Second Ghoul Star War. Opening Operation. Battle For Orask

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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Second Ghoul Star War. Opening Operation. Battle For Orask

Postby Imperialisium » Thu Jan 12, 2012 6:33 pm

The Ghoul Stars, dark worlds lit by the light of dying suns-Poet Jakob Czesus VIII. Human from Imperial world of Yeryin. Born 357 IC, Died 421 IC.

True to their name the Ghoul Stars have been somewhat of an enigma for the Imperium. Conquered in the middle of the Emperor's Great Crusade (O-214 IC) to unite the shattered Emperian worlds and incorporate others into the expanding Imperium. The Ghoul Stars since then had been peaceful. Untroubled excempt for the un-comman raider or alien incursion of little note. But at the sametime it bordered some of the most dangerous species in the Galaxy. Species that some Humans claimed being, "Supernatural." Of course an Emperian would never say such a thing and Emperians had colonized the area along with the surrounding regions. Yet the Human population actually shrunk during the centuries while the Emperian population expanded. So when the first Ghoul Star War erupted Humans were vastly outnumbered in comparison to other races. Yet 60% of the Emperian Guard Regiments that fought in that war were Human Regiments. Full of contradictions and Ironies this region of space is, and now going to be host to another war of revenge. To take back what was taken.-Imperial Archive. 1 Day, 3004th Year of the Emperors' Reign.

Orask System, Orbit over Orask Prime.
The Imperial Taskforce that was to strike at Orask alongside other Fleets tasked to different objectives exited Slipspace in good order. Right on target, gaining strategic surprise was key. The Necrons had set up no orbital defenses and so far had no clue what was happening. As imagined they must have been confused when the first bombardment from orbit came. Turning their black, green-lined Monolithic cities facing the fleet into rubble. The Bombardment quite literally leveled entire districts of the Necrons sprawling main settlement. A settlement 90 kilometeres wide by 70 Kilometres long. Admiral Wordenski, One of the few Humans who had risen through ranks of the Imperial Military watched the scene unfold. Smiling all the while.
"Let General Vandere know he may commence his landings." said Wordenski
"What of the dozen Necron ships anchored in orbit?" piped up his Tactical officer. A spindly lady in her late twenties.
"Fire at will." Said Wordenski. Smiling all he went.

In space the flashes of lance turrets, streams of Plasma and the trailings of Missiles slammed into the Necron flottila before the 2 minute mark of the operation had passed. The Necron ships which were of Cruiser size broke apart, unable to rais their defences in time. They plummeted downtowards the surface of Orask. Now let by the fires of a dying city.Its embers glowing into the void.

From all directions troop transports, Atmospheric Valkyrie Gunships, Bulk-landers and heavier Vulture combat/supply craft launched towards the Planet. Starfighter Squadrons patrolled in their dozens around the 42 Vessels making up the Imperial Taskforce.

Orask by Imperial standards was terrestrial. 69% Ocean with 3 Continents and numerous Archipelagos. It was on average 20 degrees colder though and hand strong pevailing winds going North to South for most of the year. It orbits a yellow sun and is the second habitable world in the system. The first is the pluto sized terrestrial world of Orask Secundus. However that world remained un-inhabited by the Necrons.

Imperial Navy: 42 Vessels
1 Apocalypse Class Battleship
1 Emperor Class Battleship
2 Retribution Class Battleships
13 Lunar Cruisers
17 Frigates
12 Destroyers
10 Galaxy Class Imperial Guard Transports (Each carries up to 4 Regiments)
140 Vultures
180 Valkyries
20 Bulklanders
Novamarines Chapter (1,000 Astartes Warriors)
1 Strike Cruiser
3 Gladius Class Corvettes
Emperian Guard:
40 Regiments (800,000 personel) (450,000 Deployed in Assualt)
Line Regiments: 1st through 12th Iquathon Deep Ranger's (240,000), 42nd Death Korps of Krieg Regiment (20,000), 178th Royal Volpone Regiment (20,000), 230th-237th Yeryin Regiments (160,000).
Drop Troops Regiments: 24th Iquathon Drop Troop (10,000), 67th Elysium Drop Troop (15,000)
Armoured Regiments: 25th Death Korps of Krieg (20,000), 81st-83rd Palladium Armoured (60,000)
Mechenized: 100th Yeryin Strike Regiment (10,000), 607th-610th Argolid Fast Backs (30,000)
Artillery:120th-122nd Valhallan Regiments (10,000), 16th-19th Iquathan Deep Artillery (15,000)

Note: I well also play the Necrons and well actually try to win as them to make the RPing more interesting for others. I well however be sticking to tactics and strategy. If yo uneed info on them TG me or look them up and I am sure you well find everything you need. Otherwise have fun.
RP Note:Many of the Regiments are from other worlds from accross the Imperium. As such most of them are Emperian. Only the Yeryin and Iquathon Deep Regiments are Human. However do to their relative proximity the worlds closest to the combat zone well deploy more Regiments which Yeryin and the Iquathon Deep has many Human Populations.
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Postby Protectorate of Sechyvasia » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:43 am

The Sechyvasian First Taskforce exited slipspace 700km to the right of the Imperial Fleet. It was smaller in size to the Imperial Forces given to the equally small nation of Sechyvasia, even with the military increases owing to colonization efforts. In total 21 Vessels had joined the Imperials with 67 Sechyvasian ships from the Navy taking part in the war in total.

1 Aeronautica Class Carrier.
3 Vasian Class Battleships
4 Heimat-Class Cruisers
9 Perlani-Frigates
4 Strategos-Transports
4 Squadrons of Aerospace MKI Fighters
101st Aerodrop Division: 15,000 troops
1st Infantry Division:15,000 troops
2nd Armored Division:15,000 troops
3rd Infantry Division:15,000 troops
88th Artillery Brigade:6,000 troops, 110 Artillery pieces.

The Sechyvasian fleet was noticable in its bright paint-schemes and colors, hues of green, blue, red and orange could be seen in the blackness of space. The twinkling of the running lights adding a glittery feel, but each ship was armed. Imported Imperial Armanents including Plasma guns and cannons, the Battleships and Carrier even had Lances while the rest had the average Railgun or Laser turret on most Sechyvasian ships.

"The Imperials spare nothing in laying waste to others."remarked Vice-Star Admiral Illya Berlecini. Her short pink hair and green eyes looked out the panoramic viewport at the huge burning Necron settlement below. The Imperials had disabled the Necrons space forces at a frightening rate of pace. Now the ground war was to begin, it would the Sechyvasians first true test against an enemy with similar if not surpassing technology capability.

"May the Queen help us." whispered Berlecini as the crew went about their business, outside she could see the circular landing craft of the Sechyvasian Royal Army heading after the Imperials. The Emperians had warned and given great tactical insight on the Necrons capabilities in combat and many High ranking officers taking the field with them had taken huge quantities of notes on what to expect. But nothing could prepare anyone for the reality of conflict.

E Company, "Easy Company", 2th Battalion, 1st Regiment.
101st Royal Aerodrop Division.

The Lander was clean, never seen combat before, in fact none of the soldiers or officers onboard had seen it either. The company had all listened to whenever a Human Imperial talked in rough Sechyvasian on wars, they were supposed to bloody affairs at worst, some Imperial soldiers saying it was more akin to slaughter. But the recruitment officers and even quite a few Imperials said it was, "Glorious to fight for your Nation, People and Race." This all addled in the minds of E Company, or Easy as they were called by the other Companies. And Today, they were going into Hells sky, head first drop dive.

"Alright Troopers! Listen' up were going in after the first expected Imperial Guard troops make landfall. We'll be jumping (Diving rather) 12 Kilometres South-West of the Imperial Elysium 67th Drop troops whos going for the main Factory complex. We'll be taking a set of overlooking hill-districts for the 42nd Death Korps Regiment to move up to from the South, 25 Km from the south that is. We'll also be spotters for the 16th Iquathon Deep Artillery as Imperial Regiments move in from the East.Expected resistance to be light or medium so pack your valor, were going in rough." said Captain Timian Fordodas. The commanding officer of Easy Company, a middle-aged Sechyvasian male with brown eyes and hair. The Sechyvasian Soldiers each wore standard battle-garb, Flak Jacket, combat boots, (Think American G.I. from WWII but High tech), M100 Carbine for regulars. .50 Calibre Heavy Machine guns and smaller squad support machine guns for the Heavies, also packing light mortars and Anti-Vehicle Rockets.

"Landing in 20 Minutes." came th evoice of the pilot, an edge of nervousness in his voice.

Some of the soldiers looked down at their weapons, tryingto soothe themselves for what was to come. 'Wish I had one of the Imperial Plasma Rifles.' thought Private First Class Rogald Fairbanks as he looked at his M100 Carbine, a shorter more compact version then the M99 Battle-Rifle. Today would be his first foray into the rigours of combat.

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Postby Dakini Femina » Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:31 pm

About a hundred clicks to the left flank of the imperial fleet, the familiar pyreflies, natural anomalies of energy often associated with the Femina and Al-bhed sorcery began to materialize - a foreshadowing of the arrival of the maidens of the Aurora, who on numerous occasions in the past had come in contact with the Emperor's presence. Over the course of a five second time frame the ships of the Auroran Empire's imperial navy drove out of Chrono Drive, their Chrono String Engines leaving erratic readings on anyone that would have attempted to scan or analyze them.

Indeed, the alien technologies of the Femina nation seemed to pulse of daemonic energies and unexplained anomalies, but there was a sense of grace to it all. The Femina vessels were sleek, black ships, with glowing red sections of hull. The usual chatter that would flood a normal broadcast frequency along an allied fleets channel was non-existent; the arrival was silent and humbling.


Aboard the LHS Triumph

Admiral Elizabeth Ayano once again found herself in the presence of an Imperialisium Fleet, and this time with another one of her allies. The bridge of her proud and now upgraded battleship was void of any chatter; only the beeping and clicking of the consoles could be heard. In the lower hulls the ground forces were probably preparing, and the IS units were being prepped for the drops as they spoke. Their unique nature and technological composition prevented them from being warped in or beamed, so they had to be delivered via drop pod at a specified location.

The silence was finally broken as the admiral called for her first officer, who reported to her briefly and with the response time worthy of the Auroran Military Legacy.

"Report, officer. Stat on the Imperials and their allies?", Ayano asked in a stern but calm voice.

"They're just about to begin the descent, my lady. Radar's picking up massive readings from both fleets - they seem to be deploying."

"Do we have any intel on the planet itself?"

"So far commander we've identified a number of 'safe points' compatible with our deployment plans. Most of which seem to be proximal to where our two friends are headed now."

"Any sign of Necron activity?"

"Negative, commander. The foul automatons still appear to be asleep."

"Alright then"
, finally replied the Admiral as she closed her eyes for one last prayer to Horo. "Begin deployment."

"Roger that!"
, snapped the officer as she saluted and ran off to her post to begin facilitating the marshaling of the ground forces.

The Femina have had run-ins with the soulless monstrocities before, most of which, although ultimately successful, were horrifically damaging to their resources, and the mental stability of a number of their troops who, upon encountering the automatons for the first time, were quite traumatized by the deathless heathens. That of course, was then. Since the tragedies and the costly skirmishes, much battle data had been collected. Proper briefing and conditioning had been prepared this time, and the arms commissioned and sanctioned by the high councils were augmented specifically for this campaign. There could be no turning back now. Glory, or death.

The warp beams aboard each of the flotillas began to beam personnel onto the surface, a process that took about 5 minutes per batch. Shuttles were launched from their hangar bays as well, descending with their precious cargo of provisions, prefabricated structures and housing units, armor and technical equipment, and of course the newly developed IS, otherwise known as the "Infinite Stratos", a new mechanized unit that promised to change Femina warfare forever.

The 7th Femina Imperial Fleet, "Fleet Tarkan"

- 3x Kadeshi-Pattern Carriers
- 9x Frerrn-Pattern Frigates
- 6x Reacher-Class Battlecruisers
- 72x Emblem Frame Fighters
- 45x Hellhound Torpedo Bombers

The Auroran 27th Regiment, "House Firefly"

- 3,000x Light Infantry/Scouts/Pathfinders
- 35,000x Stormtroopers
- 6,000x Waffen Juggernaut Marines
- 300x Black Widow Light Assault Weapons Platforms
- 300x LR APC's
- 450x Javelin MBT's
- 200x Behemoth Artillery Gun Platforms
- 150x Stingray MLRS Platforms
- 220x Orca Aerial Gunships
- 50x IS Stratos Suits

The 2nd Royal Air Corps, "The Mallory Mavericks"

- 40x Strike Witches
- 15x Cattarran Light Fighters
- 75x Hammerhead Fighter-Bombers

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Postby Imperialisium » Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:33 pm

As Imperials

The first landers broke through the upper orbit layers heading ground-ward at quick pace, the craft still hot from atmospheric entry looked like hundreds of falling stars. Bright flashes from Lances impacting the ground below could be seen through the shaded viewpoints of the cockpits. There was no AA fire of any kind, cause the Necron city burned, smokes and ash drifted up into the sky, most of the city was in embers now. The Necrons monolithic structures burnt out and smoldering, however some areas remained untouched. The odd building or structure that had survived the traumatic orbital bombardment and falling Necron Spacecraft stood resolute. The Necron city was planned in a way that it seemed to radiate from the central complexes, in neat ordered causeways and transportation points the city was criss crossed into many districts. The outer Districts forming a loose band around the middle, inner and core districts.

1st Iquathon Deep Rangers Regiment
Landing Zone Alpha, South-Central Middle Necron district.
(Translated from Emperian, Ranks included)
"Move move move!" yelled the Sergeant as Rangers sprinted from the barely hovering lander. A full Company fanned out into the surrounding rubble, semi-destroyed buildings and other detritus. The other Companies landed a few hundred meters apart fanning out to form a secured landing zone as the next Landers were bringing command staff, support equipment and vehicles.
Each Ranger was equipted like many Imperial Guard troops, Caraspace Armor, Lasgun, back-pack, semi-inclosing helmet with full covering retracted etc. They hunched down as they took up firing positions, moving into the city. Some to left could see the 2nd and 3rd Iquathon Deep Rangers landing and to the right the 4th and 5th while the 6th through 12th came in behind them.

"Alright whats the current situation." voiced the Regiments Colonel as he hunkered down from his lander that had freshly arrived.
"Sir, we have cleared out a 4 kilometre by 8kilometre landing zone and advancing in all directions. The other Regiments like the Argolids, Death Korps and Palladium armored are arriving now in the east. A regiment of Iquathon Artillery is with them, the rest of the Artillery besides the Valhallans are coming in now." replied a staff officer crouched down with holographic maps.

About them they could see Necron bodies, in pieces mostly, workers and repair machines destroyed or almost vaporized from the assault. Probably a hell of alot more had been obliterated, alot was all they could hope for.
As Necrons
In the Core District, its very heart the Necron Lord awoke from a years slumber, its minions stirred about it and it activated a small data-lith by sight.
"So the Imperials are back." it thought in its progamming language.
"Awake." it said via data pulse to the rest of the city and immiadately from the surviving Necron buildings the walking automatons began to engage, warriors moved from their previously dormant barracks towards the Imperials. So when the first Guass flare was shot the battle had begun in earnest.
As Imperials
Iquathon Deep Front.
"Incoming!" came the yell as sickly green flashes of light pulsed from down the stark boulevard. The Rangers flung themselves into cover like rabbits. The Human Iquathon Regiments lacking the Emperians superior nimlbe abilities found themselves on the rough floor in un-comfortable positions. Desperately avoiding the first Gauss Salvo at all costs.

"Return FIRE!" yelled a Leutinent and the snap-cracks of Las-beams shot back from the Guardstroops. It was like a light show of death as Lasgun vs Gauss gun shot back and forth, the fierce fighting expressions of the Human troopers against the emotionless metal faces of the Necrons.
"Switch to identification beams!" yelled a Captain hiding behind a low-pocketed by fire wall, a Vox-caster and its operator beside him. Around him the Imperial soldiers changed their default red beams to purple, letting the other Imperial soldiers know who's firing at what.

"I know were at the central avenue heading north, I don't care on inadequate spotting get your guns going now!" yelled the Captain into the Vox-Reciever. A second later the swooshing of shells could be heard and any visible Necron in the avenue became clouded by dust as explosions ripped through rubble and the street just a few hundred meters before the Imperials.

"Heavy Bolter up." said another trooper and the clanking of Bolt rounds added to the cacophany.


With the Imperial Offensive in the Ghoul Stars now begining in earnest with clashes on Orask and Imperial forces following up by arriving in other systems. The Segmentum Obscurus Capital Cypra Mundi had requested the autonomous forces from the Hedron System. It was an awkward and unique contract, the Hedron System remained autonomous to the Imperium and both traded with eachother. But in return the Hedron System had to answer any Imperial call to arms.

Code: Select all
To:Planet Hedron Government
From:Segmentum Capital of Cypra Mundi
By order of the Segmentum military HQ a call to arms has be ordered. All available forces are to make haste to the Orask System,coordinates Beta-Gamma-567-789-32412-2345. The Assistance of Imperial and allied forces there are primary with direct Campaign objective of taking the Ghoul Star Sector back in the name of the Emperor.
[i]Emperor's Grace and All Speed loyal Allies of the Imperium[/i].
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Postby Dakini Femina » Sat Apr 07, 2012 9:56 pm

"It would be inaccurate to say that heroes are born. Nay, they are made, for destiny produces the hero of the hour at a time when she is needed most." - The Late Saira Saint-Cyr, Saint & Mother-Militant of the Armies of Kel'Thuzad

Landing Zone Alpha, Forward Base "Olympus"

Major Mio Sakamoto of the 1st Witch Grenadier Battalion, probably one of the most privileged Femina in this campaign, following her personal meeting with the Emperor Himself following the awkward but historical Courting Incident, had just finished marshaling all 900+ battle sisters of her unit and was busy conducting her inspection, headcount and letting the lieutenants of each of the four companies file in their final reports on the disposition of the battalion.

Elsewhere the scene was also the same. The battalions of the several brigades that formed the entire division had their camps about a kilometer's distance from each other, effectively decentralizing them and allowing for some maneuvering space in the event of an attack. The other battalions were probably also examining their own muster rolls as well, awaiting orders for deployment as their armor, field artillery and other supplies were delivered to the sites via shuttlecraft. There was an air of composed uncertainty among the ranks, which was good. A little sprinkling of fear always did wonders to urge one onward toward the preservation of her own life. The major knew this quite well, but was also always sure that she whetted her companies' appetites for glory.

As she nodded toward the last lieutenant to report her colors, she then began walking between the ranks of the companies and personally listened to the complaints and sentiments of her soldiers.

So far so good, she thought as she caught one of the dominatrix-matriarchs of the commissariat approaching her. A quick whisper and immediately she switched modes to prepare.

"1st battalion, we're needed once again. Return to your barracks and retrieve your units. Rendezvous at warehouse 3 and prepare to deploy! Fall out!"

She quietly walked to her own quarters as the battalion scattered and made for their barracks. Her black full-body tactical heavy armor's AI construct coming to life as she activated it, and at once coordinates, specs and states began to be fed into her op-cam unit. With a quick wave of the hand, the sister-engineers that manned the armor made for the tank hangars and prepared to warm up the engines.

As the major approached her own APC, gunfire and explosions, and the distinct hollow screaming of necron gauss weaponry could be heard in the distance.

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The Call to Arms

Postby Hedron » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:15 pm

To:Planet Hedron Government
From:Segmentum Capital of Cypra Mundi
By order of the Segmentum military HQ a call to arms has be ordered. All available forces are to make haste to the Orask System,coordinates Beta-Gamma-567-789-32412-2345. The Assistance of Imperial and allied forces there are primary with direct Campaign objective of taking the Ghoul Star Sector back in the name of the Emperor.
Emperor's Grace and All Speed loyal Allies of the Imperium.

The 4th Company Captain, Captain Hextrius, looks at the message being imprinted on the screen next to the Chapter Serf. He gives a slight grin and turns around towards another Serf who is operating the communication panel, "Order the Fleet to regroup," he says loudly, "Patch me to the Dark Raven's Captain Jarvan."

The Serf operating the panel responded faster than he could breath, "Yes of course anything my lord!" Then immediately started tapping buttons on the keyboard as he types out messages; both to the fleet and to the Dark Raven Captain. Within' seconds the 4th Company Ships docked in their shipyards, un-docked from their bays and slowly backed out. Then they proceeded slowly towards their designated position of which a lone Strike Cruiser, where it's sides shows a Raven with Bolt Guns in the back painted dark green. Presumably it was the Flagship the Captain resides in of which ones viewpoint. The other warships were only showing the Ravens painted Dark Green showing that they, themselves, are not the Flagship once again in ones viewpoint.

Captain Hextrius still strolling back and forth around the bridge as everyone, with their duties was to busy to ask him if anything is bothering him. To interrupt his trance-like state the Communication Serf spoke clearly, "My lord the Dark Raven Company patching in!" He then nods at the Serf then looks forward as he stood still, for a holographic image pops in front of him. Life size standing 8'1" as behind him stands two devastator marines. He spoke in a stern voice, "Captain Hextrius."

He responded back, "Captain Jarvan."

"What is it that you bother me during the prayers?"

Slightly embarrassed by his manners, but he still needs to deliver his message, "The Call to Arms has been called, Brother Jarvan."

Jarvan was slightly confused as he crossed his arms, "Continue..."

"The Segmentum Military has been kind enough to forward a message to us as the Chapter Master, Martius Darius, has forwarded the message to me and spoke clearly that I may bring a fellow Reserve Company with me to battle."

Gave a little grunt did Jarvan, "Hmph, Indeed I presume it is I?" giving a little laughter in the end.

"Yes indeed Brother Jarvan," He too laughed.

A brief silence between them two until Captain Jarvan spoke back, "The 9th Company, Dark Ravens, has gladly accepted this offer as we have already prepped our Brothers and our warships blessed by the Emperor. Forward me the Coordinates and let us both jump into battle my friend."

Hextrius laughed loudly and said, "Yes we shall my Brother."

The holographic image dims down and gave off a little *Beep Beep* as it to indicate it turned off. He then looks at the Serf, which was busily tapping buttons sending the coordinates to the Dark Raven Flagship, of which then spoke, "Message Sent my Lord," then continued, "All ships are now in formation and the portal in clear vicinity of harm."

Hextrius walked towards the bridge window and looked slightly left, seeing the Dark Ravens with their fleet amassing together in their formation.

"The Green Light has been indicated my lord, are we ready?"

He replied, "We've been ready." Then nods.

A small sparked sprinkled a few miles ahead of the Flagship - of which then sparked periodically then to fill the void, a large portal shot out discharging Electricity of which then forced itself to expand; expand it did. Shooting up high and opening up wide the electricity violently stuck to each other as it wobbles everywhere. Then it found it's conductor and snapped itself onto the Flagship and surged it forward with astonishing speed. Fellow Warships followed the Flagship in. One by one the Electricity snapped itself on the cold steel hull and surged it forward the same as the rest, leaving the hulls undamaged even unharmed.

The Dark Raven's as well opened their portal and surged the same as the Raven Bolters. Surging through the warp, blessed by the Emperor, caught in a blue trance. The Battle Skeletons are coming - They are here to answer the Call - The Call to Arms - In the name of the Emperor....

-Joint Force (4th Company and 9th Company Fleets)-

4x Strike Cruisers

7x Gladius Frigates

10x Hunter Destroyers

3x Nova Frigates

50x Thunderhawks

25x Boarding Rams

200x Space Marines

10x Dreadnoughts
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Postby Imperialisium » Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:28 pm

As Necrons
"The Imperials have deployed forces numbering 450,000 troops in and around or city my Lord." Spoke the Cryptek accross the holo-table. His Necron Lord sat upon a throne of pure obsidian, its staff held straight up.
"As of now our main surviving forces of Warrior's are moving in to engage."

"How many do we have." said the Necron Lord.

"527,987 Warriors, 8,700 Immortals--"

"Why so few?"

"The bombardment destroyed 74% of the city and continual orbital strikes only exasperbate the problem." replied the Cryptek


"We still have 679 Destroyers but sadly our supporting Heavy destroyers have been destroyed via Orbital strikes. The Imperials have prepared this assault well in advance." spoke the Cryptek sternly.

"And our Wraiths?"

"43 left, most of our scarabs are gone too, only a few thousand remain after the storage centres where obliterated.....My Lord what of our other Worlds? Phaeron Perzazus must be sending reinforcements?"

"Other worlds are also under attack, the former Imperial worlds known as Iquathon Sound and the systems Gou'l and Ila are under attack with the Peryz system under threat. If Orask falls Perzazus core territory of the Oryanas Reach systems well be open for attack." said the Necron Lord.

The entire conversation was done without a word, the Necrons had no need for language and had done so almost telepathically. Outside many Kilometres away new fires could be seen as increasing amounts of Necron Forces counter-attacked the Imperial Guard regiments. The Necrons other much smaller settlements facing the Imperial fleet also had suffered the same orbital fate, but nothing has come forth after the messages from the main settlement had been sent. Clearly no Necron remained intact enough or' "alive" to reply. If one was observing from above the Imperial Fleet periodically fired off a small scall salvo, destroying another settlement.

As Imperials
Orbit over Orask: 4 Hours after initial landing.

"Prepare Secondary main Bombardment. Target outlying settlements coming up from the night side of the planet." Commanded Admiral Wordenski, standing over the tactical displays.
"Affirmative, Coordinates to battery's sent, 457-879, 345-328, 562-213, target for effect." came the Gunnery officers reply. A petite Emperian female, if petite was anything to go for, she was still 6ft tall.
"Fire." said Wordenski
And exactly one minute later all the ships in the Fleet fired their batteries, Lances and Orbit to Surface missiles at the targets. Mushroom clouds could be seen from the largest explosions, the Lances caused clouds to swirl around them as the ionized air evaporated water molecules.

Ground. Main Settlement. Iquathon central Front.

The Iquathon Deep Regiments had doggedly held and expanded their holdings from the increasing Necron counter-attack. Troopers leant out of cover to snap off a few shots before getting back into cover in an all to hurried manner. The Battle had heated up with Heavy weapon teams firing Mortars, Heavy Bolters and Lascannons against increased Necron, "Armor." The floating craft had darted in and out from buildings and debris, unleashing green death and mayham wherevwer they appeared.

"Major, 2nd Company reports 20% Casualties over the last half hour, Heavy Necron numbers reported to be in their hundreds are attacking there positions!" hollared a Vox-Caster equipted trooper to the second in command of the 1st Iquathon Deep Ranger Regiment. Major Holdt Frasiski. The Colonel had been wounded mere hours before from a Necron deep strike, a squadron of Necron destroyers had survived the first sweeps apparently. In the meantime the Major was at the front, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Regiments were facing off against thousands of Necrons in an Urban environment half-way blown to His Majesties Throne. Artillery support had helped but with the Drop troops about to descend and the Mechenized and Armored units encircling the City the Artillery had been stretched. Emperor grace their efforts though for the crews had been reloading and firing at a pace a Human could be proud of. The Valhallans to, owing to their Emperian background had greatly increased the Artilleries zone of death for any Necron to un-wary.

"Roger, Pull 2nd Company back accross the Street behind them, they'll use the low buildings their as cover while the 7th Company moves up to support them. Next have the 1st, 3rd and 9th Push up the street to flank." Shouted back the Major. The Vox-caster right away began speaking into the reciever.
Frontline of 2nd Company.

The soldiers of 2nd Company had been holding off against what looked like a continous tide of Necrons, the hollow machines just kept coming. Already casualties had mounted as the troopers faced continual heavy strikes by Destroyers and the occasional Immortal.

"Destoryer, 9 o'clock!" said a Lascannon spotter and the gunner began to move in on the target.
"Copy that, servicing the target." *activated trigger* sending a beam of red light at the rapidly advancing Necron machine. The beam though had almost missed, clipping the Destroyers side and spinning it into the ground. Throwing up chunks of debris.
"FIRE AGAIN!" screeched the Spotter as the machine began to move.
"I KNOW!" weezed the gunner as he fired again and again, blowing the head and shoulders clean off the damned thing.

Around them the troopers blazed away on full auto, Las-bolts flying and striking, mostly, the Necrons approaching them. Gauss flares flared back and every now and then a scream from a Human throat could be heard.

"I repeat they are over-running my position, position un-tainable!" shouted a shallow faced Captain into a Vox-reciever, the operator had long been killed from a Gauss flare to the stomach. He had died before the medic could get there, then again the medics where busy dealing with the other 60 dead, dying or wounded troopers scattered about the 1000 meter front making up the 2nd company's position. On hearing the order to pull back the 2nd Company Captains faced turned a lighter shade of pale.
"Roger that." he said and motioned for a Sergeant to pull his soldiers back.

"Get MOVIN' You EMPEROR FORSAKEN OAFS!" Yelled the Sergeant and the cry for a withdrawel had been taken up by the other surviving officers. 2nd Company had been blooded and the battle had just begun.
A few streets over, the Flanking Companies.

A few streets over from the carnage that is 2nd Company's position the Flanking Companies had dispersed along the roadways parallel to the 2nd. They moved as silently as possible, taking out Necrons in ambushes, which, where few given the fact the Necrons seemed to be just know snapping to.

"I got a visual on a Necron party, 10, moving down the street.' said a Lance Corporal. He didn't need binoculars either cause the sickly automatons had not cared for a covered approach.

"So their trying to copy us eh." whispered a burly Sergeant crouching beside him.
"Alright Squad, ready grenades, the rest of the Platoons going to swing accross the street to begin the flanking attack."

The 12 troopers making up the squad rose up from the small piles of debris and hurled their plasma grenades at the Necrons. Seven of the volatile machines became half-melted destroyed excuses for anything while the other three became smoking hulls from the shots of well positioned Guardsmen on the rooftops. Then the rest of the platoon darted accross the street to the structures opposite and they could see the full view of the battle 2nd Company had been fighting.
"Artillery may also double as an entrenching tool."

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The Arrival

Postby Hedron » Sun Apr 08, 2012 7:39 pm

As hours passed for the two Companies, 4th and the 9th, still traveling inside the web way guiding them to the location of where they have been ordered to go too. Captain Hextrius of the 4th Company and Captain Jarvan of the 9th Company, prepares their fellow Brothers for battle against the unknown. The warships tinkered as Chapter Serfs and Servitors hassle themselves to prepare the weapon batteries as well help the Space Marines with their equipment. They took their time indeed as a nonprepared Marine is a dead Marine.

Chaplins of both companies began their quick prayers as they blessed the armors of the Space Marines, untainted by the Chaos, as they said holy words passing through the columns and ranks. After the completion of the Ceremony Captain Hextrius spoke a quick speech to his Battle Brothers.

"Brothers!" He said loudly into the mic which projected into every intercom in every warship, "We are jumping blindly against the foe we do not know who we face! Though we have jumped blindly in battle every time have we not?"

Everyone replied as if they are speaking to the Captain in person, "Aye!"

"Have we not prevailed with our sheer courage and determination where which no foe can best us?"

Once again the same response, "Aye!"

"Who are we my Brothers?"

"Space Marines!"

"For who do we fight for?"

"For the Emperor!"

"Should we show fear and dishonor to our Chapter?"

"Never! Not for an Eternity of Service!", they said as many of them cheered on raising their bolt guns in the air.

"Lastly, my Brothers..."

A brief silence as they all quieted down listening to the intercom.

"Why are we called Battle Skeletons...."

Before anyone could reply Jarvan spoke, "All of us are Undying Space Marines - Incorruptione Classicorum."

Then a series of loud bangs, sounding like sonic booms, echoed throughout the whole fleet. At the end of the tunnel shows a visual of a planet and couple imperium ships mixed with a few unknowns. The Space Marines on board cheered loudly as their moral boosted up to the highest. The portal itself was away from the range of the ships as the Electricity dangles around away from reach of the other random warships in orbit. The 4th Company surged out quickly and the portal closed in on itself revealing nothing, but the dark abyss of space. The 9th Company jumped in a few miles above the 4th Company which the portal did the same.

A message was sent to the nearby Imperium Flagship -

The 4th and the 9th Company Battle Skeletons are ready for deployment drop us to the thickest of the fighting.

The strike cruisers started their path unto orbit within the planet, followed by the frigates. On board the sound of metal shackling as Marines dash through corridors inside their designated pods or Thunderhawks - Preparing to rain hell - Also known as Sky Angels.

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45 clicks from the main contact zone, codenamed "Scarred Soul City"
Advance Guard Omicron, 2 clicks ahead of the main 27th Reg. Column

The 1st battalion had been dispatched as the advance guard, to act as a buffer between the main column of the 1st and the rest of the brigade that would be arriving soon. In all respects the Femina forces were numerically inferior than majority of their allies, but this was compensated for in their lightning fast attacks and flanking maneuvers, as well as the superb small unit tactics and alien Al-bhed sorcery and technology they brought to the field. The 1st battalion's 80 armored personnel carriers, better known as the 'Thunder Riders', supported by 25 of the Javelin tanks and 30 Black Widow's, sallied forth and covered ground quickly to lend support to the bulwark of the Emperor on their right flank in the city. The 1st battalion's stormtroopers were some of the Kaiser's finest, menacing seven to nine foot tall fully armored behemoths. Their mastery of the craft of war was to an extent few others matched. They were efficient, organized and just.

Major Sakamoto's armored upper torso stuck out from the gunner's hatch as she held on tight to her intercom unit and relayed orders to a squadron of Orca Gunships that flew over them at low altitude. "Crawler 0-1 to Odin 0-2 anything on the proximity scanners?" "Negative, crawler", replied the squadron leader's captain. "Nothing yet. But reporting multiple hostiles at 40 clicks."

"Identify, captain."

"Warriors, major. Picking up capital biomechanical traces and gauss trails peppering the long-range radar. Powering up Masakari Dual Autocannon Systems and Valkyrie Rocket Pods."

"Alright", replied Sakamoto as she brushed her hair from her face. "Take the squadron and get a move-on. I want a diameter of ten clicks at the city's right wing cleared for our deployment. Permission to fire at any and all hostile units granted, same goes for the structures. Level what you have to and secure the SZ!"

"Solid copy, Crawler 0-1", the reply came as the squadron of fifteen Orca's climbed and accelerated to begin their gun runs.

The major then switched her comm to the frequency for the entire advanced guard. "Alright, we're approaching Zero. I need everybody to stick to their units and try not to venture too far off from the columns. Attack formation Delta, sweep and scorch!" She put on her power armour helmet and activated KIRI, its User AI-assistance Interface and immediately her voice was modified to the uniformed low and rustic robotic voice of the stormtroopers. "All units, standby for deployment."

As she cut her comm, the distinct sound of the Masakari Autocannons could be heard as the Orca's swept through the streets at about 500kph, and from a general height of 800-1000ft, safe and away from counter-fire. Here and there a column of fire could be seen, or the wailing of the Valkyrie rockets could be heard as they barreled into Necron concentrations. In high orbit above, the fleet was preparing to deploy the Emblem Frame Fighters and Hellhound Torpedo Bombers to provide heavy fire support in addition to the Reacher-class battlecruiser's orbital bombardment capabilities.

Hunting time, thought Major Sakamoto as the column approached the entrance into the city's right wing.

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Postby Protectorate of Sechyvasia » Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:04 pm

As the lander made its way in behind the Imperials it moved over its position. The landing zone was a square where four large Necron structures like monolithic Pyramids stood. Crisscrossed with causeways and what looked like manufacturing centers. The main Factories though were North-East, where the Imperial Drop troops wwhere supposed to be at.

"Alright lads and ladies, OUT!" yelled Fordodas as he led the company out of the landers back landing door. Its wide berth allowing two squads to jump at the same time. As Their feet left the crafts metal decking and they were caught in the drafts of the atmosphere they could see dozens of other landers spread out, lines of troopers jumping from them over their target zones.

Private First Class Rogald Fairbanks twisted around as his stabilizers and grav-chute opened up behind him, slowing his descent to the ground. When his feet touched the dark rock ground he rolled to loose momentum, hitting the release clamps on the grav-chute as he and the rest of the Sechyvasians cleared away from the landing zone. Many squads and fire teams already moving into buildings and down alleyways. In the distant he could here the rumbling of artillery and the brilliance of orbital strikes being carried out. Explosions and the criss-crossing of gauss and energy weapons could be seen faintly in the distance.

"Contact!" hollared a young Sechyvasian male who right away fired a burst from his Carbine, blowing the arms off a Necron warrior before a sergeant put the bastard down.
"Control your fire troopers!" Fordodas voice could he heard over the intercoms as more and more contacts could be heard. The entire Division was in an area infested with Necrons.
In Orbit
"The 101st has dropped in behind the initial landings with the Imperial drop troops, our other three Divisions are reaching their destinations outside the city. They'll move in with the Imperial units there." read the tactical officer from the earliest reports drifting in from the tact-computers.

"Excellent, they'll drive in to the North to strengthen our encirclement, we'll crush the Necrons here and easily pacify the rest of the planet." remarked the Vice Star-Admiral gleefully.

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Even in Death

Postby Hedron » Mon Apr 09, 2012 6:47 pm

With no response the Force "Commander," which would be Captain Hextrus of the 4th Company Raven Bolters, assumed the proper control and designated drop zones to setup a forward operating base. It seemed ideal as far what they faced seem a bit - familiar. A quick view from the pitch black smoke and few green goo spots on the planet surface, it indicated that they have dealt with this force before.

"Necrons," said a nearby Sergeant, "Captain - what do you think we should do?"

The Captain looked at his battle brother and said to his face, "Show no fear," then tapped his shoulder in a friendly gesture,"Prepare your squad and the rest of the 4th Company - I want a forward operating base set up. 1st Tact squad, which is yours, along with 9th Devastator squad will be securing Checkpoint Alpha. After you secure Checkpoint Alpha contact me in and we will be sending the rest of the troops in."

The Sergeant, as a professional soldier, understood and asked no questions, "Right away Captain," then exited out the bridge to meet with his squad.

Captain Hextrus turned back watching the planet surface as it spewed black smoke from the imperium bombardment and spots of green were seen. "Checkpoint Alpha..," he says to himself, "Crucial Location and must be obtained at all cost..."

He rubs his chin as he walks towards a holographic table setting up the exact terrain of the checkpoint showing (??) indicating unknown force. He assumes could be Imperial soldiers or even ally soldiers we do not know. The odds so far are against him, as a Force Commander, they are pretty much useless as far without the checkpoint established as a drop zone. The Space Marines are to far valuable to lose and he will not taking any more risks.

The Sergeant, finally reaching his squad inside a thunderhawk, started to brief them of the situation, "Alright ya' turnips - The Captain wants us to take a certain location which would be crucial for the Landings of our fellow Brothers. We are facing the Necrons, The Emperor's light shines on us as we will show no fear - The Emperor Protects."

They hesitated for a second then regained their confidence, "The Faithful always comes out triumphant!"

The door behind the Sergeant seals off releasing steam as the cargo bay was pitch black then illuminated red as it blinks periodically. Showing their dark green armor's and black trims on their pauldrons, their visors glowed dark red.

Chapter Serfs started to open the Launch Deck, as the Thunderhawk heaves itself off the ground with the help of it's anti-grav engines turning 90 degrees and surged it's way out. Flying over preparing Battle Brothers in their formations.

As the Thunderhawk leaves the Launch Deck, it was followed by another Thunderhawk leaving another Strike Cruiser which they formed up.

The Space Marine pilot started talking about the exact location of where it was landing to the marines on board, "Alright listen up - I will be landing as close as I can to the objective. Expect heavy resistance to the force we do not know as they are popping as question marks on my radar," he continued as his voice echoed through the staticy intercom, "Follow the proper procedures and I am quite sure all of you will have a fantastic ride," then it ended with a beep.

The Thunderhawks started shaking a bit violently as they started piercing through the first layer of the planet, as the cockpits started heating up red hot then started cooling down as they pierced through multiple layers. The red blinking light stopped blinking then to be replaced with a yellow light indicating the Marines on board to do finally preps.

Sergeant looked at the light and said, "Check your equipment my Brothers!"

They started cocking their bolt guns and checked each other doing a quick scan on their Aquila Power Armor.

A nearby battle brother spoke as his helmet mic projected a robotic-like deep voice, "We are ready Sergeant."

He nods then said out loud, "Hand me the Squad Banner!"

A Space Marine walks up to the Sergeant and hands him the small pole, on the pole was a banner including the number 1 in roman numerals and around it is Skulls and Ravens. He then raised it over him and latched the end of the pole onto his power compartment (Back pack) and it did a sizzle sound to indicate it is secure and latched. The gunship started jerking a bit awkwardly then the Sergeant was a bit worried of the situation.

"Situation pilot," he says.

"Contact!" the pilot says outloud, "Enemy forces - They are overwhelming the whole area from the drop zone to the checkpoint!"

The Thunderhawk gave another violent jerk as green plasma zips past them as a round hits the left wing, spewing out smoke.

"Suppression fire will ya!", says the pilot to the gunners.

The cockpit started illuminating with flashes as it fires it's twin bolters on the ground Necron forces - shredding them to pieces. The two Thunderhawks flew slanted as they both started taking in damage - spewing out black smoke and their wings sparking.

"Ugh," the pilot grunted, "Taking in heavy damage - Brace yourselves Brothers!"

The Sergeant immediately spoke, "Cancel that order - Land us now!"

"Will do Sergeant," replied the Pilot.

The two Thunderhawks started to slow themselves down significantly which made them a more viable target to shoot at as the ground littered with hundreds of Necrons. The gunships autocannons tried their best suppressing the Necron's advance to the Marines ripping them to shreds as they attempt to advance. The Thunderhawks then landed back to back providing a perfect 360 degree view, perfect way to provide an open field of protection for the short moment as the Space Marines drop themselves out.

"Go Go Go!" Commanded the sergeants of both squads. They rushed out and assumed their proper procedures as Devastator squads immediately planted their feet on the ground and opened fire on the exposed Necron forces. Green blasters started shreading the hulls of the Thunderhawks and the pilots immediately said, "Good luck we are taking to much damage!"

The Thunderhawks then heaved their doors up leaving the two squads to fend off for themselves, as it then lifts off the ground and surged it's way up to the sky - still getting shot at as green plasma zips past them. From the overview the small squad of 20 Space Marines are trapped inside enemy lines as Necrons from hundreds started advancing on their location. Of about 4 clicks away from the Checkpoint - they would have to punch through the Necron forces. It was their only best shot.

"My squad on me!" the Sergeant commanded, "Let's pave a way! Devastator Squad Cover our flank!"

They responded, "Affirmative!"

The Tact squad started jogging towards the Checkpoint as they fired their Bolt guns as they charged in the face of death. The Sergeant himself tearing them apart with his Chain sword as he tears off their limbs and heads with his bolt pistol. Devastator squad slowly backs up - technically following them in a slow manner, as they keep the advancing Necrons from overtaking their flank. Shooting them down left to right as charging Necrons were immediately taken down from the precise accuracy of both the squads.


-On Board the Strike Cruiser which Captain Hextrus resides in-

He listens to the battle cry his Brothers say while they fought the (??) forces which were now indicated as Triangles -Necrons- He then says 3 words out loud, "Send them in."

The Chapter Serf responds, "Of course my lord," as he talks on the mic in a garbled manner.


-Below the Strike Cruisers inside the steaming pod rooms-

Heavy machines thumped their way into their special designated drop pods with the help of Tech Marines who placed them in properly and strapped them in. Doing quick final checks they closed 3 pods out of 50.

The Dark Pod illuminated a lightly red light showing a hulky metal, as part of it blinks with lights and prayers hanging off it's torso as well as relics.

"Prepare for Battle My Brothers," says the intercom inside the pods.

They responded in a robotic form, very dense in quality, "We are Dreadnoughts - Even in death we still serve......"
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Scarred Soul City Right Wing, FIG SZ
Advance Guard Omicron, 1 klick ahead of the 27th Reg. Main Column

The Thunder Riders slowly came to a grinding halt as their operators slammed on the brakes and the Stormtrooper platoons disembarked from the transports. The Javelins slowed down but kept moving forward as the troopers began to escort them and secure their flanks as they made their way into the desolate city streets. Overhead the familiar humming of the jet turbines that powered the Orca's could still be heard, and one or two could be seen from time to time going around for another gun-run on Necron positions several blocks deeper inside the metropolis. Several klicks away the familiar gunfire of laser weaponry could already be heard duking it out with the Gauss weaponry of the Necrons, an ominous sign that there could be no retreat from here on out.

The Necrons never stopped for anybody. They knew no ethics, no morality, no small unit maneuvers or improvisation. What made them distinct was their steady and flat advance, void of any other activity or strategy, and that distinctive silence that drove chills up anyone spine if they had no previous experience facing the soulless automatons.

As major Sakamoto jumped off of her Thunder Rider and the HMD visor on her helmet immediately began to feed her battlefield data and readings of the temperature, wind speed, her own vital stats, her Vanguard Assault Rifle's status and a simple tagged map overlay, she quickly picked up to jog and made her way deeper into the city with her own platoon. "Radar contacts at eleven, all units power up weapons." Her voice was monotonous, flat and femininely robotic now, filtered out by the Krovos Battle Suit's systems she wore on her. With a quick click off of the safety her Vanguard AR came to life, the blue readouts on its dies now buzzing with activity, telling her she was good to go. The advance began picking up steam as they made their way onto the first boulevard. No contacts yet. The Javelin Tanks' Dual Pulsar guns began to warm up, each tachyon salvo from them able to punch a hole through a foot of steel.

"Stay focused", the major said over the comms.

Her platoon split off to the left into one of the alleys, and as they came out onto the parallel street, just after one of the Orca had passed overhead with its autocannon raining metal slugs onto its own targets below, there, just beyond the nearest building opposite of where they were, to its east side was the familiar glow of green eyes. That deathly glare that put so many to flight.

"Contact, twelve o' clock", Sakamoto said as she crouched and barely managed to avoid a Gauss round from the warrior. "Break, break!"

As her platoon scattered to make for cover, her HMD began to show more incoming targets. "We have to make this quick. More hostiles approaching from the east end of the street." She then switched her comms to the 1st battalion's general frequency. "To Omicron this is 9th platoon we're engaging."

One of her platoon's troopers lodged a couple of rounds into the first Warrior they saw, sending it plummeting to the ground as its metal was warped and twisted by the high energy weaponry. As more of them appeared, the major's platoon quickly began opening suppressive fire and a firefight broke out.

Sakamoto used her HMD to single out a target for herself, jumped up and bolted toward the next building while taking shots at two Necron Warriors. One of them collapsed, but the other simply flinched and remained standing. Horo's teeth, sturdy abominations aren't they!

She waited for it to focus on another one of the troopers and walk right into her array of fire. She held down on the secondary trigger of her AR, allowing the Tachyon burst to build up. As she caught sight of its grey, skinny frame, she loosened up and let a ball of energy slam right into its target, detonating in a small high-energy explosion and leaving a gaping hole in the Warrior's upper torso. Its head had been melted.

As she looked for her next target, the rolling thunder of the Javelin's tracks and engines could be heard making their way into the area. The battle had begun.

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Preparing next post.
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As Necrons
The Necrons strategic display showed Green Necronic icons in a rough line mirroring the Red Imperial and Blue Imperial-Allied forces on planet. The Imperials had so far put up a front stretching one end of the city to the other, bisecting it and moving in two directions. South the Imperials had sweepedthe Necron city clean of living Necrons, this was easy considering most of the Necron Hab-storage facilities were located in the centre and North which either is destroyed or working. Working at 50% though, the Manufactoriums now under a joint Imperial-Allied assault had ceased working and Necron forces where being shifted to that battle Zone.

Outside the city Imperial Guard Regiments and Allied forces were incircling the large city, nothing was there to oppose them and the neighboring settlements had been wiped clean, hardly anything was left for hundreds of Kilometres to pose any resistance.
"I believe we are in our end game for this battle.' said the Necron Lord.
"But sire the strategic Value of this world is important." replied the Cryptek. The building shook around them as Imperial shells began dropping further into the heart of the city, Earthshakers.
"I know my loyal servant, but this world only possessed onemain settlement and a few other minor installations either destroyed or of little threat to our foes. We also have no ships, we will die here Cryptek." stated the Necron Lord.
"Very well, I suggest we fall back to the inner districts with an offensive on the enemy troops assaulting our factories." said the Cryptek. He was just trying to bide his time and keep the Imperiums taskforce here, although not the largest Imperial Armada attacking the ghoul stars the Imperials had the advantage. That advantage was that Phaeron Perzazus's domains were assaulted in more then one location, the Necrons already had to fight on mulitple fronts.

In the factory district tens of thousands of Necron warriors and dozens of Immortals backed by squadrons of Destroyers converged on the Sechyvasians and other enemy forces, notably the Elysium Drop Troops. Already intense amounts of sickly green Gauss Flares shot into the Imperial, Sechyvasian and other Allied lines. While across the battlefield Necrons varying from a few dozen to a few thousand attacked Hedron and Femina troops. It would be a bloody last stand, well if the Necrons actually bled.

As Imperials
Translated from Emperian
The Newly christianed 1st Army of the Imperial Guard operating in the Ghoul Stars had gained swift ground and was quickly winning this first operation. General Vandere, commander of Imperial forces on the ground remarked as he looked at map tables, holo-projections and picts detailing the fighting. So far the Iquathon Regiments, though suffering casualties had pushed the Necrons some ways back, figures measured Necron losses to be atleast 150,000 thousand in that area alone. At the cost of 32,000 Imperial Lives however. The Imperial Guard is a professional fighting force to be feared but the Necron bastards never seemed to die easy, often fire teams had to be detailed behind the line in shooting Necron, 'Corpses' again just to be sure.
"Move the Iquathon Reigments forward, double pace, 42nd Krieg is halfway to objective, give them airsupport in both areas." spoke Vandere hurridly. Staff Officers hurried to obey his orders to the letter, already squadrons of the artistically beautiful Phoenix* Fighters had begun to streak in like blazing comets. Discharging Plasma rounds and bombs onto the battlefield. Quite literally,"glassing" as the Navy term went whole streets and blocks. While the Imperial Artillery continued none stop on barrages, fire calls and screens to destroy or hopefully deter major Necron counter-strikes.

"Sir the 67th Elysium Drop troops have just landed and the Iquathon Drop troops are just Nort hof them, resistance is heavy. Our Armored and Mechanized Regiments have completed 84% encirclement, they are preparing to move into the city to assist in the final strike into the Northern and Central Districts." read a Staff officer of a Majors rank. The glowing data-slate held up two feet from his face.

"Excellent, the 42nd Krieg should link up with them in good order and the factories well be ours. We'll close the East to these monstrocities." replied the General enthusiastically.

Elysium Drop Zone.

"Incoming!" yelled a Private as a large Gauss beam slamed into the buildings rooftop where he and his platoon had taken shelter behind. The area had heated up quick with the Reigment fighting on expected 4 to 1 odds, the factories although mostly rubble from the orbital bombardment provided deadly kill zones. With troopers perching in sem-demolished top floors, sniping. Heavy weapons teams used shell holes and debirs as cover to fire Auto-Cannons, Mortars and Heavy Bolters into the streaming tide of Necron warriors. While disciplined Las volleys struck down rows of Necron death machines. The fighting was horrific to say the least, the disembowled body of a luckless Emperian, although gifted with extraodinary strength and speed could not evade all the weapons aimed against him.

"This is Kolnar'ani (Colonel) Wre'thus Maldic'k of the 67th Elysium, how long till 42nd Link up?" questioned the Colonel into his vox set. He had set up Regimental HQ at the orignal main landing zone, in a semi-destoryed dome-like structure.

"Possibly up to one hour Kolnar'ani." came the reply on the other line. He recognized it as the General himself and simply said an affirmative before setting down the reciever. At the rate the Necrons where showing up his Reigment had more of 15 minutes before things got hairy. Not an hour to say the least.
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Fury Storm

Postby Hedron » Tue Apr 17, 2012 10:49 pm

Fog of dust blinds the entire battlefield as the bright green light zips through the dense blinding screen - in return thick brief flashes of orangy yellow light could be seen within' the dust storm. Upon revealing slowly - Space Marines with their gray armor and red eyes was seen visibily, as grains of sand pecked uselessly on their battle worn armors. The Banner Flag held by the Sergeant wavers violently among the wind like sails on a sloop. Upon in front of them lays pieces of Necrons as they pushed forward ever so slowly due to the terrible conditions of the weather and their visibility significantly lowered. Pushing slowly in their Arrow Formation every 5 seconds as they crouched or prone behind little cover, even the green light of death zips overhead or splashes itself near them.

The Sergeant firing his bolt pistol as it recoiled back from the sheer force, but quickly regaining his stance as he fires off a couple shots off into the distance. Upon the brief trade - in return 4 Green Blasts was see as it burned the grains of the sand and unluckily struck one of his Battle Brothers. Falling down quickly as it burned right through his armor - searing itself deeper as dense smoke poofed out from the spot, dropping his bolt gun unto the floor followed by a thud as his head stayed still and the eyes dimmed dark then pitch black.

Sergeant called out almost immediately placing his right hand with his index and middle finger in his headset and spoke loudly, "Take Cover my Brothers!" Then they did what he wished as they crouched on the sandy floor and fired upon visibly flashes of green and or visible Necrons in their view.

The Battlefield riddled with the sound of (PEW PEW - BANGS) from the trade off between the Astartes and the Necrons - which caused difficulty to communicate and or visibly signal each other in the storm. Soon the Devastator Squad, 9th Squad, slowly caught up to the 1st squad as they too, received losses. The Sergeant as well ordered to dig around with the 1st Squad as the Marines with their Heavy Bolters started spraying into the directions of the green flashes.

"Serg...t Uriel!" says Jiek Sergeant of the 9th squad, "We ne....elp from abov...," being continously cut off as the storm intensifies and the loud blasts from both sides made it worse.

He responded back as he looked up in the sky revealing nothing, but dust, "They ar....oming I know it!"

Still yet the Necrons were more determined to get rid of the Astartes off their planet as within' the dust revealed a hovering vehicle - glowing evil green as it too carried a Gauss type Weapon. Nearby Devastator Marines took note quickly and fired at it as their Primary Target as one of them quickly said to nearby Battle Brothers, "NECRON DESTRO-" Then being dispatched quickly as he was shot by the Gauss from the Necron Vehicle.

Both the Sergeants searched blindly in the dust storm upon reaching to a end as they set their eyes on series of moving green blobs heading towards them. As well a loud bang from the sky was heard as the dust storm intensified even more followed by a loud crash as the sound of metal and explosions combined. Luckily the Sergeants and their squad came out unharmed, but before them laid 3 Drop Pods and underneath them were the trashed Necron Destroyers. Though around them were still yet - 10's of 100's of Necrons advancing like brain dead zombies. The storm cleared showing the battlefield clearly and the curious hungry green eyes thirsting for blood fills the scenery. Then interrupted by the Pods releasing steam and the baydoors dropping on the metal skulls of the Fallen Necrons as a heavy machinery stepped out.

"Death will be cleansed by the Emperor!" All three spoke in a dense robotic tone and in return they fired their thick Caliber rounds from their Gatling Gun as it sprayed around them tearing apart the Necrons by many.

Sergeant Uriel saw this moment as an opportunity as Checkpoint A fills their visor showing a Circle and next to it says (29 M). He stood up and said, "CHARGE!"

They ran towards their objective - shooting down Necrons on the way while being followed by the mighty dreadnoughts while they step on fallen Necrons and at the same time receiving green blasts. The 9th Devastator Marines stuck with the Dreadnoughts as they too, gave heavy suppression fire as they 1st Tact squad ran towards Check Point A. Bullets whizzing past them as they hit their mark on cold steel metal and in return Green Flashes zipped past them hitting the Dreadnoughts and missing the Astartes.

Sergeant Uriel took off the Banner from his back pack and raised it in the air as he charged forward with his Brothers. Tightly gripping it with his right hand as his left hand dismembered the Necrons with the help of his Bolt Pistol. It fluttered gracefully in the sunlight as the weather being slowly replaced by dense form of smoke and ash.

"Almost there..." he says to himself as he takes down a couple more Necrons, "For the Emperor...."

1st Tactical squad - 7 Left
9th Devastator Squad - 6 Left
Dreadnoughts left - 3
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