The Lost Ones[P/MT, Semi-Open]

A staging-point for declarations of war and other major diplomatic events. [In character]
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The Lost Ones[P/MT, Semi-Open]

Postby -Deus- » Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:57 pm

“Quiet yourself my dear. It’ll be fine…oh yes, it’ll all be fine. Simply do as instructed.” A man whispered slowly, his frail frame hunched over the shoulder of a pale, frightened, elderly women. The women shook viciously; her fragile, slowly decaying body looking like nothing more than a bag of bones. Her eyes were filled with fear, her heart pumping blood throughout her body, her nervous system on overdrive. She cleared her throat and walked from the alleyway, tightly gripping her purse, the man standing in the shadows like a ghost, his eyes intently following the women. He prayed for her, his heartfelt plea’s to his god nothing but a whisper however as he continued to eye up the old women who walked with a slow limp, clutching her bag tightly as she moved across the busy street.

A ridged smile crossed the man’s face, his bony features protruding out of his skull. He was tall and lanky, dressed in a black suit that made him look like a pencil with legs. He had dark brown hair, cut into a ponytail that hung around his neck and rested on his shoulder. He wheezed every now and then, something everyone was doing in Daius now of days. His face was clean shaven, his eyes sunken in yet giving off a ghastly dark yellow glow that screamed “evil” to onlookers who actually only snickered at him. Yet he was not evil, he was just a simple man. He nodded his head back and forth, as the women continued to move across the street, evading cars and walking people, her dainty footsteps all drowned out by the sheer amount of useless noise present in the city of Deus. She slowly moved towards a large structure, the first checkpoint to the now fabled Fort Tyraas, something of a national landmark for some Daius.

Fort Tyraas was gigantic, yet puny compared to Deus. It was imposing; even giving an overbearing feeling to those that lived in close proximity to it. Yet it was said that humans, foreign humans lived there, something was rare enough to peak even the highest citizen’s interest from time to time. It was not owned by the national government, nor by any citizens, yet it had such an alien and unknown vibe to it, that it acted as propaganda in its own right. Simply standing near it gave the impression of power, nay, the impression of evil, of always being watching, of fear. Heh, it was used to scare children into bed in the morning, often said to be the prison full of monsters, even the Jhatakan were said to come from inside it’s cold walls. Yet these were only rumours and children’s stories…at least, that’s what most of the populace believed.

Yet still that tiny old woman moved toward the fort, clutching her bag that shook and clanged like metal whenever she stumbled. The brooding shadows of people, soldiers most likely, could be seen from the near the fort, the women’s pace and anxiety nearly overflowing out of her as she shuffled towards the base, standing right in front of it soon after, her legs shaking. Onlookers stared in confusion, some laughing, other pointing as small drips of liquid ran down her legs and fell across the pavement, the man in the alley only sneering and waiting snidely, whispering to himself “Come now my dear…yes, finish the job…finish the job! Do it now!” he yelled out in a shaky voice, his tone uneven as the woman gasped and hit her bag across the ground multiple times… clang clang clang clang…. BOOM!

An explosion rocked the area, debris, limbs, blood and guts all flying around as the smoke began to clear, the fort itself, the city within a city as it was called, still standing, a large hole in its first checkpoint. The women was in pieces, her torso, head and legs nowhere to be found, her bloodless severed arms simply sitting over a pile of dust and ash. People screamed for their lives, running in complete disorder as chaos and confusion swept over the streets in the area. The man bellowed with laughter, sprinting from the alley quickly, digging into his pocket and revealing a grenade, the man jumping atop of a blood stained car, rising the grenade above his head and screaming out “WE FIGHT FOR THE LOST ONE!” Repeatedly until…the second explosion rocked the street, the area painted in blood, purple, red, blue, whatever the colour. It was a war, it was anarchy.
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Postby Tergnitz » Fri Apr 29, 2011 12:43 am


    Fort Tyrass. Two words synonymous with the Dominion’s Imperial power, might and reach. Located in the heart of Deus; the Fort had been designed as a city, within a city. A military installation, airport, embassy, civilian residence, prison and seat of Imperial Governance all rolled into one. A sanctuary for the over three-hundred thousand Tergnitzian soldiers, in addition to their nearly million strong support staff of family dependents, military contractors and businesses; in a foreign and often vey hostile land.

    Angular steel walls jutted up from the ground, as if emerging from the very bowels of the Earth itself. These towers of reflective metal were covered in an ultra-thin layer of plastic polymer, designed by the Dominion’s military to preserve the pristine appearance of the metal to ensure that the passage of time would not dull the Fort’s majestic exterior appearance. Soaring into the sky, the walls were easily four stories high, towering over the comparatively small dwellings which surrounded the military base.

    From his office on the twelfth floor of the Eastern Defence Citadel, Major Jacob Grave’s had a spectacular view of the seemingly never ending city-state of Deus. The crystal armourglass window giving him an opportunity to view the vast teeming, downtrodden masses of Deus as they underwent their daily drudgery all while their armed overlords surveyed the domain for threats to their hold on power. The entire scenario echoed the medieval practices of the Dominion many centuries previous.

    However, Jacob was not in his office, as he had left as soon as the news of the apparent suicide bombing of Eastern Checkpoint 01 had arrived at the Citadel. With a sense of purpose, he strolled through the armed checkpoints and open bulkhead doors which protected the CIC of the Citadel. Nicknamed the ‘Trophy Case’ by the common soldier due to the high percentage of officers in one location, the room was the nerve center of all military operations conducted on or around the Fort’s eastern quadrant.

    Someone give me a SITREP,” yelled Jacob into the room as he entered the ‘Trophy Case,' the bombastic tone of his demand carrying over the multitude of other loud conversations which had been unfolding.

    Major,” answered one of the Captains surrounding the digital map display which took up the entire center of the small room. “At this time we are trying to identify the individual, or individuals responsible for the bombing, but the checkpoint’s external cameras were destroyed in the attack and we are having some degree of difficulty in recovering the data.”

    Jacob nodded grimly as he approached the digital map display; he had been expecting that response. “What about first responders?”

    The captain glanced down towards the map display, verifying his information before presenting it to Jacob. “Our men are already on the scene sir. They have established a temporary perimeter around the site and are attempting to douse the fires which have sprung up. We have no news regarding the actions of the local responders however; I can only assume that they are en route.”

    Jacob had known what his next move was going to be; he had known as soon as the news of the suicide bombing had reached him. “Captain, I am hereby putting the Shield Protocol into effect. By my authority as commander of the Eastern Defence Citadel, all entrances to the Fort are to be shut immediately pending an investigation into these attacks. Do you acknowledge my order as legal and appropriate?” Asked Jacob, as he knew that to engage the resource-heavy Protocol, a subordinate commander had to acknowledge and approve of his order.

    I acknowledge and approve sir; the Shield Protocol is now in effect. What shall we do in regards to Eastern Checkpoint 01 sir?” Asked the Captain with a quizzical expression.

    Taking a moment to think, Jacob stroked his beard with his right hand, evaluating the options available to him. “Deploy a platoon of men from the 15th Mechanized Infantry Regiment, with a further two platoons tasked with overwatch on the wall. Eastern Checkpoints 02 and 03 are to be shut after their departure in accordance with the Protocol. These men are to secure the area by establishing a more permanent perimeter until the investigation team arrives. I hereby grant all three platoons STK authorization.”

    The Captain saluted and turned around the relay the Major’s orders to the array of Lieutenants hovering around the CIC. Jacob remained in front of the map display, watching intensely as small pixels blinked in and out of existence as friendly units moved around the Fort to respond to this latest development.
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