World Bowl 48 - Competition Thread

A battle ground for the sportsmen and women of nations worldwide. [In character]
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World Bowl 48 - Competition Thread

Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Wed Feb 14, 2024 10:46 pm

Welcome to the 48th World Bowl! 36 teams will be looking to play for the one single title that unites all in this exciting competition. The Quebec and Shingoryeo Gridiron Council (QSGC), with assist from the Royal Quebecois Olympic Committee and the Imperial Sporting Council, will serve as the organising body for the event.

This thread is for IC purposes, meaning that they are reserved for rosters and the roleplays. For any OOC comments, please redirect them to either the World Bowl Discussion thread or the Signup-OOC thread. If you have more direct enquiries, please contact me directly on discord or via TGs.


The group stage will be played in six groups of six, with teams set to play on a double round-robin fixture. The matches will be played on a home-and-away fixture. Afterwards, the top two, as well as four best third-placers, will qualify for sixteen-team playoffs. Tiebreakers for group and playoff seeding will be in following order:

Group Position (Playoff Only)
Head-to-Head Wins
Head-to-Head Run Difference
Run Difference
RP Bonus (IC Coin Flip)

The knockout rounds will be straightforward, a 16-team single-round elimination stage that will be played entirely in Quebec and Shingoryeo. There will be no group rematches for the second round, nor re-seeding after each round.

Pots and Groups:

Pot 1
Drawkland (1)
Banija (2)
TJUN-ia (3)
Ko-oren (4)
Chromatika (5)
Quebec and Shingoryeo (7 - HOST)

Pot 2
Saint Kanye (8)
HUElavia (9)
Sarzonia (11)
Cassadaigua (12)
Terefuxe (13)
Abanhfleft (14)

Pot 3
The Kytler Peninsulae (16)
South Americanastan (17)
Valanora (22)
Cardenao (24)
Delaclava (29)
Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove (31)

Pot 4
Lisander (31)
Utahn Theocratic Republic (35)
Juvencus (38)
New Fernia (UR*)
Kinqueven (UR*)
Crpostran (UR*)

Note: Myrtle Beach, Kinqueven and Cropostran were originally selected into the Pot 4. New Fernia replaces Myrtle Beach per latest OOC update.

Unranked Pots (5-6)
Ubernordwinds (UR)
The Fortem (UR)
Zantalio (UR)
Equestrian States (UR)
Ekhistan (UR)
The 14 Stars (UR)
Oahu-Hawaii (UR)
Untecna (UR)
Sherpus (UR)
Lozho (UR)
United States of Devonta (UR)
Daharia (UR)

Group A
Quebec and Shingoryeo (7 - HOST)
HUElavia (9)
The Kytler Peninsulae (16)
Lisander (31)
Ekhistan (UR)
Daharia (UR)

Group B
Drawkland (1)
Sarzonia (11)
South Americanastan (17)
Juvencus (38)
Sherpus (UR)
Untecna (UR)

Group C
Banija (2)
Terefuxe (13)
Cardenao (24)
Utahn Theocratic Republic (35)
The 14 Stars (UR)
The Fortem (UR)

Group D
Chromatika (5)
Cassadaigua (12)
Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove (31)
Kinqueven (UR*)
Ubernordwinds (UR)
Lozho (UR)

Group E
TJUN-ia (3)
Abanhfleft (14)
Valanora (22)
New Fernia (UR*)
Oahu-Hawaii (UR)
United States of Devonta (UR)

Group F
Ko-oren (4)
Saint Kanye (8)
Delaclava (29)
Crpostran (UR*)
Equestria (UR)
Zantalio (UR)

Cutoffs will happen at 2359 Eastern (359+1 UTC).

A room up to 30 minutes of time afterwards to be left in case of need on my end.

Advanced notice will be provided on this thread in case of unexpected change in scorination schedule.


Please be advised that the schedule so far takes into account possible events that may alter parts of the schedule. This includes, but are not limited to those more predictable holidays, IFCF deadline/Transfer Windows, etc, but does not take into account unexpected or unusual situations like RL emergencies or server outages. In case where latter does occur and affect the schedule, this section will be updated to reflect the changes.

Everything Thread open with Pots: 15th of February (early AM)
Group draw: 15th of February (late AM)
Matchday 1: 21st February (1v6, 2v5, 3v4)
Matchday 2: 23rd February (6v4, 5v3, 1v2)
Matchday 3-4: 26th February (MD3: 2v6, 3v1, 4v5 - MD4: 6v5, 1v4, 2v3)
Matchday 5-6: 28th February (MD5: 3v6, 4v2, 5v1 - MD6: 6v1, 5v2, 4v3)
Matchday 7-8: 1st March (MD7: 4v6, 3v5, 2v1 - MD8: 6v2, 1v3, 5v4)
Matchday 9: 3rd March (MD9: 5v6, 4v1, 3v2)
Matchday 10: 6th March (MD10: 6v3, 2v4, 1v5)
Round of Sixteen: 8th March
Quarterfinals: 10th March
Semifinals: 12th March
Final: 14th March

RP Permissions:

Please include one of the following RP Permissions boxes in your roster post:

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes/No
Choose Scoring Events: Yes/No
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes/No
RP Injuries to my Players: Yes/No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Yes/No
Godmod Other Events: Yes/No
Style Modifier: (can range from -5 to +5)

The tournament is now officially underway! You may begin posting rosters and initial RPs.
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Postby Quebec and Shingoryeo » Wed Feb 14, 2024 11:12 pm

Quebec & Shingoryeo is a gigantic nation of 94 million people located in northwestern Arrosia.

The land that is now known to be part of Quebecois Realms is inhabited for millennia by the indigenous people present in the region. In the year 1404, the fleet of Joseonite exiles from the would sail into the so-called RL-verse move into areas that nowadays constitute the Acadie province and the capitol of Joongyeong, where the kingdom was founded in the same year by Henri I, who negotiated treaty of coexistence among all peoples of the nation, whether indigenous or Koreanophone.

Over the subsequent centuries, the nation would grow in size and technology. With the quiet incorporation of the neighbouring peoples, the expansion of maritime trade between Atlantian Oceania and Rushmore (and to some degree Tyran and Esportiva), subsequent industrialisation of the country's industries, and inconsistent operations of the interrealm portal, the Quebecois Empire would grow to incorporate territories across many regions.

The Empire, while formed by military warfare and supported by its allied nations (see: Gatchingerrak Union's constituent nations), was an odd one of own. It did not suppress the peoples or the cultures, but focused on the equal standings between the locals (this being mostly the ruling elites of the territories) who would fall under the mostly similar administrative and economic frameworks (citation needed for latter btw). Thus, the Empire was stood to be a short-term option with nations fostered to develop their own, nationalistic path over time. With the growing inequalities faced domestically at home, and the overseas territories becoming increasingly unmanageable in economic terms by the early-1900s, decolonisation and the further bloc-ification of the Quebecois Empire and its allies were inevitable and encouraged.

Eventually, the Empire would turn into that of the Quebecois Commonwealth, a loose political and economic union of two-dozen nations, with the process finished by year 1949. The nation, now without a glitter (and grime) of an empire, had to embark on their own path to redefine themselves. Continued encouragement of immigration from both Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth nations, which had coincided the postwar decades' excitement and calls for cultural liberalisation, would further diversify the nation. At the same time the resilient strength of the nation's economy, even after all the booms-and-busts of economic cycles, nationalisation and privatisation and re-nationalisation policies, would too ensure that Quebec and Shingoryeo, just over a century after the nation-defining Southern Rushmori War and the de-markation of the Quebecois Empire, and just under a decade after historical Foxchester Declaration, is still a darn good place to live, if slightly expensive.

Quebec and Shingoryeo is a federal parliamentary democracy and semi-constitutional monarchy, currently led by Christine II as the head of state. There are three official languages - English, French and Korean - with local indigenous languages spoken in regional capacity. Quebec and Shingoryeo has one of the largest economies in both regions, which is built upon its strengths in heavy industry, finance and agriculture.

As the seat of the former Quebecois Empire and the current Quebecois Commonwealth, Quebec & Shingoryeo has stood as a major power in Anaia and Atlantian Oceania. It has also maintained its historical status as one of the major international powers in culture, science and philosophy - a feat achieved partly through the existence of Quebecois Commonwealth and its geopolitical location between Anaia, Atlantian Oceania and Rushmore, but also through long history of social and cultural homogeneity that originated from the nation's founding day. That said the nation, once an active participant in international wars, has stayed peaceful and relatively conflict-less, and is expected to uphold the past forty years of peacetime.
Some Questions

Travelling to Quebec and Shingoryeo is a fun, multi-planar experience of own. So, with this in mind, here are some travel tips you could use during the course of the Olympics:

1. Laws, laws and laws.

Quebec and Shingoryeo is known to be a fairly liberal country in terms of certain laws, and it's partly true. That is probably why you are smelling a bit of marijuana and may be drinking too much on an outdoor patio of a local delicatessen while walking down the street.

The minimum age to purchase and consume substances vary in what substance - 14 for alcohol, 16 for marijuana, and 21 for tobacco. Possession and consumption of said substances (which also include a narrow list of recreational drugs) outdoors are predictably legal as well, though some boomers and fitness maniacs may openly judge you if you do them in a park or somewhere that is public.

There is a total ban on indoor public smoking, however, and this extends to sporting events in general. Drinking on indoor venues, while not prohibited, will be frowned upon. Besides, why would you drink indoors when there is just a pub down the road with way cheaper and better quality Anju? Drugs trade, unless they are from a legal vendor and for legal substance, is banned. So if you are a local or a tourist, you are more than welcome to go to a state-owned Cannabiscorp or a co-op store and buy stuff instead.

What is no different than other past hosting nations are firearms. Firearm ownership, let alone use, is heavily restricted in Quebec and Shingoryeo with exceptions only given to those whose work requires it (e.g. shooters, pentathletes, some members of the police and the military), or those who have likely survived months and several dozen pages of the application process for a hunting rifle. For the sake of this competition, let's just assume that it's probably not a good idea to not bring your favourite Glock or Colt .45 to Quebecois soil.

2. Quebecois Pound (Q£) is the national currency. The exchange rate is roughly Q£1 = NSD 2.00. Foreign credit cards will be accepted into most bank ATMs.

3. As seen above, Quebec and Shingoryeo has three official languages - English, French and Korean - with local indigenous language(s) also used on a regional capacity. While all three languages will be used in an official capacity, the language dynamic there is a bit more complicated - the best way to describe this is by using a quote from Sylvain IV 'The Thinker', the great-grandfather of current Christine II - 'I speak English to a Banker, French to a Dancer, Korean to a Thinker, and the Original Tongue to a God.' In the Northwestern part of Quebec, English and Korean are primarily spoken.

4. Quebecois people are usually known to be talkative, celebratory and most importantly blunt, and they will rarely apologise or remain polite unless on close capacity. While those in need of help or directions will always be helped, and you will be set for a long time after that, it is expected that the help is asked first by those to whom this may concern. That said, once the help is sought out and all goes well, you will be set for the rest of your time here, and may have found yourself a lifelong mate to come stay over or drink with.

5. The rights of freedom of speech and assembly are guaranteed. That said, this does not mean freedom from consequences.

In adherence to the security protocol established back back in the Games of the 16th Olympiad, there will be strict security checks when entering the venues and team hotels, with additional personnel placed across the city. Unlike with the Olympics, however, there will be more lax security regulations -- flares, obscenely large banners and limited display of hooliganism will be tolerated. Displays of hate speech will not be tolerated, however.

6. The question of religion is a complicated one, perhaps even more so than languages. Traditionally, Roman Catholicism, Mahayana Buddhism, Anglicanism, and Indigenous religions are considered as four religious pillars of state and are viewed with particular interest by the state and people. All four pillars, as well as other minor religions, incorporate various elements of native shamanism and folk traditions and do not always follow the rules from Vatican or Canterbury, something that has complicated the authority-to-authority relations over the Interrealm portal.

The rights of religion are unquestioned here, and this will remain the same throughout the course of your stay in the country. People tend to be careful being aware of other person's religions though, and their way of addressing it is usually not asking about them. At least not on the first impression/moment, or else they are viewed as rude.

7. If you need police, fire or most importantly medical help, please call 777. (Yeah, it's literally 777).

Visitors and athletes of delegations will be able to receive excellent and prompt care from the city's hospitals and walk-in clinics under the People's Healthcare Services (PHS). Specialists may take a little bit longer time to reach, but for the most part, will be there for you in time. Those interested in consulting services re: traditional medicine will be given referrals, but those likely require a friend or two, or a local jack, who knows one.

8. Food and alcohol here should be fine, if slightly spicy. Influenced by the indigenous fare and the influences of haute cuisine coming from the Joseonian settlers of old, the Quebecois cuisine is largely based upon rice, and other diverse kinds of grains, vegetables, and meats. In this part of Calania, moose, lamb and caribou are known to be particularly popular, which have long survived the wave of delicacies that are no longer eaten.

They are also known for their intensive use of spices, sauces and pastes. Seafood is extremely popular across the country, though their affordability remains up in the air unless you reside on the West or East Coast - more inland parts usually consume freshwater fare instead. Quebecois do not have a particularly picky taste of alcohol in general, though what alcohol you drink usually depends on your cultural background and socioeconomic demographics. Smoking culture is massive here, and while cigarette smoking is very slowly declining over the years, marijuana's prominence in society is not something that's being challenged anytime soon.

Welcome to Quebec & Shingoryeo!

Hello! The Quebec and Shingoryeo Gridiron Council (QSGC), with assistance from the Royal Quebecois Olympic Committee and the Imperial Sporting Council, would like to welcome the final sixteen teams ready to embark on next stage of the quest for the ever-elusive World Bowl title.

For this year's World Bowl, the QSGC will be using six venues from six cities. The venues listed are not selected on how big the cities are, or if they host a major QFL franchise, but rather because they are home to the annual New Year's Six Bowl games, the six postseason bowl games (and no more) that are played at the New Year's Eve or the New Year's day. Held in six venues across Quebec and Shingoryeo, they all possess some form of conference alignment, while also forming a three-year rotation for postseason playoff games, with following alignments:

  • December 31 (Late PM): Apple Bowl (B1G/Saguenay vs. RSECQ) - Camelia Bowl (MUS vs. SWUA/At-Large)
  • January 1 (Early PM): Heartland Bowl (SWUA vs. At-Large) - Commonwealth Armed Forces (Armed Forces/At-Large vs. MUS)
  • January 1 (Late PM): Moogoongwha Bowl (SAL-12 vs. RSECQ) - Podo Bowl (B1G vs. SAL-12)

Each of the bowl games usually hold significant regional elements, whether it be in the form of stadium's historic significance or the nature of the bowl games themselves, and to mark the first hosting of World Bowl by Quebec and Shingoryeo in 40 years, have been placed as the host venues for the competition in a minor tribute.


Moogoongwha Bowl (cap. 65,000)
Tenants: Yoseo University at Montevicio (Quebecois Intercollegiate Sports)
New Year's Six Bowl: Moogoongwha Bowl (SAL-12 vs. RSECQ)

Montevicio is a major, coastal city located on the southwestern tip of Yoseo region approximately 350 kilometres and 4 hours west of Jolbonopolis. Famous for its Mediterranean climate with hot, dry weather on year-round basis, it is traditionally considered to be the sole beacon of warmth in a nation known for its winter. While a principality dating back 400 years it is still a young city, with its incorporation and recognition as the protectorate of the Shingoryeoite state only coming the mid-1870s. The subsequent railway connection to Joongyeong, combined with the opening of the Monte Vincenzo Casino and the development of the Montywood of commercial television and cinema, have expanded Montevicio into a major economic and tourist location. For more seafaring tourists, ever-famous Santa Ana Beach will be their place, with the multi-ride pier separating the two halves of the 8-mile beach that is considered 'Home of Quebecois Surfing'.

Located in Yoseo University-Montevicio's campus best known for their Romanesque and Southern Yoseo (OOC: Southern Californian) architecture style, the Moogoongwha Bowl is one of the most iconic stadiums in all of the nation. While mostly aged stadium that does not necessarily have the amenities one would expect from a contemporary college football stadium, it was selected over its much more grand rival in Montevicio Memorial Coliseum for its symbolic significance as the home to the Moogoongwha Bowl game, one of two most iconic NY6 bowl games that is followed by a weeklong festival culminating into the Moogoongwha Parade and the Bowl game. The proximity to Montevicio's bustling downtown, usually known for its villas and coastal high-risers, also helps with crowd easily able to head into the nightlife or shopping scenes where needed.


Barry Johnson's Field (cap. 34,000)
Tenants: University of Hamilton (Quebecois Intercollegiate Sports) - Hamilton Steelers (State League)
New Year's Six Bowl: Heartland Bowl (SWUA vs. At-Large)

Hamilton is a medium-sized city of 500,000 located just an hour southwest of much bigger Kingston. Mostly known for being home to the HamSteel, one of the three major steelmakers in the country, it is usually remembered for its long industrial history with people known to be much friendlier and more community-minded than its eastern neighbour. The city itself is a bit more of mixed bag, with infrastructure in need of improvements, municipal services strong, and crime rate neighbourhood-dependent, but it is also a charming city with plenty of museums, galleries and sports arenas for people to spend a couple of days without trouble.

Barry Johnson's Field is where the annual Heartland Bowl game is hosted on the New Year's day, with the matches usually held right in the afternoon for 13:00 kickoff time. Sponsored by Barry Johnson's, a famous low-cost coffeehouse chain with cheap coffee and underrated desserts that is headquartered here, the 34,000-seater is usually busy as the home to University of Hamilton's football team and Hamilton Steelers, one-time Q-League side that currently languishes in the Championship level. While relatively smaller than the other stadiums, the Barry's does have strong sightlines and solid scran options thanks to a recent renovation that the university, the city council and Steelers all paid for, and should be accommodating for the visiting fans.


Leland Field at Podo Bowl (cap. 74,000)
Tenants: Universite d'Abitibi (Quebecois Intercollegiate Sports)
New Year's Six Bowl: Podo Bowl (B1G vs. SAL-12)

Anju is one of the oldest cities in the country, and one that is talked about relatively less unless you know the country well enough. A city of 1.8 million, it is a historic city that is located nowhere near the Fleuve or sea, but instead located in middle of the massive Lake Abitibi, the Daedong River that flows into it, and is surrounded by many valleys. Its early-history significance as a land route hub to the country’s northwest has more or less diminished with the arrival of the railways in the 1800s, but the area’s diversified economy, headed by the city’s long history in commerce and technology, means that it continues to serve as a major regional centre with high livability index.


Stade St. Croix (cap. 102,000)
Tenants: Joongyeong Voyageurs (Quebecois Football League) - Universite St. Croix (Quebecois Intercollegiate Sport)
New Year's Six Bowl: Commonwealth Armed Forces Bowl (Armed Forces/At-Large vs. MUS)

Joongyeong is the capital of Quebec and Shingoryeo. It is the seat of the Parliament and the Head of State, who are hosted by the Jeongdeokgoong and Daemyeonggoong Palaces respectively, and is part of an autonomous Federal Province alongside its big two rival in Songak. Located by the Fleuve-Saint-Henri on the nation’s capital, Joongyeong lacks the economic powers of a more prosperous Songak, but as the second-largest city and cultural capital (in a traditional sense), the 'City of Eternal Lights' holds the allure that comes from its classical architecture, haute and traditional cuisine, hundreds of museums and monuments forming the city. The city's history and culture, while strong and embedded into the nation's fabric to point of allure, also brings forth a sense of entitlement.

Since its construction 45 years ago in 2011, Joongyeong’s Stade St. Croix is constantly in motion. While it is best known to host to both the Univ. St. Croix’s Bleu et Blanc football team, and the Quebecois Football League’s Joongyeong Voyageurs, both teams known for being among the winningest teams on their respective leagues, it also sees constant use for concerts, public events and even a couple of World Bowls hosted many decades ago.

Interestingly enough, however, the stadium has never seen used as an NSCF championship venue. In the past editions, there have been multiple parties from all across the Multiverse who would bid early, and often they would come up with the best ways possible to promote the game. One year it’d be in the state-of-art Karmin-Falce Bowl in Ranoria, which would then be followed by a world-renowned Seven Stars Stadium in Drawkland or a creative, circular domains of Ruwani Motor Speedway in Banija. This, combined with NSCF commissioner Dexter Ahn’s preference to avoid Joongyeong or any other Quebecois city to host the championship game as a matter of ‘spreading the game’, has meant that the NSCF Championship game, until this year, was not in anybody’s particular plans.

Anyways, Stade St. Croix is one of the most impressive stadiums one could ever visit to watch a sport. Once the technological marvel - it still is, just not at the same calibre as its newer, savvier comparables - the Stade St. Croix has added additional history to the historic venue with the successes of both the Voyageurs, who have won five Imperial Bowls from Hall of Fame QBs Dexter Ahn (wait, the NSCF Commissioner right?) and still-active Ian Lautner, and the Bleu et Blanc, who has made it to two championship game and two semifinals appearances since their arrival at the SSC.

On outer appearance, it is best remembered for two, upholding arches. An architectural feature that goes back to the old Stade Bleu et Blanc, which has since been used as a permanent athletics and association football stadium under a smaller capacity of 15,000, SSC has a clear, modern identity that fits well with the ever-evolving institution of Univ. St. Croix. It is further complemented on the inside, with spacious seating, two-hundred luxury boxes and many more amenities on top including two-dozen food outlets. The intimacy of the stadium is emphasised by how close the courtside seats are located, almost to the point where one could whisper directly to the players or the coaching staff. While safety barriers, installed out of genuine concerns that were raised about twenty years ago, would mean that the fans would not be able to directly jump at the fans, the stadium remains loud and buzzing for those present at the stadium, giving it a unique experience that is rare among newer of stadiums.

While technically part of the mid-town city of St. Croix, just 15 minutes west of Joongyeong’s heart by metro or bus ride, the stadium is directly south and thus not part of what generally constitutes as the St. Croix’s Seonggyoongwan University College campus. This means that the fans, while not exactly part of the on-campus experience other stadiums would provide, would be able to enjoy the surrounding areas more. The Quartier Calanien, the historic district known for student housing, bistros and many small-scale live venues, is open 24/7 with sound coming from the locals and visitors alike. Due to the high volume of student and the local population, it doesn’t really cater to the tourists, but the wide range of options available from tiny bookstores to restaurants where menus change each and every day…. means that there’s always going to be something that satisfies a daily customer. With convenient access to the rest of Joongyeong area, including the Reneegrad Airport, via public transport, fans will be able to make their voyage from all across the nation’s capital.


Apple Bowl (cap. 75,000)
Tenants: Saguenay Saints (Quebecois Football League), Saguenay State University (Quebecois Intercollegiate Sports)
New Year's Six Bowl: Apple Bowl (B1G/Saguenay vs. RSECQ)

Chicoutimi is a weird city. It is the seventh-largest city in the nation with population of about 1.85 million people, but most of the population is spread out into satellite neighbourhoods. It is similar to its southern comparable in Kingston in that, while mostly accessible by subway and commuter rail, the downtown core is way smaller than in other places, the city's fort walls used as a boundary. It is also the city that has various parts of its history of industries somewhat separated, with the western suburbs home to old houses by the elite who have been around far before the city itself, the downtown home to a growing arts scene, and agriculture and oil and gas businesses' headquarters, and the southwest having large electronic and related research complexes. It is a centre in what's mostly a rural region, though, so there will always be lots of activities to do there.

Dongnae-Halifax County

Camelia Bowl (cap. 50,000)
Tenants: Dongnae Schooners (Quebecois Football League)
New Year's Six Bowl: Camelia Bowl (MUS vs. SWUA/At-Large)

Dongnae-Halifax County is the fifth-largest city in Quebec and Shingoryeo. Home to the largest port in the nation, and also one of the leading gateways to the country back in time, it is renowned for the hilly terrain that compliments nicely to miles of beautiful beaches and along the area. It is bustling year-round with well as year-round festival cycle best described by internationally-renowned Festival de Dongnae located just down the road from the City Centre with historical buildings, agricultural and seafood markets, and colourful neighbourhoods on the hillside.
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Kingdom of Quebec & Shingoryeo
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Postby Utahn Theocratic Republic » Wed Feb 14, 2024 11:24 pm

Utahn World Bowl team (Aka: The bees)

#	OFFENSE	       POS	AGE	HT	WT	COLLEGE (Graduated from or still attending)

3 Blake Zuercher QB 24 6-1 205 Bingham Young University
10 Camren Barbara QB 28 6-2 200 Utah State University
11 Ethel Colemen QB 31 6-0 203 Southern Utah University

15 Keawe Olina RB 27 6-4 239 Weber State University
2 Bobbie Collyer RB 29 6-3 241 Southern Utah University
4 Ora Manwaring RB 30 6-1 244 Bingham Young University
7 Royce Machlin RB 31 6-2 234 Utah State University

19 Miles Davis FB 26 6-2 245 Bingham Young University
13 Wren Wakita FB 26 6-3 241 Weber State University
47 Tariua Fepuleai FB 27 6-1 245 Southern Utah University
80 Russell Stefani FB 31 6-4 241 Utah State University

83 Kaikane Pane'e WR 28 6-0 204 Utah State University
1 Nicholas Kupka WR 25 6-4 195 Weber State University
12 Jax Mortel WR 29 6-0 209 Bingham Young University
18 Koen Pytel WR 30 6-2 210 Bingham Young University

Offensive-Tackle [left]
57 Pablo Puebla LT 29 6-3 311 Weber State University
56 Iona Taueu LT 25 6-2 312 Dixie State University
60 Andrei Daubert LT 28 6-2 314 Utah State University
61 Blake Cimeno LT 26 6-3 315 Southern Utah University

Offensive-Tackle [Right]
59 Louis Barba RT 30 6-4 309 Bingham Young University
64 Royce Machlin RT 29 6-3 310 Southern Utah University
67 Reagan Jagneaux RT 25 6-1 315 Utah State University
65 Toa Siosifa RT 28 6-3 314 Southern Utah University

Offensive-Guard [left]
66 Milah Hick LG 30 6-1 Bingham Young University
68 Lafi Safenu LG 29 6-3 Weber State University
79 Rudy Owston LG 31 6-4 Utah State University
71 Claude Cheek LG 28 6-5 Dixie State University

Offensive-Guard [Right]
51 Apisaloma Isaia RG 29 6-1 Utah State University
53 Nico Wilham RG 32 6-2 Dixie State University
75 Reece Williama RG 27 6-2 Bingham Young University
00 Nevin Toca RG 29 6-4 Dixie State University

#	DEFENSE	       POS	AGE	HT	WT	COLLEGE (Graduated from or still attending)

Defensive end
44 Fox Jones DE 29 6-1 279 Utah State University
45 Falaniko Silao DE 30 6-2 278 Dixie State University
50 Natano Timu DE 27 6-1 276 Bingham Young University
5 Kevin Eredia DE 30 6-3 277 Bingham Young University

Defensive tackle
51 Kyler Gonazlez DT 27 6-5 309 Utah State University
53 Dudley Blackard DT 30 6-2 300 Bingham Young University
55 Siaki Suega DT 29 6-4 302 Utah State University
56 Peni Tilo DT 31 6-4 308 Dixie State University

Middle line backer
57 Izaac Ferderer MLB 29 6-6 245 Weber State University
59 Apa Tufele MLB 27 6-5 247 Dixie State University
62 Robyn Sustaita MLB 29 6-4 249 Utah State University
58 Ty Zuhlke MLB 30 6-6 245 Bingham Young University

Inside line backer
90 Pati Leoso ILB 30 6-3 229 Bingham Young University
92 Isaako Niu ILB 29 6-5 230 Bingham Young University
91 Levon Garrean ILB 27 6-4 245 Weber State University
93 Kaisara Fa'amoe ILB 29 6-1 226 Dixie State University

Inside line backer
90 Pati Leoso ILB 30 6-3 229 Bingham Young University
92 Isaako Niu ILB 29 6-5 230 Bingham Young University
91 Levon Garrean ILB 27 6-4 245 Weber State University
93 Kaisara Fa'amoe ILB 29 6-1 226 Dixie State University

Center back
95 Aydin Gomoll CB 28 6-3 302 Bingham Young University
94 Omeri Suega CB 29 6-4 310 Weber State University
96 Louis Schebler CB 30 6-4 309 Bingham Young University
97 Tolani Fepuleai CB 27 6-2 307 Weber State University

Free Saftey
82 Tapu Faiivae FS 30 6-4 203 Weber State University
45 Puka Tapu FS 29 6-6 207 Weber State University
99 Etena Tameifuna FS 29 6-2 206 Bingham Young University
98 Ofo Faamoana FS 27 6-1 204 Weber State University

Strong Saftey
33 Gene Millberg SS 27 6-3 208 Bingham Young University
66 Trystan Rogne SS 30 6-2 206 Weber State University
69 Jasen Nobel SS 29 6-4 205 Bingham Young University
70 Esera Savea SS 30 6-6 207 Weber State University

85 Kuresa Nanai KR 30 6-2 200 Bingham Young University
87 Fox Holladay PR 29 5-11 197 Weber State University
77 Kinslee Ruhl K 28 5-10 192 Bingham Young University
70 Amosa Tuala P 32 6-3 200 Weber State University
73 Drake Chadick LS 27 6-2 198 Bingham Young University


Kyron Ansley [Head Coach]
Eldon Staheli [Defensive Coach]
Riaz Thayne [Offensive Coach]

The Zion Resort & Spa in Tooele, Utah

The Utah Bees helmets

The Bee Hive

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: Y
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: Y
Godmod other events: Y

Style Mod: +4
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Postby Valanora » Thu Feb 15, 2024 5:09 am

WB 48 - Valanora Team

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Nickname: Sabres
Modifier: +3
Home Stadium: Lathalein Celestial Stadium (60,000), Mar Sara

Image Image Image
Home Away Alternate

Head Coach: Andy Magnusson, age 51
Assistant: Tim Sandström, age 64
Offensive Coordinator: Justin Axelsson, age 51
Defensive Coordinator: Roger Holmgren, age 60
Special Teams: Manuel Jakobsson, age 51


Base Formation: Ace (single back)

QB: Felix Strom, age 24, Rukunbi Wizards Image
QB: Håkon Schau, age 28
QB: Bjørn Abelsen, age 24
RB: Hidalgo Mondragón, age 26
RB: Alexander Østby, age 27, Herot Paladins Image
RB: Baudilio Muñiz, age 26
FB: Conrad Espe, age 26
FB: William Gulliksen, age 26
WR: Nikolas Isaksen, age 26, Halifax Blizzard Image
WR: Emil Gundersen, age 28

WR: Valfredo Beltrán, age 26
WR: Toshi Sánchez, age 25
WR: Max Strömberg, age 24
WR: Mateusz Svendsen, age 28
TE: Lukas Midtbø, age 27
TE: Eirik Iqbal, age 25
TE: Maximilian Bakke, age 25
LT: Kristian Jacobsen, age 26
LT: Oliver Sandberg, age 26
LG: Brede Larsen, age 27
LG: Walid Nordin, age 26
C: Elias Fredheim, age 27
C: Ludwig Samuelsson, age 26
RG: Daniel Pedersen, age 24
RG: Roni Bergström, age 26
RT: Alfred Haukås, age 27
RT: Valter Hellström, age 26


Base Defense: Nickel

LE: Kasper Ulvestad, age 27, Memphis Steamers Image
LE: Maximus Jönsson, age 26
DT: Karl Sande, age 24, Busukuma Athletic Club Image
DT: Hassan Rønning, age 26

DT: Julius Holmberg, age 26
DT: Tobias Lundberg, age 24
RE/OLB: Ailo Børve, age 27, Dukuma Dragons Image
RE: Ole Rydningen, age 24
MLB: Jonathan Sætre, age 28
MLB: Lucas Mjøs, age 28
OLB: Björn Ek, age 25
OLB: Noel Engström, age 25
OLB: Jonathan Wallin, age 26
CB: Ole Bakker, age 27, Mynda Gorillas Image
CB: Nicolai Østebø, age 26
CB: Amar Björk, age 26

CB: Adrian Sandnes, age 28
CB: Aleksander Welde, age 27
CB: Valentino Carlsson, age 26
FS: Matteo Sjögren, age 24
FS: Alessandro Ström, age 26
SS: Birk Hansen, age 26
SS: Casper Hanssen, age 28

Special Teams
P: Edvard Söderberg, age 26
K: Fredrik Mundal, age 26
KOS: Fredrik Mundal
LS: Ludwig Samuelsson
KR: Valentino Carlsson, Toshi Sánchez
PR: Toshi Sánchez
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WCoH VII, VIII, XVII, XXVIII, XXX, XXXII (1st), WCoH I, XXXI, XL (2nd), WCoH II, XXIX (3rd), WCoH XII (4th)
AOCAF 44, 46, 51, 53, 65, 68 Champions, AOCAF 39, 43, 55, 59, 64 Runners Up
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EPL Season 20,073

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Postby Sarzonia » Thu Feb 15, 2024 9:04 am

Sarzonia Stars

If my opponent RP's our game first, they may:
Choose my scorers: Yes
Choose scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes. I'll determine severity.
Godmod injuries: No
Godmod "other" events: No*
*Send me a TG or find me on Discord.

Head Coach: Gavin Davis, 42
Yes, THAT Gavin Davis. He took over from the fired Les Steckhall two World Bowls ago as interim manager. He then got the full time job.
Offensive Coordinator: Trent Beaucamp, 49
Recently named to call offensive plays instead of Davis. This will allow Davis to serve as a CEO instead of concentrating more on offence.
Quarterbacks Coach: Noah Hendry, 40
Running Backs Coach/Running Game Coordinator: Mike Pendry, 58
His Portland Pirates team led the Incorporated Gridball League in rushing, helping make up for an inexperienced quarterback.
Wide Receivers Coach/Passing Game Coordinator: Mel Brady, 53
He serves in the same position on Woodstock's coaching staff, so he is used to the more wide open offence Gates wants in the nation's capital.
Tight Ends Coach: Marc Johnson, 43
He played on the last Stars team to suit up in a World Bowl. Currently in his first coaching role.
Offensive Line Coach: George Cowley, 44
Also played for the Stars in their previous World Bowl appearance, he has been the offensive line coach for a semipro team for three seasons.
Defensive Coordinator: Tyler Paige, 51
The younger brother of former Stars coach Arthur Paige, Tyler worked extensively with the line and with edge linebackers until his promotion to interim defensive coordinator.
Defensive Line Coach/Defensive Running Game Coordinator: Joyce Latimer, 39
Latimer was a coaching intern, then later assistant defensive line coach. She was elevated to interim defensive line coach upon Paige's promotion.
Linebackers Coach: Jerome London, 47
He was a coach on the field for the Stars as a player and will formally coach the linebacker corps now.
Secondary Coach/Defensive Passing Game Coordinator: Kevin Leonard, 47
Another veteran of the last Stars team who takes on a coaching role.
Special Teams Coordinator: Dylan Massey, 55
Massey has tutored kickers and seems to specialise in turning them into walk off kick experts.

Offence: Balanced (0 modifier)
Defensive style: Base 4-3
Two-point conversion modifier: LOGICAL
Home surface: Grass (Joe Gibbs Stadium, Woodstock - capacity 75,900)

QB: Cameron Stallworth (Woodstock) 6-foot-3, 215 pounds, 25
Stallworth is mobile and can make some plays with his legs. He also has a stronger arm than former starter Sam Rosen.
RB: Ty'Relle Clinton (Portland), 6-foot-2, 215 pounds, 27
He employs a bruising running style, but he can surprise defenders with speed and quickness when he gets out in space.
FB: Les Creighton (New Jeruselem Monks), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds, 29
Creighton's a blocker who will occasionally get the ball in short yardage situations.
WR: Steve Swain (Corcorran Cruisers), 6-foot-3, 205 pounds, 30
He's the guy you want to get the ball in crucial third down conversions.
WR: Matt Largent (Wilmington Roughnecks), 5-foot-11, 185 pounds, 27
He's the speedster in the lineup and he's the deep threat.
TE: Al Langston, 6-foot-5, 265 pounds (Woodstock), 30
He started as a blocker until Week 7 last season when he caught eight passes for 76 yards and two touchdowns. Now he handles both roles.
LT: Matt Frost, 6-foot-4, 325 pounds (Woodstock), 32 years old
Frost protects Locklear's blind side in Woodstock and is expected to here.
LG: Nate Felton (Corcorran), 6-foot-2, 319 pounds, 33 years old
He was on the last Stars team and will be counted on for veteran presence as much as his blocking.
C: Rodney Tucker (Portland), 6-foot-2, 293 pounds, 35 years old
Tucker makes up for lack of size by technique and experience. He's the de facto captain of the line.
RG: Marty Vance (Nicksia Knights), 6-foot-5, 335 pounds, 28
He was always nicknamed House when he was growing up, even after he was no longer THE biggest player on either team.
RT: Ike Dennehy (Truxtun Commodores), 6-foot-5, 355 pounds, 30
Dennehy is used to protecting the blind side of a lefty quarterback, and he can throw terrifying blocks in the run game.

DE: Arlen Cunningham (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 280 pounds
He's a pass rusher through and through. Paige is expected to sub him out for short yardage run situations.
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
Steps in as a run-stopper with Colin Grassley being cut from the team.
DT: Pete Downey (Somerset Snakes), 6-foot-4, 360 pounds
He's another run-stopper who will be subbed for in pass rush situations.
DE: Clancy Wilson (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
Another guy who can rush the passer. He can stay in on short yardage situations.
WLB: Artem Roshovski (Portland), 6-foot-2, 265 pounds
Pass rusher. Lives in the weight room. Often plays pass rushing defensive end on third and long.
MLB: Howard Dent (Woodstock), 6-foot-1, 255 pounds
He calls the signals for the defence. He knows how Paige thinks and what he wants.
SLB: Calvin Jacks (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 270 pounds
Known more as a run-stuffer who can play end in a pinch, he logged a career-high five sacks last season.
CB: Will Donnelly (Portland), 6-foot, 200 pounds
He typically plays the opposing team's best receiver and is known as a shutdown corner.
CB: Quinn Bowles (Woodstock), 5-foot-11, 190 pounds
He's more of a speed guy than even Donnelly is, but isn't a sure tackler.
FS: Cliff Longoria (Corcorran), 6-foot-4, 240 pounds
Think the late Sean Taylor. That's how he plays.
Strong Safety: Zane Yates (Portland), 6-foot-2, 235 pounds
He's another terrifying hitter on a team full of terrifying hitters.

QB: Mike Barnett (Wilmington), 6-foot-3, 210 pounds.
Not the best arm, but he can execute a West Coast offence if necessary.
QB: Wendy Bartlett (no affiliation), 5-foot-11, 170 pounds
Has some mobility and a decent arm. Her lack of experience and size will keep her third string for now.
RB: Paul Edgerton (Woodstock), 5-foot-9, 195 pounds
He's a scatback who can catch passes out of the backfield when called upon.
FB: Wilson Marquez (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 250 pounds
WR: Hayden Gregory (Portland Power, women's gridball team) 5-foot-7, 175 pounds, 23 years old
WR: Marquise Harris (Truxtun), 6-foot-4, 215 pounds
TE: Edison Burkett (Wilmington), 6-foot-1, 245 pounds
RB: Tom Bennett (Woodstock), 6-foot-3, 220 pounds
TE: Austin Vesey (Nicksia), 6-foot-4, 260 pounds
OT: Zeke Bradley (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-5, 340 pounds
OG: Yael Jeffries (Rypien) 6-foot-2, 317 pounds
OT/OG Spencer Henderson (Townshend Tornados), 6-foot-5, 330 pounds
C: Aaron Branson (Portland), 6-foot-4, 315 pounds
DT: Al Cohen (Truxtun), 6-foot-3, 350 pounds
DT/DE: Harvey Quace (New Jeruselem), 6-foot-3, 295 pounds
DE: Ryan Nichols (Portland), 6-foot-3, 290 pounds
DE/LB: Steve Fischer (Townshend), 6-foot-2, 280 pounds
LB: Troy Walton (Corcorran), 6-foot-1, 260 pounds
CB: Clancy Rollingford (Saugerties), 5-foot-11, 195 pounds
CB: Tyrriel Langston (Nicksia), 5-foot-9, 175 pounds
S: Chris Snell (Portland), 6-foot, 205 pounds

P: Evelyn Sutter (holds for extra points and field goal attempts. If there were a need for a fourth-string quarterback, she'd get the call.)
K: Matt Andersen
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Postby Daharia » Thu Feb 15, 2024 12:17 pm

"Sir, the Committee is asking for our final roster for the World Bowl." Reminds Lewis, the secretary to the President.
"That must have slipped my mind, I have it written somewhere, give me a second." The President tells Lewis.
After searching for a few minutes, the President pulls out a crinkled piece of paper, with the roster for the Bowl written on it.
"It would seem I need to rewrite this paper..." The President sighs.
"Let me do it for you sir, I can then immediately send it over to the Committee." Begs Lewis.
"Very well then Lewis, you've made yourself very useful over these last few years you know. Well then, let's get started."
After a long few minutes of discussion, Lewis thanks the president, returns to his desk, and sends this to the Committee.

The Daharian National Football Team
is led by coach Ksawery Dirks.
With the help of his offensive coordinator Longin Piontek,
and defensive coordinator Silvester Merkel.

Here are the basics
of the Daharian National Team's strategy.

Offensively, Daharia runs a very Shanahan-esk offense. The major keys to this offense are running the ball, especially to the outside, pocket-passing QBs that are accurate in the middle of the field and good deep throwers, and getting skill position players and offensive linemen that are athletic, agile, and can move laterally quickly. Their 3 most used formations are the Tight, Spread, and Bunch formations.

Defensively, Daharia specializes in the 46 defense, and the 2-4-5 package, run by the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXV.
The 46 stacks 6 men along the line of scrimmage, with 2 linebackers sitting behind them. The 46 Defense is an 8-man, run-stopping front that works well with man coverages and with Cover 3. A large part of the pass coverage scheme is about putting pressure on the Quarterback so that you aren't in coverage for long.

The 2-4-5 is ultimately a defense of specialization as the main pass-rushers are going to be the two stand-up edge rushers. The defense deploys them on the edge because that's the easiest way to utilize a pure pass-rusher and they aren't asked to do a great deal other than control the edge and provide pressure.

Here is the roster of the official team:
(Bolded names are official team captains)

QB: Mikuláš Günther Age: 24
Mikuláš is a very well-balanced QB, he is good in the pocket, very accurate on the run, and has a way of slipping out of sacks. However, he is mediocre at best in terms of running the ball.
QB: Kazik Brzezicki Age: 18
RB: Reinhold Zellweger Age: 23
Reinhold is one of the best RBs to ever play the game for Daharia. He plays in a style similar to American Christian McCaffery.
RB: Denis Kaiser Age: 22
RB: Lian Heinz Age: 19
FB: Hartwin Rudawski Age: 33
WR: Tobiáš Brož Age: 29
Tobiáš is the Deebo Samuel of Daharia, he has high speed, he's versatile, and can be used in both WR and RB positions. His downfall, however, is he has a higher tendency to get injured.
WR: Bazyli Zelenka Age: 27
WR: Bohuslav Voigts Age: 33
WR: Ottomar Gross Age: 30
WR: Boris Kozel Age: 23
WR: Levin Nussbaum Age: 22
TE: Mariusz Schenck Age: 20
Mariusz plays a very old style of TE. He tends to excel in blocking formations. He has been known to go out for short passes but is rather slow, and doesn't get many yards after catch.
TE: Lamprecht Sitz Age: 25
TE: Denis Michalski Age: 32
RT: Miloš Musiał Age: 23
RT: Heino Volk Age: 34
RG: Erwin Smola Age: 27
RG: Dalimil Jelínek Age: 20
C: Eugen Fischer Age: 30
LG: Šimon Rosenberg Age: 20
LG: Levin Šimon Age: 35
LT: Ralph Frei Age: 34
LT: Alojzy Hasek Age: 27
DE: Bernd Schwangau Age: 23
Bernd is a speedy edge rusher, he also has a unique ability, he has intelligence beyond the average defender. He knows in many cases, when to rush, when to hold back, when to play contain, and when to charge the QB. He has an extreme weakness in Power rushing, however.
DE: Arndt Pražak Age: 18
DE: Johannes Brand Age: 25
DE: Maksym Wehunt Age: 30
DE: Sulisław Schwartz Age: 25
DT: Bruno Krämer Age: 32
DT: Jonas Morgenstern Age: 35
DT:Witek Baumgarten Age: 21
DT: Dobrosław Von Brandt Age: 27
MLB: Detlef Reyer Age: 26
Detlef is the Quarterback of the Defense. He tends to play a lot of disguised defenses, attempting to trick the QB into making bad throws. He tends to try to jump and cut off passes before they happen, giving the Quarterback openings downfield.
MLB: Radomír Kříž Age: 29
MLB: Vojtěch Fabian Age: 23
ROLB: Diedrich Schmitz Age: 28
ROLB: Alexandr Käufer Age: 33
LOLB: Vratislav Hoch Age: 20
LOLB: Gottlob Mann Age: 31
CB: Sergej Schmidt Age: 27
Sergej is the top Cornerback in Daharia, he's fast and has good hands. He also has great body awareness, rarely receiving pass interference calls. His biggest weakness is making solo tackles however, he's unable to consistently make tackles in the open field.
CB: Karel Fischer Age: 26
CB: Gotthard Feldt Age: 32
CB: Mathis Großer Age: 18
CB: Rainer Havel Age: 25
CB: Joachim Planck Age: 31
CB: Robert Wojciechowski Age: 35
SS: Wincenty Čtvrtník Age: 19
SS: Alexej Sulzbach Age: 32
FS: Viliam Ruf Age: 23
FS: Joschka Halle Age: 32
K: Finn Köhler Age: 27
P: Gerhard Stanek Age: 19
LS: Přemek Čech Age: 20
KR: Tobiáš Brož
PR: Tobiáš Brož/Sergej Schmidt

Team Colors: Burgundy, Black, and white.
Team Logo: White Cross of Lorraine on a Black Canvas
Team Nickname: The Crusaders
Home Stadium:Westfalenstadion(81,365 Capacity)
Post-Riot: Allianz Arena (70,000 Capacity)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP Injuries to my players: TG First
Godmod injuries to my players: no
Suspend my players: TG
Godmod suspension events: no
Godmod other events: Yes

Modifier +4
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Postby Crpostran » Thu Feb 15, 2024 8:24 pm


Nation Name: Karmic Republic of Crpostran
Demonym: Crpostranian
Trigramme: CRN
Hockey Federation: Crpostranian Football Federation
Nickname: The Birds
Kit Colors: Navy Blue, White & Red
Debut Appearance!!
Style Modifier: +3

Team Staff

General Manager: Jacques Lefebvre
Head Coach: Philippe Dubois
Assistant Coach 1: Laurent Martin
Assistant Coach 2: François Dupont
Trainer: Sébastien Lambert
Assistant Trainer: Nicolas Moreau
Doctor 1: Mathieu Tremblay
Doctor 2: Antoine Bergeron
Physiotherapist 1: Gabriel Gagnon
Physiotherapist 2: Jean-Paul Leclerc
Physiotherapist 3: Pierre Lavoie


Name Age Position
Jean-Luc Dupont 27 Quarterback (QB)
Michel Dubois 25 Running Back (RB)
Pierre Leclerc 28 Fullback (FB)
Antoine Martin 24 Wide Receiver (WR)
Luc Moreau 26 Tight End (TE)
Étienne Tremblay 29 Center (C)
Maxime Lefebvre 28 Left Guard (LG)
Louis Bernard 27 Right Guard (RG)
Philippe Girard 26 Left Tackle (LT)
François Laurent 25 Right Tackle (RT)


Name Age Position
Mathieu Dubois 30 Nose Tackle (NT)
Alexandre Martin 29 Defensive Tackle (DT)
Nicolas Lefevre 28 Defensive End (DE)
Sébastien Leroux 27 Middle Linebacker (MLB)
Vincent Robert 26 Outside Linebacker (OLB)
Guillaume Morel 25 Cornerback (CB)
Romain Petit 24 Cornerback (CB)
David Lambert 23 Free Safety (FS)
Thomas Dubois 22 Strong Safety (SS)

Special Teams

Name Age Position
Éric Boucher 27 Kicker (K)
Jean-Pierre Dubois 26 Punter (P)
Paul Martin 25 Long Snapper (LS)
Franck Lefevre 24 Holder (H)
Antoine Laurent 23 Kick Returner (KR)
Olivier Dupont 22 Punt Returner (PR)

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes
Choose Lineup: No
Choose Scoring Events: Yes
Godmod Scoring Events: Yes
RP Game Events: Yes (if they're funny)
RP Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Injuries to my Players: No
Godmod Other Events: Yes, but do consult with me, either on TGs or on Discord (username: e_w_)
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Postby Ko-oren » Fri Feb 16, 2024 8:11 am

World Bowl 48 - Ko-orenite National Team
All-time Record: 219-80-2 (0.731) / 4 Gold (26, 37, 39, 41) / 3 Silver (24, 27, 44) / 1 Bronze (23)
Worst Finish: 0-10 (WB19, debut) / First Game: Tie (BoI12) / Career Start: 0-14
Knockout Rivals: Allamunnic States (1-2), Cassadaigua (2-1), Banija (0-4), Drawkland (3-0), Free Republics (3-0)

Coaching Staff

Stij Batterink (Head Coach)

Offence: Val Hardman (Offensive Coordinator), Simon Palmsterk (Quarterbacks), Yv Garnier (Backs), Teonnach yLawdmell (Receivers), Olivier Olander (Offensive Line), Audufa (f) Ae, Kikue (f) Yoritaka, Bento Noya (Assistants)

Defence: Luc Jauffret (Defensive Coordinator), Stewart Cropp (Defensive Line), Tednawf yGastaff (Linebackers), Listenau Jenurdherinden (Defensive Backs), Herewijn Donkereend, Mubegari (f) Gegdarennen, Billy Rocket (Assistants)

Special Teams: Duncan Huckstep (Special Teams Coordinator), Tamami (f) Kamibayashi, Amelius van Mushout (Assistants)

Medical: Hixinio Silvestre, Vodaka Kovatsu (Doctors), Ajek Padhondin, Nia (f) yHerontarsan, Hadewij (f) Geels (Trainers)


QB Pier Masman (27): adventurous lanky game planner
QB Philip Bodkin (29): good slim game planner
QB Kageera Ingdon (28): resentful short pocket passer

Nothing changes here: the trio are hitting their best years and they each offer a slightly different take on the position. Masman is easily the first choice quarterback, and where the staff were free to rotate at the position, Masman should play every single game until proven different.

RB Alastair Thorebourne (32): dim skinny trickster
RB Podhsek Soredhinnau (19): emotional strong glass cannon
HB Tjenge Domoten (21): selfish athletic blocker
HB Garathen Jurethen (34): silly stringy showman
FB Jonas Wilson (31): wise nimble daredevil

Finally some new players here, though Thorebourne, Jurethen, and Wilson are still fine choices. Thorebourne has had injury concerns in the past but thankfully we have a comparable player in Soredhinnau, 13 years his junior. Domoten should even start over Jurethen but where the 34-year old was given the ball, Domoten seems to prefer not making plays in the same way.

WR Séverin Longtin (23): defensive beefy dynamo
WR François Ouimet (20): childlike well built speed demon
XR Egge Gasbeek (29): predictable toned workhorse
XR Bryan Welsh (30): shy well built workhorse
YR Giles Costigan (27): flaky portly workhorse
YR Georgiana Bohsihten (20): disruptive bulky showman
ZR Woza Donjoutein (21): motivated muscular dynamo
ZR Gideon Crossket (27): resourceful plump speed demon

The position keeps evolving, and younger receivers keep outpacing and outplaying their older counterparts. We're in a new era of the passing game in Ko-oren and we're all for it. Longtin and Ouimet are now given the nod together instead of just keeping one over the other. Gasbeek and Welsh are household names at the X-receiver position - or its equivalent use depending on the play - and Bohsihten and Donjoutein are expected to pick up a good part of the workload as well. While not much faster than previous generations of receivers, they're all better route runners than ever, allowing for a much better rhythm in the passing game. Depending on the play, we could have both receivers of a category out there, with X, Y, and Z all vaguely confined to their designation and the 'WR's a little freer in their approach.

TB Gedald Zyutara (23): ordinary ripped showman
TB Adèle (f) Minchin (22): disloyal ripped dynamo
TR Chamchawdd yMaellceoff (29): martyr stocky yac artist
TR Kechish Narlash (26): modern quick dynamo

B for Blocking and R for Receiving - here we also see a revitalised position. Narlash is new, yMaellceoff was barely involved last Bowl. Zyutara and Minchin are both new - in conservative scenarios, we can see a few of them in the game enforcing small gains and long drives. Masman prefers his receivers over his tight ends, though.

LT Aenieme Arenna (31): foolish pacy teammate
LT Noro Sardou (29): pessimistic plump pass blocker
LG Auhonen Haustedhaungen (30): resentful muscular strongman
LG Kōki Matsunami (26): rude skinny gladiator
CE Mert Molemans (33): conscientious agile strongman
CE Adé Gavreau (35): humorless muscular all-rounder
RG Otho Tilcott (30): anxious short strongman
RG Xesus Millan (24): quiet powerful run blocker
RT Elisha Witvos (35): clever bulky run blocker
RT Olinosuke Vuluja (33): confrontational slender teammate

OL Amve Aolf (22): romantic nimble workhorse
OL Aidici (f) Aeulen (26): soft bulky strongman

Outside of the generic OL position, there's a lot of consistency - and that's what you want from your O-line. Apart from the Centre and Right Tackle positions, they're all good to go - otherwise we'll have to be on the lookout for new blood for the next few Bowls. For now, it's a unit that's used to each other and the QB, as well as the gameplan as a whole, and we're not exactly selecting new, inexperienced, or less studious players at these positions.

QB,BQ - Quarterback, backup quarterback.

FB,HB,RB - Fullback, halfback, running back. Fullbacks are triple threats (lead blocking, running, catching), halfbacks are double threats (running, catching), running backs are single threats (running). All can perform basic (cut) blocks, of course.

WR,XR,YR,ZR - Wide receiver, X-, Y-, Z-receiver. X-receivers are vertical threats. Y-receivers are YAC artists. Z-receivers are pretty much halfbacks who line up on the line of scrimmage. The WR is a utility position with abilities similar to the X-receiver.

TR,TB - Receiving Tight End, Blocking Tight End. Both can block and catch (or even run end-arounds), but it should be clear who's better at what.

RT,RG,CE,LG,LT,OL - Right tackle, right guard, center, left guard, left tackle, offensive line (utility/backup).


LE Gabe Payne (30): sensitive quick pass rusher
LE Leon Ahern (30): practical staunch showman
LD Abe Bootsma (28): brave lanky run stuffer
LD Auite Aonadi (23): romantic heavy pass rusher
NT Reginald Yellowcott (27): gossipy strong stunter
NT Liluth Bedigelnen (26): devious stringy sack artist
RD Mablw yTaddwadd (27): clever stringy lane clogger
RD Ryōji Yagura (23): tough swift all-rounder
RE Tausurlun Hanalaunden (30): boring fit workhorse
RE Howard Manwald (21): posessive well built all-rounder

Some small attempts at getting new players involved in this unit hopefully prove fruitful. The players over, say, 27, should be familiar to fans, but Aonadi, Bedigelnen, Yagura, and Manwald could be new and exciting. Largely this group just has to limit the run game and contain the quarterback though, so not the most flashy group of guys. They're very capable of QB hits and hurries, though.

BZ Caetano Fajardo (24): posessive strong pass rusher
BZ Reinare Waterpeer (23): private swift tackler
BZ Pyassalla Hassegana (23): sympathetic portly spy

The same guys, just in a different order. Fajardo was a slippery guy when getting in the backfield and a monster one-on-one with the QB, but all three are expected to pick up reps. The problem is that when one of them are in the game, opponents know they'll be the ones trying to sack. We're working on the above three guys to be more all-round and the ten guys above them (the 'true' defensive line) to work with blitzes a bit better. Anyway.

MB Evert Noorddal (30): romantic beefy all-rounder
MB Ewan Cliffane (25): rotten compact pass rusher
SB Toshiyoshi Hirate (26): tough swift tackler
SB Jules Dejarnette (23): understanding powerful blanket
WB Edward Darknoll (32): moralistic buff blanket
WB Estevo Lence (23): cerebral compact blanket

Noorddal is the newest middle linebacker - the quarterback of the defence - and we require only the best of the best here. This unit may not consist of the most widely known players domestically, but they're working on it. Generally they're the cement between the line - run limiting - and secondary - pass limiting - and are expected to pick up duties in both. Now that there's a separate group of blitzers, which you could in some way categorise as linebackers as well, there could be a little more obfuscation than previously possible in the front seven, and Noorddal is the one to call out those orders.

OB Sterling Weatherley (24): competitive swift tactician
IB Jérôme Guertin (27): discreet plump tactician

Not many expectations here other than depth.

LC Herman Jennings (29): neutral athletic communicator
LC Ravenoud Groenlinde (24): tidy quick opportunist
RC Aeneatai Aothemirila (28): calm fit blanket
RC Evert Monaghan (30): irrational slender communicator

More new names! We're really going back to a mostly under-30 composition for the entire team, and the corners are no different. Groenlinde is an outlier, selected at only 24 years of age, as we're usually going with more experienced - that is, players who've seen a lot and internalised a lot - athletes, but Groenlinde has all the tools. Jennings and Aothemirila are starting, with the latter more capable of shutting down a half/quarter of the field and Jennings operating better in zone.

NB Bernlef Lindal (24): resourceful fit blanket
NB Arthfael yBycasid (22): soft swift opportunist
NB Jedediah Aunett (26): diplomatic towering opportunist
DB Banli Imajuku (23): pessimistic hard-hitting communicator
DB Hirokatsu Sado (22): affable tall tactician

Largely playing as a 4th/5th/6th back, we need quick guys who can make a play or shut down a zone. Mostly depth picks, but who knows if they have a sneaky blitz in them, or something.

FS Aoradora Aurisea (27): amiable nimble opportunist
FS Magne Binnenmars (32): discreet hard-hitting tackler
SS Milo Dellis (24): solemn tall blanket
SS Herewijn Slotmoerbei (24): compassionate nimble ballhawk

No surprises at Free Safety - it's the same guys, and Aurisea leads is now second all-time in NT interceptions... at 27. At Strong Safety, it's two new players but more in the 'free' variety than in the 'hard-hitting, linebacker-like' variety.

LE,LD,NT,RD,RE - left defensive end, left defensive line, nose tackle, right defensive line, right defensive end. 3-4: LD-NT-RD (though any combination works, as long as that NT is in there). 4-3: LE-LD-RD-RE.

OB,WB,IB,MB,SB,BZ - outside linebacker (utility/backup), weak-side linebacker, inside linebacker (utility/backup), middle linebacker, strong-side linebacker, blitzer. 3-4: WB, MB, SB, BZ/OB/IB (BZ if blitzing, OB/IB depending on pass/run, etc). 4-3: WB-MB-SB, with BZ occasionally lining up instead of linemen.

LC,FS,SS,RC,NB,DB - left cornerback, free safety, strong safety, right cornerback, nickelback, dimeback (utility/backup). Left and right are often interchangeable.

Special Teams

PK Abner Bennett (38): mature buff specialist
PK Niels Oordveld (33): paranoid trim all-rounder

Bennett's back - again. 38 years old and unstoppable.

PU Dhaungekun Tadhinthen (34): careful swift all-rounder
PU Ginaurstu Baurerningun (30): uncompromising lanky specialist

LS Onemah Coogellong (28): passionate agile all-rounder

Coogellong is new - the rest is exactly as you've seen them before. Be good and consistent - and they're exactly that.

PR Go Bronsvoord (30): honest toned all-rounder
PR Clé Moreau (30): lazy fit all-rounder
KR Lyonall Kusal (27): unassuming buff all-rounder
KR Sijvert Donkerheide (26): tidy quick all-rounder

Bronsvoord and Moreau double as kick returners, and it doesn't exactly go that way the other way around. The two can also appear in the backfield, given our small selection of running backs.

GU Paulus Veldden (21): realistic beefy specialist
GU Seigo Higashida (27): irreverent slender specialist
GU Lucius Rochham (27): apathetic petite specialist

JM Aurélien Rossignol (32): morbid instinctive all-rounder
JM Luís Vazquez (27): friendly petite all-rounder
JM Michil Argielhout (23): sleazy instinctive all-rounder

PK,PU - Placekicker, Punter.

LS - Long Snapper.

PR,KR - Punt Returner, Kick Returner (interchangeable, may line up as receiver/back on offence).

JM,GU - Jammer, Gunner (Utility, may line up as various other positions, usually defensive line/linebacker, blocker or lead blocker on offence).

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes

Style mod: -5
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Postby Sarzonia » Fri Feb 16, 2024 12:09 pm

Gavin Davis finally decided it was time to give someone else the keys to the offence.

After a meeting with top brass, Davis opted to cast about for an offensive coordinator. When former Woodstock University manager James Arthur declined to become offensive coordinator again, he settled on Trent Beaucamp as his new offensive coordinator.

"I felt as though Trent has a good feel for play calling," Davis said. "Not only that, but having someone else who can call plays and thinks similarly to how I do frees me up to spend more time with the defensive side of the ball. And also work on special teams." When he hired Beaucamp, his original plan was to retain playcalling duties, but after the team's first three days of training camp, he changed his mind.

"Who says women are the only ones who have a right to change their mind?" Davis said. "We had preliminary discussions about offensive philosophy and it became clear from those conversations, plus the game film I watched where he was calling plays that our philosophies are in sync. Not to mention, he also adapts his offence to the players he has." Beaucamp came off a tenure as Portland Pirates offensive coordinator where he ran a power running attack featuring TyRelle Clinton running 25-35 carries per match. Prior to that, when he served as offensive coordinator for Joe Gibbs University, that team averaged 45 passing attempts per match.

"When I was at Gibbs, I had the best starting quarterback in college gridball and some talented receivers," Beaucamp said. "At Portland, I had TyRelle. I'm not crazy."

Other changes on the coaching staff include adding running game or passing game coordinators on both sides of the ball, a change Davis said is in keeping with recent trends. Running backs coach Mike Pendry and defensive line coach Joyce Latimer have been named running game coordinators, whilst wide receivers coach Mel Brady and secondary coach Kevin Leonard are the passing game coordinators.

"Other teams have named running game or passing game coordinators, which gives position coaches positions of greater responsibility," Davis said. "It gives the position coach a chance to sit in on coordinator meetings and provide feedback to the offensive and defensive coordinators and the head coach. It also prepares them for future opportunities."

Most of the roster remains the same as in previous World Bowls except for place kicker. Matt Andersen, who made his fame at Woodstock University, is now the full-time place kicker.

"He's got a strong, accurate leg," Davis said. "With Vargas deciding to retire, he brings an element of trust for the team. We feel like he's going to hit any big kick."

As for the group stage, Sarzonia begin with a challenge in Group B as No. 1 seed Drawkland join the Stars, No. 17 South Americanastan, No. 38 Juvencus and unranked opponents Sherpus and Untecna.

"The Drawks are always going to be a challenge no matter what sport they play," Davis said. "We certainly don't take anyone in our group lightly, but facing the highest ranked team in this competition twice is not going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination. After opening away to Sherpus, the Stars return home to Joe Gibbs Stadium in Woodstock to face Drawkland. Sarzonia will play three of their first four matches away from the friendly confines of Joe Gibbs Stadium, but then play four of their last six at home.

"We're hoping that [Drawkland] match is sold out and we get 75,000 plus rabid fans on our side making a lot of noise," quarterback Cameron Stallworth said. Stallworth said he was working with Beaucamp to implement run-pass option (RPO) plays into the standard power running scheme, but he added Beaucamp already planned that beforehand.

"He told me he liked my ability to run the ball and force teams to assign a spy to me," he said. "I don't want to let him down."


Home matches in CAPS. Ranking in parentheses. Unranked sides are noted with (UR)
MD1: at Sherpus (UR)
MD3: at Untecna (UR)
MD4: at South Americanastan (17)
MD7: at Drawkland (1)
MD10: at Juvencus (38)
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Postby HUElavia » Fri Feb 16, 2024 4:26 pm

HUElavia National (Gridiron) Football Team

Style: +2
Touchdown Song

#7: Fabrício Duarte Lobo
#10: Timta Vilca Chaupin
#18: Alex Gribelin

Running Backs-
#28: Leonardo Guimarães Chagas
#30: Chidi Uche
#35: Tonghyon No

Full Backs:
#31: Bruno Hurtado
#38: Alexi Demidov

Wide Receivers:
#11: Dylan de la Cruz
#13: Valeriano De Matteo
#80: Najeeb al-Zaman
#84: Udo Obasie
#88: Qiwa Ccora Huanca

Tight Ends:
#81: Tamiasisa Huamancuri Maygua
#82: Benício Zanetti de Almeida
#89: Madue Obie

#60: Nino Gotti
#65: Edmundo Saavedra

#62: Jairo Navarro
#63: Gustavo Di Mare
#71: Cláudio Silva Alvarez
#72: Zebenjo Okparra

#68: Satoru Okubo
#69: Frederico Silveira Teixeira
#70: Erik Krivkov
#75: Sansone Borra

Nose Tackles:
#90: Chidie Ogbonnia
#93: Armel LeBeau
#95: Vadim Kanadov

Defensive Ends:
#78: Raymond Blanchard
#79: Théo Obama
#98: Milton Salgado Monteiro
#99: Urpikusi Quichca Ninahuamán

#52: Justin Barnier
#53: Kokka Mallqui Aucapuma
#54: Ogbonnia Chukwuma
#55: Carmine Rivelli
#57: Rodolfo Pires Hamada
#58: Jamuike Ifeatu

#20: Maximiliano Fernandino
#21: Hirofumi Oogami
#24: Orjea Akuchi
#25: Nawf el-Abad

Free Safeties:
#22: Gerardo Tasis
#41: Stefano Arrabal

Strong Safeties:
#23: Mateo Tasis
#42: Thiago Andino

#1: Lutz Schulz

#6: Ye-Jun Ha

Coaching Staff

Head Coach-
Raphael Schneiderman (55 Years Old)

Offensive Coordinator-
Maxi Bergen (58 Years Old)

Defensive Coordinator-
Chidike Chyke (62 Years Old)

Special Teams Coordinator-
Toli Gil (51 Years Old)

Starting Lineup:

Offense- #10 Vilca Chaupin, #30 Uche, #38 Demidov, #80 al-Zaman, #84 Obasie, #89 Maduabuchim, #60 Gotti, #63 Di Mare, #72 Okparra, #69 Silveira Teixeira, #70 Krivkov

Defense- #90 Ogbonnia, #93 LeBeau, #79 Obama, #99 Quichca Ninahuamán, #53 Mallqui Aucapuma, #54 Chukwuma, #55 Rivelli, #20 Fernandino, #21 Oogami, #22 Tasis, #23 Tasis,

Special Teams- #1 Schulz (Kicker), #6 Ha (Punter), #11 de la Cruz (Kick and Punt Returner)

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but nothing serious
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Yes.

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Postby South Americanastan » Fri Feb 16, 2024 7:39 pm


STADIUM: Weststock Horseshoe


A horseshoe stadium with a grass field, the Weststock Horseshoe has played host to many classic football games throughout South Americanastanian history. Situated in an area of South Americanastan with a particularly unstable climate, "mud bowls" are not uncommon here. The mecca of South Americanastanian football.


HEAD COACH: Jack Wall, Age 66

Coming off a cycle that saw the Bears earn their first World Bowl playoff berth along with an opening-day upset of defending chapions Banija in World Bowl 46, followed by a year in a wormhole (Approximately 2 hours to him) that saw the national team send a group of replacement players to get thoroughly trounced in the group stage, Wall fully intends to right the ship during this cycle. He leads a team that goes into this cycle looking to pick up where they, personally, left off, and has his eyes on a playoff berth.

OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR: Lance Patterson (Age 42)

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's another national team offensive coordinator! The Bear's offensive fifth coordinator in as many years, Patterson arrives on the national team to replace JJ Kelleck and his WB 47 interim replacement after Kelleck was unfortunately lost in the wormhole that would cause the actual national team to miss WB 47. He looks to install a traditional pro-set offense that will continue the South Americanastanian tradition of pounding the rock, focusing the offense's attack around star halfback Hakeem Okonkwo.


Patrick Carr is one of South Americanastan's best up-and-coming defensive coordinators, leading a defense that finished top-5 in the SAFA in both yardage and scoring for 4 consecutive seasons and counting. He brings in a defensive system not to dissimilar to the previous system installed by ex-DC Greg Micheals, with an even greater commitment to stopping the run and forcing teams to beat them deep. Unlike Micheals, he prefers to call plays from down on the field, and can often be identified by his loud and excited demeanor on the sidelines.


Craig, son of Jack, is one of the SAFL's most energetic coordinators, and is a favorite among his players. Often identified by the sheer energy and excitement he displays on the sidelines, he is consistently a fan and player favorite. His playcalling is not to be doubted either, often making shrewd risks and heisting possessions and points from his opponents.


A mix of I-form, Splitback, and the occasional singleback set feature in an offense that relies on the downhill run to gain consistent yardage
and set up the deep ball. The occasional spread set can be seen in long-yardage and short-time situations, a rarity for South Americanastanian football. In the run-game, power, counter, and trap are some of the most common inside runs, while toss sweeps and bootlegs threaten the edges of the defense. The team will also occasionally run triple option out of their I-form or Splitback alignments.

A 4-4 front with both outside linebackers located stacked on the outside hip of the defensive ends. This system requires the OLBs to be the most versatile players on the field. Against a front featuring twins or trips to one side, the twins-side OLB will widen out to play in coverage, and against a spread front the defense will shift to a 4-2-5 alignment. Against run heavy teams, the front will shift into a Split Six alignment with the two OLBs functioning as defensive ends. Overall, the defense is mainly geared towards stopping the run and forcing teams to throw the ball, though they can be vulnerable to being burnt deep, as one-high looks are common.

STYLE MOD: -1.75




Will Hart, Age 37
203 Lbs|6'2"|#4|THROWS RIGHT
A 14-year veteran of the SAFL, Will Hart is many things, but fearful isn't one of them. Not afraid to lower his shoulder and eat hits, or sling it down the field behind the safeties.

Mick Hassel, Age 24
194 Lbs|6'0"|#9|THROWS RIGHT

Dick Lodsman, Age 30
219 Lbs|6'4"|#14|THROWS RIGHT


Hakeem "Thunder" Okonkwo, Age 28
234 Lbs|6'4"|#33
A Kwakandoan-born power back who prefers to go through rather than around, Hakeem Okonkwo is the team's workhorse back.

Sean "Lightning" Forrester, Age 30
198 Lbs|6'1"|#22
The team's resident speed and receiving back, Sean Forrester exploits holes in defenses and does it well. The Bears' third down back and splitback HB, he looks to regain his former position. as the team's no. 1 back.

Wally Kells, Age 25
204 Lbs|6'2"|#28

Potter Quinn, Age 26


Holly "Jumbo" Warrick, Age 31
239 Lbs|6'6"|#46
The lovable big guy of the team, Jumbo Warrick is a fan favorite and a surprisingly athletic fullback. Lays down blocks and catches the occasional pass, but that's enough for him.


Tanner Wesco, Age 27
181 Lbs|5'10"|#98
An undersized wide receiver, Wesco's speed and sure hands make him one of favorite targets. Does both kick and punt returns.

Mike Holt, Age 34
198 Lbs|6'3"|#82
The Ying to Wesco's Yang, Holt is an infamously dirty player and specializes in catching in traffic.

A.T. White, Age 36
208 Lbs|6'4"|#79
A grizzled veteran, who, despite diminishing physical skills, often uses his experience and intelligence to beat defenses and mentor the other receivers.

Tom Malhop, Age 22
199 Lbs|6'0"|#81
A star college wide receiver, Malhop was selected due to his raw talent and potential. Unfortunately, he lacks experience and football IQ, which can often lead to rookie mistakes. He's here to learn, and not much else.

Harry Parcell, Age 29
183 Lbs|6'1"|#85

Wallo Mills, Age 27
191 Lbs|6'3"|#88


Quinn Larson, Age 25
204 Lbs|6'2"|#67
A muscular, athletic, dual-purpose tight end. A reliable safety valve for Hart and bombastic run blocker.

Oscar Barley, Age 30
229 Lbs|6'0"|#69
Brutal blocker and big hitter, Barley loves clearing the way for his running backs.

Ian Grantile, Age 33
198 Lbs|5'11"|#66

Earl Dikeson, Age 27
201 Lbs|6'2"|#63


J.C Denton, Age 28
256 Lbs|6'4"|#78|LEFT TACKLE
Would be a Right Tackle on any other team, but swapped sides due to blindside being on right. Quick and powerful run blocker. Really likes the Deus Ex games.

Jack Johnson, Age 28
287 Lbs|6'6"|#68|LEFT GUARD
Explosive and powerful run blocker, specializes in combo blocks, but often gets beat in pass pro when isolated.

Gary Plack, Age 24
235 Lbs|6'5"|#54|CENTER
An agile and quick Center, great at getting up the field and hitting the second level.

Will Patrick, Age 27
297 Lbs|6'3"|#52|RIGHT GUARD
Will Patrick does his job and does it well. 'Nuff said.

Ron Irleaman, Age 29
261 Lbs|6'2"|#59|RIGHT TACKLE
A quick, agile, and dirty right tackle with long arms. Knows how to get away with almost any penalty in the rulebook.

Dirk Kowitzki, Age 29
308 Lbs|6'3"|#64|INSIDE O-LINE

Luke Baillor, Age 28
283 Lbs|6'3"|#72|INSIDE O-LINE

Percy Wallen, Age 21
268 Lbs|6'5"|#73|TACKLE

Dan Haskell, Age 29
287 Lbs|6'3"|#53|TACKLE



Bill Wisniewski, Age 26
249 Lbs|6'2|#79|DEFENSIVE END
A first-generation immigrant, Wisniewski is the Bear's most formidable pass rusher, a perfect blend of agility and strength, if a bit lacking in the "understands English" department, which is liable to cause miscommunications.

Owen Franklin, Age 35
287 Lbs|6'3"|#92|DEFENSIVE TACKLE
A big run stopping defensive tackle, Owen Franklin doesn't do much more than clog gaps.

Thomas Killian, Age 31
291 Lbs|6'2|#94|DEFENSIVE TACKLE
A somewhat smaller run stopping defensive tackle, who can also pass rush if need be.

Walter Olzmauer, Age 29
243 Lbs|6'3|#69|DEFENSIVE END
A fast and agile defensive end, Olzmauer specializes in beating blockers around the outside.

Earl Micheals, Age 28
207 Lbs|6'1|#97|DEFENSIVE END

Jack Cranston, Age 33
203 Lbs|6'4|#78|DEFENSIVE END

Lance Ulstom, Age 25
221 Lbs|6'2|#89|DEFENSIVE TACKLE

Yanne Eckers. Age 28
218 Lbs|6'3|#87|DEFENSIVE TACKLE


Thom "Hammer" Sommelsson, Age 29
A hard hitting linebacker who isn't afraid to take a couple hits so he can dish out his own. Fan favorite and subject of the popular chant "Bring down the hammer!"

Pete Warrick, Age 26
Warrick is the leader of the South Americanastanian defense, with a booming voice and great football mind. A true student of the game.

Micheal Levitsko, Age 25
231 Lbs|6'3"|#41|MIDDLE LINEBACKER
Warrick's right-hand man, Levitsko is known for his endurance and habit of throwing his entire body into hits. While the highlights are great, the lowlights of him flying by a running back are worse.

Red Matrikan, Age 24
197 Lbs|5'11"|#49|OUTSIDE LINEBACKER
Undersized and outshined by Sommelsson and Warrick, Matrikan is small, quick, and agile contrast to the rest of the defense. It can feel like he's everywhere on the field at once due to his ability to cover ground.

Willie Steamer, Age 24
211 Lbs|5'11"|#48|OUTSIDE LINEBACKER

Matt Camel, Age 32

Jack Mastel, Age 26
191 Lbs|6'1"|#99|MIDDLE LINEBACKER


Ahmad Trianon, Age 27
194 Lbs|6'3"|#24|CORNERBACK
A tough cornerback who's not afraid to rough up receivers and plow into them as soon as the ball hits their hands.

Mack Johnson, Age 30
187 Lbs|6'2"|#29|CORNERBACK
A seasoned ballhawk and lockdown corner. Can put a receiver on an island, though questions about durability linger due to his size.

Erik Nicholson, Age 32
197 Lbs|6'1"|#37|STRONG SAFETY
A big strong safety who isn't afraid to come up and play the run. Has room to improve in the technique department.

Pat "Poker" Larson, Age 28
191 Lbs|6'3"|#39|FREE SAFETY
A smart and agile free safety. Great at bluffing and tricking quarterbacks, messing with reads and earning him the nickname "Poker".

Daniel Harris, Age 23
197 Lbs|6'0"|#21|CORNERBACK

Wally Jackson, Age 28
192 Lbs|6'1"|#25|CORNERBACK

Earl Garrinham, Age 34
199 Lbs|6'0"|#34|STRONG SAFETY

Johannes Rasmussen, Age 30
189 Lbs|5'10"|#36|FREE SAFETY



Allan Shepherd, Age 39
176 Lbs|6'0"|#7
Big legged kicker that struggles with accuracy.


Robert Malone, Age 36
182 Lbs|6'2"|#1
Strong-legged and accurate punter.


Bob Mickelson, Age 31
197 Lbs|6'4"|#54

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: No
RP injuries to my players: Nothing that lasts for more than a game
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Only for one game
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: No
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Postby Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove » Sat Feb 17, 2024 11:52 am


Équipe nationale de football de Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove

Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove is a sporting alliance comprising two independent nations.

Team Nickname: Tapirs
Team colors: Red & Yellow

Nation Information:

Nation Name: Principauté de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
Demonym: Jean-Jacquois
Head of State: Prince Pierre-Alexandre 1er de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
Population: 775 878
Land Area: 78 sq. km

Nation Name: People's Republic of Burnham-on-Stove
Demonym: Burnhamese
Head of State: General Secretary of the Burnhamese Communist Party, Braelynn McIlwain
Population: 418 306
Land Area: 54 sq. km

Short Nation History:


Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer is a city state of 78 square kilometers located in Anaia and founded in lhe 18th century by Jean-Jacques Le Boucanier (John James The Buccaneer), a pirate of unknown North or Central Calanian origin who decided to retire from piracy and found his own nation south of his country of origin. Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer has emerged in the 20th century as a merchant city state which favors capitalism.The current ruler of Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer is Prince Pierre-Alexandre 1er de Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer, a direct descendant of Jean-Jacques Le Boucanier. Elections are outlawed in Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer. The national animal is the tapir, which you can see wandering in our streets.


Burnham-on-Stove is a city state of 54 square kilometers located in Anaia. It used to be a district whitin Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer and it's named after William Robert Burnham, a pirate and friend of Jean-Jacques Le Boucannier. In september 1923, several communist districts of Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer, mostly of English origin, declared their independence and formed the new nation of Burnham-on-Stove. The Burnhamese Communist Party is the only authorized party in Burnham-on-Stove. The national animal is also the Tapir.

Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove

in 2023, 100 years after the independence of Burnham-on-Stove, the two nations decided to form a new sporting alliance to have stronger national teams and domestic leagues.


Stadium name: Terrain de Football 1 au Complexe sportif national (Football Ground 1 at National Sports Complex)
Location: Sacré-Coeur district, Saint-Jean-Jacques-sur-Mer
Capacity: 81,441


Helmet: Yellow
Home shirt: Red with yellow names and numbers
Away shirt: White with red names and numbers
Home and away pants: Yellow


Preferred offensive formation: Shotgun (1 HB, 3 WRs and 1 TE or 2 HBs and 3 WRs or 1 HB and 4 WRs or 1 HB, 2 WRs and 2 TEs)
Other offensive formations used: Pro set formation (1 HB and 1 FB or 2 HBs; 2 WRs and 1 TE or 3 WRs), I formation (2 WRs and 1 TE or 3 WRs), flexbone, wildcat
Preferred defensive formation: 3-4

Football Staff

Entraîneur-Chef: Pierre-Alexandre Guirguis
Coordonnateur Offensif: Geneviève Babeux
Coordonnateur Défensif: Jean-Guy Sanschagrin
Entraîneur des Unités Spéciales: Juan Pedro Gonzalez Quintana

53 Players Roster



4	QB	Arielle Bellerose-Deslongchamps	25	Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters          Offensive Team Captain
11 QB Alexandra Van Voorhis 30 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville
13 QB Hunter O'Hara 30 Wloszakowice Blue Bombers


28	HB	François-Pierre Guirguis	28	49ers de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
36 HB Guillaume Bibeau-Babeux 24 Shanzhou Dragons
26 HB Javon McCollum 25 Burnham Crusaders
40 HB Gonzalo Zapata-Latouche 27 Spartiates de Gouin


30	FB	Ming Ze Mao	                26	49ers de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite

Wide Recievers

1	WR	François-Xavier Malboeuf	25	Balbuzard du Centre-Ville
16 WR Ryleigh O'Shaughnessy 25 Wloszakowice Blue Bombers
10 WR Anne-Élisabeth Guirguis 23 49ers de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite

81 WR Zachary Tourangeau 27 Spartiates de Gouin
2 WR Ophelia Van Voorhis 27 Burnham Dolphins
14 WR Jessica Sauvageau 29 Spartiates de Gouin

Tigh Ends

85	TE	Callum O'Farrell	        31	Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters
81 TE Rachel Lavigueur 23 Shanzhou Dragons
7 TE Jérémie Sauvageau 33 Spartiates de Gouin

Offensive Line

77	LT	Jean-Jacques Noiseux	        29	Spartiates de Gouin
65 LG Jackson Scroggs 24 Burnham Crusaders
79 C Félix-Antoine Noiseux 27 Spartiates de Gouin
54 G Jérémie Castilloux 26 Chwojnowszczyzna Bears
75 LT/RT Charles-Henri Noiseux 24 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville

69 T Ryan McConnachie 26 Wloszakowice Blue Bombers
78 T Raphaël Lavigueur 26 Shanzhou Dragons
60 C/RG Jean-Christophe Guérette 26 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville
68 G Alexis Brousseau 30 Dragons de Côte-des-Palmiers


The Tapirs uses a 3-4 Defense.

Defensive Line

90	LE	Hayden O'Toole	                26	Burnham Crusaders
69 NT Maximilien Kowalczyk 28 Spartiates de Gouin
95 RE Gunnar Schnackenberg 23 Wloszakowice Blue Bombers

93 DT Guillaume-Alexandre Constantineau-Beauchemin 23 Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters
65 LE Marc-Olivier Sanschagrin 23 Chwojnowszczyzna Bears
91 RE Louis-Philippe Guindon 24 Shanzhou Dragons


50	SLB	Jean-Baptiste Bourguignon	25	Chwojnowszczyzna Bears
52 MLB Salvador Bonilla Gonzalez 30 Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters
57 MLB/OLB Mason O'Kelly 27 Wloszakowice Blue Bombers
44 WLB Nicholas McMullen 24 49ers de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite

55 SLB Kyle Wintermeyer 26 Burnham Dolphins
56 OLB Rose-Émilie Gaignard 28 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville
33 MLB James Wollschlaeger 22 Burnham Crusaders


6	LCB	Félix Lajeunesse-Flanagan	28	Spartiates de Gouin                Defensive Team Captain
34 RCB Rosalie McGowan 27 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville

25 CB Louis-Alexandre Bourguignon 23 Chwojnowszczyzna Bears
20 CB Roseline Mondésir 31 Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters
21 CB Ashlynn O'Kelly 25 Wloszakowice Blue Bombers
22 RCB François McGowan 30 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville


23	SS	Anne-Gaëlle Bourguignon	        28	Chwojnowszczyzna Bears
3 FS Santiago Guerrero Diaz 29 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville

32 SS Raphaël Casgrain 24 Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters
31 S James Tuttle-McGregor 23 Ostrow Krolewski Mammoths
27 FS Victor Normandin 27 Gallos Negros de Sacré-Coeur

Special Teams


8	K	Ji-yoo Han	                27	Balbuzard du Centre-Ville


19	P	Sébastien Piquette	        32	Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters

Long Snapper

47	LS	Nick Vanderbosch	        29	Wloszakowice Blue Bombers

Kick/Punt Returners

10	KR/PR	Anne-Élisabeth Guirguis	        23	49ers de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
40 KR Gonzalo Zapata-Latouche 27 Spartiates de Gouin
2 Backup Ophelia Van Voorhis 27 Burnham Dolphins


11	H	Alexandra Van Voorhis	        30	Balbuzard du Centre-Ville

Extra Players - Not in uniform

9	QB	Frédéric Plouffe-Maheux	        25	49ers de Baie-Sainte-Marguerite
24 HB Mackenson Louisseize 25 Gallos Negros de Sacré-Coeur
41 FB Nathan Falardeau 26 Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters
84 WR Walker O'Hara 28 Dragons de Côte-des-Palmiers
17 WR Kenyonte Williams-Poindexter 26 Burnham Crusaders
89 TE Frédérick Gibeault 33 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville
76 RT Colton Janikowski 26 Wloszakowice Blue Bombers
53 LG/C Philippe Loignon 29 Nezahualcoyotl Black Roosters
97 DT Ethan McCaffrey 24 Ostrow Krolewski Mammoths
96 DT Evan McCaffrey 24 Ostrow Krolewski Mammoths
43 SLB Alonzo Zapata-Latouche 24 Spartiates de Gouin
59 MLB Nathaniel Coiteux-Vaugeois 21 Balbuzard du Centre-Ville
42 LCB Terron Ferguson-Watson 31 Burnham Dolphins
35 SS Rose Grandmaison 31 Shanzhou Dragons
12 K Rodrigo Sanchez Quintana 29 Shanzhou Dragons
5 P Nicholas O'Reilly 31 Ostrow Krolewski Mammoths
45 LS Dylan Faubert 33 Spartiates de Gouin


Matchday 1: @ Kinqueven (UR)
Matchday 2: vs Ubernordwinds (UR) - Cloudy - 29 °C
Matchday 3: @ Chromatika (5)
Matchday 4: vs Cassadaigua (12) - Light rain in 1st half; Heavy rain in 2nd half - 27 ° C
Matchday 5: @ Lozho (UR)
Matchday 6: vs Kinqueven (UR) - Light rain - 32 ° C
Matchday 7: @ Ubernordwinds (UR)
Matchday 8: vs Chromatika (5) - Light rain - 30 ° C
Matchday 9: @ Cassadaigua (12)
Matchday 10: vs Lozho (UR) - Cloudy - 28 ° C

Style Modifier: +1

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my goalscorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes
Godmod injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: Yes
Godmod other events: Yes

Champions: Not yet
2nd Place: WJHC 21, International Baseball Slam XX

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Postby Cassadaigua » Sun Feb 18, 2024 1:11 pm

Team Cassadaigua- World Bowl 48

While Cassadagan teams in other sports are notoriously all-female, or very close to it, the football team has always been mixed gender with men placed on the line of scrimmage. The team uses traditional or mostly traditional numbering of players by position as OOCly the user is not a fan of linebackers wearing #3, etc.

Head Coach- Jennifer Cole (56)
Offensive Coordinator- Amanda Marwood (57)
Defensive Coordinator- Sarah Simpson (54)
Special Teams Coordinator- Kellie Suarez (51)

Traditional Starters In Green (Basic Formations, Both Offense and Defense)
Traditional Non-Starters In Red (Players ordered in position based on depth chart placement in basic offensive setup or a 4-3 defensive base.)


QB: #11- Brittany Carrington (31) (Offensive Captain)
QB: #14- Tori Grasso (28)
QB: #9- Haylie Steadham (22)

HB: #31- Lacey Bouchard (24)
HB: #21- Crystal Mannix (23)
HB: #22- Emma Peverley (22)

FB: #48- Danielle Breslin (31)
FB: #49- Heather Classen (30)

TE: #89- Natalie Baldwin (32)
TE: #87- Maria Olivares (26)
TE: #88- Serena Steiger (23)

WR: #19- Allie Raymond (30)
WR: #80- Katelynn Ellis (28)

WR: #15- Meghan Castro (23)
WR: #81- Monica Harrington (29)
WR: #82- Ava Longmire (23)
WR: #83- Emily Podmore (24)
WR: #18- Tyler Bennington (21)

LG: #62- Keith Hudson (31)
RG: #66- Travis McHugh (32)

OG: #69- Brett Davidson (29)
OG: #72- Aaron Walls (31)
G/T: #67- Adam Wharton (34)
G/T: #76- Mike Rojas (26)
G/C: #65- Daniel Fountain (25)
G/C: #74- Maurice Hassler (29)

LT: #64- Brian Shipman (30, Pittsburgh Ironmen, Ranoria)
RT: #71- Jacob Ballard (24)

OT: #70- Bryant Smith (31)
OT: #61- Chris Harley (28)
OT: #73- Francis Dobler (22)
OT: #77- Andrew Dreelan (21)

C: #68- Myron Noble (31)
C: #63- Daniel Christain (32)
C: #60- Lukas Paquette (22)

This is a similar offense to what was seen during World Bowl 47. Brittany Carrington will once again be asked to lead the team under center for what is now her third World Bowl. There was some question as to whether or not she was the right person for the job, but quieted a lot of that criticism two years ago. She’s more of a pocket passer than a scrambler, but she can take off an run from time to time. In theory, coach Cole would like a 50-50 split between runs and passes, and obviously game situations determine that ratio. In reality, though, it’s usually 60-40 in favor of passing, than running. The receiving corps is mostly the same with the same two listed starters being back. At running back, Lacey Bouchard is promoted from RB2 to RB1. There’s been some tinkering with the offensive line as well, but again, this is a similar team on offense.


LE: #92- Xavier Callahan (30)
RE: #58- Matthew Longwell (31)

DE: #90- Mitchell Putnam (28)
DE: #56- Eduardo Suarez (24)
DE: #91- Jerome Frawley (24)
DE: #93- Ryan Fortino (22)

LT: #95- Gabe Cimino (30)
RT: #94- Isaiah Douglas (28)

DT: #96- Emmanuel Swanton (29)
DT: #99- Scottie Ethridge (25)
DT: #98- Declan Norton (24)
DT: #97- Alex Tremaine (23)

ILB: #50- Lucas Byrnes (28)
OLB:#54- Austin Fitzgerald (24)
MLB: #75- Mitchell Rockhall (23)

LB: #53- Damian Dietzler (23)
LB: #57- Tim Johnson (29)
LB: #51- Larry Abramson (25)
LB: #52- Anthony Cogliano (22)
LB: #55- Ricky Betts (21)
LB: #59- Damian Vanderwall (21)

FS: #25- Kristen Brooke (31)
SS: #27- Heather Carson (26)
LCB: #23- Hannah Chapman (32)- Defensive Captain
RCB: #24- Kelsey Mancini (29)

DB: #30- Courtney Burton (28)
DB: #33- Kenzie Maynard (29)
DB: #28- Sierra Halliday (28)
DB: #20- Paige Bennett (25)
DB: #26- Sammi Catalano (21)
DB: #29- Addie Knight (21)

There are no changes with the defensive line, but the linebacking corps sees several changes, including two new starts as it needed to get younger. That is accomplished now, and there is the hope that this group can be around for a while. The secondary is the backbone of the team, and historically where Cassadagan football is the most dominant. Brooke, Chapman, and Mancini all had spectacular World Bowls two years ago, so no one would even think about replacing them. Carson is a new starter, and there a couple of fresh faces on the sideline.

Special Teams:
K: #3- Jenna Lewis (34)
K: #4- Adrienne Cortez (31)

P: #6- Julie Hammond (33)
P: #8- Lauren Cox (30)

Main KR/PR: #30- Courtney Burton
Secondary KR/PR: #82- Ava Longmire
Occasional KR/PR: #15- Meghan Castro
Long Snapper: #74- Maurice Hassler
Holder (on FG/XP): #8- Lauren Cox

Style Mod: +1

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Yes
Godmod scoring events: Yes
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but just say they are hurt and I will take it from there.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No
Suspend my players: No
Godmod suspension events: No
Godmod other events: Maybe. TG your idea first

All home games are at Dagan Airways Stadium in Concord Heights.
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19, 50 & 58; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CR 40 & 43; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, RTC WC 18 & 19; WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37, 38 & 41; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21.
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90, 92.
XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
Hosted: WC 54, 67, 84 & 88; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Postby Drawkland » Sun Feb 18, 2024 7:13 pm


World Bowl XXX Champions
World Bowl XXXV Champions
World Bowl XLVII Champions

Name: Grid Corps
Colors: Black with Crimson trim
Denonyms: Drawkian or Drawkish, personal preference
TWENTY-FIRST World Bowl, Rank #1
Manager: Vincent Lovell
Head Coach: Glenn Romano
[O] George Connell
[D] Simian Schofield
[ST] Mark Rollins

Introducing the three-time and current REIGNING CHAMPIONS of the World Bowl (XXX, XXXV, XLVII), and unfortunately frequent runners-up (XXXVI, XXXVIII, XLI, XLIII): the Grid Corps!

After a depressingly long wait, Drawkland's national gridiron team finally put it all together again. The Grid Corps didn't have the best group stage, but they took advantage of their playoff matchups and knocked off the juggernaut Serpent Eagles of Banija in the semifinals to return to the championship game. Unlike the previous four championship game clashes, the Corps offense popped off. The defense shut down the Grim Reapers of Quebec, and Drawkland stands atop the gridiron world once again. Now can they run it back after a little roster churn?

Here's the roster containing the names, numbers, and notes for each player. Players are listed in depth chart order.

This roster is filled with GLD standouts, stalwarts, and all-stars. Every player on this roster is great at what they do, and can be depended on for a regular basis. As far as player rotation goes, the skill position starters will go for a majority of the match barring cases of injury or fatigue. More interchangeable positions, like the linemen on both sides and defenders, can and will be swapped out throughout the game to ensure that they get an appropriate amount of rest. A lot of the players on this roster are specialized, exceptionally good in certain situations. Those players are prioritized in those downs and scenarios as necessary, even if they're normally at the bottom of the depth chart.

This will be the second season with Lane Proudfoot playing at starting quarterback. He's a "game managing" type of QB (more specifically, he loves handing the ball off and may or may not be dependable in pass-only situations). Given how he performed last cycle, he'll probably be in unless he's injured. Jack Hoy is no longer the go-to running back, he will only be in for make-or-break downs or if the other RBs are gassed. Merit always kicks field goals and Long always does kickoffs. Flan always punts, unless big yardage is needed, then Long punts.

#   NAME                NOTES

8 Lane Proudfoot Cavsar and now RFL legend. Solid pocket passer, decent arm, somehow outperforms his ceiling.
12 Dakota Edison * Dependable veteran pocket passer with iron bones. Very good backup option, despite limited mobility.
19 Brock Braiden Dual-threat QB with a lot of upside. Not the best passer, but could be good for a gadget play.

22 Mike Banks Cavsar grad. Midsized workhorse with great bump-and-run ability. Never stops churning.
25 Hadrian Taylor Excellent passing threat out of the backfield. Elite elusive ability when he's on his game.
49 Jack Hoy Immortal veteran talent. Small, fast, elusive. Decent hands. Open field wonder. Future first-ballot HoF.

41 Rico Evandrus * Prototypical fullback. Excellent blocker, but good speed and vision with dependable hands.
1 Proko ^ Primarily a Strong Safety. Used in trick plays or stacked backfield formations. Good hands/carrying.

16 Jackie Morris Top tier route runner. Great timing and hands, great at sideline catches, but average speed.
89 Silvio Norwood Another big target with some considerable speed. Surprisingly great route runner for his size.
10 Alan Watson * Super speedy slot receiver. Good at running routes, acceptable hands, but speed is his best weapon.
88 Griffin Saylor * Slightly slower for a receiver, but immaculate hands and amazing on the sideline and in tight windows.
86 Austin Sixtus Speedy, flashy receiver with a penchant for big plays. Not as dependable for extended drives.

44 Johnathan Kimbrough Cavsar Grad. Young but incredibly talented. Amazing hands, decent speed, makes big catches in traffic.
81 Marcus Arrigo * Good receiving tight end, has some work to do blocking. Gets most of his snaps on passing downs.
85 Wendell Byrne Solid blocking tight end. Can catch in a pinch, but works best in run support.

72 Nick Holmwood Best young blindside blocker seen in ages. One of the best in the league right now.
79 Stefano Nesato * Great pass protector, good with the run as well. Older veteran with good career, around for depth.

60 George Fulton Excels at stopping the blitz. Seems to create a wall around his general area.
69 Evan Cullen Great in one-on-one blocking matchups. Allows fellow lineman to commit to doubleteaming other rushers.

57 Tucker Cuocco One of the highest football IQs ever seen. Excellent communicator, born leader. Perfect snaps.
50 Lenny Black Starting long snapper. Will rarely play at center unless Cuocco's injured.

64 Felix Capello * Elite run blocker. Great instincts for where the running back is moving and helps them out.
62 Al Wheatley Versatile. Can play guard or tackle both sides of the line, a great hole-plugging backup.

75 Joyner Winfield Best young run blocker in Drawkland. Great speed for a lineman, gives downfield help if possible.
74 Daren Ellsworth Ideally a run blocker, but pass blocks well. Good at opening lanes for pocket escapes.

#   NAME                NOTES

71 Chris Finley Solid finesse rusher. Best in the pass rush department, at the end of his peak.
98 Howard Tedesco * Large, musclar, pure power pass rusher. Has the tendency to overpursue, but he wreaks havoc.

93 Niles Battista Nose tackle in 3-4 formations, anchors the line in 4-3. Huge body, big presence, but scary speed.
92 Robert Leon * Usually in for 4-3 snaps. Younger guy, great at plugging holes in the run defense.
91 Tex Rowan Hybrid DT/ILB. Excellent in run defense from either position.
97 Arthur Bront * Great in the pass rush. Bigger frame, forces opposing O-lines to account for him. Can play on the ends.

90 Duke Dawson Cavsar grad. Shot up draft boards thanks to NSCF run. Great stamina, high motor. Good moves.
77 Leo Cross Immortal veteran, still monstrous. Relentless, tireless, strong. Impossible to contain for long.

57 Nathan Armando * Best in the run game, but no slouch in coverage against slower receivers. Good for occasional blitz.
52 Ed Ayers * Hybrid OLB that can also pass rush, especially in a 5-man front. Also good in short range coverage.

95 Amaro Hackett Excels against the run, the pass, and rushing. Selfless and always plays until the whistle.
51 Dayton Pender Young prototypical linebacker. Good in pass coverage against slower targets, very secure tackler.
58 Vince Campbell One of the best wrap-up tacklers in the league. Coverage is middling, but nobody escapes his grasp.

48 Oliver Cano Impressive coverage linebacker. Lots of range and speed. Hard to make miss.
53 Myron Waters * Very technical and precise tackler. Best used in the run or short passing game.

25 Zeke Kyro Cruz Matches against any wideout. Fights for ball. Plays all over the field but prefers 1-on-1 play. Veteran.
36 Paul Gore Sadeg State alum. Has the full skillset, great coverage, hands, and tackling.
31 Grant McClellan Low interception totals but plenty of pass breakups. Sometimes works as a safety, good tackler.
33 Marcel Ewers * Very fast. Matches against big speed threats, not easily shaken. If he had better hands, he'd play wideout.
35 Kasey Benitez * Great rookie corner. Has a tendency to get burned in 1-on-1, but works great in zone and in tandem.

1 Prokopios Vortigern Roijakkers The defensive "swiss army knife." Lines up anywhere. Does everything. The GOAT?
24 Lucas Gorman One of the hardest hitters in the game, and good in coverage too. Excels in run defense.

29 Xavier Rojo Great at anticipating the QB's moves. Prefers zone defense.
26 James Hummel * Excellent in coverage. Best at preventing the deep ball, clinical approach to playing the ball in the air.

#   NAME                NOTES

3 David Merit Extremely accurate, ice in his veins at age 36. Generational placekicker.
6 Lance Long ^

8 Jared Flan Best finesse punter in years. Decent boot, but almost always lands the ball right where he wants it.
6 Lance Long * Very big leg punter, not as good at aiming but great as a kickoff specialist. Can placekick if needed, too.

50 Lenny Black ^

8 Jared Flan ^

49 Jack Hoy ^ Now the dedicated return man.

* World Bowl Rookie
^ Player listed elsewhere on roster

The name of the game for the Grid Corps is aggression and power.

The offense of the Grid Corps is balanced, splitting up responsibilities for yardage between running and passing plays. None is really favored over the other, since everybody on the team is good, but in crucial situations, they're likely to pass more than run (although running is still used to keep the defense honest). The base formation is the shotgun, although the singleback, pistol, and sometimes I are still common. Most shotgun plays are run from a single RB set, although having a FB or another RB in the backfield isn't out of the ordinary. The most common personnel is RB-TE-WR-WR-WR, but the Corps is willing to mix any amount of personnel thanks to the depth and skill at their disposal.

Most running plays are either inside the tackles or just outside them. Stretch runs are rare unless the blocking is on point, or the opposing defense can't stop them. Zone running and power running are evenly split. Fullback-led runs are also very common, especially on third down and in the red zone. The Wildcat formation always shows up a couple times a game, especially if the opposing defense can't stop it. Passing plays have a lot of elements, not necessarily a vertical offense but not necessarily a conservative one either. Deep routes are thrown relatively often to keep the defense honest thanks to the incredible QB and WR talent available. When the game is tight, the Corps is excellent at the hurry-up offense, having a deep playbook to constantly keep the defense off guard.

The defense is also aggressive. Blitzing is very, very common, as the defense is fearless. Even on non-blitz plays, the defensive linemen go all out. Man blitzes on first down are a regularity, especially if it's working. When an opposing offense is stuck inside the five, the Corps will likely come out with everyone except the defensive backs blitzing. Scoring safeties are the pride of the Grid Corps, and thus they'll go for it as much as possible. When not in goalline formation, they'll usually opt for a 4-man rush. 4-3 and Nickel defenses are Corps staples. The Corps runs both man and zone evenly, but prefers Cover 2 man. Usually they'll start with man coverage until the team they're playing shows proficiency in beating man, then they'll switch to zone with man and the trademark blitzes thrown in. Zone blitzes on crucial third downs have been known to happen. In all, they aren't afraid to take chances in big spots and bring pressure. Also, the Corps NEVER plays soft zone late in the game, unless they're up by 3+ scores.

Special teams for the Grid Corps is known to pop a fake once in awhile. Whether it's lateral returns even when the game doesn't depend on it, passes or runs from special teams formations, the Corps practices it all. In addition, the defensive special teams is highly aggressive. Rushing on punt returns, super fast kick blocks, or even line hurdling to block kicks. This is made much easier by the physiology of the Corps of course. David Merit will always do placekicks, Lance Long will always do kickoffs, and Jared Flan will always punt, unless injuries occur. Long can also do punts in situations where we need a big yardage kick.

The Corps often opts for two-points conversions in the first half. In most games, they'll likely shift to normal PATs after the half. Obviously, they'll go for 1 or 2 when the game situation overwhelmingly demands it. The playbook is deep and the number of dynamic playmakers means that two point conversion plays are plentiful and well-rehearsed, hence why they're pretty fearless going for it.

I recommend you read this. It contains important information on how Drawkians are different from your average human. In a nutshell, they're over 7 feet tall on average, and have larger proportions to match. They're also lankier and less stocky all-around, but that doesn't mean some like a D-tackle can't get thick and muscular, it's not just not the average build. This may conflict with some of your RPing preferences or make it harder to RP about us, so you're free to just ignore that and pretend we're the same as humans. That's completely your call, and I don't mind it either way.


For group stage home games, Drawkland will be playing in Metro Arena, the 150,000 seat indoor gridiron stadium in the heart of Metropolon, Drawkland's capital.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Yes.
Choose Scoring Events: Yes.
Godmod Scoring Events: Sure.
RP Injuries to my Players: To an extent (also please tell me if you do).
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Fine if it's funny or serves a story.
Godmod Other Events: Ditto ^
Style Modifier: +4.444

As far as these go, do anything except kill or brutally injure my major starters. Other than that, free reign. TG or Discord DM if you want to collab.
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Postby Chromatika » Mon Feb 19, 2024 11:47 am

Chromatika Gridiron Football Team

Nickname: The Iron Legion
Head Coach: Misha Florentine, 49
Offensive Coordinator: Naia Curentino, 42
Defensive Coordinator: Kasen Harrowitz, 49
Special Teams Coordinator: Niles Crescent, 51
World Rank: 5
Style Modifier: +2.5
Home Stadium: Henza Center, D'rea, Capital District, Chromatika (Cap. 66,530)

Offensive Coordinator: Naia Curentino, Felswyr State University Firehawks
Offensive Philosophy: The Chromatik Iron Legion employs a possession-based philosophy, utilizing two backs, two receivers, and a tight end in an attempt to string together long drives that eat up a lot of the clock. With Sarai Gwenderyn now at the helm, they're becoming more of a finesse squad, and she's rearing to go.
Players: - Starters in Italics

Quarterbacks - 3
#03 - Sarai Gwenderyn - 28 years old - Ranoria City Falcons (Ranoria). 6 ft 1 in. Quick, accurate thrower, with good field vision and a tendency of creating big plays. One of the best in the world – just needs that elusive World Bowl title. Offensive Captain. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#08 - Sheila Pantoja - 28 years old - Fermete Maulers (Ranoria). 6 ft 8 in. A Quarterback suited to the triple-option who can run the ball, hand it off, or make clutch throws. (Staramara Tech University graduate)
#19 - Anne-Maurice Vivayavich - 24 years old. 6 ft 1 in. A hyper-accurate thrower of the ball who compensates for the lack of mobility with an analytical mind and a very quick release coupled with a computer-like ability to read the defense. The heir apparent to Gwenderyn, whenever she chooses to retire.

Backs - 4
#25 - Lana Rhodes - 27 years old - Kosactus Red Vultures (Banija). 6 ft 6 inches. A bulldozer of a back with low center of gravity that loves to run through contact. (Staramara Tech University graduate)
#22 - Rowena Hastroff - 27 years old - Chromia Cyan (Chromatika). 6 ft 4 inches. A speedster with lightning-fast first step that can blow past defenders. (Kohnhead City University graduate)
#35 - Lashon Upshaw - 28 years old - Munich Thrashers (Ranoria). 6 ft 7 inches. A bullish fullback who's made it a life goal to make linebackers and defensive backs miserable, getting to the second level on most blocks. (Staramara Tech University graduate)
#38 - Kaytlyne Sellers - 26 years old. Dietrich Dynamos (Ranoria). 6 ft 5 in. An aggressive back that initiates contact, Sellers can catch would-be-tacklers off guard with a second level of speed. (Swisston City University graduate)

Receivers - 5
#11 - Alessandra Mio - 30 years old - Ranoria City Falcons (Ranoria). 6 ft 5 inches tall, has massive reach. A Quarterback needs to only get the ball near her, she'll do the rest. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#81 - Demitrius St. Pierre - 25 years old - Berlin Snow Bears (Ranoria). 6 ft 4 inches. A jack of all trades who makes plays at almost any position on the field. (Raynor University Graduate).
#80 - Constantina Perrier – 25 years old - Ranoria City Falcons (Ranoria). 6 ft 5 inches. A big-bodied freelancer at wideout who can generate yards after the catch, Perrier excels at finding holes in coverage. (Richardson University graduate)
#84 - Jacoby Grinner - 23 years old - Staramara Tech University Lava (Chromatika). 6 ft 4 inches. A precise route runner with sure hands that also utilizes speed after catching the ball.
#82 - Enox Silverman - 20 years old - Cold Hill University Buffalo (Ranoria). 6 ft 7 inches. A possession-based receiver who can really show up in big matches.

Tight Ends - 2
#88 - Niles Gwivern - 29 years old - Qet Lynx (Chromatika). 6 ft 5 inches tall, 260+ pounds. Can block, catch, do it all. An absolute unit. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#97 - Ulrich Jefferson - 32 years old - Felswyr State University Firehawk. 6 ft 8 inches. More of a pure receiver than a blocker.

Offensive Tackles - 4
#74 - Bernard Perry - 31 years old. Herzegovina City Cobras (Banija). 6 ft 8 inches. Has surprising agility and is often called to pull out to block up front on screen plays. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#72 - Diedre Gott - 27 years old – Ranoria City Falcons (Ranoria). 6 ft 5 inches. Mauler with a second wind after making contact, very mobile for a big man. (Kohnhead City University graduate)
#62 - Zacharias Jouronnais - 28 years old – Aissa Crocodiles (Banija). 6 ft 2 inches. Uses speed and quickness to get the first move on the defensive player, big and imposing. (Staramara Tech University graduate)
#63 - Izaya Hanzo – 26 years old – Ranoria City Silver (Ranoria). 6 ft 4 inches. A run-first blocker who has learned how to be useful in pass protection. Anchors the right side of the line. (Staramara Tech University graduate)

Offensive Guards - 4
#66 - Pomeroy Lockhart - 29 years old - Qet Lynx (Chromatika). 6 ft 7 inches. Leader of the offensive line, generates tremendous push and possesses solid vision. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#60 - Jefferson Reeves - 28 years old - Ranoria City Falcons (Ranoria). 6 ft 10 inches. Uses size to compliment speed, and improves as the game goes on. (Staramara Tech University graduate)
#73 - Ned Dott - 26 years old – Aissa Crocodiles (Banija). 6 ft 3 inches. Decent reflexes, relentless motor. (University of Loyola-Istria graduate)
#67 - Donelle Ruffin – 26 years old - Fermete Maulers (Ranoria). 6 ft 7 inches. Quick, agile, and likes to go up to the second level. (Staramara Tech University graduate)

Centers - 3
#71 - Mikel Kingston - 28 years old. Fermete Maulers (Ranoria). 6 ft 3 inches. Possesses solid fundamentals and good vision. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#65 - Markus Xanneret – 25 years old - Memphis Steamers (Ranoria). 6 ft 1 inches. Physical, consistent, and rather good at hand-fighting, Xanneret knows how to pass protect. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#63 - Park Si-U – 25 years old - Madison Gladiators (Ranoria). 6 ft 7 inches. The team’s best center in terms of run blocking, as well as the best center for special teams play. (Staramara Tech University graduate)

Defensive Coordinator: Kasen Harrowitz, Richardson University
Assistant Coordinator: Laverna Getz, Staramara Tech University
Defensive Philosophy: The Iron Legion uses a Base 3-4, with pressing safeties that rely on cornerbacks to play on an island. It is those cornerbacks that will determine if the team succeeds. Chromatika is strong against the run and the long pass, but can be bested by intermediate or short passes. The majority of the players come from the NSCF ranks.
Players: Starters in Italics

Defensive Ends - 4
#60 - Jill Lia - 29 years old – Ranoria City Silver (Ranoria). 6 ft 5 inches. A pure speedy edge rusher who has an endless motor. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#55 – Candace Ferrett - 27 years old - Apollotown Sabers (Ranoria). 6 ft 2 inches. An edge rusher with an endless motor who may be small in size but plays big. (Cold Hill University graduate)
#58 - Aubin Rouzet - 25 years old – Port Stovine Sea Turtles (Banija). 6 ft 4 inches. A driven pass-rusher who can also drop back into coverage if the situation warrants it. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#50 - Mykhajlo Vyacheslavovych Kozlov – 27 years old – Sisonke Leopards (Banija). 6 ft 5 inches. Speed all day, every day. Chasing down Quarterbacks and ballcarriers alike. Pure adrenaline. (Staramara Tech University graduate)

Defensive Tackles - 3
#65 – Josiah Michaels – 24 years old - Northern Moravica University Cougar (Banija). 6 ft 7 inches. A true student of the game with a unique blend of speed, power, and size. The future at Defensive Tackle.
#79 - Parry Mioto - 31 years old - Qet Lynx (Chromatika). 5 ft 10 inches. Runs well, has a bit of a problem getting past people. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#69 - Gérald Bullion – 26 years old – Ranoria City Silver (Ranoria). 6 ft 4 inches. A strong, fast player with good gap movement, discipline, and swim move in the pass and run game. (Staramara Tech University graduate)

Outside Linebackers - 4
#44 - Cara Setri - 31 years old – Istria Black Mambas (Banija). 6 ft 2 inches. Loves to rush from the edge or drop into coverage, as is needed. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#54 – Nicole Manstrom - 26 years old – Ranoria City Silver (Ranoria). 6 ft 1 in. A lightning-fast blitzing specialist who makes her life hitting the backfield hard. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#41 - Edith St. Clair – 25 years old – St. Jakob Honey Badgers (Banija). 6 ft 6 inches. A blitzing linebacker through and through, not very good in coverage. (Ratzupalfu University of Nature graduate)
#49 - Ingrid Botrel – 25 years old – Lwanga Rhinos (Banija). 6 ft 3 inches. A pure cover linebacker who can cover almost anyone in the flat. (Northern Moravica University Graduate)

Inside Linebackers - 4
#59 - Mi-Hyeon Park - 28 years old - Ranoria City Falcons (Ranoria). 6 ft 6 inches. Dictates the defense. Tackling machine. Decent coverage linebacker. Defensive Captain. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#51 - Jere Rinaldi - 28 years old - Ranoria City Falcons (Ranoria). 6 ft 3 inches. The hammer who can make any player that gets within range pay, physical specimen. (Staramara Tech University graduate)
#56 - Kang In-Yeung – 24 years old - Northern Moravica University Cougar. 6 ft 1 inches. Very good at disguising intent at the line of scrimmage, and she can handle both blitzing and going into coverage.
#52 - Nellie Griffin – 23 years old - Ratzupalfu University of Nature Egrets. 6 ft 2 inches. Freakishly athletic and daring, Griffin can take over games.

Strong Safeties - 3
#28 – Ying Taggert - 28 years old - Nashville Sabrecats (Ranoria). 5 ft 11 in. Emotional, physical, hard tackler. (Staramara Tech University graduate)
#37 - Candice Jones - 33 years old - Qet Lynx (Chromatika). Hugs the line of scrimmage on almost every play, coming across on run support most of the time. Decent in coverage but not special.
#31 - Do-Hyuk Kim – 25 years old - Staramara Angels (Chromatika). 6 ft 2 inches. Loves to play through contact, can also play Free Safety. (Staramara Tech University graduate)

Free Safeties - 3
#24 - Vi Nia-Kaid - 31 years old – Ranoria City Silver (Ranoria). Has long reach and specializes in coverage. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#39 - Drew Lia - 28 years old – Isipongo Wild Boars (Banija). A leader on the field with skills to boot. (University of Loyola-Istria graduate)
#33 Siu Cantu – 27 years old – Busembe Timberwolves (Banija). 6 ft 3 inches. A coverage safety who can help in the box. (Staramara Tech University graduate)

Cornerbacks - 5
#21 - Nikolai Dimitrov - 31 years old – Sisonoke Leopards (Banija). 6 ft 5 inches. Sticks to his man like glue, uses long arms to break up completions. Perfectionist. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#27 - Victoria Mio - 27 years old - Fermete Maulers (Ranoria). 6 ft 8 inches. Lanky, aggressive, ballhawk. Instinctive player who studies to make up for fundamental weaknesses. (Cold Hill University graduate)
#29 - Paul Mattieu - 28 years old – Richardson Fenrirs (Ranoria). 6 ft 3 inches. Plays a bit more aggressively for the ball. (Felswyr State University graduate)
#23 - Mastaya Vorpen – 26 years old – Isipongo Wild Boars (Banija). 6 ft 2 inches. A corner who can be on an island and contest almost anything thrown his way, really showed up for the Lava during their NSCF 27 run to the title game. (Staramara Tech University graduate)
#20 - Lisa Bonsoon – 22 years old – Felswyr State University Firehawk (Chromatika). 6 ft 11 inches. Ballhawk with tremendous range, and instinct. She’s good enough to be here as a twenty-two year old, yep.

Special Teams Coordinator: Niles Crescent
Assistant Coordinator: Vera James, Felswyr State University
Special Kicking Coach: Sara McAllister Drumov
Special Teams Philosophy: A kicker should never miss. Play for field position. Solid fundamentals. The Iron Legion doesn't do much trickery - but is very good at coverage and at kicking.
Players: - Starters in Italics

#03 - Dwayne Markseon - 25 years old - Sisonke Leopards (Banija). 5 ft 11 inches. Having shown that he can be clutch with some range in his first two seasons with the Cougars, Markseon gets the call, having shown poise that is lacking at his age. (Northern Moravica University graduate)
#09 - ???

#12 - Nellie Katt - 27 years old - Ranoria City Falcons (Ranoria). 6 ft 7 inches. Directional punter specializing in coffin corners. Not very good at long punts, but can drop them in. (Felswyr State University graduate)
My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers: Yes, but please look at my roster.
Godmod scoring events: No.
RP injuries to my players: Yes, but if severe, please contact me.
Godmod Injuries to my players: No.
Suspend my players: Yes, but if for more than one match, please contact me.
Godmod suspension events: No.
Godmod other events: No.
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Postby TJUN-ia » Mon Feb 19, 2024 4:20 pm


Name: TJUN-ia
Trigram: TJU
Organisation: Gridiron Football Association of TJUN-ia (GFA-TJUN-ia)
Nickname: Jaguars or Jags
World Bowl Rank: 3rd

Head Coach: Gus McKerrin (54)
Offensive Coordinator: P.J. Swarts (50)
Defensive Coordinator: Mohammad Al-Khalifa (45)
Special Teams Coach: David Stroman (49)

Formation: Shotgun
QB: #10 Gareth Baldwin (31/TSU)
HB: #40 Klaveon Tyrell (33/TSU)
WR: #80 Victor Que-et-Vous (30/TSU)
WR: #81 Fremont Whitehorse (28/TSU)
WR: #82 Gilbert Nyamutsamba (26/GCU)
LT: #50 Karl Bjanasson (31/TSU)
LG: #51 Ahmed Ben Hadj Essid (30/GCU)
C: #52 Alexa Blessington (30/TSU)
RG: #53 Valentino Brochetti (30/TSU)
RT: #54 Jakob Håland (33/TSU)
TE: #41 Nia Jaxon-Fuller (33/TSU)

Formation: 3-4
NT: #90 Albertina Carlos Pondja (28/GCU)
DE: #91 Karl von Liechten (31/TSU)
DE: #92 Marnie Kelleher (30/TSU)
LB: #45 Fernando Jorge (31/TSU)
LB: #46 Joseph Bulwell (33/TSU)
LB: #47 Hubert Aubais (30/TSU)
LB: #48 Hannah Bulwell (30/TSU)
CB: #20 Graham Tees (31/TSU)
CB: #21 Jake Northridge (30/TSU)
FS: #23 Jessica Farron (28/TSU)
SS: #22 Joy Alozie (26/GCU)

These can use starting players from both offence (block) and defence (tackle) and backup players during ST plays.
K: #5 Clayton McGee (31/TSU)
H: #2 Jason Waterford (31/TSU)
P: #6 Frederico Neopoli (33/TSU)
LS: #99 Denise Satanique (30/TSU)
KR: #98 Roger Hawthorn (28/TSU)
PR: #97 Kayla Richmond (30/TSU)

QB: Leon Gallas (28/TSU)
QB: Moses Igbinoghene (26/GCU)
HB: Pyrros Papanikolaou (30/TSU)
FB: Kendra Jackson (30/TSU)
WR: Lucky Sithole-Sita (26/GCU)
WR: Peter Borosić (27/TSU)
WR: Ivan Borosić (27/TSU)
LT: Sophie Halladay (30/TSU)
LG: Frederik Carlton (28/TSU)
C: Kylan Makedon (28/TSU)
RG: Haithem Khalifa (28/GCU)
RT: Jackie Hullmond (30/TSU)
TE: Jordan Culter (31/TSU)
DT: Valentina Maserati (33/TSU)
DT: Heldon Culter (31/TSU)
DE: Helen Hucknall (30/TSU)
DE: Jamilu Omeruo (30/GCU)
LB: Anthony Aiba (28/GCU)
LB: Julius Helvetica (28/TSU)
LB: Owen Parkinson (28/TSU)
LB: Marie Rufford (28/TSU)
CB: Caiomin O'Donegal (30/TSU)
CB: Mariatu Candé (30/GCU)
FS: Faith Okobi (24/GCU)
K: Xander Tiovannen (28/TSU)
P: Kelly Maine (28/TSU)
H: Lazare Banssé (28/GCU)
LS: Joseph Smith-Benteke (26/GCU)
KR: Stephen Ogonji (24/GCU)
PR: Immaculate Nakisuuyi (26/GCU)

QB: Jason Steels (23/TSU)
HB: Patrícia Chládeková (22/TSU)
FB: Victory Prince-Brown (28/GCU)
FB: Candice Fey (26/TCU)
SB: Mercy Oshoala (24/GCU)
SB: Stella Oshoala (24/GCU)
LT: Melrick du Plessis (28/GCU)
LT: Xu Ting Wei (26/TSU)
LT: Freeman Niamathé (22/GCU)
LT: Kim Il-Yoon (22/TSU)
LG: Kim Won-San (22/TSU)
C: Baya Sandaise (26/GCU)
C: Caroline Rosseau (22/TSU)
RG: Cristiano Periera (28/TSU)
RT: Attie Africa (26/GCU)
FT: Jade Schembri (22/TSU)
TE: Mark Scicluna (22/TSU)
DT: Derrick Barrow (31/TSU)
DT: Raihan Dragonisky (30/TSU)
DT: Maxime Rolland (26/TSU)
DT: Witness Mussagi (24/GCU)
DT: Dayo Mussagi (24/GCU)
DT: Qing Kainan (24/TSU)
DT: Carrie McGabbason (22/TSU)
DE: Callie Rufford (28/TSU)
DE: Francis Aina (26/GCU)
DE: Huong Cho Pham (24/TSU)
DE: Michaela Koutouan (22/GCU)
DE: Valentina Alcoron-Zulia (22/TSU)
LB: Jorge Hernan (28/TSU)
LB: Izuchukwu Jude (24/GCU)
LB: Josephine York (25/TSU)
LB: Alexa Helena (24/TSU)
CB: Marta Candé (30/GCU)
CB: Jason Tyrell (27/TSU)
CB: Maximillian Helena (24/TSU)
CB: Kimbelly Chang-Tak Hue (22/GCU)
CB: Walter Duprey St. Martin (22/GCU)
CB: Saga Kamal (22/TSU)
FS: Ridgeciano Jozefzoon (22/TSU)
K: Glory Oparanozie (24/GCU)
K: Eleonora "Firefeet" Scafakou (23/TSU)
P: Abdoul Madjid Moumouni (24/GCU)
P: "Apple" Jack Stevenson (22/TSU)
H: Yuji Idekanti (25/TSU)
LS: Heðin Hansen (22/TSU)
PR: Liudmyla Naumenko (22/TSU)

Name: Field of Dreams in The Gardens
Location: New Washington, NAU Zone
Capacity: 87,000

Part of "The Gardens", New Washington's sporting complex, the Field of Dreams marked the debut of the NAU Zone in hosting U3 international competition. The main purpose of the Field of Dreams was to create an atmosphere where chaos lived and upsets can be made, a fact that was backed up in Game 1 with the "Block 6" over Cassadiagua and the "Kick 6" in the rematch a year later. Those plays were further ingrained into the minds of TJUN-ians due to the fact that seats had direct access to the field, allowing the fans to storm it and celebrate with their heroes.



Thanks go to Saint Kanye for this drip.

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: Y

MD1: @United States of Devonta (UR)
MD2: @Abanhfleft (14)
----------------------Double Header 1----------------------
MD3: vs Valanora (22) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD4: @New Fernia (UR)
----------------------Double Header 2----------------------
MD5: vs Oahu-Hawaii (UR) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD6: vs United States of Devonta (UR) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
----------------------Double Header 3----------------------
MD7: vs Abanhfleft (14) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD8: @Valanora (22) - Lathalein Celestial Stadium, Mar Sara
----------------------Double Header END----------------------
MD9: vs New Fernia (UR) - Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington
MD10: @Oahu-Hawaii (UR)
1st: ECC4/5, NSSCRA13, RLWC22, IBS20, EBT3, EIHT2
2nd: NSCF24/26, ARWC4, WC:TOTS, IBC34, IBS17, RUWC33/35, ECC6
3rd: ARWC3, IBC32, ECC3/7, ARWC6, ET20IV
T1: #07 Michael Stefan (S13 T1 Champ/9W)/#64 Alfonso Mercado (3W)/#03 Maddison Riley-Jones (S10 T2 Champ/2W-T1/3W-T2)
T2: #96 Alice Jepkosgei (3W)/#70 Gongming Gao [NCR] (5W)/#79 Axel Chase

WGPO: #11 Lane Carter (2W)/ #9 Batu Tüvshinbayar (WGP2 S5 Champion/1W)
NSTT: 4 S-Titles (3 RU)/2 D-Titles (6 RU)

UN - U1
TJUN (Ta-Jun) - An organ of the UN that focuses on "international role-play" (i.e. USA = Fang the Sniper) (U2)
TJUN-ia (Ta-Jun-ee-a) - The testing grounds of TJUN members, but operates as an independent nation. (U3)

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Postby New Fernia » Mon Feb 19, 2024 6:39 pm

New Fernia Gridiron Football Team

Debut appearance. Record: 0-0

Head Coach: Oscar Kelly
Offensive Coordinator: Oscar Allen
Defensive Coordinator: Oscar Stone
Special Teams Coach: Sam Bates
Team Shaman: Ben Good

Stadium: Northern National Stadium, Ferncliffe, Greene District, New Fernia (cap. 52,000)

Asterisk indicates starter. Backups are listed in order of priority.

Offense (starters in I-formation with fullback on same side as tight end and halfback superseded by running back)

12 Riley Cooper*
43 Matthew Ball
03 Cameron James

33 Stanley McCarthy*
11 Brandon Cunningham* (as fullback)
79 Oliver Armstrong
24 Joe Burke
88 George Marshall

58 Phoenix Hudson* (kick returner)
35 Emerson Glover* (punt returner)
46 Matthew King
02 Joseph Burns
51 Jerome Slater
96 Owen Matthews

LT 90 Arthur Johnson*
LG 41 Cody Watts*
C 07 Joshua Richards*
RG 64 Kyle Read*
RT 71 Corey Simpson*
T 05 Martin Delaney
T 26 Nixon Melendez
G 83 Aiden Jackson
G 92 Jonathan Barnes
C 25 Tom Baker

37 Nicolas Cochran*
65 Jenson West


Defense (starters in basic standard 3-4 formation)

DE 54 Lawrence Bush*
DE 20 Patrick Russell*
DT 44 Tyler Jackson*
DL 52 Marcus Brown
DL 30 Tyler Green
DL 91 Louis Lawrence

01 Chace Roman*
04 Liam Brooks*
06 Caleb Phillips*
08 Trevon Torres*
09 Jonathon Ayers
10 Liam Mueller
14 Anthony Butler

75 Patrick Young*
38 Theo Wilson*
63 Emerson McKenzie
53 Blake Wells

22 Joseph Pratt*
68 Jordan Gordon*
73 Joe Cox
93 Blake Wells

Special Teams
K 23 Daniel Bell*
P 13 Sebastian Ryan*

Fluid players- last-resort players trained in a variety of positions for situations where there are no back-ups available
FL 00 Taylor Stewart
FL 99 Riley Stewart
FL 98 Matthew George

MD1 - vs Valanora; Northern National Stadium, Ferncliffe, New Fernia
MD2 - vs United States of Devonta; Northern National Stadium, Ferncliffe, New Fernia
MD3 - @ Oahu-Hawaii
MD4 - vs TJUN-ia; Northern National Stadium, Ferncliffe, New Fernia
MD5 - @ Abanhfleft
MD6 - @ Valanora; Lathalein Celestial Stadium, Mar Sara, Valanora
MD7 - @ United States of Devonta
MD8 - vs Oahu-Hawaii; Northern National Stadium, Ferncliffe, New Fernia
MD9 - @ TJUN-ia; Field of Dreams in The Gardens, New Washington, TJUN-ia
MD10 - vs Abanhfleft; Northern National Stadium, Ferncliffe, New Fernia

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my Scorers: Y
Choose Scoring Events: Y
Godmod Scoring Events: Y
RP Injuries to my Players: Y (minor only please)
Godmod Injuries to my Players: Y (minor only please)
Godmod Other Events: Y
Style Modifier: -5
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Postby HUElavia » Mon Feb 19, 2024 9:09 pm

Golden Skies

The History of HUElavian Airlines, the Flag Carrier of The United States of HUElavia

Episode 1
First Flight

As the multiverse grows and grows, with more countries linking to each other, there has been a great need of transportation to meet these needs. Airlines have come and gone, but there is one airline carrier that has withstood over two centuries of existence: HUElavian Airlines. One of the largest airlines in the multiverse has been serving multitude of people over those two centuries, but with this success story, this is of course has a beginning.

After the technological advances in aircrafts during the First Grand War, most nations found the need for faster connections to major cities in order to relay materials and information as needed. While Ships and Trains were the norm in the 20th century, there was a strong interest in what aviation could do for the world. Such an interest was held by two business students in Curumba, Rafael Reus Copa and Cristiano Matos Justino, who applied for a government loan of H2 Million Hueks in order to establish what they named as HUElavian Airlines. While reluctant at first, the HUElavian government, who had centralized only in 1900 with the merger of the Aestellian East HUElavia and the Portuzian West HUElavia, decided to take the chance and accept the application for the airline to get its funding. Thus, HUElavian Airlines was founded on June 24th, 1925, with the loan approved and shortly after, the purchase of five Junkers F 13.

Once the aircrafts were purchased, a plot of land in northern Curumba was purchased, with two hangers built, along with a small indoor waiting area in what would eventually become Curumba International Airport. With a new land to take off and land, as well as service aircrafts, now the only thing that Reus and Matos needed were destinations to different cities. Prior to the land purchase, Reus and Matos traveled by train and ship to scout out possible locations for their flights to take place. Eventually, three locations were agreed upon for their first ever flights: Jinaqa, Sao Salvador and San Rafael. At the time, the country was mixed with the cultures of the Native Hueti, the Aestellians and the Portuzians, and those cities were the largest in the new country at the time. Thus, the two men and their fellow employees they had hired decided on the three opening flights: Curumba-Jinaqa would be HUElavian Airlines Flight 1, Curumba-Sao Salvador would be HUElavian Airlines Flight 2, and Curumba-San Rafael would be HUElavian Airlines Flight 3.

An extensive marketing campaign would then commence, as advertisements were bought to promote the new mode of transportation via newspapers and radios. Reus and Matos would take trips to the three cities to promote the flights themselves to give a chance for people to purchase tickets. Eventually, interest sparked and four passengers opted to take the first ever HUElavian Airlines flight. Samuel Salgado Borba and Natalia Salgado Viera, Iker Ordóñez, and Ibai Cuevas were the first four passengers to purchase HUElavian Airlines tickets, namely for Flight 1.

On September 26th, 1925, under the control of Pilot and Captain Saulo Barbosa da Cruz, and Second Captain and Co-Pilot Miguel Angel Vargas, the HA Flight 1 took off at 10:00 AM on a clear fall day, with ideal conditions for the ceremonious flight to Jinaqa. The 710 mile, 7h10m flight on the Junker F 13 took off without a hitch, making it's maiden voyage going South to North along the HUElavian continent, in what was a widely reported event throughout the country and in the world.

In the subsequent days, Reus and Matos were mobbed by reporters looking for interviews as they had set the foundation to what would revolutionize HUElavian Culture and Economy.

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Carrington and Fillies ready for World Bowl,
by Kenzie Sherman- Concord Heights Times

Team Cassadaigua entered World Bowl 47 ranked as the 15th best team in the World, which was a boost over the prior edition. There were times during World Bowl 46 where we wondered if the team would be best with Brittany Carrington under center, but as that competition went on, it was evident that the Brittany should remain QB1. The 47th edition was not picture perfect, but the pink and black did enough to finish 8-6, finish fourth, and earn the #13 seed for the playoffs. It was a challenging group, contending with Saint Kanye and Ko-oren, both established powers on the gridiron, while also having Gyatsko-kai do a little better. In the playoffs, the offense was unable to get anything going, and fell to Quebec and Shingoryeo by the score of 12-3. The end result meant that Cassadaigua did not fall in the rankings for this edition, but the climb was only up to #12. That might not seem like much, but it makes a big difference in determining the pots, and it allowed our nation to be placed into the second pot. Had they been 15th or worse in the rankings, they would have been a pot three team. The format for World Bowl 48 is six groups of six, as 36 nations voiced their desire to participate. This will result in the top two teams per group making it to the playoffs, while the best four third place teams will get in. It’s a format that we will hope to have success in, but with the intentions of cracking the top ten in the rankings when it is done.

Looking at the details of the rankings, Drawkland (1) and Banija (2) appear to have a good margin over the rest of the pack, but it gets pretty tight between three and nine. Then, it’s also pretty close between ten, and us at twelve, with a little bit of a break right behind us. Therefore, getting into the top ten after this World Bowl is a good goal for the team, and it will probably take at least a quarterfinal run in order to achieve that. Certainly, that is reasonable. Cassadaigua was drawn into Group D, where they will be opposed by 5th ranked Chromatika, 31st ranked Saint-Jean-Jacques et Burnham-on-Stove, and unranked Kinqueven, Ubernordwinds, and Lozho. The sporting programs of Ubernordwinds are developing, but they are coming off a good debutante run in the World Baseball Classic, so they could certainly be a pesky side here. The competition will consist of a double round robin, with all Cassadagan home games taking place at Dagan Airways Stadium in Concord Heights for the second World Bowl in a row. Some of you from the west coast have complained about that, especially in New Lakeland, but that’s the way that CAFE (Cassadagan Association for Football Excellence) wants to do things and I am just a mere writer reporting on it. Complaints should be sent directly to CAFE. Playoffs will be in the host nation of, you guessed it, Quebec and Shingoryeo. So our Fillies will certainly have plenty of motivation to get to the country that knocked us out last time around and have a deeper playoff run.

As we look at the team, we see not a whole lot of changes, but they are there in spots. The most noteworthy position that sees a different starter is running back, where it will be 24-year old Lacey Bouchard. She got a handful of carries in World Bowl 47, but is now ready to take on the bigger workload. Brittany Carrington is again the starting quarterback, and she posted on her Spacebook account that, “I have to say that it is an honor to lead the team for the third World Bowl in a row. I am just one component of the team, but I feel we have the pieces to improve on what we were able to do last time. Ten games to play instead of fourteen this time, and I think that’s welcomed by all of us here. Let’s get it done!”

The opening game for the pink and black is at Ubernordwinds. “Based on how they played in the World Baseball Classic, it may be good to get this out of the way early”, Margaret Malone, a rankings expert from Brattleboro advised.
NS Sports’ only World Cup, World Bowl, World Cup of Hockey, World Baseball Classic and International Basketball Championships winner!

(Motorsports, college basketball, and volleyball, too)

Specific Titles: World Cup 50, 51; WBC 14, 16, 19, 50 & 58; WB 8, 22, & 40; WCOH 11 & 39; IBC 13.
Also: CR 40 & 43; CoH 39; Swamp Soccer 4, RTC WC 18 & 19; WVE 6; NSCAA 3, 5 & 9; NSSCRA 7
Runner Up: CoH 40, CR 37, 38 & 41; WB 21, WcoH 8, IBC 12, WBC 13, 15, 47 & 48, DBC 21.
WC Qualified for: 45, 46, 49-61, 67, 79 (DNP WC 69-77), 81-90, 92.
XIII Summer Olympiad: 2nd Most Medals
Hosted: WC 54, 67, 84 & 88; CoH 57 & 73, BoF 47, CR 30, WB 16, WBC 18, 26, 40, 45 & 50, NSCAA, NSCH 1; WLC 7, 30 & 33.

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Zantali Gridiron Football Team

First Appearance | Record: 0-0

Head Coach: Rishtaky Nilyybonzhivania
Offensive Coordinator: Renyarë Lukbannyi
Defensive Coordinator: Oscarya Teviniaskati
Special Teams Coach: Lunaka Reijavik

Stadium: TG Electronyka Shtaydyum (TG Electronics Stadium), Nichau Oblast, Zantalio (cap. 84,892)

National Roster:
1 Zaian Vanim
3 Nlyapy Vannicanu

Running backs:
23 Nani Vakiino
14 Zinni Lama
19 Yakim Niyaramimzo

Wide recievers:
10 IIkaly Naminaino
9 Zhevinon Takiynon
4 Lebinas Nokhiaa

Tight ends:
44 Ilyaaki Syuvanionia
49 Teschi Yaaki’no
67 Cann’e Ruvanikko
79 Zhinon Nakkiwan

Offensive linemen:
48 Lakioni Zammino
78 Takiano Akk’i
87 Luna Zhiionan
83 Tann’aa Kikoniam
89 Liivona Kiewskia
91 Ronnniy Laaki
80 Vallisb Kak
90 Nonny Zabonio

Defensive linemen:
67 Kukkia Nevillo
96 Xafi Laaki
99 Kirano Laaki
86 Rinna Llova

Defensive backs:
93 Zakian Shuva
98 Karres Nichau
43 Linu Nokaah
95 Rinna Tahkkia
34 Kaono Tezan
39 Lumin Kirran
35 Knuki Fanzu
37 Levinaa Tluzve
31 Ramma Sektu

Special teams:
7 Lakkan Tuvin
8 Rejina Trinzy

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The Last Dance of the Firehawk
I. My Only Regret Is...

Two months before the World Bowl
Chromatik Football Federation Headquarters
Chromia, Capital District, Chromatika

It was with the sun setting on a beautiful, clear day in Chromia that Sara McAllister Drumov, Firehawks legend and Special Kicking Coach for the Iron Legion, entered the Chromatik Football Federation Headquarters with purpose. She had a resigned yet determined look on her face, a purpose to her step, and her imposing form in a sharp blue suit conveyed a very clear message that she was not to be disturbed. Those that were finishing their workdays gave her a wide berth as she briskly walked up to the elevator, entered it, and pushed the button for the top floor - to the Office of one Viktor Karras, Jr., the Chairman of the Chromatik Football Federation.

As Chairman, Mr. Karras was the one in charge of the two biggest sports in Chromatika - Football and Gridiron. He helped run the Anomalies, he oversaw the goings-on of the Red League, and he was in control of the Iron Legion. He acted as advisor to both Felswyr State University, Staramara Tech University, and the Chromatik Collegiate Football Association as well as the Chromatik Collegiate Gridiron Conference, but he wasn't the supreme overlord of those two entities. No, overseeing the everyday affairs of the Anomalies, the Iron Legion, and the Red League was enough for one man - and he wore the mantel well, being known to be a fair, impartial, and just supervisor.

Janice McCleary, the Head Secretary of Mr. Karras, tried to wave down Sara McAllister Drumov - but the look in Sara's eyes said that she wouldn't be dissuaded. So, Janice just simply got out of the way as Sara walked up to the double doors that led to Viktor's office and knocked three times. Thankfully, Mr. Karras wasn't in a meeting of any sort - he was probably getting ready to get going, as he had a dinner function to go to at Chromia General for a fundraiser that the hospital was putting on for the children's ward. Besides being one of the most influential men in the country, Mr. Karras was a philanthropist with a soft spot for children - brought on by the fact that he and his wife, Eleanor, didn't have any of their own. They had adopted two, fostered many more, sponsored multiple others to be fostered, yes, but they didn't have any of their own.

"Come in," came the voice from the other side - as if Mr. Karras had been expecting this. Janice thought long and hard about whether Mr. Karras had known that Sara was coming or not - but came to the conclusion that he had just decided to take the unexpected event in stride. So, straightening her shoulders, Sara McAllister Drumov opened the double doors and walked inside, finding Viktor Karras packing a small shoulder bag with some files. He looked up at her without a hint of surprise, instead having some amusement.

"What can I do for you, Sara?" he inquired. They knew each other from her Firehawk days - and though they wouldn't say they were friends, they were cordial enough to be on a first name basis. He was well aware of her role as the Special Kicking Coach for the Iron Legion - the McAllister Syndrome, coupled with chronic fatigue syndrome, meant that Sara's availability wasn't always the best. That being said, the role that she played for the Iron Legion - both from a Special Teams perspective as well as overall morale of the team - made up for it; her presence was a major boon to the likes of Sarai Gwenderyn, Alessandra Mio, Jill Lia, Park Mi Hyeon, and many other players. There was no qualms with her being on the team at all - as long as she was up for it, of course.

"Viktor," she responded, her voice both weary and firm, "I thought it best if I told you the news first before I break it to anyone else - maybe because I think you might talk me down, or encourage me - I'm not sure which it will be..."

Her countenance fell slightly, and he stopped packing his bag to give her his full attention. Her shoulders started to quiver slightly, and though she tried her best to keep up appearances, he could tell that she was highly emotional.

"Where is Michel?" Viktor asked, noticing that Sara's husband and shadow, Michel Drumov, wasn't present.

"He's in the parking lot. I told him I wanted to do this solo," she responded.

"You have my full, undivided attention," Viktor said softly, "What's going on?"

"I'm afraid," Sara started, "That this upcoming World Bowl tournament will be my last one as part of the Iron Legion's coaching staff. My condition is getting worse - there are days at a time now where I can barely get out of bed - and my neurologist - Dr. Yang Jo Mi, one of the best neurologists in our country - says that she thinks that the prospects of it getting better are pretty slim. She suggested I go back to life before all this - when we were in Felswyr, among the mountains, breathing the clean air and enjoying the peaceful life - and Michel agrees. He's not willing to give up a chance for us to be a happy family, you see... And if the cost of that is for me to forever say goodbye to gridiron football, he thinks that it isn't too much of a price to pay."

"You have my support, no matter your decision. You know that," Viktor said, "So what is it that you are struggling with?"

"I don't know if I want to call it quits. If I do want to call it quits, I don't know if I want to tell the team. On one hand, I should be honest with them. On the other, I don't want to put any more pressure on them when the expectation always is to do well and contend for the title. If they know that this is my last ride as part of the staff, they will feel so much more of a burden on the tournament - and I don't think I want to bring that to them. Then, I think about potentially losing and them figuring out afterwards, and that thought doesn't make me feel any better. I don't know what to do," Sara explained exasperatedly.

Viktor looked back at her with a wry smile before answering, "I'm afraid that I can't make that decision for you. This is your choice to make - both regarding whether this will be your last tournament or not - I hope you make that decision with your husband's counsel - as well as what you'll tell the team. I know that I would do the right thing and let everyone know beforehand so that there is nothing left unsaid, but if you want to play it a different way, I would fully understand. From the moment that you hung up your cleats to now, you've always done what was best for you. Do the same, and let others deal with what they will."

"You know that doesn't help at all, right?" Sara whispered back at him, tears in her eyes but that same wry smile on her face.

"I think you knew I would answer this way," Viktor pointed out, "But you wanted to hear it from me anyway. You've done more than enough for anyone else, Sara McAllister Drumov. Whatever you do from now on, do it because you know you have to. Because you know you want to. Because you know that if you didn't, you wouldn't be you. That is more than enough."


The next morning, over coffee, Sara told her husband that she would stop after this one last tournament.

"My only regret is to never be part of a World Bowl winning team," she told him, "Hopefully, this will be the time we check that off."

"Are you going to tell everyone?"
Former User of the Nations of Yesopalitha and Falconfar

Champion: WBC 52, NSCF 24, 26, 28, and CoH 82
Regional Tournaments: AOCAF 55 Champions, 52 & 63 Runners-Up
WC Proper Appearances: Second Place: 93 Semifinals: 76 Quarterfinals: 77, 78 Round of Sixteen: 79, 80, 87, 88, 92 Group Stage: 81, 83, 84, 86, 89
CoH Appearances: 77 (Ro16), 85 (Ro16), 90 (Champions), 91 (QF)
KPB Ranking: 5 (Pre 95)
RP Population: 22 million

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OOC: Expect positional information and whatnot to be introduced over the course of the day, before MD1 cutoff.


Nickname: Grim Reapers
Head Coach: Hwang Hyeon, 63 - Levis Ravens (QFL)
Coordinators: Theodore Galstian (Offensive) - Errol Cernugel Jr (Defensive) - Kirby Wright (Special Teams)
Home Stadiums:
See here:
The Marijuana Island Gaol is an isolated, multi-purpose gaol complex in Marijuana Island. Built in 1884 to house republicans caught attempting to plot a terrorist movement six months prior, it was regarded as one of the most dangerous, isolated and most importantly fun gaols in the Multiverse in terms of the purpose it's supposed to serve: to incarcerate any dangerous sources out there in the society. 167 years later, the Marijuana Island Gaol remains one of the most intriguing gaols in Multiverse (since it already has that achievement set in Arrosia). There is a 500-seater stadium with artificial pitch outside of the Gaol, but of course do not expect any of modern facilities we've come to expect in a modern football stadium. Wrong place for that.

Use: Well......bruh. What do 888 prisoners incarcerated there say? The Marijuana Island Gaol hosted some of the most beloved sporting events in the Royal Quebecois Gaol System, such as Northern Arrosian Prisoners' Cup (Basketball) and the annual Inmates' Hunger Games championships, the latter of which incorporates all the space available within the jail property of around 45km2. Its regular tenants are the physical education and health classes held in the gym and the weight rooms. The Gaol Field is proud to host its first World Cup qualifying matches since World Cup 88, in line with its annual hosting of the biannual Cannabiscorp Pioneer Bowl of NSCF and recent hosting of NSCAA conference championship tournaments.

Location: Well, it's near the Quebecois North Pole, just 35km south of the northernmost point in this country, located right in Northwest AO. The Gaol is situated right in flat fields, surrounded by mountains roughly 894-1,497 metres tall, in a very long-shaped peninsula. The weather here in June isn't so bad, stays somewhat in -3 to -14'C range for the course of this tournament. Snowfall is of course expected, but it's Quebec so what can we say?

That said, due to the unpredictable weather conditions in northern Nunavut, it is not recommended for any visitor to head outside the Gaol or their planes / helicopters, et cetera. Way too many prisoners have attempted to escape that way and well, none had managed to successfully escape. RIP.

Access: Marijuana Island, being isolated from everywhere else, is only accessible by so many modes of transportation. The nearest city from Marijuana Island Gaol, Iqaluit, is roughly 2,194 kilometres away and from there, you can only go to here by once-weekly icebreakers and aeroplanes; icebreakers will land on shore 5 kilometres south of the Gaol and planes will land on a 5,000m runway 7 kilometres north of the Gaol. Two vans will be provided for the team and the supporting delegations, but for others it is expected that they bring their own voitures on the icebreaker.

As for Iqaluit, its international airport is open 24-hours, 365 days, but expect delays here and there because of weather.

Other Features: Gaol contains a visitors' wing that is certified maximum security, contains 777 beds and has Wi-Fi and all the modern amenities. A large selection of food, alcohol and marijuana should also be available, and those with specific dietary restrictions will be given priority as long as they send their meal plan requests two weeks in advance. Should there be way too many people coming to watch the conference championship tournament, however, the excess population will be given beds in the prisoners' wing. No heating, no water and only a loo and a mattress is given there, so it won't be the most pleasant of all venues but hey! It's a fucking Quebecois gaol so don't be too surprised about it.[/box]

Rank: 7th
Style Modifier: -5
Jerseys (many thanks to Saint Kanye): Home - Away


Offensive Coordinator: Theodore Galstian, 45 - Bonneville State University (QIS)
Scheme: Smashmouth
New Members: RB Ryu Seong-Weon - RB/FB Stefano Shin - SB Guy Felzen-Rozier - WR Lucan Moddejonge - WR Philbert Villeneuve-Nix - WR Marc-Antoine Joo - TE Kieran Kweon-McNair - OG Marwin Finlayson - OT Maurice Mercer-Kayode - OL Emerson Flores


No. Name                    Age   Height College  Assoc. Current Team         League Note
07 Octavien SEO-BROUSSEAU 29 5'10" Raynor NSCF Prince Eric Thunderhawks QFL
10 Benoit O.M. YOUNGBLOOD 26 6'2" Cold Hill NSCF Cold Hill University NSCF
18 Donovan O'MARA 33 6'1" Saguenay QIS* Jeongju Javelins QFL

One of the strongest quarterback room in all of gridiron football brings back all three players on board. All three quarterbacks are perfectly capable passers, though not exactly the scramblers that have been common on other nations. Donovan O'Mara, who has established himself as a firm QFL legend by this point, had considered international retirement before unexpected World Bowl finals run had him come back for the final cycle.

Whether O'Mara, whose west coast reputation is well known, can serve a more constrained role of game manager is another story, and coaches Hwang and Galstian may consider looking into backups Seo-Brousseau and Youngblood if need be. Benoit O.M. Youngblood, the Cold Hill University legend, has had an outstanding start to his career with RFL side Madison Gladiators, is an all-arounded quarterback with remarkable arm strength, and many have eyed on the Gladiators' star to succeed O'Mara for some time. Octavien Seo-Brousseau, a calm, collected presence, is an accurate, pinpoint passer with lower ceiling than the other two, but is probably the best game manager out of the three and would get a start or two considering stylistic tendencies for Hwang Hyeon-run teams.


No. Pos. Name Age Height College Assoc. Current Team League Note

01 HB Liam-Emerson SAUVAGEAU 23 6'3" Queen's College QIS Jolbonopolis Raiders QFL
02 HB/FB Stefano SHIN 22 6'0" St-Gab-Richard QIS Prince Eric Thunderhawks QFL
22 HB RYU Seong-Weon 21 5'11" St. Croix QIS* Univ. St. Croix QIS*
23 HB Gladys SANHEIM 25 5'10" Northwestern QIS Wansan Rams QFL
34 FB Gennaro GIANELLI 32 6'3" Ratzupalfu NSCF Saint John Steelers QFL
40 SB Guy FELZEN-ROZIER 21 6'1" UPRI QIS University of PRI. QIS*

The retirement of Manon Ellis from professional football after a 11,000-yard career in 8 seasons, while not a surprising one, has left a major question mark as to who will become the starting running back for this team. This is not to suggest that this stable of backs lack talent - quite the opposite if anything - with Sauvageau, Shin and Ryu having all had successful college careers and both Sauvageau and Shin strong professional starts. Among them Liam-Emerson Sauvageau is at the start of the race, as the Jolbonopolis Raiders' halfback started the season well with a 1,800-yard, 14 touchdown rookie season, while Stefano Shin's 600 receiving yards bring a separate, additional edge to the offence. Behind him stands Ryu Seong-Weon, with the current St. Croix halfback, who himself is having a monstrous junior season, expected to declare for the next RFL or QFL season, while Gladys Sanheim is an useful, multi-role back.

In terms of fullbacks, the ever-reliable Gennaro Gianelli is expected to play out what would be his final World Bowl. The 6'3" Ratzupalfu and St. Croix graduate is a smart, reliable blocker with a bit of reputation as dirty player headlining the 'Empire of Darkness' squads led by C.C. Youngblood.

Wide Receivers

No. Name                     Age  Height College         Assoc. Current Team          League Note
04 Hamad BHATT 26 6'2" USM QIS Jolbonopolis Raiders QFL
11 HONG Joon-Yeop 23 5'11" Beyreuth QIS Oakwood Siberias QFL
15 Lucan MODDEJONGE 21 6'2" Saguenay QIS* Univ. du Saguenay QIS*
81 Caroline KRIEF-MENCEL 27 6'2" Abitibi QIS Jeongju Eagles QFL
83 Marc-Antoine JOO 23 6'5" UPRI QFL Attawapiskat Broncos QFL
86 Philbert VILLENEUVE-NIX 20 5'10" Southern Manitoba QIS Univ. Southern Manitoba QIS
88 Antonine OSEI 31 5'11" Huronia Tech QIS Songak Jets QFL
89 Jean-Christophe PROVOST 25 6'4" Meghanville State QIS Balafre Bootleggers RFL

If there is truly a weak spot on this Team Quebec, this might be it. For most part this looks fine with plenty of receivers tending to have decent stats and whatnot, but when you look past that and not to mention no shortage of excellent quarterbacks the Reapers have had for long, it's lot more complicated than you would think. How many of them can establish separation the way Kweon-Atkinson would, or have a big-game reputation a Nio would? Questions, questions.

Anyways from this group Hamad Bhatt is likely to be the Z receiver with the Raiders' wideout usually a good flank option, while Jean-Christophe Provost, a 6'4" wideout with big-game reputation from Meghanville to RFL, is the big-body presence who runs the routes well and with good separation capable of making a rare play or two. Past it there aren't a lot of options but the general consensus is that Moddejonge and Osei is capable of being the primary option while Krief-Mencel and Hong would be solid, flanker option.

Tight Ends

No. Name Age Height College Assoc. Current Team League Note

07 GONG HYEON-SEOK 25 6'0" Saguenay QIS* Shelbourne Marroons QFL
87 Raphael BENTICK 33 6'7" St. Croix QIS* Goose Bay Mustangs QFL
82 Patrice DAINTREE 23 6'4" Northwestern QIS Northwestern Univ. QIS
84 Kieran KWEON-MCNAIR 19 6'4" Saguenay QIS* Univ. du Saguenay QIS*

If there is one spot where the NSCF has no doubt helped improving the positional quality, both on professional and QFL level, this must be it. Quebecois tight ends, while not always known for their peak (nobody beats Farmer on this, guys!), are indeed known for their consistency and variable options they come in, and you see no shortage in how they would be used.

This is expected to be the case this World Bowl, even more so as this Team Quebec squad is expected to run a more methodical, smashmouth offence. Raphael Bentick, the last of six Quebecois tight ends to have reached 10,000 yards (currently just over 14,000 yards at age 33), is the star tight end of the team with both Lautner and O'Mara using him in every possible situation, including game-winning drives. The glue-handed tight end will be the one to watch for the Reapers for two reasons - his game-to-game consistency and his relationship with a pop superstar Alison Swann famously dubbed by media as 'Raph and Ali'.

Behind Bentick stands a trio of capable tight ends. Patrice Daintree is a lighter end more known for technical edge (almost resembling that of a wideout) than Bentick, while Gong is a strong blocker who is both known for his goofiness and ability to throw his body out there for assignment. Kieran Kweon-McNair, who has been one of the most promising players in all of NSCF and QIS, is also worth watching with his athleticism and stats with Saguenay but the general consensus is that his time is not there yet.

Offensive Line

Starters: Jean - Ebert-Juzang - Lindebaum - Talbot-Cameus - Charest-Yoon

No. Pos. Name                     Age  Height College       Assoc.  Current Team            League Note
60 OG Jean-Pierre TALBOT-CAMEUS 32 6'7" Brat-Tech NSCF Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL
61 OG Marwin FINLAYSON 19 6'8" LeBois Santura NSCF LeBois Santura University NSCF
62 OG Marianne EBERT-JUZANG 30 6'7" Saguenay QIS* Saint John Steelers QFL
64 OT KWAKU Jean 26 6'5" Gaspe QIS Kingston Argonauts QFL
65 C Helene LINDEBAUM 26 6'2" Saguenay QIS Fiston Redwolves RFL
66 OL Emerson FLORES 24 6'2" Bonneville State QIS Dongnae Schooners QFL
67 OG Kimmie LAFRENIERE-DJUNA 22 6'3" St. Croix QIS* Universite St. Croix QIS
68 C HWANG Ji-Woo 30 6'1" USM QIS Saint John Steelers QFL
70 OT Elna CARNEIRO 24 6'0" Keewatinook QIS Oakwood Siberias QFL
73 OT Maurice MERCER-KAYODE 21 6'4" Saguenay QIS* Universite du Saguenay QIS
76 OT Jeremie CHAREST-YOON 25 6'4" Queen's College QIS Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL

A veteran offensive line group that returns most of those from the last World Bowl squad. The left side of the line is anchored by Kwaku Jean and Marianne Ebert-Juzang on tackle and guard, with Jean an all-around blocker and Ebert-Juzang splendid run blocker even if her pass block could be inconsistent at times. Helene Lindebaum is a reliable centre who anchors the offence well, even more so when considering the oversized significance a centre holds in Quebecois OL, while the right side is maintained by the Joongyeong Voyageurs' duo of Jean-Pierre Talbot-Cameus and Jeremie Charest-Yoon. Charest-Yoon is a poised presence as the right tackle, while Talbot-Cameus has gone without a penalty for two straight QFL seasons now.

With the age of some of the starters, especially Talbot-Cameus and Hwang (backup centre), it is possible that we may see some turnovers here ans there. Currntly being put on trialling base are Maurice Mercer-Kayode, an outstanding pancake flipper with Saguenay, at tackle, guard Kimmie Lafreniere-Djuna and Marwin Finlayson all with known reputation on their institutions, and Emerson Flores's development with both Bonneville State and Dongnae Schooner suggesting a national team starter potential. All in all worth watching.


Defensive Coordinator: Errol Cernugel Jr., 48 - Prince Eric Thunderhawks (QFL)
Scheme: 3-4 with aggressive mix of blitz packages (let's call that Wade Phillips defence)
New Members:DE Nahuel Vercheval-Mayardit, LB Raymond-Luca Wanaudi, CB Xavier McKellen-Corum, RVR Edouard Joh-Waabshkii’ogi

Defensive Line

No. Pos. Name                                Age  Height College     Assoc.    Current Team             League  Note
08 DE Nahuel VERCHEVAL-MAYARDIT 22 6'3" Saguenay A&M QIS Kingston Argonauts QIS
75 NT/DT Sebastien ROUDET-TAPPER 26 6'7" St-GR QIS Saint John Steelers QFL
90 DE/DT Aiden VAN WYSBERGHE 24 6'3" Northwestern QIS Saguenay Saints QFL
93 DE KWAK Ji-Yeon 23 6'3" LNU QIS Songak Jets QFL
94 NT EDEN PARK 28 6'5" Cold Hill NSCF Pittsburgh Ironmen RFL
96 DE Frederic BENN-KOCIAN 26 6'2" St. Croix QIS* Pittsburgh Ironmen RFL
98 NT URK McCauley 32 7'1" NMU NSCF Mynda Gorillas GFLB

Nose tackle is one positional group where the Reapers have extremely strong depth of talent, with Ranorian league all-pro Bowler Eden 'all-maul' Park taking over for the incumbent starter 4 years senior in Urk McCauley. In case where additional pressure is needed McCauley is capable of stepping in with strong, instinctive play, while Sebastien Roudet-Tapper is a sudden, explosive presence who is slightly light as a 3-4 nose tackle, but could step up well as a second defensive tackle in case where 4 linemen may be needed.

As for the defensive end, the third member is the one that's being figured out. On the right end, there is no issue with a perennial menace in Frederic Benn-Kocian returning there to no surprise. Benn-Kocian is a natural defensive end whose power and tenacity drives the motor of the defensive line and his chemistry with Eden Park, which have been a positive attribute for all-mauling Pittsburgh Ironmen defence, makes it a treat to watch. On the right side, in the meanwhile, Kingston Argonauts' Nahuel Vercheval-Mayardit is expected to level up after recording a 14-sack rookie season. In case where Nahuel's inexperience shows up on games, however, the team is open to run the left end spot on competition with Kwak Ji-Yeon and Aiden van Wysberghe also available for action.


No. Pos. Name                     Age  Height College   Assoc.   Current Team            League Note
03 ILB Rebecca REISCHEL 25 6'2" Iqaluit QIS New Quebec Fighters RFL
12 ILB Regis-Marc ALLEN 30 6'6" Chicoutimi QIS Saint John Steelers QFL
50 OLB Danielle O'MALLEY DUCLOS 27 6'1" Saguenay QIS* Saint John Steelers QFL
51 LB Raymond-Luca WANAUDI 21 6'4" St. Croix QIS* TBD CAD
52 ILB Corey WATERMAN 24 6'4" Mount Ester QIS Jeongju Javelins QFL
54 LB Kennedy ADONGO 24 6'3" Keewatinook QIS Jolbonopolis Raiders QFL
56 OLB Jar Jar MUNCEY 29 6'3" St-GR QIS Prince Eric Thunderhawks QFL
91 OLB YANG Sang-Yeon 30 6'1" Gyeongbuk A&M QIS Attawapiskat Broncos QFL
92 OLB Leon CHANKOOWASHTAY 28 6'1" St. Croix QIS* Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL

If there is one positional group that is going to be at the centre of the Reapers' defence - first under Hwang Hyeon and now Errol Cernugel Jr of the Thunderhawks - this would be it. RCJ loves running all sorts of blitz backages here, and with Park-Kocian duo manning the heavy and high-powered defensive line, they are able to throw four guys into various option plays that include fakes, possible blitz packages and whatnot to cause confusion on opposing passers, and go for the edge rush option with the outside linebackers.

Leon Chankoowashtay is a heavily timed, rhythmical outside linebacker usually used as an edge rusher, but he is a proficient batter of balls and is fast enough to stop rushes if he notices them on spot. He is lined up on the left side opposite of Jar Jar Muncey, whose use of colourful visors is complemented by a mean streak on the field, which has amounted to no less than 6 fines and 4 suspensions in last 3 seasons, but together they do serve a level of intimidation at intimate capacity. On the inside stands the defensive captain, Regis-Marc Allen, as the primary mike guy, with Allen's coverage zone one of envy, and Corey Waterman taking the starter position as a versatile, inside-outside hybrid. When rushing from inside Allen is expected to stay behind to mark a flanker, while Waterman (or Kennedy Adongo) back is expected to step up.


No. Name                     Age  Height College      Assoc. Current Team            League Note
11 Xavier MCKELLEN-CORUM 22 5'11" Songwha State QIS Songwha State University QIS
21 Thor ELLIOTT 30 6'1" USM QIS Songwha City Roughriders QFL
23 Marc-Andre HWANG 25 6'1" LNU QIS Songak Giants QFL
24 Andreas VRUBEL-XIE 26 6'2" St. Croix QIS* Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL
27 Michelle CASTELLAN-BAHNG 24 5'10" Iggulden QIS Dongnae Schooners QFL
31 Silas NAM 27 5'11" Hanbat State QIS Jeongju Javelins QFL

Always the weak spot of this defence, and this is expected to remain with this World Bowl team. Thor Elliott returns as a starter alongside their de facto lockdown cornerback in Andreas Vrubel-Xie, but with Elliott aging, it is expected he be rotated with Silas Nam and Michelle Castellan-Bahng in the position. Silas Nam and Xavier McKellen-Corum, in the meanwhile, would also be seeing duties here and there as nickelback and both their speed, not exactly a common trait among Quebecois cornerbacks, would help.


No. Pos. Name                     Age  Height College               Assoc. Current Team            League Note
06 S Celine NADIE-ORENDA 25 6'1" Meghanville State QIS Attawapiskat Broncos QFL
14 RVR Edouard JOH-Waabshkii’ogi 21 5'11" Saguenay QIS* Universite du Saguenay QIS*
26 FS Martina RAYBOULD-ARAKI 29 6'1" Mount Ester QIS Levis Ravens QFL
41 FS Oswald TAK 34 6'0" Saguenay QIS* Saguenay Saints QFL
43 SS Bruno FORGACS 31 5'10" St. Croix QIS* Saint John Steelers QFL
47 SS Bojana RASIC KIM 26 6'4" Northern Moravica NSCF Prince Eric Thunderhawks QFL

Mostly a top-class group that returns both starters, while various options exist on the backup side. Oswald Tak is a smart, highly-efficient safety whose footwork and understanding of the game makes up for slower pace, while Bruno Forgacs is a hard-hitting menace of strong safety also capable of being used on the backend. Bojana Rasic Kim is a better coverage option with longer limbs than Forgacs at this point in time, however, and the Thunderhawks' man of the hour should surprise nobody if he replaces Forgacs as the starter mid-tournament. Edouard Joh-Waabshkii’ogi, the current player for the Saguenay Fighting Irish, should be an interesting option with the dynamic rover capable of making strong plays. His draft saga will be interesting to watch next year, especially with solid chance he ends up playing nickelback or even linebacker once in pros, but the chances are that he end up a top five selection.

Special Teams

Special Teams Coordinator: Kirby Wright, 47 - University of Constantinople (NSCF)
New Player: K/P Ludovic Pleyel-Barnes

No. Pos. Name                     Age  College               Assoc. Current Team            League Note
01 P Kim AUDETTE 28 Queen's College QIS Kingston Argonauts QFL
37 K ONELE DYANI 24 Huronia Tech QIS Attawapiskat Broncos QFL
44 LS Francois WOO-KOKOTNI 27 Yongma College QIS Joongyeong Voyageurs QFL
48 K/P Ludovic PLEYEL-BARNES 22 Navy QIS Royal Quebecois Navy N/A

RP Permissions
Choose my scorers: Y, duh
Godmod scoring events: Y
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod Injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: Y, with prior discussion
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: N
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Postby The Kytler Peninsulae » Wed Feb 21, 2024 7:51 am


Kytlerian gridiron is a minority sport, but one with a significant following in the south, particularly in the conservative and often secessionist region of Varn. The sport's other strongholds are in the Eastern Corridor Expansion, along the border with Græntfjall; both Græntfjall-Kytler dual nationals and the previously established Icelandic-Kytlerian minority from immigration from Vircais have taken to the sport, and are most often seen in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

Owing to the small player pool and the smashmouth ethos of the sport's Varnian strongholds, the team run a triple-option offense; the -2.718 style modifier reflects this. In the team's internal nomenclature, "SB" refers to "slot back" or "space back," and typically there are two of them on each play flanking the QB/FB in some way, often catching screens or play-action passes while the bigger FB does pure up-the-gut work. "F" refers to "flanker," essentially TE/WR hybrids whose first job is to block and whose second job is to run vertical routes. On the defensive side of the ball, the team run a conventional two-gap 3-4, but often drop the OLBs into coverage and rush an inside linebacker or safety to create a quasi-Tampa 2 out of that 3-4.

Depth chart
Duplicate players in different positions are multi-position reserves and not errors

QB: #4 Wecoisus Mocks, #12 Brady Thompson, #15 Scooter Thompson
FB: #20 Davíð Sigurðursson, #26 Dennis de Rijk, #15 Scooter Thompson
SB: #22 Travis Taylor, #36 Angufams Apyrphung, #21 Oscar Decker, #28 Seilala Tumua
F: #89 Heath Ilford, #84 Alex Oliver, #83 Lit Taklik, #81 Eric Lagrange
LT: #66 Andy Charlton, #70 Edwin Jones, #73 Jón Magnusson
LG: #71 Anders Jónsson, #70 Edwin Jones, #61 Bryan Edwards
C: #69 Nigel Burnett, #79 Árni Kristófersson
RG: #72 Arnór Árnisson, #61 Bryan Edwards
RT: #67 Bjarni Friðriksson, #70 Edwin Jones, #61 Bryan Edwards

NT: #99 Ragnar Snorrisson, #95 Mike Rose, #94 Gunnar Geirsson
DE: #91 Shrifflu Turpres, #93 Jonas Hjörtursson, #94 Gunnar Geirsson, #98 Hallbjörn Ölvirsson, #97 Hemi Kahurangi
OLB: #55 Mika Patariki, #51 George Wilson, #50 Jeremy Tarrant, #53 Whootung Apyrphung
ILB: #52 Daniel Card, #59 Jack Rothersay, #50 Jeremy Tarrant, #56 Kevin Rayner, #58 Zachary Forrest
CB: #43 Martijn van der Sar, #44 King Andrews, #45 Smait Cliriputed, #49 Shrifflu Dotos
FS: #42 Kauri Tāne, #40 George Packard, #48 Anton Heikki
SS: #47 Dings Izorigor, #40 George Packard, #49 Xavier Lacroix, #58 Zachary Forrest

K: #2 Dafydd Nevins
P: #7 Craig Goodman
LS #63 Sam Cooper
KR: #22 Travis Taylor, #28 Seilala Tumua, #49 Shrifflu Dotos
PR: #28 Seilala Tumua, #49 Shrifflu Dotos

Scouting report
The offense runs through Taylor, who's capable of scoring on any play against defenses who aren't ready for his swiftness and agility. He gets help from a powerful offensive line that held up better than expected against top opponents in the WB47 cycle but are still sometimes vulnerable to holding penalties. Mocks is a capable runner in his own right and can reliably throw to open receivers at least (and indeed at most); when he does throw into traffic, it's usually to Ilford, who lacks subtle route-running nuance but has the size and long speed to be dangerous downfield anyway. Plus, between that size and the run-first ethos of this team, he can sometimes pancake a smol corner and then be wide open on play action.

Defensively, the heart of the team is the front three - all absolute units with scary power that don't tend to be easily stopped by one blocker - but the star is van der Sar, a certified ballhawk who was a pick-six machine in the second half of the WB47 cycle. Card is the Mike, and is known for his ability to pick up everything, at least against teams that don't offer the galaxy-brain offensive scheming that top nations can provide. In general, this defense is physically a match for most teams they'll face, and the best way to beat them is to baffle them with BS.

Other information
The Kytlerians play in head-to-toe Margaret green (rgb(10,90,3) or #0A5A03) with yellow trim.

Home games will be played at Zube Olympic Stadium (capacity 61,093) against ranked teams and Qardinal Field in Borlfield (capacity 45,603) against unranked teams. Both are open-air venues with natural grass fields.

RP permissions:
Choose my scorers
: Y
Godmod scoring events: N
RP injuries to my players: Y
Godmod injuries to my players: N
Suspend my players: DM/TG first, but in theory Y
Godmod suspension events: N
Godmod other events: N
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28 medals, 10 gold, at Games of the VI Olympiad (13th in medal table)
7 medals, 5 gold, at VII Olympic Winter Games (7th in medal table)
26 medals, 10 gold, at Games of the VIII Olympiad (9th in medal table)

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Postby Drawkland » Wed Feb 21, 2024 8:17 pm


I Have Felt Happiness For Once in My Life what?

Guys, it's happened. It's actually happened. Drawkland has won the World Bowl. It almost feels like a dream, that am I able to write these words in my actual blog textbox and not my fanfiction one. It's been so goddamn long.

When we first won the World Bowl in edition XXX, I was a wee lad at age 15. If I wasn't a deadbeat, I would've just been graduating college when we won it the next time in XXXV. Now I'm almost 50 years old, which isn't terrible for Drawkians, but I feel like a crotchety old man anyway. It's brutal, because now I'm approaching the age where my delusions of suddenly and miraculously going pro and shocking the world are no longer remotely feasible. Sure, it's a 0.00000001% chance becoming 0.00000000001%, but still. In a few years I'll be older than any of the players I'm making fun of. It's a scary place to be. And yes, I'm still somehow making a living by internet shitposting, so that makes the whole situation even weirder.

the world bowl win

Back on track here. The point is, it's been a long time. Over the years, when I dreamed and hoped and coped for us to win the World Bowl again, I was afraid that the time and pain it took to get there would make the win feel hollow. It felt only natural. As a defense mechanism, I've attempted to desensitize myself from feeling any emotion while watching this football team. It's easier to destroy the feelings, in the hope that the bad ones can't hurt you anymore. Every time I've felt a glimmer of hope, it's been used to spank me in the ass and then the face. Going to four World Bowl finals and losing them all? That's a pain few can match.

Even though Drawkland was in control for most of the game, especially after halftime, I couldn't shake the sinking feeling that we were gonna find a way to fuck it up. Drawkland had already had a defensive meltdown against Quebec earlier in the tournament, after all. Some plays were so similar it gave me PTSD, but somehow the Corps pulled it out. When Proudfoot hit Jackie Morris on that beautiful stop-and-go, I felt like the shackles had been released from my body.

Of course, there was still lots of time. Quebec could've made a comeback at that point. If it was any other time, I would've felt anxiety and pragmatic pessimism. I would've put my guard up and expected the worst. But for some reason ... my soul felt light. It was like the innate cynicism that permeates through me every other moment of my life, especially watching the Corps, just evaporated. It was ... bliss, almost.

When Quebec was snapping the ball, I wasn't afraid of seeing their receivers run rampant. I didn't flinch when Donovan O'Mara geared up to chuck a deep ball. I almost wanted him to do it. I could visualize our secondary denying the pass, rather than expecting to see a wide open receiver once the camera panned over to see the target. When they handed the ball off, I could feel the front seven choking it out before it happened. When the Corps was offense, I saw Jack Hoy's cuts before he made them. I could sense the defenders missing before they did. At that point, the idea of Hoy or anybody else fumbling the ball didn't even cross my mind, not even a flicker.

It may be the most bizarre experience of my life, bar none. I always come in expecting the worse. I always picture the awful options before they happen, and I'm right so often. For once in my miserable existence, none of that happened. My mind only felt good thoughts. I felt confidence. I felt like the Corps was unbeatable, that they could do no wrong. When Hoy ran in that screen pass for the dagger touchdown, my body was almost frozen in ecstasy. Not in a weird way, I was just overcome with emotion. I was at the game and everything. While the rest of the Drawkian fans in the crowd were jumping and screaming in joy, I was posted up like a statue. It took a good 30-40 seconds before I started exchanging high-fives with the fans sitting around me.

I don't know if I'll ever experience that again. I know I was excited when Drawkland won our first two titles, but I was young and still filled with foolish delusions of grandeur. I didn't yet understand the significance of those titles. Maybe if I knew the drought and plague of near-misses that was coming, I would've savored them a little more. But none of that matters now. Drawkland is back. Drawkland is in the three-time club.

Life is good.

roster turnover

For longtime readers, that last section probably sounds like it was written by somebody other than me, but I promise you it's all true. Now, I can't guarantee this mindset will last forever. I'm sure the moment Proudfoot throws a pick this season, it's back into the shitty sarcastic doldrums for me. Whatever, it's my brand, it's what everybody comes here to see. What kind of shitposter would I be if I was optimistic all the time?

So let's talk a little bit about the upcoming World Bowl season. After the title win, we've got some serious roster churn. Out of the 53-man roster, just under a third of them left the team. Most of the guys left due to retirement from pro football in general, or just old ones who wanted to end their World Bowl tenure on a high note. Good moves, I say. Drawkian national team rosters don't seem to have enough turnover for my liking, so getting a good amount gone in one cycle (WITHOUT some horrific Elite Eleven replacement scenario) is great in my book. The coaching staff is the same, but they have a little time left. I think they want to try running it back.

The key players returning? The main one people are still talking about is Lane Proudfoot. He felt like a stopgap last season, but there still feels like a lack of truly elite options coming out of the GLD right now. Nobody has "national team stalwart vibes" like Dak Waterman and Dustin Beck did. Proudfoot doesn't either, but he has the international experience and brand name recognition to get the job done. Given how he performed in his first Bowl as a starter ... I mean, you'd be stupid to not bring him back, right? I'm pretty sure Proudfoot himself is the one who's least excited about him coming back, but it just makes too much sense. I say let him play until it's obvious he's no longer useful. If he ends up having some obscenely long tenure like Waterman and Beck before him, then maybe it's for the best. He definitely won't have the lee-way those other guys did, so that would just imply that Drawkland has sustained success with him under center. I'm not enough of a hater to get annoyed at that eventuality.

The running back room is pretty much the same, with Mike Banks and Hadrian Taylor set to take a majority of snaps, and Jack Hoy there to help lighten the load when necessary. This may be the last cycle for Banks, because he's starting to get old by running back standards, and his last season in the GLD was mid at best. He's a great workhorse back, though, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him continue to pop off. I just don't know if he has enough gas in the tank to make it another two years after this. As a younger and flightier back, Taylor may be around a little longer, so who knows. Also, longtime fullback Jeffrey Mitchell is gone, with his heir-apparent Rico Evandrus coming up behind him. Mitchell is one of the retirees, and Evandrus has been touted as the best all-around fullback in the league now that Mitchell is on the way out. Not like that's a very competitive category in the GLD, or like he'll be a huge impact player for the Corps, but it's nice to have a guy with a high ceiling in that spot.

Kenneth Hewitt and Robin Arrington have both left the team as their production has waned domestically, replaced by Alan Watson (definitely a slot guy) and Griffin Saylor (slower but excellent catcher). Jackie Morris is still headlining, but this may also be his final season for the Corps. Silvio Norwood gets elevated in the depth chart as the designated Big Target, and Austin Sixtus is still around as a "throw in and see if he makes a huge play out of nowhere" wildcard type receiver. Obviously Johnathan Kimbrough is still leading the charge at tight end, as he's evolved into perhaps the best all-around TE in his generation. He might even be better than Rich Covington or Riley Hoyt were in their prime. Behind him is the rotation of Wendell Byrne (blocking) and new addition Marcus Arrigo (receiving).

In the offensive line there's a little bit a turnover with hahahahaha I know you're just gonna skim this paragraph anyway so I'm not gonna bother. On to the next!

The end duo of Chris Finley and Duke Dawson is still there to dominate on the defensive line, with Niles Battista returning from his excellent debut campaign last Bowl to be the nose tackle. The rest of the D-line is very flexible, including new guys Howard Tedesco, Robert Leon, and Arthur Bront. Tex Rowan continues to be a hybrid interior run stopper, and Leo Cross will play intermittent snaps on all sides of the line to provide rest for the main guys and really freak the shit out of the opposing offense.

While the middle linebacking group has stayed the same, 3/4 outside linebackers are taking their first snaps for the Grid Corps this cycle. As if the defensive line needed more flexibility, Ed Ayers is great on the line and will probably be used as a blitzer most often. Oliver Cano was here last cycle, but he was mostly a bench guy. This year he'll be able to show off his impressive coverage skills (for a linebacker) on most snaps. Excited to see how that turns out.

Of course, the primary cornerback duo of Zeke Kyro Cruz and Paul Gore returns. I don't know how many good years those guys have left, but their domestic seasons left little to be desired last year so I guess we can't complain that they're back. Grant McClellan also moves up the depth chart after his benchriding debut last cycle. He'll get a lot of snaps in DB-heavy formations, though I expect speedy rookie corner Marcel Ewers to be matched against the slot receivers very often. Safety-wise, we know Proko is going to be everywhere. That freakish half-Ranorian will be in on almost every snap, probably hiding behind another guy on defense to increase the jumpscare factor when the opposing ballcarrier sees him really come out of nowhere. Xavier Rojo moves up to starting free safety after his debut last cycle, and a new addition in James Hummel comes behind to fill his bench role. Hummel in particular is very good when it comes to deep balls, so I'm excited to see him in late in the game when we need to defend against chunk plays especially.

Do you actually give a shit about special teams? Okay fine, Tristan Clacher no longer has the big leg he's boasted for several cycles, so hot rookie big leg guy Lance Long has replaced him to fulfill the kickoff specialist and emergency deep ball punter position.

Like I said earlier, I think this is a healthy amount of turnover. A lot of the key guys are still here, if only two years older, and I'm excited about the prospects of some of these all-pro and hot former rookie talents getting some playing time on the international stage. You never know who will be the mainstay of the next generation! Especially since I expect we'll see another rather large exodus of players after this season regardless of how it turns out.

tournament outlook

Okay, enough yapping about the roster. What about our chances in the group stage? What are our chances of a repeat?

Knowing Drawkland's established precedent in the cycles after we reach a World Bowl final, much less win it, probably not great. After our first title in WBXXX, we went undefeated in the group stage and proceeded to lose to some clowns called Banija in the quarterfinals. Our best follow-up came in XXXVI after we won the XXXV title, and even that wasn't great. The Corps basically sleepwalked to the title game and got trounced by a red-hot Pridnestrovia team. In the XXXVIII, XLI, and XLIII runs, our best follow up was a third-place appearance. Not really a ringing endorsement for Drawkland being World Bowl hangover beaters.

This is a different team than those past ones, though. At the very least, we can expect a respectable group stage, if not a nice playoff run.

The format is a simple home-and-away group stage, with five opponents for the Grid Corps to contend against. It includes the closest competition, 11-ranked Sarzonia, 17-ranked South Americanastan, 38-ranked Juvencus, plus debutants Sherpus and Untecna. I am going to go with a conservative estimate and say the Corps will go 7-3 in this group. It's easy to imagine away losses to both Sarzonia and South Americanastan (though reverse splits aren't totally off the table). And of course, there's gonna be an embarrassing upset loss in there somewhere, right?

Obviously I'm looking forward to a gridiron edition of the Revoda Sea Rivalry. You don't see that every day. I'm not really a soccerhead, but I can definitely appreciate a good regional rivalry game against our Juven brothers to the south. Of course, I hope we beat their asses as we should, but the stadium atmosphere should be great. I'm even considering getting tickets for the leg in Juvencus! Make sure you share this article on every form of social media you own so I can afford that.

We know the Corps is going to put together a pretty solid showing in the group stage. They are the #1 team after all, but it's not a resounding #1. Things are pretty tight at the top of the ranks, and there's several other contenders who will be balling. I would expect Drawkland to win the group, but it's no guarantee. Drawkland placed second in the group last cycle, but look where that got them! The group will definitely be close, though. Both Sarzonia and South Americanastan have potential to put together a great season, so those games will be especially important.

The Round of 16 onward will be held in Quebec and Shingoryeo. Admittedly, that's a little inconvenient for us. After spanking the Grim Reapers in the World Bowl XLVII title game, I'm sure very few of the neutral crowds will be willing to be on our side. Drawkland does have some fan-favorite players (which somehow includes Lane Proudfoot), but I doubt that's going to be enough to convince the average Quebecois fan to cheer for the team that denied them a chance at their first title last cycle. We all know Drawkian fans travel well, but it may not be enough. Plenty of neutrals may have been inspired to root for Drawkland in past cycles just out of pity due to the long line of failures in the past couple decades, but those days are over. Now the Corps has that elusive third ring. Now everybody remembers that Drawkland has been to seven World bowl finals, denying dozens of other teams chances at a potential championship (and then squandering those very chances ourselves). There is a very fine line between lovable loser and annoying-as-fuck winner.

As for actual projections, it's a little hard since this tournament is going to use pure record for seeding, ignoring group assignments. This is typical for the World Bowl, of course, but it makes things less clear from before the tournament begins. I think Banija will come away with the best group stage record, maybe Chromatika. A second seed I really like this cycle is ... uh, Saint Kanye. Didn't realize they were a second seed, but I guess getting upset in the first round of the playoffs will do that to ya. My favorite third seed (even if it's at our own peril) is South Americanastan. I think the Bears have a squad just waiting to break out. I just hope it doesn't happen against us.

Okay, I'm tired, and you know any playoff predictions I make before MD1 are just gonna look stupid before the halfway point even comes around. Hit me back later when the playoff permutations are a little more sound, and we'll talk ball.

In summation: Drawkland is back. I look forward to being crestfallen later this season, because it just means that I was taken to a high enough height to fall that far in the first place. Rare optimistic take by corpsguy725? Wait, that may be a sign of the apocalypse. Call your mom and tell her you love her, just in case.

corpsguy725 out
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Postby Cardenao » Wed Feb 21, 2024 10:18 pm

Cardenaoan National Gridiron Roster

Bobby Dials: 21, 6’4 212lbs-Field General-LeBois Santura University
Yaw Beatty: 29, 5’11, 218lbs-Dual Threat-Alameda Redmen
Pascual Cremonesi: 32, 6’2, 195lbs-Strong Arm-Rayuela Knights

Running Backs:
DeAndre Vick: 26, 5’9, 229lbs-Power Back-Gracemeria EAGLES
Marcial Pritchet: 25, 6’3, 213lbs-Power Back-LeBois Cowboys
Jake Watson: 28, 5’11 189lbs-Dual Threat-Küsbon Metal Men
Reno Thai: 18, 5’9, 207lbs-Power Back-LeBois Santura University
Ben Archie: 23, 6’, 214lbs-Receiving Back-Küsbon Metal Men

Tight Ends:
Mitchell Hartsfield: 26, 6’3 253lbs-Vertical Threat-Rayuela
Nejc Graciano: 22, 6’5 250lbs-Vertical Threat-LeBois Santura University (Declared)
Xavier Rutherford: 29, 6’1 273lbs-Blocking-New Cardonia

Wide Receivers:
Marquis Ingram: 28, 6’4, 221lbs-Playmaker-Alexandria
Saivion Ware: 19, 5’11, 189lbs-Playmaker LeBois Santura University
Telesforo Muhammad: 23, 6’3, 210lbs-Deep Threat Alameda
Antonio Reddick: 22, 6’2 209lbs-Slot LeBois Santura University (Declared)
Deacon St. John: 18, 6’2 211lbs-Playmaker New Cardonia State
T.J. McGill: 28, 6’, 212lbs-Physical-Rayuela

Marty Harris: 25, 6’5 347lbs-Power-New Cardonia
Cortez Del Rio: 23, 6’5 324lbs-Pass Protector-LeBois Santura University
Dustyn Goodwin: 30, 6’7, 344lbs-Pass Protector-Alegria
Zak Wight: 23, 6’1, 304lbs-Agile-Rayuela

Gabriel Santos Dos Liminas de Varacruz Manuel y Miguel: 24, 6’4, 284lbs-Pass Protector-LeBois Santura University
John Jones: 25, 5’11, 331lbs-Power, Alexandria
Jonah Early: 25, 6’6, 344lbs-Run Blocker- LeBois Cowboys
Pierre Martinez: 29, 6’5, 327lbs-Pass Protector Alameda

Tony Barone: 27, 6’3, 323lbs-Power-LeBois Cowboys
Rejhan Tatum: 21, 6’4, 314lbs-Junior, Pass Protector-LeBois Santura University
Milt Neal: 28, 6’2, 341lbs-Pass Protector-Alameda

Main Formation: 4-3 defense
Elton El-Amin: 25, 6’8 311lbs-Power Rusher-Cardonia
Chase Dworaczyk: 27, 6’7 326lbs-Power Rusher-Alameda
Giovanni McCollum: 21, 6’9, 282lbs-Speed Rusher-Alexandria
Dustin Cummins: 23, 6’5, 322lbs-Power Rusher-Gracemeria EAGLES

Defensive Ends
Mack King: 18, 6’2, 281lbs-Speed Rusher-LeBois Santura University
Sean Samples: 28, 6’4, 299lbs-Run Stopper-Alexandria
Gerellium Proctor: 26, 6’7, 286lbs-Speed Rusher-LeBois Cowboys
Jhet Muldrow: 21, 6’4, 301lbs-Power Rusher-Gracemeria Eagles

Middle Linebacker
Khalil Preston: 22, 6’4, 235lbs-Pass Coverage-Gracemeria Eagles
Jefferey Cheek: 29, 6’5, 263lbs-Run Stopper-LeBois Cowboys
Chip Foster: 30, 5’11, 231lbs-Speed Rusher-Saint Mirren

Outer Linebacker
Alabaster Red: 20, 6’3, 235lbs-Speed Rusher-LeBois Santura University
Tobias Jezem: 25, 6’6: 224lbs-Pass Coverage-Alameda
Ayinde Cardinal: 27, 6’3, 239lbs-Pass Coverage-Beargarde
Jake Trah: 24, 6’, 243lbs-Senior, Run Stopper-Saint Mirren

Ferran Ávilla: 27, 5’9, 220lbs-Hybrid-Alegria
Brian Hicks: 29, 6’2, 190lbs-Pass Coverage-New Cardonia
Jessie Fluellen: 22, 5’11, 180lbs-Pass Coverage-Rayuela
Zeb Sims: 32, 6’3, 202lbs-Hybrid-Alameda
Mick Carlson: 31, 5’11, 213lbs-Pass Coverage-Santa Mirren
Eli Fletcher: 27, 5’8, 188lbs-Hybrid-Beargarde
Ben Alston: 26, 6’1, 226lbs-Run Stopper-Beargarde
John Finnerty: 22, 6’2, 201lbs-Pass Coverage-Alegria

Kicker: Badrick Cedella: 18, 6’1 188lbs-Power-Academia Cardonia High School
Punter: Andy Moody: 26, 6, 210lbs-Sophomore, Accuracy-LeBois Cowboys
Long snapper: Glenn Kelly: 24, 6’, 300lbs-Santa Mirren

Coach: Steve Valentine (LeBois Santura University)

Main Team Strategy: Speed! Quick snaps means quick touchdowns. Offense is the name of the game as the Cardenao Blue and Golds look to run and gun and blast their way to a high scoring victory. Defense is for posers. +3 style modifier.

My opponent, if they RP first, may do the following:
Choose my scorers/scoring events: Yes.
Godmod scoring events: Yes.
RP/Godmod injuries to my players: TG/DM me!
Suspend my players: TG/DM me!
Godmod suspension events: TG/DM me!
Godmod other events: TG/DM me!



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