37th AOCAF Championship :: ROSTERS

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]


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Postby Geisenfried » Sat Sep 22, 2012 2:03 am

The GKFV proudly presents for AOCAF XXXVII:
"the Golden Eagles / die Steinadler"

Base Formation: 4-5-1
Style Modifier: -φ [-1.6] (defensive)
Current Manager: Andreas Büchner

Starting Lineup

Full Roster:
GK #1 	Maxwell Warner			GK	- Königs FC
GK #20 Simon Schulberg GK - Silbern Sileväl SV

DF #2 Asher Bernowitz LB - VfS Königseifert
DF #3 Matthew Heimeroth RB - 1. FSV Dözel
DF #4 Frederick Gehlen LCB - Heimüller SC
DF #5 Holger Kollins RCB - Heimüller SC
DF #14 Ferdinand Forster RB - Seifert Barheim
DF #16 Franz Breitner LB - Kaiserstadt Altien
DF #22 Johann Braess CB - Königs FC

MF #6 Heinz Hillenbrand DM - Königs FC
MF #7 Rudi Koch RW - Gryphons FC
MF #8 Eric Reiher (c) RCM - August Gründer
MF #10 Lorenz Volke LCM - VfS Königseifert
MF #11 Stefan Anders LW - Eintracht Rödis
MF #15 Ruprecht Appling DM - FC Alster Alba
MF #17 Markus Schuster RM - 1. FSV Dözel
MF #18 David Kellerman CM - August Gründer
MF #19 Mark Riedel AM - VfS Königseifert
MF #21 Svend Rost LM - Heimüller SC

FW #9 Wali Schenze CF - Seifert Barheim
FW #12 Leon Roshardt RS - Königs FC
FW #13 Felix Griswold LS - Gryphons FC
FW #24 Aaron Ketzer CF - Darnesmark FC

Free kicks and penalties will generally be taken by the captain, Eric Reiher. Corners will be taken by their respective wingers.

Official AOCAF XXXVII Kits


--- Colors --- Whites --- Keeper ---
Kits are the same as those used in Di Brandini Cup XXIV.

Regarding RP permissions - so long as I don't have to replace a large chunk of my roster, thwart a terrorist attack or fend off an invasion, I probably won't have a problem with it. I only ask you be sensible.
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Postby Falcania » Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:58 am

Joha Kruppie, Falcon's National Team Manager wrote:I'm not gonna lie to you, we're just spitballing until the World Cup. I mean, come on. We're in a group with Pacitalia. You think we're reaching the finals?

Manager: Joha Kruppie

1 Rarnin Harst (Integral FC)
18 Hebie Treolot (Bachman & Associates)
13 Sams Nertrin (Airsweep FE)
No changes here. Without Rarnin Harst, Falcania probably really doesn't have a hope in hell in this tournament.

83 Morthal Terinax (Icarus)
44 Yrion Kork (UMANST)
23 Tor Heyaldor (Matsundai)

98 Jemm Storpor (Tonkatsu)
3 Graehm Fortt (Integral)
35 Woltar Crafter (Associated Digital)

36 Jhon Mathis (Associated Digital)
Luys Boford is currently being prosecuted for burglary. Hope you get off, sticky-fingers! Jemm Storpor has a good shoulder-barge and should fill Boford's shoes at the left of the field.

54 Qail Pronotiro (Glowsnap)
17 Dogo Rastin (Ballacorp)

39 Cristof Foil (Associated Digital)
9 Danniol Parkar (Integral)
Dogo Rastin is an up-and-comer from a lower team in the High League, and could prove a valuable weapon in the upcoming World Cup. He is being tried here early.

33 Colan Battes (Associated Digital)
6 Thax Akirax (Integral FC)

21 Cherald Marthiew (Matsundai)
12 Serent Porilon (Goldmund-Teller)
Everyone's favourite comedy double act are back on the field. Each has filed a restraining order against the other, which may lead to hilarious difficulties.
II & Sports: The Free Kingdom of Falcania, Jayla, New Nestia, and Realms Otherwise Beneath the Skies

World Assembly: Ser Jeine Wilhelmsen on behalf of Queen Falcon IV, representing the Free Kingdom and the ancient and great region of Atlantian Oceania


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