Campionato Esportiva 11 - Roster/RP/Results Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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Campionato Esportiva 11 - Roster/RP/Results Thread

Postby Nephara » Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:46 pm


Forty-eight nations have entered Yttribia and Nephara. Only one will be truly alpha enough to claim the ultimate regional prize - the Campionato Esportiva itself. The favourites have long been marked out, the bookies have set their rates, but the beauty of football is that any team can rise up and smash aside whatever stands in their path. Could it be you?

Matches in Nephara (Groups E-H) will be scored by Yttribia at 2am UTC.
Matches in Yttribia (Groups A-D) will be scored by Nephara at 7am UTC.

13/09: MD1 - 1v6, 2v5, 3v4
14/09: MD2 - 1v2, 3v5, 4v6
15/09: MD3 - 1v3, 2v6, 4v5
16/09: MD4 - 1v4, 2v3, 5v6
17/09: MD5 - 1v5, 2v4, 3v6
18/09: Round of 24
19/09: Round of 16
21/09: Quarterfinals
23/09: Semifinals
24/09: Third-place Playoff (scored by and in Nephara)
25/09: Final (scored by and in Yttribia)

Noburu Taiyou
Independent Gredavcat

United Alfheim
Nova Pruthenia

Boring Paradise

San Jose Guayabal
The Paradistopi Consanguinity
Star United States


Bongo Johnson

The Royal Barangay
The Sarian
New Wolfopolis

Southern Sunrise Islands
Super Llamaland
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Postby Nephara » Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:46 pm


A Brief Summary
Nephara is a glorious free state, remarkable for its personal freedoms, progressive social policy and acceptance of casual violence. It holds a population of around 88 million, primarily centred in the cities. Its residents primarily speak English, and most are also fluent in German.

Transportation and Accommodation
Your teams will have access to a range of hotels, and while the Nepharim don't really have all that many particularly snobbish hotels, you will easily be able to find ones with a clean, serviceable and competent aesthetic. All teams will be provided with buses, and the taxi system is also more than adequate to shuttle your teams across the land.

The currency of Nephara is the Pound Taurine (or simply the pound) - currently, it compares strongly to most other currencies, and the economy is in good shape. While notes have entered the spectrum, every denomination of money comes in coins as well. The largest of these, the 100-pound coin, is easily the size of a man's palm, and has been used more than once as a murder weapon.

What Are The Locals Like?
The Nepharim are a proud, warlike, intensely blokey people, tending towards the virtues of honesty and loyalty. They tend to be friendly and cheerful, even after a fight - they might be throwing a bar stool at you one moment and buying you a pint the next. They're very convinced that their way is the best, however - do not, for instance, order a schooner at a Nepharim pub. That won't end well.

The Host Cities
All eight regional capitals will host the matches of the Nepharim side of the Campionato Esportiva - one major and one minor per group, but all possessing significant footballing pedigree. A healthy crowd of neutral locals will likely attend most matches - after all, Nepharim love a competition of any stripe.

One city will host the first two matches of each group - the second the third.

Sabrefell, the largest city and capital, shall host the first two groups of the tournament. Once a castle, it's now extended to a large, prosperous city. Many of the fortifications from its history still stand today, and it has rather the feeling of having expanded around, rather than through them.

A city that's had to deal with perpetual flooding in the past, Brinemouth is nonetheless Nephara's most important port, anchored on the east coast. A booming trade city, Brinemouth has a high immigrant population and a lot of cultural variety. Despite their small size, Brinemouth's dominant football club has emerged as one of the leading forces of the modern game, winning three consecutive titles.

Group E Stadia
First listed match - The Barbarossa (72,000) - Sabrefell Athletic
Second listed match - Gargoyle’s Court (53,000) - Sabrefell Moths
Third listed match - Portsgate (57,000) - Brinemouth

The capital of commerce in Nephara - with a somewhat dour urban east, but the west is a vibrant hotbed of culture. West Crisisbless is the home of theatre, and indeed glamour, in the nation.

A spotless, seemingly crime-free city. Rumoured this is largely because kingpins run things behind the scenes - rumours unconfirmed, but believed by most. Either way, you won't have to worry about it - they keep out of match-fixing as a rule, lest the local population turn on them.

Group F Stadia
First listed match - Godswatch (63,000) - Crisisbless
Second listed match - The Chessboard (38,000) - Crisisbless United
Third listed match - The Iron Hill (49,500) - Vermillion Rage

The extremely bitter former capital of Nephara, located north and with a strong Teutonic community. Its name stems from the democratic revolution that started here and spread through the entire country, leading to the foundation of the nation.

Chenoworth is generally the most forgettable of the regional capitals, barring a reputation for harbouring Nephara's mercifully tiny yuppie population. For better or worse, it seems to have defined itself around its universities - it has the youngest and best-educated population of any city in Nephara.

Group G Stadia
First listed match - The Gauntlet (65,000) - AFC Treason
Second listed match - Westcroft (28,000) - Chatswood
Third listed match - Slatefield (40,000) - Chenoworth Rovers

A northern industrial giant, Maximum has a large, dense population and grey skies. Despite a reputation for dreariness, the people themselves have a reputation as hearty folk who wear their hearts on their sleeves. The stereotype seems to suggest you want mates from there, but never in your life to visit.

The most culturally-rich city in Nephara, despite not really being a force in football. They no longer possess a Premiership club, after the recent relegation of Cranequin Wanderers, but that doesn't mean support's died down. The smallest of the host cities, but likely the most vibrant, and the home of the Nepharim Antipope.

Group H Stadia
First listed match - Ludd’s Hammer (59,000) - Maximum City
Second listed match - Griffindon (36,000) - Maximum Rovers
Third listed match - Ebony Lane (48,000) - Cranequin Wanderers

Any Questions?
Please, feel free to ask.
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Postby Yttribia » Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:50 pm

IC Information
Welcome to Yttribia! A melting pot of people from across the entire multiverse, one of the former regional leaders in human rights, and a nation crazy for the beautiful game, Yttribia is opening its arms to football lovers everywhere for them to come and enjoy the Cup of Harmony inside their place. Home to 48,000,000 citizens spread across five regions (Fresnosa, Penedès, Obersinn, Urellia, and Vauchel) and one capital district (Fontvieille Capital District), Yttribia is a polyglot society, with almost all citizens able to speak the language native to their region, and English, referred to in the nation as the Standard Language. This handy guide made on behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Sport, and the Yttribian Football Federation, will help fans, journalists, and the teams themselves get around Yttribia as quickly as possible.

A Brief History on Yttribia
Yttribia was once broken up into six different nations, all with their own forms of government, varying from absolute monarchies to direct democracies, and everything in between. However, revolutionary leader Ximena Martinez championed the process for a united Yttribia, leading to the Republic of Yttribia unifying and coming into existence on the 18th of August, 1914. Tragically, while Ximena was going to allow the heritage of the nations to stay alive in the new nation, she was assassinated while serving as the interim head of state. Throughout these three-hundred years of a united Yttribia, civil war has broken out. Fought between those wanting to keep Yttribia united, and those wanting to restore the six nations, the civil war eventually led to a victory for the Unitarians, oppressing the history and heritage of the six former nations along the way. With this development, many of the citizens practicing their native languages in private, leading to a call for greater autonomy by most of Yttribia caused President Andrew Grimaldi to be disposed of, and eventually led up to the creation of the First Yttribian Confederation. However, this state of peace was short-lived, when the Corivdae-backed Corvax Party took over, bringing a reign of fascism to all Yttribians, until the assassination of Porter Augustin by Guavalite, the Yttribian term for citizens of San José Guayabal, forces. Now, with the Second Yttribian Confederation established, and nationwide elections about to take place, a new age for Yttribia has dawned upon us.

While the Yttribian Ministry of Immigration usually requires most tourists to have a visa (usually handed on arrival) to enter the country, fans will only need to show their ticket for a Cup of Harmony match in order to enter the nation. Travelling to Yttribia is usually done by airplane, with Fontvieille-Hasse International Airport and Telino-Ximena International Airport the two main gateways for all foreigners travelling to the nation. Getting around is easy, thanks to the National Railway, covering most of the nation; underground transit has been placed in most of the cities, with some of the others containing bus rapid-transit lines going throughout those lacking an underground metro. National roadways for automobiles link the nation as well, allowing automobiles to easily move from city to city.

As previously mentioned, Yttribia is a polyglot nation, with many of our citizens speaking at least two languages. You’ll be able to hear German walking through Obersinn, Catalan spoken in the streets of Penedès, Spanish being spoken in the heat of the Fresnosa sun, French being romanticized frequently in Vauchel, and Italian in Urellia. Not to worry, a good 95% of the population speak the Standard Language as well as with another language, with the other five percent trained in two languages other than the Standard Language. One will be able to hear a variety of languages not recognized by the Government in Fontvieille, ranging from Portuguese, to the small but steady language native to the city known as Vieillese.

Culture and Economy
Yttribia uses the Perioden, one of the region’s strongest currencies with a high buying power of NS$1.73 to 1 Perioden (P$). The Perioden is divided into 100 Symbolli. While most banks recommend that you exchange your local currency into Periodens, nonetheless most shops will accept your local form of currency.

Culturally, the heritage of most Yttribians allows for a unique, fusion of world cultures into one Yttribian culture. The Cup of Harmony will be taking place right during the Citrus Festival, in which for three weeks, Yttribia celebrates the peak of citrus season, as most of Yttribia is warming up after the cold winter. Most pubs in the nation are known for their botanas, small appetizers that are paid for by the toothpick, ranging from small sausages, to small olives and cheese. Yttribian Rock is quite arguably the most important music the nation has ever exported to the world, bringing the rock scene to massive stardom in WorldVision 32, achieving 11th place in the competition. These are just the nationwide standards that most Yttribians agree on being quite important, however at a regional level things get a bit different. Ranging from greetings, which can be the customary three kisses on the cheek in the city of Fontvieille to a firm handshake in Obersinn, to tipping (huge yes-yes in Telino, an extreme no-no in Gremalsco), those traveling here are highly recommended to follow the unofficial motto of Yttribia: “Don’t do anything stupid.”

The Venues
Group A - Greater Fontvieille
Le Nid Violet - Fontvieille, FCD - capacity of 81,800
One of the two national stadiums of Yttribia, this state of the art venue has hosted the forty-ninth final of the forty-ninth UICA Series B Champions Cup, the semi-finals and finals of the fourth UICA Youth Cup, the final series of the Campionato Esportiva di Pallacanestro, and the final of the Beltane Cup II. With the Grand Central Station located under Le Nid Violet, countless shopping malls and restaurants under and around the stadium, Violet is considered one of the hottest hangouts for Fontvieille youth. Inside the stadium, sixteen press boxes, thirty-two VIP suites, and seventy-nine thousand seats all equipped with Wi-Fi connectability give the venue one of the best names in all of sport. A retractable roof is able to allow for fans to see the starry sky as the stars shine down on the stars of the pitch.

Mosson Cliff - Gaillard, Vauchel - capacity of 57,349
Just a short forty-five minute train ride from Fontvieille, you arrive in Gaillard, where the legendary Mosson Cliff is located. Temporarily expanded for the Cup of Harmony, this state of the art stadium is one of the premier pitches in the entire Yttribian Premiership, when it comes to the atmosphere. The oldest stadium in the Vauchel region, it is home to recently relegated club AC Gaillard. Despite the fact that the nation played host to the Series B Champion's Cup two seasons earlier, the stadium is one of the most revered in the entire nation of Yttribia, as it considered hollowed ground to most of the nation. Located in the heart of downtown Gaillard, the stadium is known for its famous food stands that surround the stadium on game day, and the courteous fans of AC Gaillard. It is served by the Gaillard BRT, and is a five minute walk from the National Railway station located in Gaillard, specifically apart of the Fontvieille-Zevella line. The stadium has two screens in which the game is displayed, and various accommodations to make the fan's experience much more enjoyable.

Casino Peak - Fontvieille, FCD - capacity of 40,894
The final venue apart of Group A, Casino Peak is home to the recently promoted FC Olivera, also calling Fontvieille their home. This 40,000 seat stadium is iconic for the nine arches that grace the facade of the venue. A state-of the art venue, many fans have considered it another great venue to attend a match in. The location of Casino Peak, right near the start of the Casino Peak Urban Park, allowing for the extremely intoxicated fans to become "one with nature" after the end of the match.

First match listed - Le Nid Violet
Second match listed - Mosson Cliff
Third match listed - Casino Peak

Group B - The East
Estadio Antonio Villanueva - Delare Minon, Fresnosa - capacity of 60,000

Die Einundsechzigste - Dahlen, Obersinn - capacity of 50,000
Named after the sixty-first edition of the Cup of Harmony, this was the only venue built for the Cup of Harmony, in order to replace the aging Ostermannstadion. Designed to look like a boat from afar ready to set sail, the venue’s upper deck will be dismantled after the Cup of Harmony, and donate the upper bowl, consisting of around 15,000 seats, to the city of La Halda, in Fresnosa. The venue’s proximity to the sea allows for fans to sample and taste the best Dahlen seafood has to offer. The venue is to become the new home of fan-favorites, die Falscher Bund; they also happen to be noteworthy for being run by, as well as played by young comedians.

Gorintschach Municipal Stadium - Gorintschach, Dahlen - capacity of 36,000

First match listed - Estadio Antonio Villanueva
Second match listed - Die Einundsechzigste
Third match listed - Gorintschach Municipal Stadium

Group C - The West
Stadii Ximena - Telino, Penedès - capacity of 77,000
Having previous experience hosting the final match in the ninth edition of the Campionato Esportivano di Campeones, Stadii Ximena is known as one of the premier stadiums in all of Esportiva. Known to locals as Frozen Hell, the high gusts arriving from the oceanside make the Stadii Ximena, named after the famed leader who led Yttribia to glory and prosperity a millennium ago, a total nightmare to visiting teams playing against football club Telino, and less of a nightmare to fellow Telinian club, Ximena SC. However, during the warmer months of the year, Stadii Ximena becomes one of the most beautiful places to play in, after a recent poll by players, fans, and coaches, for the second season in a row. Located just outside of Telino city limits, the stadium has various ways to arrive, via the National Interstate, or the Yttribian Express, the national railroad carrier, or even through the Telino BajoTierras, as the penultimate stop before arriving to the airport. Despite it's location, it makes up for this by having wireless internet connections throughout the entire stadium, various local shacks that can only be found in Telino and inside the stadium, and various pubs inside as well. The stadium has two JumboTrons on home and away sides, and a hospitable experience there.

Estadi dels Nuvols - Gremalsco, Penedès - capacity of 105,000
The largest stadium in all of Yttribia, Estadi dels Núvols now serves as the dual home for the national team, as well as being the current home of Yttribian football club, Gremalsco FC. Finally built for Gremalsco FC's growing amount of fans from all across the nation who seem to travel from the entire eastern side of the nation, the stadium is considered one of the safest in all of the nation, with various food stands and restaurants built inside the stadium, so the place is always busy, whether a match is playing or not. Despite the large size of the venue, the stadium is able to be evacuated with a maximum time of only three minutes. The stadium is barely inside the city limits, and is connected to by the National Railway, and various rapid transit lines.

Parque San Carlos - Pontidexxu, Urellia - capacity of 40,000

First match listed - Stadii Ximena
Second match listed - Estadi dels Nuvols
Third match listed - Parque San Carlos

Group D - The South
Crossroads Point - Zevella, Vauchel - capacity of 64,000
Originally built right near the tripoint of the border between the nations of Yttribia, THRILLEDGE, and Byfugland, one of the most iconic venues in all of the nation lies here, at Crossroads. The first ever “international” football match to be conducted on Yttribian soil was on the exact same pitch 600 years ago, when a friendly match between the Vauchelois Kingdom and Holy Urellian State took place, with the match ending in a draw. Now, six-hundred years later, after countless wars, and the building of an actual stadium around the hollowed field is finally recognized as a host venue for an international competition. The crossroads of Yttribian history, and the crossroad of Yttribian football meet here, at the Point.

Calcio Centro Serraville - Serraville, Urellia - capacity of 44,600
The smallest of venues present, Calcio Centro Serraville was designed by BNW Varin, an architectural firm from the Kytler-Peninsulae. Encompassing, as well as satirically embracing, the squareness of Urellian society, this venue is...a box. It just simply is a box in almost all aspects. Located among the Urellans, the mountain range for which the region takes its name from, one gets the feel that they’ve been warped back in time to a much simpler age in football. Nonetheless, it is a modern venue, playing host to second division club Serraville CC.

Casa Naranja - Stemanisis, Fresnosa - capacity of 64,236
The host site of the twenty-ninth Cygnus Cup final, Casa Naranja is another premier sporting venue. If you asked every single Yttribian who has gone to a match between two teams in the Yttribian Premiership, and you asked them "Is there a stadium that you would be scared to travel to?", their answer would be this one. Voted as "The Scariest Place in Football" by regional football fans from all across Esportiva, this is considered the most rowdy stadium in all of football. Nevertheless, this only applies to Stemanisis SSC matches, because the fans themselves are quite friendly when it comes to other matters. The stadium is considered one of the most hallowed places to play in, and the atmosphere around the stadium is also one of the best. With twelve press boxes, eight VIP suites, and almost 63,000 seats for the fan, this house will be rocking.

First match listed - Crossroads Point
Second match listed - Calcio Centro Serraville
Third Match Listed - Casa Naranja
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Postby Nephara » Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:51 pm

Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: 0
Home Stadium: The Farham Arena in Sabrefell. Capacity of 88,000, no attached club.
Kit Supplier: Kirola
Nickname: The Cormorants

The bitterness of a catastrophic qualifying campaign was entirely made up for by a convincing victory in the Cup of Harmony - the only sour note being that it took penalties, twice, along the way. Still, they have what's most important - a trophy. Because life, in the end, is about winning.

Yet again, the Cormorants find themselves needing to overhaul key elements of the squad - first captain Stokes and Riordan left, and now their next captain, Catheline Harper, wasn't picked. But with new talents like Stockinger, Bottlegreen, Martyn and Rhein emerging, it seems like the ongoing Nepharim quest to keep a strong succession going is working just fine.

Overall Record
127 wins - 29 draws - 45 losses
398 scored - 237 conceded

Champions of the 51st Baptism of Fire, the 6th, 8th and 10th Campionati Esportiva, the 61st Cup of Harmony and, for what it's worth, Market Cup 6.
Qualified for World Cup 67 and 68.
Quarterfinalists in WC68 - the first Esportivan to make it that far.
Ranked 16th in the world.

First Team and Tactics
Plan A - a 4-4-2 formation, mostly flat - that said, one central midfielder (Locke or Mathias) tends to fill the role of an advanced playmaker while the other (Brandon or Loxley) anchors it as a ball-winner. The Nepharim press high and put their opponents under a lot of pressure physically - Coleman sweeps behind the back four when needed. Possession tends to be low, as the Cormorants prefer to attack quickly and decisively.

When control of central midfield is paramount, Mortlock isn't afraid to turn back to the 4-4-2 diamond that was favoured in the early days, and still sees heavy use in the Nepharim league. The fullbacks tend to play an advanced role, close enough to a genuine wingback - meanwhile, a compact diamond will aim to put a stranglehold on the midfield. Beyond that, the plan remains roughly the same.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Brandon takes penalties, Harper takes most free-kicks, Harper or a fullback takes corners
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match.

Jess MORTLOCK - 49
5'8" with something of the look of a retired boxer, strong and stout. Blonde, with a preference for dark blue suits.
Summary It was rumoured Mortlock had to be talked out of handing in her resignation during a disastrous qualifying campaign - that said, it's for the best that she's remained at the helm, steadying the dressing room and keeping a strong face as the Cormorants ultimately claimed the Cup of Harmony. Mortlock is a winner at heart who can drive her players on to great feats, a protege of national team legend Gethin Ramsey, and a good tactician (though her substitutions tend to be conservative). The best for the job, without a doubt.

Auburn BYWATER - 31
Assistant Manager
Lanky, pale ginger. Shabby-looking, but attractive.
Summary Originally in the team with the role of a 'whip' - someone to maintain discipline, keep players in line - when Boyden let his contract with the national team lapse to go and manage Premiership teams again, Bywater made the step up. She's only recently earned her coaching badges, but her man-management skills are more than sufficient for her lack of tactical nous.

Franziska RENSENBRINK - 22
A tall, lean woman with sharp features and close-cropped chestnut hair.
Summary Rensenbrink, one of the many daughters of NFA President Markus Rensenbrink, unsurprisingly took a while to win the trust of the staff and players.
1 - Reece COLEMAN - 30 - AFC Mayville (EUR)
27 caps, 10 clean sheets
6'2" and strong, with close-cropped auburn hair and stubble.
Summary Coleman might not be comfortable keeping the ball at his feet, but he's got the nerve and the pace to come out and contest a ball even in no-man's land. This is a trait that Mortlock evidently feels will be very much complementary to the high line the Nepharim defence keep. Beyond this, he's a fine stopper who can go toe-to-toe with the world's best when he's in form.

12 - Diandra BALLARD - 25 - Crisisbless
2 caps, 1 clean sheet
6-foot-even, strongly-built brunette, hair kept long and braided.
Summary Second-choice after Riordan's international retirement, Diandra Ballard made her mark on the national imagination early on in her career, coming second in the UICA Youth Cup with AFC Treason. Soon, in the search of first-team football, she made the switch to Crisisbless. A fantastic shot-stopper, Ballard is more than competent in all other areas - she's very possibly outgrown the Premiership, and would leap at the chance to move abroad.

20 - Tana COLBRIGHT - 29 - Brinemouth
11 caps, 4 clean sheets
Tall and lean, with a small, angular face. Short, braided, light brown hair.
Summary An impressive shot-stopper, though more physicality and confidence coming off her line against opponents would be appreciated - Colbright's not only proven a great goalkeeper, but has taken quickly to her club's Total Football philosophies - she's now comfortable with the ball at her feet, and her distribution is fantastic.
2 - James SLEET (vc) - 30 - AC Tallin (VLD)
60 caps, 1 goal
Athletic and lean, with the platinum blond hair that gives him his nickname.
Summary James 'Snowy' Sleet has grown into the role of starting rightback, though he did act in the role of deputy for a long time to Anna Shrike. A quiet professional, Snowy doesn't stand out either on or off the pitch, but does his job with remarkable efficiency.

3 - Amanda CLOUGH - 27 - Brinemouth
32 caps, 2 goals
5'4" and lean, sandy blonde with a plain face.
Summary Clough has finally finished developing from a fairly defensive player with blossoming technical skills into a fearsome attacking presence down the left wing, perfectly hooked crosses causing chaos in the box. Clough finds herself the successor to Cathy Stokes... for now, at least. Even now, she faces competition from the ambitious Catheline Stockinger.

5 - Hadrian BELFAST (c) - 28 - Dwile Warriors (APX)
71 caps, 1 goal
Powerfully-built man with wavy chestnut hair and a clean-cut beard.
Summary Hadrian Belfast emerged, perhaps unsurprisingly, as the new captain - a rock-solid presence both on and off the pitch. He's the sort of player that aims to dominate his opponents, firmly and usually fairly - that said, he's not above a professional foul when needed. After a shaky patch earlier in his career, a move to Apox put it back on track and put him back in the national team - he hasn't wavered since.

6 - Tosca MARLOWE - 28 - AFC Treason
90 caps, 1 goal
Lean and wiry, with short brown hair and piercing eyes.
Summary Marlowe's a solid, skilled centreback whose specialty is in clean sliding challenges. She's a patient marker who rarely goes in late. With great anticipation, a fine mentality and a firm but generally fair physicality, she's a bulwark at the back for the Cormorants. Over the years for the Cormorants, Marlowe and Belfast have reached an understanding comparable to a long-standing defensive partnership for a club side - Belfast might be the better player, but it makes the two more than the sum of their parts at international level, where many players struggle for chemistry.

13 - Catheline STOCKINGER - 23 - FC Brimstone (APX)
5'5" and greyhound-thin, olive skin with short, straight, dark brown hair.
Summary A fiercely aspirational leftback from Parrhesia, Stockinger comes from an extremely troubled past she hints at a lot without ever really saying more than that. Noted for a wry, black sense of humour that sometimes leaves others a little unnerved, she's an aggressive speed demon on the left flank who's played for three clubs in three years, each more prestigious than the last. As far as direct successors to national heroes go? You could do far worse than Stocki - hell, they even share most of the same first name.

17 - Karl FINNAN - 32 - Crisisbless
53 caps, 2 goals
6'6" and built like a brick shithouse, all muscle and determination.
Summary Finnan has the heart and steel to truly anchor a defence. While he's lost his starting place due to the superb chemistry between Marlowe and Belfast, he's still an outstanding defender who can really get stuck into an opponent. An aerial threat from set pieces, too - an iconic moment for the Nepharim came when he literally concussed himself to score a header against the Licentians.

19 - Markus RHEIN - 22 - Slateport Bulls (VLD)
Small and wiry. Badly-shaven with a ragged mop of black hair.
Summary A Sabrefell lad to the end, Rhein's a scrappy little fullback, liking to burst forward and use his pace to his advantage. He's a great defender, too, and can stick to his man when he has to - clipping their heels and hacking at their shins for ninety minutes, like a sort of terrier. Like Snowy Sleet, a Sabrefell Athletic academy graduate who burst through the ranks early before a move to Valladares - unlike Snowy Sleet, a far more dynamic, less conservative player, though he needs a bit more sharpening at the top level.

22 - Aidan MARTYN - 24 - Pajukas Sport (BYN)
Tall, strapping blond. Intricate sleeve tattoo down the right arm.
Summary A quietly intelligent defender, Martyn's not a risk-taker by nature - but that doesn't make him anything short of a bulwark at the back. The sort of player who'll tail a man for as long as it takes, try to limit his opportunities and force him into mistakes. His tendency to stand off players is rather at odds with most of the rest of the side, but he's a good player who offers something different but equal to Finnan.
4 - Michael BRANDON - 30 - Directus (EUR)
Holding Midfielder
94 caps, 4 goals
Lean, hawkfaced brunet. Hair cut short and clean-shaven.
Summary Deep-lying playmaker and midfield anchor in equal measure, Brandon is every inch the archetypal Nepharim holding midfielder. He's a steadying presence for the squad, the kind who makes those around play better knowing he's covering them. His sharp passing makes him a constant threat to start counter-attacks, too. A quietly essential presence for the Nepharim national team.

7 - Kylie PENRITH - 25 - Flying Jellyfish (FFD)
Right Midfielder
14 caps, 3 goals
Short and lithe, extensively tattooed. Naturally dark brown hair with blond, spiky tips.
Summary The word that most commonly comes to mind with Penrith is 'buccaneering'. Or perhaps 'swashbuckling'. Either way, she's a player with genuine flair, the only truly flamboyant player in the squad. Either way, Penrith is a crowd-pleaser, strong and persistent in the attack, perhaps a little unskilled in defence, but by no means with a low work-rate. Any doubts on her readiness were settled when she scored on her debut.

8 - Rutger LOCKE - 24 - Tannenberg FC (VLD)
Central Midfielder
30 caps, 6 goals
Handsome with a decent tan, a tall, lean physique and short sandy blond hair.
Summary Locke thought he'd made the move of his career when Royal Rumiatzi picked him up - the fascist government cutting off all ties to the outside world put paid to that. At short notice, the Chariots picked him up, and in return he drove them to a ferocious title challenge, making a frightening partnership with another young central midfielder, Logan Murdoch. He likes to go forward and dictate play, and has a real bag of tricks to foil his marker. Recently completed a transfer to Valladares, where he became the most expensive Nepharim ever at twenty-five million pounds.

11 - Gareth CROWLEY - 30 - Fligsive FC (TIS)
Left Midfielder
68 caps, 10 goals
Tall, strong, broad-shouldered and tattooed, cleanshaven with a dark brown mullet.
Summary A very physical, bruising winger, his turn of pace intact at 30. Boasts a fierce shot and a vicious cross, though shorter passing and defensive work aren't really his forte. Temperate off the field, but can get very heated on it. After being shunted out of favour for a time, he's back with a vengeance to reclaim the number eleven for probably the last time.

14 - Kunibert MATHIAS - 27 - Brinemouth
Central Midfielder
11 caps, 3 goal
Dark-haired and swarthy, with a lean build.
Summary Kunibert Mathias, or generally just Kurt to Nepharim, had been a key player in Felix's midfield for years, but became one of the fascist regime's most open critics. Openly defecting to Nephara, having lived in Brinemouth long enough to be naturalised, he was a natural pick for the national team. An attack-minded midfielder who likes to take players on personally and strike accurately from distance, but he'll have a hard time dislodging Locke from the team - the playmaker seems key to Mortlock's plans.

16 - Uli ALSATIAN - 32 - FC Torshavn (PIS)
Central Midfielder
12 caps, 1 goal
Tall, powerful auburn. More of a tan than you'd expect from someone based in the Islandstates.
Summary For Alsatian, the transition into the Polar leagues was a less than seamless one, relegated in his first season, but his performance earned a transfer where he's been solid for Torshavn. He offers a strong box-to-box presence, and always fancies himself to go forward. The least specialised of the selected central midfielders, as well as the oldest.

18 - Rachael LOXLEY - 25 - Goodfeather FC
Holding Midfielder
Wiry and blonde, with hair kept in a long ponytail.
Summary An early bloomer who made her breakthrough for Goodfeather at 20, Loxley might just be the successor to Brandon, though she can't claim a starting role yet. A good enforcer, a better playmaker, and with the stamina, pace and workrate to fill the gaps in the rest of the field.

23 - Tanya BOTTLEGREEN - 22 - Goodfeather FC
Midfielder (Either Wing)
A runner's lean build, with a pale complexion and very dark brown-black hair and dark green eyes.
Summary Able to play on either wing, Bottlegreen's a quick, incisive sort of player who's enjoyed remarkable success in the Premiership at a young age. Rather unlike her swashbuckling persona on the pitch, Bottlegreen tends to be quiet and professional off it, and shies from the cameras.
9 - Keith ROWLAND - 29 - Holdenberg (EUR)
53 caps, 28 goals
A tall ginger, rippling with lean muscle, and with an angular face.
Summary Keith Rowland, or as he's known to Holdenberg City fans, 'Judas', is a dangerous target man who cut his teeth in the Euraleagues from an early age. A hard-working, intensely physical striker who likes to drive deep into defences, he's a perfect foil to the selfish but talented Cathar. Of late, however, he's proven that he's probably the best striker the Cormorants have in his own right - after a move to Holdenberg, his career took off all over again, and his club success has parallelled that for his country.

10 - Rook CATHAR - 28 - East Franz Athletic (PIS)
57 caps, 33 goals
Tall, muscular and lantern-jawed, with a fine blond mullet.
Summary Cathar's a bit of an odd case - once thought a standout player for the Cormorants, he's now fighting desperately to keep his place over Cheney Bittencourt. His strike rate shows his immense talent, but it comes and goes - he scored just once in the first half of WC69 Qualifying, and was seen by many as a scapegoat. A player of great athleticism, strength, technique and accuracy, Cathar's obsessively driven mentality and selfishness in front of goal can be a double-edged sword - if he can't perform, there's others who will.

15 - Georgia KITE - 27 - Maximum City
11 caps, 4 goals
Lanky but broad-shouldered woman with brown hair cut short and ragged.
Summary A target woman who tends to be moderately prolific, Kite's ability to assist others is only a more recent addition to her skillset. Very fast, physically fit and tall, Kite takes a lot of stick from her fellow players for a refusal to drink alcohol and a stringent personal diet, but it's paid dividends for her athleticism.

21 - Cheney BITTENCOURT - 28 - Fontvielle Impact (VLD)
35 caps, 17 goals
A lean brunet, usually easy-going and smiling, with an interesting set of arm tattoos.
Summary Bittencourt had something of a reputation as an impact substitute for the national team - it's one he's eager to shed. A total professional, his move to Valladares signals an intent to fight for a starting role. He's more than good enough to be taken seriously - a consummate finisher of remarkable nerve, with great ball control, he's far more a technician than the physical bruiser that Cathar is.
1 - Reece Coleman (AFC Mayville, EUR)
12 - Diandra Ballard (Crisisbless)
20 - Tana Colbright (Brinemouth)

2 - James Sleet (AC Tallin, VLD, vc)
3 - Amanda Clough (Brinemouth)
5 - Hadrian Belfast (Dwile Warriors, APX, c)
6 - Tosca Marlowe (AFC Treason)
13 - Catheline Stockinger (FC Brimstone, APX)
17 - Karl Finnan (Crisisbless)
19 - Markus Rhein (Slateport Bulls, VLD)
22 - Aidan Martyn (Pajukas Sport, BYN)

4 - Michael Brandon (Directus, EUR)
7 - Kylie Penrith (Flying Jellyfish, FFD)
8 - Rutger Locke (Tannenberg FC, VLD)
11 - Gareth Crowley (Fligsive FC, TIS)
14 - Kunibert Mathias (Brinemouth)
16 - Uli Alsatian (FC Torshavn, PIS)
18 - Rachael Loxley (Goodfeather FC)
23 - Tanya Bottlegreen (Goodfeather FC)

9 - Keith Rowland (Holdenberg, EUR)
10 - Rook Cathar (East Franz Athletic, PIS)
15 - Georgia Kite (Maximum City)
21 - Cheney Bittencourt (Fontvielle Impact, VLD)
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Postby Yttribia » Wed Sep 03, 2014 9:56 pm

Thanks to Kirola Sports for this amazing crest

All-Time Record: (W-D-L) (41-20-43) | 20-5-5 under Cardona

Head Coach: Daniel Cardona (FEL)
Assistant Coach: Gabriel Russell (OSR)
Assistant Coach: Bailey Linville

Cardona has done wonders with this squad. Having them emerge out of their group in second, with the likes of Polar Islandstates, Eastfield Lodge, Kalumba, and Schiavonia, this squad is just about as good as it can get. Having recently signed former Osarian midfielder Gabriel Russell to the coaching staff in order to increase their attacking potential, as well as bringing in the thirty-six year old Bailey Linville, former captain of the National Team to the coaching squad, this is how Daniel Cardona begins the ascent of Yttribia into footballing power.

About Yttribia:
A nation of 46.000.000, Yttribia is located between the nations in Thrilledge and Byfugland, on the continent of Inferiore, in the region of Esportiva; its capital being Fontvieille. The nation's border between the two countries consists of a mountain range known as the Urellans, where most of the Urellians live. There are six official languages, and (in order of usage) they are: English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French, and Italian. The rest of the nation is mostly at sea level, with some of the most gorgeous beaches in the multiverse.

Culturally, Yttribians are proud of how godforsaken they are, with the majority of citizens being listed as godforsaken. A sizeable minority belong to the satirical church, known as the Church of Vilhjalmsson, and a small minority belong to the Urellian Church of Christ. The government has been shrunken down a bit since the last World Cup, and now most power lies within the regions of Yttribia. Politically, most Yttribians used to identify on the left, with the Convergence being the largest registered party in the nation. Others include "el Sindicat del Trellabadores" or the Workers' Syndicate, Partito Verde or the Green Party, the Liberal Party, and the Conservative Party, as well as the Corvax Party. However, due to a certain amount of frustration with the government, the Corvax Party, an affiliate of the Corvidae movement in The Inevitable Syndicate, took control of the nation, effectively banning all political parties. However, the Corvax regime fell, and now Yttribia is back to how they usually were, tolerant and acceptable.

In the time between the second edition of the Beltane Cup and now, Yttribia went through a sort of period in which the time-space continuum slowed down the aging process for everyone in Yttribia, with the World Cup being held once every four years in Yttribian time is now held every two years.

The largest five cities in Yttribia are (descending down) Fontvieille, Telino, Gremalsco, Zevella, and Stemanisis.

Home Stadiums (when they aren't hosting the Cup of Harmony)
Estadi dels Núvols, Gremalsco, Penedès | cap. 105,000

The largest stadium in all of Yttribia, Estadi dels Núvols now serves as the dual home for the national team, as well as being the current home of Yttribian football club, Gremalsco FC. Finally built for Gremalsco FC's growing amount of fans from all across the nation who seem to travel from the entire eastern side of the nation, the stadium is considered one of the safest in all of the nation, with various food stands and restaurants built inside the stadium, so the place is always busy, whether a match is playing or not. The stadium is barely inside the city limits, and is connected to by the National Railway, and various rapid transit lines.

Le Nid Violet, Fontvieille, FCD | cap. 81,800

A brand new home for Fontvieille FC, and the second largest stadium in the entire nation, Le Nid Violet has hosted various sporting events throughout its short history. The stadium has hosted the forty-ninth UICA Series B Champion's Cup Final, as well as the fourth UICA Youth Cup semi-finals and final match. The stadium has also hosted the final series of the Campionato Esportiva de Pallancesto II, which was won by Taijan. The stadium is considered the most technologically advanced, with a large JumboTron above the pitch, secured from falling down during a match. Located in downtown Fontivieille, the stadium is considered one of the main terminals for the Fontvieille Underground, with various lines passing through the stadium. Underneath the stadium is Fontvieille's largest shopping center and food court, with 250,000 people visiting the shopping center, and food court from Yttribia and Esportiva per week.


Don't speak about the 3-3-1-3 ever again.

Style Mod:

#1 - Michi Totso - 20 - GK - KT Itzalovalle (AUD)
#20 - Ferdinand Forney - 30 - GK - FC Delare Minon (1st)
#23 - Gapard Irvin - 24 - GK - AC Zevella (5th)

He's returned. And what a better way to start his return to glory than back home in Yttribia. A hero's welcome after a stellar performance in the Cup of Harmony. You can be absolutely certain that the fans will be chanting Gaspard's name as the whole nations embarks on a journey unlike any other. The return of the legend, Gaspard Irvin. He's finally come home.

#11 - Rico Mathews - 28 - CB - Jungle Strike FC (VIL)
#14 - Dezi Burns - 27 - CB - AC Zevella (5th)
#15 - Xavi Vilhjalmsson - 29 - CB - Crystopolis City (CRY) (C)
#17 - Tanner Dickinson - 28 - CB - AC Zevella (5th)
#21 - Darren Quinones - 30 - CB - FC Delare Minon (1st)
#22 - Bradley Gaspar - 28 - CB - Miners '47 (APX)

Not much has really changed when it comes to the line of defense, three centre-backs take line, with Vilhjalmsson serving as your captain, Dezi Burns playing on the right, with surprise inclusion of Bradley Gaspar playing on the left instead of Rico Matthews of Strike FC. So, while there may be a bit of a change when it comes to the backline, it's still going to be "reliable" according to assistant coach Bailey Linville.

#2 - Antonio Abreu - 31 - CM - Alianza FC (SJG)
#3 - Onésime Rios - 32 - DM - AC Izotz Zubia (AUD)
#4 - Dado Hale - 21 - RM - Fontvieille FC (4th)
#5 - Franck Langois - 22 - CM - Gremalsco FC (2nd)
#8 - Ned Goode - 27 - DM - Northbrook Diamonds FK (PIS)
#9 - Crofton Abbatantuono - 27 - LM - AC Zevella (5th)
#13 - Michel di Mercurio - 26 - DM - Issington FC (APX)
#16 - Tom Prescott - 23 - CM - AC Zevella (5th)
#18 - Josué Triggs - 22 - LM/RM - Stemanisis SSC (8th)

Michel di Mercurio will be playing defensive midfielder for this tournament, giving Ned Goode of Polarian champions Northbrook Diamonds FK a rest for now. On the left and right of di Mercurio are the young but always talented Franck Langois, and partner in crime Tom Prescott of AC Zevella. On the left of Langois is the always agile and always scary Crofton Abbatantuono, and on the right of Prescott is the young Dado Hale of Fontvieille FC. Together, these young midfielders form the Wings, what Daniel Cardona calls a "much better successor to Simon Jewel's Wall."

#6 - Raúl Monti - 24 - FC - Parrhesia United (NPH)
#7 - Terry Hyme - 28 - FC - Avenida Principal (FFD)
#10 - Venceslás School - 29 - FC - New Oslo Town (TSA)
#12 - Moisés Fairclough - 27 - FC - Hellenic Rouge (PAS)
#19 - Bruno Arce - 20 - FC - FC Delare Minon (1st)

Bruno Arce, the young footballing prodigy who transferred over to powerhouse FC Delare Minon has been given one of the permanent starting spots on the Yttribian team, with the other forward being the somewhat young player: Raúl Monti. He was recently signed by the once powerful Parrhesia United, from our lovely co-hosts, Nephara. These two will be right up front for the attack, finishing off Daniel Cardona's 3-5-2.

Visual Formation:
Arce - Monti
Abbatantuono - Langlois - di Mercurio - Prescott - Hale
Gaspar - Vilhjalmsson (C) - Burns

Kits (provided by Kirola Sport):

RP Permissions:
Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - I'm open to some really, really crazy ideas, so TG me
RP injuries to my players – Yes, I have the final say on injury severity.
Godmod injuries to my players – No
Hand out yellow cards to my players – Yes, three cards per match
Hand out red cards to my players – Yes, one card per match
Godmod other events – TG me, I'm open to your really crazy ideas
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Postby Rossana » Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:03 pm

The Official Rossanese Roster for The Campionato Esportiva XI



After the end of the Darvalian-Rossanese war, which devastated both nations, but saw Darvale emerge victorious, the Darvalians had taken control of almost three quarters of the island the nation of Rossana comprises of. With the Rossanese governmental influence on the island rapidly decreasing and the Darvalian government quickly gaining popularity, many Rossanese cities staged rebellions or coup-d'etats against Rossanese government officials, allowing the Darvalian government to quickly assert power and influence throughout the island nation. However, the top five military bases in Rossana - two in the suburbs of Spesdorf, one in Klausdorf, and one in Göttersdorf - were, somehow left unscathed after the war, the reason behind being the concentration of defense around the bases that the Rossanese had set up at the start of the war, but Klausdorf and Göttersdorf are now both administrated by Darvalian governmental officials. Because literally all Rossanese cities but the capital, Spesdorf, and the city of Golzenberg are now controlled by Darvale, the government of the island, now de facto controlled by Darvale, has sent forth a group of Darvalian national team reserves hastily given Rossanese passports, dubbed the Darvalian "B-Team", to represent Rossana in the eleventh Campionato Esportiva, although there are still a small handful of native Rossanese on the squad.

Formation & Team Information

This Rossanese team, with a strong offensive calibre, plays in a standard 4-2-1-3 formation, and is captained by offensive midfielder Frankie Greaves. The three strikers, Ruben Stokes, Dixie Brambler, and Cassius Camden, collaborate excellent with each other to create opportunities to score, while Frankie Greaves is a major pass supplier, but also participates in offensive operations with Stokes, Brambler, and Camden. Kenny Sterling and Archie Fleming are the players that separate the Rossanese defense and offense, playing as defensive midfielders. Sterling and Fleming prefer to defend a little bit more than they attack, but nevertheless participate in defensive and offensive operations alike. The defense, which comprises of Thorsten Krueger, Keenan Cambie, Andrew Chambers, and Lou Chapman is very solid, almost never moving out from the box, making themselves the last bastion of defense before goalkeeper Lucas Englund. Dixie Brambler takes penalties, captain Frankie Greaves takes free kicks, Kenny Sterling takes left-corner kicks, and Archie Fleming takes right-corner kicks. The Rossanese team has a style modifier of +4, and is managed by Stephen Lehmann.

The Staff

Manager - Stephen Lehmann | 62 Years Old | Rossana
Head Coach - Markus Weiss | 59 Years Old | Rossana
Assistant Coach - Franz Seyfried-Ensenauer | 55 Years Old | Rossana
Assistant Coach - Florian Baecker | 57 Years Old | Rossana

The Players

Starting Eleven
GK - Lucas Englund | 19 Years Old | #12 | Darvale
LB - Thorsten Krueger | 23 Years Old | #2 | Rossana
LCB - Keenan Cambie | 20 Years Old | #18 | Darvale
RCB - Andrew Chambers | 19 Years Old | #4 | Darvale
RB - Lou Chapman | 18 Years Old | #5 | Darvale
LCDM - Kenny Sterling | 17 Years Old | #6 | Darvale
CAM - Frankie Greaves | 20 Years Old | #9 | Darvale
RCDM - Archie Fleming | 17 Years Old | #8 | Darvale
LW - Ruben Stokes | 17 Years Old | #14 | Darvale
CS - Dixie Brambler | 17 Years Old | #10 | Darvale
RW - Cassius Camden | 18 Years Old | #7 | Darvale
GK - Jürgen Metzinger | 25 Years Old | #1 | Rossana
LB - Matthias Koch | 24 Years Old | #26 | Rossana
LCB - Marc Freizinger | 19 Years Old | #3 | Rossana
RCB - Pietro Cortez | 27 Years Old | #15 | Darvale
RB - Benjamin Köhler | 26 Years Old | #16 | Rossana
LCDM - Colt Brown | 18 Years Old | #17 | Darvale
CAM - Freddie McLaughlin | 20 Years Old | #24 | Darvale
RCDM - Philip Muller | 20 Years Old | #18 | Darvale
LW - Rohen Lambeau | 17 Years Old | #20 | Darvale
CS - Dirk Strauss | 22 Years Old | #19 | Rossana
RW - Alexander Aachen | 18 Years Old | #22 | Rossana



These kits were designed and provided by SuperSport Incorporated, based in Crompton, Darvale. The kit on the far-left is Rossana's home kit, the second-to-left kit is the reverse of the home kit, the second-to right kit is the Rossanese away kit, and the far-right kit is the Rossanese alternative kit. The home kit colors (red and navy with white trimmings) were chosen to represent the Rossanese flag, while the second kit colors (black and grey with gold trimmings) were chosen to represent the dark times Rossana had just been through, but the gold trimmings represent the chance of rebirth and a bright future. The third kit colors (red and white) are the colors of the SuperSport corporation.

Roleplaying Permissions

If my opponent roleplays before me, I grant him/her the permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod goalscoring events: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per game)
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per 3 games)
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes (No exaggeration, 1 per 4 games)
Godmod injury events: No
Godmod things in general: No
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Postby Brenecia » Wed Sep 03, 2014 11:44 pm


Preferred Formation:
Style Modifier: +1.25
Home Stadium: Kingsgarden - recently refurbished, a 58,000 all-seater in the capital of Rozelle.
Kit Supplier: Kirola
Nickname: the Patriots

A strong quarterfinal finish in the Cup of Harmony is a more-than-fair reward for a cycle in which the Patriots pushed boundaries, broke ceilings and looked thoroughly rejuvenated. And things are looking up even outside the national team, with a new wave of A-Leaguers moving out to fresh pastures; now 'only' ten of their players ply their trade for Nepharim clubs. They might not nearly be among the favourites for the Campionato Esportiva, but they can at least count themselves dark horses - Bardsley has always been an ambitious manager, and her strategies have always aimed for winning first.

Overall Record
52 wins - 33 draws - 45 losses
196 scored - 188 conceded

First Team
Most RPs will contain the lineup for the next game, but this is the strongest lineup the Patriots can field.

Under Catherine Bardsley, the Brenecian national team will play aggressively for the first time in modern history. Assembling in a 4-3-3, Brenecia will rely on a fast, direct game, aiming to pump the ball forward, preferably on the wings. Meanwhile, the three central midfielders will assert themselves on the game - Breton (Armstrong) a largely defensive player, the other two more free of movement and to create play. A very quick, athletic side, Brenecia will hope to catch defences off-guard through the pace of Scherzer up front. With regards to skill, Brenecia are somewhat a patchwork as far as depth is concerned, but they have a solid first-team despite lacking any real star players.

I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y*
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y**
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y***
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

* Camden takes penalties and most free-kicks, Camden or a fullback takes corners
** I'll have the final say on severity.
*** One per match.

Catherine BARDSLEY - 41

A lover of Brenecian domestic football, Bardsley's work with Kingsgrove of the A-League ended up changing the entire league's culture, shifting it in favour of direct attacking play, and of harnessing the ability of local youth. She's enjoyed success using much the same methods for the national team, and doesn't plan to stop there.

Vance STERLING - 43
Assistant Manager

A good assistant who briefly stood in as interim, managing a 4-2 win over Barunia before two defeats in the Cup of Harmony. He's always stood loyally by all three managers he's served under, and is a steadying presence in what has often been a tumultuous dressing room.
1 - Jayce PENCE - 28 - North Laithland (NPH)
28 caps, 6 clean sheets

Connell's international retirement has successfully paved the way for Jayce Pence to make her breakthrough. She's never really been an exceptional goalkeeper, but her spectacular reflexes (despite her small size - 5'10" and wiry) makes up for her error-prone nature.

12 - Paul ASHPIKE - 26 - Honneur (ZEN)
1 cap, 1 clean sheet

The least experienced of the goalkeepers, but Ashpike proved solid in the Premiership. Young and able to come off his line with great pace to collect balls, and eager to come out of the box to sweep. And, of course, a solid, though unexceptional, shot-stopper. Ashpike's made a move abroad to Zenic to try and wrest the number one jersey, but so far it's not succeeded - that said, he's a very capable backup.

20 - Sara FAIRHALL - 28 - Saint Alexander

With Carrick internationally retired, having seemingly purged his demons with his performances in the Cup of Harmony, the beacon passes to Fairhall, a good shot-stopper known for her consistency. The A-League lacks any truly exceptional goalkeepers, but if called upon the 28-year old will do the job required.
2 - Fiona BERENGER - 23 - Crisisbless (NPH)
12 caps, 2 goals

Berenger only recently broke through at Crisisbless, but she's very much the right backup for the Patriots. She's clearly the successor to Allbeck, but her skillset's not the same - far more aggressive and loving to overlap on the wings, but without the same defensive ability. All signs seem to point to her being worthy of taking up the mantle, and it looks like good times are ahead for Berenger - taking strides for both club and country.

3 - Miriam PORTADOWN - 25 - Raven River (NPH)
17 caps, 3 goals

Portadown was a true revelation for her country - uncapped during the Slatesaver years, a stunning debut year for River in the Nepharim leagues paved the way for a national callup, where she's been a constant presence attacking and harrying down the wings while also keeping an eye on her defensive duties. A key player for the squad.

5 - Emma KELLY - 25 - Goodfeather FC (NPH)
11 caps, 0 goals

A wiry, agile centreback - not perhaps one with the typical attributes of a defender, liking to take possession and run forward, but one with undoubted skills. Kelly's grown stronger as a defensive player with the Quakers, however - she deserves the starting berth her numbering seems to imply.

6 - Seth GREIG - 31 - Crisisbless (NPH)
41 caps, 2 goals

Seth Greig is the best centreback to have come from Brenecia, without a doubt - a rock in central defence. He is that most special and cherished of centre-backs; exceptionally spiteful. Too often last cycle he was picking up the pieces for Gallagher's weaknesses - Kelly should prove a more decisive partner, though Greig's own physicality will need to compensate doubly for her lack of it.

17 - Orson FAULKNER - 25 - AC Izotz Zubia (AUD)

Faulkner's making his first appearance for the national team later than many would have thought, but Brenecia's peculiar depth at rightback stood in his way until now. That said, Faulkner is a cautious and, it has to be said, rather cynical full-back, fortunately imbued with the pace and stamina required to be an active presence down both ends of the wing. A serviceable centreback in a pinch.

18 - Ash KILCANE - 24 - Fontvielle FC (YTT)

A devilishly fast player, Kilcane's no brute, but she can more than hold her own. A player most at home hanging tightly to her mark, harrying and lashing out at them over the course of the match, and rarely caught out of position - though her single-mindedness can occasionally count against her.

19 - Rhea LOCKHART - 26 - Real Santa Maria (FLX)
7 caps, 0 goals

One of the many A-League players to make a breakthrough under Bardsley, Lockhart is a good, though fairly conservative left-back. A good crosser, and capable of threatening with those crosses, but just as comfortable shutting down the opponent on her wing. Scored precisely one goal in her A-League career, which lasted right up until the last year - strong performances for her country proved the catalyst for interest abroad.

22 - Merry CHILTON - 24 - Lotus Park

One of those players whose genuine football intelligence is truly world-class, despite their lack of genuine physical gifts. The lanky Chilton's got an uncanny eye for being in the right place at the right time, and is unlikely to let the side down with an error - that said, she's still developing her game, and is probably fourth-choice by a margin.
4 - Augustine BRETON - 26 - Brinemouth (NPH)
Holding Midfielder
24 caps, 0 goals

Breton is one of the stars of the team - his breakthrough into Brinemouth as their first-choice holding midfielder was a strong one, and he was key to their back-to-back victories in the league. He's strong all-round, with no real gaps in his play - mostly defense-focused, but like all Brinemouth's players, good with short, forward passing. Very much the sort of player Bardsley wants more of.

8 - Morgan UNDERWOOD - 26 - Vermillion Rage (NPH)
17 caps, 2 goals
Central Midfielder

A strong, strapping young man with a gift for long passes. Athletic and overpowering in midfield, and the sort of player whose drive and commitment are what mark him out. The first to start running and the last to stop. Technically, nothing special, but has the ability to assert himself box-to-box that this midfield otherwise lacks.

10 - Erin CAMDEN (c) - 27 - Parrhesia United (NPH)
Central Midfielder
44 caps, 10 goals

Erin Camden might be half-Nepharim, as proud fans are fond of saying, but she's all Brenecian. This might be optimistic, considering she chose Nephara at the U-21 level at least. Now captain, Camden's skill with long shots and free kicks gives her squad a substantial edge from set pieces, to say nothing of her playmaking ability in open play.

15 - Catherine PURRINGTON - 22 - Wye United (APX)
Central Midfielder

Purrington may be several things - short, chunky, reluctant to track back, a poor marker, solely left-footed - but damn if it's not a hell of a foot. Brenecia's most-skilled player technically, playing with all the individual flamboyance of an arrogant pub footballer, Purrington strides past defenders with an easy grace and generally the ball goes where she wants it to go.

21 - Kurtis ARMSTRONG - 27 - Foxchester Raiders (STB)
Defensive Midfielder
9 caps, 0 goals

A true midfield enforcer, Armstrong's pace, stamina and strength make him a perfect harrier to put a bit of stick about in the midfield. The Falkner-born midfielder's also a loyal, brave sort, who tends to be a source of calm and strength in the dressing room in times of duress - were he part of the first-team, he'd be a clear candidate for captaincy.

23 - Cheney KELLER - 26 - Violence Chariots (NPH)
Central Midfielder
13 caps, 1 goals

A thoroughly professional player, and a versatile central midfielder who might not be outstanding in any one aspect but has the skillset for any role the situation demands. In other words, Keller's the sort of reliable, quietly-efficient squad player one usually only finds in club sides - but the utility's welcome to the Patriots.
7 - Daniel SNOWDEN - 30 - Sabrefell Moths (NPH)
Right Winger
41 caps, 10 goals

An energetic, pacy winger, Snowden seemed a little raw earlier in his career but is currently a far more developed player. Creates more chances than he converts, but he has an eye for putting crosses in at the far post for a lurking striker. All that's missing is the defensive ability to match his attacking flair, and even that's not for lack of trying.

9 - Cheney SCHERZER - 25 - Wye United (APX)
22 caps, 14 goals

A centre-forward inclined to run hot-and-cold, a combination of Scherzer's streakiness and his lack of physical presence made many sceptical he could fulfil the role for the national team. Ten goals in qualifying later, he's made up his sceptics' minds for them - his pace and energy was perfect for the direct play his wingers fed him, and his ability to knock the ball past his opponents helped still further - ultimately, his national form earned him a move to Apox.

11 - Miriam SPITFIRE (vc) - 31 - FC Brimstone (APX)
Left Winger
100 caps, 18 goals

One of the few remaining veterans of the BoF team, Spitfire's main asset is her vicious left boot - she prides herself on an ability to beat goalkeepers at their near post, as well as a natural aptitude for crossing. Not exactly a one-trick pony, but not known for her versatility; that said, can fill in at centre-forward when needed.

13 - Isadora CULLEN - 23 - Barbury Town (APX)
Right Winger
7 caps, 2 goals

A flamboyant, quick-footed winger, Cullen's had to make a tough transition - from star of Kingsgrove and darling of the A-League to squad-player status at hard-hitting Barbury. Never one to shirk her duties, Cullen's taken to her new status with her best shot, and looks set to take up a starting role for her country.

14 - Cheney BELCONNEN - 26 - Racing Xinghua Baoyam (TRB)
22 caps, 10 goals

A strong, firm aerial presence with an innate ability to unsettle and outmuscle defenders despite his lean frame, Cheney 'Belco' Belconnen's energy makes him the perfect set of fresh legs near the end of a big match. He's capable of acting in a supporting role up front, but always poses an individual threat that isn't to be underestimated. Tactically, likely to be favoured when Brenecia look to defend a game and strike back quickly on the counter.

16 - Larissa CONNOLLY - 25 - Falkner United
Left Winger

Connolly's an incisive winger who grew tired of being a journeyman in Nephara and returned to her homeland - she's thrived wherever she's played, however, and has proven a remarkably prolific goalscorer. Two-footed but with a marked preference for playing on the left, Connolly looks the most likely successor to Miriam Spitfire.

1 - Jayce Pence (North Laithland, NPH)
12 - Paul Ashpike (Honneur, ZEN)
20 - Sara Fairhall (Saint Alexander)

2 - Fiona Berenger (Crisisbless, NPH)
3 - Miriam Portadown (Raven River, NPH)
5 - Emma Kelly (Goodfeather FC, NPH)
6 - Seth Greig (Crisisbless, NPH)
17 - Orson Faulkner (AC Izotz Zubia, AUD)
18 - Ashleigh Kilcane (Fontvielle FC, YTT)
19 - Rhea Lockhart (Real Santa Maria, FLX)
22 - Merry Chilton (Lotus Park)

4 - Augustine Breton (Brinemouth, NPH)
8 - Morgan Underwood (Vermillion Rage, NPH)
10 - Erin Camden (Parrhesia United, NPH, c)
15 - Catherine Purrington (Wye United, APX)
21 - Kurtis Armstrong (Foxchester Raiders, STB)
23 - Cheney Keller (Violence Chariots, NPH)

7 - Daniel Snowden (Sabrefell Moths, NPH)
9 - Cheney Scherzer (Wye United, APX)
11 - Miriam Spitfire (FC Brimstone, APX, vc)
13 - Isadora Cullen (Barbury Town, APX)
14 - Cheney Belconnen (Racing Xinghua Baoyam, TRB)
16 - Larissa Connolly (Falkner United)
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Mytannion, Apox, Farfadillis, SJG, Zwangzug, Venalzio, Felix, New Sideburn, The Royal Barangay & Equestrian States for having internationals of mine over in their nation.
Hamburg SV for lending me their stadium.
Gloriax for the visuals

Till the end of the CoH61.


Some forty years ago, a couple of Esportivan communist exchange students decide to kick a ball around on a field not too far away from Vadshult. After a lot of history, we’ve now in the year 2020 and football is tilting the crown as the most popular sport in the archipelago. In the fifth season of the unified Top Division, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis retook their dominance with a fourth title, getting the better of Jottnar Kallsmudden. The side also can pride themselves upon a certain international stature after winning a Globe Cup. The national President’s Cup saw already a list of victorious sides, with Bengtsmark IF, the nation's second team, as the latest addition. The official national competitions contain 48 teams and are still up to expansion, but its popularity mainly lies on the many local teams and competitions. Especially in the western part, football is the main sport, whilst being opposed to the popularity of rugby and basket in the east.

Before our international wake, Buyanese football was usually noted by powerful midfield play, with a lot of forward focus transcended in one man: a team was often defined by its type of attacking midfielder and the position was probably a bit overrated. Navickas and Cedar, by example, previously grew into the posterboys of their time that way. These days, the man around which Buyanese football revolves is Sverre Devold, although Piotr Kluszak might hold that position in the domestic Top Division. These stars of the new generations, however, demonstrated that the danger doesn't have to come from one person only and the ability from Viztourzys - and more recently Bengtsmark, Blau-Weiss and Jottnar - to deal with this new football reality have allowed them to grow to the highest level. The fact that Hope held on to the same opinion has certainly helped to popularize the idea.

He stamped out the old traditions with a renewed midfield where the wings can produce a lot of danger as well, but with a larger focus on the defending as a whole. It was a typical vision in Buyan to see attacking players stay forward when the opposing team launches an attack, causing a lot of pressure and goals, but the national side doesn’t show so. Hope wanted a sturdy defence, unless there are opportunities on the wing, with Naess and Zermin as a double lock on the door. It brought Buyan a Baptism of Fire, but after 88 international games, the reign of Hope stranded on a goalless draw against Kernansquillec... And the World Cup being further than ever. A fourteen on eighteen, under new manager Reinhard Shale, brought them back in the race but the Hedgehogs fell one point short to United Eastedge. The Cup of Harmony wasn’t a success by all standards, but with a new cycle starting, Shale wants to bring the national team to a new level.


The Blue Hedgehogs

Winner of the Baptism of Fire 54
Winner of the Beltane Cup II
Participant in WC 68

KPB: 38th with 19.87 KPB, post WC69
EspKB: 11th with 12.67, post CEX

All-time scoreline: 140 for, 99 against
Game results: 55 wins, 16 draws, 27 losses in 98 international fixtures

Biggest victory: CEX, Buyan - Boring Paradise 5-0
Greatest victory: WCQ68, United Gordonopia - Buyan 0-1, Equestrian States - Buyan 0-1 / WC68 Buyan - GAS 1-0
Most preferable result: 1-0, 25 victories out of 55
Opponent most played: Greater Watford, 4 occasions
Biggest loss: Confederations Cup, Equestrian States – Buyan, 4-0
Most painful loss: CoH59, Buyan - Sangti 2-5 / CEX, Apox - Buyan 2-0 / WCQ69 Kernansquillec - Buyan 3-1
Opponent most lost against: Dandillis, New Sideburn, Apox, Hutt River, The Licentian Isles, HopNation
Rivalries: Rüntenbach – Apox – HopNation – Greater Watford – The Sarian

Record at the CE VIII: 2 wins, 0 draws, 4 losses: elimination in the qualification round
Record at the BoF 54: 6 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses: victory
Record at the Conf. Cup: 0 wins, 0 draws, 3 losses: elimination in the group phase
Record at the WCQ 67: 8 wins, 2 draws, 6 losses: 5th spot, elimination in the qualification round
Record at the CoH 59: 0 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss: elimination in the group phase

Record at the CE IX: 3 win, 0 draws, 3 losses: elimination in the qualification round
Record at the Beltane Cup: 3 win, 1 draw, 2 losses: 3th spot
Record at the WCQ 68: 14 wins, 4 draws, 0 losses: 2nd spot, won play-offs
Record at the WC 68: 1 win, 0 draws, 2 losses: elimination in the first round

Record at the CE X: 4 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses: elimination in the Round of 16
Record at the Beltane Cup II: 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss: victory
Record at the WCQ 69: 7 wins, 6 draws, 1 loss: 3rd spot, eliminated in the qualifications
Record at the CoH 61: 2 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses: elimination in the Round of 16

Top scorer: Elmo Havelund, twenty-three goals
Most caps: Bronius Bartkus, eighty caps

Buyan has come a long way since their debut interland, a worrying 3-0 loss against Dandillis. Their first CE saw proper performances, but the Hedgehogs only got the taste of winning in their Baptism of Fire. Without dominating, they amassed the victories. After beating Kitsunia-Deesse and Dutciberg, they faced The Sarian in a thriller. After one hundred twenty scoreless minutes, penalties had to decide upon a victor and the steel nerves from the Buyanese came out on top. The tournament marked Zemaitis, Havelund, Tufte and not in the least Sverre Devold as international players and lay the foundation of a respectable World Cup campaign.

Despite organising the next Campionato, it didn’t saw a real breakthrough of Buyan and the Beltane Cup ended in deception when Yttribia got the best of us, leaving us with bronze. But the World Cup qualifiers were exceptional, playing eighteen games back-to-back without a single loss. Taking the scalps of United Gordonopia, Thatius and the Equestrian States, Buyan surprisingly qualified for the World Cup 68 proper. After losses against Legalese and Osarius, Buyan grabbed three sweet points after a much contested duel against Rüntenbach, seeing Manuel Schmidt as a hero.

Their third campaign of international football has resolved in mixed results. Due to internal issues, a homegrown side had to contest the CE and the Beltane Cup. The CE ended faster than hoped, as Apox cut short the road to the quarterfinals, but the Beltane resulted in the second trophy in the cabinet, as we once again showed more cool on penalties against Greater Watford. The expectations were high: a second World Cup qualification was a must but that did not work out. A second round in the CoH 61 did not really resolve the question marks. Is Buyan bound to be one of those sites hanging on the edge of World Cup spots or can they become a major name in football? The CEXI might present some answers.

Cap 1. CE VIII. Group Stage. Dandillis – Buyan ... 3-0
Cap 2. CE VIII. Group Stage. Buyan – Hessington Island ... 1-0
Cap 3. CE VIII. Group Stage. New Sideburn – Buyan ... 1-0
Cap 4. CE VIII. Group Stage. Buyan – Dandillis ... 0-1
Cap 5. CE VIII. Group Stage. Hessington Island – Buyan ... 0-3
Cap 6. CE VIII. Group Stage. Buyan – New Sideburn ... 0-2

Cap 7. BoF 54. Group Stage. Crya – Buyan ... 0-1
Cap 8. BoF 54. Group Stage. Buyan – The Holy Forden Church ... 3-2
Cap 9. BoF 54. Group Stage. Dutzenderland – Buyan ... 0-3
Cap 10. BoF 54. Round of 16. Buyan – Ceni ... 1-0
Cap 11. BoF 54. Quarterfinal. Buyan – Kitsunia-Deesse ... 3-1
Cap 12. BoF 54. Semifinal. Buyan – Dutciberg ... 1-0
Cap 13. BoF 54. Final. The Sarian – Buyan ... 0-0 (6-7 P)

Cap 14. ConfCup. Group Stage. Buyan – Apox ... 0-1
Cap 15. ConfCup. Group Stage. Buyan – Eura ... 0-1
Cap 16. ConfCup. Group Stage. Equestrian States – Buyan ... 4-0

Cap 17. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Buyan – Olastor ... 2-1
Cap 18. WCQ 67. Group Stage. The Archregimancy – Buyan ... 3-0
Cap 19. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Buyan – Alianza Albos ... 1-0
Cap 20. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Hutt River – Buyan ... 1-0
Cap 21. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Buyan – Sargossa ... 1-1
Cap 22. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Ossidiacqua – Buyan ... 4-1
Cap 23. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Buyan – Greater Watford ... 2-0
Cap 24. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Gregoryisgodistan – Buyan ... 2-0
Cap 25. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Olastor – Buyan ... 0-1
Cap 26. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Buyan – The Archregimancy ... 0-0
Cap 27. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Alianza Albos – Buyan ... 0-1
Cap 28. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Buyan – Hutt River ... 0-3
Cap 29. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Sargossa – Buyan ... 2-1
Cap 30. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Buyan – Ossidiacqua ... 2-0
Cap 31. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Greater Watford – Buyan ... 1-4
Cap 32. WCQ 67. Group Stage. Buyan – Gregoryisgodistan ... 1-0

Cap 33. CoH 59. Group Stage. Buyan – Sangti ... 2-5
Cap 34. CoH 59. Group Stage. West Angola – Buyan ... 1-1

Cap 35. CE IX. Group Stage. Buyan – Kazamatsuri ... 1-0
Cap 36. CE IX. Group Stage. Brenecia – Buyan ... 1-0
Cap 37. CE IX. Group Stage. Buyan – The Licentian Isles ... 0-2
Cap 38. CE IX. Group Stage. Kazamatsuri – Buyan ... 0-2
Cap 39. CE IX. Group Stage. Buyan – Brenecia ... 1-0
Cap 40. CE IX. Group Stage. The Licentian Isles – Buyan ... 3-0

Cap 41. Beltane. Group Stage. Buyan – Yttribia ... 4-2
Cap 42. Beltane. Group Stage. Buyan – Ceni ... 2-0
Cap 43. Beltane. Group Stage. HopNation – Buyan ... 2-1
Cap 44. Beltane. Quarterfinal. Buyan – Greater Watford ... 2-2 (4-4 AET; 7-6)
Cap 45. Beltane. Semifinal. Yttribia – Buyan ... 1-0
Cap 46. Beltane. 3PPO. Buyan – NexxusDrako ... 2-1

Cap 47. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Buyan – Drekkevaas ... 1-1
Cap 48. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Lzherusskia – Buyan ... 1-2
Cap 49. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Buyan – Texacano ... 2-0
Cap 50. WCQ 68. Group Stage. United Gordonopia – Buyan ... 0-1
Cap 51. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Buyan – Jeru FC ... 3-1
Cap 52. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Albaie – Buyan ... 4-4
Cap 53. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Buyan – Nyucia ... 3-1
Cap 54. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Drekkevaas – Buyan ... 3-3
Cap 55. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Buyan – Lzherusskia ... 3-0
Cap 56. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Texacano – Buyan ... 0-1
Cap 57. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Buyan – United Gordonopia ... 1-0
Cap 58. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Jeru FC – Buyan ... 3-3
Cap 59. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Buyan – Albaie ... 3-0
Cap 60. WCQ 68. Group Stage. Nyucia – Buyan ... 1-3
Cap 61. WCQ 68. Play-offs. Thatius – Buyan ... 1-2
Cap 62. WCQ 68. Play-offs. Buyan – Thatius ... 3-2
Cap 63. WCQ 68. Play-offs. Equestrian States – Buyan ... 0-1
Cap 64. WCQ 68. Play-offs. Buyan – Equestrian States ... 4-2

Cap 65. World Cup 68. Group Stage. Buyan – Osarius ... 2-4
Cap 66. World Cup 68. Group Stage. Legalese – Buyan ... 2-1
Cap 67. World Cup 68. Group Stage. Buyan – German American States ... 1-0

Cap 68. CEX. Group Stage. Buyan – Gloriax ... 1-0
Cap 69. CEX. Group Stage. Buyan – Boring Paradise ... 5-0
Cap 70. CEX. Group Stage. King Arthur’s Court – Buyan ... 0-2
Cap 71. CEX. Group Stage. Buyan – Northern Sunrise Islands ... 1-3
Cap 72. CEX. Group Stage. Buyan – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Gorod ... 1-0
Cap 73. CEX. Round of 16. Apox – Buyan ... 2-0

Cap 74. Beltane II. Group Stage. Buyan – New North Aqmuland ... 1-0
Cap 75. Beltane II. Group Stage. Buyan – Nexxus Drako ... 1-0
Cap 76. Beltane II. Group Stage. HopNation – Buyan ... 2-0
Cap 77. Beltane II. Quarterfinal. Buyan – Glaser ... 3-0
Cap 78. Beltane II. Semifinal. Buyan – Nova Anglicana ... 1-0
Cap 79. Beltane II. Final. Buyan – Greater Watford ... 2-2 (4-3 P)

Cap 80. Portnii Victory Cup. Buyan - Apox ... 1-0

Cap 81. WCQ 69. Kernansquillec – Buyan … 3-1
Cap 82. WCQ 69. Maklohi Vai – Buyan … 0-1
Cap 83. WCQ 69. Buyan – United Eastedge … 0-0
Cap 84. WCQ 69. Lojal – Buyan … 0-3
Cap 85. WCQ 69. Buyan – Free Swiss States … 0-0
Cap 86. WCQ 69. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Gorod – Buyan … 0-3
Cap 87. WCQ 69. Buyan – Audioslavia … 1-1
Cap 88. WCQ 69. Buyan – Kernansquillec … 0-0
Cap 89. WCQ 69. Buyan – Maklohi Vai … 1-0
Cap 90. WCQ 69. United Eastedge – Buyan … 0-3
Cap 91. WCQ 69. Buyan – Lojal … 1-0
Cap 92. WCQ 69. Free Swiss States – Buyan … 0-0
Cap 93. WCQ 69. Buyan – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Gorod … 1-0
Cap 94. WCQ 69. Audioslavia – Buyan … 1-1

Cap 95. Cup of Harmony 61. Group Stage. Buyan – Cosumar … 3-1
Cap 96. Cup of Harmony 61. Group Stage. Buyan – West Angola … 0-1
Cap 97. Cup of Harmony 61. Group Stage. Electrum – Buyan … 0-2
Cap 98. Cup of Harmony 61. Round of 16. The Archregimancy – Buyan … 1-0


With an eye on the future, Reinhard Shale decided to expand the group with five young names, although the circumstances made that six. Bronius Bartkus, the record international with eighty appearances for the Blue Hedgehogs, suffered a painful ankle injury and will not appear in the CEXI or the Beltane Cup. His replacement in the defence is Kai Ruutu, a player from Seura Pohkakunti on the edge of a breakthrough transfer – to Viztourzys, some whisper. Suhr is in the group as well, he showed in Torspeda to be able to deal with a high level. In the middle of midfield, Istvan Losokov makes a return to the CE after a fine domestic season.

In the offensive compartment, we see three new names. Arnold Rootare convinced the sceptics with a splendid SBCC run for Thor Rellhovn and appears as third attacking midfielder. Stefan Hostmann is probably the most promising striker in the Top Division, he might stir some youth in the attack with Dalmshelf struggling with his form. Last but not least, there is a surprise appearance by Damien Balnerii, who partakes after a few years for Earenti clubs. “It’s one of the greatest competitions,” Shale added, “so it was only a matter of time.”

1. Manuel Schmidt --- GK --- 30, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 26 caps, 1 sub, 1 goal
12. Ulle Seber --- GK --- 31, Garbarnia Hoyersko --- 27 caps, 1 sub
23. Erbald Saldlund --- GK --- 25, Bengtsmark IF --- 4 caps, 1 sub

17. Maxim Dziuba --- LD --- 23, Slask Pruzniwczo --- 2 caps, 4 subs
2. Kazimieras Zemaitis --- LD --- 25, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 71 caps, 7 subs, 5 goals

21. Kai Ruutu --- CD --- 22, Seura Pohkakunti --- 0 caps
16. Antanas Mamontovas --- CD --- 25, Bengtsmark IF --- 10 caps, 2 subs
3. Sigurd Tufte --- CD --- 26, Dinamo Esca, MYT --- 74 caps, 1 goal
4. Rafal Giertych --- CD --- 23, Jottnar Kallsmudden --- 8 caps

18. Ignas Smetona --- RD --- 30, Santa Tecla FC, SJG --- 12 caps, 4 subs
5. Giedius Justs --- RD --- 21, Commercianti, VEN --- 4 caps, 1 sub

6. Harald Naess --- DM --- 34, Bengtsmark IF --- 69 caps, 4 subs, 4 goals
8. Quinten Zermin --- DM --- 30, Carrubonieta Il Gueti, TRB --- 56 caps, 10 subs, 4 goals
27. Frederik Suhr --- DM --- 21, Sparta Torspeda --- 0 caps, 1 sub

14. Vridrich Lammerschon --- LM --- 24, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 1 cap, 4 subs
7. Dimitri Plovnarov --- LM --- 22, La Nueva Avenida --- 7 caps, 4 subs

24. Istvan Losokov --- CM --- 26, Pajukas Sport --- 2 caps, 2 subs

15. Espen Knutsen --- RM --- 26, Crisisbless, NEP --- 9 caps, 9 subs, 2 goals
9. Eero Halmiini --- RM --- 26, FC Ararat Severyan, MYT --- 38 caps, 11 subs, 10 goals

10. Sverre Devold --- AM --- 26, Barbury Town, APX --- 79 caps, 1 sub, 15 goals
25. Arnold Rootare --- AM --- 22, Thor Rellhovn --- 0 caps
20. Piotr Kluszak --- AM --- 27, Blau-Weiss Pallstadt --- 13 caps, 5 subs, 4 goals

19. Sil Moen --- LA --- 30, Tjelberg Forening --- 28 caps, 23 subs, 9 goals

11. Elmo Havelund --- CA --- 30, Vermillion Rage, NEP --- 42 caps, 14 subs, 23 goals
28. Stefan Hostmann --- CA --- 18, Viztourzys Kolektyvinis --- 0 caps, 2 subs
26. Damien Balnerii --- CA --- 28, Retatyn TU, EAR --- 0 goals
13. Andrey Rettinger --- CA --- 29, Goodfeather FC, NEP --- 9 caps, 2 subs, 4 goals

22. Duco Dalmshelf --- RA --- 23, Blau-Weiss Pallstadt --- 29 caps, 9 subs, 15 goals


Second Assistant: Alowysz Krupa

Debuting can be a remarkable word if we apply it to a man who has almost two decades of football experience behind him. Alowysz Krupa wore the shirt of the Blue Hedgehogs on 35 occasions and is a cult hero for his former domestic side Garbarnia Hoyersko, whose black and brown colours he defended for nine years. Being one of the most modest men ever to represent our nation, he will still remain a national icon for being the one to score the all-important penalty during the Baptism of Fire victory. Up to this day, it remains the only penalty ever shot by this man who is once too often called a grey mouse.

First Assistant: Erica Brewer, NEP

Joining the Buyanese coaching staff, Brewer raised more than one eyebrow as she is one of the first females to enter the masculine circle of Buyanese professional football. However, all question marks were quickly turned into exclamation points once they got to know her. Her thorough knowledge of opponents, attention to details and patience makes her the ideal counterpart for Shale, with whom she shares her career. No surprise that by now, she is quite rightfully seen as 'one of us' by the dressing room, judging her by her skill rather than her gender.

Manager: Reinhard Shale, NEP

Sirius Hope brought Buyan to glory in the Baptism of Fire, lead them to their first World Cup and overlooked the squad that gained the Beltane Cup, but his time with the Hedgehogs stranded on a string of shaky performances in the World Cup qualifiers. It's here that Shale came into the picture, a man who could bring in the right kind of résumé despite only being 43 years of age. This talkative manager took up coaching after a career as winger being cut short by injury - we do like some coherence here in Buyan - and earned a name for himself when he not only lead Maximum Rovers to a title in the second division, but turned them into a solid side for the Nepharan competition.

Domestic powerhouse AFC Treason noted his class and Shale did live up to the expectations, bringing them a new title. But after three years, he decided it was time for a new challenge and found it in the dwindling Buyanese national team. With fourteen points in the remaining qualification games, the Hedgehogs hadn't lost yet under his reign, as he tries to bring them away from their defensive outlook to a typical Nepharim 4-4-2. His Cup of Harmony wasn’t that successful, although the stats could be worse. Shale is a talkative, media-friendly manager who tends to make the most of his time with the press, always quick with a joke. Even if that joke needs to pass inaccurately through a translator. He tends to take a challenge head-on and never really bother with the subtle route. It's something the Buyanese will have to get use to calm and subtle Hope.



After using regular blues for the Campionato Esportiva VIII, Buyan addressed Vulpine Sportif who provided them with beautiful kits, both in a blue edition for the home side and red ones for the away games. But time flies and the BFB rightfully decided that it was time for an update. The result is the above marvellous shirts, kindfully provided by AER Sportswear. This modern touch certainly has added to our flair. We’ll wear these excellent shirts with pride, added with red shorts and socks. The goalie will take the field in an all blue outfit.


Choose my goalscorers - Yes
Godmod scoring events - No, unless awesome
RP injuries to my players – Yes, but no indication of length of injury if above three games
Godmod injuries to my players – No, unless hilarious
Hand out yellow cards to my players – Yes, up to five
Hand out red cards to my players – Yes, up to one
Godmod other events – No, unless hilarious
Dude, I've got this awesome idea - TG me, I'll be glad to cooperate


The Nine @ Dyatinsk (57,000 seats)

It's big, it's build on an unpractical location and if we believe the contractor, it's build on a swamp.
But it's also state of the art and featured some games in the Campionato Esportiva IX, hence the name.


Style Modifier: -1

The one-attacker system almost proverbially attached to Sirius Hope is now a thing of the past and it leads to a new tactical scheme, a Nepharim 4-4-2 with a narrow diamond on the midfield. It is intended that the wing defenders will take up more offensive actions in this system, reaching the line from time to time if possible.

Between the posts, Ulle Sebermanaged to reclaim his spot. The Garbarnia goalie, out during the WC 68 due to an awful knee injury, took the upper hand as starting goalie since Shale took over and only had to admit one in the last 540 minutes. He's reliable, splendid in one-on-one but not unbeatable on a long-distance shot. Despite playing for a minor domestic side, Seber holds Manuel Schmidt on the bench so far. Schmidt, former Rüntenbacher and goalie of Viztourzys Kolektyvinis, Buyan's most famous club team, is more than a good double, as this spectacular keeper is as good as his opponent between the sticks. A change - if the opponent asks for it - is not impossible but the two have the utmost respect for one another. Third goalie Saldlund was once a major prodigy, but hasn't made that last step up yet. Questions arise if he ever will.

As left defender, Kazimieras Zemaitis is the household name. Quick, always ready for a counterattack and with a stinging shot, one would almost forget that over the past few years for Viztourzys he also became a strong defender with a mean tackle. One of the few Buyanese of true multiversal level, this shy wingback is a unique asset. His doublure, Dziuba, is carved out of similar wood, but still lacks the international experience and view on the game. Nonetheless, he has shown promising things during his few appearances. The heart of the team is formed by a duo whose names are the first on the board ever since our very first international game. Bronius Bartkus is the captain of Viztourzys and leader of the defence here, a clever player with a subtle pass and a strong head. His positioning is near to perfect but a difficult ankle injury keeps him off the field. A gap that is filled by Rafal Giertych, a youngster who has promise written all over him and a true professional. He brings similar things to the side as Bartkus. As his back-up, Ruutu had been added to the squad, he’ll mainly have to keep his eyes open for the future. Teaming up with Giertych in the middle of defence is Sigurd Tufte, a man who grew during his years for Mytanar Dinamo Esca from an interesting talent to a reliable international. Tufte still is a bit more rash than his counterpart, but brings a few dangerous infiltrations and a good long pass to the team, along with a good header. His stunt double is Antanas Mamontovas, a man who struggles a bit with the international level but with the years still on his good side. Completing the quartet, the right defender position will probably be filled by Ignas Smetona who is reunited with his former Viztourzys mates Bartkus and Zemaitis. An enfant terrible, he lost his spot on the team during our first Campionato Esportiva and disappeared from the spotlights. However, he matured and made a career for himself in San José Guayabal, where his spectacular style, dribbling and stinging assists were much appreciated by the local fans. Hope brought him back to the squad and Shale entrusted him with the right-back position, discarding the reliable but more static Refshauge. Gabs Refshauge, number two in terms of all-time caps, did not even make the squad as he was passed for Giedius Justs, the brightest prospect in the defensive department and the latest acquisition of Commercianti and likewise a winger, but a tad less expressive as Smetona.

Any good diamond midfield falls or stands by their holding midfielder and it is there that Quinten Zermin enters the story. Starting as a left midfielder, der Kaempfer grew into a player that is both capable to add something in the build-up and strong enough to withstand opposing pressure. Broad shoulders, vast experience and a great attitude, he is the rock on which his teammates can build. Shale chooses him over Harald Naess, a tad more creative but less able to hold up a huge radius. The experienced Naess, vice-captain, is still a viable option when more calmth is needed. For the future, we look to Frederik Suhr, who combines splendid vision with great pace. On the left, Frederik Wallenberg disappeared from the squad after an unnecessary red card in the vital game against Free Swiss States, the end of his international career. His spot is filled by Dimitri Plovnarov, who recently left his youth club Sparta Torspeda for a Farf adventure. Despite not too spectacular, Plovnarov is a creative fellow with a great kick and a fine pass. A few more centimeters would have benefitted him, but he has still plenty of room for improvement. His doublure is Lammerschon, a quiet, hard-working player who makes up with attitude for what he lacks in talent. It earned him a spot in Viztourzys, one in the future for Buyan as well? On the opposite side, two gifted fellows try to match one another, even managing to deny the always appreciated Marco Castell a place in the selection. Eero Halmiini, on his way out of the currently defunct Mytanar competition, still is on the starting eleven as he has more experience and can break open a closed game as no other. Quick feet and smooth rushes define him, only a few more goals wouldn't hurt him. He holds Espen Knutsen on the bench, a player that moved out of the Buyanese competition to Nephara and hasn't regretted that move. Knutsen is stronger and taller than Halmiini and will possibly feature against more physical opponents. This brings us to the defining player of the Buyanese team, the only player that could come anywhere near the term superstar. Able to play on both sides, Istvan Losokov has been added to your team. His fine season makes him part of the team, although I question whether he will have playing minutes. Sverre Devold is a true number ten and after a succesful time for Jottnar Kallsmudden, he became a key player for Apoxian Barbury Town, a side in the second-biggest competition in the multiverse with which he won national and international titles. He's - for a number ten - quite defensive, but with a good kick and similar vision. His main lack might be his confidence, he's not always the leader this team needs. In case of troubles, it seems that Buyan found a double for him in Piotr Kluszak, who rocked the domestic league with his bright performances. A daredevil with great vision and quick feet, he gives Devold some pressure. The bright new prospect in this department is Arnold Rootare, not the tallest of players but with magnificent passing. If the team revolves around him, he can do a lot.

This leaves open the offensive department, in which two rather new players to the national team try to shine. Duco Dalmshelf is a true goalscorer, who attempts to appear as often in front of goal as possible. It earned him the Golden Boot in the last Top Division and with fourteen goals, he's third on the eternal list of the Hedgehogs. He's not too tall and his heading is moderate, but otherwise he's a very stubborn and useful killer who doesn't need too many chances. On his side, Andrey Rettinger might be the most surprising name in the line-up. The first Buyanese ever to try his luck abroad, Rettinger became a club monument for Nepharim side Goodfeather. His style isn't that attractive for the eye but he brings power to the team and has an eye open for a fellow attacker. He's also an important weapon on free kicks and corners, as Buyan traditionally seldom makes the most out of these situations. The two remaining attackers on the squad allow Shale to alter his formation. Elmo Havelund, often called the Lantern Post by the press, never has been much-liked by the fans, but he did score quite often in the infamous system with one attacker. Under Shale, he appears less but remains a faithful player who will always give his best for Buyan. Last but not least, Sil Moen wears the number nineteen. He's an interesting white rabbit in the hat, hard to define by only one position. A creative left foot, very intelligent and versatile, capable to bring a tactical change from paper to grass, Moen remains an ace to throw on the table when things get tough in any system. Another ace will be Damien Balnerii who escaped the public eye the last few seasons but who build up a nice career in Earent. Last but not least, there is the junior of the squad Stefan Hostmann. Only eighteen years old, he’s a domestic sensation.

12. Ulle Seber
18. Ignas Smetona * 4. Rafal Giertych * 3. Sigurd Tufte * 2. Kazimieras Zemaitis
8. Quinten Zermin
9. Eero Halmiini * 7. Dimitri Plovnarov
10. Sverre Devold
22. Duco Dalmshelf * 13. Andrey Rettinger

Important: I usually post line-ups in the bottom of my RP for any upcoming game, so please check whether I've assigned players for our game before taking this one.

Penalties: Sverre Devold (if unavailable, in order: Zermin, Rettinger, Tufte)
Indirect free kicks: Dimitri Plovnarov
Direct free kicks: Sverre Devold
Corners, left side: Eero Halmiini
Corners, right side: Kazimieras Zemaitis
Likely to be booked: Sigurd Tufte, Quinten Zermin, Andrey Rettinger

Captain: Sverre Devold
Vice-captains: Harald Naess & Andrey Rettinger
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Postby Independent Gredavcat » Thu Sep 04, 2014 5:51 am

The Independent Gredavcat National Football Team.

Starting Eleven - 5-1-2-1-1

Multiplier = -4.5 (ultra defensive)

GK Georgi Hallam #1
CB Alekzander Kholkov #2
LCB Artyom Zhaz #3
RCB Felix Shipanga #4
LB Hugo Marvins #5
RB Klos Zucchi-Porana #6
CDM Vladimir Perztoka #7
LM Edgar Veva #8
RM Mikahil Brozi #9
CAM Fabio Vevezwa #10
CF Zè #11


GK Ruze Sharwa #12
LB Pieter Veva #13
CB Boris Kirelenko #14
RB Tomaź Fabrè #15
LM Lev Yutoi #16
RM Jules Olga #17
CF Kuzwa-Kuzwa #18

Credit goes to Red Blackiland for creating my National Team Kits.





I Give My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: N
Godmod Injury Events: N
Red Card Players: Y (1 per match)
Yellow Card Players: Y
Godmod Other Events: N

National Team Background.

Officially formed only a few decades ago, the Independent Gredavcat National Football Team has remained largely under the radar, only participating in a few domestic matches and only two international friendlies.

However, a place in the CEXI will soon change all that. For really the first time the national team players will be up against some of the best opposition in the world. For Independent Gredavcat's players and fans every game will be like a cup final.

Most of the team is made up of players who play their football within Independent Gredavcat, although a few do play abroad. The domestic league dictates that only seven players can be of foreign nationality within one team - meaning a large emphasis is placed on developing homegrown talent. These younger players, in particular, will be tested thoroughly in the CEXI.

The National Team being made up of, in brutal honesty, part time players it was decided that a defensive formation be played. In front of the goalkeeper plays the sweeper who picks up the scraps and ensures the defence stays strong. In front of him is the standard back four defence, which allows the left and right wing backs to charge up the flanks when possession is gained. Sitting in front of the defence is the defensive midfielder who guards the back four. Either side of him is the left and right midfielder - crucial in attacking play and relied on to whip balls in to the box. Completing the diamond midfield is the attacking midfielder - acting as the spearhead of the attack he is tasked with supplying the ball to the centre forward. Finally, directly up top is the lone striker - his objective is to hold up the ball and if possible get as many shots in target as he can.

Fans remain hopeful that Independent Gredavcat can give a good account of themselves in this tournament. At best they can hope for a second place finish in the groups and maybe topple some giants along the way.

What the team lacks in experience and skill they make that up with their unrivalled intensity and dedication.
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Postby Apox » Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:57 am



Manager: Gavin Hughes, Aged 41
Assistant Manager: Jorge Guardia, Aged: 37
Style: -1

Spiel: After a very disappointing World Cup for many, Magnus Fjelden has left, after achieving a great deal in his time as manager. Gavin Hughes is his replacement, and this is his first big tournament, where he will want to go far in, whilst at the same time trying to get the most out of Tolgus Tregajorran, who is still waiting to have a big effect on an international tournament, having won it all at domestic level. In addition, he has lost three key players in Jack Moses, Hans Nielssen and the captain, Matthias Sindelar for this tournament. Time for some new players to step up and become the new legends of Apox.
Team Record: 125-49-53

Starting XI (Sub caps in brackets)

GK: Ettie Seabrooke - Aged 32 - Image Gwinevra Barbarians - 37 (1) Caps - CAPTAIN
Ettie is now the established goalkeeper of the side, and she is at the peak of her ability, as goalkeepers usually peak later than other players. Still with not many caps due to the lack of qualifying Apox had to go through for the last World Cup, Ettie has plenty of practise with the highly competitive Gwinevra Barbarians - usually getting the Golden Glove each season.

RD: Jack Lerryn - Aged 29 - Image Barbury Town - 43 Caps, 1 Goal
Jack Lerryn is the player who sums up Barbury’s rise perfectly. He was a youngster when they were promoted all those years ago, given faith by Ken Rickwright, and he, like the team has grown and grown in confidence. Now at the peak of his career, his stamina in games in phenomenal, he is continually running throughout the 90 minutes, whether that be in tackling and breaking down an opposition attack, or pushing forwards to see if he can help instigate an Apoxian attack on goal. Despite the relatively low number of caps, he is very much one of the veterans of the team now, and his experience at the back will be crucial.

CD: Solomon Etezadi - Aged 25 - Image Mâ Alâmëómë - 39 Caps, 3 Goals - VICE-CAPTAIN
Solomon Etezadi is one of the best products to come out of Issington’s impressive youth academy in the last few years. Aged 25 and coming into his prime, he is a key player for the team. He is the rock in defense, marshalling the line, hassling the opposition forwards, there to make that crucial tackle, good in the air. With Issington’s financial troubles, he recently accepted a big money move to the biggest club in Farfadillis, to further his career, and he clearly has good leadership qualities, being named vice-captain.

CD: Isner - Aged 30 - Image Bastion - 26 (5) Caps, 2 Goals
Half Sunrisian, Isner is a tough rugged defender, sometimes aggressive, sometimes a little wild. After Nicolas St Teath’s poor World Cup performance, Isner has been brought back into the starting line-up, although this is very much the last last saloon for him to make his mark on the national side, with the younger and hungrier St Teath ready to displace him again.

LD: Ben Hatem - Aged 29 - Image Urbanista - 14 (2) Caps
Ben Hatem, now at Urbanista after a clever move from Wrexton a number of seasons ago, has finally had his patience rewarded after a number of years as Hans Nielssen’s back-up, and finds himself in the starting XI for the national team. Something of a wing-back, Hughes will be hoping to see him bring his inspired runs to the national team, and will have to hope he keeps the balance right to avoid defensive frailties as a result.

DM: Ulrika Kinlasson - Aged 21 - Image 1830 Cathair - 7 Caps
Kinlasson is another very talented young player, spending a season as the stand out player for Wrexton F.C, before moving to Audioslavian heavyweights 1830 Cathair in the LigAnaia for the last season. She performed admirably there in centre defense, and was used in the defensive midfielder position in the World Cup. With the retirement of Matthias Sindelar internationally, she is being touted as the “next big thing” for the national side.

RM: Marcus Redwood - Aged 31 - Image FC Endeavour - 25 Caps, 2 Goals
Now the first choice starting right midfielder, Redwood is a good leadership figure, being captain of his club side, FC Endeavour. He is not the fastest winger in the world, but he makes up for is with his good skills, the ball often times appears glued to his feet. He is also known for making good runs in field, before offloading to someone, giving them a good chance of scoring due to dragging the defense out of position.

CM: Armando Quillisi - Aged 29 - Image Urbanista - 42 (9) Caps, 4 Goals
Armando holds the honour of being the first son to play for the national team - his father Jon Quillisi has one sub cap to his name in the Romili Cup, alas for him the National Team came just too late. However, while Jon was a superb footballer, there is talk of his son being even better, and the current captain of Urbanista is out to prove just that. Armando is a decent free-kick taker and is very versatile in his skills, working hard not to shine all the time, but be so essential that he’s only missed when he’s not playing. He’s back in the starting line-up for the Campionato, aiming to be the experienced head in the centre of the pitch, dictating the play.

LM: Kaj Aurora - Aged 23 - Image Mâ Alâmëómë - 32 Caps, 5 Goals
The Golden Girl of the current generation of Apoxian footballers. She made her debut aged just 18 with the national team, the second youngest player to do so (only Will Fich was younger). Since then she has moved to Farfadillis where she has impressed greatly, gaining a move to top club Mâ Alâmëómë. Her pace and stamina down the wing are to her credit and despite being quite a diminutive player, she has great strength on the ball, making her skills as a winger all the more important.

ST: Tolgus Tregajorran - Aged 30 - Image Dwile Warriors - 61 (4) Caps, 36 Goals
Tolgus Tregajorran is the team’s star striker, following in the lines of such famous names as Dravid Scott, Chris Maarsden and Keri Ularu. And yet, Tregajorran could surpass them all. On 36 goals, he’s more than halfway to Dravid Scott’s goalscoring mark, and Tregajorran has got years ahead of him in the national side. He is the all round striker, and could challenge any other for a place as the best striker in the multiverse, although Apox’s poor World Cup has harmed his impressive goals to games ratio a tad.

ST: Adnan Zozula - Aged 23 - Image East Franz Athletic - 10 (2) Caps, 3 Goals
After bursting onto the scene in the ANL, much like Tolgus Tregajorran a number of years before him, Adnan has opted to go international, heading to Polarian team East Franz Athletic, where he aims to emulate Jack Moses and have a very successful stint in arguably the toughest league in the multiverse. Short and stocky, he has good pace and a nice touch, as well as a vicious right boot, which is where he powers home most of his goals from. He could be a very successful player for the team indeed.

GK: John Lockwood - Aged 28 - Image Urbanista - 12 Caps
John Lockwood is the second goalie, after biding his time patiently behind Joe Frost for many years. Lockwood has improved, and having now been through a tough season with Urbanista two years ago, has become more impressive as a result. However, he has been known to make the odd rash mistake when in goal, and that is why Ettie Seabrooke is currently ahead of him in the pecking order.

GK: Alan Eustathios - Aged 24 - Image Barbury Town - 2 (1) Cap
Alan Eustathios has performed excellently, joining the first team just as Barbury Town were beginning their rise from UICA hopefuls to title winning mega squad. It is hard to believe Alan is still so young, after how well he’s performed with Barbury in recent years. However, this domestic success should help him out in international competitions, and with the addition of Eustathios to the squad, Apox have a frighteningly good set of goalkeepers to choose from now.

CD: Nicolas St Teath - Aged 26 - Image Dwile Warriors - 24 (2) Caps
Nicolas St Teath is probably the player who Exton built their rise to international competition standard around. Now at top team Dwile Warriors, St Teath learnt his craft the hard way, battling against the best in the division. Quite a quiet lad, he learns exceptionally quickly and picks up new skills convincingly. Having cemented a spot in the starting line-up, a World Cup where he looked lost has resulted in him being relegated to the bench for the time being.

ST: Corinna McKenna - Aged 23 - Image FC Brimstone - 3 (1) Caps, 1 Goal
Corinna is the 4th striker called up to the squad, and is unlikely to actually receive any playing time based on the calibre of the players above her in the pecking order. However, in three seasons of ANL play, she has been a sensational player, and she has led Urbanista Trojans very well in that time. With a transfer to the suddenly competent looking FC Brimstone, she will hope she can continue her upward trajectory. This has happened internationally as well, Corinna moving from being on the fringes of the national team, to now being very much in the squad.

ST: Martin Roskorwell - Aged 29 - Image SK Aasiaat Harbour - 27 (2) Caps, 9 Goals
Martin Roskorwell is a player at his peak - lighting up Divisjon 1 in the few seasons he’s been there since moving from Exton F.C, a club he helped to improve massively from relegation fighters to UICA contenders. Roskorwell is the classic striker, tall, lanky, good in the air, and although he had to wait to have his chance to shine, waiting behind Tregajorran for years, he recently grabbed a spot for himself in the starting line-up. However, he’s back to waiting, with the young Adnan Zozula, now playing in the same league as himself, being given a spot in the first XI for the Campionato.

RD: Eneko Treloquithack - Aged 24 - Image Dwile Warriors - 3 (1) Caps, 1 Goal
Eneko Treolquithack has had a varied career thus far, breaking into the first team at Urbanista Trojans, going out on loan to the Licentian Isles, converting to right back from his original position of left back. Now, with a big money transfer to Dwile Warriors, the biggest club in Apox, his career is really taking off. He is a unique player, and his style is difficult to describe. He will occasionally forget that he is a defender and go on something of a rampage up the pitch. He could be exceptionally good, but first he must learn to control himself and commit to defending. Although as an attacker he isn’t bad, his wonder-goal on debut against Paradystopia is proof of this.

CM: Luxulya St. Cleer - Aged 23 - Image Crisisbless - 2 (1) Caps, 1 Goal
Another player to have moved away from Apox to find greater success, she impressed with Wrexton F.C for a couple of seasons, being the stand out player in their successful promotion back to the ANL. Snapped up by Crisisbless, she is a very versatile player, and while being put down nominally as a centre midfielder, she is also competent when playing on the right and in a move defensive position. She has got good vision, akin to Matthias Sindelar in a number of ways, and this willingness to take risks and push the opposition makes her quite an attractive proposition.

LD: Max Viking - Aged 25 - Image Issington F.C - Uncapped
Max Viking has slowly progressed his career at Issington F.C, and has turned into something of a stalwart on the left side of the pitch of the last few years. However, his is probably the most eye raising inclusion in the squad, and just goes to show the lack of depth in his position. While he is unlikely to get much game time in the competition, it will be interesting to see how he copes on the pitch when he replaces Ben Hatem on the field.

RM: Alice Monteforth - Aged 28 - Image Gwinevra Barbarians - 5 Caps, 1 Goal
After being the captain of Mulhampstead, and their star player for a number of seasons, Alice Monteforth jumped ship to the slowly resurgent Gwinevra Barbarians two seasons ago after Mulhampstead’s relegation, and what an impressive season she had. A very positive player, she’ll look to get the ball forward and create opportunities, rather than pass it around the back a bit.

CD: Olim Shahzad - Aged 22 - Image Exton F.C - 2 Caps
Olim Shahzad is a bright young prospect at Exton F.C, and much is rested on his shoulder. He is quite a physical specimen, and isn’t afraid to take the hit for the team in his defending when required. He hasn’t been able to get much game time recently, however, with Gavin Hughes ringing in the changes somewhat for this Campionato, he’s chances of featuring are looking better.

CM: Wifried Lidgley - Aged 28 - Image 1830 Cathair - 5 Caps
Lidgley continues in the squad after three very successful seasons in the LigAnaia, the man they call, “The Lidge”, continues to tear up the league with 1830 Cathair. It is a high point in his story, discarded by Gwinevra Barbarians a number of seasons ago now, struggling to find a place in the ANL, he appears to have finally settled somewhere.

LM: Jesper Lee Coleman - Age 23 - Image Gwinevra Barbarians - 5 (1) Caps
Another exciting player for the future, Jesper Lee Coleman has had a good couple of seasons with Gwinevra Barbarians as the team slowly rebuilds to launch another sustained assault on the top of the ANL. He probably won’t get many minutes though, as Kaj Aurora is the starter in his position, and she is the same age and the better player (though both have played for Gwinevra Barbarians.)



My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (not too severe, no deaths)
Godmod injuries to my players Y (above being applied though)
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y (max 5)
Hand out red cards to my players Y (max 2)
Godmod other events Y
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The History of Modern NSSports internationalpost.apx (Newswire) The Apoxian Compendium
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Runners-up: CoH 58, World T20 Championships V, Campionato Esportiva XII
Third: Campionato Esportiva XIII
Fourth: Campionato Esportiva VII & XV
Baptism of Fire 50, Cup of Harmony 56, World Cup 69, World Cup 73, World Cup 82
Friendly Cups 2 & 6, World T20 Championships II, Campionato Esportiva IV, VIII, XII & XXIII, GCF Season 4, 8 & 10

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Postby Gregoryisgodistan » Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:28 am

Here is the Gregoryisgoidstan soccer team's roster. Our team is nicknamed the Foot Slaves. Our style modifier is -5

Coach: Retired Soldier Commander Lieutenant Warlord McBurgerKing (Age 40, 9/11/1973) Former midfielder for the national team in WC 66 and WC 67.

Note: All birthdays listed in the "Gregorian Calendar", which Lord Almighty Gregory claims to have invented, hence it bears his name. But it is just the regular Gregorian calendar, with certain changes (read on for more.) All dates are MM/DD/YYYY. Note that in Gregoryisgodistan, the year changes on June 1, rather than January 1, so January 1, 2013 follows December 31, 2013, and is equivalent to January 1, 2014 in other calendars.
As of World Cup 69, the Gregoryisgodistani Year is the same as the standard year (2014) but any birthdates between January 1 and May 31 will be a year later in the standard calendar than they are listed.

Gregoryisgodistani names have the title first, which is usually whatever job they have. Then comes either the government ID sequence (for commoners) or the name (for government VIP's.) If that is the same, they are the same person even if the title is different. However, government VIPs can change their name whenever they want.

All players play domestically in the Gregoryisgodistan Soccer League except as noted. Clubs listed reflect post-CoH club - some players are in the process of moving on transfers. Only government VIPs are permitted to play club soccer outside Gregoryisgodistan.


GK Prune Farmer 3818F (Age 19, 12/30/1994) - Prune Farmers FC
DEF Police Agent Jorge Warlord (Age 27, 9/26/1986) - FC 17 June
DEF Government Advisor Lordborn Godsam (Age 31, 3/14/1982) - FC 17 June
DEF Secret Police Agent Dominic Button (Age 32, 4/26/1981) - Police Squad
DEF Executioner 98481 (Age 29, 05/17/1984) - Club de Executioners
MF Pervert Chaser 867530PNC (Age 22, 7/15/1992) - AC Pervert Chasers
MF Hacker Fred'); DROP TABLE Rosters;-- (Age 24, 11/30/1989) - Rouyn-Noranda Coal Diggers FC (Quebec)
MF Prune Farmer 913881 (Age 31, 10/11/1982) - FC 17 June
MF Guy Who Cleans Up Behind The Elephant at the Circus P0120AZNNAU (Age 23, 6/11/1991) - Coastal Soccer Club
FW Soccer Captain Laredo Potato (C) (Age 30, 11/11/1983) - Ile Royale Battalon (Coconutstan)
FW Loyal Friend of Lord Almighty Gregory Robert Possibe (Age 25, 02/22/1988) - Real Campo Grande (Valladares)


GK Cow Herder 91291A (Age 31, 07/07/1983) - FC 17 June
GK Youth NNNSHDHD284 (Age 16, 11/14/1997) - November 5 SC
DEF Grammar Enforcement Officer ZZNNKUMBYA (Age 32, 04/11/1981) - Coastal Soccer Club
DEF Chef 82718138 (Age 18, 01/12/1995) - Coastal Soccer Club
DEF Penmaker 58140XPLA (Age 20, 04/15/1993) - Coastal Soccer Club
DEF Decapitated Head-to-Bomb Converter DHU83818 (Age 31, 10/30/1982) - Coastal Soccer Club
MF Fisherman PAZLLLL102 (Age 25, 8/19/1989) - November 5 SC
MF Slave Beater SUAXMC91 (Age 23, 9/1/1991) - FC 17 June
FW Loyal Friend of Lord Almighty Gregory Henry Itted (Age 21, 6/3/1982) - Coastal Soccer Club
FW Loyal Friend of Lord Almighty Gregory Joseph Hauu (Age 21, 5/4/1982) - Loyal Friends

OOC: If you don't get the hacker reference, see this comic. If you still don't get it, entering that name as a database input in certain programming languages will delete all the rosters from the file. Feel free to RP this crashing your computers or something like that. By the way, Fred's younger brother, Hacker John'); DROP TABLE Rosters;-- is on the junior hockey team.

Uniforms (by Libertad Sportswear):

From left to right, our home kit, our away kit, and our third kit (in case of clash.)

Due to the Wolfopian terrorist attack (OOC: a Gregoryisgodistani false flag) on Lord Almighty Gregory National Stadium, Gregoryisgodistan will play their home games at 617 Stadium. 617 Stadium is the home stadium of FC 17 June, the two-time defending champion of the Gregoryisgodistan Soccer League. In fact, no other team has ever won the GSL. It is the second-largest stadium in Gregoryisgodistan after Lord Almighty Gregory National Stadium. It is located in District 7, Ward 10. Note that Ward 10 is a subdivision of District 7, not the other way around. 617 Stadium seats 35,000 fans, expandable to 45,000 for major events. It is unlikely, however, that it will be expanded for the World Cup qualifying.


RP Permissions: Basically, do whatever you want but expect reciprocation. If you card my players, I'll card yours. If you kill my players, I'll kill yours. Just don't kill Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state and alleged deity. Also, if you are going to refer to my nation by a different name for IC reasons (like Gregoryisnotgodistan) please either TG me or leave an OOC note saying you are referring to Gregoryisgodistan. I frequently search for mentions of my nation, but if it's not mentioned by name, that doesn't help. So either mention it by name in an OOC note or TG me to give me a heads up. You don't need to wait for permission with the TG, but please send it so I can respond to the RP. Also, striking out the "isgod" part (as in Gregoryisgodistan) causes it to not show up on the search, so this will not fulfill the notification requirement. However, feel free to use that style as long as you either mention me by name without the strikethrough in the same post or TG me to let me know about the post.
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Gregoryisgodistan, population 75,000,000. All citizens are required to worship Lord Almighty Gregory, our head of state, as a deity.
IBS II Champions
Beach Cup IX Round of 16
World Indoor Soccer Championship 6 - 2nd place
BoI XIV Champion
IBS III Champions
WCoH 22 Round of 16
WB XXII 10th Place in Casaran, advanced to Round of 32
IBS IV host, champion
4th in WCoH 23
HWC 12 hosts
WJHC VI 2nd place,
CoH 60 4th place
WCoH XXIV Champs
CoH 61 Runner-Up
IBS VI Champs
IBS VII Champs
WCoH XXV 2nd Place
WBC 32 2nd Place
IBS VIII host and champs
WBC 33 Host/QF
WCoH 27 co-host and champs
WC 72 Qualifier
WBC 34 champs
CoH 67 Third place

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Postby Estope » Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:19 pm

Manager: Bucky Freezus
Bucky Freezus has to be considered one of the greatest offensive minds in all of soccer. He is a clear innovator that brings so much to the table for Estope. Following Emanuel Inzer's firing, Freezus was the clear choice for his replacement. His experience in high school girl's basketball along with his motivational speaking ability were the keys that led to his hiring. With those traits it was impossible for Brian Monte, head of the Estope Soccer Association, to ignore him. He was officially announced in the Eighth Campionato Esportiva but did not officially begin his role until after it finished. In his first year he had some hardships, but that was expected since he does not yet have his players to fit his high paced style of play. His second year team was much improved, finishing second in the group and advancing to the second playoff. It was just last cycle though that the team really broke out, winning the qualifying group against much higher ranked teams before once again falling in the play-in game to a fellow group member. The Cup of Harmony was a disappointment for the team but that was to be expected after such a disappointment to close an otherwise successful qualifying campaign. With his highly innovative 1-0-9 formation, he will no doubt have Estope competing for a championship in no time.

Assistant Manager: Ed Ogarchetski
Although Coach O has no prior soccer experience, he is great a evaluating talent and yelling at people. Coach O pulled together some of Estope's greatest athletes to be on this team and is an expert in keeping team motivation up.

Head of Estope Soccer Association: Brian Monte
A true innovator, Monte has explored all aspects of social media and fan involvement. Known for his revolutionary contests where fans get to play with the team and catchy hashtags, Monte is constantly pushing the limits and staying one step ahead of the rest of the competition. He considers the hiring of Bucky Freezus to be his greatest achievement. He has many great ideas for this qualification cycle that he hopes will bring greater fan involvement which will lead to great team success.

Starters (* means new to team):
1 - Ashton Pate - GK - Age: 32
3 - Joshua Sanford - D - Age: 31
11 - Sam Williams - F - Age: 21
10 - Delvin Brooks - F - Age: 23
9 - Jarvis Wiltner - F - Age: 22
2 - Alex Stark - F - Age: 27
5 - Milo Dewith - F - Age: 28
6 - Matthew Stark - F - Age: 19
4 - Henry Keenan - F - Age: 21
8 - Travis Barria - F - Age: 31
7 - Jacob Lawrence - F - Age: 28

12 - Dan Morray - GK - Age: 20
13 - Martin Lewis - D - Age: 18
14 - Travis Phillips - F - Age: 17
15 - Matt Freemore - F - Age: 18
16 - Eric Trent - F - Age: 21
17 - Rick Damien - F - Age: 23
18 - Juan Regardo - F - Age: 22
19 - Thomas West - F - Age: 21
20 - Jon Contrel - F - Age: 25
21 - Luke Feargal - F - Age: 21
22 - Louis Garity - F - Age: 16

Inzer-Bare Stadium (80,000)
Twin Brooks, Estope



Formation: 1-0-9 (Yes that is 1 defender, no midfielders, and 9 strikers. It is highly innovative according to Freezus)
Style Modifier +5
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
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Hockey: 11th (16.85 pts.) | Basketball: 25th (2.73 pts.) | Lacrosse: 4th (37.62 pts.)
Maklohi Vai Tournament (Baseball)
Esportiva Union Cup II (Rugby)
Estope Open
World Bowl XXIII
Maple Leaf Bowl III

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Capitalist Paradise

Postby The Sarian » Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:43 am

The Sarian Football Federation presents
Roster for the 11th Campionato Esportiva

The Sarian Football Federation presents its twenty-three man squad for the 11th Campionato Esportiva.

The Management

Manager: Daniel Bauer (41, Rutenbach)
Assistant Manager: Wiley Tyrell (40, Sarian)
Captain: Jarrett Firmin
Vice Captain: Brigham Huddlestone

The Team

Listed in likelihood to play

GK: Brigham Huddlestone (30, Salvador FC)
GK: Kasper Lorde (25, Gorgona City)
GK: Wright Christinsen (22, Crompton City)

Listed in likelihood to play

DR: Sargon Garrard (18, New Oslo Town)
DR: Isiah Bernard (33, Matthew City Rangers [NSI])
DC: Jarrett Firmin (30, FC Chippenham)
DC: William Peters (22, Beckwith City)
DC: Carson Seabrooke (30, Thunchester City [NSI])
DC: Ronan Michaels (22, Salvador FC)
DL: Cody Roberts (28, Davencreek Vincitis [NSI])

Listed in likelihood to play

DM: Gil Reis (29,Iqaluit Red Army [QUE])
DM: Iairus Edwardson (28, Beckwith City)
ML: Jude Moffett (23, Pud United)
MC: Ron Fletcher (23, FC Chippenham)
MC: Methuselah Meeuwessen (19, North Spire HC [CRY])
MC: Louie Nittenpepper (22, St John's Arsenal [QUE])
MR: Yeriyahu Masters (19, FC Chippenham)
MR: Nikanor Foster (24, Gorgona City)
AM: Alessio Kokinos (17, Setter Trinity)
AM: Maitland Landon (20, Lavington City)

Listed in likelihood to play

FC: Jacobo Yap (18, Roundway Down)
FC: Jordan Lee (22, Zenit Attawapiskat)
FC: Turin Janssen (26, Lavington City)
FC: Hectares Matteo (29, FC Chippenham)

Quick Reference

Style Modifier: +3.5
Nickname(s): The Bustards (Official), The Buzzards (Mostly Foreign Use), Sarian Punks (If you're from the Free Republics), Fascist Bastards
Formation: 4-4-2 Diamond most likely, although many can and will be used. See most recent RP.
Lineup:Will be in most recent RP, if not feel free to make one up, within IC justification, for example don't play all my reserves if you are the top seed - and accommodate for resting players if you are lower ranked than I.

Kits (made by Kirola Sports)


My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Should be okay, TG if anything major.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: TG me.
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First: WorldVision 45
Second: Baptism of Fire 54, Cup of Harmony 64, 11th Olympics (overall medal table), World Hit Festival 24
Third: World Lacrosse Championship 17

Hosted: Baptism of Fire 57, Campionato Esportiva 24, World Lacrosse Championships 17 & 19

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Postby Chiata » Fri Sep 05, 2014 1:10 pm

The Chiata Pumas

Stadium: Puma Field, Woodville(20,000)

Head Coach: Roger McGary
Assistant Coach(forwards): John Tietelum
Assistant Coach(midfielders): Timothy Harris
Assistant Coach(defenders): William Yazzie
Assistant Coach(goal keepers): Ray Gates
Formation: 3-2-2-3
Style: 0

LFW: Timoti H. A. Leilani*- Nor' Del Deliverance
CFW: Leo Cruz- Peidimont St. Peters
RFW: Ian Adams- Wester Wall
Sub FW: Ronald Barber- Nor' Del Deliverance
Sub FW: Clarance Martin- Wester Wall
LOMF: Sam Finch- Fiva Foresters
ROMF: Yussoud Riff- Water Town Torrents
DLMF: Joseph Conn- Jungleton Jaguars
DRMF: Tama M. N. Keoni*- Point de Clu Clash
Sub MF: Brandon Proier- Southing Sailors
Sub MF: Johnny Adams- Delta City Death
LFB: Rob Retob- Southing Sailors
CFB: Erick Garyson- Delta City Death
RFB: Jennifer Woodruf- Ripitough Riot
Sub FB: Sean Newman- Point de Clu Clash
Sub FB: Tama K. P. Whetu*- Fiva Foresters
GK: Garr Bricker- Free Agent
Sub GK: Manuel Johnson- Ripitough Riot

*naturalized citizens(from Nui Hanai)


Love that pixel limit...

RP Permissions:

GO WILD!!!!!
Member of Esportiva-----KPB Ranking: 29-----Founder of the Runner Cup
Champions: 1st IDLO Ultimate Cup, Runner Cup One
3rd Place: IBC 15
Quarter Finals: CoH 62, CoH 63, CoH 64, IBC 14, CE XIII
Round of 16: WC 69, BoF 52, CoH 66, CoH 67, CE XII, IBC 16, IBC 17
Qualified: WC 76, CoH 58, CoH 60, CoH 65
Playoffs: WC 71, WC 72, WC 73
Highest KPB: 24 (Post WC 69)

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Postby San Jose Guayabal » Fri Sep 05, 2014 2:00 pm

San José Guayabal (SJG) National Team


This roster and detailed information of our nation is brought to you by Federación Guayabalense de Fútbol "Football for everyone", Guaycume Food Industries "Food for Winners" and Banco Nacional de SJG "Your money in good hands".


Kits provided by Kirola Sportswear (Audioslavia), the best.



About SJG National Team

The disaster has finished, after being the favorites to qualify for the WC in his group, a last MD nghtmare sent them to fight for the other side of the glory in the Cup of Harmony, despite getting a perfect nine points group stage, the team was knocked off by Brenecia in the Round of 16 in Penalty Kicks after a suffered 2-2 tie for 120 minutes.

The Selecta comes to the Campionato Esportiva with the mission of doing a good participation in the tournament, with experienced nations and also excellent teams around, it's the time to drop the confidence and start in the road of effort for the National Team and we can see if the factor of the independence month will give some emotional boost to the team, so they expect to play fine and aim for higher stages.

Summary of SJG important records

First Game: San José Guayabal 2-1 Tatras (Baptism of Fire 53 - Group Stage, MD N°1)
First Victory: San José Guayabal 2-1 Tatras (Baptism of Fire 53 - Group Stage, MD N°1)
First Draw: San José Guayabal 0–0 Myeeria (Baptism of Fire 53 - Group Stage, MD N°3)
First Defeat: San José Guayabal 0-2 The Crystal Empire (Baptism of Fire 53 - Group Stage, MD N°2)
Greatest Game: San José Guayabal 3-2 The Archregimancy (World Cup 68 - Second Leg of Playoffs); San José Guayabal 2-0 Cassadaigua (World Cup 68 - Group Stage, MD N°1)
Worst Game: San José Guayabal 2-6 Eura (World Cup 68 Qualifiers, MD° 10) - San José Guayabal 1-2 The Sarian (World Cup 69 Qualifiers, MD° 14)
Biggest Win: San José Guayabal 6-0 New South Aqmuland (World Cup 69 Qualifiers, MD°5)
Biggest Loss: San José Guayabal 2-6 Eura (World Cup 68 Qualifiers, MD° 10)
Boogey Team: Darmen (7 Games, 5 Defeats, 1 Tie and 1 Victory)

All-time record: 69-21-49 (After CoH 61)


Tactical system: The Geometrical (3-1-3-3)

Starting XI
GK: #1 Henry Hernández (25 years) AC Tallin (VLD)
DF: #3 James Moreira (19 years) Nhorton vo Mirrun (PDT)
DF: #4 Mattías Passarelli (25 years) Delare Minon (YTT)
DF: #5 Meyson Salume (18 years) East Franz Athletic (PIS)
MF: #10 Rudy Valencia (23 years) Oakstone (EUR)
MF: #2 Sebastián Núñez (20 years) SK Nasjonale Hauker (PIS)
MF: #16 Leónidas Bregoo (20 years) FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls (PIS)
MF: #9 Árbol Saucedo (21 years) Wye FC (APX)
FW: #22 Sean Fraser (25 years) FC1. Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS)
FW: #11 Rodolfo Zelaya (25 years) Northbrook Diamonds (PIS)
FW: #7 Jonathan Faña (27 years) Oljestaden IF (AUD)

GK: #12 Ruslan Molodetsov (21 years) Sunrice United (NSI)
GK: #20 Abraham Terrazas (17 years) Izotz Zubia (Audioslavia)
GK: #14 Javier Quintanilla (18 years) FC Polaris (CEN)
GK: #38 James MacLean (20 years) Colanso City (JEC)
DF: #5 Daniel Côçô (20 years) SK Nasjonale Hauker (PIS)
DF: #8 Martín Mô (21 years) Crystal Mertagne (TCU)
DF: #13 Édgar Dârgâneý (20 years) Atlético Nacional (SJG)
DF: #24 Herbert Sosa (23 years) Alianza FC (SJG)
DF: #15 Alan Álej (20 years) Licentian Isles AFC (SJG)
DF: #25 Marcial Pâlazýüs (21 years) AD Isidro Metapán (SJG)
MF: #28 Jairo Henríquez (22 years) Whilliumborough Swagger (PDT)
MF: #26 Jairo Araujo (24 years) Djnamo Sabrjk (PDT)
MF: #30 Antonio Rosado (20 years) Magnaeus City (TCU)
MF: #29 Oliver Ábrego (19 years) 1830 Cathair (AUD)
MF: #31 Bruno Camiletti (22 years) Santa Tecla FC (SJG)
MF: #41 Marcos Haedo (18 years) Tannenberg FC (VLD)
FW: #36 Gonzalo Mazzia (26 years) CD FAS (SJG)
FW: #34 Nicolás Jarvís (24 years) AD Isidro Metapán
FW: #31 Marcos Ródâs (19 years) Alianza FC (SJG)
FW: #40 Dido Apprendidoadido (18 years) Red Star Severny (PIS)
FW: #39 Michael Richtie (24 years) Licentian Isles AFC (SJG)


As we can see here, the roster of SJG features a somewhat-shaped like an hexagon line up where Mathias Paatelainen chosen to use three defenders with some experience like James Moreira and Meyson Salume, both can act as key players if we talk about the realization of transitions to offensive plays meanwhile Passarelli is the team sweeper and also most experienced of the team in terms of playing in the international scene, specifically in UICA tournaments. In the midfield we can see a rhombus shaped position of four players, being Saucedo and Bregoo a kind of fake forwards due to the changing role of the tactical system that can feature five forwards in case of need and Núñez together with Valencia can be sorta defence in case of need. In resume this strategy helps in defence and attacking because it can turn into a 3-2-5 in attacking moments or a 5-2-3 in defending moments, creating a complete system that can help the team to achieve victory at any cost.

Coach Staff

Head coach: Mathias Paatelainen (PIS)
Assistant coach: Emmanuel Inzer (Estope)
Goalkepping coach: Misael Alfaro
Coach: Vladan Vicevic
Trainer: Nelson Ancheta
Doctor: Carlos Mendieta
Nutritionist: Ruslan Shirokov
Orthopedist: Juancho Pérez
Logistics Manager: Marta Ruiseñor
Doctor Assistant: Miguel Ruiz
Strategy and Analysis: Vyacheslav Chernishov

Captain: Rodolfo Zelaya
Vice-Captain: Árbol Saucedo
Penalty kicker: Árbol Saucedo
Right Corner kicker: Rudy Valencia
Left Corner kicker: Meyson Salume
Free Kicks: Rodolfo Zelaya and Árbol Saucedo
Indirect Free Kicks: Sebastián Núñez
Most likely to receive fouls: Rodolfo Zelaya
Most likely to be booked: Leonidas Bregoo and Rudy Valencia
Likely to receive red card: Sebastián Núñez
Counter attacks: Sean Fraser and Rodolfo Zelaya
Likely to score goals: Rodolfo Zelaya and Sean Fraser
Likely to score wonderful goals: Sebastián Núñez and Leonidas Bregoo
Most Likely to be replaced: Meyson Salume

Play style: The game who SJG does, is essentially technical, based on the agility of movement of players, using his intelligence for the game for single passes that are very accurate, they like to accumulate players when attacking or using the surprise factor which is use the speed of the players to perform counterattacks that can hurt any team, taking in consideration that this is a team that thinks in score the goals ASAP instead of defending, something that they do when they face a football powerhouse or a extremely offensive team.

In the defence area, they tend to use more physical to play aggressively without injuring the rivals, except that the defenders are of medium height, stands that are agile in the aerial game, so it is very difficult to beat thereby, expect always a fair game from this team but they are capable to seek scoring the biggest amount of goals as fastest as possible.

Players like try long-distance shots to beat the goalkeeper, but SJG can have more surprises because it is a team that does not give up that easy and also they can try with the set-pieces factor with some weird moves or using the height of some players like Arbol Saucedo and Mattías Passarelli.

The Manager

Mathias Paatelainen 64 Y/O, Nationality: Polarian (Valhallan)

Considered as an "old fox" by many analysts all over the Multiverse, emphasis in Rushmore, this manager has an excellent experience across domestic teams in Polar Islandstates and with a somewhat recognizable as the championship triumph achieved a couple of seasons ago in the Lattitude Cup with Red Star Severny, after leaving his country to face its first challenge in national teams, Paatelainen has achieved a good level with nacinal selection, achieving many successes and also leading her to her first WC Finals in just three years building the national team, but has fallen into a little bump, the coach with an offensive vision game plans to recover the level of the national team and have to rise to the level of Multiverse and avoid the reputation of being a "yoyo" team.

Starting XI Bio

Henry "Spider" Hernández 25 Y/O, Goalkeeper of AC Tallin (VLD)

The player in charge of the last defence bastion on the team, Hernández has demonstrated that he's a very secure goalkeeper during the last three cycles, specially the last one when we reached the WC Finals and he saved our goal from several goal chances from the rival sides, now Hernández wants to allow less goals than the last campaign, with the sole purpose of leading SJG for his second WC appearance.

James Moreira 19 Y/O, Left Defender of Nhorton vo Mirrun (PDT)

Young but experienced, Moreira is the typical player who can receive love or hate, his special location in the roster mades him a key player in terms related to defending, being the sweeper but also being one of the creators of the game, despite falling in nerves sometimes the youngest of their football dynasty family as the Moreiras are, his good leadership and attitude makes him being an excellent player in the team.

Mattías Passarelli 25 Y/O, Central Defender of Delare Minon (YTT)

The oldest of the defenders in the Starting XI and also the one with more experience in the team, Mattías played in the NT since they were an almost amateur-ish side, he played in Alianza FC and achieved three titles, enough to do his move to the Yttribian powerhouse of Delare Minon, when he got another three league tournaments including one solid run in the UICA Globe Cup made him a worship idol for the fans of the team, he doesn't plans to move of the team, because he feels the love of the fans.

Meyson Salume 18 Y/O, Right Defender of East Franz Athletic (PIS)

The reliable Salume is back, after being injured for some matches, the strongest player of the teams is now in action to keep the order in the defence, his role is defend but he does the task of midfielder quite often, his strong point of being tall makes him an ideal player to keep the National Team without many troubles, but his slow speed can make some trouble over there, and can do more due to his motivaion caused due to his arrival to Polarian lands

Rudy Valencia 23 Y/O, Midfielder (Destroyer) of Oakstone (EUR)

The globetrotter of San José Guayabal, a player who did his labour in three nations like Mangolana, and Chiata, now is in Eura to show his quality, Valencia's role is being the destroyer of any attempt of play creation in the midfield, his confidence is a strong point for him but his loose reaction when gets booked it's a trouble for SJG, specially to avoid red cards.

Sebastián Núñez 20 Y/O, Left Midfielder of SK Nasjonale Hauker (PIS)

Probably one of the youngest promises for Guayabalense football in the future, Núñez is one of the interesting players to follow in the team due to his special moves in the midfield, a player who wants to kick the ball from far as possible and pput it inside of the opposite goal, Núñez is more offensive than the average midfielder in terms of moves across the pitch.

Leónidas Bregoo 25 Y/O Midfielder of FC1. Surtsey Island Gulls (SJG)

The Rulandese borned but Guayabalian by nationality Leónidas Bregoo is actually the heart of the midfield with his team mate Rudy Valencia, Brego is essential in the midfield specially at the moment of being offensive or defensive due to his time-pacing function in the field, with good skills as headers, long crossed passes and long distance shots, considering his good height of 195 cms, is a good header in the area, in conclusion he's the heart of the team.

Árbol "Tree" Saucedo 21 Y/O, Right Midfielder of Wye FC (APX)

The tallest of the team, say hi to the 202 cms high player of Avenida Leal. Saucedo is without doubt the main weapon of the team in headers and also one of the main defenders, taking advantage of his size Saucedo tends to run fast in counterattacks, with a speed worthy to compete with the best in the Games of the Olympiad.

Sean "Black Panther" Fraser 25 Y/O, Right Striker of Bjarnarey Flotilla (PIS)

The top scorer of all the time in the National Team, the useful Sean Fraser is a deadly weapon in the strikers zone, counterattacks, long shots and headers makes him a player who can score in any way possible in any moment, dangerous by his skill and technical game with the dribbling, is a headache for the defenders.

Jonathan "Atomic Flea" Faña 27 Y/O, Left Striker of Oljestaden IF (AUD)

Little in size but relevant in speed, the "Flea" tends to be very technical and does a lot of dribbles, he can't shot so well from large distances but his excellent speed and counterattack skills makes him a rather interesting player to follow, the bad thing is that he's overconfident and can fail goals even in front of the goal, even if the Goalkeeper was beated by his drible. Well he has a bad luck.

Rodolfo "Fito" Zelaya: 25 Y/O Striker of Northbrook Diamonds (PIS)

Considered the SJG's best player good among the groups of football experts and fans all around in the country, the 25 years old player born in Islas Canarias near the Esportivan South Pole is a player that features good skills if we talk on the goal scoring and headers being the most accurate player if we talk of shots to goal, this crack is the one to put the spotlight on and his strong point is definitively the long distance shots taking in consideration his good skills at bending balls.

Specialities: Free kick.

IC Information of San José Guayabal

Demonym: Guayabalense/Guayabalian/Guayabalese
Nickname: Mountaineers, Iceguys, Guavas, Vikings.
Region: Esportiva
Capital: San Salvador
Population: Aprox. 52 mil.(2047 census)
Largest City: San Salvador
Trigramme/TLA: SJG
Motto: “Nemo me impune lacessit"
Languages Spoken: Spanish, Russian, English, Swedish, Guayabalian (Official) Norwegian, Finnish (De facto)
Administrative Regions: 18 Provinces + 5 Overseas Colonies

Main information:

Welcome to this beautiful land called San Jose Guayabal, I'm Her Royal Highness Queen Margaret I, the Queen of this beautiful, beautiful country, now I will give you some important details about this country, details that will ensure you a great stay here!

First let's start with a little history, mainly with basics.

Our nation was inhabited for many centuries, specifically from the ninth century BC, inhabited by indigenous nomads who formed a large settlement in what is now called "Metropolitan Lake", located near San Salvador, our capital.

We going back to closest date to today, specifically in the 14th century BC, a new ethnic group came from the Antarctic regions which lie south of our nation in what are now the "Territories Antarctic Guayabalenses" we mean the Spaniards who colonized our country and transformed it into an important cultural spot for Esportiva then. The discovery of new cities and new cultures was almost unstoppable, highlighting in the process the browser Luis Barbosa, a shrewd and skillful explorer who discovered the 70% of our country, including four major islands in our nation.

Not only shared their culture, but their religion and their language, giving rise to a multicultural society since its inception. Unfortunately those times of peace were shattered by two periods of war from 1989 to 2024, where the war ended with the hope and life of many people.

Since the peace accords were signed, our nation has been devoted to the welfare of others, making room for a tolerant Communist system compared to other systems in other social, where social and cultural freedoms normally prevail also noteworthy that Despite being a communist country, we had no problems with receiving foreign, even more, we include in terms of hospitality, this being a country that stands out in terms of tourism and as happiness, let alone "We are Pura Vida!" (We are Pure Life!)".

After that, came another period of pain to our peoples, the Corvidae regime came with the intention to invade our beautiful paradise, something that made our people feel offended due to the extremely high sense of patriotism and also nationalism. The people with the help of the military forces opposed to Yttribian terrorist movement called Corvidae, they liberated the north of the nation in less than 12 hours, unleashing a quick attack to the enemy and after that, the military foces helped to liberate Yttribia from the fascist yoke and cooperated with tasks of the same kind in nations as Farfadillis and The Inevitable Syndicate (Now known as The Calanian Union or Mertagne).

The war period finished and our nation continues with progress and prosperity for our citizens and also for the friend nations, nations who are in contact with us and we cooperate in different aspects who are basic in terms of welfare and also a high geopolitical presence across the region via integration of Paymina and Rossana (Nations) to SJG with referendum as the tool to give a better life condition to the people and then the communism was literally "kicked" with a massive participation of the people on a Civil War. Now we overcome to the situation and our nation is stable as it was and also it's even better than before with the new system of government, ruled in coalition between Social-Democratic Paty (SDP) and also The Green Party (GP), our nation improved in almost 500% and it's in his best condition to receive all the people with open arms.

In terms of infrastructure, San Jose Guayabal is characterized by a large number of hotels that tend to meet the needs of the most demanding clients, and a good transport system, consisting of inter-regional buses funded by the national government, besides the bullet train service covering major towns in the nation and subway in important cities like San Salvador, El Roblar, San Miguel, Santa Ana and Vladivostok, a good amount of air routes between different cities, plus an excellent state highway system in the SJG, note that in all there is a limit highway established speed, although it is recommended to drive less than 150 kilometers per hour, but if there are speed limits on the outskirts of towns and cities, where you have to reduce speed to the mandatory limit of 60 kph in the suburbs and 50 kph on cities, the naming of streets is in Spanish and English and sometimes in Swedish or Finn (Mainly in El Roblar), in addition to the measures of length using the metric system. Importantly system interconnecting each island ferries our nation quickly and inexpensively.

Our national currency is the GuAlSa, a strong currency if we talk about exchange globally (G$ 0.33 = $1.00 NSDollar or G$ 3.33 = NS$ 1.00), because it's a currency used in five countries, including Alianza Albos, Ratastan, Flammable American Sates and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk gorod, this country is well known for being one of the cheapest in all Esportiva, next we present you a chart with the prices of things you'll use in your stay.

Things you'll need in your stay, prices in NSDolars$ (NS$) and GuAlSa$ (G$)

-Hotel: NS$ 25-200 per night. G$ 7.5-60 per night.
-Bus transport in the cities: NS$1.00. G$0.33
-Bus transport to different cities: NS$ 0.70 - NS$ 25.00. G$0.23 - G$ 7.60
-Ferry between islands: NS$35. G$11.55
-Flights between cities: NS$ 40 - NS$ 100. G$12.12 - G$33.30
-Average cost of food: NS$3.50-NS$24.50. G$1.15-G$7.35
-Stadium ticket: NS$10-90. G$3.30-27.
-Bottle of water: NS$0.50. G$0.17.
-Public phone: NS$1 per call. G$0.33 per call.

The number for emergencies is 767 (SOS), reachable from any phone, be it mobile or a land-line. Inside some companies, you may find you first need to dial a 1 to reach an external line before dialing 327 as usual, though all companies (from “big business” to restaurants and shops) and other public venues (museums, stadiums, etc) are required by law to display adequate signing advising on this, also the 767 (SOS) comes from the international sign of help, the SOS.

Emergency vehicles are marked with the name of the service (be it Police, Fire, or Ambulance), and are also equipped with a siren and flashing either blue or red lights. If you encounter one of these vehicles while the lights, the sirens or both are active, please take extra care, and if necessary, pull over at the nearest and safest opportunity, using your turn signal to ensure that the driver of the emergency vehicle is aware of your actions.

Though unlikely, if you need medical care in San José Guayabal, it will not come with a cost to visitors with the appropriate travel insurance. You will find our hospitals are state-of-the-art, with the best equipment, treatments and employees available, in case you don't have a travel insurance, our medical staff will attend you, due to the Law of Professional Ethics, Morale and Medical Humanity, which says that any person who needs to be helped in a hospital must be attended to save his/her life, so don't worry, your life will be safe here.

You will find that all police officers of the National Civil Police (PNC according to the abbreviation in Spanish - Also called Polis in cities with large Scandinavian communities like El Roblar) are armed with either a standard pistol (9mm) or automatic gun (AK-47) depending of his branch of the PNC (Metropolitan, Civil, and Order Keepers) they belong to. However, this does not mean they should not be approached if you have a question. In San José Guayabal, the Police Officers have excellent training, and patrol areas they are familiar with, so if you are lost, they are often the best people to consult. First and foremost, though, they are keepers of the peace, and will not hesitate to involve themselves in anything they feel is likely to endanger members of the public, or cause criminal damage to private property.

If you have to talk climates , San Jose Guayabal is definitely an interesting place in terms of these categories . It is one of the countries highlighted in Esportiva as to a better climate , having stable temperatures and within normal limits in many parts of this great nation of more than half a million square kilometers, with climates three varieties of climates throughout the nation.

The tropical climate occurs in the region of the capital and in the plains south of Piedra Labrada , especially in Loma Chata and San Miguel Provinces, whose climate is notable for being one of the strongest in terms of heat throughout the year , with an average temperature of 34 ° C throughout the year , with temperatures of 42 ° C in the summer and with temperatures of 29 ° C in winter , the most humid places because of its close location to the coast due to the atmospheric phenomenon of confluence Esportiva Antarctic Ocean and the South Sea , which generates phenomena of moisture due to temperature changes between the two oceans.

Mild, temperate climate prevails in at least 40 % of the country , is the temperate climate of mid-mountain , with temperatures around average 17 ° C , in places like the mid-mountain area which is situated in Vladivostok or San Resume along with Juan Piedra Labrada , a city that despite being at 2900 meters above sea level, is characterized by a climate of mid-mountain , is mainly due to the location of SJG at low latitudes of Esportiva , very close the South Pole, the maximum temperatures are around 24 ° C in summer and minimum temperatures of -5 ° C are generated in the winter.

The northern zone of the country located in the Ramírez isthmus, is moderately severe winters due to its location in the mountains, with temperatures down to -35 ° C in a strong winter day or to -23.5 ° C which is the average temperature of the city in the winter, also characterized by heavy fog during October to March almost permanently , the maximum temperature in winter is just over 2 ° C but on average not more than -13 ° C, being a city with a pleasant climate for those who like the cold in the summer the city has rainy season , obtaining a minimum temperature of 3 ° C at night and a day extemely "Hot" a temperature of 27 °C, on average the city remains at 16 ° C, so it tends to have a moderate climate, rainfall reach 1,200 millimeters per month and as for snow up to 12 inches of snow fall, visibility in the worst case reaches 10 meters visibility at optimum day the people can have perfect visibility.

According to the latest census (August 2047) was calculated in Guayabal a population of 52 million people, of which are classified into seven main ethnic groups, which are:

-Hispanic: 42%
-Anglo-Saxons: 17%
-Russians: 13%
-Scandinavians (Mainly Swedes and Finns): 13%
-Germans: 5%
-Licentians: 5%
-Acquans: 5%

Of which are of different religions:

-Evangelical Christian: 96%
-Catholics: 2%
-Protestants: 2%

The national languages ​​of under Article 8 of the Constitution of the Federation of San Jose Guayabal, adopted in The Honorable People's Parliament are: English, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Finnish (Most used are: English, Spanish and Guayabalian), encouraging the use of language Guayabalian in:

- All daily activities as the language of communication between citizens of the Federation.

-support their teaching in public schools, private schools and universities in the San Jose Guayabal Federation.

But the SJG citizens talk the following languages:

-Spanish: 60%
-English: 15%
-Scandinavian languages (Swedish and Finnish): 13%
-Russian: 12%

But 95% of the population has at least advanced knowledge of five languages​​, making this society a polyglot one, highly acculturated and interesting to interact.

"Thou ancient, Thou free"

Tune: Click here to listen!


Tú antigua, tú libre, tú, Sur de altas montañas,
¡Tú, silencioso, afable y alegre!
Te saludo a ti, el país más amigable del mundo.
Tu sol, tu cielo, tus prados verdes. (bis)

Tú reinas en la memoria de gloriosos días pasados,
cuando tu nombre era venerado en todo el mundo.
Sé que eres y serás lo que fuiste.
Sí, sí, yo quiero vivir y quiero morir en el Sur. (bis)


Thou ancient, thou free, thou mountainous South
Thou quiet, thou joyful and fair!
I greet thee, most beautiful land upon earth,
Thy sun, Thy sky, Thy meadows green.

Thou art enthroned upon memories of great olden days,
When honoured thy name flew across the earth,
I know that thou art and wilt remain what thou wast,
Yes, I want to live, I want to die in the South


О древний, свободный, высокоглавый Южная,
Радующий мирным покоем и красотой,
Приветствую тебя, прекраснейший край на земле,
Твоё небо, твоё солнце, твои зелёные просторы,
Твоё небо, твоё солнце, твои зелёные просторы.

Память о величии старины служит тебе троном,
Дней, когда славное имя твоё разносилось над землёй.
Я знаю, таким ты остаёшься и таким пребудешь.
Здесь, на юге, хочу я жить и умереть,
Здесь, на юге, хочу я жить и умереть.

I Give To My Opponent Permission To:
Choose My Goalscorers: Y
Godmod Goalscoring Events: N
Injure Players: Y (Please TG or contact me in IRC. Length and severity will be determined by me).
Godmod Injury Events: Y (Be creative but realistic, just write things that can happen normally).
Red Card Players: Y (Just one player).
Yellow Card Players: Y (Maximum six players).
Godmod Other Events: Y (Please TG or contact me in IRC about that, but please be creative and jocular).

Any idea? plase shoot me a TG or contact me on IRC.

Lets go SJG
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Postby Lojal » Sat Sep 06, 2014 3:37 am

The Football Association of Lojal presents
Roster for the 11th Campionato Esportiva

The Football Association of Lojal presents its twenty-three man squad for the 11th Campionato Esportiva.

The Management

Manager: Jeracaw Merensulah (51, Lojal)
Assistant Manager: Joras Hiefen (67, Lojal)
Captain: Nicholas Princip
Vice Captain: Yehu' Falk

The Team

Listed in likelihood to play

GK: Yehu' Falk (30, Crompton City [SAR])
GK: Aonghus Feigenbaum (31, Stanley Warrahs [SAR])
GK: Faolán Stroud (26, Barrisyon Cita)

Listed in likelihood to play

DR: Abenner Winton (25, Pud United [SAR])
DC: Pierce Sørensen (26, Salvador FC [SAR])
DC: Padrig Queen (25, Crompton City [SAR])
DC: Gwilim Ó Rinn (20, Ightoer Treveglos)
DC: Mellan McGee (24, Barrisyon Cita)
DC: Ciardha Houston (19, Craeton Unys)
DL: Nicholas Princip (24, FC Chippenham [SAR])
DL: Sindri Varley (17, Crompton City [SAR])

Listed in likelihood to play

DM: Raghnall MacGhabhann (32, Ercei Cita)
DM: Manus Doherty (22, Cester Unys)
ML: Ansgar Schult (16, Crompton City [SAR])
MC: Shea Armistead (18, New Oslo Town [SAR])
MC: Yo'ash Jekyll (19, Pud United [SAR])
MC: Uxío Vincent (28, Craeton Unys)
MC: Flaithrí Newell (31, Ightoer Treveglos)
MC: Howell Ruane (27, Offery Cita)
MR: Yeho'ash Ó Floinn (26, Lavington City [SAR])
MR: Vasco Bonner (24, New Oslo Town [SAR])

Listed in likelihood to play

FC: Torquil Wieck (16, Crompton City [SAR])
FC: Finn Ó Meara (25, Ightoer Treveglos)
FC: Phelan Deasmhumhain (30, Tleingor Cita)

Quick Reference

Style Modifier: -2.3
Nickname(s): The Wyverns
Formation: 5-4-1 most likely, although many can and will be used. See most recent RP.
Lineup:Will be in most recent RP, if not feel free to make one up, within IC justification, for example don't play all my reserves if you are the top seed - and accommodate for resting players if you are lower ranked than I.



My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Should be okay, TG if anything major.
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes
Godmod other events: TG me.
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Authoritarian Democracy

Starian Roster

Postby Star United States » Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:13 pm

Image Star United States Image
Campionato Esportiva 11
☆★ Roster ★☆
Star United States National Soccer Association


Formation (Formación, Formação): 3-4-3
Style (Estilo, Estilo) +2.5

 Management Team  (Administración,  Administração)
Head Coach (Entrenador, Treinador): Luke Curtis
Assistant Coach (Entrenador Asistente, Treinador Adjunto): George Lewisly
Assistant Coach (Entrenador Asistente, Treinador Adjunto): Brent Bought
Tactics Officer (Oficial de Tácticas, Diretor do Táticas): John Manner
Doctor (Médico, Médico): Jorge Ferris

Starters  (Titulares)
#1 Fernando Spark (Goalkeeper) – Lake Star (LSR)
#6 Henry Andrews (Defender) – Hery City (HYC)
#5 Santiago Solo (Defender) – Riverside City (RSC)
#8 Michael River (Defender) – Iry Shore (IYS)
#9 Mark Barnna (Mid-Field) – Golden City (GOL)
#11 Caleb Horas (Mid-Field) – Pixe City (PEC)
#13 Chris Soarison (Mid-Field) – City of Star (COS) (CAPTIAN)
#15 Matthew Stafford (Mid-Field) – Vyktory City Rovers (Vyktory)*
#17 James Gasteiz (Striker) – Astaria United FC (Darvale) *
#19 Felix Gonzalez (Striker) – SeaShore City (SSC)
#21 Fabricio Garrison (Striker) – Pixe City (PEC)

Back-Up  (Suplentes)
#2 Jake C'urz (Goalkeeper) – City of Fredericksburg (COF)
#4 Matthew Star (Goalkeeper) – Riverside City (RSC)
#3 John Johnson (Defender) – City of Star (COS)
#7 Martín Sanchez (Defender) – Woodbed City (WBC)
#10 Xavier Valer (Defender) – Woodbed City (WBC)
#12 Jeremy Gem (Mid-Field) – Lake Star (LSR)
#14 Thomas Scout (Mid-Field) – Stary Bay (STB)
#16 Edwin Siz (Mid-Field) – Pixe City (PEC)
#18 Mark Jo (Striker) – Woodbed City (WBC)
#20 Freddy Barren (Striker) – Hery City (HYC)
#22 Richard Jamerson (Striker) – Fairbanks Royals FC (Darvale)*

Home Stadium
Star Stadium
City of Star, Star United States
Capacity: 115,000

RP Permissions
As long as no one dies. However, I am open to ideas. Please feel free to telegram me regarding any questions and such.
Star United States
National Sports Federation | Starian Embassy Program | Factbook
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Postby Noburu Taiyou » Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:26 pm

Noburu Taiyou National Football Team

Formation: 5-4-1
Style Modifier: -4.5
Colors: Blue and Yellow
Demonym: Taiyouese
Manager: Masao Kohara (M-60)
Assistant: Sawako Ootake (F-40)
Stadium: Tohoko Dome
Stadium Location: Tohoko
Stadium Capacity: 54,000 (40,000 seating)

Roster (Gender/Age)

Starting Lineup

GK: Yurimi Takuda (F/30)
RB: Mayuha Oomori (F/36)
CB: Gaku Shiyouji (M/25)
CB: Machi Taihei (F/32)
CB: Miho Matsushima (F/26)
LB: Shun Tahara (M/39) [C]
RM: Aiji Kitakawa (M/27)
RCM: Yuuga Hamano (M/30)
LCM: Hiroto Hasegawa (M/32)
LM: Mio Kai (F/23)
ST: Teru Toyota (M/34)


GK: Hirotaka Doi (M/27)
DEF: Narushi Hirata (M/33)
DEF: Koji Ishikuno (M/22)
MID: Mayuka Yano (F/31)
MID: Tai Tenno (M/26)
ST: Kai Murase (M/35)
ST: Touma Ono (M/28)


Noburu Taiyou is a colony of the Holy Republican Empire, located in the region of Esportiva. The colony is comprised of a dozen islands, although Hiroketstu is easily the most significant of the islands. Noburu Taiyou was once an independent nation, with a royal family that claimed to have ruled the islands since the dawn of time 4 thousand years ago. According to legend, the first Empress of Taiyou was the daughter of the Sun Goddess, although those legends are no longer widely believed. Everything changed a few decades ago when the Taiyouese military became increasingly powerful, turning the Emperor into a glorified puppet. The military began a series of incursions upon the territory of other nations, eventually crossing out of Esportiva and into the territory of a Federation known as the Free Republics. After a sneak attack on the Free Republics, a war commenced and lasted for 2 and a half years before the Republicans finally conquered Taiyou and turned the Land of the Sun into one of their colonies. Today, the Taiyouese are relatively autonomous, but they still choose to emigrate to the Free Republics in large numbers, angering that nation's notorious nationalist politicians. Although Taiyou is technically part of the Free Republics and Taiyouese are technically citizens of the Holy Republican Empire, the Holy Republican Constitution does not apply in Taiyou, a decision made by the victorious Republican military. If the Constitution had been applied to Taiyou, they would not have been able to set taxes high enough to afford to pay back reparations for their wars, let alone pay for any other public goods and besides, the Republican military wasn't exactly inclined to grant those "slants" any rights anyway. Because of this, the Taiyouese authority has the power to ban extremist political parties and uses it to prohibit nationalistic parties and any parties which agitate for independence, since any movement toward Taiyouese independence would only anger the HRE. Despite this, Taiyouese independence protests have been happening on an increasingly frequent basis of late.

Taiyouese sports teams generally do not use numbers to identify their players, with the exception of gridiron teams. Gridiron is considered a niche sport anyway in Taiyou. Like all Taiyouese teams, the National Football Team emphasizes team play rather than the individual. Any individual who gets it in his or her head that he or she is bigger than the team will end up being kicked off of the team. Since Taiyouese still generally resent Republican imperialists and individualism is associated with the Republicans, the culture tends to be very conformist. From a young age, Taiyouese footballers are taught the importance of defense and teams tend to care more about maintaining a clean sheet than they do about winning a match. Giving up goals is considered humiliating, even if the Taiyouese lead is insurmountable. The Taiyouese will not quit on any match, so even if they are being blown out, they will continue to give everything they have.

Penalty Kick Order of Preference

Remove players from this list that aren't playing at the start of the shootout.


RP Permissions

I give my opponent permission to:
Choose my goalscorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
Give my players yellow cards: Y
Give my players red cards: Y
Give injuries to my players: N
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Godmod other events: Y
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Postby Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk gorod » Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:59 pm

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Gorod National Team (YSG)

Brought to you by Spartak Athletics Association "Keep in shape, be Spartak" and Kuril Milk "The best milk in all Sakhalin, yummy"

OOC: For RP effects, you can RP this team with the name of "Sakhalin"


About YSG National Team

YSG's national team, was recently established at the initiative of Vladimir Kokorin, ruler of Sakhalin, who want the team excel at regional level, which will happen step by step according to stated in the press conference he gave to the media Sakhalin, for that, has called for a base of players playing in the Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk of "SJG Segunda División" (Second division) and other players who come from the island teams are eager to get at least one decent participation in the CE VIII, after that CE VIII, the team came in a period of inactivity due to some problems in the region of Kuril, specially in the Okhotsk sea, near the coast with two years of permanent ice, being a problem to leave Sakhalin, but now they have an airport and can travel to all Esportiva, and this is their warm up to the first adventure globally, in the WC 69 Qualifiers, who were quite a disaster and now it's revenge time at the CE.

Kits, made by AER Sportswear.


Official energetical drink


All-time record: 4-3-14


Tactical system: 4-5-1 (Defensive)

Starting Lineup: Team
GK: Kiril Medvedev (24 years) Spartak Dolinsk
DF: Maksim Golubev (26 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
DF: Matvei Grigoriev (26 years) FK Kurilsk
DF: Ruslan Vorobiov (24 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
DF: Pyotr Kuznetsov (31 years) Dinamo Uglegorsk
MF: Mikhail Mariinsky (24 years) Mysh Nevelsk
MF: Vladimir Novikov (18 years) Aniva Albion
MF: Vyacheslav Pavlov (26 years) Okha Anti-Fasistas
MF: Ruslan Molokov (30 years) Alianza F.C. (SJG)
MF: Svyatoslav Romanov (25 years) Ultra Blanca FC (AAL)
FW: Yaroslav Denisov (32 years) Shakhtar Shakhtyorsk

GK: Konstantin Popov (24 years) C.D. Real Destroyer (SJG)
DF: Gennadiy Volkov(26 years) Júbilo Toyohara
DF: Ilya Leonov (31 years) Lokomotiv Chernomorets
DF: Igor Andreev (21 years) FK Karafuto
DF: Boris Petrovich (30 years) Sikhote-Alin Dolphins
MF: Aleksander Smirnov(32 years) Nadezhda Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk (SJG)
MF: Artyom Kokorin (28 years) Energia Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Coach Staff

Head coach: Evgeniy Kozlov
Assistant coach: Aleksei Nekrasov
Goalkepping coach: Anton Ustinov
Coach: Sergei Korsakov
Trainer: Svetlana Mamayev



Noble Patria tu hermosa bandera.

Sakhalin, despite being a nearly 100% ethnically russian, has their anthem in spanish due to Federal rule of the GuAlSa federation, which has formed with SJG and Alianza Albos, but the populace understand the lyrics, because at least 75% speaks Spanish fluently.

Lyrics in Spanish

¡Noble patria!, tu hermosa bandera
expresión de tu vida nos da:
bajo el límpido azul de tu cielo
blanca y pura descansa la paz.

En la lucha tenaz, de fecunda labor,
que enrojece del hombre la faz;
conquistaron tus hijos - labriegos sencillos -
eterno prestigio, estima y honor,

¡Salve, oh tierra gentil!
¡Salve, oh madre de amor!
Cuando alguno pretenda tu gloria manchar,
verás a tu pueblo, valiente y viril,
la tosca herramienta en arma trocar.

¡Salve, oh patria!, tu pródigo suelo
dulce abrigo y sustento nos da;
bajo el límpido azul de tu cielo,
¡vivan siempre el trabajo y la paz!

Lyrics in English

Noble homeland, your beautiful flag
Proof of your life it gives us
Under the unsullied blue of your skies,
Peace rests, white and pure.

In the tenacious struggle of fruitful toil,
That which brings a glow to men's faces,
Your sons, simple farm hands,
Gained eternal renown, esteem and honor.
Eternal renown, esteem and honor.

Hail, gentle homeland!
Hail, mother of love!
When anyone should attempt to besmirch your glory,
You will see your people, valiant and virile,
The rustic tool into a weapon transform.

Hail, O homeland! Your prodigal soil
Sweet shelter and sustenance gives us.
Under the unsullied blue of your sky,
May peace and labor ever live!

Lyrics in Russian

Благородный родина, ваша красивый флаг
выражение вашей жизни дает нам;
под прозрачной синеве вашего неба
чистый белый лежит мир.

Упорная борьба
из плодотворной работы
покраснение лица человека,
завоевали ваши дети
простые крестьяне
вечная слава, уважение и честь.

Радуйся, нежная страна!
Радуйся, Мать любви!
Если кто-то должен попытаться
опорочить вашу славу,
вы увидите ваши смелые и жизнеспособные людей,
деревенский инструменты для троакара оружия.

О Salve Patria Ваш блудный почвы,
Сладкий дает нам средства к существованию и жилья;
под прозрачной синеве вашего неба
Всегда жить работу и мира!

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
RP injuries to my players Y (Everything except Career-Ending injuries)
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y (no more than 3 as total)
Hand out red cards to my players Y (Send me a TG for autorization)
Godmod other events Y (Please be creative and jocular).
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Postby Earo » Mon Sep 08, 2014 10:41 am

Earon National Football Team

Manager: Marian van Dünkle
Style Mod: -1.418
Formation: 4-4-2
All time Record: 194 matches, 69-29-96, 284 GF, 339 GA, -55 GD
Pos Name                 Age Club
GK Kazimír Rothschild 22 Bloomer FC
DEF Bonifác Wuopio 31 Bloomer FC
DEF Anat Bachmeier 29 Darmen City United
DEF Bratislav Naldi 28 Club Jim Falls
DEF Avedis Abelló 27 Darmen City United
MID Mazin Akkermans 21 Bloomer FC
MID Arlie Toft 21 Bloomer FC
MID 'Elifelet Lockwood 30 Bloomer FC
MID Blazhe Masson 23 Club Jim Falls
FOR Justinas Jakobsen 35 Brady City Crunch CAPTAIN
FOR Kunal Younge 27 Darmen City United

GK Sorley McMahon 28 Darmen City AC
DEF Ampelios Belo 36 Bloomer FC
MID Aristarkh Lazarov 32 Darmen City AC
MID Yiorgos Ó Ríagáin 35 Darmen City AC
FOR Deemer Dolan 31 Darmen City AC
FOR Apollonios Di Pietro 24 Bloomer FC
FOR Shet Ralston 20 Darmen City United
All players play in Darmen.

RP Permissions: No killing or career ending injuries, otherwise everything else is fine.

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The Paradystopi Consanguinity
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The Paradystopi Consanguinity
National Football Team Roster

As the inhabitants of the Paradystopi Consanguinity are currently a little occupied with colonising their new planet beyond the realms of space itself, not a great deal of choice was available to them when creating their football team and a good deal of their players are actually classed as citizens of Paradystopia Minor and Kinshish. This may seem a little odd, especially as there are Kinshishish players in the Paradystopi national team so why not have Paradystopia Minor and Kinshish enter a team?
The reason for this is that Paradystopia Minor and Kinshish is only in existence to act as a buffer zone between the Esportivan lands of the Consanguinity and Paradystopia. As such, every one of their citizens has dual nationality of both Paradystopia and the Consanguinity and actually has the ability to freely swap between each of the bigger nations should they wish. Most don't, but the option's there nonetheless.
Kits, kindly provided by Meski Sportswear of Red Blackiland

1. Kharri Sfadro (capt)(F) - Adyhsar Agkademykes (PDT)
- Age 22 - Arkan Consanguinian
This young woman has been earmarked for success since her debut several solar cycles ago with Arkan F.C. where she became first team keeper aged only 17 and was a part of the team that very nearly upset the Arkan stalwarts, TAATO. Since then she moved to the Adyhsar Agkademykes whilst continuing to blossom into a well-rounded and talented keeper. Her experience has earned her the captain's armband though some believe that putting extra responsibility upon the goalkeeper in a very defensively open squad isn't a clever idea.

2. Skab - Jujoo (PCG)
- Age unknown - Consanguian Golem
Skab is the driving force behind Jujoo. He (or she? It's hard to tell with Jujooans ...) is both captain and manager of the squad and a ruthless defender to boot. Built like a tank, his (or her) downfall is a lack of speed but when you're nearly 9 feet tall, nearly 7 feet wide and a potentially ferocious undead creature, it doesn't seem to be much of a problem.

3. Flappy Likessquidnowandthen - unattached
- Age 9 - Consanguinian Pteronurian
A member of the Lymryk team which came second in the Baptism of Fire, Flappy played for East Railway in Astograth for several seasons before deciding to return to his homeland, only to discover that his homelands had now been moved by the Commune and were now called The Paradystopi Consanguinity. Actually a defensive midfielder and as one of only two defensive positions, it's tells you something about Consanguinian tactics.

4. Lorde-Kloowez Ooldelongjonson - Dozebay (PMK)
- Age 7 - Minori Mousebaneska
The Consanguinian answer to Feliks-Oskar Pfyffydghoerracks. Well, he would be if he was actually any good. He's decent, but no Foskar ...

5. Kittie Myao (F) - Scratchpost Hillock (PMK)
- Age 9 - Minori Mousebaneska
Another Mousebane member of the squad, Kittie is a good attacking midfielder though her defending leaves much to be desired.

6. Filthy - unattached
- Age unknown - Violent Gibbon of Communadi Consanguinian ownership
Filthy was actually a member of the Paradystopi Lacrosse World Championship winning squad before the Consanguinians 'acquired' him. Obnoxious, uncontrollable, dangerous, quite possibly evil. He's a big angry monkey of unknown footballing abilities. He will receive a red card every match.

7. Jeffrey Knalhambradoghally - Tawrpeydoe Psuggaddagga (PDT)
- Age 18 - Lymryker Consanguinian
A young Lymryker with already plenty of experience in the Paradystopi top league. Skilful and smart.

8. Fnod deFnod - Royal Kinshishish Wanderers (PMK)
- Age 25 - Kinshishish
Fnod is only really on the team because he's a professional footballer who actually gets along with Filthy. Beyond that his talents are limited.

9. Elvis Sandbottom - Urbanista (APX)
- Age 22 - Lymryker Consanguinian
Like Jeffrey, Elvis is one of the new breed of Lymryk humans who are actually pretty good at football. Currently having a riot of a time at Urbanista where his goal tally is ever increasing. He'll be hoping to continue his run of form in the international game.

10. Curio - Barbury Town (APX)
- Age 21 - Communadi Consanguinian
Curio was an orphan discovered alone in the Communadi wastelands. By all accounts, he shouldn't exist. Nonetheless, he is one of the few players with international experience (having previously played for the Commune national team) and will be the lynchpin of the Consanguinian attack.

11. Shleppie Dindong - Hexploesyve Rastredmaddar (PDT)
- Age 19 - Kinshishish
Despite some time as a Paradystopi national player, Shleppie has changed allegience because the opportunities were better.

12. Mister Filthy - unattached
- Age unknown - Violent Gibbon of Communadi Consanguinian ownership
- CM
Mister Filthy is just Filthy wearing a fake 'stache. It was someone's bright idea to avoid the suspensions he's bound to acquire.

13. Baanabas - unattached
- Age unknown - Cyborg Sheep of Communadi Consanguinian ownership
- CM (or any)
Yes, a cyborg sheep ...

14. Qassandra Fraqeastikov (F) - Whyllyoumiboroughe Shwaggre (PDT)
- Age 19 - Communadi Consanguinian
- CM

15. Charlie Evertherespectible (F) - ðe Artyssanes (PMK)
- Age 20 - Lymryker Consanguinian


- Age irrelevant - Computer programme

Simply a tweaked programme from a popular computer game. The name is Football Manager Modified Artificial Intelligence Programme. However, the tweaking has resulted in a ridiculously kamikaze style.


Offensive Strategy:
Attack, attack, attack.

Defensive Strategy:

Style Mod:
+9736 (or highest possible)

RP Permissions:
No deaths without permission given via TG.
Filthy/Mister Filthy must receive a red card every match.
All else fine.
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.The Autochthones of the Paradystopi Consanguinity.
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According to the old Arceusian manuscripts, the Chosen Lands would need to have a special plan of defense in case evil ever arrived. The mechanism would be a sample of the Northern Sunrise Islands, taken to another realm known as the Mikotorealm who would then keep them existing, hidden from the Chosen Lands. They would then unite and with that union, protect the world from whatever evil could come, whether it was Giratina or something else. Now, the Southern Sunrise Islands are on our realm, but... no one knows why.

Num.	Pos.	Name				Age	Team
1 GK Alvaro COATES 25 Aurora Sylveons
2 LB John SANTIAGO 21 Honneur [Zenic]
3 CB Mike FLANNINGAN 20 Ramusok United [Cosumar]
4 CB Reed TRAFTON 22 Aurora Sylveons
5 RB Jacob CARLTON-WALCK 19 Aurora Sylveons
6 DM Robert KNAPKINS 19 Danielson Gogoats
7 CM JUNNIPER DANNA 21 Legiontown Magpies
8 CF Calvin McPEAK 19 Danielson Gogoats
9 CM LIA DANNA 21 Danielson Gogoats
10 CF Brandi NUMIA 18 Olympique Rochefort [Kitsunia-Deesse]
11 CM George BRILEY 21 Danielson Gogoats
12 GK Beatrice ALMEIDA RIBEIRO 26 Danielson Gogoats
13 LB BRENDA MELO 21 Exileview Taillow
14 RB Johann ALHAMBRA 23 Hamada Pangoros
15 DM Esme STEVENSON 26 Aurora Sylveons
16 CM Calleigh MOORE 25 Brasília Assassina [Eastern Sunrise Islands]
17 OM Ruairi McMILLAN 22 Danielson Gogoats
18 CF Elsie DOUGLAS 25 Danielson Gogoats
20 CB MARCUS LOPEZ 21 Aurora Sylveons
21 CB CARAMELO MELO 20 Legiontown Magpies
22 CM NORMAN LOPEZ 24 Legiontown Magpies
23 CF MERLYN LOPEZ 21 Danielson Gogoats
24 CF Cicely GILLMAN 20 Danielson Gogoats
25 CB Britanny O' HOYT 22 Old Trail 61 [Eastern Sunrise Islands]
26 DM Ruby GARDNER-BUTTON 24 Serebii Arceus [Kitsunia-Deesse]
27 GK Meriadoc GREENHAND 26 Aurora Sylveons

-- COACH Jo Anne BERNARDINE 33 [Style: +1][Style: +1]

Don't kill them or injure them for too long. Rest's totally finally.
Let's make this happen, girl / you gonna show the world
that something good can work / And it can work for you / And you know that it will

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Southern Sunrise Islands
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Season 5, Chapter 1: Enter Deadpool (city)

So, in case you haven't paid attention to the last chapters, I think it would be easier to just go back to the start of the fourth season. See, I was pretty well back then, nothing to do, just waste time laying around. Then, Mikoto, my darling, decided to ask me to get a job.

Mikoto: Product Placement?
Dainer: Out-of-period Carnival.
Sunrise: Hmmm... how about couch tester?
Mikoto: No. A proper job.

I decided to give in to peer pressure and-

Hodori: Unyu~?
Sunrise: ...You're sure this is really a car shop, right?
Hodori: Orochi-crazed guy had a bizarre plan and-
Polar: Oh, is that so?
Audio: You bet it's that so.
Polar: Come on, mate!
Matthew: Stocking tires? I'm a prince!
Sindy: That's a very stupid name for a cat.

Let's just say things were... well, the usual when it comes to this show in particular.

Sunrise: What could go w-
Agremiastan: Don't ask. He has a penchant for these moments.

Clearly, however, my family and friends had to be skeptical. Not that I haven't proved I can bust my behinds to give a good example (and earn cash for a radio that I don't even know if still runs), but eh.

Southie Sunrise: Given how he is, Hodori probably booted him out already!
East Sunrise: You should just give him a chance. I mean, didn't he took a beating to have us where we are?
Southie Sunrise: Nope, that was Kaza and Guayabal.
East Sunrise: Wore a maid's dress to work as a spy?
Southie Sunrise: That was Sarian and he wasn't working as a spy. Hell, he even liked the bloody thing.
Sarian: It does combine with my hair, doesn't it?

And then, Southie gave me a ultimatum.

Southie Sunrise: You know what? Fine, if you stick to your job for two weeks, I'll think slightly higher of you, dad.
East Sunrise: Slightly?
Southie Sunrise: Yeah. It's not like he'll save the world by selling cars.

But then.

Sunrise: "Death to all non-Corndogs." I think that's what she said.

And then.

Redblack: Mhrmhrmhrmhrmrhm.
Sunrise: What did he say?
Nev: He said he's free for any barbecues if you don't want to spend too much time taking care of the grill.


Dainer: I think I speak for the majority when we should just put him on witness' protection and move on, right?
GAS: Sindy broke out of the asylum, Sunrise.
Sunrise: Eh?
GAS: You know... dangerous, shot a decent amount of people at the mall... wanted to bust our asses, though most specifically you.
Sunrise: Why?
Prince Matthew: Well... You ate her lunch.
Sunrise: ...The sandwich?
Prince Matthew: Yup.

And even more.

Southie Sunrise: Yeah, the idiot mom loves.
East Sunrise: Don't call dad an idiot, Southie. That's not nice.
Westie Sunrise: Yeah, daddy is not an idiot. u.u
East Sunrise: See? She gets it.
Westie Sunrise: According to teacher Scrap Brain, the correct word is moron. ^3^
Southie Sunrise: Yeah... She tooootally did.
Dainer: And getting hurt.
Sunrise: Would you butt off?
Dainer: Fine, fine... Sorry for disturbing another special moment of yours. *sigh* Damn Protagonists.

And there was also some sidetracking.

GAS: Oh, hey. You're Sunrise's friend, right?
Dainer: Yeah, things aren't going well at his place, so I decided to make a visit. When did this thing open up?
Glo: I don't know! Was it two days ago? Three days ago? Four days ago? The Calendar is made up of 365 days and-
Apox: Glo, he's asking for the exact day, not a rushed monologue of yours.
Southie Sunrise: Oh. And how will the three losers and the major loser help me?
Jeck: If you were to treat us nicely, I'm sure we could help you out.
East Sunrise: Playing games is a good way to cheer up, sister.
Southie Sunrise: Wait, you're actually suggesting me to go play that stupid game with you four?
Ytt: Actually, three.
SJG: Yo don't really want to play El Sueño, jejejejejeje.
Southie Sunrise: Oh, I'm so flattered. Next, you're going to offer me the crown of geeks!
East Sunrise: Southie, you just need to embrace it. It's weird, yes. But we should try to make only good things out of this new possibility.
Southie Sunrise: Only if we sleep all together like in the old days.
East Sunrise: If you insis-
Westie Sunrise: Yay! Southie-sama will be my blanket! ^3^
East Sunrise: Night, sis.
Westie Sunrise: Good Night, Southie-sama! *-*
Southie Sunrise: ...Good Night, you two.
Dainer: ...Radio?
Kitsunia: Yup.
Dainer: I thought the radio was over already.
Kitsunia: Just because the plot no longer needed, it doesn't mean it has ended or anything.
Dainer: You know, your family's a bit screwed up.
Kitsunia: How's that so?
Dainer: Well, supposing Sunrise is part of your "family" from the orphanage. And I think that Elpi was... probably there...
Kitsunia: Dully noted. But at least, it's not Mangetsujin. I wonder where he is now, though.

And then there was... what the hell?

???: What? It's for charity.
???: I wish you died in the womb!
???: Your soul is mine!
???: Another goal for Germany.
???: GET OUT!
???: Over the Road Racing is right! It's my way or the highway and the highway ain't got shit!
???: Unknown accomplice my ass!
???: What should I say? I mean, I don't want to sound desperate but I want to sound affirmative. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah.
???: Hah! That's rich! You actually think you can beat the leader of Esportiva?
???: Let's see. I beat Licen back when we argued out on the café. I beat you more times than I can count and I only let you win on sparring matches just for chivalry. So yeah, I do.

Ah, there you go. It was some cable screw up.

Eura: *sigh*... Implying Eura gives a crap.

Dully noted. Anyways, after those chapters got out of the way...

Sindy: Ain't you bloody cocky...
Sunrise: Well, I can't let you roam freely, can I?
Sindy: I had enough of people of your kind.
Sunrise: Peaceful?
Sindy: Undeserving idiots. Just complete utter morons that should be grateful natural selection skipped this generation and let them survive! Hell, this is a society where someone like you, an idiot that almost ended our world, is a hero!
Sunrise: ...Are we still talking about that leap? Look, I wasn't trying to land like that, but that's life!
Sindy: Your children baited her in. Hell, they might as well just be artificial creations so that she had an excuse to get in!
Sunrise: Don't you dare call them artificial! They're way better people than you!
Sunrise: We could have talked a way out. But if it's a sword fight you want, a sword fight you'll get.
Sindy: Au revoir, Sunrise... til hell.
Sunrise: Tastes like... lemon soda?

So it turns out the pool was filled with soda. And Ecosse then gets shot.

Ecosse: AGH!
Sunrise: Where did she hit you?
Ecosse: Can't you read? On my goddamn right leg!
Sunrise: Jeez, calm down... Come on, let's go to the hospital. I'll find her later.
Ecosse: Why did I rush my way into the series again...? Ugh...

And after that, well... we had to go after Sindy again. And then there's the World Cup.

Ecosse: Well, if I was trying to send a message about people like you, I'm pretty sure the World Cup would be a nice stand for that.
Sunrise: But... shouldn't they NOT allow her in?
Ecosse: Spectacle value, Sunrise. Regular people fighting for a regular trophy? Boring. Possible murderer? Entertaining. Believe me, she'll be here.
Sunrise: And now we wait?
Ecosse: Damn right.
Equestrian: We finally meet again.
Sunrise: We do.
Equestrian: A compatriot of yours shot a compatriot of mine.
Sunrise: Technically.
Equestrian: What do you mean, technically?
Sunrise: Well... We're not really from the same country... Same borough, though, is right.
Equestrian: Nevermind. Let me just say that this time I'm not losing!
Sunrise: Oh, you will.
Equestrian: Oh, I won't.
Sunrise: Oh, you will.
Equestrian: Oh, I won't.
Sunrise: Oh, you will.
Equestrian: Oh, I won't.
Sunrise: Oh, you will.
Equestrian: Oh, I won't.
Sunrise: Oh, you will.
Equestrian: Oh, I won't.
Sunrise: Oh, you will.
Equestrian: Oh, I won't.
Apox: Bloody hell, it's Esportiva's Magic Cricket Ball!
Equestrian: Oh, goddamn it.

But then.

Sunrise: Isn't this technically wrong, Ecosse?
Ecosse: You want her to get healed up, goddamn it?
Sunrise: Well, she is a human, after all, Ecosse.
Ecosse: And I suppose that excuses bloody everything!
Sunrise: Sheesh... I'm sure the police will take her to jail when she gets better.
Ecosse: Our police?
Sunrise: Yeah.
Ecosse: I have a better idea for a place where she could stay at. Has five letters and it's five feet under the ground.
Ecosse: Don't worry, Sunrise...
Ecosse: ...I'm going to fix you both.
Wight: Welcome to the Other Realm, Sunrise.
Sunrise: ...What the hell? Where's Ecosse? UGH! My arm...
Wight: Oh, I'm sorry. You are currently on a coma and to make sure your soul didn't go crazy, it ended up here. You'll feel just like you would feel things on the other realms, but no harm can be done to yourself here as you're just a mere spirit, an extension of life.
Sunrise: So, when are we leaving?
Wight: On a coma? Hard to tell. Maybe you should learn a bit about this place...
Sunrise: Aye-
Wight: But later, for crying out loud, I need to bandage your damn arm.

And that's what happened.

As Sunrise stopped to talk, the people at the table nodded. They were all rather uncommon, but the realm was pretty much all like that, so no surprise.

Wight: Well, most spirit's stories tend to be like that, Sunrise.

A girl, dressed under a schoolgirl-esque dress, but with a long yellow and black scarf around her neck, simply smiled, starting to talk.

???: Yeah. It happened with me too. Name's Purity... My sister, Ebony... well, she had a thing for gothics and vampires. We had an altercation and well... I ended up here. Pretty sure she's not much better.
Sunrise: ...Those don't sound like names from my place.
Wight: Sunrise, the Other Realm is shared for all dimensions that happen to work like a work of art.
Sunrise: But that's My Immortal!
Wight: *cough* You're not much better.
Sunrise: Sigh.
Purity: Well, if you want... I could guide you on the path of being a perfect person... just like me.
Sunrise: So, how did she kill you?
Purity: Knife.
Sunrise: Huh.
Purity: What?
Sunrise: Maybe it was before the entire school fell down to her wills, I take.
Purity: If I weren't the only perfect one on that place...
Sunrise: Do you know this guy Eura?
Purity: N-nope.
Sunrise: If you don't shut up about perfection, you'll have the same amount of lines in this joint as he does!
Purity: Oh, you wouldn't.
Wight: Oh, he would. Sindy almost got beaten the hell back in the Real World thanks to him. I wouldn't dare such a person.
Purity: ...Screw this, I'm going to my flat.

Purity departs, angered.

Sunrise: Oh, thanks for ba-
Wight: She was annoying me. Not a problem.
Let's make this happen, girl / you gonna show the world
that something good can work / And it can work for you / And you know that it will

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Dear Ladies and Gentleman of the CE,

Please find attached an image of the item in question, the legendary antique teapot once owned by feared pirate captain Angus th'Evyseraatoure. It is a common folk tale in Paradystopia which you may or may not be aware of, but Captain Angus terrorised the Nor-eastern isles of our country over 300 hundred solar cycles ago. He hijacked trade routes, dabbled in illegal drug trafficking and even had a portrait painted of his naked posterior (by an acclaimed artist, whom Angus abducted) which he sent to the then governor in Maddar in response to an offered amnesty for past crimes should he stop being a naughty person in the present.

Eventually Captain Angus was brought to justice. Having drank a little too much cannabis tea, he ran aground just off the island of Ryren where the natives, petrified by the tales of the captain's exploits, peppered the ship with flaming arrows and spears and battered to death any poor souls who managed to make it ashore. Anyway, the remains of Captain Angus were never found and his cabin was later discovered to be near completely empty. The exceptions to this emptiness were the ornamental teapot, a pair of old leather boots and an opium pipe. No clothes, no treasure, no nothing. Naturally, many people believe that the inhabitants of Ryren simply stole everything and then made up this ridiculous story. Nobody knows really as the only artifacts that publicly exist belonging to Captain Angus are the teapot, the pipe and the boots.

Anyway, the teapot is currently packed and ready for your exhibition and will be sent first thing in the morning.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Psamyuel Krynk DSc MA(hons)
Head Curator at the Maddarie Ynstituut y'Arkyologie

Dear Ladies and Gentleman of the CE,

It would appear there has been a terrible mistake as I confused your organisation (CE - Crockery Expo) with another organisation (CE - Campionato Esportiva) and rather than a priceless antique teapot, expect the arrival of twenty plus professional football players and associated staff.

Also, the teapot has recently arrived in Yttribia ahead of this football competition and is now very unlikely to reach the expo in time.

Please, please, please accept my humblest apologies for this dreadful error.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Psamyuel Krynk DSc MA(hons)
Head Curator at the Maddarie Ynstituut y'Arkyologie

Dear Footballers of Esportiva

As you may or may not be aware, there has been a slight mix-up regarding the Paradystopi national squad. Rather than send a team of players, we appear to have accidentally sent a legendary old teapot whilst our players have found themselves locked in glass cases for several weeks pretending to be antique eating utensils in a musuem somewhere on the other side of the planet.

I fully understand that football is a contact sport but can you please be careful with the teapot. Very careful please.

At the start of the match, a specialist steward will bring the teapot onto the field, placing it on a custom-made pedestal which will stand on the edge of the six-yard box and then leave. (He will also relocate the pedestal and teapot to the opposite side of the pitch during the half-time break and remove the teapot at the end of the match). The match can then take place as normal with you doing whatever it is you do.

I re-iterate, please don't damage the teapot. Be careful with that ball. Please.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Psamyuel Krynk DSc MA(hons)
Head Curator at the Maddarie Ynstituut y'Arkyologie

P.S. Please don't damage the teapot.

"Para, I hate you. You crazy wanker. Why can't you be normal for once?"
You know what I say to that? Dirty cupboards, torn spandex and ascerbic amoebas ... Yeah ... deal with it.
Okay, so it's a bit of an RP challenge for my opponents but you're welcome to do as you wish ... as long as you don't damage the teapot.

"Do as I wish?! How the flipping fuck am I supposed to role play this?!"
Thusly ...


Well, the choice is yours but I'll be a sport and offer some potential directions you could take.
    1.) The teapot is a priceless antique, yet pilfering it under the watchful gaze of several thousand football fans is tricky yet potentially do-able. (The pedestal upon which it stands is also quite nice, but not nearly as desirable as the teapot itself)
    2.) Captain Angus vanished into thin air ... Could his ghost somehow possess the teapot?
    3.) When I demand that no-one damage the teapot, I mean no-one is allowed to destroy it outright. Chips can be repaired though, right?

Oh and before I forget, Style Mod: -5.

Have fun.

"I still hate you. Very much."
Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment.
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Civil Rights Lovefest

Postby Apox » Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:18 am

Private Matt Holmes scanned the tree line as darkness began to fall. His colleague, mission specialist Artur Jaavinen was crouched down on the ground a couple of metres away, taking readings. Matt was deeply uneasy, the land they found themselves in was likely dangerous, and much more important than that unknown. They just didn't know enough about where they were, but more importantly, they didn't know who, or what, might be out there, lurking in the trees, just out of sight.

Either way, Matt had that feeling in his in his stomach, that feeling which told him to leave, to run away as fast as he could. And he knew from experience that this feeling usually meant danger, even if, as a soldier, he wouldn't be able to run and hide in these situations. He quickly looked around, to see if Artur was done yet. About twenty metres away, his jeep was parked, engine off, quiet. He felt a little better knowing that it was there. Turning back to the forest, he asked Artur, trying to be as nonchalent as possible,

"How's it going down there Artur?"

"All going well. Hopefully we'll be able to be off in a couple of minutes," came the cheery reply. Matt let out a small sigh of relief, before he heard a noise. A twig snapping. He immediately became tense, and had his rifle off his back and primed within seconds. Silence reigned.

"What's the..." Artur was cut off by a quick shush by Matt, before he slowly and deliberately walked forwards a few paces. Matt's sense were on fire, for some reason, this tiny noise was enough to persuade him that they should leave, at once. After a couple more seconds of tense silence, Matt spoke suddenly,

"Artur. Get in the car. We're leaving." And with that, all pandemonium broke loose, with Artur running to the jeep as fast as he could, Matt walking backwards quickly, weapon raised. As he began to walk backwards, a rushing noise came from the undergrowth and a yellow creature burst forwards, with a great cry, grabbing Matt in his mouth, his beak? It was hard to tell in the sudden activity, and pretty much ripped him apart in one motion, just as Matt was emptying a round into the creature. Artur needed little more encouragement to leave, and the jeep roared into life and sped along the dirt track, towards the FOB and safety.

*3 months earlier*

It was very odd. All of a sudden, the multiverse received, information from the mad dictator of the self dubbed "Glorious Commune", known by most in Apox as the "Shit Commune", that they had somehow engineered a portal to another world, billions of light years away. This therefore meant that they must have been secretly shuffling out of the Commune for a while now.

What confused the Apoxians was the speed at which this had happened. Only two days before, an Apoxian spy plane had returned troubling reports that the actual position of Communadi cities had moved, since the last images were taken, in addition to a congregation of activity around the capital. This was later blamed on technical failure of the equipment with regards to the GPS signal.

With an entire nation's worth of new empty space, there was sudden mobilisation of various groups to explore the largely arid area of the Commune, with people wanting to discover what is actual hidden within this, one of the most secret of nations; oil companies interested in prospecting the area, and the military sent out to secretly explore for potential nation expansion.

It began with more airspace mapping, followed by insertion of small teams in key areas, such as the places where cities used to be, spaces which were miraculously empty at that points. Eventually, after a number of weeks of slow progress, and with limited threats being discovered in that time, the decision was made to establish a temporary FOB (forward operating base) in the centre of the nation, near to the old capital, where more personnel could be brought in and there could be greater prospecting. This was all led by Colonel Thornold Yeates, a tall, imperious man, who was an excellent organiser and was an expert in Communadi life and customs, with experience in the time when the two countries nearly went to war, a number of years ago.
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