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Postby Chromatika » Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:39 pm

This is a domestic sports newswire for Chromatika and its puppets. Please do not post here unless you are Chromatika, its puppets, or a moderator.

Chromatika is a fledgling nation in relation to its sports leagues. Currently, there are:

League Chromatiks (Football)
Season   Champion            Cup Winner               Second Division Champion
1 Myana Islanders Depri Lanar Red Hawks Urrheddiao United
2 Myana Islanders(2) Urrheddiao United Alnio Union
3 Myana Islanders(3) Anomalies Football Club Eyrods Jungle Cats
4 Urrheddiao United Myana Islanders Felswyr Frost
5 Pùr Riders Felswyr Frost Deprí Lanar Red Hawks

Chromatik League (Football)
Season   Champion            Cup Winner               Second Division Champion
1 Tihon Tide Tihon Tide Eyrods Jungle Cats
2 Tihon Tide(2) Lhor Orcas Lhor Orcas
3 Tihon Tide(3) Chromatik Capitalizt Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets
4 Tihon Tide(4) Umbar Monkeys Lhor Orcas
5 Tihon Tide(5) Wirr Tsi Shock Anfanhar FC

Rainbow League System (Football)
Season   Champion            Cup Winner               Orange League Champion
1 Myana(3) Urrheddiao(2) Anchors FC
2 Anomalies Eyrods Deprí Sanar
3 Anomalies(2) Qet Z'ai'ai

Chromatik Collegiate Football Association (Football)
Season   Champion                               Runner-Up                          Regular Season Champion
1 Deprí Sanar University University of Myana University of Myana
2 University of Myana Eyrods Tech Felswyr State University
3 Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology Eyrods Tech (2) Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology
4 Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology(2) Eyrods Tech (3) Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology(2)
5 Felswyr State University Deprí Sanar University Eyrods Tech
6 Felswyr State University(2) Z'ai'ai Institute of Technology Deprí Sanar University
7 Urrheddiao State University Chromatik City College University Deprí Sanar University(2)
8 Alnio University of the Arts Deprí Sanar University(2) Deprí Sanar University(3)
9 Chromatik City College University Eyrods Tech Felswyr State University
10 Chromia Central College University(2) University of Myana(2) Chromia Central College University

Chromatik Basketball Association (Basketball)
Season   Champion            Runner-Up
1 Anfanhar Giants Chromatik City Cougars
2 Anfanhar Giants(2) Chromatik City Cougars

Chromatik Baseball League (Baseball)
Season   Champion            Runner-Up
1 Hanai Heroes Rhoni Rhonin
2 Umbar Corsairs Deprí Lanar Rangers

Chromatik Football League (Gridiron Football)
Season   Champion            Runner-Up
1 Qet Lynx Chromatik City Cyan
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League Chromatiks Season 1

Postby Chromatika » Tue Mar 29, 2016 2:59 pm

Season 1

All-League Team
Pos Player Team
Coach Franscesca Cortes Myana Islanders
GK Nikolai Thorben Myana Islanders
DEF Viktor Raoul Anomalies
DEF Luuk Aart Myana Islanders
DEF Valeri Witek Depri Lanar Red Hawks
MID Meagan Kelly Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
MID Rachel Hellion Anomalies
MID Daniel Lucas Myana Islanders
MID Alyss Montague Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
FOR Gabriella Antonio Anomalies
FOR Niolo Quren Z'ai'ai Mountainners
FOR Siri Rebekka Depri Lanar Red Hawks

Golden Boot
# Player Team Goals Scored
1 Gabriella Antonio Anomalies 22
2 Siri Rebekka Depri Lanar Red Hawks 20
3 Emil Roel Alnio Union 19

Golden Glove
# Player Team Goals Allowed
1 Halide Elise Depri Lanar Red Hawks 29
2 Nikolai Thorben Myana Islanders 32
3 Kristin Neovak Anomalies 39
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League Chromatiks Season 2

Postby Chromatika » Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:59 pm

Season 2

All-League Team
Pos Player Team
Coach Franscesca Cortes Myana Islanders
GK Jillian Nier Urrheddiao United
DEF Zlastica Ellen Chromatik Capitalizt
DEF Viktor Raoul Anomalies
DEF Otis Sorendai Anomalies
MID Meagan Kelly Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
MID Rachel Hellion Anomalies
MID Daniel Lucas Myana Islanders
MID Sandra Sybill Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
FOR Gabriella Antonio Anomalies
FOR Nioli Quren Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
FOR Teor Rwang Anomalies

Golden boot
# Player Team Goals Scored
1 Nioli Quren Z'ai'ai Mountaineers 26
2 Gabriella Antonio Anomalies 20
3 Sandra Sybill Z'ai'ai Mountaineers 18

Golden Glove
# Player Team Goals Allowed
1 Jillian Nier Urrheddiao United 29
2 Kristin Neovak Anomalies 29
3 Nikolai Thorben Myana Islanders 30
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CBA Season 1

Postby Chromatika » Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:08 pm

Chromatik Basketball Association     Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Anfanhar Giants 88 62 26 7038 6262 +776 First-Round Bye
2 Felswyr Lions 88 60 28 6906 6392 +514 First-Round Bye

3 Chromatik City Cougars 88 55 33 6860 6628 +232 Playoffs
4 Pria Tyrants 88 53 35 6892 6532 +360 Playoffs
5 Wirr Tsi Sparks 88 46 42 6445 6509 −64 Playoffs
6 Alnio Dragoons 88 46 42 6692 6599 +93 Playoffs

7 Myana Roughriders 88 40 48 6661 6710 −49
8 Depri Lanar Rhinos 88 38 50 6658 6718 −60
9 Eyrods Saints 88 36 52 6414 6821 −407
10 Depri Sanar Hurons 88 33 55 6346 6902 −556
11 Z'ai'ai Warriors 88 30 58 6491 6940 −449
12 Urrheddiao Pride 88 29 59 6492 6882 −390

Chromatik City Cougars 75–69 Alnio Dragoons
Alnio Dragoons 86–64 Chromatik City Cougars
Chromatik City Cougars 80–74 Alnio Dragoons
Alnio Dragoons 52–73 Chromatik City Cougars
Chromatik City Cougars 103–92 Alnio Dragoons

(3) Chromatik City Cougars win 4-1.

Pria Tyrants 72–77 Wirr Tsi Sparks
Wirr Tsi Sparks 79–77 Pria Tyrants
Pria Tyrants 78–71 Wirr Tsi Sparks
Wirr Tsi Sparks 67–72 Pria Tyrants
Pria Tyrants 101–78 Wirr Tsi Sparks
Wirr Tsi Sparks 58–83 Pria Tyrants

(4) Pria Tyrants win 4-2.

Anfanhar Giants 94–61 Pria Tyrants
Pria Tyrants 75–87 Anfanhar Giants
Anfanhar Giants 74–56 Pria Tyrants
Pria Tyrants 84–83 Anfanhar Giants
Anfanhar Giants 59–82 Pria Tyrants
Pria Tyrants 67–81 Anfanhar Giants

(1) Anfanhar Giants win 4-2.

Felswyr Lions 59–84 Chromatik City Cougars
Chromatik City Cougars 82–77 Felswyr Lions
Felswyr Lions 92–57 Chromatik City Cougars
Chromatik City Cougars 83–84 Felswyr Lions
Felswyr Lions 57–72 Chromatik City Cougars
Chromatik City Cougars 93–91 Felswyr Lions

(3) Chromatik City Cougars win 4-2.

Anfanhar Giants 84–74 Chromatik City Cougars
Chromatik City Cougars 62–79 Anfanhar Giants
Anfanhar Giants 89–66 Chromatik City Cougars
Chromatik City Cougars 93–73 Anfanhar Giants
Anfanhar Giants 67–66 Chromatik City Cougars

(1) Anfanhar Giants win the inaugural season, 4-1!
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CBL Season 1

Postby Chromatika » Tue Mar 29, 2016 5:49 pm

Chromatik Baseball League      Pld     W    L     RF    RA    RD 
1 Crossroads Crusaders 154 86 68 732 663 +69 First-Round Bye
2 Depri Sanar Vipers 154 85 69 661 622 +39 First-Round Bye

3 Hanai Heroes 154 82 72 644 600 +44 Playoffs
4 Depri Lanar Rangers 154 82 72 639 678 −39 Playoffs
5 Rhoni Rhonin 154 81 73 717 682 +35 Playoffs
6 Larhai Legends 154 80 74 708 607 +101 Playoffs

7 Eyrods Pilots 154 77 77 637 640 −3
8 Umbar Corsairs 154 77 77 645 643 +2
9 Shantarr Scorpions 154 75 79 669 666 +3
10 Alnio Reds 154 72 82 612 685 −73
11 Z'ai'ai Loggers 154 64 90 615 717 −102
12 Knetyohai Knights 154 63 91 588 664 −76

Hanai Heroes             2 0 1 0 1 0 1 8 0 13
Larhai Legends 2 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 3

Larhai Legends 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hanai Heroes 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 X 1

Hanai Heroes 0 1 2 1 1 1 1 4 0 11
Larhai Legends 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 3 1 7

Larhai Legends 3 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 6
Hanai Heroes 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1

Hanai Heroes 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2
Larhai Legends 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1

(3) Hanai Heroes win 4-1.

Depri Lanar Rangers      0 0 1 4 1 1 0 0 0  7
Rhoni Rhonin 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3

Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 1 2 1 0 4 0 8
Depri Lanar Rangers 0 2 0 0 2 0 1 0 1 6

Depri Lanar Rangers 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 2
Rhoni Rhonin 0 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 X 4

Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Depri Lanar Rangers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 X 4

Depri Lanar Rangers 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 4
Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 4 1 0 0 X 5

Rhoni Rhonin 0 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 5
Depri Lanar Rangers 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 3

(5) Rhoni Rhonin win 4-2.

Crossroads Crusaders      0 1 0 0 0 0 4 1 0  6
Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1

Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 2
Crossroads Crusaders 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 X 5

Crossroads Crusaders 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 2
Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Rhoni Rhonin 0 6 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 9
Crossroads Crusaders 1 1 0 2 1 2 0 0 0 7

Crossroads Crusaders 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 X 3

Rhoni Rhonin 1 0 2 0 0 5 0 0 0 8
Crossroads Crusaders 0 0 0 2 0 0 4 0 1 7

Crossroads Crusaders 1 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 3
Rhoni Rhonin 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 X 4

(5) Rhoni Rhonin win 4-3.

Depri Sanar Vipers        0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0  2
Hanai Heroes 0 0 0 1 0 2 0 0 X 3

Hanai Heroes 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 4
Depri Sanar Vipers 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2

Depri Sanar Vipers 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 2
Hanai Heroes 2 0 3 0 1 0 0 0 X 6

Hanai Heroes 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Depri Sanar Vipers 1 0 1 1 1 0 3 0 X 7

Depri Sanar Vipers 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 2
Hanai Heroes 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1

Hanai Heroes 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2
Depri Sanar Vipers 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 X 4

Depri Sanar Vipers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hanai Heroes 1 0 3 0 0 0 1 0 X 5

(3) Hanai Heroes win 4-3.

Hanai Heroes           0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0  3
Rhoni Rhonin 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 4

Rhoni Rhonin 2 0 0 3 0 1 2 0 0 8
Hanai Heroes 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 4

Hanai Heroes 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 3
Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 2 0 0 0 2 0 0 4
Hanai Heroes 0 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 0 3

Hanai Heroes 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2 2 5
Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Hanai Heroes 0 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 X 3

Hanai Heroes 2 0 2 0 1 4 0 0 0 9
Rhoni Rhonin 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

(3) Hanai Heroes win, 4-3!
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League Chromatiks Season 3 Preview

Postby Chromatika » Thu Mar 31, 2016 2:48 pm

League Chromatiks 1 Season 3 Preview

Welcome to the final season of the first iteration! After this season, eight more teams will be getting added to the league, which means that for this season, no teams will be getting relegated. Instead, the top four teams of the second league will automatically qualify to the first division, and eight teams will enter the second division. Another thing to note is that this is the first season that teams are allowed to make trades within the league, or cut players for want of better ones. Without further ado, let's meet the eight teams!

Captain indicated by asterisk
New addition indicated by carat
Foreigner indicated by apostrophe

Alnio Union
Previous Finish: 1st League Chromatiks 2, Cup Octofinals
Predicted Finish: 7th
Stadium: RCK Field, Alnio (Cap. 100,400)
Formation/Style: 3-2-3-2, +4
Manager: Uriah Hynon (3rd year, 2nd League 1)
Starting XI: Anahit, Pavel, Dorthe, Katalin, Marius*, Frigyes, Krimhilde, Niro^, Jan, Kristine, Oliver
Key Departure: Emil Roel -> Depri Sanar Yellow Jackets
Key Addition: Ki Niro <- Pur Riders
Analysis: Losing goal machine Emil to Depri Sanar puts a big dent to the Union's scoring hopes, but the addition of assist-machine, national-team sub Niro should help. Hynon will hope to not make a repeat of the first season, but the Union have a long road ahead of them. Marius is the lynchpin in the center, but if Krimhilde and Jan don't step up their game, this team will finish at best sixth, probably seventh.

Previous Finish: 3rd League Chromatiks 1, Cup Semifinals
Predicted Finish: 3rd
Stadium: Anomaly Tower, Chromatik City (Cap. 110,320)
Formation/Style: 4-3-2-1, -1
Manager: Aleksandr Ivanovich (3rd year, 3rd League 1)
Starting XI: Neovak, Minskai, Raoul, Baek'^, Sorendai, Etienne, Hellion, Liam, Ochini, Rwang, Antonio*
Key Departure: Wildred Worensten -> Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
Key Addition: Donald Baek <- Hampden College (Quebec)
Analysis: With so much veteran talent on the roster, along with so many first-team national team players, the Anomalies will be looking to break out of their third place spot and try to trump Z'ai'ai and Myana. Whether Worensten's departure and arrival of foreign talent Donald Baek from Quebec will hinder that push will remain to be seen. What is true is that if Ivanovich fails to break the top two this season, the Anomalies might be in for a harder time than they think. Hellion, Sorendai, and Antonio remain the core, while Neovak is a solid presence in goal.

Chromatik Capitalizt
Previous Finish: 4th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Octofinals
Predicted Finish: 6th
Stadium: Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City (Cap. 144,000)
Formation/Style: 4-4-2, +1
Manager: Michael St. Laurent (3rd year, 3rd League 1)
Starting XI: Justus, Angela, Stanimir, Sigurd, Ellen*, Minke, Teija, Bronislav, San Asador'^, Asgaardsson'^, Marie
Key Departure: Vladimir Janos -> Urrheddiao United, Beata Ava -> Pur Riders
Key Addition: Mikael Asgaardsson <- University of Iqaluit (Quebec), Florian San Asador <- Alianza Fashionista de Montreal (Quebec)
Analysis: What a gamble taken by St. Laurent. After Vladimir left, Michael has decided to put the brunt of his attack on two young Quebecois players. Thankfully, he does have Stanimir and Ellen helping the defense out. Can Asgaardsson and San Asador work with workhorse Marie to bridge the gap? More likely, the two foreigners will have a hard time adjusting to the suffocating Chromatik playstyle, but we'll have to see.

Depri Lanar Red Hawks
Previous Finish: 5th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Octofinals
Predicted Finish: 4th
Stadium: Hawks' Nest, Depri Lanar (Cap. 112,000)
Formation/Style: 4-1-2-3, -2
Manager: Benjamin Nyao (3rd Year, 3rd League 1)
Starting XI: Elise*, Ilya, Sebnem, Laila, Witek, Eleonora, Gillis, Lauritz, Laine'^, Stipan, Yang^
Key Departure: Siri Rebekka -> Urrheddiao United, Gry Jasna -> Anfanhar Dragons
Key Addition: Aleski Laine <- Universite de Montreal (Quebec), Wang Yang <- Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
Analysis: The Red Hawks had a dismal season, finishing fifth (outside of Globe Cup spots) in the league and losing in the Octofinals of the Cup. The loss of Rebekka is somewhat mitigated by the gaining of Wang Yang, a budding star. Elise is one of the top keepers, and Ilya's leadership is much needed. Nyao's team has the chance to be in the top four again, but the competition is getting fiercer.

Depri Sanar Yellow Jackets
Previous Finish: 6th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Semifinals
Predicted Finish: 8th
Stadium: The Hive, Depri Sanar (Cap. 122,000)
Formation/Style: 3-4-2-1, 0
Manager: George Hasada (3rd Year, 3rd League 1)
Starting XI: Sang. Nika, Stef, Blazej, Fiete, Gerda, Thomas, Emilie, Hyeon, Roel^, Kyung*
Key Departure: Julius Apostolis -> Pria
Key Addition: Emil Roel <- Alnio Union
Analysis: Emil Roel is the biggest name that was signed by the Yellow Jackets. However, they didn't address the biggest problem - the midfield. This isn't good for a team that seems to be heading downhill. Depri Sanar will either fix the problems themselves or they'll become obsolete. Hasada seems to be trying to see the potential of his team, buoyed by the fact that they can't be relegated due to the upcoming expansion.

Myana Islanders
Previous Finish: 1st League Chromatiks 1, Cup Finals
Predicted Finish: 1st
Stadium: Island Dome, Myana (Cap. 133,000)
Formation/Style: 5-3-2, -3
Manager: Franscesca Larriet Cortes (3rd Year, 3rd League 1)
Starting XI: Thorben*, Ruth, Bozena, Simon'^, Hildebrand, Damjana, Illarion, Berit, Lucas, Dragana, Zinoviy
Key Departure: Luuk Aart -> Lonngeylin Coast (Vilita)
Key Addition: Urbano Simon <- Amazonesta
Analysis: Losing Luuk Aart is pretty devastating to the team. However, the addition of Simon might be able to combat that, and even if that isn't so, Dragana and Zinoviy are ready to come to the spotlight as well. The biggest strength of the team lies at the core - the Manager, Thorben, and Daniel Lucas. Though the other teams have done lots of trading, it doesn't seem like Myana can be caught. If such a thing is possible, it will need to be shown before it's believed.

Urrheddiao United
Previous Finish: 7th League Chrmatiks 1 (Won Relegation Playoffs), Cup Winners
Predicted Finish: 4th
Stadium: United Center, Urrheddiao (Cap. 120,000)
Formation/Style: 3-4-3, -1
Manager: Lina Amos (3rd Year, 2nd League 1)
Starting XI: Nier, Morningstar*, An, Colbert, Vells, Ingalls, Ryokin, Nialls, Rockett, Rebekka^, Janos^
Key Departure: Garret Ty -> Pur Riders, Whitney Yao -> Eyrods Jungle Cats
Key Addition: Siri Rebekka <- Depri Lanar Red Hawks, Vladimir Janos <- Chromatik Capitalizt
Analysis: What a splash Urrheddiao has made this season! Not only do they have Nier and Morningstar to keep the team going, but they have brought in Rebekka and Janos to take care of the scoring duties. If this team can start scoring goals, this team has unlimited potential. This season, they'll probably finish top four, but watch out!

Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
Previous Finish: 2nd League Chromatiks 1, Cup Quarterfinals
Predicted Finish: 2nd
Stadium: Z'ai'ai Field, Z'ai'ai (Cap. 113,000)
Formation/Style: 4-3-3, +3
Manager: Jyrom Mikita (3rd Year, 3rd League 1)
Starting XI: Rose-Hannaford'^, Atanov, Morovoch, Worensten^, Lowe, Montague, Sybill, Han, Rien, Quren, Agastamopoulos'^
Key Departure: Katrin Boldof -> Anfanhar Dragoons, Meagan Kelly -> Kionao Locals (Turori), Wang Yang -> Depri Lanar Red Hawks
Key Addition: Samuel Rose-Hannaford <- Winnipeg United (Quebec), Deianeira Agastamopoulos <- Montreal City (Quebec), Wildred Worensten <- Anomalies
Analysis: If there's a team that's changed a lot, it's the Mountaineers. Mikita has scrapped the 3-4-3 for a 4-3-3 that uses two Quebecois players. Losing Meagan Kelly overseas is rough, but the midfield of Montague and Sybill should be able to pick up the slack. If Agastamopoulos can just be a decoy for the scoring machine that is Quren, the Mountaineers should have no problem keeping their spot among the best teams of Chromatika. In fact, they should be able to give Myana a run for their money.
League Chromatiks 2 Season 3 Preview
This season, the top four teams not only get to go to the SBCC, they also get to go to the first division. The favorites are Pur and Anfanhar, with Felswyr looking in.

Predicted Order of Finish:
Wirr Tsi
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League Chromatiks Season 3 1st Leg

Postby Chromatika » Fri Apr 01, 2016 4:24 pm

Let's take a look at what's happened this first leg!

Matchday 1
Deprí Sanar 5–1 Deprí Lanar
Z'ai'ai 1–1 Alnio
Urrheddiao 1–0 Chromatik
Anomalies 1–0 Myana

The Depri derby on the first day of matches? Can you call it a derby when one side absolutely dominates? The Yellow Jackets had Emil Roel score a hat trick, and Kyung score a brace. New Quebec player Aleski Lane did score the first goal that a foreigner has scored in the League Chromatik, but the glory goes to Sanar. Urrheddiao's acquisition of Siri Rebekka paid off with a goal in the seventy-eighth minute, while Myana was beaten in the sixty-seventh minute off of a screamer by Antonio.

Matchday 2
Deprí Lanar 0–1 Myana
Chromatik 1–0 Anomalies
Alnio 3–2 Urrheddiao
Deprí Sanar 2–1 Z'ai'ai

Myana get their first win of the season over Depri Lanar, with Elise having a rough start for the Red Hawks. Zinoviy's goal in the fortieth minute is all that the Islanders needed. Antonio is clipped by Asgaardson's strike, with the Quebecois scoring the only goal of that tie. Alnio of all teams tackle down Urrheddiao, with Niro's brace being so great. Depri Sanar continue their early climb by taking the win over Z'ai'ai, with Emil Roel scoring his fourth goal of the season already.

Matchday 3
Z'ai'ai 2–3 Deprí Lanar
Urrheddiao 4–1 Deprí Sanar
Anomalies 4–1 Alnio
Myana 3–1 Chromatik

The Red Hawks' first win of the season come at the expense of the Mountaineers, who somehow find themselves without a win after three matches. New signee Wang Yang scores a brace, and Stipan provides the decider. Yellow Jackets fall to United, as Nier proves to be too much of a challenge for Roel. Rwang and Antonio make short work of Alnio at home, while Myana puts the Capitalizt back in their place, with Daniel Lucas providing the offensive spark.

Matchday 4
Deprí Lanar 0–0 Chromatik
Alnio 1–3 Myana
Deprí Sanar 1–0 Anomalies
Z'ai'ai 2–2 Urrheddiao

Three of the non-usual suspects score for Myana, including Amazonesta's Urbano Simon in the corner kick. Yellow Jackets return back to form with a goal scored by Yoon Hyeon. Z'ai'ai are still without a win, although a tie that features getting two goals past Nier is nothing to be ashamed of. Montague's brace in the first half was answered by Rebekka in the second half.

Matchday 5
Urrheddiao 6–3 Deprí Lanar
Anomalies 6–4 Z'ai'ai
Myana 1–0 Deprí Sanar
Chromatik 3–3 Alnio

A total of twenty-six goals scored, which is ridiculous by Chromatik standards. Wang Yang led the Red Hawks to an early 2-0 lead, but a hat trick by Rebekka led the United back to a total of six goals. In the Tower, Anomalies kept Z'ai'ai winless in a barnburner. Rien and Quren's braces were answered by Antonio and Rwang's hat tricks, turning a 2-2 halftime tie to a 6-4 victory. In other matches. Myana barely scrape by the Yellow Jackets thanks to a penalty taken by Daniel Lucas, while the Capitalizt and the Union battle to a tie in the Dome in the Capital.

Matchday 6
Deprí Lanar 1–0 Alnio
Deprí Sanar 2–0 Chromatik
Z'ai'ai 0–0 Myana
Urrheddiao 1–0 Anomalies

Now this is more like Chromatik football! After a day of twenty-six goals, only four were scored. The Mountaineers can't catch a break, as a brilliant performance by Rose-Hannaford is matched by national teamer Thorben. Both the Depris win, with the Red Hawks scoring in stoppage time and the Yellow Jackets getting goals from the midfield for a change. The United score off of a corner kick - the head of Anton Vells being the difference.

Matchday 7
Anomalies 3–0 Deprí Lanar
Myana 1–0 Urrheddiao
Chromatik 1–3 Z'ai'ai
Alnio 1–0 Deprí Sanar

Z'ai'ai finally gets their first win, Agastamopoulos being the first foreigner to score a hat trick. Meanwhile, Hellion scores two goals off of free kicks and a third in the second half as the Anomalies destroy the Red Hawks. Yellow Jackets run into some trouble in Alnio, with Ki Niro proving to be the difference. The much awaited clash between the Islanders and the United end with the veteran on top, thanks to Dragana's shot in the seventy-sixth that just went past the fingertips of Nier.

Table - Post First Leg
League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Myana 7 5 1 1 9 3 +6 16
2 Urrheddiao 7 4 1 2 16 10 +6 13
3 Deprí Sanar 7 4 0 3 11 8 +3 12
4 Anomalies 7 4 0 3 14 8 +6 12

5 Alnio 7 2 2 3 10 14 −4 8
6 Deprí Lanar 7 2 1 4 8 17 −9 7
7 Z'ai'ai 7 1 3 3 13 15 −2 6
8 Chromatik 7 1 2 4 6 12 −6 5
Myana and Urrheddiao on top are to be expected, but what happened to the Mountaineers? They are scoring enough, but whether it be that the Quebecois goalkeeper trial is not working out or that the defense is not providing enough support, they are conceding way too many goals. Thankfully, there are many more games to play. Thorben only allowing three goals in seven matches, and one of those being a loss, shows just how much of a competitor he is. He's been the keeper for the national team, but never a golden glove winner. He seems to be really wanting it this year.
League Chromatiks 2     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Pùr 7 4 2 1 16 13 +3 14
2 Umbar 7 4 1 2 13 9 +4 13
3 Wirr Tsi 7 3 2 2 7 6 +1 11
4 Eyrods 7 2 4 1 14 13 +1 10

5 Felswyr 7 3 1 3 11 8 +3 10
6 Tihon 7 2 2 3 7 12 −5 8
7 Pria 7 2 1 4 10 12 −2 7
8 Anfanhar 7 1 1 5 13 18 −5 4
Though Anfanhar are the side that got some first division players this season, they find themselves at the bottom, with Pur, Umbar, Wirr Tsi, and Eyrods in position to move up after the first leg.
For the first time ever, the Cup will be played during the season, using last season's records, with it being a home-and-away ordeal in the Quarters and the Semis!
Chromatik Cup III
Myana 5–0 Tihon
Felswyr 1–0 Alnio
Depri Sanar 6–3 Pria
Chromatik 5–3 Anfanhar
Anomalies 3–1 Wirr Tsi
Depri Lanar 0–2 Eyrods
Urrheddiao 4–1 Pur
Z'ai'ai 3–3 Umbar (4–3 AET)

The Frost upset the Union, while the Jungle Cats send the Red Hawks away. The Mountaineers need extra time to survive an aggressive Umbar side, but Rien's goal in extra time helps them survive. This sets up a tantalizing matchup in the quarters, with United set to take on the Mountaineers.
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League Chromatks Season 3 2nd Leg

Postby Chromatika » Mon Apr 11, 2016 12:42 pm

Does Z'ai'ai continue to fall? Can anyone put a goal past Nikolai Thorben? Will the Yellow Jackets stay in the top three? Let's see what's happened in the second leg of the League!

Matchday 8
Deprí Lanar 2–1 Deprí Sanar
Alnio 3–4 Z'ai'ai
Chromatik 1–4 Urrheddiao
Myana 1–3 Anomalies

Lanar get sweet sweet revenge on their Sanar brethren after the bloodbath that was the first day of matches. Emil Roel did score his fifth goal of the season in the first five minutes, but Aleski Lane's free kick right before the half tied things up, and Ena Elanora scored from thirty-seven yards out for the deciding score. In Alnio, the Union couldn't hold back the Mountaineers' attack, equalizing three times but failing on the fourth attempt. Jan, Kristine, and Olivér answered goals from Rien, Quren, and Agastamopoulos, but then Rien scored his second in stoppage time to hand the Mountaineers their second win. United trounced the Capitalizt early with a brace from Siri Rebekka, and then Janos scored a brace in the second half to put the game away after an answer by Hurik Marie. Thorben allowed three in a loss to the Anomalies, with his National Team Teammate Antonio putting a hat trick past him, doubling his total from the first leg in one game.

Matchday 9
Myana 0–1 Deprí Lanar
Anomalies 4–3 Chromatik
Urrheddiao 3–0 Alnio
Z'ai'ai 1–0 Deprí Sanar

United continue to be on a tear, Tyler Rockett getting a piece of the action as well as they take care of business at home at United Center. The Red Hawks' Elise has the game of the season so far, out-dueling Nikolai, with Lane continuing to emerge as a Quebecois threat. The Yellow Jackets almost trip up the Mountaineers, but a controversial tackle in the box gives Quren the penalty, which he puts away with ease. The match of the day by far as held at the Anomaly Tower, where the Anomalies held a furious comeback in the second half after being behind 0-3 to edge past the Capitalizt. The Quebecois players on the Capitalizt roster combined to give Chromatik the lead, but Teor Rwang scored off a header before the break, and Antonio took over the second half, scoring her second consecutive hat trick, giving her ten goals on the season, tying her with Siri Rebekka for the lead.

Matchday 10
Deprí Lanar 1–1 Z'ai'ai
Deprí Sanar 0–1 Urrheddiao
Alnio 0–0 Anomalies
Chromatik 1–0 Myana

What got into Erna Anahit? Although the Anomalies attack struck again and again and again, the Union keeper stopped a staggering amount of fifteen shots to preserve the tie and gain Alnio a well-earned point. Chromatik get back on point, handing Myana their third straight loss with San Asador doing the honors in the sixty-eighth off of a nice cross from Zlastica Ellen. United keep up their form, with Rebekka actually assisting on a goal by Vells. Red Hawks and Mountaineers duel to a tie at the Hawk's Nest, Lane's shot being answered by fellow countryman Agastamopoulos.

Chromatik Cup III
Quarterfinals, 1st Leg
Felswyr 0–2 Myana
Chromatik 1–0 Depri Sanar
Eyrods 4–3 Anomalies
Z'ai'ai 3–2 Urrheddiao

Myana take care of business, with Quren scoring the brace to put the Islanders up before the trip home. Capitalizt's duo of San Asador and Asgaardsson propel them ahead of the Yellow Jackets, while Antonio's brace was not enough for the Anomalies to stave off of a ridiculous performance by Whitney Yao, who scored twice and assisted twice for the Jungle Cats. As for the vaunted Mountaineers - United matchup, Pietr Han was the man of the match, scoring on Jillian Nier with eight minutes left after assisting twice earlier in the game. The return leg of the quarters will be played after the second leg concludes.

Matchday 11
Chromatik 1–1 Deprí Lanar
Myana 4–2 Alnio
Anomalies 1–1 Deprí Sanar
Urrheddiao 0–3 Z'ai'ai

Ouch! After losing 3-2 in the first leg, United get slaughtered by the Mountaineers at home, with Nier being chased all over by balls from Quren and company. Myana return to form (but not Thorben) against Alnio, their offense easing the pressure on the recently beleaguered keeper, who has allowed more than twice the goals in the second leg than he did in the first. Red Hawks are tripped up by San Asador striking again, while Anomalies and the Yellow Jackets battle to a tie in a game that left much to be wanted from Antonio, who missed all five shots she had on goal, many of them premium chances, too.

Matchday 12
Deprí Lanar 0–1 Urrheddiao
Z'ai'ai 2–1 Anomalies
Deprí Sanar 1–1 Myana
Alnio 1–2 Chromatik

United dust themselves off of the ground against the Red Hawks, who lose their second consecutive match by one goal. Thorben's woes continue as he can't hold onto a win in stoppage time, allowing Roel to score, and preventing Dragana's magnificent goal from thirty-three yards out from being the game winner. Mountaineers' Sandra Sybill choose the correct time to score her first two goals of the season, leading her team past Antonio and the Anomalies. Alnio's attempt at an upset of the Capitalizt is deterred by the Dynamic Duo of Chromatik - San Asador and Asgaardsson, who are really coming into their own as a solid Quebecois core.

Matchday 13
Alnio 1–2 Deprí Lanar
Chromatik 3–1 Deprí Sanar
Myana 2–2 Z'ai'ai
Anomalies 1–0 Urrheddiao

The top-of-the-table clash between the Anomalies and United didn't disappoint, with the teams battling back and forth the entire game. Laure Etienne - of all players - finally got the ball past Nier on a deflection off of Antonio's shot, and the series between the two is now tied at one apiece. The Union really can't hold onto a lead, Aleski Lane's brace leading the Red Hawks to a hard-fought win. The Dynamic Duo strike again, scoring all three goals in the game against the Yellow Jackets. Thorben's slides even further, blowing a 2-0 lead at halftime, and allowing the Mountaineers to salvage a point they had no business taking after Dragana continued to be on form.

Matchday 14
Deprí Lanar 0–2 Anomalies
Urrheddiao 0–0 Myana
Z'ai'ai 1–2 Chromatik
Deprí Sanar 3–3 Alnio

The second game of master vs. pupil ended in a draw, which was a welcome sight for Islander fans. Thorben finally looked like himself, and matched Nier save-for-save till the end. Antonio's squad took the opportunity to tie up against United in the standings, putting two past the Red Hawks, with Carrol Liam finally getting his first goal off of a free kick. The Dynamic Duo saved the day against the Mountaineers, turning Nioli Quren's lead into a victory against him. Finally, on a day where they actually scored three goals, the porous defense of the Union allowed the Yellow Jackets to tie the game at the end, giving Alnio a dismal two points in the second leg.

Chromatik Cup III
Quarterfinals, Second Leg
Myana 2–2 Felswyr (Myana wins 4-2 aggregate)
Depri Sanar 2–1 Chromatik (Depri Sanar wins 3-2 aggregate)
Anomalies 5–3 Eyrods (Anomalies wins 8-7 aggregate)
Urrheddiao 3–2 Z'ai'ai (Tied 5-5, Urrheddiao wins 7-5 aggregate after extra time)

Although Thorben slipped up again, Myana did play it safe, and came away with the win. The Yellow Jackets gave it their best shot, but a San Asador goal in the eighty-second did them in. At the Anomaly Tower, they needed all of the five goals generated by Antonio, Rwang, and Hellion to scrape away a win against a very aggressive Eyrods side. United forced extra time against the Mountaineers, and Rebekka comes through in extra time to give United the hope of repeating as Cup Champions.

Table - Post Second Leg
League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Anomalies 14 8 2 4 26 15 +11 26
2 Urrheddiao 14 8 2 4 25 15 +10 26
3 Myana 14 6 4 4 17 13 +4 22
4 Z'ai'ai 14 5 5 4 27 24 +3 20

5 Chromatik 14 6 2 6 19 23 −4 20
6 Deprí Lanar 14 5 2 7 14 24 −10 17
7 Deprí Sanar 14 4 3 7 18 20 −2 15
8 Alnio 14 2 4 8 20 32 −12 10
Things are getting very tight up top, with the Anomalies leading United by virtue of one goal scored. Thorben allowed ten goals in the second leg, uncharacteristic of him; Myana will need him to do better if they are to defend their title. Z'ai'ai are ahead of the Capitalizt by virtue of goal difference as well with their series tied at one apiece. The Red Hawks suffered, recording only one victory in the second leg, while the Union were the worst, getting only two points.
League Chromatiks 2     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Pùr 14 7 3 4 30 28 +2 24
2 Felswyr 14 7 2 5 18 13 +5 23
3 Wirr Tsi 14 7 2 5 20 16 +4 23
4 Umbar 14 6 3 5 26 21 +5 21

5 Anfanhar 14 6 1 7 26 31 −5 19
6 Pria 14 5 3 6 22 20 +2 18
7 Eyrods 14 4 6 4 22 24 −2 18
8 Tihon 14 2 4 8 14 25 −11 10
For all the trouble the Jungle Cats gave the Anomalies, they have been having issues taking care of business in the Second Division. The Riders remain up top, while Wirr Tsi and Umbar have traded positions, but the Frost have sneaked their way into the top four. As the difference between fourth and seventh is only one win, it will be interesting to see who survives the grind and joins the First Division next season.
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League Chromatiks Season 3 3rd Leg

Postby Chromatika » Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:30 pm

Things being so tight up top, and near the fourth-place mark, let's see how things shape up after three legs!

Matchday 15
Deprí Sanar 1–1 Deprí Lanar
Z'ai'ai 1–0 Alnio
Urrheddiao 1–0 Chromatik
Anomalies 0–1 Myana

Aleski Lane and Emil Roel showed why they are the two best players on their respective rosters in the Depri derby, battling to a tie. Z'ai'ai put some distance between them and the Capitalizt with a second-half goal by Trenn Rien. Rebekka is able to give the United one goal to put them ahead of the Capitalizt, while Myana take care of business on the road, Thorben getting the better of Antonio for once.

Matchday 16
Deprí Lanar 0–1 Myana
Chromatik 1–1 Anomalies
Alnio 3–1 Urrheddiao
Deprí Sanar 3–1 Z'ai'ai

Alnio shock the United, finally playing up to their potential. Jan, Kristine, and Olivér batter Nier with a goal apiece before the twentieth minute, and then they hold on after United's Rebekka scores yet again. In the Capital derby, Capitalizt and Anomalies play to a draw, showing how close they are in the standings. San Asador is becoming a force for this team, answering Antonio of all people. The Yellow Jackets stop the Mountaineers in their tracks at home, Kyung helping Roel on the scoring front with a brace in the second half after Quren had tied things up before the half. At the Hawk's Nest, Myana escapes with a screamer from Dragana.

Matchday 17
Z'ai'ai 5–3 Deprí Lanar
Urrheddiao 0–2 Deprí Sanar
Anomalies 3–1 Alnio
Myana 2–1 Chromatik

A goal-fest in Z'ai'ai sees a late brace from Quren being the difference in a tight match where Lane scored a hat-trick by himself. The Red Hawks trounce United, not allowing them to have any nice shots on goal, and both of their goals coming from the midfield. Myana continue their current great form, not blinking when San Asador scored in the first ten minutes, and relying on the threat Dragana has become to win at home. Rachel Hellion carries Anomalies pest a pesky Alnio squad, reminding everyone of her free-kick prowess.

Chromatik Cup III
Semifinals, 1st Leg
Depri Sanar 0–0 Myana
Urrheddiao 1–1 Anomalies

The first leg of semifinal action results in a pair of draws. Myana attacked over and over again, but the Yellow Jackets' Ljubica Sang showed how she's been quietly having a solid season with a good performance. In the United Center, an early goal by Rebekka almost carried them to the end, but Antonio made sure there would be suspense in the second leg with a goal in stoppage time, assisted by Rachel. This gives Anomalies the lead with one away goal heading into the second leg, after Matchday 21.

Matchday 18
Deprí Lanar 1–2 Chromatik
Alnio 2–4 Myana
Deprí Sanar 2–4 Anomalies
Z'ai'ai 1–1 Urrheddiao

The Dynamic Duo, or Duo Dynamique, struck again in the Hawks' Nest, carrying Capitlizt to yet another close win. All three goals scored in the match were by Quebecois players. At Z'ai'ai, Tyler Rockett carried the United to an early lead in what could be considered the goal of the season so far, but then Sybill scored one for the Mountaineers in extra time to preserve the tie. Four different scorers for the Islanders defeat Alnio, including some not-so-usual suspects like Urbano Simon, Berit, and Illarion. The Yellow Jackets controlled the ball well in the first half, but allowed the Anomaly midfield to take over in the second half, with Rachel Hellion and Carrol Liam scoring a brace apiece and keeping the Anomalies within a point of Myana with ten matches to go.

Matchday 19
Urrheddiao 1–1 Deprí Lanar
Anomalies 3–4 Z'ai'ai
Myana 0–0 Deprí Sanar
Chromatik 2–2 Alnio

A series of draws, the most surprising being the Capitalizt not being able to hold onto a lead at home against the Union. Duo Dynamique didn't have the best of games, but Teija and Bronislav had given the Capitalizt the lead. Oldrich Jan's shot in the sixtieth gave the Union some more life, and then Ki Niro finally played up to standard, and tied the game. The Yellow Jackets battled the Islanders to a tie, where Thorben single-handedly kept them in the game in the second half. Jillian Nier could not hold onto a lead for the United given to her by Janos, allowing Wang Yang to tie the game late. In the Tower, Hellion scored a brace to try to carry the Anomalies, but Sandra Sybill's hat trick was too much for Neovak to handle. Sybill's coming to form gives the Mountaineers a much needed third threat along Rien and Quren.

Matchday 20
Deprí Lanar 4–4 Alnio
Deprí Sanar 1–2 Chromatik
Z'ai'ai 3–0 Myana
Urrheddiao 3–0 Anomalies

If there is a squad that knows how to play from behind and never give up, it's the Union. Though stuck in the bottom of the table, they once again played to a tie after falling behind early. Aleski Lane's brace built the Red Hawks the lead, but Kristine and Niro scored Union the tie. If Anahit played a little better, this team would have so much more potential. Duo Dynamique carried the Capitalizt past the Yellow Jackets, while the Mountaineers and the United thumped the Islanders and Anomalies respectively at home.

Matchday 21
Anomalies 0–0 Deprí Lanar
Myana 0–0 Urrheddiao
Chromatik 0–4 Z'ai'ai
Alnio 1–1 Deprí Sanar

The mentor-mentee derby once again results in a draw at Myana. Coincidentally, they are the top two in line for the Golden Glove. Z'ai'ai absolutely destroy Capitalizt at the Dome, Sybill leading the charge. Anomalies can't get a goal past Elise, while Neovak holds true. Alnio plays to another draw.

Chromatik Cup III
Semifinals, 2nd Leg
Myana 1–0 Depri Sanar (Myana wins 1-0 aggregate)
Anomalies 1–0 Urrheddiao (Anomalies win 2-1 aggregate)

The Islanders and Anomalies are headed to the Dome for the finals, carried by two different phases of the game. Thorben absolutely dismantled any semblance of an attack by the Yellow Jackets, while Anomalies simply held the ball against United, and allowed Antonio's strike past Nier be the difference. The final will be played after the conclusion of the fourth and final leg.

Table - Post Third Leg
League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Z'ai'ai 21 10 6 5 46 34 +12 36
2 Myana 21 10 6 5 25 19 +6 36
3 Urrheddiao 21 10 5 6 32 22 +10 35
4 Anomalies 21 10 4 7 37 27 +10 34

5 Chromatik 21 8 4 9 27 35 −8 28
6 Deprí Sanar 21 6 6 9 28 29 −1 24
7 Deprí Lanar 21 5 6 10 24 38 −14 21
8 Alnio 21 3 7 11 33 48 −15 16
Scoring five wins one draw and only one loss since the second leg is the Mountaineers, who find themselves in the lead thanks to their recent win against the Islanders. United are only a point back, and Anomalies only a point back behind them, meaning that one win could be the difference in the matches to come. It is the closest the League has been up to this point, and should lead to a very exciting finish. Alnio languish at the bottom of the table, while the Duo Dynamique of the Capitalizt are not enough to thrust the Chromatik squad to the top four spot.
League Chromatiks 2     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Felswyr 21 10 4 7 23 17 +6 34
2 Pria 21 10 3 8 36 28 +8 33
3 Wirr Tsi 21 10 3 8 30 25 +5 33
4 Pùr 21 9 4 8 43 42 +1 31

5 Eyrods 21 7 8 6 31 35 −4 29
6 Umbar 21 8 4 9 36 37 −1 28
7 Anfanhar 21 8 3 10 35 39 −4 27
8 Tihon 21 4 7 10 19 30 −11 19
The Riders have slipped up a bit since the second leg, only recording two wins since that point, and letting the Frost take pole position. With three points separating sixth place from fourth, it seems like there will be a tight finish in the Second Division as well as teams play to not only be the ones being sent to the SBCC, but also being promoted to the first division next season with the upcoming expansion.
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League Chromatiks Season 3 Final Leg

Postby Chromatika » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:36 pm

The final leg of this closest season yet! Will someone else than Myana lift the trophy?

Matchday 22
Deprí Lanar 0–0 Deprí Sanar
Alnio 3–3 Z'ai'ai
Chromatik 2–3 Urrheddiao
Myana 4–0 Anomalies

Ki Niro's hat trick helps Union tie against Mountaineers who had a brace from Agastamopoulous. Lanar and Sanar battle to a tie, meaning that the Depri derby's winner is Depri Sanar by virtue of goal difference. Myana destroy Anomalies at home, Antonio's side getting battered by four goals from four different sources. At the Dome, Duo Dynamique is eclipsed by United, Rebekka providing the winner late in the game, as she is known to do.

Matchday 23
Myana 4–0 Deprí Lanar
Anomalies 1–3 Chromatik
Urrheddiao 3–4 Alnio
Z'ai'ai 2–3 Deprí Sanar

Myana destroys the Red Hawks at home, four different scorers getting the better of Elise, who is easily having the worst season of her career thus far. Duo Dynamique take down Capital rivals, San Asador getting a brace. The Union finally get a win, eclipsing Golden Glove contender Nier, Ki Niro's current form being the difference. Yellow Jackets stun the Mountaineers at home, Emil Roel doing his job at the end.

Matchday 24
Deprí Lanar 4–3 Z'ai'ai
Deprí Sanar 1–1 Urrheddiao
Alnio 0–2 Anomalies
Chromatik 3–0 Myana

Z'ai'ai continues to slip up late, with the Red Hawks getting a brace from Stipan and Yang apiece to take down the vaunted Mountaineer attack. United continue to slip up, Rebekka's league-leading goal being answered by Roel's brilliant curving corner into goal. Anomalies bounce back by putting Alnio into their place, Antonio scoring two to say that she isn't done yet. Chromatik might not win the league, but they've found a powerhouse duo for certain, as Duo Dynamique strike again in grand fashion, getting three past Thorben.

Matchday 25
Chromatik 2–0 Deprí Lanar
Myana 3–2 Alnio
Anomalies 0–0 Deprí Sanar
Urrheddiao 3–2 Z'ai'ai

The Mountaineers continue to slide late, losing their third game in a row by one goal, this time thanks to Rebekka's game winner in the second half. Yes, they have scored the most goals, but also given up the second most at this point. Myana has issues dealing with Alnio early, with Ki Niro scoring yet another two goals, but a heroic hat trick from Dragana spanning twenty-three minutes keep the Islanders on top with three matches to go. Duo Dynamique continue their push for a Globe Cup spot, Asgaardsson scoring the brace this time, both of them assisted by fellow Quebecois San Asador. Anomalies can't keep the heat on United, failing to score a goal on the Yellow Jackets.

Matchday 26
Deprí Lanar 0–0 Urrheddiao
Z'ai'ai 6–2 Anomalies
Deprí Sanar 1–0 Myana
Alnio 3–0 Chromatik

And just when everything seemed like they'd go as expected, all hell breaks loose. First, Red Hawks tie United at home, a disappointing result for Rebekka and company. They were the ones being spared on this day, however. Roel's free kick in the forty-eighth is the difference in The Hive, as Yellow Jackets stun Islanders when Islanders could've had a five-point cushion with two matches to go. Capitalizt's attempts at a Globe Cup push are denied immensely by Alnio, Anahit having her occasional brilliant games, and the Union offense dictating the game. The Mountaineers finally get a win, getting six past Neovak, a career high for her. Sybill paced the game with the two opening goals, and then a multitude of others added onto it in the second half. Here's the table, with two matches to go:
League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Myana 26 13 6 7 36 25 +11 45
2 Urrheddiao 26 12 7 7 42 31 +11 43
3 Z'ai'ai 26 11 7 8 62 49 +13 40
4 Anomalies 26 11 5 10 42 40 +2 38
5 Chromatik 26 11 4 11 37 42 −5 37
6 Deprí Sanar 26 8 9 9 33 32 +1 33
7 Deprí Lanar 26 6 8 12 28 47 −19 26
8 Alnio 26 5 8 13 45 59 −14 23

Matchday 27
Alnio 3–2 Deprí Lanar
Chromatik 4–1 Deprí Sanar
Myana 0–1 Z'ai'ai
Anomalies 3–0 Urrheddiao

Wow. With both the Islanders and United slipping up once again, the Mountaineers have a chance to take the title after having a stretch of a draw and three losses by a goal apiece. Z'ai'ai helped their own cause by virtue of a hard-fought win at Island Dome. Trenn Rien has been having a great season, and exemplified it with his eighteenth goal of the season, being a game-winner. With the Islanders and United set to play each other on the final matchday, Z'ai'ai can win if they both tie and the Mountaineers win, or if United wins and they win as well, by virtue of goal difference after the Round-Robin record of 1-2-1. Anomalies stay ahead of Chromatik by virtue of manhandling Nier, Antonio getting a brace and Rwang adding one as well. The Capitalizt are right on their heels, though, Duo Dynamique working their magic against the Yellow Jackets, as Emil Roel's one-man army isn't working out for the Yellow Jackets. Alnio is quietly having a great final leg, getting another win, with Niro really coming to form. With one match to go:
League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Myana 27 13 6 8 36 26 +10 45
2 Z'ai'ai 27 12 7 8 63 49 +14 43
3 Urrheddiao 27 12 7 8 42 34 +8 43
4 Anomalies 27 12 5 10 45 40 +5 41
5 Chromatik 27 12 4 11 41 43 −2 40
6 Deprí Sanar 27 8 9 10 34 36 −2 33
7 Deprí Lanar 27 6 8 13 30 50 −20 26
8 Alnio 27 6 8 13 48 61 −13 26

Matchday 28
Deprí Lanar 0–0 Anomalies
Urrheddiao 0–2 Myana
Z'ai'ai 4–1 Chromatik
Deprí Sanar 3–2 Alnio

Ah. After all was said and done, the Islanders still know how to play when the season is on the line. Mountaineers really tried, shutting down Duo Dynamique for the win. The loss also shuts down any hopes for the Capitalizt making it to the Globe Cup, such a shame for a team that has definitely found an identity in the Quebecois players. Anomalies' hunt for a top three spot was crushed by Halide Elise having a solid game to end what was a brutal season for her. This also means that Antonio won't win the golden boot, as she finishes with nineteen goals. Alnio's recent form is trumped by the Yellow Jackets ending the season on a win, Roel finishing with seventeen, a great effort for the only playmaker on his squad. Niro does get her seventeenth as well, proving that she belongs on the First Division for sure. Thorben did get the best of Nier, but the star of Myana this season was Jazmin Dragana, proving to be the offensive piece on a squad known for defense, as well as Urbano Simon, who came from Amazonesta to take Luuk Aart's spot and has done a solid job.
League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Myana 28 14 6 8 38 26 +12 48 Champions' Cup AOCL
2 Z'ai'ai 28 13 7 8 67 50 +17 46 Globe Cup
3 Urrheddiao 28 12 7 9 42 36 +6 43 Globe Cup
4 Anomalies 28 12 6 10 45 40 +5 42 Globe Cup
Cygnus Cup
5 Chromatik 28 12 4 12 42 47 −5 40
6 Deprí Sanar 28 9 9 10 37 38 −1 36
7 Deprí Lanar 28 6 9 13 30 50 −20 27
8 Alnio 28 6 8 14 50 64 −14 26
It's the Islanders getting their third straight title on what was the closest season yet. Alnio is lucky that this season has no relegation, although the emergence of Niro late and finishing the last leg 3-1-3 isn't bad at all.

Depri: Sanar get the better of their Lanar brethren, winning 7-4 in goal difference. (Overall record: 1-2-1)
Capital: Chromatik actually won the Capital Derby over Anomalies, thanks to Duo Dynamique. (Overall record: 2-1-1)
Mentor: The name given to the Myana-Urrheddiao tie, between Thorben and Nier, the goalkeeper of the future. Thorben prevailed. (Overall: 2-2-0)

Chromatik Cup III
Final @ The Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City
Myana 0–0 Anomalies (0–0 AET) (2–4 pen.)

Myana gave a valiant effort to become the first team to obtain the double, but Thorben was matched this day by Neovak. She blocked both Daniel Lucas and Martin Zinoviy in penalty kicks, giving Anomalies the Cup, and entrance to the Cygnus Cup.
League Chromatiks 2     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Eyrods 28 12 10 6 45 42 +3 46 SBCC, Promoted
2 Pria 28 13 5 10 50 38 +12 44 SBCC, Promoted
3 Wirr Tsi 28 13 4 11 45 40 +5 43 SBCC, Promoted

4 Pùr 28 13 4 11 59 59 0 43 Promoted
5 Felswyr 28 12 5 11 28 24 +4 41
6 Umbar 28 10 6 12 47 48 −1 36
7 Anfanhar 28 10 4 14 47 53 −6 34
8 Tihon 28 6 8 14 24 41 −17 26
Going 2-1-4 has dropped the Frost from first place to fifth, out of the promotion. Instead, it's the Jungle Cats who roar their way to the top, going 5-2-0 in the last leg, leaning on the likes of Whitney Yao. Joining them will be Pria, Wirr Tsi, and Pur.
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CoH Appearance: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
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League Chromatiks Season 3 Summary

Postby Chromatika » Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:53 pm

All-League Team 
Pos Player Team
Coach Lina Amos Urrheddiao United
GK Nikolai Thorben Myana Islanders
DEF Erika Morningstar Urrheddiao United
DEF Lucjusz Stef Depri Sanar Yellow Jackets
DEF Otis Sorendai Anomalies
MID Sasha Kristine Alnio Union
MID Rachel Hellion Anomalies
MID Sandra Sybill Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
MID Florian San Asador Chromatik Capitalizt
FOR Siri Rebekka Urrheddiao United
FOR Trenn Rien Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
FOR Gabriella Antonio Anomalies

Gold Boot
# Player Team Goals Scored
1 Trenn Rien Z'ai'ai Mountaineers 20
2 Gabriella Antonio Anomalies 19
3 Florian San Asador Chromatik Capitalizt 18
3 Siri Rebekka Urrheddiao United 18
3 Nioli Quren Z'ai'ai Mountaineers 18
4 Ki Niro Alnio Union 17
4 Emil Roel Depri Sanar Yellow Jackets 17
5 Jazmin Dragana Myana Islanders 15

Gold Glove
# Player Team Goals Allowed
1 Nikolai Thorben Myana Islanders 26
2 Jillian Nier Urrheddiao United 36
3 Ljubica Sang Depri Sanar Yellow Jackets 38
4 Kristin Neovak Anomalies 40
5 Nika Justus Chromatik Capitalizt 47

Foreign Player of the Year
1. Florian San Asador - Royal Kingdom of Quebec (Chromatik Capitalizt)
2. Mikael Asgaardsson - Royal Kingdom of Quebec (Chromatik Capitalizt)
3. Aleski Lane - Royal Kingdom of Quebec (Depri Lanar Red Hawks)
4. Urbanzo Simon - Amazonesta (Myana Islanders)
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CoH Appearance: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
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Chromatik Football League Season 1

Postby Chromatika » Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:37 pm

Eight teams duke it out in the Chromatik Football League, which is in its infancy due to the lack of popularity of the sport in the nation. It's picking up fans as it goes, though...
  Chromatik Football League  Pld    W   L    PF   PA   PD 
1 Qet Lynx 14 10 4 217 149 +68
2 Chromatik City Cyan 14 9 5 272 217 +55
3 Brisara Juggernauts 14 9 5 174 161 +13
4 Depri Lanar Turtles 14 7 7 275 291 −16

5 Alnio Pirates 14 6 8 198 208 −10
6 Knetyohai Icebreakers 14 5 9 220 257 −37
7 Staramara Angels 14 5 9 207 240 −33
8 Depri Sanar Battalion 14 5 9 183 223 −40
Qet Lynx 50–23 Depri Lanar Turtles
Chromatik City Cyan 13–3 Brisara Juggernauts

Chromatik Bowl I
Qet Lynx 36–21 Chromatik City Cyan

Congratulations to Qet Lynx, Chromatik Bowl I Champions!
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CoH Appearance: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 4 Preview Part 1

Postby Chromatika » Thu May 05, 2016 8:05 pm

Sponsored by: Death Templars Law Firm
Season 4

The off-season was one of turbulence. Seven of the National Team starters left the League for greener pastures, while an astonishing number of players joined the league, looking to make a name for themselves in the budding league of Chromatika. The League even has a sponsor now - Death Templars Law Firm, for all your legal needs. How did each team fare? Now there's twelve teams now, to face off against each other three times, for a total of thirty-three fixtures. The bottom two will be automatically relegated, while the third-lowest team will face the third-highest finisher of the League Chromatiks 2. The schedule will be as follows:
Shield MD 1-8 |Round of 24 MD 9-12 Round of 16 MD 13-16 |Quarterfinals 1st Leg MD 17-20 Quarterfinals 2nd Leg MD 21-24 |Semifinals 1st Leg MD 25-28 Semifinals 2nd Leg MD 29-32 Cup Final MD 33

Alnio Union
Previous Finish: 8th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Octofinals
Stadium: RCK Field, Alnio (Cap. 100,400)
Formation/Style: 3-2-3-2, +4
Manager: Uriah Hynon (4th year, 3rd League 1)
Departures: CM Adam Marius -> Anfanhar Dragons, GK Erna Anahit -> Tihon Tide, CB Ulrike Dorthe -> Tor Teal, CM Bartolomew Frigyes -> Tihon Tide, RB Andreas Pavel -> Umbar Monkeys, Sascha Kristine -> Gurshan Sharks
Domestic Additions: CB Ruslan Sigurd <- Chromatik Capitalizt, CM Teodora Teija <- Chromatik Capitalizt, CM Ivar Ryokin <- Urrheddiao United
Foreign Additions: ImageGK Silas Young (ImageStrephonage), ImageRB Adino Elliot (ImageNorth Sabrefell), ImageRM Jurgen Eriksen (ImageAthletic Meskitáh)
Starting XI: ImageSilas Young, Silja Katalin, Ruslan Sigurd, ImageAdino Elliot, Marius Olivér, Teodora Teija, Ivar Ryokin, ImageJurgen Eriksen, Oldrich Jan, Ki Niro*, Priska Krimhilde
Analysis: Union look to fix their disappointing record with five moves in the Starting XI. Ki Niro is the playmaking speedster that everyone thought she would be, as she scored seventeen goals last season; the attack of Krimhilde, Niro, and Jan will hope that the new additions will allow Union to offer more resistance this season. The new midfield of Teija, Ryokin, and Eriksen will attempt to get the ball up to Niro as often as possible.

Previous Finish: 4th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Champions
Stadium: Anomaly Tower, Chromatik City (Cap. 110,320)
Formation/Style: 4-3-2-1, -1
Manager: Aleksandr Ivanovich (4th year, 4th League 1)
Departures: LB Otis Sorendai -> ImageCSD Catamarca, CM Rachel Hellion -> ImageFC Fairleigh-Sarburton, LW Gabriella Antonio -> ImageCoret Hawks
Domestic Additions: None.
Foreign Additions: ImageRB Emma Kelly (ImageKingsgrove), ImageCM Lilian Aensland (ImageKiller Brides of Lynder), ImageLW Sue Hackett (ImageCorvette Maulers)
Starting XI: Kirstin Neovak*, Jarer Minskai, Viktor Raoul, ImageDonald Baek, ImageEmma Kelly, Carrol Liam, Image Lilian Aensland, Laure Etienne, ImageSue Hackett, Teor Rwang, Biardo Ochini
Analysis: Lost three National Team caliber starters to overseas, which sucks for the squad. Instead of trying to fill them using domestic talent, however, Anomalies went overseas and grabbed three players instead. The youngster Lilian Aensland will be expected to do what Rachel used to do, while Hackett and Rwang will try to fill the scoring void left by Antonio. Anomalies did win the cup last year thanks to Hellion and Antonio, so seeing how the team will do without two of its superstars will be a learning experience for all. Neovak, one-time starter Raoul, and Baek provide a pretty good defense, and Minskai's transition from right to left back will have to be watched as well. Still a solid side worthy of consideration, but they've lost the edge.

Chromatik Capitalizt
Previous Finish: 5th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Quarterfinals
Stadium: Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City (Cap. 144,000)
Formation/Style: 4-4-2, +1
Manager: Michael St. Laurent (4th year, 4th League 1)
Departures: CB Ruslan Sigurd -> Alnio Union, CM Teodora Teija -> Alnio Union, RB Milena Angela -> Eyrods Jungle Cats, CM Vidar Bronislav -> Eyrods Jugle Cats, LW Hurik Marie -> Wirr Tsi Shock, LB Zlastica Ellen -> ImageCSD Ciclón del Golfo
Domestic Additions: LCB Frederic Colbert <- Urrheddiao United, LCB Avksentiy Hildebrand <- Myana Islanders, RB Aoife Ruth <- Myana Islanders, CM Sandra Sybill <- Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
Foreign Additions: ImageCM Luis Maradiga (ImageAtlético Nacional), ImageLW Zito Miguel (ImageUniao Mpulo)
Starting XI: Nika Justus, Avksentiy Hildebrand, Frederic Colbert, Jan Stanimir, Aoife Ruth, ImageFlorian San Asador*, Sandra Sybill, ImageLuis Maradiga, Alred Minke, ImageZito Miguel, ImageMikael Asgaardsson
Analysis: Meet a daunting starting eleven for the Capitalizt, who might actually win the league this year. They took Duo Dynamique, added a speedster in Miguel, got national teamer Frederic Colbert and Sandra Sybill, and added Hildebrand and Ruth from Myana. If this team jells, they can do everything - defend, score, and, above all, win. Nika Justus might be the hole in the team, and he'll have to step up big if Capitalizt want to break into the top four again, beat their rivals Anomalies, and maybe even contend for the title.

Depri Lanar Red Hawks
Previous Finish: 7th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Octofinals
Stadium: Hawks' Nest, Depri Lanar (Cap. 112,000)
Formation/Style: 4-1-2-3, -2
Manager: Benjamin Nyao (4th Year, 4th League 1)
Departures: LB Valeri Witek -> Urrheddiao United, ST Simo Stipan -> Gurshan Sharks, LM Przemyslaw Lauritz -> Shantarr Seals, RM Thoresten Gillis -> Umbar Monkeys, GK Halide Elise -> Wirr Tsi Shock, CM Ena Eleonora -> Felswyr Frost
Domestic Additions: LB Patricia Angall <- Felswyr Frost, ST Gianna Bullard <- Pur Riders
Foreign Additions: ImageGK El Azhar (ImageFurinkazan), ImageLM Sebastian Evans (ImageCrisisbless United), ImageCM Joan Docherty (ImageFrancisca Orient), ImageRuža Đurić (ImageTommy-Atkins)
Starting XI: ImageEl Azhar, Patricia Angall, Nedezhda Sebnem, Ebba Laila, Severin Ilya, ImageSebastian Evans, ImageJoan Docherty, ImageRuža Đurić, Wang Yang, Gianna Bullard, ImageAleski Laine*
Analysis: After a very disappointing season, Manager Nyao has decided to overturn his entire squad. Enter four foreigners and two new players, and the departure of a lot of the veterans. Severin Ilya will try to shore up the back end with the newcomers, and Aleski Laine will try to get this squad to greener shores with his captaincy. Bullard's ten-goal output from last season will be sorely needed. Manager Nyao is another beleaguered manager who will definitely need a good season to keep his job and Red Hawks' place in the League Chromatiks 1.

Depri Sanar Yellow Jackets
Previous Finish: 6th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Semifinals
Stadium: The Hive, Depri Sanar (Cap. 122,000)
Formation/Style: 3-4-2-1, 0
Manager: George Hasada (4th Year, 4th League 1)
Departures: RB Elva Nika -> Pur Riders, CM Regina Gerda -> Gurshan Sharks, CM Havel Thomas -> Lhor Orcas, LW Yoon Hyeon -> Brisara Dragoons, RW Jong Kyung -> Lorentine Lions
Domestic Additions: LW Martin Zinoviy <- Myana Islanders
Foreign Additions: ImageRB Jade Meyer(ImageRochford), ImageCM Kestrel Bolton (Image)Franscisca Orient, ImageCM Cosimo Poole (KRN - Belle-Isle-en-Mer), ImageRW Basila Villalobos (ImageReal Mezena)
Starting XI: Ljubica Sang, Heinrich Blazej, Lucjusz Stef*, ImageJade Meyer, Ninia Emilie, ImageKestrel Bolton, ImageCosimo Poole, Anri Fiete, Martin Zinoviy, Emil Roel, ImageBasila Villalobos
Analysis: Another team that needed some new blood, to build around Lucjusz Stef, and here they are with a plethora of new players. Sang had a heck of a season in goal, and so the defense stays mostly except for the addition of Meyer; the central midfield is replaced altogether by Bolton and Poole. Zinoviy will join new striker Villalobos to be the attack. Hasada is not as under pressure from the brass because of the Yellow Jackets' performance in the Cup competition, but the team is still looking to improve from a dismal finish.

Eyrods Jungle Cats
Previous Finish: 1st League Chromatks 2, Cup Quarterfinals
Stadium: The Jungle, Eyrods (Cap. 74,590)
Formation/Style: 3-5-2, +2.5
Manager: Hana Anai (4th Year, 2nd League Chromatiks 1)
Departures: RW My Antonia -> Anfanhar Dragons, GK Miroslava Amanda -> Brisara Dragoons, RB Gerrit Tatu -> Crossroads Crusaders, CM Rotislav Nikolaj -> Lhor Orcas, LB Demeter Sören -> Lorentine Lions
Domestic Additions: RB Milena Angela <- Chromatik Capitalizt, CM Vidar Bronislav <- Chromatik Capitalizt, RW Lorriane Deleon <- Anfanhar Dragons
Foreign Additions: ImageGK Lucas Lemann (ImageGalatica), ImageBushra Ghardir Antar (ImageStein-los Turkish)
Starting XI: ImageLucas Lemann, ImageBushra Ghardir Antar, Nikole Franci, Milena Angela, Isidor Juuso, Vidar Bronislav, Whitney Yao, Anna Eunika*, Christina Lucie, Stefan Metod, Lorriane Deleon
Analysis: Returning to the League Chrmatiks 1 is the Jungle Cats of Eyrods, trying to prove that they belong here. Letting go of their weak link of Amanda and Tatu, they replaced them with Angela from rising Capitalizt and foreigner Lemann. Lorriane Deleon was a League 2 supertstar with fifteen goals last season, and with Eunika's leadership and Yao's playmaking ability, they'll look to prove that they are a mainstay in the League Chromatiks 1.
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 4 Preview Part 2

Postby Chromatika » Sun May 08, 2016 5:55 pm


Myana Islanders
Previous Finish: Champions League Chromatiks 1, Cup Finals
Stadium: Island Dome, Myana (Cap. 133,000)
Formation/Style: 5-3-2, -3
Manager: Franscesca Larriet Cortes (4th Year, 4th League 1)
Departures: GK Nikolai Thorben -> ImageMatthew Senators, LM Daniel Lucas -> ImageCD Barrio El Niño, LB Avksentiy Hildebrand -> Chromatik Capitalizt, RB Aoife Ruth -> Chromatik Capitalizt, LW Martin Zinoviy -> Depri Sanar Yellow Jackets, CM Irati Berit -> Pur Riders
Domestic Additions: RB Nyata Atanov <- Z'ai'ai Mountaineers, CM Nevin Ingalls <- Urrheddiao United
Foreign Additions: ImageGK Rubio Frías (ImageCD FAS), ImageLB Miriam Portadown (ImageKingsgrove), ImageLM Eva Velasquez (MIK-AC Bartolome), ImageNigel Ebenazher (ImageStoneshore United)
Starting XI: ImageRubio Frías, ImageMiriam Portadown, Aysu Damjana, ImageUrbano Simon, Tora Bozena, Nyata Atanov, ImageEva Velasquez, Nevin Ingalls, Maksimillian Illarion, ImageNigel Ebenazher, Jazmin Dragana*
Analysis: So much change for the Islanders. Thorben leaving is a huge blow, but it's Lucas's leadership leaving the team that might be even more of a problem. With those two leaving, Hildebrand and Ruth left for Capitalizt, leaving the backfield mostly empty. In steps Frías from San Jose Guayabal to fill Thorben's shoes, and Miriam Portadown to try to help the defense. Nyata Atanov does come from a score-first system in Z'ai'ai, but she'll try to fit in; Nigel Ebanazher and Eva Velasquez makes this roster one that has six different nationalities. This will be Franscesca Cortes's biggest challenge if Myana is to hope to maintain its title for a fourth straight season.

Pria Pride
Previous Finish: 2nd League Chromatiks 2, Cup Octofinals
Stadium: The Pack, Pria (Cap. 67,290)
Formation/Style: 3-4-3, +1
Manager: Jeremiah Waters (4th Year, 1st League 1)
Departures: LW Alexandria Chesser -> Felswyr Frost, RW Jackeline Hawk -> Rhoni Giants, CM Kelsi Dickerson -> Shantarr Seals, LM Jeffery Bland -> Brisara Dragoons, CM Cari Laporte -> Brisara Dragoons, CB Carline Gates -> Crossroads Crusaders
Domestic Additions: LW Tyler Rockett <- Urrheddiao United, RW Antonio Teixeira <- Umbar Monkeys
Foreign Additions: ImageMatilda Cannon (ImageSaint Alexander), ImageDuro Zoric (ImageEvolucion Arija), ImageTeodor Nygård(ImagePeynol-Lunas), ImageEmeraude Tanner (ImageCapital Academy)
Starting XI: Denita Southard*, Elvie Musser, ImageMatilda Cannon, Galina Hulsey, ImageDuro Zuric, ImageTeodor Nygård, ImageEmeraude Tanner, Kira Neil, Tyler Rockett, Julius Apostolis, Antonio Teixeira
Analysis: Welcome to the first division, Pria! Led by charismatic goalkeeper Denita Southard, Pria went and grabbed four foreigners, three of which will share the midfield. Look for Teixeira to make an impact out of Umbar, Rockett to score his share, and the foreign midfielders to try to jell with Neil. Pride would be happy with staying in the League Chromatiks 1, but they sure are here to play.

Pur Riders
Previous Finish: 4th League Chromatiks 2, Cup Octofinals
Stadium: Riders' Arena, Pùr (Cap. 35,210)
Formation/Style: 3-3-4, +3
Manager: Silian Parker (4th Year, 1st League Chromatiks 1)
Departures: ST Gianna Bullard -> Depri Lanar Red Hawks, CM Malorie Tribble -> Felswyr Frost, RB Twanna Wooten -> Gurshan Sharks, LM Beata Eva -> Rhoni Giants, LCM Nakesha South -> Shantarr Seals, RM Mariella Colson -> Tor Teal
Domestic Additions: RB Elva Nika <- Depri Sanar Yellow Jackets, CM Irati Berit <- Myana Islanders
Foreign Additions: ImageCB Ryan Prescott (ImageSabrefell Athletic), ImageST Carrie Mason (ImageMartella Jazz), ImageLM Kimberly Pine (ImageCentre for Excellence), ImageRM Sunshine Rayne (ImageCentre for Excellence)
Starting XI: Marla Vela, Harriette Meadows, ImageRyan Prescott, Elva Nika, ImageKimberly Pine, Irati Berit, ImageSunshine Rayne, Renea Tuggle, Richie Lister, ImageCarrie Mason, Garret Ty*
Analysis: The Riders barely qualified into the League Chromatiks 1, and despite their four foreign additions to the roster, this team will be hard pressed to stay up in the League Chromatiks 1. Still, foreign talent is hard to judge, and they did score the most goals in the League Chromatiks 2 last season, so perhaps they stand a chance; not replacing GK Marla Vela might come back to bite them, however, as she conceded fifty-nine goals last year, having the goal difference drop to zero.

Urrheddiao United
Previous Finish: 3rd League Chromatiks 1, Cup Semifinals
Stadium: United Center, Urrheddiao (Cap. 120,000)
Formation/Style: 3-3-4, +3
Manager: Lina Amos (4th Year, 3rd League 1)
Departures: RB Erika Morningstar -> ImageCD Barrio El Niño, CM Ivar Ryokin -> Alnio Union, LCB Frederic Colbert -> Chromatik Capitalizt, CM Nevin Ingalls -> Myana Islanders, LW Tyler Rockett -> Pria Pride, LM Santon Nialls -> RETIRED
Domestic Additions: LB Valeri Witek <- Depri Lanar Red Hawks
Foreign Additions: ImageCB Soren Pedersen (ImageWrexton F.C.), ImageLM Rowan Varghese (ImagePelethas United), ImageCM Jay Irikor (Image 1860 Azoth), ImageLW Tobias Clarke (ImageFirewood City), ImageST Nadya Dostoevich (Free Agent)
Starting XI: Jillian Nier*, Valeri Witek, ImageSoren Pedersen, Olivia An, ImageJay Irikor, ImageRowan Varghese, Anton Vells, ImageTobias Clarke, ImageNadya Dostoevich, Siri Rebekka, Vladimir Janos
Analysis: Lina Amos decided to change up her entire scheme for the upcoming season, changing to more of an offensive stance. Morningstar's departure is bad for the team, but with Pedersen coming in and the offense looking formidable now with the addition of Tobias Clarke and the vampire Nadya Dostoevich, Rebekka, Janos, and co. should be more than capable of scoring enough goals to stay in games. Jilian Nier is the forerunner for the Golden Glove now that Thorben is gone to Matthew Senators. This new-look United team looks absolutely crushing, and should be a strong contender yet again.

Wirr Tsi Shock
Previous Finish: 3rd League Chromatiks 2, Cup Octofinals
Stadium: The Shock, Wirr Tsi (Cap. 51,350)
Formation/Style: 3-5-2, +1.5
Manager: Ezekiel Luther (4th Year, 1st League 1)
Departures: CM Elver Delvalle -> Anfanhar Dragons, GK Shrlyn Joy -> Lhor Orcas, CB Verlene Eang -> Lorentine Lions, ST Leann Lemus -> Gurshan Orcas, RM Rena Donner -> Shantarr Seals, LW Esteban Donnell -> Shantarr Seals
Domestic Additions: GK Halide Elise <- Depri Lanar Red Hawks, LW Hurik Marie <- Chromatik Capitalizt
Foreign Additions: ImageCB James Doncaster (ImageStarling), ImageCM Ramona Flowers (ImageCentre for Excellence, ImageRM Jeffery Van Morsel (Free Agent), ImageST Scott Pilgrim (ImageCentre for Excellence)
Starting XI:Halide Elise, Moshe Sommers, ImageJames Doncaster, Thomasine Benjamin, Linnea Furman, Bree Burnette, Dante Barham, ImageRamona Flowers, ImageJeffery Van Morsel, Hurik Marie, ImageScott Pilgrim, Janean Vanburen*
Analysis: Wirr Tsi is perhaps the most intersting side to make it to League Chromatks 1 this season. After grabbing the likes of Hurik Marie and the once great Halide Elise, they also got Van Morsel, Pilgrim, Flowers, and Doncaster. Janean Vanburen scored a lot of goals last season (sixteen). Wirr Tsi is known for its rabid fans, the Shockers, who will be out in force every single match. They, along with the rest of the promoted teams, will be trying to have a mid-table finish and away from the relegation zone.

Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
Previous Finish: 2nd League Chromatiks 1, Cup Quarterfinals
Stadium: Z'ai'ai Field, Z'ai'ai (Cap. 113,000)
Formation/Style: 4-3-3, +3
Manager: Jyrom Mikita (4th Year, 4th League 1)
Departures: RW Trenn Rien -> ImageAtlético Nacional, CM Sandra Sybill -> Chromatik Capitalizt, RB Nyata Atanov -> Myana Islanders
Domestic Additions: None.
Foreign Additions: ImageRB Rachel Kellen (ImageViolence Chariots), ImageCM Jorge Estevez (ImageRapid Hearthlands), ImageST Federica Pesciano (ImageMuirford Athletic)
Starting XI: ImageSamuel Rose-Hannaford, Isidora Lowe, Yasim Morovich, Wildred Woresten, ImageRachel Kellen, Pietr Han, ImageJorge Estevez, Alyss Montague*, ImageDeianeira Agastamopoulos, ImageFederica Pesciano, Nioli Quren
Analysis: Z'ai'ai with more weapons? Yep. Enter Estevez and Pesciano, the pair from Osarius, to the already potent lineup of Quren and Agastamopoulous, who's been getting all kind of assists from Montague and Han. The Mountaineers will continue to score heaps of goals, and look to Rose-Hannaford to have a better season than he did last season. The title is within their reach midst the turmoil. Will they get it, though?
Predicted Order of Finish:
1. ImageChromatik
2. ImageUrrheddiao
3. ImageMyana
4. ImageZ'ai'ai
5. ImageAnomalies
6. ImageDeprí Lanar
7. ImageWirr Tsi
8. ImagePùr
9. ImageEyrods
10. ImageDeprí Sanar
11. ImagePria
12. ImageAlnio
The chaos caused by so many leaving and so many entering should favor the teams whose cores have stayed and remained; Chromatik's Duo Dynamique, now joined by so many other capable players, should be able to take the title, with Urrheddiao's Nier and new offense nipping at their heels. The Islanders should salvage a Globe Cup spot, while Anomalies and Mountaineers should be fighting for the last Globe Cup spot. The Red Hawks are on the rise, while the Yellow Jackets are bound to keep sliding; the Shock should make a statement with a solid mid-table finish, while Pùr and Eyrods will be sticking around the middle as well. Sanar will keep on falling, and Alnio - poor Alnio - will most likely finish last. However, as there are so many new players, this could all be wrong - who knows?
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League Chromatiks Season 4 Rest Preview

Postby Chromatika » Sun May 08, 2016 8:13 pm

Sponsored by: Black Raven Technologies

Due to the influx of foreign talent to the League Chromatiks 1, League Chromatiks 2 got a lot of the ones that were replaced by foreigners. Also, the addition of eight new teams provides the excitement of football to more fans across more towns. The four that played last year are clear favorites, but there will definitely be jockeying for position as teams fight for the two automatic promotion berths and the promotion-relegation playoff berth. Of course, all of those three teams will also qualify for the SBCC. Should provide some exciting games. Many thanks to Black Raven Technologies for sponsoring the League Chromatiks 2.
Predicted Order of Finish:
1. Felswyr
2. Anfanhar
3. Umbar
4. Crossroads
5. Brisara
6. Lorentine
7. Shantarr
8. Tihon
9. Tor
10. Rhoni
11. Lhor
12. Gurshan
Mostly a random guess, as the relative strengths of the new teams are almost impossible to guess. I don't think Tihon will finish near the top, though, the mess that they are. Anfanhar, Felswyr, and Umbar shouldn't have any problems finishing in the top three and duking it out between themselves.
Chromatik Cup IV

With 24 teams total now, the eight teams that were in the League Chromatiks 1 last year will get a bye into the Round of 16, while the eight teams of the League Chromatiks 2 will host one of the new teams in the Round of 24. The teams were randomized into their draws, as the eight new teams can't be ranked.

Round of 24 Draw
Gurshan @ Eyrods
Tor @ Pria
Shantarr @ Wirr Tsi
Crossroads @ Pùr
Rhoni @ Felswyr
Lorentine @ Umbar
Brisara @ Anfanhar
Lhor @ Tihon

The winners will face the eight teams of the League Chromatiks 1, always done in such a way that the teams that finished top of the standings get to play the lowest seeded of the remaining teams. If one of the new teams manage to win their Round of 24 tie, they will all be considered unranked, and the draw will be randomized again regarding those teams and the teams that finished at the top of the table last season.
The Chromatik Shield

Last, but not least, the CFF is proud to present the first installment of The Chromatik Shield this season. The team that won the League Chromatiks 1 will face the team that won the Chromatik Cup last season with the Chromatik Shield on the line. This will be held every season to commemorate the start of the football season. If a team were to pull the double, that is, win both the League and the Chromatik Cup, then the shield will be contested between the League Champion and the Cup Finalist, instead.

This season, the match will feature Myana and Anomalies, a rematch of the Cup Final from last season. It should be a great match!
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 4 Part 1: Chromatik Shield - MD 8

Postby Chromatika » Tue May 17, 2016 9:41 pm

Sponsored by: Death Templars Law Firm
Season 4, Part 1

There was a lot of excitement in the air after the off-season, and it was finally time for the season to commence.
Chromatik Shield I
@ Island Dome, Myana (Cap. 133,000) as Title-holders
Myana 1–1 Anomalies (2–2 AET) (3–0 pen.)
18' Dragana, 26' Hackett, 102' Aensland, 118' Ebenazher;
Ebanazher O, Dragana O, Velasquez O| Rwang X, Aensland X, Etienne X

The first edition of the newly-instated Chromatik Shield is a doozy, Islanders and Anomalies coming to play at the Island Dome. Jazmin Dragana started the action with a neat left-footed volley in the eighteenth minute, which was answered by Nepharim Hackett's first goal in the Chromatik leagues. After a dull second half, Aensland scored off of a free kick in overtime. It looked like an Anomalies win until Cosumarite signing Ebenazher headed the ball in to send the game into penalty kicks. It was there that Guayabalanese Frías shone, blocking all three shots from the Anomalies to give Myana yet another accolade in their dominant early history of Chromatik football.
Matchday 1
Deprí Sanar 3–1 Wirr Tsi
Anomalies 5–0 Alnio
Myana 0–1 Deprí Lanar
Chromatik 1–1 Urrheddiao
Z'ai'ai 4–0 Eyrods
Pria 0–0 Pùr

Welcome to Chromatik football, Silas Young. The Nepharim keeper was absolutely blasted in the first matchday, as the Anomalies put five past him. Hackett and Rwang both scored a brace, and Aensland added one as well. Another team that had a lot of goals scored was the Mountaineers, welcoming the Jungle Cats back to the League Chromatiks 1 with four goals. Montague, Agastamopoulos, Pesciano, and Quren all scored within forty minutes to put the game away. The Riders and the Pride play to a tie in their first game at the Riders' Dome. In the Capitalizt Dome, United salvage a draw against preseason favorites, Dostoevich getting a nice ball from Varghese to answer Duo Dynamique's goal in the first half. Yellow Jackets trounce Shock at home, Roel, Villalobos, and Zinoviy all scoring, with Bolton and Poole assisting. This showed that the Yellow Jacekts' signings might be worth more than initially expected. The big upset of the first day came in the Islander Dome, where an Islander team still high off of the Shield win was shocked by the Red Hawks, Aleski Laine's shot off of Docherty's cross being the difference.

Matchday 2
Wirr Tsi 2–2 Pùr
Eyrods 1–2 Pria
Urrheddiao 2–0 Z'ai'ai
Deprí Lanar 2–3 Chromatik
Alnio 0–7 Myana
Deprí Sanar 0–2 Anomalies

Myana get fully back in form against the Union, getting seven past Young, who is having a horrific first two games. Ebenazher and Velasquez get a brace apiece, while Dragana, Illarion, and Ingalls also score. The game was five-nil at halftime. Anomalies carry on their hot start with a win against the Yellow Jackets, Liam scoring on a free kick and Etienne contributing as well. Duo Dynamique survive against Deprí Lanar at the Hawks' Nest, new Banguela Import Zito Miguel scoring the deciding goal after Joan Doherty had tied the game at the midpoint of the second half.The Shock and the Riders battle to a tie at The Shock thanks to a questionable call against Ryan Prescott that let Hurik Marie have a penalty kick in injury time. The Pride escape The Jungle with a win, Emeraude Tanner finding Tyler Rockett for the deciding score at the eighty-fourth. In the blockbuster match of the day, Nier shuts out the Mountaineers, Tobias Clarke scores his first goal as a United member, and United make a statement about their early form.

Matchday 3
Anomalies 2–0 Wirr Tsi
Myana 1–0 Deprí Sanar
Chromatik 4–1 Alnio
Z'ai'ai 1–0 Deprí Lanar
Pria 4–6 Urrheddiao
Pùr 0–1 Eyrods

The floodgates opened in Pria, where the Pride came swinging and put four past Nier, but Clarke and Dostoevich had a hat trick apiece to take home the win for United. There was definitely a blueprint laid for how to get into Jillian Nier's head, however. Anomalies continue their early tear, making it three games now that Neovak hasn't conceded a goal. Myana eke past the Yellow Jackets due to Ebenazher's strike in the seventy-fourth, while the Mountaineers bounce back by taking out the Red Hawks, Pesciano proving to be the difference. Alnio's early struggles continue as they concede four more to Capitalizt, making it sixteen conceded in three matches to start off the year. Eyrods gets their first win at Riders' Arena, Deleon scoring her first goal as a Jungle Cat.

Matchday 4
Wirr Tsi 1–1 Eyrods
Urrheddiao 6–2 Pùr
Deprí Lanar 1–0 Pria
Alnio 0–3 Z'ai'ai
Deprí Sanar 1–3 Chromatik
Anomalies 1–0 Myana

United become the first team in Chromatik history to score six goals in back to back games, thoroughly dominating the Riders at home. Jay Irikor had a brace and three assists in the game, as Pùr's early onslaught is countered and simply overcome, which is a shame for Carrie Mason, who had a fabulous performance in the loss. Anomalies continue on their early tear as the scoreless streak hits four games. "Hackett assisted by Aensland" is becoming a popular phrase in Chromatik City. 'Tis a shame for Frías, who has only conceded two goals to have those be responsible for the losses for the Islanders. Alnio gets trounced for the fourth game in a row as they finish their murderous first four games. They will have to face the same four teams in sequence two more times in the season to come. Red Hawks nab a difficult win at home, Đurić's set piece goal being the difference in a tense affair, while the Shock and the Cats play to another draw. Capitalizt continue on their hot start as well, dispatching the Yellow Jackets at The Hive.

Matchday 5
Myana 0–1 Wirr Tsi
Chromatik 1–1 Anomalies
Z'ai'ai 0–1 Deprí Sanar
Pria 0–2 Alnio
Pùr 0–2 Deprí Lanar
Eyrods 5–0 Urrheddiao

Welcome to the day of upsets. Exhibit One: The Shock putting Myana away at the Islander Dome, Scott Pilgrim being the hero with a neat strike in the sixty-eighth. Exhibit Two: Alnio bouncing back to form with a road win against the Pride, as if they knew that if they didn't pick it up soon, Ki Niro might leave. Anomalies finally give up a goal, and in the Chromatik Derby of all matches. San Asador was assisted by Maradiga for the goal that tied it up after Hackett scored her fifth of the young season. Exhibit Three: Yellow Jackets winning against Z'ai'ai at Z'ai'ai. Villalobos neatly tapped the ball past Rose-Hannaford. Red Hawks beat Pùr; Exhibit Four of the day of upsets: Jungle Cats dismantling Nier at The Jungle. The five goals past Nier doesn't happen very often, and especially not against such a side. It was a team-wise effort with many scorers, and a fantastic win for Eyrods.

Matchday 6
Wirr Tsi 2–0 Urrheddiao
Deprí Lanar 1–2 Eyrods
Alnio 1–0 Pùr
Deprí Sanar 3–0 Pria
Anomalies 1–1 Z'ai'ai
Myana 0–0 Chromatik

Alnio continues winning against the weaker teams, Niro scoring the game-winner against the Riders. Eyrods picks up another road win, this time against the Red Hawks; Yellow Jackets put away Pria at home with Poole playing a huge part. Myana manages to get back in form to tie against the Capitalizt, while Anomalies play to another draw, this time against the Mountaineers, who had Pesciano come up huge for them with a late goal. United lose for the second time in a row, van Morsel having both an assist and a goal for the Shock.

Matchday 7
Chromatik 3–1 Wirr Tsi
Z'ai'ai 0–1 Myana
Pria 1–1 Anomalies
Pùr 0–1 Deprí Sanar
Eyrods 1–1 Alnio
Urrheddiao 3–0 Deprí Lanar

United return to form, winning comfortably at home against the Red Hawks, Clarke and Dostoevich both totaling seven goals in seven games now. The Yellow Jackets' Emil Roel strikes again, defeating the Riders on the road to give them a winning record. Eyrods and Alnio battle to a draw in a match that was a lot more exciting than the scoreline suggests, as Union is absolutely playing better than they did in the first four games of the season. The Pride gave Anomalies all they could handle, tying the game after twenty minutes and having way more shots on goal. Neovak carried the game for the Anomalies, however, and they salvaged their third straight draw. Teixeira proved why he was called up to the first division in the match. Capitalizt dampen Shock's early form with Duo Dynamique accounting for all three scores; in the high-profile match of the day, the Frías completely shuts out Z'ai'ai, and Dragan's solo shot in the eighty-eighth gives Myana the win.

Matchday 8
Wirr Tsi 2–1 Deprí Lanar
Alnio 3–1 Urrheddiao
Deprí Sanar 1–1 Eyrods
Anomalies 0–0 Pùr
Myana 1–0 Pria
Chromatik 1–4 Z'ai'ai

Suddenly, Anomalies are struggling to finish games; four straight draws is better than three straight losses, but this has to be troubling for a side that started off with four straight wins. It was Marla Vela playing the hero for the Riders. In The Hive, Deprí Sanar salvage a point with Emil Roel scoring on a header after The Jungle Cats had gotten ahead from Deleon's goal. Frías continues his hot hand in putting away the Pride, Dragana scoring another game-winner in the process; Mountaineers bounce back from their loss to Myana by beating up on the Capitalizt, Pesciano scoring his fifth goal of the season to match Miguel's goal. Shock get their third win of the season over the Red Hawks with Pilgrim scoring the brace. Shock of the day? Alnio defeating Urrheddiao, Niro scoring the hat trick, and Nier now conceding seventeen goals in eight matches, something that people wouldn't have thought about ever happening.
Standings after Eight Games:
   League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 ImageAnomalies 8 4 4 0 13 3 +10 16
2 ImageChromatik 8 4 3 1 16 11 +5 15
3 ImageMyana 8 4 1 3 10 3 +7 13
4 ImageZ'ai'ai 8 4 1 3 13 6 +7 13
5 ImageUrrheddiao 8 4 1 3 19 17 +2 13
6 ImageDeprí Sanar 8 4 1 3 10 8 +2 13
7 ImageEyrods 8 3 3 2 12 10 +2 12
8 ImageWirr Tsi 8 3 2 3 10 12 −2 11
9 ImageAlnio 8 3 1 4 8 21 −13 10
10 ImageDeprí Lanar 8 3 0 5 8 11 −3 9
11 ImagePria 8 1 2 5 7 15 −8 5
12 ImagePùr 8 0 3 5 4 13 −9 3
Leading the pack are the two Capitol clubs, Anomalies ahead by virtue of having one more draw instead of a loss; Myana and Z'ai'ai are hot on their heels. United sit at fifth by virtue of having given up so many goals, as teams have seemed to have figured out Nier for the time being. Alnio are hanging in there after giving up nineteen goals in four matches; their goal difference still then has been +6 since then. Of note are the reversed fortunes of Lanar and Sanar, as Lanar was expected to do better, as well as Pria and Pùr struggling. The Riders haven't managed to win a game yet. It will be interesting to see if the top of the table continues to be so congested.
Sponsored by: Black Raven Technologies

League Chromatiks 2 Standings after Eight Games:
   League Chromatiks 2   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Felswyr 8 7 0 1 8 2 +6 21
2 Umbar 8 6 1 1 18 8 +10 19
3 Tihon 8 5 1 2 6 2 +4 16
4 Lhor 8 4 0 4 6 5 +1 12
5 Gurshan 8 3 2 3 16 22 −6 11
6 Crossroads 8 3 1 4 6 6 0 10
7 Brisara 8 3 1 4 13 14 −1 10
8 Rhoni 8 3 1 4 9 13 −4 10
9 Lorentine 8 2 3 3 16 19 −3 9
10 Anfanhar 8 2 2 4 17 12 +5 8
11 Tor 8 2 2 4 10 15 −5 8
12 Shantarr 8 1 0 7 4 11 −7 3
Look! It's Tihon winning... Finally. All of the non-expansion teams are doing well except for Anfanhar, but the story must be that the Tide are finally winning. Frost and Monkeys are a step above the rest, but Tihon's Anahit has only conceded two, so they have a fighting chance, it seems.
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 4 Part 2: R024 - MD 16

Postby Chromatika » Mon May 23, 2016 6:48 pm

Round of 24
Eyrods 2–4 Gurshan
Pria 0–0 Tor (0–1 AET)
Wirr Tsi 2–0 Shantarr
Pùr 3–2 Crossroads
Felswyr 0–1 Rhoni
Umbar 3–1 Lorentine
Anfanhar 0–1 Brisara
Tihon 0–0 Lhor (0–0 AET) (4–2 pen.)

And the action starts in the fourth Chromatik Cup, with some exciting games. Osarian Lucinde Cardenas has been carrying Gurshan, and he had a hat trick in their win against the Jungle cats; Tor puts away Pria in another upset. The Shock and the Riders take care of business - Carrie Mason taking care of the game winner at the end. The Tide advance to the Round of 16 on a gutsy performance by Anahit on penalty kicks. With Gurshan, Tor, Rhoni, and Brisara winning, the four will play a member of the Top 4 randomly. The ties for the Round of 16 are as follows, after a random draw:

Round of 16 Draw
Myana vs. Rhoni
Z'ai'ai vs. Tor
Urrheddiao vs. Gurshan
Anomalies vs. Brisara
Chromatik vs. Tihon
Deprí Sanar vs. Umbar
Deprí Lanar vs. Pùr
Alnio vs. Wirr Tsi

Sponsored by: Death Templars Law Firm
Season 4, Part 2

Things are very close - as expected - after eight games. What is wrong with Jillian Nier, and can she turn things around? Will Alnio be able to make a run? Which Capitol club will take the lead? Let's continue on with the season...

Matchday 9
Z'ai'ai 0–0 Wirr Tsi
Pria 1–0 Chromatik
Pùr 1–1 Myana
Eyrods 0–1 Anomalies
Urrheddiao 1–2 Deprí Sanar
Deprí Lanar 1–3 Alnio

Silas Young has picked up his game after the four-game start; With Niro coming on form, the Union have started to win. Interestingly, all three goals were assisted by defensive backs. Z'ai'ai cannot get its offense going against Elise, which results in a 0-0 draw. Teor Rwang saves Anomalies from a draw against the Cats with a late goal, while the Pride, of all teams, take down Capitalizt. Nygård had a gorgeous volley that dipped just below Justsus's hand. Riders still don't have a win, but show some fight with Richie Lister scoring off of an assist from Ryan Prescott right when Frías had almost been considered the man of the match - having stopped all sixteen shots on goal to that point. Yellow Jackets continue their surprising run of form, sneaking to second place on the table due to putting two past Nier. Pederson and Dostoevich had combined to give a nice ball to Clarke to tie the game after Poole had put the Yellow Jackets in the lead, but Jade Meyer scored off of a header on a corner kick to give the Sanar side the win and some momentum.

Matchday 10
Wirr Tsi 0–1 Alnio
Deprí Sanar 2–0 Deprí Lanar
Anomalies 0–0 Urrheddiao
Myana 4–4 Eyrods
Chromatik 3–1 Pùr
Z'ai'ai 3–0 Pria

It's not a fluke, people. The Yellow Jackets are here, and they're here to stay. Roel's brace defeats their rivals Lanar to prove that they are the better team. Anomalies tie with United in a game dominated by the goalkeepers. Mountaineers bounce back, taking care of the Pride at home- Quren, Pesciano, Agastamopoulos scoring. Duo Dynamique help Capitalizt score three in the second half; Alnio get another solid performance from Silas Young and another game winner from Niro. Surprise of the day is Frías giving up four goals to the Jungle Cats; thankfully, they scored four goals themselves to salvage the tie.

Matchday 11
Pria 1–2 Wirr Tsi
Pùr 3–1 Z'ai'ai
Eyrods 2–2 Chromatik
Urrheddiao 0–1 Myana
Deprí Lanar 1–0 Anomalies
Alnio 4–1 Deprí Sanar

Riders claim their first win of the season over Z'ai'ai. It looked like a routine win from Z'ai'ai after Pesciano scored in the first five minutes, but Mason, Lister, and Tuggle scored in the second half to give Pùr their dramatic win at home. Since Thorben has left, the Mentor-Student derby is over, but Frías beat Nier again as Myana reassert their dominance over Urrheddiao. Alnio continue their turnaround, destroying Sanar's top-table form, and this time, Niro didn't even score - which is crazy. Red Hawks have had a bad season so far, but get a solid turnout from Daineri Azhar, and Bullard scores the game winner. Duo Dynamique salvage a tie against Eyrods while Shock rely on a late score by Pilgrim to skate by Pria.

Matchday 12
Wirr Tsi 0–2 Deprí Sanar
Alnio 0–0 Anomalies
Deprí Lanar 0–1 Myana
Urrheddiao 2–4 Chromatik
Eyrods 1–1 Z'ai'ai
Pùr 1–1 Pria

What's happened to Silas Young? After conceding nineteen goals in the first four games of the season, the Nepharim keeper has only conceded four in the next eight, and Alnio - yes, perennial laughingstock Alnio - are actually respectable with a 6-2-4 record. His latest feat? Keeping the dangerous Anomalies forwards from crossing the net, although fellow countryman Hackett had the best chances. A tie against the Jungle Cats actually puts the Mountaineers behind the Union, something that nobody every thought they'd ever say. The Yellow Jackets return back to form with a domination of the Shock that wasn't as close as it seemed. The team still lacks a consistent scoring threat beside Emil Roel, but Roel is doing a great job leading the team, and they are playing solid defense. Frías with another clean sheet away at the Hawks' Nest, Dragana proving to be the dramatic goal provider that she was last season. Pùr and Pria play to a boring draw among the bottom feeders, though Red Hawks are only three points clear of Pria. The bottom three teams have only scored ten goals this far, which has direct correlation to their form. Duo Dynamique add to the woes of Urrheddiao, who suddenly find themselves in eighth place. San Asador had three assists on the four goals, and scored the fourth himself. The game leaves Nier as the worst of the goalkeepers, something that has never happened in her young career. Something needs to change in her mentality, or the team will fall haplessly short of their preseason expectations.
Round of 16
Myana 1–0 Rhoni
Z'ai'ai 3–1 Tor
Urrheddiao 5–1 Gurshan
Anomalies 3–1 Brisara
Chromatik 1–1 Tihon (2–1 AET)
Deprí Sanar 1–0 Umbar
Deprí Lanar 0–2 Pùr
Alnio 1–6 Wirr Tsi

Sorry, SIlas Young. A barrage of goals from the Shock displace the Union keeper terribly, with Pilgrim, van Morsel, and Flowers scoring braces apiece; Red Hawks continue their slump by giving up two against the Riders, meaning that the Riders, who are dead last in the First Division, will actually participate in the Quarterfinals. Sanar need a late goal from Roel to put away the Monkeys, Hacket with a hat trick against Brisara; Dostoevich and Clarke take down the Sharks. Dragana is the difference for the Islanders, Pesciano shines for the Mountaineers, and Chromatik need San Asador's free kick in overtime to push past a pesky Tide.

Quarterfinals Draw (Two-Legged)
Random, held @ Chromatik City
Z'ai'ai vs. Urrheddiao
Anomalies vs. Wirr Tsi
Myana vs. Pùr
Chromatik vs. Deprí Sanar

The Mountaineers and the United will meet in the Quarterfinals for the second season in a row. United won last time, and Mountaineers will be looking for revenge. The Islanders will take on the surprising Riders, while Anomalies will try to make it to the Semifinals again against the Shock. Chromatik will have a hard time containing the upstart Yellow Jackets. Of note is that all of the Big Five are still in the competition, and the semifinals may be comprised of all Big Five members.

Matchday 13
Pùr 1–0 Wirr Tsi
Pria 1–5 Eyrods
Z'ai'ai 1–1 Urrheddiao
Chromatik 1–0 Deprí Lanar
Myana 3–1 Alnio
Anomalies 0–1 Deprí Sanar

The Yellow Jackets are not only playing with fire, they're dominating it. Cosimo Poole's free kick was the difference in a match that showed just how far Ljubica Sang has come. The Riders get their second win of the season, a reeling Shock their victims, with Mason scoring the decider early on, and the defense holding on. Zito Miguel was the decider for Capitalizt that put away a Red Hawk team that was trying to make a statement. They did, but the result was still the all too familiar loss. Cats get five goals from five different players on a walkover of Pria, while Mountaineers and United play to a tie in a precursor of the Quarterfinal series to come. The Islanders remind Alnio who is boss as the midway point of the murderous stretch for the Union, Dragana leading the way.

Matchday 14
Wirr Tsi 0–6 Anomalies
Deprí Sanar 0–1 Myana
Alnio 3–1 Chromatik
Deprí Lanar 1–1 Z'ai'ai
Urrheddiao 7–0 Pria
Eyrods 8–1 Pùr

Holy scoring! Anomalies, Urrheddiao, and Eyrods combines to score twenty-one goals between them. First, it was the Clarke-Dostoevich show for United against the Pride, but the real MVP was Jay Irikor, who had six assists and a goal. Eyrods scored one more goal than United, four players scoring braces, while Anomalies showed all of Shock's flaws in a destruction at The Shock. In the closer games, Frías stopped the red hot Yellow Jackets for another 1-0 win for the Islanders with Dragana playing the role of the hero once again. Red Hawks play Mountaineers tough to a 1-1 draw, while Alnio continue their return to form with a drubbing of Capitalizt, Niro scoring a brace to put his total for the season at thirteen.

Matchday 15
Eyrods 1–1 Wirr Tsi
Pùr 0–1 Urrheddiao
Pria 1–0 Deprí Lanar
Z'ai'ai 1–0 Alnio
Chromatik 1–1 Deprí Sanar
Myana 0–1 Anomalies

How good are the Yellow Jackets? Good enough to battle to a tie at the Capitalizt Dome, Roel matching Asgaardsson late, keeping both teams tied at twenty-six points apiece. Frías almost had Anomalies' number, but Laure Etienne - who's reportedly been scouted by modeling agencies - got one past the Guayabalenese. Samuel Rose-Hannaford outdueled Silas Young at Z'ai'ai, both keepers stopping some ridiculous shots until Agastamopoulos got past Young in injury time. Nadya Dostoevich's calm goal past Vela allowed United to get past the reeling Riders who threw away a great game by Vela due to their offense being nonexistent. Eyrods' attack is stymied by Elise, as they can only manage a tie, while the Red Hawks keep falling in close games due to a nonexistent offense.

Matchday 16
Wirr Tsi 1–0 Myana
Anomalies 2–1 Chromatik
Deprí Sanar 1–1 Z'ai'ai
Alnio 2–1 Pria
Deprí Lanar 0–0 Pùr
Urrheddiao 1–0 Eyrods

The Capitol Derby highlights the day's matches. San Asador opens the scoring, just to be answered by Hackett ten minutes later; Rwang wins the game on a penalty after he is tackled in the box by Hildebrand. Deprí Lanar and Pùr play to a boring draw that shows just how much each team has been struggling on offense, while the Yellow Jackets continued to play tough, not flinching after Pesciano scored an early goal. This time, it's the Brenecian midfielder Kestrel Bolton bringing the clinching goal for the Yellow Jackets as they remain in the top four. Frías tries to carry the Islanders again, but he learns what Thorben had to deal with all of last season - sometimes, it's hard to buy goals in Myana, especially when Scott Pilgrim has an insane shot like he did. United dispatch Eyrods as Nier is slowly returning to form, Dostoevich matching teammate Clarke's goal total with thirteen apiece now in the now dangerous attacking duo. The Union now have it all, it seems - a keeper that's been on form, a dangerous striker in Niro, and some possession-minded midfielders. Tyler Rockett's goal gave the Pride their early lead, but Niro's league-leading fourteenth goal of the season and Oldirch Jan's gorgeous corner gives Alnio the win and a surprising place in the table.
Standings after Sixteen Games:
  League Chromatiks 1      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 ImageAnomalies 16 8 6 2 23 6 +17 30
2 ImageMyana 16 8 3 5 21 11 +10 27
3 ImageDeprí Sanar 16 8 3 5 20 16 +4 27
4 ImageChromatik 16 7 5 4 29 23 +6 26
5 ImageAlnio 16 8 2 6 22 29 −7 26
6 ImageZ'ai'ai 16 6 6 4 22 13 +9 24
7 ImageUrrheddiao 16 7 3 6 32 25 +7 24
8 ImageEyrods 16 5 7 4 33 22 +11 22
9 ImageWirr Tsi 16 5 4 7 14 24 −10 19
10 ImageDeprí Lanar 16 4 2 10 11 20 −9 14
11 ImagePùr 16 2 6 8 12 28 −16 12
12 ImagePria 16 3 3 10 13 35 −22 12
Three big things to note: The Yellow Jackets are in third place after a 4-2-2 record in the last eight games. Alnio is in fifth place after a 5-1-2 record in the last eight games, and Silas Young has conceded ten goals in the last twelve games. Third, what's happened to Z'ai'ai or Urrheddiao? They're only six points out, there's seventeen games to go, and they're experience on their side. The appearance of Union and Yellow Jackets is good for Chromatik football, but don't count out the Mountaineers and the United. Also, the Red Hawks are only two points away from automatic relegation, meaning that there might be another race in the making as well.
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League Chromatiks 2 Standings after Sixteen Games:
   League Chromatiks 2   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Felswyr 16 11 2 3 14 5 +9 35
2 Umbar 16 11 1 4 32 16 +16 34
3 Anfanhar 16 8 2 6 30 17 +13 26
4 Tihon 16 7 4 5 10 7 +3 25
5 Lhor 16 7 3 6 14 12 +2 24
6 Crossroads 16 7 2 7 10 9 +1 23
7 Brisara 16 6 3 7 21 26 −5 21
8 Lorentine 16 5 5 6 25 30 −5 20
9 Rhoni 16 5 3 8 16 22 −6 18
10 Gurshan 16 5 3 8 23 35 −12 18
11 Shantarr 16 3 4 9 7 14 −7 13
12 Tor 16 3 4 9 16 25 −9 13
All four teams that were in the league last season are the ones on top currently, with Tide fans going crazy with the possibilities of being promoted. Felswyr's Pellegrini and Tihon's Anahit have been very hard to score against.
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CoH Appearance: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 4 Part 3: QFL1 - MD 24

Postby Chromatika » Wed May 25, 2016 10:02 pm

Quarterfinals, Leg 1 - Higher Finishing Team Away
Urrheddiao 5–1 Z'ai'ai
Wirr Tsi 2–2 Anomalies
Pùr 0–1 Myana
Deprí Sanar 1–0 Chromatik

Business as usual for United sees Dostoevich and Clarke score a brace apiece as United take a commanding lead over the Mountaineers heading to Z'ai'ai. Dragana finds the important goal late against Pùr on the road for the Islanders, while the Yellow Jackets transfer their season form into cup form with a goal from Roel, while Wirr Tsi gets a brace from van Morsel to answer the brace from Hackett, taking an interesting tie into the second leg, which will be played after the twentieth match day.

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Season 4, Part 3

Can the Yellow Jackets and the Union continue their recent form? What'll happen at the bottom with the Red Hawks, the Pride, and the Riders? Let's see what transpired on the third quarter of the season!

Matchday 17
Urrheddiao 6–0 Wirr Tsi
Eyrods 0–0 Deprí Lanar
Pùr 3–3 Alnio
Pria 1–1 Deprí Sanar
Z'ai'ai 0–3 Anomalies
Chromatik 0–1 Myana

It has been a long time since Alnio has played meaningful football after the halfway point of the season, and it shows. Ki Niro does her damnedest to get her team the lead - a brace and an assist for her - but Carrie Mason has been having a solid season for a subpar Rider team and is able to salvage the draw. The Red Hawks still can't buy a goal - but at least Azhar has settled down a little of late. United get a perfect game - Nier dominating, Dostoevich and Clarke scoring, Irikor both scoring and assisting - as they bury the Shock, who are simply reeling of late. Tyler Rockett gets the Pride the lead, but Villalobos is able to answer to be the hero that the team needs. The last two matches of the day are clashes among the Big Five, with varying storylines - Hackett scoring three and Kelly assisting on all of them for Anomalies over Mountaineers, while Dragana - who else? - helps Frías's efforts to not go to waste in a tight win over Capitalizt.

Matchday 18
Wirr Tsi 3–3 Chromatik
Myana 0–0 Z'ai'ai
Anomalies 0–1 Pria
Deprí Sanar 3–0 Pùr
Alnio 1–2 Eyrods
Deprí Lanar 0–2 Urrheddiao

Heartbreak for Z'ai'ai as a spectacular performance by Rose-Hannaford is answered by an equally brilliant one from Frías, who saves the decisive penalty from Pesciano to preserve the draw. In fact, heartbreak seemed to be the word of the day, as Wirr Tsi scores in injury time to put despair into Capitalizt hearts, Scott Pilgrim being the one to cause immense disappointment. Top-of-the-table Anomalies have Neovak have no goal support for the first time in forever, as the Pride get a well-needed victory thanks to Nygård's free kick. This is prime opportunity for the Yellow Jackets, and they don't waste it - putting three past the Riders at The Hive. Clarke and Dostoevich - assisted by Irikor - take care of business at the Hawks' nest, while in Alnio, Niro can't carry by himself and Metod and Deleon add to their goal totals.

Matchday 19
Deprí Lanar 0–1 Wirr Tsi
Urrheddiao 5–0 Alnio
Eyrods 1–4 Deprí Sanar
Pùr 0–2 Anomalies
Pria 0–1 Myana
Z'ai'ai 2–0 Chromatik

A second straight blowout game for United gets them to fourth place against now struggling Alnio, as Young has started to revert back to his earlier form, although it could be the case that simply the team is not having enough playmakers alongside the prowess that is Ki Niro. The Red Hawks are in serious trouble, now losing to the Shock in another round of offensive incompetence - Ramona Flowers scoring her first goal of the season in spectacular fashion off of a corner that dips in. Neovak and Frías take care of business against the Riders and the Pride as Anomalies and Myana stay par to the course. After Eyrods struck first on an early goal by Metod, but Villalobos and co. answer with four. In the big clash of the day, it's the Mountaineers getting the upper hand of the Capitalizt where Duo Dynamique are stymied and Pesciano scores the decider early on.

Matchday 20
Wirr Tsi 3–5 Z'ai'ai
Chromatik 0–0 Pria
Myana 1–0 Pùr
Anomalies 1–0 Eyrods
Deprí Sanar 3–3 Urrheddiao
Alnio 1–1 Deprí Lanar

A day of some interesting draws that simply make the standings very congested at top. The Pride's Southard has perhaps the performance of her life against Capitalizt, who haven't won a game since Matchday Thirteen. Anomalies and Islanders rely on their big-time, clutch scorers in Hackett and Dragana to survive the Riders and the Jungle Cats at home, while Z'ai'ai survives an onslaught from Wirr Tsi early to get away from The Shock with a win in a barnburner. Niro puts the Union in the lead early on, but Red Hawks show remarkable poise in stopping their offense for the rest of the game, and Docherty scores the tying goal in the eighty-third. The game of the day happened at The Hive, where Villalobos grabbed the lead early for the Jackets, with Roel adding on before the half, before United respond with Dostoevich, Clarke, and Irikor. Another injury-time goal gave the Yellow Jackets the tie and still a top four place in the standings.
Quarterfinals, Leg 2 - Higher Finishing Team Home
Z'ai'ai 2–1 Urrheddiao (Z'ai'ai 3-6 Urrheddiao aggregate)
Anomalies 0–0 Wirr Tsi (Anomalies 2-2 Wirr Tsi aggregate, Anomalies ahead in away goals)
Myana 5–2 Pùr (Myana 6-3 Pùr aggregate)
Chromatik 0–0 Deprí Sanar (Chromatik 0-1 Deprí Sanar aggregate)

The Mountaineers come out swinging at Z'ai'ai Field, Pesciano scoring a brace in the first fifteen minutes, before Nier and United calm down, and hold onto their overwhelming lead. The lone goal for United came when Manager Mikita decided to go all-in with a 2-3-5 strategy in the last five minutes. Kirstin Neovak is able to hamper the Shock's efforts at scoring any goal at all, and Anomalies go through by virtue of away goals. Capitalizt try to break into goal against Sang but fail again and again as the Yellow Jackets continue their excellent season by making it to the Semifinals of the cup. Frías & Co. take care of business at home, Dragana and Ebenazher leading the way to a solid victory over the Riders - who did manage to score two against Frías, Lister and Mason doing the honors.

Semifinals Draw
Myana vs. Urrheddiao
Anomalies vs. Deprí Sanar

A possibility still is the finals re-match between the Islanders and Anomalies, as well as for the Anomalies to repeat as Cup champions. United and the Yellow Jackets will be trying to make that not happen, with United trying to return to the Title Match for the first time since the second season, and the Yellow Jackets trying to make it to the Final for the first time in team history.

Matchday 21
Alnio 1–3 Wirr Tsi
Deprí Lanar 0–1 Deprí Sanar
Urrheddiao 1–0 Anomalies
Eyrods 0–0 Myana
Pùr 0–1 Chromatik
Pria 1–1 Z'ai'ai

Chromatik finally win a game for the first time since the thirteenth matchday, Asgaardsson assisted by San Asador as Duo Dynamique make their first appearance in the scoring sheet in a long time. Frías and counterpart Lemann combine for a goalless match, as the Guayabalense hasn't given up a goal in five games now. Mountaineers' assault at the Top Four of the standings runs into Pria at The Pack, and Pesciano's attempt to carry them falls short due to an answer by Rockett. United hand Anomalies an important loss, propelling them to fourth as the teams start to tussle, Vladimir Janos finally with his first goal of the season. Shock are trying to stay clear of the bottom three, and an inspiring performance by Jeffery van Morsel's hat trick allows them to do just that against The Union. The Deprí's reversal of fortune continues with the Yellow Jackets taking it to the Hawks' Nest and Villalobos scoring the game-winner halfway through the first half.

Matchday 22
Wirr Tsi 2–2 Pria
Z'ai'ai 4–1 Pùr
Chromatik 4–4 Eyrods
Myana 0–1 Urrheddiao
Anomalies 2–0 Deprí Lanar
Deprí Sanar 0–1 Alnio

Alnio has been a team under fire for most of the season, with their disastrous start, tremendous comeback, and now playing decently of late. They reminded everyone of their potential with taking down the Yellow Jackets at The Hive. Priske Krimhilde has been playing better, developing as a second threat behind the immaculate Niro, and it was just enough to get past Sang. Anomalies bounce back after a rough game at Urrheddiao, taking out their frustrations on the Red Hawks, who are having such a nightmare of a season, now mired in second to last place, needing a run to stay out of relegation. An exciting game at The Shock ends in a tie that doesn't do either of Wirr Tsi nor Pria any favors - Vanburen having the late equalizer that derailed Pria's hopes of closing the gap between the two teams. Pùr's slide continues with a drubbing at the hands of the Mountaineers, while the Jungle Cats match every goal of Capitalizt's to hang tough. For the first time in ages, Nier gets the better hand of an Islander keeper, Dostoevich scoring the game-winner that beats Frías barely to the post as United return to second place.

Matchday 23
Deprí Sanar 2–1 Wirr Tsi
Anomalies 0–0 Alnio
Myana 0–1 Deprí Lanar
Chromatik 1–3 Urrheddiao
Z'ai'ai 6–1 Eyrods
Pria 1–5 Pùr

The start of the third and final round robin is full of tight matches and a few surprises. Silas Young and Kristin Neovak combine for a complete shutout at Anomaly Tower, as both Hackett and Niro go goalless. Z'ai'ai take care of business at home, Han and Montague getting into the scoring act alongside Quren and Pesciano in a dominant performance that was marred only by the single goal allowed by Rose-Hannaford. Deprí Sanar need a late score from Anri Fiete to salvage a win at home, Shock hanging tough in a game yet again before losing narrowly, once again. At the Island Dome, a frustrated Frías was quoted in the locker room as having challenged his offense after another one-goal loss, this time to the Red Hawks of all teams, as Bullard gives them the win on only his fifth goal of the season. Pùr take out some of their frustration of the season on Pria, Mason scoring a hat trick and the defense holding their own for once. At the Capitalizt Dome, Siri Rebekka and Vladimir Janos reminded everyone that Nadya Dostoevich and Tobias Clarke aren't the only offensive weapons that Urrheddiao posses, scoring all three goals in a win that should've been even more dominant.

Matchday 24
Wirr Tsi 4–1 Pùr
Eyrods 4–5 Pria
Urrheddiao 1–1 Z'ai'ai
Deprí Lanar 1–3 Chromatik
Alnio 0–2 Myana
Deprí Sanar 2–1 Anomalies

A high-quality affair at the United Center sees the Mountaineers exit with a tie, Quren and Janos exchanging goals in a match that was otherwise dominated by Rose-Hannaford and Nier. Frías gets his answer from his teammates in a shutout of the Union, Dragana and Ingalls finding the back of the net within five minutes of each other against Young. The Shock remind Pùr of who they are, dominating the poor side at home. Capitalizt get their medicine at the Hawks' Nest, adding to the list of games where Deprí Lanar has the early lead then relinquishes it. At the Hive, Deprí Sanar fend off the Anomalies despite Hackett grabbing the lead early, Villalobos and Fiete answering the call to grab the crucial win. At The Jungle, a nine-goal score-fest results with The Pride getting the last laugh, Antonio Teixeira scoring in injury time to snatch the win.
Standings after Twenty-four Games:
   League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 ImageUrrheddiao 24 13 5 6 54 30 +24 44
2 ImageDeprí Sanar 24 13 5 6 36 24 +12 44
3 ImageAnomalies 24 12 7 5 32 10 +22 43
4 ImageMyana 24 12 5 7 26 13 +13 41
5 ImageZ'ai'ai 24 10 9 5 41 23 +18 39
6 ImageChromatik 24 9 8 7 41 37 +4 35
7 ImageAlnio 24 9 5 10 29 45 −16 32
8 ImageWirr Tsi 24 8 6 10 31 44 −13 30
9 ImageEyrods 24 6 10 8 45 43 +2 28
10 ImagePria 24 5 7 12 24 49 −25 22
11 ImageDeprí Lanar 24 5 4 15 14 30 −16 19
12 ImagePùr 24 3 7 14 22 47 −25 16
And so all the drama makes it such that the top of the table is so very congested, with the Yellow JAckets hanging in there against four of the Big Five. Capitalizt will need a little more than that to make a difference late, while Alnio are just happy to be clear of the relegation zone. Unless the Jungle Cats fall very far, the bottom three teams will likely be playing for the Promotion/Relegation playoff spot.
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League Chromatiks 2 Standings after Twenty-Four Games:
   League Chromatiks 2   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Felswyr 24 18 2 4 23 7 +16 56
2 Umbar 24 17 2 5 52 25 +27 53
3 Lhor 24 11 6 7 21 14 +7 39
4 Tihon 24 10 7 7 20 16 +4 37
5 Anfanhar 24 10 4 10 46 34 +12 34
6 Crossroads 24 9 5 10 13 12 +1 32
7 Brisara 24 9 5 10 33 40 −7 32
8 Lorentine 24 7 8 9 36 41 −5 29
9 Shantarr 24 7 5 12 18 21 −3 26
10 Rhoni 24 7 5 12 22 31 −9 26
11 Gurshan 24 5 5 14 30 58 −28 20
12 Tor 24 4 6 14 22 37 −15 18
Beware of the Orcas! Coming out of nowhere, Lhor has the playoff spot for now, with the Monkeys and the Frost having secured their promotion slots already. Chasing the Orcas will be Tihon and Anfanhar, the other two teams that were in the league last season.
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 4 Part 4: SFL1 - MD 32

Postby Chromatika » Sat May 28, 2016 9:22 pm

Semifinals, Leg 1 - Higher Finishing Team Away
Urrheddiao 1–1 Myana
Dostoevich '35 (PK) | Dragana '76

United come out swinging at home, trying to take a dominant lead before heading to Myana. The high-pressure system nets them a penalty taken by Dostoevich to get the lead. However, in the second half, it's all Myana, Nier barely holding on and only conceding a goal to - whom else? Dragana, the cool, crazy, late-game equalizer. This time, it's a neat twenty-yard shot that gives Myana the away goals lead heading home.

Deprí Sanar 1–1 Anomalies
Zinoviy '80 | Aensland '89

For the first eighty minutes, it's a tense affair at The Hive - Sanar trying to choke out the Anomalies in their first foray into the Semifinals. Neovak has been so great, though, and it's not until the eightieth minute that Zinoviy gets a great assist from Poole to score the runner into the net. It's almost enough - until Aensland calmly takes a free kick at the end of regulation to start to establish a reputation as one of the best set piece artists in Chromatika.
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Season 4, Part 4

Matchday 25
Anomalies 3–2 Wirr Tsi
Myana 0–0 Deprí Sanar
Chromatik 0–0 Alnio
Z'ai'ai 2–0 Deprí Lanar
Pria 1–5 Urrheddiao
Pùr 0–3 Eyrods

Time is running out for Wirr Tsi to make a late run to escape the relegation zone, and they really come to play at Anomaly Tower. Pilgrim and Vanburen contribute early for the Shock, and it looks like Neovak has been overcome; but then her team bails her out, and it's Hackett that scores the decisive goal to give Anomalies a tougher win than expected. Games at the Islander Dome and the Capitalizt Dome are snoozefests respectfully, as Frías, Sang, and Justus all pitch clean sheets in games that are definitely dominated by the defenses. Deprí Lanar are far less lucky at Z'ai'ai Field, as the Mountaineers take advantage of the day of draws to move to fourth place with Quren scoring a brace. The Jungle Cats are looking to make a late run, and start with a dismantling of the reeling Riders, as the lesser known names of Metod and Deleon are becoming more and more noticeable due to their goal scoring prowess. United are not going to give up their top spot lightly, Siri Rebekka scoring a hat trick and Vladimir Janos with a brace as the United offense proves to be more than just Dostoevich and Clarke.

Matchday 26
Wirr Tsi 0–1 Eyrods
Urrheddiao 3–0 Pùr
Deprí Lanar 3–2 Pria
Alnio 0–1 Z'ai'ai
Deprí Sanar 0–3 Chromatik
Anomalies 1–0 Myana

Beware of the charging Jungle Cats, but is it too little too late? A win over struggling Alnio is a nice stepping stone, but they are still twelve points away from fourth place. Pesciano adds to Alnio's woes with a calm collected corner kick in the eighty-eighth, while Biardo Ochini is the decider against Myana as Anomalies hang tough against Frías. Capitalizt have had a rough season by their standards, but Duo Dynamique certainly shine along with the Banguelan Miguel in a bombarding of Sang who didn't have any help in the match for the Yellow Jackets. United continue to stay ahead of Anomalies, stampeding over Pùr on a game where Janos and Rebekka again score all the goals; Deprí Lanar match Pria on the fateful third to last place that would give them a chance to remain on top, the Red Hawks trying to salvage a very trying season with Sebastian Evans scoring a brace to help out. The match leaves Lanar and Pria tied for the third spot, Lanar ahead by virtue of Goal Difference.

Matchday 27
Myana 1–0 Wirr Tsi
Chromatik 1–0 Anomalies
Z'ai'ai 1–0 Deprí Sanar
Pria 3–4 Alnio
Pùr 1–1 Deprí Lanar
Eyrods 0–3 Urrheddiao

Mountaineers add to the recent woes of the Yellow Jackets, Montague with wicked curving ball that beats Sang to the left post; Dragana plays savior again for Myana at home against the Shock. After taking care of Pria, Lanar find something within themselves to salvage a tie against Pùr. In the Capitol Derby, San Asador defeats Neovak by neatly stepping around her in the lone goal of the game; Alnio finally grabs a win due to Niro's heroics, as the playmaker scores a hat trick. United take the air out of the Cats' sails with Dostoevich scoring her nineteenth, the Yesopalithan being more of an impact than anyone expected this season.

Matchday 28
Wirr Tsi 1–1 Urrheddiao
Deprí Lanar 0–2 Eyrods
Alnio 1–0 Pùr
Deprí Sanar 1–2 Pria
Anomalies 1–1 Z'ai'ai
Myana 2–0 Chromatik

With five matches to go after this, Deprí Sanar picks a bad time to suffer an upset, as Zinoviy's goal is matched by Neil early and then the Eastfielder Tanner puts the game away late. The result allows the winner of Myana-Chromatik to make a move, and it's Myana that pounces on the opportunity, Ebenazher scoring a brace to get the Islanders back to fourth place. Union stay relevant (somewhat) with Niro's league-leading twenty-second goal. At the Anomaly Tower, it's Quren answering Ochini to salvage the tie and stay within a point of them; United have a chance to capitalize but the Shock answer with Pilgrim to deny Urrheddiao the chance of opening a six-point lead. Jungle Cats keep scoring goals in bunches, putting Lanar back to eleventh because of Pria's win.
Standings after Twenty-Eight Games:
   League Chromatiks 1   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Urrheddiao 28 16 6 6 66 32 +34 54
2 Anomalies 28 14 8 6 37 14 +23 50
3 Z'ai'ai 28 13 10 5 46 24 +22 49
4 Myana 28 14 6 8 29 14 +15 48
5 Deprí Sanar 28 13 6 9 37 30 +7 45
6 Chromatik 28 11 9 8 45 39 +6 42
7 Alnio 28 11 6 11 34 49 −15 39
8 Eyrods 28 9 10 9 51 46 +5 37
9 Wirr Tsi 28 8 7 13 34 50 −16 31
10 Pria 28 6 7 15 32 62 −30 25
11 Deprí Lanar 28 6 5 17 18 37 −19 23
12 Pùr 28 3 8 17 23 55 −32 17
It's United clinging to a four-point lead, with Anomalies, Z'ai'ai, and Myana still pretty close nearby; Sanar and Chromatik will both need some major things to go their way to get a Globe Cup berth. Pria and Deprí Lanar are locked into the Promotion/Relegation Playoff berth, while Pùr seems to be relegated to the automatic relegation zone.
Semifinals, Leg 2 - Higher Finishing Team Home
Myana 1–0 Urrheddiao (Myana 2-1 aggregate)
Ebenazher '75

Frías has a dominant performance once again, with Portadown, Damjana, Simon, Bozena, and Atanov all doing a fabulous job keeping him clean. Nier does her damnedest to lead her team onward, but the Cosumarite Ebanazher gets Myana the goal it needs to breathe easy and United's high octane attack falls short as Myana returns to the Cup Final once again.

Anomalies 1–0 Deprí Sanar (Anomalies 2-1 aggregate)
Rwang '89

The Yellow Jackets come to Anomaly Tower knowing that they need at least a goal to salvage the draw, and fall short because of Neovak and Rwang. The goal scored by Rwang was on the counterattack, sure, but the dominance by the Anomalies defense was not expected. It leads the Anomalies back to the Cup Final for a chance to repeat.

Finals Draw
Myana vs. Anomalies @ The Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City, Chromatika

So it'll be the re-match of last season's Cup Final, where Anomalies prevailed by virtue of Penalty Kicks. Also, the season will end with the same matchup with which it began, where Myana got some revenge by winning the Shield. It should be an entertaining match at the season's close.

Matchday 29
Chromatik 1–0 Wirr Tsi
Z'ai'ai 0–2 Myana
Pria 3–0 Anomalies
Pùr 1–0 Deprí Sanar
Eyrods 1–4 Alnio
Urrheddiao 1–4 Deprí Lanar

Uh... What the hell happened today? Did only half the contenders get the memo that the season ends very soon? San Asador got the memo, and scored the game-winner against the Shock to give Chromatik an outside chance at a Globe Cup berth; Myana are not ready to give up their title either, especially not Dragana. She scores the brace, and the Islanders are within three. Other than that, though? Pria catch Neovak napping at home and score three against her for what could actually be the best win they had the whole season. Pùr, not to be outdone, destroy the Yellow Jackets at home in a game that should've had much bigger margin of victory than just one-nil, Carrie Mason accentuating what will most likely be her only season as a Rider, and the Yellow Jackets continuing to free fall late under the pressure. Deprí Lanar? Actually outscores Urrheddiao after Dostoevich gives United the lead early, a total team effort for a squad trying for the promotion-relegation playoff series. In the crazy day where three favorites lost, Alnio put away Eyrods to nearly cement their top-seven finish, as Union look to be just taking in the fact that they played way better than anyone gave credit for.

Matchday 30
Wirr Tsi 1–1 Deprí Lanar
Alnio 0–3 Urrheddiao
Deprí Sanar 1–2 Eyrods
Anomalies 1–2 Pùr
Myana 0–0 Pria
Chromatik 2–1 Z'ai'ai

Will the real Anomalies and Yellow Jackets show up? While United bounce back after a one-game absence with getting three past Young, Anomalies lose another one to the Riders, who're regrettably playing their best football way too late in the season; Mason has been sensational of late, scoring a brace to beat Hackett's one. At The Hive, Sanar keep losing, Metod & Deleon proving again to be a threatening pair. Islanders can't get the bounce they need, failing to score vs. Pria; United's lead goes to five with three matches to go. An important match at The Shock ends in disappointment for both sides involved as Wirr Tsi and Deprí Lanar tie; there is still chance for Shock to fall enough, and still a chance for Lanar to gain enough. In a pivotal match at the Capitalizt Dome, San Asador on the eighty-eighth gets them to one point away from Z'ai'ai.

Matchday 31
Z'ai'ai 1–2 Wirr Tsi
Pria 1–2 Chromatik
Pùr 2–2 Myana
Eyrods 2–2 Anomalies
Urrheddiao 0–2 Deprí Sanar
Deprí Lanar 0–0 Alnio

It's true that all games in the league occur at the exact same time; this adds additional drama. In Z'ai'ai, the Mountaineers just can't buy a win, they haven't won in three games. Shock stay six points clear of ninth place, all but securing their spot in the League. In Pria? Capitalizt are getting hot when they need to, and their win actually puts them into fourth place, a far cry from sixth place at the end of the third quarter. In Pùr, Mason is putting on a show again, answering both Dragana and Ebenazher to deny the Islanders a win that would've cut into the lead by United on a day when Urrheddiao lost to Deprí Sanar, who're staying around - only three points away from fourth place. That obviously gave Anomalies the chance to make their move, but Metod & Deleon strike once again and it's all Anomalies can do to hang on to a tie, but they'll have to win both games and hope that United fall some more to get their first title. At the Hawks' Nest, it's a nil-nil draw, which is heartbreak for Lanar as they had a chance to be on top of Pria, who had lost.

Matchday 32
Wirr Tsi 0–1 Alnio
Deprí Sanar 1–0 Deprí Lanar
Anomalies 2–1 Urrheddiao
Myana 1–0 Eyrods
Chromatik 2–4 Pùr
Z'ai'ai 0–0 Pria

Urrheddiao are choking late, and it may cost them the title. Dostoevich assisted Clarke to get them the lead early, but Hackett got the Anomalies the game with a penalty kick in the seventy-sixth, and Myana pounced upon the chance like a panther, Maksimilian Illarion striking a late goal to get Myana within a point. The Shock fell to Alnio at home, which was a bit worrisome; Pria, though, could do no more than just tie Z'ai'ai, and Wirr Tsi will stay in the League Chromatiks 1 next season. The draw by Z'ai'ai gave Chromatik another chance to get even further ahead, but they ran into the Carrie Mason and Co. show, as Pùr continued their end-season form with a 4-2 thumping, San Asador's goal making it close in injury time. That allowed the Yellow Jackets, who swept their rivals, the Red Hawks - to sneak back into fourth place, with one match to go.
Standings after Thirty-Two Games:
   League Chromatiks 1      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 ImageUrrheddiao 32 17 6 9 71 40 +31 57
2 ImageMyana 32 16 8 8 34 16 +18 56
3 ImageAnomalies 32 15 9 8 42 22 +20 54
4 ImageDeprí Sanar 32 15 6 11 41 33 +8 51
5 ImageChromatik 32 14 9 9 52 45 +7 51
6 ImageZ'ai'ai 32 13 11 8 48 30 +18 50
7 ImageAlnio 32 13 7 12 39 53 −14 46
8 ImageEyrods 32 10 11 11 56 54 +2 41
9 ImageWirr Tsi 32 9 8 15 37 54 −17 35
10 ImagePria 32 7 9 16 36 64 −28 30
11 ImageDeprí Lanar 32 7 7 18 23 40 −17 28
12 ImagePùr 32 6 9 17 32 60 −28 27
Where does that leave us? Well, the final day will decide EVERYTHING. Urrheddiao, Myana, and Anomalies can all mathematically take the title, although Anomalies fans know that they can't take the title due to Myana and Urrheddiao playing each other on the final day; Deprí Sanar, Chromatik and Z'ai'ai could all take the last Globe Cup spot, or take nothing at all. Pria, Deprí Lanar, and Pùr could all finish tenth and escape automatic relegation. So, what's the schedule for the final day?

Matchday 33 Schedule
Wirr Tsi vs. Pria
Z'ai'ai vs. Pùr
Chromatik vs. Eyrods
Myana vs. Urrheddiao
Anomalies vs. Deprí Lanar
Deprí Sanar vs. Alnio
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League Chromatiks 2 Standings after Thirty-Two Games:
   League Chromatiks 2   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Felswyr 32 24 3 5 31 10 +21 75
2 Umbar 32 21 4 7 73 34 +39 67
3 Anfanhar 32 15 6 11 59 43 +16 51
4 Lhor 32 14 7 11 33 25 +8 49
5 Tihon 32 13 10 9 28 22 +6 49
6 Crossroads 32 13 8 11 20 16 +4 47
7 Brisara 32 10 8 14 43 64 −21 38
8 Tor 32 9 6 17 35 47 −12 33
9 Gurshan 32 9 6 17 44 69 −25 33
10 Shantarr 32 8 8 16 22 30 −8 32
11 Lorentine 32 8 8 16 43 55 −12 32
12 Rhoni 32 7 8 17 28 44 −16 29
Felswyr has wrapped up the title, and Umbar has wrapped up second place. Who'll get to play for the right of promotion/relegation is still to be seen, as Anfanhar, Lhor, and Tihon can all take that title.

Matchday 33 Schedule
Lorentine vs. Crossroads
Tor vs. Umbar
Gurshan vs. Felswyr
Lhor vs. Anfanhar
Rhoni vs. Shantarr
Brisara vs. Tihon
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 4 Part 5: MD 33 Preview - Awards

Postby Chromatika » Sun May 29, 2016 4:08 pm

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Season 4, Part 5

Let's see what all is at stake for each team in the six matches that will take place in Matchday 33 this season, as well as some key matchups.

Pria Pride vs. Wirr Tsi Shock
Wirr Tsi are safe in the League Chromatiks 1 for next season, while Pria are trying to hold onto the tenth place that allows them to face the third placed team of League Chromatiks 2 for a chance to remain in the League. As bad as their Goal Differential is, Pria must win this match to secure tenth place; that being said, their destiny is totally in their hands. The key will be whether Tyler Rockett can find the end of the net or not, as the striker has scored a third of the Pride's goals this season... It might be the last game playing for Wirr Tsi for Scott Pilgrim, the Unified Sunrise Islands striker that has fifteen goals... Ramona Flowers has eleven assists for the Shock.

Pùr Riders vs. Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
The bottom-feeding Riders have somehow not lost a game in four matches and stand miraculously with a chance to secure tenth place and play in the promotion/relegation playoffs. Sure, Pria and Deprí Lanar both have to lose, and they have to score a lot of goals, but just the fact that the Riders have a chance is something in itself. The epicenter of their resurgence has been Carrie Mason, who's scored more than half of the team's goals - eighteen out of a total of thirty-two - in what will likely be her only season at Pùr, especially if they are relegated. On the other hand, the Mountaineers desperately need a win and a loss by Capitalizt and the Yellow Jackets to sneak into the final Globe Cup spot for their fourth straight Globe Cup berth. Rose-Hannaford has had his best season in Z'ai'ai, but the goal support hasn't been the caliber that it was in seasons prior, and they may crash out for the first time ever, a low point for the squad that's finished second behind the Islanders three times in a row. It's the Nepharim Mason against the Osarian pair of Estevez and Pesciano. Whomever scores more will obviously win the game, and perhaps the season for their respective squads.

Eyrods Jungle Cats vs. Chromatik Capitalizt
The Jungle Cats have scored goals in droves this season, while also letting in goals in droves. Their offensive-first mentality have given strikers Metod & Deleon a chance to become names that Chromatik football fans would recognize, but for every blowout win, they've had a blowout loss. That's the reason why they'll finish eighth, although that's not bad for a squad just recently promoted. Chromatik? The Capitalizt have a chance to return to Globe Cup competition for just the second time (they made it in Season 2). They have to either win while Sanar draws or loses, draw while Sanar loses, or win while Sanar wins/draw while Sanar draws while scoring one more goal than Sanar to match the goal differential, which would allow their superior head-to-head record to give them the fourth place finish. There was talk of title contention at the start of the season for the Capitalizt, with Duo Dynamique, three bench players from the national squad, and Zito Miguel signing on; they might have fallen short of that, but they have a chance to return to international competition, and they'd be fools to blow that now.

Urrheddiao United vs. Myana Islanders
To the dismay of Anomalies fans, the fact that these two teams play each other on the final matchday means that the winner will take the title. United have had terrible form of late, blowing their five-point lead with three matches to go, but they can still take their first title, incredible for a team that was almost relegated two seasons ago. The new way of offense first has netted the team a league-leading seventy-one goals, led by all four strikers in double figures - Clarke with nineteen, Dostoevich with twenty, Rebekka and Janos with ten apiece, and Irikor with eight goals and eighteen assists. However, the flip side has been that Nier has had the worst season of her career, conceding forty goals, and often looked besieged. She seems like she's adjusted to her new role, however, and is looking for team glory rather than an individual one. On the other side, it's the familiar contenders, the Myana Islanders - looking for their fourth straight title, looking to be the only team to have held the Chromatik title still. They are still a defense-first team, although Thorben has left and the Guayabalense Frías has taken his place; this season, goal support has been lackluster at times, but the Cosumarite Ebenazher and the timeliness of Jazmin Dragana has been enough to keep the Islanders within striking distance of the title. During the season, Myana has knocked Urrheddiao out of the playoffs, while the head-to-head thus far is 1-1 with both victories being one goal affairs with the road team winning. Will Myana clinch their fourth straight? Or will upstart Urrheddiao take it? It's hardly a consolation that with Anomalies' goal differential at +20 and only three points behind, the loser of the affair will likely finish third. It's crunch time, and time to decide who'll take the title.

Deprí Lanar Red Hawks vs. Anomalies
The scheduling gods were not kind to the Anomalies, who fought tooth and nail to be in the position that they are now - only three points out of first place with a very winnable game to go. However, even if the Islanders-United match ends in a draw, and the Anomalies manage to win, United will still be a point ahead of both Myana and Anomalies, meaning that the Anomalies have no chance of winning the title. They are a hard-nosed squad that wants to win every game, though, and a possible second place finish will still do the team proud, as they've never finished higher than third. Led by Neovak's keeping, Hackett's scoring, Liam's assists, and Aensland's free-kick shenanigans, Anomalies might be the most complete team in Chromatika for their balance in all phases of the game. Their opponent will be Deprí Lanar, a team that's been going through a nightmare season. Not only have they been swept by their rivals Sanar, but they were supposed to be contenders and have fallen so far, mostly due to their inability to score. That being said, a win here and a loss by Pria would net them the chance to remain in the League Chromatiks 1. It's a desperate team in their last legs facing down a team slighted by the schedule gods. The outlook is not bright for the Red Hawks, but once again they'll head out to the pitch.

Alnio Union vs. Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets
The feel-good story of the season, and a surprise contender outside of the Big Five, the Yellow Jackets have been holding on for dear life since Matchday 24, when they were in second place. They may have slid to the fourth spot, but for a squad that finished sixth last season, and had the hardest time winning close games, they hold their own destiny going into the final match. All Sanar have to do is outperform Chromatik while keeping their goal differential, because Chromatik dispatched them in head-to-head matches, the second tiebreaker. It's a ragtag bunch in Deprí Sanar - Ljubica Sang is not the greatest keeper, and there's nobody on the team that's scored more than thirteen goals - but the fact that they're in the position that they are with only a +8 goal differential means the team knows how to win close games. Their opposition will be the epitome that is Alnio, the team that everyone expected to go down to the League Chromatiks 2, especially after starting the season 0-4 with a -18 goal differential. Since then, Silas Young and Ki Niro have led the squad to at least an even record - the worst they can finish is 13 wins, 7 draws, and 13 losses - and a -14 goal differential, meaning that they've actually gone +4 in that department since. This may indeed be the last season in Alnio for Ki Niro, the playmaker and hero of Alnio. Leading the league with twenty-two goals, there's rumors about her being signed by one of the Big Five or even possibly going overseas to further her game. Alnio have nothing to play for - they can't catch Z'ai'ai nor fall enough to lose out to Eyrods - but knowing Uriah Hynon, her crew will still come out to prove the doubters wrong one last time, even though her job is likely to be secure for now, and everyone must give her credit for what she's done this season.
Credit for this type of post goes to Nephara, who used to do this for their newswires. Thanks for the motivation.

Well, here we go for the final matchday of the season, all six matches starting at approximately the same time; everything will be decided out here today, and there will be a few triumphs and numerous heartbreaks... Let the drama commence!

1' - The six matches go underway, and at Alnio, it's Niro with the quick step to start the match, a nice tackle by Stef making the ball go out of bounds. The Cosumarite Poole with the corner kick, headed by Jade Meyer, but straight into the hands of Sang. No score, but good ball movement by Alnio early, which gets the fans fired up at RCK Field.

3' - Oooh! A shot by Jazmin Dragana hits the crossbars above the net in Urrheddiao, and she hold her head on in her hands. Just six inches lower and that'd have gone in, as Nier had jumped to the other side. Nice ball from the Llamanean Velasquez, and Myana almost takes an early lead in the most important match of them all.

4' - Elvie Musser is carded in Pria for a hard tackle on Ramona Flowers during a fast break following a failed Pride attack. Yellow might be too kind, though, as it was a deliberate tackle from behind to intentionally trip her. If the game was at Wirr Tsi, there would've been some outrage, but since it's in Pria, the entire stadium just takes a collected breath. A frustrated Van Morsel isn't able to connect with Marie up front, and Pride escape with just a yellow on a play that could've resulted in a goal, or worse, a red card.

7' - In Deprí Lanar, Anomalies look to be content to let the Red Hawks hold the ball - as long as they don't cross over to the Anomalies third. Baek, Raoul, and Kelly are suffocating the Red Hawk forwards, and Deprí Lanar, although having most of the possession thus far, can't scrounge up a chance to save their life. Same old story as most of the season has been for the Anomalies? I think so.

9' - GOAL! First goal of the pivotal day comes from Eyrods, where Duo Dynamique have worked their magic once again! Asgaardsson presses fast into the Jungle Cats, and they're terribly slow to react; his pass finds San Asador, who jukes around Milena Angela and puts a neat shot at goal at the Pasargan Lemann. He's able to punch the ball out, but the Banguelan Miguel is there put the deflection away, and Chromatik has taken a 1-0 lead. EJC 0-1 CAP.

11' - Pùr and Z'ai'ai have both had some neat runs to the other's end of the pitch, but waylaid passes have prevented any form of cohesion for both of the offenses. There are many signs in the audience that read to the tone of "Mason for MVP" and "Stay Here, Carrie Mason". It seems that fans understand the gravity of the situation concerning Mason, who'll probably not stay after the season.

14' - GOAL! It's Dostoevich in Urrheddiao, and the celebration is immense! Frías punches his gloves in disgust as the Yesopalithan striker takes the assist from the playmaking Irikor and heads it into the net to give United the lead in the title match. There's still a lot of football to be played, but what a way to open the match for United. Cortes is seen in the sidelines protesting the fact that Dostoevich should've been called offside, though replays show that she was barely on side. URU 1-0 MYI.

17' - What a save! Marla Vela punches away the try from Pesciano, and Rider fans all breathe a sigh of relief. It was a wicked rocket from the Osarian, and she barely knocks it away. The resulting corner is handled tactfully by the Nepharim Prescott, and play goes on, Pùr having dodged another bullet.

21' - GOAL! Martin Zinoviy puts the Yellow Jackets in the lead against Alnio! A beautiful cross from Ninia Emilie, and Zinoviy gets a step ahead of Katalin and catches Young going the wrong way. Sanar must maintain their goal differential lead over Chromatik while obtaining the same result or better, so every goal is important for them here. ALU 0-1 DSY.

25' - It's a penalty! Severin Ilya tackles Aensland inside the box, an egregious error that simply didn't need to happen at all. The former national team starter tries to plead his case, but the referee has already awarded the kick and the yellow card for Ilya.

26' - GOAL! Biardo Ochini takes the penalty for Anomalies, and calmly puts it past Azhar, giving Anomalies the lead. DLR 0-1 ANO.

28' - What a shot! A free kick taken by Rowan Varghese grazes the left post of Frías, inches from slipping in. The Islanders are honestly quite lucky to be only behind by one goal at this point, their cohesion has been garbage and Urrheddiao has been outpacing them.

30' - GOAL! Ki Niro with an... assist? The playmaking forward for the Union does most of the work against the Sanar backfield, drawing three players; she then finds Priska Krimhilde all alone on the other side of the Yellow Jackets third, and she puts it away past Sang, no problem. ALU 1-1 DSY.

32' - That card has been the most exciting thing so far in the Pride-Shock match. Pria simply aren't showing the determination and urgency that a team trying to hold onto the League Chromatiks 1 should be showing; one can't fault Wirr Tsi for playing slow - they have nothing to play for, after all - but Pria? If they continue to play like this, they'll be automatically relegated.

35' - GOAL! Myana are back in it! It's Ebenazher beating Nier with a shot to the right post after showing his footwork skills in bypassing Witek and An. Nier looks a bit shell-shocked, and there is a bit more life on the Myana bench. It feels like a title fight again.

37' - A card is shown in Eyrods as Vidar Bronislav is booked for a hard tackle away from the ball against Maradiga. Bronislav has been a bit of an enforcer for most of the season, though, so nothing new there. It seems to be the negative end of Eyrods games - where they can't get any sort of offense going, and look to be fading into the background, being nothing more than just a roadblock for the opposing side.

40' - GOAL! All the leniency and the lack of urgency has cost Pria big at home, and there's already booing from the stands. In a classic mistake, Elvie Mussesr's pass back to Denita Southard is intercepted by Scott Pilgrim, and the cunning striker buries it into the net to stun the home crowd and start the booing. It's such a needlessly stupid play that the onlookers are stunned for a while. PRI 0-1 WTS.

42' - Tobias Clarke finds the best opportunity of the half for him against Frías, but the Guayabalense keeper leaps just far enough to catch the ball, and pumps his fists in the air. What a save.

44' - GOAL! When's the last time Niro had two assists? Probably never! She again draws multiple defenders, and once again Krimhilde is the beneficiary, scoring a brace so far. There are a lot of concerned faces on the Yellow Jacket bench - if the result stands as it currently is, Chromatik will get the fourth place spot! ALU 2-1 DSY.

45' - Ooh... Just like that, the Eyrods offense almost clips Chromatik, Metod & Deleon with fancy passing between them and decent footwork for a nice attempt at goal. Justus blocks the first attempt, and Hildebrand clears the ball afterwards, so no cigar there, but the best attempt from Eyrods so far.

45+2' - GOAL! The other games have relatively slow injury times, but in Urrheddiao, it's Myana taking the lead away from United right before the half. Velasquez hits a volley from twenty-eight yards out, a screamer that Nier had a hand on but couldn't stop. It's only the third goal from the Llamanean midfielder, but an important one at that, heading into half. URU 1-2 MYI.

Halftime Scores
Pria 0-1 Wirr Tsi
Pùr 0-0 Z'ai'ai
Eyrods 0-1 Chromatik
Urrheddiao 1-2 Myana
Deprí Lanar 0-1 Anomalies
Alnio 2-1 Deprí Sanar

46' - The action gets back underway, and one can sense the desperation coming from the Red Hawks and the Pride as they are playing a bit rougher now, as are the Yellow Jackets, who need to get something going. United aren't quite there yet, it seems, and they're playing it slow, taking it to Myana bit by bit. Should prove to be an exciting final half of the season.

48' - Silas Young with a great save as Cosimo Poole nearly beats him to the left post. Sanar are sending their midfielders up the pitch a bit more, which leaves more room for a counterattack, but allows for more chances at goal. The Nepharim keeper has been facing adversity the entire season, though, and seems like he still has some left to give left in his tank.

52' - Pria have the best chance they've had all game against Wirr Tsi, Zoric, Tanner, and Nygård using innovative passing to get the ball up the pitch. Antonio Teixeira's shot is a bit rushed, however, and the ball goes over the crossbars to the Pride's dismay as that might have been the best chance they'd have the entire game.

53' - GOAL! Florian San Asador strikes! The pressure intensifies for the Yellow Jackets in Alnio as Chromatik has answered the goal differential, and are winning. San Asador with his partner Asgaardsson make mincemeat of the Jungle Cats' defense in a well orchestrated counterattack, with the midfielder burying the ball into the net after three neat passes. Eyrods look deflated, it's a good thing that they're safe and have nothing left to play for. EJC 0-2 CAP.

55' - Dostoevich and Clarke are flying out there in Urrheddiao, trying to use superior speed to overwhelm Myana; the Islanders' defense is holding still, Frías has had to stop just one shot thus far in the second half.

56' - GOAL! The Yellow Jackets aren't going down without a fight! It's Emil Roel with his fourteenth of the season, Kestrel Bolton threading the needle in a pinpoint pass that catches Young napping. They will need to score at least two more goals or hope for Eyrods to start scoring, but at least the fight isn't completely out of the Yellow Jackets... yet. ALU 2-2 DSY.

58' - GOAL! Is Myana going to four-peat? It sure looks like it after that score by Dragana! The exceptional winger barrels down the right side and forces a one on one against Nier, which results in her faking Jillian out and scoring to give Myana a two-goal lead with half an hour to go. Will this be the end for Urrheddiao? URU 1-3 MYI.

59' - Mason has her first decent look at goal, juking around Worensten for a shot at Rose-Hannaford. The Quebecois reads her correctly to catch the ball, but the body language from Mason suggests that she's just getting started, a worrying sign for Pria and Deprí Lanar fans.

60' - Speaking of Pria and Deprí Lanar fans, Wirr Tsi and Anomalies have completely gone into survival, defense-first, safety mode, not making many offensive moves nor allowing there to be any. Both the sides appear content to keep the score as is, with Wirr Tsi having nothing to play for and Anomalies already having the superior goal differential against Myana and no chance of catching up to Urrheddiao's should United lose. So, the Shock and the Anomalies just clear, clear, and clear some more. Highly effective, also immensely boring.

63' - In Eyrods, Meteod and Deleon are trying to get something going, but the Chromatik midfield is not letting them. San Asador, Sybill, and Maradiga form one of the best midfields in the league, and they're playing like it, buoyed by the forwards as well. It's not like Eyrods isn't trying to play, to their credit; Capitalizt simply aren't going to let them spoil a return to the Globe Cup, provided Alnio don't concede a barrage of goals late to the Yellow Jackets.

66' - GOAL! Disaster for Deprí Sanar as Ki Niro finally gets her goal after assisting for two! The up-field pressure style by Deprí Sanar allows for there to be a counterattack, and Niro takes advantage, simply outpacing everyone and calmly inserting the ball past Sang. It's the striker's twenty-third goal of the season, most likely good enough for the golden boot; all for a team that's going to finish in seventh place. What a talent Ki is, and it's put the Yellow Jackets in a precarious situation. ALU 3-2 DSY.

68' - GOAL! Deprí Sanar fans can commence their despair in force now as Chromatik put any doubt away of their Globe Cup berth with a third goal against Eyrods, Miguel doing the honors to score the brace. They've definitely earned it, Chromatik has. EJC 0-3 CAP.

69' - One could feel the life seep out of the Yellow Jacket players when they saw the Jungle Cats-Capitalizt score on the scoreboard. They'd need to score four goals in twenty minutes to equalize the Capitalizt, and that is almost unattainable. Hasada's expression in the sidelines is unreadable as usual, but he must be feeling some immense frustration about now.

70' - It's also heartbreak for Z'ai'ai, as the Mountaineers will fall short of the Globe Cup after three consecutive finishes in second place unless Eyrods can mount the comeback. To their credit, Mikita's side is playing hard still, but the gravity of the situation still looms over them.

72' - GOAL! The stadium is emptying in Pria as the Shock have put the game out of reach with a second goal. This one wasn't as stupid as the last, but the lack of pace and creation of opportunities allowed the Shock to skate through. It's Flowers with the direct goal off of the free kick, and it looks like Pria will be heading back to the League Chromatiks 2. PRI 0-2 WTS.

74' - In Urrheddiao, United have decided to forsake all defense and started to put all their midfielders and their forwards up front. They need to salvage at least a draw, but Frías and co. stand in the way...

76' - Deprí Lanar is barely trying any longer against Anomalies, as their forwards are getting more and more frustrated by the defense of the Anomalies. With Pria losing, all they have to do is win, but they can't seem to be able to find that equalizer, with Neovak playing the final line they have to cross.

77' - GOAL! Not that there needed to be assurance, but Niro clinches both the Yellow Jackets' loss and probably her Golden Boot with her second, a neat left-footed pacer where she simply dribbled it past Sang. She's scored goals in all sorts of manner this season, and surely deserves that Golden Boot. Sang and the Yellow Jackets will be left wondering what could've been. ALU 4-2 DSY.

78' - GOAL! There's still a game to be played in Urrheddiao! Dostoevich scores her second past Frías on a corner by Irikor, her twenty-second. Wait, there's actually a chance for the Yesopalithan to tie Niro? United fans wouldn't mind that. One more would give United the draw and the title, can Myana hold on? URU 2-3 MYI.

80' - It surely looks like Pria and Deprí Lanar will fall, which leaves a chance for Pùr to sneak through with a win. Can the Riders do it, though? They sure are trying, Mason with another nice-looking try palmed away by Rose-Hannaford. The Riders smell blood in the water, Z'ai'ai have been deflated by the being knocked out of the Globe Cup berth by Capitalizt, and it's all there for Pùr for the taking.

84' - They're just wasting time now in Eyrods, as both managers are conserving the players for next season. Eyrods will wonder how to bolster a defense that somehow gave up one more goal than they scored, while Chromatik will be happy with a Globe Cup berth and look for a run at the title next season.

85' - It's much of the same in Pria, where the stands are two-thirds empty by now. The Pride will have to make it through the League Chromatiks 2 again, while Wirr Tsi will try to upgrade their roster a bit with more scoring on their offense and try to make it a little further up the standings next season.

86' - Time is running out for Urrheddiao, and Frías seems to be too much for the team... Cortes is playing with all eleven players back, content to just play it out with the defense that the squad is accustomed to.

88' - Time is also running out in Pùr... Can the Riders find it in them to score the one goal they need?

90' - Three minutes added for Urrheddiao-Myana, two for Pùr-Z'ai'ai. Who cares about the rest of them.

90+1' - GOAL! Carrie Mason has done it! Carrie Mason has done it! She beats Rose-Hannaford with a neat flick of her left foot, and Pùr finish tenth! They have a chance to remain in the League Chromatiks 1! They needed so much to happen correctly for the miracle to happen, but it has! What a goal! PUR 1-0 ZAI

90+2' - And that's that! Full time, Pùr finish tenth!

90+3' - GOAL! WHAT! WHAT! Nadya Dostoevich has a final chance against Frías, and she passes it to Tobias Clarke. The sudden move confuses Frías, and United SCORE!!! Surely, there's almost no chance for Myana to counterattack... Perhaps Cortes's strategy of playing it so safe has finally bitten the Islanders where it hurt. URU 3-3 MYI.

90+4' - And it's over! Urrheddiao have done it! United have forced the tie, and taken the League Chromatiks 1 title by one point! What a historic day at United Center, what a play by Dostoevich at the end... Wow. What a finish to a great season.

Matchday 33
Pria 0-2 Wirr Tsi
Pùr 1-0 Z'ai'ai
Eyrods 0-3 Chromatik
Urrheddiao 3-3 Myana
Deprí Lanar 0-1 Anomalies
Alnio 4-2 Deprí Sanar
Final Standings:
   League Chromatiks 1     Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 ImageUrrheddiao 33 17 7 9 74 43 +31 58 Champions' Cup, AOCL
2 ImageAnomalies 33 16 9 8 43 22 +21 57 Globe Cup
3 ImageMyana 33 16 9 8 37 19 +18 57 Globe Cup, Cygnus Cup
4 ImageChromatik 33 15 9 9 55 45 +10 54 Globe Cup

5 ImageDeprí Sanar 33 15 6 12 43 37 +6 51
6 ImageZ'ai'ai 33 13 11 9 48 31 +17 50
7 ImageAlnio 33 14 7 12 43 55 −12 49
8 ImageEyrods 33 10 11 12 56 57 −1 41
9 ImageWirr Tsi 33 10 8 15 39 54 −15 38
10 ImagePùr 33 7 9 17 33 60 −27 30 Promotion/Relegation Playoffs (Won)
11 ImagePria 33 7 9 17 36 66 −30 30 Relegated
12 ImageDeprí Lanar 33 7 7 19 23 41 −18 28 Relegated
Myana has no one else to blame but themselves for letting Urrheddiao take the title, as they had United on the ropes. Instead, the loss makes them finish third behind Anomalies due to goals difference, while Capitalizt take care of business to finish fourth, leaving Deprí Sanar and Z'ai'ai just looking in. Alnio had a solid season, while Eyrods needs some defense; Wirr Tsi had a solid first season in the League, but will need to think bigger moving forward. Mason's heroics allows Pùr the chance to remain in the League Chromatiks 1, while Pria and the Red Hawks have lost that chance and will be relegated.
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Final Standings:
   League Chromatiks 2   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Felswyr 33 25 3 5 34 11 +23 78 Series B Champions' Cup, Promoted
2 Umbar 33 22 4 7 76 35 +41 70 Series B Champions' Cup, Promoted

3 Lhor 33 15 7 11 35 25 +10 52 Series B Champions' Cup, Promotion/Relegation Playoffs (Lost)
4 Tihon 33 14 10 9 30 22 +8 52
5 Anfanhar 33 15 6 12 59 45 +14 51
6 Crossroads 33 13 8 12 20 17 +3 47
7 Brisara 33 10 8 15 43 66 −23 38
8 Lorentine 33 9 8 16 44 55 −11 35
9 Tor 33 9 6 18 36 50 −14 33
10 Gurshan 33 9 6 18 45 72 −27 33
11 Shantarr 33 8 8 17 22 31 −9 32
12 Rhoni 33 8 8 17 29 44 −15 32
Tihon did their best, taking care of Brisara 2-0, but Lhor took care of business against Anfanhar 2-0 as well to get the third place that they wanted, snagging the last SBCC berth as well as a chance at the League Chromatiks 1.
Promotion/Relegation Playoffs

Pùr Riders vs. Lhor Orcas
Lhor 1–4 Pùr
Saxon 45' | Mason 17', 28', 51'

Pùr 3–1 Lhor
Mason 28', 36' Lister 46' | Eason 57'

Led by Carrie Mason's five goals, the Riders somehow stay in the first division, a feat that was considered pretty much impossible a few matches ago.
Final @ The Capitlizt Dome, Chromatik City, Chromatika
Myana 0–0 Anomalies (0–0 AET) (4–2 pen.)
Dragana O Ebenazher O Velasquez O Ingalls O | Ochini O Hackett O Aensland X Liam X
A tense game for the Cup Final, Myana trying to salvage the season after the debacle of the final day while Anomalies trying to get revenge on the Islanders for winning the Shield, while trying to defend the Cup. Dragana and Hackett had some nice tries for both sides, but the game went to Penalty Kicks, where Frías shines better than most. He saves two, and the Islanders claim the Cup for the first time in the club's history, making it the fourth year in a row that they've claimed some sort of title, while also setting up the Myana vs. Urrheddiao matchup for the Shield next season.

All-League First Team
Pos Player Team
Coach George Hasada Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets
GK Rubio Frías Myana Islanders
DEF Emma Kelly Anomalies
DEF Aysu Damjana Myana Islanders
DEF Rachel Kellen Z'ai'ai Mounaineers
MID Jay Irikor Urrheddiao United
MID Florian San Asador Chromatk Capitalizt
MID Carrol Liam Anomalies
MID Christina Lucie Eyrods Jungle Cats
FOR Ki Niro Alnio Union
FOR Nadya Dostoevich Urrheddiao United
FOR Carrie Mason Pùr Riders

All-League Second Team
Pos Player Team
Coach Lina Amos Urrheddiao United
GK Kirstin Neovak Anomalies
DEF Aoife Ruth Chromatik Capitalizt
DEF Jan Stanimir Chromatik Capitalizt
DEF Lucjusz Stef Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets
MID Cosimo Poole Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets
MID Isidor Juuso Eyrods Jungle Cats
MID Jorge Estevez Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
MID Ramona Flowers Wirr Tsi Shock
FOR Federica Pesciano Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
FOR Stefan Metod Eyrods Jungle Cats
FOR Sue Hackett Anomalies

Golden Boot (Top Scorer)
# Player Team Goals Scored
1 Ki Niro Alnio Union 24
2 Nadya Dostoevich Urrheddiao United 22
3 Tobias Clarke Urrheddiao United 20
4 Carrie Mason Pùr Riders 19
5 Christina Lucie Eyrods Jungle Cats 18

Golden Glove (Least Goals Allowed)
# Player Team Goals Allowed
1 Rubio Frías Myana Islanders 19
2 Kirstin Neovak Anomalies 22
3 Samuel Rose-Hannaford Z'ai'ai Mountaineers 31
4 Ljubica Sang Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets 37
5 El Azhar Deprí Lanar Red Hawks 41

Golden Wings (Most Assists)
# Player Team Assists
1 Jay Irikor Urrheddiao United 20
2 Florian San Asador Chromatik Capitalizt 13
2 Isidar Juuso Eyrods Jungle Cats 13
3 Emma Kelly Anomalies 11
3 Aoife Ruth Myana Islanders 11
3 Ramona Flowers Wirr Tsi Shock 11

Foreign Player of the Year
1. Nadya Dostoevich - Yesopalitha (Urrheddiao United) - 22 Goals, 5 Assists
2. Rubio Frías - San José Guayabal (Myana Islanders) - 19 Goals Allowed
3. Jay Irikor - Ceni (Urrheddiao United) - 8 Goals, 20 Assists
4. Emma Kelly - Brenecia (Anomalies) - 11 Assists
5. Carrie Mason - Nephara (Pùr Riders) - 19 Goals
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CoH Appearance: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16)
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 5 Preview Part 1

Postby Chromatika » Wed Jun 22, 2016 4:09 pm

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Season 5

The past off-season saw some big names leave, and some interesting players join the league; with the political struggle between the Chromatik Football Federation and the Chromatik Government, the League Chromatiks System will not be funded by the government at all this season, which is interesting for certain; also, the League Chromatiks System will cover international competitions for the first time.

Alnio Union
Previous Finish: 7th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Round of Sixteen
Stadium: RCK Field, Alnio (Cap. 100,400)
Formation/Style: 3-2-3-2, +4
Manager: Uriah Hynon (5th Year, 4th League 1)
Departures: LB Silja Katalin -> ImageBirdingstone United, CB Ruslan Sigurd -> Eyrods Jungle Cats, CM Ivar Ryokin -> ImageLlara Llera, CM Teodora Teija -> ImagePlatform Moon, ST Ki Niro -> ImageSt. Ann
Domestic Additions: LB Heinrich Blazej <- Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets, CB Nikole Franci <- Eyrods Jungle Cats, ImageRCM Maurice Taylor <- Shantarr Seals, ST Aide Mehdizade <- Umbar Monkeys
Foreign Additions: ImageCAM Alora Heher (ImageRamusok Capital University)
Starting XI: ImageGK Silas Young, LB Heinrich Blazej, CB Nikole Franci, ImageRB Adino Eliot, LM Marius Olivér, ImageCAM Alora Heher, ImageRCM Maurice Taylor, ImageRM Jurgen Eriksen, LW Oldrich Jan*, ST Aide Mehdizade, RW Priska Krimhilde
Analysis: After a rough start, especially for Silas Young, the Union bounced back and had a respectful season behind the Big Five and the surprising Yellow Jackets. The loss of Ki Niro to free agency is absolutely massive. How do you replace the amount of playmaking potential that she had? The roster does now feature five different nationalities, and there is a lot of hype behind Alora Heher, the Collegiate Player of the Year from Cosumar, so perhaps something will come of that. Probably the team will finish in the middle once more - too good to be relegated but not good enough to challenge for the Top Four.

Previous Finish: 2nd League Chromatiks 1, Cup Finals
Stadium: Anomaly Tower, Chromatik City (Cap. 110,320)
Formation/Style: 4-3-2-1, -1
Manager: Aleksandr Ivanovich (5th Year, 5th League 1)
Departures: RCB Vitor Raoul -> ImageHashbury, ST Teor Rwang -> ImageIFK Aldenskoett
Domestic Additions: RCB Tora Bozena <- Myana Islanders, ST Kriegal Lowrie <- University of Myana
Foreign Additions: None
Starting XI: GK Kirstin Neovak*, LB Jarer Minskai, ImageLCB Donald Baek, RCB Tora Bozena, ImageRB Emma Kelly, LM Carrol Liam, ImageCM Lillian Aensland, RM Laure Etienne, ImageLW Sue Hackett, ST Kriegal Lowrie, RW Biardo Ochini
Analysis: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. This team almost won the League Chromatiks 1, and perhaps would have if it wasn't for the fact that Myana and Urrheddiao had to play each other on the final day. With the defense of Baek and Kelly, the goalkeeping of Neovak, the amazing crosses from Liam and Aensland, and the finishing touch of Hackett, the team is set to make another run at the title, and perhaps this time, achieve the long-held dream of winning the League.

Chromatik Capitalizt
Previous Finish: 4th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Quarterfinals
Stadium: Capitalizt Dome, Chromatik City (Cap. 144,000)
Formation/Style: 4-4-2, +1
Manager: Michael St. Laurent (5th Year, 5th League 1)
Departures: GK Nika Justus -> Eyrods Jungle Cats, CM Sandra Sybill -> ImageReal Azuris, RM Alred Minke -> Urrheddiao United
Domestic Additions: GK Ljubica Sang <- Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets, CM Nevin Ingalls <- Myana Islanders, RM Angelica Anderson <- Felswyr Frost
Foreign Additions: None
Starting XI: GK Ljubica Sang, LB Avkesntiy Hildebrand, LCB Frederic Colbert, RCB Jan Stanimir, RB Aoife Ruth, ImageLM Florian San Asador*, CM Nevin Ingalls, ImageCM Luis Maradiga, RM Angelica Anderson, ImageLW Zito Miguel, ImageRW Mikael Asgaardsson
Analysis: The Capitalizt returned to Globe Cup competitions last season for the first time in a while. The core of San Asador, Miguel, Maradiga, and Asgaardsson is very solid; having two superbly talented National Team Bench Players in Colbert and Stanimir helps as well. Maybe swapping out Justus for Sang will help with the defense, and then the Banguelan Miguel can score enough goals to allow the Capitalizt more than just returning to the Globe Cup.

Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets
Previous Finish: 5th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Semifinals
Stadium: The Hive, Deprí Sanar (Cap. 122,000)
Formation/Style: 3-4-2-1, 0
Manager: George Hasada (5th Year, 5th League 1)
Departures: GK Ljubica Sang -> Chromatik Capitalizt, LB Heinrich Blazej -> Alnio Union, RM Anri Fiete -> Rhoni Giants
Domestic Additions: LB Isadora Lowe <- Z'ai'ai Mountaineers, RM Maksimilian Illarion <- Myana Islanders
Foreign Additions: ImageGK Markus Sheffield (ImageSouthgate)
Starting XI: ImageGK Markus Sheffield, LB Isadora Lowe, CB Lucjusz Stef*, ImageRB Jade Meyer, LM Ninia Emilie, ImageCM Kestrel Bolton, ImageCM Cosimo Poole, RM Maksimilian Illarion, LW Martin Zinoviy, ST Emil Roel, ImageRW Basila Villalobos
Analysis: The Yellow Jackets were the surprise of the season, giving the Big Five a scare and finishing fifth in the league, even challenging for the title for two-thirds of the season. They bring some experience to their roster, and trust the Llamean Sheffield with goal. They'll need Zinoviy, Roel, and Villalobos to score a bit more than they did last season. The master of winning close games last season, the Yellow Jackets are flying high - and with their rivals, the Red Hawks, spending at least one year in the League Chromatiks 2, this is the team to watch among the Deprís.

Eyrods Jungle Cats
Previous Finish: 8th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Round of 24
Stadium: The Jungle, Eyrods (Cap. 74,590)
Formation/Style: 3-5-2, +2.5
Manager: Hana Anai, 5th Year, 3rd League Chromatiks 1)
Departures: ImageGK Lucas Lemann -> Pria Pride, CB Nikole Franci -> Alnio Union, RB Milena Angela -> ImageNew Sarum, CM Whitney Yao -> Shantarr Seals
Domestic Additions: GK Nika Justus <- Chromatik Capitalizt, CB Ruslan Sigurd <- Alnio Union, RB Thomasine Benjamin <- Wirr Tsi Shock
Foreign Additions: ImageCM Gáll Vivien (ImageCA Paulinthal)
Starting XI: GK Nika Justus, ImageLB Bushra Ghardir Antar, CB Ruslan Sigurd, RB Thomasine Benjamin, LM Isidor Juuso, CM Vidar Bronislav, ImageCM Gáll Vivien, CM Anna Eunika*, RM Christina Lucie, LW Stefan Metod, RW Lorriane Deleon
Analysis: Metod & Deleon became a household name last season, scoring a staggering total of goals apiece. The problem was the defense, and the Jungle Cats changed all of that, letting go of three of four pieces of the defense. Maybe Justus can bring the Jungle Cats some presence in goal to help the goals that Metod & Deleon score not go to waste, for they might not be around in Eyrods for many more seasons, with how prolific they are becoming.

Felswyr Frost
Previous Finish: 1st League Chromatiks 2, Cup Round of 24
Stadium: Frozen Stadium, Felswyr (Cap. 32,100)
Formation/Style: 4-4-2, -4
Manager: Kia Anders (5th Year, 2nd League Chromatiks 1)
Departures: LM Rymea Olan -> Pria Pride, RM Angelica Anderson -> Chromatik Capitalizt, LW Alexandria Chesser -> Pùr Riders
Domestic Additions: ImageLM Lucinde Cardenas <- Gurshan Sharks, ImageRCM Kirsten Prince <- Rhoni Giants, ImageLW Paolino Clementi <- Brisara Dragoons
Foreign Additions: None
Starting XI: ImageGK Graziella Pellegrini*, LB Dominique Lorenzo, CB Andre Erikk, CB Ishmael Lia, RB Monica Cameron, ImageLM Lucinde Cardenas, CM Ena Eleonora, CM Malorie Tribble, ImageRCM Kirsten Prince, ImageLW Paolino Clementi, RW Beatrice Collas
Analysis: Welcome back to the League Chromatiks 1, Felswyr. The Frost - coming from the northernmost city of Chromatika - is led by Osarian goalkeeper Graziella Pellegrini, who conceded eleven goals last season, a ridiculously low number. With three other Osarians on the roster, it might as well be considered Osarius North. Not much is expected of Felswyr, but they have such a home field advantage with how cold it is up there.
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 5 Preview Part 2

Postby Chromatika » Sat Jul 02, 2016 2:13 am


Myana Islanders
Previous Finish: 3rd Place League Chromatiks 1, Cup Champions
Stadium: Island Dome, Myana (Cap. 133,000)
Formation/Style: 4-4-2, -0.5
Manager: ImageAkira Eld (1st Year, 1st League 1)
Departures: RCB Tora Bozena -> Alnio Union, RB Nyata Atanov -> Urrheddiao United, CM Nevin Ingalls -> Chromatik Capitalizt, RM Maksimilian Illarion -> Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets
Domestic Additions: RM Anton Vells <- Urrheddiao United
Foreign Additions: ImageLCM Russ Saugan (ImageCastle of Newton), ImageRCM Jared Jones (ImageLetson Town)
Starting XI: ImageGK Rubio Frías, ImageLB Miriam Portadown, LCB Aysu Damjana, ImageRCB Urbanzo Simon, ImageRB Niamh MacLean, ImageLM Eva Velasquez, ImageLCM Russ Saugan, ImageRCM Jared Jones, RM Anton Vells, ImageLW Nigel Ebenazher, RW Jazmin Dragana*
Analysis: The loss of Franscesca Cortes, who decided to just focus on the National Team, led to an offseason of turmoil for Myana, who lost the title for the first time last season. Enter Akira Eld, the Cosumarite who has a rich history of developing talent, and the one responsible for starting the rise of the Real Azuris. He's brought a slightly more offensive 4-4-2 to Myana, and gone is the 5-3-2. The team is multinational - sporting seven different nationalities in the Starting XI. A lot will hinge on whether the young Ethanian center midfielders can bring the finesse and touch to bridge the great goalkeeping from the Guayabalense Frías and the brilliance that is Ebenazher and Dragana's scoring.

Pùr Riders
Previous Finish: 10th League Chromatiks 1 (Won Relegation Playoffs), Cup Quarterfinals
Stadium: Riders' Arena, Pùr (Cap. 35,210)
Formation/Style: 3-3-4, +3
Manager: Silian Parker (5th Year, 2nd League Chromatiks 1)
Departures: GK Marla Vela -> ImageHarnrice Street, LB Harriette Meadows -> Umbar Monkeys, CM Irati Berit -> Tor Teal, LW Renea Tuggle -> Brisara Dragoons, ST Richie Lister -> Umbar Monkeys, RW Garrett Ty -> Wirr Tsi Shock
Domestic Additions: LB Samir Mutapcic <- Umbar Monkeys, ImageACM Ignacio Rocha <- Tor Teal, LW Alexandria Chesser <- Felswyr Frost, RW Yoon Hyeon <- Brisara Giants
Foreign Additions: ImageGK Nophram Stabler (ImagePaccard), ImageST Fiacre Bellarose (ImageNorthern Union)
Starting XI: ImageGK Nophram Stabler, LB Samir Mutapcic, ImageCB Ryan Prescott, RB Elva Nika, ImageLM Kimberly Pine, ImageACM Ignacio Rocha, ImageRM Sunshine Rayne, LW Alexandria Chesser, ImageST Carrie Mason*, ImageST Fiacre Bellarose, RW Yoon Hyeon
Analysis: The Riders' comeback from eight points out of tenth place with five matches to go, resulting in them grabbing the win while Pria and Deprí Lanar both lost on the final match, saw them go against the Lhor Orcas and absolutely destroy the opposition to remain in the League Chromatiks 1. Carrie Mason is a Pùr star now, and had a huge say in the direction of the squad moving forward. They are hoping that the Sorcuvovic Stabler can help a leaky goal, that the Osarian Rocha provides a spart, and that Felixian Fiacre Bellarose helps Mason flourish even more as a scorer. The team has aspirations to finish in the Top Six, and possibly push for a Cup berth.

Umbar Monkeys
Previous Finish: 2nd League Chromatiks 2, Cup Round of 16
Stadium: Umbar Ultima, Umbar (Cap. 81,200)
Formation/Style: 2-3-5, +4
Manager: Bettina Schwarz (5th Year, 1st League 1)
Departures: LB Samir Mutapcic -> Pùr Riders, ST Aide Mehdizade -> Alnio Union
Domestic Additions: LB Harriette Meadows <- Pùr Riders, ST Richie Lister <- Pùr Riders
Foreign Additions: None
Starting XI: GK Theresa Leitner, LB Harriette Meadows, RB Andreas Pavel, LM Danko Buric, CM Ivo Bolic, RM Thorestein Gillis, LW Emin Yasarli, ST Richie Lister, ST Kaytlyne Victoriane, ST Nihad Suleymanzade*, RW Meleyke Aslanzade
Analysis: The direct opposite of Felswyr Frost, Umbar brings a high-octane, goal-barrage style that can struggle if the midfield struggles. Five strikers up front provide ample scoring opportunities, but if the connections aren't established, the team can flounder like nobody else. A total, complete wild card.

Urrheddiao United
Previous Finish: Champions League Chromatiks 1, Cup Semifinals
Stadium: United Center, Urrheddiao (Cap. 120,000)
Formation/Style: 3-3-4, +3
Manager: Lina Amos (5th Year, 4th League 1)
Departures: LB Valeri Witek -> ImageFC Kaldukosic, ImageCB Soren Pedersen -> FC Matovallanen, RB Olivia An -> Wirr Tsi Shock, RM Anton Vells -> Myana Islanders, ST Siri Rebekka -> ImageAssociaçao Bassuto, RW Vladimir Janos -> Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
Domestic Additions: RB Nyata Atanov <- Myana Islanders, RM Alred Minke <- Chromatik Capitalizt, RW Janean Vanburen <- Wirr Tsi Shock
Foreign Additions: ImageLB Luke Albom (ImageClub Ithinia), ImageCB Loris Bologna (ImageKingsgrove), ImageWilmer Jarequi (ImageNew Sarum)
Starting XI: GK Jillian Nier*, ImageLB Luke Albom, ImageCB Loris Bologna, RB Nyata Atanov, ImageLM Rowan Varghese, ImageCM Jay Irikor, RM Alred Minke, ImageLW Tobias Clarke, ImageST Nadya Dostoevich, ImageST Wilmer Jarequi, RW Janean Vanburen
Analysis: Fresh off of a seventy-four goal season in which United became the first team not named Myana to lift the League Chromatiks title, the United... let six players go and signed six new ones. Pretty crazy, but Lin(s)a Amos is not content with her current roster, and is willing to do whatever it takes to keep changing until she finds the perfect mix. United's defense was a bit lackluster at times last season, and they brought in Albom and Bologna, along with the Islander Atanov, to try to fix that; the star-studded midfield of Varghese and Irikor will be complemented by Minke, who is more of an assist type anyway, while youngster Wimer Jarequi from Ethane joins the already potent duo of Clarke and Dostoevich, with Vanburen understanding his role as an assisting forward. United don't seem keen on giving up their hard-earned trophy anytime soon, and it can be said that they are heavy favorites going into the season, with Myana going through a manager change, Capitalizt and Anomalies not changing much, and Z'ai'ai and Deprí Sanar a step behind.

Wirr Tsi Shock
Previous Finish: 9th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Quarterfinals
Stadium: The Shock, Wirr Tsi (Cap. 51,350)
Formation/Style: 3-5-2, +1.5
Manager: Ezekiel Luther (5th Year, 2nd League 1)
Departures: GK Halide Elise -> Deprí Lanar Red Hawks, LB Moshe Sommers -> ImageCardnid Town, RB Thomasine Benjamin -> Eyrods Jungle Cats, LM Linnea Furman -> Deprí Lanar Red Hawks, CM Dante Barham -> Deprí Lanar Red Hawks, RW Janean Vanburen -> Urrheddiao United
Domestic Additions: ImageGK Al Azhar <- Deprí Lanar Red Hawks, RB Olivia An <- Urrheddiao United, ImageLM Duro Zoric <- Pria Pride, RW Garrett Ty <- Pùr Riders
Foreign Additions: ImageLB Jadi Norobuni (ImageStrassum), ImageCM Raymond Martin (ImageBlashpool City)
Starting XI: ImageGK El Azhar, ImageLB Jadi Norobuni, ImageCB James Doncaster, RB Olivia An, ImageLM Duro Zoric, ImageLCM Raymond Martin, ImageRCM Ramona Flowers, ImageRM Jeffery Van Morsel, LW Hurik Marie*, ImageST Scott Pilgrim, RW Garrett Ty
Analysis: Wirr Tsi was... Underwhelming to say the least in their first season in the League Chromatiks 1. Elise had one of her worst seasons yet, as the defense faltered often. The rebuilding effort starts with two players who didn't have the greatest of times in their first season in Chromatika - El Azhar from Dainder and Duro Zoric from Anglatia. With the addition of Norobuni of Sorcuvov and Martin of Ethane, Wirr Tsi is hoping to have a more stable season with their stable of foreign talent. If they can stave off relegation and finish around mid-table, they'd be fortunate and pretty happy.

Z'ai'ai Mountaineers
Previous Finish: 6th League Chromatiks 1, Cup Quarterfinals
Stadium: Z'ai'ai Field, Z'ai'ai (Cap. 113,000)
Formation/Style: 4-3-3, +3
Manager: Jyrom Mikita (5th Year, 5th League 1)
Departures: LB Isidora Lowe -> Deprí Sanar Yellow Jackets, LCB Wildred Worensten -> ImageMardi Lopunnies, RCB Yasim Morovoch -> ImageLetson Town, RW/ST Nioli Quren -> ImageHashbury
Domestic Additions: RW Vladimir Janos <- Urrheddiao United
Foreign Additions: ImageLB Mateus Neeskens (ImageDon Ramón), ImageLCB Everett Seymour (ImageInternacional Binar), ImageRCB Carlos Wright (ImageBlashpool City)
Starting XI: ImageGK Samuel Rose-Hannaford, ImageLB Mateus Neeskens, ImageLCB Everett Seymour, ImageRCB Carlow Wright, ImageRB Rachel Kellen, LM Pietr Han, ImageCM Jorge Estevez, RM Alyss Montague*, ImageLW Deianeira Agastamopoulos, ImageST Federica Pesciano, RW Vladimir Janos
Analysis: A disastrous season for the Mountaineers saw them miss international club competition for the first time in years. Mikita has been given one more chance to right the ship, or he will be sacked. Choosing to retain Rose-Hannaford, who had a great year by his standards, the Mountaineers instead steadied their defensive front with three signings to go with the reliable Rachel Kellen. Generating forty-eight goals last season, the offense was sporadic but still there, and Han, Estevez, and Montague will continue to press up the field to try to get their strikers to find the net as much as possible. The addition of Vladimir Janos is a plus, but for such an offensive minded squad, it's the defense that will bear the scrutiny of the fans and the country if Z'ai'ai falls.
Predicted Order of Finish:
1. Image Urrheddiao
2. Image Chromatik
3. Image Anomalies
4. Image Myana
5. Image Z'ai'ai
6. Image Pùr
7. Image Alnio
8. Image Deprí Sanar
9. Image Felswyr
10. Image Eyrods
11. Image Wirr Tsi
12. Image Umbar
Urrheddiao are the heavy favorites going in, and it is at least this writer's opinion that the solid cores of Chromatik and Anomalies will allow them to finish in the top three spots, with Myana just edging out the Mountaineers in the very first season that a foreign manager manages a team. Expect the Riders and Union to surprise many who thought they were pushovers, and for the Yellow Jackets to figure out that last year was a dream. Felswyr will remain in the top flight, while Eyrods, Wirr Tsi, and poor Umbar will struggle at the bottom, with the offensive strength of Eyrods being the difference to earn the tenth place spot. Of course, this is just a prediction, and if last year is to be a precedent, anything can happen!
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 5 Rest Preview

Postby Chromatika » Sat Jul 02, 2016 12:19 pm

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Last season, Felswyr and Umbar led the league as expected, but Anfanhar fell, giving Lhor their ill-fated chance that was snuffed out by Carrie Mason and the Riders. Now, with Deprí Lanar unexpectedly here, the other teams will most likely have a much harder time of things.
Predicted Order of Finish:
1. Deprí Lanar
2. Pria
3. Lhor
4. Anfanhar
5. Crossroads
6. Tihon
7. Brisara
8. Lorentine
9. Tor
10. Gurshan
11. Shantarr
12. Rhoni
Expect the Red Hawks to come roaring back, with lackluster Pria right behind them. There isn't a good reason why Lhor shouldn't continue to do what it does, and Anfanhar, Crossroads, and the surprising Tihon will be right behind them. Still, the gap between the League Chromatiks 1 and League Chromatiks 2 is rather large, and thus the advantage goes to the teams that were there a year ago.
Edition: V
Holders: Myana

Reminder that the first two rounds are seeded, and then randomized once we hit eight teams.

Round of 24 Draw
Rhoni @ Wirr Tsi
Shantarr @ Pùr
Gurshan @ Pria
Tor @ Deprí Lanar
Lorentine @ Felswyr
Brisara @ Umbar
Crossroads @ Lhor
Anfanhar @ Tihon
Edition: II
Holders: Myana

The match will be between Urrheddiao and Myana, a clash between the top two finishers, as the two juggernauts will fight it out before the season begins.
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 5 Part 1: Preseason - MD 8

Postby Chromatika » Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:04 pm

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Season 5, Part 1

Globe Cup First Preliminary Round

Cabinda Loyalist 2-2 Myana
Myana 3-0 Cabinda Loyalist

Chromatik 4-1 Hellyons o’th’Hylles
Hellyons o’th’Hylles 1-2 Chromatik

Myana was absolutely blitzed in the first game in West Angola, needing a timely score from Dragana to get the tie heading into their match at home. There, however, Frías put on a clinic, and the new Ethanian midfielders helped Eld lead the Islanders into the next round.

Shystylysh Hellyons o'th'Hylles faced a very determined Chromatik side, as Duo Dynamique worked their magic in the first game. The second game was much closer, and it was the Banguelan Miguel who helped the team win both ties to advance.

Champions' Cup Second Preliminary Round
Church of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 4-2 Urrheddiao
Urrheddiao 2-2 Church of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

C. of LS JC came out swinging in the first match, and the answer from Urrheddiao was a bit too sluggish. They tried to bring back the momentum in the second tie, but could only manage a draw, meaning that Urrheddiao's first taste of Champions' Cup matches would end with the bitter taste of defeat.

Globe Cup Second Preliminary Round

Chromatik 2-1 Tir Snake Strike
Tir Snake Strike 1-2 Chromatik

Namibe United 1-3 Myana
Myana 2-2 Namibe United

Chromatik had the unenviable task of taking on Cenial powerhouse Tir Snake Strike. In a pair of close games, San Asador's playmaking shone through as the midfielder assisted in both of the game winners - the first by Miguel and the second by fellow Quebecois Asgaardsson. Aeris Cossadel turned out to be the Achilles heel for the Capitalizt, but that didn't matter with the strikers on form.

Meanwhile, Myana faced a West Angolan squad for the second round in a row. Frías and the defense had a time of things trying to contain the offense of Namibe United, but Dragan's hat trick in Game 1 and Ebenezher's brace in Game 2 saw them proceed onward as well.

Globe Cup Third Preliminary Round

Comunas Cougars 3-3 Myana
Myana 1-4 Comunas Cougars

Urrheddiao 0-0 Prinslig Veelheim
Prinslig Veelheim 0-1 Urrheddiao

Chromatik 0-2 Spenson Suburbia
Spenson Suburbia 3-0 Chromatik

Anomalies 2-0 Navel Sharks
Navel Sharks 1-2 Anomalies

This round saw the runs of Myana and Chromatik end. The Capitalizt were thoroughly dominated by the Zwangy side, while Myana actually had a chance, drawing 3-3 on the road helped by Maradiga. However, the Cougars from Legalese thoroughly dominated the second leg. Urrheddiao saw Nadya Dostoevich find the net in the eighty-seventh minute on the road to proceed, while Anomalies simply toyed with the Navel Sharks of Whirl Islands, Hackett and Lowrie scoring a brace apiece.

Globe Cup Playoff Round

Atlético Nacional 1-2 Anomalies
Anomalies 0-0 Atlético Nacional

Urrheddiao 3-1 SC Cascadia
SC Cascadia 0-1 Urrheddiao

Atléico Nacional vs. Anomalies was an interesting matchup, as it put Chromatik National Team Striker Trenn Rien against a team from his home nation. It was Rien who gave Atlético the lead, but Sue Hackett answered before halftime, and Carrol Liam hit a brilliant shot from mid-range to give the Anomalies the away win. At the Anomaly Tower, Neovak was the star, stopping every shot sent her way, as Anomalies defeated a team from San José Guayabal to add to the list of countries with superior leagues that Chromatik teams have defeated this UICA cycle.

Urrheddiao showed its entire offensive prowess against SC Cascadia, as Jarequi, Dostoevich, and Clarke scored in the win at home, and Vanburen added one on the road for good measure; the pace of the press of the United offense seemed to catch the 95Xers off guard.
Edition: II
@ United Center, Urrheddiao (Cap. 120,000) as Title-holders

Urrheddiao 3–2 Myana
10' Dostoevich, 51' Jarequi, 82' Clarke | 42' Dragana, 77' Velasquez

And the domestic season begins with the Chromatik Shield, Myana with a chance to defend that aspect of the domestic title as cup holders. It's Akira Eld vs. Lisa Amos for the very first time, and the game doesn't disappoint. The Yesopalithan Dostoevich pounces on Frías first in the tenth minute off of a solid Irikor cross, but the goal is answered by the impeccable Dragana before halftime, Llamanean Velasquez providing an apt ball through. Ethanian Jarequi scores his first goal in Chromatik domestic competition at the fifty-first minute, Dostoevich assisting with a neat ball after getting past Damjana. Eva Velasquez came to the Islanders' rescue twenty-six minutes later with a gorgeous free kick. The game seemed destined to go to extra time, but a suspect pass from Portadown to Simon was intercepted by Clarke, who calmly slotted it past Frías to claim the shield.

Matchday 1
Anomalies 2–0 Felswyr
Pùr 0–0 Wirr Tsi
Urrheddiao 0–0 Alnio
Umbar 0–0 Chromatik
Z'ai'ai 0–1 Myana
Eyrods 4–4 Deprí Sanar

Well the new season begins with some sluggish draws. Silas Young starts off the season brilliantly, spoiling Urrheddiao's first home match of the season since being champions (if you don't count the shield) by stopping all eleven shots on goal. United definitely dominated the game as a whole, but the Union defense was spectacular. The Riders' season began disappointingly against the Shock, as both Mason and new acquisition Bellarose failed to find the net. Thankfully, Stabler the Sorcuvovic was up to par with Azhar the Daineri, and that match ended in a tie. Perhaps the most unexpected match to end in a nil-nil draw was Umbar-Chromatik, as Umbar is known for its hyperagression and Chromatik was expected to dominate the Monkeys in their first match in the League Chromatiks 1. Instead, Ljubica Sang's first game as a Capitalizt ended with no goals allowed, but the Anomalies' attack of Miguel, San Asador, and co. looked a little out of sync, perhaps still a bit shell-shocked due to losing so handily in international competition. Anomalies welcomed the Frost to the League Chromatiks 1 with a drubbing, the two-nil score not a good indicator of how one-sided of an affair it was, In the most looked forward to tie of the day, Akira Eld's first game as a manager for the Islanders ended in a victory, as Frías started off the season in wonderful form, and a Jared Jones cross to Anton Vells gave the previous United man his first goal as an Islander. A bloodbath in Eyrods concluded in a four-all draw, Meteod & Deleon being matched stride for stride by four separate scorers from the Yellow Jackets.

Globe Cup Qualifying Round, First Leg
Baskita FC 1-1 Anomalies
FC Jansberg 0-0 Urrheddiao

Anomalies find their answer to an early goal by Pasargan club Baskita FC's Ariadne Shroveday from the Nepharim Hackett, and get to head home on a high note, needing only a draw to advance to the Group Stage of the Globe Cup for the very first time. At FC Jansberg, it's Nier who shows her class, holding the LigAnaia East side to a nil-nil draw as the United offense was held to a halt as well.

Matchday 2
Felswyr 4–1 Deprí Sanar
Myana 4–2 Eyrods
Chromatik 2–2 Z'ai'ai
Alnio 1–0 Umbar
Wirr Tsi 1–2 Urrheddiao
Anomalies 0–2 Pùr

Well, this definitely isn't the Pùr of old. The new keeper Stabler pitches his second shutout in a row, while Carrie Mason and Fiacre Bellarose both score the first goals of the season, holding the Anomalies to a shock defeat. Alora Heher shows why she was the Cosumarite College Player of the Year with a brilliant strike past Leitner in Alnio's narrow win over the Monkeys. United take a very solid three points away at Wirr Tsi, Jarequi and Dostoevich scoring, assisted by the ever so present Irikor; Marie's goal kept things interesting but to no avail. Capitalizt and Mountaineers play to a tie at the Dome, Pesciano's double answering San Asador and Miguel. The shocker of the day comes at Frozen Stadium, where Felswyr uses all of its home-field advantage to stun the Yellow Jackets. This was not what Deprí Sanar had in mind when they signed Markus Sheffield. Eyrods gives the Islanders some grief early with their scoring duo of Metod & Deleon, but Eld's side comes through, getting four past Justus and thoroughly dominating the second half of their match, giving the Islanders two wins to start the season - the only side to do so.

Globe Cup Qualifying Round, Second Leg
Anomalies 0-0 Baskita FC
Urrheddiao 3-2 FC Jansberg

Kristin Neovak reminds people of her brilliance in the draw against Baskita FC, and Anomalies qualify due to scoring the single away goal. In United Center, a late strike from Clarke assisted by Irikor was the difference as Urrheddiao defeated the Semar side and advanced to the Group Stage of the Globe Cup as well, making these two the first Chromatik teams to qualify for the Group Stage.

Matchday 3
Pùr 1–0 Felswyr
Urrheddiao 2–1 Anomalies
Umbar 0–3 Wirr Tsi
Z'ai'ai 1–0 Alnio
Eyrods 0–0 Chromatik
Deprí Sanar 1–3 Myana

Pùr's hot start continues by breaching the solid defense of the Frost, Mason scoring the game winner in a manner that is almost trivial for her - fifteen yards out, left foot, curled in to the near post. The Shock pick up their first win of the season against a Monkeys side that seems overwhelmed by the caliber of the league, not managing a single goal in three matches. Three different Shock players scored in the match. Both Eyrods and Chromatik had lackluster performances offensively in an ugly affair that had over twenty fouls called, Justus having a fantastic game after a rough start to the season. Alnio almost had Z'ai'ai's number but Montague was able to score in injury time for Silas Young's first goal conceded for the season off of a brilliant free kick. Myana continue their early tear, defeating the Yellow Jackets who are absolutely reeling after three matches. Three different scorers for the Islanders again, Dragana's goal an absolute beauty. At the United Center, United and Anomalies play a beautiful game, Hackett's strike answered by Dostoevich and then the game winner produced by Clarke.

Matchday 4
Felswyr 1–2 Myana
Chromatik 1–0 Deprí Sanar
Alnio 0–1 Eyrods
Wirr Tsi 0–1 Z'ai'ai
Anomalies 0–0 Umbar
Pùr 0–0 Urrheddiao

Whoa, did anyone see this coming? After four games, Nophram Stabler hasn't conceded a goal! Sure, neither did Jillian Nier this game, but to have Pùr have a record of 2-2-0 while only scoring three is ridiculous. Also, Umbar still haven't scored a goal, this time being held down by Neovak. Leitner was also on point, though, so Umbar was able to secure a point; for a team with five offensive players to have scored no goal, though? Absolutely crazy. And what's happened to the Yellow Jackets? After a brilliant last season, they don't have a win after four games again, this time Asgaardsson the culprit with San Asador assisting. Nuts. Eyrods finally get their first win of the season, Justus finally holding up. A notable improvement from Silas Young, however, as the Union keeper has only conceded two after four games where at this point last season they had conceded twenty-one. Even if one takes into account that scheduling changes and whatnot, it's still a notable improvement. Z'ai'ai put Wirr Tsi away in a narrow win, Janos pulling through for the Mountaineers at the end of it all. Islanders have a rough time at the frozen north of Felswyr, but both Ethanian midfielders score in the second half off of set pieces as they escape the Frost with a win.

Globe Cup Group Stage Match 1
Anomalies 0-1 Crisisbless
Urrheddiao 1-0 Revolutionaries

Jevdjevic-Hadsic capitalizes on an errant pass by Emma Kelly that sees Crisisbless escape the Anomaly Tower, while Urrheddiao stunned Euran side Revolutionaries with a late score from the young Jarequi.

Matchday 5
Urrheddiao 4–0 Felswyr
Umbar 0–1 Pùr
Z'ai'ai 4–1 Anomalies
Eyrods 1–1 Wirr Tsi
Deprí Sanar 1–2 Alnio
Myana 3–5 Chromatik

Urrheddiao's offense catches on in a complete dispatching of Felswyr, all four strikers scoring in a great showing. Stabler continues his incredible form, shutting out Umbar, who still don't have a goal(!) while Bellarose scores the winner. At the Logger Dome, Mountaineers put away Anomalies early, three goals scored in a ten minute stretch early in the first half, Pesciano's score being the most impressive of them. A sublime draw in Eyrods sees Metod and Pilgrim exchange blows, while the Yellow Jackets' woes continue with a loss at home to Alnio. Capitalizt hand Islanders their first defeat of the season in a eight-goal affair, Miguel's hat trick answering Ebenazher's and then Maradiga and San Asador doing the rest as Frías is blitzed for at least one game.

Matchday 6
Felswyr 0–1 Chromatik
Alnio 1–2 Myana
Wirr Tsi 1–0 Deprí Sanar
Anomalies 2–1 Eyrods
Pùr 3–0 Z'ai'ai
Urrheddiao 4–1 Umbar

If the early showing is of any indication, Pùr and Deprí Sanar seems to have traded skins. On one hand, you have the Yellow Jackets dropping points to even Wirr Tsi now, Garrett Ty adding to the list of woes, while Pùr flatten the Mountaineers at home, Stabler's form and Mason's striking the key. Felswyr play Chromatik hard at home, but the Capitalizt escape with all three points due to San Asador's brilliance; Pellegrini is finding out that the League Chromatiks 1 is much harder than the League Chromatiks 2. Alnio scared Myana early with Mehdizade displaying his talent early but the Islander machine took over in the second half and Velasquez won the game on a late corner. Anomalies rely on Hackett to skate past Eyrods while Urrheddiao get past Umbar's first goal of the season to score four past them at home.

Globe Cup Group Stage Match 2
Flanders FC 0-1 Anomalies
FC Oberyn's Shield 1-2 Urrheddiao

Anomalies bounce back from the defeat to Cristisbless with a solid win over Flanders, while Dostoevich's brace helps Urrheddiao triumph over FC Oberyn's Shield.

Matchday 7
Umbar 2–3 Felswyr
Z'ai'ai 0–2 Urrheddiao
Eyrods 3–7 Pùr
Deprí Sanar 1–1 Anomalies
Myana 5–2 Wirr Tsi
Chromatik 4–0 Alnio

An interesting tie between newcomers Felswyr and Umbar see the Monkeys take a 2-0 lead only to cough it up in the second half and having Prince score the game winner. Nier stonewalls Z'ai'ai, Jarequi and Dostoevich the scorers, while Eyrods becomes the first team to score on Stabler. Too bad that Pùr answered that first goal with seven of their own in a drubbing that featured braces from both Mason and Bellarose along with three others. The Yellow Jackets tried their damnedest to score their first win, but Hackett's win in the eighty-sixth was able to secure the draw for Anomalies. In Myana, the offense really got together while Capitalizt have a complete victory over Alnio, their game on in all cylinders.

Matchday 8
Felswyr 0–3 Alnio
Wirr Tsi 2–0 Chromatik
Anomalies 2–1 Myana
Pùr 1–0 Deprí Sanar
Urrheddiao 4–0 Eyrods
Umbar 1–2 Z'ai'ai

Alnio answer the defeat to Chromatik with a nice solid victory over Felswyr themselves, Heher scoring a brace. Pellegrini has conceded more goals in eight games than she did in the entirety of the League Chromatiks 2 last season. Wirr Tsi's upset of Capitalizt is a shocker, but Pilgrim and Marie scored for the Shock, and the Duo Dynamique couldn't muster their forces to get any rhythm going. Ebenazher's seventh goal of the season wasn't enough for the Islanders against an Anomalies side that finally found someone else than Hackett to score goals for them. Lowrie and Ochini scored their first goals of the season to place Anomalies a modest eleven points through eight games, almost half. Pùr and Urrheddiao both kept their foot on the pedal with destruction on the Yellow Jackets and the Jungle Cats, as both teams finish the first quarter on twenty points, a remarkable improvement for Pùr. Umbar almost grab their first win of the season, but in the last five minutes of the game, Z'ai'ai get a brace from Pesciano to plunge the Monkeys into despair - tied for last place with Deprí Sanar.
Standings after Eight Games:
  League Chromatiks 1      Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 ImageUrrheddiao 8 6 2 0 18 3 +15 20
2 ImagePùr 8 6 2 0 15 3 +12 20
3 ImageMyana 8 6 0 2 21 14 +7 18
4 ImageChromatik 8 4 3 1 13 7 +6 15
5 ImageZ'ai'ai 8 4 1 3 10 10 0 13
6 ImageWirr Tsi 8 3 2 3 10 9 +1 11
7 ImageAnomalies 8 3 2 3 9 11 −2 11
8 ImageAlnio 8 3 1 4 7 9 −2 10
9 ImageFelswyr 8 2 0 6 8 16 −8 6
10 ImageEyrods 8 1 3 4 12 22 −10 6
11 ImageDeprí Sanar 8 0 2 6 8 17 −9 2
12 ImageUmbar 8 0 2 6 4 14 −10 2
Whoa, Pùr, where did you come from? The Riders are holding stride per stride with United, and that's just shocking. Wirr Tsi are overachieving as well, while Anomalies are stumbling a bit. The Yellow Jackets and the Monkeys seem to be struggling insanely as well, not a win to their name. Can the Riders keep it up? Will Deprí Sanar stay down? Those are some questions leading into the rest of the season.
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League Chromatiks 2 Standings after Eight Games:
   League Chromatiks 2   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Deprí Lanar 8 6 2 0 17 4 +13 20
2 Lorentine 8 5 1 2 13 5 +8 16
3 Tihon 8 4 3 1 15 11 +4 15
4 Anfanhar 8 4 2 2 12 9 +3 14
5 Tor 8 4 1 3 8 10 −2 13
6 Shantarr 8 4 0 4 7 12 −5 12
7 Brisara 8 3 2 3 12 9 +3 11
8 Rhoni 8 3 2 3 11 9 +2 11
9 Lhor 8 2 2 4 8 9 −1 8
10 Gurshan 8 2 2 4 12 21 −9 8
11 Pria 8 1 1 6 5 11 −6 4
12 Crossroads 8 1 0 7 3 13 −10 3
Yellow Jackets definitely are having an easier time in the League Chromatiks 2, with Tihon and Anfanhar in the mix. Interestingly, promotion playoff participant Lhor are in ninth, while poor Pria is struggling even in the second level.
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League Chromatiks 1 Season 5 Part 2: Group Day MD3 - MD 16

Postby Chromatika » Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:34 pm

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Season 5, Part 2

Riders and United neck and neck in the lead, with Monkeys and Yellow Jackets without a win. Will any teams' luck change?

Globe Cup Group Stage Match 3
Iskara Daii 1-2 Anomalies
Voley 1-0 Urrheddiao

Anomalies' Hackett and Liam score in spectacular fashion away at Iskara Daii, while Voley's pressure results in a late score past Nier in heartbreaking fashion.

Cygnus Cup First Round First Leg
Myana 0-1 Cornellians

Unfortunately, nobody helped out Frías this day as the entire Islander midfield seemed to be in shambles; though the Guayabalense blocked all shots save one, the one shot he let through gave Cornellians the lead.

Matchday 9
Z'ai'ai 2–5 Felswyr
Eyrods 2–0 Umbar
Deprí Sanar 1–4 Urrheddiao
Myana 1–2 Pùr
Chromatik 1–1 Anomalies
Alnio 1–0 Wirr Tsi

Some extremely important ties this matchday, the biggest of which is the Chromatik City derby. Asgaardsson puts the Capitalizt early, and it looks like Anomalies will be taken down by their Capitol rivals; however, a controversial call in the Capitalizt third gives Anomalies a free kick two minutes into injury time; Carrol Liam calmly converts, and the match ends in a draw, to the chagrin of Capitalizt fans everywhere. Upset of the day? Felswyr's dispatching of the Mountaineers, at the Logger Dome of all places. Frost came out swinging, getting three goals past Rose-Hannaford in the first twenty minutes of the game; Pesciano and Agastamopoulos keep the game interesting, but cannot stand up to the outburst in the second half, when two more goals are added before the hour mark. The Yellow Jackets look for their first win, but United are not willing to concede so easily; Villalobos' early score is countered by Dostoevich's brace before the half, and Clarke and Jarequi takes care of the rest. Umbar's woes continue as well, the Jungle Cats being their latest foe, Metod scoring a brace in the match, one assisted by Deleon. Calm and collected Alnio control their match against the Shock and make their opportunities count, Maurice Taylor's first goal of the season being the difference. The Riders - yes, those same Riders that are making such a fuss? They march into the Islander Dome, take the lead early off of a Mason strike, get answered by Dragana, but don't flinch, and Bellarose - the offseason addition - scores the game-winner with three minutes to go. Where is the ceiling for Pùr?

Edition: V
Round of 24
Wirr Tsi 1–0 Rhoni
Pùr 2–2 Shantarr (3–2 AET)
Pria 1–3 Gurshan
Deprí Lanar 2–1 Tor
Felswyr 2–1 Lorentine
Umbar 1–3 Brisara
Lhor 1–0 Crossroads
Tihon 0–0 Anfanhar (0–0 AET) (4–5 pen.)

Pria continues their nightmare season by dropping to Gurshan in the first round, while Pùr and Mason barely escape the clutches of a determined Shantarr side; Umbar also falls to Brisara, a testament to their season ghus far as well. Anfanhar secures a dramatic win over Tihon, who were actually considered to be favorites for once. The next round's draws are as follows, with a reminder that it's only starting the Quarterfinals that the draw will be randomized.

Round of 16 Draw
Gurshan @ Urrheddiao
Brisara @ Anomalies
Anfanhar @ Myana
Lhor @ Chromatik
Felswyr @ Deprí Sanar
Deprí Lanar @ Z'ai'ai
Pùr @ Alnio
Wirr Tsi @ Eyrods

Cup Winner's Cup First Round - 2nd Leg

Cornellians 1-0 Myana

Myana tries to play their standard game against Cornellians, but the opposing defense proves to be too much; shifting to a more offensive stance in the second half, Eld's side concedes a late goal and are eliminated in the first round of the Cup Winners' Cup.

Matchday 10
Felswyr 1–0 Wirr Tsi
Anomalies 3–2 Alnio
Pùr 0–1 Chromatik
Urrheddiao 1–2 Myana
Umbar 1–3 Deprí Sanar
Z'ai'ai 1–2 Eyrods

In a day of firsts, the Riders are handed their first loss at home of all places from the hands of Chromatik, Hildebrand, Colbert, Stanimir, and Ruth containing Mason & Bellarose and Asgaardsson getting the ball past the brilliant Stabler. Fortunately for Pùr, the United-Islander derby goes ill for United as well, Frías continuing his tradition of showing up whenever he faces Urrheddiao. Alred Minke of all players give United the lead before half, but Myana's defense frustrated the front four of Clarke, Dostoevich, Jarequi, and Vanburen, and the two Ethanian midfielders score off of set pieces against Nier as United also suffer their first defeat of the season. At the Anomaly tower, Alnio tries their damnedest to secure an important win against Anomalies, who had been in similar place in the standings, but Heher's brace is answered by Laure Etienne's brilliant corner and Kriegal Lowrie scores the game winner on a penalty kick around the eightieth minute mark. In the frozen north, Felswyr physically push Wirr Tsi around, Clementi scoring the lone goal. Z'ai'ai continues to slide down, Pesicano remaining their only bright spot in a game where Metod & Deleon struck within three minutes of each other to put the score away in the second half. Deprí Sanar finally secure their first win of the season, albeit that it was against pathetic Umbar. Still, a win is a win, and maybe the Yellow Jackets can get some momentum going now?

Globe Cup Group Stage Match 4
Anomalies 1-1 Iskara Daii
Urrheddiao 0-3 Voley

Hackett allows Anomalies to scrounge up a draw against the Starblaydi side, while Voley thoroughly dominates Urrheddiao this time around.

Matchday 11
Eyrods 0–1 Felswyr
Deprí Sanar 1–2 Z'ai'ai
Myana 6–1 Umbar
Chromatik 0–1 Urrheddiao
Alnio 0–1 Pùr
Wirr Tsi 0–4 Anomalies

At the one-third point of the season, Urrheddiao and Pùr bounce back from their first losses of the year with solid performances from both Nier and Stabler. The Yellow Jackets try to make it two wins in a row against the Mountaineers, but Montague's brace prevents that from happening to the chagrin of the Deprí side that is struggling mightily. At The Shock, Anomalies thoroughly dispatch Wirr Tsi, Lowrie with a brace and Emma Kelly adding a header from a corner. Pellegrini plays a gem of a game against the Jungle Cats, and Clementi comes to the rescue of the Frost to secure the three points to give them a respectful fifteen at the third point. And Umbar, poor Umbar, is still winless after a drubbing at the hands of Myana, six different scorers getting into the books.

Atlantian Oceania Champions' League Qualifying Round - 1st Leg
Hinwa City 2-3 Urrheddiao

Nier was caught back a bit in the first half, but Jarequi and Dostoevich took over the game in the second half to dispatch the Hakifao side.

Matchday 12
Felswyr 0–0 Anomalies
Wirr Tsi 2–0 Pùr
Alnio 7–7 Urrheddiao
Chromatik 3–0 Umbar
Myana 3–2 Z'ai'ai
Deprí Sanar 1–0 Eyrods

And here we go to the second leg of the League Chromatiks, and what a day of results. First, Frost show Anomalies why their home is one of the hardest places to play, holding Anomalies to a goalless draw. Thankfully, Neovak was up to the task as much as Pellegrini was for the Anomalies. Pùr surprisingly falls to the Shock, Scott Pilgrim and Hurik Marie getting the better of the Sorcuvovic Stabler, and Azhar having a good game. In Alnio, Silas Young and Jillian Nier have the worst games of their lives, the game resulting in a ridiculous score of seven goals apiece. Mehizade with a hat trick, Heher with a brace for Union, seven different scorers for United. Chromatik return to form by defeating everyone's favorite punching bag of Umbar, while the Yellow Jackets earn their second win of the season off of Eyrods, Villalobos scoring the game winner. Myana-Z'ai'ai goes down to the wire once again, but Eld's side prevails once again, Velasquez's rocket being the difference in the end.

Globe Cup Group Stage Match 5
Crisisbless 3-1 Anomalies
Revolutionaries 2-3 Urrheddiao

Anomalies get stuck playing Crisisbless's game, and fall again to the Nepharim side, while Jarequi is able to accentuate the comeback win against Revolutionaries.

Atlantian Oceania Champions' League Qualifying Round - 2nd Leg
Urrheddiao 2-0 Hinwa City

Urrheddiao qualify to the group stage with another solid performance against Hinwa City.

Matchday 13
Deprí Sanar 0–1 Felswyr
Eyrods 1–1 Myana
Z'ai'ai 0–2 Chromatik
Umbar 0–1 Alnio
Urrheddiao 3–0 Wirr Tsi
Pùr 2–1 Anomalies

Things still looking bleak for Deprí Sanar, as this time they're being held back by Felswyr's Pellegrini, Clementi once again scoring. Eyrods scavenges a point against Myana, Deleon's late score proving the difference, while Z'ai'ai's fall continues with a loss to Chromatik, Miguel & Maradiga scoring for the Capitalizt, while Pesciano fails to find the net. Heher strikes with the game winner for Alnio, while Nier also finds her form with a clean sheet against Wirr Tsi, who had been looking up until now. Dostoevich scores the hat trick, putting her into the lead for the Golden Boot. Two players not named Carrie Mason nor Fiacre Bellarose score for Pùr, Rocha with the volley late to propel them past Anomalies and continue their tear.

Matchday 14
Felswyr 0–0 Pùr
Anomalies 2–0 Urrheddiao
Wirr Tsi 3–0 Umbar
Alnio 3–3 Z'ai'ai
Chromatik 0–1 Eyrods
Myana 0–1 Deprí Sanar

Congrats, Pùr! The Riders have equaled their point total from the entirety of last season in just fourteen matches! Yes, Pellegrini did show up to play today, but so did Stabler, and the draw away at the frozen north is a result that they'll gladly take. Anomalies trips up Urrheddiao at the Anomaly Tower, Etienne & Aensland scoring from the midfield for the home side past Nier, while Neovak contains the high-octane Urrheddiao offense. The Shock return to form (or is it when it's just Umbar?), Pilgrim, Marie, and Ty all scoring, Umbar being shown again and again that they have a long way to go. Z'ai'ai is all the way to ninth currently and can't even defeat Alnio, as Heher and Krimhilde answer Janos and Pesciano. Chromatik's rhythm is thoroughly interrupted by Eyrod's defense, and Metod is able to find the back of the net against Sang. Myana has a rather rude awakening at home against the Yellow Jackets, Zinoviy's goal standing thanks to the goalkeeping of Sheffield.

Globe Cup Group Stage Match 6
Anomalies 3-0 Flanders FC
Urrheddiao 2-1 FC Oberyn's Shield

Hackett puts on a show against Flanders, scoring a hat trick before the hour mark, while Urrheddiao wins on a late score by Jarequi. This surprisingly sends both Chromatik teams through to the Round of 32, something they never dreamed of.

Matchday 15
Myana 2–4 Felswyr
Deprí Sanar 1–1 Chromatik
Eyrods 3–1 Alnio
Z'ai'ai 3–1 Wirr Tsi
Umbar 1–3 Anomalies
Urrheddiao 0–2 Pùr

Myana's slide continues, Frost showing some class after going down early against the Islanders. All three Osarians score, and Ebenazher & Dragana are not able to make up the difference. The Yellow Jacket comeback continues, taking the San Asador goal in stride and answering with Roel's neat strike. Eyrods knocks down Alnio a peg, Mehdizade's early goal being answered by Lucie, Eunika, and Vivien. Mountaineers find some semblance of form at home against the Shock, Pietr Han's hat trick leading Z'ai'ai to a much needed win. Umbar is still winless! They do score a goal, but it's not enough against Anomalies. Pùr vaults to the top of the table with a statement win away at United Center, Stabler frustrating Clarke, Dostoevich, Jarequi, and Vanburen to no end while Mason scores the brace that provides the scoreline.

Atlantian Oceania Champions League Group Stage Match 1
Urrheddiao 0-0 Raynor City United

Nier is able to parry all the shots from Raynor City United, but Urrheddiao looks a bit gassed in this affair.

Matchday 16
Felswyr 0–0 Urrheddiao
Pùr 7–1 Umbar
Anomalies 2–0 Z'ai'ai
Wirr Tsi 1–3 Eyrods
Alnio 1–3 Deprí Sanar
Chromatik 1–0 Myana

While Felswyr holds Urrheddiao to a scoreless draw at the Frozen Stadium, Pùr makes mincemeat of Umbar, firmly destroying the Monkeys side who will finish sixteen games without a win. Mason and Bellarose both score hat tricks. Z'ai'ai's disappointing season continues with a loss to Anomalies, their offense still coming in spurts. Eyrods puts away Wirr Tsi due to the goals from midfielders, while the Yellow Jackets have snuck to two points off of tenth place with a win over Alnio. Capitalizt? Almost get stonewalled by Frías, but a rebound off of Asgaardsson finds Miguel's foot for the game's lone score.
Standings after Sixteen Games:
     League Chromatiks 1   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 ImagePùr 16 11 3 2 29 9 +20 36
2 ImageUrrheddiao 16 9 4 3 34 17 +17 31
3 ImageChromatik 16 8 5 3 22 11 +11 29
4 ImageMyana 16 9 1 6 36 27 +9 28
5 ImageAnomalies 16 8 4 4 25 17 +8 28
6 ImageFelswyr 16 7 3 6 20 20 0 24
7 ImageEyrods 16 6 4 6 24 28 −4 22
8 ImageZ'ai'ai 16 6 2 8 23 29 −6 20
9 ImageAlnio 16 5 3 8 23 29 −6 18
10 ImageWirr Tsi 16 5 2 9 17 24 −7 17
11 ImageDeprí Sanar 16 4 3 9 19 27 −8 15
12 ImageUmbar 16 0 2 14 8 42 −34 2
And so it's the surprising Riders on top, Urrheddiao, Chromatik, and Myana chasing. Z'ai'ai and Alnio having disappointing seasons, though not as disapointing as the Yellow Jackets. Poor Umbar still don't have a win to their name, as well as a notorious goal differential. Felswyr are showing the class that they have, playing teams tough.
Sponsored by: Black Raven Technologies

League Chromatik 2 Standings after Sixteen Games:
   League Chromatiks 2   Pld    W   D   L    GF   GA   GD   Pts 
1 Anfanhar 16 9 2 5 29 15 +14 29
2 Deprí Lanar 16 8 5 3 24 11 +13 29
3 Lorentine 16 8 4 4 23 18 +5 28
4 Tihon 16 7 5 4 25 18 +7 26
5 Crossroads 16 8 1 7 11 14 −3 25
6 Gurshan 16 5 5 6 30 34 −4 20
7 Tor 16 6 2 8 19 28 −9 20
8 Pria 16 5 4 7 14 14 0 19
9 Rhoni 16 5 4 7 14 15 −1 19
10 Brisara 16 4 6 6 27 29 −2 18
11 Lhor 16 4 5 7 11 14 −3 17
12 Shantarr 16 5 1 10 14 31 −17 16
The Red Hawks' lead has narrowed a bit, Anfanhar, Lorentine, and Tihon hot on their tails. Pria has bounced back a little as well, while Lhor continues to struggle.
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