask one more time..”
“Get the fu-”
“Lower the fucking weapon!”
“I have the right to def-”
Captain Ysswe blew the ankle off the obese man with her revolver, who promptly collapsed onto the floor shrieking like an expired sow when it sees the butcher’s blade.
“Take it to the van.”
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Postby McNernia » Thu May 25, 2017 11:10 am



From:His Excellency the Rt Honorable Brian Tyler, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Mcnernia
To:HM King Elijah IV
Sub:The Death of Heroes


We have much in common and we have a great tradition of soldiery. And as such many in our country mourned and throughout the Empire mourned when word was handed down that a captian of the Allied States had fallen. I myself was impressed with the record of the man. A veteran of Hutanjia and quite loyal to the cause of your nation. I was grieved as was Prince Frederick and Her Majesty the Queen when we learned that there was a widow who was left behind with children. While dipping into the State coffers, the Treasury would be, not be recommended, I have consulted with His Highness and the Queen and from the accounts that they are in possession of we are prepared to create the following for the widow of the good general and his family and for his companion.

For the Widow and Children of the General
A trust fund of some 450,000 pounds at present, with an income of some 50,000 pounds in additional years.

For the family of his companion Count Ephraim
A trust fund of some 400,000 Mcnernian pounds and some 30,000 as income in the coming years.

Also we are pleased and proud to present the General with a posthumous Knight Commander of the Order of the Mcnernian Empire an order that is awarded to those of foreign as well as Mcnernian origin of any station that have been in service to our nation. By his service to New Edom we are most pleased that New Edom has been our ally. And as such we reward now our friends captain and his dear friends family's. And we present to Count Ephraim the following Award. The rank of Knight of the Order of the Mcnernian Empire.

We wish to honor the memories of the fallen. We hope we can present these awards in the proper context.

-A.Holthworth, PM of Mcnernia
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Postby Impireacht » Thu May 25, 2017 3:59 pm

((I meant to do this yesterday, so keep in mind that these events took place a day before this post))

At least eight dozen journalists sat around Marchan's stage, every one of them with a raised hand. He began to address them one at a time.

Q: "Is this Homofront group a potential threat here in Panessos? Is it possible that they have followers in Impireacht?"

A: "While I cannot judge the influence of the organization upon the region as a whole, I can say that there are no major LGBT terrorist groups here in mainland Impireacht."

Q: "'None in mainland Impireacht', does this mean that there are similar terrorist groups active in Imperian territories?"

A: "Yes, there are still minor terrorist groups, mostly lesbian supremacist groups, that are active in Uhurustan. The Imperian military forces that have been keeping the peace there have been doing an excellent job however, so it is very unlikely we will see these groups gaining any kind of power."

Q: "How have relations with New Edom been since the Gloria Regian conflict?"

A: "As you likely know, we have had a trade deal for leather products amongst other things with New Edom for quite some time now. Besides that, relations have remained rather neutral, however we are now beginning to engage in diplomatic relations, and an Imperian embassy is being established with New Edom."

Q: "Do you see this conflict with the Homofront escalating into a situation requiring military intervention?"

A: "I doubt it will require very much on the behalf of our military, though if New Edom needs our aid, they will have it."

The questions continued for about two more hours, but the topic of the Homofront was not brought up again.

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Postby Ghant » Sun May 28, 2017 6:26 pm

Fineberg, New Edom

Prince Michael of Dakmoor dressed in black, the color of mourning, for it was that this day would be the day that General Zadok Hespernius would be laid to rest. While Michael didn’t wish death upon the man by any means, he didn’t know him especially well either. They were merely acquaintances, and so the General’s death, likewise Count Ephraim, didn’t hit particularly close to home. He paid his respects all the same, as did his wife.

They were joined by a few Ghantish dignitaries who came to pay their respects. Chief among them were the Emperor of Ghant himself, Minister of Foreign Affairs Leonor Bozagua, Lord Alaric Dain and his wife Claudia Zecharias, Alaric’s sister Alazne Dain the Lady Domris, Prince Olyvar of Thule and Lord Ambassador Alan Aldapa. They too joined Michael in their macabre dress, looking on at the procession of Lancers and Cavalry Guards in their full dress.

“The Beast is dead,” Alaric said quietly to Michael when he was confident that none would listen. “Though it was not beauty that killed the beast, but queers. Imagine that.”

“Do you fucking mind, Alaric?” Michael scowled with narrowed eyes. “The man’s body isn’t even cold yet, and here you are cursing him.”

“…Because I have the audacity to say what most people are thinking,” Alaric countered pointedly to his second cousin. “The man was a brute…and what he did to Olympia was despicable.”

You’re only saying that because you’ve always fancied the girl. But then again, who didn’t? Stories were told throughout Ghant of how the fairest maiden in all of New Edom was wasted on an old, savage General who no doubt tormented the girl in some terrible fashion unbecoming of the fairytale future that was stolen from her. Michael wasn’t entirely convinced of all that though. This is New Edom. People know the score here. Usually it was Nathan that drew Michael’s ire, but today the Emperor was mostly quiet, keeping a low profile as they moved about.

Before long, Alaric’s father-in-law Archbishop Zecharias then said, "Have mercy on us, O God, according to Your great mercy; listen, and have mercy. Again we pray for the repose of the soul of the servant of God, Zadok, departed this life; and for the forgiveness of his, every transgression, voluntary; and involuntary. Let the Lord establish his, soul where the Just repose; the mercies of God, the Kingdom of the Heavens, and the remission of his, sins; let us ask of Christ our immortal King and our God. Let us pray to the Lord."

The crowd murmured like a great sea of voices, "Lord have mercy." The Ghantish did as well, minus Lord Aldapa and Olyvar, who put their hands over their chests. They kept to the Old Gods, and so refrained from much of the Christian observations being conducted.

The Archbishop added, "For You are the Resurrection, the Life, and the Repose of Your servant Zadok, O Christ our God; and to You do we send up glory, with Your Eternal Father, and Your All-Holy, Good and Life-creating Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages."

And the crowd whispered "Amen."

Afterward, the Ghantish present were able to see the body of General Hespernius lying in state. The deceased general was richly dressed, with Olympia and her children weeping nearby. Count Jonas Falk and his red-haired wife Clodia Falk paid their respects, while Alaric and Alazne offered words of comfort and reassurance to Olympia. It didn’t go unnoticed by Michael that Nathan watched with a chamelon’s eyes the Countess Falk pass by the Count’s body. For fucksake, Nathan.

When King Elijah IV and Queen Mara I entered, all heads bowed, including the Ghantish. The King was in full naval dress, the Queen in a dress of golden coins. Queen Mara bent and kissed the cold dead lips of the General and murmured a prayer. The King touched those lips and then a single tear rolled down his lean hard cheek. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen him cry, Michael thought. He doubted he’d ever see him cry again.

When it was their turn, Jocasta and Michael paid their respects and spoke in a voice both quiet and carrying, "Farewell, General Hesperinus, you served us well. You were among our foremost chevaliers. We have loved you. May God's angels feed you honey in Heaven." She then looked up and embraced her friend Olympia.

Michael said, “Farewell General, may you find everlasting peace and comfort in the afterlife,” before rejoining his wife. He did keep his ears perked to listen to what the others of his county had to say.

“Your accomplishments were great, and so too shall be the reward you shall receive in the realm of the departed,” the Emperor of Ghant said solemnly before seeking out Olympia and Count Ephraim’s families in order to present them with the Order of the Shield medals that he decided to award the fallen men posthumously. The other Ghantar offered similar words of praise for the departed, keeping their words short yet thoughtful.

Official Press Release from the Prime Minister of Ghant


Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of Ghant and the world beyond, Today and the days to come are days for mourning and remembering.

It is with a heavy heart that I must share that General Zadok Hespernius and Count Ephraim have been assassinated by Homofront terrorists. I know that the people of Ghant share this pain with all of the people of New Edom. This is truly a national loss. General Hespernius was a distinguished national hero, renowned for his many victories and accomplishments in New Edom. Count Ephraim too was a man of renown, of noble caliber.

For the families of these two men, we cannot bear, as you do, the full impact of this tragedy. But we feel the loss, and we're thinking about you so very much. Your loved ones were daring and brave, and they had that special grace, that special spirit that says, "Give me a challenge and I'll meet it with joy." They had a hunger to serve their nations with honor and distinction. They wished to serve, and they did.

To those of you in New Edom who identify as homosexual, I urge you not to stand in solidarity with Homofront. They have shown time and time again to be murderous thugs that have no place in a world of peace and prosperity for all. Stand with your countrymen instead, and do your part to protect each other from any future heinous acts perpetrated by Homofront.

To the people of New Edom, I urge you to exercise caution and restraint as you mourn your loss. Please know that Homofront does not represent all homosexual peoples, and that you should allow justice to be carried out according to the laws of your country. I have the utmost faith that New Edom will weather this tragedy and arise stronger than before.

For their achievements and ultimate sacrifice, the Emperor has decided to posthumously award both General Hespernius and Count Ephraim Knighthood into the Order of the Shield. The award is given to those who have served in the defense of justice and other noble causes, and both men are truly worthy of the honor. The Emperor will attend the funeral in New Edom personally in order to bestow these honors.

I would like to leave you with a line that the poet Aeschylus once said. “Tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world.” Let the deaths of these fine men not hinder that ultimate goal, but expedite it for the betterment of all.


Prime Minister of Ghant
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Postby Turaneistan » Sun May 28, 2017 7:13 pm

From the Government of The Turkish Islamic Confederacy if Turaneistan

Bismillah Irahman Iraheem, our government sends our condolences and our support for the Governments who combat this rogue group. Turaneistan is plagued with groups with similar intentions and similar cancerous ideologies. We say to this group Turaneistan will not tolerate this sort of barbaric behavior. We condemn the sinful and unnatural act of sodomy as well. We also direct this message to our nation and the world Homosexuality is illegal here and shall remain so no matter the sanctions or protests we will not allow such filth to manifest itself within the borders of Turaneistan. These attacks from the so called 'Homofront' are a wake up call to the Faithful and unfaithful alike of all nations. This call is that of self-defense we urge concerned citizens to carry out attacks in the name of defense against homosexuals who you perceive to be a threat and show them no mercy, so they may in turn know and learn the sinfulness of their deviant actions. This will show the Liberals, Fornicators, and Sodomites that the world is prepared for war to defend the individual right to freedom from homosexuality's evil existence. We urge our own citizens to attack homosexuals and for every attack carried out by 'Homofront' we will allow Turaneistani citizens and those visiting Turaneistan to kill homosexuals for an entire day. In light of this deceleration we will also execute two homosexuals currently in jail by a method selected by the people.

Our government will also open its arms in mercy to those afflicted with this illness, we will allow anyone who believes they are afflicted to join a government run camp designed for a natural and spiritual healing program that will end homosexuality in Turaneistan. This will be backed by the Islamic Scholar Society of Turaneistan and the Majilis Shura of Turaneistan. Our government wishes the best upon your government and we Pray that this illness can be cured and wiped off the face of the Earth.
الذي يحكم بأمر الله يجب أن يكون النصر

Turaneistani News: Riots break out in Turaneistan caused by Leftist Radicals, SCUD missile exploded in Gaziantep likely from Kurdish terrorists Turaneistan refuses to reach an agreement with Russia and Iran over Syria, Turaneistani government is buying gold with no official government response

We will make Turaneistan into the Muslim Israel if the Jews can have the Jewish State we shall have an Islamic State- Turaneistani Leadership Statement April of 2017
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Postby Hittanryan » Sun May 28, 2017 9:20 pm

To: The Office of King Elijah IV
From: President George Rowan
Subject: Negotiations, Condolences
Encryption: Hand-delivered in sealed pouch by diplomatic courier, eyes-only

Your Majesty,

I hope that this letter finds you in steadily improving health. I again appreciate the warm congratulations I received from you following the election and hope that the relationship that has developed between our two nations continues to be fruitful and productive. With that, I come to the first official state business between your government and mine.

Just as my predecessor was, I remain committed to reaching a lasting, peaceful resolution to the crisis which developed in Arcologia. While Your Majesty was in talks with President DeGroot at the Oxbow, he outlined his reasoning for proposing such an unusual term as extradition of senior government leaders such as Cardinal Dawes. As I'm sure he explained, it ultimately comes down to ensuring Adiran national security, of which the Curia's terms offer little real guarantee as originally proposed. As it stands, the inquiry and potential sentencing of Cardinal Dawes will be carried out by the Curia itself. It is the position of outgoing Secretaries Li and Deol, as well as incoming Secretaries Fortner and Bailey, that there will be little to no guarantee of a change in the Imperial government which will ensure that this terror campaign cannot be repeated.

Given that the Imperium seems to find our previous terms unacceptable, we therefore would like to propose the following alternative which will still satisfy the need to maintain Adiron's national security and the integrity of its borders. Adiron will drop its demand for extradition and accept the proposed internal inquest with oversight in exchange for a partial, mutual demobilization of the Adiran-Imperial border. This would start with reductions in the offensive forces of Imperial Army Group West until they are more at parity with those of Adiran forces in Plainterre and Adir Provinces. Remobilization by the Imperium in violation of this agreement would be met with proportional remobilization on the part of Adiron. Further details can be provided by the War Department, which has drafted a full proposal and is prepared to send it on to the Imperium for review.

Second, I would like to express my condolences for the callous murder of General Zadok Hesperinius and Count Ephraim by Homofront. Though I did not work with or know the General personally, members of the Adiran Armed Forces who have speak of him quite favorably. General Vance, commander of Adiran ground forces in the Palisades who worked in close concert with Hesperinius for a number of weeks, wishes to note that he considered him a model commander, his operations the peak of professionalism and effectiveness while commanding the loyalty and admiration of his men. Whatever clashes of personality may have occurred during the General's time in Ceti must be considered insignificant when weighed against his service record. New Edom is truly lesser for his loss, and his surviving family and friends have our deepest sympathies.

Adiron is all too aware of the danger posed by Homofront, and the State Department has long classified the group as a terrorist organization. Their atrocities, often deliberately targeted against civilians, are committed not to achieve equal protection under the law but in the name of some bizarre form of LGBT supremacy which violates all manner of individual rights and freedoms. I'm sure Your Majesty will remember that Edomite and Adiran naval forces conducted a joint operation in the Ura Sea to rescue the crew of the MV Cora Nevis, which Homofront operatives hijacked in concert with Arvo pirates and human traffickers. Their actions among other recent events including the attack on Virden have led my government to consider proposing a general inquiry into the human rights situation in Ceti.

As part of the subsequent investigation into the Cora Nevis attack, a number of arrests have since been made by the National Police, taking into custody not only a cell planning an additional attack but the equivalent of a Homofront station chief responsible for coordination with the wider organization. If your government is at liberty to share any details of the investigation, we will gladly corroborate your findings with any relevant intelligence we have recovered in the interest of tracking down the assassins and their collaborators. The embassy has been instructed to assist in any way possible should your government desire it. It is the sincere hope of my government that the threat posed to Cornellia by Homofront may be eliminated entirely.

I wish Your Majesty a speedy and full continued recovery.

George Rowan
President of the Republic of Adiron
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Postby New Edom » Sun May 28, 2017 9:26 pm

Avenue of Saints, Fineberg, New Edom

“Obviously you are all here for different reasons, yet also united by the desire to witness the coffin of such a highly public figure. First of all what did the General mean to you and secondly what do you think are the long term ramifications of his murder?” She asked, presenting the microphone to them each in due turn.

The burly Lem Remigius, the union leader, scowled. “He was a hard handed, bullying, swaggering man on horseback of a general! He suppressed workers’ rights back in 2011 and 2012, using his troops to sweep us off the streets of Nass when we went out to protest lack of fair working conditions, compensation, and pay rises! I’m sorry for his family in their grief, but what about all those families that were going hungry, lost their men or had ‘em broken up by riot batons, lungs ruined by gas, bones broken by horses’ hooves? I hope he gets what he deserves in the afterlife!” He paused, taking a breath. "However we can't tolerate terrorism. I hope they get the bastards."

“He was one of our best commanders,” said a one legged veteran, leaning on a cross, happy to talk to such a pretty young woman. “We’ll miss him for sure, he was certain to be appointed to be Chief of Army Staff. I don’t care what those commies with their white and blue flags say, he was a great man. Always did well by us soldiers. I bet it is one of those pro-homofront nations that is behind this. That's what happened with Damoclea. Anarchist-communists murdered our King James II, and I bet someone like that did that here. We fixed those Damocleans good...we'll do it again, mark my words if it comes to it. We need to find who did it."

“I can’t give my name,” said a furtive middle aged woman with sunglasses on. “But Feminia will rise again! Hesperinus headed a fraudulent commission to examine arranged marriages, into which many young women have been forced in this country. What a joke…his wife is half his age, and she was pregnant within a year of marriage and soon after that again. I hope he is tormented in Hell…”

“Long may we remember The General!” exclaimed a younger woman, tears smearing her makeup. “He was a hero. He fought for our country, and I don’t care what socialist idiots say, he fought against piracy and human trafficking in Arcologia, smashed them up good. People like him keep the world safe. I don’t mind if you tell people my name, my name is Zoriah Adama, and I work at a bakery. We’re donating bread to war orphans today in honour of the General. And we need to sever ties with countries that sneak these terrorists in, whoever they are..."

“Terrorist scum,” said an indignant young man in a cream three piece suit, carrying a briefcase. He was occasionally checking out Charlotta’s lush body. “I am Victor, Nathaniel Victor, and I work at First Aventine Bank of New Edom. Let me tell you, people there had to cancel work today, they are in shock about the General’s death. He was a great man, and for him to die at the hands of wretched…cowardly…” he wiped at his eyes. “I’d love to talk to you about it more…say at the Green Palm Café…”

Nass, Teman Province

Emilia was kneeling in front of the screen and staring intently at the high definition images which were her only escape from drab and dirty real life. The television was by far the most valuable of her mother's possessions. She touched the replay symbol on the remote which displayed an exact miniature copy of the image that was blazoned on a much larger scale on the screen.

Like any five year old, she'd much rather be watching cartoons, but the television was still stuck on a website that was screening an amateur film clip of the Intellectual Massacre. This film was showing the culmination of an attack on what had been revealed to be a pro-LGBT sanctuary by an angry, starving mob that was offloading its murderous frustrations just as it had done a day or so before at the NENN television studios. Specifically, what Emilia was viewing in full graphic high-definition splendour was the wholesale massacre of a group of activists and supporters who had refused to surrender to the Free Militia.

On the day of Hesperinus' funeral, veterans, surprisingly both Free Congress and Monarchist, had formed the Free Militia as the City Militia in Nass was too busy dealing with riots and protests on the part of disgruntled workers. These were mostly veterans, or groups led by veterans, of New Edom's recent 3rd Civil War. Abel and Manny, Emilia's two older brothers, had joined the Free Militia, and at first it was mostly marches down the street, bearing crosses and torches. Then things got ugly as they began hunting down perverts openly.

Emilia had seen the film of the punching, stabbing, kicking, hacking and lynching so many times now that it no longer shocked her. There was a lot of blood. The cries for mercy and the screams of pain and agony were very frightening. The person who'd been filming the violence was very much on the side of the hate-filled rioters and narrated a commentary on the events as they happened with obvious relish. There were a lot of bad words, some of which she knew from her Mother and others in her extended family. She did not quite get what all of them meant.

Emilia was too young to work; both her brothers were often at the factory, before, now they were somewhere out on the streets, now and then showing up tired and hungry, once bruised and bloodied but with a gleam in their eyes. They talked, as some on the TV had screamed out, about ‘Getting the fat cats and the Homofront.” Emilia found all this confusing; to her understanding there were some bad rich people who had really fat cats and they had to go. She felt a bit sorry for the cats too and felt frightened and sad to think of her brothers tormenting cats, fat or not. As for the Homofront, she didn’t know what that meant but her brother Abel had explained that there were men and women who liked to do dirty things to one another, things that sound nasty somehow involving how you went to the toilet. They wanted to make everyone do that. She, Emilia, had to mind mother and stay home.

Papa was long gone, dead with all his blue and white paint near Harbourtown two years ago; she barely remembered anything more than a broad strong face and light brown eyes peering at her. He was more of a picture on the wall than anything.

"Fuck sake, Emily," shouted her Mama Olivia, who was holding a joint in her hand and wearing nothing but a pair of slippers. "What's this shit you're watching?"

"It's only what I was watching a moment ago," said Papa Max, who was a dark skinned man sitting on a couch nearby, indeed one of the few pieces of furniture in the room. It came from somewhere called Adiron and had been something cycled from the Sidium, as she understood it. Papa Max was not her real papa, for he came from Dengali. His bare skin was painted with fading black crosses. “It’s about those fat cats and Homofront supporters getting it.”

“Stupid, stupid,” grumbled Olivia, her face turning pale. “Them for probably bringing the Army in here, and you for letting a little girl watch such things.” On the screen, an elderly man was being kicked again and again in the mouth. Despite the high digital resolution, the image was wobbling about all over the place.

“Do we not let children know of the Bible’s massacres, and murders? Shall we hide the truth from them? Let her see…” protested Papa Max as Olivia turned the television to another channel; it was a bit fuzzy but they were sharing the link with another couple of families and it showed an episode of the Sensal show, “Bloody Flowers”. By coincidence, the anti-hero Daegeum decides to launch a crusade against the nobility and in extension the crown. Raiding the rich estates of the nobility and handing out the stolen wealth amongst the poor with the training received from the temple monk. Daegeum soon becomes an icon of justice to the poor and an icon of revolution to King Bradly(Wang Sho) and the nobility.
“Alright, honey,” said Olivia, “You just watch some of this foreign stuff, sorry but all the rest of the channels are news or what those rioters put on the local…”

“Did Abel and Manny do that?” asked Emilia getting comfortable; she liked this show, she sometimes didn’t get what they were talking about, but she liked their big eyes, strange coloured hair, all the magic they did. Of course all witches were bad people but this was just a show.

“They’d better not have,” said Olivia grimly. “Now, you stay there or go in the bathroom if you have to, Papa and I are having a bit of grown up time.”

“She should be at school,” said Papa Max. The two of them drew a curtain around the sleeping area.

"School? Yeah, I guess so," said Olivia as she lay down on the mattress which was the only furniture on the room's bare floor-boards other than the battered sofa and the kitchen chairs. They were all gathered in the living room because it was the only room in Olivia's apartment other than the shower/toilet and the tiny kitchenette. "When I find a school I don't have to fight through a war zone to get to, I'll take her there."

“The Lord protects His own,” said Papa Max, and then everything was muffled noises, occasional giggles and moans and the mattress shuffling. Like most people in Nass, there was little privacy and ‘look the other way’ was modesty.

Papa Max was a strange man; he smelled like Weed a lot of the time, preached on the street and brought in goods tithed to him. He was often around their apartment and he kept the rent collector polite, for he had come with his assault rifle. The crosses represented battles he had been in or men he had killed, she was not sure. In exchange, Mama cooked for him, cleaned his gear for him, and provided him with her friendship on the mattress. He was nicer than the other papas she remembered; he ignored her much of the time, now and then glanced at her and muttered a prayer, remarking, “Poor little fool,” He was so calm Mama seemed to be angry with him but always tried to keep him happy.

Before Papa Max came to stay the rent collector had been the most frightening man she’d ever seen. A hard faced, ritually scarred and painted man with sharp ears, a pistol and a lead pipe. He belonged to a group of Elwe who roamed the streets and became bolder now that the strikes and riots were going on, and the nice priests they had paid rent to were gone. He threatened to do the awful things she had seen on the TV to her Mama if she didn’t pay on time. If Mama couldn’t she made friends with the collector behind the curtain to hold him off for a week.

Now things were a little better. Her Mama was in a work program and it didn’t give them much but between the food, batteries, electricity and water that they got and what Papa Max brought in they were getting by, as Olivia put it.

She turned up the volume. They were getting louder. The music swelled as the great hero’s cape swirled around him, his lonely figure standing on a parapet until joined by his love, who put a hand in his. Emilia sighed and once more became lost in the tale of the Bloody Flowers.

Approximately five blocks away, the mob of white and blue painted Free Militia were now covered with dirt, dust, sweat, blood and other fluids. Crashing of metal, plastic and glass exploded around the area.

The mob was mostly made up of factory workers and miners, along with many other workers and the unemployed, who had simply had enough of squalid conditions, of frequent pay cuts, long hours, and of the cries of their starving children.

The mob attacked the Nass Ministry of Health’s Office for AIDS and HIV Research, destroyed books and papers, the clerks and other office staff fleeing for their lives. The mob completely gutted the building, destroying books, papers, furniture and bedding, and also brutally beat those workers that they did catch. Some were later found by City Militia in a very bad condition, moaning, bound to chairs, covered in blood, some with broken bones.
At the offices of the family of Adam Rebus, the senior Intellectual Party Deputy in Teman, they smashed windows, broke in, then carried out books and papers which they torched. Rebus and a number of his associates were dragged to a school that had been taken over by the Free Militia.

Unfortunately, Captain Victor Santor, the district City Militia commander, had his hands tied by orders from the Magistrates, who instructed him that the Free Militia had been advised to actively participate in the purge of hidden Homofront supporters. He knew some of the officers and NCOs were acting inappropriately, and all he could do was try to keep a tight rein on things, but he could not be everywhere. Even if Hesperinus had been a Monarchist, he was still a New Edomite officer murdered by Homofront, and all organizations were starting to outdo themselves in demonstrating their faith…

When he arrived, he found that several of the medical students from the Health Squad (volunteers who served time as interns to finish their degrees) were present in the school auditorium. The male accused were wearing fine silk and linen clothes, but they were being ordered to remove them. Captain Santor scowled. There was no legal need for the medical students to be present; they were there to have fun. They were passing around a box of medical gloves, talking excitedly. He took a deep breath and stepped forward.

“Leave it sir,” warned Staff Sergeant Toll, stepping forward and grabbing his arms. “It’s hopeless. We’re outnumbered by these fellows and they want to show their zeal.”

“Damn it, that man is a Deputy of the Chamber!” Santor said angrily.

“He’s made too many speeches about getting rid of the Morality Act, and now he’s paying for it,” urged Toll.

“I spoke to the Major, he said that they were discussing how to best make use of the Army if it is sent in. If,” said Santor in a bitter tone.

“I’d leave it there sir,” warned Toll.

The protesting men made it worse; they called out to the City Militia men for help, and Santor had to ignore it, though he planned in his head how his formal protest would go. He stepped forward and did say, “Gentlemen….ladies…I insist that any punishments be done in accordance with the law. These men have not had a trial.”

“Oh, you want a trial?” a young woman from the medical squad stepped forward, her dark eyes gleaming. “These people were all caught in acts of perversion. Watching pornographic films.”

“We were reviewing material!” cried Rebus, struggling as he was forced to his knees with the others. An ageing man, he looked striking and handsome but his face was now pale, his carefully combed and oiled hair becoming disheveled.

“It was a film in which two women are in love with one another,” said the young woman. “They were caught red handed by multiple witnesses, and other witnesses said that they had…”

“You are not a magistrate, my girl!” Santor shouted to her.

“And…” she held up a triumphant paper, “Bishop Darien came by and signed this. Condemned in absentia by the Committee for Virtue.”

Santor instinctively bowed.

She nodded. “Captain, you see the truth, I see it in your eyes…”

“No torture, no executions,” he insisted.

“What are we, Jedorians?” Nearby, all the accused men were now kneeling, their bottoms raised, hands bound behind their backs, all shaking.

“Do not do this! I am an elected Deputy of the Chamber!” cried Rebus. “God will judge you for this!” He was met by a chorus of jeers.

The mockery had begun. “What’s the matter, sunshine, thought you fellows liked bending over!” “Show us your tonsils, I bet you do that all the time!”

The young medical student Santor had been talking to shook her head as she looked at the undergarments of Rebus’ press advisor. “Why soil yourself, Your Honour?”

“I…you lackeys can lick it up!” he said boldly.

“You’d like that, you dirty pervert. What have you all been doing to schoolboys’ asses, eh?” she said with clenched teeth.

The lashings began. Rebus was a man of substance, admired and wealthy, and was unused to such treatment, and he was almost more shocked he was really being struck than that it hurt.The Free Militia used long pliant switches cut from a nearby tree, and the men at first tried to be stoic but soon began to pant and yammer as they were lashed across their lower backs, buttocks and thighs by the Free Militia. Two of them lost control of their bladders. Lattices of dark welts appeared on their bare, pampered olive toned flesh until nearly all were weeping.

“Oh,” cried Rebus, trying to scramble but quickly held in place by two of the militiamen. “Oh my God, please stop!”

“A bit late for that,” snapped the medical student. “Think of all the boys you’ve buggered you creep!”

“Alright, that’s enough,” said Santor gruffly. “That’s 39 each, the maximum permitted. According to this, that’s enough. Their books and films are destroyed, let them go.”

“Might be better to lock them up for now, Your Honour,” offered Toll. “Apply to the Ministry to find out what they want done with them. The mob outside…”

“Right,” said Santor. “Right. Let’s lock them up, I will contact Deputy Minister Misabel myself if the Major will not and find out what he wants done.”

“That’s fair, captain,” said the medical student. She was attractive, though not pretty, he realized, with a vixenish face, a slim body in her scrubs, almost like a skinny boy. She smiled, seeing his look. “I am Beata Magnus.”

His mouth was dry at the sight of her. He felt a sense of shame and yearning all at once, how could he think of such things at such a time? “We all deserve a break, I think,” he said. “Let me escort you out. We should also all go to chapel, confess whatever rage or jealousy mixed with our piety and cleanse our spirits.”

Her smile widened. “I’d like that…”

But Rebus and the other prisoners were led away and locked up in a cell, still naked, given some water and bread and a large bucket for their personal needs and a guard was placed over them. The mob cheered to hear that the scourge of Homofront was being struck such fierce blows.
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Fineberg, New Edom

Two days after the funeral business as normal had resumed.

Princess Desiree’s husband, Prince Enoch Tubal-Cain, was the chairman of the golf club committee, and they were celebrating the King’s return to improved health. As the chairman's wife it was protocol that she accompany her husband on this official function. Although she didn't play golf herself, she did enjoy the social life that came with her husbands position and she was very happy to accompany him on the many official function occasions. And while she was accepting of her husband’s pretty, buxom foreign mistress (whom she and her maids privately called ‘The Heifer’) it was not fitting that the mistress accompany the husband to an official function.

Saturday arrived and from mid afternoon Desiree was finishing getting ready after having been bathed, scented, depilated where it mattered and had her hair done, an entire morning and afternoon’s undertaking. Her husband was so busy running the Royal Household, that sometimes she did feel neglected and left out and did feel on occasions that Enoch was oblivious to this. But she always made a big effort to look her best whenever she went to the club, and to chat with the other members and their wives

As she took a long hot bath and as her body soaked she wondered how well the King really was. Desiree had long admired him; his austere manliness and yet the sadness she saw in him. Her maids had helped her wash the parts of her body that were hard to reach, but otherwise she liked to bathe alone, dreaming with her thoughts or perhaps a book. She left the bath and wrapped herself in a fluffy towel and went to her bedroom. She selected her underwear, she loved her lacy black bra and thong, but to show off her new dress to its best advantage, she had decided not to wear a bra, she also had a matching suspender belt but she was afraid the lines would show under her dress so she elected to wear the new garters she had recently purchased.

After patting herself dry she sprayed deodorants over her body, Desiree stood in front of her mirror and her eyes drifted down. Desiree was glad she was a woman, she loved the smooth skin and soft curves of the female body, She had been curious about other female bodies since before she had married, but had never experienced woman to woman sex. She closed her eyes, letting her thoughts remain in her imagination. Such things were not done. One heard rumours about the Queen Dowager’s personal court, but they remained that…rumours. She herself was loyal to her husband. She had her thoughts and she had her toys.

When she got downstairs Enoch was waiting there, in his naval dinner jacket. He looked tall, handsome, dark olive tanned, his dark hair combed in smooth waves. He smiled at her. She knew he didn’t love her, but he was always good to her.

“All ready darling,” she said in her Gavinian-Latin accent. He smiled and bowed and extended his arm. knew she looked good, she wore a long satin dress which hugged her body emphasizing her curves, and with only thong and garters underneath her breasts and soft round bottom were paraded to their fullest potential.

His chauffeur drove them to the door of the club, which had been the summer villa of a Cornellian Proconsul of Idumea as the Province of Bara had once been called. As they drove along she realized how strongly she now identified with her new country—her old one was no more. More than ever she was a dependent. Glancing at Enoch, she realized that that was why she was often anxious about their relationship.

“How, truly, is the King, darling?” she asked him.

“He’s better,” said Enoch. He snapped his fingers to some music playing in the car. There was a glimpse of barricades along the way, for hundreds of meters, soldiers and militia in full riot gear. She had heard about it on the news, but since Gavinium Magnus had been annexed she had not had the heart to watch the news, throwing herself into charity work and court life all the more.

“Is there any danger?” she asked, putting a hand to her throat as she saw a helicopter buzzing over the buildings near the road.

“No, the Ministries have it well in hand,” said Enoch indifferently, glancing at his watch.

Desiree was among the crowd watching as the King did his first drive of the year, the first since his stroke. Applause scattered around the course and birds flew up from the trees.

“Well done, Majesty!” called out sacklike Count Matthias Beroth.

“I wager he does that with the Homofront!” said Marcus Cotta, the Minister of Culture.

“I hope I am more accurate with Homofront, Mr. Cotta,” said the King gravely. He seemed faintly puzzled by the laughter and applause.

Desiree leaned in to her husband. “Are you dining at home tonight?” she asked.

“Er…I thought I might dine at the club, I have much work to do, honey,” said Prince Enoch. “But I promise I’ll come home after.”

Desiree felt a stab of hope. She fortunately saw some of the Ghantish nobility there, talking and observing, and went to speak with Princess Jocasta and some of the other ladies there. Jocasta was always sweet to her, sympathetic, and yet strong somehow, kissing her and embracing her. “Hey,” Jocasta said, “You should dine with Michael and I and a few friends tonight. We must all take our breaks and not let these silly strikes get in the way…we have a splendid cook from Vannois you simply must try his…”

As the conversation went on, Desiree found herself sinking into it, whispering advice to Jocasta on the best doctors she knew to help with her and her husband’s lack of issue, and felt distraction falling over her like a veil, thank God.

No one really knew if the King was better or not, but he certainly seemed to want to answer his own mail. He sat down with Prince Enoch, the President of the Council Nicanor, the Foreign Minister Geta and with Count Lalery to discuss how best to respond. The Queen had taken to her garden again and had said, choking back tears, that she was fine with whatever her husband decided. The strikes and riots grieved her deeply and only prayer would help.

“President Zarman,” the King said, tapping his oaken desk. “The Emperor of Ghant. Well first, I would like to have several of the Ghantish here to a dinner at which I can convey my thanks to Nathan personally and speak with them, get a sense of their national mood and that of their court. Second, a letter to President Zarman…”
Hosidius Geta, the Foreign Minister, put a letter before him. “My officials and I have come up with this response which I believe you will appreciate, sir.”
To: Steven Williams, Secretary of State
From: Hosidius Geta, Foreign Minister
Subject: Homofront Attacks
Encryption: Most Secret, Eyes Only

Mr. Secretary,

First, on behalf of Their Majesties, thank you and thanks to your president for his kind words and condolences, which have been published in order for our citizens to realize how well loved we are abroad in your great nation.

Second, as you say, down to business. I agree that the measures taken consider the AIDS/HIV clinics as well as deliberately targeting LGBT individuals in our country to be harsh indeed, however we must leave no stone unturned while we investigate the matters at hand. This is not the first such attack our people have suffered. Homofront has tended to hide in plain sight.
However you are not alone in your concerns. The Queen has expressed similar worries, and other leaders have stated their fears that AIDS could break out further without further research. Ultimately this is a temporary measure which will not be continued indefinitely, but I hope you will find it reassuring that we are discussing the matter at the highest levels of government.
If your government would be kind enough to offer any intelligence from your end, that would be most welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I have the honour to be,

Hosidius Geta,.
Minister of Foreign Affairs

“Excellent,” said the King. “Now: Adiron…”

“Sir, I recommend we accept President Rowan’s proposal,” offered Nicanor. ‘If only to buy ourselves some time. I think it is an excellent face saving proposal. This man Rowan seems to be a moderate, and a wise man.”

“Or he’s trying to buy time too,” mused the King. “What did he serve in in Adiron?”

“Nothing,” said General Ashdod. “He’s a civililan.”

“A civilian head of state?” mused the King. “Interesting. At least even the northern royals pretend. Well we must not underestimate him. From all I have studied it is hard to run a political campaign of such sweep and greatness over such a nation, no small thing indeed, requiring the marshal of forces as great as any I have commanded. But this is a good opening maneuver…”
To: President George Rowan
From: King Elijah IV
Subject: Coordination for Peace
Encryption: Eyes Only, Most Secret, Hand delivered in diplomatic pouch

Dear President Rowan,

Thank you, on behalf of my wife and myself, for your kind words and thoughts. We deeply sorrow at this tragic and evil death which has struck down two of our best men.

I agree that there should be concern over the pace of the Palisades negotiations. Your proposal of an incremental withdrawal is one which I will put to the Imperium, but I will for the time being agree that it is the best we shall have to put on the table in lieu of anything else.

As touching this matter of Homofront, I would appreciate you forwarding any information that your intelligence may have gathered as to their activities.

I am outraged at the acts of the Arvo against your people, especially an installation of Isidium, a peaceful and benevolent organization which many of my people love. I would like to offer you the services of our own forces and intelligence so that we can help hunt down the barbarians who conducted that raid and send them into the next world.
Finally, I think that the new direction of foreign policy between us needs to be discussed with some clarity and purpose. I would normally invite you to visit me here but the circumstances are challenging for the moment, and I am not much up to travelling myself. I would therefore like to send my own Foreign Minister as well as other officials to meet with you and discuss the best means to carry out your proposals.

I have the honour to be,
King Elijah IV

“Send our condolences to the people of Gauliscia about the wanton and awful deaths that took place at the hands of a Homofront terrorist, or a sympathizer at least,” said the King. “And I would like prayers said on their behalf…er, the families, the souls of the dead, not the terrorists of course.”

“A public announcement of thanks to the Turkish Islamic Confederacy if Turaneistan, for their sympathetic words and their concern,” he continued, sitting back in his chair.

“Are you tired sir?” asked Prince Enoch.

“I’m well enough, just need to pace myself,” said King Elijah. “Turkish Islamic…yes. I think that’s it.”

“Well done sir,” said Nicanor. “We’ll see to this right away. And I’m already receiving reports from Nass, Port Autovia and other towns and cities in the north that we’re moving forward very well, with the investigations and the purge.”

“Are we?” said Count Lalery. “I heard it was a bunch of mobs doing a witch hunt. But maybe your standard of doing well is different from mine.” He smiled faintly as Nicanor gave him a chuckle.

“Oh, my dear Count,” said the President of the Council, “Are you saying that people should not have the right to see their communities cleansed of sin and wickedness?”
“We have a judicial process,” said Lalery. “Where’s Misabel?”

Justice Minister Balaam stiffened. “He is busy. I am here.”

“I bet he is. I bet he is,” said Lalery. “And here indeed you are. Should we not observe judicial processes carefully?”

“They have been,” said Balaam drily. “I can have the paperwork forwarded to you if you like.”

“Please do,” said Lalery. Balaam opened her mouth and then snapped it shut, reddening.

“Thank you all,” said Enoch, eyeing the King, who was so exhausted he could only nod. The Ministers and officials bowed and withdrew.
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Postby Ru- » Mon May 29, 2017 1:33 am

The New Ru Eye
A trusted news source, keeping an eye on Ru

Ru to Accept 6,000 Refugees From New Edom
Imperial Senate Forum, New Ru City

Earlier today the Ruvian Imperial Senate successfully passed a measure to begin a massive refugee program in response to the growing crisis in New Edom. According to the Senate refugee bill championed by Chancellor Andy Flanders will allow 6,000 refugees fleeing the government crackdowns and violent mob justice that has arisen in New Edom against homosexuals, medical professionals, and opposition government officials seen as sympathetic to LGBT causes in the wake of the assassinations of General Zadok Hesperinus and Count Ephraim perpetrated by the terrorist organization Homofront.

An unlikely Alliance?
Chancellor Flanders signed the bill into law a few hours ago in front of a group of press officials before it received the signature and royal stamp of His Majesty, King Yoshio Rel. In his fight to secure passage of the refugee program in the senate the Chancellor had a very unlikely ally: Senate Minority Leader Maxwell Marcus of the RCP. Senator Marcus was defeated by Andy Flanders in the runoff during the last Chancellor election and has been the Progressive Chancellor's greatest nemesis in the Ruvian legislature, successfully leading fierce resistances in the Senate that eviscerated attempts to reform and break up the major Ruvian financial institutions and forced compromises on college tuition, and the Chancellor's green energy initiative. He surprised many last week when he publicly announced that he would be casting his own senate vote in favor of the refugee bill and had later led a group of moderate Conservative Party members to provide much needed votes to thwart a filibuster attempt from members of his own party from the Nationalist Caucus. Political analysts believe that Senator Marcus joined with the Chancellor in an attempt to capitalize on growing Ruvian nervousness over the rise of right wing populism in Ruvian ally nations and to encourage the surprising strong approval ratings among Ru's immigrants that he enjoyed in the last Chancellor election by appearing more globally minded and by being seen as being on the opposing side of unpopular foreign nationalists by being pro-refugee. It is widely believed that Maxwell Marcus is preparing another national campaign for Royal Chancellor to challenge Andy Flanders in his reelection, despite it being rather unprecedented for a politician to run against the very incumbent that had previously defeated him. "The political winds have changed rapidly in Ru because of world events since the previous election." said one pundit. "And Maxwell Marcus is determined to take immediate advantage, and not be discouraged by how Ruvians voted before this shift in attitudes took place."

More Refugees on the Way?
The Ruvian government intends to work with humanitarian organizations within New Edom to coordinate Ru's acceptance of refugees and to determine how the Ruvian government can help improve the situation there. Chancellor Flanders has asked these organizations to prioritize sending those most at risk of attack from the New Edomite Free Militias to Ru first, which is a group that will likely be composed of very prominent individuals, including politicians and healthcare workers, along with their families. The Chancellor declared that Ru may be willing to take in more refugees from this initial 6,000 should the situation in New Edom grow more dire. Should this come to pass, it would most likely lead to a more difficult political fight in the Senate but it was one the Chancellor said he was willing to take on if a further commitment from Ru is needed. The Chancellor also condemned recent deprivations by the Free Militias in particular and criticized the ruling new Edomite government for encouraging individuals who were unable or unwilling to differentiate actual potential terrorists from innocent Edomite citizens to continue their reckless vigilante actions, though he also expressed hope that the government of New Edom would work with Ru and nations like it to remove citizens that they no longer consider desirable from their nation without violence or execution. For these 6,000 refugees, the plan will be to send them to temporary settlements in Oar Bay, Pargo, Zamettar and other cities along Ru's west coast, districts presided over by Flanders' most staunch Senate allies, and whose capacities likely led to the 6,000 figure in this initial refugee push. When pressed on whether the Chancellor was risking allowing possible terrorists into the Kingdom, he assured Ruvians that careful background checks would be conducted on the refugees and those with ties to terror operations would be turned away or detained. "Make no mistake, Homofront's recent actions are the work of a terrorist organization." The Chancellor said. "We expect to be in much closer talks with the New Edomite government and it's civil rights and humanitarian aide organizations in the coming days."

Trouble with Nudism?
Another major concern with accepting New Edomite refugees among Ruvians has been our two nations drastically different attitudes toward nudity, which in Ru is generally considered scandalous. Cultural experts, however, are largely in agreement that this will not be nearly as big of a problem as some think. "Nudity may be incredibly important to the religious beliefs of most Edomites, but we can see from tourists and visitors from this nation that they almost always have a very healthy respect for the laws and attitudes of the cultures with whom they are guests, and it is not as though Ru is totally without places where they can express themselves as they choose. There are a number of beaches and entire communities where the nude lifestyle is encouraged and these just happen to be most common around the cities of Pargo and Zamettar. We are also not without the notion of nudity as religious expression, as a few major Caelian temples conduct special rituals where nudity is required, for very similar reasons expressed by the Edomite devout." Explained our resident expert here at the Eye before adding. "Besides, it is also important to note that many of these refugees will be individuals who are on the fringes of mainstream Edomite society, it is quite possible that a number of them will be weary of the laws and customs of their home nation and ready to shed them off, by dressing up."

We here at the New Ru Eye will be sure to keep our readers up to date on the crisis in New Edom and the coming importation of new refugees into Ru as this situation develops in the coming days and weeks, and we thank you for your continued patronage.
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Postby New Edom » Mon May 29, 2017 2:16 am

A Public Announcement
of the National Council for Refugees

The National Council for Refugees is a 17 year old program run as a non-government organization that helps provide for refugees. This includes helping provide for safe movement under international law, safe housing, food and medicine. We work with foreign organizations such as the International Purple Cross and others in order to help refugees and asylum seekers.

While the NRC is based largely out of Christian churches which support the Morality Act, we believe that people who do not wish to live according to New Edomite laws should be peacefully helped to leave the country for other nations if they so desire. We maintain the belief that it is right that our nation should be a Christian one under the Morality Act. Our nation has upheld this by our Constitution, by the majority of our citizens. However we also believe that no one should be forced to live by Christian belief.

We are glad to be working with the Ruvian Imperial Senate and Chancellor of the Kingdom of Ru to have 6,000 refugees emigrate to their country. We will be happy to provide identification and meet them halfway in terms of transport of such persons. We will be glad ot help sort out any difficulties with them. We will also where necessary help negotiate with the New Edomite government.

Again, our deepest thanks.

On behalf of the National Council for Refugees
Dr. Leander Clemens
Director for Communications and Information
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This seems very backwards. (OOC)

Postby Prestrainiskiy » Mon May 29, 2017 3:01 am

This honestly sounds like ridicule of the gay population, but, I get it, we all have views. I am disturbed, but I understand that you are only exercising the right to free speech.
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Postby New Edom » Mon May 29, 2017 4:16 am

Prestrainiskiy wrote:This honestly sounds like ridicule of the gay population, but, I get it, we all have views. I am disturbed, but I understand that you are only exercising the right to free speech.

OOC: Hey there. I'd rather people not make the habit of this, please TG me in future if there are concerns OOC or else I can make an OOC thread if there are a bunch of them.

For the record: I am not homophobic. I am pro gay rights and have been for years. New Edom is a fictional nation that does not represent my views. I created it because I thought I could write interesting stories about it. It is a religious constitutional monarchy that struggles with a number of political and social issues. I personally think that writing such stories can be interesting to read and can also give people an idea of what struggles for freedom can be like. "Homofront"is not meant to mock gay people but is meant to mock extremist political groups that resort to terrorism and acts of brutality to frighten their enemies.
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Postby New Edom » Tue May 30, 2017 2:40 am

To: His Excellency the Rt Honorable Brian Tyler, the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Mcnernia
From: King Elijah IV of New Edom

Dear Prime Minister,

On behalf of our people and of the Hesperinus and Ephraim families, I thank you. In a true Christian response, you provide for the fallen's orphan and his widow. The Hesperinus family, and the widow Olympia and widow Constantia wish me to convey their thanks as well. As the leader of a nation of old comrades I believe you and your King have acted very generously and kindly.

I have the honour to be,
Elijah IV
King of the Allied States of New Edom
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Postby CoraSpia » Tue May 30, 2017 3:09 am

The following video message has been conveyed to diplomatic missions and news media worldwide

<Diane Stevenson stood on a simple stage, her long, iron grey hair hanging freely down her back and her arms stiffly by her side. She looks composed, confident and in-intimidated, and her steely gaze gives the impression of a woman who is sure that what she states is right and true. For this is Diane Stevenson, Havenic Senior Secretaryfor Foreign Relations, and she is doing what she loves, addressing the world to make sure that the international community is in no doubt concerning the Haven's opinions and courses of action. She clears her throat, and begins to speak:

"My friends, both at home and abroad;
I have been called to address you regarding the tragic events that have unfolded in the allied states of New Edom in the past week, spacifically the hideous murders of General Hisperinus and count Ephraim, and to make our position regarding their deaths clear.
My friends, no man or woman deserves to be murdered, and it is my belief and that of our Haven that no man or woman deserves to have basic rights denied to them either. We do not condone the actions of homofront, however our Haven understands it; for when your basic rights are denied to you, your only possible recourse often is to resort to terrorism.
The New Edomite government has callously attacked the lgbt community and its female citizenries basic rights for many years, and this must end soon. Currently, it is illegal to enter into a homosexual relationship, and internet logs are monitored to make it easier for the government to engage in cruel sting tactics against lgbt citizens engaging in perfectly safe, consensual relationships...our Haven cannot stand for this.

In taking the action we now take, we are making our position very clear: to the lgbt population of New Edom, you have our Havens support. We hear your concerns, and we agree wholeheartedly with you when you speak of injustices you have suffered; we do not condone your terrorism, however we shall not condemn it either. As of today, our President has ordered the sub-ministry for refugees and asylum to accept any refugees fleeing New Edom, and to coordinate where possible with agencies within New Edom to ensure that people who wish to do so can make a life for themselves in our Haven. Should such individuals wish to make their life literally anywhere else, we can probably help with that as well.
Similarly, we will not tolerate government intrusion of the like that is seen in New Edom into the bastion of privacy that is the internet. Our government funded 'free the web' project provides free access to proxy and vpn services all around the world, funded of course by the Havenic government. We urge any citizen of New Edom, and similarly barbaric states, to secure their freedom of expression by using this free service.

In order to prevent ourselves being used as an accessory for oppression, we shall henseforth be severing all police and military cooperation with New Edom. We shall not enforce your warrants, we shall not answer your requests for information about your exiles, we shall not, in other words, do the tyrants work for him. Our Haven is just that, a Haven; a place where one can make a new life free from oppression, and you have made it a haven for your enemies by your actions. I urge all those fleeing persecution in New Edom to approach our Haven, for our laws are far less of a hinderence to your human rights.

We are not a closed nation. Whoever you are, we shall trade with you, we shall be civil to you; however if you feel it is your right to abuse your people and make their lives painful, we shall take action against you. Be warned that our Haven keeps a keen eye on events around the world, and intends to battle the tyrant wherever he lurks. To the oppressed, stay strong and stand free. To the oppresser, consider this a warning and a rebuke from the forces of civilisation. This message ends."
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Postby New Edom » Tue May 30, 2017 4:47 am

Fineberg, New Edom

General Adam Nicanor, President of the Council of Ministers, stood before the Cathedral of the Martyrs in Fineberg, surrounded by uniformed officers, finely dressed officials, clergy and press. he had just emerged from attending mass. By the doors there stretches out a lengthy porch receiving those that enter beneath wide gates. It is as long as the wondrous church is broad; this space is called narthex by the Greeks. Here through the night there rises a melodious sound pleasing to the ears of Christ, giver of life, when the psalms of God-fearing David are sung with alternate voice by the sacred ministers. Into the porch there open wide seven holy gates inviting the people to enter; one of these is on the narrow face of the narthex facing south, and another on the northern wing; the rest on their groaning pivots are opened by the warden in the west wall which marks the end of the church.

Now, towards the east and the west, there was nothing beneath the arches: all is air. But towards the murmuring south wind and the rainless north there rises a mighty wall up to the chin of the rounded arch, and it is illuminated by twice four windows. This wall rests below on stone props, for, underneath it, six Haemonian columns, , like the fresh green of the emerald, hold up a tireless sinewy juncture (it is there that the women have their seats). These in turn are heaved upon massive heads by four columns fixed immovable on the ground, glittering jewels of Thessalian marble graced with locks of golden hair. They separate the middle mansion of the glorious church from the lengthy aisle (aithousa) that lies alongside. Never were such columns, high-crested, blooming like a grove with bright flowers, cut from the land of Molossis.

And in this holy place, the President of the Council addressed the people and the world. He was a big heavyset man with a large belly yet somehow grand in his dark dress uniform, his large wide face, dark olive skinned and pitted and craggy as a cliff face proud and solemn. His neat short hair was grey. Broad big peasant's hands held the flimsy looking written speechin his hands. Many medals spanned the broad expanse of his chest, and gold braid and much rank of wreaths, feathers and stars showed on his gleaming shoulder boards.

“Honoured fellow citizens, as you all know, I am instructed by Their Majesties to lead the Council of Ministers to provide for the prosperity and protection of all New Edomites, and to support our allies and friends the world over. However we are still plagued by forces that seek to undermine this protection. If you look around you, you see the beauty of God’s Kingdom, on Earth as it is in Heaven, reflected. This does not come merely at the whim of our desires, but is rather the result of our devotion. Indeed, as God labored, we labour. As God devised, we devise. As God established order, we must establish that order in this world. And so, dear fellow citizens, I assure you that I am going to maintain that order. We have an orderly society—the Monarchs, anointed by God and advised by our clergy, command that our laws be obeyed and lead in our defense of the realm and provide for good leaders to be appointed. The Council of Ministers, those appointed leaders, carry out our delegated tasks so that policy, agreed between the Monarchs and the representatives of you citizens, the Chamber of Deputies, is carried out. And that it is lawful is viewed with detachment and wisdom by our judges, who are wise men and women devoted to the life of Christ. Together, this triptych, this reflection of our Holy Trinity, is on Earth to provide, protect and guide our nation. This is done in accordance with our laws.

“Yet we are accused by some—by people like this Senior Secretary for Foreign Relations from Haven, Diane Stevenson, of being inhumane and unjust. You will hear, beloved fellow citizens, from such persons as this, that homosexuality is natural. It is not. If homosexuality is natural, so is evacuating your bowels on impulse, yet we train children not to do such a dirty thing. Then why is such a dirty thing as homosexuality good? It is not. It is a perversion.

"In the name of this perversion, innocent people died in Slyërthlaaïstraasse, Chéimaar, United Realm of Gauliscia. A Homofront sympathizer openly attacked unarmed citizens on a public transport ina despicable vile act of brutality motivated by hate and hate alone. Our prayers go out to the victims and their families. We understand that the real instigator was taken down by the police in that country, and we hope to the good Lord above that there is no repetition of this.

"We will not accept this perversion in New Edom. It is that simple. We are a nation under Christ. No attempt at liberalizing us in the name of foreign prosperity can alter that fact. And as I held true as a soldier, I will hold true now, and fight for our nation to remain true under God. We must not forget that ultimately it is our devotion to Him that leads to that prosperity and peace we hope always for. I pray to Almighty God that you all go about your days in peace.”

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Postby Pemblovstan » Tue May 30, 2017 6:19 am

Origin: The Head Office of Pemblovstan
Sender: President Fjord I
Subject: Action required on the topic of homosexuals.
Encryption: Unprotected/Public/Press


A message from his Excellency,
President Fjord I

Son of Vladivok III, and the first of the Second Dynasty

A terrible act was committed by those who claim themselves to be a part of the homosexual terrorist group, Homofront. As the leader of a developing country which has just opened itself to external influence and whose intentions are yet to be highlighted by future missions, the nature of the Pemblovstani administration should be reflected, especially on the topic of foreign relations. Pemblovstan will not be the one to endorse acts that infringe the rights of any people on its soil, hence the same treatment should be extended as far as Pemblovstani influence can reach.

Homosexuality and gender-queer agenda are not tolerated by the religions that compose the very center of Pemblovstani life. Should these spiritual amendments be infringed, it would be an offense to not only the late President Vladivok III but the majority of Pemblovstan's demographic. As the First Tangent has shown us, the key to building a civilization with citizens of happiness and productivity is through the abiding to the religious life that the Commonwealth provides to its citizens (Vladisvok III Act, 1983).

As nations corrupted by their libertarian ideals offer asylum for those who identify themselves as homosexual exclaim their acts of charity like birds on a sunny afternoon, Pemblovstan wishes to impede this treachery and blasphemy - both of which are punishable by death (1st Amendment of the Constitution of Pemblovstan, 1945). Should these terrorists and traitors to humanity enter Pemblovstani waters, they will be eliminated through military involvement.

Once these people are no more, the world can rejoice and the deaths of the innocent will no longer occur!

In the name of those who were killed in Slyërthlaaïstraasse and Padan-Aran, the safety of Pemblovstan and those who came before me - Darvoss!
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Homofront Attack Leaves Two National Hero's Dead in New Edom!
Major Government Crackdown on the way.
Newsroom Tonight| Kirishinan Broadcasting Corporation

Bonsoir et Konbanwa, welcome back to Newsroom Tonight on the KBC Network, I'm Sugiyama Shinya in Imgeum. Our first story comes from New Edom where earlier today General Zadok Hesperinus and Count Ephraim were ambushed near Padan-Aran. As reported by The New Edomite National News Center, the assailants used an improvised explosive device or IED and a high powered rifle to assassinate the two men. Homofront has claimed responsibility for the attack. We turn to a KBC correspondent, Kaga Yoshiteru who is in Fineberg, New Edom with more. Yoshiteru?

Yoshiteru: In the aftermath of the attack the Government of New Edom has already arrested three military personnel not in connection to the attack but for being in a same-sex relationship. Their identities are Captain Nathaniel Zorias, Lieutenant Tomas Igon, and Lieutenant Felix St-Xavier. While it may be considered unusual, this is keeping with the New Edomite Morality Act. This is not your average law as it has been in place since 1890. New Edom has indeed modified the law since then by removing the death penalty for homosexuality, adultery, rape, and even blasphemy but even by today standards excluding rape which is rightfully a heinous crime, the criminality of adultery, homosexuality, and blasphemy is controversial but the Morality Act is a symbol of culture. It is a part of everyday life and should serve as a background for why certain acts are being committed by the government but also why New Edom tends to be one of the most frequent targets of Homofront.

New Edom has responded harshly to the attack with a major crackdown that may have some serious ramifications. There is some concern in the government that HIV/AIDS services may have played a part in spreading Homosexuality and as such, the Minister of Health, Nemone Jarris, ordered that HIV/AIDS service should be halted for the time being so it could be investigated appropriately. The Kirishinan Minister of Health Chisato Hasegawa in an uncharacteristic move released a statement stating while homosexual activity may be among the highest risk for contracting HIV/Aids along with sharing needles, that HIV/AIDS spreads in other ways besides homosexuality. She goes on to say that such services do not make people all of a sudden decide to be homosexual and by suspending service may make the HIV status in New Edom worse.

The Ministries of Police and Justice were authorized to examine online web logs to see if homosexual, lesbian or other illegitimate sexual exchanges were taking place sans due process and The Ministry of Finance were instructed to crack down and cooperate with observation and reporting and if need be issue a closure of accounts of suspected LGBT persons. Once again seemingly sans due process.

Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were ordered to cooperate with the rest of the government in denying travel visas to nations that were pro-homosexual to suspect individuals. I have been told by the Kirishinan Embassy here in New Edom that while Kirishima is not pro-LGBT but pro-LG*BT. With the G asterisk being for homosexual pairings where at least one of the male pairing is feminine or androgynous in appearance in a reminder to our international viewers. The Embassy feels that asterisk may be ignored by the New Edom government or not be enough to not be on that list. Kirishima is a growing tourism destination and Dirigeant Arata Kasuga has shown a history of wanting to resolve any hiccups as soon as he can.

With all that has occurred in this still grieving nation some key questions needs to be answered. Are the acts that the New Edomite government are taking truly working in dealing justice to those responsible for the attack, or is it a backlash from a fundamentally conservative society against its homosexual population. Also are the measures capable of pushing away and alienating some innocent and patriotic citizens to a point where they can now be lured by Homefront's narrative. This has been Kaga Yoshiteru for KBC World, Finnberg.

Shinya:In a press briefing, Federal Palace Press Secretary Omotayo Taiwo stated that Dirigeant Kasuga was aware of the situation with New Edom and offered condolences. Taiwo also went on to say that Kasuga will relay a message to the New Edomite soon before releasing statements from his message to the press. Now on to our next story...

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The Taisuist Republic of Kirishima


Origin: Office of Arata Kasuga
Sender: Arata Kasuga, Dirigeant of Kirishima
Subject:Recent Tragedy
Encryption: Public/Press

Bonjour et Kon'nichiwa,

I offer my condolences for the tragedy that has befallen the nation of New Edom. May the Goddess Kamiya grant those that have past access to paradise. It is always painfully to know that people have been needlessly murdered and it is even worse when it is done as a result of the cowardly act known as terrorism be it right winged or left winged. Kirishima stands by New Edom and is willing to aid in investigations any way we could. Especially if it concerns a suspected Kirishinan national in New Edom or a suspected New Edomite in Kirishima.

In such turbulent times, we need to not lose composure or be rash. I am not going to sit back and criticize New Edomite government for their values and laws the same way I wouldn't want them to do the same to Kirishima. But in trying to achieve justice one must be steady and calculating. While some people may seek to find the serpent in the grass or a bear in the woods, one mustn't burn down the forest in hunting for the bear. While it may work the net loss is not worth the gain. The people of New Edom are strong and brave and the homosexual community in New Edom are New Edomites. They are in many walks of life and many of which you may be friends with due to not knowing what they do in the privacy of their homes. I urge the people and government to not take drastic acts that can serve to alienate people. Homofront just like Islamic Extremism trives on socially outcast and or oppressed people in need of belonging. Do not give our enemies that fuel.

Kamiya Bless.

Mr. Arata Kasuga
Dirigeant De La République Taisuist De Kirishima

I am a MT Japanese/Korean nation inhabited by Human, Anime(They're also Human), and Secret FanT beings (Northern Wilderness)that perform acts based on MT/PMT Reality

Internationally known as Flardania in French & English, known domestically as Kirishima in Japanese & Kirishinan, and domestically as Angaeseom in Korean


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