Anemos Major (Factbook, Closed)

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Anemos Major (Factbook, Closed)

Postby Anemos Major » Thu May 05, 2011 9:52 am

The Second Holy Empire of Anemos Major


Ei Imperyr Divinatei Dinstei dei Etatyr Anemonei

"There is darkness in this world. And we will be the last bastion that stands before it, now, and forever."
-High Lord Ilfir Erenthi I
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Postby Anemos Major » Thu May 05, 2011 10:32 am

Official Name: The Second Holy Empire of Anemos Major
Unofficial Names: Anemos, The Second Anemonian Empire
Demonym: Anemonian

Official Motto: "Loyalty Unto Death"
Imperial Anthem: "Eteryr"

Official Languages: Anemonian, Old Contigoan, English
Recognised Languages: Ragnosian German, Japanese, French

Ethnic Groups:
- Anemonist (82%)
- Fyrkondiereist (8%)
- Symovienist (6%)
- Karonienist (3%)
- Ragnosienist (1%)

Capital (and largest city: Anemos Rei (and Metropolitan Area of Anemos Rei)

Government: Convention Bound Absolute Monarchy
Head of State and Government: His Imperial Majesty the High Lord of Anemos Major Thryn Erenthi I

State Legislature: The Imperial Halls of State
- First House: The Halls of the Nobles
- Second House: The Halls of the People
- Third House: The Halls of the Empire

- Foundation of the Great Empire of Anemos: 15th May, 1015
- The Second Holy Empire of Anemos Major: 5th December, 1951

- Total: 13,824,791 km² (5,337,782 sq mi)
- Water: 6.8%

- 2011 census: 6,319,287,412
- Density: 457.1/km² (1183.9/sq mi)

GDP (nominal, 2011 estimate): 133,844,523,511,027.98 Universal Standard Dollars

Currency: Filerin (AFR)
Date Formats: dd/mm/yy
Drives on the: left
Calling code: +1819
Internet TLD: .an, .cor, .mic
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I: Geography

Postby Anemos Major » Thu May 05, 2011 11:08 am

The Second Holy Empire of Anemos Major is a continental state with a highly varied climate, also possessing the islands to the north and south of the nation designated as within the boundaries of the Empire. With a small land bridge connecting it to its neighbouring state, it is a virtually isolated nation in its own, possessing a vast coastal area and countless island possessions to its north and south. A large portion of the land is agriculturally viable, aside from the Fyrkondierikan ranges in the centre of the nation, but the rise of industrialisation has significantly decreased the amount of agriculturally adapted land within the nation.

Geographically, the Holy Empire of Anemos Major is highly varied. The centre of Anemos Major is dominated by the vast caldera of a former supervolcano (labelled Contigo Kar), which is ringed by a mountain range. With a very cold climate, prone to to maximum temperatures of 10 degrees celsius in the warmer areas in the summer but capable of subzero temperatures as low as -70 degrees celsius in the winter, the Fyrkondierikan Ranges are also the site of the highest mountain in Anemos Major, Kar-Fyrkondierikan, 12,755 metres above sea level, and unlike the flat plains of the Basin, are extraordinarily uneven and rocky, making them a harsh, unhospitable region.

The basin itself has a more moderate climate due to the lower altitude of the area, and the terrain is relatively even, with fertile soil across the entirety of the basin. The three great rivers of Anemos Major meet in the centre of the basin and the capital (the Kairi, Erenthi and Symovien). Snow is common in the winter, with temperatures known to reach -8 degrees celsius, but in the summer this can rise to temperatures of 30 degrees celsius. The rivers do not freeze over during the winter.

To the West, the area around Myrstirei and Mollei is heavily forested, with a temperate climate and an even landscape. Serei is similar, albeit with a smaller amount of forested land. The area, especially Myrstirei, is home to highly fertile land, responsible for the vast majority of Anemos Major's agricultural output. The Great Forest of Myrstirei is of particular geographical importance, consisting of a combination of incredibly old clonal colonies and individual trees all sustained by the highly fertile ground of the area. The Great Forest was protected from the foundation of the Anemonian State and, as such, environmental concerns have barely affected the area.

Sierei, Renei and Kyrei, to the South, as well as Symoirei, are slightly warmer than the forested areas to their west, with a partially Mediterranean atmosphere in some areas. However, the slightly mountainous nature of the region has ensured that it is not overly heavily populated (with the exception of the Symoirei area, which is not mountainous).

To the East, Nyrei and Narei have a temperate climate comparable to that of Myrstirei. However, their land is not forested, instead dominated by valleys.

Sailiei, to the North East has a surprisingly chilly climate, although not to the extent of the Fyrkondierikan area. It does not snow, and does not rain often, but the coolness of the area, as well as the relatively low-lying land, has made it a very important maritime sector.

Fierei and Qyrei to the West are heavily forested, with evergreen forests standing amongst the occasional bouts of snow. The temperature can get relatively low, but not to areas comparable to that of the Fyrkondierikan Ranges.

Overall, the varied nature of Anemos Major's climate and geography stem from the nation's size and the prehistoric volcanic activity of the area; the distribution of organisms and volcanic material largely shaped the land's geographic evolution over the following era, resulting a highly varied landmass. It is also highly materially endowed, with remarkably large deposits of strategically important natural resources such as oil, metals and natural gas.

The Anemonian landmass itself is classified as being within the confines of the greater continental body known as Greater Dienstad; however, geographic eccentricities have resulted in the Anemonian state assuming a significantly detached position to the east of Dienstad, and the result is that it is, though considered to be within its geographic bounds, not shown on maps of the area.
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II: Economy

Postby Anemos Major » Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:53 am

The Anemonian economy follows a mixed system, revolving around the principle of state administrated strategic assets. The only fully state owned markets within Anemos Major are the arms industry and natural resource extraction corporations. The government also maintains 'strategic shares' in other strategically vital industries such as shipbuilding and aerospace; competing against rival firms from abroad, this allows nationalised industries and 'mixed' ownership corporations to act under a competitive incentive, while the usual social implications of a monopoly are kept under control through the government regulation of such firms. This allows a state monopoly to be set up in areas where it is strategically viable to do so due to the resultant economies of scale, while regulating these firms to prevent the negative social effects of a monopolised industry from manifesting themselves.

Other assets are managed along a part-nationalised basis, generally in areas where competitive efficiency must be balanced with strategic necessity to create a system capable of operating effectively both in times of peace and war. National infrastructure tends to revolve around the basis of state infrastructural ownership and private provision with state reserves (i.e. national rail services, where the state both owns the rail networks and maintains a reserve of rolling stock but daily service provision is conducted by private corporations). This applies to basic necessities, such as electricity and water provision, as well as transport and some areas. The postal service operates in a tiered fashion, with a low-cost nationalised service in operation while private firms offering higher cost express services also exist.

In general, the Anemonian economy operates along an industrial base, with a large degree of self-sufficiency through a heavily subsidised agricultural sector and state controlled industry. However, a burgeoning service sector in the cities of Anemos Rei, Fierei and Sailiei, as well as an information technology 'revolution' originating in the 1990s, has seen the rise of a large urban tertiary sector spearheaded by major investment banks such as Mordentyr International and several technological development firms, commercial or otherwise, making their mark on Anemonian society.

Though the income and wealth gap in Anemos Major certainly exists, with a Gini coefficient of 52.0, a combination of high inheritance taxes, graded income tax bands and extensive state welfare and benefit programs, together with a highly competitive state education system and bursary requirements across private education, create a system where the Anemonian state promotes equity over equality.
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