YN's Motto Changes Over the Years

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YN's Motto Changes Over the Years

Postby The Chris Empire » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:07 am

Has you nation's motto changed over the years due to regime changes, revolutions, etc?
Add the year (if applicable) of change and a brief description of each changed motto.


1. Motto - Year

2. Motto - Year

3. Motto - Year


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YN's Motto Changes Over the Years
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The Chris Empire
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Postby The Chris Empire » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:08 am

1. “All Hail GOD, King and Country”
This motto was chose first to symbolize the independence and the creation of The Chris Empire. Showing that the cause for independence is for the Almighty God, the leadership of the King and for the good of the Country. GOD is in all caps and is first said to signify the major religion in The Chris Empire

2. “United for God, Peace and Country”
This motto kept the same words but changed “All Hail” to United. United signifying that the well-established nation of The Chris Empire and its people are united for these three causes.

3. “United by Faith, Peace and Country”
This motto is the current motto of Christos. It is similar to the previous motto but God was changed to Faith to encompass all the faiths in Christos and their unity to preserving their home of Christos and Peace between each different faith.
King Chris of Christos/ The Chris Empire
"United for Faith, Peace and Country"
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Det hellige nordiske rike
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Postby Det hellige nordiske rike » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:06 am

In World War II, the motto of the HNR was blod og jord (blood and soil). After the war, the motto became for Odin, landet og nordiske folket (for Odin, country and the Nordic people).
For Odin, landet og nordiske folket
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Ideology: National socialism
Religion: Society of Odin
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Postby Anollasia » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:26 pm

Free as can be - 1760-1775, 1790-1794, 1828-1840, 1844-1886, 1896-1912
Motto of the non-religious old republic.
By the power of God - 1775-1790, 1794-1824
Motto of the Christian republic.
Allah will lead us - 1824-1828, 1840-1844
Motto of the Islamic republic.
Glory to the leader - 1886-1896
Motto of the military dictatorship.
Through peace we are strong - 1912-present
Motto of the Peaceful Republic.
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Postby Carena » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:04 pm

The original motto was Animus in consulendo liber (meaning A mind unfettered in deliberation), and was the motto of the Transitional Federal Government until the creation of Carena in 2087, in which the motto Novus ordo seclorum (meaning New order of the ages) was adopted)

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Postby Jafala » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:11 pm

Crown Territory of Jafala (1872 - 1962): Dutch: Ik zal handhaven, "I Will Uphold" (Dutch Royal Motto)
Kingdom of Jafala (1962 - 1964): Jafalan: Sisi kulinda, "We Will Protect"
Jafalan Democratic Republic (1964 - 1968): Jafalan: Umoja wa ajili ya watu na nchi, "Unity for the People and Land"
Republic of Jafala (1968 - 2017): Jafalan: Umoja, Nguvu, Kazi, "Unity, Strength, Work"
Democratic Republic of Jafala (2017 - Present): Jafalan: Uhuru, Umoja, Anuwai, "Liberty, Unity, Diversity"
National Info:
Government: Contested Between a Unitary Consitutional Presidential Republic and a Single-Party Military Dictatorship
Main Ethnic Group: Jafa'la
Main Religion: Christianity
Head of State: Contested
Head of Government: Contested
Languages: Jafa'la, Dutch, English

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Postby Togeria » Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:29 am

By Faith For Faith
First documented motto of the country. It was made popular by the third crusade that saw many men volunteer to sail to Europe and then the Middle East on behalf of Christendom.

Togeria is King; 1660-1812
The official state motto for over a century. It was designed to breed patriotism from the people as well as strike fear into the enemies of Togeria. It roughly meant that as long as Togeria stood as a nation all around the world were subject to its reign and power

Ultra Deus:1812-present
Taking inspiration from the Spanish motto "Plus Ultra", "Ultra Deus" means Beyond God, and was adopted following the Togerian revolution. It was meant to be a rallying call against the religious authority and conservatism that had kept the peasants in the county down. Now it means to beyond any barrier for progress.
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[1] peace
2 hostilities
3engaged conflicts
Maldaria- Victory
Revolution in Sharphats-Stalemates
2nd Russian civil war-indecisive
Parazal Civil War-Support wasn't active militarily
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Postby Rhodevus » Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:29 am

1. No Wave Doesn't Hit Our Coasts - 1715-1845
As in, no matter where a wave goes, it will always reach land owned by Rhodevus.

2. Victory in Defeat - 1845-1890
Rhodevus will still stand strong even amidst loss of land and control over its own territory

3. Until Victory - 1890-present
Comes from a speech from the first king of Rhodevus in 1845, declaring that no matter what happens in the country, we will stand together, united until our final victory. This 'victory' that the king speaks of most likely represents military success, but has since gone to speak about excellence in everything from economics and trade, to culture.
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Postby Kirislavia » Fri Apr 21, 2017 3:30 pm

"All in service of our queen" (1794 - 1902)
Motto used when Kirislavia was an absolute monarchy.

"Workers of the world, unite" (1902 - 1946)
Adopted after Kirislavia's revolution, when it became a socialist state.

"Onward, proletarians, to a glorious communist era" (1946 - Present)
New motto conceived by Premier Molotova, in recognition of the bright future of global communism which the nation is fighting for.
The People's Republic of Kirislavia:
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