Baptism of Fire 49

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Baptism of Fire 49

Postby Aguazul » Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:20 pm

Welcome to the forty-ninth Baptism of Fire!

Groups A, C, and E will be in Licentiapacisterra. Groups B, D, and F will be in Aguazul (click for information about your specific stadia and host countries).

Group A:
North Posidia
The gypsies

Group B:
Maklohi Vai

Group C:
High Heels
Baz Mat
Felix Terra

Group D:
Royal East America
The Holy Temple of Bacon Strips
East Shippensburg
Circle of Dark

Group E:
The Jahistic Unified Republic

Group F:
The Javahe Islands
New York State


Team 1 v Team 6
Team 2 v Team 5
Team 3 v Team 4
Team 5 v Team 1
Team 4 v Team 6
Team 3 v Team 2
Team 1 v Team 4
Team 5 v Team 3
Team 6 v Team 2
Team 3 v Team 1
Team 2 v Team 4
Team 6 v Team 5
Team 1 v Team 2
Team 3 v Team 6
Team 4 v Team 5

For instance, on matchday one, North Posidia plays Kalwomea, The gypsies plays Lewisland, and Kintratar plays Azox.

Scorination Schedule

Scores for groups in Licentiapacisterra will appear at 4 PM British Standard Time.
Scores for groups in Aguazul will appear around 10 PM CST (3AM UTC on the following day).


Matchday 1: October 2
Matchday 2: October 3
Matchday 3: October 4
Matchday 4: October 5
Matchday 5: October 6
Play-in games: October 8
Round of 16: October 9
Quarterfinals: October 10
Semifinals: October 11
Third-place playoff and final: October 12

Feel free to start posting rosters and to start roleplaying. Also, feel free to start collaborating with others - some of the most intriguing RP's come when you work with someone else. The Baptism of Fire emphasizes roleplaying--writing posts about individual matches or the tournament as a whole. Roleplays, or RPs, could be anything from news articles about a game your team just played to your manager's halftime talks. RPing does not guarantee success, but it will increase your chances of doing well.

With your roster, please include a style modifier, a number ranging from -5 to 5. This shows whether your team is more focused on attack or defense; teams with high (positive) modifiers will both score more and give up more goals, relatively speaking, while teams with very negative modifiers will tend to score and concede less. If you do not post a modifier or a roster, this will default to zero.

You should also give RP permissions to your opponents, letting them know whether, for instance, they can roleplay about injuries to your players, give your players yellow or red cards, or "godmod" (roleplay in a very unrealistic way).

For examples of information to include in rosters, you can look through the roster thread for the previous World Cup. One sample of a permissions box is:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y/N
Godmod scoring events Y/N
Roleplay injuries to my players Y/N
Godmod injuries to my players Y/N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y/N
Hand out red cards to my players Y/N
Godmod other events Y/N

Just choose which of these your opponents can or cannot do RPing against you. For more information about these specific labels, check out this link in the World Cup FAQs.

Welcome and good luck!
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Postby Aguazul » Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:20 pm

¡Bienvenidos a Aguazul!

As you might guess from clicking the blue and green flag, Aguazul is a corrupt military dictatorship. Economic freedom is about the only kind there is, here, despite an obsession with calling ourselves a republic. The government would like to keep a tighter hold on the population, but is too busy fighting doomed wars to actually enforce all its laws. For more information, check out our NSWiki article, factbook, or ask me.

Most sane people, for very good reason, would not want to visit here (top one percent of the world for most avoided!). However, the government is legitimately trying to be welcoming to the visiting teams, even if they will be called commies/monarchists/other things behind their backs, and won't hold visitors to quite so many laws as they expect from their citizens. Don't commit any violent crimes, but the government has given its word not to arrest foreigners for being strange so long as they leave when the tournament's all done.

Our geography is kind of weird, as far as cities go; the vast majority of cities are in the south central part of the country, and their suburbs have all grown into each other. The result is a huge area known as the "Supercentro," where all our group stage games will be held.

Estadio Prosperea, Ciudagua (70,000) The country's largest stadium. Its best bathrooms are, men's, first floor, behind the away stands, which have more stalls than usual so you can get in and out quickly, and women's, third deck, behind Timoteo's really smelly barbeque thing.
Estadio Aramis Peralta, Ciudad Peralta (68,000) Named after the national "libertador". Full of fans who really, really love setting stuff on fire.
Estadio Moacom, Arcrés (55,500) A large stadium, not just in capacity but also physically because the sides slope upwards so slowly.
Estadio Conabora, San Pablo (50,000) Recently hosted the Cygnus Cup 17 final.
Estadio Sobresa, Ciudagua (48,000) Has pretty good acoustics to magnify even tepid cheers.
Estadio Peluque, Ciruelas (40,000) A relatively new stadium, which has a retractable roof.
Estadio Pomorum, Rofi (40,000) Hosted SBCC 39 final. Has a lot of exciting and hip bathroom graffiti; you are heartily invited to add your own in your native language to make it even more hip.
Estadio Valor, Dénprade (38,000) Another newer stadium, although far away from the long-abandoned university of Dénprade (the club team that plays there, Universidad de Dénprade, was long ago linked with the school, but we're 27th Stupidest in the world now so not a lot of university education going on).
Estadio Jodevi, Villago, (35,000) And yet another newer stadium. This one is rather multipurpose and will work for lots of different sports, although obviously just football at the moment. Hosted Globe Cup 39 final.
Estadio Paridos, Mapabore (34,000) The site of a Globe Cup final for professional football teams many seasons ago, which prompted us to enter the World Cup once we realized we were mature enough to host more games successfully. Fingers crossed...
Centro Deportivo Nacional, Blén (33,000) Is not, in fact, particularly central for sports in the nation. But don't tell the fans, they're very proud of it.
Parque Parrar, Condadore (30,000) Has nice souvenir stands on the top deck. We have promised not to gauge prices on media guides, just because we're feeling nice and welcoming today.

Group B: first game listed in Mapabore, second game listed in Blén, third game listed in Condadore.
Group D: first game listed in Ciruelas, second game listed in Dénprade, third game listed in Arcrés.
Group F: first game listed in in Villago, second game listed in San Pablo, third game listed in Ciudagua (Sobresa).
Play-in match (16 vs 17): Rofi.

Round of Sixteen:
A: 1 vs 16/17 winner, Arcrés
B: 8 vs 9, Ciudagua (Sobresa)
C: 4 vs 13, Ciudagua (Prosperea)
D: 5 vs 12, Ciudad Peralta

E: A winner vs B winner, Ciruelas
F: C winner vs D winner, San Pablo

E winner versus F winner, Ciudagua (Prosperea)

Third place playoff:
Semifinal loser versus other semifinal loser, Ciudad Peralta

Any questions, just telegram me! Good luck to all teams!
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Maklohi Vai
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Left-wing Utopia

Postby Maklohi Vai » Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:36 pm

The Vaian team:
Starters (5-3-2):

Numatao Makai

LFB Wakoro Malaopani
LCB Wono Kalopai
CB Wamoro Ulanamauaio
RCB Ruto Lapanimakai
RFB Mulo Kalopani

LM: Runokunao Palatai
CM: A’auwo Malowai
RM: Tilao Palarutani

LS: Rumoto Noramanai
RS: Tumo Makanopalani

GK: Nokomo Pulamanai
GK: Rumao Malopai

Mota’awao Wurutopai
Nomao Kawai
Umo Munulowai
Muto Nilomapai
Rulo Kawai
Molu Lomai
Alu Napali
Ruta'ao Maniruto

Numatao Makai
Muwao Nilopawai
Kolao Namopoi
Moko Romokanapai
Luto Omapai
Nuko Mulopai

Roru Lanipoi
Wano Mopa'ai
Makao Rulopanai
Nulo Makaopai
Ailo Malakapanai

Coach: Rimolanao Lomokanapai
Home Stadium: Vaian National Pitch, Kolo Lahi. Capacity 112,532.
Style: -4

RP Box:
Choose my goalscorers: No
Godmod scoring events: Yes, with a TG beforehand
Roleplay injuries to my players: No
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, with a TG beforehand
Godmod other events: Yes, with a TG beforehand
"For the glory of our people, we govern our nation freely. For the glory of Polynesia, we help and strengthen our friends. For the glory of the earth, we do not destroy what it has bestowed upon us."
Demonym: Vaian
-Kamanakai Oa'a Pani, first president of Maklohi Vai
-6.13/-8.51 - as of 7/18
Hosted: MVBT 1; WBC 27; Friendly Cups 7, 9; (co-) NSCAA 5
Former President, WBC; WBC Councillor
Senator Giandomenico Abruzzi, Workers Party of Galatea
Head Administrator
Beto Goncalves, Chair, CTA
Abraham Kamassi, Chair, Labour Party of Elizia
President of Calaverde Eduardo Bustamante; Leader, LDP
President of Baltonia Dovydas Kanarigis; Leader, LDP
President of Aurentina Wulukuno Porunalakai; Leader, Progress Coa.

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Azox' Bof 49 roster discussion

Postby Azox » Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:44 pm

Azox football HQ:

John Holsten: "Ok first things first. We need a theme. Every team has had a theme. So let's go through the list and find one that hasn't been used before."

Abby Dearborne: "Ants?"

John Holsten: "Been done before."

Abby Dearborne: "Aardvarks?"

John Holsten: "Been done before."

(15 hours later)

Abby Dearborne: "Zebras?"

John Holsten: "Been done before."

Abby Dearborne: "Zombies?"

John Holsten: "Been done before."

Abby Dearborne: "That's everything."

John Holsten: "Seriously? There's nothing that hasn't been done before?"

Abby Dearborne: "Well there's one thing I didn't suggest, just because it's kinda crazy."

John Holsten: "Whatever it is, that'll be our theme."

Abby Dearborne: "Are you sure?"

John Holsten: "Yeah, just go for it."

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Azox BoF 49 roster

Postby Azox » Thu Sep 27, 2012 7:58 pm

Presenting the Azox Triangles:

Head coach: Image

Goalkeeper: Image

Defense: Image Image Image

Midfield: Image Image Image

Wings: Image Image

Forwards: Image Image

SCHEDULE for Azox Triangles
MATCHDAY 1: Kintratar
MATCHDAY 2: Kalwomea
MATCHDAY 3: North Posidia
MATCHDAY 4: The gypsies
MATCHDAY 5: Lewisland

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following: 
Choose my goalscorers Yes
Godmod scoring events Yes
Roleplay injuries to my players No
Godmod injuries to my players No
Hand out yellow cards to my players Yes
Hand out red cards to my players No
Godmod other events Yes

Style Modifer: -3
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Postby Estope » Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:31 pm


Manager : Emanuel Inzer

1 - Ashton Pate - GK
3 - Ivan Sherman - D
11 - Joshua Sanford - D
10 - Walter Crouch - D
9 - Marco DeCruz - D
2 - Alex Stark - CM
5 - Milo Dewith - CM
6 - Rudy Picasso - RM
4 - John Hardy - LM
8 - Travis Barria - F
7 - Jacob Lawrence - F

12 - DeAngelo Ulick - GK
13 - Fernando Osbourne - D
14 - Phillip Travis - D
15 - Eli Weldon - D
16 - Julio Hallenbeck - D
17 - Ian Nicodemus - CM
18 - Allan Vanish - CM
19 - Nathan Wiley - RM
20 - Jesse Conforti - LM
21 - Luke Frits - F
22 - Rafael Fearghal - F

Style Modifier +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
Soccer: 61st (14.33 pts.) | Football: 26th (9.08 pts.) | Baseball: 13th (3.23 pts.) | Rugby: 13th (5.07 pts.)
Hockey: 11th (16.85 pts.) | Basketball: 25th (2.73 pts.) | Lacrosse: 4th (37.62 pts.)
Maklohi Vai Tournament (Baseball)
Esportiva Union Cup II (Rugby)
Estope Open
World Bowl XXIII
Maple Leaf Bowl III

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Postby Fanchnopolis » Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:59 pm


The FFF (Fanchnopolis Football Federation in its shortest version, which is also known by other names which add more F’s to the acronym) announced the players who are composing the National Team to play in international competitions. The “Militants”, as the team is called by the supporters, hope to make a good start in the worldwide scene, at the same time promoting their culture and honouring their nation.


1- Bwerozza DIVARA
Team: Rua Augusta
She is not the captain, not the team top goalscorer or best player of the squad. But Divara is the true symbol of the squad, the person who can unite all the members of the team, regardless of personal rivalries. Her opponents who don’t know her usually underestimate her potential, as she is very thin, although the tallest of the squad. But she is a fast goalkeeper, able to quickly stop an opponent or to reach a difficult ball. However, her main flaw is when passing the ball, or in goal kicks, the reason why Cremezi takes them. She is also a lover of art, and is prone to spending the whole night in some nearby bar drinking and discussing art in general, which harms her training performance. Divara is the player who appears when the team is close to a nervous breakdown, or if a fight between two members of the team erupts. Her wise advices improve the quality of the squad.

22- LANA Santiago
Team: Solo Sagrado
The substitute goalkeeper knows that it’ll be very difficult to play a match for Fanchnopolis, since Divara is an absolute starter, and not one to get injured easily. Lana won this place in the squad due to being good friends with team captain Frots and the other members of the squad who play for Rua Augusta, a team which she has played for and even tried to return, but Solo Sagrado didn’t let their best player go. Lana is a very calm player, who judges well the situation to know how to act. This calmness helps her to play under pressure or in difficult moments, and also makes her a likeable person.

23- July QUELTK
Team: Atlética Capital
The third goalkeeper of the squad is part of the good defensive system of Atlética Capital, a team which is only able to challenge for the title thanks to this defensive line. Queltk is the shortest goalkeeper of the Fanchnopolis squad, but with excellent positioning. Is also a funny person, and is surely one to make the players laugh during their free time. However, she is close to only a few of the other members of the team.


4- Diana BALOTO
Team: Bofetadas
Baloto is the fastest full-back of Fanchnopolis. An enthusiastic player, she is always full of energy and surely won’t give less than her best during a match. Good in long ranged passes, she is one who can create goalscoring chances directly from the defence. Also, is a very impulsive player, who can attempt some risky moves. Due to this tendency of acting without thinking, some players may blame her for mistakes, but she ignores these complaints. Outside the playing field, Baloto has an active participation in the social movements of Fanchnopolis, which receive extreme importance in the country, with focus on the environmental and students’ movements.

12- Jane PALSPAR
Team: Atlética Capital
Palspar shares some similarities with Baloto, her competition at the same position. She is fast and full of energy, but is far less daring than Diana. However, this ends pleasing the fans less, since for being more conservative Palspar ends having a quiet role during a match, not participating in vital moves. But the true talent of Jane resides on her speech: she is often selected to answer questions during an interview, since she is excellent at talking a lot and giving little information, or completely avoiding the point of the question and saying an entire different story.


11- Ariana NRATZEL
Team: Rua Augusta
The more technical full-back, and we can even consider her to be the most technical player of the entire squad, something that makes her more than an acceptable option for the midfield if needed, in case of a formation change. She is excellent at controlling the ball possession, but is not one to run during the entire match, due to the fact that her physical condition isn’t one of the best, she’s had many injuries during her career. However, even moving less than other players, her participation in the match is key, as she knows how to set up a move, and can also take free kicks and corner kicks with accuracy. Also, she also has a lot of knowledge of the history of Fanchnopolis and of the National Team, so can answer questions about them.

15- YARA Tessera
Team: Uni-Ribs
Yara is another very participative player, taking part in the social movements that made Fanchnopolis the country it is today. Focusing on the questions involving minorities and also the feminist movement, the biggest of the nation, she is a much respected person. As a player, she is a quick player, but not one much accurate in starting offensive moves: her talent is defensive, so she can be an option when the team needs to defend more.

Central defenders:

3- Xena RENITT
Team: Rua Augusta
The most ferocious defender of the squad, one that surely won’t give rest for the opponent strikers. Renitt is able to tackle the strongest opponents, being a specialist in defeating them in a ball dispute, and having more difficulties in facing more technical attackers. However, she never rests, so a player always have to take a look to see if she is close, as she can out of nothing appear with fury and get the ball back. However, in her daily life she is very gentle, having a busy social life and handling several relationships at the same time, a thing she is famous for.

Team: Atlética Capital
She has more technique than Renitt, and is not as strong... but if you think that Cremezi has a different playing style you’re very wrong. She is also a defender who follows the opponent she has to mark practically everywhere, going home with the player if she forgets that the match has ended... yes, because this can happen. Cremezi sometimes make weird attitudes, but still has the support from most of the squad, and therefore kept her place at the starting eleven. Is also another enthusiastic player, and one who easily accepts ideas for set pieces and strange offensive moves, since she takes all the goal kicks and free kicks on the defensive half. Another player who also has link with social movements.

14- Ceres GANIS
Team: 16 de Junho
The substitute defender is another one who is excellent at marking opponent players and following them to ensure that they won’t receive the ball in good conditions. It seems that Fanchnopolis excels at producing this kind of players. However, Ganis also has enough talent to, after tackling an attacker, starting an offensive move with good passing ability. Also, is the best at heading between the defenders. She isn’t a starter due to physical problems.

20- STELLA Provo
Team: Bueiros do Centro
Stella is a player who ends being isolated from other members of the squad, as she doesn’t participate in an activist group, which is usually a source of prestige for Fanchnopolis citizens. However, she is well known in the country and respected as a football player, even though her lack of involvement in political matters produced prejudice, and she wasn’t able to join one of the title contenders, even having talent to play for them.

Defensive midfielders:

10- Chris FROTS
Team: Rua Augusta
The team captain, and the coach of the National Team. As coach, she doesn’t have absolute powers: some members of the team, such as Nretzel, Divara and Danizinha, have enough popularity to oppose to decisions of Frots regarding call-ups and tactics used. But the position of coach makes Frots the most influential player of the squad, being called “boss” by her team-mates. As the team captain, however, Frots do everything that pleases her, from complaining with referees to fighting with opponent players. About her playing abilities, she works as the mastermind of the team, controlling the ball and then distributing it to other midfielders or to the attack, so they can reach the opponent area to score. Due to this, she is a champion of assists, but not goals. At last, as a matter of curiosity, she always plays with a hat, even in the matches that the Fanchnopolis team will play naked.

16- Emma ELITA
Team: 16 de Junho
A vital substitute, being the first player to enter the match when there is a need for a defensive change in the Fanchnopolis team, by taking the place of one of the offensive midfielders. She has always been a talented player, good in defensive duties as well as in heading, which makes her a deadly option for the attack during corner kicks and crossings, winning prizes. But her space in the media only grew after she became the girlfriend of National Team idol Divara, the starting goalkeeper of the squad. Her positive thinking and determination during a football match makes her one of the players with the most potential to become one of the new idols of the team.

18- TINA Pacheco
Team: Caribe
Another player which doesn’t have a close relationship with the core group of the squad, composed by the team captain and her followers, Tina is however respected for being member of activist groups. Another interesting fact is her loyalty to her domestic club, Caribe, a team that is only an intermediate one in the top division of Fanchnopolis. She vows to defend the club until the end of her life, by acting as a director when she stops playing. As a defensive midfielder, she is the most defensive of the three.

Offensive midfielders:

5- Karine MARINO
Team: Império Vazio
Marino is the fan favourite for those interested in the looks of the players. Humble and talkative, she quickly attracts the attention of the people, but she is also as fast in ignoring any approaches and all the pressure of the media, preferring to keep her privacy and to spend her free time with activities not related with the fans or her professional life. As a football player, Marino is the true link from the midfield to the attack, usually receiving the ball from Frots and then sending it to one of the wingers or to the striker Lynn. She is horrible at finishing, so she focuses more on passing and in dribbling, the latter her main talent, so she is able to defeat opponent defenders before setting up goalscoring chances for the strikers.

8- SANDRA Hondroza
Team: Império Vazio
The true offensive midfielder of the team, who sometimes attempts to score through individual moves, preferring to dribble even though the wingers may be in a better position to attack. This sometimes selfish approach doesn’t take fans from her, however, since the supporters relate this with determination, but the relationship with her team-mates isn’t the best possible. She makes an excellent duo with Marino, and working together they can send Fanchnopolis forward. Sandra is also prone to get involved in arguments and fights which can make her receive several cards, even though she isn’t a violent player at all.

17- Ellen NUSTRON
Team: Uni-Ribs
Nustron is starter in her club, which is considered the best of the entire country, but unfortunately for her the chances of starting a match for the National Team are minimal, since the team prefers to use Elita as first choice substitute. But this doesn’t mean that Nustron has less talent: she is the best player of the team in long ranged shots, and can also take free kicks if needed... may earn many chances during the second half of matches.


Team: Império Vazio
The versatile winger. Queen of scoring weird goals, this happens because Danizinha is able to find opportunities to score when others don’t. Attacking in the right wing, her origins as a full-back made her prefer to wear the number 2 shirt, which is now considered strange by the supporters since it is a number usually used by defenders, while Danizinha is one of the most offensive players of the team. Danizinha is not very good at dribbling, which makes her a bad option for moves when the opponents are marking too heavily. However, she is quite strong and, being tall, will win most aerial challenges. Also, she is fast and also very resistant, and can be violent when provoked. A curious data about her is that her origins are unknown: she doesn’t talk about her parents or her infancy, but no one is sure why. Mysterious, she sometimes has a pessimist approach to situations and gets serious easily.

7- Katherine LYNN
Team: Uni-Ribs
The lone striker. In the formation used by Fanchnopolis, Danizinha and Vlasevic play as wingers, so Lynn ends with the position of being the main target for passes in the attack, and the one receiving the most pressure to score. She is less versatile than Danizinha, and doesn’t have as much creativity to score, but is much more competent with the ball on feet, capable of dribbling and without the unstable attitude towards the game of her team-mate: she is fully focused and lethal in front of the goal. There is some argument about which is the best player of the National Team, but surely Lynn will appear in all the discussions. Her main talent is also the ability to stay with the ball even swarmed by opponents or making difficult dribbling moves. As for her personal characteristics, she has a floating humour, which doesn’t affect her performances but affects relationships, and she has gotten in fights with several other members of the club. She is respected for her ideas and abilities, however, and due to this keeps the absolute starting position.

Team: Uni-Ribs
The quality attacker. Vlasevic ends receiving less popularity than the other two strikers of the squad when the idea is to rate talent, since she ends receiving more popularity and media exposure when the idea is to follow the relationships of the players and their social lives. However, you can’t think that she is a weak player. She has more finesse than the other strikers, being able to spot good passing chances and give the ball on the feet of her team-mates. Calmer than the other strikers, who often get involved in arguments and unstable humour, she is the best option to receive the ball in tense moments, when the team doesn’t seem to be working well together.

13- Pomba BREVIS
Team: Armada Ribeirão
A much respected member of the National Team, who can work either as a winger, preferably on the left, or as the target striker in Fanchnopolis’ specific formation. Brevis has a balanced talent in all the basic necessities of football, from dribbling to shooting, and so is a very good option when you don’t know the exact way of playing that can defeat the opposite squad. The problem is that the attacking trio of Fanchnopolis is much respected, so she won’t receive that many chances. Finally, during free times, Brevis is known for drinking too much and losing control of herself, talking too much and making jokes about anything.

21- Amanda TAMARINDO
Team: Bofetadas
The fifth attacker of the squad, it’ll be much difficult for her to feature with the Fanchnopolis shirt, or without the Fanchnopolis shirt but during a game, during an official competition without a tragedy involving injuries. Too bad for her, because Tamarindo is a lovely person and a talented player, who is good enough to take advantage of mistakes of defenders to score. She loves to tackle defenders.

Formation: Fanchnopolis plays with a 4-1-2-2-1 formation, with defensive full-backs and two wingers who are part of the attacking line. Below you see the representation of the formation:


Kits: Now there is an important detail of Fanchnopolis’ team. The team has kits, which you can see below (first two alternate themselves as first option, third one is the third kit option always). However, this doesn’t mean that the players will wear them. The reason why: Fanchnopolis is a very hot country, and also the players don’t mind about the reaction of others, they usually play naked. In domestic matches this is common, but in order to respect opponents, they may wear these kits in away matches, or in neutral sites. However, if the opponents agree, then the Fanchnopolis team will play naked, as the players prefer this way. If not, they use the kits without loss in performance or morale. In cold places, with temperatures below 15ºC, they’ll wear the kits even if the opponents permit that they play naked, as they aren’t used to cold temperatures and have to wear some clothes. In matches in Fanchnopolis, no clothes for them, as the temperature won’t reach lower levels.


If my opponents RP first, they can:
Name my scorers Y
Godmod scoring Y
Injure my players Y
Godmod injuries Y
Hand yellow/red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

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Baz Mat National Team

Postby Baz Mat » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:22 pm


Manager : Scott Reed

1 - Tobias Germ - GK
3 - Daniel Isworth - D
5 - Cecil Fenton - D
2 - Yugeny Tsvetonov - D
4 - Alex houghton - LM (C)
6 - Angel Lahoz - CM
9 - Velincinho Pinho - CM
13 - Jordan Stevens - RM
8 - Mitchell Davis - CAM
7 - Adrian Ledbetter- F
10 - Claudia Jones - F

12 - Paul Coppola - GK
13 - Ebony Sydenham - D
14 - Brandon Seagull - D
15 - Eli Sherwood - D
16 - Georgia Kyle - D
17 - Barry Mat - CM
18 - Allan Stevenson - CM
19 - Robert Burgell - RM
20 - Nicki Reed - LM
21 - Thiery Nam - F
22 - Rafaell Turtla- F

National Kit
HomeImage AwayImage GK home + awayImage

Formation is a 3-5-2

Style Modifier +3

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y
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The nation notable for its major emphasis on racing things.

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East Shippensburg
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Postby East Shippensburg » Thu Sep 27, 2012 9:26 pm

1-Gavin Jones-Gk
2- Steven Pollard- D
6- Alex Winston- D
12- Drew Watkins- D
4- Jake Taylor- D
8- Jeremy Mendez-MF (C)
11- Bobby Williams-MF
7- Ryan Hill-MF
14- Samuel Walters-MF
9- Zack Crockett-F
10- Lenny Alvarez-F

5- Jonathan Rodgers- F
3- Charlie Smith- D
19- Dillon Mason- MF
15 Wayne Evans- MF
13- Chester Ballard- MF
21- Shane Crowley-GK
16- Russell Spencer-D
17- Cory Long-MF
18- Andrew Walsh-F
22- Dustin Davis- D
20- Joseph Clarke- D

Style modifer +3

4-4-2 formation

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

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Postby Svengarda » Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:07 am

Palloliitto Svengarda
Football Association of Svengard



1. Toms Holt - 27 - PPMPA Korska
54. Pal Lorsen - 23 - FCK Lupa
56. Dagfinn Simoneit - 25 - Stormskamer IGK


3. Kaapo Storstrand - 32 - Helsirn CSKA

4. Thorvald Thomasson - 27 - West Skal City SK
12. Goerg Raske - 25 - GKS Erem
2. Torbjørn Lindström - 35 - PPMPA Korska (c)
29. Luka Jarvinen - 27 - GKS Erem
17. Mikkel Strand - 23 - Helsirn CSKA
30. Vilmar Næss - 29 - Helsirn CSKA


8. Hakan Lager - 25 - Stormskamer IGK
7. Seppi Steffanson - 34 - Stormskamer IGK
20. Bern Harmandsson - 26 - Rasmussen SK
25. Jaak Pekkanen - 24 - Sitrii ASK
15. Torleif Olhouser - 28 - Helsirn CSKA
38. Jāzeps Vang - 20 - DGNC Helsigborg
10. Rihards Ruotsalainen - 29 - PPMPA Korska


13. Truls Waaserson - 26 - PPMPA Korska
9. Svein Danielsen - 25 - Helsirn CSKA
12. Vilmar Toov - 23 - West Skal City SK
99. Boghos Danielsen - 25 - Rasmussen SK





I grant the following roleplay permissions for my opponent:
Choose Scorers: [Y/N]
Godmod Goalscoring Events: [Y/N]
Injure Players: [Y/N]
- Limited to Duration of Match: [Y/N]
- Limited to Duration of Competition: [Y/N]
Godmod Injury Events [Y/N]
- Limited to Duration of Match: [Y/N]
- Limited to Duration of Competition: [Y/N]
Godmod Player Discipline: [Y/N]
- Allow Players to Be Yellow Carded: [Y/N]
-- Number of Yellow Cards Permitted: (5)
- Allow Players to Be Red Carded: [Y/N]
-- Number of Red Cards Permitted: (2)
Godmod Other Events: [Y/N]

Skill Modifier: +3.25
[align=center]Winner of 49th Baptism of Fire

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Postby Licentiapacisterra » Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:09 am

Welcome to Licentiapacisterra !!

We are an island nation in the region of Esportiva. Though we have only recently emerged onto the sporting scene, 7 years ago in Licentian time, we have already established ourselves as one of the up-and-comers in NS football, qualifying for our first World Cup proper 1 year ago.

If you have the pleasure of visiting the Islands during your first competition, you certainly won’t be short of things to do when you aren’t in the stadiums. Whether it be walking the streets of our beautiful cosmopolitan capital Montfort, relaxing on the beaches of Garton Bay, or hiking through the forests and mountains of Hessington Island, you will have the chance to spend time in one of the most beautiful and friendly nations in Esportiva.

But, however much may go on outside the football grounds, the stadia will be the obvious focus of this tournament. Here, you can have a look at all of the stadia involved in hosting this tournament.

LTI Stadium – Montfort, Montfort Parish – 75,000
LTI Stadium is the home of Licentian sports. Having held the final of the Campionato Esportiva, the entirety of the Campionato di Atletica Esportiva, and the final of the Grand Duke’s Challenge Cup in the past, along with hosting the Licentian national football and lacrosse teams, Montfort Wanderers, and Montfort LC, this stadium is truly the behemoth of the Islands’ sporting culture. You can expect to see royalty fairly often too, with the Grand Duke, Luke Thomas II, a fan of the Whites.

Gardiner-Stewart Stadium – Abingdon, Abingdon Parish – 60,000
Gardiner-Stewart Stadium, newly renamed and expanded, is only behind two things in terms of pride in Abingdon Parish sports. One is the club it hosts, Abingdon Celtic. The other is the town’s prodigal son, Alex Gardiner-Stewart, for whom the stadium is named, who, until his death two years ago, stood between the sticks for both the Green-and-Gold, and the national team. Now, Celtic play for him, with his adoptive father returning from retirement to help debut the new name.

Adamson Park – Montfort, Montfort Parish – 55,000
Adamson Park is another of the stadiums in the Islands that has previously hosted big games, with the Cyan-and-Gold’s home games during their first campaign held here. Its other international exposure is on the UICA stage, where SC Montfort have played the last few seasons since the club turned professional.

Barton Software Arena – Colesham, Colesham Parish – 47,000
The only stadium involved in hosting that was commercially built and sponsored, the BS Arena as it is jocularly known has a retractable roof, and is usually home to Colesham Athletic, another of the top sides in Licentian football.

Barrier Island Oval – St Bartholomew’s, St Bartholomew’s Parish – 45,500
As the name suggests, Barrier Island Oval was originally a cricket ground, but when St Bart’s Parish cricket team moved their base to picturesque Hessington Island, the stadium was adapted and expanded to host recently relegated St Bart’s, known as the Pride of the Barrier Islands.

Coliseum of the Gaels – Abingdon, Abingdon Parish – 42,000
Set in the predominantly Gaelic East End of Abingdon, this fortress is home to recently promoted Gaels, the main rivals of Celtic. Expect raucous neutral Licentian fans letting off flares, fighting, and engaging in generally riotous behaviour at games held here.

Bayside Stadium – Carrington, Colesham Parish – 34,000
Situated at the edge of Carrington’s beautiful harbour, the Bayside Stadium has only three stands, opening at one end to reveal views of the calm waters of Licentiapacisterra’s largest port. The “marmite” side Carrington United play here, and the stadium is decked out in pure red to remind you of that fact.

Hilltop Stadium – Houghton, Abingdon Parish – 31,000
Another stadium where the designers failed to be inventive with the name, the stadium at Houghton is quite literally built into the hillside. Notably, when it was closed for renovations a few years ago, various people reported seeing men and women flying on broomsticks within the stadium. These people were all later consigned to mental hospitals for their own safety.

Group A:
First listed game at LTI Stadium
Second listed game at Barton Software Arena
Third listed game at Bayside Stadium

Group C:
First listed game at Gardiner-Stewart Stadium
Second listed game at Barrier Island Oval
Third listed game at Hilltop Stadium

Group E:
First listed game at LTI Stadium
Second listed game at Adamson Park
Third listed game at Coliseum of the Gaels

Knockout Stage:
Play-in match (15 vs 18) - Barrier Island Oval.

Round of Sixteen:
R16-1: 2 vs 15/18 winner – LTI Stadium
R16-2: 10 vs 7 – Gardiner-Stewart Stadium
R16-3: 3 vs 14 – Adamson Park
R16-4: 11 vs 6 – Barton Software Arena

QF-1: R16-1 winner vs R16-2 winner – LTI Stadium
QF-2: R16-3 winner vs R16-4 winner – Gardiner-Stewart Park

SF-1: QF-1 winner vs QF-2 winner – LTI Stadium

F: SF-1 winner vs SF-2 (Aguazul Half) winner – Gardiner-Stewart Park
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This nation has now been reformed as the Licentian Isles. Please direct anything intended for me to that nation.

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Baptism of Fire 49

Postby Falcania » Fri Sep 28, 2012 2:01 am

Boaris Alp splashed water in his face, and looked at his reflection in the mirror. It's here. You've been working your whole life for this day, and it's finally here.

The hotel bathroom was cozy, clad in dark marble. The face that stared back at him was deep, lined with stress, with thin, sparse plumage and narrow, bloodshot eyes. The portrait of a stressed career politician, a rare breed in Falcania. He'd never wanted to run one of the corporations, he'd only ever wanted one thing - to be the Falcanian National Corporation's Director of Sport & Culture. The man who had the power to take the Free Kingdom to its first - and hopefully not its last - World Cup. And that meant a Baptism of Fire.

But he'd seen the delegates for the other nations. Tiny! Barely more than city-states compared to the ancient, vast Free Kingdom. Even the larger host, Aguazul, was a middle-size autocracy.

Which meant much wounded pride if they didn't win, or at least if they lost too early. And that was Boaris' secret fear, his whole life, that Falcanians just weren't ready to comprehend football. Sure, the High League had been a fun craze, on its first introduction a couple of years ago, and it became very fashionable to follow a team and get in fights in bars about it. But interest had waned to a few hard-core enthusiasts. There were a couple of fun moments, like the riots held when Falcania hosted a couple of matches at the High Table on behalf of Turori, but it was still a very much "cult" sport compared to the predominant pastimes of roller-derby and ritual combat.

Boaris pulled the plug out of the sink, and went back to the room, spreading his wings out over the sides of the bed and trying to relax. They couldn't do that badly, right?

The Falcanian national team will typically deploy a 1-3-5-2 formation. Starting XI highlighted in Falcon Orange. C = International Caps, G = International Goals, all of which will have been earned at various AOCAF tournaments.

The roster chosen looks like this:

Manager: Joha Kruppie
Asst. Manager/Physiotherapist/Team Doctor/Boy Who Makes the Tea: Scteven Morl
Joha Kruppie has led Falcania through three AOCAF tournaments, none of which have resulted in a performance through the group stages. Some have questioned his competency, others his alleged financial ties to major organised crime figures in the New Shirley underworld. Nevertheless, it seems he's here to stay.

1 Rarnin Harst (Integral FC) 9C
18 Hebie Treolot (Bachman & Associates) 1C
13 Sams Nertrin (Airsweep FE) 1C
Rarnin Harst is the team captain, a solid, reliable Sentinel who is also the Integral FC team captain. The cornerstone of the team, Falcania have never won a game without him.

83 Morthal Terinax (Icarus) 9C
44 Yrion Kork (UMANST) 8C

98 Jemm Storpor (Tonkatsu) 3C
3 Graehm Fortt (Integral) 1C
35 Woltar Crafter (Associated Digital) 3C
Some cuts in the Guardian lineup. Tor Heyaldor and Jhon Mathis have been dropped from the squad to free up valuable slots for additional Protean talent, and Luys Boford continues to fight his shoplifting charges. Falcania will typically field three Guardians in any given match, if their late, somewhat experimental performances in AOCAF 37 are anything to go by.

54 Qail Pronotiro (Glowsnap) 9C 1G
17 Dogo Rastin (Ballacorp) 1C
39 Cristof Foil (Associated Digital) 3C
9 Danniol Parkar (Integral FC) 7C 1G
38 Nicci Alleun (Associated Digital) 7C 1G

37 Thim Rais (Associated Digital) 1C
63 Todt Brost (Everleaf) 0C
77 Jesp Morsax (Airsweep FE) 0C
Kruppie is bringing a wealth of Proteans to the Baptism of Fire - every single Protean that Falcania has ever fielded internationally in an AOCAF tournament has been brought along, as well as bright up-and-comers Brost and Morsax. This reflect's Falcania's recent change in strategy from roughly equal attack and defence, to a strong and fluid Protean contingent in the middle of the field to react to the game as it happens.

33 Colan Battes (Associated Digital) 6C 3G
6 Thax Akirax (Integral FC) 6C 4G

21 Cherald Marthiew (Matsundai) 2C 1G
12 Serent Porilon (Goldmund-Teller) 1C
The only portion of the match that has not really changed much - Colan Battes and Thax Akirax are still the ones to watch here, their off-pitch rivalry and occasional on-pitch fights now the stuff of Falcanian sports TV legend. But they do keep scoring the goals, and they do keep being tolerated because of this. The crown princess Jerinna was recently spotted controversially wearing a "Colan Battes can Get Plucked" shirt from AOCAF 35.

The Kits, as designed by Barrengeka Inc. and modelled here by that corporation's native Astograthians, are attractive and eye-catching.


RP Restrictions: You have fun with it.
DO: RP goalscorers, events, discipline, injuries, Godmod setting fire to the players' tour bus, etc.
DON'T: Kill anyone on the field (or in the crowd, I suppose) without asking me first, and I'd appreciate it if you notified me in advance about match-bans and injuries that may take my players off the field for future games, just so I don't embarrass myself.

Before I Forget: Style Modifier +4

What's this I hear about bird people?: The average Falcanian is covered in downy feathers, and most have wings, though only about 45% of the population can fly unaided - typically the mark of a committed athlete. About 70% of the population have retractable, keratinous claws that extend from their fingers - several Falcanian martial arts utilise these, the most notable of these being Maradwan Carak.

Temperament: Falcanians are a violent, somewhat warlike, people. In addition, Falcanians do not really understand football, in the way that they inherently understand ritual combat. As such, Association Football in Falcania is a very bloody sport. Corporate loyalty when mixed together may result in actual intra-team fighting, especially between rivals Integral and Associated Digital, who compete bitterly in the High League, and in AO Champion's League. A so-called "friendly" between the two teams after the Champion Sword tournament resulted in the hospitalisation of AD assistant manager at the time Joha Kruppie, who is now the national team's manager. Falcanian athletes are strong, fast, agile, and quick-thinking, but as I said before, they do not really understand football.
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II & Sports: The Free Kingdom of Falcania, Jayla, New Nestia, and Realms Otherwise Beneath the Skies

World Assembly: Ser Jeine Wilhelmsen on behalf of Queen Falcon IV, representing the Free Kingdom and the ancient and great region of Atlantian Oceania

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Postby Royal East America » Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:10 am

The East American Soccer Confederation (EASC) has selected one player for the national team.
Goalkeeper: Joseph Paulson (New York FC)
Defensive: Albert Ashton (Boston FC)
Defensive: Nicholas Ashton (Baltimore FC)
Defensive: John Beauclerk (Philadelphia FC)
Defensive: William Dean (Pittsburgh FC)
Midfielder: Nick Paulson (Richmond FC)
Midfielder: Albert Lawrence (Norfolk FC)
Midfielder: Steven Oscar (Raleigh FC)
Midfielder: John Donovan (Albany FC)
Forward: Nicholas Patton (Newark FC)
Forward: Andrew Bolton (Atlanta FC)
RP name is Kingdom of Eastern America.
RP nationality name is East American.

Puppet of Lymantatia.

Territory: All of Northeast US, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, both Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana (land above Mississippi river), Florida

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Gaveo's Finest

Postby Gaveo » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:10 am

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: No
Godmod scoring events: No
Roleplay injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: Maybe
Hand out yellow cards to my players: Yes, but not excessively
Hand out red cards to my players: Yes, but not excessively
Godmod other events: No

GK: Joaquin Cádiz and David Nelson
DEF: Hector Montoya, Michael Blue, Alex Orloa, Sebastian Riveros, Fernando Gomez, and Xavier Gonzales.
MED: Miguel Franco, Jacob Andersen, Cardell Owens, Septimus Greene,Bru Yo Chan, Roberto García Jr, Miguel Valdiva, and Une Yabro
ATK: Cesar Milano, Anders Ericksen, Joshua Hood, Sebastian Cádiz, Santiago Rojas, and Li Kan Hoo

Bold equals starters
Italic equal subs that will most likely play in a game.

"Hello! Gaveoanitos y Gaveoanitas! I am your host Miguel Sanchez. And today in mist of war our finest futbol players will give us hope. Now they will fight as hard as our troops, they will be knocked down like our troops, but just as our troops will fall and rise up again. So will our players. Thats all folks, in till next time. Chao."
Style Mod +4.
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Postby High Heels » Fri Sep 28, 2012 4:20 am

High Heels National Football Team
The Foxes

The days of anonymity are over. Fans around the world have heard the tale of the tower full of hot girls that won the under-21 World Cup. (At least the story always gets told that way. The young women of Högklackat aren't of more memorable appearance than their sisters elsewhere until you put them on a football pitch. And the tower is roughly half-full of males as one might expect.) In three Di Bradini Cups they lost three matches, winning one title and finishing second on another occasion.

Now they step onto the big stage, to the chagrin of their male counterparts who labored in real anonymity in the Cuppet. IdrottsLiga av Högklackat, the national governing authority, is nothing if not sensitive to the draw of both champions and young women. Nineteen of the 23 High Heels team members have Di Bradini Cup experience, and 16 were on the championship squad. Seven now have overseas contracts.

The Foxes are led by a genuine superstar in 19-year-old keeper Kaisa Cuban, who plays for Sporting Boulder in The Babbage Islands' FĈB. In her debut season she was named the league's rookie of the year, and in her sophomore campaign the club won the league and she was named most outstanding player. Two Sporting teammates, playmaker Meline Stiletto and striker Nicolene Wedge, also highlight on the squad. Captain Melody Mule, the first player from High Heels ever to sign overseas, is a potent scoring force. Amanda Pump, manager of the Di Bradini Cup 23 champions, now manages the senior national team surrounded by familiar faces.

The Foxes play a 3-5-2 formation with plenty of style (+4).

2 Alexandria Pump 30 D Stock Exchange none
5 Brooklyn Cuban 21 M College of STEM DBC 22/23/24
11 Ciorstaidh Platform 22 W VLC FC (Eastfield Lodge) DBC 22/23
1 Kaisa Cuban 19 K Sporting Boulder (TBI) DBC 22/23/24
7 Malene Slingback 23 W FK Harmonie (Lontorika) DBC 22/23
8 Meline Stiletto 18 M Sporting Boulder (TBI) DBC 22/23/24
9 Melody Mule (c) 25 S Celtic-Southland (TBI) DBC 22
10 Nicolene Wedge 22 S Sporting Boulder (TBI) DBC 22/23
3 Pernille Spool 19 D Tower Mall DBC 22/23/24
4 Piroska Mule 21 D Freemasons United DBC 23/24
6 Robena Slingback 27 M Police Athletics none

18 Caroline Cowboy 17 W 49th Floor DBC 24
12 Chiara Ballet 21 W Medical Center DBC 22/23/24
15 Chrissie Court 22 D Stock Exchange DBC 22/23
23 Curstag Prism 24 D College of Business DBC 22
22 Elspeth Pump 21 S College of STEM DBC 22/23/24
14 Femke Ballet 24 M Museum of Architecture none
13 Giulietta Slingback 19 S Museum of Architecture DBC 23/24
19 Gwendolyn Spool 25 M Fire/Rescue Athletics DBC 22
16 Maretta Ballet 20 M 49th Floor DBC 22/23/24
20 Smilla Kitten 20 D Future City Shows DBC 22/23/24
21 Veronica Puppy 21 K VLC FC (Eastfield Lodge) DBC 22/23/24
17 Željka Mule 32 S Electricians Brotherhood none

Manager: Amanda Pump, 52
Assistant: Amaya Cone, 33
Trainer: Veaceslav Court, 33



Ciorstaidh Malene
Robena Brooklyn

Piroska Pernille Alexandria


RP: Play on, as long as none of my players gets seriously hurt without asking me first.

(NB: All players on the squad not already shown as playing overseas will consider transfer offers to clubs around the world. ILH and the 49th floor bureaucrats have decided that they like the boost to the economy.)

About High Heels

The Fifty-Story Arcology (once called the Most Serene Republic) of High Heels is indeed an arcology, a single massive 50-story tower that provides a nearly self-contained living environment for around 57,000. Legally the tower that is High Heels is recognized in Paripana as the city of Högklackat, and IdrottsLiga av Högklackat is an associate member of the Paripana Sporting Council.

The ground floor, or Interface Zone, is where citizens of High Heels interact with the outside world. Above that are 16 zones of three oversized stories each, containing a mixture of residential, clean industrial, commercial, and agricultural (typically hydroponic) uses. The 49th floor, officially the Governance Zone but colloquially simply the 49th Floor, hosts the Hall of the People and most government offices.


Each citizen is assigned to one of the 16 standard zones at birth or naturalization and takes the surname of that zone. All citizens of a zone bear different registered given names. This could be as trivial as an alternate spelling, and the recent registration of double given names helps. Use-names and nicknames are not uncommon. Because there are so few zone names, it is normal to use given names even in formal situations. There might be many Miss Cubans around, but probably only one Kaisa.

High Heels Stadium is located on the 13th floor in the Slingback Zone. Its capacity is only about 2,500, but matches are popular televised fare. Sixteen teams play "professional" association football there. Popular individual sports include the modern pentathlon (femkamp) and its constituent sports fencing, running, shooting, and swimming. (Riding requires outside travel to train, although a few horses are rotated into Soleri Park.)
Champions of the 23rd Di Bradini Cup!
Second: Di Bradini Cup 22. Third: Baptism of Fire 49.
Quarterfinalists: Cup of Harmony 55.
Diagram of the Arcology

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Postby Charruterra » Fri Sep 28, 2012 5:42 am

The Asociación Charruterrana de Fútbol is happy to announce their roster for BoF 49 in Aguazul and Licentiapacisterra:

Nickname: Los Charruas
Style: (weird formation) +4
Manager: Cloyan, player-manager

Starting XI:

Name: Ruuj Máj
Age: 20
Team: Feardallis' Wanderers
Bio: Ruuj Máj is extremely religious, believing in a deity called "Sharuujpán", in which every Charruterran admits to believe in, however, some don't. He's a pretty good goalkeeper, as he gets to show it often as Charruterra's style uses only 2 defenders. He joins the team's sacrifice of rubber chickens to "Sharuujpán" (which in Charrua translates to Margaret). Extremely foul-mouthed, but Charrua is a difficult language to speak, so won't be understood by anyone.

Name: Mardúj Janguje
Age: 30
Team: Feardallis' Wanderers
Bio: Janguje also believes in this deity, and celebrates every win by praying to it. He is kind of old, but he's still physically great, and wants to continue playing. Extremely respectful unless his deity is mocked. Overall good defender that keeps calmness at almost any time. Proficient at English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Farf and Charruterran. Likes to study languages during his free time.

Name: Sultáj Zoba Má
Age: 45
Team: Feardallis' Wanderers
Bio: Sultáj Zoba Má translates to english to "Magnificent Moon Sultan". Leads the rubber chicken sacrifice during nights. Extremely old, but as he's the spiritual leader, he must be on the starting line-up. Bad player overall, but extremely clam and respectful. Tends to see the future, and often writes about it.

Name: Canamazán Fajú
Age: 22
Team: Feardallis' Wanderers
Bio: Fajú is by far the best player here, good control of the ball and pretty fast. Good at dribbling and at assisting. Not religious at all, but acts like he is. Currently one of the best players of Feardallis' Wanderers. May "disappear" before the rubber chicken ceremony, often coming up with good excuses.

Name: Saguaqué Mijú (Captain)
Age: 34
Team: Pacahocaf SC
Bio: Mijú is extremely aggresive and tries to always win. He'll often get carded, maybe even get a red card. He also tend to send death threats to the opposing team before matches. This should be taken seriously, and, should your team get one, be extremely careful. Mijú is the captain of the team. As he's the "Cacique" of this tribe.

Name: Tacuabé Sepé
Age: 27
Team: O Lajau SC
Bio: Extremely religious, he's the one who brings the rubber chickens for the ceremonies. How he gets them is a mystery, though. He's good at passing, decent defensively and bad at dribbling. Will pass the ball as soon as he receives it.

Name: Dioí
Age: 26
Team: Pacahocaf SC
Bio: Dioí was named after the sun, he's seen as a god by the players, with the exception of Fajú. Everyone treats him with respect, even though he hasn't shown any magical powers except predicting the weather. Which he does perfectly. Skilled and will get many passes throughout the game.

Name: Adeltú Cohújaan
Age: 17
Team: Yuambú SC
Bio: The youngest of the team, just started to get involved in ceremonies and is kind of skeptical of the "almighty Sharuujpán". Very good at shooting from far distances but tends to be shy, doesn't want to receive the ball. It's widely believed that, should he get some confidence, he would be the best player of the team.

Name: Magaloná Zapicán
Age: 34
Team: Pacahocaf SC
Bio: Zapicán is the leader of the team offensively, he was Pacahocaf SC's top scorer last season. However, he wasn't the top scorer of the entire league. Extremely religious, the creator of the ritual, too. Tends to lead his two teammates that play beside him.

Name: Naigualve Cleubilbe
Age: 20
Team: Na Quícan SC
Bio: After finishing a bad season with his team, he's willing to perform with the national team. Good at shooting from far distances and good at assisting Cloyan. Top assister last league, regardless of his team finishing 9/12. Isn't completely sure about Sharuujpán's existence.

Name: Cloyan
Age: 26
Team: O Lajau SC
Bio: O Lajau SC's lead striker. Really aggresive, knows basic english. Tends to score many goals, finishing as top scorer last season, even scoring during the final, but losing it on penalties. Cloyan also tends to write his own reports for the matches he plays in english to practise his knowledge of the language. He doesn't even know how to use verbs correctly. He's also the manager of the team, as this is always assigned to the top scorer of the Liga Oficial Charruterrana. This is reflected in the team's style.


Name: Shajú Ohoj
Age: 30
Team: Pacahocaf SC
Bio: Ohoj routinely takes part on ceremonies, current best goalkeeper of the LCF. However, he's not part of the Starting XI due to a player playing abroad being younger and better. Extremely childish, doesn't care about being on the bench.

Name: Dioí Survaja
Age: 60
Team: None
Bio: Dioí's servant has been brought to the national team to attend all the players. He may play as a CB, but will play horribly.

Name: Chacutupú Lonjá
Age: 16
Team: Pacahocaf SC
Bio: Lonká is extremely young, and is hoping to be a sultan. If he ever gets the title, he'll replace Sultáj Zoba Má easily as he's much better and much younger than him. He's only 16 and already a starter for champions Pacahocaf SC.

Name: Undú Majáj
Age: 24
Team: O Lajau SC
Bio: Majáj is polyfunctional; he may play in any position. However, he's equally average in all of them so he isn't a starter. If a player gets injured, he'll play almost for sure.

Name: Janjú Mujpán
Age: 79
Team: None
Bio: As a reward for being the oldest Charruterran alive, he'll travel as part of the national team for the BoF solely, not the WC. Won't play under any circumstances, as playing might give him a heart attack.

Name: Bloyan
Age: 26
Team: O Lajau SC
Bio: Cloyan's twin and teammate striker in O Lajau SC, inferior than him and holds a rivalry with him. Might enter but not for sure.





I accept anything as my RP Permissions, but demand a TG before an injury, red card or godmod (this doesn't include scoring).
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:21 am

Nation Name: The Privatized Economical Zone of Thaulandi
Short Nation Name: Thaulandi, PEZT, PEZ Thaulandi
Trigramme: THL
Demonym: Thaulandian
Team Nickname: Snow Reds
National Colors: Red
Head Coach: 6-171632
Assistant: 3-98023
Assistant: 2-167293
Style: +5
Formation: 2-5-3
Thaulandian Roster
for Baptism of Fire 49
(WC 62)

No. - Pos - Name     - Age - Team

#01 - GK - 6-341029 - 031 - Tower 6
#02 - DEF - 2-631191 - 019 - Tower 2
#03 - DEF - 5-119112 - 024 - Tower 2
#04 - MID - 5-9918 - 030 - Tower 5
#05 - MID - 4-0192 - 021 - Tower 6
#06 - MID - 7-551217 - 028 - Tower 7
#07 - MID - 7-216683 - 025 - Tower 7
#08 - MID - 6-358229 - 030 - Tower 6
#09 - STR - 3-01123 - 023 - Tower 3
#10 - STR - 6-9281 - 025 - Tower 6
#11 - STR - 1-314159 - 017 - Tower 1
#12 - GK - 2-481632 - 035 - Tower 2
#13 - DEF - 6-15 - 024 - Tower 8
#14 - DEF - 15-61134 - 019 - Tower 9
#15 - DEF - 12-33012 - 022 - Tower 12
#16 - DEF - 2-66480 - 028 - Tower 2
#17 - MID - 10-21583 - 020 - Tower 3
#18 - MID - 3-388239 - 022 - Tower 3
#19 - MID - 7-552312 - 023 - Tower 6
#20 - MID - 7-552313 - 023 - Tower 7
#21 - STR - 1-314166 - 017 - Tower 1
#22 - STR - 8-881235 - 029 - Tower 8
#23 - GK - 12-11236 - 025 - Tower 12

Note: the first number, before the dash, is the tower of ones birth. When the second (the longer) number starts with a 0, the player is not native Thaulandian. In this case, the first number is the tower where one has entered the country.

Starting 11:

The Thaulandian national team (aka the Snow Reds) plays like it does business. Risky and in the middle of the action. The name Snow Reds might make it seem like the team are icy and calm, the population of the small Northern archipelago are nothing like that image. The team is a good representation of the real Thaulandian: proactive, sometimes ruthless. This has resulted in many injuries for both teams and many cards for the Thaulandians, but this was no sign for them to change.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following: 
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events N
Roleplay injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events N
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Postby Yelvoldia » Fri Sep 28, 2012 6:33 am

The Yelvoldia Leader: Squad for the 49th Baptism of Fire

By Tom Falvor, chief football reporter

Here, I will reveal to you our squad for the 49th Baptism of Fire. We don't now what group we are in for the tournament, but let's get on with the squad.

All players in the squad will be male humans, unless specified. In total, there are 11 male humans, and 12 others - 7 female humans and 5 badgers. The badgers are all able to talk, and all have human intelligence. They are in our squad because the badger is our national animal. These badgers were all engineered to be able to talk and have human intelligence in harmless labs. Please note that our captain is a male human.

Starting XI (4-1-3-2):
GK: Herman Barton
RB: Martin Albertson (badger)
CB: Florence Diválo (female)
CB: Xavier Jules (captain)
LB: Robyn Smith (female)
CDM: Jack Brown (badger)
RW: Sophie Carpet (female)
CAM: Aaron Bïndel
LW: Lionel Martin
RS: Roger McLeod
LS: Connor Evans (badger)
Substitutes bench:
GK: Marty Haryx (badger)
CB: Zack Holt
CB: Dale Google
LB: Sally Edwards (female)
RW: Warren Inglis
CAM: Liz Gerthin (female)
RS: Vicky Scuginor (female)
GK: Eva Yelbin (female)
RB: Watson Evans (badger)
CDM: AJ Rodriguez
LW: Kieran Yerster
LS: Yerrin Easter

Style modifier: +1.5

Manager: Dr Bart Vale (the man who genetically enginereed the badgers to be as intelligent as they are)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: YES
Godmod scoring events: NO
Roleplay injuries to my players: NO
Godmod injuries to my players: NO
Hand out yellow cards to my players: YES, but only per game. Maximum one per player. 3 or 4 in the whole tournament.
Hand out red cards to my players: NO
Godmod other events: NO
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Postby Svengarda » Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:42 am

Kalstørm-Oss Football Grounds

The snow drifted down slowly and the sun couldn't break through the thick, malt clouds. That was commonplace now it was winter. The sun had dipped below the horizon four days ago, and the Svenga team were to depart the day after, so it was the last training session for the squad before they left for Aguazul. They'd had a disappointing campaign in Geisenfried, only managing to net one single goal, coming from the left boot of Truls Wasserson, who was set to take centre stage at this competition up front with Svein Danielsen, of the questionable 35 million price tag, when he moved from PPMPA Korska to Helsirn CSKA last summer. 

"Come on guys, just a few more minutes, then we'll call it in" shouted cosch Simon Andfossen from the sideline of the artificial pitch. The pitch was state-of-the-art, built three years ago as the training pitch for PPMPA Korska. It was heated from a system of under-floor heaters and took water straight from the mountains which rose up out of the mist in the distance. It was equipped with the latest equipment for players to train, and to relax after a cold day of training. The ground was also used for the Nätionliga Division 3 club FC Krånshulmer, with an 2,000 seat stand and plenty of standing accommodation. 

The snow began to fall harder, and a harsh winter breeze blew off the mountains. A helicopter was heard flying overhead, and Simon decided to call it a day. 

"Ok guys. Wrap it up. Vilmar, you grab the cones and Tor (Olhauser) grab the balls. I want you in the team room in 40 minutes. Hot waters on, get cleaned up"

The players jogged off and chatted towards the changing rooms. Simon and his assistant coach, Röben Eriksson, walked towards the team room. The team room was a specially built room for Pre-match tactics, and just otherwise relaxing whilst not training. They entered the room through the lobby area and were greeted by a blast of hot air. Two men dressed in suits were talking quietly by a seating area. They gave the two a quick glance before returning to their conversation. Simon & Röben continued through to the team room and Simon went over to the white board and drew a marker pen out of his jacket pocket and began to draw half a football pitch. 

Röben stood by a hot drinks machine and chose a regular coffee and slid in 3 Kruna Coins and the machine whirred into life, the coffee flowed out of the nozzle and into the plastic cup which he'd placed under it. He wore the same as Simon, with the exclusion of the heavy track suit top which Simon wore with aplomb. Röben was significantly older than Simon. Röben had been a soldier before dabbling in minor league football, whereas Simon had played for DGNC Helsingborg before suffering Cardiac arrest and being forced to retire at just 29, going into coaching. Röben had left the army before the mandatory 12-year service was up, being honourably discharged after saving three comrades after an ambush in the 1989 Mountain insurrection. He got shot twice in the leg, and thus walks with a slight limp or with crutches.

Time passed. Simon drew up several formations and sweeping counter-attack moves, which he has designed to use the pace of the wingers and the strength, power and agility of the two centre forwards of Wasserson and Danielsen. The players had started to drift in in dribs and drabs. First the goalkeepers came in, then the strikers, then the defenders and midfielders together. But as usual,  right winger Hakan Lager and reserve forward Boghos Danielsen strolled in 10 minutes late, and the meeting was already underway when they tried to creep in, but just made more noise than before.

"Come on guys. We don't want you rolling up 20 minutes late to our first game. We really, really don't want that happening, do we?" said Simon in a faux-mocking tone.

"No sir. You ain't gonna play without us" replied Lager with a smile on his face. Röben smiled and playfully chucked a piece of paper at the two. It hit Lager on the side and he squealed, flailing his arms and wincing.

"Ok. Now we've got everyone here, we can start properly. Now. As you'll all know, we're going out to Aguazul tomorrow morning, which is a long flight, so you can catch up on our training regime and the whole shebang in this booklet. They're in your suitcases at the moment. We've got this neat little sports hotel, complete with training grounds, spa and a gym. There are two restaurants, and there will be three individual eating nights, and two team nights, after the first game and after the third. If, if we qualify, then we'll have a discussion then about future arrangements"

There was a murmur around the room as Simon went over to the whiteboards. He brought out a pointer and pointed to the first board. 

"This here's out standard formation at the beginning of both halfs. Unless I state before hand, that's what you'll do. It'll be Truls and Svein up front, as you know. The only minor change, is that I want Tor to play just ahead of Seppi, to create a link up. We'll try to link up through the defence, up to Seppi, Tor and through to either Svein and Truls. You two are key to us. No goals, no glory, we know how it goes"

He moved to a second board.

"This is for when we are in a comfortable position, TWO goals or more. Even if we are dominating, if we're one goal up, we're totally vulnerable. Sorry Toms, even if you are going to be the best in the world, you're still gonna have to pick the ball out of the net. Kappo and Torbjørn, you sit back and soak up the pressure, but the wide men watch for the long ball, also try and play them yourselves. Midfielders, you'll just control the game, take your place in the middle third and get the ball up to the forwards, but don't hesitate to play it back to the defence, or even Toms. Try and push for a second goal, but don't get careless"

A third board

"This is our do-or-die formation. Literally a 3-1-2-2-2. This will only come into play only with 5 or less minutes to go, and we are a goal down. We'll play normally if we're two down, but this is to save a game with not much left. Rapid play, fast movement and vicious counters. Toms, I know this will please you, but in the last few minutes. Up to you of course, but you can go up to get corners, we know how good you are at those"

A smattering of laughter broke out, and Simon allowed himself a smile.

"Okay. We'll have another social team talk in the hotel when we arrive, but I hope you've noted this all down, because the next time we talk about football, it'll be before out first game. Wrap up, the flight is in six hours. The bus leaves in two, please tell me if you're going by yourself, but otherwise, we're done here"
[align=center]Winner of 49th Baptism of Fire

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Postby New York State (Ancient) » Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:26 pm


Name / Position / Year of Birth (Current Age) / Professional Team / College Attended
Dale Álvarez / RD / 63 (21) / Richmond / Adelphi
Ron Copeland / RCD / 60 (24) / Finger Lakes / Long Island
Dennis Díaz / LF / 60 (24) / Brooklyn / Skidmore
Jan Donovan / CM / 60 (24) / Richmond / Canisius
Duane Flores / CD / 49 (35) / Hudson Valley / City
Dale Friedman / RF / 61 (23) / Erie / Purchase
Thorbjorn Friedman / LD / 63 (21) / Richmond / Purchase
Maxwell Jay Hall / RCD / 55 (29) / Albany / Mount Saint Mary
Antonio Helms / CD / 66 (18) / Manhattan^ / Bard
Glenn Hix / LD / 61 (23) / Rochester / Pace
Gary Jones-Williams / RD / 54 (30) / Oneida / Vassar
Nicholas Kennedy / RM / 63 (21) / Queens / Yeshiva
Benjamin López / LM / 52 (32) / Long Island / Albany
George Martin / CD / 51 (33) / Queens / Columbia
Rafael Martinez / RM / 61 (23) / Bronx / DeVry
Marvin May / LF / 65 (19) / Oneida^ / Stony Brook
Jhonny Miller / CM / 52 (32) / Bronx / Cortland
Ramón Patrick / RF / 56 (28) / Bronx / City
Paul Peterson / GK / 50 (34) / Finger Lakes / Hobart
Richard Quinn / LCD / 62 (22) / Queens / Saint Joseph's
Larry Sampson / LM / 53 (31) / Albany / Marist
Russell Vang / GK / 54 (30) / Rochester / Rochester
Alvin Willis / LCD / 61 (23) / Brooklyn / St. Bonaventure
Joe Young / RF / 53 (31) / Hudson Valley / Stony Brook

Corey Stokes / MANAGER / 32 (52) / Finger Lakes / Marist

^: collegiate player's rights are reserved by professional team

You may roleplay anything with these fellows. Style modifier is 0.

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Postby Birolika » Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:40 pm

Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players Y
Godmod other events Y

Birolika has taken the leap and decided to enter the world cup. However first they must prove themselves in the Baptism of Fire, which will hopefully create a good start for the Birolikan side. Unlike with Ice Hockey Biroliks can claim to actually have some level of talent when it comes to football, not as in beign able to do tricks or anything but instead the sort of straight forward tackle and pass game. The entire Birolik side plays in the Birolik football league and almost all of them are in the top one. Anyway here is the squad:

Starters in Bold

Team		Age	Apperances	Goals	Cleansheets


1- James Porter Dalton City 27 23 N/A 5
12- Roger Ilderson AFC Dalton 31 27 N/A 3
23- Adrian Corrins Caldrey Olympic 17 19 N/A 3


2- RB: John Borick Westlea Town 29 22 1 2
3- CB: Wesley Caverick Caldrey Olympic 24 28 2 4
4- CB: Ian Skaller Caldrey Olympic 26 20 2 5
5- LB: Liam Tyler Teelport United 24 25 0 1

13- LB: Robert Gunders Alber Athletic 33 24 0 3
14- CB: Timothy Bolter AFC Dalton 20 21 0 2
15- RB: Sammy Deckers Dalton City 22 26 1 4


6- RM: Ian York Alber Athletic 29 25 5 N/A
7- CM: Orick Blaines Peldon Orient 25 28 20 N/A
8- LM: Earnest Felt Teelport United 19 23 7 N/A

16- RM: William Skilter AFC Dalton 34 24 2 N/A
17- CM: James Dorson Alber Athletic 20 27 1 N/A
18- LM: Hugo Kettler Dalton City 28 21 5 N/A


9- WF: Peter Yook Teelport United 24 25 17 N/A
10- CF: Luke Frood Dalton City 19 10 7 N/A
11- WF: Mark Carter Peldon Orient 23 26 14 N/A

20- CF: Tim Irling Teelport United 18 23 12 N/A
21- CF: Rex Malone Saldon Rovers 16 28 27 N/A
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Postby Cambirano » Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:34 pm


Cambirano Soccer Association
Baptism of Fire 49 Roster

Formation: 4-4-2

Style Modifier: +3.5

Starting XI

GK Theo Walden (Cafi FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
LB David Samuels (Scherten FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
LCB Peter Yarborough (Cafi FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
RCB Scott Mandell (Trundenheim FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
RB Jean Roulande (Cafi FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
LM Richard Koulares (Cafi FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
LCM Clint Easton (Benning United) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
RCM Charles Davies (Cafi FC) (C) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
RM Luke Peterson (Cafi FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
LS Zachary Bolden (Cafi FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
RS Cliff Cooley (Cafi FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0


GK Stephen Ayers (Ardet FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
GK Luke Campbell (High River FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
DEF Eric Daniels (Ippington City) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
DEF Juan Hernandez (Fedira United) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
DEF Leo Verder (Trundenheim FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
MID Jacob Agroune (Ippington City) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
MID John Redding (Cafi FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
MID William St. Mark (Wesson City) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
MID Stefan Vlachinovsky (Benning United) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
ST Xavier Camette (Fedira United) Caps: 0 Goals: 0
ST Sanders Cooley (Scherten FC) Caps: 0 Goals: 0


Manager: Corey Baldwin
GK Coach: Perry Thompson
DEF Coach: David Igor
MID/ST Coach: Roger Goodwin

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Yes (Please choose a midfielder or attacker)
Godmod scoring events Yes
Roleplay injuries to my players No (without a TG)
Godmod injuries to my players No (without a TG)
Hand out yellow cards to my players Yes
Hand out red cards to my players No
Godmod other events Yes, within reason

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Postby Kintratar » Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:19 pm

Kintratar Internationial Soccer Association [KISA]

Kintratar's first and last ever appearence in the BoF is going to be big

Group Draw:
Group A:
North Posidia
The gypsies

Style Modifier: +1.5

V. Azox
V. The gypsies
V. Lewisland
V. North Posidia
V. Kalwomea

Acronym: KIN
Color: Red, Blue, White
Nickname: Kintratar Bandits


1-Jurnø Ihik
5-Buryna Kiula
6-Burrne Cevic


Center Backs:
38-Greynih Jukao [RIGHT CENTER]
20-Nujan Ihunne [LEFT CENTER]
13-Kelvib Olikke [LEFT CENTER]
28-Nurnabb Hergiyye [RIGHT CENTER]

Left/Right Backs:
4-Verlma Olla [LEFT]
18-Zein Ollasin [RIGHT]
3-Beran Kialls [RIGHT]
44-Reerik Kireer [LEFT]


Defensive Midfield:
12-Varin Nirav
14-Zesser Koals

Offensive Midfield:
25-Weerak Kolas
30-Murnain Lolik
19-Berran Juret
20-Zell Docek
53-Cevik Olikes

10-Verbrak Lopik (Captain)
16-Cerra Ikalid
27-Zennz Poens
29-Verbera Freik

Formation: 4-4-2

Manijr Kilu [MANAGER] 48 50
Cedik Julatok [GOALKEEPING COACH] 33 46
Verraj Fuhi [MIDFIELD COACH] 40 49
Zexij Kuyinsi [FORWARD COACH] 57 49

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Forward or Midfield
Godmod scoring events N
Roleplay injuries to my players Within Reason
Godmod injuries to my players N
Hand out yellow cards to my players 1 a game
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events
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Inaugural Maklohi Vai Baseball Tournament
4th Place
Baptism of Fire 49

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Postby VANTELIRA » Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:21 pm

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Postby Cuboneland » Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:56 pm

The Cuboneland Raging Cubones

Coach: Susanne Ace

Goalkeeper: DJ Holloway (11)
Defender: Benjamin Sora (3)
Defender: Niles Ennui (2)
Defender: Jzargo Contristati (5)
Defender: Frederick Bender (64)
Forward: Xavier King (9)
Forward: Icarus Tokugawa (12)
Forward: Alex Jolt (13)
Forward: Elias Flash (7)
Center: Jordan Hannibal (1) (Captain)
Center: Chris Savior (10)


Goalkeeper: Tim Asha (27)
Defender: Drym Shyuan (31)
Defender: Austin Blaze (0)
Center: Krunk Caudex (21)
Forward: John Deckard (15)

Style modifier: -2

The Cuboneland Raging Cubones is a new team in a nation whose populace isn't the most sporty people. As such, it was difficult to rack up more than a handful of experienced players. The coach, Susanne Ace, has never coached anything of this scale before, but she hopes that, with her close-knit team, she will be able to turn some results. The Raging Cubones have spent two years training in a sports complex, growing closer with each other and perfecting their technique. They are renowned for their synergy. Their strategy is defense-oriented, without neglecting the offense. The captain, Jordan Hannibal, is infamous for the finals in the Cuboneland National Cup in which he knocked himself out by heading the ball so hard. Ace, Hannibal, and Cuboneland's top scorer Alex Jolt have high hopes for Cuboneland's international football debut.

Also, just as a note, the Cubone is Cuboneland's mascot and national animal, but our citizens consist of people, not Cubones.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers Y
Godmod scoring events Y
Roleplay injuries to my players Y
Godmod injuries to my players Y (Nothing too major without Telegraming me first, please)
Hand out yellow cards to my players Y
Hand out red cards to my players N
Godmod other events Y (Nothing too major without Telegraming me first, please)
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