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A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]

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Postby Damirez » Wed Sep 30, 2009 1:43 pm

9th Legion.
Principality of Damirez.

The shadow of war loomed across the nation. The eerie calm that was displayed by military officials and politicians, just a sign of things to come, the moments before the storm that was to start. For some however, the storm was already there, slowly building up in strength, closer and closer to its full outbreak. And amongst these was the 9th Legion.

As with the other Legions in the Damiran Expeditionary Force, the 9th was a specialized unit, a spearhead for specific situations and battle fields, surgical scalpel that would pierce the skin of the enemy for larger, more general minded units to advance and shatter the enemy resistance. The 9th in particular was one of the Legions specialized in infiltration warfare, officially untested, but whispers could be heard about Alestra, rumours that were never confirmed by the Damiran officials.

The general tasks assigned to the unit revolved around capture and destruction of strategical objectives, either as part of a larger force, or acting independently from the main force. The methods were diverse, largely dependent on the situation at hand or on the constraints imposed upon the legion by enemy and own force requirements. But regardless of the challenge, the small unit always stood ready to perform, bearing the name of Legion, their obligation was simple, excellence.

In the coming conflict, as it seemed that there was little that could be done to avoid the clash of arms, the Legion was bound to be at the forefront of any military operations initiated by DEF. Their specific, the fact that they were in particularly familiar with the terrain of battle, all pointed out that they were to see action. Even as time slipped away and the hours until the ultimatum expired slowly passed, the Legionaries were receiving briefs after briefs to expand their knowledge on the area where they were expected to perform.

"So," the officer in command of the 9th Legion was Gustav Ney, one of the few that could honestly claim to have been part of the formation since its birth, first as a lowly officer, now as commander of the Legion and responsible towards the objective assigned to the Legion, in his hands the careful balance of price and reward. "It seems that our orders stay the same." He was talking to the officers in his inner circle, as no directive to countermand the state of preparation arrived. "Given that, I think a toast is in order."

As many other units, the Legions each had their fair share of traditions and superstitions and the 9th was no exception. During the brutal Succession Wars, the unit bled for the first time, lost men and established its own set of beliefs, such as the toast before battle. It was said, and Gustav could always confirm it, that the first commanding officer of the unit, already aware of the desolation of the battle field, invited his officers for a drink before the unit's first engagement, exposing to his subordinates two bottles of wine. One, of a common table wine, the other an expensive wine, not easily found on the market.

'This one' he was claimed to have said pointing to the bottle of fine wine, 'We'll be drinking when we all get back.' The end of the story was never told, and the question never asked. All knew that the bottle of wine was never opened and that the Legion suffered in the engagements it was submitted to, but always the promise was made and always the officers strove to fulfil it.

And now, Gustav repeated the traditional toast, his words reflecting those of his lost commander, "We're going to be drinking this one when we get back," he looked at his men, appraising each and every one of them, earning nods of acknowledgement, "All of us."

In the barracks, the waiting soldiers received their beverages of choice, be it alcohol or simple water, reminders or reason of enjoyment, a last taste before departure, the earlier words of their commander ringing in their ears. "We're loading tomorrow, I expect everybody to be in attendance," simple words to reflect the state of affair, the joke there, but the joviality missing.

As always before a campaign, the men kept to themselves at first, making calls, touching pictures or objects of faith, expressing fears and concerns as they watched the watch. But these were not raw recruits or soft men. As the clock pointed nine, the topic of the conversation switched, and the barracks exploded.

"Huuzah!" they started chanting, "We're first!" they shoved away all their concerns, the transformation almost instant. "They won't even know what hit them!" one of them commented as he started dressing. The boasting and bragging always had a role and a part in military operations, morale the element that made or broke a unit.

"I'm glad we share the same opinion," Gustav and the officers, having finished their encounter, joined the men for a few brief moments, his presence not an unexpected sight, despite the strict discipline and chain of command, the man having come to know the man as a father. A strict and rigid father, but nonetheless one that loved all his sons. "It's going to be tough," he continued, looking at the many faces around him, "It's going to push each and everyone of you to your limits and beyond," he grinned at the expressions he was seeing, "Think you're ready for it?" he made the finishing touch.

There was a moment of silence, but just a moment, before the reply came, "Can't be harder than basic! That's hell you know," and the entire units started laughing as the commander smiled at his soldiers.

"Then now, make sure you make me a poor man!" he spoke again, "My treat, when we get back."

The next day, the 9th Legion was the first to leave its home base towards a new destination, the men serving in the unit the first to arrive at the assembly point for what was to be the DEF contingent in the oncoming conflict.


Principality of Damirez.

It was buys, it was always busy in Principality airports no matter the day, no matter the occasion. There was a fixation in the Damiran collective mentality about flight, the prime reason why this segment of transport alone was untouched by the environment laws that kept the air fresh and encouraged alternative power sources. It was the same reason why from the ring of airports surrounding the city, you could always see another plane departing. The airports served to insure the mobility of the millions the city housed, one link to the rest of the nation and to the world. And today was no different.

Just after the press conference following his speech in Peteh, Liviu Librescu rushed to the airport, tickets already reserved in the first flight towards Mithras. He wasn't expecting to stay in the city long and rather than take the presidential plane in a wild ride across the nation, he chose the simpler, yet nonetheless efficient method. He wasn't going to catch any rest, regardless of the accommodations, so it made little difference in the long run if he ruined his eyes pouring himself over documents and files in the presidential jet or in one owned by the many Damiran Airlines. there was much to do and so little to do it.

Andrew Wallenstein reflected the thoughts of his superior. After countless hours of debating various issues with Emilian Davout and after even further moments of interpreting the reactions to the ultimatum, he was eager for a break. Unfortunately, despite the advanced technology, despite the fact that he was de facto the second in the Ministry for Foreign affairs, he found himself relegated to the task of briefing President Librescu about the developments. The man already knew what he had to say, of this he was certain, but he couldn't help but wonder if this was some sort of test that Davout submitted him to, Librescu's eyes always attentive at his friend's 'successor' and his performance.

The young diplomat was not eager to guess the reasons for this close scrutiny from the two men, especially as they reminded him of a rather unfortunate incident that was close to ending his career. Years before, when he was still learning the tricks of the trade, he had been assigned at a rather important meeting of leaders and personalities, all went well, until that is, he discovered that his tolerance for alcohol needed to be improved upon. He was grateful that beyond a few passes at a foreign ambassador, of similar state of mind and spirit, his training held true and his state wasn't discovered. But as always, Davout knew and it took several gruelling years of heavy work to repair the damage of that single night. And now, now that the Era of Librescu was coming to an end, he was tested time and time again.

"So," the voice of the president suddenly interrupted his musings, "What do you have for me?" the man was already moving towards the awaiting cars, his security complement moving at a brisk pace to keep up with what was supposed to be an old man. Librescu left no room for greeting or formality, a common occurrence by now and one that Andrew was familiar with.

"Well," he didn't even bother to formalize the encounter as he rushed after the man, "So far we haven't received any reply from the Blackhelm Confederacy, or from the Corporation for that matter," he stopped for a second and then continued at the president's nod, "Communications with our allies have continued as expected, and preparations are complete for both answers."

"Good," Librescu commented, "Now, what about..."


Principality of Damirez.

The great garden city. A place of peace and recollection, the oldest proof of the Damiran style of architecture and of the ever present need for open space.

Sprawled upon miles and miles of open space, Sarasvati was certainly one of the largest cities of The Principality, if not the largest in numbers of inhabitants, then most definitely the largest in terms of space, the density of its population much lower than say Peteh or even Mithras. It came perhaps with the history, or with the fact that the city was a place of knowledge, great libraries containing forgotten texts or universities of many kinds found here. But regardless of its heritage and legacy, Sarasvati had another function, a newer one but nonetheless important.

It was perhaps unorthodox for a nation to host the embassies of others in a city other than its capital, but the Damirans did it. Whether it was to prevent the never ending arguments regarding to the proper location, or simply to allow foreign representatives to immerse themselves in all that Sarasvati had to offer, a lifetime of experiences that always left one feeling that there is more that he has to see, Sarasvati was chosen to host the location of the foreign embassies.

The streets hosting the numerous foreign representatives were privy to an excellent view of the sea and access to one of the many gardens of the city and security was quite tight in an otherwise carefree city, if unobtrusive to the guests of the nation. In addition, to compensate for the fact that the embassies were not hosted in the capital, the Sarasvati centre for foreign relations was always in contact with the relevant institutions in Mithras, the personnel in authority to handle all but the greatest crisis that could emerge.

It was this why every single bureaucrat available was making himself busy in handling the huge influx of information pertaining to the latest developments. Given their position and importance, they had to make sure they were up to date with everything that moved. Not even lunch breaks, almost sacred in their own right, were filled by chatter over various subject, within the limits permitted by the location.

"So in essence," Mirabelle Dupont was a rather plain looking woman, nothing about her truly noticeable, her face and body just what one would call normal, "We're going to pull some extra hours to handle it all," but despite her appearance, the quality most endearing to her superiors was the fact that she was hard-working and quite willing to push the extra mile needed to finish a job. It was what saw her promoted twice already and what was most likely going to land her an important position in the near future should she prove to be able to handle the challenge.

"Ok," Gissele Ame was an old friend of Mirabelle, her tasks quite different from those of the other woman, the contrast in the appearances of the two making many wonder about their friendship, "But make sure you're free on friday, we're still on for that double date!"

"Yes," Mirabelle's annoyed confirmation was all that was needed for Gissele to express her enthusiasm and rapidly switch the subject, before her friend could change her mind.

"So, what's going on?" despite working in the same institution, information first reached only those that needed it and only in certain cases, such as information that was going to be made public, were they allowed to discuss it freely.

"Well, we're up to our necks in dossiers regarding the political and diplomatic implications for what we're doing," the specific use of the pronoun didn't go unnoticed, "And I finally saw Jaques puzzled."

"Oh?" they both knew Jaques, the man unflappable, jokes often made about who would withstand an earthquake better, Jaques or a city halfway across the world.

"Yes, supposedly Ixania joined as well," this was enough to make Gissele splutter, the contents of her cup, unwisely grasped in her hand at that moment, spilled all across the table. Her voice was soon to follow what her body expressed.

"The Ixanians?!" her amazement was not without just cause, the legendary Ixanian neutrality not often breached, especially not at the initiative of their own government. For skilled diplomats, the causes for that were visible, as the Ixaninas undoubtedly didn't take well to the policies of Griffincrest and especially not to the threat of having to handle them in their immediate neighbourhood. Previous events had taught the Ixanians just how well behaved such neighbours were.

"Yep, even the Ixanians," and that was a statement all in itself.


Principality of Damirez.

There was a lot one could do to fill the moments wasted in traffic. For Librescu, unwilling as he was to disrupt the day to day life of the citizens of Mithras, those moments were usually filled by reading reports or conversing with various officials on a multitude of themes. The present was no different. Even as he listened to the animated words of Andrew Wallenstein, his eyes skimmed across reports and files on one of the laptops he had available, monitoring the outlines of the present situation. Despite the fact that he knew how the world of politics revolved and the immediate outcome that was to come, there was still a sliver of hope that he would read a message that will prevent it all. A hope that he knew was unfounded, but couldn't suppress.

"Mostly," Andrews continued to talk, "We've received messages from allies announcing their support, and confirmation from the nations of the League that all is in motion," that was to be expected, as so many of the nations of the League had asked for this very action for so long, some more vehemently than the others. "And the ministry has already started to direct the diplomatic effort with the nations that offered their support."

Other than Andrew's voice, only the gentle tapping of Librescu's fingers on the keyboard could be heard as he continued working. "Still no reply?" the younger man asked as he took in the focused look on Liviu's face, "There's only a few hours left," he couldn't help but state the obvious as he, just like the president, hoped for a peaceful resolution and a triumph of diplomacy over the brutal ravages of war.

"None yet," the president's voice betrayed nothing, he was already done preparing for what was to come. "Any other reports?"

"Nothing major beyond what was previously mentioned," Andrew said, "Just Griffincrest supporters pointing the finger at us," his professional cool not enough to prevent personal opinions from surfacing, "Apparently the Corporation is Snow White and they represent the capitalist way of life," he snorted at this, "Furthermore we're communists and neo imperialists!"

"Yes," a flicker of a smile passed over the president's lips, "I've read that as well. It's funny how one can mix history so."

"I suppose the body count in Griffincrest's past operations or the fact that the Corporation has no regard for a free market were swept under the carpet," Andrew scratched his chin as he spoke, "And that they accept murder as a legitimate business practice around those parts. Otherwise I don't understand the reasoning behind that statement."

"Simple propaganda," Librescu enjoyed this conversation, it allowed a moment of respite from the greater issues at hand and allowed for some simple mental exercise, "The battle of words and wits, as integral a part of a war since before the slingshot. And in this case, they're probably in on the honey making scheme."

"And this war would affect their pockets," Andrew shook his head in humourless amusement, "No matter those that died because of the Corporation, no matter the crimes they committed. It's OK as long as it doesn't affect their pockets, but once someone decides to take action, it's a bad thing. Toss in a bit of denatured fact and there you have it!"

"Pretty much," Liviu knew that Andrew wouldn't express these same views in public, he was after all well trained, but it was good to know his thoughts without the blanket of the service, it reminded him of simpler times, of moments before he was the one that made the final judgement. "That's the world of politics, especially for some."

Hours later, the conversation with Andrew was all but forgotten for the president as he surveyed the city from high above, the holographic display at his desk unexpectedly blank. He was far from content at that fact, as it represented the last piece that was required to complete the puzzle. "So," he started, looking outside, ignoring the reflection of his friend in the glass, "Not even a reply."

"Not even a squick from them," Emilian answered, "It's as if they chose to ignore the Ultimatum entirely. Same attitude as that of the Corporation," he finished, displeased at the results.

"And look where that got us," Librescu turned around, a bitter smile reflecting his feelings, "Millions on the march to war, thousands of ships arming, entire nations throwing their weight behind this." It was the outcome of his actions, expected, but the fact that the Confederacy didn't even deem to reply did not bode well. "And now, now they don't even find it necessary to open a diplomatic channel, even one to spit in our faces."

"It's their choice to make," Davout shrugged, already at peace with the thought, "That way there would have been an opportunity for later negotiations, for some sort of relation to be established when the house of cards toppled above their heads, but they chose otherwise."

"That's going to make things harder if they try to bring diplomats to the table later on," it was a simple statement, no feeling or inflection to the president's voice as he spoke it, "Since many will interpret the lack of reply as a denial to all forms of diplomacy."

"We'll see to it if the time comes," Emilian replied, "But now..."

"Indeed," the president's eyes hardened, "There's not turning back," a few choice buttons were pressed on the keyboard, a retinal scanner and a print scanner emerging from the office, "And now..."

In the silence of the office, under the vigil of the foreign minister, one of the few authorized to witness this scene, a few words were spoken by the president, with calm and clarity.

"Alea iacta est."

Across the nation, earmarked units, already in the process of preparing for a long military campaign and various degrees of mobilization received a short message. One that was shared by their brothers at sea and by the secretary of the League.

'Purple Sky.'

Day Two.
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Postby Lamoni » Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:05 pm

Lamonian forces had not been idle after war had been declared against the Griffincrest Corporation. Forty divisions were en route to Blackhelm Confederacy, where they would strike a classified target. These troopships were protected by a full ten naval fleets, just in case someone got a "bright" idea.

From the Formidabel class fleet carriers, Am-22 multi-role aircraft were flying CAP above the formation. These super-maneuverable aircraft would protect both the ships, as well as the Yak-44 AEW&C aircraft that provided yet more sensor data to the massive formation of ships. So-92, and So-100 AAMs provided these aircraft with long-range talons.

Beneath the waves, Voleur class SSNs provided even more protection, while also guiding a large force of Argentan submarines, configured for SSGN duty. The message that this massive formation projected was one of strength. Eventually, the fleets would meet up with other allied forces, and would journey with them to their targets. There was a strong possibility that ships and marines from Imbrinium would travel with them, but they had not been spotted as yet. Everyone was vigilant, especially with reports of mines being laid between Nova and Griffincrest. While the Lamonian naval planners doubted that the mines had been placed in the routes between Greater Dienstad and Blackhelm's home region, extra care was being taken in this regard as well.

Admiral Thomas Ghates was in overall command of the fleet, and had been chosen over ten other admirals, partly due to seniority, but mostly due to perceived ability. The Admiral had also co-ordinated the overall strategy for Operation Gu-Bu, which Lamonian forces would be involved with. Once this op started, Griffincrest, Blackhelm, and their allies, would have plenty of things to worry about.
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Postby Sorgan » Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:34 pm

The premier (after being barked at by the General Secretary of the Communist party) strolled down the marble hallways of the capitol building in Xin'Jing. He walked down the quite hallways admiring each statue craved from marble as they showed the three tenants of society.

Labor,Obedience,and Cleansing of the mind.

The statutes repeated, a man holding a scythe with sweat on his brow, a man bowing to a statue of a leader, and a monk meditating. He looked deep into all of their eyes feeling a strong surge of power and connection with them. A man rushed down the hall way as his feet clopped against the marble hall way

"We have a telegram,from...The Blackhelm Confederacy." he said panting. He handed a paper over to the premier.

There was a long silence before the Premier spoke up as he was a slow reader. "Send the People's Liberation Army Navy..." He said looking at a painting on the base of the statue. He looked deep at the old paper. It showed a wave arching over a small island as a old warrior wielding a sword looking as if he was commanding the wave to stop stood on a small patch of rocky shore. He looked towards the right in red lettering said something.

"The water rest still and became our friend from that day on the full moon of July." He read it out loud and felt confidence as indeed, the ocean was on their side. He felt the papers smooth texture. He walked away from the statue into a corridor on the right of the hallway dispersing from the bright scene into a dimly lite office.

"Goodbye, my friend." Said a man with a large sun guard hat on his head hugging his best friend good bye. The shared a whimper and a cry as the man in his white uniform and teal bow tie around his neck. He walked aboard the steel ship that was marked with four red letters on the side of the ship. The sailors piled on as the small village waved to the troops leaving on this journey many would not return from. The massive cruiser departed from the docks as the small street vendors that lined the market area went out of view slowly. The cruiser edged it's way passed a small island kicking up waves against the shore. The waves crashed against the rocks as crabs and other crustaceans lined the rocks picking little vegetation off. The air was cool and salty as they embarked out to the Sorganian sea where the smell of salt was joyous. The sailors smiled as they saw the little happy islands the lined the sea and coasts of the nation. They waved to people they could see and simply smiled at islands too far to truly see. The Grey ship plowed through the water makeing waves. The view was grand and ,hopefully, the war would be.

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Postby Brewdomia » Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:42 pm

OOC: Reserved for future post, to late and don't feel like writing at the moment.
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Postby The State of Monavia » Wed Sep 30, 2009 7:50 pm

Royal Residence
Chalcedon, Monavia

Morning dawned coldly over the administrative center of the Empire. Although people all across the country had spent much of the night doing one of two things, sleeping or discussing the impending war, by the time dawn came, few awoke without showing some concern, however subtle, about the effect which the previous night’s address would have upon Nova and the Blackhelm Confederacy. Even after the passage of many hours, no reply was given by Chancellor Blackhelm, and it was doubtful that there would be so much as a formal declaration of war.

King Charles was seated at a mammoth wooden table in the family’s private dining room, enjoying an early breakfast of small sausages, bagels, and cream cheese, slowly sipping sweet tea out of a porcelain cup. He took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the fine furnishings and architecture which had made the room what it was, but then his mind was drawn back to the issue of strategic measures to be taken against Griffincrest and Blackhelm. His appetite was nominal at that hour, and it was difficult to desire much to eat as long as the threat of the Confederacy had not been addressed.

Minister Blake had spent the morning in meetings with secretaries and dictating correspondence to certain individuals. He had already sent a notice to several members of the National Defense Council, which addressed the need to plan for the inevitable conflict which loomed before them. He briskly entered the front of the palace, passing through several corridors and rooms before reaching the lavish dining room, adorned with massive paintings and imposing furniture. Upon seeing one of the butlers standing outside the doors to the room, he asked, “Is His Imperial Majesty available?”

“He is preoccupied, but I can admit you in immediately, given the apparent purpose of your coming here.”

“Thank you, sir.” He walked in and took a seat near the king, then opened a briefcase on the table, extracting a file with several sheets of paper.

“What do you have to report, minister?” the king enquired.

“Thus far, there is no report of a response from the Blackhelm Confederacy. It appears that they have no interest in sending a formal reply to our ultimatum.”

“Have they taken any less overt actions?”

“Satellite imagery shows all Griffincrest ships near Lythagoras leaving. Evidently, they are retreating and will be out of Novan waters in a few hours,” Blake smartly replied.

“At the very least, the ultimatum has forced them to withdraw. That alone means that we will not have to fight the menace on our own soil, or anywhere near it, for that matter. We may even have our first victory.”

“Similar activity has been observed elsewhere, in which Griffincrest fleets are withdrawing to their bases. They appear to be taking defensive measures and are probably consolidating their forces to prevent any ships from being picked off or attacked alone.” The minister removed several photographs of withdrawing fleets and troop movements.

“Has the Alfegan government done anything yet?”

“It appears that they have not made any noticeable preparations yet. I will find out—”

Minister Blake was interrupted by the sound of several loud knocks on the doors. “Please enter, Minister Carter,” the king said.

Carter carried in another briefcase and quickly removed a thin paper folder with several announcements from Alfegos. “The Alfegans have voiced support for the ultimatum from Damirez.”

“That is excellent. Have any others pledged their support?”

“The Kiravian and Ixanian Empires, the Republic Mokastana, and the League member Stevid have all offered their support.”

“Chancellor Blackhelm better respond, preferably with acceptance, if he wants to avoid war. He still has a few hours,” Minister Blake added.

“There is also the matter of a series of four measures that the Alfegan government has approved, on behalf of the Union.”

‘What are these measures?”

Carter produced a sheet of paper with the Union’s seal and a number of instructions.

The Fegosian Union has been in deliberations concerning the aggressive nature of the Griffencrest Corporation, and thus the supporting body of the Blackhelm Confederacy, towards nations both within Nova, and within its field of influence. These transgressions of sovereign rights, and downright appalling actions against foreign governments and nationals in the name of greed, will not be ignored. In addition, the breaking of the inter-regional code of Nova, the so-called Dagora Doctrine, will similarly not be ignored. Thus, all members unanimously agreed on the following points:
a) That all agents or citizens of the Griffencrest Corporation or the Blackhelm Confederacy are banned within the national boundaries of all FU members. All citizenship within the Union given to ex-nationals of these countries will be revoked, and all non-citizens will be given a 48 hours window from 0000 hours local time in these nations to leave the countries. All such citizens remaining will be treated as spies, and punished by the local laws of nations (including the death penalty in at least 2 nations).
b) That all Griffencrest and Blackhelm Confederacy assets within the Union will be liquidated, with force if necessary.
c) That any Griffencrest or Blackhelm Confederacy military forces will be fired upon with intent of destruction if encountered in any setting.
d) That the Fegosian Union Rapid Reaction Force is authorised to be used against the Blackhelm Confederacy in support of offensive and defensive actions.

The Union is unilaterally in support of the reduction or complete destruction of the Griffencrest Corporation, and/or the complete destruction of the Blackhelm Confederacy. We will not waiver in hunting down every last outpost of the Griffencrest Corporation, or of the Blackhelm Confederacy, and will repel any attack upon the Union with superior force. We will be fighting in the doctrine that the agents of Griffencrest and Blackhelm Confederacy are used to using - we will show no mercy to any citizen, either military or civilian, so long as the Blackhelm Confederacy or Griffencrest Corporation are able to fight back.
May you suffer as you have caused, or supporting directly, the suffering in those who are now slaves to the Griffencrest Corporation.

The king read through the declaration twice before commenting. “They will be carried out in a timely fashion. Have the Minister of National Security carry out these provisions.”

“I will need you to call together the council again, so that I may meet with them to discuss how we can plan the best possible strategy for combating the corporation’s fleets,” the king added, referring to Minister Blake’s need to coordinate the defense of Monavian assets.

“It will be done as you say, my king.”

“Unless you have any other pressing matters, attend to your usual war duties and meet me in seven hours. If I need you to meet me sooner, I will make you aware.”

“As you wish, Your Imperial Majesty.” Minister Blake departed with a small bow and.

“Minister Carter, has there been any contact from other members regarding a coordination summit?”

“No. I will await further instructions from anyone in the Union or League, but unless there is a need to meet, I suggest that we deal with our own forces.”

“Excellent. I will make the necessary preparations for tonight. You are dismissed.”

“Thank you, Your Imperial Majesty.” In a fashion of departure similar to Blake’s, Minister Carter bowed slightly and left, knowing that war was imminent.

Two hours later, the king was flying out of Chalcedon to a command bunker elsewhere. He was about to begin the process of striking against Griffincrest and Blackhelm.

Mount Talus Complex
Northern Monavia

The Mount Talus Complex resembled its namesake in more ways than one. Mount Talus, the tallest mountain in Monavia, stood nearly four miles from base to summit, composed almost entirely of solid granite. An additional quarter mile of rock underneath this already impregnable bulwark protected a vast complex of bunkers and control centers. The Strategic Armed Forces Command operated a primary headquarters from this location, although it operated two secondary locations, one underneath the capital, and one on a frozen, mountainous island to the north. The redoubtable fortress had been excavated from the interior beneath the mountain for one purpose: preserving the integrity of the command center.

In one of the bunker’s large war rooms, surrounded by computer monitors and displays, the commander of the facility, General Abram White, was directing the operations of Monavian satellites. Already, he had activated anti-satellite weapon systems for the purpose of preventing a preemptive strike by Blackhelm and Griffincrest. Receiving orders from his superiors throughout the chain of command, he also received authorization to mobilize backup satellite deployment systems. If any satellites were destroyed by the enemy, he would have replacements launched and operational within hours. It was doubtful that any foreign power could succeed in blinding Monavia’s forces.

The king had only required two hours to fly the distance between the complex and the capital’s airport on board a high-speed private jet, and landed nearby at Mount Talus Air Force Base. He was greeted by several officers, who were preparing the aircraft under their command for conducting strikes against Griffincrest assets. The king was driven to the bunker, arriving about half an hour after he had landed. He spent the next ten minutes descending the 1,300 feet into the ground to reach the bunker, and then traversing its confines via several flights of stairs and another elevator. He was going to meet General White.

General White had seated himself in a small conference room, waiting for the king to arrive. The meeting was to be brief, as the king would need to return to the capital in another two hours. When he entered, White stood erect as a flagpole and saluted King Charles, the latter action being reciprocated, before both parties were seated again.

“General, I come with unfortunate news. The Chancellor of the Blackhelm Confederacy has not issued a reply to our ultimatum. As such, we must place our troops on heightened alert. It’s a shame that they have not even opened up a diplomatic channel to express their disagreement or reject our ultimatum. ”

“That is most unfortunate, but it was to be expected. Foreign leaders have been known to ignore declarations and ultimatums and silently mobilize their forces. They figure that words mean nothing and only hot lead and fire can carry meaning.”

“Regardless, general, it is pointless to ask them for a reply. They got our message, and taking into account how many channels that President Librescu had broadcasted the ultimatum on, I doubt that there is any chance that they could not have received it.”

“Well, as Your Imperial Majesty should now know, it is in our best interests to strike as soon as you issue the declaration of war. I have a set of preemptive measures which can be carried out within hours.”


“Griffincrest and Blackhelm assets shall be targeted immediately, following the declaration. We are already identifying and tracking as many of these assets as we can, but they are numerous, and for all we know, there could be many lying dormant.”

“Speaking of satellites, have you detected any special operations undertaken by Griffincrest fleets?”

“No, however, we have found what appears to be a buildup of aircraft within the interior of their country, within Divinity and Sacrament Provinces. Both contain several bomber squadrons, and out real-time video of the movement of said aircraft appears to be well coordinated. Our enemies know that we are able to fight. They know that we are not afraid of striking them where it hurts.

“We have also sighted fleet of unidentified ships carrying out unknown operations outside of Novan waters. The crews appeared to be dropping unusual objects into the ocean, although the images are too grainy to yield conclusive identification of what they are doing. I have other satellites on the way to examine the area.”

“It’s possible that they are launching radar buoys or monitoring equipment to detect a possible invasion.”

“Or laying mines,” the general added. “If that’s the case, then Backhelm is most likely the responsible party. They have, after all, the capacity to lay down mines in large numbers. If that’s what they are doing, however, they will need to build one large minefield.”

“Did you track the ship?”

“We were unable to track it very far, but we have images showing it leaving the area. It was not travelling in the direction of Blackhelm, though, so we must assume that it belongs to one of their allies, or is perhaps a Blackhelmian vessel trying to offer the appearance that it came from elsewhere.”

“Regardless of where the ship came from, if its laying mines, it will need to come back to lay down more. That area is just too wide to cover.”

“I will have additional images of the area taken and deal with the situation accordingly.”

Additional conversation followed for the next twenty minutes, but the conclusion was almost forgone. Both men had tasks set before them, and each had duties to their country to honor. After they had finished with the drudgery of enumerating their plans and the king had issued his initial orders, he departed for the air force base. He would find himself in Chalcedon in time for dinner.

Royal Residence
Chalcedon, Monavia

The royal family was enjoying dinner in their palatial abode, as the last rays of the sun shone through the window, casting elongated shadows upon the stone floors. The meal was quiet, as everyone was anticipating what would happen that night. It was difficult to concentrate on eating when the mind is focused on thoughts of combat and bloodshed. Many lives would be lost. Families would suffer. The names of the dead would fill volumes. None of this escaped anyone who was now serving in the armed forces, or the people who controlled the country.

There is still time, still hope. Chancellor Blackhelm may acquiesce to the demands of the ultimatum and avert war. There is still three hours… The king’s mind was preoccupied by stratagems and battle plans, of schemes for protecting Monavian lives and maximizing the casualties suffered by Griffincrest. That wicked empire…of greed, lust, men drunk with power…it shall all fall. That I will be certain of. The sound of the towering maple grandfather clock tolling the hours brought the king’s mind back from the whirlpool of his inner thoughts.

“Charles, I do hope that you are not brooding over the matter of the war.” His wife’s soft voice was now coaxing him back from the abyss of the tragedy which was to unfold. “Tonight is a time to boldly strike back.”

“While I am aware of that, it would be wrong to hastily rush into this conflict without first finding ways to help the war effort. There is much to be done. I want public advertisements for war bonds, recruitment efforts, people to begin converting factories for war production—”

“All of that will be done. You learned about strategy and tactics from your parents and tutors. I was never interested in military matters when it came to this type of warfare, of the modern world of immeasurable carnage, of weapons of mass destruction—”


“You need not worry about the home front. We have plenty of advisers to help handle that.”

“Perhaps my mind is uneasy.”

“Of course it is. You appear to lack enough rest.”

George and Lawrence, their youngest sons, had both left the table and were trying to beat their older sister, Sophia, at chess. The twins were thus far locked in a stalemate, but the game was about to change, much like the present diplomatic relationship between Novan nations and the Blackhelm Confederacy.

It would not be long before the grace period, as promised by the terms of the ultimatum, would expire. Meanwhile, Parliament was assembling for the emergency session of the night. They would be voting on a resolution to declare war against the Blackhelm Confederacy.

Imperial Parliament
Chalcedon, Monavia

The Chancellor and Speaker of the Representative Assembly were fighting to keep order while members of both houses vigorously discussed and debated the resolution. Angry shouts from members of the People’s Liberal Democratic Party and the Socialist Party emanated from one side of the room, raising a furor over any notion of going to war. The PLDP saw this war as an unjustified attempt at throwing Monavian weight around and putting money into the pockets of factory owners. The Socialists were divided, with some more radical members desiring war against the “capitalist oppressor” and others fighting against “Monavian imperialism.” The split was becoming more vicious by the hour.

After several calls to order, the sergeant-at-arms of each house finally brought the chaos to a quiet, if simmering conclusion. Debate was kept less spirited by liberal uses of the gavel.

Within an hour, motions to conclude discussion and hold a vote were being introduced into each chamber, and the process of casting votes began. Each member would voice their vote, one by one, and the results were being tabulated during the entire process. The results would soon be known.

Office of Carl Blake, Minister of Defense
Chalcedon, Monavia

“Yes, sir, I am fully aware of what is going on.”

“I would expect you to be. Have you completed arrangements for launching replacement satellites in case of loss?”

“The arrangements are almost complete, general. It is unlikely that they will all be ready until morning. We have extensive assets to protect. It is better to protect what we have than suffer losses and have to replace them. Have you any further business?”

“No. Thank you for your time, minister.”

Mount Talus Complex
Northern Monavia

“Colonel, those jamming systems better be ready.”

“They are. Shall I prepare to active them, now that they are in position?”

“Hold on that until we have fixes on all of their primary installations. I want to hit them hard.”

“Prepare to initiate Operation Flare.”

“Yes, sir. I’m initializing the reorientation sequences. They won’t know what hit them.”

“Don’t get so cocky. Identifiable parts might just survive the descent.”

Far above, in orbit around the planet, dozens of old satellites awaited their fate. Broken and damaged machines, some abandoned, some plainly obsolete and serving no function, and some just orbiting, waiting for their end, floated above in the pitch black expanse of space. Their time had almost come.

General White descended two flights of stairs to a missile command center, where he could monitor incoming enemy missile launches and similar activities, and report them to his superiors. Should any missiles approach the facility or its immediate surroundings, including the nearby airbase, he could authorize ABM systems to defend against an incoming strike. He prayed that he would not have to demonstrate the Empire’s ability to defend against such an attack.

Imperial Parliament
Chalcedon, Monavia

The voting had finished after nearly forty-five minutes of calls and tallies. It was now time to announce the results.

The Senate had voted 103 to twenty-one, with two members abstaining, in favor of declaring war. The Representative Assembly approved the measure by a similar margin. With news of the vote, it was now up to the monarchs to approve the resolution and make it all happen.

The king was busy issuing his final peacetime orders. With the Empire moving to a war footing, it was time to complete the final motions of entering an armed conflict. One such motion was signing the war resolution, a task which the queen was about to carry out. Entering the Grand Chamber in a manner similar to that of the night before, receiving thunderous shouts and applause, she strode up to the rostrum, ascending its steps, now ready to carry out the formalities of signing the resolution. She began to read the resolution aloud, a ritual which preceded signing. Either monarch could sign, and with the king busy, he was unable to carry out that task not taken up by his wife.

“My fellow citizens, members of Parliament, and perhaps most importantly of all, members of the armed forces, I stand upon this rostrum at the pivotal moment before we commence hostilities against the tyrannical blackguard of the Griffincrest Corporation and the Blackhelm Confederacy. Before I sign this resolution, I ask that everyone stand momentarily in silence to remember those who fell fighting in previous armed conflicts.

The room had fallen silent, and remained as such for nearly a minute before the queen resumed speaking. “I have the solemn pleasure of informing you that since our decision to take action against Blackhelm and Griffincrest by approving the ultimatum sent by President Librescu of Damirez, several more of our allies have pledged to aid us in this fight. I salute every one of you.”

More claps and cheers broke out as the queen paused. “Because of Chancellor Blackhelm’s refusal to accept the terms of the ultimatum, which have been deemed reasonable by this government, we are left with only the option of engaging in open war with them.”

She then began to read aloud the declaration of war, and then, after concluding, with thunderous claps and a multitude of shouts, she signed the paper with a platinum fountain pen and took a seat while other spoke and delivered the closing remarks of the session. She would have a restless night thinking of what would come to pass.




In Parliament, September 30, 2009

WHEREAS the Incorporated States of Blackhelm Confederacy have refused to comply with the ultimatum of the Delian League;

WHEREAS said ultimatum mandated the removal of the Griffincrest Corporation as a military threat to the safety, territorial integrity, and economic stability of Novan nations;

WHEREAS the Confederacy has chosen to forego all diplomatic courtesy and procedure by refusing to so much as respond to the ultimatum;

WHEREAS the Griffincrest Corporation remains as threat to the region of Nova and operates in a manner which is dangerous to all of its neighbors;

RESOLVED, that the Imperial Federation of the Monavian Empire shall move to defend its territory, sovereignty, economic integrity, and interests by all necessary means;

RESOLVED, that a state of war now exists between the Imperial Federation of the Monavian Empire and the Incorporated States of Blackhelm Confederacy;

RESOLVES, that cessation of hostilities shall not take place until either this conflict has been brought to a suitable conclusion.

By the power vested in me, I hereby issue this Declaration of War, affixing my seal and signing it accordingly,

Her Holy Imperial Majesty, Elizabeth VI, by the Grace of God, Queen of Monavia, Defender of the Holy Faith, etc.

In witness whereof we have subscribed our names,

His Excellency William Hanover III, Chancellor of Monavia and President of the Senate

Richard Jackson, Royal Secretary

All that remained was for the Empire to wait with baited breath.

Somewhere outside of Chalcedon

"All of you, order our forces to DEFCON Four. We are now officially at war."

"As you wish, Your Imperial Majesty," said nearly a dozen voices in unison. Minister Blake, the Deputy Minister od Defense, the Marshals of the army, marines, and airforces, the Admirals of the navy and coast guard, the Minister of National Security, the General Director of the MNIA...all were gathered there to take a final set of orders for beginning the war.

"Marshal, let the first strike commence."

Mount Talus Complex
Northern Monavia

"General White, you have a go on Operation Flare. Make it count."

The general now grinned as he got off the line with the capital. Entering one of the satellite command centers, he said, "Colonel, you may initiate Operation Flare."

Colonel Rice gleefully began pressing several buttons, before opening up a computer program.

"Initiate Operation Flare," the screen read.

He entered the authorization code, followed by a second code which the general entered. "Operation Flare ready. Execute command?"

The colonel selected "Yes."

OOC: This is my first war RP in my three plus years of playing NationStates!

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Postby Imbrinium » Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:03 pm

The palace in the Capital of Imbrinium:
The king walked into the hall to the press room and waited as the Prime minister walked out and spoke.

“Ladies and gentlemen please stand for the King of Imbrinium.”

Everyone in the room rose from their seats. The king walked out and took his place behind the microphone.

“You all may be seated I have a statement to make and afterwards the Prime minister will take any questions you may have.”

“I come to you today not only as your king but also as a father, as some of you know our military has been busy over the last few weeks. Our forces have been called to answer a call, a call of duty as you know our embassy in SRCP was surrounded and we have been unable to get them release. So our forces in the area started the slow build up as well did their nation. Currently we have fleets and troops headed to finish a war in which we did not start, but we lost hundreds of lives in before we called a ceasefire. Well we have been called upon again from our friends and alias to help put an end to Griffincrest and Blackhelm Confederacy reign of terror throughout the world. As I speak to you today our brother, sister, fathers, mothers, children are on their way into harm way. I have called up thousands of reserves to fill the places of our troops just in case there is a threat to our nation. Our nation must stand for what is right and just in this world and free those who have been enslaved and show the light to nations without a light at the end of their tunnel. Our nation’s military need your support and prayers as they leave home. I personally have said my goodbyes to 2 of my sons and a daughter as they left for their tours. We will prevail and we will not back down. Thank you and to our soldiers everywhere Gods speed."

The king stepped off the stage and walked to the briefing room to hear more of operations on going in both conflicts.

The prime minister to the stage and asked if there were any questions and surprisingly there were none the reporters some had tears in their eyes went to file their story on what could be there nations greatest and gravest hours.

OOC: Its not long but its late, need sleep have mission in a few hours
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Postby Blackhelm Confederacy » Wed Sep 30, 2009 9:51 pm

War had once again come to the Confederacy, it had seemed, and once again, the sons and daughters of Blackhelm stood ready to answer the call. Many lessons had been learned since the Allanean conflict, and chief among them all was the need to keep larger stocks of missiles on hand for an occasion such as this. As such, arsenals all across the Confederacy were now storing, above all else, literally hundreds of thousands of extended range wooden rockets, the favorite toy of the Chancellor in times such as these.

Aside from that, nearly thirty million men stood available for service within the Confederate military, bolstered by an additional eight million Griffincrest mercenaries, three quarters of a million members of the Blainesville Royal Guard, bomber squadrons from Beiraq, and the promised support of Sorgan, Brewdomia, Ralkovia, and Emperor Nero. Even if the enemy does manage to push its way to shore and force a landing, the ground war promised to be a long, agonizing, and painful conflict for all involved. Already, the government was moving vital assets to cities further inland, notably Sacrament, and the people of cities all along the coast began to prepare for the possible invasion of their homeland.

The first phase of the Confederate counter offensive was being prepared, but would not be launched, not yet at least. In orbit, hundreds of civilian and spy satellites of the anti-Griffincrest coalition were being identified and targeted by the vast anti-orbital batteries of the Confederate Anti-Satellite Service (CASS). Once the order was given, a massive volley of munitions would shriek skywards from their hidden silos, slamming into the enemy orbital networking and removing vital intelligence gathering instruments and costing several companies billions of dollars, as well as providing some annoyance to the people of the effected nations, as there satellite television and radio programs suddenly cut out.

Simultaneously, Griffincrest was preparing dozens of wolfpacks for deployment on the high seas, to hunt for any vessels marked as belonging to the anti-Corporate coalition. A massive campaign of unrestricted submarine warfare was soon to be unleashed upon the enemies of capitalism, hoping to bleed them dry of supplies all nations so desperately need, especially in times of war. This, coupled with the piracy problem already affecting Nova, the submarines were sure to have a negative impact on the economies of the nations arrayed against Griffincrest. Should a cruise ship or ocean liner, or even a civilian aircraft be caught on the seas, the reward for taking one down would be immense. Anything the Corporation could do to have an effect on the civilians of their enemies’ nations would be done. Griffincrest wanted to make sure that this would not just be a soldier’s war. The Delian League wanted a war, and they would get one.

Before anything would happen, however, the old Chancellor sent out one last, desperate message to the nations preparing to go to war with the Confederacy, hoping to avoid a war which, in the long run, would benefit no one.

“Dear Esteemed Leaders,

I understand the grief which you have with the Griffincrest Corporation, and in turn my nation for giving them a home. This coming war, however, is not the way to handle the situation. A diplomatic solution must be reached before war is declared, a war which will doubtless shatter millions of innocent lives.

As more and more nations pile onto each side, the more and more lethal this conflict on the horizon becomes. You accuse Griffincrest of atrocities which you cannot support. You are all so sure that the quality of life in the nations they occupy is decreased, but can this be proven? In fact thanks to the actions of the Griffincrest Corporation, modern schools, hospitals, and even sewer systems have been established in nations that formerly would have gone without, nations that would be considered by most to be deep in the Third World. While no doubt, the initial invasion will temporarily decrease the quality of life, it is important to look at things in the long run, and to see the many benefits the company has provided for those in the occupied zones.

Many of you receiving this message may be quick to point out the recent destruction of Spredronia by a nuclear device. I can not stress enough that this was not a fault of the Griffincrest Corporation. The incident in Spredronia was caused by a desperate, last ditch effort by a government scrambling to repel an invasion, and was in no way caused by Griffincrest forces. Indeed, many mercenaries in the employ of the Corporation lost their lives in the incident.

Furthermore, it must be pointed out the many other good things the Griffincrest Corporation has done for the world. When hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and civil wars have ravaged whole regions, members of the Griffincrest Humanitarian Wing have been available numerous times, rushing to aide those in the effected areas providing desperately needed food, shelter, and medicines to those affected. These actions undoubtedly saved thousands of lives, lives otherwise lost had it not been for the charity and kind works of the oh so hated Griffincrest Corporation.

In closing, I ask you all to look hard at all of those who you are about to send overseas to fight this war. Take a look not just at them, but all of those they are about to leave behind, their children, their mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters. Are you going to be the one to deliver the news to them when their loved one has lost his life on some far away shore? Are you going to tell them this war was not a just war, but that their beloved was shattered fighting for no more than to improve your nations standing, and not to wipe out the Corporation which you are so quick to call evil. Put aside your pride for a moment, and think of the consequences this war is going to have against your civilians. As you prepare to send millions overseas, remember that these millions leave behind billions. It is not worth the grief of billions to simply prove a point.


Lucius Blackhelm
Chancellor of the Blackhelm Confederacy”
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Postby Anemos Major » Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:48 am

Monfarnesi, Barony of Fierei


There was a lone hill, just next to the suburbs of the city, where no-one came. Undisturbed, trees and grass grew freely on the small patch of land, and in the summer, if you listened closely, you could hear insects that you couldn't find outside this hill.

And every day, a single child would run up the hill, ignoring the trees and insects, so he could reach the rock at the top, from which he could just about see the masts of the two ages battleships in the harbour, and the carrier next to it. He knew that, unlike his friends, he wasn't satisfied with the down-to-earth life of a foot soldier. And every day, he promised himself that, one day, one way or another, he would go aboard one of those huge ships.


Karonin Naval Citadel

"Lieutenant, take the ship two degrees to port. Ensure that we don't even graze the port exit."

"Understood, sir. Cutting engine power by 40 percent..."

"That won't be necessary. Continue at this speed... we will make it."

"Yes, sir. Continuing as requested."

"Good. Prepare the CAP for launch, and inform Karonin Headquarters that 'Malleus is out'."

"Roger that, sir."

Military Port Area, City of Sailiei

"Seventeen, eighteen... all right, cut the power, turn the ship fourteen to starboard, keep it there for two seconds and go at half until we're clear."

"Got that, captain."

"Captain, sir, the Sailiei Military Port Headquarters are repeating the same message to us over and over again, sir."

"Which is?"

"Urm... to quote them directly, it's "what the hell are you doing STOP you will cause an accident STOP""

"That's fine."

"Is it, sir?"

"Oh yes. I've done this at least fifty times now. Helmsman, go at half, that's enough."

"I know, sir. Engines at half."

"Brilliant. Now let's get this ship out of here. Right, reply to the Headquarters message, I don't want to seem rude. How about... hmm... "Gladius is go"? That's a good one."

Bay Area, Saint Lauren's Mound, Kingdom of Mayaqoo

"I trust you know what you're doing, Kapitänleutnant?"

"Yes, Kapitän zur See. Ship is currently moving out of port at about a quarter of its maximum speed, with CAP ready to launch. We're being followed by the Ozean."

"I gather it's keeping up?"

"Yes, sir."

"That was a joke, Kapitänleutnant."

"Yes, sir. Sorry, sir."

"Don't apologize. Now, let's get to work, shall we?"

Nikkohama Combined Fleet Arsenal, Asakuran Republic

"To think a Yamato class battleship from this nation is going to sea in order to give battle again. There are surprises in this world. Helmsman! Inform me about the situation!"

"Y... yes, sir! Yamato class large battleship 'Shoryu (Auspicious Dragon)', heading north with the Combined Fleet Second and Third Independent Battlefleets so as to rendevous with allied forces."

"I think that we'll rendevous with them in two hours. Get ready."

OOC: More to come. Let's see what Anemos is up to...
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Postby Dostanuot Loj » Thu Oct 01, 2009 9:00 am

Uruk, Capital of Sumer

"Aya, walk with me." The older woman said rushing out from the double doors of her office. It took Aya slightly by surprise, she had expected to wait at least another ten minutes for the meeting she had.

"I am not sure why I am here maam." Aya said, jogging slightly to catch up to the quick moving woman. The hallway was long, with a slight downward slope, it was one of those areas in the Civil Works building that few people outside the government knew about, and fewer still ever got to see.

"Graduated top of your class in '388 officer school, served in Lyras two years, you have foreign culture experience and language abilities, and are an exceptional tank commander. You are Aya, daughter of Beletsunu, no?" The older woman shot back almost without pause, no small feat for a woman in her late sixties moving so quickly.

"Yes, that is me. But I.." Aya began to respond as the woman stopped abruptly and turned to face her. Strands of her gray hair hanging in front of her face and gently swaying with the forced air conditioning of the building.

"I have a situation that needs special attention. The Civil Senate has authorized me, and has suggested to me you as the perfect person for the job. Have a seat." The woman motioned towards the door to their right, partially open. Aya entered the dark room, finding only two seats unoccupied at the table, with a dozen other individuals seated. As soon as she held the door open enough to walk through all nine people stood up at attention. The older woman brushed past her and went to the empty chair at the head of the table, quickly sitting down before she nodded her head and everyone else took their seat. Aya rushed to fill the remaining empty seat.

"Ladies and gentlemen," The older woman began, with a short clearing of her throat, "Being handed out to you know is a file of all relevant information you should know about the present situation outside the region of Nova." A trio of lower officers began handing out thick folders to each of the individuals seated, including Aya. "The foreign piracy group known as the Griffencrest Corporation has been pushing rather steadily into more and more developed nations looking to feed its greed. Normally this would be of no issue to us, however they have recently taken advance on several nations in Nova, a region which we hold at least one ally and several friendly relations. This has been further spurned by the involvement of several more of our allies. The Civil Senate has authorized me to involve our nation to the aid of our allies and friends in Nova and abroad." She paused, letting the others at the table take look at the information contained in their files.

Aya, still a little shocked at the speed of events was looking around the room as everybody else considered their files. In the dim light it took her a short while to notice, but before long she had realized that she was the lowest ranking person in the room. A lowly Major in room full of Generals and Marshals... she thought to herself. It dawned on her shortly after that because of this, she might benefit from reading the folder in front of her, especially as she was still unable to figure out what was going on.

"I'll keep this brief, as you all have work to do and I a senate to woo. Suffice it to say, we need our best minds on this situation. You men and women will form the joint general staff for this situation, and it is up to you now to confer with our foreign allies as to where to go now. I leave what you need and do up to you, you are only answerable to my office for this mission. The Civil Senate has also authorized the full resources of the nation to you, as you may need them." The old lady stood up, causing everybody else to begin to stand before she cut them off with a quick move of her hand across her chest. "One last thing before I go and let you to your business." She said, looking towards Aya at the other end of the table. "Aya, daughter of Beletsunu, you are hereby given a field commission to Field Marshal and removed from your home unit. This is your operation, and I expect a report from you in person this time tomorrow on the situation. That is all." She quickly left the room, leaving a very shocked Aya, and twelve other officers, all many years her senior, looking to her.
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Postby Wakenfield » Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:22 am

"Considering all implications raised by recent events pertaining to Bernulfuuick and all related incidents, specifically but not limited to the consistent lack of unity and authority that the Revolutionary Council that might very well pretend to possess but which as a matter of fact doesn't, I, Lord Protector of the Values of the Revolution Sigbert Eorðhnutu have decided without a shadow of a doubt that the posistion I presently inhabit is not the one I thought I had been elected to - I have, in fact, been elected to the post of a powerless figurehead with no other other occupation than to have my portrait hung in the houses of five thousand million Weccanfeldians. It is a post I can no longer bear to hold."
~Lord Protector Sigbert Acker Eorðhnutu

The words 'Very Urgent' were the warnings of a busy day ahead. Mildmund was sorely tempted to shred the memo. Nobody would notice, or even care.

Against his better judgement, the lowly bureaucrat picked up the envelope. It wasn't even secret. Why he bothered he didn't know, but he supposed he didn't have much else to do today.

He made his way through a mire of calls and visits to offices, most of whom were as interested in their work as he was. Conclave meant holiday for most who worked for the glamorous sounding Revolutionary Council, a pan-revolutionary government that 'guided' the governments of Weccanfeld, Egyenyes and Rofhada. It's validity varied with the Lord Protector - clueless good ol' boys from the middle Fugol meant an alliance that could be best described as not being one at all, Lakesmen effectively handed over control to Anseta and team, while those like the late Cromtun, businessmen from the big Co-Operatives on the Plains, were either paranoid anti-communists or unassuming economists. Those rare Lord Protectors that were actually right for the job, idealists, were ignored by the Revolutionary governments and often ended up resigning or getting shot by whatever terrorists were on campaign that year. When there wasn't one, in that minute one week gap between the death of a Lord Protector and the ascension of a new one, everyone but the newest and laziest got off work to do what they pleased unburdened by work, supposeably to grieve. Mildmund hoped he was only the former.

After about about quarter of an hour of frankly unnecessary referrals, he finally found himself at the outer room of the Elector-On-Duty, the one elector chosen to watch the shop while the remaining electors talked about elections and such. The office was nearly two hundred years old, with the epic murals covering one side completely depicting the first steps of the revolution here, the other side depicting the movement of the council here. The majority of that side was left blank, however, anticipating the retaking of Anglezarke for The Revolution, something that still was to come after one hundred and fifty years of waiting. Still, what was there was still awe-inspiring despite the amount of times Mildmund had seen similar pictures - Weccanfeldians loved to tell stories with those carved comic-like pieces of art and artists paid by the government loved to draw the same things. It was one of the corner stones of their culture, one of the things foreigners always remembered.

"Aw fuck off not Gengar"

The Elector-on-Duty looked to be entertaining himself with a small handheld game and a cassette player with some old sixties and seventies music, probably some AcAcAc and other native Weccanfeldian rock bands. Grey hair and a beard like a Marxist dominated his face, while he hadn't even bothered to dress formally for work, being in jeans and a jumper. He barely acknowledged the underling to enter his office.

"Telegram from the Weccanfeldian Foreign office,"
"Er, what does it say?" he mumbled
"Delian League forces are moving in on Griffincrest."

His attention finally left the game with a loud sign. A rather unappreciative face rose to look at the desk jockey.

"Huh, are they? 'Bout time."
"Worth going to the Tribunal to? After we get a new guy in, I mean."

He leaned forward. Mildmund cursed his choice of words.

"A new guy. Gee, what a, unimportant choice of words. You speak as if Lord Protector is as unimportant as lowly clerk. No, this is not worth any trouble."
"May I ask why?"
"Well, lets think shall we? Why do we need to get involved in something we don't need to get involved in? I mean, sure, we signed the Dagora Doctrine. That's only to protect us, not to, you know, actually help anyone else. Gotta work in our own interests. Anyway, er, why faff about mobilising, hell, even bother drafting a message to send to Griffincrest, Blackheim, Delos, or whatever? While the cat is away mice will play. No, I can't be bothered, neither can most of the men in this building. I suppose we just bury our heads in the sand, pretend nothing is happening, and hide behind the fact we don't have a leader to comment on the issue at the moment." he looked back to his game "Just shred the damn thing".

Mildmund did what he knew he should have done. Weccanfeld was to remain silent on a possibly serious regional issue while those who watched the shop during Conclave played games and read magazines. It was disgraceful, but no one expected any less. This was Weccanfeld, after all.
Bróðorscipe ond Férscipe
The NATION-STATE representing the natural wishes and interests of the WECCANFELT NATION AND ITS HOMELAND (inclusive of areas and people at present run by false regimes or otherwise part of a WECCANFELT DIASPORA) the reaches of which are defined constitutionally or otherwise by the ANGLEZARKE TREATY OF 1822 and proceding agreements.
Total Size of the Weccanfeldian Nation: 13,137 Million
Of which is under the dominion of various false states: 5,136 Million

Come to Nova, we have Technocrats

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Postby Vetaka » Thu Oct 01, 2009 10:25 am

Official Tribal Dominion of Vetaka Diplomatic Message:

To: <Open Communication>
From: Shirin Emadi-Mahabadi, Civil Director of the Tribal Dominion of Vetaka Directorate of Foreign Affairs

Subject: Diplomacy


Since the dawn of its existence in the form of the Dominion of Vetaka, successive Vetakan Governments have done all they have done to further the ideals of peace, honour, respect, equality, loyalty and tolerance. For decades successive Vetakan Governments & Tribal Councils have done all they can to further the dream of world peace, the dream of equality for all and above all a dream of a safe world free of hate, injustice and inequality for all people regardless of their origins and backgrounds. These are aims, objectives and dreams shared by the nations of the honoured nations of the Delian League.

For decades now the Griffincrest Corporation led by Claudius Griffincrest has plundered and pillaged nations of their wealth, their heritage and their identity through the illegal often hostile acquisition of black gold. Justifying such unjust acquisitions by the provision of a hospital here and a school there, in the hope of alleviating a guilty conscience. No amount of hospitals, schools and sewers justifies the invasion of a sovereign nation by a business entity in pursuit of a natural resource which the business entity intends to use for profit.

By admission of Luciuis Blackhelm himself, the Griffincrest Corporation has invaded nations around the world in pursuit of its prize, if a nation must be invaded in order for Griffincrest to secure its contracts how does that justify its "good deeds"? Deeds that in the long run are nothing but costs of the business in the "occupied areas". Is it to ensure a safe and healthy populace or is it simply as a means to an end of ensuring efficient drilling? I retort Luciuis Blackhelms question and ask him to answer it himself, when the oil has dried up, when the land has been plundered will Griffincrest still be there in the Longer Run to provide for the people? Like it was whilst it was robbing them of their oil? Luciuis calls upon the League to avoid war and seek a diplomatic solution, how can one seek a diplomatic solution with an entity that only understands diplomacy when the costs outweigh the profit? when the tide is not in their favour?

Under Vetakan Law, Theft Act 1968 ratified by the Vetakan Senate of 2000 defines the crime of theft as "the dishonest appropriation of property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it" in short under Vetakan Law past actions of the Griffincrest is nothing more than theft, in the end Claudius Griffincrest is nothing more than a common thief and unfortunately by proxy the refusal of the Blackhem Confederate Government to bring these crimes to an end paints them as accessories to such theft.

Chancellor Blackhem asks me to look at the children, their mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters that the brave forces of the Vetakan Defence Forces leave behind, I can tell you as the wife of a serviceman that I am indeed scared and fearful for the life of my loved one but I like many like me understand that unlike the wars waged by the Corporation in the pursuit of oil, wars waged by the Delian League are for something worth fighting for, something honourable and something that ultimately will shape the face of this planet. It is because of entities like the Griffincrest and the Confederacy, men like Claudius and Luciuis that this planet still sees such things as slavery and poverty.

The Tribal Dominion of Vetaka is a nation of the peaceful and honoured, we would not threaten conflict without first exploring all possible diplomatic options and second without truly being sure we where sure of the objective.


Shirin Emadi-Mahabadi

Civil Director of the Tribal Dominion of Vetaka Directorate of Foreign Affairs

Briefing Room 1, Vetakan Defence Force High Command, Old City, New Theeb, Southern Vetaka, Nova:

"Director Emadi dispatched her retort to the Confederate Chancellors outburst this morning" spat Vice President Hawthorne as he eyed a red Wine Gum in a small ceramic bowl in front of him.

"VSIS Poltical Anyalsts support the recommendations of their Foreign Affairs Directorate Colleagues in that war is now unavoidable" replied Director of Intelligence Campbell his voice methodical and without emotion,

President Dan Pearce nodded, whilst his neighbour at the large oak table in the briefing room Chieftain Crouching Tiger listened intently to the High Command provide their various inputs at the meeting:

"Mobilization of the reserves is proceeding well, early mobilization of the regular forces and switching our CIN to military command has really enabled a quick response. We hope to complete mobilization of all reserve personnel across all forces and services by the end of the month" commented Supreme Operational Commander Jonathon Store over a report he was gazing at.

"Good Good. Thank You. Now on to more pressing matters closer to home, Director Campbell what is the current situation in New Helgan.........."

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Postby Beiraq » Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:26 pm

Great people...

Valiant members of our armed forces...

Arab men of struggle and jihad, sons of our glorious Nation...

God's peace, mercy and blessing be upon you...

Ten years ago, a great event in the life of our Nation and our people took place with the announcement of that great and decisive communique. It was in the evening of that glorious day, the day of all days, that the communique of communiques, the seal of all communiques announced throughout the war between Beiraq and Icovir, was declared. As a ripe fruit, and as a merit proportionate with their levels, the Beiraqis picked the reward of eight years of fighting, patience and endurance. Ever since that day of crowning glory and of outright victory, the Beiraqis, together with the noble sons of our glorious nation, recall with an appreciation of special taste that great day. Others may recall that day politically, or as a mere historical record of the event, when we remind them of it, or when they browse their diaries, but not as a recall of a lesson learned or a moral drawn.

Today, I come to you to announce that another such conflict rests upon the horizon. A great league of nations, all too cowardly to act alone has gathered, and even now sets their greedy eyes upon our great and noble allies in the nation of the Blackhelm Confederacy, a nation which has helped us countless times, and a nation in which the people of Beiraq owe a great debt. Without the help of this nation, the great triumph over the nation of Icovir may have never come to be.

The people of the Blackhelm Confederacy have always complied with the demands of the Delian League, even with what is illegitimate and unjust among the demands and allegations of the evil ones, in the hope that the world would awake and lift the sanctions against their people and so that we avoid the evils of war. They had left the region of Nova, as was asked of them, yet this is not good enough, nothing is good enough to satisfy their lust for war, and after they ran out of excuses or cover, the invading aggressors came openly and shamelessly with vicious intent as we know them and their intentions to be.

O brothers, you know that our country's policy is to avoid evil. But when evil comes, armed with deceit and destruction, we must face them with faith and holy struggle in a manner which dignifies us and satisfies God.

And here you are today standing, o valiant Beiraqis, glorious women and brave armed forces, in a manner which pleases friends and the faithful and enrages the enemies and infidels. A stand which will make you victorious, God willing, against your enemies...

Everyone can see the aggression and injustice and those who were deceived globally by the enemies with the general awareness of humanity and the sons of our nation. I herald the near-victory for our patient fighters. These are decisive days, O Beiraqis, so attack as God ordered.

In these battles, in these decisive days the enemy may attempt, not only with planes and missiles, but also with land forces to occupy the land of our friends and fellow fighters for justice.

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
There are those who, on being told "Your enemy has mustered a great force against you and so fear them," they grew more tenacious in their faith and replied "Allah's help is all -sufficient for us. He is the best Protector." Thus they earned Allah's grace and bounty and no harm shall befall them. For they strive to please Allah, whose, bounty is infinite. It is Satan that prompts men to fear his followers. But have no fear of them. Fear Me, if you are true believers. Do not grieve for those that quickly renounce their faith. They will not harm Allah in the least. He seeks to give them no share in the hereafter. Their punishment shall be terrible indeed.

Our navy has grown over these past years, growing from a meager handful of small boats to a vast fleet of carriers, arsenal ships, and even a powerful super dreadnought, a craft sure to inspire fear in even the bravest of those arrayed against the Glorious Republic and her allies. There is no need to fear any of the Delian League, for Allah stands by us, to guide us along the path of righteousness so that we may stand firm against these nations, wherever they may be, be it on land, at sea, or in the air.

Hence, with the flying banner, raise high your swords and rifles, oh our dear people, and remind anyone who may still be under a delusion, so that he might not be deluded of your stand in the coming war, a war to make all other wars seem insignificant.

O brave fighters, hit your enemy with all your strength. O Beiraqis, fight with the strength of the spirit of jihad which you carry in you and push them to the point where they cannot go on.

You will reap stability and dignity with victory. For our martyrs the prize of heaven and for you the prize of honour which satisfies God and which will be recorded by history. The lesson you teach the enemy will make them think twice, and even be incapable, of attacking you, your nation and humanity again.

Hit them so that good and its people may reign and evil evicted back to its place. Mothers, daughters, fathers and sons, together with all the faithful and good, will sleep in comfort after being terrified by aggression. Your struggle will dishearten the aggressor. Oh Arabs, oh faithful of the world, oh those who support justice and oppose evil, we herald the victory that God has promised us in the conflict against the lowlifes and enemies of humanity.

Yes, Allahu Akbar....

Allahu Akbar.... "

- Speech Given to the beiraqi people via Beirai Public Television & Radio, given by President Achmed Chalabi om October 1, 2009

Moments after the delivery of the speech, for the first time in the history of the nation of Beiraq, an expeditionary force was formed. The mighty force, protected by six of the new arsenal ships of the Beiraqi Navy, marched proudly onto their transports, eight hundred T-62 tanks, two hundred and fifty thousand members of the Beiraqi National Army, and one thousand of Beiraq's finest sons, warriors of the Beiraqi Republican Guard, made ready to disembark on the far off shores of their long time ally, ready to do battle against those who bring such injustice to the world.

The Confederacy should fear not! In a short time, the brave warriors, blessed by the grace of Allah, would arrive on their lands, and with together with the rest of their allies, they would provide a defence through which no enemy could break.
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Postby Imbrinium » Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:13 pm

On the open seas:

The 3rd and the 6th NAFs and there supportive fleets and Sea Base 1 had been at sea for almost 36hrs now and they in route to link up with the fleets from Lamoni. On the command ship Commodore Gofreddo Li Fonti had been place supreme commander of Imbrinium’s Armed Forces in this operation. The commodore wanted to meet with his admirals and Generals since most he’s never worked with before so the order went for all commanders to meet at the Flag Ship HMS Coromandel at 1800 for a meeting.

The commodore wasn’t like most of his younger men serving in the navy these days he still preferred his flagships to be Battleships and not Carriers. Most thought that was strange in these days and time but Gofreddo’s grandfather served as a commander on one and grew always wanting to command a fleet from one and this was his chance.

The commodore walked up to the CIC and poured his self a cup of coffee and asked the chief of the watch.

“Anything to report Commander?”

“No Sir the CAP is flying about 150 miles out and the C2 birds says there is on commercial traffic in the skies and waters for the next 300 miles sir.”

“Any news from the Lamoni fleet?”

“None as of yet sir, but I’ll keep you posted.”

Down in the Chow hall in the belly of the ship the fleet’s commanders and the generals where sitting around in their little groups of friends talking and some joking.

The ship’s captain walks in and shouts
“On your Feet!”

Everyone stood up as the commodore walked in and took a place at the head of the room.

“Ladies and gentlemen we are gathered here to do a mission, a mission where some you and some of your commands will lose personal. So in times like these’s you need to be able to depend on your buddy just like the lowest ranking soldier does on the battlefield. That’s why you are here not sit in your groups of friends you’ve known since officer school but meet the guy you didn’t meet or know. We are at war and its going to take every last officer to know his and her place and to do their job. So with that let’s eat.”

The commodore walked and chatted with other commanders and most were talking about the upcoming operation. The army and marine commanders where getting their ears talked off by a logistics commander about how she would get there gear to shore. For a lot of them this was the first time in combat and this was the first time the navy had been used since the reorganization. All of the new theories and concepts where about to come alive, they’d worked in the field testing now it was time to see if they were going to work in combat.
It was now 23:00 and the last commander just let the Coromandel.

My dinner idea seemed to have worked out well he thought to himself as the commodore walked back into the CIC.

“Any news commander?”

“Well sir we thought we had a couple of subs earlier but turned out to be nothing.”

“Alright then in the morning I want to try and raise the lamoni Fleet on the Sat radio”

“Yes sir goodnight sir.”
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Postby Sorgan » Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:46 pm

"Smell the air? Less salty, more of a bloody smell, we have entered a war zone." Said the Commander smelling the air with a deep snort. The flag above them war torn and shred giving it a menacing look. The golden Hammer showed their massive industries as they developed through the years, The Sickle showed the peasant's work for the government and his country, and the starts showed unity through labor and knowledge. The large ships plowed through the watery grave as they scene became more depressing.

"Stop,right here, send a message back to the fleet." Said the commander as his hair blew in the salty wind.

"Yes,sir, Shall we prepare a base on the shores?" He said writing down something on a clip board.

"No, too risky, keep all missiles and AA canons up and stay here for the knight and wait out the situation, unnoticed, that is." He said with a smile as his badges reflected in the sun light. The wind was rather strong today (around 20 Knots) as he measured the direction and the altitude of the breeze makeing sure to go down wind and with the tide to increase speed on the ship to work with nature not against it. He stepped inside the bridge where four men where sitting around a table that looked to be a massive map with game parts on it. A man leaned in his chair sipping some coffee from a cup and monitoring a screen to see any noticeable mobilization of enemy troops and allied troops.

"That battalion moved four degrees west a couple hours ago." Said the Commander pointing to a battalion figure. The other men felt rather minuscule and stupid as they had recently been promoted."

"Sorry about that, It's rather early so you must forgive me." Said one of the tracker with his head down.

"Forgiveness, one of the seventeen Chackras1." Said the man with a great look on his face as he had studied many Sorgnian religions in his past.

The looked back at the map ignoring their mistake and moving on. The commander walked towards another table in which men where playing a game of Pimix2. He looked at them with a smile as they where moving colored orbs through little trials trying to obtain the gold ball of every other players. He continued to walk over to a switch. He reached for the intercom underneath the switch and held down the button.

"Turn off the engines please, and switch to generator power, saves more energy." He said as he got two beeps back from the man bellow which meant "I have my hands full, I can't talk but I will get to it."

The commander smiled and walked over to a lazy boy chair towards the front of the bridge where he could look out across the ocean. He bearded a smile as he sipped on a drink of his that he had picked up from his desk. He looked out to the many waves as smiled as he slightly drifted to sleep.

1-Chackras- A personality in which seventeen are practiced in the Sorganian religion of Blexism.
2-Primix- A game in which one player must move their colored orbs and seize all other players gold orbs. Can last up to three months of game play.

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Postby Brewdomia » Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:32 pm

The news of the future invasion of the Blackhelm Confederacy was not taken lightly by President Floyd's Administration, as members of the cabinet were rushed toward The Executive Mansion after getting a Top Secret report on the topic. The mansion was closed off from the press today, which was not unknown in Brewdomia as certain Presidents did closed door meetings all the time. Today the halls were filled with chatter from the staffs and the senators who had been invited to this meeting. The senators who had not been invited would be receiving a live Teleconference with the President as the meeting took place.

Senator Edwards was texting on his blackberry, while wearing a brown suit with a pink tie. He was texting to his staff members at congress to keep up on the legislative issues by taking the place of the senator, which was legal under Brewdomian Law. Several other senators were doing the same exact thing, as legislative issues had to be addressed, but not today.

When the meeting was about to start, they were ushered into this large auditorium, with lavish seats and headphones in case they could not hear the president. Senators quickly filled up the bright red seats, and they looked at a podium at the bottom which was where the president would make his address. Flanking the president was the members of cabinet going from Secretary Of State all the way to the Secretary Of Defense. The lights dimmed and The President approached the stadium with a thunderous applause by the senators and the few congressman that arrived at the meeting.

After the initial thank you's and greetings, it was time to get down to business. He cleared his throat and read out his speech:

Senators and Congressmen, and Members Of Cabinet, today I come to you with a situation that will test Brewdomia like no other. Our honorable and esteemed ally, The Griffincrest Corporation, has been threatened and it's home nation about to be invaded. We, The Federation Of Brewdomia has worked with Griffincrest to liberate Spredonia and destroy it's corrupt Government. Now Today, The Incorporated States Of The Blackhelm Confederacy will be faced with an invasion force that has never been seen by man.

The Blackhelm Confederacy will be invaded by the treacherous forces of Nova, who want to enforce their dominance over our planet. These terrorists will be defeated by the forces of Brewdomia and it's allies! The opposing factions will be destroyed and their blood will cover the oceans and the streets! Our forces will destroy any resistance and make sure The Blackhelm Confederacy is standing at the end of the Day!

Today we will be fighting a war that will turn the power balance of this planet and by the end of this conflict the capitals of Nova will be burning! Finally, Senators and Congressmen, the war we will be waging is not a war of choice, a war of greed, or even a war of morals. We will be fighting a war of necessity that will save our allies from utter destruction at the hands of these imperialists! Long Live Brewdomia! Long Live Brewdomia!

As the president's speech was treated with tremendous applause, in an air base in Northern Brewdomia 40 B-2 bombers were taking off to destroy classified enemy targets. After The B-2's had finished their bombing run 50 B-52 Bombers aided by 55 Fighters made up of F-16's F-15's and F-22's would proceed to draw of enemy forces, long enough for the main attack force to arrive.

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Postby New Manth » Fri Oct 02, 2009 1:02 pm


I understand and can even slightly respect the thoroughness of your propaganda reflex, but save it. At this point defending the Griffincrest Corporation's record is an insult to all our intelligence that is not likely to get you very far.

As to your call for a diplomatic solution, need I remind you of the very generous diplomatic solution we all jointly offered you? A solution which would have allowed the Confederacy to entirely avoid this war, and which would even have allowed the Griffincrest company to continue as a legitimate business, rather than an uncontrolled military complex bent on sacking small nations?

I don't know what more you could want, Chancellor. Or, more properly, I can't imagine what Claudius Griffincrest could have bribed you with that is worth enough to convince you to lead your Confederacy into a hopeless war.

Elias Kavadias
President of the Greater Economic Union of New Manth

Image : A dimly lit room. A black-suited man, middle-aged, balding, writing by the glow of a desk lamp. Standing out from the shadows behind him, a hanging flag, covering the entire wall, glossy black save for the Golden Sun and its twelve pointed rays. He pauses and looks up; the camera shifts to follow his gaze, resting on the opposite wall, where a map of the Blackhelm Confederacy hangs.

Image : A man is pasting a poster on the glass door of a shop. The poster shows mushroom clouds rising above a stylized desert setting. Below in white block letters, the message: STOP THESE BEASTS - BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! UNION AIR SERVICE.

Image : An office, a young short-haired woman signing through a series of forms; a man on the other side of the desk, in Army uniform, occasionally points to something or provides a new form. She finishes and looks up at the man, giving a nervous-looking smile. The camera shifts; we see a line of young people stretching out the door.

Image: Sunlight filtering through a stained-glass window showing Saint George slaying the Dragon; the camera pans back, showing a church's dim interior lit by hundreds of flickering candles placed before the saint. People come and go, many leaving candles, some kneeling in prayer.

Image : A harbor. A tank painted in desert camouflage rumbles up a ramp and onto a ship; a line of vehicles waits on the dock behind it. On board, a sailor waves towards shore and gives a cheery thumbs up; the next tank starts up the ramp.

Image : A slim grey-painted warship bears down on the camera, set against a cloudy grey sky; the only splash of color is the black and gold flying from its bow. The view pulls back, and the ship becomes one of dozens, then scores, then hundreds. Metal glints on hundreds of hulls, sailing east.
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Postby St Anthony and Andrew » Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:45 pm

In response to the ever growing conflict erupting in the world, President Alexander Clinton addressed the world early this morning to announce his nations position.

"The war is a failure for the Delian League and for the politicians of our times, and should have never started. It is unnecessary because the possibilities for a peaceful solution, althoughseemingly more remote, had not disappeared completely. I am experiencing the same feeling of sorrow and deep bitterness that the world must be feeling as news of the coming engagement spreads throughout the globe, and citizens everywhere tune in to watch the grand standing on display by both sides...

There a several Andrean assistants, mainly nurses, working in the Blackhelm Confederacy. There are about 200 Andrean health workers there, many of them are specialized nurses. They work in different civilian hospitals. They did not want to return to their home islands, despite the threat of war because they thought it was their duty to assist their patients. We agreed with them because doctors and nurses are needed the most during times of war. There have even been some contacts with international humanitarian organizations. They have expressed interest in the humanitarian aid that the Andrean medical personnel may render during and after the war. This is the essence of Andrean-Blackhelmian ties. We have no economic ties with Blackhelm.

When oil prices risein such a dramatic fashion, as will be the case should the Griffincrest Corporation flounder, however, it does create problems to hundreds [as heard] of countries, to the great majority of non-producing oil countries, to oil-importing countries. This also makes all sorts of goods more expensive. All oil byproducts will be more expensive: high-intensity, low-intensity polyethylene, fertilizers. Hundreds of thousands of oil byproducts will get more expensive. All countries consume these products. Therefore, countries are left without money because oil and fuel are top-priority products. This also has an affect on world trade, and the trade of all kinds of food staples. There is also less demand for Third World exports and prices drop. In view of this, exports decrease and so do the exports of Third World countries; Andrean exports as well.

Each side has made its own plans. It is obvious that the Delian Leahgue believes this will be a fast and brief war, but the other side is planning a long and bitter resistance. Nevertheless, at this time no one knows how events will develop, but there is a possibility that this war will be complicated. Therefore, it will have an impact not only on Third World countries but on the entire world economy which when the current crisis broke out was at the beginning of a recession.

I think that the Delian League has made one of the biggest and most repugnant mistakes in its history in authorizing this war. We said that it was war on a deadline, that it cut off any chance for peace. We think that the problems could have been solved without war. Now you can see how the Delain League and their Novan cohorts are launching their might against a lone country. Whatever mistakes that country may have made, the fact is that this is wrong, this is a plan to take over the oil resources of the Blackhelm Confederacy, this is a plan to establish their hegemony in that region. We can never agree to this, just as we cannot agree with the Delian League having given its blessing to this repugnant crime and this invasion."

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Postby The State of Monavia » Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:09 pm

Open space

Operation Flare now went into effect. The Monavians were now carrying out a preemptive first strike against the Blackhelm Confederacy, now targeting its assets all throughout space. Assets belonging to Blackhelm’s allies were also being tracked and targeted, but attacking them would be a secondary objective. The largest threats would be dealt with first.

The Monavians had erected a large defensive network of hunter-killer satellites, dubbed Wasps. The Wasps carried a homing radar system for tracking and pursuing their targets, and then carried out kamikaze attacks, crashing into the targets and detonating a small explosive warhead. The offensive nature of the Wasps made them difficult to avoid, and there were dozens of them coming, with rockets on the ground preparing to deploy nearly 200 more.

Meanwhile, old, damaged satellites now made their final journey. Hundreds of aging, obsolete hulks, some as old as fifty years, were now descending into the atmosphere, all being flown out of orbit with one purpose in mind: burning up in the atmosphere and crashing into Blackhelm’s major cities. Several larger satellites, some of which still carried substantial amounts of rocket fuel for orbital maneuvers, now descended upon the capital. Their accuracy was not guaranteed, but a crash would leave a singing inferno to extinguish.

As the Wasps swarmed Griffincrest, Blackhelm, and some allied satellites, sometimes having two or three attack each target, and passing by to attack others in case of a miss, the Aegis Orbital Defense Platform now began aiming its sights at Blackhelm’s missile silos. The counterattack would show that the Monavians were capable of defending their own space capabilities.

The platform was a large structure, about thirty meters in length and carrying a ball turret for aiming its main weapon, a large thermal laser. A series of batteries and capacitors charged the device, forming a concentrated beam in seconds and using it to burn through missile casings. Only moments after leaving the ground, the first of Blackhelm’s anti-satellite missiles was targeted by the laser, its computer-guided beam accurate within feet. After receiving confirmation that the missile was in range and the aim was locked, the laser fired and began to burn into the missile’s casing. If it operated correctly, the missile would be destroyed within mere moments.

Mount Talus Complex
Northern Monavia

General White issued orders to launch anti-satellite missiles from silos located around the province, in order to attack whatever Blackhelm assets were being sent over Monavian territory. Other commanders began issuing the same orders, and within minutes, hundreds of missiles from silos around the country were now attacking enemy assets in space.

Office of Frank Carter, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Chalcedon, Monavia

“So, it has begun at last.” The minister was ill at ease, given that Monavian involvement was about to cause a stir in the Blackhelm Confederacy. He cared little for their ilk, the nation of imperialists, deceptive businessmen, pirates, and terrorists. The recent reply from Blackhelm came too late, as evidenced by the pale light streaming through the windows of his office. Nearly twelve hours had passed since the war declaration.

“Minister Carter, what to you plan to do now? Can you not see that we are now at war?”

“It is understandable, Mr. Chairman, that you may hold objections to my corresponding with Chancellor Blackhelm, but unfortunately, the accusations being thrown at the nations of the Nova Coalition deserve answers. We cannot allow them claim our moral authority, which we obtained when deciding to justify this conflict. We cannot allow them to succeed in diminishing what we have worked to achieve.”

“Minister, what do you intend to say?”

“I intend to speak the truth, at least in writing,” the minister replied. “Mr. Chairman, you are free to go.”

Chairman Farrington left for his office to deal with rallying foreign support for the war. He wanted no part of this war, like so many other, but necessity and desire were two conflicting objectives, and the former held precedence in this matter. While Farrington left, Carter began preparing correspondence to be sent to Chancellor Blackhelm. After an hour of revising his letter, he sent it to its intended recipient.




To Lucius Blackhelm, Chancellor of the Blackhelm Confederacy,

Dear Mr. Chancellor:

Twelve hours ago, the Monavian government declared a state of war against your country and its allies. This decision was reached after your government refused to send so much as the briefest reply to the League ultimatum, the terms of which stipulated that you had twenty-four hours to comply with the demands enumerated therein, and in doing so, avert an unnecessary war. By refusing to comply, you have justified the need for open conflict and brought about a regrettable state of affairs in which many are now embroiled.

While it is unwise for you to choose a bloody war over peace, the decision to reject diplomacy was yours, and yours alone. Your belated demand for peace was made outside the grace period which was explicitly stated in the ultimatum itself, an act which in and of itself is in poor taste. I am thus led to believe that your supposed desire to diplomatically resolve this disagreement is not sincere, and may perhaps even be false, yet I will still grant you the benefit of the doubt for the sake of remaining within the standards of diplomatic decorum.

In the last twelve hours, several allies of your confederacy have chosen to condemn the Nova Coalition as imperialists, warmongers, cowards, and communists. These falicious accusations are the result of unbridled arrogance, ideological attempts at justifying their entrance into the war, or even simple political wrangling. Each of these foreign administrations will have to answer for their statements, however, I will assume that you personally may have misunderstood its provisions, and I will attempt to clarify the more contentious requirements set forth therein.

In no way does the ultimatum demand the dissolution of the Griffincrest Corporation, or any other business, nor does it demand the placing of the Confederacy’s businesses under government control or ownership. What the ultimatum demands is that the military infrastructure, equipment, and capabilities of the Griffincrest Corporation be placed under government control, and that the government carry responsibility for actions undertaken by people charged with operating within the Corporation. The Corporation’s ability to do business is not what needs to be brought to an end, rather, it is their ability to wage war against their neighbors.

The wrongs committed against our neighbors, the threats to our interests, the dangers posed to the economic stability and political integrity of the region, and the damage done to local oil markets by Griffincrest’s activities are a few of the myriad reasons for declaring our intentions against them. We desire an end to their interference in our affairs and demand that your government exercise proper discretion in curbing their hazardous business practices.

You also contend that the Griffincrest Corporation engages in humanitarian efforts and improving the quality of life for many of its customers and the people of conquered nations. While it is true that such services are provided at the discretion of the Griffincrest Corporation when it may serve corporate interests, in many other circumstances, such services have not been provided, examples of which need not be enumerated here because they have already been recorded in the annals of countless observers. In addition to many cases of neglecting to provide people with services, the damages done by war, and the economic and political ramifications of your wars have done damage which has yet to be repaired and has, in many cases, negated any progress which the Griffincrest Corporation has achieved in carrying out its efforts.

The Griffincrest Corporation has, in many cases, engaged in acts of terrorism, piracy, and endangered, even to the point of violating, the sovereignty of foreign states. Illicit activities have been observed on many occasions, and enclosed with the copy of the ultimatum which was sent to you is a set of record of these crimes. I need not provide evidence to you, as you already have it. By now, you cannot deny that the Griffincrest Corporation has engaged in illegal activities, and caused untold damages to numerous aggrieved parties.

If you reasonably expect to have peace, I ask that you comply with the demands of the ultimatum, which would be a much smaller loss than the economic damage that your country will suffer in open war. The losses you would be sustaining in the opening days of this war would outweigh any monetary losses resulting from a reorganization and investigation of the Griffincrest Corporation. This war will not profit you, but if you reform Griffincrest, and bring the instigators of the aforementioned crimes to justice, you will reap the profit of a higher standing in the international community, and a greater chance of securing trade deals with your neighbors.

I trust that you are wise enough to act in the best interests of your people and spare them from further hardships. It would be most unfortunate if you remain unwilling to cooperate.


The Right Honorable Frank Carter, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Queen Theodora Islands Provincial Air Command
Queen Theodora Islands
3,000 miles from the continental extent of the Empire

The Queen Theodora Islands housed one of the largest overseas airbases that the Monavian Empire possessed. Hundreds of aircraft were housed in its vast facilities, mostly strategic bombers and fighter aircraft. Its radar stations were equipped with the most advanced detection and tracking systems in use at the present, and presently they were receiving contact information from space-based intelligence assets. Already, a wing of several Brewdonian B-2 bombers was on its way toward Novan targets, and the islands lay directly in the path of the incoming attack.

The bombers were about 1,000 kilometers away when the commander of the airbase, Lieutenant General Andrew Bell, gave the order to scramble eight squadrons of fighters to intercept the incoming wave of attacks. It was doubtful that any of the bombs were intended for the islands, but Bell was not taking any chances. He ordered the squadrons to split into two groups, with one carrying out the head-on attack, and the other following a few kilometers behind to provide support if the first group was being overwhelmed.

Soon, the bomber pilots would find themselves fighting to survive the coming onslaught. For now, they could content themselves with the notion that they were boldly charging off to strike enemy targets. At the airbase itself, sixteen mobile SAM batteries, each equipped with four launch tubes, now took aim for the skies. Once the bombers were within range, the batteries would fire. Lieutenant General Bell was not taking any chances.

Outside Nova

The seas which now concealed mines had proven themselves treacherous to international commerce, and perhaps even more dangerous to an unsuspecting naval task force. A lone destroyer escort, out on patrol, now ventured near the minefield, perhaps even too near to it, and would soon be within the striking range of the hidden devices.
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Postby Lamoni » Sat Oct 03, 2009 3:23 am

In the open ocean

Admiral Thomas Ghates was in the CIC of the Lamonian Flagship, the Formidabel class Carrier FRLS Rasul al Laylat. In a corner of the CIC, a computerized display was showing the latest intelligence on the locations and numbers of Griffincrest Coalition forces. Much of the data that this display was currently showing was coming from satellite images, and educated guesswork from all Lamonian and allied intelligence services. While it was not perfect, the display could serve well for planning, as well as simulations. It was on this latter task that the display was currently being used, as the ship's computers calculated events, as well as losses on both sides. In the end, the plan that had been chosen for the Lamonian co-ordinated involvement in this war had a 50/50 chance of succeeding. This was something that the most uneducated about military affairs would point to, and scream "DUH!!!!;" failing to realize that they had no idea of what they were talking about.

When this simulation had completed itself, the display was reset to show where the Lamonian forces were. There had been no radio calls from the massive Lamonian force since it had left home port, but this would change as soon as it reached the midway point between Greater Dienstad, and the region that held the Blackhelm Confederacy. It would only be a few more hours...

A few hours later...

To a civilian, a clock working on Lamonian Standard Time would tell the time to be 5:36 pm, as the halfway point had finally been reached. With this many ships prowling about in the ocean waves, a full stop with no accidents was achieved, which was something of an accomplishment in and of itself.

With the fleet stopped out in the middle of the ocean, Admiral Ghates' orders finally authorized him to use heavily encrypted radio to broadcast his location to the allied nations that would be taking part in the same operation as this force. That, as his orders stated, would bring the stated forces to gather with his own forces, and the very impressive combined force would then continue on for their classified objectives.

Encrypted Message

To: Nova Coalition Forces
From: Lamonian Admiral Thomas Ghates, aboard FRLS Rasul al Laylat
Re: G-B

Waypoint Alpha has been reached. We are awaiting allied forces to form up on our position for the drive to the target. Co-ordinates will be provided at the end of this message.

No enemy resistance has been encountered thus far, but we maintain a keen watch. Will immediately advise if under enemy attack.

Remain Stouthearted.

<OOC: Co-ordinates for Wapoint Alpha here>

With the message dispatched to all allied forces, Admiral Ghates' orders called for him to sit and wait. He had full authority to defend his forces if attacked, even if all of the latest intelligence pointed to Blackhelm Coalition forces pulling back to defend the Blackhelm Confederacy.
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Postby Wanderjar » Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:50 am

Pretoria, Wanderjar
Volksraad Chamber-Emergency Session

"As you all are well aware, Wanderjar is at a crossroads," began Prime Minister Michael Blair, Head of Government of the Afrikaner Free State. "Today we convene to decide to extend our hand in support to the Blackhelm Confederacy in their time of need." Nods came from the side of the Nationalist Unity Party, and boos from the Labour Party, the minority, side of the chamber. "Listen!" Blair called in frustration, motioning with his hands to calm down. Once he again had silence, he continued, "Their primary oil enterprise, the Griffincrest Corporation, has long since been our primary oil provider. With the danger of war, our oil prices have shot to dangerous levels. At this rate, particularly if we do not act now, we shall have the worst oil crisis in our nation's history."

A Labour Party Minister midway up the chamber seats stood and shouted, "Then perhaps we should find another provider!" This statement was followed by jeers from the Nationalists and applause from the Labourers.

"That is an option on the table. The suggestion presented by Minister Chalker from Bulawayo is a declaration of support, and the immediate deployment of the Afrikaner Defense Forces to support against any and all invasions. I now will return to my chair, and allow the discussion to begin." With that, he took his seat and nodded to Minister Chalker who stood and approached the stand.

"My fellow Wanderjarians, without supporting our allies we show the rest of the world that we do not stand by our word and are willing to sacrifice our honor. This oil crisis pales in comparison to the disgrace we as a nation would be forced to bear. My proposal is to deploy three Corps of the Wanderjarian Afrikaner Defense Forces and six Air Wings of the Lug Forseerkrag (Air Force)." With that, he too took his seat. He was replaced by Minister James McCarron of the Labour Party, from Volksberg.

"Listen to reason people!" he began infuriated. "the Blackhelm Confederacy's puppet company is the incarnation of evil! They oppress their workers, enslave nations to rape their lands of all useful commodities, and use legions of mercenaries to kill anything and anyone who opposes them. Do we simply stand by and reward them for this sort of behavior? I for one hope not." He was again replaced by a Nat., Sir Stephen Williams of Pretoria.

"I for one am completely fine with everything that the honourable Minister from Volksberg said. The Griffincrest Corporation's "raping" gives us cheaper goods, and allows the Wanderjarian people to live a better life. As far as I am concerned, this is all that matters and is worth fighting for." He took his seat.

"Are there any more arguments?" asked Prime Minister Blair. "So be it. Let the voting begin." After all the yeas and nays were counted, it was determined that the Afrikaner Defense Forces would be deployed to the Confederacy to support them. The measure won 300-89. When the document reached State President Johan Weisman, he smiled to himself and eagerly signed the legislation. The Wanderjarians were again going to war.



In the name of the people of the Afrikaner Free State, we hereby officially before the international community and almighty God, pledge our support to the Blackhelm Confederacy. We shall contribute the might of our armies to support and defend our allies and economic interests across the globe.

~State President Johan Wiseman
~Minister of Defense Frederick van Eyck
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Postby Brewdomia » Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:58 am


Highly Encrypted Message From The Federation Of Brewdomia To The Nations who have pledged their support for The Blackhelm Confederacy

We have noted that many nations come to oppose us, but they will fail. These imperialists have come to attack the sovereign nation of The Blackhelm Confederacy. They want to enforce their dominance and make sure we fail, but it will not happen! Today the Federation Of Brewdomia has sent an air squadron of bombers and fighters to combat these fools, and we ask allies to help us destroy the opposition through the air and support our men and women in the skies.

Thank You

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Postby Wanderjar » Sat Oct 03, 2009 11:13 am

General Koos De La Rey, great, great grandson to the Boer of great notoriety, stared blankly at the orders before him. The conflict which he was being asked to propagate would be a great challenge, for moving the men and equipment to the Confederacy itself would be a monumental undertaking; supplying them would be a task of olympian proportions. But, as commander of the 36th Corps, he would make his Commander in Chief's orders happen to the letter as they were requested.

The first issue to be taken care of was the preparing of each individual piece of equipment to be shipped over the the Confederacy. Rifles, sidearms, ammunition, boots, uniforms, toothbrushes, tanks, artillery pieces, shells; every single piece of material necessary for the conduction of a war and the maintenance of the troops in said war would have to be accounted for. This would take several days, the entire deployment would likely take about a week and a half to complete. All units were ready at all times to deploy immediately, but this only meant that combat elements could be arriving within twenty four hours, not that entire Corps could be properly and effectively utilised so quickly. In his office, secretaries phones rang off the hook, and uniformed clerks ran to and fro, typists pecked away at their keyboards, and he chuckled to himself at this.

"So this is war war looks like; what it sounds like." But despite this chaos, there was almost a melodic order to it all. Every person knew precisely what it was they needed to accomplish, and they did so without hesitation. He himself was busy overseeing it all, taking calls and making them, ensuring that all the pieces of the puzzle of a wartime deployment would fall into place precisely as he needed them too. Precision in wartime is the difference between victory and defeat, and often times quite literally life and death. So as he wandered the office checking on his Headquarters staff, he kept in mind that across the nation, millions of men were preparing themselves to go, and the efforts of men in offices just like these, from the Corps level to the company headquarters section, would make it happen.
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Postby Vetaka » Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:25 pm

Official Tribal Dominion of Vetaka Diplomatic Message:

To: Johan Wiseman, State President of The Afrikaner Free State of
From: Daniel Pearce, President of the Tribal Dominion of Vetaka

GPMS: Top Secret
Subject: Declaration of Support to the Blackhem Confederacy

Honoured Mr President,

It is with deep regret that I receive news of your decision to pledge your support to the Blackhelm Confederacy and thus the Griffincrest Corporation. Whilst nor I or the Vetakan Government agree with your position I ultimately understand reasoning and I cannot argue with your motives or intentions. Since Vetaka's admittance into the Dominion Commonwealth, I and successive Vetakan Leaders and Governments have held a great respect for the nation of Wanderjar and its honoured people. A respect that I, the Tribal Chieftain, the Vetakan Government and the Vetakan People will continue to hold regardless of the outcome of the approaching conflict.

It is deeply unfortunate that our nations face each other across this twisted chessboard yet alas our nations and their governments have their respective reasons. Unfortunately under Vetakan Law, I have no other alternative but to order the evacuation of Vetakan Diplomatic staff from Pretoria with immediate affect. Whether you intend to replicate such a move with your diplomatic mission to Vetaka in New Theeb is of course your decision Sir, yet you have my word that no harm will come to them and their safety will guaranteed. You also have my word that no harm will come to any citizen of your nation whilst in the Tribal Dominion of Vetaka.

I sincerely hope that the brave men and women of our military's do not encounter each other on the battlefield and that no matter what the outcome of this conflict our two nations my continue their warm relations prior to this ugly affair. I wish you the cleanest of health, the warmest of wishes, the best of luck in the future and I ultimately hope to hear from you soon.

I bow to no man but I bow to you

Daniel Pearce

President of the Tribal Dominion of Vetaka
Supreme Commanding Admiral in Chief of the Vetakan Defence Forces

Office of the Ambassador, Vetakan Embassy, Pretoria, Wanderjar:

Charlotte Slater sat extremely relaxed in her very affluently decorated office, her feet rested on the oak desk before and the latest episode of the comedy sitcom "Scrubs" played on her HD flat screen monitor. She reclined slightly in the executive leather black chair as she chuckled softly at the leader character JD's endeavours to be with his colleague, she felt relaxed but it was short lived. Suddenly and without warning the oak door of her office was flung open and 4 men in full black combat fatigues entered their M56 Rifles slung over their shoulders. Slater eyed them evilly from her position and snarled:

"Erm is it not customary to knock Sir?"

The young Lieutenant chuckled slightly before replying:

"Not when New Theeb has ordered the Embassies immediate evacuation on a Code Red, Priority 1 Message. Madame Ambassador"

Charlotte Slater became very angry the analysts back in Vetaka had identified Wandejar as a potential ally of the Blackhelm Confederacy, through its economic links with Paradise City but the analysts had also ranked it as a low risk scenario citing Pretoria's neutrality in the past. Alas they had got it wrong, Charlotte quickly jumped to her feet and digested a manila file on the situation. Whilst it was an evacuation order, the threat level to the diplomatic mission from Wandejar security forces was low. Still it was highly unlikely the VDF Diplomatic Guards would relax until they where a considerable distance from Wandejar Sovereign Air Space. The Diplomatic Guards Commander, the young Lieutenant no older than 25 quickly began briefing Slater on the situation. Under Vetakan Diplomatic Protocol unless informed by the Vetakan Capital in an evacuation the Diplomatic Guards Commander took control of the Diplomatic Mission until they arrived back in Novan or Allied Air Space:

"Madame Ambassador, our C-5 is prepped and awaiting our immediate arrival. The convoy is formed up and we should be ready to depart within the hour. You will ride with myself in one of the Land Rovers. I have taken the precaution in ordering the civvy staff to holster their SP-45's until we get on the aircraft. The perimeter is secure and intel informs me we should glide through without any incident. We will secure the complex and hand the access codes and keys to Wandy Authorities at the Airport, Any Questions Ma'am?"

The Commander was good, either he had excelled in training or was very experienced. Charlotte believed it to be the former. She merely smiled innocently and replied:

"No my good sir, let us depart when you are ready"

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Postby Wanderjar » Sat Oct 03, 2009 2:05 pm

OOC: I'm afraid I'm going to have to recant my position in this war. When I promised Blackhelm my support I did so without realizing that numerous allies of mine were involved in the conflict, as oppose to nations I have no contact with. As a result of the numerous damages that such a move would cause to me, I'm going to retconn my position. Sorry to everyone involved, and the frustrations and bewilderments that my positions have no doubt caused.
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Postby Kirav » Sat Oct 03, 2009 3:31 pm

Krovenirene Castra, Kartika, Great Kirav

Emperor Seawind sat beind his desk in the Imperatorial Office, discussing the war with Estric Áfbán, his Secriatur Ulæderel (Ulæderel being an impercise Coscivian term meaning something between 'of War', 'of Defence' and 'of Security'). Seawind was as calm and reserved as he always was, but his manner betrayed him. This war could very well be the largest undertaking of his Imperacy. Lives would be lost, and the Kiravian people would suffer. He had to be able to give them a return on the investment of their lives and fortunes. He had little choice but to deliver victory.

"Omniv grestim per mú diastið," Secriatist Áfbán informed the Emperor. All is going as we expected.

"É-kël gedis? Qua é-ðansten?" asked Seawind. Is that so? What is the news?

"Leistung, Monavia, Alfegos, Moskatana and Ixania are taking action. ODECON and Novan support is growing, just as our analysts predicted."

"The analysts from the Secriat of State have my thanks. This effort would have been impossible without their assurance of allied support. And the Ixanians? I am glad to hear that they are with us."

"Aye, Sèr. It was quite a suprise to me."

"The Ixanians are much like us, Áfbán. They are a unique people, and a proud one. They are also intelligent and even-handed. They aren't the type to go to war over conflicting ideologies or diplomatic agreements. The safety of their nation is more important to them, as it should be."

"And yet we have both gone to war."

"If the Kiravian Empire and the Ixanian Empire both go to war over something, you know it must be important," joked Seawind.

"Aye," replied Áfbán with a smile.

"Anyway, onto more concrete matters. Now that it's clear that we won't be rescinding our declaration, I want you to step up preparations for deployment. I want you to assemble three fleets, one in Saar-Silverda, one in Mystmar, and one in Sandawé. Begin moving units on nonessential missions into the High-Risk Areas, and alert the colonial regiments and militias there to prepare for deployment."

"And what of ground forces, Sèr?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I want to make sure that Kiravian territory is secure before we start getting involved elsewhere."

"Understood, Sèr."

Valëka, Great Kirav

Kiravian schoolchildren often found it strange that Valëka was not the capital of the Empire. With six times Kartika's population, it was the Empire's capital in all but politics. It was Kiravia's oldest and largest city, its commercial hub, its cultural heart, its intellectual centre, and its industrial giant.

Part of Valëka's appeal was that it was universal. While the City of Valëka, the city's core districts, was fairly well-established in its ethnic makeup and political leanings, the rest of the city was home to hundreds of ethnic groups, languages, and political views. Valëka was large enough, both physically and socially, that any Kiravian could find a home in it.

As such, the opinions of Valëkans were viewed by Kiravians as a good indicator of where the nation's people stood. And from the looks of it, Valëkans supported the war. Kiravian flags flapped proudly from clotheslines and windowsills as soldiers boarded ships for naval harbours in Saar-Silverda and Kontaréa where they would be staged for deployment. The fences around the military sections of Valëka's port were plastered with posters bearing sentiments to the tune of "Thank you, lads!", "May the Lord watch over you", and "Come Home Soon". In the streets and in the pubs, there was an air of "Show those Griffincrest bastards what we're made of!" and "Hell yes we'll win!".

Of course, there was opposition. The sidewalks here and there with the usual anti-war protesters. Not only pacifists, but also fiscal conservatives who had their eyes on the war's price tag, Kirav First noninterventionists, and those who feared that getting involved would bring only pain and suffering to Kiravia. But there were fewer of them. Far fewer than there had been in the first days of prior conflicts. What had changed?

If the opinion of Valëka was as honest as Kiravians claimed, then it certainly showed a feeling of purpose and confidence. Kiravians were not alone in this war. Their neighbours in Nova and their allies in ODECON were preparing for war as well. More importantly, this war was less of an intervention, and more of a true prevention. A war that would keep the Empire safe. Kiravians felt as if they were defending their homeland, and fighting for the good of the world at the same time. The two motives were no longer at odds.

Saar-Silverda, Great Kirav

Saar Lúcirel, as Saar-Silverda was nicknamed, The City of Light. Its connotation was less positive than one might think. The city was lit by bright flourescent streetlamps, floodlights, and lights installed on the edges of sidewalks, in addition to the normal urban luminance of buildings and vehicles. This extra illumination had been intended to lower crime rates, accident rates, and numbers of lost tourists. Although it has been somewhat successful in doing so, to most Silverdans, the only effect of the lights was higher taxes to pay the city's electric bill, and the fact that even on moonless nights, their city never got much darker than the rest of the world got at dusk.

Camur Mec-Vernas had lived there for five years since the lights were installed, yet he still hadn't gotten used to them. But as he and a friend sat at a table outside an ethnic Ieurlev pub in the city's Backport North-West district, they allowed him to see every detail on the faces of the dozen or so Imperial Navy lads enjoying a pre-deployment pint at the competing pub across the street.

Some of the men were jubilant, singing drinking songs and telling jokes in languages that Mec-Vernas did not understand. Others, though, sat quietly, though not silently, looking at their bottles reflectively. They would add a few words to the conversation here and there, and laugh when a joke was told. In a dimmer city, one would have made no distinction betwixt them and their comrades. But by the blinding lights of Saar-Silverda, Mec-Vernas could tell that while they were enjoying themselves, some of their thoughts concerned darker matters.

"Well they're going to be mighty seasick when they set sail to-morrow," commented Mec-Vernas's freind, Mec-Salgan. "I enjoy the ale as much, nay, more than the next guy. But I wouldn't have too much before having to run a ship. Some people just don't think."

"No," said Mec-Vernas thoughtfully, "They need this. Just like the country needs this outpouring of patriotism. We all know that this war will be difficult, and that it will be deadly. But we cannot simply go from our peacetime lives one day to being a nation at war the next. It's too much. They need, and we need, these last days of joy to prepare us for the hardship to come."

"Aye," Mec-Salgan agreed. "To those who will suffer most for us," he proclaimed, motioning towards the sailors.

Mec-Vernas raised his beer to meet Mec-Salgan's. "So that we may suffer less."


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