Adultery in your nation?

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Adultery in your nation?

Postby Jolthig » Sat May 02, 2015 12:14 pm

What is the status of adultery in your nation?

Is it illegal?

If it's illegal, what are the penalties for it?

In Jolthig, the government allows adultery and does not get involved with the affairs of personal relationships as the government sees adultery as unimportant to the affairs of the nation.
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Postby Tarterros » Sat May 02, 2015 12:34 pm

Adultery is neither legal nor illegal; while marriage contracts are expressly between two people and imply faithfulness to one's spouse, nothing specifically outlaws adultery. Adulterous behaviour may be used as grounds for divorce and as part of character judgments in courts of law.
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United Russian Soviet States
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Postby United Russian Soviet States » Sat May 02, 2015 2:52 pm

Adultery is legal here and is generally acceptable.
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Adultery in your nation?

Postby Parhe » Sat May 02, 2015 3:16 pm

Adultery is not illegal in the Holy Parhic Empire, although it is generally unpopular and looked down upon. Adultery can only be used as a cause of divorce if the couple's prenuptial agreement, which all couples must make, specifically says against it.
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Novus Niciae
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Postby Novus Niciae » Sat May 02, 2015 4:11 pm

The usual form of marriage in the republic is line marriage, where a person marries into an existing house or very rarely form their own house. Many of the older house lines are thousands of years old and extremely wealthy and politically powerful with new spouses joining as old spouses die.

It is not legally possible to be married to more than one line at once, but it is permissible to have formal and informal relationships with people outside of your marriage. Occasionally lovers from different houses will live together and form an alliance between their houses (or rarely a merging of houses) , but more often people are generally permitted to do as they please have as whatever lovers as they want if they are contributing to the house.
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Penguin Union Nation
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Postby Penguin Union Nation » Sat May 02, 2015 4:39 pm

Adultery is just an ugly aspect of life that while legal, is not encouraged. Penguins remain faithful to their partners. Er, usually.
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Postby Abiottis » Sat May 02, 2015 4:42 pm

We here in Abiottis have deemed sexual reproduction inefficient, let alone finding a mate, and thus are created in factory settings, amass.

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Postby Gandoor » Sat May 02, 2015 4:46 pm

Adultery is legal, but can be used as a grounds for divorce from your spouse.
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Postby Vandario » Sat May 02, 2015 4:48 pm

Adultery is legal, but quite frowned upon, its one of the big no-nos in the nations religion Asatru, right up there with murder, kin slaying, and oath breaking
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Postby Friedensreich » Sat May 02, 2015 4:59 pm

We don't care what our citizens do in their personal lives.
As long as they abide the law and pay their low tax rate, they can do what ever the hell they want.
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Postby Togeria » Sat May 02, 2015 5:01 pm

Adultery is not a punishable offense.
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Postby Purpelia » Sat May 02, 2015 5:17 pm

What is the status of adultery in your nation?
The concept of marriage, as dictated by Purpelian culture does not include sexual fidelity. Thus the term adultery simply has no meaning in our context.
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Communist Volkstrad
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Postby Communist Volkstrad » Sat May 02, 2015 5:18 pm

Adultery is not a crime in Volkstrad.
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Postby Saracenia » Sat May 02, 2015 6:02 pm

Adultery is a crime punishable by one hundred lashes and stoning to death, in accordance to the laws set by God and the Prophet.
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Postby Tovakestan » Sat May 02, 2015 6:47 pm

Under the Federal Contract Law of 1957*, Adultery, is subject to financial or legal repercussions as it breaks the Benefits Clause. Under The Clause, marriage is defined as a Class I Contract**. A Class I Contract is a contract that provides legal and economic benefits to two, consenting parties. If such a contract is broken, the breaking party will be subject to fines, lawsuits, and/or other legal ramifications. Under the Marriage Law Act of 2005*, marriage is defined as a "contract... between two consenting, non-related adults..." If any member is to engage in extramarital relations with a third-party, such actions will be viewed as a breach of contract. In conclusion, while adulterers may not face imprisonment or jail time, they will be subject to financial penalties.

[The Marriage Law Act was a secular, egalitarian alternative to traditional marriage laws. The Marriage Law Act redefines the legal definition of marriage to "a contract of infatuation and fidelity between two consenting, non-related adults to merge existing assets and declare said infatuation and fidelity. Prenuptial agreements will render asset merging void." The law saw widespread support and was passed bipartisan.]

*Still in effect today as it was copied over into The Colonial Constitution.
**At the time of the Federal Contract Law, marriage and adultery had separate, theological legislation that was repealed in late 1999. The government did not like the idea that one could marry, and then break the agreements that marriage entails and still receive legal/financial benefits. The non-adulterous party still receives benefits for up to 24 months. The non-adulterous party is also entitled to a settlement from the accounts of the adulterer.

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Postby Singaporean Transhumans » Sat May 02, 2015 7:21 pm

No one gives a fuck, because it is baseliner matter.
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Postby Otulia » Sat May 02, 2015 7:27 pm

In Otulia, adultery is legal, but generally discouraged. Most who marry believe that the partner should take a serious commitment to faithfulness, with certain exceptions. However, since many species don't marry, but prefer mass cohabitation, which makes it a moot point.

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Postby Omsarim » Sat May 02, 2015 7:33 pm

Traditionally, adultery only referred to vaginal sex, not other forms of sexual contact. Until 1974, adultery was criminalized, and other forms of sexual contact with people one was not married to simply gave an advantage to the victimized partner in divorce. In 1974, all forms of sexual activity were made equal, and only disadvantages in divorce lawsuits are given, not any criminal penalty.

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Postby Bunque » Sat May 02, 2015 7:45 pm

Depends, National monogamous civil marriages make it illegal, but only enforceable by spouses through a court, however National, parish, municipal, or territorial polyamourious contracts don’t automatically. Territories and parishes can define their own marriage contracts if they establish it in local law, and municipalities may if the parish/territory permits, which could allow for adultery.

EDIT: It’s looked down upon in the Eastern Territories and northern parts of the Republic, but otherwise is socially acceptable.
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The Northern Kingdoms
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Postby The Northern Kingdoms » Sat May 02, 2015 8:37 pm

Adultery is legal here, save in religious weddings that do not allow polygamy. Therefore, you need to be a Mormon, Muslim or a follower of a religion that allows polygamy to have a religious wedding for many spouses. However, the court is fine with polygamy.
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Postby Xekliv » Sat May 02, 2015 9:09 pm

Adultery does not affect society at large, so it is not seen as a concern, and thus not illegal. A couple can simply get a divorce if it happens.
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Postby Liberty and Alderney » Sat May 02, 2015 9:11 pm

Not necessarily "ideal" as far as our culture is concerned but legal and ineffectual.
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Postby Webus » Sat May 02, 2015 9:13 pm

Adultery is legal here, and marrage is unpopular.

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Adultery In Flarbinia

Postby Flarbinia » Sat May 02, 2015 9:14 pm

Grand Emperor Novgorod IV refuses to touch that subject with a 50 foot pole.

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Postby Claanyad » Sat May 02, 2015 9:17 pm

Before a couple has 'dropped the spoon'*, so to speak, it is socially expected that they do not commit adultery. However, after this time, they are socially allowed to, even if it is before the act of marriage.

There are no laws on this in Clányad.

*A common phrase denoting proposition in Clányad.
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