The Regions of International Incidents

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]


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Postby Subgeniustan » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:23 pm

Region Name: Planet X
Regional Representative: Subgeniustan

Background and Biography: Planet X was discovered in January 2005 by Earth astronomers, who named it "Eris", and initially classified by NASA as the 10th planet from the Sun. The International Astronomical Union, part of a vast Conspiracy, decided on August 24, 2006 to reclassify Eris as a "dwarf planet" along with Pluto and several other planets. Planet X has a native population of X-ists, as well as other races such as Yeti, SubGenii, and humans. The scheduled destruction of Earth on July 5, 1998 by X-ists from Planet X onboard Pleasure Saucers was postponed indefinitely, and the reasons for this decision remain highly classified. Planet X is the promised paradise of the Church of the SubGenius and named after the goddess of the Discordians, Eris Discordia.

Link to Regional Splash Page:

Tags: |Fantasy| |Open-Ended| |Self Setup| |Open|
Join us in Ebola Quarantine Zone, the most hellish dystopia in all of NationStates where huge Ebola pandemics are the least of our worries. All are welcome and we collect embassies like squirrels collect nuts. We have no rules, nobody ever gets banned from our region EVAR, and you can do whatever you want, in accordance with the teachings of the Church of the SubGenius, Discordianism, the Cthulhu Mythos, Pastafarianism, and Robert Anton Wilson's political philosophy of Patriopsychotic Anarchomaterialism. We are a member of the F.N.O.R.D. disorganization of Slackful nations, organizations, and regions. Praise "Bob", hail Eris, Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn, etc., etc., ramen.
- The Mgt.

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Postby Lotrabme » Wed Feb 29, 2012 2:37 pm

Region Name: The Mind Empire
Regional Representative: Lotrabme

Background and Biography: The Mind Empire is what became of the World after the End of the 5th Mayan Age. Thankfully to the world the Few that would become Known as the founders siezed control of pockets of land and led mankind to a new enlightenment. Both Rebuilding Earth and colonizing space have become the Mind Empires prime objective. New areas where people have rebuilt are always welcome to join this Empire of Enlightenment, and send Representatives to the Space Elevator Confrence.

Link to Regional Splash Page: Coming shortley...

Tags: Multi-tech, FanTech, Self-Setup, Open
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Postby Solm » Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:21 pm

Note to Jenrak: I've updated the old Judean splash page with the new Ellorean splash page.
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Postby Libertarian Governance » Thu May 03, 2012 1:58 am

Click the flag to be taken to the Unified Realm Regional Page
Unified Realm
All Ye Tyrants Who Enter Here Death Awaits!

The Unified Realm is a series of continents and their nations located within a fairly isolated area of the world. The nations formed the Unified Realm following a conflict with the former slave state New Nicksyllvannia. The Unified Realm Realm as the alliance became known has a fairly limited form of governance whose basic responsibility is the defense of all member states. As a region the Unified Realm is a part of the Greater Prussian Empire and maintains an additional alliance of the same name that includes a number of outside nations. The region/alliance are a melting pot of different nations and cultures with each nation held to a high level of respect for individual inherent rights by the regional constitution.

In The Unified Realm

In the Unified Realm we support each other with whatever force may be necessary. We patently refuse foreign interference in our region. While we do trade freely with any number of outside nations any military force entering our EEC is subject to merciless attack. Any. Our nations trade freely with each other and nations belonging to the Greater Prussian Empire while maintaining basically civil relations. We maintain a very large and capable regional defense force that is funded by contributions from each member state and by recruitment of its members amongst each nations population. Unified Realm nations actively oppose tyranny and are among the worlds foremost fighters against the insidious institution of slavery.

How do we function?

The Unified Realm maintains a regional government with each member state having one vote in the Unified Realm Senate. The Senate itself is limited to international activities and has no power or authority to interfere in any member states domestic affairs, unless those affairs constitute a threat to the Realm as a whole. The primary purpose of the government is the defense of all members. However, there are regional courts to civilly decide disputes between member states with appeals to the Greater Prussian courts if needed. There is also a body of regional law which is passed by the Unified Realm Senate.

How can you join?

Unlike many of the role playing regions the Unified Realm is open to newer rpers and those whose skills may not be the best. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy NationStates and will do our best to help our members improve their rp skills through tutoring and pairing with NS Mentors. Our only requirement is that you actively participate in role play. Practice will truly help.

Applications for the Unified Realm can be posted on our forums.

To Contact Us

You may post in this thread or send me a telegram
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Postby Crata » Mon May 14, 2012 2:51 pm

Region Name: The Humanitarian League
Regional Representative: Aazeronia, Crata or Radiatia

Background and Biography: The Humanitarian League is free for all nations to join who are interested in the advancement of all sentient rights and the protection thereof. A league for nations to share research freely, protect one another from more aggressive and malicious nations, and bring about equal prosperity and good will between one another.

Motto: "Cooperation and advancement always."

Link to Regional Splash Page: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=143894&p=9327608#p9327608

Tags: |Multi-Tech| ||Open-Ended| |Inter-regional| |Self Setup|

"Cooperation and advancement always."
The Charter. | Our regional page. | Our newspaper.

"The Humanitarian League is free for all nations to join who are interested in the advancement of all sentient rights and the protection thereof. A league for nations to share research freely, protect one another from more aggressive and malicious nations, and bring about equal prosperity and good will between one another." ~ The Federal Republic of Aazeronia, Chancellor of the Humanitarian League

An introduction to the Humanitarian League.
The Cold War is over.
The nations of Radiatia and Tuthina are finally at peace. After years of fear, cooperation is close at hand. Peace is seen as the only way out; mutual understanding as well as protecting sentient rights, research, developement, dignity and each other are common goals.
Originally founded by Aazeronia and Crata to strenghten peace, the Humanitarian League now is an IGO leaving the nations to be sovereign but enforcing the document written by the members: The Charter. It contains the most essential sentient rights. All member-states of the League will fight to protect these rights around the world. It began partnering with similiar organizations around the world (The Green Shield, International Humanitarian Aid Society) and condemning nations and regions committing crimes against humanity and other sentient beings.
Member-states are not required to follow a certain system but rather to help one another. The League has proven themselves in the Krebolian Civil War and currently has to deal with the outbreak of a deadly virus.

Life in the League.
The Humanitarian League is a mainly pacifist region, but we will defend ourselves if provoked. Our members take diplomatic and economic measures to take on those violating rights all around the world. But the League is not a paradise either: Corrupt politicians, bombings, civil wars, disease outbreaks and space programs are just a few aspects of politics the League has to deal with. Every member is considered equal and has the right to question and protest every change in the Humanitarian League. They may also provide help to and go to war with any nation as long as they do not violate the Charter. National leaders are required to be somewhat experienced and need to know how to handle ignore cannons.

How we function.
The Humanitarian League is ruled democratically: The rulers include the Chancellor as well as five councils: The Council of Internal Affairs, the Council of Foreign Affairs, the Council of Economics and Developement, the Council of the Environment and the Council of Defense.
Every council consists of three members. Two of these are voted into office on a regular basis. One member is a permanent member and can veto the council's decision with the approval of the Chancellor.
Once an issue arrives, nations are encouraged to take action on their own and report the issue to the councils. The councils then debate over the issue and eventually form a decision. Once the council's decision is final, all nations are obliged to follow the council's decision. Every nation has to aid the League, but it remains up to the nations how (the Council of Defense will accept troops, but also financial aid).

How to join.
Did your nation decide to join the League? Great! There is no form you have to fill out. All you have to do is join the League physically (join the region) and sign the Charter. You are bound to the Charter at all times and might be ejected if you refuse to do so.
Your leader does not have to be an expert as the League is not restricted to your commanding (roleplaying) skills being fantastic. We expect our members to act responsibly and carefully, but not to be perfect. Other nations like Aazeronia, Crata and Radiatia can help you in case of any problems.
If you cannot move your nation: The Humanitarian League is still looking for "allied nations". These nations are considered our allies and swear to act according to the League's Charter. However, they will not be able to vote in elections or take part in certain scenarios.

Getting in touch with the League.
If more information is required, feel free to send Aazeronia, Crata or Radiatia a telegram concerning your application. You may also post in this thread.
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Postby Emporer Pudu » Tue May 15, 2012 10:42 am

Region Name: The Dark Lands
Regional Representative: Emperor Pudu

Background and Biography:

The Dark Lands, also known as Irkalla (Such as on the RPing World Map), are the territories on earth where the Seven Sons of Anu landed when they were cast out of heaven following their insurrection against the creator millennia ago. These demigods became the paragon heroes who lead the peoples of Irkalla into the light of civilization. Today billions in Irkalla are devotees of the Cult of the Sons and the region has been pacified by the Brotherhood of the Anukai, a binding covenant among the peoples of Irkalla which pledges their strength to each other and to the Seven Sons when the time comes for their inevitable crusade against heaven.

Link to Regional Splash Page: Right here

Tags: |Multi-Tech|, |Historical|, |Applications Mandatory|, |Inter-regional|
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Postby Emporer Pudu » Tue May 15, 2012 11:31 am

Click on the flag and see what happens!

the land of those who have fallen from heaven

Welcome all to the cold, unforgiving Dark Lands. The summers are short and the winters long. Sunlight is a rare thing in the frozen north. Here, many races live in relative peace, though corruption runs deep. Can you live in the shadows?

Foundation of the AnukaiMap of IrkallaFraternal Accords

What is Irkalla?
When the universe was created Anu the Father of Creation brought to being seven sons to help him rule. The father was cruel, however, and the sons rebelled against heaven to rule it themselves. They were defeated and cast to earth. They landed in Irkalla. For hundreds of thousands of years the Seven Sons have shaped the life and lands of the region; mighty civilizations have risen only to fall again time and again. The Sons were divided and petty, they had nearly forgotten their true purpose: to conquer the realms of heaven. In this era, however, the squabbles of the Seven Sons and their devotees have been put to rest with the founding of the Brotherhood of the Anukai, the covenant that will someday shake the very pillars of creation.

Who are the Anukai?
We are eight nations bound together as one by a sacred pact. Our peoples and governments are wildly varied but our purpose is singular. The Brotherhood does not merely bind the governments and leaders together like fleeting mortal pacts of allegiance, but it pledges that the peoples themselves are now bound in fraternal union together until such a day as the despotic ruler of heaven is overthrown by the armies of the Brotherhood and the Seven Sons. Other governments and alliances will wither and falter with time, fall about themselves with infighting, or find themselves crushed beneath the weight of their adversaries but our enemy is the universe itself, and that we still live is testament to our unfaltering strength.

How do we operate?
The Brotherhood is administered democratically by the eight Lords of Caliga, one appointed by each nation who has pledged themselves to the cause. No decisions are made except by unanimous decision and no Lord of Caliga has more power than another. The Lords live and work in the venerable fortress that dominates the misty island that they take their name from. From there they administer the fourteen temples which labor in many ways for the betterment of all who serve the Seven Sons. Through the temples the Lords control trade conglomerates, banks and financial institutions, missionaries, humanitarian organizations, and a standing army, among other things. The Anukai states themselves are free to conduct their own affairs totally independent of the Lords of Caliga, but the great power of the Brotherhood is always available to those who remain faithful.

Why should you join the crusade?
We are a laid back community of veteran roleplayers looking for some new blood. We like an epic feel but a casual attitude. Most of us have been playing this game for the better part of a decade and have had some time to work out the kinks, so we ask that anyone interested in joining the crusade against heaven be a good or improving writer and be willing to cooperate with us to craft a unified historical narrative. We're willing to move heaven and earth (read: edit the map, because it's full) for someone who wants to become a member of the Brotherhood. We've even left a nice little hook to reel in new players: Only six of the Seven Sons have made their presence known to the Brotherhood: there is yet a lost son of heaven who must eventually return to his brothers and join the crusade against the Father of Creation. Maybe it's you.

Questions or inquiries regarding applications may be directed to Emperor Pudu or New Gothland via telegram.
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Postby Kingborough » Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:46 am

Region Name: Nysa

Regional Representative: Kingborough

Background and Biography: Nysa is a region founded by the Progressive breakaway group from the fallen region of the Humanitarian League, who founded this land to be built up on the ideals of human rights, liberty, and democracy and a belief in creating a new beginning and community among nations. Both a supranational organization and a geographical area, Nysa consists of land of four continents, inhabited by many diverse nations and states - all united by their belief in freedom, and in working with other nations to create a proud legacy of international cooperation.

Link to Regional Splash Page: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=143894&p=10444524#p10444524

Tags: |MT| |Setup Available| |Open|
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Postby Kingborough » Mon Aug 06, 2012 1:52 am

[Constitution] [Newspaper] [IRC]

Nysa is first and foremost a roleplaying region, created to provide a friendly community and gathering point for roleplayers to work together to create a realistic canon for their nations and have fun while they’re at it.

Principal among the goals of Nysa is to build friendships between roleplayers, and to help people improve their roleplaying skills. But also Nysa is here to make a place for people who wish to put a lot of effort into their nations - Nysa is the place where those authors countries can be played out, explored and enjoyed.

A Brief History
Nysa was founded by members of the fallen Humanitarian League region, following an altercation between several members and the government of the League.

This event became known as the Schism of the Humanitarian League, giving rise to several new regions in the process. Half a dozen of the departing members, the founders of Nysa, joined together with the aim of keep their friendships forged in HL intact and also to establish a place they could continue to roleplay their nations collectively.

The founders decided that they would start with a clean slate, and therefore decided to use the name Nysa - meaning A New Beginning. Working on an ideal of establishing a democratic region, having experienced the shortcomings of a dictatorship in the Humanitarian League, the Nysan Parliament was established and the Nysan Organization took the form it has today.

Joining Nysa
Joining Nysa and the Nysa Organization is ridiculously easy - simply move your nation to Nysa region and introduce yourself on the IRC or RMB and hey presto - you’re an honorary member. From they’re you can join in on our IRC chats, our roleplays, and vote in Parliamentary sessions - or resign from Parliament if you wish not to participate in that area of things.

The constitution of the Nysan Organization established the operation of government, and as dictated by that document Nysa is governed by its democratically elected President (who is also our WA delegate) - he or she is elected every four months by the Nysan Parliament, in which all nations have a vote unless they choose to resign.

The day to day executive running of government is performed by the President’s appointed cabinet of the Foreign Secretary, Secretary of Justice, Secretary of Defence and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and legalisation is managed the Nysan Parliament.

Incumbent Government
President - Michael Quinn of Battlion
Vice President - Argentina Williams of Millerainia
Secretary of Defence - Dr Nathaniel Davidson of Sovreignry
Secretary of Justice - Mario Riva of Cielomare
Chancellor of the Exchequer - Countess Isibéal Lozac'h of Kingborough

Other Things of Interest
The Nysan Chronicler - Official newspaper of Nysa.

The Constitution of the Nysan Organisation

Regional government archive - Listing of the past regional governments

Nysa IRC channel - If you have your own IRC client, it’s the Espernet servers with channel #Nysa.

Nysa on IIwiki
Founder of Nysa

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Postby Illuscinora » Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:31 pm

Please remove Illuscinora. Syvorji has never had any permission to do anything with the region, and the region has passed on.



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