How Do your police Disperse Rioters?

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Victorious Decepticons
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Postby Victorious Decepticons » Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:40 pm

We have no police, so if anyone was foolish enough to riot, we would send the Decepticon Military to mow them down.

It is treason to be against the Decepticon Government, and rioting is a very anti-governmental act. Therefore, it is not only legal, but outright mandated, that such types be executed. Since they are actively engaged in rebellion at the time the Military arrives, there is no need for any further investigation before summarily carrying out the sentence by simply blasting them.

Fortunately, our people are smart enough to realize this, so they don't engage in rioting.
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Postby Asigna » Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:20 pm

We crucify them.
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Enso and Mu
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Postby Enso and Mu » Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:34 am

How are riots dispersed in the Mujin Empire

As the Mujin Empire is currently enjoying a period of relative peace and prosperity, true riots are rare. Contrary to many western philosophies of riot control, effort is rarely made to corral, encircle, or otherwise "kettle" rioters or other protesters. Instead, if a protest is deemed to be in violation of the law and require dispersal, the movements and tactics of the police are calculated to divide up the protesters and ultimately provide them every reason to flee. Reduced-lethality weapons may be conscientiously employed - CS, sonic weapons and water cannons are currently in vogue, though in the past beanbag rounds and plastic rounds were used to some extent. While some forms of peaceful protest can be illegal (blocking major thoroughfares, tresspassing), there is rarely interest in prosecuting.

During full riots, with violence or destruction of property, however, the state has an interest in identifying those responsible for the worst of it. At such times, the National Police Force has sufficient resources at hand for the task, randing from the use of IMSI Tracking, camera-mounted aerial drones, and projectile launchers filled with indelible paint rounds. The principal objective remains breaking up and dispersing the rioters, but with these additional tools it becomes possible for follow-on investigators to get a clearer picture of those responsible, while being marked with riot paint can constitute probable cause for an arrest on a 1-to-1 basis.
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Postby Zhouran » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:49 am

When you're a Public Security Corps gendarme and you see those darn political-moderates and political-hardliners brawl in the streets over whether or not Kang Yingyong's interventionist foreign policy goes against non-aligned neutrality
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The Black Party
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Postby The Black Party » Fri Apr 26, 2019 8:51 am

everyone: how does our police disperse rioters?
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Reino do Brazil
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Postby Reino do Brazil » Fri Apr 26, 2019 9:22 am

with gaz and rubber bullets
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Borovan entered the region as he
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Postby Borovan entered the region as he » Fri Apr 26, 2019 9:49 am

Threw tear gas. But before we step it up, we put shield guys then get in armored vehicles and pellet guns

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The State of Communism
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Postby The State of Communism » Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:07 pm

Depends on where they are. In London, The London Monitor would come in with it's extensive armory, with full intent to kill.
Anywhere else, our well-armed police force would come in with lethal intent to disperse of the protesters.
It is illegal to protest. It's punishable by death.
But none of that matters. All who intend to protest usually "disappear" before that happens
Big Brother is watching.

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Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

Postby Akrafjall » Tue May 07, 2019 4:01 am

The first police units on scene create a cordon and alert units specialised in crowd control.

These specialist units will identify the ring leaders, and arrest them by breaking the crowd down into smaller groups and picking them out. This would hopefully cause the group to lose their morale and simmer down.

Aggressive tactics like water and tear gas can be used, but law mandates this must be approved by the following persons:
  • Police Strategic Commander (Gold Level Officer)
  • Scene Incident Commander (Silver Level Officer)
  • Scene Tactical Adviser (Silver Level Officer)
  • Scene Safety Commander (Bronze Level Officer)

The local police public information officer will be alerted to their decision, and will likely notify the national public relations office, usually any medical commander on scene is alerted to their decision also.

Lethal force is never used on crowds of individuals, but if a person in a crowd is identified with a firearm or sharp weapon, specialist units will forcibly break down the crowd to make room for a arrest team equipped with tactical equipment.
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Postby Drongonia » Tue May 07, 2019 4:09 am

Riots are a very rare occurence in Drongonia, however there is a National Riot Protocol adopted by the national police force.

I won't bore you with the details but basically, the protocol moves through the stages, so if stage 1 is unsuccessful, stage 2 is employed and so on:

Stage 1: De-escalation
Stage 2: Defence (ie Shielded officers using batons/mace in self-defence only)
Stage 3: Offence (Tear gas, loudspeakers, water cannons and rubber bullets)
Stage 4: Disbandment (Live rounds as deterrents)
Stage 5: Shutdown (Give warnings for 10 minutes, then fire on those who refuse to leave - non-lethal fire preferred)

The National Riot Protocol has only ever been used a handful of times, and has only ever reached stage 2 (upon return of Vietnam War troops in 1971)
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Postby Trinadaed » Tue May 07, 2019 12:17 pm

Until the riot turns into a civil war, we often try to calm them down (being a relatively globalist, peaceful nation), but in the event of a civil war we avoid recognization of the rebels and "declare war" on them by dispersing them with stellar bombings.
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Postby Madohomuland » Tue May 07, 2019 12:49 pm

We have no police but if there is ever any type of discourse among the residents of MadoHomuland (which is very rare. it has only happened twice in the country's lifepan) we have Goddess Madoka come down and calm andy Homuras with reassurance of her love and calm any Madokas with yuri manga.
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Post Czar
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Postby Purpelia » Tue May 07, 2019 12:57 pm

The standard Purpelian practice for riot control is to park heavy armored vehicles with no windows around the area of the riot to contain it and stay parked until the crowd gets too tired, hungry and thirsty enough to sue for terms. At the same time some small avenues for exit are opened to allow the crowd to trickle through.
Purpelia does not reflect my actual world views. In fact, the vast majority of Purpelian cannon is meant to shock and thus deliberately insane. I just like playing with the idea of a country of madmen utterly convinced that everyone else are the barbarians. So play along or not but don't ever think it's for real.

The above post contains hyperbole, metaphoric language, embellishment and exaggeration. It may also include badly translated figures of speech and misused idioms. Analyze accordingly.

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Fleeting Island
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Postby Fleeting Island » Sun May 12, 2019 4:02 am

Riots can break out often in our nation. The most common cause is my Kittens fighting amongst themselves over my talent and radiance. I always do my best to satisfy my Kittens but sometimes the demand is too high. So when a riot breaks out we separate the groupa and put them against a wall. That way i can lean in front of them and stare into their eyes as their hearts melt one by one.

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Pilipinas and Malaya
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Postby Pilipinas and Malaya » Sun May 12, 2019 4:09 am

We don’t, unless it becomes a threat. Then we send out negotiators to talk them out of say harming a certain person or group, if not then we bring out police to discrourage them from doing so. After that, they usually go home.

So we have very few plans for scenarios after the police discouragement.
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Civil Servant
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Postby Nantuvia » Sun May 12, 2019 1:15 pm

Usually we just kill them. Easy, swift, mostly painless for all parties involved given our state of the art automatic rifles we give to police officers.

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Postby Nachfolgia » Sun May 12, 2019 2:36 pm

The Reichspolizei, Nachfolgia's Gestapo/Spetsnaz style police force, uses a wide range of counter riot tech to disperse rioters. Since it is mostly second class citizens and slaves that occasionally riot and not actual Nachfolgians, lethal force is often used. I'm not going to go into the lethal methods as it is pretty run of the mill. The government does not care about non-Nachfolgians and consider their lives meaningless.

In some occasions, less than lethal is used in the event that " human resources" is deemed too valuable to kill. That is when the Reichspolizei uses their high tech suppression equipment. Rubber bullets, tear gas canisters, stun bolos, and concussion grenades are among some of the most common no lethal methods.

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International Phoenix
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Postby International Phoenix » Tue May 14, 2019 5:00 am

As our nation consists of a single aircraft carrier of Soviet design (Kuznetsov-class), our approach to rioters in our nation differs greatly with how we deal with it on shore. On shore, we use tamer methods, such as Tasers, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, tear gas, pepper spray, water cannons, tonfa, and aikido. Mind control magic is also authorized to get rioters to stand down. Harsher methods, similar to what is listed below, are sometimes used, but only if the rioters prove to be a serious threat to others. In our nation, however, different measures must be taken, due to the closed quarters, delicate equipment, and nature of such an event, we take such threats very seriously, as a riot gone wrong could result in our nation crashing or sinking, or damage to rare magical artifacts.

On-nation riots require special equipment, such as smaller than normal riot shields, as full-body riot shields are difficult to maneuver in the close quarters on the ship, and would have difficulty getting through doors while upright. Water cannons would have no real use on-nation, as they would require large vehicles that could only be placed on the ship's deck, where their use could potentially knock the rioters overboard, at which point lethal force might as well be in use regardless. Tear gas can't be used in such close quarters either, for similar reasons of being a non-lethal method that can quickly become dangerous.

As such, on-nation riots of degree 1 (the nation isn't in danger nor are it's people, but the riot is disruptive enough to continued operations and aren't standing down, or someone has been hurt but the injury isn't particularly life-threatening) are handled with Tasers, rubber bullets, bean bag rounds, pepper spray, tonfa, and aikido. Mind control magic is also used, in order to get rioters to stand down.

On-nation riots of degree 2 (several people have received injuries that are not life-threatening and the situation appears to have great potential to escalate or is currently escalating), the officers will be equipped with service weapons and live hollowpoint ammunition (with hollowpoints selected as they are unlikely to over penetrate), which they may use with discretion if lives are in danger and the assailants cannot be talked down. Lethal magic may be used under the above conditions as well. More dangerous anti-riot measures are in place at degree 2, including electrified barriers and the use of krav maga. All measures from degree 1 are also in use.

On-nation riots of degree 3 (the rioters are a threat to the nation and/or its crew, irreparable damage is possible), the highest degree, the officers are equipped with service weapons and live hollowpoint ammunition and they are authorized to kill any rioter with these weapons or with lethal magic. In addition to the measures from degrees 1 and 2, new weapons and anti-riot measures include grenades, and small thermobaric explosives designed to pull all of the breathable oxygen from the room rendering rioters unable to breathe. Additional measures that have been used include deploying gloom creeps (tiny, unintelligent ghost-like demons which are not particularly tough but have powerful magical bites), poison gas, and tearing out the souls of rioters.

At degree 3, the rioters are considered to be enemies of the nation and pretty much any use of lethal force that will not result in destruction of the nation, its crew, or the magical artifacts on board the nation is considered justified. Rioters from degree 3 riots are still considered national enemies after the riot has ended, and will be interrogated if captured alive. Rioters from degree 3 riots who managed to escape are wanted by our nation and we will do what we can to track them down, including working with foreign nations to locate and apprehend them, and putting bounties out on them.

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Great Nortend
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Postby Great Nortend » Tue May 14, 2019 7:29 am

Both a constable and a warden of the peace are empowered to disperse rioters. A constable has the power to disperse rioters under the law of the realm (also known as the regular law or lex regni) with necessary force where rioters are an immediate danger to the King's peace, are 'riotously assembled' for malicious, nefarious or criminal purposes, have no lawful authority to undertake such riotous acts, and number greater than twenty men. A constable is not empowered to raise a posse comitatus, nor the hue and cry for riots, unless there is a need to capture rioters rather than disperse them.

A warden of the peace, however, is empowered to disperse rioters under statute (jus rege) in additional circumstances, such as for 'peaceful protests' or smaller groups, with more severe penalties for non-compliance, the ability to raise a posse comitatus to capture, arrest and preserve the peace, exemption from liability surrounding injuries suffered amongst other provisions in the Suppression of Riotous Assemblies Act, 7 Edm. VIII p 34.

In either case, the officer must orally warn rioters before using force to disperse them. The form prescribed by the Act is:

OUR Sovereign Lord the King doth strictly charge order and command all manner of persons here assembled immediately to disperse themselves and peaceably depart to their own homes. God save the King.

In practice, it is extremely rare for the police to require a warden of the peace to 'read the Assemblies Act', and the provisions under the regular law are sufficient for most sitations. It is considered ineffective for the constabulary to require a posse comitatus, owing to the likelihood of increased violence, damage and injury. In some cases, however, it has been used to great effect for riots, usually compelling soldiers to assist in suppressing a violent and out-of-control riot. In most riots though, the constabulary are content to use truncheons, manacles, shields, horses and pikes. In serious cases, firearms and tear gas may be used.
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Chargé d'Affaires
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Postby Paleocacher » Tue May 14, 2019 9:34 pm

Tear gas, baton charges, and water cannons. Rubber bullets, pepper balls, and mounted police with batons.
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Postby Yuyencia » Wed May 15, 2019 5:35 am

water cannon tear gas and stick pipe beat. some time shotgun or live ammunition deploy dangerous subvert idea protest
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Civil Servant
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Postby Ilyvan » Wed May 15, 2019 8:26 am

Most urban communities in the Xyadom have units of guardsmen who will use force (deadly, if necessary) to combat rioters. If they are unable to control the local population then the Xyah must send his own troops

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Postby Kakistopia » Fri May 17, 2019 8:10 pm

With nuclear weapons.

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Civil Servant
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Postby Kosania » Sat May 18, 2019 1:32 pm

Usually we'll have the Riotpolici (Riot Police) come in, they're usually equipped with batons, riot shields, and extra protection.
We also have modified trucks with water cannons:
as well as less-lethal weapons that shoot balls filled with OC the compound used in pepper spray.
Recently, our nation has been pretty stable so this equipment does not get used that much but you never know when you'll need it.

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Koopa Castle
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Postby Koopa Castle » Sat May 18, 2019 3:26 pm

We just get "SWAT teams" (Hammer Bros.) to shred them all with their hammers.



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