The Kingdom of Phillippanoa Factbook + Q&A!

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The Kingdom of Phillippanoa Factbook + Q&A!

Postby Phillippanoa » Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:32 am

Kingdom of Phillippanoa Factbook

Full name: Kingdom of Phillippanoa
Origin of name: King Phillippos I (first ruler)
Ruler: Jozef Jabussen
Consort: Kristina
Population: 854 million
Region: The Timewarp Region
Government type: Monarchy
Member of World Assembly: no
World Assembly Delegate: no
Capital: Bürgopolis
Major Cities: Lopolis, Oanaville, Herby and Kilby
Currency: Tinfull (Tf)
Official Language: English
National Languages: Nortaal, Greek
National Animal: Wolf
Category: Father Knows Best State
Civil Rights: Some
Economy: Weak
Political Freedoms: Rare


Phillippanoa is located within a timewarp. The entrance moved until recently when it was anchored north of Porto Rico and southwest of Bermuda. The size of the kingdom is approximately 20 000 000 km² (slightly smaller than the former U.S.S.R.). The only two bordering nations are South Takarina and Mouchama (both around 1000 km²) which can be found on two peninsulae in the southeast and southwest respectively. Phillippanoa and its two neighbours form the continent of Neravalder (or Nyrvaldyr in Old Norse). The north two fifths of the country is desert, while the rest is temperate. The highest point of the continent is in the Neolympia mountains in the centre of the continent in which the nation's capital is also found. Some smaller mountains in the south of the country are volcanically active: they run along the Yuntal fault.


GDP: 429,019,683,840.00 Tf
GDP per capita: 6,919.67 Tf
Unemployement rate: 19.28%
Income tax: 51%
Inflation rate: -0.2%

all electricity is produced on or near the continent:
Solar power: 76% (from the desert region)
Wind power: 10% (from offshore and the flat coastal regions)
Oil: 4% (offshore drilling)
Other: 10%

Main exports include: gold, salt, oil, coal, wheat, turquoise, diamonds and silver
Main imports include: cars, jewelry and rubber

Currency: Tinfull (Tf)
exchange rates: 1 USD = 2.79 Tf


The two rival kingdoms of Neopatris (a greek colony) and Nyrland (a viking settlement) had been established in the southern temperate region of the continent. Mouchama, North Takarina and South Takarina were minor countries in the south of the continent. During the late 11th century A.D. both kingdoms were trying to extend their control. Nyrland annexed North Takarina, while Neopatris allied itself with the two other minor countries. In 1100 Ragnusson VI of Nyrland declared war on Phillippos of Neopatris. The war lasted two years, with the greek colony coming out the victor. Phillippos united the two countries as equal parts of the kingdom. He relocated the capital to the mountains and founded Bürgopolis. He went on to improve the infrastructure of his country by building roads and improving cities. He sent expeditions to the north into the desert where gold and salt was found. His successor Rolf I was his son-in-law and son of Ragnusson VI of Nyrland. During the reign of Pericles II (great-grandson of Rolf I), Mouchama and South Takarina were defeated and pushed to the peninsulae in 1240 A.D. Over the course of the countries history, settlers from outside the timewarp accidently entered and landed on the coast of Phillippanoa. During the Second World War, queen Helena II sent a small contingent to fight on the side of the British. In most technologies, Phillippanoa was much more advanced then any other outside nation since they had not the problem of near constant war. Although it was only in 1945 when flight 19 landed accidently in Phillippanoa that they first built airplanes. Nonetheless, they caught up rapidly. The continent of Neravalder hasn't seen war since 1240 A.D.


Although there has been no war since 1240, Phillippanoa still has a standing army. 2.5% (or about 22 000 000) of the population is in the armed forces (reserves, paramilitary or active). The military is divided into the Royal Phillippanoan Army, The Royal Phillippanoan Navy, the Royal Phillippanoan Air Force and Royal Phillippanoan Special Operations.

Government and Political Structure:

Ministers and Government Officials:

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Leif Ragnusson
Minister of Commerce: Petra Bringvar
Minister of Home Affairs: Pericles Ares
Minister of Science and Research: Thor Theokalos
Minister of War: Gustavus Plantijnen
Minister of Information: Rolf Lukros
Minister of Health: Haakon Vlashnog
Minister of Education: Vladmir Orkrug
Minister of Labor: Pol Jerby
Minister of Energy: Justinius Talos
Minister of Agriculture: Helena K. Helena
Minister of Technology and Robotics: Kurt Jonsson
Minister of Infrastructure: Ingmar Kretas
Minister of Communications and Transport: Syliva Reswick
Lord High Judge: Sir Henri Longby
Lord High Treasurer: Sir Paulus Thessalonikas
High-Lord (House of Lords): Lord Rudolf Henrikson
President of the Senate: Regwold Petrasen
Head of Royal Humanitarian Aid: Ingmar Jarkon

The country is divided into 5 regions:
Nyrland (SE),
Neopatris (SW),
Bürg, (Centre),
Desert (N),
Kilby (NE);
each region is divided into between 7 and 8 states (except Bürg (2) and Kilby (1) because of their small size).

Capital: Bürgopolis
Major cities:

Date of founding: 1102
National holiday: 1 August

Voting age: 18

House of Lords (Hereditary)
Senate (elected by the population)
Both houses have the power to vote on laws, but the power to declare war and other important decisions remains with the monarch.

Ambassadors in Phillippanoa:
Suri Rokata from Niur
William Stanton from the Federation of Bavin
Sir James Brown from the Grand Duchy of Noordeinde
Billie H. Keeling from the Commonwealth of the Progressive Union
Tagra Del Sei from Feiti
Jack Chan from the Commonwealth of Storm Round
Tom Ranchers from the United Surote Emirates
Ron Yim from the Ancient Empire of Kylarnatia
Peter Vogel from the Republic of Sibirsky
Nero Vespus Tyrannus from the New Imperial Tyrannia
Rèmy Vercoutré from the Constitutional Monarchy of Valladares

Ambassadors abroad:
Vigdis Schlüter in Valladares
Herakles Kollportos in Bavin
Hans Parkoulos in Noordeinde
Gustavus Läpson in Hamilay
Socrates Kerapolous in Kinstantia
Jan Haraldson in Storm Round
Rolf Olvan in Feiti
Konstantinos Blitopopoulos in Ruccolia

Political stances:
Communism: Disagree
Capitalism: Neutral
Socialims: Good
Facism: Neutral
Anarchy: Disagree
Dictatorship: Neutral
Republic: Good
Empire: Good
Kingdom: Good


Total population: 854 million
Life expectancy at birth: around 88 for both males and females.

Phillippanoan: 80%
Mouchaman: 7%
Takarinan: 5%
Other: 8%

Ethnic groups:
Greek 35%
Scandinavian: 32%
European: 20%
African: 4%
Other: 9%

Christian: 74%
Greek orthodox: 10%
Other: 16%

Languages: (1st language)
English: 87%
Nortaal: 4%
Greek: 6%
Other: 3%


Radio broadcast stations: Phillippanoa Radio, Bürg Radio
Television broadcasters: Phillippanoa Television, Bürg TV, TV Kilby
Internet service providers: Phillippanoa Telecommunications, Bürgophone
Web TLD: .poa
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Re: The Kingdom of Phillippanoa Factbook

Postby Kylarnatia » Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:28 am

--- Don't continue bumping, otherwise you'll get in trouble most likely...



From The Kylaranatian Records House

Greetings Phillippanoa,

After reading this information we would like to ask for your permission to store this info in are records house.

Are records house holds all information of the people in are country and the countrys that we have contacted. We use this information for historical reasons and nothing else. We would like an instint reply if possible.

Mrs. Angel Necrofear
Director Of The Kylarnatian Museum and Director of the Kylarnatian Records House.
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Re: The Kingdom of Phillippanoa Factbook + Q&A!

Postby Phillippanoa » Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:42 am

Q&A now open!! I would like feedback since I am rather new here

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Postby Ang Philippines » Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:51 am

Q: What is the climate in Phillippanoa like?

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Postby Phillippanoa » Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:18 am

A: In the north it is desert (i.e. like the Sahara), in the centre there are the mountains and the south is temperate (i.e. France, Germany, Belium, North Spain, South England...)

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Postby Phillippanoa » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:14 am

Current Phillippanoan Ruling Dynasty:

The Svalbardang-Sorlandet-Nyrland Family

King of Phillippanoa, Duke of Kilby
H.M. Harald IV

Date of birth: 25th of January, 1930

Religion: Catholic

1951 graduate with PhD from Bürg University of Law.
1953 passed bar exam and started law firm
1957 father dies, succedes him as king of Phillippanoa
1958 marries Duchess of Kilby (then H.R.H.) Beatrix Lölvard

Residence: Royal Palace in Bürgopolis

Consort, Lady of Phillippanoa, Duchess of Kilby
H.M. Beatrix

Crown Prince, H.R.H. Carl (married to Crown Princess, H.R.H. Sophia)
Prince, H.R.H. Harald
Princess, H.R.H. Margret
Countess of Deltapolis, H.R.H. Ingrid
Countess of Vilnby , H.R.H. Maud

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Postby Phillippanoa » Mon Sep 14, 2009 5:09 am

Military Equipment:


Eurocopter AS 532
Eurocopter Dauphin
CH-47 Chinook
Mil Mi-26

Eurocopter Tiger
AH-64 Apache
Aerospatiale Gazelle

UMH (Unmanned Military Helicopter):
MQ-8 Fire Scout

Eurocopter Fennec

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Postby Phillippanoa » Mon Sep 14, 2009 5:38 am


Naval Vessels:

Skjordval Class Battleship:

Erik the Red Class Carrier:

Thor Class Cruiser:

Olsen Class Destroyer:

Gersen Class Frigate:

Gröte-Tussen Class Command Ship

Hulgesen Class Submarine:
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Postby Phillippanoa » Mon Sep 14, 2009 6:02 am

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Postby Phillippanoa » Wed Sep 16, 2009 5:15 am


Weapons and other equipement:

Assault rifles:

FN F2000
Heckler & Koch G36

Sniper rifles:


Submachine guns:

FN P90

Machine guns:

M2 Browning machine gun
FN Minimi

Semi-Automatic pistols:

Beretta 92
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Postby Phillippanoa » Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:10 am


Phillippanoan Royal Airlines:

Flights to and from:
South Takarina

Airbus A380
Antonov An-225
Airbus A350
Airbus A330

(more later)


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