Welcome to International Incidents!

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Welcome to International Incidents!

Postby Jenrak » Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:55 am

Welcome to International Incidents!

Welcome to International Incidents, the subforum of Nationstates focusing primarily on conflict and nation-based roleplaying. This forum is a larger, more chaotic version of the Nationstates subforum. However, more emphasis is put on conflict and relations between players. For many role-players on Nationstates, International Incidents will be the main forum for where you do your role-playing. I will keep this short.

The purpose of this thread is to link you to any threads that can help you in getting a better roleplay experience here at II. This guide is a network of links that will help you get the most out of your experience if you are new and unfamiliar to role-playing in general, especially at International Incidents.

This thread is an evolution of Euroslavia's old International Incidents Stickies, which can be intimidating for those that don't read very much or often in their spare time. The purpose of this thread is to more easily allow you to get into the system of International Incidents without bombarding you with information, but please remember that the most important thing about RPing is that you must love reading. Though you'll need to do a bit more work, there's a basic step-by-step start up guide that can be found here.

Table of Contents

I have provided a table of contents for easier navigation on specific topics. If you want a more advanced function, please refer to the Guide Search Function for keywording.

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Postby Jenrak » Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:58 am

Getting Started in II

If you're an unfamiliar player with International Incidents, this post will provide you with the basic information you need to know to get into the International Incidents RPing scene. There's a few basic terms that I'm going to run through, as well as a very important guide that will touch upon the basics in a lot more detail. Please, please, please read this: this can be very important when you're working with a more experienced player.

Understand the terminology

    There's some handy key terms for you to know here in II, as well as the rest of the NationStates forums. IC stands for In Character. When you're typing in International Incidents, you're undertaking the role of someone else that you created, whether it is a leader or a soldier or a monster or what-have-you. When you post a new thread in International Incidents, the default format is IC. Most players will assume a player is posting ICly (in-character) unless otherwise specified. Likewise, if someone contacts or disagrees with you, please take their comments as in-character, unless otherwise specified.

    OOC is the next big term. It means 'out of character'. In a nutshell, it means you're talking, and therefore not RPing. When you use OOC, or when someone uses OOC, it means they want to talk to you as a player, not as a nation. You cannot and should not respond to OOC comments with IC, and vice versa. Likewise, if a thread has 'OOC' in its title, assume all content in that thread is by default OOC unless otherwise stated.

    PT, MT, PMT, FT, and FanT are tech levels. They are demarcations of groups of RPers that prefer different settings. Roughly speaking, PT means Past Tech (before today), MT is Modern Tech (Today + 0-10 years, depending on who you RP with), PMT is post-modern tech (10 plus years prior faster-than-light travel, depending on who you RP with), FT means Future Tech (faster-than-light and beyond), and FanT is Fantasy tech (steampunk, cyberpunk, mystical, etc.). Most threads will suggest or have the tech level explicitly defined, so if you're an FTer (if you run around with starships and bomb planets), it's poor form and frowned upon to join an MT thread. Likewise, if you're MT, joining a PMT thread is gonna be a bad time for you. If you're unsure of the tech levels, simply send a telegram to the original poster.

Know the OSRS!

    It stands for The One Stop Rules Shop . It's an outlining of what you should expect from moderation and what we expect from you. I strongly suggest you read through the OSRS, as it applies to II and RPing as well. Though there are some exceptions (if your character calls another character an asshole, you won't get warned, but if you do it OOCly, you may be subject to disciplinary action), it's always good to know exactly what you can and cannot do. If you have questions, feel free to ask any of the modding staff, and we'll try and help you out to the best of our ability.


    People will call you out on spelling errors if there are a lot of it. Likewise, a post rife with spelling and grammatical errors can be off-putting. While having some aren't a huge problem (as I am notorious for this as well), you should definitely take some effort to do a quick read-through of your posts before posting to make sure that nothing massive is popping out at you. Most (if not all) mainstream browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and IE) should have a built-in spell-check, so it shouldn't be a major obstacle to your writing.

Communicate OOCly

    Always get in touch with others involved in your threads. At the very least, this lets you get in touch with new players and make perhaps some cool friends, but also lets you figure and plan things out in terms of the story, the plotting, etc. It's not about winning: it's about writing a story with others and having fun in the meantime. Consider it more alongside those pass-along novels where you fill in the next sentences, but on the scale of paragraphs.

Write in Notepad / Microsoft Word / Pages, then post

    This affects new and old players alike, but a handy tip is to write in Word, Notepad, or Pages, and then copy and paste it into a post on the forum. The forum logs you out after a certain amount of inactivity, and when you spend a lot of time invested into a story, the worst thing that can happen is for you to lose your data. Therefore, it's always good to have a temporary backup, even if it's clipboard or on a notepad document. That way, if something does happen to you, the forum, or your internet connection, you don't lose your work.

Read 'How to Avoid Being a Novice' by New Azura

It's pretty important. I strongly suggest you read it: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=103236

!terminology, !setting up, !quick start, !basics, !How to Avoid Being a Novice
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Postby Jenrak » Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:58 am

The Guide Search Function

For new and older players alike, I've added in this thread a rudimentary search function. Words with an exclamation preceding them (such as !Guide Search Function) are made this way to provide easier and more streamlined searching for newer players to find specific topics, as well as for older players to link newer players more efficiently. The keywords should provide all players with a simplified understanding what to expect or what to get from an article before clicking it, so you get the most of out of your experience in what you're interested in.

You use it simply by adding ! to the beginning of a search word, and if there is an article that has that keyword, it'll show up without needing to rely on going through too many of those words.
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Postby Jenrak » Mon Apr 30, 2012 6:58 am

The Mentors
#NSMentors on Esper

Mentors are a group of volunteer roleplayers here to advise, assist, and help other players gain a better understanding of roleplaying on NationStates, its given communities, and otherwise mentor with regards to roleplaying, writing, world-building, and a variety of other topics of relevance to the NationStates roleplaying community.

Please feel free to contact the Mentors at your leisure if you would like advice or assistance and please do not hesitate to refer other players here.


  • Moderator/Mentor ("Modtor"): Overseer of the Mentor Program.
  • Senior Mentor: A Mentor like any other with the added distinction of helping organize and coordinate Mentors within a given subset of the Mentor Program, such as: the N&I boards (International Incidents, NationStates, etc.), Portal to the Multiverse, given tech levels or genres, etc.
  • National and International RP Mentor (formerly: "II RP Mentor"): A section of the Mentor Program primarily focusing on:
  • Portal to the Multiverse RP Mentor: A section of the Mentor Program primarily focusing on Portal to the Multiverse with added support for Forum 7. For more information regarding Portal to the Multiverse and/or P2TM Mentors, please see: "Welcome to P2TM."
  • #NSMentors: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) "hub channel" dedicated to Mentors assisting offsite. Founded by Santheres; original founder and Kyrusia share +Founder flag permissions, though all Mentors have Channel Operator permissions for ease-of-identification. Other NationStates Moderators/Administrators granted +Voice flag permissions on request.

    Please Note: Mentors broadly cooperate across various boards; such networking is regularly encouraged, but deference is not uncommon with regards to the broadly different sections of the roleplaying community. If a Mentor does not feel they have the necessary experience to answer a question or provide assistance, do not be deterred if they refer you to a Mentor with greater experience in the given topic or board. This is considered standard policy and an expectation within the Mentor Program.

  • Kyrusia
    Board(s): II (primary), F&NI, NS (limited)
    Tech(s): FT (primary), PMT (limited)
    Genre(s): Science-fiction, science-fantasy, horror
    • World-building (emphasis: culture, religion, politics)
    • Theory (emphasis: fiction-applied physics and biology)
    • Character work
    • Project organization
    • Factbooking
    • BBCode/NS Code
    • Graphics assistance (Inkscape; flags, icons, headers)
    Available: Daily (11PM-5AM GMT/UTC)
    Method(s): IRC (handle: Kyrusia), TG, advice/assistance threads, one-on-one, Google Docs
    Note(s): Moderator, oversees Mentor Program

Senior N&I RP Mentors
  • The Macabees
    Board(s): II, GE&T
    Tech(s): MT, PMT, & FT
    Genre(s): Fantasy, Science-Fiction
    • Plot development
    • Worldbuilding
    • Miltech
    • Economic Systems
    • GMing
    Available: Best way to get a hold of me is to send a TG
    Method(s): IRC (handle: Macabees or Catalan), TG, Google Docs, training threads
    Note(s): Senior N&I RP Mentor

National and International RP Mentors
  • Aquitayne
    Board(s): II (primary), GE&T, F&NI, NS (limited), PT2M (limited)
    Tech(s): MT, PT, & FT
    Genre(s): Fiction, historical fiction, science-fiction, fantasy
    • Military tech
    • Military doctrine
    • Character development
    • IIwiki
    • Storefronts
    • Plot development
    • BBCode/NS code
    Available: Easiest way is through TG.
    Method(s): IRC (handle: Aquitayne), TG, Google docs
  • Kylarnatia
    Board(s): II [Primary], F&NI, NS
    Tech(s): PT, MT, PMT, FaNT
    Genre(s): Action, Fantasy, Political Thriller, Drama, Horror [Limited]
    • World-building (state creation, political and judicial structures, culture and religion)
    • Character creation
    • Empire/Faction/Alliance Building
    • Factbooking
    • Story arc development
    • Graphics (State Seals, Logos, Signatures)
    • Conflict mediation (OOC)
    Available: Checks NS daily; on IRC (#NSMentors) every other day.
    Method(s): TG, advice and assistance threads, IRC (one-to-one), Google Docs
    Note(s): Best to telegram first, can then organise a time to meet you on IRC if preferred.
  • Lamoni
    Board(s): II, GE&T
    Tech(s): MT, PMT
    Genre(s): Military equipment design, II (if that's a genre)
    • World-building
    • Factbooking
    Available: Sporadic, but typically daily. The best way to catch me is via TG.
    Method(s): IRC (handle: Lamoni), TG, Training Threads, Google Docs
  • Lubyak
    Board(s): NationStates; International Incidents
    Tech(s): FT, FanT/MT
    Genre(s): Political Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Mystery
    • World-Building (History, institutions, diplomacy, etc.)
    • "Urban Fantasy" (MT/FanT Hybrid)
    • Space Opera (Soft FT)
    • Graphics (Lineart)
    • International Conflict
    • Law and Legal Structures
    Available: Daily
    Method(s): TG; IRC ( #Borealia; #NSLegion, #NSMentors, #NSPMT, #NSMT)
    Note(s): Puppet account: Imperial and Federal Union of States (FT)
  • Maltropia
    Board(s): II, GE&T, F&NI.
    Tech(s): PT, MT.
    Genre(s): Fiction, historical fiction, fantasy.
    • Worldbuilding
    • Factbooks (mostly IIwiki)
    • Storefront design
    • Cartography
    • Flag-making
    • Geography
    • History
    • General banter
    Available: Literally all the time, like some kind of robot.
    Method(s): IRC (#NSMentors), TG.
  • Santheres
    Board(s): II (primary), F&NI, NS (limited)
    Tech(s): FT (primary), PMT, MT (limited)
    Genre(s): Science fiction/fantasy, general fiction
    • Worldbuilding
    • Characters
    • Factbooking
    • OOC mediation
    Available: Consistently via TG; on IRC most evenings (Timezone: PST)
    Method(s): IRC as Santh (preference) (channels: #nmentors, #nslegion, #nspmt, #iiwiki); advice threads; TG
  • Sunset
    Board(s): NationStates, International Incidents
    Tech(s): Future
    Genre(s): Exploration, Speculative (Soft) Science Fiction, Dramatic Character Interaction
    • World Building
    • Factbook Construction (Game-Side rather than Forum or Wiki)
    • Graphics (Constructive Criticism, Techniques, Ideas)
    • Chewing the Cud
    Available: 2 PM - 10 PM Pacific Standard Time (Nearly) Every Day.
    Method(s): Telegram, IRC (#NationStates on GameSurge, #NSLegion & #NSMentors on Esper).
  • The State of Monavia
    Board(s): I.I., FNI, and NS. I also know how to handle Moderation and Technical in a pinch.
    Tech(s): MT+, fantasy MT
    Genre(s): Fiction, both historical and contemporary
    • Diplomatic roleplay (incl. diplomatic exchanges)
    • Writing, editing, and critiquing factbooks
    • Cartography
    • Graphic design (especially seals, arms, and letterheads)
    • Plot planning and development
    • Character descriptions and development
    • Origin stories for settings, characters, institutions, etc.
    • Vocabulary, grammar, and general writing knowledge
    Available: Varies; telegram me at any time.
    Method(s): I primarily rely on telegrams and forum posts but I can plan out IRC exchanges with advance notice.
    Note(s): I have little experience handling storefront design, technology design, or lineart. I have no puppets or side accounts and avoid posting in General, though I am happy to discuss NSG topics via telegram or RMB where there is more privacy and less chaos.

Portal to the Multiverse RP Mentors
  • Cerillium
    Board(s): P2TM (Primary), NS (Secondary), F7
    Tech(s): FT, PT, FanT
    Genre(s): Horror/Thriller; Fantasy; Mythology-based; Steam/Diesel/Cyberpunk; Sci-Fi; Mystery, FT Wargaming (RPG)
    • Character design and development
    • Conworlding for P2TM and NS (worldbuilding: physics, environment, species, culture, religion, etc)
    • Faction and Character RP
    • GM training (fashioning setting, generating plots, balancing characters, moderating IC spats, etc)
    • Project organization and management
    • Theory (emphasis: theoretical biochemical physics; transgenics; pharmacology; epidemiology/pathology)
    • "The cyborg guy"
    • Research
    • Does NOT help with homework!
    Available: primarily on weekends, checks TGs every day (barring at conference/seminars/travelling)
    Method(s): one-on-one mentoring; IRC (nick: Cer); TG and email; OSF web seminar; uses Google Docs for lessons
    Note(s): nickname - Cer
  • Esternial
    Board(s): P2TM
    Tech(s): FanT, FT, PMT
    Genre(s): Sci-fi, fantasy/science-fantasy, folklore/mythology, comedy, post-apocalyptic
    • World-building
    • Project organisation
    • Theory (emphasis: biotechnology/biomedical sciences, e.g. transgenetics)
    • Character design/development
    • Brainstorming
    • OOC/IC thread setup + formatting (BBcodes)
    • Conflict mediation (OOC)
    Available: GMT+2, Hours vary strongly. Usually active daily.
    Method(s): TG/forum
  • G-Tech Corporation
    Board(s): P2TM, II
    Tech(s): FT, FanT, PT
    Genre(s): Historical [Pre-Modern], Fantasty [Science, Low, High, Tolkien, GoT, Warhammer 40k, Dune, Wheel of Time], Science-Fiction [Honorverse, Culture, "Clarkesian"], Fiction [Post-Apocalyptic, Zombie, Gods + Creation]
    • RPGs [mechanics and balancing, stats and character creation, system adjustment for forumside play]
    • Faction [Plot integration with non-character actors, setting adjustment]
    • World-building
    • OP formatting and standardization
    • newbie integration
    • Peacekeeping in less integrated RP groups
    • Shooting the breeze
    Available: Intermittently 1200-0400 GMT
    Method(s): Most commonly, forum interaction or GMT. Rarely GDocs; almost never IRC.
  • Mincaldenteans
    Boards: P2TM [Primary], NS [Limited]
    Techs: FT, FanT, PMT
    Genres: Sci-Fi [Star Trek & Firefly/space western specialty], Fantasy, Action [Assassin's Creed specialty], Cyberpunk, Post-Apoc, Horror [Limited], Drama
    • Character design & development
    • World-building (aforementioned genres)
    • Mediation in IC or OOC related disputes
    • OOC/IC thread generation and organization
    • Concept/Idea development
    • GM/OP advice
    • Graphics Assistance
    Available: Every other day [PST time]
    Method(s): TG (Best), IRC 1-on-1 (Handle: Mincivet), Google Docs
    Note(s): TG always available, direct assistance will need a preset time due to schedule
  • Swith Witherward
    Boards: P2TM (Primary), NS (Secondary, though community immersion is outdated), F7
    Techs: FT, FanT, PT, primitives
    Genres: Sci-Fi; Fantasy (specializing in Tolkien); Romance/Drama; Horror; Espionage (WWII-based only, please); Historical (WWII-based only, please)
    • Character design & development; "Actor's Workshop Training"
    • Conworlding for P2TM and NS (worldbuilding: physics, environment, species, culture, religion, etc); Conlang (will advise only)
    • Theory (physical chemistry)
    • Xeno/Species design
    • Mediation in IC or OOC related disputes
    • OOC/IC thread generation and organization (layout, coding, wording, character applications, chronicling)
    • Coding (very limited due to current time constraints)
    • OSF design (Please TG me if you would like an OSF set up for your group or organization). Example of work: Paedagog
    • Nation website design (advise only, and, these days, only for Weebly). Examples of work: GBSW; Thési Érevnah
    • Graphics Assistance
    • Program management
    Available: daily, usually in the evening (EST)
    Method(s): TG, prefers IRC (nick: Swith), email (, uses Google Docs for lessons
    Note(s): pronoun: she, 'cause I'm a girl gamer!
  • Zarkenis Ultima
    Board(s): P2TM
    Tech(s): FanT, FT
    Genre(s): Fantasy, Science Fiction (Soft), Science-Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Mythological
    • Character design/development
    • Worldbuilding
    • Thread/roleplay design
    • Brainstorming
    • Pep talks?
    Available: Most of the time.
    Method(s): Telegrams, posts, Google Docs, chat.
    Note(s): Is no good with geography or politics. Will accept tuna for bribes.

Keywords: !Mentors, !Volunteers, !Help, !Interaction

  • May 19, 2016: Post largely re-written. (Kyrusia)
  • August 7, 2016: De-jacketed Mentors removed. Changed titles due to new Masking and forum cat. changes. (Kyrusia)
  • August 8, 2016: De-jacketed Mentor removed. (Kyrusia)
  • August 9, 2016: De-jacketed Mentor removed. (Kyrusia)
  • September 11, 2016: Added Aquitayne and The State of Monavia. (Kyrusia)
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Postby Jenrak » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:06 am

The Guides Search Index

Here are all the listed guides, written by players over the years. The Index here is meant to help newer players have easy, topical access on how to get things done, but also as a good way to provoke thought and perfect their RPing styles. For older players, it's also a handy tool for figuring out where certain guides are, especially when referencing newer players. The list might look intimidating, but the Guide Search system should get you what you need fairly quickly.

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Postby Jenrak » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:06 am

Offsite Links and Resources

II has a lot of offsite resources that players can use. Much of these resources are easily accessible, either to enrich or help your RPing experience or to get you started and figured out as to exactly what to do. Whether you're an old or a new player, these resources can both be handy and interesting.

II Wiki
    International Incidents' most appropriate wiki resource, II Wiki can help you get set up with those wikipedia-esque articles for your nation. Manned by IIers, for IIers, II Wiki is a good starting tool.

    !wikipedia, !nation articles, !new and old players, !offsite

Line Art Inc
    Line Art Incorporated is a forum for players to get into linearting, which allows you to more effectively pitch and design weapons, systems, and structures. A very good tool if you want to get into the businesses on Global Economics and Trade.

    !line art, !linc, !new players, !new and old players, !inexperienced players, !offsite

    NSDraftroom is a great resource on getting design help for any manner of hardware. Like lineart, it functions on another forum, but definitely helps in GE&T and II. A great place to get things critique and perfected for roleplaying in II.

    !build, !new players, !new and old players, !inexperienced players, !draftroom, !offsite, !critique
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Postby Jenrak » Mon Apr 30, 2012 7:33 am

IRC Channels

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and many people have run across it before. If you haven't, then the simplest explanation is that it's a text-based conference style chatroom. IRC is an extremely handy tool for setting up RPs, planning information, and getting to know other RPers. You can set up your own channel on any server that hosts IRC, though International Incidents tends to favour the Esper channels.

Likewise, if you're unfamiliar with IRC, then you can access one in your browser using Simply use this link, type in your username and then the channel name and you're good to go! If you plan on hanging around IRC a lot more, however, I suggest alternatives such as mIRC or Chatzilla, due to their increase functionality and decreased consumption cost.

That said, II has a few IRC channels that can be helpful in figuring out some things. Conveniently, they're all on the Esper servers.

  • #NSMentors: The IRC channel for the Mentors.
  • #NSArms: An IRC version of Draftroom and Lineart Inc
  • #NSLegion: A channel for FT RPers and prospective FT RPers
  • #NSFT: NS future tech channel dedicated to assisting players with FT related issues.
  • #NSMT: A channel for the NS Modern Tech community.
  • #NSPMT: A channel for the NS Post-Modern Tech community.
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Postby Jenrak » Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:06 am

If you have any questions, concerns, or criticisms, please telegram me or contact me or any of the Mentors at #NSMentors on

Credits to Dukopoloious for his Master Thread keyword suggestion which I then bastardized into the Guide Search function.

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Postby Jenrak » Tue Nov 19, 2013 8:50 pm

Getting Set Up

This is a basic, foolproof guide on getting set up. The purpose of this guide is the bare bones checklist on how to get set up, how to start roleplaying, and how to get in touch with the community. We (staff and Mentors) strongly encourage you to read our guides, our food for thought articles, and to look at the 'Welcome to International Incidents' thread in its entirety.

What is Role-playing? In short, it's collaborative story-telling. You are writing a story with others on the forums about your nations and the people in your nations. That's it! If you don't want to do that, you will not have a great time in International Incidents. This is very much a writing and reading based forum, so you must like writing and reading!

So, how do you start? Here's my recommended system for getting started. If you follow these steps, you will have a good base for setting up an RP.

What you want to do is to have an answer to every single question that I pose at the end of each step. If you can't figure it out, don't proceed!

1. Figure out what sort of government your country will be. Countries are very different, and what their ideologies are and what their form of government is can influence your foreign policy. If you're a monarchy, for example, you might be more tolerant of slavery. In comparison, a democracy might not (but it's still something to consider!).

Question: What is your form of government? Who speaks behalf on your country?

2. Figure out where you want to go. We have two main region types: passworded (Closed) and non-passworded (Open). If you are new, you will best be off in an open region. You can find some information on active open regions in this thread, or through the Mentors (you'll notice by their bright green jackets). You'll want to send off telegrams to founders and delegates of open regions and ask them on requirements for entrance. Being in an RP region not only encourages you to build your country with a devoted community and make new friends, but will also help you hone your own writing abilities through continued interaction!

Question: What region is your country in?

3. Figure out a starting story. Since it's collaborative writing, you want to have a story that lets a lot of people join in really easily. Things like diplomatic balls, international conflicts, a civil war, or the passing of a controversial bill are all examples where other representatives of other countries can provide their input. Don't be afraid to be cliché or worn; what matters is that you get the hang of RPing with a group of people, and then you can be creative! My go-to scenario is usually a small civil war where the previous government is overthrown, that way I can make another RP for a follow-up diplomatic ball where I can comfortably introduce all my characters. Try something like that!

Question: What is your first story going to be?

4. Figure out the stakes of that story. You need to know what you want or don't want changed in your story. If it's a war, how much territory will you be able to lose? If it's a diplomatic ball, is there a type of person you want to meet? Setting limits means that you can establish a comfortable set of parameters for yourself so that you can attract people who won't just show up with a quadrillion battleships and declare war when you're having a diplomatic ball. Once you know what you will and WILL NOT tolerate, move on the next step!

Question: How does your story affect your nation?

5. Make an Out of Character (OOC) sign-up and discussion thread. These are super-helpful threads where you can pitch your idea, get an idea of who wants to join, what they're like, and what you aim to do. You are selling an experience to other RPers, and in turn they are selling their ability and interest to you! Also, this thread will also help if you need to talk about or to others about things that are going on in the actual thread.

Question: Who expressed interest in your thread?

6. Once you've figured out who's interested, who's not, and who's who, you should then figure out how to start off your story. Opening posts are super important because they're 'uncompromised' posts, meaning they aren't influenced by anything a previous poster wrote. Because roleplaying is about a bunch of players writing a single story together, the person who writes the first post sets the tone, the direction, and the themes for the whole RP. This is where you can get some ideas or look at some posts by International Incidents' Mentors, whose job is to aid you in topics like these. If you're lost, at least adhere to Who, What, Where, When, and Why (and How). Type it up in a processing program like Microsoft Word, Notepad, Google Docs (this is the best one, since it autosaves immediately), read it over for grammatical errors, and then make a new thread and post it!

Question: What triggers the event?

7. Lastly, pay attention to the responses! Since you are writing as people or groups reacting to others that are reacting to you, pay attention to what they are doing, especially if the person is widely considered to be a 'good' roleplayer by the community. Don't be afraid to pick up and steal some of their writing habits or mannerisms, because that's how you'll get better. Most roleplayers may write a bit slowly, focusing on building their own stuff before contact, so don't be afraid to do your own thing for a little bit before contact occurs. If they are in touch with you immediately (like a communique), you can respond instantly and get the action going!

No question here, you're already RPing! Congratulations!

Keywords: !setup, !step by step, !foolproof, !how to RP, !guide
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