YN's Bloodiest Battle?

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YN's Bloodiest Battle?

Postby Togeria » Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:22 am

Rather it be in a civil war, revolutionary war, or world war what was the bloodiest battle your nation fought in?

Togeria's Bloodiest Battle:

Battle of New Delhi

The bloodiest battle in Modern Togerian history as well as the Second Hindu War(Also known as the Togerian-Hindu War), it saw a total combined manpower of 2,300,000. The full battle lasted a total of 11 months and saw Togerian forces surround the city from three sides. As the battle progressed through the defenders would dig into parts of the cities and fortify streets that would make it harder for Togerian machinery to maneuver in the city. Finally after the end of the battle that result in an Indian victory the death toll would be:

750,000 Togerians

900,000 Indians
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[1] peace
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Maldaria- Victory
Revolution in Sharphats-Stalemates
2nd Russian civil war-indecisive
Parazal Civil War-Support wasn't active militarily
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Postby New Aeries » Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:25 am

The one and only Revolutionary Coup

2 dead

10 injured

1 oppressive regime toppled

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Postby Vvarden » Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:32 am

The Siege of Zoroshturvan in the last days of the War of Heaven, which itself is thought to be semi-mythical and quite possibly made up. The circumstances surrounding the war are lost to time as are the records of casualties from the first three quarters of the time of the war. However it has been shown as Vvarden's bloodiest battle as in the last quarter, where surviving records have been found, close to a third of Vvarden's adult male and female population died at the gates of Zoroshthurvan, the capital of the Old Empire, said to be a city of billions. The war destroyed the Old Empire, and all that were left were the old and the young, entire generations wiped clean.

There are those that see the records as a gross exaggeration, that Vvarden's population never progressed beyond millions and it is all a legend made to inspire the young.

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Postby Vesilen Island » Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:42 am

The Battle of The Pacific

The Pacific-wide campaign against the Japanese Empire, caused the bloodiest conflict in Rizalian history. Ranging from Hawaii to the Ryukyu Islands, it caused half a million deaths on both sides and ranged before Japan surrendered.

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Postby Stormaen » Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:17 am

Battle of the Somme
At the Battle of the Somme, the Royal Stormaen Regiment (raised for the British war effort in 1914) was essentially wiped out in 20 minutes. In total, 693 of the 770 officers and soldiers were killed or severely wounded. Only 77 survived completely unscathed, of whom only 46 were available for roll call the next day. This casualty rate of 90% was the second highest suffered by any British regiment in the First World War.
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Postby The Intergalactic Universe Corporation » Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:07 am

Togeria wrote:Rather it be in a civil war, revolutionary war, or world war what was the bloodiest battle your nation fought in?

Togeria's Bloodiest Battle:

Battle of New Delhi

The bloodiest battle in Modern Togerian history as well as the Second Hindu War(Also known as the Togerian-Hindu War), it saw a total combined manpower of 2,300,000. The full battle lasted a total of 11 months and saw Togerian forces surround the city from three sides. As the battle progressed through the defenders would dig into parts of the cities and fortify streets that would make it harder for Togerian machinery to maneuver in the city. Finally after the end of the battle that result in an Indian victory the death toll would be:

750,000 Togerians

900,000 Indians

The Battle for Halliburton.

The Battle for Halliburton during the 100-Year War lasted 4 years and saw the death of nearly 2 trillion Galacticans and 0.1 trillion CIS forces. It was a fight between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and the CIS employed the use of numerous death lasers which killed almost 1.8 trillion civilians, the 0.2 trillion were either soldiers or medical officer who died during battle.
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Postby Barisea » Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:57 am

The battle of the foggy bay:
During the last stage of the lauxshaue invasions, 25 barisean ships bombarded lauxshuae defense, in the capitol bay. The barisean forces used dry ice to cover their movements. An officer reported "The fog was so thick that you couldn't see 5 feet, much less the bow of your ship!" Lauxshuae forces sent 120 ships, outnumbering the barisean force almost 5:1, and resulting in total mayhem. The barisean ships, better armed for close combat, sunk 60 ships, and killed 6000 men manning them, whereas 15 of the barisean ships were sunk, and their corresponding 1500 men killed. The barisean forces withdrew in a rout, the second invasion attempt having failed.
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Postby Asigna » Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:59 am

The battle of Manila in 1945.
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Postby Dushan » Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:44 am

The bloodiest Battle in recent contemporary dushani History was the Battle of the two Rivers in 1272 NSC, which claimed ten of thousends of casulities on both sides. It resulted in a decisive albeit costly Victory for Dushan.
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Postby Finlarvat » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:34 am

The one, the only and the most controversial "Rovaniemi Raid" on the evening of the 12th of June 2013, where disgruntled Finlarvat protestors decided to turn violent. Out of the 10,000 that protested, about 800 split off to attack the city hall, of which about 700 died. Of the 200 government workers, only 42 were left standing by the end of it all. We ended up evicting them after an almost spontaneous non-violent battle which dragged on for at least a few hours, and Rovaniemi City Hall became the base for all our future operations, having been additionally expanded to provide room for our Congress and Senate. You see, sometimes, the worst battles you have to fight are the ones that offer you the most valuable things...
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Postby Dacia and Occupied Ostmark » Sun Sep 04, 2016 6:43 am

There are a few battles in Dacia's history that could be considered bloody, such as the battle for Northern Dobruja during our war of independence in 1878 and a battle in 1441 in which Dacia was freed from Ottoman vassalage.

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Postby The Free Republic of Taylor Swift » Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:12 am

The Battle of Smalltopia.

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Postby Tekirlemmih » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:03 am

The Artillery Revolt. In 1943, 20 years since the Civil War, the popular fascist group "Retsnävjergöh" seized control of a military base north of Nedatsarots. The Retsnävjergöh later used the equipment, mostly artillery, to siege out the city. This battle went on for 3 months non-stop, at least 200,000 fascist died and 190,000 soldiers from the Tekirlemmian army. Civillian casualties is estimated to be around half a million. Northern Nedatsarots was completly destroyed and clear signs of battle can still be seen today.
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Postby Braecland » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:05 am

In terms of number of casualties in one battle, the award goes to the Battle of the Somme and by a lot.

Roughly 1.5 million combatants from both sides were killed in those 3 and a half bloody months of carnage.
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Postby Tazera » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:07 am

The Battle of Mt. Pogranos. Facing off against a maurding horde of Easterners, a Tazeran army lost all but 100 men out of the 8,000 that entered the battle field. This battle was so disastrous that many fled neighboring towns in fear that the Eastern nomads would destroy everything they came across.
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Postby The Grand World Order » Sun Sep 04, 2016 9:15 am

The Magna Polis Uprising.

The culmination of a massive "secret mobilization" of Liberty Confederate resistance fighters in the national capital, the MPU claimed over 40,000,000 lives in just three months of fighting, with 8,000,000 dying in the aftermath from exposure to the incredibly harsh winter, starvation, crime, unexploded ordinance, and other factors.

This was possible because of the extreme population density in the city, the population of 110,000,000 (which has only doubled since then), the extreme conditions as winter set in, and the fact that the city is an island, meaning that there was no escape from the fighting- eventually, nearly everyone had to choose a side.
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Postby Lazurania » Sun Sep 04, 2016 11:07 am


The 1st Battle of the Knights- 1342

After Estabul forces landed in the shores of Lazurania [then The Kingdom of Helghan-Gorlenburg], the Lazuranian king decided to pick the north of the capital, Grolenburg, as the battlefield. It was a wide open field with plenty of movement for the Lazuranian knights. Estabul forces numbered 80,000 while the Lazuranians only numbered 60,000. In the end, the king was killed in the battle and both sides had combined 50,000 casualties, the next day, Estabul forces occupied the capital and the Helghan-Gorlenburg kingdom dissolved.

After Independence

Battle of Lake Pyrrhus/2nd Battle on the Ice- 2016

After the ferocious Siege of Moscovy ended, the Helghast rebellion still had strength to fight, since they still have 400,000 troops. They chose Lake Pyrrhus as the battleground and was expecting a regular army of Lazuranian troops, instead they met with the Teutonic Knights of Lazurania and the elite Prussian army totaling 300,000. The rebels had split up their forces 50-50 and tried to find the smaller Prussian army only numbering 10,000-30,000. The Prussian army under the command of Marshal Blucher had set up various traps in the nearby forests, he was clever enough to make the enemy think that he had lesser forces than expected. Meanwhile at the lake, the Grand Master was waiting for the Prussian signal, after 3 hours of preparing a huge firefight broke out in the forrest. Marshal Blucher blitzing through the rebel lines and routed the entire rebel army in the forrest, the grand master ordered a full on charge on the rebel trenches while their morale was breaking apart.

After brutal fighting, half the rebel army had died, captured, or routed while the allied forces only suffered 20,000 casualties.. After the battle, the rebel capital was burned to the ground and the war was won.
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Postby Bridgewood » Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:54 pm

The Battle of Alryne was Bridgewood's bloodiest battle with a loss of 2,210 Briwoodians. It took place on May 2nd, 1940 and lasted 1 hour.

During the first couple of months during WW2, the Axis wanted to block all trade routes to and from the United Kingdom. Bridgewood, being in the North Atlantic Ocean, was an ideal base for German U-boats and personnel. However, Bridgewood, being a neutral but allied leaning nation, refused to be occupied by either the UK or Nazi Germany and so it denied any occupation treaty.

Bridgewood-Axis relations broke down after several U-boats were spotted entering Bridgewood waters on the 5 March 1940. A small skirmish broke out and with it 59 Briwoodians dies. After this, Bridgewood officially announced war on Nazi Germany. The Briwoodian Government passed 'The National Rearmament Act' meaning Bridgewood was ready for war. Approximately 66,500 Briwoodians were called up to service to defend Bridgewood from an attack. Along with that, 11 Frigates, 16 Destroyers, 1 Submarine and 28 Patrol Boats were constructed as part of the Navy, 156
Supermarine Spitfires, 58 Avro Lancasters, 26 Short Stirlings, 9 Douglas C-47 Skytrains and 3 Hawker Tornados as part of the Air force and 82 M4 Shermans, 59 Crusader tanks, 32 M2 light tanks and 9 7TP tanks as part of the Army. Protecting Bridgewood was a crucial part in its history and one that will be remembered as the day Bridgewood fought back.

At 5:25, Germany launched an offensive attack just 7 miles from the capital, Alryne, The fighting was brutal with 96 Briwoodians dead within the first 15 minutes of the battle. As the Briwoodian Navy was focused on fighting the German offensive ships, they were unaware that German landing boats had broken through the Navy barricade and were heading for the Capital. The ships however were spotted by members of the public who then raised the alarm. Fortunately, 8 Patrol boats were still stationed at the capital. The boats were told about the attack and so formed a protective barricade around the City. This however still didn't manage to stop the Germans from invading Alryne. Approximately 630 Germans landed on Bridgewood. They killed approximately 60 civilians in the first 5 minutes of the invasion attempt leading to many Briwoodians to assist the military in taking back the streets of Alryne. Fighting took place in the streets, civilians armed themselves with anything they could find including rakes and kitchen knives. Then 55 minutes into the invasion attempt, the German eventually surrendered and were taking to police stations and make-shift POW camps. With this, the German navy vessels also retreated as British warships joined the battle.

After the battle, the destruction was clear; Windows were smashed, doors lay broken and cars beaten but the battle was considered a victory however with the cost of many lives. It is thought that approximately 625 civilians died protecting Alryne, the city they cherished.
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Postby Stormaen » Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:07 pm

Braecland wrote:In terms of number of casualties in one battle, the award goes to the Battle of the Somme and by a lot.

Roughly 1.5 million combatants from both sides were killed in those 3 and a half bloody months of carnage.

A fellow Battle of the Somme participant. *Sombre nod*
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Postby Crysuko » Sun Sep 04, 2016 2:57 pm

Battle of Bastonaxi

A fascist theocracy invaded us, and the invasion was met at the city of Bastonaxi at which a brutal and bloody battle was fought.

total of approximately 900,000 casualties from both sides, but the invasion was turned back and subsequently defeated shortly thereafter.
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Postby Democratic East-Asia » Sun Sep 04, 2016 7:00 pm

The Bombing of Beijing. The Americans nukes Beijing, but we shot down their bomber.

Some 6 million were killed.
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Postby Jochizyd Republic » Sun Sep 04, 2016 10:48 pm

The Siege of Aitulga/Battle of Boiling Clouds
Part of the Russo-Turkic Wars.

400,000 Jochizyd Personnel, 1,000 Artillery pieces, 300 tanks
130,000 Turan Union Personnel, 500 Artillery pieces, 300 tanks, 2 Fighter Squadrons
10,235+ Kazakh Personnel (including irregular Lamaistic Tengrist Paramilitary groups), 15 Tanks.


700,550 Russian Personnel, 1,000 Tanks, Russian Empire's 501st Bombing Wing, 127th Fighting Wing.

After the fall of Soviet Russia, the Fascist Faction came out on top in the midst of the conflict. Seeking to retake Central Asia and Siberia from the Traditionalist and Pan Monarchist Movements supported by the Anatolia based Turan Union. The Russian Imperial Army Mobilized. Crushing Tartarstan at first and winning major battles against the Turan Union and the Kazakh Republic in Kazakhstan.
Moving ever eastward, The Imperial Army was to take the Jochizyd Republic's Easternmost City of Aitulga.

Joined by Kazakh and TU forces, The Jochizyd Army made a stand outside and eventually within the city of Aitulga.

The battle lasted nearly a month. Jochizyd reinforcements eventually completely shattering the Imperial Russian forces. Winning a decisive victory. At the cost of over 175,000 fighting men and women. and even more civilians. The numbers sometimes being estimated close to 300,000.
The Russian Casualties were far worse. 500,000 of their personnel dead or missing.

No successful Russian Invasion has occurred since.
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Postby Wessexx » Mon Sep 05, 2016 11:46 am

Battle of Hastings,14 October 299 CE
Part of the War of West Saxon Succession

Army Strength
Directory Forces
2,700 infantry, 300 cavalry, 12 artillery pieces

Republican Forces
1,400 infantry, 286 cavalry, 15 artillery pieces

Royalist Forces
2,500 infantry, 328 cavalry, 8 artillery pieces

Mercian Forces
3,305 infantry, 100 cavalry, 11 artillery pieces

Essex Forces
1,100 infantry, 120 cavalry, 6 artillery pieces

Directory Casualties
658 deaths, 1,000 injured, 2 missing

Republican Casualties
400 deaths, 258 injured, 12 missing

Royalist Casualties
300 deaths, 1,500 injured, 5 missing

Mercian Casualties
1,000 deaths, 1,660 injured, 21 missing

Essex Casualties
90 deaths, 530 injured, 0 missing

The most colossal battle in recorded history this five-way battle between several factions in the war. General Gustavus Adolphus orchestrated the battle in order to win the war in a single decisive battle. The Republican and Royalist forces were the first to engage before East Saxon battalions attacked both in order to drive them off their land. Meanwhile the Directory forces fought an expeditionary force of Mercians before driving them towards the rest of the battle. The battle raged on until General Adolphus lead the largest cavalry charge in history and drove it through the enemy force utterly demolishing them. The next day the Republican and Royalist factions capitulated and surrendered unconditionally. Essex agreed to surrender after being paid reparations while Mercia agreed to withdraw all forces from formerly occupied Saxon land.

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The National Socialist Deutsche Republic
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Postby The National Socialist Deutsche Republic » Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:10 pm

The Battle of Frankfurt
April 29, 1921-May 4, 1921
97,000 Germans VS 68,000 Rebels
Over 32,000 Casualties on the German side
Over 24,000 Casualties on the Rebel side

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Postby Orostan » Mon Sep 05, 2016 3:12 pm

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