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Wyrmgore Association Football Feed

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Polite Notice: This thread is intended to be used solely by Wyrmgore nations to post football/soccer League, Domestic Cup and Regional Cup results here.

To post your own results, please go to the International Domestic Soccer Newswires Thread. Please limit OOC discussion to league and domestic cup fixtures/results/etc only; any other issues should be directed to the International Domestic Soccer Discussion Thread.


Packed into the auditorium of the Ribbibia conference centre in Northern Tiburtina, the delegates from the 16 members of the Federation of Wyrmgore Football Associations (FWFA), sat, perched on the edge of their seats for the announcement as to which nation would host the 2014 FWFA Wyrmgore Championship.

There was no clear winner from the three host bids that had been expertly submitted from the association of Cusco, Gebranskia or Osmio. Each had it's own merit and each was more than capable of hosting the competition, however, if there was one glaring difference, it would be the heat. The temperature between the south westerly Wyrmgore nations of Cusco and Osmio was stark in contrast to that of the north easterly Gebranskia. The south west was hot and humid and most games would need to be played in the evening to avoid the intense midday sun, whilst even in the height of summer, Gebranskia was cold and unforgiving.

The president of the Federation, Jacques Domi, of Pays de Horreur was introduced on stage and with a little cough to clear his throat launched into a diatribe about the meaning of football in Wyrmgore and the importance of the game. He extended his arms towards heaven and continued, from behind his podium like a preacher man, bestowing the virtues of the most watched sport in the continent and the benefits it has on the small working class communities, in countries like Superior Volta and Osmio.

The mention of Osmio triggered a collective inhale of breath among the gathered delegates. Perhaps this was a hint as to who would be hosting the FWFA 2014 Championship.... The bid committee from Osmio looked around at one another, their hearts skipping beats and beads of sweat running down their necks. Perhaps now was their year. They had worked long and hard on their bid and their country would benefit from the influx of revenue received for hosting the region's premier football competition.

It was time for the announcement. President Domi had been handed the golden envelope and had already taken a precautionary sip of his water, to ensure his vocal chords were properly lubricated. The last thing he wanted was to announce the winner and fail to deliver this message to the audience. As he opened the envelope, he slid out the card. He had been practicing the rhythm in which he would deliver the news in his hotel bathroom the night before. He chose to speak, as he opened the envelope.. "And the nation, that will host the 2014 FWFA Championship" and then he paused. Dramatically. As he read the winner in his head. "Will be." He looked around the room. Delegates on tenterhooks. White knuckled and close to vomiting. "Cusco." he announced to a silent room.

It didn't stay silent long. Waves of elation erupted from the committee party and the air was full of confetti and streamers. There were glum faces on the Gebranskia and Osmio sides of the room, but they were gracious in defeat and exchanged handshakes.

That was 7 years ago.....

Fortunately for Cusco, they were a super-power in the region for football and the infrastructure was already in place for the tournament to be held. Their stadiums were modern, clean, safe, well kept and large, but most importantly, modern. The modernity of their stadiums had meant there had been no need for renovations or upgrades in Cusco. Hosting an 8 team football competition for Cusco would prove to be child's play.

Not long after the announcement had been made as to who would host the tournament, the draw for the qualifying campaign had been made. With 15 nations of Wyrmgore, divided into pots and then placed into three groups, they would battle it out for nearly two years in between their regular football seasons to see who would make it to Cusco 2014. The top two sides from each group would progress to the competition proper and the best third placed side would join Cusco for the tournament, as for the others, well, anybody interested in international football would have to watch the competition unfold on satellite television.

We pick up after four fixtures in the qualifying campaign, with half the games to go in the 2013-2014 football season.....
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But first! A quick peek at the nations of Wyrmgore and the relevance of the group draw.

Al Ittijab
Nicknames: The Crocodiles
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Imran El-Mohammady
Captain: Sherif Gomaa
The crocodiles, as named for the one that adorns their badge have a reputation for being fierce competitors. One of the first nations in Wyrmgore to actively participate in football and develop their F.A. the national team of Al Ittijab is one of the longest standing in the region. Although that length of time has failed to bring them much success. New coach Imran El-Mohammady will be looking to galvanize his team and make a push for the competition in Cusco.

Ang Grung
Nicknames: The Miners
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Tereg Boron-Diamond
Captain: Rruv Gimban
A disproportionate number of the Ang Grung national team plays just East in the Brigantii league system, with their own league being considered much more inferior (which in fairness it is). The diminutive nation doesn't have a particularly salubrious history in international football but is hoping wunderkind winger Rruv Gimban can at least spearhead their qualifying campaign and guide them to the tournament in Cusco.

Nicknames: The Stags
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Ron Winston
Captain:Jarred Stevenson
"The golden generation" is a label that has been attached to this Brigantii squad for some time. Nearly a decade to be precise, and, after years of disappointment, it doesn't look to be getting any better. The fans are fanatical and the pundits are scathing and nothing less than qualification will be accepted, Winston has his work cut out for him though, with Stevenson the last of the "golden generation" old guard still in the first team.

Dansak Minor
Nicknames: Trois etoiles noires (Three Black Stars)
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Godfrey Power
Captain: Enoch Bakayoko
The trois etoiles noires (thusly named for the three black stars present on their flag) have been growing stronger as the number of players move to the continent to play for bigger clubs. With the lure of Premier League, Primero Division or even Ligue Une football a far cry from the poverty ridden life back home it's easy to see why the more talented among the Dansak players have moved abroad. This has been of great benefit to the national team and they'll be looking to reach Cusco.

Nicknames: Icemen
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Oscar Garrido
Captain: Morten Neilsen
The frigid ice lands of Dystermark have been home to football for well over a century. The players are hardy and physically dominating and have begun to forge a name for themselves as more than just tough tacklers with the emergence of young skillful players like John Christiansen and Kristofer Leonhardsen. Will be pushing for a place at Cusco 2014.

Flynn's Isle
Nicknames: The Celts
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Peter O'Hanrahan
Captain: Michael Kerry
Lying just West of Brigantii, Flynn's Isle have the second oldest F.A. in Wyrmgore, but their lack of success across that time has turned the fans into dour pessimists. A good showing in qualifying may lift their spirits and a trip to sunny Cusco would certainly put a smile on their faces, but the decent squad may have to push themselves to achieve that goal.

Nicknames: The Iron
Association: FWFA
Head Coach:Valerie Litvinenko
Captain: Boris Stimac
The most diverse team in Wyrmgore. With the Gebranskian States consisting of several smaller nations there are plenty of good players to pick from, however this has made life difficult for coaches in the past as disharmony among the players from different backgrounds often unsettles the squad. In an age where people are more tolerant of one another, this Gebranskia squad threatens to push for the title.

Nicknames: Tengu Warriors
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Park Yo Han
Captain: Kim Dae Sung
24 year old Kim Dae Sung's transfer from Dynamo Mozkjova (Gebranskia) to Marketnewton (Brigantii) for £11,000,000 made him the most expensive Hsienkan player in history and has heralded their arrival on the international scene. The team have slowly developed over the last few years and can now be considered a force in Wyrmgore football. The Tengu Warriors will be targeting qualification and depending on the luck of the draw may even be on of the favorites in their group.

Jahat Debu
Nicknames: Lotuses
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Mohammed Suranda
Captain: Malik Aleem
The professional league of Jahat Debu is, sadly, amongst the worst in the region, due in most part to lack of funding. 99% of players play at home with only a rare few being considered good enough to make it overseas. This has an obvious knock on effect on the national team, who will be pleased to pick up a handful of points in front of their home fans. National captain Malik Akeem plays in the second division for Tiburtina club Calcio Felice.

Lua Vamoa
Nicknames: The Islanders
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Bruce McMahon
Captain: Apelu Tagoloalagi
Football in Lua Vamoa is sparsely played and of it's minute population of 208,000 only a fraction of those play and of those who do, none are professional. Unfortunately for Lua Vamoa, their status as the worst team in Wyrmgore probably wont change any time soon, as even their captain, part time mail man and footballer Apelu Tagoloalagi reckons they have "no chance in a million" of reaching the tournament in Cusco. Despite this, Vamoans are fiercely proud and wont let the other teams bully them.

Nicknames: Os Rubis (The Rubies)
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Oswaldo Domiguez
Captain: Aldo Rafinha
Osmio will be desperate to reach the finals in Cusco. Considered inferior to their eastern neighbours they are led by talismanic winger Aldo Rafinha, twice winner of the Wyrmgore player of the year award who will be hoping to add a Wyrmgore title to his already bulging haul. To miss out on qualification with the tournament just over the border would be disastrous, even worse still when they lost out on the host bid for the tournament in to their neighbours.

Palacios and Rodallega
Nicknames: Tropical Storm
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Steven Eve
Captain: Angus Jones
The Tropical Storm are outsiders to qualify for Cusco. The majority of their players aren't household names across Wyrmgore but do ply their trade in nearly every league on the continent. Captain Angus Jones plays in Pays de Horreur and his stalwart midfield performances for Cherry Falls has seen his star rise. His rapport with Rookscroft United striker Dwight Gayle will prove to be the key to them potentially reaching the finals.

Pays de Horreur
Nicknames: Les Blues (The Blues)
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Marcel Petit
Captain: Michel Roux
The Blues are a team in turmoil, exceptionally talented, but full to the brim with egoes and a fractious, controlling manager. Petit has laid down the law with his squad, with a vigorous training regimen and strictly controlled diet however faces a backlash from senior players who don't like this treatment. If the squad and manager can find a harmonious balance they could challenge for the title, if the two continue to rub each other the wrong way, they face the prospect of not qualifying.

Superior Volta
Nicknames: The Hawks
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Boubacar Kone
Captain: Eric Bamba
The Hawks are in a decent shape at the minute. Their top players are playing at the highest level across the continent and being successful while they do so and head coach Boubacar Kone has been promoted from within from Under 21's to full team coach so has a great grasp of all the players. Volta could be a team to watch, should their good form continue and see them reach Cusco '14.

Nicknames: Oro
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Masimiliano Abbiati
Captain: Genaro Berlusconi
The Oro remain one of the super powers of Wyrmgore football despite their ageing squad and lack of emerging new talent. Abbitati will rely on his teams' experience to progress to the group stage and will be hoping he is gifted an easy a group as is possible. Should they reach Cusco, this is likely to be the majority of the squads final hoorah, including captain Genaro Berlusconi who will turn 35 during the tournament.

We interrupt this block of text for the groups!

Group A.
Pays de Horreur, Brigantii, Osmio, Flynns Isle, Ang Grung

Group B
Tiburtina, Hsien-Ko, Superior Volta, Palacios and Rodallega, Jahat Debu

Group C
Gebranskia, Dystermark, Dansak Minor, Al Ittijab, Lua Vamoa

The draw for the qualifiers was made not long after the host nation had been announced (it wasn't the same day, that would be ridiculous, it was a period of time after, but lacking a specific chronological placement) and of the three groups drawn, it was group A that had the most buzz surrounding it. The three nations who comprise the United Kingdom of Bretagnion (Brigantti, Flynn's Isle and Ang Grung) had all been drawn together, signalling there would certainly be some fiercely contested matches in Group A. Historical opponents Pays de Horreur were also drawn as the top seeds ahead of Brigantii which would surely add to the pressure cooker atmosphere of group A. Group B would see a closely run battle for the second automatic qualifying position, with Hsien-Ko, Superior Volta and Palacios and Rodallega all capable of taking points off each other, whilst Group C would see neighbors Gebranskia take on Dystermark for top spot in a battle of the frozen North, whilst Lua Vamoa would be looking to minimize any humiliation they may suffer against their opposition in a tough looking group and potentially spoil other teams chances of qualification.

That's a run down of the teams competing to reach the tournament in Cusco.

So, how about a little bit about the host nation?

Cusco can be found on the western coast of continental Wyrmgore and shares a boarder with Dansak Minor, to the North East and Osmio to the West. It is the 3rd highest populated nation in Wyrmgore and is home to some 62,000,000 people.

Football is the national sport of Cusco and the nation has many successful teams, both domestically and internationally. The most easily recognizable of them are the Super Estrella, Real Minanda and Villa Ortiz (Los Amarillos).

The competition will take place during the Cusco summer and will see highs of 28°C, which is in stark contrast to the temperature in fellow host bid nation Gebranskia who would have seen temperatures reach a lowly 8°C at the height of summer. Rain fall is low during summer and the air will be dry and dusty. Not ideal conditions for players from the Northern or Eastern reaches of Wyrmgore.

The tournament will be played across 4 cities, with Minanda hosting one group, utilizing the stadiums for the city's two teams, Real and Racing, whilst Barbossa and Ortiz will be hosting the second group. The semi-final matches and the final will be played at the national stadium, Estadio Olimpico in Monterrey.

Nicknames: Los Blancos (The Whites)
Association: FWFA
Head Coach: Luis Miguel Alonso
Captain: Abel "Toro" Hernandez
Cusco currently possess the strongest team in Wyrmgore, with a wealth of talent right through all age groups. After years of mediocrity, the current crop of players has enough about them to easily lift the title on their home soil. With the majority of their team either playing for Real Minanda or Villa Ortiz the squad is already familiar with one another and in coach Luis Miguel Alonso, a man who has traveled the length and breadth of Wyrmgore and been successful.

NOTE: This has been done whilst things are quiet at work and I'm trying to keep my brain occupied. I'll pretty it up when I get home so it isn't just an ugly block of text.
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Half Way Stage
Qualifying Run Down

In Group A, after four games Osmio lead the pack picking up 10 points from a possible 12. After opening the campaign with a 4-1 crushing of Flynn's Isle, they repeated the result against Pays de Horreur and Ang Grung, only dropping points against Brigantii. Star man Aldo Rafinha has been in fine form, notching 8 goals in four games, including a hat trick against a despondent Pays de Horreur. After a positive start against Ang Grung, the Brigantii side have stuttered, including a 1-0 defeat in Pays de Horreur in the most recent round of qualifying. That win has left Pays de Horreur 4 points ahead with four games to go, trailing Osmio by a single point. Mathematically Ang Grung are eliminated and the fans, as they expected won't be making the journey west to Cusco come the summer of 2014.

Group B has thus far been dominated by Hsien Ko, who are the only team to have won all four of their games. Captain Kim Dae Sung has led the team superbly in the first half of the campaign while Katashi Han and Masaru Nishimura have been in stellar form in front of goal. Elsewhere in the group finding the back of the net has been an issue with the other four sides managing 14 goals between them. Currently tucked in second place, Palacios and Rodallega have Rockscroft United striker Dwight Gayle to thank, who has scored all three of the teams goals in qualifying so far. Behind them, Tiburtina will be looking to turn around their thus-far dismal campaign in the second half and lock down the second qualifying spot. The ageing squad has failed to deliver so far and manager Masimiliano Abbiati job is now on the line.

Group C has borne witness to a Gebranskia collapse. The top seed in the group has won just once in four games and failed to pick up a point at home. The frigid eastern fringes of Gebranskia have seen Al Ittijab, the surprise group leaders and Dystermark leave with full points. Where Al Ittijab are the surprise group leaders bottom of the group comes as no surprise, with Lua Vamoa not only failing to register a single point, but failing to score a single goal in qualifying. Al Ittijab lead Dansak Minor at the half way point but will be keeping a close eye on the team with the meanest defence in qualifying, who have shipped just 2 goals in four. Goalkeeper Khamisi Afolayan has impressed between the sticks, with his performances catching the eye of scouts in Pays de Horreur and Brigantii.

Brigantii 5-0 Ang Grung
Osmio 4-1 Flynn's Isle
Hsien-Ko 4-2 Jahat Debu
Superior Volta 0-1 Palacios and Rodallega
Dystermark 4-0 Lua Vamoa
Dansak Minor 1-1 Al Ittijab

Ang Grung 0-1 Pays de Horreur
Osmio 1-1 Brigantii
Jahat Debu 1-1 Tiburtina
Superior Volta 1-3 Hsien-Ko
Lua Vamoa 0-2 Gebranskia
Dansak Minor 4-1 Dystermark

Pays de Horreur 3-2 Flynn's Isle
Ang Grung 1-4 Osmio
Tiburtina 1-0 Palacios and Rodallega
Jahat Debu 1-0 Superior Volta
Gebranskia 1-3 Al Ittijab
Lua Vamoa 0-1 Dansak Minor

Osmio 4-1 Pays de Horreur
Brigantii 1-1 Flynn's Isle
Superior Volta 2-1 Tiburtina
Hsien-Ko 2-0 Palacios and Rodallega
Dansak Minor 0-0 Gebranskia
Dystermark 1-2 Al Ittijab

Pays de Horreur 1-0 Brigantii
Flynn's Isle 2-1 Ang Grung
Tiburtina 0-2 Hsien-Ko
Palacios and Rodallega 2-1 Jahat Debu
Gebranskia 0-1 Dystermark
Al Ittijab 2-0 Lua Vamoa

Group A Standings
Pos Team                 P  W  D  L For  Ag +/- Pts
01 Osmio 4 3 1 0 13 4 +9 10
02 Pays de Horreur 4 3 0 1 6 6 +0 9
03 Brigantii 4 1 2 1 7 3 +4 5
04 Flynn's Isle 4 1 1 2 6 9 -3 4
05 Ang Grung 4 0 0 4 2 12 -10 0

Group B Standings
Pos Team                        P  W D  L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Hsien-Ko 4 4 0 0 11 3 +8 12
02 Palacios and Rodallega 4 2 0 2 3 4 -1 6
03 Tiburtina 4 1 1 2 3 5 -2 4
04 Jahat Debu 4 1 1 2 5 7 -2 4
05 Superior Volta 4 1 0 3 3 6 -3 3

Group C Standings
Pos Team              P  W  D  L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Al Ittijab 4 3 1 0 8 3 +5 10
02 Dansak Minor 4 2 2 0 6 2 +4 8
03 Dystermark 4 2 0 2 7 6 +1 6
04 Gebranskia 4 1 1 2 3 4 -1 4
05 Lua Vamoa 4 0 0 4 0 9 -9 0

Top Scorers
Player                 Team                  Goals
Aldo Rafinha Osmio 8
Dwight Gayle Palacios & Rodallega 3
Robbie Lambeth Brigantii 3
Kristofer Leonhardsen Dystermark 3
Leonce Plamondon Pays de Horreur 2

Meanwhile, league action is about to kick off...

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Authoritarian Democracy

Brigantii Premier League

Postby Brigantii » Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:17 pm


The Brigantii Premier League, is often cited as "the best league in Wyrmgore" thanks to its monetary wealth from lucrative television deals and ability to secure a veritable cornucopia of talent from across the continent. For a long time, the envy of the other leagues in Wyrmgore, the poster boy for beautiful game has come under pressure in recent years from the westerly leagues in Cusco and Osmio and from the teams in Tiburtina, whose fanatical fans have seen their teams rise to the top in the international cups.

The league, organized and administrated by the oldest F.A. in Wyrmgore is set to start a new, with the 2013-2014 competition due to begin in days. The buzz surrounding who will be crowned league champions after 34 grueling weeks of football is all ready at fever pitch and the teams competing for the coveted Brigantii League title are listed below.

Albertpool Football Club

Colours: Red jersey, red shorts, red socks
Manager: Roger Baron
Star Player: Jarred Stevenson
Captained by the Brigantii national captain, the reds have a long history of success but have struggled in recent years. There is a new found optimism around the club however, with the transfers over the off season potentially proving shrewd business.

Almondale Football Club
Colours: Claret jersey with blue piping, blue shorts, blue socks

Manager: Sean Hanratty
Star Player: Carl Andrews
Hanratty has assembled a decent looking team in his short tenure in charge of Almondvale, but his over reliance on towering centre forward Andrews may prove to be the club's undoing as they have no additional fire power. The team should avoid relegation, but not by a huge margin.

Ashbury City
Colours: Green and Yellow striped jersey, green shorts, green socks

Manager: Chris Noughton
Star Player: Sergei Shennikov
This will be Ashbury's third season in the top flight and to ensure they remain there they have spent big over the summer. Their most expensive acquisition is Gebranskian journeyman Sergei Shennikov, from Pays de Horreur club Kassel County.

Bishopbury Football Club
Colours: Blue jersey, blue shorts, blue socks

Manager: Jeraldo Moutinho
Star Player: Frankie Wallace
The Bishopbury blues have been bouyed by the massive spending power afforded them by their Gebranskiian owner, oligarch Ruben Muslimovic. Being able to bring in top talent from across Wyrmgore means the team now has the potential to make a title push, although it's homegrown midfield stalwart Frankie Wallace who is still the star man around the Southend Road stadium. His free scoring abilities and steely composure make this midfield maestro one of the best in the country and indespensible.

Brierthorne Football Club
Colours: Blue shirt, white shorts, white socks

Manager: Damien Moores
Star Player: Russ Baker
Brierthorne will feel aggrieved they missed out on a Champion's League berth after a strong showing last season. Manager Damien Moores continues to work miracles at the Albertpool club with his limited budget and fine youth academy and will be looking to push the team forward this season and qualify for the Champion's League.

Iron Bridge Football Club
Colours: Red and Navy striped jersey, red shorts, red socks

Manager: Ewan Holiday
Star Player: Masato Yamaguchi
Promoted through the play-offs last season, Bridge are managed by the enigmatic Holiday but even his skills can't make up for a lack of funding and they have had to play the loan market, bringing in 4 players on temporary contracts. Serious relegation candidates.

Hogghampton Football Club
Colours: Red jersey with yellow stripe, black shorts, red socks

Manager: Stan Attree
Star Player: Miguel Perez
Hanging on to star forward Perez will be a boost for the midland club who stuttered over the finish line last term after a strong start. 6 losses in their final 8 games of the season, means Attree needs to start this season well or faces the axe.

Jonastown United
Colours: Blue and White Hooped Jersey, Blue Shorts, Blue Socks

Manager:Manuel da Souza
Star Player: Pequeño
Jonastown's connection with Cusco extended further when they employed manager Manuel da Souza at the end of last season. What changes the new man will ring in are yet to be seen, but their floundering in mid-table last year was enough to oust Mike Hughes and prompt the board to state they were looking to reach the WFAF international competitions within the next two years. A big ask for a team who were only promoted to the Premier League two years ago, but that ambition has become a staple of the board of directors who saved the club from the brink of aministration six years ago.

Landfell Football Club

Manager: Norman Atkins
Star Player: Robbie Lambeth
Landfell made a good showing on their return to the Premier League last season, finishing 12th. With their new owners, Hsien-Ko based Matsuda family providing the club with extra financial fire power, they will be looking to cement their place in the top flight. Manager Norman Atkins has the belief of the supporters and the backing of the board and the pundits reckon something good is coming out of Landfell.

Madonnachurch Football Club
Colours: Blue jersey, white shorts, white socks

Manager: Marvin McAteer
Star Player: Clem Batley
Hovered around the relegation zone for the majority of last season, but the introduction of Marvin McAteer with seven games to go gave the team the boost they needed as they picked up 11 points from those remaining games to stay up. Invested heavily in the offseason, picking up experienced centrebacks Zac Eisenhower and Ciro Donati from Landfell and A.S. Quirinale respectively.

Marketnewton Football Club
Colours: Cranberry jersey, white shorts, white socks

Manager: Alexandre Flamini
Star Player: Sylvain Nicot
The perennial also-rans of the last few seasons have failed to lift a title in several years and were widely expected to bolster their squad in the summer, but failed to deliver a big marquee signing. The money is available, especially after the sales of some of their bigger talents in the last few seasons, but Manager Alexandre Flamini is reluctant to spend. The team from the capital won't be making waves this year but in the man from Pays de Horreur, they have a manager who can guide them to the WFAF competitions again.

Moorledge Town Football Club
Colours: White Jersey, White Shorts, White Socks

Manager: Mac Dermot
Star Player: Byron Samuels
The Whites haven't spent big this season, but the board is still backing manager Mac Dermot to retain their place in the Premier League. Teenage left back Byron Samuels contract extension will please the fans who were worried he could be tempted to join a bigger club, but they will still approach the season apprehensively as it appears the ageing squad may need bolstering with some flair players.

Oxcastle Wanderers
Colours: White jersey, navy shorts, navy socks

Manager: Oliver Crowle
Star Player: Godfrey Udoh.
The ageing Dansak midfielder is the engine in the Oxcastle midfield, but even his endeavor can't prevent Oxcastle being favorites for the relegation scrap. They're a good bunch of lads, who work hard for each other, but probably don't have another fight in them having been close to relegation the previous two seasons

Redfern Athletic
Colours: Red jersey, white shorts, white socks

Manager: Alan Cornish
Star Player: Matt Roland
Athletic stunned everyone last year with a top 8 finish, but their inability to hold onto their top talent may see them slide the other way. Fans are distraught, after years of mediocrity a top half of the table finish has heralded a glut of transfers. In the wrong direction. Everyone who shone last season has now gone on to bigger and better things, with Tiburtina international striker Giancarlo Matteo returning to his home country to play for Ribbibia.

Ridgemont Town
Colours: Black and white vertical striped jersey, black shorts, red socks

Manager: Aaron Purdue
Star Player: Cecil Karembeu
The team from the North East return to the Premier League at the first try and are looking to make a go of it. Owned by northern businessman Jake Gatsby, the sportswear retail giant has invested a large sum of his own money in the squad to retain their position in the Premier League, bringing in a number of players from just across the pond in Pays de Horreur. Hopefully they will blend harmoniously with the existing Brigantii players

Rookscroft City
Colours: Pale blue shirt, white shorts, white socks

Manager: Alessandro Inzaghi
Star Player: Reginaldo
The smaller brother of United, City have stabilized themselves in the league after years of yo-yoing between divisions. A decent showing last term saw them finish mid-table and the purchase of Dansak Minor's Osmio born Reginaldo has added some much needed fire power to their ageing strike force. They'll be looking to improve on their 11th place finish last term but are unlikely to be making any big waves higher up the table.

Rookscroft United
Colours: Red jersey, white shorts, white socks

Manager: Fergus Davies
Star Player: Milan Mjatovic
United field a relatively unchanged squad from their title winning season last year, only snapping up under 18's international striker Zack Wilbraham for free from Bishopbury and new goalkeeper Manuel Ferreira from Athletico Palampas in Cusco. Mr. Davies is more than confident his side can repeat the feat of league and cup double and will hope this year to progress further than the group stages of the Wyrmgore Champions League.

Sellersfield United
Colours: Red and white striped jersey, red shorts, black socks

Manager: Derren Weir
Star Player: Lawrence Lucas
Relegation favourites. The fans elation at winning the Division 1 title last season will be short lived. They haven't spent a penny to retain their position in the Premier League and their thread bare squad doesn't have the strength in depth to compete at this level

Throstle Rovers
Colours: Red and green striped jersey, white shorts, white socks

Manager: Gordon Grimm
Star Player: Alfie Hopkins
Throstle may not play the most attractive football, but their tough tackling ways and mean attitude on the field mean they rarely drop points, particularly at home. They have turned the Steelworks into a fortress, having lost only twice at home in the last three seasons. Their main problem is turning this reserve into three points. To do this they need to score more goals, but with the highlight of their summer recruitment wingback and free agent Dennis Shaw it's unlikely.

Torkingham Wanderers
Colours: Blue and White halved jerseys, blue shorts, white socks

Manager: Hamish Day
Star Player: Kelly Nicks
Despite having a girl's name, Kelly is all man and the addition of the tough tackling midfielder highlights the newly promoted side's desire to fight for their place in the Premier League. Potentially lacking a little quality up front, they may need to grab an early goal and defend stalwartly for most of their matches this season.
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August. The opening game of the new season is just upon us. The fixture list is released, the new signings are in place (for the most part, except for those last minute panic buys), the montage for the opening credits of the weekly round up show has been edited and the fans, are sat in their seats, at home, in the pub or surrounded by thousands of others in the stadium.

There is an involuntary silence just before the referee blows his whistle, a cliched calm before the storm and then, like the waves of the sea, the sound of the fans rises and crashes and the first day of the season is under way.

Big spending Bishopbury wasted no time laying siege to the Rookscroft United goal, and the reigning champions struggled to muster any kind of defence. The summer shopping spree seems to have done the capital based club the world of good as they annihilated United, scoring three first half goals, two of which came through debutant Urskarian centre forward Andriy Kedzierski. Elsewhere, over on the west coast, Albertpool came unstuck against Torkingham with the home fans booing the team off the field, after much hype in the summer about a potential Albertpool resurgence an opening day defeat was enough to deflate the much maligned followers.

Albertpool 1-3 Torkingham Wanderers
Almondvale F.C 0-1 Throstle Rovers
Ashbury City 0-0 Sellersfield United
Bishopbury F.C 4-1 Rookscroft United
Brierthorne 3-2 Rookscroft City
Hogghamton 0-1 Ridgemont Town
Iron Bridge F.C 1-2 Redfern Athletic
Jonastown United 2-2 Oxcastle Wanderers
Landfell 1-1 Moorledge Town
Madonnachurch 1-1 Marketnewton F.C

Matchday 2 and the reigning champions return to winning ways with a routine 2-0 win over Almondvale and lift themselves off the bottom of the table. Veteran winger Sarig Bazadan proved the difference maker, and, despite being well into his 20th year as a professional footballer showed no signs of losing his touch, rounding three players before drilling the ball into the bottom corner of the Almondvale goal to open the scoring. Torkingham took themselves top of the league with another solid attacking play and the newly promoted side look better suited to the rigors of the Premier League than first anticipated. Flynn's Isle forward Nolan O'Houlihan, with the club six years, doubled his tally from week 1 with another fine goal.

Throstle Rovers 1-1 Albertpool
Sellersfield United 0-3 Torkingham Wanderers
Rookscroft United 2-0 Almondvale F.C
Rookscroft City 2-0 Ashbury City
Ridgemont Town 1-0 Bishopbury F.C
Redfern Athletic 0-1 Brierthorne
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-0 Hogghamton
Moorledge Town 1-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Marketnewton F.C 3-0 Jonastown United
Madonnachurch 2-0 Landfell

Week 3 and Roger Baron's Albertpool team's wretched start to the campaign continued, with a 6-1 humiliation at home to newly promoted Sellersfield United. Where it all went wrong doesn't require expert analysis, but finishing the game with 8 men and conceding a record 3 penalties in a league fixture didn't help. In comparison, their neighbors have quietly gone about collecting maximum points from their opening games, giving the blue side of Albertpool something to smile about.

Albertpool 1-6 Sellersfield United
Throstle Rovers 0-3 Rookscroft United
Torkingham Wanderers 3-1 Rookscroft City
Almondvale F.C 1-1 Ridgemont Town
Ashbury City 1-0 Redfern Athletic
Bishopbury F.C 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Brierthorne 3-0 Moorledge Town
Hogghamton 0-3 Marketnewton F.C
Iron Bridge F.C 1-2 Madonnachurch
Jonastown United 1-3 Landfell

After the shocking first day demolition of Rookscroft United, Bishopbury have lost three games on the bounce. Including the 4-1 defeat they suffered at the heart of capital city rivals, Marketnewton. A masterclass in attacking football, the team in cranberry cut through the blues like a hot knife through butter and were it not for the efforts of Jakub Kriz in the Bishopbury goal it could have been 7 or 8.After the match a jubilant Alexandre Flamini claimed it was an important win and outlined his team's potential to challenge for the league.

Rookscroft United 3-0 Albertpool
Rookscroft City 3-1 Sellersfield United
Ridgemont Town 2-1 Throstle Rovers
Redfern Athletic 1-2 Torkingham Wanderers
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-0 Almondvale F.C
Moorledge Town 1-1 Ashbury City
Marketnewton F.C 4-1 Bishopbury F.C
Madonnachurch 0-1 Brierthorne
Landfell 0-0 Hogghamton
Jonastown United 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C

After a run of four games without a win, Iron Bridge finally picked up three points after a limp display from Hogghampton, whose furious manager raged after the final whistle his team has shown "no heart, no passion and were cowardly from the kick off". Albertpool's Roger Baron may have extended his stay on the seaside with a much needed win at home to Rookscroft City. Goals from Michael Irwin and Stephan McNamara proved decisive. A resurgent Rookscroft United retained their free scoring ways with a 5-0 demolition of Ridgemont Town, with Palacios and Rodallega forward Dwight Gayle scoring a hat trick and taking the clubs tally to 13 goals in the last 4 games, the win also means they have taken all 12 from their last four matches and perhaps shaken some of the embarrassment of their opening day mauling.

Albertpool 2-0 Rookscroft City
Rookscroft United 5-0 Ridgemont Town
Sellersfield United 1-2 Redfern Athletic
Throstle Rovers 3-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Torkingham Wanderers 1-2 Moorledge Town
Almondvale F.C 2-2 Marketnewton F.C
Ashbury City 1-1 Madonnachurch
Bishopbury F.C 1-1 Landfell
Brierthorne 4-1 Jonastown United
Hogghamton 0-1 Iron Bridge F.C

After five straight wins, Brierthorne finally come unstuck at Hogghampton. With a clinical finish from the midlands club's Cusco under 21 international Miguel Perez. The team's prize forward has been attracting attention from some of the bigger clubs in the league and overseas and with his calm finish on the hour to add to his personal tally of three for the struggling club he's putting himself firmly in the shop window. Ashbury achieved a third successive 1-1 draw and will rue a handful of missed opportunities. The club have racked up a pitiful four goals in the opening 6 games and will be hoping new signing Sergei Shennikov fits into the team sooner than later.

Ridgemont Town 1-0 Albertpool
Redfern Athletic 1-1 Rookscroft City
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-0 Rookscroft United
Moorledge Town 2-1 Sellersfield United
Marketnewton F.C 3-2 Throstle Rovers
Madonnachurch 0-0 Torkingham Wanderers
Landfell 1-1 Almondvale F.C
Jonastown United 1-1 Ashbury City
Iron Bridge F.C 1-1 Bishopbury F.C
Hogghamton 1-0 Brierthorne

Another heavy defeat for Bishopbury and manager Jeraldo Moutinho is under serious pressure. His summer spending spree of £85million on new talent may have backfired. After the first game the team have collapsed into themselves and infighting amongst the veteran players and a clash of personalities with the new blood has left Bishopbury shapeless and open to attack. After six games without a win, Almondvale finally picked up three points with a win over fellow strugglers Iron Bridge. After falling behind after 20 minutes, Vale's fans must have assumed the worst, but two late goals were enough to turn the match around and give the home support something to smile about.

Albertpool 1-1 Redfern Athletic
Ridgemont Town 1-2 Oxcastle Wanderers
Rookscroft City 1-1 Moorledge Town
Rookscroft United 2-2 Marketnewton F.C
Sellersfield United 1-0 Madonnachurch
Throstle Rovers 1-0 Landfell
Torkingham Wanderers 0-0 Jonastown United
Almondvale F.C 2-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Ashbury City 0-2 Hogghamton
Bishopbury F.C 1-4 Brierthorne

Madonnachurch will feel aggrieved to have come away with nothing after leading for the majority of this game. Two first half goals from centreback Zac Eisenhower gave the Blues the lead, however a tough half time team talk from City manager Alessandro Inzaghi saw his side turn the tide of this game and fight back to a 3-2 win. Goals for Reginaldo, Luke Mosby and and Mwenye Toure. Over in Jonastown, the hoops registered their biggest win of the season, putting three past a woeful Sellersfield United. Young Ittijabi midfielder Maram Taj Mihammad Ali turned in a masterclass, scoring once and assisting goals for Ronan Vine and Sean Bryce-Peters.

Oxcastle Wanderers 1-1 Albertpool
Moorledge Town 2-1 Redfern Athletic
Marketnewton F.C 1-0 Ridgemont Town
Madonnachurch 2-3 Rookscroft City
Landfell 2-2 Rookscroft United
Jonastown United 3-0 Sellersfield United
Iron Bridge F.C 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Hogghamton 1-0 Torkingham Wanderers
Brierthorne 2-0 Almondvale F.C
Bishopbury F.C 5-2 Ashbury City

Marketnewton registered the biggest win of the season so far, obliterating Oxcastle 7-1 away from home. Forwards Trevor Winter and Eugene Allard scored twice each, while Sylvain Nicot, Aaron Ramsbottom and Serge Montagne grabbed one each. After another superb display, Marketnewton coach Alexandre Flamini bemoaned, "it was a great result. The only disappointment is not keeping a clean sheet." There were also good results for Albertpool and Bishopbury.

Albertpool 4-0 Moorledge Town
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-7 Marketnewton F.C
Redfern Athletic 0-3 Madonnachurch
Ridgemont Town 3-1 Landfell
Rookscroft City 3-1 Jonastown United
Rookscroft United 2-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Sellersfield United 1-3 Hogghamton
Throstle Rovers 1-1 Brierthorne
Torkingham Wanderers 1-4 Bishopbury F.C
Almondvale F.C 1-1 Ashbury City

Before the international break Brierthorne retained their position at the top of the league, taking a point off Rookscroft United at home. Keeping them a point ahead of Marketnewton who also drew.Torkingham reduced the points gap between themselves and United to two points with a win over Almondvale, who drop into the bottom three after Ashbury's 1-1 draw with Throstle Rovers. Madonnachurch ended the quarter with a solid performance against Moorledge who have thus far been uninspiring. Sellersfield remain rooted to the bottom after suffering their 7 defeat in ten games.

Marketnewton F.C 1-1 Albertpool
Madonnachurch 4-0 Moorledge Town
Landfell 1-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Jonastown United 1-0 Redfern Athletic
Iron Bridge F.C 2-0 Ridgemont Town
Hogghamton 1-0 Rookscroft City
Brierthorne 2-2 Rookscroft United
Bishopbury F.C 1-0 Sellersfield United
Ashbury City 1-1 Throstle Rovers
Almondvale F.C 1-2 Torkingham Wanderers

League Table

Pos Team                      P  W  D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Brierthorne 10 7 2 1 21 8 +13 23
02 Marketnewton F.C 10 6 4 0 27 10 +17 22
03 Rookscroft United 10 5 4 1 22 11 +11 19
04 Torkingham Wanderers 10 5 2 3 15 11 +4 17
05 Hogghamton 10 5 1 4 8 7 +1 16
06 Ridgemont Town 10 5 1 4 10 13 -3 16
07 Madonnachurch 10 4 3 3 15 8 +7 15
08 Bishopbury F.C 10 4 2 4 18 16 +2 14
09 Rookscroft City 10 4 2 4 16 15 +1 14
10 Oxcastle Wanderers 10 3 4 3 9 15 -6 13
11 Moorledge Town 10 3 4 3 10 18 -8 13
12 Throstle Rovers 10 3 3 4 11 13 -2 12
13 Jonastown United 10 3 3 4 11 16 -5 12
14 Iron Bridge F.C 10 3 2 5 10 11 -1 11
15 Landfell 10 2 5 3 10 12 -2 11
16 Albertpool 10 2 4 4 12 17 -5 10
17 Ashbury City 10 1 6 3 8 14 -6 9
18 Almondvale F.C 10 1 5 4 8 13 -5 8
19 Redfern Athletic 10 2 2 6 8 14 -6 8
20 Sellersfield United 10 2 1 7 11 18 -7 7
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With only 9 months before the WFAF Championship in Cusco and four more games in qualifying to go we reach the October international break.

A shock defeat in Flynn's Isle for Osmio means they remain top of group A, one point ahead of Pays de Horreur who now have a game in hand and two clear of Brigantii who put four past neighbours Ang Grung in a comfortable win. Albertpool forward Michael Irwin scored once either side of the half after his Albertpool team mate Jarred Stevenson opened the scoring early on. Substitute Robbie Lambeth put the game beyond any doubt with a late penalty and took his tally to 4 in qualifying. The win for Flynn's Isle moves them to within two points of the automatic qualifying spots and keeps them in the hunt.

In group B Hsien-Ko continued their unbeaten run with a resounding 5-1 thumping of Jahat Debu. The Tengu warriors demolition of the home goal began on only the 4th minute when Real Minanda target Myung Kwan hammered in from close range, before Masaru Nishimura scored the first of his hat trick with ten minutes gone. Tharindu Moon pulled one back for the home crowd and the Debunese superstar momentarily lifted the mood before Nishimura scored his second, making it 3-1. A third for Nishimura was soon followed up Kurou Hayashi, coming off the subs bench to make his debut.

The biggest win of the night came through group C minnows Lua Vamoa who broke their winless streak with a 1-0 victory on home soil against Dystermark. Anakoni Maivia, part time footballer and part time fisherman scored the only goal in a match the travelling 600 supporters would hope would be erased from the history books. A lacklustre and lifeless display from a Dystermark side who have been heavily touted as potential champions in Cusco was capitulated by an uncharacteristic counter attack from Lua Vamoa, who swept forward after 79 minutes and slotted home against Dystermark keeper Aage Raske who had had little to do all game.

Saturday fixtures
Ang Grung 1-4 Brigantii
Flynn's Isle 2-0 Osmio
Jahat Debu 1-5 Hsien-Ko
Palacios and Rodallega 0-1 Superior Volta
Lua Vamoa 1-0 Dystermark
Al Ittijab 2-0 Dansak Minor

If Ang Grung thought they had it bad at home on Saturday, then the game in Pays de Horreur on Wednesday must have been a tough one to watch. Kicking off at 8 pm in the evening on a chilly Pays de Horreur autumn night, Ang Grung were outclassed and outplayed on every blade of grass at the Stade Fantasmagorique. The comfortable win keeps Pays de Horreur's 4 point lead over Brigantii in place, with an extra game to play. Brigantii's chances of qualification were seriously dented, after suffering a 3-1 defeat at home to Osmio, who booked their place in Cusco with 2 games left to play.

Joining them are the unbeaten Hsien-Ko team, who lead their group by 11 points. Another comfortable win for the Tengu Warriors, this time at home to Superior Volta means their job is done and Park Yo Han can begin thinking about the squad he’ll be taking with him to Cusco. Tiburtina tentatively tip-toed into second in the group with a 2-0 win against Jahat Debu whose defensive record now sits at a woeful -8.

Gebranskia ensured there would be no repeat of Lua Vamoa’s shock win against Dystermark, taking only 3 and a half minutes to take the lead. Varlaam Akaev raced onto a clearance from goalkeeper Banak Sinasohn and tucked away for 1-0. The second goal seemed to be coming for a long period of time, but Vamoan keeper Maleko Akamu was resolute until the 75th minute when Dynamo Donetz striker Akaev added his and the team’s second. Dystermark and Dansak Minor’s score draw kept both teams ahead of the Federation but having played an extra game will now feel the Gebranskian’s breathing down their necks.

Midweek games
Pays de Horreur 6-1 Ang Grung
Brigantii 1-3 Osmio
Tiburtina 2-0 Jahat Debu
Hsien-Ko 3-0 Superior Volta
Gebranskia 2-0 Lua Vamoa
Dystermark 1-1 Dansak Minor

Group A Standings
Pos Team                 P  W  D  L For  Ag +/- Pts
01 Osmio 6 4 1 1 16 7 +9 13
02 Pays de Horreur 5 4 0 1 12 7 +5 12
03 Brigantii 6 2 2 2 12 7 +5 8
04 Flynn's Isle 5 2 1 2 8 9 -1 7
05 Ang Grung 6 0 0 6 4 22 -18 0

Group B Standings
Pos Team                        P  W  D  L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Hsien-Ko 6 6 0 0 19 4 +15 18
02 Tiburtina 5 2 1 2 5 5 0 7
03 Palacios and Rodallega 5 2 0 3 3 5 -2 6
04 Superior Volta 6 2 0 4 4 9 -5 6
05 Jahat Debu 6 1 1 4 6 14 -8 4

Group C Standings
Pos Team              P  W  D  L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Al Ittijab 5 4 1 0 10 3 +7 13
02 Dansak Minor 6 2 3 1 7 5 +2 9
03 Dystermark 6 2 1 3 9 8 +1 7
04 Gebranskia 5 2 1 2 5 4 +1 7
05 Lua Vamoa 6 1 0 5 1 11 -2 3

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Albertpool boss Roger Baron has been told he has two games to save his job and a battling display from his team against Madonnachurch was just what he needed. It may not have been the prettiest football, but the Reds turned in a great team performance and were rewarded with a Michael Irwin goal half way through the second half. Back from international duty with Brigantii, Marketnewton's 24 year old forward Trevor Winter bagged a hat trick in a comfortable win against Landfell.

Albertpool 1-0 Madonnachurch
Marketnewton F.C 4-1 Landfell
Moorledge Town 1-1 Jonastown United
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Redfern Athletic 0-1 Hogghamton
Ridgemont Town 2-1 Brierthorne
Rookscroft City 0-1 Bishopbury F.C
Rookscroft United 4-1 Ashbury City
Sellersfield United 1-1 Almondvale F.C
Throstle Rovers 2-2 Torkingham Wanderers

It was a good day for goalkeepers, with nine keeping clean sheets in the league this week, unless you were Torkingham keeper Osian Fannon, the 17 year old from Flynn's Isle came on for the injured Paul Robertson after 22 minutes and promptly had the worst debut game of any goalkeeper in the history of the league. With Torkinham 1-0 up, a long range Bazdan effort bobbled off a divot and caught the young keeper unawares and bounced over his shoulder. A series of missed catches and clumsy one handed saves gifted Rookscroft United a four goal lead, and, at 5-1 up, the 17 year old rushed out to meet an oncoming Dwight Gayle, only to level the Palation and get sent off. Rookscroft converted the penalty and were 6-1 up, while Torkingham were reduced to deploying centreback Birger Lauritsen in goal.

Landfell 0-3 Albertpool
Jonastown United 1-1 Madonnachurch
Iron Bridge F.C 0-0 Marketnewton F.C
Hogghamton 0-0 Moorledge Town
Brierthorne 1-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Bishopbury F.C 2-1 Redfern Athletic
Ashbury City 1-0 Ridgemont Town
Almondvale F.C 2-0 Rookscroft City
Torkingham Wanderers 2-6 Rookscroft United
Throstle Rovers 2-0 Sellersfield United

Moorledge ended a run of four games without a win with a home victory against Bishopbury. The defeat was enough to herald the arrival of the axe man and Jeraldo Moutinho has been removed from his post. After spending a whopping £85 million in the summer on new players the team has failed to galvanize and is in the wrong end of the table. With qualification for one of the international club competitions a must, Bishopbury owner Ruben Muslimovic has acted and will be looking for a high profile replacement. The sudden Albertpool resurgence continued as they tonked Jonastown 5-0.

Albertpool 5-0 Jonastown United
Landfell 2-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Madonnachurch 2-1 Hogghamton
Marketnewton F.C 0-0 Brierthorne
Moorledge Town 4-2 Bishopbury F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-0 Ashbury City
Redfern Athletic 2-0 Almondvale F.C
Ridgemont Town 4-4 Torkingham Wanderers
Rookscroft City 2-1 Throstle Rovers
Rookscroft United 3-1 Sellersfield United

The Rookscroft derby is normally a feisty affair but failed to deliver this year, with a tepid 1-1 draw. United were the better of the two, but spurned their best opportunities with Sten Rasmussen the main culprit. The goal poacher who has already netted 7 this season in the league was off key and mostly off target. Brierthorne's top scorer, Hercule Anholt, bagged a hat trick as they hammered Landfell 5-1. The on loan Bishopbury striker has enjoyed success in front of goal since his summer loan, scoring 11 of the Albertpool side's 28 goals so far this season. Anholt’s wasn’t the only hat trick of the day as Hogghampton’s Miguel Perez netted three first half goals to seal a 3-0 home win against Jonastown. The Cusco international striker’s

Iron Bridge F.C 1-0 Albertpool
Hogghamton 3-0 Jonastown United
Brierthorne 5-1 Landfell
Bishopbury F.C 1-1 Madonnachurch
Ashbury City 2-2 Marketnewton F.C
Almondvale F.C 0-1 Moorledge Town
Torkingham Wanderers 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Throstle Rovers 2-1 Redfern Athletic
Sellersfield United 1-0 Ridgemont Town
Rookscroft United 1-1 Rookscroft City

Sellersfield United's mini-resurgence continued with a second straight 1-0 win, courtesy of Melvin Samuel. The 38 year old veteran attacker scored only his second of the season after 39 minutes to beat a lacklustre Oxcastle. The win eases some of the mounting pressure on manager David Weir. Almondvale’s misfiring forward line failed to score once again as they were swept aside by Madonnachurch who extended their unbeaten run to four games.

Albertpool 2-1 Hogghamton
Iron Bridge F.C 1-0 Brierthorne
Jonastown United 0-3 Bishopbury F.C
Landfell 3-0 Ashbury City
Madonnachurch 3-0 Almondvale F.C
Marketnewton F.C 3-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Moorledge Town 0-1 Throstle Rovers
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-1 Sellersfield United
Redfern Athletic 2-1 Rookscroft United
Ridgemont Town 0-3 Rookscroft City

Matchday 16 was graced by two 8 goal thrillers. The first coming in the lunch time kick off between Torkingham and Landfell. Torkingham took the lead after only 8 minutes, but soon found themselves trailing after Landfell twice exposed their defensive frailties. Landfel increased their lead when former Dansak Minor international midfielder Kayin Ihejirika smashed home a thunderous 30 yard drive. After the break, the gap was reduced to 1 courtesy of a Marlon Simpson header but Landfell quickly rallied and were back up 4-2 with 38 minutes to go. A desperate looking Hamish Day threw on two extra attackers in the 75th minute and was repaid with two late, late goals. Pulling the first back, Enoch Caruthers scrambled home after some shoddy defending, before an extra time equalizer from Paul Palmer rescued a point. In the evening, Alexandre Flamini applauded his team off the pitch after coming from 3-0 behind at Sellersfield to win 5-3. Sterling midfield work for Sienkan international Kim Dae Sung and Aaron Ramsbottom was complimented by Sylvain Nicot’s endeavour in front of goal and his double, just after the hour.

Brierthorne 0-1 Albertpool
Bishopbury F.C 1-1 Hogghamton
Ashbury City 0-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Almondvale F.C 1-0 Jonastown United
Torkingham Wanderers 4-4 Landfell
Throstle Rovers 2-1 Madonnachurch
Sellersfield United 3-5 Marketnewton F.C
Rookscroft United 1-1 Moorledge Town
Rookscroft City 2-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Ridgemont Town 2-1 Redfern Athletic

Managerless, rudderless and once again points-less, Bishopbury suffered yet another humiliation, this time at the hands of Albertpool, who have now won six of their last seven games. Interim coach Umberto Marchizioni was sent to the stands after furiously remonstrating with the fourth official following Alessandro Delvecchio’s sending off. The centreback from Tiburtina was the second Bishopbury player sent off following central midfielder Frankie Wallace’s two footed challenge on Brigantii team mate Jarred Stevenson. Following his team’s 6-1 defeat, Chris Noughtoun’s tenure as Ashbury coach came to an end and the 47 year old became the second managerial casualty of the year. After picking up just 4 points in the last 7 games, Brierthorne’s merciless demolition was the final straw and Noughton has been shown the door.

Albertpool 4-1 Bishopbury F.C
Brierthorne 6-1 Ashbury City
Hogghamton 0-1 Almondvale F.C
Iron Bridge F.C 0-0 Torkingham Wanderers
Jonastown United 2-0 Throstle Rovers
Landfell 4-0 Sellersfield United
Madonnachurch 1-0 Rookscroft United
Marketnewton F.C 4-2 Rookscroft City
Moorledge Town 1-2 Ridgemont Town
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-1 Redfern Athletic

Once again, high scoring games were on the menu, with Albertpool scoring 4 away to Ashbury, Rookscroft City putting 5 past Landfell and Redfern and Marketnewton drawing 3-3. The 3 away goals added to Marketnewton’s already bulging tally of 48 goals in 18 games, with centre forward Sylvain Nicot responsible for 16 of them. The 3-3 was the highest scoring of 4 score draws in the Premier League this weekend.

Ashbury City 1-4 Albertpool
Almondvale F.C 1-1 Bishopbury F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 1-1 Brierthorne
Throstle Rovers 1-0 Hogghamton
Sellersfield United 1-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Rookscroft United 1-0 Jonastown United
Rookscroft City 5-1 Landfell
Ridgemont Town 0-2 Madonnachurch
Redfern Athletic 3-3 Marketnewton F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-2 Moorledge Town

With Marketnewton suffering an uncharacteristic loss at home to Moorledge (their first of the season in fact), Brierthorne’s home win against Sellersfield moved them to within a point of the top of the table at the half way stage after falling behind the team from the capital in the title chase. Rookscroft United remain in the top three with a routine win over Hogghampton. Star forward Milan Mjatovic limped off half way through the second half, but Brigantii born Warren Rumblow staked a claim to a spot on the national team for the upcoming FWAF Championship qualifiers with a solid performance up front. With Redfern losing and Jonastown picking up a vital win, the gap between the bottom three and safety widened to 4 points. Albertpool’s climb into the top four has followed a remarkable turnaround, picking up 21 points from a possible 27 and scoring 20 goals in 9 games, this is a stark comparison to Torkingham’s capitulation, failing to win in 9, drawing 6 and losing 3 which leaves them sat 7 points above the relegation zone.

Albertpool 0-1 Almondvale F.C
Ashbury City 1-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Bishopbury F.C 1-1 Throstle Rovers
Brierthorne 2-0 Sellersfield United
Hogghamton 1-3 Rookscroft United
Iron Bridge F.C 3-3 Rookscroft City
Jonastown United 2-0 Ridgemont Town
Landfell 1-0 Redfern Athletic
Madonnachurch 1-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Marketnewton F.C 1-5 Moorledge Town

League Table

Pos Team                       P   W  D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Marketnewton F.C 19 10 8 1 49 27 +22 38
02 Brierthorne 19 11 4 4 37 15 +22 37
03 Rookscroft United 19 10 6 3 42 21 +21 36
04 Albertpool 19 9 4 6 32 22 +10 31
05 Madonnachurch 19 8 6 5 27 15 +12 30
06 Throstle Rovers 19 8 5 6 23 22 +1 29
07 Rookscroft City 19 8 4 7 34 28 +6 28
08 Moorledge Town 19 7 7 5 25 26 -1 28
09 Bishopbury F.C 19 7 6 6 31 29 +2 27
10 Ridgemont Town 19 8 2 9 20 29 -9 26
11 Iron Bridge F.C 19 6 6 7 18 18 +0 24
12 Hogghamton 19 7 3 9 16 17 -1 24
13 Landfell 19 6 6 7 27 33 -6 24
14 Oxcastle Wanderers 19 6 6 7 14 23 -9 24
15 Torkingham Wanderers 19 5 8 6 30 33 -3 23
16 Almondvale F.C 19 5 7 7 15 21 -6 22
17 Jonastown United 19 5 5 9 17 31 -14 20
18 Redfern Athletic 19 4 4 11 19 27 -8 16
19 Sellersfield United 19 4 3 12 19 36 -17 15
20 Ashbury City 19 2 8 9 15 37 -22 14
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A more legitimate grave dig than anything Rod Stewart ever did.


Another international break means we get two steps closer to discovering who will make the journey to Cusco. (It's been nearly two years, but I'm ready to get back into RPing!)

Pays de Horreur claimed an automatic spot in Cusco with a 2-0 win over Flynn’s Isle. Sylvain Nicot whose fine form for Marketnewtown in Brigantii assured les Bleus of a spot in the competition in the summer with a double strike against Flynn’s Isle. The win for Pays de Horreur means they are now 7 points clear of Brigantii in third with 2 games to play. Osmio remained a point ahead with a solid performance against Ang Grung who have failed to pick up a single point in qualifying so far. Top scorer Aldo Rafinha displayed the kind of performance that has seen him win Wyrmgore player of the year twice, scoring one and assisting the other 2 goals in a 3-1 win.

The battle for automatic qualification in group B heated up, with three sides still capable of claiming the second automatic spot. Superior Volta’s 2-0 win over Jahat Debu moved them into third place on 9 points, 1 behind Tiburtina, whose away win in Palacios and Rodallega left the Tropical Storm trailing by 4 points with two games to play. Jahat Debu’s defeat means that they are now out of the running. 35 year old striker Doriano Belmonte opened the scoring in Palacios with a 27th minute penalty, before his Navona team mate Fausto De Santis headed in from a corner in the dying moments of first half extra time.

Kick off in Al Ittijab was delayed after a fault with the floodlights, a delay which caused obvious frustration for the fans. Frustration that was compounded further when the home side conceded after only 7 minutes. A Kir Volkov drive from outside the box highlighted why so many of the top clubs are chasing the MFK Ruzomeghyi winger. The 22 year old danced past two defenders with some intricate footwork before lashing home a long range drive. The lead lasted until half way through the second half when some neat play left Shams al-Din Amirmoez unmarked to poke in the equalizer. In the other game, Trois Etoiles Noires closed the gap on Al Ittijab to two points with a straight-forward 2-0 win over Lua Vamoa.

Flynn's Isle 0-2 Pays de Horreur
Osmio 3-1 Ang Grung
Palacios and Rodallega 0-2 Tiburtina
Superior Volta 2-0 Jahat Debu
Al Ittijab 1-1 Gebranskia
Dansak Minor 2-0 Lua Vamoa

Pays de Horreur leap frogged Osmio for top spot in the group with an outstanding performance in front of the home supporters. With qualification guaranteed Les Bleus gave debuts to Theo Durand and Eric Degarmo. The two teen wingers proved too much for the Osmio defence and set up a goal each before 19 year old Degarmo finished off the match with a superb solo effort. Brigantii travelled to Flynn’s Isle with a potential spot at Cusco still up for grabs for the best 3rd placed team, but that now looks like the slimmest possibility after Cian O’Donohoe’s 78th minute equalizer. The 5ft 4ins Hibernia striker came on as a substitute and with only his second touch of the ball found the back of the net.

Tiburtina’s defeat at home leaves the Oro in a precarious position as Superior Volta climbed into the second automatic qualifying spot, behind Hsien-Ko. Superia Volta played their 8th and final fixture of qualifying and earned a 1-0 win, courtesy of Anselme Bertrand. The 34 year old wingback scored for the first time for his country with a powerful left foot drive from outside the box. The ball, lashed across the goal and hit the joint of the opposite post before finding its way into the net. Meanwhile, Palacios and Rodallega’s campaign came to an end with a 3-0 defeat on home soil to Hsien-Ko. The merciless Tengu Warriors swept the Tropical Storm aside to continue their 100% win streak in qualification.

Despite losing at home to Dystermark, Al Ittijab are now guaranteed top spot in Group C after Gebranskia’s stunning comeback against Dansak Minor. After falling 2-0 behind to the Dansak side within the first 20 minutes, it seemed Gebranskia’s qualification hopes were all but over. However, coach Valerie Litvinenko made some bold changes and switched from his preferred 5 across the back to a 3-4-3, pushing his two wing backs into midfield and sending on Bishopbury striker Andriy Kedzierski to spearhead the attack. The change paid dividends and the game was tied at 2-2 before the break. Then, in the 58th minute, Gebranskia took the lead for the first time, with Kir Volkov scoring his second in as many games. Dystermark’s win allowed them to keep pace with Gebranskia and Dansak Minor, leaving only 2 points separating 2nd from 4th and a win for either Gebranskia or Dystermark in their meeting on the final day would guarantee them a spot in Cusco.

Pays de Horreur 3-0 Osmio
Flynn's Isle 1-1 Brigantii
Tiburtina 0-1 Superior Volta
Palacios and Rodallega 0-3 Hsien-Ko
Gebranskia 3-2 Dansak Minor
Al Ittijab 0-1 Dystermark

And the tables, going into the final round of fixtures

Group A Standings
Pos Team                 P  W  D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
1 Pays de Horreur 7 6 0 1 17 7 +10 18
2 Osmio 8 5 1 2 19 11 +8 16
3 Brigantii 7 2 3 2 13 8 +5 9
4 Flynn's Isle 7 2 2 3 9 12 -3 8
5 Ang Grung 7 0 0 7 5 23 -18 0

Group B Standings
Pos Team                        P  W D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
1 Hsien-Ko 7 7 0 0 22 4 +18 21
2 Superior Volta 8 4 0 4 7 9 -2 12
3 Tiburtina 7 3 1 3 7 6 +1 10
4 Palacios and Rodallega 7 2 0 5 3 10 -7 6
5 Jahat Debu 7 1 1 5 6 16 -10 4

Group C Standings
Pos Team              P  W  D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
1 Al Ittijab 7 4 2 1 11 5 +6 14
2 Dansak Minor 8 3 3 2 11 8 +3 12
3 Gebranskia 7 3 2 2 9 7 +2 11
4 Dystermark 7 3 1 3 10 8 +2 10
5 Lua Vamoa 7 1 0 6 1 13 -12 3
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Coming back off the international break, Sylvain Nicot found the back of the net once again for Marketnewton as they beat Madonnachurch 5-3. Another high scoring game highlighted the good and the bad side of the Cranberries game, with their ability to score goals with ease once again outweighing their subpar defending. The league leaders have now conceded 30 goals in 20 games, the fifth worst defensive record in the league. At the bottom of the league, the two teams with the worst defensive record shockingly failed to provide a single goal as Ashbury and Sellersfield played out a 0-0, whilst just ahead of them, Redfern Athletic picked up a valuable 3 points against Iron Bridge.

Torkingham Wanderers 0-1 Albertpool
Throstle Rovers 0-2 Almondvale F.C
Sellersfield United 0-0 Ashbury City
Rookscroft United 3-0 Bishopbury F.C
Rookscroft City 2-1 Brierthorne
Ridgemont Town 0-0 Hogghamton
Redfern Athletic 3-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-1 Jonastown United
Moorledge Town 3-1 Landfell
Marketnewton F.C 5-3 Madonnachurch

Throstle Rovers denied Albertpool all three points with a late goal, deep into injury time. After a lengthy stoppage following a clash of heads between Throstle striker Thomas Poulsen and Albertpool defender Gerardo Cabrera the game saw the addition of 8 extra minutes, which was just enough time for substitute Chris Wilson (on for Poulsen) to find the back of the net with a 30 yard thunderbolt. There was another late goal elsewhere to salvage a point as Oxcastle, winless in their last 6 games, switched off with only 4 minutes to go. Leading 1-0 after only 20 minutes, Oxcastle looked destined for all three points for the first time since their win over Torkingham but a lapse in concentration allowed Hogghamton’s Ingram Sands to play a neat one-two on the edge of the boox with Kelvin Watson before stroking into the bottom of Terrence Derby’s goal.

Albertpool 1-1 Throstle Rovers
Torkingham Wanderers 4-2 Sellersfield United
Almondvale F.C 3-0 Rookscroft United
Ashbury City 0-0 Rookscroft City
Bishopbury F.C 2-1 Ridgemont Town
Brierthorne 1-1 Redfern Athletic
Hogghamton 1-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Iron Bridge F.C 3-1 Moorledge Town
Jonastown United 0-1 Marketnewton F.C
Landfell 1-2 Madonnachurch

The Moorledge faithful walked out with more than 30 minutes to go today as their rollercoaster season took another dip. Following the defeat at Iron Bridge they were hoping for a home win and to bounce back but 4 goals in quick succession soon saw that idea dissipate. Brierthorne were ruthless in their attack with Anholt, Barker and De Vroom all scoring in the first half before Higgins notched the fourth in the 47th minute. The fourth was the final straw for enough fans who left early and missed the conciliation goal, a towering header from centreback Ezra Sokoloff.

Sellersfield United 0-1 Albertpool
Rookscroft United 1-1 Throstle Rovers
Rookscroft City 3-3 Torkingham Wanderers
Ridgemont Town 4-1 Almondvale F.C
Redfern Athletic 1-2 Ashbury City
Oxcastle Wanderers 2-1 Bishopbury F.C
Moorledge Town 1-4 Brierthorne
Marketnewton F.C 3-0 Hogghamton
Madonnachurch 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Landfell 2-0 Jonastown United

The clash of the Capital resulted in a 1-1 draw between Bishopbury and Marketnewton with neither side looking to have a distinct advantage over the other. Hsienkan midfielder Kim Dae Sung opened the scoring for the Cranberries after only four minutes, following a sweeping counter attack., but Bishopbury struck back almost instantly through Urskarian Andriy Kedzierski who received a long ball from midfield on the edge of the Marketnewton box and broke through the middle of the two central defenders before sending the keeper the wrong way. After two goals in only seven minutes the fans could be excused for assuming they would see a glut of goals and were in for a classic match, however they were then treated to a dour, defence minded performance from both sides who didn’t want to lose to their local rival.

Albertpool 1-2 Rookscroft United
Sellersfield United 0-2 Rookscroft City
Throstle Rovers 2-3 Ridgemont Town
Torkingham Wanderers 4-0 Redfern Athletic
Almondvale F.C 3-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Ashbury City 0-3 Moorledge Town
Bishopbury F.C 1-1 Marketnewton F.C
Brierthorne 0-1 Madonnachurch
Hogghamton 2-0 Landfell
Iron Bridge F.C 3-2 Jonastown United

Jonastown found a gear nobody thought they had, let alone their coach, Manuel da Souza as they hammered Brierthorne 6-1. An early goal for on loan striker Hercule Anholt seemed to set the Albertpool based side up for another victory, but would prove to be little more than a conciliation. A stellar performance from young winger Cillian Doherty proved to be the catalyst for the hoops to claim their biggest victory of the season as the 19 year old from Flynn’s Isle scored twice and set up two of the J-Town’s 6. Meanwhile, Cusco forward Pequeño finally found his scoring boots, with the striker doubling his meagre tally of 2 to 4.

Rookscroft City 1-0 Albertpool
Ridgemont Town 3-2 Rookscroft United
Redfern Athletic 2-0 Sellersfield United
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-1 Throstle Rovers
Moorledge Town 1-2 Torkingham Wanderers
Marketnewton F.C 1-2 Almondvale F.C
Madonnachurch 1-1 Ashbury City
Landfell 2-1 Bishopbury F.C
Jonastown United 6-1 Brierthorne
Iron Bridge F.C 0-0 Hogghamton

Rookscroft City registered their biggest win of the season, annihilating Redfern 5-0 with star striker Reginaldo scoring a brace for the sky blues. But this one sided affair wasn’t the game of the day as Landfell and Almondvale played out a 4-4 draw. In a truly gladiatorial performance the two sides battled one another for 90 minutes with neither willing to concede defeat. Almondvale briefly lead on three occasions but were pipped back every time, until the pendulum swung in the 78th minute in Landfell’s favour. It seemed Landfell would win, weathering a siege upon their goal in the final ten minutes until a mistake by David Rose gifted Carl Andrews a tap in and a point for Vale.

Albertpool 1-0 Ridgemont Town
Rookscroft City 5-0 Redfern Athletic
Rookscroft United 0-2 Oxcastle Wanderers
Sellersfield United 1-0 Moorledge Town
Throstle Rovers 0-0 Marketnewton F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 2-3 Madonnachurch
Almondvale F.C 4-4 Landfell
Ashbury City 1-2 Jonastown United
Bishopbury F.C 2-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Brierthorne 2-2 Hogghamton

7 clean sheets and a relatively dully weekend of football, with nary an incident of note. That’s if you don’t count the streaker at Madonnachurch or the fact Rookscroft United manager Fergus Davies was sent to the stands after a heated argument with the fourth official at the Marketnewton game. Elsewhere, it was revealed in the tabloids that Bishopbury and Brigantii centreback Wardell Raines has been scoring away from home with a lingerie model from Pays de Horreur.

Redfern Athletic 0-3 Albertpool
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-0 Ridgemont Town
Moorledge Town 2-1 Rookscroft City
Marketnewton F.C 2-2 Rookscroft United
Madonnachurch 2-0 Sellersfield United
Landfell 0-2 Throstle Rovers
Jonastown United 2-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Iron Bridge F.C 2-0 Almondvale F.C
Hogghamton 2-0 Ashbury City
Brierthorne 1-2 Bishopbury F.C

Another hatful of clean sheets including Albertpool drawing a blank against Oxcastle at home and their neighbours Brierthorne failing to score against Almondvale. Meanwhile, relegation zone strugglers Redfern Athletic played out a six goal thriller with Moorledge, whose fans are becoming increasingly frustrated by the teams’ inconsistent performances. Ashbury remain rooted to the foot of the table, despite their 1-1 draw with Bishopbury. Bishopbury who have already removed Jeraldo Moutinho from the manager’s seat and have decided interim and former under 21’s coach Clyde Bixby isn’t up to the task either and have discharged him following the disappointing draw with the team second to bottom in the table. Favourites to take over now include Villa Ortiz coach Francisco Ybarra, Borghese’s Tancredi Ferrari and the Hsien-Ko national team coach Park Yo Han.

Albertpool 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Redfern Athletic 3-3 Moorledge Town
Ridgemont Town 3-2 Marketnewton F.C
Rookscroft City 2-0 Madonnachurch
Rookscroft United 3-1 Landfell
Sellersfield United 0-0 Jonastown United
Throstle Rovers 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 3-0 Hogghamton
Almondvale F.C 1-0 Brierthorne
Ashbury City 1-1 Bishopbury F.C

Pequeño found the net again for Jonastown as Rookscroft City keeper Ray Hurst had a game to forget, twice coming for crosses that he missed, and in front of Brigantii national coach Ron Winston who held his head in his hands both times. Marketnewton dropped points at home to Oxcastle who are currently on a five game unbeaten streak, the win for Rookscroft United bring them to within a point of Marketnewton and have Milan Mijatovic's 85th minute winner to thank.

Moorledge Town 4-0 Albertpool
Marketnewton F.C 1-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Madonnachurch 2-0 Redfern Athletic
Landfell 1-2 Ridgemont Town
Jonastown United 2-0 Rookscroft City
Iron Bridge F.C 0-1 Rookscroft United
Hogghamton 1-2 Sellersfield United
Brierthorne 5-2 Throstle Rovers
Bishopbury F.C 2-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Ashbury City 0-1 Almondvale F.C

Quarter to five, the full time whistles could be heard across the country and there was a change at the top of the table. Marketnewton's loss in Albertpool saw them drop below Rookscroft United. As news of other results came through the United manager could be seen punching the air. Elsewhere, Ruben Muslimovic has brought a director of football on board at Bishopbury in the way of former Dystermark international Kjeld Akselsen, to work alongside newly appointed manager Gabino Rivero to steady the ship. That seems to have done anything but as they were beaten by 19th place Sellersfield United who are enjoying a mini revival having taken 7 points from a possible 9. Meanwhile Ironbridge made it a third consecutive game without scoring and only managed to register three shots on target, leaving the few away fans to boo them off the pitch.

Albertpool 1-0 Marketnewton F.C
Moorledge Town 1-0 Madonnachurch
Oxcastle Wanderers 2-2 Landfell
Redfern Athletic 3-1 Jonastown United
Ridgemont Town 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Rookscroft City 1-1 Hogghamton
Rookscroft United 2-1 Brierthorne
Sellersfield United 1-0 Bishopbury F.C
Throstle Rovers 1-0 Ashbury City
Torkingham Wanderers 2-0 Almondvale F.C

And now a look at the league tables

Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Rookscroft United 29 15 8 6 58 35 +23 53
02 Marketnewton F.C 29 13 12 4 65 40 +25 51
03 Madonnachurch 29 14 7 8 42 27 +15 49
04 Albertpool 29 14 5 10 41 31 +10 47
05 Rookscroft City 29 13 7 9 51 37 +14 46
06 Ridgemont Town 29 14 4 11 37 40 -3 46
07 Brierthorne 29 13 6 10 53 35 +18 45
08 Moorledge Town 29 12 8 9 44 41 +3 44
09 Throstle Rovers 29 11 9 9 34 35 -1 42
10 Bishopbury F.C 29 11 8 10 43 43 +0 41
11 Almondvale F.C 29 11 8 10 32 34 -2 41
12 Torkingham Wanderers 29 10 9 10 52 47 +5 39
13 Oxcastle Wanderers 29 9 11 9 24 33 -9 38
14 Jonastown United 29 10 6 13 33 43 -10 36
15 Hogghamton 29 9 8 12 25 29 -4 35
16 Iron Bridge F.C 29 9 7 13 29 30 -1 34
17 Landfell 29 8 8 13 41 54 -13 32
18 Redfern Athletic 29 7 6 16 32 50 -18 27
19 Sellersfield United 29 7 5 17 25 48 -23 26
20 Ashbury City 29 3 12 14 20 49 -29 21
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And so we entered the final round of qualifying. Some teams and their respective fans could relax, their places in Cusco were already booked and the matches were just a formality. Pays de Horreur were headed there, Hsien-Ko too, as were Osmio and Al Ittijab couldn't finish lower than second in their group, so no sweat.

Unless you were playing for Tiburtina who had, had, HAD to win in Hsien-Ko. In the reverse fixture The Oro had been beaten two-nil, and now, in desperate need of the three points to guarantee their participation at the tournament next year they had to overcome the only team to remain unbeaten. After a cagey first half, the ageing legs of the Tiburtina side failed to register a single shot on goal and the fans who had made the journey east were beginning to get nervous. Those nerves were quelled in the 70th minute after a foul on Agostino Totti resulted in a penalty that was easily dispatched by Giancarlo Matteo. The rapturous fans were treated to a second goal shortly after as a now bouyant Tiburtina side hit on the counter and a sweeping ball from the right found Nino Terranova dashing in at the back post to head. The three points took them to 13 in total and allowed them to leap frog Superior Volta into the second automatic qualifying spot. Elsewhere in the group, Palacios and Rodallega rounded out their unremarkable qualification attempt with a solid 3-0 win at Jahat Debu, showing, perhaps positive signs for the next round of qualifying.

Hsien-Ko 0-2 Tiburtina
Jahat Debu 0-3 Palacios and Rodallega

Back in group A the top two were already decided and even a win for Brigantii at home to Pays de Horreur wouldn't be enough to see them qualify as the best third placed team as all mathematical permutations had written them out. And befitting a match that had no consequence it finished 0-0, as Brigantii drew their fourth game of qualifying, having drawn 50% of their fixtures. Pays de Horreur rounded out the qualifying campaign in fairly relaxed fashion and looked to be greatful once the game was over. The Bretagnion derby between Ang Grung and Flynn's Isle was a much more compelling game, with nothing but nationalistic pride to play for. The two sides went hammer and tong for ninety minutes and couldn't be separated with the match finishing 2-2.

Brigantii 0-0 Pays de Horreur
Ang Grung 2-2 Flynn's Isle

And to group C. A win for Gebranskia and a loss for Al Ittijab may see them switch places at the top of the group, depending on goal difference. A win for both sides and second placed Dansak Minor wouldn't get the automatic qualifying spot. If Al Ittijab lost they could still finish top if Dystermark beat Gebranskia, giving Dystermark the second qualifying spot. And draws all round would leave everyone right where they were. As it happened bottom placed Lua Vamoa failed to upset Al Ittijab who finished top of the group with a routine 2-1. Scoring before the break and just after, they led by 2 until the home side pulled one back in the 84th minute. Meanwhile, in a game of attrition Dystermark scored in the thirteenth minute and proceeded to “hold on” until the final whistle, sparking scenes of jubilation as they clinched the second automatic spot.

Dystermark 1-0 Gebranskia
Lua Vamoa 1-2 Al Ittijab

Group Tables

Group A
Pos Team                 P  W  D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Pays de Horreur 8 6 1 1 17 7 +10 19
02 Osmio 8 5 1 2 19 11 +8 16
03 Brigantii 8 2 4 2 13 8 +5 10
04 Flynn's Isle 8 2 3 3 11 14 -3 9
05 Ang Grung 8 0 1 7 7 27 -20 1

Group B
Pos Team                        P  W D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Hsien-Ko 8 7 0 1 22 6 +16 21
02 Tiburtina 8 4 1 3 9 6 +3 13
03 Superior Volta 8 4 0 4 7 9 -2 12
04 Palacios and Rodallega 8 3 0 5 6 10 -4 9
05 Jahat Debu 8 1 1 6 6 19 -13 4

Group C
Pos Team              P  W  D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Al Ittijab 8 5 2 1 13 6 +7 17
02 Dystermark 8 4 1 3 10 8 +2 13
03 Dansak Minor 8 3 3 2 11 8 +3 12
04 Gebranskia 8 3 2 3 9 8 +1 11
05 Lua Vamoa 8 1 0 7 2 15 -13 3

So, headed to westerly Wyrmgore, group A winners, Pays de Horreur and second placed Osmio. Group B winners Hsien-Ko and Tiburtina and from group C Al Ittijab and Dystermark. Claiming the spot as the “best third placed team” Superior Volta, on number of wins over Dansak Minor.

A few weeks later...

It was the day of the group draw and after a grueling qualifying campaign it was time to pull names out of hats and see who would be playing against whom. In typical fashion the weather in Cusco was a balmy 29 degrees and those who had worn suits for the draw were thankful for the AC in the auditorium of the Rio Blanco Best Wyrmgore Hotel. Presided over by Cusco's head of the F.A Pablo Aimar the 8 balls were placed into one large pot and given a swirl before former international Carlos Blanco picked out the first name. “Dystermark” He read aloud. Carlos and his celebrity co-host, international recording artist Hector Santana alternated the picks and when Cusco themselves were drawn there was audible whooping and cheering, but that reaction paled in comparison to when their long time rivals, Osmio were drawn in the same group. Already, before a ball had even been kicked, there was potential drama.

The two groups for the competition rounded out as;

Dystermark, Cusco, Osmio and Superior Volta in group A and Pays de Horreur, Tiburtina, Al Ittijab and Hsien-Ko in group B. With only a few short months of the regular football season before the international competition commenced the head coaches had to plot and plan their squads and pick the players they best thought would bring glory to their nation. As hosts, and one of the better teams taking part, there would be pressure on Cusco to perform. After the stellar performance in qualification for Hsien-Ko the fans had already earmarked the Tengu Warriors as potential champions but the bookies had them much lower than the supposed “superior” sides of Pays de Horreur and Tiburtina, while Superior Volta and Al Ittijab were considered the rank outsiders going into the tournament, behind Osmio and Dystermark.

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Postby Brigantii » Tue May 03, 2016 6:27 am


Third vs fourth and fourth placed Albertpool skip over Madonnachurch with a sublime 3-0 away win. Goals for captain Jarred Stevenson and a brace for Michael Irwin sealed a second win over teams ahead of them in the league in as many weeks and kept them in the hunt for a Champion's League spot. Elsewhere top vs bottom ended in a surprise draw. Relegation threatened Ashbury came from 2-0 behind against Rookscroft United, however the point gained may count for little as they trail 17th place Landfell by 13 points after the south sea side team took a step closer to survival with a 4-3 win against second place Marketnewton.

Madonnachurch 0-3 Albertpool
Landfell 4-3 Marketnewton F.C
Jonastown United 2-2 Moorledge Town
Iron Bridge F.C 0-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Hogghamton 0-1 Redfern Athletic
Brierthorne 0-2 Ridgemont Town
Bishopbury F.C 1-1 Rookscroft City
Ashbury City 2-2 Rookscroft United
Almondvale F.C 2-1 Sellersfield United
Torkingham Wanderers 2-0 Throstle Rovers

A 3-0 defeat against Bishopbury finally ended speculation that Redfern manager Alan Cornish was to be sacked and the axe was wielded.With only seven fixtures left to save their position in the Premier League the insipid display heralded a time for change and taking over for their next fixture at Almondvale will be assistant coach Tony Abrams. A 1-0 win for Sellersfield United kept them a point behind Redfern and 6 behind Iron Bridge in their chase for survival.

Albertpool 0-3 Landfell
Madonnachurch 4-2 Jonastown United
Marketnewton F.C 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Moorledge Town 1-1 Hogghamton
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-1 Brierthorne
Redfern Athletic 0-3 Bishopbury F.C
Ridgemont Town 2-1 Ashbury City
Rookscroft City 3-0 Almondvale F.C
Rookscroft United 2-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Sellersfield United 1-0 Throstle Rovers

Sellersfield United's late push for survival took another huge step with a win over the league leaders. Trailing to a Zack Wilbraham goal, Sellersfield looked like their revival may come to a conclusion, but goals from 38 year old Melvin Samuel and Lawrence Lucas moved ahead of Redfern and Bridges and only 4 off Iron Bridge who also managed a comeback to claim a point.

Jonastown United 1-3 Albertpool
Iron Bridge F.C 2-2 Landfell
Hogghamton 0-0 Madonnachurch
Brierthorne 1-2 Marketnewton F.C
Bishopbury F.C 0-2 Moorledge Town
Ashbury City 0-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Almondvale F.C 1-0 Redfern Athletic
Torkingham Wanderers 3-2 Ridgemont Town
Throstle Rovers 3-1 Rookscroft City
Sellersfield United 2-1 Rookscroft United

Goals, goals, goals, as the race for the title comes down to the wire with Marketnewton smashing bottom placed Ashbury 6-1. The comfortable win kicked off with Sylvain Nicot scoring after only 7 minutes. Goals for Nicot (2), Trevor Winter (2), Kim Dae Sung and Aaron Ramsbottom helped the team from the capital obliterate relegation threatened Ashbury. In the Rookscroft derby there was even more goals as a ten goal thriller played out in front of astounded fans. A second half hat trick for Dwight Gayle brought United back into the match they had gone into the half trailing 3-0. In a superb turn around United fought back after dropping points last week at Sellersfield.

Albertpool 3-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Jonastown United 1-1 Hogghamton
Landfell 1-1 Brierthorne
Madonnachurch 2-2 Bishopbury F.C
Marketnewton F.C 6-1 Ashbury City
Moorledge Town 0-3 Almondvale F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Redfern Athletic 2-1 Throstle Rovers
Ridgemont Town 0-1 Sellersfield United
Rookscroft City 5-5 Rookscroft United

Another big scoring match and United have scored 11 goals in 2 games, 5 of which have been scored by Dwight Gayle. The goals are proving to be vindication in Gayle's attempts to secure a new contract and a pay rise, with the striker from Palacios and Rodallega claiming he is under-appreciated and underpaid. Elsewhere in form Torkingham's 2-1 win over Marketnewton has seen them take 13 points from a possible 18 with neatly worked set pieces at the heart of their performances - scoring 7 of their last ten goals from dead balls.

Hogghamton 1-3 Albertpool
Brierthorne 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Bishopbury F.C 3-2 Jonastown United
Ashbury City 2-0 Landfell
Almondvale F.C 0-1 Madonnachurch
Torkingham Wanderers 2-1 Marketnewton F.C
Throstle Rovers 2-1 Moorledge Town
Sellersfield United 1-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Rookscroft United 6-0 Redfern Athletic
Rookscroft City 1-2 Ridgemont Town

The Albertpool derby has seen some heroes come and go. Lawrence Walsh, scoring a cup semi-final hat trick in the 80's for Albertpool, Brigantii international Barry Buchanan scoring the winner in 1968 to secure Brierthorne the title and Albertpool manager Sir Jackie Keegan running the length of the pitch after winning the league with a 0-0 draw. In the reverse fixture earlier in the season, Albertpool won 1-0, they wouldn't have it their way this time however. Taking the lead after 22 minutes, they were pegged back by goals from Hercule Anholt and Oscar Foley. Before the half time whistle it was 2-2 with a long range drive from Jarred Stevenson. At 2 a piece Brierthorne showed more urgency and went looking for a winner, but were caught out with a counter attack and found themselves 3-2 down. But, Brierthorne continued to push and were rewarded with a Russ Barker equalizer and Hercule Anholt bagged his second to put them 4-3 up. It seemed that was that, but there was one final twist as Michael Irwin was felled in the box and received a penalty in the 93rd minute. Dusting himself off and stepping up to secure a late point, Irwin was thwarted by Ignacio Montoya in the Brierthorne goal.

Albertpool 3-4 Brierthorne
Hogghamton 2-1 Bishopbury F.C
Iron Bridge F.C 2-0 Ashbury City
Jonastown United 1-1 Almondvale F.C
Landfell 0-2 Torkingham Wanderers
Madonnachurch 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Marketnewton F.C 3-1 Sellersfield United
Moorledge Town 0-6 Rookscroft United
Oxcastle Wanderers 2-3 Rookscroft City
Redfern Athletic 2-2 Ridgemont Town

Jonastown's winless streak extended to eight games with a 2-1 loss away to Throstle Rovers who have secured their mid table status. With only 2 games to go and J-Towns recent performances they have been dragged into the relegation scrap with only 6 points left to play for, they are in a 4 horse race for survival with Iron Bridge, Sellersfield United and Redfern Athletic with Ashbury already relegated.
At the top of the table the top three are separated by 5 points with six left to play for. For Albertpool to claim the title they need to win both their remaining games and need Rookscroft United and Marketnewton to drop points.

Bishopbury F.C 0-2 Albertpool
Ashbury City 1-0 Brierthorne
Almondvale F.C 1-1 Hogghamton
Torkingham Wanderers 3-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Throstle Rovers 2-1 Jonastown United
Sellersfield United 1-3 Landfell
Rookscroft United 3-1 Madonnachurch
Rookscroft City 1-2 Marketnewton F.C
Ridgemont Town 4-1 Moorledge Town
Redfern Athletic 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers

A determined display against already relegated Ashbury kept Alberptool in the title hunt. Shambolic defending from both sides saw this one end 5-4 and the only person coming out of this one to not look like a chump is Michael Irwin for his last gasp winner to seal victory for the west coast side. They closed the gap to second placed Marketnewton to two points, who struggled to overcome Redfern who desperately battled back in their relegation scrap, but are now definitely down and out. Ahead of them, remain Rookscroft United, who labored to a nil nil draw with Jonastown who are now mathematically safe from relegation.

Albertpool 5-4 Ashbury City
Bishopbury F.C 3-1 Almondvale F.C
Brierthorne 0-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Hogghamton 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Iron Bridge F.C 1-0 Sellersfield United
Jonastown United 0-0 Rookscroft United
Landfell 1-1 Rookscroft City
Madonnachurch 1-2 Ridgemont Town
Marketnewton F.C 3-3 Redfern Athletic
Moorledge Town 2-0 Oxcastle Wanderers

The last day of the season. 38 weeks of football has led to this, who will be crowned champion? Who has to wait until next season to try claim victory? Three points separated the top three sides in the country. Through the annals of time all three had at one point been the dominant force in the country. The 80's belonged to Albertpool, while Rookscroft United had owned the 90's and the turn of the century had ushered in Marketnewton as a force to be reckoned with. Albertpool needed results to go their way and were the outsiders in this race, while Rookscroft and Marketnewton would be in a straight shoot out and if EITHER team faltered there would be somebody in to snatch the title.

Ultimately, Albertpool fell by the wayside with a cagey and lacklustre display against Almondvale who took advantage of the 3rd placed team's nerves and picked up a win on the last day of the season. Almondvale's Genadi Goga scored after 60 minutes and the despondent Albertpool side failed to mount a comeback and will have to settle for a Wyrmgore champion's league spot. Marketnewton tired their damnedest, fighting against a Moorledge side who had nothing but pride (and a fierce local rivalry with Rookscroft) to spur them on and managed to eek out a 4-3 win against a team who really could have rolled over and let them win. And there it was, one point ahead going into the final fixture, Rookscroft remained right there with a routine 2-0 win against Hogghampton, goals from Milan Mjatovic and Huw Vaughn were enough to help Rookscroft claim the title.

Almondvale F.C 1-0 Albertpool
Torkingham Wanderers 4-1 Ashbury City
Throstle Rovers 1-2 Bishopbury F.C
Sellersfield United 1-1 Brierthorne
Rookscroft United 2-0 Hogghamton
Rookscroft City 2-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Ridgemont Town 2-0 Jonastown United
Redfern Athletic 0-1 Landfell
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-0 Madonnachurch
Moorledge Town 3-4 Marketnewton F.C

Final Table

Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Rookscroft United 38 20 11 7 85 46 +39 71 CHAMPIONS
02 Marketnewton F.C 38 19 13 6 90 56 +34 70
03 Albertpool 38 20 5 13 63 46 +17 65
04 Ridgemont Town 38 20 5 13 55 50 +5 65
05 Torkingham Wanderers 38 17 10 11 71 56 +15 61
06 Madonnachurch 38 17 9 12 52 40 +12 60
07 Rookscroft City 38 16 10 12 69 54 +15 58
08 Brierthorne 38 16 8 14 62 46 +16 56
09 Bishopbury F.C 38 15 10 13 58 56 +2 55
10 Almondvale F.C 38 15 10 13 42 44 -2 55
11 Moorledge Town 38 14 10 14 56 63 -7 52
12 Throstle Rovers 38 14 9 15 43 47 -4 51
13 Oxcastle Wanderers 38 11 15 12 30 41 -11 48
14 Landfell 38 12 11 15 56 66 -10 47
15 Hogghamton 38 11 12 15 32 39 -7 45
16 Iron Bridge F.C 38 11 9 18 38 42 -4 42
17 Jonastown United 38 10 10 18 43 61 -18 40
18 Sellersfield United 38 10 7 21 34 60 -26 37 R
19 Redfern Athletic 38 9 8 21 40 68 -28 35 R
20 Ashbury City 38 5 14 19 32 70 -38 29

Promoted to the Premier league for next season are Belle-Isle on Sea, who come up as champions of League 1 and will be joined by Blackdale Wanderers who have never played in the top division before. The third spot in the Premier league is to be decided with Skyte City, Harebury City, Beckford and Bilsdon Town all facing off in the League 1 play offs.

League 1
Pos Team                      P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Belle-Isle on Sea 38 21 9 8 64 42 +22 72 Promoted as Champions
02 Blackdale Wanderers 38 20 10 8 59 39 +20 70 Promted
03 Skyte City 38 19 10 9 67 40 +27 67
04 Harebury City 38 18 10 10 54 38 +16 64
05 Beckford 38 18 10 10 62 48 +14 64
06 Bilsdon Town 38 16 12 10 33 25 +8 60
07 Kerrdale City 38 14 15 9 46 37 +9 57
08 Adamstown 38 13 14 11 43 41 +2 53
09 Valengren Kickers 38 14 10 14 54 61 -7 52
10 Westfield United 38 12 13 13 29 34 -5 49
11 Copingham United 38 13 9 16 43 58 -15 48
12 AFC Lakecombe 38 11 14 13 56 49 +7 47
13 Eden Forest 38 12 10 16 26 35 -9 46
14 Corpus Christi 38 12 9 17 52 53 -1 45
15 Castlefield Town 38 12 8 18 32 46 -14 44
16 Peterford United 38 10 13 15 41 53 -12 43
17 Saint George Town 38 10 12 16 48 51 -3 42
18 Belle-Isle Rovers 38 11 8 19 45 49 -4 41 Relegated
19 Bridgette United 38 9 10 19 20 46 -26 37 Relegated
20 Goose Island Town 38 7 10 21 40 69 -29 31 Relegated

League 2
Pos  Team                       P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Deighton F.C 46 23 10 13 55 49 +6 79 Promoted as Champions
02 Greenhope Forest 46 24 6 16 97 65 +32 78 Promoted
03 Berryham 46 22 11 13 82 56 +26 77
04 O'grady 46 21 11 14 54 41 +13 74
05 Durness-in-Roe 46 19 15 12 84 61 +23 72
06 Wantworth & Selby 46 20 11 15 75 59 +16 71
07 Allied Motor Trade 46 19 14 13 66 53 +13 71
08 Saddlewood Town 46 20 9 17 73 58 +15 69
09 Newsham Town 46 19 11 16 73 73 +0 68
10 Lisburn Town 46 18 14 14 57 58 -1 68
11 Kingston F.C 46 20 7 19 50 58 -8 67
12 Codgate 46 17 15 14 81 68 +13 66
13 Throstle Academicals 46 18 12 16 34 31 +3 66
14 Smalling F.C 46 16 18 12 58 56 +2 66
15 Manford Town 46 18 11 17 71 68 +3 65
16 Basham F.C 46 18 8 20 64 66 -2 62
17 Inglby 46 17 9 20 66 77 -11 60
18 Whitfield F.C 46 15 13 18 61 70 -9 58
19 Friarham F.C 46 14 14 18 51 61 -10 56
20 Carrcroft Town 46 15 10 21 62 72 -10 55
21 Garry County 46 14 11 21 58 69 -11 53
22 Whiteham F.C 46 14 11 21 58 88 -30 53
23 University of Skyte 46 9 12 25 41 65 -24 39
24 Rigsby Spartans 46 6 9 31 43 92 -49 27

... That's it for the time being, cup results and play off scores to come.
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Postby Brigantii » Sat May 07, 2016 7:09 am

League 1 Play-Offs

The promised land, the big leagues, dreams.... ville. Promotion to the Premier league is the goal of every team currently not in it. Games against the top teams in the country, being able to see the best players in the league play every week and the sweet, sweet television money are enough of a draw for teams to go hammer and tong in search of promotion. Already up Belle-Isle on Sea and Blackdale Wanderers who would be relishing not having to face the dreaded "PLAY-OFFS".

In League 1, it came down to Skyte City, Beckford, Bilsdon Town and Harebury City. In their long history only Skyte had ever played in the upper tier, but had been languishing in the second division for a number of seasons. 4 games were played, with 3rd vs 5th and 4th vs 6th getting a home and away leg with the two teams winning overall (or on aggregate reaching the play off final).

In a cagey first game Skyte eked out a narrow 1-0 win at home against Beckford. In the second leg, this apprehension went out of the window with the northern side hammering Beckford 5-2 and claiming an aggregate win of 6-2 over the two legs.

Skyte City 1-0 Beckford (1-0 agg)
Beckford 2-5 Skyte City (2-6 agg)

In the other fixture, Harebury claimed a vital 2-0 away win against Bilsdon Town. In the return., Bilsdon claimed an equally vital 2-0 win away from home, making it 2 a piece on aggregate with the teams unable to be separated on away goals. Extra time ensued in Harebury and with an additional 30 minutes neither team could be separated and so the SUPER TENSE penalty shoot out. Which ended with Bilsdon easily claiming victory and their goalkeeper from Pays de Horreur Bernard Monette being the hero.

Bilsdon Town 0-2 Harebury City (0-2 agg)
Harebury City 0-2 Bilsdon Town (0-2 AET, 2-2 agg, 1-4 PKs)

The final. played at the national stadium was estimated to be worth around £100million to the victor. It probably wasn't worth that much, but occasionally journalists exaggerate.

In front of a sell out audience, Skyte City showed the most composure and claimed a routine victory. Goals for Anthony Hibbert and Darrell Fry added to the strike pairs combined 37 goals and helped to guide Skyte back to the top division. Hibbert opened the scoring after 27 minutes with a solo run that saw he drift past 3 defenders before rifling the ball into the bottom right corner of the goal. The second didn't come until the 65th minute after a close range Hibbert effort was parried by Monette into the path of Fry who tapped in to ensure Skyte would be going up.
Skyte City 2-0 Bilsdon Town

League 2 Play-Offs

In League 2, the race for promotion was fought out between Berryham, Durness-in-Roe, O'Grady and Wantworth & Selby. The four teams finished within 6 points from each other, with Berryham missing out on the title by only two points.... although this didn't matter when they were easily eliminated by Durness-in-Roe who would go on to win the play off final against O'Grady who scraped by in their play-off semi final against Wantworth & Selby with a 4-3 aggregate win.

Berryham 2-0 Durness in Roe (2-0 agg)
Durness-in-Roe 5-1 Berryham (5-3 agg)

O'Grady 2-3 Wantworth & Selby (2-3 agg)
Wantworth & Selby 0-2 O'Grady (3-4 agg)

Durness-in-Roe 2-0 O'Grady

League Cup

The traditional end to the season is the Brigantii League Cup final, this year, south coast side Landfell made it to the final after a particularly tough run of games, having to overcome Premier league opposition in round 3, the quarter finals and the semis, where they went to penalties with Ridgemont Town. Composure in front of goal for Brigantii international Robbie Lambeth and Anatoly Kozel was enough for them to secure a place in the final. Their opposition. Albertpool club Brierthorne who had a slightly more favourable run, although they did have to overcome league runners up Marketnewton in the quarter finals.

First Round
Ashbury City 2-1 Newsham Town (2-1 agg)

Carrcrodt Town 2-0 Rigsby Spartans (2-0 agg)

Jonastown United 1-0 Oxcastle Wanderers (1-0 agg)

Skyte City 5-1 St George Town (5-1 agg)

Corpus Christi 2-2 Rookscroft United (2-2 AET, 2-2 agg, 0-1 PKs)

Castlefield Town 5-0 Codgate (5-0 agg)

Basham F.C 0-3 Albertpool (0-3 agg)

Kingston F.C 0-3 Sellersfield United (0-3 agg)

Kerrdale City 0-2 Belle-Isle on Sea (0-2 agg)

Iron Bridge 1-0 Belle-Isle Rovers (1-0 agg)

Goose Island Town 1-1 Bishopbury (1-2 AET, 1-2 agg)

Smalling F.C 1-0 Throstle Academicals (1-0 agg)

Eden Forest 1-2 Almondvale (1-2 agg)

Redfern Athletic 3-0 Wantworth & Selby (3-0 agg)

University of Skyte 1-3 Ridgemont Town (1-3 agg)

Valengren Kickers 3-0 Whiteham F.C (3-0 agg)

Bilsdon Town 4-2 Friarham (4-2 agg)

AFC Lakecombe 1-1 Marketnewton (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 0-1 PKs)

Throstle Rovers 1-2 Deighton F.C (1-2 agg)

Harebury City 1-0 Lisburn Town (1-0 agg)

Blackdale Wanderers 1-1 Bridgette United (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 3-1 PKs)

Rookscroft City 4-2 Copingham United (4-2 agg)

O'Grady 1-2 Moorledge Town (1-2 agg)

Landfell 4-0 Whitfield F.C (4-0 agg)

Durness-in-Roe 4-3 Peterford United (4-3 agg)

Inglby 2-0 Hogghampton (2-0 agg)

Madonnachurch 1-1 Beckford (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 2-4 PKs)

Berryham 0-2 Brierthorne (0-2 agg)

Garry County 0-1 Manford Town (0-1 agg)

Adamstown 4-3 Greenhope Forest (4-3 agg)

Westfield United 1-0 Allied Motor Trade (1-0 agg)

Torkingham Wanderers 3-0 Saddlewood Town (3-0 agg)

Second Round
Brierthorne 2-1 Castlefield Town (2-1 agg)

Moorledge Town 1-5 Jonastown United (1-5 agg)

Durness-in-Roe 2-1 Bishopbury (2-1 agg)

Manford Town 1-2 Redfern Athletic (1-2 agg)

Ashbury City 2-1 Valengren Kickers (2-1 agg)

Blackdale Wanderers 1-2 Marketnewton (1-2 agg)

Sellersfield United 0-1 Belle-Isle on Sea (0-1 agg)

Rookscroft United 3-1 Westfield United (3-1 agg)

Skyte City 2-2 Almondvale (2-2 AET, 2-2 agg, 3-4 PKs)

Rookscroft City 5-2 Torkingham Wanderers (5-2 agg)

Landfell 3-0 Bilsdon Town (3-0 agg)

Inglby 0-3 Adamstown (0-3 agg)

Smalling F.C 0-1 Deighton F.C (0-1 agg)

Ridgemont Town 3-1 Harebury City (3-1 agg)

Carrcrodt Town 1-2 Iron Bridge (1-2 agg)

Albertpool 7-4 Beckford (7-4 agg)

Third Round
Iron Bridge 3-1 Belle-Isle on Sea (3-1 agg)

Deighton F.C 0-1 Brierthorne (0-1 agg)

Landfell 1-1 Rookscroft City (2-1 AET, 2-1 agg)

Marketnewton 2-1 Rookscroft United (2-1 agg)

Almondvale 1-1 Redfern Athletic (2-1 AET, 2-1 agg)

Albertpool 1-1 Ashbury City (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 3-2 PKs)

Adamstown 2-1 Durness-in-Roe (2-1 agg)

Ridgemont Town 2-1 Jonastown United (2-1 agg)

Quarter Finals
Almondvale 2-1 Albertpool (2-1 agg)

Landfell 2-1 Iron Bridge (2-1 agg)

Marketnewton 0-2 Brierthorne (0-2 agg)

Adamstown 1-3 Ridgemont Town (1-3 agg)

Semi Finals
Landfell 1-1 Ridgemont Town (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 2-1 PKs)

Almondvale 1-1 Brierthorne (1-2 AET, 1-2 agg)

In the league, Brierthorne mercilessly beat Landfell 5-1 in their first encounter, while the teams couldn't be separated in the second game, drawing 1-1. However the favourites going into the game were clearly Brierthorne who finished 9 points and 6 places ahead of their opposition. Despite this, the Landfell coach Norman Atkins had his team fired up for their first final in their 130 year history.

This belly fire however was extinguished by Hercule Anholt who had already proved to be the scourge of Landfell in the league. A powerful header from an in-swinging corner in the 18th minute was met by rapturous applause from the Brierthorne faithful. The fans who made their way to the national stadium were treated to a second, and an absolute thunderbolt from Tiburtinian midfielder Giampaolo Alderisi who scored his first of the season to ensure Brierthorne claimed the cup.

Landfell 0-2 Brierthorne

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Postby Cusco » Mon May 09, 2016 12:45 pm



Before the championship commences, here's a run down of the teams competing.

Al Ittijab

Coach: Imran El-Mohammady
Formation: 4-1-4-1
Captain RB Sherif Gomaa
Previous Result W 2-1 Lua Vamoa
Al Ittijab are considered the rank outsiders going into the tournament, but boast one of the better goals scored to goals conceded ratios


Coach: Luis Miguel Alonso
Formation: 3-2-3-2
Captain CB Abel Hernandez
Previous ResultN/A
Cusco are under pressure to perform in front of their home crowd and will be at least expecting to make it out of the group stage, but having qualified by proxy without playing any games, may be a little rusty.


Coach: Oscar Garrido
Formation: 4-4-2
Captain: CM Morten Neilsen
Previous Result: W 1-0 Gebranskia
Dystermark are in with a shout, relying on a fearless, youthful team, despite having only scraped through qualification on the final day


Coach: Park Yo Han
Formation: 4-4-2
Captain: CM Kim Dae Sung
Previous Result:L 2-0 Tiburtina
Hsien-Ko's qualifying has drawn the attention of the associated press, winning 7 games of 8 and scoring 22 goals, they're getting looked at like they could actually do this...


Coach: Oswaldo Domiguez
Formation: 4-3-3
Captain: WF Aldo Rafinha
Previous Result: L 3-0 Osmio
Osmio would be hoping to win, not only for the pride of being champions, but also, beating their neighbours on their home soil.

Pays de Horreur

Coach: Marcel Petit
Formation: 4-4-2
Captain: CB Michel Roux
Previous Result: D 0-0 Brigantii
Pays de Horreur are considered one of the better sides in Cusco and their performance in qualifying backs this up. They'll be looking for the semis at the least.

Superior Volta

Coach: Boubacar Kone
Formation: 4-4-2
Captain: CM Eric Bamba
Previous Result: W 1-0 Tiburtina
Superior Volta scraped through as the best third placed team and are the outsiders, particularly given their poor form in front of goal


Coach: Masimiliano Abbiati
Formation: 3-4-3
Captain: CB Alessandro Delvecchio
Previous Result: W 2-0 Hsien-Ko
Had it not been for the victory on the last day of qualifying Tiburtina, who stuttered at the start wouldn't be here in Cusco. The ageing squad have played together for a while and this may be their last hoorah

Game one is just around the corner, with the hosts taking on their bitter westerly rivals Osmio. Also in group A, the team from the frigid north east, Dystermark take on Superior Volta.
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Postby Cusco » Sat May 28, 2016 11:54 am


A moment of silence. Respectful, almost reverent silence. Then, boiling hot Cusco passion as the crowd in attendance sang along to the national anthem. It was game one of the Wyrmgore championships, Cusco was playing their neighbours Osmio and the tension was at a fever pitch. The 83,734 in attendance were united in anticipating a footballing spectacle, the majority were local fans from Barbossa, while a few were neutral and had managed to snag tickets from the FWFA ticket lottery.
The travelling Osmio fans were massively outnumbered but the friendly rivalry between the two groups of fans had seen them almost merge with the locals and through a natural osmosis had become an amalgamation of pure, simple, football fans.

Kick-off was 3:15pm local time. The temperature a pleasant 17 degrees, Pequeno and Azia lined up side by side in their brilliant white kits and waited for the short, sharp blast of the whistle to set the tournament underway.

3:43, almost thirty minutes in, the home fans were silenced when Aldo Rafinha, who plies his trade right here in Cusco for Real Minanda, hammered a 30 yard thunderbolt past Manuel Ferreria in the Cusco goal and celebrated in front of the travelling fans who were going wild, the cooperative feelings displayed between the two sets of fans earlier had disappeared and the Osmio bunch were ecstaticly bouncing off the rafters. The goal proved to be the catalyst the home nation needed to up the tempo, but no matter what they tried they were thwarted by Bruno Ventura in the Osmio goal.

As the clock began to tick down the locals began to panic, a loss, at home to their biggest rivals, in the opening game of the Wyrmgore Cup, it was unthinkable. The Cusco manager, Luis Miguel Alonso was prowling the touchline, tearing at his hair and screaming into the heavens every time an opportunity to equalise came and went begging. But that despair became rapture in the 78th minute, Ivan Costa picked up on the wing, beat a defender and played the ball hard into the feet of Azia, who took a touch, turned to face goal and squeezed the ball through a narrow gap for Pequeno to run onto and lash the ball beyond Ventura who, until that moment had been a rock in the Osmio goal.

Relief for the home fans. And that's how it ended, 1 a piece.

In the second game that kicked off at 5pm, you would be forgiven for thinking the men from Dystermark would struggle in the heat. Coming from the icy north the temperature in Ortiz was 26 degrees and would suit the Superior Volta players a little more. The two sides cancelled one another out and needed a piece of Roar Mortensen brilliance to break the dead lock. The striker who plays in Tiburtina for Calcio Rebibia, beat three men before clipping the ball over the out coming Dubaku Kanoute.

The solitary goal was enough to seal the win for Dystermark and send then top of group A.

In group B a 5 goal thriller was played out between Hsien-Ko and Pays de Horreur. The two sides who qualified for the competition top of their groups put on a football clinic, or at least a masterclass in attacking football, the goalkeeping however was a little suspect, particularly Myeong Fujita in the Hsien-Ko goal who was solid throughout qualifying, only conceding 6. Meanwhile on the other side of Minanda the ageing legs of Tiburtina played through the creaks and strains to beat outsiders Al Ittijab 1-0. Following in the footsteps of his Calcio Rebibia team mate, Roar Mortensen, Giancarlo Matteo scored a superb solo effort, putting his laces through the ball from 30 yards out and smashing it into the top corner of the Al Ittijab goal.

Group A
Image Cusco 1-1 Osmio Image

Image Dystermark 1-0 Superior Volta Image

Group B
Image Hsien-Ko 2-3 Pays de Horreur Image

Image Tiburtina 1-0 Al Ittijab Image

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Postby Cusco » Mon May 30, 2016 11:03 am


Another glorious day in Cusco for the foreigners, another typical weather day for the locals. A balmy 25 degrees in Minanda where the hosts were facing off against Superior Volta.

The Hawks scraped through qualifying as the best third placed team and according to the book makers are rank outsiders for the title, their opening day defeat to Dystermark has done little to dissuade anybody except their fans who were in fine voice when they turned out for this early afternoon kick off.

Both teams desperately needed to pick up a win and the home team set about achieving this in a swift fashion, with a sweeping attack 16 minutes into the game starting with Ortiz playing the ball out to Orellana who cut inside Babayaro and left the Superior Volta midfielder in his dust. The noise in the stadium was steadily rising as Orellana, who plays for Atletico Palampas continued racing towards the goal and was shaping to shoot, until he was cynically scythed down on the edge of the box by Kwako Kanu. The defender was instantly shown a red card and looked skyward ruefully, knowing his tournament may be coming to a premature end. Up stepped Joel, who lifted the ball over the wall and under the crossbar to give the host nation the lead. The man advantage aided Cusco who swarmed the Superior Volta goal and were further rewarded with a second goal, courtesy of Paquito Aiza.

Boubacar Kone had to reshuffle his team to get a foothold in the game, and the change had the desired effect as Cusco's attacking force was nullified by the superior physical presence of the Volta team. Buoyed, Volta began to threaten the home goal and were rewarded with their first goal of the tournament through a powerful Marc M'boma header. The goal however proved too little too late and the hosts finished the game with 3 points and technically eliminated the Hawks.

The evening fixture was played out between Dystermark and Osmio. Dystermark had started the day on top of the group, but the hosts' win had seen them slip to second, a win however would steer them into the knockout rounds. Knowing this, the team from the north of the continent came out of the blocks at break neck speed and Osmio failed to defend starlet Kristoffer Leonhardsen from opening the scoring. Shortly after Roar Mortensen made it 2-0 and Dystermark were cruising while Osmio crumbled. Relentless in their attack, Dystermark made it 3-0 through Egil Johanson and were looking every bit the potential champions. Star player Aldo Rafinha briefly lifted Osmio spirits, but at 3-1 down, they were already working out the maths for the final game and their chances of qualifying for the semi-finals. Whilst hey were considering that, Leonhardsen bagged a second and put the game beyond Osmio. A Severino Rodrigues goal to make it 4-2 was of scant consolation to the team that had been soundly beaten.

In group B, Hsien-Ko made light work of Al Ittijab and gave themselves renewed hope of escaping the group. Hammering Al Ittijab who had qualified for the tournament convincingly by four goals to one goals came from Nishimura, Moon and Takashi, while a final goal came in the form of an O.G. by Sadiq who sliced a clearance into his own goal. After the match, Hsien-Ko manager Park Yo Han played down the win, stating “yes, the result is impressive, but until the final whistle after the Tiburtina game we can not celebrate.” Obviously Han was referencing the fact Group B was still wide open and wouldn't be decided until the end of the final game [at that time, Pays de Horreur, Hsien-Ko and Tiburtina were all level on three points].

Tiburtina's journey to the championships hadn't been simple, needing a win away to Hsien-Ko in the last qualifier to make it here, while Pays de Horreur had breezed through group A. With an average age of 32, the Tiburtina squad was the oldest here in Cusco, but with age comes experience, particularly that of grinding out results. Pays de Horreur started the game strongest, with midfielder Paul Gosselin running the show. The young midfielder, who plies his trade in Tiburtina, controlled the game and assisted Marketnewton's Sylvain Nicot to open the scoring after half an hour. Gosselin continued to boss the game and came close to scoring himself with a shot from the edge of the Tiburtina box the clipped the wrong side of the left hand post.

After the break Tiburtina dug in and showed the kind of resolve that got them to Cusco in the first place, with Genaro Berlusconi marking Gosselin out of the remainder of the game. Finding a foothold in the match, Tiburtina began to turn up the pressure and were rewarded with an equalizer through a corner. Swinging in from the left, Paulo Costacurta broke away from his marker and headed into the back of the net.


Group A

Image Cusco 2-1 Superior Volta Image

Image Osmio 2-4 Dystermark Image

Group B

Image Al Ittijab 1-4 Hsien-Ko Image

Image Tiburtina 1-1 Pays de Horreur Image

Group Standings

Group A 
Pos Team P W D L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Dystermark 2 2 0 0 5 2 +3 6
02 Cusco 2 1 1 0 3 2 +1 4
03 Osmio 2 0 1 1 3 5 -2 1
04 Superior Volta 2 0 0 2 1 3 -2 0

Group B
Pos Team P W D L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Pays de Horreur 2 1 1 0 4 3 +1 4
02 Tiburtina 2 1 1 0 2 2 0 4
03 Hsien-Ko 2 1 0 1 6 4 +2 1
04 Al Ittijab 2 0 0 2 1 5 -4 0
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Postby Cusco » Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:26 pm


The city of Barbossa in Cusco is, for the most part, a vibrant, cosmopolitan city with a population in the hundreds of thousands. It's a tourist destination even when there isn't a football match to watch. But, like every city there are places you probably should avoid traversing alone, alleys that you shouldn't walk down in the dark and streets you shouldn't be on unaccompanied, unfortunately those parts of town are around the stadium.

Playing there again were the hosts of the FWFA Cup, Cusco, whose place in the tournament hung tentatively in the balance. Their group A opponents, Dystermark were leading the group on 6 points, a win would see the hosts through, a draw too, although a point would mean they played the winners of group B. Behind them, their fiercest rivals, Osmio. The two had drawn in the earlier fixture and a convincing win for Osmio over the group minnows – Superior Volta, and a loss for Cusco would be enough for Osmio to snatch second place. The two games kicked off simultaneously to avoid any “unseemlyness”.

It was 65 minutes before either match saw a goal and it was Cusco fans who breathed a sigh of relief as Superior Volta took the lead over Osmio in the other fixture, through a Themba Arendse free kick that was more power than finesse. The midfielder who currently plays in Pays de Horreur has been attracting the attention of teams in the Brigantii premier league. That relief was short lived as Dystermark took the lead through Roar Mortensen and looked to see themselves finish top of the group with 9 points. The goals were powerfully emotive, giving fans relief and despair in mere minutes. Then, dread set in for Cusco, Roar Mortensen scored again. It was the 75th minute. They were still 3 points clear of Osmio, but as had been seen in the previous fixture, Superior Volta's defence wasn't particularly sturdy and Osmio could turn things around, then, to add to the nerves, Aldo Rafinha showed some of his Real Minanda quality and pulled Osmio level.

Dystermark 9points, Cusco 4, Osmio 2 and Superior Volta on 1... with ten minutes to go. If things didn't change, the hosts were still going through to the semis, but they were ten nail biting minutes. They dragged on, with each second feeling like a life time. A goal for substitute Fito Crespo lifted Cusco spirits. And with that, the full time whistles went around Cusco for group A.

Group B, the following day was also precariously balanced. 1 of three teams would miss out on the semi finals, Pays de Horreur had the more favourable of the fixtures, taking on group B whipping boys Al Ittijab who had conceded 5 and scored once in two games, while Tiburtina faced Hsien-Ko in some glorious symmetry from qualifying. The two had played in the last game of the qualifying round with Tiburtina needing a win to reach Cusco and coming out on top, 2-0, this time, Hsien-Ko needed the win.

Unfortunately for Al Ittijab, their dismal display at the tournament continued as they were obliterated 4-0 by Pays de Horreur. Goals for Anholt, Nicot, Giroud and Lyon were enough to send The Crocodiles home and ensure Pays de Horreur set up a semi-final match against the hosts. In the other game, the drama started early. Hsien-Ko had romped to victory in qualifying and finished top of the group losing only once... to Tiburtina. In Cusco, things hadn't quite gone their way, a tight opener against Pays de Horreur saw them eventually lose, but they found their winning ways against Al Ittijab. They opened the scoring in this one after only 7 minutes, Marketnewton midfielder Kim Dae Sung reacted quickly to Enzo Pietri spilling the ball in his box and tapped it in. The goal put the Tengu Warriors on 6 points and meant they would be playing Dystermark in semis. The score remained the same until the 70th minute, and after piling on the pressure, Tiburtina were rewarded. A speculative long rang effort by Mazza ricocheted off Jo in the Hsien-Ko defence and wrong-footed the keeper. The ball was in the back of the net and it was 1-1. It was 2-1 shortly after, when Katashi Han found himself unmarked at the back post and headed in to score what he and the fans thought must be the winner. Running to the fans to celebrate, there was a blast of the whistle, he was offside. The flag could be seen over in the corner, the players crowded round the referee, this was it, their big moment, Han himself was close to floods of tears while the team coach ran to them to try calm the situation. The cameras could see him screaming the words “focus” at his players. They should have focused, the resulting free kick was launched up field and in the confusion nobody saw Giancarlo Matteo on the edge of the box. He received the ball and looked up, the keeper still hadn't set himself and was off his line far enough for Matteo to lift the ball over him.

The change in atmosphere was instant, the jubilation of the Sienkans was replaced with heart wrenching, stomach churning despair and floods of tears... and meanwhile for the men from Tiburtina, a second win in as many matches against their opponents meant a match against unbeaten Dystermark.

Group A

Image Dystermark 2-1 Cusco Image

Image Osmio 1-1 Superior Volta Image

Group B

Image Hsien-Ko 1-2 Tiburtina Image

Image Al Ittijab 0-4 Pays de Horreur Image

Group Standings

Group A Standings

Pos Team P W D L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Dystermark 3 3 0 0 7 3 +4 9
02 Cusco 3 1 1 1 4 4 +0 4
03 Osmio 3 0 2 1 4 6 -2 2
04 Superior Volta 3 0 1 2 2 4 -2 1

Group B Standings

Pos Team P W D L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Pays de Horreur 3 2 1 0 8 3 +5 7
02 Tiburtina 3 2 1 0 4 2 +2 7
03 Hsien-Ko 3 1 0 2 7 6 +1 3
04 Al Ittijab 3 0 0 3 1 9 -8 0

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Postby Cusco » Sun Jun 05, 2016 3:05 pm


Hola y bienvenidos a las semifinales, el primer juego es entre Dystermark y Tiburtina.

Hello and welcome to the semifinals, the first game is between Dystermark and Tiburtina.

Ambos equipos están invictos hasta el momento, sin embargo, sólo uno puede progresar a la final.

Both teams are unbeaten so far, however, only one can progress to the final.

En el segundo juego, los anfitriones asumen Pays de Horreur.

In the second game, the hosts take Pays de Horreur.

All four teams had traveled to Monterrey to play in the Cusco national stadium. Group A winners, Dystermark who had played three and won three were looking like the favourites, with youthful exuberance and a desire to play attractive, attacking football under their coach Oscar Garrido, who was a Cusco native, they had the attributes needed to be champions. Their opponents, were well versed in big matches, they were the old guard and between the collective had won multiple titles at both club and country level, they'd ground out results to get to this position. They set about this one with a solid defence, preventing Dystermark from utilizing their almost springbok like athleticism and controlled the ball in the midfield. A solitary goal for Tiburtina's Agostino Totti was the difference and enough to fire the Oro into the final. Who there opponents would be was to be decided the following day.

Image Dystermark 0-1 Tiburtina Image

Cusco, the hosts, hadn't had to qualify for the championships, they were here simply because the tournament was in their yard and had only played three competitive fixtures in the last two years, Pays de Horreur meanwhile had played 11 games to get to this point and had lost only once. Cusco hadn't performed quite as anticipated and had laboured to this point, but the home fans were rewarded when Paquito Aiza scored his second of the tournament. The cheering in the national stadium was almost deafening when the 24th minute goal went in. Cusco led well into the second half when they were pipped back by Hercule Anholt who will be returning to Bishopbury after the tournament.
The game went 90 minutes and finished 1-1, leading to an additional 30 minutes of tense football to play.

Image Cusco 1-1 Pays de Horreur Image

Cusco retook the lead after 111 minutes in the sweltering Monterrey heat through Maxi Gutierrez who hammered a long range effort towards Sylvestre Durand's goal, The ball swerved in the air and crashed in off the post, just far enough out of the reach of the keeper's desperate outstretched hand and with only 9 minutes to go looked like the goal that would see the hosts reach the final against Tiburtina. But not if Les Bleus had anything to say about it. A desperate effort from Gosselin was going wide, but an over cautious Manuel Ferreria in the home goal got a hand to it and pushed it out for a corner. There were 9 Pays de Horreur players in the box, including their own keeper when the ball was swung in, beating every man in the box and reaching Pascal Forest at the back post to head in a last gasp equalizer. The goal was enough to deflate the Cusco side and the fans and give Pays de Horreur the mental edge in the impending penalty shoot out.

Image Cusco 2-2 Pays de Horreur aet Image

The cruelest way to be eliminated from a tournament is through a penalty shoot out. Even more cruel when you are the home side and in front of a stadium packed to the rafters with your fans. Sadly, this is how Cusco's journey came to an end as Pays de Horreur eased into the final with a 3-0 win on pens.

Image Cusco 0-3 Pays de Horreur PKS Image


With only 8 teams there is every possibility that the teams playing one another have already met in the group stage. When these two did in the second group match it was a stalemate, but this time there would have to be a winner. Pays de Horreur's attacking prowess had seen them reach the final, scoring 10 goals in four games while Tiburtina had relied on their experience.

Masimiliano Abbiati had managed his team well to this point and continued to do so in the final, ensuring his side paid close attention to Pays de Horreur's powerful attacker, Hercule Anholt and nulifying the threat of their midfield starlet Paul Gosselin. With the two taken out of the game, Tiburtina were able to make the most of their opportunities and scored the first goal of the final through Lorenzo Fonda, latching on to a neat Berlusconi through ball. Tiburtina sealed the championship with a second goal in the 64th minute, the third from their top scorer Giancarlo Matteo. The Calcio Rebibbia striker raced to his coach after scoring and was swamped by his team mates who celebrated wildly, with the title now within their grasp.

Image Tiburtina 2-0 Pays de Horreur Image

Tiburtina had come into the tournament as one of the favourites, their never say die attitude had helped them progress through qualifying and the manager's understanding of his players was rewarded with them going from strength to strength. For a number of the squad receiving medals, this would surely be their last tournament and it was a fitting way to bow out of international football, as champions.

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Postby Brigantii » Tue Jun 21, 2016 9:59 am


The second season of the Brigantii Premier League is coming shortly, who will win? Who will be relegated? Who will lift the cup? What about the international competitions? So MANY QUESTIONS!

Albertpool Football Club

Colours: Red jersey, red shorts, red socks
Previous season: 3rd
Manager: Roger Baron
Star Player: Jarred Stevenson
Transfers In: Themba Arendse, Marshnoir, £7million, Pequeño, Jonastown United £11million, Byron Samuels, Moorledge Town, £13million
Transfers Out: Joe Warburton, Adamstown, undisclosed, Peter Smith, Valengren Kickers, loan, Hassan Yilmas, Koselispor, £1.5million.
After a poor start to the season, Baron found his job in danger, but his team turned things around and were challenging for the title right up until the final few weeks. They've added a few new faces and will be looking to be competitive in the Champion's League.

Almondale Football Club

Colours: Claret jersey with blue piping, blue shorts, blue socks
Previous season: 10th
Manager: Sean Hanratty
Star Player: Carl Andrews
Transfers In: Shalom Pontecorvo, Hapoel Capharsaba, £500,000, Juan Burgos, Helios, £1million, Cyril Domi, Muet Coteau, £1million, Jimmy Boon, Ashbury City, £2million
Transfers Out: Wayne Walker, Valengren Kickers, undisclosed, Alan Nielsen, Harebury City, undisclosed, Wade Phillips, Keegan Brownlee, Adam Slater all released
A solid midtable finish last season and Sean Hanratty has spent a small amount of money shopping around, adding Burgos, an ageing midfielder who brings experience and Pontecorvo who is a virtual unknown in this neck of the woods

Belle-Isle on Sea

Colours: Blue and white chequered jerseys, white shorts, white socks
Previous Season: 1st, League 1
Manager: Hugo Poyet
Star Player: Andy Erickson
Transfers In: Douglas Boone, Torkingham Wanderers, £250,00, Tanner Hodson, Iron Bridge, £200,000, Bernard Bramson, Landfell, FREE, Sebastien Lavoie, UA Normanz, £1million
Transfers Out: Ashley Matthews, Tom Phillips, Spencer Lee, Chuck Onyewu, released
Hugo's team were promoted as champions and looked comfortable coming up, but their lack of cash has seen them pick up fringe players at other teams to bolster their squad. They will be relying on right winger Erickson to continue scoring from set pieces.

Bishopbury Football Club
Colours: Blue jersey, blue shorts, blue socks

Last Season: 9th
Manager: Gabino Rivero
Star Player: Hercule Anholt
Transfers In: Giancarlo Matteo, Calcio Rebibbia, £20million, Kristoffer Leonhardsen, Bilfrost, £12million, Abel Hernandez, Barbossa, £18million, Sylvestre Durand, Marshnoir, £4million
Transfers Out: Andiry Kedzierski, SC Kleb, £13million, Wardell Raines, Brierthorne, £2million, Jakub Kris, Villa Ortiz, £2million
Bishopbury saw four different men take charge last year after Moutinho's £85million spending spree and poor performances. This time, Gabino Rivero spent £54million, but will be most pleased to have Hercule Anholt back after his loan at Brierthorne last season..

Blackdale Wanderers
Colours: White shirt, black shorts, black and white socks

Previous Season: 2nd League 1
Manager: Martin O'Leary
Star Player: Terrence Shelby
Transfers In: Warwick Lennon, Hogghampton, £200,000, Kyle O'Dowd, Bilsdon, Free, Misho Isidore, Kavadah Sioni, £750,000, Bulat Talgat FC Dinamo Verny, £300,000, Valerian Waslylyshyn, Urskari Lemberg, £2million
Transfers Out: Alex Chambers, Dogal O'hanlahan, Eddy Ricketts released, Jorge Mendoza, Atletico Palampas, Free
Blackdale were nearly crowned League 1 Champions but will be pleased none the less to be in the Premier League. They've invested in their attacking options, adding Valerian Waslylyshn whose name will cause commentators trouble.

Brierthorne Football Club
Colours: Blue shirt, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 8th, League Cup Winners
Manager: Damien Moores
Star Player: Russ Baker
Transfers In: Wardell Raines, Bishopbury, £2million, Danilo Lobo, Santo Cristiano, £6million, Mumtaz Alfarsi, Salaga, Free
Transfers Out: Rob Ince, Harebury City, Loan, Jacob Barnes, Beckford, Loan
Brierthorne finished in the top ten last season and looked solid throughout. They capped the year off with a cup final win, which puts them into the Wyrmgore continental cup. They've seen Hercule Anholt return to Bishopbury and might struggle to find the net as often this year and will be putting all the goalscoring onus on Osmio international Danilo Lobo.

Iron Bridge Football Club
Colours: Red and Navy striped jersey, red shorts, red socks

Last Season: 16th
Manager: Ewan Holiday
Star Player: Oleg Mitrovic
Transfers In: Oleg Mitrovic, FC Peramaa, £1million, Ryota Tachibana Daezu Vipers £500,000, Hideaki Phan, Daezu Vipers, £1million, Adil Sukur, Hatayspor, £500,000, Daniel Moorhouse, Ashbury City, £250,000
Transfers Out: Masato Yamaguchi, Ridgemont Town, £4million,
Iron Bridge were on the precipice of being relegated and were lucky to keep their position in the league last season. Ewan Holiday has tried to rebuild his team, but has seen “star player” Masato Yamaguchi leave for a fraction of his valuation and have to try cobble together a squad to stay up

Hogghampton Football Club
Colours: Red jersey with yellow stripe, black shorts, red socks

Last Season: 15th
Manager: Stan Attree
Star Player: Saxton Avery
Transfers In: Saxton Avery, Landfell, £3million, Warren Rumblow, Rookscroft United, £2.5million
Transfers Out: Miguel Perez, Villa Ortiz, £15million
Cusco international Miguel Perez is out, in comes Brigantii under 21's striker Saxton Avery. Hogghampton scored the joint second least goals last year but will be hoping their newly revamped forward line will find the net more often and that youthful exuberance proves fruitful.

Jonastown United
Colours: Blue and White Hooped Jersey, Blue Shorts, Blue Socks

Last Season: 17th
Manager: Manuel da Souza
Star Player: Vicente Cardona
Transfers In: Bruno Rey, Racing Minanda, £3million, Marino Pena, Garrincha F.C., £2million, Salvador Rios, Atletico Palampas, £1million, Vicente Cardona, Racing Cruzeira, Loan, Aleksandras Simoneit, FC Chorno, Loan
Transfers Out: Pequeno, Albertpool. £11million
Jonastown stuttered to the finish line last season, finishing 3 points above the relegation zone. Da Souza has seen his star forward return home but has spent some of that money raiding teams in Cusco to rebuild and try ensure their spot in the top division. 19 year old midfielder Cardona will be the one to keep an eye on.

Landfell Football Club

Last Season: 14th, League Cup Finalists
Manager: Norman Atkins
Star Player: Robbie Lambeth
Transfers In: Pascal Forest, AS Cote de Blanc, £10million, Fito Crespo, Barbossa, £8million, Hyun-Jung Nakashima, Daejin Mariners, £4million
Transfers Out: Saxton Avery, Hogghamtpton, £3million, Bernard Bramson, Belle-Isle on Sea, free
The Matsuda family were pleased with Atkins performance last year, guiding Landfell to the league cup final. They have therefore pumped additional funds into the team to help the manager take the club further up the league and have given Brigantii national team forward Robbie Lambeth a bumper contract.

Madonnachurch Football Club
Colours: Blue jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 6th
Manager: Marvin McAteer
Star Player: Clem Batley
Transfers In: Barry Hooper, Moorledge Town, £500,000, Sergei Stepanenko, FC Sokil, £14million, Marcelo Machado, Vallar Biera-Mara, £5million
Transfers Out: Aaron Henry, Oliver Sutcliffe, Ed Stones, released
Madonnachurch managed a top 6 finish last season, and, despite having no stand out superstar players will believe this year that with their new acquisitions they will be pushing for international football. A decent cup run and Marvin McAteer's position as one of the best coaches in the league will be solidified.

Marketnewton Football Club
Colours: Cranberry jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 2nd
Manager: Alexandre Flamini
Star Player: Sylvain Nicot
Transfers In: Paul Gosselin, Navona, £25million, Rruv Gimban, Oxcastle Wanderers, £6million, Chidiegwu Bassong, Etoile du Volta, £4.5million
Transfer Outs: Phillipe Djouru, Marshnoir, £2million, Shane Thompson, Kerrdale City, Free
Missed out on the top spot by a solitary point and will have been devastated not to have won the league for the first time in years. Second place means they have qualified for the Wyrmgore Champion's League and the addition of Pays de Horreur international Paul Gosselin and Rruv Gimban is testament to the managers desire to win the title.

Moorledge Town Football ClubColours: White Jersey, White Shorts, White Socks

Last Season: 11th
Manager: Mac Dermot
Star Player: Craig Rowett
Transfers In: Djbril Sissoko, Saint Denis, loan, Mark Vidmar, Isambard Celtic, £250,000, Scott Bradshaw, Redfern Athletic, loan, James Ventura, Ashbury City, loan
Transfers Out: Byron Samuels, Albertpool, £13million, Barry Hooper, Madonnachurch, £500,000, Nobby Greengrass, Ridgemont Town £1million
The Whites have seen their young talent depleted and move to bigger clubs in the league, but with the money made they've paid off debtors rather than adding replacements. Mac Dermot is going to have a tough season ahead of him with the players brought in on temporary loans..

Oxcastle Wanderers
Colours: White jersey, navy shorts, navy socks

Last Season: 13th
Manager: Oliver Crowle
Star Player: Rob Holly
Transfers In:
Transfers Out: Rruv Gimban, Marketnewton, £6million, Godfrey Udoh, Torkingham Wanderers £4.5million
Oxcastle have seen their talented young Ang Grung international Rruv Gimban leave for Marketnewton and star midfielder Godfrey Udoh head to Torkingham and the fans will be wondering what they can expect from their team who have shown no moves going forward in the transfer market to replace these two.

Ridgemont Town
Colours: Black and white vertical striped jersey, black shorts, red socks

Last Season: 4th
Manager: Aaron Purdue
Star Player: Cecil Karembeu
Transfers In: Masato Yamaguchi, Iron Bridge, £4million, Nobby Greengrass, Moorledge Town, £1million, Thiago Mazza, Sapgnola 1947, £11million
Transfers Out: Willy Sagna, AS Cauchemar, £1million, David Thuram, FC Trinite Sainte loan
Ridgemont finished in the top four last season and have spent big to ensure they stay there, bringing in Tiburtina international midfielder Thiago Mazza in a whopping £11million deal. They'll be hoping for a good showing in the international competitions as well when they enter the first round of the Wyrmgore cup for the first time in over a decade.

Rookscroft City
Colours: Pale blue shirt, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 7th
Manager: Alessandro Inzaghi
Star Player: Reginaldo
Transfers In: Luis Preciado, Belense, £4million, Oleg Arshavin, Dynamo Mozkjova, £8million, Cosmo Inzaghi, Circo, £6million, Adnan Mikkelsen, Hoy, £2.5million
Transfers Out: Alberto Costa, Mark Johnson, Luis Richards, Kirk Black all released
Clearing out some of the fringe players City are looking to emulate their neighbours United and win the league. They'll be looking to push on under the guidance of Inzaghi who has spent well, including bringing in Dystermark international defender Mikkelsen and Gebranskia forward Oleg Arshavin.

Rookscroft United
Colours: Red jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 1st CHAMPIONS
Manager: Fergus Davies
Star Player: Milan Mjatovic
Transfers In: Serkan Aydin, £6million, Al Ittijab, Kato Afolayan, Dansak Minor, £3million, Johannes Robertsson, Ikkland, £2million
Transfers Out: Warren Rumblow, £2.5million, Hogghampton. Johannes Robertsson, Eden Forest, loan, Mike Simpson, Danny Longbottom, Jake Roberts all released
With Gosselin joining Marketnewton and Leonhardsen opting for Bishopbury the reigning champions missed out on their two biggest transfer targets of the year, but clearly feel their team is strong enough to mount a credible title defence and challenge for the Champion's League because they haven't panic bought new faces. Instead bringing in promising youth players from around Wyrmgore to develop for the future.

Skyte City
Colours: Red jersey, red shorts, red socks

Last Season: 3rd, League 1, Play Off Champions
Manager: Rafael de la Hoz
Star Player: Darrel Fry
Transfers In: Ignacio Calderon, £1million, Deportivo San Bernardo, Mark Calloway, £500,000, Redfern Athletic, Umberto Casillas, undisclosed, Monarcas, Joseba Lizardi, undisclosed, Atletico Lavernas
Transfers Out: Dwayne Brady, Glenn Jakobi, Christopher Clark, all released
De la Hoz came close to automatic qualification, missing out by three points and needing to come up through the play offs, but of the sides promoted the Cusco coach probably has the strongest team. He has invested well and brought in a number of players from his home country, including new goalkeeper Lizardi.

Throstle Rovers
Colours: Red and green striped jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 12th
Manager: Gordon Grimm
Star Player: Luke Galloway
Transfers In: Luke Galloway, £2million, Fenrir Jorvik, Remy Leboeuf, £1.5million, Montmarte
Transfers Out: Dennis Shaw, £3million, Torkingham Wanderers
Luke Galloway could be an inspired signing, with the Flynn's Isle international having a great season in his home country. Grimm's team finished comfortably in mid-table last season and can be expecting to do the same this year, much to the chagrin of fans who want to see them do something a little more exciting.

Torkingham Wanderers
Colours: Blue and White halved jerseys, blue shorts, white socks

Last Season: 5th
Manager: Hamish Day
Star Player: Kelly Nicks
Transfers In: Dennis Shaw, £3million, Throstle Rovers, Godfrey Udoh, Oxcastle Wanderers £4.5million, Sergei Shennikov, £4million, Ashbury City
Transfers Out: Douglas Boone, Belle-Isle on Sea, £250,00
The Wanderers put together a stunning run last season to finish in the top 5 and have spent shrewdly over the summer, bringing in tested Premier League talent. They will be hoping their foray into international club competitions doesn't derail their good work in the league, but the fans will be excited nonetheless..
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Postby Brigantii » Mon Jun 27, 2016 12:05 pm


Match day one of the 2015 season, Saturday 15th August, 3pm, each ground fully staffed, packed to the rafters, new signings with their new kit on, club stalwarts alongside them waiting, patiently for the whistle, and they were off.


Landfell are the first team to score this season through Brigantii international Robbie Lambeth whose goal scoring exploits from club and country are catching the eye of some of Brigantii's elite clubs.


Speaking of the elite clubs, Bishopbury who spent another whopping sum in the summer find themselves trailing to newly promoted Belle-Isle on Sea thanks to some dodgy defending.


The first booking of the new campaign goes to Moorledge midfielder Mark Vidmar, who is also the first player from Lua Vamoa to play in the Brigantii top flight.


The reigning champions get their title defense under way with a goal away to Iron Bridge, star forward Milan Mjatovic rounds the Iron Bridge keeper to slot in an empty net.


A second goal for Landfell, who are the only team to have scored twice so far. £8million signing Fito Crespo scores on his competitive debut.


Warren Rumblow!! The former Rookscroft United striker scores on his debut for Hogghampton.


A terrible challenge by Belle-Isle defender John Stone and Bishopbury have a penalty and an opportunity to equalize. Hauling down Frankie Wallace, Stone hasn't done his team any favours.


Wallace steps up and smashes the ball straight down the middle. 1-1


Two minutes of extra time in Albertpool and new boy Themba Arendse combines with Pequeno who is yet another debutant to score in the opening game of the season.


Back to it in Almondvale, who didn't look up to much in their game against newly promoted Skyte , and they're 1-0 up through Carl Andrews.


Almondvale are now 2-0 up against Skyte who seem to be falling a part at the back as they push for an equalizer.


Landfell continue their demolition of Ridgemont Town, who look a shadow of the side who finished in the top 4 last season. A first goal in 87 matches for defender Sven Larsson puts them out of sight.


League cup winners Brierthorne have to find goals from elsewhere now Hercule Anholt has returned to Bishopbury and will be pleased Brigantii midfielder Russ Baker laced up his scoring boots to give them a 1-0 lead.


The champions are pegged back by Iron Bridge. Oleg Mitrovic, signed for £1million in the off season blasts home a 30 yard effort, then receives a yellow card for removing his shirt.


Full time approaches around the country, the first day, has been relatively eventful

Albertpool 2-0 Blackdale Wanderers
Almondvale F.C 3-0 Skyte City
Bishopbury F.C 2-2 Belle-Isle on Sea
Brierthorne 1-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Hogghamton 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Iron Bridge F.C 1-1 Rookscroft United
Jonastown United 0-1 Rookscroft City
Landfell 4-1 Ridgemont Town
Madonnachurch 1-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Marketnewton F.C 0-0 Moorledge Town

Marketnewton bounce back from a disappointing opening day draw against Moorledge with a comfortable win over Madonnachurch. Goals for Nicot and a brace for Winter were enough to seal a 3-1 win. Rookscroft City become the only team to win two consecutive games in the opening fortnight in a topsy turvy start to the league.

Skyte City 1-0 Albertpool
Belle-Isle on Sea 2-3 Blackdale Wanderers
Torkingham Wanderers 3-0 Almondvale F.C
Throstle Rovers 2-1 Bishopbury F.C
Rookscroft United 2-1 Brierthorne
Rookscroft City 2-1 Hogghamton
Ridgemont Town 1-3 Iron Bridge F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 3-0 Jonastown United
Moorledge Town 1-0 Landfell
Marketnewton F.C 3-1 Madonnachurch

If you want to scrap that positive feeling around Rookscroft City, please feel free to do so immediately after they were humiliated by Bishopbury who ran riot in front of their home fans, showing flashes of the brilliance Ruben Muslimovic has paid for. A hat trick for Anholt, 2 for Matteo, 1 each for Wallace, Leaonhardsen and Sudworth were enough to see Bishopbury claim the biggest win of the season and quite possibly EVER in Premier League history. Elsewhere there were half a dozen plus a couple more goals as play-off champions Skyte took on Torkingham Wanderers in a four all thriller.

Albertpool 1-2 Belle-Isle on Sea
Skyte City 4-4 Torkingham Wanderers
Blackdale Wanderers 0-3 Throstle Rovers
Almondvale F.C 2-2 Rookscroft United
Bishopbury F.C 8-2 Rookscroft City
Brierthorne 1-0 Ridgemont Town
Hogghamton 1-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Iron Bridge F.C 1-1 Moorledge Town
Jonastown United 2-2 Marketnewton F.C
Landfell 1-1 Madonnachurch

Ridgemont Town stopped the rot, after three straight defeats, they beat Almondvale 2-0. New boy Thiago Mazza must be wondering what the hell he has got himself into. With their pride wounded Rookscroft City needed to bounce back against Blackdale, and did so with a narrow 2-1 win, courtesy of the manager's son, Cosmo Inzaghi. Mirroring last season's poor start, Albertpool picked up a point against Torkingham Wanderers, coming back from behind twice. Roger Baron will be relieved, having lost his last two games to newly promoted opposition and the first leg of their qualifying match for the Wyrmgore Champion's League just around the corner.

Torkingham Wanderers 3-3 Albertpool
Throstle Rovers 0-0 Belle-Isle on Sea
Rookscroft United 1-1 Skyte City
Rookscroft City 2-1 Blackdale Wanderers
Ridgemont Town 2-0 Almondvale F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-2 Bishopbury F.C
Moorledge Town 1-3 Brierthorne
Marketnewton F.C 1-0 Hogghamton
Madonnachurch 0-3 Iron Bridge F.C
Landfell 4-1 Jonastown United

Torkingham are making a rod for their own back this season with their inability to secure wins, having drawn their fourth game in five. Leading the champions going into the final five minutes, an uncharacteristic mistake by Dennis Shaw allowed Zack Wilbraham in to pinch an equalizer. Hogghampton can feel aggrieved to have dropped a point against Landfell, who have Robbie Lambeth in some fine form, scoring for the fifth time in as many games.

Albertpool 0-0 Throstle Rovers
Torkingham Wanderers 2-2 Rookscroft United
Belle-Isle on Sea 0-2 Rookscroft City
Skyte City 0-1 Ridgemont Town
Blackdale Wanderers 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Almondvale F.C 3-0 Moorledge Town
Bishopbury F.C 1-1 Marketnewton F.C
Brierthorne 1-2 Madonnachurch
Hogghamton 1-2 Landfell
Iron Bridge F.C 1-3 Jonastown United

Albertpool hosted Dansak Minor's reigning champions in the first leg of the second round of qualifying for Champion's League. On the back of a hard earned draw against Throstle Rovers, the Albertpool faithful were hopeful of seeing their team turn in a performance they know they are capable of after a disappointing start to the season. And their faith was rewarded when Brigantii international Michael Irwin scored for the first time this season to put them 1-0 up. The lead was doubled through captain Jarred Stevenson who smashed home a second in front of the home fans. Allstars however did grab a consolation goal (and potentially an important away goal) before the end, when Finidi Arokoyo found space at the back post to head in from a corner.

[BRG] Albertpool 2-1 Allstars [DMR]

Back to the Premier League AND SWEET JESUS LOOK AT ALL THE GOALS! Match day 6, bouyed by their performance against Allstars, Albertpool played out a thriller against Rookscroft United, coming back from behind twice to steal the win in the 93rd minute, Albertpool may now be finding some momentum. In what felt like a must win cup fixture the two teams threw themselves head first into the fixture, with Dwight Gayle scoring twice for Rookscroft United and Milan Mjatovic getting the third, but they weren't enough, as Irwin, Pequeno, Mcnamara and Ardnse all scored for Albertpool. Bishopbury's goal scoring juggernaut continued as they thrashed Landfell 5-0 in a comfortable away win, while Jonastown, who have gone under the radar so far battered Brierthorne 5-0 in a merciless display of attacking prowess... But those fixtures were nothing compared to Marketnewton's 9-1 demolition of Blackdale Wanderres. What can be said about this result, other than simply, wow. Marketnewton found a rhythm in this match, that, if it is maintained, look out everyone else in the league (and Wyrmgore). After the match Alexandre Flamini gushed “this is the best I have ever seen my team play, I am so proud to be associated with this club and hope that this result proves we are aiming high this season.” Meanwhile the Blackdale manager was unavailable to comment.

Rookscroft United 3-4 Albertpool
Rookscroft City 1-1 Throstle Rovers
Ridgemont Town 0-2 Torkingham Wanderers
Oxcastle Wanderers 3-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Moorledge Town 0-0 Skyte City
Marketnewton F.C 9-1 Blackdale Wanderers
Madonnachurch 3-2 Almondvale F.C
Landfell 0-5 Bishopbury F.C
Jonastown United 5-0 Brierthorne
Iron Bridge F.C 0-1 Hogghamton

Oh for F's sake. Why even bother following Marketnewton, one minute their drubbing opposition 9-1, the next, they're losing convincingly against teams who have only just been promoted to the Premier League. After suffering humiliation at the hands of Bishopbury, Rookscroft City haven't lost a single game, and managed another point against Albertpool who were keeping an eye on the second leg of their Champion's League qualifier. Matchday 7 was a typical follow up to some big results, just when you think teams are going to put together some results, they lose, with J-Town being trumped by Almondvale and Bishopbury beaten by Iron Bridge.

Albertpool 0-0 Rookscroft City
Rookscroft United 2-1 Ridgemont Town
Throstle Rovers 1-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Torkingham Wanderers 1-1 Moorledge Town
Belle-Isle on Sea 3-1 Marketnewton F.C
Skyte City 2-0 Madonnachurch
Blackdale Wanderers 1-1 Landfell
Almondvale F.C 2-1 Jonastown United
Bishopbury F.C 0-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Brierthorne 2-3 Hogghamton

Flying to Dansak Minor, Albertpool held a narrow 1 goal lead over Allstars. The team had put in a shift against Rookscroft City, who were currently top of the league, but would need to be on their game to ensure progress to the Champion's League group stage. It was a muggy September evening in Dansak Minor, but the heat didn't affect Albertpool's continental contingent, with Themba Arendse and Pequeno combining to find the back of the net for the only goal of the game after 51 minutes.

[DMR] Allstars 0-1 Albertpool [BRG] 1-3 agg.

Oxcastle Wanderers had seen their two star players leave for pastures greener and had seen their owner, coach, and anybody else involved in signing new players fail to deliver. That didn't matter though when they took the lead after only four minutes against league leaders Rookscroft City. That positivity however didn't last as City's Cosmo Inzaghi and Oleg Arshavin both found the back of the net. The other team in Rookscroft, United, consigned rivals Moorledge to a third loss.

Ridgemont Town 1-4 Albertpool
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-2 Rookscroft City
Moorledge Town 1-2 Rookscroft United
Marketnewton F.C 2-1 Throstle Rovers
Madonnachurch 1-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Landfell 1-3 Belle-Isle on Sea
Jonastown United 2-1 Skyte City
Iron Bridge F.C 2-1 Blackdale Wanderers
Hogghamton 1-1 Almondvale F.C
Brierthorne 3-3 Bishopbury F.C

Matchday 9 and a league that has seen goals galore in the opening few weeks saw 9 teams keep clean sheets. Rookscroft City's Brigantii national keeper Ray Hurst managed to keep Marketnewton at bay and keep the Sky Blues comfortably at the top of the league for the time being. Ridgemont kept only their third clean sheet of the season and picked up only their third win of the season against a woeful Moorledge, while the Brigantii number 2 Paul Robertson also kept a clean sheet for Torkingham against Jonastown.

Albertpool 2-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Ridgemont Town 3-0 Moorledge Town
Rookscroft City 1-0 Marketnewton F.C
Rookscroft United 1-0 Madonnachurch
Throstle Rovers 0-0 Landfell
Torkingham Wanderers 1-0 Jonastown United
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Skyte City 1-3 Hogghamton
Blackdale Wanderers 3-0 Brierthorne
Almondvale F.C 3-2 Bishopbury F.C

Quarter Mark!

Bishopbury have now scored 30 goals in ten games. 3 goals a game, yet their inability to string together a run of results means the team from the capital find themselves 8th and the fans and owner alike are running out of patience with Gabino Rivero, whose team has the makings (and the money behind them) to make them champions. In keeping with fans and owners losing patience, Mac Dermot has been dismissed from his position as manager of Moorledge United, following their slip to the bottom of the league after a 2-0 defeat to Albertpool. Throstle Rovers HELLA-STOUT defence kept yet another clean sheet, ensuring they had only conceded 6 in ten games. The reigning champions finished this stage of the season with a disappointing 1-0 defeat to Jonastown while the team who finished just behind them edged out Oxcastle 3-2. The three teams who came up last season haven't exactly set the league alight so far, with Skyte City and Blackdale in the bottom three, while cup winners Brierthorne (who were top at this stage of the season last year) have struggled without Hercule Anholt's goals.

Moorledge Town 0-2 Albertpool
Marketnewton F.C 3-2 Oxcastle Wanderers
Madonnachurch 2-1 Ridgemont Town
Landfell 2-4 Rookscroft City
Jonastown United 1-0 Rookscroft United
Iron Bridge F.C 0-0 Throstle Rovers
Hogghamton 0-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Brierthorne 1-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Bishopbury F.C 6-1 Skyte City
Almondvale F.C 2-2 Blackdale Wanderers

League Table

Pos Team                      P  W  D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Rookscroft City 10 7 2 1 17 14 +3 23
02 Marketnewton F.C 10 5 3 2 22 12 +10 18
03 Torkingham Wanderers 10 4 6 0 19 12 +7 18
04 Albertpool 10 5 3 2 18 11 +7 18
05 Iron Bridge F.C 10 4 4 2 14 9 +5 16
06 Rookscroft United 10 4 4 2 16 14 +2 16
07 Hogghamton 10 5 1 4 12 10 +2 16
08 Bishopbury F.C 10 4 3 3 30 16 +14 15
09 Almondvale F.C 10 4 3 3 18 16 +2 15
10 Jonastown United 10 4 1 5 15 15 +0 13
11 Belle-Isle on Sea 10 3 4 3 15 15 +0 13
12 Throstle Rovers 10 2 6 2 8 6 +2 12
13 Landfell 10 3 3 4 15 18 -3 12
14 Madonnachurch 10 3 3 4 11 16 -5 12
15 Oxcastle Wanderers 10 3 2 5 13 13 +0 11
16 Ridgemont Town 10 3 0 7 11 18 -7 9
17 Brierthorne 10 2 3 5 13 21 -8 9
18 Skyte City 10 2 3 5 11 20 -9 9
19 Blackdale Wanderers 10 2 2 6 12 24 -12 8
20 Moorledge Town 10 1 4 5 5 15 -10 7

When we come back, three Brigantii teams will be playing their opening fixtures in the Wyrmgore Champion's League, as Rookscroft United take on Shakhtar Yuzivka, Marketnewton play Royal Khaldoon and Albertpool travel to Salaga, over in Cusco.
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Postby Brigantii » Thu Jun 30, 2016 8:51 am


And we're back with week 11 of the Brigantii premier league.

Managerless Moorledge misfired once again against Madonnachurch. The team at the bottom of the league have yet to find a replacement for Mac Dermot and were on the receiving end of another loss. The current candidates for the manager's job include, under 21's boss Mel Redwood who is in temporary charge, Cesare Sirigu, coach of Tiburtina Serie B club Laurentina and Julian Filbert who is currently without a position. Rookscroft City slipped to an unexpected defeat to Iron Bridge at home after initially leading.

Albertpool 1-2 Marketnewton F.C
Moorledge Town 0-1 Madonnachurch
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-1 Landfell
Ridgemont Town 1-1 Jonastown United
Rookscroft City 1-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Rookscroft United 0-0 Hogghamton
Throstle Rovers 2-0 Brierthorne
Torkingham Wanderers 0-0 Bishopbury F.C
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-2 Almondvale F.C
Skyte City 0-1 Blackdale Wanderers

A shocking, season ending injury to Hercule Anholt means the Bishopbury forward will be out of action until some time next year. It's terrible news for both the player and Bishopbury as he had started strongly. Capitalizing on injury time, ruthless Rookscroft United scored twice in the 91st and 97th minute to snatch all three points. Blackdale Wanderers stunned Torkingham with a huge 4-1 win, their biggest victory since promotion while the two other sides to come up with them played out a nine goal thriller in Skyte. Skyte's top scorer from last year Darrel Fry bagged a hat trick in 18 minutes as Skyte came from 4-2 down to steal victory.

Madonnachurch 1-2 Albertpool
Landfell 3-4 Marketnewton F.C
Jonastown United 4-0 Moorledge Town
Iron Bridge F.C 0-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Hogghamton 1-0 Ridgemont Town
Brierthorne 1-2 Rookscroft City
Bishopbury F.C 0-2 Rookscroft United
Almondvale F.C 2-0 Throstle Rovers
Blackdale Wanderers 4-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Skyte City 5-4 Belle-Isle on Sea

Goals for Ramsbottom, Nicot, Gimban and Sung were ample as Marketnewton ran roughshod over Iron Bridge. The team from the captial will be looking to take this intensity into their midweek game in the Champion's League and take three points in their first group match. Also playing in the Champion's League this Wednesday are reigning champions Rookscroft United who were frustrated to draw 2-2 with Blackdale Wanderers.

Albertpool 3-2 Landfell
Madonnachurch 1-0 Jonastown United
Marketnewton F.C 4-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Moorledge Town 1-0 Hogghamton
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-0 Brierthorne
Ridgemont Town 2-1 Bishopbury F.C
Rookscroft City 2-4 Almondvale F.C
Rookscroft United 2-2 Blackdale Wanderers
Throstle Rovers 1-2 Skyte City
Torkingham Wanderers 4-0 Belle-Isle on Sea

The Brigantii champions traveled to Urskar, one of the seven states of Gebranskia to take on Shakhtar Yuzivka. Yuzivka were champions of their home league and would be a tough task, but manager Fergus Davies had set his team up to press high up the field and chase the ball. The fast paced Zack Wilbraham gave United the lead after 20 minutes and found an assist for Dwight Gayle to seal all three points. Marketnewton hosted Royal Khaldoon, the richest club in Al Ittijab, and played a grueling, intense game where the keepers where both contenders for man of the match. It was only the deftest of headers from Brigantii international Trevor Winter that proved to be the difference maker. Albertpool, who qualified for the group stage by beating Dansak Minor's Allstars were outclassed on every inch of the pitch by Cusco's Salaga, with their talismanic striker Fernando Flores scoring twice in front of a rabid home crowd.

[URS] Shakhtar Yuzivka 0-2 Rookscroft United [BRG]
[BRG] Marketnewton 1-0 Royal Khaldoon [ALI]
[CUS] Salaga 3-1 Albertpool [BRG]

Back to domestic matters and Albertpool rebound from their defeat in Cusco with a resounding 5-1 thumping of Jonastown United. Michael Irwin proved why he is considered one of the best forwards in the country, running the show from the front line, with two goals and an assist. Their local rivals, Brierthorne were thumped 6-3 by Marketnewton, who look to be going from strength to strength this season. Unlike Brierthorne, the cup winners seem to have taken a step backwards this season and are looking in the direction of manager Damien Moores.

Jonastown United 1-5 Albertpool
Iron Bridge F.C 0-1 Landfell
Hogghamton 0-1 Madonnachurch
Brierthorne 3-6 Marketnewton F.C
Bishopbury F.C 2-1 Moorledge Town
Almondvale F.C 0-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Blackdale Wanderers 2-4 Ridgemont Town
Skyte City 0-2 Rookscroft City
Belle-Isle on Sea 2-1 Rookscroft United
Torkingham Wanderers 3-1 Throstle Rovers

Four games without a point and Throstle Rovers aren't looking to be in great shape. Understandaly this was a defeat at the hands of the reigning champs who were at their scintilating best, passing and moving like a well oiled machine, while their Cusco international goalkeeper Manuel Ferreira went untested. Moorledge United have hired a new coach, bringing in Cesare Sirigu, who oversaw his new team claim a point against Blackdale Wanderers

Albertpool 1-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Jonastown United 1-2 Hogghamton
Landfell 2-0 Brierthorne
Madonnachurch 3-1 Bishopbury F.C
Marketnewton F.C 2-1 Almondvale F.C
Moorledge Town 0-0 Blackdale Wanderers
Oxcastle Wanderers 2-3 Skyte City
Ridgemont Town 1-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Rookscroft City 0-4 Torkingham Wanderers
Rookscroft United 3-0 Throstle Rovers

Back to continental football, and on Wednesday Rookscroft United took on Trasavia of Osmio and resoundingly beat them, with a comfortable 3-1 win. In a champion vs champion game, it was the team from Brigantii who looked every bit the best. Marketnewton hosted Hsien-Ko's Hsien-Ko Power Company, with the supposed minnows picking up a point against the Brigantii power houses with a late equalizer from An Bao Le. Albertpool suffered their second defeat in the competition as they took on Pays de Horreur side Cachecreux CS, leaving them joint bottom of group D.

[BRG] Rookscroft United 3-1 Trasavia [OSO]
[BRG] Marketnewton 1-1 Hsien-Ko Power Company [HSK]
[PDH] Cachecreux Club Sportif 1-0 Albertpool [BRG]

Following up from a clash with Trasavia, United had to face City in the first Rookscroft derby of the season. And one that failed to generate the usual level of excitement fans and neutrals have been treated to in regular seasons. Elsewhere, Landfell turned in one of the best 45 minute spells of the season so far, leading 3-0 before the break. The second half however was all Almondvale, with Carl Andrews and Shalom Pontecorvo scoring to bring the home side to within one goal, which ultimately they couldn't find.

Hogghamton 1-0 Albertpool
Brierthorne 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C
Bishopbury F.C 1-3 Jonastown United
Almondvale F.C 2-3 Landfell
Blackdale Wanderers 5-1 Madonnachurch
Skyte City 2-0 Marketnewton F.C
Belle-Isle on Sea 2-1 Moorledge Town
Torkingham Wanderers 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Throstle Rovers 1-1 Ridgemont Town
Rookscroft United 0-0 Rookscroft City

Thursday, it's not just teams in the Champion's League who are having to traverse the continent, but teams playing in the Wymgore Cup. For Torkingham Wanderers they traveled to Ikkland, protectorate of Dystermark to face off against Einherjer, in a stadium that holds 400 people. The stadium, in the frosty city of Einherjer was packed and saw the unlikeliest of wins as the home team edged out Torkingham 1-0. Ridgemont Town had to travel to Jahat Debu, which, again isn't a nation renowned for generating footballing superstars. Ridgemont, fielding a team including some youth players, beat Kandy 2-0 and will be hoping they away fixture is as simple. Flying to Superior Volta, Brierthorne faced off against Club Athletique Nkuna and had to come from behind to secure the draw. The away goal may prove to be vital in the second fixture of this knockout tournament.

[IKK] Einherjer 1-0 Torkingham Wanderers [BRG]
[BRG] Ridgemont Town 2-0 Kandy [JDU]
[SVO] Club Athletique Nkuna 1-1 Brierthorne [BRG]

After two losses in as many fixtures, Bishopbury found a point against Hogghampton who led through Warren Rumblow. The former Rookscroft United striker played a neat 1-2 with Sexton Avery before unleashing a long range effort from the edge of the box that curled into the top right had side of the goal. A goal for captain Frankie Wallace was enough to salvage a point. Elsewhere, the anguish for Albertpool fans built as they were beaten by local rivals Brierthorne comprehensively. Osmio international Danilo Lobo ran the show, scoring twice and delivering the corner that allowed Wardell Raines to head home his first of the season.

Albertpool 0-3 Brierthorne
Hogghamton 1-1 Bishopbury F.C
Iron Bridge F.C 1-2 Almondvale F.C
Jonastown United 2-0 Blackdale Wanderers
Landfell 4-0 Skyte City
Madonnachurch 1-2 Belle-Isle on Sea
Marketnewton F.C 1-0 Torkingham Wanderers
Moorledge Town 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-1 Rookscroft United
Ridgemont Town 1-1 Rookscroft City

Fixture 3 of the Champion's League group stage and Rookscroft United manager Fergus Davies stormed down the tunnel after the final whistle. Flynn's Isle club Rothwell stunned Rookscroft with a 2-0 away win. Marketnewton, returned to action against one of the most well known clubs in Wyrmgore, Real Minanda. The team from Cusco are multiple time Champion's League winners[1] and have a wealth of riches in both financial terms and squad depth, but that wasn't enough in this match against a determined Marketnewton, who have Pays de Horreur international Paul Gosselin to thank for grabbing all three points with a powerful freekick. Albertpool kickstarted their Champion's League run with a 2-0 win over Calcio Rebbibia after floundering in their two opening fixtures.

[BRG] Rookscroft United 0-2 Rothwell [FLN]
[CUS] Real Minanda 0-1 Marketnewton [BRG]
[TIB] Calcio Rebbibia 0-2 Albertpool [BRG]

Reigning champions versus last season's runners up. Marketnewton coming off the back of a 1-0 win against one of the best teams in the continent, while Rookscroft United suffered a shock defeat to Rothwell. There is no love loss between the two managers, Fergus Davies and Alexandre Flamini who begrudgingly shoo hands before kick off and then proceeded to watch a ten goal thriller.

1-0 to the home side within 10 minutes, courtesy of Milan Mjatovic. 1-1, as Sylvain Nicot scores another goal this season. Then 2-1, the away side take the lead through Kim Dae Sung, the Hsien-Ko international is having a relatively quiet this season compared to last year. Dwight Gayle then pulled the home team level, before Mjatovic scored his second before the break to put United up 3 goals to 2. After the break the action continued to be frantic and a desperate lunge on Nicot drew a penalty that the Marketnewton talisman stepped up to blast home. At 3-3, the red cards suddenly came out and Harry Melville was shown one for a lunge on Gimban, who reacted poorly and got into a shoving match which turned into a scuffle that saw all 11 men and their respective benches converge on one another. Once separated 10 man United pushed forward and Mjatovic scored a third. This was followed by a headed goal for Kato Afolayan, putting the hosts two goals clear. Brigantii international Aaron Ramsbottom managed to find a fourth for Marketnewton, but it wasn't enough, as Marketnewton pushed for an equalizer they were caught with a quick counter attack and Zack Wilbraham finished the game off 6-4.

Bishopbury F.C 1-3 Albertpool
Almondvale F.C 2-1 Brierthorne
Blackdale Wanderers 0-0 Hogghamton
Skyte City 1-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-1 Jonastown United
Torkingham Wanderers 5-0 Landfell
Throstle Rovers 0-0 Madonnachurch
Rookscroft United 6-4 Marketnewton F.C
Rookscroft City 1-1 Moorledge Town
Ridgemont Town 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers

Torkingham looked to redeem themselves after losing the first match against the minnows from Ikkland, and took the lead through Sergei Shennikov, the former Ashbury City striker has failed to deliver so far this season, but his towering header gave the home side hope that they could turn the fixture around. A long throw in however derailed Torkingham as midfielder Leifur Bjorn Sigurdsson launched it into the Torkingham box for Egill Armannsson to connect with. The equalizer was enough to tie up the game and see Einherjer qualify on aggregate goals. Elsewhere, Ridgemont deployed another youthful squad against Kandy and nearly paid the price with a tightly fought 4-3 win against the team from Jahat Debu. Brierthorne's league season has been dreadful thus far, with Damien Moores' job at risk, but a stellar performance against Club Athletique has propelled them into the next round. Goals for Baker, Lobo and teen debutant Jack Brown all score as they outclassed the side from Superior Volta.

[BRG] Torkingham Wanderers 1-1 Einherjer [IKK] 1-2 agg
[JDU] Kandy 3-4 Ridgemont Town [BRG] 3-6 agg
[BRG] Brierthorne 4-0 Club Athletique Nkuna [SVO] 5-1 agg

Match day 19, after this, it's all down hill to the finish line. 29 matches into his tenure as Bishopbury manager and Gabino Rivero has been dismissed after a 0-0 draw with Blackdale Wanderers. Having started the season with thirty goals in 10 games, Bishopbury's form has slipped since Hercule Anholt's injury, winning once in 9 matches and scoring only 7 goals. That was enough for Ruben Muslimovic to act and dispose of the coach. Marketnewton remain four points ahead of Rookscroft City atfer a narrow 2-1 win over Ridgemont Town who are without a win in five games. Trevor Winter bagged a brace to ensure the side from the capital stay top. The reigning champions dropped three points away to Landfell, after the previous week's grueling battle with Marketnewton with a late goal for Brigantii forward Robbie Lambeth. A second win for bottom club Moorledge under Sirigu has drawn them level on points with Throstle Rovers who drew with Jonastown United. Almondvale's win over Albertpool, whose home form this season has been dreadful, moved the club into third and 3 points ahead of Torkingham Wanderers, who should now be able to focus on the league after been eliminating from the Wyrmgore cup in shocking fashion.

Albertpool 2-3 Almondvale F.C
Bishopbury F.C 0-0 Blackdale Wanderers
Brierthorne 3-0 Skyte City
Hogghamton 1-2 Belle-Isle on Sea
Iron Bridge F.C 1-0 Torkingham Wanderers
Jonastown United 1-1 Throstle Rovers
Landfell 1-1 Rookscroft United
Madonnachurch 1-2 Rookscroft City
Marketnewton F.C 2-1 Ridgemont Town
Moorledge Town 2-0 Oxcastle Wanderers

League Table
Pos Team                       P   W  D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Marketnewton F.C 19 12 3 4 47 29 +18 39
02 Rookscroft City 19 10 5 4 28 28 +0 35
03 Almondvale F.C 19 10 4 5 36 28 +8 34
04 Torkingham Wanderers 19 8 7 4 36 20 +16 31
05 Albertpool 19 9 3 7 35 27 +8 30
06 Rookscroft United 19 7 9 3 32 24 +8 30
07 Hogghamton 19 8 4 7 18 16 +2 28
08 Landfell 19 8 4 7 32 33 -1 28
09 Iron Bridge F.C 19 7 6 6 21 20 +1 27
10 Belle-Isle on Sea 19 7 6 6 30 32 -2 27
11 Jonastown United 19 7 4 8 29 27 +2 25
12 Madonnachurch 19 7 4 8 21 28 -7 25
13 Skyte City 19 6 4 9 24 38 -14 22
14 Bishopbury F.C 19 5 6 8 37 31 +6 21
15 Oxcastle Wanderers 19 5 6 8 18 20 -2 21
16 Blackdale Wanderers 19 5 6 8 26 34 -8 21
17 Ridgemont Town 19 5 4 10 22 29 -7 19
18 Brierthorne 19 5 4 10 25 35 -10 19
19 Throstle Rovers 19 3 9 7 14 19 -5 18
20 Moorledge Town 19 4 6 9 12 25 -13 18

[1] although no posts show this, it's part of the historical backstory of football in Wyrmgore. Ta
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Postby Brigantii » Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:31 pm


Back! And it's League Cup time.

Round 1 and if you were looking for shock results, you probably would be disappointed, the big teams did as the big teams do..? Does..? Do. The teams struggling near the wrong end of the league however fell about themselves doing their best to be eliminated. Bottom club Moorledge were knocked out by League 1 club Harebury City while Throstle Rovers were eliminated by Belle-Isle Rovers who find themselves 25 places behind them in the league system.


Torkingham Wanderers 3-1 Castlefield Town (3-1 agg)

Sellersfield United 3-0 Valengren Kickers (3-0 agg)

O'Grady 1-0 Basham F.C (1-0 agg)

Durness-in-Roe 1-0 St George Town (1-0 agg)

Newsham Town 0-2 Deighton F.C (0-2 agg)

Rookscroft United 1-0 Ridgemont Town (1-0 agg)

Eden Forest 2-0 Jonastown United (2-0 agg)

Marketnewton 2-0 Peterford United (2-0 agg)

Iron Bridge 1-0 Whiteham F.C (1-0 agg)

University of Skyte 0-2 Ashbury City (0-2 agg)

Garry County 0-1 Corpus Christi (0-1 agg)

Belle-Isle on Sea 2-3 Whitfield F.C (2-3 agg)

Almondvale 1-3 Manford Town (1-3 agg)

Skyte City 2-0 Kingston F.C (2-0 agg)

Belle-Isle Rovers 4-3 Throstle Rovers (4-3 agg)

Hogghampton 1-1 Copingham United (2-1 AET, 2-1 agg)

Smalling F.C 3-1 Inglby (3-1 agg)

Wantworth & Selby 0-3 Beckford (0-3 agg)

Albertpool 2-0 Kerrdale City (2-0 agg)

Codgate 2-2 Rigsby Spartans (3-3 AET, 3-3 agg, 2-4 PKs)

Harebury City 1-0 Moorledge Town (1-0 agg)

Landfell 2-3 Rookscroft City (2-3 agg)

Bishopbury 1-1 Brierthorne (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 4-1 PKs)

AFC Lakecombe 2-2 Bilsdon Town (2-3 AET, 2-3 agg)

Berryham 1-1 Saddlewood Town (2-2 AET, 2-2 agg, 3-0 PKs)

Carrcrodt Town 1-0 Throstle Academicals (1-0 agg)

Goose Island Town 0-1 Friarham (0-1 agg)

Lisburn Town 0-0 Greenhope Forest (0-1 AET, 0-1 agg)

Adamstown 0-2 Westfield United (0-2 agg)

Allied Motor Trade 1-0 Madonnachurch (1-0 agg)

Bridgette United 0-3 Redfern Athletic (0-3 agg)

Oxcastle Wanderers 0-1 Blackdale Wanderers (0-1 agg)

Matchday 20 and after being knocked out the cup by Harebury City, Salvatore Sirigu's Moorledge were unceremoniously hammered at home by league leaders Marketnewton with the captial club's talismanic forward Sylvain Nicot smashing in a hat trick. Rookscroft City stayed hot on their heels with a 3-2 win at home against Jonastown, with debutant Jeremiah Sudworth scoring twice.

Blackdale Wanderers 1-1 Albertpool
Skyte City 0-1 Almondvale F.C
Belle-Isle on Sea 0-0 Bishopbury F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 0-1 Brierthorne
Throstle Rovers 0-0 Hogghamton
Rookscroft United 3-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Rookscroft City 3-2 Jonastown United
Ridgemont Town 0-0 Landfell
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-1 Madonnachurch
Moorledge Town 1-5 Marketnewton F.C

Iron Bridge came back from 1-0 down in the last few minutes to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. While Bishopbury, who are still managerless picked up a 1-0 win over Throstle Rovers courtesy of a Giancarlo Matteo penalty.

Albertpool 1-2 Skyte City
Blackdale Wanderers 1-2 Belle-Isle on Sea
Almondvale F.C 0-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Bishopbury F.C 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Brierthorne 1-1 Rookscroft United
Hogghamton 2-1 Rookscroft City
Iron Bridge F.C 2-1 Ridgemont Town
Jonastown United 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Landfell 0-1 Moorledge Town
Madonnachurch 1-1 Marketnewton F.C

Back to the Champion's League and Rookscroft United bounced back from their defeat against Rothwell with a 1-0 win over Shakhtar Yuzivka. Marketnewton hammered Royal Khaldoon of Al Ittijab 4-0 and continued their great goal scoring form. Albertpool however saw their Champion's League dream all but come to an end after another defeat to Salaga.

[BRG] Rookscroft United 1-0 Shakhtar Yuzivka [URS]
[ALI] Royal Khaldoon 0-4 Marketnewton [BRG]
[BRG] Albertpool 2-3 Salaga [CUS]

Almondvale took advantage of Rookscroft United's players looking a little sluggish following their mid-week fixture and picked up a 2-1 win in Rookscroft. There were three games with 7 goals this weekend, making a total of 21, which isn't a prime number, but is half of 42, which is 3 more goals than Torkingham have scored so far this season – 3 is the difference between the number of goals they scored and Skyte won by.

Belle-Isle on Sea 0-0 Albertpool
Torkingham Wanderers 2-5 Skyte City
Throstle Rovers 1-0 Blackdale Wanderers
Rookscroft United 1-2 Almondvale F.C
Rookscroft City 1-0 Bishopbury F.C
Ridgemont Town 3-4 Brierthorne
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-0 Hogghamton
Moorledge Town 2-3 Iron Bridge F.C
Marketnewton F.C 0-0 Jonastown United
Madonnachurch 3-4 Landfell

Ridgemont travelled to Cusco to take on Port Los Renato and, despite their dismal performances in the league thus far managed to come out on top with a 2-1 win. Also struggling near the wrong end of the table were Brierthorne who flew into Hatayspor, in Al Ittijab, a hostile environment for any away team which was made even more hostile with Brierthorne leading 2-0 from the 18th minute until an 87th minute consolation goal for the home side.

[CUS] Port Los Renatos 1-2 Ridgemont Town [BRG]
[ALI] Hatayspor 1-2 Brierthorne [BRG]

Ridgemont Town fans can collectively shake their heads, after a great result in a foreign land they come home to stink up the place with a subpar performance against Almondvale – not that you should take too much away from Almondvale who have Jimmy Boon to thank for another solid performance in their midfield, scoring once and getting an assist for Carl Andrews. Marketnewton suffered an uncharacteristic loss to Hogghampton.

Albertpool 2-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Belle-Isle on Sea 2-0 Throstle Rovers
Skyte City 0-4 Rookscroft United
Blackdale Wanderers 1-1 Rookscroft City
Almondvale F.C 2-1 Ridgemont Town
Bishopbury F.C 0-1 Oxcastle Wanderers
Brierthorne 1-1 Moorledge Town
Hogghamton 2-1 Marketnewton F.C
Iron Bridge F.C 0-0 Madonnachurch
Jonastown United 3-1 Landfell

Despite a little blip in against Rothwell, Rookscroft United have been solid in the group stages thus far and continued to do so with a routine 3-1 win over Trasavia. Marketnewton stuttered again against HK Power Co and managed a disappointing 2-2 draw in Hsien-Ko while Albertpool, who are definitely out of the Champion's League, were beaten once more by Cachecreux CS.

[OSO] Trasavia 1-3 Rookscroft United [BRG]
[HSK] Hsien-Ko Power Company 2-2 Marketnewton [BRG]
[BRG] Albertpool 0-1 Cachecreux Club Sportif [PDH]

There was a tirade of foul language at Marketnewton after they were humiliated by Bishopbury. Their capital city rivals are still under the interim leadership of Kip Archer, the former reserve team coach, who managed to motivate his team to a famous victory, goals for Matteo, Wallace, Leonhardsen and Sudworth were more than enough to take all three points. Meanwhile, Marketnewton's nearest rivals picked up a 3-1 win over Belle-Isle.

Throstle Rovers 1-0 Albertpool
Rookscroft United 1-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Rookscroft City 3-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Ridgemont Town 2-0 Skyte City
Oxcastle Wanderers 2-0 Blackdale Wanderers
Moorledge Town 1-2 Almondvale F.C
Marketnewton F.C 0-4 Bishopbury F.C
Madonnachurch 1-0 Brierthorne
Landfell 0-0 Hogghamton
Jonastown United 2-3 Iron Bridge F.C

Albertpool has been a pretty sad site for international club fixtures, but not for the city's second club, Brierthorne who, after conceding an away goal and seeing the game tied up at 2-2 on aggregate stepped up their game and beat Hatayspor 2-1 (4-2 on aggregate). Ridgemont marched on into the third round with a superb 3-1 win over Port Los Renato and continue to look like a different club when playing in Wyrmgore.

[BRG] Ridgemont Town 3-1 Port Los Renatos [CUS] (5-2 agg)
[BRG] Brierthorne 2-1 Hatayspor [ALI] (4-2 agg)

Geographically, historically, errmm, and a third reason, Albertpool vs Rookscroft United is considered a rivalry in Brigantii and coming off victorious this time around were Albertpool, whose Brigantii internaitonal left back, Byron Samuels scored a stunning free kick before starting a counter attack that saw the Reds score a second through Michael Irwin. The West coast was bouncing this weekend as Albertpool's other club Brierthorne mercilessly battered the J-Town goal and scored 8. 8! I don't think they managed that last year with Hercule Anholt and this year they don't even have the star forward!

Albertpool 2-0 Rookscroft United
Throstle Rovers 2-1 Rookscroft City
Torkingham Wanderers 2-1 Ridgemont Town
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-2 Oxcastle Wanderers
Skyte City 1-0 Moorledge Town
Blackdale Wanderers 0-0 Marketnewton F.C
Almondvale F.C 1-2 Madonnachurch
Bishopbury F.C 1-2 Landfell
Brierthorne 8-0 Jonastown United
Hogghamton 1-0 Iron Bridge F.C

Rothwell have proven to be a thorn in Rookscroft United's side being the only club to take points off them in the Champion's League thus far, the set back, however was only minor as United topped their group, a position which Marketnewton failed to obtain following their 2-1 defeat to Real Minanda and marked the club's sixth game without a win – a run of form that is damaging their title credentials. Albertpool bowed out of the competition with a whimper, losing 1-0 to Calcio Rebbibia, whose third place finish in Group D sees the team from Tiburtina enter into the third round of the Wyrmgore Cup.

[FLN] Rothwell 1-1 Rookscroft United [BRG]
[BRG] Marketnewton 1-2 Real Minanda [CUS]
[BRG] Albertpool 0-1 Calcio Rebbibia [TIB]

We often overlook the mid-table battles, it's often because keeping track of who is where and what it means to the league is difficult and often boring, unless you're scrapping for the title or qualifying berth for the Wyrmgore tournaments or trying to avoid relegation, there's not a great deal of stuff happening that's noteworthy... Anyway, Madonnachurch won, Hogghampton lost and Oxcastle took three points off Throstle Rovers

Rookscroft City 1-3 Albertpool
Ridgemont Town 0-2 Rookscroft United
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Moorledge Town 0-0 Torkingham Wanderers
Marketnewton F.C 2-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Madonnachurch 2-1 Skyte City
Landfell 2-3 Blackdale Wanderers
Jonastown United 2-0 Almondvale F.C
Iron Bridge F.C 2-2 Bishopbury F.C
Hogghamton 0-3 Brierthorne

The newly promoted teams have done themselves proud this year and continued to do so this week with Belle-Isle on Sea picking up a point against Landfell while Blackdale Wanderers beat Iron Bridge and Skyte City put Jonastown to the sword with a resounding 4-0 win. Elsewhere Marketnewton's poor form has continued as they were beaten by Throstle Rovers away from home.

Albertpool 0-2 Ridgemont Town
Rookscroft City 0-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Rookscroft United 1-1 Moorledge Town
Throstle Rovers 2-1 Marketnewton F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 0-3 Madonnachurch
Belle-Isle on Sea 2-2 Landfell
Skyte City 4-0 Jonastown United
Blackdale Wanderers 2-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Almondvale F.C 2-0 Hogghamton
Bishopbury F.C 2-4 Brierthorne

League Cup round 2..

Greenhope Forest played 90 minutes against Rookscroft City and managed to hold them to an admirable 1-1 draw, and if the cup deemed it necessary would have earned themselves a replay, but that's just not how we do things in Brigantii and instead they were made to feel the Rookscroft City wrath in thirty minutes of extra time, with the Sky Blues absolutely decimating their opposition and finising the match 6-1 A.E.T. It took more than 120 minutes for Premier League side Albertpool to dispense of League 1 side Westfield United and proceed to the third round. 4 well taken penalties from Pequeno, Samuels, Mcnamara and Steveson separated the two sides. Marketnewton returned to winning ways with a victory over Torkingham Wanderers and managed to find their goal scoring ways to boot, putting four past Paul Robertson.


Sellersfield United 1-1 Berryham (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 1-3 PKs)

Carrcrodt Town 2-5 Durness-in-Roe (2-5 agg)

Whitfield F.C 1-1 Rigsby Spartans (3-1 AET, 3-1 agg)

Beckford 1-1 Smalling F.C (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 0-2 PKs)

Torkingham Wanderers 1-4 Marketnewton (1-4 agg)

Bilsdon Town 1-1 Belle-Isle Rovers (2-1 AET, 2-1 agg)

Eden Forest 1-0 Redfern Athletic (1-0 agg)

Bishopbury 1-1 Allied Motor Trade (2-1 AET, 2-1 agg)

Greenhope Forest 1-1 Rookscroft City (1-6 AET, 1-6 agg)

Iron Bridge 1-3 Ashbury City (1-3 agg)

Rookscroft United 3-1 O'Grady (3-1 agg)

Blackdale Wanderers 0-1 Manford Town (0-1 agg)

Deighton F.C 0-1 Hogghampton (0-1 agg)

Corpus Christi 3-0 Friarham (3-0 agg)

Westfield United 0-0 Albertpool (0-0 AET, 0-0 agg, 2-4 PKs)

Harebury City 2-1 Skyte City (2-1 agg)

The goals keep coming as Hsien-Ko midfielder Kim Dae Sung scored his first ever hat trick for Marketnewton as they despatched of Rookscroft City. Nearly 7 weeks since Moorledge last won a match and their 2-0 win over Ridgemont Town was celebrated like they had won the league. On loan striker Djbril Sissoko scored for only the sixth time this season, but remains Moorledge's top scorerer.

Oxcastle Wanderers 2-2 Albertpool
Moorledge Town 2-0 Ridgemont Town
Marketnewton F.C 5-0 Rookscroft City
Madonnachurch 1-0 Rookscroft United
Landfell 0-0 Throstle Rovers
Jonastown United 0-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Iron Bridge F.C 3-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Hogghamton 1-4 Skyte City
Brierthorne 1-1 Blackdale Wanderers
Bishopbury F.C 1-5 Almondvale F.C

As we reach the ¾ stage of the season, the two of the bottom three lose again, with Blackdale taking a beating off Almondvale (who are now top of the table... when did that happen?) and Moorledge remaining rooted to the bottom of the table with a 1-0 loss to Albertpool, who have Brigantii forward Michael Irwin to thank for a 64th minute goal. 2nd place Marketnewton retain their runner up spot with a routine win over Oxcastle while the two Rookscroft clubs round out the top 4, with differing fortunes on the day. Despite a 3-0 win over Skyte City, it appears Kip Archer will soon be replaced at Bishopbury by

Albertpool 1-0 Moorledge Town
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-2 Marketnewton F.C
Ridgemont Town 2-1 Madonnachurch
Rookscroft City 1-4 Landfell
Rookscroft United 3-1 Jonastown United
Throstle Rovers 0-4 Iron Bridge F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 0-2 Hogghamton
Belle-Isle on Sea 2-4 Brierthorne
Skyte City 0-3 Bishopbury F.C
Blackdale Wanderers 0-3 Almondvale F.C

League Table
Pos Team                       P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Almondvale F.C 29 17 4 8 54 37 +17 55
02 Marketnewton F.C 29 16 6 7 64 40 +24 54
03 Rookscroft City 29 13 7 9 40 48 -8 46
04 Rookscroft United 29 11 12 6 48 34 +14 45
05 Albertpool 29 13 6 10 47 37 +10 45
06 Madonnachurch 29 13 6 10 36 37 -1 45
07 Iron Bridge F.C 29 12 8 9 40 34 +6 44
08 Torkingham Wanderers 29 11 9 9 44 35 +9 42
09 Hogghamton 29 12 6 11 26 28 -2 42
10 Oxcastle Wanderers 29 11 8 10 28 26 +2 41
11 Landfell 29 11 8 10 47 47 +0 41
12 Brierthorne 29 11 7 11 52 46 +6 40
13 Skyte City 29 11 4 14 41 54 -13 37
14 Belle-Isle on Sea 29 9 9 11 42 49 -7 36
15 Bishopbury F.C 29 8 8 13 51 46 +5 32
16 Throstle Rovers 29 7 11 11 20 29 -9 32
17 Jonastown United 29 9 5 15 39 51 -12 32
18 Blackdale Wanderers 29 7 10 12 35 48 -13 31
19 Ridgemont Town 29 8 5 16 34 44 -10 29
20 Moorledge Town 29 6 9 14 21 39 -18 27
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Postby Brigantii » Mon Jul 18, 2016 2:27 pm


League cup round 3, goodbye Albertpool, goodbye Hogghampton. The two sides from the Brigantii top division were eliminated in rather disappointing fashion (if you were a fan). Berryham, from the Brigantii second division can be exceptionally pleased with themselves for knocking off Albertpool, coming back from a Pequeno goal to win 2-1. Roger Baron will be a little disappointed in his team's performance, particularly given their position in the league and having crashed out of the Champion's League.


Durness-in-Roe 1-0 Eden Forest (1-0 agg)

Harebury City 0-2 Rookscroft City (0-2 agg)

Smalling F.C 2-2 Whitfield F.C (3-2 AET, 3-2 agg)

Rookscroft United 4-2 Bishopbury (4-2 agg)

Bilsdon Town 0-3 Marketnewton (0-3 agg)

Hogghampton 0-1 Corpus Christi (0-1 agg)

Albertpool 1-2 Berryham (1-2 agg)

Manford Town 1-1 Ashbury City (1-1 AET, 1-1 agg, 2-1 PKs)

Iron Bridge hammered Rookscroft City to move above the Sky Blues in the league. The fashion in which Iron Bridge dismantled City has been evident all season through and has seen their manager Ewan Holiday's stock rise. Players like Mitrovic, Phan and Moorhouse have been sublime since signing for Iron Bridge. A rare win for Ridgemont Town lifted them a little clearer of Moorledge at the bottom, but keeps them deep in the relegation mire.

Marketnewton F.C 2-1 Albertpool
Madonnachurch 2-0 Moorledge Town
Landfell 1-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Jonastown United 1-2 Ridgemont Town
Iron Bridge F.C 6-1 Rookscroft City
Hogghamton 2-0 Rookscroft United
Brierthorne 0-2 Throstle Rovers
Bishopbury F.C 2-3 Torkingham Wanderers
Almondvale F.C 2-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Blackdale Wanderers 3-2 Skyte City

Salaga had already conquered Albertpool and in the first round of the Champion's League knockout stages were taking on Marketnewton. A seven goal thriller wasn't exactly what anyone had expected, but the two sides played such ferocious attacking football a goal-fest was what we got. Meanwhile further north in Brigantii, reigning Premier League champions Rookscroft United faced off with Borghese and snatched a win with two late goals through Dwight Gayle.

[Cus] Salaga 4-3 Marketnewton [BRG]
[BRG]Rookscroft United 2-1 Borghese F.C 1911 [TIB]

On the back of the Champion's League defeat, Alexandre Flamini's men pulled themselves together and took three points off Landfell in another game chock-full of goals. The Landfell goal was woefully defended and Nicot, Gimban and Winter took full advantage. Almondvale slipped back into second with a disappointing defeat to Throstle Rovers who managed to change 1 point into 3 with a late Luke Galloway goal.

Albertpool 1-0 Madonnachurch
Marketnewton F.C 5-1 Landfell
Moorledge Town 2-1 Jonastown United
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Ridgemont Town 1-1 Hogghamton
Rookscroft City 3-1 Brierthorne
Rookscroft United 1-0 Bishopbury F.C
Throstle Rovers 3-2 Almondvale F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 1-3 Blackdale Wanderers
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-0 Skyte City

Goals, goals, goals, how do you like them? Scored by the dozen? Well, not quite a dozen, but 8. Calcio Rebbibia had already played an Albertpool club this season, playing in the same group in the Champion's League against Albertpool, now it was Brierthorne's turn. A hard fought 4-4 draw was played out in the third round of the Wyrmgore Cup setting up a make or break second leg in Tiburtina. For Ridgemont Town it would appear their cup dreams are about to be derailed, losing 4-2 at home to Beyogluspor, with Musa Terzi scoring all four goals for the Al Ittijab club and keeping the match ball. The 24 year old striker has already been on the radar of several mid-sized clubs, but his dismantling of the Ridgemont Town defence will now bring him to the attention of some of Wyrmgore's bigger clubs.

[BRG] Brierthorne 4-4 Calcio Rebbibia [TIB]
[BRG]Ridgemont Town 2-4 Beyogluspor [ALI]

After their gruelling game against Calcio Rebbibia you'd have excused the Brierthorne players for being a little tired, but they showed plenty of pluck and team spirit in dispatching Oxcastle Wanderers and have Danilo Lobo to thank for the three points. Iron Bridge continue to defy all expectations and took three points off the league leaders, who perhaps have one eye on their second leg against Salaga and rested several starters.

Landfell 3-1 Albertpool
Jonastown United 2-1 Madonnachurch
Iron Bridge F.C 2-1 Marketnewton F.C
Hogghamton 0-1 Moorledge Town
Brierthorne 1-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Bishopbury F.C 3-2 Ridgemont Town
Almondvale F.C 1-2 Rookscroft City
Blackdale Wanderers 2-2 Rookscroft United
Skyte City 3-2 Throstle Rovers
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-2 Torkingham Wanderers

Marketnewton hosted Salaga, and trailing 4-3 on aggregate the capital city club wasted no time in drawing level, with an Aaron Ramsbottom goal. The goals continued to come in much the same vein as the last encounter, with Marketnewton leading 3-1 at the break and heading through on away goals. To ensure there would be no slip ups though, Sylvain Nicot put the icing on the cake with a 79th minute penalty. Rookscroft traveled to Tiburtina and played out a 2-2 draw with Borghese to ensure their spot in the semi's.

[BRG] Marketnewton 4-2 Salaga [CUS] (7-6 agg)
[TIB] Borghese F.C 1911 2-2 Rookscroft United [BRG] (3-4 agg)

The league cup quarter finals couldn't possibly have come at a worse time for Marketnewton and Rookscroft United who were fighting across three different tournaments for silverware. After another goal heavy affair Marketnewton's forward line found the net once again to ensure their passage into the semis, while United battered Berryham 5-1, who were looking for another Premier League scalp. Also bound for the semis, Manford Town and Smalling F.C. Which is brilliant news for fans of the League 2 sides who will be hoping for glamour ties against last season's top two clubs.


Smalling F.C 4-2 Corpus Christi (4-2 agg)

Manford Town 3-1 Durness-in-Roe (3-1 agg)

Berryham 1-5 Rookscroft United (1-5 agg)

Marketnewton 1-0 Rookscroft City (1-0 agg)

The end of the season is now beginning to loom large and Rookscroft City have all but seen their title challenge dissipate into nothingness, particularly after the defeat at the hands of Skyte City, who aren't exactly safe from the relegation zone and will be glad of the vital three points.

Albertpool 3-1 Jonastown United
Landfell 3-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Madonnachurch 3-3 Hogghamton
Marketnewton F.C 4-2 Brierthorne
Moorledge Town 0-1 Bishopbury F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-1 Almondvale F.C
Ridgemont Town 3-2 Blackdale Wanderers
Rookscroft City 0-1 Skyte City
Rookscroft United 1-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Throstle Rovers 0-1 Torkingham Wanderers

Beyogluspor had all but assured their place in the quarter finals of the Wyrmgore Cup and the 1-1 draw with Ridgemont was the northern Brigantii club's last hoorah in the competition, as it was unlikely they'd be returning next season. Brierthorne followed suit with a 3-1 loss in Rebbibia and exited the tournament with a whimper.

[ALI] Beyogluspor 1-1 Ridgemont Town [BRG] (5-3 agg)
[TIB] Calcio Rebbibia 3-1 Brierthorne [BRG] (7-5 agg)

Five games to play, Marketnewton took three points from their nearest rivals and closed in on the Premier League title with gusto. Torkingham, who have had a quiet season put four past Rookscroft City and kept themselves in the race for a Champion's League berth.

Iron Bridge F.C 1-0 Albertpool
Hogghamton 1-2 Jonastown United
Brierthorne 2-1 Landfell
Bishopbury F.C 2-1 Madonnachurch
Almondvale F.C 1-3 Marketnewton F.C
Blackdale Wanderers 1-2 Moorledge Town
Skyte City 2-3 Oxcastle Wanderers
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-0 Ridgemont Town
Torkingham Wanderers 4-0 Rookscroft City
Throstle Rovers 1-2 Rookscroft United

It's getting to that point now where each game is the biggest of the season. The semi-finals of the Champion's League is undoubtedly a big deal. Into the semis were Marketnewton and Rookscroft United, they'd be sparring against Real Minanda, the biggest club in Wyrmgore and Urskarian champions Shakhtar Yuzivka respectively. In two tense and tentative matches neither Brigantii side could take a step closer to the final and managed a 1-1 draw.

[BRG] Marketnewton 1-1 Shakhtar Yuzivka [URS]
[CUS] Real Minanda 1-1 Rookscroft United [BRG]

Saxton, Saxton Avery, Saxton Avery, he's our hero. Not the best song you'll hear chanted from the stands this year, but his brace against Albertpool justified the song. Rookscroft United's fixture list isn't getting any less intense with the Rookscroft derby only days after their Champion's League game and their league cup semi final just next weekend, with the second leg of the Champion's League wedged in next week too. The match was firey, as usual, with four goals and three red cards, but neither team could come out on top and managed a 2-2 draw.

Albertpool 1-2 Hogghamton
Iron Bridge F.C 1-1 Brierthorne
Jonastown United 2-0 Bishopbury F.C
Landfell 1-2 Almondvale F.C
Madonnachurch 1-2 Blackdale Wanderers
Marketnewton F.C 3-0 Skyte City
Moorledge Town 2-0 Belle-Isle on Sea
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Ridgemont Town 0-1 Throstle Rovers
Rookscroft City 2-2 Rookscroft United

Disappointment was the order of the day as both Brigantii clubs bowed out at the semi final stage. Real Minanda showed why they were the best club in Wyrmgore with a dominant display in Rookscroft while Shakhtar shocked everyone to claim a spot in the final with a 2-1 win over Marketnewton.

[BRG] Rookscroft United 0-2 Real Minanda [CUS](1-3 agg)
[URS] Shakhtar Yuzivka 2-1 Marketnewton [BRG] (3-2 agg)

In a cruel twist of fate, one club would again be eliminated in the semi final of a tournament as Marketnewton, who were on course for a Premier League title took on Rookscroft United, while the two clubs from the third division in Brigantii faced off for a Cinderella tie in the final. It took penalties to sepparate the top two from last year, and Rookscroft held their nerve to win out. Meanwhile Manford Town reached their first ever final with a comfortable win over Smalling


Marketnewton 1-1 Rookscroft United (2-2 AET, 2-2 agg, 2-3 PKs)

Manford Town 2-0 Smalling F.C (2-0 agg)

Three fixtures remain and Belle-Isle on Sea were still battling for safety and moved a step closer with a comprehensive victory over Madonnachurch. A resounding 5-2 win over Torkingham, who haven't quite achieved as much as last year moves Marketnewton on to 72 points, while Almondvale remain their closest challengers on 67 points. A win however next week will crown Alexandre Flamini's side Premier League Champions. The 1-0 defeat to Rookscroft City consigns Ridgemont Town to relegation to League 1.

Brierthorne 2-1 Albertpool
Bishopbury F.C 2-0 Hogghamton
Almondvale F.C 2-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Blackdale Wanderers 1-4 Jonastown United
Skyte City 1-2 Landfell
Belle-Isle on Sea 5-1 Madonnachurch
Torkingham Wanderers 2-5 Marketnewton F.C
Throstle Rovers 1-0 Moorledge Town
Rookscroft United 1-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Rookscroft City 1-0 Ridgemont Town

This was Rookscroft United's opportunity to derail Marketnewton's title parade, but they failed as Marketnewton took revenge for eliminating them from the League Cup with a two-one scoreline. Goals for Trevor Winter and Rruv Gimban cancelled out Mjatovic's opener. Moorledge Town did their best to keep themselves relevant in the league with a win over Rookscroft City, who had long since seen their title challenge disappear. This time last year Albertpool were still in with a shout of the league title, but their 4-1 defeat against Bishopbury confirmed they wouldn't be in contention for a Wyrmgore Cup spot.

Albertpool 1-4 Bishopbury F.C
Brierthorne 1-1 Almondvale F.C
Hogghamton 1-1 Blackdale Wanderers
Iron Bridge F.C 0-1 Skyte City
Jonastown United 2-0 Belle-Isle on Sea
Landfell 4-0 Torkingham Wanderers
Madonnachurch 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Marketnewton F.C 2-1 Rookscroft United
Moorledge Town 2-1 Rookscroft City
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-1 Ridgemont Town

The last week of the season, the three sides in the bottom were guaranteed to finish in the bottom while the top two had also been decided, third place was still up for grabs and with surprise package Iron Bridge and Rookscroft United tied on points it would come down to the final results. United set about ensuring their top three finish with an early goal against Landfell through Mjatovic and doubled their lead twenty minutes later with Zack Wilbraham scoring. Meanwhile Ironbridge were struggling against Torkingham and would need to come back from behind. A third for United more or less sealed their third place spot and position in next year's Champion's League. After the fourth goal went in, United decided to make a few changes and rest Mjatovic, Wilbraham and Melville for the final of the League Cup.

Almondvale F.C 1-3 Albertpool
Blackdale Wanderers 4-1 Bishopbury F.C
Skyte City 0-1 Brierthorne
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-0 Hogghamton
Torkingham Wanderers 1-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Throstle Rovers 3-1 Jonastown United
Rookscroft United 4-0 Landfell
Rookscroft City 3-1 Madonnachurch
Ridgemont Town 1-1 Marketnewton F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-0 Moorledge Town

Pos Team                       P   W   D   L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Marketnewton F.C 38 23 7 8 90 51 +39 76 CHAMPIONS
02 Almondvale F.C 38 21 5 12 67 52 +15 68
03 Rookscroft United 38 15 15 8 62 44 +18 60
04 Iron Bridge F.C 38 17 9 12 56 44 +12 60
05 Rookscroft City 38 17 8 13 53 66 -13 59
06 Landfell 38 16 8 14 63 64 -1 56
07 Torkingham Wanderers 38 15 10 13 59 53 +6 55
08 Albertpool 38 16 6 16 59 53 +6 54
09 Brierthorne 38 15 9 14 63 59 +4 54
10 Madonnachurch 38 15 7 16 47 55 -8 52
11 Hogghamton 38 14 9 15 36 40 -4 51
12 Belle-Isle on Sea 38 13 10 15 53 59 -6 49
13 Bishopbury F.C 38 13 8 17 66 60 +6 47
14 Oxcastle Wanderers 38 12 11 15 33 35 -2 47
15 Throstle Rovers 38 12 11 15 33 39 -6 47
16 Jonastown United 38 14 5 19 55 64 -9 47
17 Skyte City 38 14 4 20 51 69 -18 46
18 Blackdale Wanderers 38 11 12 15 54 65 -11 45 R
19 Moorledge Town 38 11 10 17 30 46 -16 43 R
20 Ridgemont Town 38 10 8 20 44 56 -12 38 R

League Cup Final

Manford had shocked everyone reaching the final, having eliminated Almondvale in the first round, followed by a win over another Premier League side Blackdale Wanderers in round two and penalty win over Ashbury in round three. The Cinderella story was one being bandied about in the weeks building up to the final, could they possibly claim a fourth scalp this year in their unlikely quest for the cup or would last year's Premier League champions put the kibosh on that? Having failed to reclaim their league title and being eliminated in the semi's of the Champion's League this was Fergus Davies last shot at some silverware.
Manford were put to the sword by a ruthless Rookscroft United side who took the lead through Zack Wilbraham with a diving header in the 17th minute. Wilbraham's goal was added to by centreback Afolyan before the break and the Premier League side were cruising. The third and final nail in the League 2 side's coffin came through Ang Grung international and veteran winger Sarig Bazadan, who had been something of a bit part player this year and celebrated wildly with the travelling fans.

Rookscroft United 3-0 Manford Town
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If you were paying attention, you may have noticed there was mention of a Champion's League here in Wyrmgore. 22 countries send their league champions, while, runners up and even third placed teams from leagues ranked highest in the coefficients get to participate. Allowing those teams to participate probably flies in the face of the spirit of a "Champion's League" but think of the lovely sponsorship money and television deals.

There are a few nations, who you may not be familiar with - those are probably the Gebranskian
states. The tournament starts with a first qualifying round, which whittles down the teams from the lower ranked leagues. There's a second round of qualifying which gets shut of a few more then the fun group stage. 4 groups of 4, with each team playing the other home and away with the top two sides from each group progressing to the quarter finals.... then semis, then a final.. you know, fairly standard stuff.

Anyway, without further ado... the Wyrmgore Champion's League.

Association Codes

ALI Al Ittijab		JDU Jahat Debu 
ANG Ang Grung KSN Kholmstan
BAL Balta KNO Kholodno
BRG Brigantii LVM Lua Vamoa
CHR Cherny OSM Osmio
DMN Dansak Minor PAR Palacios And Rodellage
DMK Dystermark PDH Pays de Horreur
FLI Flynn's Isle RUS Rus
HSK Hsien-Ko SVA Superior Volta
IKK Ikkland TIB Tiburtina
ISR Israev URS Urskar

First Round
(URS)                    SC Kleb 5-3  Young Lions                      (JDU) 4-1 1-2
(SVA) Tout-Puissant Kamalondo a2-2 K.C Mornatdaurni (ANG) 0-1 2-1
(ISR) Maccabi Yaffer 3-4 Jakobínarína (IKK) 3-2 0-2
(DMN) Allstars 3-2 FC Manometr (KNO) 3-1 0-1
(HSK) Hsien-Ko Power Company F.C 2-1 West Rodallega Centurions (PAR) 2-0 0-1
(BAL) FC Dynamo Qalaven 2-3a FC Spartaki Kartli (CHR) 2-3 2-1
(DMK) FC Bilröst 2-4 Go Sushi Apo'olo (LVM) 2-4 0-0
(RUS) Anzhi Magomedov 4-1 FC Amkoly (KSN) 2-1 2-0
(ALI) Athletic Khaldoon 2-4 Rothwell (FLI) 1-1 1-3

Round 2
(IKK)               Jakobínarína 0-6  Calcio Rebbibia                  (TIB) 0-3 0-3
(URS) SC Kleb 2-1 Villa Ortiz (CUS) 0-1 2-0
(LVM) Go Sushi Apo'olo 3-3a Rothwell (FLI) 2-2 1-1
(RUS) Anzhi Magomedov 3-4 Shakhtar Yuzivka (URS) 2-2 1-2
(CHR) FC Spartaki Kartli 1-1a Cachecreux Club Sportif (PDH) 1-1 0-0
(BRG) Albertpool 3-1 Allstars (DMN) 2-1 1-0
(HSK) Hsien-Ko Power Company F.C 1-0 O'Learys (OSM) 0-0 1-0
(ALI) Royal Khaldoon 8-0 Tout-Puissant Kamalondo (SVA) 3-0 5-0
(CUS) Barbossa a2-2 Spartak Mozkjova (RUS) 1-0 1-2 (AET)

Group A Standings
Pos Team                   P  W D  L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Rookscroft United 6 4 1 1 10 5 +5 13
02 Shakhtar Yuzivka 6 3 0 3 4 4 +0 9

03 Rothwell 6 2 1 3 6 8 -2 7
04 Trasavia 6 2 0 4 7 10 -3 6

(OSM) Trasavia 0-2 Rothwell (FLI)
(URS) Shakhtar Yuzivka 0-2 Rookscroft United (BRG)
(BRG) Rookscroft United 3-1 Trasavia (OSM)
(URS) Shakhtar Yuzivka 1-0 Rothwell (FLI)
(OSM) Trasavia 1-0 Shakhtar Yuzivka (URS)
(BRG) Rookscroft United 0-2 Rothwell (FLI)
(FLI) Rothwell 1-4 Trasavia (OSM)
(BRG) Rookscroft United 1-0 Shakhtar Yuzivka (URS)
(OSM) Trasavia 1-3 Rookscroft United (BRG)
(FLI) Rothwell 0-2 Shakhtar Yuzivka (URS)
(URS) Shakhtar Yuzivka 1-0 Trasavia (OSM)
(FLI) Rothwell 1-1 Rookscroft United (BRG)

Group B Standings
Pos Team                   P  W D  L For  Ag +/- Pts
01 OGC Paname 6 4 0 2 13 10 +3 12
02 Borghese F.C 1911 6 3 1 2 16 11 +5 10

03 SC Kleb 6 2 1 3 10 13 -3 7
04 Barbossa 6 2 0 4 8 13 -5 6

(PDH) OGC Paname 0-2 SC Kleb (URS)
(TIB) Borghese F.C 1911 4-0 Barbossa (CUS)
(CUS) Barbossa 1-3 OGC Paname (PDH)
(TIB) Borghese F.C 1911 1-1 SC Kleb (URS)
(PDH) OGC Paname 1-3 Borghese F.C 1911 (TIB)
(CUS) Barbossa 1-0 SC Kleb (URS)
(URS) SC Kleb 1-3 OGC Paname (PDH)
(CUS) Barbossa 3-0 Borghese F.C 1911 (TIB)
(PDH) OGC Paname 4-2 Barbossa (CUS)
(URS) SC Kleb 4-7 Borghese F.C 1911 (TIB)
(TIB) Borghese F.C 1911 1-2 OGC Paname (PDH)
(URS) SC Kleb 2-1 Barbossa (CUS)

Group C Standings
Pos Team                        P  W  D  L For  Ag +/- Pts
01 Real Minanda 6 4 0 2 8 7 +1 12
02 Marketnewton 6 3 2 1 10 5 +5 11

03 Royal Khaldoon 6 2 1 3 7 8 -1 7
04 Hsien-Ko Power Company 6 0 3 3 6 11 -5 3

(CUS) Real Minanda 4-1 Hsien-Ko Power Company (HSK)
(BRG) Marketnewton 1-0 Royal Khaldoon (ALI)
(ALI) Royal Khaldoon 0-1 Real Minanda (CUS)
(BRG) Marketnewton 1-1 Hsien-Ko Power Company (HSK)
(CUS) Real Minanda 0-1 Marketnewton (BRG)
(ALI) Royal Khaldoon 2-2 Hsien-Ko Power Company (HSK)
(HSK) Hsien-Ko Power Company 0-1 Real Minanda (CUS)
(ALI) Royal Khaldoon 0-4 Marketnewton (BRG)
(CUS) Real Minanda 0-4 Royal Khaldoon (ALI)
(HSK) Hsien-Ko Power Company 2-2 Marketnewton (BRG)
(BRG) Marketnewton 1-2 Real Minanda (CUS)
(HSK) Hsien-Ko Power Company 0-1 Royal Khaldoon (ALI)

Group D Standings
Pos Team                         P  W D  L For Ag +/- Pts
01 Salaga 6 4 1 1 13 9 +4 13
02 Cachecreux Club Sportif 6 4 1 1 6 4 +2 13

03 Calcio Rebbibia 6 2 0 4 7 9 -2 6
04 Albertpool 6 1 0 5 5 9 -4 3

(CUS) Salaga 3-1 Albertpool (BRG)
(PDH) Cachecreux Club Sportif 2-1 Calcio Rebbibia (TIB)
(TIB) Calcio Rebbibia 0-3 Salaga (CUS)
(PDH) Cachecreux Club Sportif 1-0 Albertpool (BRG)
(CUS) Salaga 2-0 Cachecreux Club Sportif (PDH)
(TIB) Calcio Rebbibia 0-2 Albertpool (BRG)
(BRG) Albertpool 2-3 Salaga (CUS)
(TIB) Calcio Rebbibia 0-1 Cachecreux Club Sportif (PDH)
(CUS) Salaga 1-5 Calcio Rebbibia (TIB)
(BRG) Albertpool 0-1 Cachecreux Club Sportif (PDH)
(PDH) Cachecreux Club Sportif 1-1 Salaga (CUS)
(BRG) Albertpool 0-1 Calcio Rebbibia (TIB)

Quarter Finals
(CUS)            Salaga 6-7 Marketnewton            (BRG) 4-3 2-4

(PDH) OGC Paname 2-3 Shakhtar Yuzivka (URS) 0-1 2-2

(CUS) Real Minanda 6-1 Cachecreux Club Sportif (PDH) 5-0 1-1

(BRG) Rookscroft United 4-3 Borghese F.C 1911 (TIB) 2-1 2-2

Semi Finals
(BRG)      Marketnewton 2-3 Shakhtar Yuzivka (URS) 1-1 1-2

(CUS) Real Minanda 1-1 Rookscroft United (BRG) 1-1 2-0

(URS) Shakhtar Yuzivka 1-0 Real Minanda (CUS)
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Season 3, the sequel's sequel. Who will be crowned champion this time around? Could it be the reigning champs, the previous champs, the unfancied mid-table side, that team who keep spending millions? Dunno yet.

Albertpool Football Club

Colours: Red jersey, red shorts, red socks
Previous season: 8th
Manager: Ewan Holiday
Star Player: Michael Irwin
Transfers: In – Masato Yamaguchi, MID, Ridgemont Town, £2million. Yosyp Chownyk, GKP, Shakhtar Yuzivka, £7million.
A mediocre season finishing mid-table, crashing out of the Champion's League and being dumped out of the League Cup by a division 2 side heralded the axe man for Roger Baron. In his place now Ewan Holiday, who guided Iron Bridge to the top end of the table and has spent wisely and will be looking to build on his reputation as a top manager.

Almondale Football Club

Colours: Claret jersey with blue piping, blue shorts, blue socks
Previous season: 2nd
Manager: Sean Hanratty
Star Player: Carl Andrews
Transfers : In Thiago Mazza, MID, Ridgemont Town, loan. Lachie Donne, FWD, Rothwell, £2million.
Hanratty's team shocked everyone last year with their 2nd place finish, and more so, during the period of last season when they were leading the league. Ultimately their title challenge faltered and they finished runners-up/ Their reward for an unlikely season, Champion's League football.

Colours: Blue and white vertical striped jerseys, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 2nd, League 1
Manager: Mitch McCarthy
Star Player: A.J. Rollins
Transfers: N/A
Beckford fans will be delighted with the promotion, after losing out in the play-offs the previous year. Mitch McCarthy has a wealth of managerial experience and it will be his tactical understanding that plays the biggest part in Beckford's battle to avoid relegation.
*no kit available thanks to Photobucket

Belle-Isle on Sea

Colours: Blue and white chequered jerseys, white shorts, white socks
Previous Season: 12th
Manager: Hugo Poyet
Star Player: Johannes Robertsson
Transfer: In – Johannes Robertsson, MID, Rookscroft United, loan, Xavier Tyrell, FWD, Bishopbury, loan, Rowan Newell, RW, Ridgemont Town, £2million, Terence Shelby, CD, Blackdale Wanderers, £1.5million
A solid midtable finish for Belle-Isle in their first season in the Premier League has seen them look to bolster their squad by playing the loan market and picking up a number of players from teams who went down last season. No major out goings.

Bishopbury Football Club
Colours: Blue jersey, blue shorts, blue socks

Last Season: 13th
Manager: Masimiliano Abbiati
Star Player: Hercule Anholt
Transfers: In – Genaro Berlusconi, MID, Borghese F.C., free, Lorenzo Fonda, FWD, A.S. Termini, £11million, Enzo Pietri, GKP, A.C. Navona, £5million. Out – Sylvestre Durand, GKP, Landfell, £6million.
Abbiati has inherted an exceptionally expensive squad of players who have failed to live up to their valuation. Winning the FWFA Cup with Tiburtina he has called upon some of those players to help turn around this struggling team, including the 37 year old Berlusconi.

Brierthorne Football Club
Colours: Blue shirt, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 9th
Manager: Damien Moores
Star Player: Danilo Lobo
Transfers:In – Anthony Hibbert, FWD, Skyte City, £2.5million, Mark Vidmar, MID, Moorledge United, free Out – Russ Baker, MID, Rookscroft City, £6million
Brierthorne put together another top half finish last season, but for the second season running have seen their best player leave and fail to find what the fans reckon is a suitable replacement. .

Hogghampton Football Club
Colours: Red jersey with yellow stripe, black shorts, red socks

Last Season: 11th
Manager: Stan Attree
Star Player: Trent Harrel
Transfers: In – Arman Bulat, FWD, FC Akmoly, £2million
Another mid-table finish for Attree's team and they don't look like navigating from their comfortable spot in the centre of the league. They have Trent Harrel to thank for that with his twelve clean sheets last season bringing him to the attention of the national team coach.

Iron Bridge Football Club
Colours: Red and Navy striped jersey, red shorts, red socks

Last Season: 4th
Manager: Gilchrist McNab
Star Player: Oleg Mitrovic
Transfers: In – Coluim Rattray, DEF, Clarence Dock, free, Asgeir Vilhjalmsson, FWD, Vidblain, £1million
Iron Bridge stunned everyone last season with their top four finish, narrowly missing out on a Champion's League spot on goal difference. After their great showing, the manager has been nabbed by Albertpool with Gilchrist McNab coming in from Flynn's Isle club Rothwell to take over, with a frugal approach to the transfer market.p

Jonastown United
Colours: Blue and White Hooped Jersey, Blue Shorts, Blue Socks

Last Season: 16th
Manager: Andrew Windass
Star Player: Bruno Rey
Transfers:In – David Thuram, MID, Ridgemont Town, loan, Jacob Barnes, FWD, Brierthorne, loan, Peter Smith, DEF, Albertpool, loan
The former Brigantii under 21's coach has taken the helm at J-Town who again hovered just above the relegation zone and avoided the drop by 2 meagre points. He doesn't have much of a transfer kitty and has had to settle for several loans.

Landfell Football Club

Last Season: 6th
Manager: Norman Atkins
Star Player: Robbie Lambeth
Transfers:In - Sylvestre Durand, GKP, Bishopbury, £6million, Maksim Pasternak, MID, Shakhtar Yuzivka, £8million
The Landfell owners were again pleased with Atkins who led the team to a top 6 finish, his reward, extra transfer money to ensure Landfell are competitive in the Wyrmgore Cup and continue to challenge at the right end of the table.

Madonnachurch Football Club
Colours: Blue jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 10TH
Manager: Marvin McAteer
Star Player: Clem Batley
Transfers In: N/A
Decent enough season, finished in the top half and should be well clear of the relegation zone this year. Unlikely to be challenging for international competitions but a good run in the league cup would be a welcome bonus.

Marketnewton Football Club
Colours: Cranberry jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 1st
Manager: Alexandre Flamini
Star Player: Sylvain Nicot
Transfers: In - Victor Lyon, DEF, OGC Paname, £7million. Out – Trevor Winter, FWD, Torkingham Wanderers, loan
Last season's rampant champions, who finished 8 points clear at the top with a whopping +39 goal difference. They reached the semi-finals of both the League Cup and Wyrmgore Champion's League and this season have added only one new face to the team, so confident is Flamini.

Oxcastle Wanderers
Colours: White jersey, navy shorts, navy socks

Last Season: 14th
Manager: Mac Dermot
Star Player: Rob Holly
Transfers In: Uzoma Ibenge, MID, Etoile du Volta, £500,000, Djbril Sissoko, FWD, Saint Denis, £500,000
Star Player: Rob Holly
A disappointing season last year, after seeing the team robbed of their best players, they stuttered to the finish line and came 14th. Again a lack of movement in the transfer market could hinder the team. That, combined with the appointment of Mac Dermot as new head coach has left the fans feeling a little deflated.

Redfern Athletic
Colours: Red jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season:1st, League 1
Manager: Alan Cornish
Star Player: Matt Roland
Transfers: N/A
Returning to the Premier League at the first time of asking, Redfern spent one year in League 1, lost only four games and conceded just 28 goals, boasting the tightest defence of all 64 professional clubs in the country. Can they apply this to Premier League and avoid a re-relegation

Rookscroft City
Colours: Pale blue shirt, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 5th
Manager: Alessandro Inzaghi
Star Player: Oleg Arshavin
Transfers In: In – Russ Baker, MID, Brierthorne, £6million, Saburo Gomaa, MID, Hatayaspor, £3million. Out – Reginaldo, FWD, Hatayaspor, free
At the half way point last year, City were second and looked to be mounting a credible title challenge, but their form stumbled and so did their challenge. They'll be hoping the improvement they've seen over recent years continues and they mount a challenge for Champion's League qualification.

Rookscroft United
Colours: Red jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 3rd, League Cup Winners
Manager: Fergus Davies
Star Player: Milan Mjatovic
Transfers: In – Helder Pinheiro, DEF, Trasavia, £4million, Angelino Santos, MID, Barbossa, £6million
They finished 18 points behind Marketnewton after a disappointing league season, but semi-finals of the Champion's League and a League Cup title have saved Fergus Davies any blushes. 38 year old winger Sarig Bazadan has moved into the backroom staff and will be Davies assistant for the coming year.

Skyte City
Colours: Red jersey, red shorts, red socks

Last Season: 17th
Manager: Rafael de la Hoz
Star Player: Darrel Fry
Transfers: In – Kohaku Yamada, GKP, Hsien-Ko Power Company, £3million Out – Anthony Hibbert, FWD, Brierthorne, £2.5million, Umberto Casillas, MID, Atletico Palampas, £2million, Joseba Lizardi, Salaga F.C, undisclosed
Despite having the best team of those promoted to the Premier League, Skyte narrowly avoided going back down with Blackdale Wanderers. The fans of the northern club will be hoping to see an improvement on the 17th position last year, but with the club selling more talent than they've bought it's unlikely.

Throstle Rovers
Colours: Red and green striped jersey, white shorts, white socks

Last Season: 15th
Manager: Alan Cornish
Star Player: Luke Galloway
Transfers: N/A
A 15th place finish and a lacklustre conclusion to the season saw Gordon Grimm removed from his position. Throstle will be amongst the favourites to be relegated this season, despite the new manager and will be battling for survival from the first whistle.

Torkingham Wanderers
Colours: Blue and White halved jerseys, blue shorts, white socks

Last Season: 7th
Manager: Hamish Day
Star Player: Kelly Nicks
Transfers: N/A
Another good performance under the leadership of Hamish Day and Torkingham is becoming one of those fixtures other teams don't relish as they are more than capable of taking points off any other team. Will be hoping for a good cup run this season while they again push for international cup football.

Westfield United
Colours: Yellow and black striped jerseys, black shorts, black socks

Last Season: 6th League 1, Play Off Winners
Manager: Ragnar Peterson
Star Player: Oyvind Sorensen
Transfers: N/A
The surprise winners of the play offs, the team managed by the man from Dystermark only manager 32 goals in 38 games, which is a paltry amount for any team, let alone one finishing in the top six. That lack of goal power this year may be their undoing however with Westfield favourites to go straight back down.
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Postby Brigantii » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:29 pm


Season 3 of the Brigantii Premier League, if you ain't HYPED, GET HYPED!

Match day 1. STAY HYPED!

The reigning Champions stuttered in their opening fixture against Oxcastle and were it not for a late equalizer from Kim Dae Sung they wouldn't have started their title defence with any points. Elsewhere Rookscroft City played out a nine goal thriller against Madonnachurch and with the lead changing several times it was Russ Baker, on his City debut, who managed to help snatch the three points. New manager Masimilliano Abbiati saw his Bishopbury side hammer newly promoted Beckford 5-0 and let them know life in the Premier League isn't going to be easy. Stay hyped Beckford.

Albertpool 1-1 Westfield United
Almondvale F.C 3-1 Redfern Athletic
Bishopbury F.C 5-0 Beckford
Brierthorne 4-0 Skyte City
Hogghampton 3-2 Belle-Isle on Sea
Iron Bridge F.C 3-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Jonastown United 1-1 Throstle Rovers
Landfell 1-0 Rookscroft United
Madonnachurch 4-5 Rookscroft City
Marketnewton F.C 2-2 Oxcastle Wanderers

Who is in goal for Madonnachurch right now, 'cos he ain't hyped? Conceding 6 goals against the rampant reigning champs, that's 11 in 2 games. Westfield United drew with Beckford, while Redfern drew with Albertpool, meaning of the three newly promoted sides Westfield are doing the best (bully for them) with two points.

Redfern Athletic 2-2 Albertpool
Beckford 1-1 Westfield United
Skyte City 1-0 Almondvale F.C
Belle-Isle on Sea 2-1 Bishopbury F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 1-4 Brierthorne
Throstle Rovers 0-1 Hogghampton
Rookscroft United 1-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Rookscroft City 0-1 Jonastown United
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-2 Landfell
Marketnewton F.C 6-2 Madonnachurch

Ewan Holiday saw his side pick up three points for the first time in his short tenure at Albertpool, with strikers Michael Irwin and Pequeno both nabbing a brace. On the other side of town, Brierthorne lost for the first time, after two superb results to start the season, Rookscroft United put three past them to claim their first win of the season. Elsewhere Marketnewton continued their ferocious goal scoring ways SMASHING 8 past Jonastown, maybe Alexandre Flamini was on to something not spending millions on new players.

Albertpool 4-1 Beckford
Redfern Athletic 2-2 Skyte City
Westfield United 1-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Almondvale F.C 0-0 Torkingham Wanderers
Bishopbury F.C 2-1 Throstle Rovers
Brierthorne 1-3 Rookscroft United
Hogghampton 0-3 Rookscroft City
Iron Bridge F.C 1-2 Oxcastle Wanderers
Jonastown United 1-8 Marketnewton F.C
Landfell 2-2 Madonnachurch

Almondvale finished second last year and in doing so, beat the likes of Rookscroft United, or, you know, the previous champions. Coming back from behind, Carl Andrews scored his first professional hat trick and put the away side 3-2 up, before on loan midfielder Thiago Mazza put the finishing touch on the come back. Jonastown bounced back from their mullering against Marketnewton to take three points off Landfell.

Skyte City 1-4 Albertpool
Belle-Isle on Sea 3-1 Beckford
Torkingham Wanderers 1-1 Redfern Athletic
Throstle Rovers 2-0 Westfield United
Rookscroft United 2-4 Almondvale F.C
Rookscroft City 1-1 Bishopbury F.C
Oxcastle Wanderers 1-5 Brierthorne
Marketnewton F.C 0-0 Hogghampton
Madonnachurch 0-1 Iron Bridge F.C
Landfell 0-3 Jonastown United

The first managerial casualty of the season, and it wasn't even remotely expected. Rookscroft United manager Fergus Davies suffered a heart attack scare before the game against Redfern Athletic and left the team in the care of Sarig Bazadan. He probably feels much worse after the 3-3 draw with Redfern Athletic. In the capital city derby there were 10 goals as Bishopbury's strong start to the season continued (although they did this last year) as they battled Marketnewton to a 6-4 win. Star forward Hercule Anholt scored three in 20 second half minutes to claim the victory.

Albertpool 3-2 Belle-Isle on Sea
Skyte City 0-3 Torkingham Wanderers
Beckford 3-1 Throstle Rovers
Redfern Athletic 3-3 Rookscroft United
Westfield United 1-2 Rookscroft City
Almondvale F.C 0-0 Oxcastle Wanderers
Bishopbury F.C 6-4 Marketnewton F.C
Brierthorne 1-1 Madonnachurch
Hogghampton 1-0 Landfell
Iron Bridge F.C 4-0 Jonastown United

Sometimes this league makes no sense. Marketnewton, are without doubt one of the best teams in the league, capable of scoring many goals and beating every single team in the division, a slip up against a resurgent Bishopbury, all well and good, they're playing well under their fifth or sixth new manager in three seasons, but losing 4-3 at home to newly promoted Westfield United is indefensible. It's a disgrace.

Torkingham Wanderers 1-1 Albertpool
Throstle Rovers 2-0 Belle-Isle on Sea
Rookscroft United 2-2 Skyte City
Rookscroft City 3-1 Beckford
Oxcastle Wanderers 0-0 Redfern Athletic
Marketnewton F.C 3-4 Westfield United
Madonnachurch 0-0 Almondvale F.C
Landfell 1-0 Bishopbury F.C
Jonastown United 2-2 Brierthorne
Iron Bridge F.C 4-0 Hogghampton

You know, we so often forget about the “other” teams in the league, Throstle Rovers, Madonnachurch, Hogghampton, etc. so, why don't we take a moment to look at them and give them a little hype, bro? Hogghampton, they finished 11th last season, several places below today's opponents but came off the better with a goal from former Rookscroft United forward Warren Rumblow. Throstle Rovers have been entrenched in relegation battles for the last few seasons and more than likely will be again this year, but three vital points against Albertpool is pretty good. And Madonnachurch, they played pretty well against the newly promoted Redfern Athletic, who ran away with the League 1 title last year and led through Sergei Stepanenko until an 87th minute equalizer from John Muir.

Albertpool 0-1 Throstle Rovers
Torkingham Wanderers 2-1 Rookscroft United
Belle-Isle on Sea 1-2 Rookscroft City
Skyte City 3-2 Oxcastle Wanderers
Beckford 1-0 Marketnewton F.C
Redfern Athletic 1-1 Madonnachurch
Westfield United 0-2 Landfell
Almondvale F.C 2-4 Jonastown United
Bishopbury F.C 3-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Brierthorne 0-1 Hogghampton

Albertpool vs Rookscroft United is one of those fixtures that means something in this country, it's a pretty big deal. There's often a few cards, couple of goals and the occasional headline. The one from this fixture is.. Irwin scores winner. Which is pretty much all that happened, Brigantii centre forward Michael Irwin scored a decent volley in the 64th to seal all three points for Albertpool. Elsewhere the Champions dip in form continued as they were beaten by Belle-Isle.

Rookscroft United 0-1 Albertpool
Rookscroft City 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Oxcastle Wanderers 3-2 Torkingham Wanderers
Marketnewton F.C 0-1 Belle-Isle on Sea
Madonnachurch 6-2 Skyte City
Landfell 2-2 Beckford
Jonastown United 2-1 Redfern Athletic
Iron Bridge F.C 2-1 Westfield United
Hogghampton 1-1 Almondvale F.C
Brierthorne 2-3 Bishopbury F.C

Iron Bridge were the surprise package of last season, but under new manager Gilchrist McNab, they've been a little less impressive. Taking the lead in the 8th minute through Mitrovic they doubled the score before half time with Vilhjalmsson powering in a header at the back post. But the celebrations were cut short when Beckford pulled one back through Carl Walters before the break. The goal spurred on the home team and in the second half they started the stronger and found an equalizer through A.J. Rollins. The 24 year old finished Beckford's top scorer last season, but has taken 9 games to get off the mark this season.

Albertpool 0-0 Rookscroft City
Rookscroft United 1-2 Oxcastle Wanderers
Throstle Rovers 1-4 Marketnewton F.C
Torkingham Wanderers 1-1 Madonnachurch
Belle-Isle on Sea 2-2 Landfell
Skyte City 0-1 Jonastown United
Beckford 2-2 Iron Bridge F.C
Redfern Athletic 2-2 Hogghampton
Westfield United 0-1 Brierthorne
Almondvale F.C 0-2 Bishopbury F.C

And thus we reach the quarter final stage and have THREE teams level at the top - Bishopbury have looked solid with the new coach and could have been two points clear had they not dropped those two against Redfern, while Jonastown, who suffered the biggest loss of the season thus far have looked a million miles away from the team that were battered by an unrepentant Marketnewton in week 3. In third, Rookscroft City, who were top until the end of play today slipped to second after Marketnewton picked up only their fourth win of the season. Bottom of the league, shockingly are the other team from Rookscroft, who have missed their mercurial manager and won only ONCE in ten opening games. Fortunately Fergus Davies will be returning to action shortly in the hopes of saving their season. The rest of the table is separated by a minimal number of points – which means with 28 games to go it's anybody's league to win... as you'd expect at this point. Stay Hyped.

Oxcastle Wanderers 0-2 Albertpool
Marketnewton F.C 1-0 Rookscroft City
Madonnachurch 4-2 Rookscroft United
Landfell 1-0 Throstle Rovers
Jonastown United 3-1 Torkingham Wanderers
Iron Bridge F.C 1-4 Belle-Isle on Sea
Hogghampton 1-0 Skyte City
Brierthorne 3-1 Beckford
Bishopbury F.C 1-1 Redfern Athletic
Almondvale F.C 0-0 Westfield United

League Table
Pos Team                      P  W  D  L For  Ag  +/- Pts
01 Bishopbury F.C 10 6 2 2 24 14 +10 20
02 Rookscroft City 10 6 2 2 17 10 +7 20
03 Jonastown United 10 6 2 2 18 19 -1 20
04 Albertpool 10 5 4 1 18 9 +9 19
05 Landfell 10 5 3 2 13 10 +3 18
06 Hogghampton 10 5 3 2 10 12 -2 18
07 Brierthorne 10 5 2 3 23 13 +10 17
08 Iron Bridge F.C 10 5 2 3 21 14 +7 17
09 Marketnewton F.C 10 4 2 4 28 18 +10 14
10 Belle-Isle on Sea 10 4 2 4 18 16 +2 14
11 Oxcastle Wanderers 10 3 3 4 12 18 -6 12
12 Madonnachurch 10 2 5 3 21 21 +0 11
13 Almondvale F.C 10 2 5 3 10 11 -1 11
14 Torkingham Wanderers 10 2 4 4 13 17 -4 10
15 Throstle Rovers 10 3 1 6 9 13 -4 10
16 Beckford 10 2 3 5 13 24 -11 9
17 Redfern Athletic 10 0 8 2 14 17 -3 8
18 Skyte City 10 2 2 6 11 25 -14 8
19 Westfield United 10 1 4 5 9 15 -6 7
20 Rookscroft United 10 1 3 6 15 21 -6 6
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