Crown Prince of the Persian Gulf seeks a wife

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The Persian Gulf (Ancient)
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Crown Prince of the Persian Gulf seeks a wife

Postby The Persian Gulf (Ancient) » Tue Jun 04, 2013 7:01 pm

The Sultanate of the Persian Gulf
The Royal Household

On behalf of His Majesty The Sultan, its the pleasure of the royal household to announce that The Crown Prince of the Persian Gulf is seeking marriage. It is our hope that all noble and esteemed ladies may contact the royal household with the relevant information to deem their compatibility with the Crown Prince.

HRH The Crown Prince

Name & Title: His Royal Highness the Prince Zeed, The Crown Prince of the Persian Gulf
Age: 32
Country: Sultanate of the Persian Gulf
Religion: Muslim (moderate)

Father: His Majesty The Sultan Faisal bin Persia
Mother: Her Majesty the Sultana Noor bin Persia
-HRH The Princess Fatima
-HRH The Prince Khan
-HRH The Princess Iman
Royal House: House of Persia

-Sultan Abdul School for Boys
-Lord Kamed Academy
-Tooba University BA Economics, Politics, and Philosophy
-Tooba University MA History
Net Worth:
The Prince receive an annual allowance of 200,000.00 NSD while he maintains a portfolio worth 30million NSD. The family wealth is estimated 39billion NSD
Biography: Born at the Royal Palace of Tooba as he first son of then Crown Prince Faisal & Crown Princess Noor, Zeed was 2nd in line for the Persian throne. Having been born while his grand father was still reigning, the prince's life began very private and out of the public eyes. Much of Prince Zeed's early life was spent at Fars Palace under where he was cared by his governess, Lady Rutab, who helped form much of his outlook on life. In an interview for state TV Prince Zeed stated "...its my time with Lady Rutab that had really instilled the foundations of how I look at the world. Mind you, my father was a great influence but the perspective of every day people is what Lady Rutab brought to my left.".

Having completed his education at the countries most well known primary schools, Prince Zeed was the first member of the royal family to go enter in a university of higher education. During his time at university, Prince Zeed studied under the direction of some of the countries most learned scholars.

In the media, the Prince has gained the reputation as being westernized and the "Sultan of the Future". A regular face celebrity functions and society events, Prince Zeed at time has been accused of spending too much time with the rich and famous and not focusing on his duties as Crown Prince.

Candidates of Marriage Documentation
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[b]Name & Title:[/b]

[b]Royal or Noble House:[/b]

[b]Are you willing to move to the Persian Gulf?[/b]
[b]Are you willing to convert religion?[/b]

[b]Net Worth:[/b]

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The Persian Gulf (Ancient)
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Postby The Persian Gulf (Ancient) » Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:59 pm


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Postby Kwadai » Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:10 am

Picture: ... n_Girl.jpg

Name & Title: Sheikha Jaya bint Rashid al Amman
Religion: Sunni Islam

Father: His Highness, Amir of KwaDai, Sheikh Ahmed bin Jur al Amman
Mother: Sheikha Hasim bint Aashif Al Amman
Siblings: 3,
Sheikh Omar,
Sheikh Mohammed,
Sheikh Jafaar

Royal or Noble House: Al Amman

Are you willing to move to the Persian Gulf?: Yes
Are you willing to convert religion?: No

Occupation: Yes she works with banking
Net Worth: Yes, 3.4 million
Biography: Born to KwaDai's leader with 3 brothers she has interest in horse riding, culture of other nations and strangely enough, car racing.
Well eduacated she has completed all her eduacation from primary school to Tripoli Unniversity where she earned a degree in chemistry and medical science.She keeps activist through cycling and by walking her dog everyday.
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Is this a joke?

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Great Terran Republic
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Postby Great Terran Republic » Sun Oct 06, 2013 1:23 pm

Picture: Image
Name & Title: Secretary of Education. Clarine Shareef
Age: 29
Country: Great Terran Republic
Religion: Melkite Greek Catholic

Father: Abdul Shareef
Mother: Linda Shareef
Siblings: David Shareef,James Shareef, Lisa Shareef
Royal or Noble House: The House of Shareef

Are you willing to move to the Persian Gulf? Yes
Are you willing to convert religion? No

Education: All girls Catholic school,Collage
Occupation: Secretary of Education
Net Worth: 9.1 million
Biography: Born to Abdul and Linda Shareef with 2 brothers and 1 sister she attended a Catholic school, was top of class attended collage, became a teacher and also served in a Sniper unit in the Nationalist People’s Revolutionary Army.
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