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Palaces in Your Nation

Postby Hyggemata » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:07 am

A palace, by its most primitive definition, is a residence of a monarch. While it need not have any governmental functions, it often served as the monarch's office building in addition to his residence. What are some famous palaces in your nation?

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[b]Name of palace[/b]:
[b]Date of construction[/b]:
[b]Constructed for[/b]:
[b]Current owner[/b]:
[b]Current state[/b]:
[b]Current use[/b]:


Name of palace: Serana-kiyomi
Date of construction: 696 to 731
Location: Serana-kiyomi (capital city from 701 to 894)
Constructed for: Momu I
Current owner: the Crown
Current state: fell into ruins in the 900s, currently partially restored
Current use: tourist destination
Info: Constructed during an era in which Hyggemata, a Germanic kingdom, was rapidly evolving under continental (in canon, an amalgamation of ancient Japan, which itself was under the influence of classical China) influence. Government was centralized, albeit painfully, and the nascent bureaucracy & civil service was reaching the first rungs of maturity. Hyggemata was the most powerful and leading Germanic state, of which there were several dozen, and the Hyggematic dynasty decided that it was time to show the continental kingdoms that Hyggemata was a civilized state, which at that time meant a centralized, bureaucratic government operating under an established, codified administrative law. Momu I never lived to see the completion of his dream palace, having died in 702; neither did his son, Meko V, who died in 728; it was only under his grandson Semimu I, that the palace was finally completed.

The palace was constructed under the continental style, with an array of symmetrically laid out buildings, with the most important ones occupying a central axis. It was situated in the north side of the newly constructed capital city, and several concentric, square walled compounds delineated the royal quarters, the government departments, and other important buildings. The scale of the palace stretched Hyggemata to her very limits in resource and labour. Regional warrior garrisons were ordered to lay down their arms and become quarriers and carpenters to furnish the palace with continental grandeur. Large amounts of domestic crops and craft products were sold to invite continental artisans and engineers to make sure that the palace enjoyed the latest continental fittings. At the end of the day, it is estimated that around 1/6 of the national product of Hyggemata between 700 and 731 went into building the palace. Peasants were taxed heavily, and military actions were suspended, but the resulting palace was nothing short of splendid.

At the height of centralized, bureaucratic rule in Hyggemata, between 701 and 784, maintaining the palace at peak condition was no easy task. Government ministers regularly diverted more than 10% of the annual budget to upkeep of the premises. After 784, with the ascension of Kamu I, the government chose to allow parts of the palace to fall into disrepair in order to cut taxes to appease regional rebellions, which were gaining speed due to the heavy exploitation by the state. At the time, not only did the state extract crops from peasants at the rate of 1/4 of the total yield, peasants were also responsible for supplying the government with certain types of goods. Cloth is one commodity that each household had to submit to the government annually; certain kinds of local specialties, as well as jewel and precious metal ores were equally subject to government levy. Then, in order to suppress the warrior class, the government established a peasant conscript army in 689, and all male peasants aged between 21 and 31 were required to serve three years in the army, and they remained on reserve duty until aged 61. Finally, all peasants, male and female, were required to give 30 days of free labour per annum to the government to participate in public works. All these burdens on the populace has made the Temu Dynasty (ruled 674 to 784) very unpopular; the dynasty died out under Queen Kokenu I. Kamu was selected by the Megamuraomos ("great chief minister") to succeed the throne; originally a farmer, Kamu was a seventh-generation descendant of Queen (sovereign) Uikau I. The Megamuraomos selected Kamu with the expectation that he would be pliant and inexperienced; however, Kamu turned out to be a very hard-headed young king whose reign was another period of great reform.

Kamu's disdain for court life partly allowed the palace to deteriorate, but there is much evidence to show that the palace, though grand and impressive, did not quite suit the taste and climate of Hyggemata. The great audience hall, measuring 95 by 55 meters, and rising to a peak height of 45 meters, required some ingenuity to keep warm during winters. Several days before an event in the hall, the stone tiles would have to be dug up, and caskets of boiling water were buried into the foundation, which were then retrieved, re-heated, and reburied; this process was repeated several times until the base of the building was warm. On the night before the audience, the stone tiles were then slowly heated up slowly in water, to prevent them from cracking, as would happen if held over open flames; the tiles were then laid back into the chamber. The whole process consumed so much fuel that Kamu ordered it stopped.

The expenses associated with the palace then led Kammu to, amongst other reasons, remove his palace to Sera-biko-kiyomi.
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Postby Fatatatutti » Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:45 am

We have no palaces. Our only king was accidentally killed and eaten before he had a chance to build one.

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Postby Soyouso » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:46 am

Name of palace: Lutev Castle
Date of construction: (Leaving empty as I haven't mapped out the ages of all of the monarchs yet)
Location: Pitathica, capital
Constructed for: King Haleocard, the first Soyousian king.
Current owner: Dictator Skitty Turnabout, Haleocard's descendant
Current state: Kept in very good condition
Current use: As a home for the royal family and the advisors.
Info: When the Soyo tribe formed Soyouso, they wanted to modernize a bit. They made more modern architecture, hence why the castle happened.
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Postby Pilack » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:55 am

Name of Palace: Graystone Castle
Date of Construction: Predates 16th Century, estimated the first stone was layed in 1453 A.D.
Location: Libertalia, Central Commonwealth
Constructed for: Emperor, whose name and nation have both been lost to time.
Current Owner: Chancellor Kauffman
Current State: Very well maintained
Current Use: Home of Chancellor
Info: Currently has very high quality amenities, such as wine cellars, spa, and the Executive Office, the nerve center of all the Chancellor's operations.
Pilack, officially called The Union of Pilack, is a small cluster of islands in the north Atlantic ocean. A multi-party democracy formed over 500 years ago when the tribes of all the different islands banded together to ensure peace.

Recent News
Chancellor Kauffman "cannot confirm" Graystone has sent Shadow Service Agents to Southern Commonwealth.
Eastern Commonwealth citizens swear to take measures in protecting Pilackian Peacocks.
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Postby Slovanna » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:13 pm

Name of palace: Originally the Lazurny House, renamed to the "House of the People's Assembly" in 1890.
Date of construction: December 12th, 1835
Location: Liransk
Constructed for: King Vadim IV and his family. It was originally used as an auxiliary vacation palace but became the royal family's permanent residence in 1868.
Current owner: Slovan government, it is now the seat of the People's Assembly in Liransk
Current state: Very well maintained
Current use: Used as the meeting place of the People's Assembly
Info: The Lazurny House was constructed in the typical Neoclassical style of the time. Large decorative columns, rectangular construction, and a large number of windows. The Lazurny House was the biggest palace ever constructed in Slovanna and was home to a plentiful art gallery. During the Slovan Revolution it was seized by the Revolutionary Liberation Army and was maintained as the revolutionary force's headquarters in Liransk. During the siege of Liransk in 1873 the palace was heavily damaged.

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Postby Seradahn » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:15 pm

Name of palace: The Grand Emperor
Date of construction: 3/13/1968
Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Constructed for: To serve as the home for Prince of Seradahn
Current owner: Mohammed Al-Qadami
Current state: As gold and in tact like back in 68'
Current use: House of Prince Mohammed Al-Qadami

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Postby Turealia » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:21 pm

Name of palace: National palace, originally named Casona Imperial de Iturrigaray
Date of construction: 1745
Location: Historical Center of Ventura-Queensland (formerly Mexico City)
Constructed for: Mr. Iturrigaray
Current owner: Emperor James Hopkins III
Current state: In reconstruction
Current use: Official Residence of the Emperor
Info: Built for a Colonial businessman and his family in 1745, the National Palace is the Ultimate Turealian Building. In the exact center of former Mexico City, the Casona Imperial (imperial House) became the official residence of the Emperor in 1983.

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Postby Graag Brom » Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:22 pm

Name of palace:The White-Gold Tower.
Date of construction:Unknown except the fact it pre-dates any written historical records out of Cyrodiil.
Location:Cyrodiil,The Imperial City.
Constructed for:Originally as a religious monument.
Current owner:Emperor Dinorous Septim I
Current state:Kept up to the standards of the most picky high elf.
Current use:Used as a meeting place for the Elder council as well to store a variety of Artifacts oddly enough Dinorous does not tend to live here and instead prefers his Manor in Falkreath.
Info:The White-Gold tower was built by the Ayleid elves in a year unknown as a monument to the Divine Aedra but after the Alessian slave rebellion it became the center of political power in Cyrodiil and eventually all of Tamriel. The tower has for periods of time been in disrepair such as during the time of the Interregnum or more recently during the reign of the Medes post-1st great war after the Medes were overthrown Dinorous ordered the tower restored and it is standing tall and proud to this day.
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Note:Only reason that this nations name is not Tamriel is that name was already taken so for all intents and purposes this nation is to be called Tamriel.
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Postby Anollasia » Fri Mar 17, 2017 1:21 pm

We don't have any palaces constructed specifically for monarchs, but we do have a palaces constructed for governors.

Name of palace: House of the Governor
Date of construction: February 20, 1665 to March 9, 1666
Location: Anollton
Constructed for: The Governor of English Anolland (who at the time was Arthur Jefferson)
Current owner: The Anollasian Museum Association, which is owned by the state
Current state: In great condition, frequently renovated and looked after
Current use: Museum
Info: It was built by the architect Patrick Flaherty when Arthur Jefferson moved the capital of English Anolland from Jefferton to Anollton. It is located in the Historic District of Anollton. It was used by the rest of the Governors of English Anolland and British Governors of the Colony of Anollasia until 1760, when Anollasia became independent. The building was used as the City Hall until 1906, when it was converted to a museum. Today it showcases many artifacts from pre-independent Anollasia and rooms of the building.

Name of palace: Osman Palace (Saray-i Osman)
Date of construction: June 29, 1657 to October 3, 1661
Location: New Istanbul
Constructed for: The Governor of Ottoman Anolland (who was Mehmed Pasha at the time)
Current owner: The Anollasian Museum Association, which is owned by the state
Current state: Good condition, renovated often
Current use: Museum
Info: It was built by the architect Mimar Salih Bey as a residence for the Governor of Ottoman Anolland. It was continued to be used by the Ottoman Governors of the Colony of Anollasia until 1745, when the Ottoman Empire no longer had control of Anollasia. It was then used as a military school until 1912, when it was converted to a museum. Today it showcases many artifacts from pre-independent Anollasia and restored rooms of the building.

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Postby Hyggemata » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:05 am

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Postby Newne Carriebean7 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:19 am

Name of palace:Carriebean Imperial Palace
Date of construction: 1718-1798
Location: Outside of Carriebean City.
Constructed for: King Marley, but he died in 1724, then King Morzo oversaw construction until his ousting in 1738, this was followed by King Azhab, who never lived in there as he was overthrown by Christians,then came King Harold I, who died on a crusade in 1758,and also never lived inside of it. the effort was then put on King Harold II, who again never lived in there, dying in 1776. The next emperor was the first one to actually live inside the palace, King Harold III.
Current owner: Comrade Joseph Stalin
Current state: Maintained daily by an army of servants and is undergoing renovation.
Current use: The former home of the Emperor, now the residence of Joseph Stalin and is undergoing renovation.
Info: the biggest building in Carriebean with over 300,000 rooms.
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Katthew River
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Postby Katthew River » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:42 am

Name of palace: Mountain Reserve House
Date of construction: 30's - 90's (not continuous, has had a lot of additions)
Location: Mountains near New Hebrides
Constructed for: Built as regular house during Finnish rule, expanded for the Russian government as a bunker, expanded later after independence.
Current owner: Katthew River government
Current state: Well-maintained, if a little rustic
Current use: Diplomatic retreats, as well as a communication and backup government post.
Info: A single log house is the first portion, constructed like a traditional rural Eastern European house with logs and intricate woodwork. The original house is just a vestibule for the other wings. Two larger wings have been added and these are like cabins but with more amenities such as electricity, WiFi, running water, heat, etc. These wings have bedrooms, dining rooms, lounge areas, a bar, and a game room. A third wing added in the 40's is simple wood-frame construction. This houses the kitchen, pantry, walk-in freezer, a workshop, and a storage room. Connected to this is more utility space built out of a 3x3x3 stack of shipping containers painted white. These have all been connected to form 3 floors. There is a larger workshop and garage in the lower floor, IT, generators, fuel storage, water pumps and tanks along with a small workshop to maintain these, and a spare parts storage. The top floor of this is in line with the wood-frame wing as the palace is on a hill. This floor has staff bedrooms, a staff kitchen and dining area, and the laundry room and linen closet.
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Postby Yatzatz » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:51 am

Name of palace: Yatzand Palace
Date of construction: 1650-1672, redone 1792, redone 1891, redone 1982
Location: Yatzand
Constructed for: King Amloten II
Current owner: King Zhakak I
Current state: In use
Current use: Home and headquarters of king
Yatzatz is a tropical North Pacific nation. RP population is about 25 million.
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The Transylvanian States
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Postby The Transylvanian States » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:02 pm

Name of palace: Cluj Castle Palace
Date of construction: 1880
Location: Central Cluj Napoca
Constructed for: HRH Princess Ana III
Current owner: HRH Prince Yosef II
Current state: in need of renovating on the east wing
Current use: Official Residence of the sovereign
Info: Built in 1880 in honour of Ana III, this fortress palace towers above most buildings in the area, and is currently the official residence of the sovereign of Transylvania. Before construction was complete in 1880 the residence of the sovereign was Brasov Palace.

Photography of the palace is currently prohibited due to a terrorist alert

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Postby Aldina » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:54 pm

Name of palace: the Imperial Palace
Date of construction: Imperial year 0
Location: Countryside near the Imperial City
Constructed for: Emperor Marius I
Current owner: Empress Sophia IV
Current state: In good repair.
Current use: The Empress is currently in residence.
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Postby Gandoor » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:04 pm

Name of palace: The Palace of the Nzards
Date of construction: 1839 - 1841; 1856 - 1859 (expansion)
Location: Great Palace City, Nzardom of Gandoor (now Nzardgrad, Yanot Yon, Gandoor)
Constructed for: Nzard William I
Current owner: The Government of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor
Current state: In excellent condition.
Current use: Museum
Info: The Palace of the Nzards, along with the city of Great Palace City, was constructed to replace the former Royal Palace in Rulookia (now Gandoor City) that had been used since 1625. Following the abdication of Nzard William II in 1902 and the dissolution of the monarchy, the palace came under the ownership of the revolutionary government, who used as their legislative building until the capital of Gandoor was moved from Great Palace City to Gandoor City in 1903. Following the official establishment of the modern Democratic Republic of Gandoor in 1904, the palace became the property of the new government and, in 1910, was officially opened to the public as the Museum of the Nzardgrad of Gandoor.

Name of palace: The Royal Palace
Date of construction: 1623 - 1625
Location: Rulookia, Nzardom of Gandoor (now Gandoor City, Gandoor)
Constructed for: Nzard Alexander I
Current owner: N/A
Current state: Destroyed
Current use: Destroyed, the former land that the palace was on is now occupied by the Forum of the Democratic Republic of Gandoor
Info: The Royal Palace was the first palace constructed for the Nzards of Gandoor, having begun construction twenty years after Alexander I was crowned. The Royal Palace formally ceased being used following the moving of the royal family to the Palace of the Nzards in 1841. In 1855, Nzarina Rebecca II ordered that the former Royal Palace be torn down and its materials used for the expansion of the Palace of the Nzards. Following the dissolution of the monarchy, it was decided that the new government's legislative building would be constructed on the former grounds of the Royal Palace.
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United Angkoria
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Postby United Angkoria » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:37 pm

Name of palace: Chaktomuk Palace ("Palace of Four Faces")
Date of construction: 1866
Location: Chaktomuk
Constructed for: Naradhama I
Current owner: Royal Government of United Angkoria
Current state: Excellent condition
Current use: Residence of the monarchy of United Angkoria
Info: Chaktomuk Palace is a complex of buildings which serves as the royal residence of the monarchy of Angkoria. The complex is divided by walls into four main compounds: South side is where the Silver Pagoda is located, the north side is where the Khemarin Palace is located, and the central compound contains the Throne Hall and to the west is the private sector or the royal court.

Name of palace: Suriya Palace ("Sun Palace")
Date of construction: 1782
Location: Suriyapura (Western Angkoria)
Constructed for: Narayana III
Current owner: Royal Government of United Angkoria
Current state: Excellent condition
Current use: Summer home of the Royal Family
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Great Britain and Northern Ireland-Japan
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Postby Great Britain and Northern Ireland-Japan » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:47 pm

This nation is what happens had the Anglo-Japanese Alliance developed further and resulted into something like Austria-Hungary. As a result, the USSR takes Japan's place in the Axis, and Japan is still part of the allies during World War 2. The war ended due to fear of nuclear war.

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Cuban Syria
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Palaces in Cuban Syria

Postby Cuban Syria » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:20 pm

Name of palace: The Guówáng de Gōngdiàn

Date of construction: 110AD - 121AD

Location: In the Guówáng Shān district, in between the tallest Cuban Syrian mountain in the colder areas.

Constructed for: King Dekaja III

Current owner: The Guówáng de Gōngdiàn is no longer used and is now one of Cuban Syria's most popular tourist destinations.

Current state: Not in the best condition- according to the Guówáng Shān treaty of Dìbiāo, the government has NO right to clean the palace, it is the Guówáng Shān ministers' right to do so.

Current use: A tourist attraction.

Info: It had been used for almost 1,000 years until the collapse of the Cuban Syrian Empire.
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Postby Rhodevus » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:31 pm

Name of palace: The Imperial Palace
Date of construction: 1745-1760
Location: Kingstown, Rhodevus
Constructed for: The Senate, Seat of Power and Presidential Home
Current owner: Queen Diana Wolff
Current state: In near perfect condition following the 2010 renovation
Current use: Senate, House of Commons, Museum, Monarch's Home, Orphanage
Info: The Imperial Palace was built during the great expansion of the Rhodeve Empire, which started in 1715. Nearly every stone, piece of marble, brick, etc. came from Rhodevus's international colonies, territories and dependencies, making it one of the most expensive projects in Rhodeve history. On top of this, it has always been filled with jewels and wonders from around the empire, showing the world the wealth of Rhodevus.

After the fall of the Rhodeve Empire in 1845, it was transitioned to become the home for the monarch and seats for both houses of parliament, due to its prime location in the exact center of Kingstown, and surrounded the True Seat of Power in Rhodevus, a 1,600 year old tree named the Soul Tree. It's lower levels are still used as a museum to house the extremely delicate pieces of artwork and history from this time period. To ensure the safety of the building, it was deconstructed and then reconstructed in 1934 with modern building codes and prime security, including an extension to the underground tunnels which connect the palace to various important locations around the city.
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Postby Lemlar » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:42 pm

Name of palace: Kastél Greshram
Date of construction: 1906
Location: Budapest, Magyarország
Constructed for: Emperor Franz Joseph I
Current owner: András Németh
Current state: Exterior kept the way it was. Interior was gutted in 1995 to make it a more modern interior as per request from Emperor András.
Current use: Third Home and for eastern nations to visit the royal family
Info: The Palace is one of six homes used by the royal family with the extended family occupying all of them. This Palace was the second most important one as this palace is also the home for any women in the extended royal family to have their children in as one of the rooms is a birthing centre.
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Postby Palmyrion » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:57 pm

Name of palace: Royal Citadel
Date of construction:
  • Construction Started: 10 December 1651
  • Construction finished: 1 April 1672
  • Destroyed during the Palmyro-Lardite War: 4 July 1944
  • Years of disrepair: 5 July 1944 - 1 July 1984 (served as an anti-monarchist, anti-capitalist museum during the Communist era)
  • Reconstruction started: 1 July 1984 (newly-established Royal Government ruled from the headquarters of the construction site's security detail)
  • Reconstruction finished: 1 July 1986
  • Opened to public: 1 July 2012 (during Victory Day Parade MMXII)
  • Latest renovation: 23 December 2016 (finished)
Location: Benevolencia, C.D.
Constructed for:
  • The first governor-general of the Palmyrian Dominion under Spanish rule, Francesco Gamboa y Abella (resided in the Royal Citadel from 1672 - his death; was the residence of successive governor generals during Spanish colonial era)
  • The then-incumbent Lakàn, Lakàn Alexander I (1 July 1986 - his stepping down from the throne)
Current owner: Lakàn Alexander II
Current state: Within the palace grounds are the relocated Assembly of Representatives and the Supreme Court. During the latest renovation, the palace had improvements to improve security, improve architectural design, and reduce power consumption while having the same accommodations (which concerted closely with architectural design improvements, making it a Crystal Palace-esque type of structure; structure was made so that sufficient amount of light would enter to cut lighting costs during the day). Because of the recent overhaul, the Royal Citadel (and the surrounding palace grounds) barely looks like the original palace.
Current use: First floor is a museum about the achievements of the Royal Commonwealth. Second floor consists of Cabinet offices and the Cabinet Assembly Chamber. Third floor is where the Palmyrian Royal Family lives.
Info: no images available
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