Regional stereotypes in your nation?

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Regional stereotypes in your nation?

Postby Kel-Elysia » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:15 pm

How are people from different provinces stereotyped in your nation? From what do these stereotypes come from?

There are two geographical entities in the Empire: the Kel-Elysian Mainland, and Korea. The Empire is further split into four Districts: the Eastern Mainland, Western Mainland, Northern Korea and Southern Korea. It is also worth noting that the ruling cultural and ethnic majority in the Empire is composed of Koreans.

Most Imperials stereotype people from the Eastern Mainland as uneducated thugs, vicious mobsters, dirt-poor sweatshop slaves and cops filthier than the city streets themselves; this is because of the Eastern Mainland's high crime rate and relatively poor standard of living.

Conversely, the primarily agricultural Western Mainland is thought to be composed entirely of gun-toting, hyper-nationalistic, paranoid farmers and fishermen; this is because the Western Mainland is closer to the United States and would be the first place hit by a potential American invasion that its inhabitants seem to fear so much.

People in Southern Korea are thought to be an entire District of upper-class twits because of the region's great prosperity and the relatively high average wealth of its inhabitants. Most people who believe such things tend to only look at areas such as Gangnam and inner-city Seoul.

People in Northern Korea are viewed in a similar manner to the inhabitants of the American Deep South: hardworking, blue-collar, provincial, uneducated and clinging to the glories of a nation long since destroyed in a devastating civil war. Many wannabe North Koreans will display a DPRK flag in their homes or on their vehicles.
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Postby Alcase » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:18 pm

West Alcasians aren't too fond of East Alcasians
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Postby Terran Columbia » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:23 pm

Many of the common people in different duchies and bishoprics of Terran Columbia never meet, meaning many of their opinions of each other are based entirely on stereotypes. The people of the technocratic duchies view the people of the agricultural areas as witless hicks, while the peasants of the rural farms view the people of the more technically inclined districts as cowardly.
Stereotypes also decide how the nobles see the common men, and vice-versa. Commoners view noblemen as snobbish, inbred, and often oppressive, while the nobility view commoners as uneducated idiots built only to serve the aristocracy.
The only place where stereotypes are not prevalent are the port cities and mega-metropolises scattered throughout the empire. As many of the residents of these cities interact with all groups of people from all walks of life, they tend to base their opinions on personal interactions, viewing stereotypes as unnecessary and often wholly incorrect.
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Postby Uelvan » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:40 pm

Uelvan is home to several different ethnic groups.

Uelvani Primuri- Know-it-all city slickers who walk around and act like they are better than everybody.
Andarii- Big dumb steroid-junkies who are also entitled/spoiled brats that never grow up
Yandarii- Greedy, fat, and rich people who are afraid of guns.
Himpari- Dumb farmers, wannabe cowboys
Valashad- Even dumber farmers, meth-addicted hillbillies
Boulcharvs- Lazy good for nothings who are more concerned with eating cheese bread than lifting a finger to help anyone but themselves
Taharans- Backwards tribal/hill people, religious fanatics, snake kissers
Ulvani Segundi- Brain dead patriots, poor city slickers, dirt covered factory workers
Ignaxur- Dumb drunken farmers, cow milkers, cheese making simpletons
Unificados- Dumb farmers with funny looking ears
Charv- Homeless gypsies, people who live in the sewers and on the sides of subway trains, thieves
Hyperboreans- Seal-clubbing eskimos
Magarni- Big dumb highlanders, overly violent criminals, thugs
Housdari- Entire culture of Ned flanders/1950s style family-values loving small town... only that small town is massive
Yulvenis in General- "Modern Savages"
Spurii- Diseased, dying people, crying children on the TV, donate money to them plz :'(
Yeuriar- Short assholes who are compensating for something.

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Postby Des-Bal » Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:44 pm

The northern folk do nothing but eat cheese and steal from the state.
The population of the central region are self important cut-throats in cheap suits.
The easterners are quasi-literate laborers who spend all their money on liqour.
Anyone from the Midlands is a cannibal, rapist, or hair thief.
In the south their economy is based on scamming one another out of heroin.
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Postby Davinhia » Sat May 10, 2014 5:46 pm

Most people think we have a plaid fetish
because 60% of the population wear plaid atleast 4 days of the week
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Postby Hyfling » Sun May 11, 2014 1:23 am

There are five geographical regions in Hyfling, each with their own stereotypes:

North Hyfling: The North of Hyfling, heavily industrialised. Affectionately called 'Dragons', by the rest of Hyfling (because dragons do inhabit the North), stereotyped as wanting independence from Hyfling.
Central-Below-North: Dotted with very large, but abandoned industrial buildings from the La Trobe Scheme. Does anyone even live here? Only the wolves. People who live here are stereotyped as loggers and saw-millers.
West Hyfling: The heavily urbanized West of Hyfling are considered city dwellers, stuck up art-loving latte sippers.
Coastal Hyfling: Eastern Coast and the islands surrounding Hyfling. Usually stereotyped as being the 'Beggar State', because of it's less than stellar economy, people from here are called 'Fish-Lovers'.
Central Hyfling: The least densely populated part of Hyfling, agricultural areas,etc. Called hicks and farmers, somewhat backwards, etc.

Most stereotypes are in jest and lighthearted, and not to be taken serious.

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Postby Subhurbia » Mon Jan 27, 2020 9:29 pm

Central Subhurbians: In the other regions of Suhurbia, there is often a negative stigma towards Central Subhurbian people, ranging from suspicion to hostility. This suspicion originated from the fact that both the capital city and the largest city are in Central Subhurbia, and so far, all of the leaders of the federation are of Central Subhurbian descent.

North Subhurbians: People of the North regarded as peaceful, tranquil people who have a collectivist mentality. They aren’t fond of quickly making friends and are quite solitary. They are also very discreet and polite.

South Subhurbians: The people of the South are regarded as warm, creative, passionate, and enjoy personal freedom. They are notorious for being very blunt, honest, and always speaking their minds, regardless if it’s favorable to the other person or not. They are also seen as people who love to party, screw around (keeping this rated G or C8), and compete with one another.

East Subhurbians: The people of the East are regarded as highly sophisticated, sociable, and constantly on the move. They are adventurous, rather it be mentally or physically. They are also very happy and fun loving people.

West Subhurbians: People of the West are regarded as strong, stable, and conscientious. They are lovers of nature and prefer the natural, and sometimes old fashioned aspects of life.
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Postby Radiatia » Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:56 am

I actually wrote an entire factbook of various regional stereotypes. Regional stereotypes most commonly apply to entire clusters of states (e.g. the east, the west, the north) as well as to the country's largest cities which have stereotypes of their own.

Exegrad, Alayenia:

Exegrad is Radiatia's largest city. I wrote an entire culture test for it, spoilered below. The city is known to be wealthy, crowded, cosmopolitan, shallow and unfriendly to anyone who doesn't have money.

Items identical to the Radiatian culture test have been greyed out.

If you're an Exegrader...
  • You speak English as your primary language because it's the international language of business. You can also communicate in Radiatian because it's the national language. You never bothered with Aliyan and consider it a dead language and waste of your time.
  • You don't make small talk - Radiatia did not rise from the ashes of communism to become an economic superpower by making small talk. And if someone (like a tourist) does approach you and try to talk to you unsolicited, you will not hesitate to tell them to f*** off.
  • To you, "Inefficient" is about the worst insult there is.
  • You're familiar with the same media as other Radiatians. You see a lot of movies and TV shows set in Exegrad but you can tell when something wasn't actually filmed in Exegrad. You find it amusing that Das Engel film crews are often forced to pretend their city is Exegrad and consider this proof that Exegrad is superior in the great rivalry between the two cities.
  • You may or may not be a sports fan, and if you do you're probably an Exegrad United supporter. But ultimately you consider playing the financial markets to be much more interesting than kicking a ball around.
  • You can take as many holidays as you like during the year - just as long as you pay for it yourself. No employer in the country is going to pay you to do nothing for three weeks a year. You're pretty used to working long hours and see nothing wrong with sleeping in your office overnight every now and again.

The Free City (Where everything costs money)
  • You do know what a "God" is as you frequently see foreign religious nuts banging on about their gods on the streets. You don't believe in one and feel that most religious people are inefficient and need to be institutionalised as soon as possible.
  • You think of fast food such as Greasy Joe's to be cheap and delicious. You cannot for the life of you understand why other countries say that Radiatian cuisine is awful and unhealthy.
  • You do admit that foreign food is slightly better than local dishes. It's really easy to find foreign food too - you take it for granted that you can find any type of food from anywhere in the world within walking distance at any time of day or night.
  • You don't consider insects, dogs, cats, monkeys, or guinea pigs to be food, but there's a good chance you have unwittingly eaten some or all of the above. Afterall, NO ONE knows what's really in Radiatian sausages.... Some of the street food you've eaten in Yamman is a bit suspect too.
  • You live in a tiny apartment the size of a cupboard and pay exorbitant rents for it. You can't even conceive of the idea of owning your own property, or owning land. An apartment with more than two rooms is your idea of a mansion.
  • You own a landline as there's one in your apartment building - you never use it though. You own a smartphone and a laptop, and you have a TV. Your place is heated in the winter and airconditioned in the summer. You don't kill your own food. You don't have a dirt floor. You're more likely to eat out than at home, or else rely on take-outs. There's a good chance you don't have a kitchen or a fridge.
  • You probably wouldn't understand a reference to a "bathroom". In fact you've probably never heard of a bath - you have a small faucet possibly located above your toilet which you use as a shower.
  • You usually refer to the toilet as the "Wunderchair" even though that's just one prominent brand of toilet. Your toilet is probably coin-operated and probably of the Wunderchair brand.
  • It now seems natural to you that the telephone system, railways, auto manufacturers, airlines, power companies, hospitals and most schools are privately run. It's always been this way in Exegrad - during the communist era Exegrad was designated a Special Economic Zone which meant it was allowed to have a free market economy.
  • You expect, as a matter of course, that phones will work. You expect anything to work actually - inefficiency is inexcusable and you would sue a company into bankruptcy for providing a faulty product/being late/causing you to lose a few seconds of your time due to an unclear instruction manual
  • You see nothing unusual about having to go outside wearing a gas mask, especially in the smoggier winter months. And you also sometimes wear your gas mask in summer.
  • You pay more attention to the air quality report than the weather report - you're not worried about snow, rain or heat, you just want to know whether or not it's safe to breathe the air today.
  • Even though water can be expensive, you shower at least three times a day, especially after being outside - the city air can be filthy, and smoke, smog and soot builds up on your skin quite quickly.
  • The trains are quick and efficient, and you would demand compensation if a train wasn't on time. In fact this would be a major scandal - Mayors have lost elections due to trains on the Exegrad Underground being late by 30 seconds.
  • You don't own a car. In fact you probably don't know how to drive. If you've ever been outside of Exegrad (a day trip to upstate Alayenia, perhaps), you've been shocked that not only does everyone have a car, but they expect YOU to have a car too. Even if you're ultra-rich, you probably have a helicopter and private jet but no car.
  • You consider the world to stop existing past where the Central Alayenia Transit commuter belt ends. You might have been to southern Alayenia once, perhaps even to Radii if you're extremely daring but beyond that you see no point in travelling - what could you find in the rest of the world that can't possibly be found in Exegrad?

Xerconia? Never heard of it!
  • You are fiercely proud of living in a democratic republic. Furthermore you're fiercely proud of the role Exegrad played in the fall of communism, and you take your hard-earned democratic rights very seriously.
  • If you live in the City or Northbank, you're a registered member of the Liberal-Conservative Party. If you live in Mitaro or Yamman you're a registered member of the Social Democratic Union.
  • You hold no sympathy for people who believe Alayenia should be an independent country. You may or may support the concept of separate statehood for Exegrad and while you know Exegrad is very different from both Alayenia and the rest of Radiatia, you grudgingly admit that Exegrad and Radiatia need each other.
  • You don't expect to hear socialism seriously defended - and you'd be slightly offended if you did. In fact you'd be more than offended: You would possibly punch the other person in the face. Have they not seen the memorial to those killed in the Black Friday massacre?
  • You don't really have a concept of 'race' - people are either "Radiatian" or they are "foreign" and you can tell by looking. While people with darker skin are usually not Radiatian, sometimes they are - and if so there's always something about the way they speak, dress and act that gives away the fact that they're Radiatians. In fact you're used to seeing Radiatians with all sorts of skin colours and foreign lineages. You're also very used to seeing foreigners and hearing foreign languages. It's not a big deal.
  • You think most problems would be solved if people would be less lazy, more efficient and if the rest of the world was more like Radiatia. Except replace "Radiatia" with "Exegrad" - Radiatians outside of the City are actually not all that intelligent as far as you've observed.
  • You're probably a little uncomfortable with the flat 15% federal income tax. Anything higher would definitely be daylight robbery.
  • You don't fully trust the federal government, have doubts about the Noctur Regional Bank and were definitely opposed to the Humanitarian League. The World Assembly? Don't make me laugh! Then again, the Noctur Regional Bank (along with several other international organisations) is headquartered in Exegrad, so you're not vehemently opposed to some of the above, especially if they create jobs in the city.
  • You believe that the court system is rigged in favour of big business, and you're probably right. On the bright side you know the justice system is swift and efficient, but the result always hinges on how much money you have.
  • Public education is an option but you probably went to a private school and would rather send your kids to one. Private education isn't that expensive in Exegrad either, due to heavy competition between the various schools forcing prices down - another example of the free market making things more efficient.
  • The State of Alayenia has a scheme where they will lend you money to pay tuition fees at university, so you never had to enlist in the armed forces to go to university. You don't usually call yourself Alayenian - but this is something you appreciate that does put Alayenia above all the other states.

The Financial Capital of Noctur
  • Mustard comes in plastic tubes. Shaving cream comes in canisters and milk comes in plastic bottles.
  • The date comes first and the month second: 13/4/4007 (And you know what happened on that date).
  • The decimal point is a dot.
  • A billion is a thousand times a million. A tsenyen with a lower case T is the Radiatian word for "hundred". A Tsenyen with a capital T is the currency.
  • You would respect a politician who came from a military background, but ultimately you'll vote for them based on whether or not you support their policies. You couldn't name the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Of course you'd rather have a politician with a business or financial background than a military background.
  • It is polite to call people by their first names, until you get to know them. Then you may address them with their surname. The exception to this rule is for people in places of authority - teachers, military commanders and politicians.
  • Your favourite time of the year is winter - as that's the only time of year when the streets aren't clogged up by dumb tourists asking idiotic questions or holding everything up
  • You don't describe yourself as being from Exegrad - you're from "The City". Besides, you know Exegrad is the only city in Radiatia - everywhere else is just a town. If you heard someone saying they're from Exegrad, you'd know they're not really from Exegrad - probably just someone from one of the surrounding Prefectures doing a bit of wishful thinking.
  • You have seen people sleeping in cardboard boxes outside of skyscrapers owned by billionaires. You consider this sort of inequality completely natural.
  • Most films and TV shows are subtitled, simply due to the multilingual nature of Radiatian society
  • You avoid the outdoors due to the harsh climate. It's fully possible for you to suffer from heatstroke in summer and then hypothermia in winter. It's pretty easy to avoid the outdoors too - by using a combination of the Underground, pedestrian tunnels, elevators and skybridges between buildings, you can easily go an entire day without ever setting foot outside.

Meet me at the Love Hotel
  • It is more common to marry for money than for love. Marriage is seldom a happy day - it's usually spent waiting for bureaucrats in an office building somewhere to process your application. Church marriages are not legal or valid. It's nothing ceremonial, and you can end a marriage as easily as you can quit a job.
  • If a woman is still living with her family, you may have to pay the family to marry her. If she is married to another man, it is perfectly legal to buy her from her current husband and have the marriage contract rewritten in your name - provided all parties consent.
  • If a man has sex with another man, he's homosexual. If he finds the right man, he can marry him as above.
  • If a woman has sex with another woman, she might be a lesbian, but it's more likely that she's a popstar or actress trying to get attention.
  • You're no stranger to nudity, especially on billboards, television and advertising. You probably wouldn't go outside nude yourself though - Exegrad doesn't have the right climate for it.
  • You don't usually expect to have to bribe federal government officials, but when it comes to state and local authorities it certainly doesn't hurt to "grease the wheels" with a few Tsenyens if a bureaucrat is being particularly obstructive.
  • If a politician hasn't cheated on his wife at least once, you suspect he may be a closet homosexual - but ultimately you don't really care about politics, let alone the personal lives of politicians.
  • Credit cards are ubiquitous now, and you couldn't live without one. Everywhere, including in rural areas, accepts ATM cards and only tourists carry cash. A lot of places now accept contactless payment cards, or contactless payment via your smartphone. In fact some places refuse to take cash because it's too inefficient.
  • A company can fire anyone at will.
  • You like your bacon soft, unless it's in a burger.
  • Labour Day? What are you, some sort of communist!? There used to be a Labour Day, but it got renamed "Capitalism Day" just to spite the murderous commies.
  • You're ambivalent about how you feel about tourists. On one hand you welcome the money they bring and the jobs they create. On the other hand... they're so slow and inefficient and often smell weird too.

21 million people, all of whom are lonely
  • You would rather rely on private healthcare than the underfunded, bureaucracy-choked Federal Health Service. You know you're not going to die of cholera or other Third World diseases, but you are aware that there is a high chance that you will develop cancer, due to pollution. There's also a high risk that Radiatia's bad weather, workaholic culture and depressing lifestyle will drive you to suicide. In fact you don't even get surprised when you see someone jumping off a building, as Exegrad is the suicide capital of Noctur. It's sad, but it's pretty normal.
  • You hardly know your own history, let alone world history. Pretty much anything before the fall of communism is ancient history to you, though you're vaguely aware of ancient historical figures like Empress Usula and have a pretty good understanding of the atrocities committed by the RPSU. Besides, why bother with history anyway? The past is done - you're focused on the future.
  • While Radiatia has never been conquered by a foreign nation, you have a fair idea of what it's like based on what happened during the Battle of Exegrad, when communist forces attempted to occupy the city and were forced out by brave pro-democracy protesters.
  • You've become used to having choices whenever you buy things - and indeed you can now buy ANYTHING in Radiatia. If you can think of it, someone somewhere will be selling it, regardless of the legality. This is more true in Exegrad than anywhere else.
  • You use the metric system and find it confusing and unthinkable that anyone would use any other system.
  • You are not a farmer. Obviously.
  • A "comic" means a stand-up comedian. The artform is referred to either as a "cartoon" (particularly for comedic strips) or as "manga".
  • The people who appear on talkshows are almost always comedians, occasionally movie stars or singers and in rare cases politicians.
  • There's parts of the city you definitely want to avoid at night. In saying that, Exegrad is a LOT safer than it used to be - in fact gentrification in recent years has made it one of the safest cities in Radiatia.
  • You're more likely to crack jokes about other cities than other countries, with Das Engel, Midgard and Xerconia all targets for your ridicule.

Beyond City Hall
  • You think it's cute that Xerconia thinks it's important. You know that there's more real political power in an Exegrad stockbroker's farts than there is in Xerconia.
  • You believe that Federation Square is comprised entirely of useless bureaucrats who do nothing but waste time and money. You couldn't name your Senator, but you certainly know your local MP and you watch them like a hawk to make sure they're advocating for Exegrad's interests in Xerconia.
  • You wouldn't expect unemployment to be very high (say, over 10%) although inflation seems to be a problem in Exegrad. The city becomes more and more expensive every day and you're worried that some day you might not be able to afford the cost of living and might have to live on the street - or worse: Outside the city.
  • You don't even care about your own family, let alone someone else's.
  • When someone dies it's more common for the estate (if there is one) to be left to a close friend than to family. That's assuming there is an estate - which there probably isn't. Chances are all you'll leave behind is a couple of books, a tie and a computer with an embarrassing browser history.
  • You may have been to the theatre or ballet - after all, Exegrad is the world's biggest exporter of Radiatian culture. You are a regular patron at comedy clubs, the cinema, rock concerts, casinos and strip clubs.
  • You have no earthly idea what Christmas is, as you're not a factory worker.
  • You barely even know who your own leaders are, let alone foreign leaders. You also barely know where other Radiatian states are, let alone other countries and you definitely couldn't name every country in the region.
  • You never leave voicemails. You hang up and try again later.
  • Taxis are all driven by foreigners with no knowledge of the city. Not that you're likely to take one - the Underground is far cheaper and usually more reliable.
  • You don't want to retire or lose your job, as the pension and unemployment benefit is too small to live off. In fact you'd seriously consider suicide over losing your job, as you're probably a workaholic and don't have much else in your life.
  • In public you're a vocal supporter of the welfare state - you feel very sorry for all the homeless people you see and believe the government needs to do something about it. But you don't want to have to pay for it through taxes, and in the privacy of the voting booth you'll always choose tax cuts over welfare increases.
  • Accountants are much more common than laywers - in fact they're pretty ubiquitous.
  • There sure are a lot of businessmen...

The Almighty Tsenyen
  • You time things precisely, down to the second. You are never late, not even by a second, and you will not forgive someone else for being late. In fact, you're usually at least 20 minutes early for most appointments just to be sure. In the rare event that you are late somewhere, you'll be sure to blame either a slow-moving group of foreigners, traffic, a broken elevator or a delay on the Underground.
  • You'd prefer people to stand back and don't like being touched, but this isn't always possible in a crowded city like Exegrad - but you sure as hell avoid making eye contact with people. In fact you go to great lengths to ignore people - you have very finely tuned selective deafness.
  • You never invite people to your house or apartment. If you meet someone, it's always at a restaurant, mall, pub, or comedy club.
  • Even if you want to have sex with someone, you won't invite them over as your apartment is too small for that. You'll go to a love hotel instead.
  • You never bargain or haggle, ever - that's unacceptably inefficient. The price is what it is, if you don't like it shop somewhere else. That's not to say you don't know how to haggle - and a lot of foreigners do it in the street markets in Yamman, but you'd prefer not to. If tourists want to waste time and be ripped off, that's their business - you'll just go to a normal shop.
  • When it comes to manners, you lump other Radiatians in with foreigners: They're slow moving, stupid and need to stop wasting your time. You're not rude - you're busy, and people need to respect that.

Xerconia, FCT:

Xerconia, FCT is the federal capital of Radiatia. The greater Xerconia metropolitan area is the fifth largest metro area in the country (while the city itself is fairly small.) It's sometimes known as "The Desert Capital" because, you guessed it, it's located in the middle of the Great Radiatian Desert.

You know you're from Xerconia when....

- You believe that prostitution is a more honourable profession than working for the federal government. You've probably worked in both professions at some stage in your life though.

- You have never been to Federation Square, or even Central Xerconia for that matter

- Everyone you know claims to have met the President

- You met the President. You know, back in that pub during their last campaign... you told them you'd vote for them but never showed up on polling day.

- On a similar note, you're on first name terms with MPs and Senators, although you've never voted in your life

- You consider water more expensive than fuel

- You have no idea what 'rain' or 'an umbrella' is

- If you see a cloud in the sky you immediately call the Federal Ministry of Defence and ask them to shoot it down

Das Engel, Amentra

Das Engel is Radiatia's second largest city and bills itself as "The Entertainment Capital of Noctur". The city is actually very new - it sprung up around a small village when oil was discovered and grew into a huge metropolis within a few decades and is now famous for skyscrapers and hedonism.

You know you're from Das Engel when...

- You've been in at least one fight over football. In the last week.

- You're not racist, but....

- You can't stand Das Engel personally, but you still tell tourists that it's the greatest city in Noctur

- You were an extra in a film or an actor in a advert at some point

- You claim that you almost played for Das Engel/ Das Engel United but couldn't because of a terrible knee injury that ruined your football career

- You're older than the building you live in

- When the city council banned guns, you immediately went out and bought two rifles and a submachine gun

- You bribed your wife to marry you

- The best drug dealers in town are the cops

- You consider "corrupt" to be a compliment

- The only "ism" that matters to you is "hedonism"

- You're on first name terms with the girls at the local strip bar

Midgard, Midgard

Midgard City is Radiatia's third largest city. It is mostly known for its unpleasant climate (bitterly cold winters and dreary, rainy summers), it's heavy industry (mining and manufacturing) and its rude citizenry.

You know you're from Midgard when...

- You can quite comfortably operate heavy machinary despite having just consumed 7 shots of vodka and two pints of lager

- You consider it rude not to swear

- You greet friends by saying "Piss off"

- "Summer" is held between 12:00 and 12:04pm on July 10th each year.... and you're usually indoors when it comes

- You pour beer on your cornflakes in the morning

- If you want some fresh air, you go indoors

- You learnt how to swear by watching your grandmother speak to the police

- You have been woken in the middle of the night to hear gunshots in your apartment... only to roll over and go back to sleep

- The toilet at the pub is cleaner than yours at home

- You consider the Social Democratic Union to be "extreme right wing" and politically you only ever vote for them or the Communists

- You have managed to turn Nihilism into a sport

The Central States

The Central States (The Prairie States/The Heartland) includes states such as Diifgrao, Skorptsch, New Vashura, possibly Saskenya and the northwestern part of Xegfause. To some extent any rural area in Radiatia shares these stereotypes, but they're especially true of the large steppe/prairie region in the centre of the country.

You know you're a Heartlander when...

- You don't know what these here squiggles on the computer screen are supposed to mean

- You own a boat but live more than 3000km away from the ocean, have never been to the ocean and don't intend to ever go to the ocean

- When someone says "Let's go to Greasy Joe's" you think they literally want to visit Greasy Joe rather than think of the restaurant

- You consider Greasy Joe's restaurant to be extremely posh and upmarket and much too fancy for you

- You cool down in the summer with a refreshing glass of corn 'n spit

- You at some point either traded your wife for a turnip, or traded a turnip for a wife

- You don't like foreigners. At all. Especially foreigners from outer space who fly in saucers.

- You are prejudiced against anyone who lives more than 10km away from you

- You don't consider any alcoholic beverage less than 60% ABV to actually be alcohol - and have used this excuse when breaking prohibition laws

- You find it impossible to speak a sentence without using one or all of the following words: Yonder, y'all, howdy, ole', dang, ding-dong, them-there, ain't.

- All your clothes are brown, or stained brown

- You can't read, you can't write, but you can play the banjo

- You get your news from conspiracy theorist websites, rather than the newspaper


Alayenia is by far Radiatia's largest state by population and was briefly an independent country. While Exegrad (see above) has its own set of stereotypes, the rest of Alayenia is unique in its own way.

You know you're from Radiatia's largest state when...

- You spend more time commuting to work every day than you do actually at work

- You have a Radiatian flag flying at your home, on your car and even on the clothes you wear. Despite this, you refuse to refer to yourself as 'Radiatian'. You are always an 'Alayenian'.

- Every member of your household has their own car - including the family dog.

- Your idea of 'poverty' is a house with slow internet and with only free-to-air television

- You constantly complain about out-of-staters 'Radiatianising' Alayenia, destroying the state's unique language and history, despite the fact that you were born in another state yourself.

- Your husband usually wears more make-up than you do

- You live in a town which is a 12 hour drive from Exegrad, but refer to yourself as living 'in a suburb just on the outskirts of Exegrad'.

- You refer to lakes and rivers as 'the seaside'.

- You boast that Alayenia has the best beaches in Radiatia, even though it is a landlocked state and you've never seen the ocean.

- You consider having a bad hair day to be a good enough reason to call in sick to work.

- You take state level politics very seriously, but choose who to vote for in federal elections by throwing darts at the names of candidates

- The man who mows your lawns is an immigrant.

- Your spouse or significant other is an immigrant.

- YOU are an immigrant.

The Northern States

The northern states refers to any state lying entirely above 60 degrees north latitude and east of the Drachensgard mountains. Polaris, Tathika, Diatara, Kerpruss, Gyanberk, Pfantz, Zorbakh and occasionally Ziigrut are considered northern states, with them sharing common cultural characteristics and an arctic or subarctic climate.

You know you're a Northerner when...

- Everyone you know has a beard. Including your wife.

- You laugh hysterically when you see cities like Exegrad and Das Engel shutting down due to snow - you've seen worse snow in the middle of summer.

- You'll wear a T-shirt and consider any temperature above freezing point to be a "hot day"

- You learned to drive before you learned to read, and you drive a snowmobile everywhere

- When someone offers you a "can of beer" you listen carefully in case they said "can of bear" as bear meat is a local delicacy often sold in tin cans

- You drink vodka more often than you drink water

- You've tried every kind of meat, from bear to dog to possibly even human flesh. However you consider vegetables to be a rare and exotic treat, and you've probably never seen fruit in your life.

- In summer, the roads are always under construction. Partly this is because this is the only time roadworks can happen, and mainly it's because you keep chains on your car's wheels all year round

- You spend most of the summer stockpiling firewood and food in case of emergencies during the winter, which lasts around 9 months of year and can be deadly to the unprepared in the event of an electricity outage

- You know pretty much everyone in the area personally - including high-ranking politicians, but treat everyone the same. You've probably been drinking at least once with Jaagen Autenberg.

- You're not concerned with politics - you're too busy planning out how to survive the coming winter.

The Western States

There's considerable debate as to what exactly constitutes the West. Luntzbusch, Resterbury and Amentra are all definitely considered western states, Mendovium and Tuvea usually are too. Clode, Garotch and the Corpshires are sometimes included as 'western states', but this tends to be controversial due to their more culturally conservative nature.

You know you're from the West when...

- You speak English and only English, and as such feel you have more in common with foreigners than with other Radiatians.

- You have a joke for every situation. Weddings, funerals, work... you name a subject and you can tell a joke about it.

- You once turned up to a job interview fully nude and smoking a joint. And they hired you.

- You judge people more by what football team they support than who they vote for

- You've never watched RPN or read the RPNN. You're almost fanatically loyal to WTV.

- You vote for the SDU in state elections and the LCP in federal elections. You claim that you put the "Liberal" into "Liberal-Conservative Party".

- You claim you're working class and grew up in the ghetto even though you're as suburban and middle class as it's possible to be

- You're an atheist during the day but at night you become some sort of nature worshipping pagan spiritualist

- You have literally hugged a tree before

- You protest and complain about oil companies even though you're employed by one

- It's a little known secret that sunsets are spectacular in the west, but you plan to keep it secret in order to keep Alayenians and Plainstainers from moving west and ruining everything.

- You can remember when Das Engel was a small backwater town. Although you claim to hate the city, deep down you're just envious of the city's wealth and wish they would discover oil in your hometown.

The East Coast

You know you're from the east when...

- Everything you eat has fish in it - from Greasy Joe's fish burgers, to fish with Yakkum, to fish smoothies. And you probably caught the fish yourself.

- Despite being fortunate enough to live near the ocean, you've never been to the beach

- You actually use public transport to get places

- You've met foreigners who speak Radiatian better than you

- You boast about your large salary to family living in other parts of the Federation but conveniently forget to mention the high cost of living in the eastern states.

- It doesn't matter whether it's pouring with rain, sleet, six feet of snow or a hurricane - you insist on walking most places

- You're actually aware that there is a world outside of Radiatia. You might have even been there.

- People don't believe you're really Radiatian when you travel abroad.

- You wear a suit and tie literally everywhere - whether you're going to the boardroom or the beach

- You try to be polite at all times, even if you've been inconvenienced in some way. Of course, such situations are rare because in the east things actually work, dammit!
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Postby Cameroi » Tue Jan 28, 2020 2:02 am

no stereotypes, just stereopticon.

since everyone is an ethnicity of one, many are even a species of one (advanced cosmetic re-genetics), and culturally the overwhelming majory of cameroi, and nolo gapians,
are perfectly happy with this state of affairs, being logic and consideration more highly loved in cameroi then any sort of nation wide tradition.

nolo-gapians, being a newer colony, are closer to their ancestral cultures, but don't really very much diferentiate between the bewildering array of cultures other then their individually local and their own.
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Postby Champagne Socialist Sharifistan » Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:01 am

People from Madinat Al-Islam are are positively stereotyped as:
Patriotic, law-abiding, well-educated, sophisticated, polite, fashionable
And negatively as: snobbish, arrogant, authoritarian and decadent

People from Pashtunistan are stereotyped positively stereotyped as: hard-working, honest, brave, loyal, strong, jealous husbands(considered positive here), chivalrous to women and honest.

And negatively as: over-conservative, vengeful.

Jordanians are positively stereotyped as: pious, educated, intelligent and cultured.

And negatively as: nothing yet.

People in the City of Industry are positively stereotyped: hard-working and patriotic

And negatively as: greedy, dumb.
This is a parody of my real life views, not the views themselves.

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Postby Andocara » Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:11 am

East Andocarians are sophisticated, and sociable tech lovers who are politically progressive, and sometimes irreligious. Minorities are treated as equal/with respect while indigenous people are seen as the burden in society. Personality wise, East Andocarians are sociable, sophisticated, and open minded. They don’t interact with people on a personal level, or have relationships on a personal level. East Andocarians dress in an urban fashion, and may wear makeup, have plastic surgery, or do anything to make them look like models.
West Andocarians are quite the opposite. While both groups are unorthodox by nature (as that is the core definition of being Andocarian), West Andocarians are simplistic, refined, conservative, nature loving, and spiritual. Indigenous people are treated much better in West Andocara, though minorities may be viewed with suspicion unless they assimilate. Personality wise, West Andocarians are down to earth, simplistic, warm, and natural. West Andocarians are also natural in how they dress, preferring to dress in a laidback, relaxed manner. They are unlikely to make big changes to their bodies, preferring natural looks.
These two groups do oppose each other. West Andocarians see East Andocarians as inauthentic, superficial, and worldly. East Andocarians see West Andocarians as brooding, backwards, and ignorant to the rest of the world.

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Postby Teufelreich » Tue Jan 28, 2020 12:51 pm

Non-tieflings are treated with at least a minimal level of suspicion, especially female non-tieflings. Orcs of any kind are outright discriminated against, however.
TWO WARNINGS: I DO NOT use NS stats, and this nation contains tons of risque and controversial elements that ARE NOT for the faint of heart.
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